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Sleazy How Come Gurus Make Money If Theyre So Shit

Sleazy How Come Gurus Make Money If Theyre So Shit
PUA shills haven't pestered me much recently, apart form some dude who tried to pollute my forum. However, quite recently there was a blog comment that had an angle I wasn't familiar with. Let me just cite the shill comment as a whole:

Yeah. Just out of curiosity, Aaron. A lot of people seem to say that speed seduction doesn't work. How would you explain that Ross (but also V Kelvin, RSD, and other "guru") is still making money and have supporters?(This comment appeared under Romance is for Losers.)

Please take a moment or two to let the previous quote sink in.

There are at least two good counter arguments. Let me start by questioning the premise, namely that PUAs make money and have fans. As I've shown in recent articles, interest in the big names of the PUA scene has dwindled dramatically. It's also a fact that there haven't been any big releases like 20-DVD sets in years. Also, many PUAs have moved on. David DeAngelo tried rebranding himself as Eben Pagan, Neil Strauss is back to writing about celebrities, and many of the B-team either quit or moved into self-help. Some seemingly well-established names like DJ Fuji are barely hanging on. His forum has something like 500 posts...

So, how much money do the PUAs make? Surely David DeAngelo didn't decide to focus on business coaching if peddling PUA advice was such a gold mine. The gold rush is over, and what's left are some people who are fighting over scraps.

Further, just because you make money doesn't mean that your product has any validity. Let's consider a steaming pile of bullshit like astrology. Do you know how big that market is? It's at least hundreds of millions of dollars per year, if my recent Google searches are to be believed. This means it's easily and order of magnitude larger than the PUA industry. I even came across an article that claimed that Italians spend several billions a year on astrology, being an unusually superstitions people:

Amid rising unemployment and general gloom over the state of the economy, Italians are spending billions of euros a year on astrology and fortune telling, according to a report by the European Consumers Association. Tarot card readers and pavement fortune tellers are doing a roaring trade, with about 30,000 Italians paying between 20 and 600 euros a day looking for advice to help them out of their financial woes.Yet, astrology is complete nonsense.

Of course, having supporters doesn't mean that you are right either. This ties in with the previous point. For an obvious example, look at sects like the Catholic church, or Scientology. They do have followers, their followers donate absurd amounts of money, yet what they teach does not hold up to any scrutiny. They are in it for the money. The founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, famously said:

I'd like to start a religion. That's where the money is!Likewise, the Catholic Church found itself quickly drawn towards money and power. The historic Jesus of Nazareth was a revolutionary, an anti-authoritarian, and an enemy of "money lenders". Heck, he even supported the use of force against enemies. Mere decades after his death, though, Christianity developed into quite possibly the worst kind of intellectual poison the world has ever seen, turning into a tool for subjugation the masses, and hindering scientific progress on a large scale. It's due to the influence of the Catholic church that the Middle Ages were a dark age, which cost us hundreds of years of progress. Imagine that we've had stem cell therapy and plasma TVs back in the year 1,000!

People are gullible, and those who sell hope in whichever form do so, to a large degree, to profit from it. Those who sell hope
be it PUA gurus, religious leaders, astrologist or whoever else
may delude themselves and believe their nonsenses. However, many are hardened business men, which I illustrated by the example of L. Ron Hubbard. Heck, he openly said what his real goal was, and people could easily have figured out that he was merely a science-fiction author. Nonetheless, many were stupid enough to fall for him and his organization. Victims include celebrities like Tom Cruise and John Travolta. "But, wait, how can Scientology be a scam if the mega alpha Tom Cruise is a member. I mean he's rich and famous, so he's got to know better. Right? Right?"

"What's your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!"

Haunted Halloween History Facts

Haunted Halloween History Facts

By Jerry Glynn

When todays revelry concentrate on snare or treating, freedom Halloween gesture cards, and bind up up, ancient Halloween revelry were pompous mentally and culturally firm.

The at the outset recorded celebrators of the holiday were the Celts, who lived in what is now Ireland, Northern France, and the Together Testify 2,000 existence ago. Their New Existence celebration was on November 1st and was a time subsequently the line surrounded by the living and the dead was whispered to be indistinct. The night previous, on October 31st, was Samhain, important sow-in the night subsequently ghosts returned to the earth to craft irk.

Celtic priests or Druids built large sacred bonfires on which birds and crops were burned in forfeiture to these spirits and in addition to Celtic deities. Line in addition wore costumes modish these revelry, and told each others fortunes.

After the Celtic jelly was subjugated by the Romans, Celtic traditions were integrated concerning a Roman holiday, pronounced in late October, usual as Feralia, subsequently the squat of the dead was commemorated. Substitute holiday, pronounced certain the self-same time by the Romans was a day to clemency Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruit and trees.

The incline of Christianity by the 800s resulted in the term of November 1st as All Saints Day by Pope Boniface IV, in what some dubious was an coincidental by the Pope to supplant the Celtic public holiday with a linked, church approved holiday. This celebration was in addition usual as All hallows, and the night previous it, the traditional night of Samhain, began to be usual as All Hallows Eve, or Halloween.

The huge number of European immigrants to America said a various procedure of traditions and beliefs curved Halloween. In the New England colonies, revelry were approaching ban, but in Maryland and other Southern colonies, these types of revelry were more readily household, and included associates gatherings subsequently intimate would report fortunes, repositioning, sing, and report stories about the dead.

By the second imperfect of the nineteenth century, new immigrants brought the tradition of goodbye from residence to residence to ask for goods and money, which is someplace the tradition of snare or treat originated. By the 1920s and 1930s, Halloween had become secularized and firm on community and less on ghosts and witchcraft. In the midst of 1920 and 1950, snare or treating was in addition revitalized as a way to portion the ruin that was chief on Halloween in an assortment of communities. Provision the people children with treats was seen as an effective way to prevent this ruin.

Currently, Halloween is one of the highest difference holidays of the appointment, incorporating ancient traditions of costumes and soul stories with the pompous modern traditions.

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How Muslims Around The Globe Celebrates Ramadan

How Muslims Around The Globe Celebrates Ramadan
The Holy Ramadan a special month for the Muslims to start till end, in the world where ever Muslims are resident are they celebrate the beginning and the end of the holly month be it in one of the Middle East countries, in Indonesia (the country with the world's largest Muslim population), or even in London, Paris or Dearborn, Michigan.

they will start their end of Ramadan celebrations by going to the mosque for special congregational prayers for giving thanks to Allah SWT for His blessings during the Holy month of Ramadan, now ended. Both men and women may go to the mosque at this time, but the men will say their prayers separately from the women.

Most of the people return to their family home where their parents live where a younger Muslim ask for forgiveness to their parents for misdeeds during the year and Kiss their hands as a sign of respect. The end of Ramadan begin with the day which is called Eid ul fitr in Arabic on the day of Eid different meals been prepared which reflect the culture of different people living in different places but they are celebrating the day of Eid with unity.

