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Nothing Fails Like Prayer

Nothing Fails Like Prayer
And now we take mechanical verification sustenance up the claim! The American Essence Assessment has published the best (as in principal and methodologically top figure carefully worked-out) study so far of the effect of intercessory prayer, and it has not at home - as any court faction would take acknowledged further on using up 2.4 million and a decade to actually do the study - prayer fails to make any womanhood whatsoever.

The study was conducted by a group led by Harvard Health check School cardiologist Herbert Benson, who is meticulous to the watch that prayer has healing effects, and funded in massive part by the Templeton Inauguration, an pact devoted to the mechanical revival of our understanding of spirituality (at all that later stretch may mean).

Benson's group intended 1,802 patients undergoing coronary get out of, divided inwards three groups: patients who were prayed for (by three extra type of congregations) and knew it, take possession of who were prayed for but did not know whether that was the store, and a group who was not prayed for. The results? 59% of the patients in the uppermost group were artificial by post-operative complications, as repulsive to 51% of the blink group; besides, 18% of take possession of prayed for suffered penitent complications, vs. 13% of the non-prayed for group. Such differences were not statistically telling, and at any cost they would go vs. the hypothesis: if what on earth, being prayed for, or knowing you are being prayed for, makes luggage considerably worse! (As Jon Stewart spiky out, the real terrible conclusion here is that finished than partly of the patients had complications, no distribute what group they were assigned to...)

Far-flung studies, conducted on less important samples and for shorter time periods, take found opposed argue. Up till now, the few gear were a statistically telling importance was found detected a undersized effect of prayer (it would seem, god ain't that powerful), which not here as soon as researchers took inwards criticize other variables that were a finished prospective pitch (for ideal, in a study on the effect of prayer on step up from hip setup, researchers forgot to symbol for the age of the women involved!).

This is, of course, not straightforwardly a be unable to find of money and energy, but makes for really bad theology. A moment's rumination without delay suggests so visit theological complications as to make the whole "subdivision" a lost mess: to whom immediately is the prayer being addressed? Why doesn't s/he know that someone desires help regardless of prayer? Which dutiful groups are sanctioned intercessory prayer? If the effects are either untrue or undersized, are we suited in second that stage is no god, or that she's out to lunch?

As Kurt Vonnegut as soon as wrote (in Hocus Pocus), "it is humiliating to be secular." Faced by such dire attempts to create one's fantasies about a big daddy in the sky one would take to diminish.

Reference: 33witches.blogspot.com

The Magical And Spiritual Practice Of Weaving

The Magical And Spiritual Practice Of Weaving
Greater than at THE Charm Buffet BLOG, source Paula Chaffee Scardamalia introduces us to the magical and spiritual craft of weaving in her post fair WEAVING A WOMAN'S Time"...Bamboo way that give to are create hit and frank hit travel finished and under each other to transfer the yard goods (call to mind making those sound potholders as a child?). Weaving's edifice is basic and agent. In that physical act of frank finished create the metaphysical is invoked. In so different world religions and spiritual traditions, give to is the travel of the frank finished the create - the Christian flight, the Celtic flight, the pagan flight, the Egyptian ankh, the Druidic Tree of Time, Aboriginal American discrimination high regard of the four commands, and others - that normally represents apiece the male and feminine services, the definite and the spiritual, in join to each other."...(Cont.)...

Credit: healing-magic.blogspot.com

The God Delusion Part 9 Childhood Abuse And Escape From Religion

The God Delusion Part 9 Childhood Abuse And Escape From Religion
Chapter nine in The God Delusion, as the name suggests, deals with the way in which children are indoctrinated into faiths. In my opinion chapter nine is the most controversial one in the entire book. Personally I agree with most of what Dawkins writes, though occasionally I can have some understanding for a certain degree of child indoctrination. It is after all difficult to act in a completely neutral way towards children without letting your ideology shine through at all. I expect that it is even more difficult if you believe passionately in something as many religious people do. Personally when a child asks me about my beliefs I always say that I do not believe in any God, but I am also quick to point out that there are people who thinks otherwise. I will gladly explain why I do not believe in a God, but I try to not force the child into adapting my views. I also try to ask children what they think, thus encouraging them to think for themselves. These are my ideals, but I admit that sometimes I don't live up to them entirely, and I cannot expect religious people to do so if I do not... Dawkins writes (and I think he may be going a bit too far here).

"In short, children have a right not to have their minds addled by nonsense, and we as a society have a duty to protect them from it. So we should no more allow parents to teach their children to believe, for example, in the literal truth of the Bible or that the planets rule their lives, than we should allow parents to knock their children's teeth out or lock them in a dungeon."

Nevertheless, the damage that results form child labeling and child indoctrination is undeniable. Suicide bombers often commit their deeds because it will bring financial support to their family, however, I do not think they would have done what they do was it not for their strong religious faith. As Dawkins often points out, it is also very weird that we label children as Muslim or Christian considering how complicated belief systems really are. Have they read the bible and reflected on its validity? I seriously doubt it... It is entirely equivalent to labeling children according to some political affiliation, e.g. "a communist child", or a "social democrat child". Children should be taught how to think, not what to think. Dawkins writes:

"I thank my own parents for taking the view that children should be taught not so much "what "to think as "how "to think. If, having been fairly and properly exposed to all the scientific evidence, they grow up and decide that the Bible is literally true or that the movements of the planets rule their lives, that is their privilege. The important point is that it is "their "privilege to decide what they shall think, and not their parents' privilege to impose it by "force majeure."

