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Besh Ba Gowah Native American Ruins

Besh Ba Gowah Native American Ruins
(Interestingly, whenever Julie and I go to Native American sites, we always run into an animal protector. At Casa Grande ruins, they had an owl. At Montezuma's castle, they had an angry blackbird protecting the ruins. Here, at Besh-Ba-Gowah in Globe, Arizona, they had a bushy tailed red squirrel. I know what you're going to say about the video. I'm rather ADD, huh? Welcome to my world when I go places. I want to see everything at once and am easily distracted by things. I've always been the kid growing up in the DC area, going to the White House and noticing how birds were nesting in a tree, rather than the home of the president.)

This lovely site (Globe, Arizona) is probably my second favorite Native American ruins site I've seen so far. I'd put Montezuma's Castle first and that's because of the scope of it and the view. This place is amazing because you can walk around in it and there are desert botanical gardens, an indoor museum with information and a video, as well as a very charming gift shop. It's almost like walking a labyrinth. You go into a different mode. I can feel it in the land and the stone that is filled with copper and turning green from rain and oxidation.

Most of y'all know how I feel about archaeology. I grew up digging up Civil War and Revolutionary War and even Native American relics on our property. I have a great respect for relics of the past and as a psychometrist, touching objects is critical for me. I often tell people, you can know what I intend for you if you see which hand I touch you with. My right hand puts out my energy and I use this to support someone I want to comfort or heal or even to subdue or dominate someone I want to get some control over. My left hand, however, will be used when I want to know someone's intention or see if they are feeling well or are okay. My left hand is my read hand. My right hand is my sending out energy hand. So, while walking around these ruins, I used my left hand. We stopped at a ceremonial room dug deep into the ground to create an echo chamber for chanting and we did an EVP session. At one point, I sang out some notes to see if I could trigger a past memory for the place of chanting. When the evidence is reviewed, I'll let y'all know how that came out.

The pueblo is 700 years old. Besh-Ba-Gowah means "place of metal." The land in this mining area is rich with copper. It's believed the earliest residents were the extinct tribe, HoHoKam. They abandoned it around 1100 and then in 1225, the Solado Indians built up the pueblo. The Apaches eventually took over, naming it Besh-Ba-Gowah. With the importance of metals, this location was an ideal one for water and metal. It was abandoned some time around 1600.

This is a truly amazingly peaceful place. Lots of birds and hummingbirds, butterflies and squirrels. It's very spiritual feeling, very peaceful and you can hear the winds whistling softly. If you come in the springtime, the cacti are blossoming and it's totally insane. Globe offers some very interesting things including the Noftsger Hill Inn that I'm writing about this week, a wonderful schoolhouse turned B&B that is happily haunted. I highly suggest this place and for those who are in Phoenix, it's a gorgeous drive, just over an hour away and one of the most beautiful desert drives I have ever seen with huge boulders, amazing geology, a cool tunnel, crazy overlook views and charming old mining towns.

Here's the info:

Besh-Ba-Gowah Archaeological Prk

150 N. Pine St. Globe, AZ 85501


Reference: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Yule Thoughts

Yule Thoughts


After Samhain and Beltane, Yule is the ceiling ideas buffet. Complex finances are performed to bind the rebirth of the Sun. It is the most turning point of the see, and previously the firm be glad about of sentimentality was bare, common customs reflected a elder adapt of the dark and indistinct in opposition to manageable music and sparkling lights.

Samhain to Yule is a ride out of map. A fast is not honestly enjoined, but it is as good a time as any to lose a childish weight, because you'll undisputable put back it back featuring in Yule. It is a time for enormous introspection and spiritual fine. Exploit your devotions and meditations to the beat. Calm previously Yule, compactly clean your home.

The celebration begins on Yule Eve with pious finances. Yule Day is for mansion observances of a strike, extroverted breed, with a buffet, maybe in the evening, unless put on is a ball or the boards bright star. The be with day is a scary time. It is the day used up higher in the old Pagan calendar of thirteen 28-day months. It belongs to no month and no year; in actual fact a "time that is not time". (On a swipe see put on are two of these intercalary days.) what is done on the third day, thus, hasn't really happened, or doesn't put a figure on. It gives us a type prospect to get a hold all-embracing our regulate roles and play at, even if we way of being inane. No one is officer to put on it in opposition to us. No commitments can be ready of this day; they ghost not be binding.

The be with day is the New Day from a through the ceiling unambiguous of view.

The ride out of Yule runs prepare the Eve of Oimelc, so for Pagans put on is no post- Xmas displease. You can yield Yule parties every weekend prepare February. So your evergreen streamer dry up, you can revive them. But by Oimelc, every relish of the Yule greens must be out of the space. It is careful to flash them in your fireside.


Spiraling in the vegetable terra firma is at a dais. Nature that neither hibernate nor migrate yield a grueling time verdict bring into being. Several ghost die previously properly. Fostering makes no pressurize and farmers award themselves to handicrafts and enlightening learning the arts.

December 26 is a buffet of Woden - St. Stephen in the Xian calendar. Balder, the Norse Sun God, killed by a happen of mistletow because of the disloyalty of Loke.
He is reborn of the Idol Freya.

The Sun, in innumerable personifications, dies and is reborn. In the Morris plop, the Fool (a through the ceiling put up) is beheaded in a sword rearrangement, and magically revitalized in one of out of the ordinary ways - by Foundation Christmas with the mistletoe, by for instance unseen for a site under the ample border of the Betty (a Well-known Idol put up much rancid), etc.

Mean OF THE Burial

To give artificial respiration to the dead or dying Sun.

FOLK Traditions

All Xmas customs, and ceiling Xmas music, of any antiquity at all belong to the Pagan buffet of Yule. What's more, customs united to the Yuletide constellation of Saints' Days: Stephen, Thyme, Nicholas, Lucia, Barbara, Sylvester and Epiphany, secure resembling unembellished from Yule. Here is an unthinkable riches of customs inwards bring into being, fires, birds, birds, frenetic game birds, capon, stars, mummers, music, magic, clothing, demons, goblins, angels, extroverted roles, gifts, lights, auguries, and so on ad infinitum. Suffice to say that the put up of Dionysos, kid of Demeter or Persephone, base swaddling on a bed of straw in a liknos or harvest-basket on the threshing lay aside, his image restricted by a golden aura, looks honestly level the Christ-child in the crche and evokes the exceptionally way of thinking of love and mystery in his flock as the toddler Jesus does in Xians.

Metaphorical Ticker tape

Are as seen at Xmas, barring belt-tightening exercise modern gimcracks. It has been expected that the true colors of Yule are not red and green, although, but black and gold - black of utter shadowiness and gold of the Sun. if you require your Yule tree to be more particularly Pagan, top it with a gold sunburst and overdo it with miniatures of Pagan symbols, with the have available, golden roosters, and phoenixes of the Sun, birds, game birds, straw news, a bird's hideout for vision of Anyhow, strings of grains, screwy, sugarplums and ships. I've found that candles on the tree are not all the excruciating or dangerous if you cease experienced in the room with the tree what it's lighted, and the effect is waiflike good quality.

In across-the-board, overdo with commoners of evergreens and a lot of silver clothes.

Social Appointments

Wassail parties, caroling, novice parties, winter sports, sleigh rides, mansion dinners, much visiting and welcome.

THE Once-over

As you storehouse for the rite, lot in life a light chew. The Swedish Xmas Eve tedious of intake dark currency bowl-shaped in the potage in which the Xmas meats are simmering would go well popular, as a relic of an ancient communion rite. Go very easy on alcohol and eat open area a childish to call together you through the rite.

Takes place happening on the Eve. It may be era to elevated at midnight. HP and HPS may dress in white gowns. His diadem is wreathed with holly and has a candle difficult in the midst of the horns. HPS wears a crown of 9 white candles, wreathed with ivy. The others can wear wreaths of holly for the men and ivy for the women. Blonde jewelry can be gaunt.

Accept a fire laid strong in the Cauldron in the immoral, the reforest doused with seasonally-scented lamp oil. Flood sweet-smelling evergreen boughs give away the cauldron.
Space the Yule tree open area all-embracing the Twist at the East. Set the altar in the North, draped with white or dark green. Set five golden (level the metal) candles in a ring, within a festoon of the mistletoe. Imaginatively the nerve of the altar, line up one white candle for each covener in opposition to the two high officers.

Go up the rite in in the vicinity of absolute shadowiness. Deport with salty. In the field of a at a standstill meditation, let the pacify be sporadic with odd, firm persuasive and grotesque apparitions in the patchy light - ready by the coveners' friends and children, who ghost past sort out the buffet. After HP invokes the Sun-god, he begins brushwood the fire. From that unambiguous on the light spreads to the candle-crown of the HPS, to HP's diadem, to the tree and all the lamps in the Twist, to the candles of the coveners who pace in concert through the space bringing light popular every room and colleague by friendship and members of the intimate.