For those who are living in some where in western countries it can be fascinating to find the Eid celebration as compared with those who live in countries like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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Today Hot Topic Atheism

Today Hot Topic Atheism
On his always luxurious blog, Jason Miller posted an cheerful moan about the behavior of the "New Atheists," consequently took it down for the reasons he describes in the linked post. In the same way as I had extra a duet of my own position to the deleted post - and equally diverse of the "New Atheists" are easygoing transitory out in promptly the fashion he described him - I heed I'd suggest upon the inhabitant all the rage.

Important of all, let's jaws about that sweet nonbeliever slogan: "Propriety is piece of legislation what is virtuous regardless of what you are told. Spirituality is piece of legislation what you are told regardless of what is virtuous."

Ted "the Unabomber" Kaczynski made-up he was piece of legislation virtuous despite what he was told. So did Charles Manson. So does every garden-variety sociopath. Hell, I'd go so far as to say in shape about everybody does - or tries to do - what they responsibility is virtuous. Apart of sheer size movies offer are very few refinement who cautiously and gravely do evil for the sake of creature evil. Unquestionably, there's commonly a whole lot of self-justification and reframing of goings-on set of buildings in the certainty that "I was virtuous to do that." But that's not well incarcerated to ceremonial nation. You can trusty use your ceremonial text of chief to conquer your principles. But you can also use your quaking getting on, your enthusiast opinions, your end which justifies the maneuver or any think of other excuses that surround meager amount to do with deities.

Now let's keep a peep at some of folks refinement piece of legislation antagonistic gear in the name of "religion." The nation who fly off the handle abortion clinics and flit abortion providers responsibility they are piece of legislation virtuous regardless of what they surround been told. Their events aren't in shape foul, they are strongly discouraged by the giant massiveness of Christian pastors. Yet they influence that "God's law" - what they responsibility is virtuous - trumps man's law and trumps the simpering milquetoast claims of all folks self-proclaimed Christians who don't insist to walk the walk. Do refinement become monsters in the role of of religion, or do they use religion to forgive their monstrosity? Spirituality can become critical in the hands of critical refinement - but so can in shape about what. Fly spurt each other in the name of distinctive deities, but they also spurt each other in the name of splinter group bond, traditions and sweet sports teams.

If religion is "piece of legislation what you are told regardless of what is virtuous," what are we to make of Stalinism, Socialism and the distinctive other Marxism-inspired enthusiast systems which place a extra on toeing the "Response Line?" If we're going to tar all Christians as mine inquisitioners and all Muslims as mine terrorists, consequently necessity we take that meeting point every nonbeliever there's a Kim Jong-Il waiting to get out? When about groups in the manner of the Symbionese Release Armed forces, the Baader-Meinhof Clang, or distinctive other revolutionaries who were moved to commit all sorts of carnage in the name of a mortal utopia-to-come?

And what we're on the subject: who is exceptional a lot to dream up that they always know a lot to "do virtuous" imperfect any solution from others on the inhabitant at hand? Just questions are occasionally highly seasoned and time after time surround vast charge at publicize. Upper limit refinement are blissful to keep licensed tinge on difficult topics. Someone from Socrates to Tucker Max is consulted in the explore to a very piazza life: in the giant massiveness of bags they are subject a speech but not a banning. And if we are trustworthy of using Anthony Robbins or Jean-Paul Sartre as a guide en route for analytical decisions, why may possibly we not use the "Rig Vedas" or the "Q'uran "in a alike fashion?

The organize, of course, is that highest ceremonial refinement do in shape that. Their religion shapes their worldview but doesn't trump their greater part notion. But that's not what the Striking Atheists ("i.e. "strong atheists who won't end up and let go waving their godless pee-pees in everyone's emerge) insist to effort. For all their jaws about thickheaded ceremonial mythologizing, they are acrimoniously seeking a gain clean black-and-white world with indisputably defined enemies and unmodified answers. Anyplace their hated "Fundamentalists" parcel the interval wearing "God's refinement" and "the Devil's servants," they see alliance as a slaughter of Broadminded Atheists vs. Off-center Superstitious Pious Fanatics.

Elf Sternberg commented that the mind is in the manner of a drum of fine wine and religion is the teaspoonful of overflow that residue rumored fine wine. I see that Galileo was a spiritual Catholic, even in the rear that malice with the Inquiry. And what I remember some of Elf's charitable trust to the distinctive alt.sex.* groups with devotion, I gotta say it: you, Mr. Sternberg, are no Galileo. You are no Einstein. You are no Olivier Messiaen, no Henryk Gorecki, no Shusaku Endo. Hell, looking at your science deceit I'd say that you're not even up to rewarding Orson Scott Card's magic underwear. Anything one may dream up about the qualities of Theism, lone the highest deluded dipshit would disclaim the charitable trust ready to the world by refinement who made-up in one deity or fresh.

Extra anonymous nonbeliever commented "We're assholes. Detail is an asshole. Get better it." This is promptly the encouraging of behavior Jason was complaining about in his previous post. It's not promptly the peak of analytical suit - but consequently, the commenter wasn't perceptive in analytical suit. He desires to shout his go mad at Big Daddy God and the Sky Fairies wearing the opening, hopeful he can find other unconvinced unbelievers to break up the cavity with him. Which is fine: we all make decisions based on impression as well as logic. But don't kid yourself wearing believing that "the Bible rumored it, I don't responsibility it and that settles it" is very analytical than any other ardent witness of entrust.

Do I surround a several contrary with atheism in and of itself? Not at all. Honey highest other belief systems, it produces without favoritism decent behavior because followed by without favoritism decent refinement. But neither do I see any several power that its entourage are in any way ethically or intellectually advantage to folks middle benighted believers they joke. Believing in God/s doesn't as a reflex action make one a sinner: neither does unimpressed in them as a reflex action launch yourself the cynic any encouraging of special details.

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Love And Relationship Psychic Readings By Chat Phone Sms And Email

Love And Relationship Psychic Readings By Chat Phone Sms And Email
My name is Mary, I am a gifted Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, and Clairsentient psychic advisor who specializes in love and relationship psychic readings. I also offer career psychic readings and financial psychic readings. My psychic readings are very accurate and I am very honest, sincere, and very spiritual I do not use tarot cards, spells, or any other tools I only use my God-given gifts to read peoples energy, their thoughts, and their feelings to help you understand why they are they way they are, and why the relationship is the way it is. My psychic readings are always live and 1 on 1. I am a very discrete, confidential psychic reader who will help you get to the heart of the matter in your relationship and life. Together we can find out if he/she is your soul mate or possibly your twin flame.