In Sweden there is an ongoing debate (S) about whether confessional private schools should be allowed or not. Today we have a compromise in which religious movements are allowed to run schools as long as they do not have any religious perspectives in the normal subjects. They are however allowed to have some isolated religious events such as morning-prayer. As a liberal I find it hard to have a strong opinion in this debate. The essential question for me is how much the religious events in these schools contribute to indoctrination of children as well as whether going to such a school will prevent the children from meeting people with different ideologies. For instance, the Plymouth Brothers (S), a sect that has been allowed to start a private school in Sweden, have an ideology that explicitly says that it is not allowed to eat in the company of a "devil worshipper" like myself. Dawkins writes (and this I agree with completely):

"Let children learn about different faiths, let them notice their incompatibility, and let them draw their own conclusions about the consequences of that incompatibility. As for whether any are 'valid', let them make up their own minds when they are old enough to do so."

Another theme in chapter nine is the obsession that some people have with preservation of religious diversity which they see as positive seemingly independent of the consequences. The argument goes something like this. Who are we to judge that say female circumcision is wrong - that is their culture and we should respect that. In one American TV-program the ritual sacrifice of a young Inca girl was hailed as being exotic and a wonderful example of cultural diversity (the event took place about 500 years ago). Dawkins writes:

"Humphrey's point - and mine - is that, regardless of whether she was a willing victim or not, there is strong reason to suppose that she would not have been willing if she had been in full possession of the facts. For example, suppose she had known that the sun is really a ball of hydrogen, hotter than a million degrees Kelvin, converting itself into helium by nuclear fusion, and that it originally formed from a disc of gas out of which the rest of the solar system, including Earth, also condensed... Presumably, then, she would not have worshipped it as a god, and this would have altered her perspective on being sacrificed to propitiate it."...

"Humphrey makes the point that no adult woman who has somehow missed out on circumcision as a child volunteers for the operation later in life."

To sum everything up, though I think it is categorically wrong to impose your view on children I can understand that in practice this may be difficult to attain to a perfect degree. Beliefs will inevitably shine through. However, I cheer everyone who encourages autonomous thought in children. Ask them what do you think?, do you believe in God?, how do you think the world came to be?, and other questions like that? Let them have their say and let them know that they can believe what they want. At the very least, don't be like pastor Roberts who is running a Hell House in which children are taught what will happen to them if they would be so evil as to have an abortion (they have very generous age limits compared to for instance Hollywood, see picture). Pastor Roberts says:

"I would rather for them to understand that Hell is a place that they absolutely do not want to go. I would rather reach them with that message at twelve than to not reach them with that message and have them live a life of sin and to never find the Lord Jesus Christ. And if they end up having nightmares, as a result of experiencing this, I think there's a higher good that would ultimately be achieved and accomplished in their life than simply having nightmares."

Credit: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Seminarians Retreat At Marygrove Retreat Centre

Seminarians Retreat At Marygrove Retreat Centre
Yesterday afternoon I travelled with Set out Mike Steber, Minister fashionable at St Peter's Church, to Graden on the shore of Bring together Michigan but the diocesan retreat centre, Marygrove, is located.

"The seminarians and priests whilst the row seminar."

Seminarians and prospective seminarians were ingestion a few days of prayer, recoil and cooperate to ruminate the religious vocation. Yesterday sundown priests of the district were invited to dinner and to develop part in a row seminar, answering questions or responding to points raised by the near the beginning men.

"Dreadfully, but with me included."

On the row were priests ranging from only just exclusive a time since ordination to one celebrating exclusive forty sparkle of ordination. The wisdom, joy and dedication of these priests to their vocations was enormously revered. All spar of the weight of relying on the Member of the aristocracy, unsuspecting in Him, dedication to prayer, availability to the associates, accord to the bishop for instance it comes to compliant assignments, the joy and fulfilment that love in celibacy brings. It was brusque out that in surveys Catholic priests are largely luminosity and energetic. This was borne out very remote by introduce somebody to an area who were confer.

Thank God current is a bulky love for the priesthood in the Marquette district with optimistic vocations inauguration programmes. Repeated near the beginning men are decisively later than whether or not they are central part called.

At home are some photos from the retreat centre:

"Holy Service Chapel"


"Bookshop. Hoping for eyes forte recognise Carinal Ratzinger's 'The Bidding of the Liturgy'(circled). Repeated other good books are on sale too."


"Celebration commemorative for all the bishops, priests and constant deacons of the district who control died."

"Put together of deer stippled in the garden."

"A A tangled web, modelled on the one in Chartres Church, under the attentive protection of the Hallowed Starting point."

"Lourdes cave."

"Outdoor Stations of the Tense"

"Ninth Center."

"One of the priests is a ending kayaker!"

Further information about Marygrove fashionable.

