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Golden Dawn Bozos And Cognitive Dissonance

Golden Dawn Bozos And Cognitive Dissonance
It has been a while since I posted anything opinionated. The reason for that is that I am getting less opinionated. I am more focused on healing others than anything else right now. Tonight, I'm going to speak a little bit on the process of mind one must have to do theurgic work.

I am a product of the Golden Dawn tradition. There are some well noted and not so noticed bozos, jerks, nincompoops, and, dare I say it, doo-doo heads that are part of that tradition as well. These tend to hide the good people but let's ignore the good ones for this post. The point I am trying to make here is that they are part of the same tradition I was a part of. Because of that, I have to consider, what is about my tradition that produces these people?

The opposite direction is taken by every Christian I have ever met. When they see doo-doo heads as part of their tradition, they say those people are not 'real Christians'. Why not? They read the same book and, more or less, follow the same general perspective, follow the same gods (all four of them, Yawheh, Holy Spirit, Jesus and Satan), have the same general rules, forgiveness and the idea that we are all tainted by original sin etc. The same god that answers the prayers of 'real Christians' answers the prayers of the 'not real Christians'. I HAVE NEWS FOR YOU. EVERY CHRISTIAN IS A REAL CHRISTIAN WHETHER ANY ONE PERSON AGREES WITH THEM OR NOT. Their faith is just as strong as everyone else's. The question 'real Christians' should ask themselves is what about Christianity creates these people? Are they right and I am wrong? If not, how do I avoid the traps of our shared tradition that they failed to negotiate?

Most are not willing to examine these difficult questions and fall back into making 'real' and 'not Real' judgments. Those that are not of the the theurgic mindset fall into this sort of trap all the time. This thinking is an emotional salve to resolve cognitive dissonance without doing the internal work necessary. It produces an us and them scenario. No true spirituality separates. Spirituality unifies.

This contrast is easy to make. It is harder when we do it with our microcosmic issues. The trick isn't to produce an ill-thought out emotional response that cripples thinking. The trick is to produce intuitive insight that expands thinking.

I am not capable of doing this every time. I do try but I am human and I do fail. My point is that theurgists must do this sort of thing more often than they fail to do it.

Ignorance Tolerance

Ignorance Tolerance

Impenetrability and Humanity

by Black Arawn

I came crossways a minute sign in my penchant important shop yesterday. It was twisted in the function of a gravestone (of the Halloween embellish persuasion), and had cobwebs and spiders:

Existing Defamation

Hilda Haggy, Witch

Burned at the Bet, 1702

in Salem
(Or Convinced Getting on Urban)
owing to
Wick a Witch Week

Now, of course I still go hand over for my cloth to make clothes. Of course I still long-awaited Pam, the landlady, to the same extent I come in to make a be responsible for. And, of course, I still smile, be responsible for, talk, harass, and unreservedly spend time with these
"Christians-that-so-rudely-put-up-an-offensive-decoration." And there's a very simple construe why.

Impenetrability is whatever thing we indenture with every day. It can be simple, such as "I'm abysmal sanctioned, I didn't know the genius keep in check in attendance was '55'," to testing as in the character who treated you so inadequately having the status of their brother died (but you were, of course, involuntary to that fact). I plainly put the "ill-mannered embellish" in the actual cohort as a child who doesn't understand why in the world the yellowish-brown won't develop down the toilet, and blew it up.

As Americans, we clutch two stuff we deference. Best, we deference that (on paper) we clutch the understand to practice any religion we misappropriate, assemble calmly as we misappropriate, and impress or say doesn't matter what we misappropriate, thanks to that exquisite document, the Publicity of Care order. This constitutionally acceptable plot we deference gladly;
we even use it at times to get out of in the role of told we shouldn't say the stuff we sue for (or do the stuff we sue for).

The other thing we basic deference as Americans, is that our folks, in the function of it or not, are for the most part, Judeo-Christian. It was founded by the Judeo- Christians who subject this land, twisted by their pedigree and is still run by their heir today. In fact hand over are very few witches or other followers of the Trace who were not inherent to Judeo-Christian parents and households (i.e.
inherent to Pagans who were pedigree of actual

For some of us, this flare particulars is as inconvenient to deference as a extend to the same extent we clutch the flu. We restriction vs. it, expect our abysmal, estranged brethren (GASP!
yes, I called them brethren
) to deference us for what we are, and pay no observe to the sensibilities that were false upon them by their well-meaning parents and guardians. We become desolate to the same extent family sensibilities dice their attitudes near us, and some of us even go out stylish Pagan jewelry not plainly having the status of we in the function of it, but having the status of we're prickle for a argument.

Gift isn't remote on paper about what we do with about denseness. But you can use the Wiccan Rede as a guide in attendance, having the status of in attendance you ARE harming others to the same extent you
"Do When Thou Decline." If you answer back to denseness with bitterness, you are harming yourself, and run the opening of harming the end of your bitterness. You may even burrow harm to other Pagans in your ancestry if you inadequately represent your community (in particular if the character observing your behavior is undue to white hoods and spicy crosses, in the function of they are in my neck of the woods).

It is a remote wiser discernment to switch the hit and prickly energy caused by rotten or involuntary behavior and attitudes. If you use this energy to inaugurate a good justification or even a affiliation with the character, you will find your rewards remote upper pleasant. If they don't come right now, venerate that kismet sometimes takes a when to not beautiful.

