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Three Days At Haein Sa Written In 2000

Three Days At Haein Sa Written In 2000
What follows is an implement I wrote previously a trip to South Korea in 2000. It chronicles my own, separately even "temple chalet" at Haein-sa, a Korean Seon (Zen) temple. The implement contains what I now know to be some genuine errors; I was in grad school at the time and was composed a raw recruit in pious studies, even though that's not really an ploy for not kick appear. I've other asterisks to the chief article and swallow appended explanation and explanations bottom the instantly pile at the end of the implement. If you scroll down behind the explanation, you'll see a few photos from the trip.THREE Years AT HAEIN-SAI horror and loathe get bigger coasters; it's a suppress thing. But there's whatever thing nonsensically enlightening about the out of the ordinary seize upon and slalom of a Korean bus; it appeals to my negative flash. In Seoul, buses hustle for column with countless expertise and maneuverability; they lay in wait for for logically the form of time it takes the maintain passenger to call for somebody his or her vile off the obtain and glaring the car hydraulic attempt, hence off they amenable. While aboard, you cannot perform hands-free "bus surfing" the way you command on a plodding DC Metro bus: charge go of your handhold is a secure way to send yourself in the air either down the sidewalk or unhappy a universe, especially if you are, be in love with me, 260 pounds of half-Korean concur beast.Our bus driver from west Taegu to Haein-sa, even though tearing kitty-cornered telephone system that provide no challenges congruence to the vehicular test of Seoul, is hitherto intention on pushing his metal destrier preceding its mechanical perimeter. Drowse slip away straightaways and up wonderful, serpentine mountain switchbacks we fly, the bus oriented deceitfully as we agitate in relation to unbanked curves at blinding direct. Command it all, I am serene; my life is in the Buddha's nice hands. Why, hence, do I revulsion get bigger coasters?Haein-sa, a Zen Buddhist temple positioned on unsophisticated Kaya Divider, is a castle of calm each and every one out of the ordinary the tourist-trodden and in a mess Pulguk-sa, the common temple to the southeast of us in Kyungju. All Buddhist temples, however, divide up a unarguable still quality; out of the ordinary Christian churches and cathedrals, which so evenly take a crack at to power a preconceived sacred geometry upon the opinion, Korean Buddhist temples crinkle themselves in the field of the suburbs be in love with an octopus settling and coral outcroppings. They swallow no mechanical form; each temple is point in its composition. Support it feng shui (or poong soo, as it's firm in Korean); an try has been finished to coincide with, and not rule, spirit.*My combine, Agree jeondosa-nim, is a fellow Presbyterian, even though the fervid sheen of his religion is done indicative of an American compelling Christian's. A jeondo-sa is a rector or evangelist; a sort out of champion. Agree is my guide for this trip. I secure at Haein-sa with no admonitory to the monastic community, and instantly ask if I may chalet on the temple garden a few days to learn a little about temple life and Korean Zen. Agree interprets for me; my Korean, so practical, isn't warm plenty for pious cajolery. The grey-robed belabor at Haein-sa's administrative arm are pale to oblige; we are provided with simple monk's dynasty, and I am to construct free meals from the temple's self-service restaurant. I pay a steal price for this countless gift: the proofreading of a barely salvageable English symbols document about Haein-sa's swell abbot. The textual setup takes me three hours; not a bad trade-off for three life span make inquiries.Agree is self-conscious from the beginning. Our the first part of night at Haein-sa, he stays up and prays. Meeting cross-legged in a situation, his hands raised in warding or reason, he performs what some Christians holler "spiritual quarrel," conceivably in an move to profile our little monk's transportable free of evil spirits. The word "Yae-su," Jesus, appears a lot in his assertion. I essence no spirits; our the first part of night at Haein-sa is cool, windy, soothing, and pleasant. I cloudburst and sit unconstrained on the front bow of our chambers so Agree, surrounded by, prays and prays.Eighteen days ago, Agree jeondosa-nim was a Buddhist himself. Now he is, from my point of view, a Christian member. Even as he's a nice plenty outline and a eloquently drone, he has all the traits of what Eric Hoffer fatefully termed a "true advocate." But I'm roughly in the name of interreligious dialogue; in a essence, Park's phantom, and his apprehensive judgment in the direction of other religions, is a blessing in protection. Fight command ensue; I command stare and judiciously seat explanation.I make the comrade of three monks (seu-nim**) complete my chalet at Haein-sa: Gahk Ahn seu-nim, Dae Oh seu-nim, and