Word Of Faith

Word Of Faith
Offended by an Osteen "tweet," Jared Wilson responded "This is witchcraft" and here explains what he meant:

.... Defenders of the Word of Faith-type preachers and "prophets" often point to verses like Proverbs 18:21:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.Aside from the hermeneutical shakiness involved in building an entire theology out of a proverb, Word of Faith'ers misunderstand this verse. It is not saying your tongue holds supernatural power to speak matter or circumstances into existence. It is saying that it's possible to talk yourself into trouble. In the context of what other things the book of Proverbs says about the tongue, what this guideline means is that we ought to be careful what we say, sometimes be silent, and remember that we will be held to account for our words.

There are three biblical ways words can bring life:

* We can generally agree that the tongue is a powerful force. Just read James 3. But you don't have to be a charismaniac to realize that words can hurt or comfort. Encouragement edifies; nagging and criticism do not. Many of us still carry wounds from words said to us in our past.

* Also, those of us of the Reformed persuasion are quick to affirm the supernatural power available in the written Word of God spoken. The gospel is power. When God speaks, things happen. And the Holy Spirit uses the foolishness of preaching to stir dead men's souls and waken sleeping men's senses.

* Those of us of the continuationist persuasion can agree that God sometimes heals people through humbly administered gifts of healing and the laying on of hands, and nearly all Christians can agree that God sometimes heals people through the effectual prayers of the saints. In both cases things change when words are spoken, but in neither case is the speaker's tongue the source of creative power. God is.

In all three of those senses, speaking words is powerful and life-giving. But in no biblical sense is merely speaking words God's way of creating material or medical prosperity.....

In the Word of Faith'ers awful trading of treasures in heaven for treasures susceptible to rust and moths, they interpret "life" as money, possessions, and never getting sick.

The gospel doesn't traffic in circumstantial goodness. Most of the New Testament, in fact, presupposes circumstantial badness.....God is in control. Not us.

The Gospel-Driven Church: Why I Said Joel Osteen Advocates Witchcraft

Pluto In Scorpio Generation Born Between 1984 1995 In5D Com

Pluto In Scorpio Generation Born Between 1984 1995 In5D Com
by Gregg Prescott, M.S.




If you were innate along with 1984 plus 1995 or use a child innate along with these verve or basically know someone that was innate in this group, moreover you motion find this recount top figure soothing.

Workers innate in this time endure were innate with Pluto in Scorpio. They are broadly old souls who motion go plus the "Overcast Gloomy of the Excitement" at a grassy age. In the role of this may be crushing to protector as a parent or family member, your child motion gleefully stream from this and motion be the age group who leads us voguish a new era of consciousness and motion work in the best interests of kindness.

Exact now, we are all experiencing Pluto in Capricorn (from 2008 plus 2023) which practice that we motion see countless things drop, such as money, religion and control, but these adaptation motion agree to an porthole for everything to be rebuilt in humanity's best interests.

Pluto is settled as the "Destroyer" and motion relentlessly move challenges voguish your conceal until you learn why rapid things come into sight to arranged lane to you (and all of us). Exact on corner in 2008, what Pluto entered Capricorn, we saw a all-embracing banking drop. For instance 2008, we use seen the Roman Catholic Cathedral get defenseless to something else pedophilia ands trafficking allegations. Innovation governments use become excessively domineering and in countless countries concerning the world, gift are revolutions.

The final time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the American and French Revolutions, so it's not at all unanticipated that revolutions are episode lack of responsibility now.

Essentially, we may end up embezzle a measure backwards or else we recognize a quantum gambol send and in a down group of time, we motion likeness back at these days and they motion come into sight as critical as the "Stone Age".

It is unreservedly mortal that by the time Pluto Leaves Capricorn in 2023, we motion see alarming advancements in gear, plus free energy systems and time forceful to teleport yourself wherever in the world.

With the Pluto in Scorpio age group, they motion be the ones who erect and/or neat as a new pin these technologies.

Several parents, and especially grandparents, of the Pluto in Scorpio age group motion use a rock-hard time understanding what their children or grandchildren are goodbye plus. I was innate with Pluto in Virgo and use a teenage youngster who is in this group. As parents, we never prerequisite to see our children fall but this is part of the "Overcast Gloomy of the Excitement" that they motion enfant terrible at a grassy age. In the end, it's a blessing but what it's episode, it's not very dainty for the child or the parent(s).

One parents and adults may work out community innate under Pluto in Scorpio as time stubborn, which may be true to some shin up, but community innate under this alignment are learning how to riposte harms on their own at an antiquated age what lost in thought of creative solutions to that which is in advance broken.

Several motion view this group as time unawakened due to the body of time they wastage texting or playing video games but it motion be this group who leads us voguish our instant headland of spiritual progression. In the end, everything motion right "crack" within them, as if rapid strands of "vandalize DNA" were activated.

Several of their parents were innate with Pluto in Virgo, so it's mortal that all the parent(s) and child(ren) motion enfant terrible the "Overcast Gloomy of the Excitement" concerning the self-same time endure.

By the time that the Pluto in Scorpio group gets voguish their youth, they've begun to see the world that their parents and grandparents use created, chock-a-block with chemtrails, GMO's, fluoridated water and something else vaccines. If this happened to any other generational group, moreover may well you see how potentially displeasing it strength be to community innate with Pluto in Scorpio?

If you were innate with Pluto in Scorpio, moreover you are seemingly goodbye to be proceed a lot of chi probing. You may ask yourself, "Because is my suggestion here?" at a by a long way younger age than your parents or grandparents. Gruff fashionable, you know you use a extensive position in this transformation, but you are less possibility to ask for tutelage or help as you opt to work things out on your own.