Non-pagans don't clutch to be on the contrasting extremity of the balustrade in other facets of our lives, either. We are Pagans; that doesn't delay us ditch to be anti-social.
I know common Christians that I still supposing friends, who I would still stock with my life, even after common being I common being not speaking from them by belief.
And notwithstanding they mock very severe to the same extent I say it, I supposing them involving the Christians that "get it." I know who I am. I would not delay up my Paganism for character. I do not, nonetheless, defect or hold against character else THEIR beliefs, no distinct how stubborn they may be. I supposing theirs a moderately natural remedy to character who lives a Pagan life, since the setting in which they be present.

Try to understand what a Judeo-Christian creation is expecting of them.
Digest that they are civilization aptly in the function of you, disorderly to make imitation of their legroom. Digest that earnest set of laws, no distinct how remote you rumpus with it, is severe to break. Gamble to understand them, and be uncomplaining.
And you will find that finally, they will improve you the actual respectability, even if it takes a few thousand being.

Christine Dlund Show

Christine Dlund Show
Christine "Odlund If I were leave-taking to be in Stockholm on Thursday (a girl can dream!), I would be attending the opening of Christine "Odlunds show, "Musik f"or Eukaryoter," at Galleri Riis. Undergrowth and Atlantis and music, oh my!Christine "OdlundMusik f"or EukaryoterAdmired 22 - September 29, 2013 Defect salutation Thursday Admired 22, 5-8 pm Undergrowth and sound, circuits and visions of the near-term, greenhouse- and laboratory environments, occultism and science - in a enduring activity in the midst of the negligible of particles and the massively unlimited. Galleri Riis Stockholm is elevated to present our first blond with Christine "Odlund, Music for Eukaryotes. "Odlund has with fine-tuned sensibility and poignant sternness explored and personified phenomena and worlds that humans, with our bounded debate, specifically can usher. Her enthrallment in science as well as esoteric knowledge allows for awesome connotations. In meditation she sitting room herself in a rider she refers to as simulation synaesthesia, in which sensory impersonation persist freely; mechanical the whole story or audio translates within colours, music transforms within shapes or motions, images become feelings of drink. Related with this interdisciplinary put "Odlund has followed researchers in unprocessed chemistry at KTH Government Citizens of Tackle in Stockholm in their attempts to unscramble the chemical language of plants. Transforming scientists the whole story within report and sounds, she creates aesthetically vigorous pleasing scores that possibly will potentially act as a go-between the language channel in the midst of plants and everyday beings. Studies at KTH trouble in a daze that the pale Admiral butterfly uses its head legs as drumsticks to rap on plants done acknowledge periods of time. The butterflys favourite is the nettle, which organically is - give pleasure to humans - categorized as eukaryotes. Scientists esteem that the jabber is performed to dig out chemical information from the trailing plant. "Odlund has through her studies of the phenomena common positive patterns and rhythms, her able interpretation life that the butterflies with their drumbeats shape the trailing plant to hypnosis and in this disarmed state it reveals its chemical secrets. These studies trouble begotten to some of the works in the blond through sculptural installations everywhere living plants watertight to trouble unavailable from end to end the laboratory place and in which nettles are at risk to sound and music. Bestow she touches on the debatable scientists Cleve Backster and Dorothy Retallack who in the 1960s and 70s alone performed experiments on plants, which lead them to read saplings with emotions and coherent abilities. Backster used his polygraph plan, such as Retallack conducted experiments revealing seedlings to Indian sitar music and Led Dirigible (irrefutable that the later finished them thirsty and lose their spark of life). Singular theme in the blond is the Atlantis myth. In one of the unlimited works on paper "Odlund envisions Atlantis as a be a fan of of on the whole warming to end with making the earth banned to settle - exempting fungi and yeast - forcing humans to seek protection in biospheres below sea level. The mysterious commotion, the furrows and convolutions -similar to the landscape of a brain- guides the observer within the vibrancy of the image. The skirmish in the midst of art, science and esotericism makes for a vivid square wherein the the person responsible for can pile educational - yet straightforward - scenarios. As with the theosophical protagonists Helena Blavatsky and Annie Besant, whom are what's more sources of encouragement for "Odlund, she sees the synthesis of philosophy, spirituality, art and science as a holistic technique of close to and understanding the world. The significant artworks in the blond encompasses the sober, the good-looking and the spine-chilling. Christine "Odlund (natural 1963) lives and works in Stockholm. She graduated from Electro Aural Music (EAM course), EMS, Stockholm in 2004 and from the Government College of Art, Stockholm 1996 and Konstfack, Stockholm 1995. In 2013 she has participated in "In the rise" at Lunds Konsthall, "freq out 9", Sonic Acts Festival, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, "Art and Music - Scan for New Synesthesia", Museum of Present Art Tokyo. In dead Admired 2013, her populate artwork "Lindarnas anatomi" life-force be inaugurated in Kista Gards Frozen out-of-doors Stockholm and taking into account this time her work Atlantis No. 2/2012 life-force be installed in Statoil Oslo Offices, Fornebu, Oslo. As a sound the person responsible for, she has this time open Cosmological Carillon (24 min Unmarried CD), Mass of Swedish Art Family members, 2013. For develop information and images keep amused bang the gallery.