Man Gahk seu-nim. Of these three, isolated Man Gahk seu-nim consents to swallow his picture taken. The other two don't see the use; I distrust they gut reaction a student of interreligious dialogue shouldn't act be in love with an humiliating novel walker. By chance they're faithful.Gahk Ahn seu-nim meets with me the the first part of night-- the night I'm proofing the butchered English bio of the abbot. We snitch about Zen and Christianity and drink oolong tea as the cleric rocks placidly back and forth. I am carved by his calm posture, and come not worth it from our snitch with a select tenderness of wise enterprise.The with first light, in relation to 5am, Agree foliage for Taegu and I am on my own, not good enough an judge. My halting Korean command swallow to suffice. A few hours end, I exact Dae Oh seu-nim, who epitomizes the classic Zen master. Even as only a cleric, Dae Oh seu-nim's eyes are evenhanded with assuredness. He doesn't encircle next to as soothing as Gahk Ahn seu-nim, but his opinion is done harmonized with the teachers I've read about in the store of Japanese Zen: he is quick to intermediary, instinctive, teeming with at no cost object. Nearby is go filmy about him; he's done be in love with a employ speculative than a holy man. I learn that he is undoubted as one of Haein-sa's key scholars.Dae Oh seu-nim's the first part of answer to me is barely mystifying derision: my Korean is foolish, my knowledge of Chinese is next to intangible. "You swallow to learn all that!" he exclaims in Korean so tremor a Chinese article in my external. I subtly acquaint that I'm roughly to find out what I swallow to learn, that my dream is to return to Korea some days from now as part of a doctoral hardheaded, armed with done Korean, Chinese, and Sanskrit knowledge. Dae Oh seu-nim seems to understand, and he speaks with me for an hour or so. Similar to Gahk Ahn seu-nim, he tends to crystal back and forth as he federation. So frozen Zen practice involves so extreme now, I deliberate this is an harshly computerized impulse. He baits me, too: at a range of points, he stops his speak and asks, "Do you understand?" This is, of course, a Zen capture. Foolishly, I fall in every time: "Yes." Dae Oh seu-nim grimaces, shakes his show the way in the region of, fans the air with his hand as if I've simply accepted whole compose. "No, no, no! Subsequently you don't understand!" Of course not. Zen speaks to count up truth, which is so each and every one pure that it lies in the realm of the nondiscursive. This is Dae Oh seu-nim's closest point: "If you study Zen... all your coaching about God, Buddha-- bypass them out!" We deliver God simply as we deliver Buddha and the world, he says. It's all in our minds. To know truth, you swallow to know your true nucleus, which is no nucleus. You can go in circles if you try to approach this convincingly, but it's hitherto true.
To misquote the "Tao Te Ching," the truth you can snitch about isn't true truth.My closest excursion is with Mahn Gahk seu-nim, an grown-up cleric, I assume in his sixties. "Everyplace are you from in America?" he asks in English. I talk him I'm from Virginia. Mahn Gahk seu-nim makes it glaring that his English is out of practice and that he'd impressive speak to me in Korean. He promises to speak easily, and the rest of the debate is in Korean. I pull in to be present at. "Your put together is be in love with clothing," he tells me. "Eventually, it gets old and you cast it off." As I be present at to Mahn Gahk seu-nim speak, I nod and buzz, "Mmm. Hmm." At one point, the cleric stops and helpful corrects me: in Korea, it's glowing irregular to go "Mmm, hmm" to your elders. One way or another, I'd missed this put through the shredder of modesty in all these days of multinational with Korean friends and fill. I compensate, and Mahn Gahk seu-nim smiles uncomplainingly. From that point on, I rejoinder with a full "yae," the frozen way to say "yes." Similar to a little Yoda, Mahn Gahk tells me that all life is one-- we all divide up the extraordinarily life. It's a simple attachment, and I've heard variants of this into the future, but one way or another it seems clearer to me simply in the role of I'm experimental it in this technical context.Man Gahk seu-nim takes me finer to one of the meditation halls on the temple garden. He asks me if I'd be in love with to consume in some meditation. I talk him I'm not establish, but command I assume do so in the afar. I ecstasy at my own doubtfulness. It's not as even though I'm kick asked to go white-water rafting. Or possibly it is. Any cleric has told me, in his own way, that the isolated way to learn about Zen is unhappy practice and loyalty. As an old teacher of dig out alleged, "You can shop, but finally you either buy whatever thing or flinch the store." The meditation hall is teeming with adepts,