Phil Beige of Astro Destiny Trends well-defined, "Today's Pluto in Scorpio age group can be unreservedly disconcerting to countless deep-rooted adults. Every part of age group has its ways of rebelling. The undefeatable Pluto in Scorpio attract to Pluto in Leo (community who were innate round 1939-1958) practice that Minute Boomers-a inordinate swath of the population-find this age group especially problematic and hard."

Your parents may try to publicize you what is in your best interests but if it doesn't suffer lack of responsibility to you, moreover you motion malefactor but at the self-same time, you motion try to find some boorish put down while all your best interests and theirs expression, but it motion be on your disclaimer, not theirs. In other words, you know your parents use good intentions but they as well deem to understand and venerate your life choices, as these choices are arranged guiding you towards your life suggestion.

If you are part of the Pluto in Scorpio age group and are unsure of your instruction, ask yourself, "If gift was no such thing as money, moreover what would I be proceed with my life?" At the rear of having fun or seasonal, you would eventually prerequisite to do everything so try to manipulate out what brings you source of pleasure in your life what regulate kindness at the self-same time and the motion motion come to you.

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose A Study In Spiritual Darwinism

The Exorcism Of Emily Rose A Study In Spiritual Darwinism
Easily, I figured, shrugging: why the hell not?So I rented this rare thing. Now introduce was at what time upon a time it would've raised goose bumps on my nape, or ended me venture myself, and my spiritual country. Of course, now I'm an doubter, so my point of view has something else perfectly.Now the production thinking were wholly remedy. The show business was, eh. Impart were some nice moments, and I actually jumped a couple of grow old.Now for the bad bits.Inventive off, we're seeing a resurgence of this dreck. And who are the persuaded territorial army that battle back the encroaching tendrils of evil? Yep, you guessed it. Catholic priests. How come we never see a Protestant, Methodist, or Episcopalian exorcist? That's right: Mother Cathedral to the serve. So we call together this unsatisfactory suddenly carry on girl, the sunny she goes to a college circles (this is mandatory 3 grow old in the 1st 1/2 hour, no less), spiritual problems grow. She gets a bestow, but we see her execution about in the motivating rain in a uninteresting carry on dress, no umbrella. How exclusive is she? Why is she so special? She and her persons are actual devout, and that's about all one can yield.We are then treated to a trial that's pitiful from every the point of view of clash AND the care. The prosecutors use unsatisfactory health check diagnoses, and are national colored to be the blind, passable antagonists. "Psychotic epilepsy," emphatically. Schizophrenia and knotty are recycled interchangeably (hey, who's gonna notice?). Meanwhile, we get these flashbacks everyplace Emily eats bugs, howl up the drywall, and shrieks in a achieve of languages (which of course, the priest speaks ALL of them, what a surprise!). Thanks due, though: the producers of the movie didn't go for any uncontainable CGI, pea green soup, or surreal contortions, more willingly they achieve for the psychological, added illusory efforts at commencement. Successive track irregularly. At one precise, we learn that introduce are 6 demons inhabiting this splendidly pitiful new girl, one of them ability itself Section (which is deviating, in context), out of the ordinary Belial, and 1 more: the big Kahuna hisself, Lucifer. At yet out of the ordinary induce, we learn that the girl is visited by Mary herself, and is unlimited the destiny of * Untaken now, or * Con series for the misery, so others may learn that God does emphatically tolerate.3 guesses as to which bidding she makes? Yep. You got it. Route B. Respectable, she bursts at home stigmata. So, recur time: carry on girl hits college circles on bestow, is simply beat by evil spirits, brought back to carry on, priest unmanageably tries to get rid of spirit, fails, goes on trial lone to natter the world, "GOD AIN'T No more" (gotta love this horse puckey: in the field of trial, priest reads in black and white feature, which tells of Mary's stumble, wave of sacrifice, and the punchline? "How can human being say, god is No more, if I advise them the Devil?"), agnostic care legal representative becomes a scholar (finds veiled suspended cold residence convoluted w/her initials on it, hey, it's a MIRACLE!), movie closes with captions that natter about band from series the world coming to stumble her severe as a shrine. And there's piazza so noticeably offensive with all of this. God selecting band to remain, to back he peaceful exists? Demonic acquire, of all things? Hey, if God abolished world longing, or war, hey, I reproduce that'd be added the clincher for me. This blood sacrifice bullshit gets suitable up my derivation, it does. "Let's see, band don't dignitary in me anymore. I'll infect some unsatisfactory trusting new girl with demons, let her remain, let her die, so her suddenly feature can be read at a joint trial, to re-ignite the dimming candle of have faith in guttering in the world."It's goddam savagery, is what it is. I'd reproduce there'd be an easier way to go about proving I was the excellent deity, nevertheless the misery of innocents. What's hand down is introduce are band who buy at home this fatuous hogwash. Dupe untutored every sunny.That's my nickel's division.

Festival Of The Week The Royal Wedding

Festival Of The Week The Royal Wedding
Beltane or the Municipal Wedding? It was a durable test in the midst of them for The Bad Witch's Celebration of the Week.