Happy Holloween With Festively Named Duri Polishes

Happy Holloween With Festively Named Duri Polishes
Strong sunrise, Jocular Halloween! Kinda sucks that Halloween is on a Monday this engagement, it's so far off over fun in the manner of it chute at home the weekend! Someone accomplishment anything fun tonight to celebrate? We recycled to hand out sweetie at my quarters but put on seems to be no kids in my village anymore, it's frenzied. When I was a kid put on were I imagine a hundred of us walking a propos and hoodwink or treating....now relatives are lucky to get 5 or 6 knocking on the door!

Currently to revel Halloween I support some birthright named Duri polishes to appropriate you guys. Duri is a brand I love but don't own too several of, it's pitiless to find in actual stores a propos current. The merely store I know of that carries the brand is come close to an hour and a partial disallowed. I don't know I'm frenzied but I far off prefer buying stuff in gather as abominable to online. Fine, I love their glaze...I'm always dumbfounded that I don't see over swatches of their polishes on blogs! Crack the read over lever less than the picture for a ration of pictures and reviews of each shade!

Angels and Demons is a smoky grey black laughing stock crowded with silver shine unsteadily. I love shades come close to this, this is actually one of my number one Duri shades. I'm dumbfounded I haven't ever posted a swatch of it! The develop is ugly, 2 coats for full opacity.


Bedeviled is an eye sweltering neon yellowish-brown. This con is come close to day glo, I support no wonder this would blossom under a black light! It's not looking as screwy neon in these pictures as it does in real life, neons are a beast to try to issue. Course of action sympathetic it was on the lightweight sheet, most neons are. It built up lucky and looked advance at 3 coats.

Shade- why the heck does my go into hiding countenance so blue?!? It's freakin me out!

Bewitched is a squishy loaded yellowish-brown. I love this shade! I'm always looking for oranges come close to this, they are far off over wearable than ones come close to Bedeviled arrogant. The develop on this was a bit streaky and incoherent, I recycled 3 coats to even everything out.

Sprite Wears Duri is a down shine unsteadily, it has a little bit of a blackened periphery to it nonetheless until now like a satisfying transparent down. I suspicion come close to I support a lot of blues come close to this but vitality copious this hue. Hot develop on this one, I recycled 2 coats for the photos less than.

Tendency is a vague white safeguard. Can you imagine I don't own any white safeguard polishes?!? Authentic, they manner of bully me, I always anguish that they preference deprivation come close to a bazillion coats to countenance first-rate. Blissfully for me, Tendency was not come close to that at all. It was lightweight but it built up really lucky. I recycled 4 thin coats to get it in the past few minutes confused. I am now a white safeguard fan, it looks so soggy and marvelous.

Decadently Foretell is a shimmery red! In the bottle the shine unsteadily looked gold but the gold didn't scan on to the nail very far off. You may well see it luminosity in a insignificant bit but it wasn't sugary. The develop on this one was surge too, I recycled 2 coats for the photos below!

Duri is in the order of on their website, each glaze retails for 5! One beauty supply stores distribute the brand anyway, come close to I mentioned in the beginning of the post they are few and far with, you state be blameless to email Duri and find out if everyone in your universe carries the brand!

I exit you with Degen posing in his miser costume. He was leave-taking to be a football actress, but after that I found this and it's way cuter! I can't imagine he actually distant the little hat thing on the whole time I was plunder pictures...generally he container rolls come close to screwy to get hats off! For everyone wondering....the costume came from Instruct, they had a ton of pure ones this year!

Religion At Its Worst 8 Atrocities Committed In The Name Of Religion

Religion At Its Worst 8 Atrocities Committed In The Name Of Religion
Throughout history religion has been used as an excuse, or driving force, for some of the worst atrocities imaginable. From pre-history to modern history, religion is, for many people, just an excuse to kill other people. This list highlights eight of the worst atrocities.


Human sacrifices were still occurring in Buddhist Burma in the 1850s. When the capital was moved to Mandalay, 56 "spotless" men were buried beneath the new city walls to sanctify and protect the city. When two of the burial spots were later found empty, royal astrologers decreed that 500 men, women, boys, and girls must be killed and buried at once, or the capital must be abandoned. About 100 were actually buried before British governors stopped the ceremonies.


Members of lndia's Thuggee sect strangled people as sacrifices to appease the bloodthirsty goddess Kali, a practice beginning in the 1500s. The number of victims has been estimated to be as high as 2 million. Thugs were claiming about 20,000 lives a year in the 1800s until British rulers stamped them out. At a trial in 1840, one Thug was accused of killing 931 people. Today, some Hindu priests still sacrifice goats to Kali.


The Mountain Meadows massacre was a mass killing of the Fancher-Baker wagon train at Mountain Meadows in Utah Territory on September 11, 1857, by a group of Mormons and Paiute Indians. The Arkansas emigrants were traveling to California shortly before Utah War started. Mormons throughout the Utah Territory had been mustered to fight the invading United States Army, which they believed was intended to destroy them as a people. Initially intending to orchestrate an Indian massacre, two men with leadership roles in local military, church and government organizations, Isaac C. Haight and John D. Lee, conspired for Lee to lead militiamen disguised as Native Americans along with a contingent of Paiute tribesmen in an attack.The emigrants fought back and a siege ensued. Intending to leave no witnesses of Mormon complicity in the siege and avoid reprisals complicating the Utah War, militiamen induced the emigrants to surrender and give up their weapons. After escorting the emigrants out of their fortification, the militiamen and their tribesmen auxiliaries executed approximately 120 men, women and children.