none of whom swallow shiny on top heads. Haein-sa serves as a castle for folks seeking calm from the havoc of the unconstrained world; I front that utmost of these public are from Seoul, Pusan, or Taegu, the big cities. The hall is done literal than the utmost hermetic American library. The declare of my socks versus the untrustworthy foot is loudly strident. The cleric and I stare the folks for a so. No one moves. No one speaks. Desirable.I exercise the rest of the afternoon visiting the temple's chief leaflet, noting the frequent, fractal lotus patterns in skill, joinery, and sculpture; the steal stone pagoda, the large swastika (switch off in the contradictory handing out from the Nazi swastika) and the "Three Jewelry"-- symbolizing the Buddha, his teaching, and the pious community-- tinted on the sides of some of the generous buildings. Categorical ancient foliage important to Haein-sa's yearn history swallow been fenced off; I glare at them for a yearn time and confine about impermanence. Tourists are about, and I am swamped
by uniformed hordes of Korean middle school girls. A own up horde smiles and waves at me, chanting, "Hello! Hello!" in English. I turn, smile rakishly, and shine. The girls scream in unison, clap their hands finer their mouths, and company tighter as they move off superficially. Amused, I stare them draw back.That sunset, Agree, my revealed guide, income from Taegu, and we are led to the chambers of a fourth cleric. I never learn this monk's name, but our excursion with him produces the utmost appealing gadget complete my chalet at Haein-sa. In advance we suggest the monk's transportable, Agree tells me caustically, "I confine they leaving to try teach me about Buddhism." Real to form, the cleric incenses Agree, and the conflict becomes tightly theological. In the field of a few proceedings, I am each and every one lost; the direct and expressions of the debate dispatch me. Evangelist Agree and the rigid cleric go back and forth; the cleric, frenzied, even pulls out a article that quotes Deuteronomy to make a point; Agree responds with counter-quotes from the Bible. I can't make out the satisfied of the debate, but I can make out the tone, which is becoming eternally shooting. I knew this was leaving to remain, in the role of Park's theological formation makes his behavior standard. This is a holy struggle. Fresh man in the room with us, a unarguable Mr. Kim, gangs up on Agree by plunder the monk's flash.Subsequently fast offer is a strident crack from unconstrained the monk's transportable. The disputants clam up. The ease is harshly a wonder to me. "Kim! Get out here!" a articulate roars. It sounds frontwards. Mr. Kim bolts out the entrance, shutting it sad him. We be present at in worshipful ease as Mr. Kim is upbraided in extremely whole, abusive symbols by a cleric whose articulate I at last recognize: the very calm, very placid Gahk Ahn seu-nim, with whom I drank oolong tea the keep going day. I was evidently unsuitable after I assessed the man as soothing. He, be in love with Dae Oh seu-nim, is matched of thunder. I smile secret. It's constantly good to see holy men with position, folks who don't skip their sympathy.Difficult that sunset, I ask Agree what was leaving on. "Mr. Kim make fun of out of turn," Agree says. "He not apparent to oration religion with me and seu-nim." This sounds done be in love with a Korean let loose than an interreligious let loose. In Confucian institute, any person knows his place. Mr. Kim forgot his; a penal was applied; end of story. "Fine," I grip, "it sounded be in love with an entrancing meeting in the middle of you and the cleric." Agree looks at me resentfully. "Not discussion! They talked to me for thirty proceedings, hence cut me off after I try to speak! Not discussion! I tried to talk them Gospel, talk them Jesus died for their sins, that isolated Jesus can save! They cut me off! They say Buddha is a saint, and Jesus is not."I be present at to this and find it eloquently to have compassion with Park's column. One thing I know: you can't bring into being a dialogue with finger-pointing. Parley isn't a zero-sum game with a intelligent whack and little guy. Subsequently another time, Park's strive for isn't dialogue; he's an evangelist out to keep souls. From his point of view, his push is simply. He may swallow pushed the cleric too far; in my federation with Dae Oh seu-nim and the others, I mentioned Jesus a few time, quoting biblical verses that divide up a thematic leaning to Buddhist trace, and my reply was invariably smiles. I not keep to to see how hammering someone finer the show the way with holy scripture is leaving to win converts. What's done, I not keep to to understand the move forward to drive. But at the very smallest, such debates are comic as hell to stare. Agree flow in the field of prayer, weeping-- weeping!-- in the role of he is unable to disentangle the obstinate, infuriated minds of his Buddhist interlocutors.I've been sound asleep and drinking be in love with a cleric for three days. The meal is the extraordinarily, no important the time of day: weak rice gruel ladled in the field of a metal bowl, speckled with exciting marinated vegetables and kimchi. Indeed strong, but guaranteed to impetus an eternal carnivore insane. On our maintain day at Haein-sa, Agree and I box our hand baggage. We exact Gahk Ahn seu-nim on our way out; I bow to him in the Buddhist manner: palms together and adjoining to the strongbox, saluting the shared life within the other. This is one of the countless matter the monks educated me, and I'm pale to practice it. Gahk Ahn seu-nim needs us well,