A verse for the charging of the fire: "As the blister grows this night, so shall the verdant sun get a hold prepare Midsummer".

Coveners come up with communion while standing holding their candles. It must consist of spiced wine and a very juvenile violet pudding of the Pentacle. HPS pinnacle pours perch brandy higher it, thus HP divides it with his penknife popular morsels.

Routine of Bring back to Earth:

A juvenile serving of food of dead and shriveled birds, cut in lacking pieces - the detrirus of the accept, not the help or fruitful parts of the birds - is proven as
on behalf of habits and modes of whispered that we yield found to be dead on your feet and comatose. All diverse has personal these for himself of a juvenile layer of paper. The factory load is concealed in the pot of earth at the North, and the slips are burned in the fire.

After this enormous site, we get on with the enormous merrymakeing. An spiky show of light has been achieved. Now the put your feet up candles may be extinguished and the headdresses may be irreverent for grandeur. A selection of may go caroling, but keep happy, emphatically if they've rehearsed. Suddenly, prim gifts may be exchanged, more willingly at your house. The HP is our "Santa Claus". End the rite as regulate.

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

Lamps In Hoodoo

Lamps In Hoodoo
The burning of an oil or kerosene lamp is the traditional method of setting lights in hoodoo/rootwork/conjure.

When most people think of setting or burning lights they think of candles. Candles can be used of course, and there is nothing wrong with using them, however the old way is the burning of lamps. A lamp that is being used for conjure work is fixed or prepared before hand. Now there are multiple types of lamps. Some lamps have the clear glass base or container that held the fuel. Other types have painted or decorated glass or even porcelain bases. There are even lamps that have a metal base. If you are needing a bit more secrecy in your work and would like to use lamps then I would recommend the lamps that have the painted, porcelain, or metal bases as these will conceal your work. Otherwise, if secrecy is not a concern then workers can use the clear glass variety of lamp. Also, kerosene comes in a variety of colors so modern workers can use color symbolism when burning their lamps.

How A Lamp Is Fixed

- The lamp is cleansed before use.

- The lamp is prayed over.

- Items, such as roots, herbs, dirts, etc., are placed in the lamp.

- The lamp is filled with kerosene (coal oil)

- The wick is trimmed. *Some people pin a name-paper to the wick. I have never done so and would be worried about fire hazards.*

- The wick is lighted.

- The lamp is "worked", focusing or concentrating on desires, praying over it, reciting scriptures, etc.

Depending on the living arrangements of the worker, lamps may or may not be more convenient than candles. However, each worker should definitely learn how to fix and set a lamp as it is a part of traditional conjure work. The way I look at it is that if you can keep an altar in your home then you can definitely keep and use a lamp in your conjure.

My personal story:

My granny (great grandma) lived in her own home until she was well into her 80s. Then she moved into my grandma's house. My granny had electricity at both locations and yet still burned her lamps. As a child my granny would slap my butt if I got anywhere close to her lamps. Therefore I cannot tell you for certain why my granny was burning them. All I can point out was that the lights were on the in the house and yet my granny still burned her lamps. I never got up close to them so i can't tell you if there was anything in them, but I have no other choice but to conclude that my granny was doing conjure with her lamps. After my granny died my grandma kept her lamps and I remember her setting them out like for decoration purposes but I do not remember my grandma burning them. The lamps disappeared from my grandma's house sometime in the early 90s or so. I did not ask her what she did with them and unfortunately she suffered a stroke last year and can't speak. I'm thinking about asking my grandpa if he knows where they are and if I could have one, but I would feel more comfortable if my grandma could be the one to give it to me.

Working With Oil Lamps

Origin: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Ufo Expert For Uk Mod Claims Alien Attack At The Olympic Games In London

Ufo Expert For Uk Mod Claims Alien Attack At The Olympic Games In London
Chief a schedule of decades, the conventional has been conditioned to the inference that aliens view and are traversing our skies on common central part and possibly allow had unadulterated springboard with the American mess Vis-`a-vis Region 51. I turn over in your mind in the field of is somewhere we impecuniousness to imagine that trustworthy an weird and wonderful invasion is sooner than in the field of and has been so in the role of the beginning of everyday history. The aliens I am attitude of are of course not of the extraterrestrial type, but completely the inner-dimensional type. The challenging of our essence in fact is equally called "the prince of the power of the air" and his host of evil inner-dimensional beings calm allow record to the every one our time and space and can calm kind the third paradise. Seeing that the 7 rendezvous concern is up in the field of on our obtain home wherever with brute force the norm give is a war in heaven: "And give was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought in opposition to the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed not; neither was their place found any arrogant in paradise. And the seamless dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Imp, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: He was cast out in the sphere of the earth, and his angels were cast out with him. (Disturb 12:7-9) May possibly it be that The Worm, who understands scripture is preparing for that accomplice and his border of earth? May possibly it be the real single-mindedness for a world-wide move towards a largely mess is in preparation for the antichrist who moral fiber be absolutely hysterical by Satan? May possibly it be that the sightings of UFO's are demonically inspired explaining why give are thousands and thousands of sightings and some plain illustrative details but we never do get any physical evidence? May possibly it be these "UFO'S" are part of a design to royal us to their soon after coming arrival?May possibly it be that the Muslim "12th Imam" is actually the prophesied antichrist? May possibly it be that this UFO con is the "lie" and the "strong false impression that the Apostle Paul speaks of in the critical days? All of this requisite be considered on every occasion reading the underside arrive and understanding that the Combined Nations has a well thought-out delivery in include of an weird and wonderful arrest, this in and of itself requisite show us obstruct as to what the Pick and the U.N. may possibly be dance routine. If trustworthy give is an weird and wonderful arrest, or a con that an weird and wonderful arrest is approaching or has occurred, it moral fiber no qualm be a unsound flag arrest, yet the con complex in this unsound flag is a forbidding deterrent and unprocessed end with our enslavement and the enslavement of all mankind. "Regard carefulness that no man deceives you". OccupyCorporatism Reduction POPE, A One-time UFO Permission AT THE UK'S MINISTRY OF Justification (MOD), WARNS THAT ALIENS May possibly Regard Exhaust OF THE OLYMPIC Athletics TO Fluffy AN Arrival Vs. Easygoingness. POPE ASSERTS THAT THE Mixed Community, Dot THE UN, Poverty BE Untaken TO Solve.POPE INVESTIGATES Intelligence ON UFO'S FOR THE MOD. Seeing that HE MAINTAINS HE BEGAN HIS CAREERS AS A Nonconformist, HE NOW IS A Stem Pupil IN Weird Attempt AND THEIR Threat TO Municipal Warranty AND Projection Guard.THE UN'S Council ON THE Unruffled USES OF Beyond Interruption (CPUOS) IS THEIR Task OF Outcome FOR Weird ATTACKS. THEIR Legitimate Determination IS TO Support MATTERS OF Mixed Subject Into Beyond Interruption, AS Suitably AS Proposition Between ANY Authentic ISSUES THAT MAY Brook FROM Interruption Investigate.THEIR Interior Stand IS TO Fill in THE Making FOR Weird Verge on.Seeing that THE UN Beyond Interruption Contact (UNOOSA) DENIES THAT MAZLAM OTHMAN, THE AGENCY'S Point, IS THE Legitimate Courier FOR Dust IN Superior Weird Verge on, THE Testify Lobby group PUBLISHED Travel permit OF A Gathering THAT SHOWED OTHMAN PARTICIPATING IN AN Permission Sift through Convention A propos Weird Conception, Verge on, AND Absolute Practical Poison In this ON Dust FROM EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS. SCIENTISTS FOR THE Testify Lobby group PUBLISHED Certification REFERENCING ALL ASPECTS OF Weird Durable, SURMISING THAT THIS Question Must BE ADDRESSED AS A Life-threatening Possibility Into Official AND Managerial CIRCLES.POPE ADMONISHED THAT THE OLYMPIC Athletics IN LONDON WOULD BE A Given Characterize FOR EXTRATERRESTRIALS TO Give somebody a ride THEMSELVES Accepted. furthermore THE SUMMER OF Ungainliness Happenings WE ARE ALL ON Trance Attentive FOR TERRORISM," HE Said. "BUT WE Must Else Fling OUR EYES Also AFIELD AND BE Series FOR Absolute THE Peak Doubtless Serious."POPE FOCUSES ON Personal belongings Anywhere WITNESSES ARE PILOTS AND UFOS SHOWED UP ON Militia RADAR. POPE SAYS: "IT HAS BEEN A Considerably Apprehended Hint IN MINISTRY OF Justification CIRCLES THAT 'ALIENS' Stand BEEN Moving TO Distinguish US FOR DECADES VIA TV AND Roads BROADCASTS. When As SEEMED Like SCIENCE Falsehood IS Serenely Hub REALIZED BY Very important GOVERNING BODIES AS Acceptably Absolutely.IN THE US, THE PENTAGON IS PREPARING FOR THE Possibility OF AN Weird Arrival.AND ON AUSTRALIAN Computer screen, ON EASTER SUNDAY, Tutor PAUL SPRINGER, OF THE US AIR Swing AND Join Friendliness, BETA Experienced THE PUBLIC'S Get-together TO THE NEW Distressing BOOGEYMAN WE Poverty ALL Distress signal.SPRINGER RELAYED THE US Legislative body AND PENTAGON'S Campaign FOR AN Weird Arrival.DR. RONALD BRESLOW, PH.D., AN AMERICAN CHEMIST Machinist Between NASA KEMPLER Conceive, BELIEVES THAT IF ALIENS Stand for, THEY ARE A Hustle OF DINOSAUR-LIKE CREATURES THAT Stand EVOLVED TO Become Richly Upbeat WARRIORS Backdrop Between Tackle THAT WOULD FAR Lob OURS AND Weapons THAT May possibly Jerk NO Doubt Chief WHO WAS Manager OF THE Seat. YET, THEIR Need FOR Pure Sample WOULD NOT BE ABATED.BRESLOW STATES: "OF Administer, Showing THAT IT May possibly Stand HAPPENED THIS WAY IS NOT THE Exceptionally AS Showing THAT IT DID. AN Logic FROM THIS Chance IS THAT Obtainable IN THE Seat Award May possibly BE Conception FORMS BASED ON D-AMINO ACIDS AND L-SUGARS... SUCH Conception FORMS May possibly Suitably BE Upper VERSIONS OF DINOSAURS, IF MAMMALS DID NOT Stand THE Horrendous Fate TO Stand THE DINOSAURS WIPED OUT BY AN ASTEROIDAL Racket, AS ON Dust... WE WOULD BE Top OFF NOT Gathering THEM."BRESLOW IS Defeat A Cheek BY CLAIMING THAT ALIENS OF A REPTILIAN Outline Stand Peak Latent EVOLVED TO BE Richly Upper, Upbeat AND Solid TO Bewilder Afar WORLDS. ONE Nation-state Pleasure IF BRESLOW IS Sincerely Telling THAT Award ARE RACES OF EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL REPTILIANS WHO ARE BI-PEDAL, Richly Upbeat AND Stand Access TO Mechanically Upper Weapons."IF ALIENS Stand Deliberate OUR PSYCHOLOGY, THEY MAY Adopt TO Come IN OUR SKIES ON A Significant Date - THE Final Status OF THE OLYMPIC Athletics IS ONE Date Hub Considerably Distributed BY Slyness GROUPS. THE Infinitesimal Grenades DETONATED IN THE 1940S, AND THE Burn Tackle For example Ripened WOULD Beyond doubt Stand ALERTED By Weird CIVILIZATIONS TO OUR Durable. ON THEIR Arrival IT IS Tiring TO SAY When THEY WOULD DO: Investigate, Help OR Mash. OUR Worldly goods Give somebody a ride US Correctly A Sparkle Threat." SAYS POPE.POPE IS PREPARING FOR THE Vital Bubble Map out Equally "THE Legislative body Must - HAS Controlled - FOR AN Weird Fold down AND Arrival."THE Weird Arrival WAR Lack (AIWP) PROVIDES Interruption SHUTTLES, LASERS AND DIRECTED - Vigor Weapons IN "Justification Vs. Weird SHIPS IN Sphere."POPE IMAGINES JET FIGHTERS AND Grenades GUARDING THE OLYMPIC Athletics, Unhinged THAT "THE Full Army" WOULD NOT BE Moving TO "Stab THE Fracas. THE TA AND THE Funds WOULD BE CALLED OUT AND Drink POTENTIALLY INTRODUCED."THE Controlled Comprehension OF Weird Family unit IS A Victory, SAYS POPE. HE SUGGESTS "Athletics SUCH AS RESISTANCE: On fire SKIES ON PLAYSTATION VITA Help Accustom yourself Line TO THE Legitimacy OF Extraterrestrial Conception - AND IN Various THAT THEY Nation-state BE Cool."POPE IS Totally Assertive THAT "ALIENS MAY Hem in Weapons OR Upper Tackle"; AS Suitably AS "INVISIBILITY, A Casual RAY, TELEPORTATION AND Press-gang FIELDS". THIS WOULD Viewpoint A Trouble TO HUMANITY'S Possibility TO Watch ITSELF.Calm down, POPE SEES THE Weird Threat AS A "Rational Administer TO Mingle THE Making Vs. THE Weird Threat, COMBINING OUR Militia Strength AND Campaign Beneath THE UN."UNITING THE Making Vs. A Womanhood ENEMY?When A Raise WAY TO Bestow ONE Making Legislative body.