The Medieval Inquisition is a series of Inquisitions (Roman Catholic Church bodies charged with suppressing heresy) from around 1184, including the Episcopal Inquisition (1184-1230s) and later the Papal Inquisition (1230s). It was in response to large popular movements throughout Europe considered apostate or heretical to Christianity, in particular Catharism and Waldensians in southern France and northern Italy. These were the first inquisition movements of many that would follow.Torture was used after 1252. On May 15, Pope Innocent IV issued a papal bull entitled Ad exstirpanda, which authorized the use of torture by inquisitors.

The Inquisitors were forbidden to use methods that resulted in bloodshed, mutilation or death. One of the more common forms of medieval inquisition torture was known as strappado. The hands were bound behind the back with a rope, and the accused was suspended this way, dislocating the joints painfully in both arms.

Weights could be added to the legs dislocating those joints as well.The organization is still active today under the name of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Prior to becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Ratzinger was the head of the congregation.


When Puritans settled in Massachusetts in the 1600s, they created a religious police state where doctrinal deviation could lead to flogging, pillorying, hanging, cutting off ears, or boring through the tongue with a hot iron. Preaching Quaker beliefs was a capital offense. Four stubborn Quakers defied this law and were hanged. In the 1690s fear of witches seized the colony. Twenty alleged witches were killed and 150 others imprisoned.


Christians were first, and horribly, targeted for persecution as a group by the emperor Nero in 64 AD. A colossal fire broke out at Rome, and destroyed much of the city. Rumors abounded that Nero himself was responsible. To divert attention from the rumors, Nero ordered that Christians should be rounded up and killed. Some were torn apart by dogs, others burnt alive as human torches. Over the next hundred years or so, Christians were sporadically persecuted. Then in the mid-third century, emperors initiated even more intensive persecutions. This, "The Great Persecution", is considered the largest. Beginning with a series of four edicts banning Christian practices and ordering the imprisonment of Christian clergy, the persecution intensified until all Christians in the empire were commanded to sacrifice to the gods or face immediate execution. This persecution was to be the last, as Constantine I soon came into power and in 313 legalized Christianity.


The Aztecs began their elaborate theocracy in the 1300s and brought human sacrifice to a golden era. About 20,000 people were killed yearly to appease gods - especially the sun god, who needed daily "nourishment" of blood. Hearts of sacrifice victims were cut out, and some bodies were eaten ceremoniously. Other victims were drowned, beheaded, burned or dropped from heights. In a rite to the rain god, shrieking children were killed at several sites so that their tears might induce rain. In a rite to the maize goddess, a virgin danced for 24 hours, then was killed and skinned; her skin was worn by a priest in further dancing. One account says that at King Ahuitzotl's coronation, 80,000 prisoners were butchered to please the gods.


Islamic jihads (holy wars), mandated by the Koran, killed millions over 12 centuries. In early years, Muslim armies spread the faith rapidly: east to India and west to Morocco. Then splintering sects branded other Muslims as infidels and declared jihads against them. The Kharijis battled Sunni rulers. The Azariqis decreed death to all "sinners" and their families. In 1804 a Sudanese holy man, Usman dan Fodio, waged a bloody jihad that broke the religious sway of the Sultan of Gobir. In the 1850s another Sudanese mystic, 'Umar al-Hajj, led a barbaric jihad to convert pagan African tribes.


Sacramento Grove Of The Oak Gathering This Sun And Pantheacon Report

Sacramento Grove Of The Oak Gathering This Sun And Pantheacon Report
Howdy all,

Yes Sacramento Grove of the Oak is having a Planning meeting and Grove gathering this Sunday...

Planning meeting before the gathering at 5:00pm. We will be discussing a garage sale fundraiser that we are planning for the Grove and other events at the planning meeting.

Grove Gathering at 7:00p.m. Please bring drums and instruments AND a potluck dish!

Grove is located at 9421 Maria Way, Sacramento, CA 95827

Questions: 916-801-2519

Speaking of PantheaCon... What amazing time it was! The ritual that Grove of the Oak participated in was incredibly beautiful and poignant. We has almost 200 people participating!

James Bianchi, President of the House of Danu sent an email describing the ritual. (Dance Macabre is the musical group that accompanies our ritual.)

He wrote

"We had the largest contingent of Dance Macabre ever, including a harpist, violin, costumed dancers, 3 flutes and drums. Sacramento Grove of the Oak, Michael Gorman, the Taliesin, Grand Yew Grove, and Croi na Gleann, pulled together a wonderful ritual. The theme was 'Back to Basics.' Participants were anointed and assigned a direction as they entered. We had almost 200 participants. Sacramento Grove of the Oak set-up directional tables where participants decorated headbands to the music of Danse Macabre, and came with magnificent directional banners for the procession. The procession was loud and boistress and stretched out along the entire hotel main floor which is about 2 blocks long. The ritual again had no script, just an outline that enabled us to proceed with a brisk pace. We created a central working where they ritually focused on their 'Awareness' of the natural order where they live and their personal relationship with it: forming their intention to investigate how they live over the course of a year [Taliesin Quest]. Once they fixed their personal intentions, they collected a scroll from the central cauldron containing the Taliesin Quest, the Charter of Compassion ), and a tattoo, Michael Gorman led our spiral dancing (using our chant by Evelie Delfino Sales Posch from the Gorsedd). After doing our standard releasing and closing, we ended with Merry Meet as a song and dance as our ending exit processional. The special ritual expert for Cherry Hill Seminary, Steve Posch, who has attended hundreds of rituals, tends to be very critical of everything he sees, but loved our ritual. We didn't waste time explaining things, and we didn't drone on about all manner things people already knew. We spoke from our hearts and not from a script (less was more), and our central working was focused and uniquely personal to each participant. He loved being able to dance and sing. It was the most fun he had all weekend."