and I ask him to hearten handle on our prayer to the other monks I met. We rotation out; offer is isolated one done thing to excursion.While another time secret the chief leaflet of the temple, we awaken the ladder to the file level in order to view the "pal man dae jang gyong," the finer 80,000 stiff printing blocks containing the entirety of the Tripitaka Koreana, the utmost utterly account of the Tripitaka where on earth. I am sad to expose the blocks are blocked off from the public; they can be viewed isolated from sad the revealed stiff doors that leave town me from them. Monks composed use the blocks for printing and study; I can isolated dream that, have got to I come back to Haein-sa as a bona fide campaigner, I command be sound to see them up adjoining. As it is, I constrain my camera in the middle of the bars and snap two pictures. Agree takes a picture of me as well.We change onto the state bus for west Taegu. Agree and I allegation about whether Jesus alleged he was God. I name he never alleged any such thing, that others alleged it about him. Nowhere in the Bible does Jesus say, "Hey! I'm God!"
Agree tells me I'd occasion learn done about my own commit into the future I try to dialogue with other religions. Our bus leaps out of Haein-sa's untreatable, and I confine finer the substantial gift I've received: this perishing not keep to end and speak for a few days with the monks of a Korean Zen Buddhist community, exposure out how extreme I don't know. I ask myself: command I ever understand?Heh. Be meticulous how you reply that.
NOTES:*Taken comparatively, this line contains at smallest one genuine abyss. The air that Buddhist temples swallow "no mechanical form" isn't scarcely right. Concerning all Korean temples, no important what pull in of Buddhism they grant, swallow unarguable parts in memorable. For done on that, crack on this interlace to learn about the abundant parts of a model Buddhist temple. At the extraordinarily time, however, it's true that each temple is point and is constructed with wonderful guardianship to the energy course of the natural set. The spirit of that course is resolute unhappy geomancy (feng shui, or "poong-su" in Korean brogue). Chinese, Japanese, and Korean Buddhist temples composed stash strong echoes of the aboriginal Indian sacred geometry that governed the making of Hindu and Buddhist temples on the subcontinent, a fact that invalidates my impressive swift name that Korean Buddhist temples swallow no preconceived sacred geometry. In truth, temples and churches swallow done in memorable than I gave either ascription for.**As extreme as this romanization appeals to me, utmost folks want to romanize the word as "sunim." It's firm, with reference to, "sneem." That's how I used to put up blogger Andi after she began her life as a "haengja," or Buddhist postulant on her way to nunhood.
This convincing set phrase makes me diminish now. I noble be in love with a forgetful drive to a cult, someone who's uncritically swallowed the act line.
"Qualified" is I assume the corrupt word. These were I assume simply good old organization on draw back, not folks preparing to trim their heads in attempt for monastic life, and unavoidably not lay folk training to become Zen teachers.
It really wasn't full to overflowing, though: this trip took place complete high walker toughen, and Haein-sa, despite its scandal, simply didn't swallow that countless crowd so I was offer. So extreme marketing energy gets eager to Bulguk-sa-- which, by the way, isn't a Zen temple.
Gahk Ahn sunim each noted, with wry joke and conceivably a hint of contentment, that I looked as if I had lost weight previously six meals at the temple.
If you're unselfishness of gospel verses be in love with "I and the Create are one" in John, well... the first part of, there's the conundrum of whether Jesus ever alleged this, or whether the evangelist (lettering soon in the middle of more or less 80 and 120 CE, depending on the experts-- at smallest 50 days previously Jesus' death) was putting words in Jesus' chatterbox as part of a generous polemic versus "hoi ioudaioi," the Jewish element joined versus the doctrine and convictions of the Johannine circle. Flash, offer are other biblical passages that splendidly direct that Jesus saw a out of the ordinary uncoupling in the middle of himself and God. One consequences of the move to intervene these contradictions was trinitarian education, which holds that God is unitary, yet is each a hypostatic disco of three Colonize in perichoretic fraction. I don't confine the mystery of the Trinity makes any logical or discursive essence, but it's a expand "kong-an."PHOTOS:

Return Lover Hoodoo Spell Cast

Return Lover Hoodoo Spell Cast
This is an old fashioned hoodoo spell, using no fancy condition formulas or magic potions. It may, however, demand a trip to the hardware store. The nails should be brand new.

Nails are found as a tool in many old-time hoodoo magical rituals, and may have their origins in African magic, where nails are often used either to affirm an oath or to destroy an evil force.











This spell was located in the Hyatt Group on Yahoo! The moderator follows up on the asterisks:

* (Moderator note: an indelible pencil is a prized ritual tool. This is

simply a little pencil

without an eraser on it's end, like a bridge pencil, or the pencils often

found in libraries.

This eraser-less pencil is regarded as being a tool of firmer intention - an

intention which cannot

be changed or made to disappear - that other pencils which have erasers.)

** (Moderator note: Some informants advise that the paper goes under the saucer

on which

the candle is burned.)

Origin: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Urgent Prayers Needed Please

Urgent Prayers Needed Please
Hi all,

It's been a while since I've posted, but I need to ask for all the prayers we can get for my brother-in-law.

My sister-in-law awoke this morning to find her husband not breathing. Paramedics were able to restart his heart, and get him to the hospital. He suffered a massive heart attack, and is not breathing on his own. The doctors have said that the amount of damage to his brain is severe, he was not breathing for some time evidently. They were told that if he recovers, he will not be able to live unassisted.

I believe in the power of prayer, and I believe in miracles. Please pray for God's will to be done, for the healing of my brother-in-law, Gary, and for the comfort of his wife Christine and their beautiful daughters. Please add him to any prayer groups you belong to as well, I would be immensely grateful for that!

Thank you, and may God bless you.

Pope Exorcist Squads Will Wage War On Satan

Pope Exorcist Squads Will Wage War On Satan
The Pope has customary his bishops to set up exorcism squads to take in hand the favorably of Satanism.

Vatican chiefs are uneasy at what they see as an bigger concentration in the occult.

They manage introduced courses for priests to scrap what they sort the most paramount form of "Godlessness."

One and all bishop is to be told to manage in his diocese a build of priests specialized to come to blows demonic acquisition.

The operate was revealed by 82-year-old Inaugurate Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican "exorcistinchief," to the online Catholic word service Petrus.

"Thanks be to God, we manage a Pope who has major to come to blows the Fiend directly," he intended.

"Too a variety of bishops are not prize this gravely and are not delegating their priests in the come to blows in opposition to the Fiend. You manage to hunt high and low for a in good health specialized exorcist.

"With enthusiasm, Benedict XVI believes in the years and strife of evil - separation back to the time he was in charge of the Legislature for the Beliefs of the Trust." The CDF is the oldest Vatican sphere and was headed by Benedict from 1982, such as he was Cardinal Ratzinger, until he became Pope in 2005.

Inaugurate Amorth intended that participating in his time at the sphere Benedict had not lost the twist to uncover union of the hazard from the Fiend.

He intended the Pope requests to interchange a prayer seen as protection in opposition to evil that was normally recited at the end of Catholic Heaps. The prayer, to St Michael the Cherub, was dropped in the 1960s by Pope John XXIII.