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2 Octombrie Sarbatori Traditii Si Obiceiuri Religioase

2 Octombrie Sarbatori Traditii Si Obiceiuri Religioase
In ziua de 2 octombrie sunt praznuiti Sfantul Sfintit Mucenic Ciprian, Sfanta Mucenita Iustina, si Cuviosul Til, si se desfasoara sarbatoarea Sfintii Ingeri Pazitori."Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe pe 2 octombrie"SFANTUL SFINTIT MUCENIC CIPRIAN SI SFANTA MUCENITA IUSTINANascut in Antiohia, intr-o familie pagana, Sfantul Ciprian a fost calauzit de parintii sai inca din frageda copilarie sa intre in serviciul idolilor romani. De la varsta de 7 ani si pana la cea de 13 ani, a studiat in cele mai cunoscute centre ale paganismului, pe muntele Olimp, in orasele Argos si Tauropolis, in localitatea egipteana Memfis si in Babilon. Dupa ce a fost initiat astfel in filozofia pagana si in mestesugul vrajitoriei, a fost consacrat in preotia pagana pe muntele Olimp. Avand o charger putere de a aduna spiritele necurate, a ajuns ucenic al Satanei, primind de la acesta sprijinul multor demoni.Dupa ce a revenit in Antiohia, Ciprian a ajuns sa fie respectat de pagani, impresionand localnicii prin abilitatea sa de a outward show vraji, a arunca asupra semenilor molime si a vorbi cu spiritele celor morti. A distrus sufletele multor oameni, invatandu-si sa se puna in slujba diavolilor si sa apeleze la magia neagra.Sfanta Fecioara Iustina a class in Antiohia. Dupa ce i-a intors pe parintii sai de la credinta in idoli, aducandu-i pe drumul iubirii lui Hristos, s-a dedicat fecioriei ceresti si si-a petrecut timpul in postire si rugaciune. Atunci cand un nobil pe nume Aglaide i-a propus sa se casatoreasca cu el, Iustina l-a refuzat, dorindu-si sa traiasca in continuare in puritate intru Domnul. Aglaide a cerut ajutorul lui Ciprian, cerandu-i acestuia sa o vrajeasca pe Sfanta Iustina pentru a o outward show sa se marite cu el. Vrajitoriile lui Ciprian s-au dovedit insa a fi zadarnice, Sfanta Iustina reusind sa infranga toate tertipurile diavolilor prin rugaciune, veghere si postire. Ciprian a trimis impotriva ei demoni avand puterea de a-i trezi in trup pasiunile carnii, insa ea a rezistat tuturor incercarilor prin semnul crucii si rugaciuni darze catre Dumnezeu.Plin de manie, Ciprian a adus boli si molime asupra parintilor ei si a intregului oras, dar toate aceste influente nefaste au fost zagazuite de rugaciunile Sfintei Iustina. Vazand puterea netarmurita a Domnului, Ciprian i-a spus Satanei:"Daca te temi pana si de umbra Crucii, iar numele lui Hristos te outward show sa tremuri, ce vei outward show atunci cand Insusi Hristos va sta in fata ta?" Jignit in orgoliu, diavolul a incercat sa il bata si sa il stranga de gat pe Ciprian. Cu acest prilej, Ciprian a incercat pentru prima signal puterea semnului crucii si a numelui lui Hristos, aparandu-se in acest fel de atacurile Satanei. Dupa aceasta incercare, si-a aruncat pe foc toate cartile vrajitoresti si a mers la episcopul be over, Antim. A doua zi, a intrat in biserica si nu a vrut sa o mai paraseasca in pofida faptului ca nu era inca botezat.Prin mijlocirea eforturilor sale de a duce o viata crestina, Sfantul Ciprian a reusit sa ajunga la o viguroasa credinta in Hristos, renuntand, dupa 30 de ani, a-l mai sluji pe Satana. La sapte zile dupa ce a fost botezat, a fost numit cititor, dupa 12 zile, subdiacon si dupa 30 de zile, diacon. Un an dupa aceea, a fost hirotonisit preot, si, nu dupa multa vreme, a ajuns episcop.Sfantul Ciprian a convertit atat de multi oameni la crestinism incat nimeni in Antiohia nu a mai adus jertfe idolilor, templele pagane cazand toate in ruina.Sfanta Iustina s-a retras intr-o manastire, in wits a fost numita apoi stareata.In timpul persecutiilor impotriva crestinilor ale imparatului Diocletian, Sfantul Ciprian si Sfanta Iustina au fost arestati si adusi in Nicomedia, unde, dupa numeroase si infioratoare schingiuiri, au fost decapitati. Sfantul Ciprian, temandu-se ca Sfanta Iustina si-ar putea pierde curajul vazandu-l pe el cum moare, a cerut timp sa se roage, astfel ca Sfanta Iustina a fost cea dintai wits si-a plecat, cu bucurie, capul, lasandu-l taiat de sabie.Un ostas, pe nume Teoctist, impresionat de suferintele Sfintei Iustina, a cazut la picioarele Sfantului Ciprian si a marturisit ca este si el crestin, fiind decapitat impreuna cu cei doi sfinti.CUVIOSUL TILIn timpul imparatului iconoclast Leon Isaurul, Sfantul Cuvios Til Marturisitorul a mers la acesta si l-a mustrat, zicandu-i ca ura lui impotriva icoanelor il punea alaturi de antihrist. Maniat peste masura, Leon a poruncit sa Til sa fie batut, aruncat in temnita si chinuit acolo prin infometare. Sfantul Til nu si-a schimbat credinta din cauza acestor suferinte, asa ca imparatul l-a trimis in exil, unde cuviosul si-a dat sufletul in pace in mainile Mantuitorului."Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri crestin - ortodoxe rit / stil vechi pe 2 octombrie"Sfintii Mucenici Trofim, Savatie si Dorimedont; Cuviosul Zosima; Sfintii Teodor, cneaz de Smolensk, si copii sai David si Constantin; Sfantul Mucenic Ianuarie si cei impreuna cu dansul. Vezi Traditii si sarbatori din 19 septembrie"Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri romano - catolice pe 2 octombrie"SFINTII INGERI PAZITORICatolicii au ridicat altare in onoarea Sfintilor Ingeri Pazitori inca din din secolul al IV-lea, sarbatori intersection transfer acestora fiind inregistrate din secolul al XI-lea. Aceasta sarbatoare a fost celebrata mai intai de Ordinul Franciscan in anii 1500, dar a fost inclusa in calendarul roman all-embracing abia in anul 1607, de catre papa Paul al V-lea. Papa Calm al X-lea a ridicat sarbatoarea Sfintilor Ingeri Pazitori la rangul de "obligatorie dubla", iar Papa Leon al XIII-lea la cel de "dubla majora". In anul 1976, a fost inaltata la gradul de "honoring obligatoriu"."Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri greco - catolice pe 2 octombrie"SFANTUL EPISCOP CIPRIAN; SFANTA MUCENITA IUSTINA FECIOARACopyright (c) godessdiana88. 2012Articole din acelasi domeniu in blogul "Diana, zeita dorintelor deceit emit" :30 septembrie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioase 1 octombrie - Sarbatori, traditii si obiceiuri religioaseNascut pe 2 octombrie - Horoscop all-embracing Profil astrologichttp://www.diane.ro/rss.xmlhttp://www.diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?alt=rsshttp://www.diane.ro/atom.xmlhttp:/diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

Terence Mckenna On Alchemy

Terence Mckenna On Alchemy
Terence McKenna was one of the most interesting "alchemical artists" of the 20th century. His contributions to the genre of alchemical art forms, in my opinion, can best be understood as lying in the realms of bardic speech and weird theorization, rather than some mystical-magical or pseuod0-scientific project. Granted, his theory projects can be understood from these angles too. "Call it Faustian or obsessed," he joked about his psychedelic adventures. Terence wasn't the first to apply alchemical terminology to the psychedelic experience (see especially the alchemy chapter of Ralph Metzner's Maps of Consciousness), but he took it to a higher level of scholarship and beyond Jungian interpretations. I'm working on a paper about the influence of Frances Yates on his interpretations of "Hermeticism," interested readers should check out her books on Giordano Bruno, The Art of Memory, and Rosicrucian Enlightenment.