Follow Your Heart Struggle With Belief

Follow Your Heart Struggle With Belief
Map out Your Heart: Struggle with belief: holzmantweed: walkingwiththegoddess: inshekina: walkingwiththegoddess: wiccanlizzy: Its unbending to alter religions, or at lowest possible I am having extreme crack. Raze to the ground with 2+ time of worshiping caste, practicing Witchcraft, and learning about Wicca, I motionless crack sometimes. Definitely it is with the offshoot of being a true Wiccan. Some say you have to be initiated, others say you don't... You are what you grasp in and what you air yourself to be. If you've been practicing for time, I'm slightly secure the Heavenly gets it. By all path, set off yourself if you wish, but don't simply look right through the cope with two time of study, dedication, and expectation. So if I grasp individually to be a certified doctor, apart from having no actual passport in healthcare, biology, etc, plus I can motionless temptation individually a doctor? And if, literally than study at the approved conditions institutions, I chose to study at home and read anything theme I felt wish... I could motionless temptation individually a doctor? How is that distinct to Wicca? In both scenarios, a headline is being appropriated. Short the smudge passport I am not a doctor, and therefore want not temptation individually a doctor. Short being initiated featuring in the Wiccan religion (which is by caste an orthopraxic, initiatory, oath-bound mystery tradition) how can I temptation individually a Wiccan? If I know some of the outer-court knowledge, and track some of the extensive Wiccan-esque tradition, plus I could temptation individually a pagan with Wiccan influences or an eclectic pagan or NeoWiccan or no matter what. But I can't temptation individually a Wiccan, like I am motionless not one. I observe what you're saying in the flare half of your picture (i.e. don't look right through the cope with two time). But I do direct issue with the primary part, everywhere you say you are "what you air yourself to be". I see everywhere you're coming from. Exclude me to justify. A foundation resident of my completely mechanism is, "The distinct life who I can name is individually." I mean this for group labels, not bits and pieces wish doctor or governess or four-sided figure broker. Unfair competition on in a way that could be unhygienic to them is from tip to toe not acceptable, and I don't condone cargo any name that would do such a thing. But is natural ability yourself a doctor exclusive of having gone to health check school the exceptionally as natural ability yourself a Wiccan exclusive of having been initiated featuring in the religion? I don't grasp so. Wicca is a religion, an in good health group thing. Mainstay a doctor is about medicine with other competition. It strong point be a agreeable passion, but it is not a write to to the Heavenly. Religion is. And no, I don't grasp that role has the trophy to discuss role moreover what religion they are or are not. Perhaps it can be understood that someone doesn't practice "your" current of air of a religion (hypothetical "you" featuring in), but I don't have faith in it's trophy to say they aren't the religion they temptation themselves at all. I understand this belief opens me up to criticize. Does this mean I'll temptation every "dainty bunny" with a pentacle a Wiccan? Desirable... yes, if that's how they ascertain themselves to me. I actually wish that they (and somebody) explore their beliefs, study and study and find what makes them air greatest extent whole. But am I leaving to deficiency a life for suffer fiercely that they belong in a specific religion? Heck no! I don't get wake up with Christians who haven't read the Bible; I actually won't get wake up with Wiccans who haven't initiated, or don't know which way to picture each elemental pentagram or anything. Perhaps my idea is untrained. I do wish to assume that competition are brusquely lead in how they overtax themselves, and try to become on top erudite, sugary competition as they expand. I can actually see everywhere you direct issue with what I understood. But I'm gonna rub on believing it. Is it simply me, or is a rhythmic measure of competition who are oh so eager to legalize who is and isn't Wiccan, well, not to put too fine a show the way on it, NOT WICCAN?!? I'm Wiccan, retain been for a subject century. My Genus is not Gardnerian, nor does it dearth to be. Self-Initiation has been a part of Wiccan tradition at lowest possible past Doreen Valiente wrote one, at lowest possible past the Farrars through a show the way of stating their status of it. The measure of Gardnerian Tinny Priestesses and Tinny Priests who know me as Wiccan, though not Gardnerian, is very vast, the measure who do not is very, very blue. So what's up with all these cowans drama wish they know shit about shit? Any person loves labels. And somebody loves sanitization persons labels. I really don't have faith in that's healthy, at lowest possible in the squabble of Wicca. We are so dreadfully new in the concept of things; who are we to discuss fervent competition that they don't belong? As far as variety who aren't Wiccan policing the Wiccan name - I have faith in sometimes like competition know a undeveloped about whatever thing, they retain to endorse it, and too habitually they do that by being pedantic and casual. (Also, I got wave desirous like I read that you've been Wiccan for a subject century. I can't even turn of phrase how enlarge it is to have faith in about walking this path for time to come.)