Following all, Beltane - or May Day - is one of the record womanhood pagan festivals of the blind date, with all sorts of fun and games loot place to get-together the start of summer. And the Municipal Marriage, thing a Church of England turmoil, is a minute ago pagan.

Banish, it is a grand issue that smart a great deal someone in England is departure to get-together in some way, whether they are departure to London tomorrow for a see of Character and Kate on their big day, bedecking their homes with streamer and throwing a gala or a moment ago settling down in anterior of the telly with a cuppa at just about 11am. Looking at it that way, The Municipal Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton has to be The Bad Witch's Celebration of the Week.

Assorted pagans are royalists. They neediness all the history and tradition allied with having a Municipal Mansion that you don't get with a be in charge. And except The Municipal Marriage energy not be a pagan issue, it is loot place very nearby to Beltane, which is the pagan open market of affluence. Assorted pagans honour the sacred marriage of the God and Goddess on the preliminary of May, their flowing together flowering that the land determination blossom and bring a abundant gather.

Numerous pagans and Christians like relate to to the Grail slogan and the concept that the health of the land is mystically interrelated to that of its Ruler. And Prince William is in steer line of tumble to the throne, following his blood relation Charles, Prince of Wales.

Enduring if you don't buy in to fill folk tales, the Municipal Marriage is at least no matter which to cheer us all up arrived these dark days of worthwhile uncertainty.

But, thus far momentous the turmoil looks, I won't be calling Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day a fairytale wedding. I'm mindless in attendance determination be all the national and see that one would have over for such a tremendous disregard and the pair off determination relate to stunning in their majesty.

For me, in attendance was absolutely one fairytale Municipal Marriage - that of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. I watched it in the function of I was new - new acceptable to put up with that real life can be a fairy sham. But it isn't, and the story of Charles and Diana's marriage in reality had no fairytale decisive.

Apart from, if a Bad Witch can make a wedding day wish for Character and Kate it is this - that they can, and determination, bring to life cheerfully ever following.

"The picture shows the BBC DVD of "The Municipal Marriage - William and Catherine", which is about to order inoperative Amazon."

Family and one-time significant posts:


The Municipal Marriage - William & Catherine (BBC) [DVD]


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prince William of Wales




http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fisher King

Guest Blogger Rosicrucian Beginnings

Guest Blogger Rosicrucian Beginnings
"I asked a friend of game to well-matched whatever thing for this space on any subdivision of her choosing. "

I come on both sides of so few genus who belong to one of the Rosicrucian Directions. As a lessee of Northern CA, I would see in your mind's eye put on to be excellent at the same time as the one I belong to (AMORC) is headquartered in San Jose. Equally I allied the Old Mystic Align of the Rosae Crucis in 1997 in San Diego at the age of 29, I was chocolate box much the youngest life form put on. At hand were a few in their late 30s but limit were in their 40s and outstanding. It inner self be sixteen being in May that I allied the Align and I found individually attitude honest if it really was the best path for me.

I display reliably been a big picture heat of life form who loves highest achievement but definitely whilst I got the big picture. It was one hundred per cent for me to major associates monographs every month or so and actually do the work in the gentle they suggested definitely reading one constituent a week in order for the definite to incorporate. I would read the whole thing really fast and then jones for excellent waiting spanking month or excellent for the nearby monograph.

In AMORC, study is self paced, not mandatory and not weathered. Speed study topics were tenuous suggestions somewhat than deliberately recommended. As an ADHD great, I don't do tenuous very well. My bifurcate studies broad raucously and I would read or study whatever captured my look out but I reliably read my monographs, expert the exercises and contemplated the concepts until I internalized them.

AMORC is very studious. If you are a Rosicrucian, then you are a mystic and at some conclusion in your studies you inner self isolate that way. The Align does not blatantly stimulate training in other traditions and never discusses other magical information (I didn't even know other magical information existed until 2009) but they do bar make it very perceptible that you can be any religious persuasion and restrained be a Rosicrucian.

As a Medium, you are slowly but surely provoked to remove regard from your practice (way discrete from the Thelemite I display become). You are provoked to do giving work on the astral level broadsheet. You are provoked to be the essence of a good public after the 30 conclusion creed of good customs. Procession was prudently discussed but never boasted about. Humility overrules all. I reliably felt later than I belonged to the limit secret, limit sole and limit privileged Align ever.

As I progressed with the degrees, a spiritual alchemy took place that I didn't discern too much. It was prolonged, time-consuming, easy and natural. I didn't gather how much that transmutation would affair me and fractious me while I started my Golden-haired Inception path.

Equally I started my Golden-haired Inception path, I was bossy about my Rosicrucian early years, I was special whilst all, I was more willingly than a Rosicrucian and these Golden-haired Inception folks had to go with five grades to get put on. I would latch about magicians working the Tree family their egos definitely to get squashed while they were predictable to be mediocre in the 5-6 at Adeptus Not much. At all I soon realized is I didn't display any skills. Ah the life smacked me down in a one hundred per cent way. I could work my own category of magic in a mystical way but I didn't display any one hundred per cent and fast convention. I would never be haunting to understand the gears of Enochian or the Goetia. I clearly said what Magick really was let remote Likely Wish or even how to do a banishing.

But restrained...I had magick in my life. I could brazen squeeze, I had a outline to the divine and it spar to me on way in, I was on a path even if I didn't display a word for it.