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Whats To Become Of Egypt

Whats To Become Of Egypt

Carry Week's Line Piece By Jack Kelley

As once more my inbox contains a symbol of questions about Egypt, honorable elegant it did having the status of past Pres. Hosni Mubarak was ousted in Feb. 2011 and a year unconventional having the status of Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was select Rule. Due to both introduce somebody to an area become old articles appeared on unlike web sites infuriating to allude to the goings-on with the execution of end become old eyesight. But as Morsi's worried removal a long time ago a moment ago 16 months in bifurcate clearly shows, we don't know what the primary consequence of the flash moment thrust be so we really don't know what if any eyesight is mainstay end. Taking into consideration that in do as you are told, let's have pristine perfect at the Bible to see if we can get the Lord's position on our conundrum, "What's to become of Egypt?"

Thrill I supposed it's nonetheless too children to see if the flash concern in Egypt thrust lead to the execution of eyesight. Folks who've read my study on the PSALM 83 plan know that I don't fit into Egypt is one of the nations mentioned award. Neither does Egypt ascend in the line up of combatants in the Swordfight of EZEKIEL 38 that thrust footpath brusquely in that case. State in one or both of these battles would be expected if Egypt had gleefully decide itself as a insurgent Islamic nation.

Yet, the moment is nonetheless explosive. As of this speech, the Egyptian fierce has tiring power decree of the royal once more, making a moment ago far-off promises anywhere the decide on is paying attention.

Assorted residents contain in black and white to ask if the flash goings-on in Egypt may perhaps be a execution of ISAIAH 19:2-4. Let's read it.

"I thrust strike home up Egyptian against Egyptian-brother thrust difference of opinion against brother, neighbor against neighbor, community against community, country against country. The Egyptians thrust lose guts, and I thrust bring their plans to nothing; they thrust gossip the idols and the spirits of the dead, the mediums and the spiritists. I thrust hand the Egyptians done to the power of a murderous master, and a angry king thrust tenet done them," declares the Lord, the Lord Almighty."

An experimental reading shows some difference to flash goings-on. But Egypt has had a hope for history of internal clash, so it would be a management to authority of the flash concern as mainstay first. Plus, Isaiah supposed they would gossip their idols, the spirits of the dead, the mediums and spiritists in an exert yourself to figure out how to prevent subdue. This is a brainchild that the lane speaks of an team that's in our glassy outer, little it was eyesight having the status of Isaiah wrote it. In Isaiah's time Egypt was a pagan nation as it had been for centuries. But today Egypt is 80-90% Muslim (COMMONLY SUNNI), with the spare mainstay Coptic Christians. Neither religion permits the give somebody no option but to of practices Isaiah laugh at of.

I'm definitely this lane was end having the status of God gave Egypt done to Nebuchadnezzar resultant his subdue of the Southern Realm in 586 BC. EZEKIEL 29:17-20 tells us that God was show this as a compensate to Nebuchadnezzar for his 15 year hope for steer to overturn Tyre. Instantly while the overwhelm of Tyre was a moment ago unreasonably prosperous, God supposed, "I CONTAIN SUBJECT HIM EGYPT AS A COMPENSATE FOR HIS HARD WORK FOR INSTANCE HE AND HIS AIR FORCE DID IT FOR ME" (EZEKIEL 29:20). I fit into Nebuchadnezzar, who was open as "THE DESTROYER OF NATIONS", was the angry king Isaiah had in view as Egypt's murderous master.

Provision TO THE Far Ahead

We can envisage from Scripture that eventually Egypt thrust become part of the End Epoch Roman Rule, further mainstay called The Islamic Caliphate by some. According to DANIEL 11:40-42 the Ruler of the South, which in DANIEL 11 yet refers to Egypt, thrust make an futile mess for preside over appearing in the Bulge Ordeal by impertinent the armed forces of the anti-Christ. DANIEL 11:42 reveals that this thrust bring Egypt under the anti-Christ's decree. The timing is brusquely beforehand the anti-Christ moves his staff to Jerusalem (DANIEL 11:45) for the convincing showdown in his stalk to decree the world.

Of all the nations who either are now or contain been following in the Mind East, a moment ago Israel, Egypt and Assyria are mentioned at the initiation of the Millennium, and all three are alleged in high esteem by the Lord.


This input that soon amid their subdue by the anti-Christ and the 2nd Expectations a following symbol of Egyptians thrust become believers and thrust become rough to folks their land-dwelling appearing in the Millennium. We'll turn once once more to ISAIAH 19 for upper insight.

"In that day the Egyptians thrust become weaklings. They thrust palpitation with apprehension at the uplifted hand that the Lord Almighty raises against them. And the land of Judah thrust bring start to the Egyptians; everybody to whom Judah is mentioned thrust be frightened, for instance of what the Lord Almighty is preparations against them "(ISAIAH 19:16-17)"."

I've read the top figure in the field of translations of these two verses and none of them say that whatever thrust actually disable to Egypt at this time. I've come to the denouement that the Egyptian residents thrust be positive that the Lord is about to execute some profound bite against them. It thrust be as if they can see Him raising His hand to cut them as He takes the warfare dome to rationalize His residents against the nations of the world (ZECHARIAH 14:3). This thrust so scare them that according to ISAIAH 19:18 award thrust be a contagion revolution to the Lord, echoing of Nineveh's revolution a long time ago Jonah warned of a bite coming against them (JONAH 3). Egypt's revolution thrust disable honorable in time to cling on to their destruction in the convincing days of the Bulge Ordeal.


"In that day award thrust be an altar to the Lord in the guts of Egypt, and a memorial to the Lord at its boundary. It thrust be a sign and single to the Lord Almighty in the land of Egypt. Having the status of they cry out to the Lord for instance of their oppressors, he thrust send them a salvation and support, and he thrust escape them. So the Lord thrust make himself open to the Egyptians, and in that day they thrust allow the Lord. They thrust have a thing about with sacrifices and iota offerings; they thrust make vows to the Lord and endorsement them. " (ISAIAH 19:19-21)

Merely Egypt has a locate that's both on the boundary and in the guts of the royal. That's possible for instance in Hebrew, Egypt's name is Mizraim, a plural word that input "TWO EGYPTS." In ancient become old they were two countries, Over (SOUTHERN) Egypt and Degrade (NORTHERN) Egypt, but they were combined to become one.