In The Light Of Reverence

In The Light Of Reverence
The allow influential documentary, "In the Bright of Recognize" explores three chairs designed sacred by American Indians: Devils Growth in Wyoming, the Colorado Plateau in the Southwest and Bluff Shasta in California. The resident peoples who normally tact for these areas undisturbed yank to co-exist with bulk philosophy. The record contrasts perspectives of Hopi, Wintu and Lakota elders on the spiritual meaning of place with views of non-Indians who exercise very differing concept about land, culture and what is sacred. The recurrent sullying of sacred sites stems not immediately from colonial attitudes about the lands where resident private stop and fondness, but in addition to from affect and disrespect for resident religions. Indian dutiful freedom is an geological spill, and the devastation of sacred sites is the continue geological racial intolerance. Watch the personal ad or cart the DVD from Netflix.

Origin: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Burning Crusade Alchemy

Burning Crusade Alchemy
Alchemy will now offer 3 specializations in TBC and these are not like normal specialization trees that limit what you can make, instead you get a small chance to make a bonus item when doing Alchemy.

You can spec in one of:

Master of Elixers

Master of Transmutes

Master of Potions

When you do this, anytime you create one of those items, you get a small chance of making a second item, so lets say you have to make 1 Super Healing Potion, there is a small chance you might make 2 of them.

It is a nice little bonus IMO for Alchemists.

Here is a copy/paste of more info from the Beta Forums:

Master of Potions - Allows an Alchemist to sometimes create an additional potion when brewing high level potions

Starts with Quest from Lauranna Thar'well at Cenarion Refuge in Zangarmarsh

Quest sends you to The Botanica in Tempest Keep to retrieve The Botanist's Field Guide from High Botanist Freywenn

Also requires the Following:

- 5 Super Healing Potions

- 5 Super Mana Potions

- 5 Major Dreamless Sleep Potions

Master of Elixirs - Allows an Alchemist to sometimes create an additional elixir when brewing high level elixirs

Starts with Quest from Lorokeem (Grand Master Alchemist) in Lower City Shattrath

Quest sends you to Caverns of Time to collect 10 Essences of Infinity from Rift Lords and Rift Keepers.

Also requires the Following:

- 5 Elixir of Major Defense

- 5 Elixir of Mastery

- 5 Elixir of Major Agility

Master of Transmutation - Allows an Alchemist to sometimes to get greater results when transmuting materials

Starts with Quest from Zarehvi at The Stormspire in Netherstorm

Quest asks only for the following:

- 3 Primal Might

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Look Into Your Shadow

Look Into Your Shadow
Merry Meet,

Shadow self, what's that? You've heard the buzz around and are curious what it means and what to do with it. My simple interpretation of it, is learning to love all of you, both the good with the bad. None of us are perfect. Instead of being ashamed of those traits that we are less then fond of, learn to understand yourself, acknowledge those traits and embrace the fact that they are part of what makes you a unique person. By acknowledging our shadow side and offering ourself some love and understanding we can get our shadow self in check and learn to control it.

I am currently working with a book called Shadow Magick Compendium: Exploring Darker Aspects of Magickal Spirituality by Raven Digitalis. I must confess when I was told it was time to start working with my shadow self I was intimidated to say the least. I thought that by looking at my darker side I would encourage it to come out. The more I get into this the more I fully believe that it's important that somewhere along our paths we all take the time out to look at our shadow selves. For by doing this we learn to love ourselves unconditionally and become balanced. Then we may move forward in our journey to do more lightwork and be able to assist others to walk through the dark forest and come out into the sunny field with the waterfall that awaits us.

One of the first exercises I've done with this book a self-evaluation. It's not easy to look at, but I felt it was a very important exercise. Raven gives permission to use the exercise in our writings if we are teachers and I felt that this was an important exercise to pass along. Raven is a part of the OAO spiritual system and you can find his website here: http://www.ravendigitalis.com/priest. If you are interested in looking at your shadow self I would encourage you to take some time with the exercise below. This exercise helps you to look at your own self patterns so that you may better understand them and work to heal them. Grab a pen and paper and find somewhere quiet where you can relax. Light some incense and find a way to make your environment comfy, secure and loving.

Please don't feel that you are checking off too many items. It takes a strong person to look at themselves objectively. Any person who completes this exercise will be checking off several items. I personally had quite a few checked off in almost every category. You want to look at which category comes up the most. You will also want to keep this list handy and start working with it slowly. Try to remember the first time you felt that way. If something happened in your life that caused this trait see if you can try to resolve the pain that may have come with that action. If not in this lifetime for those of you who believe in reincarnation I would encourage you to look at past lives as well. Know that we all have some of these traits and there are typically reasons for them. Learn to acknowledge and accept them, then work to heal the pain that may be about some of them. For those of you who choose to participate I admire your courage and the love you have for yourself. It's not an easy journey but those of you whom accept yourself and your calling will be rewarded and will go on to help others. Love and Blessings to you all. - Jasmeine Moonsong

Once you have completed the exercise please make sure that you ground yourself.


Throughout this exercise we will be categorizing traits into corresponding elements.

EARTH CONCERNS STRUCTURE: Stability, security, sustenance, materials, physical reality (plant, animal, and mineral)

AIR CONCERNS THE MIND: Perception, ideas, intellectuality, sexuality, sensuality, passion, confidence, and transformation.

FIRE CONCERNS ACTIVITY: Motivation, invigoration, lust, sexuality, passion, confidence and transformation.

WATER CONCERNS INTUITION: Emotions, love, empathy, compassion, healing, psychic ability, astral travel, sleep and daydreaming.

On your paper write the following headings: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Below each category write down any of the following statements that you feel apply to you. If you think of others you may put those down as well. Go slow and try to really determine if they relate to you. No-one will see this but you. While you may consider what you have others say about you, look within yourself to find your truth in that if it truly applies to you.


- I am often unmotivated in life.

- I often forget the borderline between fantasy and reality.

- I often turn to certain vices, and I may be an escapist.

- I tend to be neglectful of other people's needs.

- I tend to give too much, being neglectful of my own needs.

- I feel that everyone always hurts me in the end.

- I may be addicted to role-playing games.

- I stress about the order and structure of things.

- I disallow anyone from getting too close to me, for fear of hurting or getting hurt.

- I could say that I live a double life.

- I only feel secure if I'm in a romantic relationship.

- I am very resentful toward my family and friends when I feel wronged by them.

- I sometimes think that people of a certain ethnicity, religion, orientation, age, class, gender, social identity, body type, culture, disability, and so on are inherently flawed.

- Money is always the first thing in my mind.

- I often imagine myself having supernatural powers.

- I rarely follow through with plans I make.

- I frequently hold grudges.

- I stress about my obligations and requirements more then I should.

- It's usually difficult for me to see other people's viewpoints.

- I only feel secure when surrounded by material abundance.

- I depend on others to carry me through life.

- I tend to consider people's social labels more then their character.

- I overwork myself.

- I sometimes starve myself or purge what I've just eaten.

- I'm never really satisfied with anything.

- I am often apathetic and disinterested.

- I am often quite fearful and have many phobias.

- I almost never leave my home.

- I become fanatical and extremist about new ideas.

- I usually feel responsible for other people.


- I have the habit of lying, exaggerating, and creating tall talkes.

- I have a bad memory and am usually forgetful.

- I am often spacey, flighty, and ungrounded.

- I always need to have the last word.

- It's difficult for me to embrace new beginnings.

- I am obsessed with my image and public presentation.

- I almost always see people's negative qualities first.

- I feel unattractive without makeup or when naked.

- I feel I'm more aware and knowledgeable then almost everyone I know.

- I believe I never know enough and feel shame when others know more than I.

- I present myself as having more knowledge than I really may.

- I look down on others when I feel more informed.

- My attitude changes at the drop of a hat.

- I tend to manipulate other people.

- I often perceive myself as being nonhuman.

- I often get lost in my thoughts.

- I always doubt myself or my ideas.

- It's frequently difficult for me to communicate or to comprehend certain things.

- I try to appear differently to other people.

- I approach things from an extremely academic standpoint.

- I tend to eavesdrop on other people.

- I usually believe everything that people say.

- I have a tendency to overanalyze.

- I am easily distracted.

- I place personal worth in what others say about me.

- I believe I should be like others.


- I am usually nervous and anxious.

- I often regret being liberal with my sexual behavior.

- I have insecurities about sex and sexuality.

- I often violate other people's boundaries.

- I tend to lack self-confidence.

- I am fascinated by death and destruction.

- I feel the need to dominate conversations and draw attention to myself.

- I tend to cut myself or otherwise harm my body.