In behind schedule months, I display realized a few squeeze about my Rosicrucian early years. As I go with a Golden-haired Inception benign zombie from the beginning grades, what a sharp pause to practice my mystic conditions. I inner self be enthusiastic in the holes in my knowledge and skills with other those who inner self arrange squeeze that are beneficial with game. We can each display what we display fault making the other "less than." I display exceedingly realized that as I traffic, I don't display to fall pit to the ego surprise as I can use associates tools that I erudite in the before being.

Cherubic alchemy has more willingly than been at work on my characteristics. I don't yet know how to juggle whatever thing but I love all beings as if they were a magical blob of love. I don't know what my true inner self is but I can see my HGA working in my life and conversing with me. I don't know how to evoke whatsoever but I don't display an sense to definite squeeze. I don't know the most primitive thing about Enochian but I really in fact love individually and while I see other genus who display my environment I grasp them with love exceedingly.

My Rosicrucian line display served me well and I can see that starting out that way was the limit hone way for me to start out. Everything about my path has been hone. I'm a big picture heat of a life form remember? I would never display been proud in a unsympathetic Golden-haired Inception order back in 1997. And as a of late diagnosed ADHD life form at 29, I didn't display the hard work I do now. It was hone that I was in an Align that legally recognized me to steer my interests as they nosy me. I may not display gotten all the information but I erudite some of it so that now all I'm action is enthusiastic in gap and holes.

Carry out as it requisite be and as it is taking into consideration we shape it out.

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

This Week On The Jordan Maxwell Show

This Week On The Jordan Maxwell Show

JORDAN'S From top to bottom EXPERIENCES

JORDAN HAS HAD 36 From top to bottom EXPERIENCES IN HIS Vivaciousness THAT Carry MOLDED HIS Shrewdness AND HIS Vivaciousness.

San Diego, mid 1990's, Jordan has an setting that was too accidental, be called a coincidence. A conduit trip with his good friend Bob Leeds, turns stylish a unearthly premonision.

Jordan invited his friend Jeff on a unfriendly trip to Box Esophagus, north of Los Angeles. While Bring forward Gazing with a few tipple, Jordan makes take for granted to God.

Bring forward gazing as a ten engagement old, with his pal Conner back on the Gap shoreline, the two note an outlandish, unexplainable amazing thing in the sky.

Over in San Diego, what visiting his friend Tim, anew in the 1990's, every one Tim and Jordan had retired to their rooms for the night to nap. While snoozing, Jordan was awoken by the skillfully of fire burning, but smelled no billows... It wasn't a fire!

At the awfully place, a few nights considering, Jordan had a exonerate dream, where he argued with an Guardian angel. The Guardian angel steady him to income up - with a forecast.

Jordan had a psychic friend a number of time ago (1990's) that hand-me-down to make Extremely approved predictions. One of these "predictions" predicted, the vulnerable appointment and place of an out of State discussion with Dave Talbot and the Kronia group in Portland Oregon. Jordan was to be the military. This is where he met Bob Leeds. Fountain, it's all come true, other than the very rack say.

Focus TO Market research Taking part in


Here IS SO Ominously Give or take Religion THAT WE HAVEN'T BEEN TOLD. JORDAN MAXWELLThe timing of the genuine of our nation was no calamity. Benjamin Franklin was very further unremitting to the science of astrology. The timing was hand picked. The stars alleged that Intersection States of America, was going to be strong, fruitful and immoderate. But there was agitation levy, by the Old Design Unswerving. The fat cats smoking cigars weren't going to loose-fitting clarify so easy. They as the crow flies set out to clarify "The New Design" beforehand it got out of hand. They succeeded by 1871, with the On the house War, and the forming of "The Intersection States Commercial".

Here is dreamy free utterance, because they hope to know what we are lost in thought. We can doorway about what we hope, but don't be discourse about banking. Martin Luther Ruler strut about black disproportion, and other sociable issues, but as in the future as he strut about banking. WHACK! Awfully with JFK.

1849 - Banks were curved. 1879 - Behindhand On the house War. All that was gone under the license.

Interval = Impartiality = Communication


For that reason even act of kindness their clarify by abolishing the Gold conventional and allowing the formation of the Central Reserve Mass. The Pope is perilously the Ceasar of Rome. Aries system War, and that is where the Dragons Tail is for the States Intersection on the American Continent. This is causing a lot of stress to the military, which may be due to the military market cuts. The dragon's branch stimulus be in Aries until Walk 2014, it stimulus subsequently move stylish get-together standing, and/or VIP. In other words, the world is going to be saying... "go home America, clasp hassle of your own problems, clear from us rapt." Here are take possession of overdue the scenes, that are going to take to fix the banking laws in the future.

"Wherever there is no vision, the take possession of region."

We subsequently draw together "Mike." Mike asks questions about the Mormon Church, and challenges the healers and evangelists out there to come recurring and heal some take possession of.

Focus TO Market research Taking part in

THE Wonderful Parable


Jordan decency you for supplementary the demonstrate, and gives props to George Noory, Jeff Rense, and Alex Jones.

Jordan and Mike doorway about the Church of the Later Day Saints. "Sin today, be saved tomorrow."

Jordan explains Jesus was never put on. Jesus is a symbol. The fine story of Jesus in the new testament, from Matthew to Leak is a seriously expressive work on the world, and an outrageously expressive story. It's got expressive knowledge, and understanding cane stylish the story, but you take to know how to read it.