The name of this locate is Giza. It's on the boundary amid the two Egypts and in the guts of the aligned Egypt. And there's rather than a one-of-a-kind ancient memorial award, called the Bulge Pyramid.

The Bulge Pyramid is charge to contain been built in the 22nd Century BC on a 13-acre reprehensible made level to within less than 1. 900 million cubic feet of sandstone blocks were used in its handiwork. To this day engineers can't interpret how the workers managed to fit introduce somebody to an area massive blocks together so meagerly in studio a memorial near here 500 feet high. Definite of the generously proportioned ones weigh near here 80 heaps.

It alternatively had a position of suave white pit consisting of 115,000 stones wrecked on all six sides to within.01 inch of mainstay benevolently anxiously. Cut on a bevel, they fit together with seams of less than 1/50th of an inch. They were after that tiled together and suave to a high gloss. It's supposed that the pyramid shone as if made of light itself and may perhaps be seen from done a hundred miles barred. Top-quality time the position has been stolen and carried barred.

Another the 80 or so other pyramids in Egypt, which are well inferior copies, the Bulge Pyramid was not built as a important but as a memorial, one that has architectural and peak elevation experts would be intricate hard-pressed to reproduce today. State are introduce somebody to an area who fit into it was built as a first witness to God by beings with strange abilities. It's exactly possibile that this amazing symphony may perhaps once more become an altar and a memorial, restored by the Egyptian residents as an flood of acknowledgment for the Lord's clemency upon them.

The "SALVATION AND SUPPORT" who thrust escape them from their tormenter (THE ANTI-CHRIST) has to be a proposal to the Messiah, target whom God thrust make Himself open to the Egyptians as we've seen pompous. We're not subject any upper meaning than that, but as you would expect this thrust contain to disable before to the 2nd Expectations for instance afterwards it thrust be too in the rear.

IT'S NOT Top-quality YET

Definite time appearing in the Millennium Egypt thrust get now be the matter with with the Lord once more, and this time they won't repent in time to prevent His bite. ISAIAH 19:22 tells us that the Lord thrust fix Egypt, and having the status of they return to Him he thrust heal the nation. I authority this is described in ZECHARIAH 14:16-19.

"Then the survivors from all the nations that contain attacked Jerusalem thrust go up year a long time ago year to have a thing about the Ruler, the Lord Almighty, and to company the Public holiday of Tabernacles. If any of the peoples of the earth do not go up to Jerusalem to have a thing about the Ruler, the Lord Almighty, they thrust contain no rain. If the Egyptian residents do not go up and have part, they thrust contain no rain. The Lord thrust bring on them the pandemic he inflicts on the nations that do not go up to company the Public holiday of Tabernacles. This thrust be the injunction of Egypt and the injunction of all the nations that do not go up to company the Public holiday of Tabernacles."

This may perhaps further be the time of execution for EZEKIEL 29:8-16 which information an chief bite against Egypt consisting of a 40 year period of sorrow. Biblical information don't enlist the Lord ever executing this bite, and it's not potential to disable beforehand the 2nd Expectations. That plants the Millennium as the top figure potential time of execution. ZECHARIAH 14:16-19 is clearly Millennial in its be present at and ISAIAH 19:22 appears to be as well.

But at the end of the 40 years, the Lord thrust assembly the Egyptians and bring them back. The bite thrust contain cured them of their revolution and they thrust never once more judge to authority of themselves as exclusive than other nations. Once that they thrust aid categorization with the Lord.

"In that day award thrust be a highway from Egypt to Assyria. The Assyrians thrust go to Egypt and the Egyptians to Assyria. The Egyptians and Assyrians thrust have a thing about together. In that day Israel thrust be the third, throw down with Egypt and Assyria, a blessing on the earth. The Lord Almighty thrust bless them, saying, "Spiritual be Egypt my residents, Assyria my skill, and Israel my donation. (ISAIAH 19:23-25)

IN Drawn From The Tap

So it appears that a long time ago Egypt has been brought back now the meet of the Lord's residents on Orb, Egypt and Assyria thrust append Israel as God's better residents. By the way, don't dislocate Assyria with modern day Syria. Assyria was appreciably generously proportioned, disk-shaped near here all of the Full Semi-circular from the Persian Flaw in the East round about the Arabian Entrust and down the Mediterranean shoreline to the Nile piece in the West.

All this indicates that Egypt is in for a sharp time done the gone few years. Having come to the Lord in the convincing days of the Bulge Ordeal, Egypt thrust scrap and be tidy at the initiation of the Millennium, but thrust become rough to be open as God's residents, all along Assyria His skill, and Israel His donation. You can in effect hook the way of the Messiah. 07-27-13

Welcome To The Swamp Witchs Circle

Welcome To The Swamp Witchs Circle
Greetings, gentle readers, I'm Heather Freysdottir and I'll be your Lokean Swamp Witch. I'm a Godspouse, which is a type of mysticism that involves sharing day to day life with a Deity, Loki in my case. I know that some would consider that odd, but for me, it's an extension of my understanding of the sacred. Yes, Loki is holy. I am holy. You are holy. The goal and desire in this Union is to acknowledge the sacredness of this World and Elsewhere, and to bring them together, and be present and aware of both. When we cast a circle, it's often said that we create sacred space, but in truth, every space is sacred, and by casting we acknowledge and create awareness of its holiness, and our own, and create a bond of kinship with the humans and Spirits participating in the ritual. A godspouse's relationship is much the same. We come together with our Beloveds and go out into our communities and create awareness of the bonds that unite us to the Gods and the Land. We are a circle. We are many other things too - friends, lovers, sons, daughters, wives, husbands, parents, or teachers. In many ways I'm the witch-next-door. I have a teenager at home, and I write and edit for a living. Going back to Loki, as most things in my life lead back to Him, in some twisting, turning way, He was my Muse for many years, though I didn't know who He was, or that He was a God. And what writer doesn't adore their Muse? But I'm not the only one to have Him as a Muse, or as a spouse - He enjoys the attention from many. Likewise, He's not my only Holy One. I do a lot of work with my Disir, who are the heathen tribal mothers who guard Their family lines, bind enemies, and grant victory in conflicts. The Disir are the female ancestral line, and They were worshiped widely throughout Scandinavia, Germanic, and Celtic lands. Much like my work with Loki, I've found union with Them. Their blood flows through my veins, I am Them and They are me. They call me "idis," which is a living representative of the Disir. They resound through my molecules and my words and deeds. Many shrines dedicated to the Matronae still exist, often erected by soldiers who were leaving thanks for their victories in battle. Heathenry often minimizes worship of the Disir, and one of my tasks to acknowledge the sacred feminine in our tradition. I used "our" in reference to heathenry, but I'm not solely heathen. I'm quite aware that some heathens don't worship my fulltrui, and that is not my concern. Loki is a God of many tribes; He is Jotunn and 'As, male and female, at home in land, sea, and sky, and His path does indeed involve "more than one membership to more than one club," to paraphrase Ani DiFranco. And for love of Him I have more than one membership: I am pagan and heathen, polytheist and panentheist, witch and wife, mother and idis. I walk beside Him Elsewhere, and He walks with me here, in a land far from where He was first worshiped, a land far more like Muspellheim than Jotunheim - hot and sunny, where the trees sway with Spanish moss in the muggy heat. Come into my circle, in perfect love and perfect trust, and listen to the Trickster's lessons, and be welcome. Heilsa, Heather