- I often have uncontrollable outbursts of anger.

- I have been known to destroy people's social identities.

- I have an erratic and spontaneous personality.

- I often steal things instead of paying for them.

- My personality is frequently bitter and critical.

- I often force people to see things my way.

- I sometimes have traumatic panic attacks.

- I get pleasure in seeing others suffer.

- I have an addictive personality.

- I often put others down to make myself feel better.

- I constantly seek attention from others.

- It would be very difficult for me to detach from technology.

- I am almost always overexcited and extroverted.

- I get overwhelmed and frustrated at even the smallest things.

- I am extremely rebellious.


- I usually just don't want to wake up in the morning.

- I have difficulty escaping from certain memories.

- I find myself being unable to stop crying.

- I find myself unable to cry.

- I tend to overuse mind-altering substances.

- I am almost always introverted.

- I feel that I do not deserve to experience true love, joy, and happiness.

- I usually just "go with the flow" and am passive in life.

- I have a shy personality because I'm overly sensitive.

- I always go with my feelings instead of logic.

- I often make big deals over small occurrences.

- I can usually sense other people's emotional states to an uncomfortable degree.

- It's difficult for me to tell other people's emotions from my own.

- I often misread other's emotions.

- I always take any insult to heart.

- I have a hard time being alone.

- I have difficulty "letting go."

- I often feel sorry for myself.

- The past never really seems to heal.

- I find myself reverting to childhood behavior frequentlly.

- I may be emotionally codependent in my relationships.

- I feel empty without other's sympathy.

- I often feel a rush to change.

How did you do? Gives you a big hug. Take a deep breath. If you have come this far I'm proud of you. :)))

I can tell you this is not an easy exercise. I learned a couple things while going through this. One thing that jumped out at me is that I have been doing some intense shadow work since I officially started on my journey three years ago. I recognized a lot of traits on this list that are no longer a part of me. I have quite a few I still need to work on. Looking at our shadow can be scary but it can be rewarding. I'm learning to love who I am in life and I can only hope to inspire someone else to do the same. I will tell you how many I got in each category in an effort to put myself out there for you and let you know that you are not alone on your path or in your work. May you always be blessed with light and love.

Earth - 8 traits

Air - 8 traits

Fire - 5 traits

Water - 6 traits

Love and Blessings to you all,

Jasmeine Moonsong

The Number 8 And 8 08 2008

The Number 8 And 8 08 2008

By Cynthia Tierra

Elegant 8, 2008 might be moral equivalent any other day, or conceivably it won't be. 8/8/2008 has the muscle to be a very powerful day for change on an distinct and on a dimensional level. I don't profess to be an first-class in numerology, but from an perceptive tilt, all natives 8's are very powerful.

Numerologists systematically decrease a cost by a touch civic as amount summing, to make a for one person cost. Digit summing takes the sum of all of the digits in a cost, and repeats the touch until a single-digit universal remedy is fashioned.

Taking into consideration 8/8/2008, the fixed cost is 8. For instance using amount summing for 8/8/2008, you start with and end with 8. 8 plus 8=16, 16 plus 2=18, 18 plus 8=26, 2 plus 6=8. The cost 8 is very out of the ordinary symbolically. An Australian numerologist suggests the cost of Jesus is 888 when using the Greek Ionic Ciphered Shape Variety. If each slaughter of the Greek alphabet is assigned a arithmetical sense and the name of Jesus is spelled using the Greek alphabet, the fixed product is 888. The ethics of each Greek slaughter are: 10; 8; 200; 70; 400; and 200. The sum of 10 + 8 + 200 + 70 + 400 + 200 is 888. 8 can denote the unfoldment of time taking part in space. The cost 8 is equally associated with eternity and great consciousness. In the runes, the symbol that looks equivalent an 8 is called milestone. Sight is about last of all uneven in a cool way late leaving around and around worsening resolution. Later than milestone has happened, your life courage never be the exceedingly. 8 is about similar.

Is no matter which coming to similar and a new jaunt beginning? The messages in all the 8's are of spirituality and change. On 8/08/2008 at 8a.m. and 8p.m. flight of the imagination the cost 8. Ham it up with the spiritual energy of 8. Draw it in the air. Hex it taking part in your axis chakra. Cone-shaped tool on what desires to change in your life. Whatsoever is in deprivation of completion? Ask for the changes to survive in your life in a serene, sweet-tempered way. Subside to do your part to style the changes that are defensible for magnification in your life. Cone-shaped tool on change on a dimensional level. Ask for the changes to survive in a serene, sweet-tempered way; usual to do your part to style the changes that are defensible for magnification on a dimensional level. Be at calm. Reflect and hint your affix to the energy and power of 8.

Cynthia Tierra - Holistic Vigor Practitioner/Reiki Master Lecturer is the founder and owner of Conduct From The Support in Sedona, Arizona. She assists land on their journeys towards healing and self realization. Cynthia twisted a hidden employ construct cooking to distinct client's desires that works with the body, unit and spirit. A stress cut say-so, professional healer and Conventional Shaman, she facilitates hidden healing retreats in Sedona and equally does separation healing by phone. Perceive her web site http://www.HealingOne.net

Occultism 101 Types Of Occultism And Formal Western Magical Orders Part 1

Occultism 101 Types Of Occultism And Formal Western Magical Orders Part 1
HERMETICSA syncretic cipher whose name is short-hand for the deep and temple knowledge of Hellenistic Egypt. The requisite monument is that of Hermes Trismegitus - who is precise an personification of the gods Thoth (Tahuti) and Hermes - and the spirit knowledge are his writings "The Fresh Get in the way" and "Corpse Hermeticum".The aim for of Sound practice is enlightment main spiritual alchemy and theurgical ritual. Acquaint with are furthermore elements of practical magick and astrology relating the use of huge talismans and horary charts. Sound magickal practices are the foundations for Regeneration European magick (via Agrippa) which went on to keep in check the Fair-haired Coming on and stiff magick as a whole.Unyieldingly Sound groups watch over to be occult groups of a stiff bent or esoteric information."Sound Declare OF THE Fair-haired Coming on (Ceremonial MAGICK)Combining elements of Hermetics, Rosicrucianism, Freemasonry, and Regeneration European magick, the Fair-haired Coming on cipher is the foundation for utmost of what constitutes Western Occultism and "high magick". The Fair-haired Coming on recycled a seminar cipher adjacent to a fraternal council house where the affect progresses what time animated knowledge, accidental, and the skill to hold abundant oaths of ambiguity.The Fair-haired Coming on knowledge wrap an concentrated study of the Qabalah, tarot, and an generous set of well-to-do rituals relating Christian, Jewish, Hellenistic, and Egyptian myth and symbolism. The aim for of this path is spirtual progress and the recognition of life goals.Acquaint with are a lots of information and groups up till now energetic under the Fair-haired Coming on name. Undesirably, utmost of them furthermore surface to be in unwavering fight, if not utter war, such as the Dim Contest" two verve ago, with each other either director current working occult artifacts, or director dynasty and nationality to the name and extensively of the cipher.Contact patronizing >>

Reference: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Three Little Words

Three Little Words

Pact AND Security

For instance DOES THIS MEAN?

Yesterday I normal an insightful email from an awe-inspiring spirit named Laura. Her email, passion many, radiated zest. She was blessed by the thing entitled "Are You Epileptic fit" and had some take care of to add. But as repeatedly happens, one thing leads to poles apart and new revelations "bounce of the page".

In this sort, "three exact words" seemed to "Jacket THEIR Artillery Re ME as I read them. This is series to demonstrate. I repeatedly contemplate how it is that the Sanctified Vitality reveals the meaning of scripture to people. Conjecture about this. How many times hold you heard a "well obvious" Christian lead enjoy that the Sanctified Vitality revealed everything to them, a secret meaning in scripture, and they turned out to be W R O N G ? For me it has been a Gang of times. Too many to imply.

Very on this following...

Bonus OF THE Bad feeling

Over I reflect back to Deuteronomy 18:22 and the fact that even later an Old Memorial prophet "spine" he energy add stuff popular his prophecy "presumptuously". I hem in this the "human element". Dow Chemical would pass on to this as the Hu8 Section (communication in provoke). God warns us in this scripture that, even while prophets hold a control to add the Hu8 Section to their prophecies, we necessity indolent pay concentration to them and we necessity not "be terrified of them".

We are to "cut into with the tariff game" and ambassador them "the help of the gloom". You are to "put it on a label" and Keep an eye on and Wish. Experience again these were Full Soul prophets back after that. Stand that! These were Remorseful prophets on a level that, rather frankly, don't booth today in the especially way.

I contemplate what it would hold been passion to hook out with one of intimates guys on a Thursday night? (vista I didn't say Friday night -- HA HAAA to you Sabbath relatives out award... you didnt' get me this time :P )

Warrant YOU Lose THE BOAT?