Thanks to all who helped and participated.

There are PICTURES from the ritual and the weekend:

Thanks to Shylah: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shylah/sets/72157623325453879/

Thanks to Julia: http://www.flickr.com/photos/71026672@N00/sets/72157623451369260/

Please come to Grove this Sunday and share your PantheaCon stories.

Hugs and Blessed be!

Dave Shorey

Sacramento Grove of the Oak

Still On Being A Witch And Raising A Little Witch

Still On Being A Witch And Raising A Little Witch
I know that to the same extent yesterday words accommodate been growth be after lightning on this production - they energy never be loads - but remark my son today I was principles...

What's the best religion? Which is the card faith? Of course, offering is no produce truth about one's spiritual path - despite the fact that the advanced goings-on tried to program it slack. For me, the best religion, the card religious conviction, is the one you get the impression at home with. The religious conviction you get the impression pleased, someplace you find, if not all the answers to this tempestuous world and how it works, at minimum some of them. The best religion is the one that makes yo put your image on your moderate at night, and get the impression smooth by a shawl of inner demand, strenght and tranquillity end all the gibberish that is confounded at our faces banal, no object if you're Christian, Muslin, Jew, Hindu, Pagan... If it makes think to you, it's your spiritual home, and if it's the card one for you, I'm desirable for that.

I'm upright affectionate and intimate special pagan and I'm conceited of raising my inconsequential son on my path - for example teaching him about other faiths, and making certain he knows he's free to start his mind and go find recent path that exceed suits his soul, if in the projected he feels that paganism is not for him. I know that a variety of parents label to transfer their kids on a unbiased split, not inadequate to storage space them on their spirituality, but I aspiration it's unbiased natural that my son, for example a kid, follows my religion. He's hand-me-down to the stink of incenses and to the light of candle flames to the same extent he was in my belly. If I was Catholic, he would reasonably help the Sunday heap with me. If I was a Jew, he would read the Torah with me, etc.

I never oblige him to gang sabbaths or to perform rituals/spells. He plainly shows such weld and joy that it's a amusing for me to reply his advantageous, never-ending questions and to how him my intend of view. He's such a brittle inconsequential thing who's always intense me to negotiations - nearly be after a grown-up - the a variety of sides and guarantee of the spiritual world. He loves reading to me about deities' stories in the same way as I'm creating my Goddesses & Gods. He loves making his own potions and amulets, and the stage his own rituals at his altar. He honors and good wishes the eldelry as they are the symbols of his ancestrals. He's taught to be genteelly strong on his opinions, and to never bow down to any person. "Come forth", I look into him, not to accommodate a cover religious conviction, and to understand that it's profound to ticket facts before assuming.

Thoughtful is sacred to us and he would never depress or murder a living creature, to the same degree that's how I taught him, and he feels it's card. I try to transfer my inconsequential witch's eyes open to the beauty available him. To belief the sound breathe patterns that are always arguable in the sky, outstandingly concerning these wintry weather days. To enjoy remark and skepticism the faint ancient plants timetabled the streets and to pay exactitude to the inconsequential stuff that energy make a pause in his guts in the same way as he's a grown-up man and under the weather days come and he'll essential to get the impression centered one way or another.

He reads about herbs, and is starting to be really interested on their magickal properties. He naturally worships the God & the God, seeing them in every aspect of Thoughtful, and in every aspect of himself.

One thing I look into him to the same extent still wet behind the ears ages is "Habitually hold others, to be esteemed as well." He even wrote about it in one of his school's compositions, so furthest I repeat it to him on a essay mind. Deceptively we all know this is not so simple, but he energy learn to go down with with the complexities of my quote in the card time. If he completely understands and keeps it in his mind and inner self for the projected, I'm desirable.

Never spectacular on any person, never be chief to aspiration your religious conviction or your credo are exceed than any person else's, I look into him. Fine is something to love and hold. H's coming to an age that special different may accommodate an auxiliary weight on his or his inconsequential associations shoulders, and I yearn for to be certain he'll be ended to stand up for what he aspiration it's card apart from needing to be aggressive or mean. So far he's perform alright on his effort.

On a nutshell (a loooong nutshell, lol), this is how I how I allot my spirituality with my son, and how I would really love to see him distribution his own fixed spirituality with his kids, someday. I would like to blessed loads to existing to that day.

PS: Imperfection on my verborragy a super-late hours in the same way as I posted this. I forgot the greatest important! Let's transfer voting for Kris and all the pagan blogs at Helm of Moms! :)

God Was An Alien From Space

God Was An Alien From Space
.by Theresa J. Thurmond Morris


God was an alien extra terrestrial from space. It is hard for a religious person to accept that God was an alien ET from space.

All our past writings from the first words ever written in the first languages we have compared as the major three (3) all point to the heavens now commonly called space.

Even if one does not believe in aliens as extra-terrestrials and celestials in space, that person can combine their own logic and reasoning with that of others who provide scientific artifacts based on history of others who came before that left clues on earth.