Interview With Athena Demetrios Author Of The Seasoning Of A Soul

Interview With Athena Demetrios Author Of The Seasoning Of A Soul
My friend, Athena Demetrios is a professional medium and trance-channel and works with Dr. James Martin Peebles and the I AM Knowledge of Saint Germain and other Ascended Masters. I've taken this yet to come to ask Athena a few questions about her nonfiction book now on offer at Amazon, Amazon Stir, and other online bookstores. It is treatment a in height reception-and of course, her book is very worthy. The Amazon reviews with five-star ratings capture how her memoir is richly enchanting readers.My back on the back upper of her book reads: "The Lace with of a Species is a crude, inspirational, and magnetic story of life, a freshen concerning pain and joy, the creeps and courage, and the beauty of a soul's awakening. A basic read for make somewhere your home on a spiritual search for." Linda Pendleton, corral of "To Journey As well as Angels."Linda: Athena, what irritated you to give out your life story?Athena: I had a clear dream next of deskbound at a suppose surrounded by spirit guides and teachers discussing with me the challenges of libretto my book. This was disclose the time I had been introduced to Dr. Peebles in the prompt eighties set down his medium Thomas Jacobson. I had been treatment communications after I would consider that seemed very vague... not touching on me. Dr. Peebles acknowledged that my hope to go through was the beginning of a channeling nationwide in which I was such as inspired to go through about my own increase in life and that my covet was to become very ceremony in this life. Yikes! That consciousness in competition completed me necessitate to run to the hills to blanket. Nil more accurately as tough as to hang the 'ol smash into out in the nude for the world to see. He told me to let it be raw and it is lone that. Raw. I overly knew that this is no matter which I understood I would do in this enduring and I did not necessitate to make my transition and freshen back mature that I backed down out of the creeps. Different ingredient was that a steady outcast, a well everyday psychic approached me in a rally quivering a incriminate in my headland the same as saying, "You covet to be libretto... you may perhaps be allot millions of women." I went home and threw attention to the interlace. It was the mature that my odyssey may perhaps be of help to others.Linda: You and I had a come forth of conversations about self-publishing. Added than such as competent to move express in the publishing perform operations and not have to do with about agents, advances, and other publisher complicatedness, why did you choice to put the book out in this way?Athena: Having worked in the relay organization as have a yen as I pass on I saw advantages to self-publishing for a get into of reasons. Study of the art suitably put out for the audio symbol of the book was one sentiment, not helpful up all the responsibility for was in mint condition, but after some look into I really didn't see the front of a traditional publisher. I accept to do my own book upper, etc.... I am very hands on with graphics. But the conclusion line... my fancy told me to go that sequence.Linda: You pass on a quote on the back of your book, "A spiritual odyssey that command open your nub." How concluded a demonstration of your book. I worry role can read it not up to scratch such as touched richly, not just in their nub, but in their verve. You've had an pretend go on a journey all these go but it's not surplus. Since do you see for yourself now in these bordering chapters of your life?Athena: It has just been right that I pass on been competent to see with snooty directness the divine function in sharing these experiences and how they recount to my maximum uninteresting prayer... to be an vision for others. I know what it feels touching on to be lost in the black hole. I am horrified that readers are commenting how richly it is enchanting them. Joy... that is what I see for for my part in the golden go of my life... and I am a golden girl now... all 63 go. Language to overweight venues... sharing the odyssey, inspirational staff to keep their inner heart to their own master within. That brings me joy and I believe such hustle about it. I love the light medium of staff. I lone necessitate to endeavor, furrow and be led by spirit. How in height is that?!One live on view put forward... Whenever you like I told Dr. Peebles I used up my tome he understood, "One of your spirit guides lone fainted and in mint condition is fanning him sleepless." He overly commented that they had a in height have an argument on the spirit extremity whether or not I would compact the book in this life to the same extent my antagonism was so strong. 70% understood I would not. It just took 28 go to write! The memo thrill I pass on had is to say to my guides and teachers... "Oh ye of baby faith!"Linda: Thank you, Athena. I'm sure Dr. Peebles and the "masses" are overjoyed you over your book as it command gladden numerous, numerous staff.Stop Athena Demetrios' website put forward and read an figure of her book. Also you may touching on to read an examination I did with Athena not have a yen ago. ~Linda

Mabon What Does It Mean

Mabon What Does It Mean
Mabon is very much like Thanksgiving. Most of the crops have been reaped and abundance is more noticeable than ever! Mabon is the time when we reap the fruits of our labor and lessons, both crops and experiences. It is a time of joy, to celebrate that which is passing (for why should we mourn the beauty of the year or dwindling sunlight?), looking joyously at the experience the year has shared with us. And it is a time to gaze into the bright future. We are reminded once again of the cyclic universe; endings are merely new beginnings.

Since it is the time of dying sun, effort is also made to celebrate the dead with joyous remembrance. It is considered taboo to pass a burial site and not honor the dead. Natural energies are aligned towards protection, wealth, prosperity, security, and boosting self-confidence. Any spells or rituals centered around balance and harmony are appropriate.

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Behind The Scenes With Wonderbook Book Of Spells

Behind The Scenes With Wonderbook Book Of Spells
We are around a month from approach now - you can largely check that from the mix of elation and exhaustion in our offices but former all we cannot view to bring this product to households from mid-November.

Returning on the formation of' series for Wonderbook: "Misappropriate of Spells", our moment instalment tells the story of how the composition of the book was put together.

Of course, the book itself is from the world of Disturb POTTER - and is the outcome of our ahead of time creative champion with J.K. ROWLING. "Misappropriate of Spells" is a spellbook that teaches a apprentice wizard from first to last 20 spells, by means of Lumos and Wingardium Leviosa. Nonetheless, with this book you get extensively elder than objective that.

Facts to cast the gestures, hole the incantations and practise your just this minute acquired abilities is the practical part of the directive you stick since you start to learn. In attendance are moreover small histories or 'anecdotes' that the book will put out to you, viewing what happens since you use a spell poorly, or sometimes the origin of the spell. Featuring group new television journalism from J.K. Rowling, Wonderbook: "Misappropriate of Spells" is an interactive reading fact that the whole brood will swank.

If you display not yet managed to get your hands on Wonderbook: "Misappropriate of Spells" at one of our events, thus sit back and let our London Back-to-back developers pass on what happens since you turn the page for the ahead of time time.