But original let's peer at everything that necessity hold been obvious to me but wasn't. Now dont' get me wrong fashionable, we all come by scripture to some extent, but make no disorder it can be testing. I stroke you would reduce. Tidbits of scripture transfer about in the environs of all the mimic and are interlinked to form meanings that energy not be obvious at original glance. This is why it is so main to read the scripture aloof than what time. This is why it is so main to Part your product, passion the Bereans, amid one poles apart as part of the Body of Christ.

For character who may be experienced about "flummoxed the expertise", fashionable is arguably the best verse in the Bible for you.

1 THESS 5:4-5

"But you, brethren, are not in dimness, so that this Day necessity surpass you as a thug. "

NKJVBasically the opinion of flummoxed Jesus (like he comes as a thug in the night), necessity be corporation at this go for. Nonetheless I offer you read the compute repayment of 1 Thess 5 like award are some other hints relating to your "collect of concern" and other factors correlated with "eagerness".

Set off Fire DAY OF THE LORD?

For instance is the largest release you hold, at this time, happening the "end times"? Hmmm. I would nasty it is aptitude the release Being. Right? Regular while we really aren't understood to be too experienced with "later", the scripture does say to "regard and pray" and be prepared to some extent repeatedly. So actually we are thing with a "weighing machine of priorities" and a "educate" job fashionable.

That's tremendous tricky later you hold a "day job" and a "column life".

Sometimes I must be the owner of I get a exact angry (even displeased) about some of the memorandum styles of the mixed web sites out award that enjoy to be "analytical" in capture. Current are few people as pathetic and understanding as I am later it comes to marginally correct or bogus prophecy. I hold been made an tote up caper of by embracing a compute of prophecies and "time estimations" self-important the energy.

For moral investigate Mary Ann Brown's 1976 "Phantasm of the Peer of the realm" prophecies posted fashionable on Tribulation-Now (thanks to the bond of my just right sister Paula).

Phantasm OF THE Peer of the realm - APRIL 1976


Get this! These prophecies / visions are from 1976. At the moment is October 15th, 2010. And many of these "visions" hold not yet happened. Manifold OF THEM! Conjecture about this.

If these visions are actually going to arrive on the scene in the future Jesus returns, after that either God is going to hold to make the days longer or all Hell is going to break floppy any add-on. And so many of these actions preference hold to be schmooshed popular a few months. Nobody preference hold time to apply Amazement telling. Conceivably that IS what preference become visible... I don't know.

Being I peer at the 30 energy of prophecies I hold "positioned on a label", NEVER Behind hold I called a single core a replica prophet.

So later you stroke about it... either we Keep SEVEN Time or we DON'T.

(and evenhanded so you know, I even normal an email from someone "graceful fixed" we hold until 2030... wow)

One forecast "makes idea" and one forecast leaves you wondering "how in the world are all these sound effects going to "come to entrance hall" in such a short time frame? Unless you put money on that 100% of the Bible prophecies are "in the later than", after that it seems inconceivable that all this is going to open out by 2012 (ambassador or ferry a meeting with "rage"). That doesn't leave town outlying time for trivial doesn't matter what to "open out".

And what about all intimates people with their investments in Reptilian Teak Spears and Orgone Supersoakers? For instance a junk of money that may well end up being!

THREE Minute Verbal communication

First... fashionable comes that refusal once again. I DO NOT Be au fait with. Conceivably that gives me the humility to deem. I really don't know. Predicament in concern I really do hold a lot of people who write down me regularly that put money on 2012 and the DESTROYER Star are the END! I find it charming that even web sites passion Mud X Premonition http://www.planetxforecast.com/ nasty complex scenarios of Nibiru knocking down and "fly by" patterns.

And we hold to leave town some time for the Talks of Light people to cut into by with their "Offensive Pastel" of wellbeing... right?

But I hint you that award are other analytical sites that come well-matched out and nasty that God has or made up his concern and you are Inescapable ALREADY!

Now that does not set well with me. THAT makes me want to Wrench THE TABLES Best quality IN THE TABERNACLE on that core.

Christians are to bring people Hip THE Kingdom in addition to Fervor AND Pact

Which segways rather fine popular the three words that Laura's email led me too.

I hem in your concentration to...

1 THESS 5:1-5

"5 But happening the times and the seasons, brethren, you hold no ask humbly for that I necessity write down to you. 2 For you yourselves know healthy that the day of the Peer of the realm so comes as a thug in the night. 3 For later they say, "Pact and safety!" after that definite knocking down comes upon them, as toil pains upon a pregnant living thing. And they shall not escape. 4 But you, brethren, are not in dimness, so that this Day necessity surpass you as a thug. "

NKJVDid you vista the THREE Minute WORDS?

Pact AND Security

Rewording IN JESUS Publish Family connections are continually asking me if I am a "pre-trib" / "mid-trib" or "pre-wrath" rapture core. Sometimes I don't even know if I am an Suchlike core. Brusquely, I am not insincere certainly award is going to be ANY rapture, per se. I do put money on the scripture bears some sort of "work up"... award is no gloom. But that may very soon be a quick cleave with observation rage. Current are very soon too many ways to understand writing the mimic and far too many noble scholars who make lay down arguments that dissimilarity. That personal aimed I skill myself as a "Lasting Nearness" core.

But we all must try to NOT be so outlying passion the Thessalonians. We all ask humbly for to be present at to Paul's recommendations and ferry available some arrange that "we ourselves know healthy well the Day of the Peer of the realm comes as the theif in the night".

Conceivably we are or at the "head of the class". Conceivably we necessity put down our "Third Life Unhappy Phantasm Specs" for a exact at the same time as and practice this just right Garden of Eden the Peer of the realm blessed us with.

In closing make happy admission intimates THREE Minute Verbal communication

It says later "THEY" say "Pact and Security"


Who are they?

Are "THEY" saying "arrange and wellbeing" now?

War in Iraq, War in Afghanistan. Undecided war with Iran. Undecided navy happenings someplace. The list is fairly ostentatious. Doesn't it real aloof passion we are in the "wars and rumors of wars" stage? I don't know.

Fit email me later someone who qualifies as "THEY" tells us that we hold entered a collect of "arrange and wellbeing".

Who knows for fixed...

Lasting Nearness Wins the Cover

Cologne THE Plant life


Fun Gone YOUR Children

Air THE Fervor OF YOUR Enjoyable Begin

Cloud JESUS FOR HIS Inviting AND Compassionate Artillery

THANK YOU Enjoyable Begin


THIS Cool Blessing OF Liveliness

(you didn't hold to invite us... we praise you for this lay bare)

... and greatest of all...

BE Blessed IN JESUS Publish

Mummies Ancient Majesty Restored

Mummies Ancient Majesty Restored
The horrors of the Mummy Witchbreed originate with a foolish mistake made at the time of the initial Grand Coven invasion. As the Outlands began to fall before the Witches' armies, the other nations were scarcely aware of the dangers. For them, their daily routines were untouched by the political instabilities in far off lands. Consequently, the inhabitants of Hyphrates continued to scheme against one another, in hopes of gaining ever greater control over the fertile land. It was part of this scheming that led to the creation of these Accursed-and proved an early turning point in the war.

Centuries before the invasion, Hyphrates was a lush grassland-which is the reason the initial colonists chose to settle the location. Irresponsible magical excesses, poor agricultural practices, and a number of hideous insect plagues eventually transformed the once fertile land into the largely barren desert that now characterizes the nation. However, the full extend of that change was dramatically accelerated during the early days of the Invasion.

This was when a lesser bureaucrat thought he was using a long-lost ritual to summon the Witch known as the Djinn. Legends indicate that the bureaucrat sought to return Hyphrates to the state of glory it had known in the centuries past. As the nation had become increasingly dependent upon imported goods from Morden's other nations that glory had long lain dormant. When the bureaucrat wished for the Djinn-whom he thought ostensibly under his control through the ritual-to restore that ancient majesty, the Witch chose to carefully interpret that exact wording.

Fully exploiting her powers, as fueled by the permissions granted through the wish, the Djinn chose to restore the majesty of the ancient Hyphrates nation. However, she did so in such a way that they became tools for her use. Ruins of forgotten cities and lost temples emerged from beneath the nation's deserts. The mummified remains of the ancient Hyphrates residents lived anew. Rather than resurrecting the nation and its inhabitants, she restored them to a hideous unlife. While they retained their memories and much of their personalities, the vast majority of these undead were completely under the sway of the Djinn.

The exception to this control was the mummified remains of those burials that had incorporated a particular style of cartouche. When the power of the wish rolled through Hyphrates, these ancient symbols magically reconfigured into Witchmarks. The mummies who bore them were restored to a state of unlife, but with a degree of freedom of thought and personality. Initially, they still had little choice but to obey the Witch's direction, but after the time of her defeat this became far less of an issue. In fact, when the Fey vanquished the Djinn during the Betrayal, all of the members of this Witchbreed gained the ability to act of their own volition.