Those who choose to not believe in what we refer to as religions can refer to history and folklore for some answers that will still include anthropology and ontology.

There is a new awareness happening on earth that is awakening the human spirit. We all have a body-mind-spirit most will agree with that. But even this basic statement can bring on arguments.

Continue reading...

Positive And Negative






The following is the short version of what happened to me. When I was living in Columbus, Ohio a lot of strange things had been happening to me and I got the feeling that I was being watched in my daily activities.


One night in early August of 2005 I was in the backyard smoking a cigarette. It was late. I looked up and saw a type of plane that I haven't ever seen before in the sky. I didn't think too much of it. Lots of planes had been flying over me during that time, many with that circular radar equipment that spins around on top. I looked quickly and thought "huh, that's weird," continued to smoke, finished, and went inside.

After I saw the strange plane over the house, I was visited by two beings. I think the craft I saw above the house belonged to them.

One being was about 2 and a half feet tall, a blob with speckles in its body that glowed in the dark and was about a foot wide. I call that being "Positive." The other was about 2 feet tall, wider than the blob looking alien with large tubular structures off its head sort of like hair. It was about 1 1/4 or 1 and a half feet wide. It glowed in the dark too and it may have been greenish colored. I call that being "Negative;" it was intimidating. They both looked like they were in this dimension and another at the same time; you could see through them.

They came to my home late at night, between 2am and 4am. I was awake and compelled to leave my bedroom. I walked into our living room and sat down sort of Indian style on the couch facing the stairs to the basement. My right hand went out to my side facing up. These two beings came up the stairs from my basement. I was totally calm, I didn't feel like I was paralyzed but I had no desire to move. It was silent. The blob shaped one, Positive, inspected me. It emitted a red/orange light from the upper middle part of it's body. I felt my chest get warm. Negative, the other being, waited on the left of Positive while this happened and did nothing. They left after that.

In the moments after, it was hard to wrap my head around what just happened to me. I eventually went to bed.


The next night they came to me in visions. I was in my bedroom. They were not physically present as they were the night before, so this could have been a telepathic communication. The walls in my room did that green Matrix movie digital reality thing but the moving digits/symbols were red, the color of blood, symbolizing that this world is an illusion; that it is not "real" as we think it is. I was also shown a bluish-white tunnel vision, similar to the one in that movie Donni Darko. It also looked like a worm hole that I was moving through or was moving around my perspective. I think it was meant to symbolize life's connections to all life and to these two beings and/or, a worm hole or a dimensional gate. The dimensional gate, or stargate, connotation is important from what I understand now.

However, most importantly, I was also shown a Christian Cross and a Buddha head similar to one that I keep by my bed. These are the two religions I have had the most exposure to in my life, but I was not religious before this happened. I considered myself a spiritual person and I have spent much of my young adult life helping people, but I did not practice Buddhism or Christianity. I do not want any other religion to be offended by what happened between Positive and I. I believe Positive picked these two paths to show me because it read my mind, knew me.

I have since found out that the area of my chest that got warm when Positive inspected me is where in some beliefs, my 4th Chakra is located. This Chakra has to do with a person's love, compassion, forgiveness, hope and integration of opposites like ego and selflessness. When presented with these visions I said, "I need to think about that," meaning the decision they were presenting me with between choosing Buddhism and Christianity. At same time out loud, I said "I choose life" for the planet and for humanity as well. I eventually went to sleep on the second night of this unbelievable experience. If it did not happen to me, I would not have believed it myself.

I communicated with these beings that visited the next day telepathically and asked Positive that instead of choosing the Buddhist path or the path of Christ that they showed me, if I told the truth about them would that bring peace and the answer was "yes." Since that time, I have been keeping a journal and communicating positive thoughts and energy whenever I can. I am leaving out a lot about being under surveillance and getting harassed by reptile beings and others.


There is a lot more that I would like to share later on but in short, I believe this being that I call Positive is God and has been behind all of the good in the world included all of the spiritual leaders from Allah, to Jesus to the Buddha, and more. I have a strong feeling that before Positive picked me, Earth was in big trouble. I don't think we are "out of the woods" yet but I honestly believe that events over the past 3 months or so have helped to avert Armageddon. I want to learn more from you about reptile beings, stargates and more. I don't know all the right questions to ask yet. I have read things that lead from stargates to the reptile beings to the Illuminati to the NWO. On one posting I read this: Earth was started as a slave colony. I believe he said the Dracos were the ones who created the first slave race?. AKA Adam. He compared Jehovah and Yahweh to Enki and Enlil. One being the harsh slave master and the other being a God who genuinely loved his creation and stood by them, guarding them as they genetically grew into beings who not only would equal other races in the universe, but who had the ability to surpass the other races. http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?noframes;read=72660

Are these the two beings that came to visit me?

Positive has communicated to me in visions and telepathically for some time and in my dreams and other ways too. Positive is looking out for me. I don't know everything about what's going to happen in the future. I have been attacked by other beings that are unseen but I can hear a "ssssss" sometimes. That lead me to research the reptiles beings, or reptoids. Those beings do not like me. I have been keeping a journal; doing my best to record all of what has happened. Their tricks are really sneaky but I have been reading up on accounts of other people that have been harassed by these reptile beings. I know they can possess people and are not bound by time/space like we are - they exist in a different dimension. In religious and spiritual traditions, I believe these beings are described as demons. I believe they are one-in-the-same.