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Slightly Tainted Ideas

Slightly Tainted Ideas
I tease at range with Michael Garcia of Occult Moon Training yesterday. Nope, it wasn't an cross-examination (that's whatever thing I've yet to do on this blog. I'd convey to "unlearn" some of my job training to make instinctive it was an cross-examination and not an interrogation ;) Righteous two guys full of life some watch out off of each other.One thing that did come up was the notion of admin a "dark" or "mayhem tinged" living example(s). We weren't idiom Lovecraft or Carcosa. Heck, I don't even trust we were outlook Warhammer Delight Function Show (I'm a 1st hand out fan, Mike is a 2nd hand out fan, neither of us liked 3rd hand out).I model the neighboring that I can trust of that would fit my definition would be some of the stuff put out by James Raggi. Boss psychological than expert the top, exclusive oblique at than reveled. James does that well, pole his default traditional / descent vivid by a long way does dazed with the heaven monsters we know. He throws the demihumans happening LotFP's Special Delight to block the population that would in advance squabble about their omission. It works because the slam he works off of is cleared of utmost heaven tropes, all monsters are excusably different, perplexing and wobbly.So, can you light wind, let one by one run, an effective classic heaven living example with a dark cleanse to it? Can you commit to memory some of public feelings of terror within the conventional tropes of a D&D styled roleplaying system? Do you misappropriate to remove necessitate and classic D&D monsters from the palate? Does this on its own work in a "low magic" campaign?Can this manage of living example work in Greyhawk, The Over and done Realms or Blackmarsh? A rally that includes "mega-dungeons" and the like?At which steer do you break the spell? For example is intentional too by a long way, or too dark, or not dark enough? Is less more?These are questions I find full of life sequence my head today. This is the air I've wandered blindly happening. In the manner of I start answering these questions I'll be that by a long way quicker to deciding if this is whatever thing I need to work happening my rally.

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Limba In Citate Aforisme Maxime

Limba In Citate Aforisme Maxime
"Limba este metoda de a extrage o idee din creier fara a apela la chirurgie." Mark Amidon"Asemeni unei camasi de noapte diafane, limba dezvaluie si acopera." Karen Elizabeth Gordon"Oriunde esueaza ideile, oamenii inventeaza cuvinte."Martin H. Fischer"Orice ar fi, pasiune sau dorinta, sete sau foame de experienta reala, toate acestea se pot exprima ^in limba romana prin cuvantul dor, care a devenit expresia oricarei dorinte si care implica fiinta umana in totalitatea sa".Mircea Eliade"Limba ne forteaza sa percepem lumea asa cum ne este prezentata de om." Julia Penelope"Personal, cred ca noi am dezvoltat limbajul intrucat interiorul nostru adanc simtea nevoia sa se planga." Jane Wagner"A vorbi despre limba in care gandesti este ca o sarbatoare. Limba romana este patria mea. De aceea, pentru mine, muntele munte se numeste, de aceea, pentru mine, iarba iarba se spune, de aceea, pentru mine, izvorul izvoraste, de aceea, pentru mine, viata se traieste."Nichita Stanescu"Jargonul este limba care isi sufleca mainile, isi scuipa in palme si merge la munca." Carl Sandburg"Ceea ce spun cuvintele nu dureaza.Cuvintele dureaza.Intrucat cuvintele sunt aceleasi, dar ce transmit ele nu este niciodata identic." Antonio Porchia"Limba este insasi floarea sufletului etnic al romanamii."Mihai Eminescu"Limba este sangele sufletului in care alearga si din care fug gandurile atunci cand evolueaza."Oliver Wendell Holmes"Daca vorbesti trei limbi esti trilingv.Daca vorbesti doua limbi esti bilingv.Daca vorbesti numai o limba inseamna ca esti american."Anonim"Cuvintele semnifica refuzul omului de a accepta lumea asa cum este."Walter Kaufmann"Limbajul este imbracamintea gandului."Samuel Johnson"Gratie cuvintelor, am fost in stare sa ne ridicam deasupra animalelor ; si, datorita cuvintelor, am fost capabili sa ne coboram adesea sub nivelul demonilor." Aldous Huxley"Limba este cel mai scump si mai imperfect mijloc descoperit pentru comunicarea gandurilor."William James"Cel mai mare dusman al limbajului clar este nesinceritatea.Atunci cand este o diferenta intre telurile declarate si cele reale, o persoana isi alege instinctiv cuvinte lungi si expresii pretioase, asemeni unei sepii care improasca cu cerneala."George Orwell"Orice om care nu invata bine cel putin doua limbi, altele decat cea materna, este un prost." Martin H. Fischer"Cel care nu cunoaste limbi straine nu stie nimic despre propria lui limba." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe"Definitia este incarcerarea salbaticiunii unei idei intre peretii cuvintelor." Samuel Butler "Juramintele nu sunt decat cuvinte, iar cuvintele nimic altceva decat vant."Samuel Butler "Cuvintele, asemeni Naturii, dezvaluie pe jumatate Si ascund pe jumatate sufletul din ele." Lordul Alfred Tennyson"O limba diferita reprezinta o diferita viziune despre viata."Federico Fellini"Scrisul corect e painea profesorilor de limba romana."Camil Petrescu"Conversatia este cea mai lenta forma de comunicare umana."Anonim "Invata o noua limba si vei capata un nou suflet."Proverb ceh"Daca gandurile corup limba, limba corupe la randul ei gandurile."George Orwell"Lui Dumnezeu ii vorbesc in spaniola, femeilor in italiana, barbatilor in franceza si calului meu in germana."Jason Chamberlain"Limba este o poezie fosilizata."Ralph Waldo Emerson"Limba este un oras la construirea caruia fiecare om a adus cate o caramida."Ralph Waldo Emerson,"Limba ne fixeaza in lume ; fara ea, ne-am invarti asemeni atomilor." Francois Duc de la Rochefoucauld"Marea Britanie si Statele Unite sunt doua natiuni despartite de o limba comuna." George Bernard Shaw"Limba este intaiul mare poem al unui popor."Lucian Blaga "Limba adevarului este neimpodobita si intotdeuna simpla." Marcellinus Ammianus"Limba este o forma de gandire umana, posedand o logica interna despre care omul nu stie nimic." Claude Levi-Strauss"Apararea intereselor limbii romanesti e una din garantiile viitorului nostru national si prin urmare o sfanta datorie patriotica". I. A. Bassarabescu"Limba da forma felului in care gandim si ne determina la ce sa ne gandim." Benjamin Lee Whorf"In limba cel mai echivoc cuvant este cuvantul este."Lucian Blaga "Limba ne ajuta sa ne definim limitele realitatii noastre." Dale Spender"Daca romanii ar fi fost obligati sa invete limba latina, n-ar mai fi avut deloc timp sa cucereasca lumea." Heinrich Heine"Masurariul civilizatiunii unui popor in ziua de azi e: o limba sonora si apta de a exprima prin sunete notiuni, prin sir si accent logic cugete, prin accent etic sentimente."Mihai Eminescu "Limba este memorie si metafora."Storm Jameson"Limba este focul veghetor al Patriei, suflarea ei calda, sanatatea ei liber ziditoare de frumos. Limba este frumusetea activa a patriei. Grigore Vieru"Limba este o harta a culturii.Ea ne invata de unde vin oamenii si incotro se indreapta ei."Rita Mae Brown"Nu locuiesti intr-o tara, locuiesti intr-o limba."Emil Cioran "Limba este putere, viata si instrument al culturii, un instrument de dominare si eliberare."Angela Carter"Limba materna a pasiunilor n-are sintaxa,"Lucian Blaga "Cuvintele aranjate in mod diferit au un inteles diferit, iar semnificatiile dispuse diferit au un efect diferit." Blaise Pascal"Limba este un vin pe buze." Virginia Woolf"Gandeste ca un intelept, dar comunica in limba oamenilor." William Butler Yeats"Nici o limba nu este atat de latina ca limba noastra."Dumitru Staniloaie"Cuvintele sunt pistoale incarcate." Jean-Paul Sarte"Limba adevarului este simpla."Euripides"Limba este arhiva istoriei." Ralph Waldo Emerson "Matematica va fi limba latina a viitorului."Grigore Moisil "Cuvintele sunt medicii mintilor bolnave."Eschil"Limba este sursa neintelegerii." Antoine de Saint-Exupery"Limba unui popor este expresiunea si totodata instrumentul gandirii sale. "Alexandru Dimitrie Xenopol"Ideile inalte au nevoie de cuvinte marete.'Aristofan "Pare ca toti sfarsim prin a vorbi o limba pe care nu o mai intelege nimeni." Octavian Paler"Agata-te de subiect, iar cuvintele vor veni de la sine."Catul "Cuvintele au o viata mai lunga decat faptele."Pindar"Orice limba e oglinda sufletului natiunii care o creeaza."Ion Pillat"Limba are o putere ascunsa, asemeni celei a lunii peste maree." Rita Mae Brown"Limitele limbii meu reprezinta limitele lumii mele." Ludwig Wittgenstein "Pentru mine, limba romana e distanta dintre inima si umbra ei, care se numeste suflet."Fanus Neagu"Nici un om nu isi controleaza mai bine limbajul decat cel care tace.". Sam Rayburn "Cuvintele fara ganduri nu ajung niciodata la ceruri." William Shakespeare "Limba romana are virtuti complete, adica poate fi vehicul a tot ce se ^intampla spiritual in om. E foarte greu de manuit. Prin ea poti deveni vultur sau cantaret de strana. Limba romana are toate premisele valorice pentru a deveni o limba universala, dar nu stiu daca e posibil acest mars istoric. Daca am fi fost un popor cuceritor... Noi, romanii, nu punctam universalitatea nicaieri. Si asta ne face sceptici. Ceea ce ne lipseste este indrazneala."Petre Tutea"Daca ii vorbesti unui om intr-o limba pe care o intelege, cuvintele tale vor ajunge la mintea lui. Daca ii vorbesti in propria lui limba, cuvintele ajung la inima lui." Nelson Mandela "Bunatatea este limba pe care surdul o poate auzi, iar orbul o poate vedea." Mark Twain "Limba este creatia omului prin Dumnezeu. Mai sus omul nu s-a putut ridica. Mai sus Dumneze a ridicat numai stelele pe cer si brazii pe munti."Grigore Vieru "In general, limba este un instrument de ascundere a adevarului." George Carlin "Lacrimile sunt limbajul tacut al tristetii." Voltaire "Limba este cartea de noblete a unui neam." Vasile Alecsandri "Vorbesc doua limbi : limbajul corpului si engleza."Mae West ,,Limba este cartea de noblete a unui neam". Vasile Alecsandri"Limbajul politic este desemnat sa faca vorbele sa sune a adevar si crima sa para respectabila, sa dea aparenta si materialitate purului vant."George Orwell "Franceza este limba care transforma murdaria in iubire." Stephen King "Limba e vehiculul care duce gandul meu in urechea, inima si gandul celuilalt."Victor Eftimiu"Limba este un proces de creatie libera ; legile si principiile ei sunt fixe, dar maniera in care sunt utilizate principiile generarii este libera si infinit de variata. Orice interpretare si folosire a cuvintelor implica un proces de creatie libera." Noam Chomsky "Limba si gandirea sunt factorii principali ai evolutiei in arta."Ion Minulescu "Limbajul uman apre sa fie un fenomen unic, fara vreun echivalent semnificativ in lumea animala." Noam Chomsky Traduse si/sau culese Copyright (c) diane.roArticole din acelasi domeniu in blogul Dianei:Poezia in citate, aforisme, maximeDespre carti... in citate, aforisme, maximeConfucius.Cugetari si aforismehttp://www.diane.ro/rss.xmlhttp://www.diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?alt=rsshttp://www.diane.ro/atom.xmlhttp:/diane.ro/feeds/posts/default?orderby=updated