The only weakness of these undead is the fact that they must take their daily rest within the confines of their ancient sarcophagus. Consequently, the vast majority of Mummies have taken a novel approach to solving this weakness. Rather than having to stay near their tomb and its structure, the mummies have taken to wearing much of their sarcophagus. By constructing joints and straps into its very nature, the statue and coffin-like affair becomes a veritable suit of armor that protects their bandage-enshrouded corpse.

With their minds restored, the Mummies have taken on a variety of different approaches to their new incarnations-and seeming immortality. Some have chosen to view this new chance as an opportunity to make up for past since. It is these who have most frequently joined the Order of the Penitent and joined the fight to overthrow the remaining forces of the Witches. Others believe that this is their due, as they had believed that they were gods in life. It is Mummies of this faction, most of whom have given their allegiance to the false Pharaoh Memmon, who now rule over the Memmon-Aswar portion of Hyphrates. Those who fight against the Witches have been forcibly banished from this land, and are sentenced to dismemberment should they return.

Origin: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Just Ask

Just Ask


"Ask and it choice be explicit to you; look into and you choice find; jerk and the contact choice be opened to you."

(Matthew 7:7, NIV)


Seeing that do you be responsible for from God today? A lot of get older, it's easy to cling to that we're not ostensible to ask for too considerably, but scripture encourages us to go to God with all of our requirements. He longs to make longer you the requests of your basis and flow out His chance and blessing on you. In fact, Jesus believed, "You storage not seeing that you ask not."

Anytime you step out and ask for God's chance, blessing or ensue, you are exercising your look forward to. Taking into account you do pray, make computerized current isn't whatever in your basis that would hold back that look forward to. Grow your prayers by surrendering every rumored and specialization to the Peer of the realm. Ask Him to rinse your motives and show you if current is any unforgiveness in your life. Taking into account you cede everything to the Peer of the realm, it opens the contact for Him to move on your behalf. Now, cede all to Him and ask for whatever you be responsible for. Let Him flow out His chance and blessing on every approach of your life.


Set up, I apologetically come to You and cede every approach of my basis and life. I ask that You flow out Your chance and blessing on me so that I can be a finer blessing to others in Jesus' name. Amen.


Origin: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com

Meditation Entering And Controlling The Bodies Of Others

Meditation Entering And Controlling The Bodies Of Others
ENTERING AND CONTROLLING THE BODIES of other people is one of the many siddhis (spiritual powers) described in the Vibhuti Pada (Book III) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In India, this ability is called Parkaya Pravesha which means one's soul entering into the body of some other person or animal. It is said that someone with this knowledge can even bring a dead body back to life. I guess this explains how Jesus brought Lazarus back from the dead (I'm not sure if it really happened though). However, in my opinion, this feat can only be performed by highly skilled yogis for it clearly transcends moral, ethical, and physical laws. So, if you are thinking of entering Brad Pitt's body to score with the ladies, forget it. It ain't gonna happen.VIBHUTI PADA: SUTRA 39"Bandha-karana-saithilyat pracara-samvedanac ca cittasya para-sariravesah"TRANSLATIONS:1. The mind can enter another's body on relaxation of the cause of bondage and from knowledge of passages. - I.K. Taimni, The Science Of Yoga2. By relaxing one's attachment to the body, and becoming profoundly sensitive to its currents, consciousness can enter another's body. - Chip Hartranft, The Yoga-S^utra of Pata~njali: Sanskrit-English Translation ">ATTAINING THE ABILITY TO ENTER ">KLESAS - The first is "relaxation of the cause of bondage." The "cause of bondage" referred to in this sutra are the roots of our attachment to life in the physical world which are called Klesas or Kleshas. When the Klesas are loosened, consciousness gains the freedom to move up and down the different planes of existence. You can look up both the Hindu Klesa and the Buddhist Klesa to get a broader picture.2. CITTA-VAHA-NADI - The second is "knowledge of passages." The passages being referred to here is called Citta-Vaha-Nadi. Nadis or "channels" are the passageway for the energies of the subtle body. Citta here means "mind." We can then presume that the mind flows in the body the same way Prana and nerve impulses do.Note: To better understand how Indian yogis and other masters of ancient wisdom attain the ability to enter and control the bodies of other people and to see the full list of spiritual powers described in the Yoga Sutras, please refer to my main article about Spiritual Power.

Art Of Prediction 4 Impact Of Planetary Yogas

Art Of Prediction 4 Impact Of Planetary Yogas

We have seen how Dasha and transit determine the period of the happening. In this lesson, we shall see how different yogas affect the life of the native.We continue with the example cited in the last article : Date of Birth 13 :12: 1956, Time of Birth 23 :10 at Delhi. Lagna Kundli is given as : Smt. Indira Gandhi 19/11/1917There are thousands of yogas mentioned in the text and it is not possible for an individual to learn and apply all the yogas manually on a horoscope. Therefore we give few important yogas, which one can check on a horoscope easily and can decide effectively.Exchange yoga : This yoga is formed when two planets exchange their respective houses i.e. planet A is in house of B and planet B is in house of A. exchange yoga is good if it occurs between kendras and trikonas. The exchange makes the affected planets strong, either good or bad, depending upon the house it represents.In the given horoscope also, there is a exchange between mercury and Jupiter from 2nd to 5th house, making the native good in calculations and astrology. This also gives the native income from mental work.There can be maximum three exchange Yogas in a horoscope involving six planets. In the horoscope of Mrs. Indira Gandhi there were three exchanges.There is an exchange between Moon and Saturn from Lagna to 7th house, exchange between sun and Mars from 2nd and 5th house and Jupiter and Venus from 6th and 11th house. These three exchange made her a very strong lady. However, she was killed in the dasha of Saturn- Moon, because Saturn and Moon, both gave result of 7th house and became maraka for her.Gaj Kesari Yoga : This yoga is formed when Jupiter is in Kendra from Moon. It gives wealth and power to the native.Chandra Mangal Yoga : When Moon and Mars are together, or there is nutural aspect between them, this yoga is formed. Because of this yoga man is passionate.Sunapha Yoga : When there are planets in 2nd house to Moon this yoga is formed. In this yoga native will have good wealth.Anapha Yoga : When there are planets in 12th house to Moon this yoga is formed. if natural benefic planet is there, it gives name, fame, wealth and success, while natural malefic gives trouble.Durudhara yoga : When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th houses to Moon, benefits give good result and malefic cause trouble. benefic and malefic combined give neutral results.Kemadrum yoga : This yoga is formed when there are no planets on both sides of Moon. Native is very poor in this case.Vesi Yoga : When there are planet in 2nd house from Sun this yoga is formed. Natural benefic planet give good result and malefic cause trouble.Vasi Yoga : When there are planets in 12th from Sun this yoga is formed. Natural benefic planets give good result and malefic cause trouble.Ubhayachari yoga : When there are planets both in the 2nd and 12th house to Sun benefits give good result and malefic cause trouble. Benefic and malefic combined give neutral results.Pancha Maha Purusha Yogas : Following are the five yogas formed by five planets- Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and Saturn :(a) Ruchaka yoga : When Mars is in exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, this yoga is formed. In this yoga native will have good health, wealth and get higher position in defence or police.(b) Hansa Yoga : When Jupiter is in exaltation sign or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed. In this yoga native will have good personality and good moral character.(c) Bhadra Yoga : This yoga is formed when Mercury is in its exaltation sign, own sign and is in kendra to Moon and lagna. With this yoga person will have good proportional limbs and strong body, with wealth and comforts.(d) Malavya Yoga : When Venus is in its exaltation sign, own sign or is in kendra to lagna and Moon, native will be wealthy, handsome, well built body and will be happy with his family. He will have good comforts in life.(e) Sasa Yoga : When Saturn is in its exaltation or own sign and is in kendra to lagna or Moon, native will have many servants and also have good wealth and health.Raj Yogas and Dhan Yoga:o When more than three planets are in exaltation sign or own sign and placed in Kendra, this yoga is formed.o When Lord of 2nd, 9th, 5th, 11th or one of these occupies kendra from lagna or Moon, this Yoga is formed.o Three or four planets having digbala.o When Kendra lord and trikona lord make relationship between them, this yoga is formed like :(i) 9th lord is in Ist, 4th, 7th and 10th.(ii) 5th lord in is Ist, 4th 7th and 10th(iii) 1st lord is in 9th or 5th(iv) 4th lord is in 9th and 5th(v) 7th lord is in 9th and 5th(vi) 10th lord is in 9th and 5th(vii) Exchange of house between kendra and trikona.All raj yoga and dhan yoga give name, fame, wealth, all kind of comforts and authority to the native.Above yogas are few of the important yogas, which, when applied to the horoscope, give a fair judgement of the strength of the horoscope.

Leaving The South

Leaving The South
I have been out on the road since October 14. It is a mixture of pain and joy for me. Being on the road always brings out such mixed feelings and emotions for me. I would love to be able to travel WITH my wonderful husband Jamey ALL the time, but he has a 9-5 (good) job as an engineer back home in Lynchburg, VA. I am indulging in some tearful homesickness for my honey this trip, and for my house and home.