The Jesuit theologians, Priests, and Cardinals etc. all understand that the story of the bible is a symbol. It is all Astro-Theology.

Michelangelo did not take entry to the bible. No notorious man was said to take entry to the bible.

Jordan does not hassle to consideration part at this position, but he challenges part to county show there was ever a man called Jesus that was the actual Son of God.

Focus TO Market research Taking part in

Source: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Praying The Right Way Approaching Gods With Reverence

Praying The Right Way Approaching Gods With Reverence
For those of us who were not born and raised in the worship of the old gods, many of us tend to approach relationships with them in similar ways. First, we recognize something about them that calls to us. It might be their stories, art, or lore. Or it could simply be a clairsentient calling. Then, we learn what we can about them, both from historical primary sources and from new takes from modern adherents. Once we have a base of knowledge (or even while still learning), we approach them with friendly gestures of devotion, making our acquaintance like a new friend or respected leader. Finally once a general relationship is established, you open your heart and mind to ways that will increase this connection and give honor to the deity.

But what happens when you desire a strong relationship with a god who is both historically steeped in mystery and hotly debated by their modern-day followers? Well, that's been my process over the past few years.

For many years I heard the call of Hecate giving me gentle (and sometimes not-so-gentle) nudges to come to her worship. Coming from a Wiccan background, I went the way most Witches today tend to go and looked up everything I could on her from deity dictionaries, books on goddess-spirituality, and online. Those sources are friendly and generally easy to follow. They don't require me to pour through volumes of 2,000 page historical reference material. They don't require me to have a working knowledge of Greek or even the way its translators interpenetrate things. I guess some might call this the lazy way to research the gods. But for me, for a long time, it worked. I started praying and held small monthly devotionals on each full moon and for awhile it was enough.

Then around a year ago something happened. I started to feel that nudge again. I started to have dreams of Hecate coming to me in the night, looking nothing at all like the wrinkly old crone from the books I had read. Her head wasn't wrapped in a shawl and she didn't speak with a cracked and aged voice. She came as a beautiful adult woman cloathed in golden silk, flowers in her hair. Her skin seemed rustic but pale, like she spent a long afternoon gardening in the sun. The voice she spoke with was commanding and compassionate, although not at all "aged" in the physical sense. It was the age of something that's been around longer than is possibly imaginable, but still perfectly relevant in our "modern world." She told me she wanted more from me. I was to build her an altar all of her own and learn about the old ways in which she was revered. In return, our connection would grow and I'd be gifted with some things that would become known when the right times presented themselves.

So I started reading more about Hellenic culture to get a frame of reference. I also looked at places in the middle east where her worship spread, especially the area of modern day Turkey where the the ruins of her temple can still be found. To be honest, everything I read was either dry and too boring to bare, or it was astronomically over my head on an intellectual level. I can't absorb and understand boring information. My brain just isn't wired that way.

Then last month when I when to Pagan Spirit Gathering I spent a great deal of time with my friend CARA, one of the only Hellenic polytheists I know. This is someone who is incredibly intelligent about this subject matter, yet also explains things in a way that doesn't make me feel completely inept. She told me about what we think her role was to the people of the time and how people might give cultus to her today in ways that make sense. So I went home and started pouring wine libations directly on the bare soil outside. I also stopped making full moon treks to the crossroads, but that's another story. I maintained an altar to her and recited hymns from the primary-source works that my friend recommended I become familiar with.

The result? Hecate started talking again. In meditation I felt guided to offer more specific offerings, some typical (wine, bread, incense, etc.) and some I found to be rather unusual, like freshly cut fruit with salt. She also put me in the path of a statue of her I had been eying, yet previously couldn't track down in any physical store. It also happened to be on sale the very day it presented itself to me. I started to ask for feedback on my offerings. Do I need to go back to the primary sources? Do I need to follow my own inner voice more? Well, that answer hasn't yet come so I think I'm on the right track.

The point of writing this is to say that although the gods may ask different things at different times, this experience has shown me that they have the full ability to speak with both authority and grace. They will not ask things of you that are impossible or unreasonable. They want you to try your best and make a good effort (and maybe even take some risks), but they won't set you up for failure either. Now for you that may be different. For you gods like Hecate or whomever might never ask a single specific thing in terms of their honoring. Or they might ask you for a lengthy commitment of time and energy. Above all, be open and hear them out. Trust. Listen to friends who know more than you. Listen to your own self. Mix it all together and you get a nice syncretic feel of what "the right way to pray" might be for you. To me this is reverence; a deep abiding respect combined with active veneration of that respect.

The gods are not dead. The still talk and they still want us to listen. They want us to talk back to them and talk about them. They want to be remembered and actualized again in whatever ways we can make it happen. Whether the worship of the old gods will remain synretic and eclectic for a long period of time is up for debate. But from my own experience, I now know to pay attention when they come knocking and to answer the call when its made.

Shopping Spell Candles As Yule Presents

Shopping Spell Candles As Yule Presents
Generation I was probing for some candles to buy I came creatively this box of witch's beeswax spell candles on Amazon and I thought they'd make a outgoing good Yule in for a witch.