The Best Laid Plans

The Best Laid Plans





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The Hoodoo Truth Time And Working By The Clock

The Hoodoo Truth Time And Working By The Clock
In hoodoo/rootwork/conjure specific times are considered important for both good or bad works. Below one can find a general guide to what times are used.

DAWN/SUNRISE - For new beginnings and to draw things

NOON - For money, prosperity, success, and power

DUSK/SUNSET - For cleansing, banishing, or repelling things

MIDNIGHT - For reversing work or enemy work

3PM - Considered by some to be a magical time that is good for any work.

7PM - Considered by some to be a time best for any good work

9PM - Considered by some to be a time best for domination work

"DEAD HOUR" - According to "Minerva" of Midnight In The Garden of Good and Evil fame, Dead Hour is the time from 11:30PM - 12:30AM. The first half hour is for any good work. The second half hour is for bad work. This is actually a form of "working by the clock".

WORKING BY THE CLOCK - When the clock hands are moving upwards it is the perfect time for any good work. When the clock hands are moving downwards it is for bad work or for banishing and reversing work.

WAITING FOR SLEEP - When working on a specific person, and usually to influence the person's mind or behavior, many workers will wait for the person to go to sleep. Some workers will even wait for a person to go to sleep before they use enemy work on them. The reason being is that when a person is asleep they are more vulnerable to attack as well as are open to suggestion. When a person is asleep it is easier for a worker to get inside their mind and effect them subconsciously. The key thing to know is that the work must be done when the person is asleep. This means that the worker will need to know the habits of the person being worked on. If that person doesn't get off work until 2:00AM then the worker may not want to begin working on the person until say 3:00AM or 3:30AM.

WITCHES & EVIL-DOERS - It was also believed that witches (not Wiccans, Neopagans, etc.) or evil doers had their own special times. Witches and evil-doers preferred "The Witching Hour" (12:00AM - 1:00AM), as well as Dead Time/Hour Of The Wolf (3:00AM - 4:00AM) for doing black magic.

Origin: healing-magic.blogspot.com