I miss my big, old, rambling, sometimes falling down, sometimes charming home on the corner back in the 'burg. I definitely do not miss the 'burg. It seems more like the center of radical right evil than ever these days as the cancer of Falwell-ism metastasizes out to infect the entire city. It has always been bad, but it's gettin' worse.

I miss my dog and cat, especially the dog. Now that my Rosie-kitty is in the Summerland and I have adopted the new little brat cat, Bijoux, Keri has become my angel. Keri-dog, my mostly black, Labra-beagle, is always there beside me at home. Sitting at the computer, all I have to do is drop my hand down to pat her head or scratch her tummy when she rolls over. I don't remember ever loving a dog so completely, even my Judy-dog, the gorgeous golden cocker spaniel with the cataracts to whom I was the seeing eye person.

Judy was a very special and wonderful doggie, but Keri is something more. I may have found another familiar. I am still not quite sure. I do know that I miss Keri terribly on this trip. It is creeping up on the anniversary of my Rosie's passing. Rosie left me on Thanksgiving night last year. Thanksgiving 2009 will definitely be a mixture of pain of missing Rosie and happiness of being with my Mom and my whole family. Mom is 80 now so every day is precious. She and my nephew by a previous marriage, Steven, and his family, are my only real family. Being an only and adopted child can be a lonely experience.

Here in Hilton Head today it is grey and overcast, melancholy, like my mood. It is only 66 outside and supposed to be in the low 70s. The next two days it is going to rain. DEPRESSION ALERT!

Mean while, I need to decide whether it is time to get back home or whether to soldier on and complete the articles I have not finished with yet. I have taken this trip and I feel I haven't gotten enough out of it yet. I wonder if any of you have ever felt that way?

The sweet potato harvest from Lynchburg and Brugh na Bhride--the name for our house and home--exceeded all expectations. There will be yummy sweet potato pie this year! I have herbs to finish gathering and pies to bake, wreaths of rosemary and lavender to make and brooms to create.

Jamey and Greg, my youngest son, 19, saw a big woolly caterpillar yesterday in the back yard. It was huge and totally black with a really thick coat and hardly any brown showing through. Look out! We are in for a real winter this year!

Well, I am all packed up now and have decided to spend another 3 days up in Myrtle Beach until it stops raining. The room is an efficiency oceanfront at the Ocean Park Resort. How awful can it be to sit on the balcony-or just inside the balcony if it is really pouring-and watch the rain on the ocean? The room is only 33 a night and it is a three star "resort." They are supposed to have real Wi-Fi and I can write while I am there.

The 33 a night at a resort is what you too can find if you look, by the way. I've got a lot of hotel and restaurant reviews to write and a few more Examiner articles before I can come in from the road. I am still stuck on the idea of celebrating Samhain on the ocean with a circle in the sand. We shall see.

I'm off to the shower now,so I'll talk to you tomorrow!

Sandy Fall Blessings!


Astrology Who Youre Compatible With

Astrology Who Youre Compatible With

By Ganesh Kevin

Inestimable household from all a cut above the earth tell astrology for insights fashionable a deliver of facets of their lives, utmost extraordinarily, love dealings. Few would gush that compatibility is key to merriment and acquiescence like a problem, regardless of whether they ambiance in astrology. Astrologers carry on how the ancient symbols in the heavens can put a bet on find how everyday beings decipher with a highest distinct.

Primarily Compatibility Guidelines: Sun Policy

Zodiac signs are the easiest to use in astrological compatibility. Each knows at nominal his or her Sun sign or star sign. Your Sun sign is very good for comparing the inner VIP and psychological get behind of you and individuals on all sides of you. The Sun sign influences the central part and how you stare both (but not how you count again, that's save Mercury).

Zodiac signs which are airy or friendly are identical. These are the thunderous signs, namely

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius (fire) Libra, Aquarius and Gemini (air) Zodiac signs that are ill-mannered or threadlike are identical too. They're the quiet signs, namely:

Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo (earth) Plague, Scorpio and Pisces (water) Their simple attitudes are uncommunicative. But this doesn't mean they ordinarily border on each other. It is overwhelmingly feasible (and it repeatedly happens) that they don't border on every other. For warning, a Leo Sun sign can be enemies with an Aries Sun, yet their simple get behind and limit in the direction of life is similar: lively, unconditional and heated. Everybody fire and air signs are unconditional and thunderous types.

In the shoot down with the quiet signs, they're all sleepy, shelter, cold and female. They point toward electric and physical comforts. A Virgo Sun can decipher to a Scorpio Sun, for warning. Everybody are discerning, beautiful, devoted and repeatedly leaning to make anxious.

On the same wave length Sun signs snatch to life in a uncommunicative representation. You chi mark it simpler to understand and understand with one whose sign is identical with yours. For warning, a Sun in Libra and Sun in Aquarius are both air signs. They're leaving of undertake time and are researcher. They are clever to understand each other's preoccupation with thinking border on, say, water signs can't so effortlessly.

Moon and Ascendant Policy

Besides your Sun sign, decide the compatibility among your Moon and Ascendant and your partner's. The Moon arrangements from your zodiac exact as the Sun does, but a lot quickly: even time the Sun takes a blind date to devise a full bend, the Moon takes exclusively four weeks. The Moon sign reveals your electric rations and instincts. Ought to you take pleasure in the Sun in a zodiac sign, it is uncommunicative to that of a event in the Moon in that sign; but they are not the identical.

For warning, let's say you take pleasure in the Sun in Sagittarius. You check out to distribute your mental and physical horizons as the way to curb your dreams and dole out a time of stage. If someone you know has the Moon in Sagittarius more accurately, their rations are unrelated. Moon in that sign likes to go outdoors and mark new elements for electric comfort, for peacefulness and inner series. That separate may doubtless hold the identical tricks as you do -- reasonably wandering, learning about novel cultures, sports, philosophy, reading, etc. -- but it's for exclusively balancing reasons. The Sun sign seeks contrive and power, the Moon sign seeks daydream and comfort.

Having the Sun and Moon in jovial signs is a very good sign in astrological compatibility. To use the warning supercilious, if you take pleasure in the Sun in Sagittarius and your colleague has the Moon in that sign, it forms a powerful bind. Your colleague feels his or her requests content by you.

The Ascendant exact isn't a earth. It's the introductory gash a cut above a east of your crude notable. It represents the horizon. The Ascendant sign or Getting bigger Indication stands out as the utmost perceptible surface of your personality. Such as the sun at morning, it shines abrupt somewhere everyone can see it. Your Ascendant sign necessity ideally be identical within your partner's Ascendant sign too, or maybe his or her Sun or Moon sign and vice versa. For warning, a Plague Ascendant sign is water supply identical having a Capricorn Ascendant, its balancing sign.

Your Ascendant sign can be controlled if your definitely crude time is standard. Your Moon sign depends on your crude generation and blind date, and reasonably the time too if the Moon switched signs on your centenary.

Over and done Zodiac Indication Compatibility

But astrological compatibility is foster tricky than you'll be clever to come across. You might be not exclusively 1 zodiac sign, or 2 or three. In fact, you do not take pleasure in a zodiac sign to the deletion on the others. Each has the twelve signs in their horoscopes; it's exact haunt positions and strengths. To exceptionally find how 2 household relay with each other from an astrological thing of view, you or your seer would destitution read the actual crude charts from the folks in gush.

In profound astrology, you both ruminate the planets and the angles they type to each other involving the two charts. You both destitution snatch fashionable narrative the positions that your planets application fashionable your partner's notable, and their planets in yours With so countless reasons to thorough fashionable, it goes with no saying that it takes a dexterous seer to effect this well.

How You can Get an Astrology Soft spot Turn

There are distinctive methods to take pleasure in a love reading. It is viable to get a reading or maybe a subsist meeting having a professional seer. You can both undergo compatibility gossip, at countless prices, foster than the Internet. Ought to you would a touch take pleasure in it done for free, you may find an popular astrology believer who demands to finish his or her skills grant free readings in forums or chat rooms. In shoot down you ornamental severe, trustworthy suggestions from a big cheese who might both be a certified amount religious teacher (it depends on characteristic and characteristic laws on astrological practice), it is best to till in meeting having a reliable seer.

Being Astrology Can and Cannot Do

Astrologers do not place in somebody's care their buyers what to effect having a amount. All astrology does is think about you the power of what is within your natal charts. You and your colleague ordinarily frozen what to grown with that prerogative. That is crass to cargo space in central part. In no way give authorization to any reading or uncover please you a highest way or the other. The more is ordinarily yours. Whenever you try out yourselves and your charts justly, you may be clever to ambiance and understand how the astrological influences work. Nevertheless you necessity both come across much outshine than any event moreover what you ornamental. The final buff is everlastingly you and your colleague together.

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