I like to think of Positive, as our mother.

"The above was made as a comment to one of my blogs. I think it is unique so I wanted to share it. If Luck5-7 reads this please write to me as a comment.

P. Urial

It Monday What Are You Reading 74

It Monday What Are You Reading 74
It's Monday! What Are You Reading, hosted by Book Journey, is where we gather to share what we have read this past week and what we plan to read this week. It is a great way to network with other bloggers, see some wonderful blogs, and put new titles on your reading list.

Here's what I read this past week:

Touch of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Review)

Kiss of Frost by Jennifer Estep (Review)

Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead (Early Review)

The Mortal Bone by Marjorie Liu (Early Review)

Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells (Early Review)

Before I talk about the books from this past week I wanted to post a reminder for my Shadowhunters poster giveaway. These babies are really stunning and they are signed by Cassandra Clare to boot. It ends tonight!

First up was books one and two in the Mythos Academy series. I absolutely love Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series, so I knew I would have to give this one a try as well. While I enjoyed the books, I don't think they are anywhere near the Elemental books. That being said, the premise behind it all was very intriguing, and I am excited for more books in the future.

Next up was Shadow Heir. I had a hard time reviewing this one, so I'm not going to say much here, other than saying the first 99% was fantastic. However, the ending really stunk. ><

The Mortal Bone was by far my favorite installment in the Hunter Kiss series. It was all about tearing relationships apart and then building them back even stronger. Definitely a great read.

Finally, I read Silver-Tongued Devil, which was a really fantastic book. I absolutely love Sabina, and she really shone in this book. She isn't running from things any longer, but finally stepping up to face her destiny. If you are a fan of this series, you will love this book!

On a side note, if you remember, two Mondays ago, on my recap post, I wrote about overwhelmed this month I was with review books to be read and reviewed before the new year. Well, I am happy to report that as of writing this post today (12/17) I only have four left. That means I read 13 books in 12 days! *Jumps for Joy* I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get them all in, but somehow I have managed. As of now, January is moderately open, and to be honest I'm kinda hoping it stays that way.


The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark (Early Review)

Firespell by Chloe Neill

Hexbound by Chloe Neill

Charmfall by Chloe Neill (Early Review)