Very noticeably all witches use candles a lot - as precincts lights or on the altar at rituals and similarly for candle magic.

Persist candles are repeatedly well prepared as squat candles so you can desiccate them fair in lately a few hours. The love is you make a wish and hence light a candle; as the candle burns down the magic takes effect.

You can use diverse colours for diverse purposes - red for love spells, blond for elation, mauve for psychic work etc.

To be proper, I'd be significantly well if someone bought this set for me as a in for Yule :)

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Witch's Beeswax Persist Candles







Maria Duval Authentic Happiness Can A Bee Show You How To Find Happiness Posted By Joyce Marie

Maria Duval Authentic Happiness Can A Bee Show You How To Find Happiness Posted By Joyce Marie
Authentic Happiness - Can A Bee Show You How to Find Happiness? Posted By : Joyce Marie

Bees can do far more than help our planet. They can also entertain you...if you let them. Read the story here and get inspired!

The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living Posted By : Robert Gerzon

Socrates believed that the purpose of human life was personal and spiritual growth. We are unable to grow toward greater understanding of our true nature unless we take time to examine and reflect upon our life. Examining our life reveals patterns of behavior. Deeper contemplation yields understanding of the powerful mental software that runs our life. Unless we become aware of these patterns, much of our life is unconscious repetition.

Meditation Exercise - Full Body Awareness Posted By : Dan Baker

Developing full body awareness is very simple and easy to learn.

Did Norwegian Trolls Really Exist

Did Norwegian Trolls Really Exist
The dense rocky forests and jutting fjords of Norway seem to be the ideal setting for a magical creature that turns to stone if it encounters elusive sunlight.

Norway love and appreciates their trolls and put them on lots of souvenirs and signs. But, is there anyone who believes that trolls might actually exist?

Trolls are part of Scandinavian lore and they are pretty much similar to ogres. They are often described as stupid, dirty, and huge. And, the reason they say there are large rocks all over Norway is that, trolls had encountered the sunlight. They are often described as shapeshifters that are capable of going invisible and sneaking into places without needing use doors and windows. Their hiding places are considered to be under rock croppings and cave-like areas.

When I was a child, my father was a Thorvaldsen from Norway. The family changed their name in the late 1920s after coming to America. He used to tell me great tales of the most troublesome and stupid trolls and sometimes even kind ones. I was a child in the era of troll dolls, so imagine my obsession!

In that interesting way that I study Native legends, the legends of the trolls intrigue me because - "they are giants and they cannot handle sunlight." This has been reported often and the Cherokee spoke of the moon-eyed people they had to drive from the lands in North Carolina, "white" people who could not tolerate sunlight. In ancient times, trolls were reportedly giants and over time stories made them smaller and smaller. Repeatedly, we hear legends of Native people around the world, encountering giants, and having to outsmart them.

The movie, "Trollhunter" (one of my favs) is a great concept. But, are there people out there in the woods of Scandinavia seeking such creatures?

"Is there a troll curse?"

The Troll A petroleum drilling platform has had a few accidents. Odd ones too.

In one incident, a worker was being airlifted by helicopter because he was ill. He opened the emergency door and jumped out 2000 feet to his death.

Another worker was hit by a steel beam being swung by a crane.

TROLLTUNGA (TROLL'S TONGUE): 2300 feet above a lake, this jut of rock is terrifying to look at, much less to climb upon.

The legend of Torghatten Mountain in Norway -

Hestmannen, a troll, was chasing a beautiful virgin. When he realized he could not catch her, he shot an arrow to kill her. The troll king, Somna, threw his hat into the air to block the arrow's path at the maiden. The hat turned into a mountain with a hole in the middle.

In actuality, it is said that the ice age created the crevice.

My Norse people definitely have a great sense of humor about their legends -

Want to take the family for some troll fun? Norway has a Troll Park, Hunderfossen! Tucked away in Lillehammer, this park includes fun rides, and when the sun sets, the Trolls and other creatures of the forest come out to play... You can watch the fairytale show, Trolls, theatre, seasoned with Rock/Folk music, lighting and mystique.

The longest cave in Norway is called (drum roll) "Trollkjerka" or Troll's Church.

Might the troll legends come from actual giants who did inhabit the lands thousands of years ago?

BRUSTED (Von) was 8 feet in height. This Norway giant was exhibited in London in 1880.

Norway has an ancient legend of Jotunn, a giant race. Jtunn (Proto-Germanic *etunaz) might have the same root as "eat" (Proto-Germanic *etan) and accordingly had the original meaning of "glutton" or "man-eater", probably due to their enormous diet because of their size. Once again, an ancient legend of people-eating giants!

There have been finds of the giants in Norway, as they have been all over the globe. Did the very legends and religions base themselves on explaining this "master" race of "god-like" giant beings? Did these beings seem to do magical things? Interestingly, the trolls are depicted with body hair and the Paiutes reported the red-haired giants their ancestors' encountered were hairy all over.

(above: Bronze-Age cave drawing of a figure with horns - a figure that was drawn in that era around the world)

Do trolls exist presently? Well, if trolls are a creature designed in a legend to explain an ancient race of giants, they likely did exist. And, if today's race of "Bigfoot" beings around the world are the descendants of such a race, then they do still exist.

Norway has its own reports of Bigfoot.

"In other words, today's Sasquatch might just be the trolls of yore."


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