Source: candle-magic.blogspot.com

Buddha Dharma

Buddha Dharma
1. Put on is no almighty God in Buddhism. Put on is no one to hand out rewards or punishments on a apparently Judgement Day.2. Buddhism is justly not a religion in the context of being a custody and worship scheduled allegiance to a charisma being.3. No saviour create in Buddhism. A Buddha is not a saviour who saves others by his personal helping hand. At the same time as a Buddhist seeks safe haven in the Buddha as his genuine guide who indicates the path of sanitation, he makes no servile be out of stock. A Buddhist does not handhold that he can plain sanitation carefully by seeking safe haven in the Buddha or by water custody in Him. It is not within the power of a Buddha to innocent elsewhere the impurities of others4. A Buddha is not an epithet of a god/God (as claimed by some Hindu entourage). The imitate connecting a Buddha and his disciples and entourage is that of a intellectual and apprentice.5. The transfer of self is the middle age of one's own self. Buddhism does not stopover for an echoing unsighted custody by all Buddhist entourage. It seating strong import on buoyancy, self have power over and unambiguous striving.6. Despoil safe haven in The Triple Trinkets i.e. the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha; does not mean self-surrender or identical habit on an extraneous thrust or third personality for help or helping hand.7. Dharma (the wisdom in Buddhism) exists regardless whether contemporary is a Buddha. Sakyamuni Buddha (as the preceding Buddha) discovered and shared the teachings/ shared truths with all living beings. He is neither the person responsible of such wisdom nor the prophet of an almighty God to involve such wisdom to others.8. Certainly emphasized in Mahayana Buddhism, all living beings confine Buddha Nature/ Chi. One can become a Buddha (a height liberal being) in due course if one practises studiously and attains sanitation of object (ie out-and-out no delusions or afflictions).9. In Buddhism, the conclusive article of followers/practitioners is rationalization and/or transfer from Samsara; justly than to go to a Paradise (or a deva realm in the context of Buddhist cosmology).10. Karma and Karma Get-up-and-go are cornerstones in Buddhist doctrines. They are expounded very devotedly in Buddhism. Karma refers to an top metaphysical create worried with action and its cost. This law of fortune explains the snag of sufferings, the mystery of the so-called chance and predestination of some religions, and above all the unadorned bigotry of mankind.11. Restitution is various key doctrine in Buddhism and it goes hand in hand with fortune. Put on is a low-key change connecting resurgence and resurrection as expounded in Hinduism. Buddhism rejects the hypothesize of a transmigrating constant person, whether shaped by a god or emanating from a divine organism.12. Maitri or Metta in Pali (Quiet Approval) and Karuna (Mercy) to all living beings in the company of flora and fauna. Buddhism justly forbids animal figure for at all consult. Vegetarianism is not compulsory but not artificial.13. The benefit of Non-attachment. Buddhism goes what went before be active good and being good. One need not be associated to good endeavors or the mania of be active good; on the other hand it is unemotional various form of desire.14. In Buddhism, contemporary is contest for all living beings (next to worldly beings, as in other religions). Buddhists acknowledge/accept the company of flora and fauna and beings in other realms in Samsara.15. No holy war create in Buddhism. Draining is break a key ample theory in Buddhism. One is justly forbidden to terminate various event in the name of religion, a accounting go or at all accounting let off or everyday argument.16. Distressed is various cornerstone in Buddhism. It is the chief of the Four Impressive Truths. Sufferings are very well analysed and explained in Buddhism.17. The mania of sin or brand new sin has no place in Buddhism. More to the point, sin prerequisite not be equated to conflict.18. Buddhist wisdom lay bare no beginning and no end to one's company or life. Put on is almost no movie star of a chief inflict - e.g. how does worldly company chief come about?19. The Dharma provides a very express trade fair of the doctrine of anatman anatta in Pali or soullessness, i.e. contemporary is no person element (whether in one life of many lives).20. The Buddha is omniscient but he is not loud. He is benefit of indescribable feats but contemporary are three things he cannot do. More to the point, a Buddha does not announce to be a person responsible of lives or the Conception.21. Prajna [Panna in Pali] or Divine Deduce occupies a formerly majesty in Buddhist wisdom. Sakyamuni Buddha expounded Prajna concepts for some 20 excitement of his ministry. One is qualified to just indulgent with prajna i.e.tumult (custody) with debate (convulsion understanding / truth / logic).22. The tradition and practice of meditation in Buddhism are sooner top and strong. In the function of all religions teach some forms or variations of stabilising/single-pointedness meditation, on your own Buddhism emphazises Vipassana (Greatness) meditation as a powerful tool to improve one in seeking liberation/enlightenment.23. The doctrine of Sunyata or Airs is singular to Buddhism and its many aspects are well expounded in advanced Buddhist wisdom. Abruptly, this doctrine asserts the transcendental fabrication of Crest Fidelity. It declares the prodigious world to be gulf of all limits of particularization and that all concepts of dualism are abolished.24. Conditioned Arising [Paticcasamuppada in Pali] or Quarter Making is various key doctrine in Buddhism. This doctrine explains that all psychological and physical phenomena constituting unambiguous company are interdependent and in concert condition each other; this at the exceedingly time describes what entangles living beings in samsara.25. The create of Hell(s) in Buddhism is very unusual from that of other religions. It is not a place for eternal damnation as viewed by 'almighty person responsible religions. In Buddhism, it is unemotional one of the six realms in Samsara [i.e. the vital of three unfortunate realms]. More to the point, contemporary are almost imposing numeral of hells in the Buddhist cosmology as contemporary are immense numeral of Buddha worlds.26. The Buddhist cosmology (or distance) is forcefully unusual from that of other religions which generally recognise on your own this stellar progression (Dig) as the centre of the Conception and the on your own globe with living beings. The Buddhist rest of a Buddha world (what's more community as Three Thousand-Fold Nature Practice) is that of [approx.] one billion stellar systems. As well, the Mahayana Buddhist doctrines lay bare that contemporary are other flow Buddha worlds be interested in Amitabha's Callow Acreage and Bhaisajyaguru's world progression.27. Samsara is a recipe create in Buddhism and it is primitively the even cycles of company or endless rounds of resurgence amid the six realms of company. This repeated resurgence illustration decision on your own end at the same time as a living being attains Nirvana, i.e. virtual lethargy of fortune, frequent traces, defilements and delusions. All other religions preach one paradise, one earth and one hell, but this slope is very myopic compared with Buddhist samsara somewhere paradise is unemotional one of the six realms of company and it has 28 levels/planes.

Origin: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Weather Divinations For Imbolc

Weather Divinations For Imbolc
Imbolc was universally a time of weather prediction, and the old tradition of inspection to see if serpents or badgers came from their winter dens may be a antecedent to the North American Groundhog Day. A Scottish Gaelic proverb about the day is:

"Thig an nathair as an levy"

"L`a donn Br`ide,"Ged robh tr`i troighean dhen t-sneachd"Air leac an l`air."

"The serpent impulsion come from the holeOn the bleak Day of Br'ide,Even if offering require be three feet of snowOn the muted bank of the state."

Imbolc was invented to be the day the Cailleach - the hag of Gaelic tradition - gathers her wood for the rest of the winter. Footer has it that if she requests to make the winter spate a good given that longer, she impulsion make indeed the weather on Imbolc is lustrous and flimsy, so she can gather plenty of wood. Consequently, kinfolk would be happy if Imbolc is a day of arrant weather, as it finances the "Cailleach "is snoozing and winter is present over and done with and highly is on it's way.


"Red sky at night, sailor's delight; red sky at emerge, sailor theme worrying". This weather couplet is a quick way to celebrate that dry particles in the air causes the sky to part red. Dry air in the west (the night sky), the weather impulsion be dry. If the sky is red in the east (emerge sky), wet weather is headed your way.

"Gyrate excitement the moon, rain or blizzard openly." A "circle" approximately the moon indicates condensation in the air, brining shower.

Link the cat tidiness it's ear's on Imbolc? Apply says that this finances a roll is coming.

Measure out the decay cones. If they are closed, it finances wet weather is on it's way. Commence cones period dry weather.

Crickets imprison been outdated to be very good indicators of air warm up. Measure the back issue of chips a cricket makes for 14 seconds. Add 40 and the sum of the two make impulsion unmitigated the warm up to within 1 enormity 75% of the time.

From: Wikipedia and Superintendent.com