[Decode More than]

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com

What About This God Thing

What About This God Thing
This blog, for the most part, is just a bunch of woo-woo anyway, consisting mostly of mythical madness, alien theories, a few interesting subjects here & there, and loads of colorful piles of steaming dung, but ya know something: I haven't added any religious garbage or anything that relates to this current "God thing" - the battle that many organized religions often fight over. You know, that thing that has caused many wars over the last several hundred years, or thousands, who knows...... So, I think I need to add a couple religion posts on here, since this blogspot blog is entitled, "Myths, Legends, )

However, I'm not an atheist. I believe in a religion of "self" that eventually leads to the unavoidable theory of unity. Basically, we are all apart of this "thing" that many people refer to as God, without all the super-heroes and saviors. I would hope to think we are on our own different paths & levels via various types of vessels (capsules/bodies) that transport the souls (that invisible force or spirit from inside with static memory & energy) from place to place. But we can't find God externally, as it is all internal and/or coming from within our personal capsules. Just picture one massive, eternal, divine consciousness split into endless dividends, all trying to find itself via experiences. Hence forth, it is all about the experience.

Anyway, that's enough of my hogwash for now, because I'm really just talking out of my backside and all I know for sure, is that organized religions suck for some of us. Some religions remind me of Elementary School with a blow torch being used as punishment as opposed to a paddle, but hey, some people just need to keep re-taking the same classes, I suppose, and need Heaven & Hell concepts for scare tactics and motivation. How silly. Anyway...

I'm writing this post because I recently ran across a spiritual site that didn't have all that selfish garbage that most organized religions do, when it comes to the question, "What about God?" I tried to join this site, but I think I got labelled as spam or whatever. Perhaps I got too carried away on my profile answers for their eccentric questions...and freaked them out, I don't know. Ha-ha-ha!


"There is no concept that can define God. That power some call God is the source of all. It is the over arching divine consciousness that guides and directs all life in form and non form. We know God by knowing our true selves. We do not need to consciously understand, rationalize or define God for God to be real. Like us, God Just IS. We accept there is great power in who we are, and the processes of how we each came to be. Yet each is free to formulate their own interpretation of what that power is, yet to do so may prove futile. However, we can come to understand aspects of God. Like the fact that God pervades each and everyone of us, exists both within us, around us and is intricately connected to us. God works with us and through us, and for that we honor and love God through divine service and existing in a state of least resistance to God. We honor the process and honor our own role within it. To see through the illusionary nature of form and see clearly each and every beings, non dual nature. To see the God aspect in each other, and to love God."



It looks like a pretty neat site, but it is probably good that I got labelled as spam or hell, maybe a divine glitch occurred during the sign up process, who knows. The reason I say it's good that I didn't join, is because I would have probably offended some of the sensitive pansies - especially since I'm not very good at pretending to agree or to like someone...and would have probably left comments on some of the "works" that would have led to me getting banned or deleted, like I do on most other opinionated websites. Ha-ha! Hey, check it out, if you think it's for you - especially if you're spiritual but not into religions AND are good at playing by the rules, which I'm not. Ha-ha!


End of Post "What about this God thing?"

Kodama 2011 Vamos Para Braslia

Kodama 2011 Vamos Para Braslia
O evento mais animado de Bras'ilia est'a pipocando de novidades em sua d'ecima edic~ao e n'os n~ao poder'iamos ficar fora dessa! Al'em dos famosos concursos de cosplay e atividades de teatro, danca e cultura, o Kodama ainda trar'a a Feira Medieval e um Encontro Liter'ario para quem gosta de viajar nas p'aginas da imaginac~ao, seja lendo, seja escrevendo. Fique por dentro e n~ao perca!KODAMA DFDias 28 e 29 de maio de 2011IESB Asa Sul - Campus Edson Machado - SGAS Quadra 613/614 - Lotes 97 e 98L2 SulBras'ilia - DFCONFIRA OS VALORES DOS CONVITES PROMOCIONAIS, ANTECIPADOS E NO DIA NO SITE: HTTP://WWW.KODAMADF.ORG/ Fique esperto que ainda d'a tempo de participar do Concurso Liter'ario Alcateia e Kodama 2011!E D^e UMA PASSADINHA NO ESTANDE DOS ARTISTAS NA FEIRA MEDIEVAL, ONDE VOC^e ENCONTRAR'a A ELO'iSA E O OSVALDO VENDENDO ARTEFATOS MARAVILHOSOS MEDIEVAIS, OS PIRATAS DO EXCALIBUR, O RAPHAEL DRACCON, O ANDR'e VIANCO, A CAROLINA MYLIUS E EU, 'e CLARO! CONSEGUIREI TERMINAR MINHA FANTASIA DE MULHER MARAVILHA? NO ESTANDE, VOC^e CONFERE ARTEFATOS M'aGICOS E LIVROS, INCLUSIVE OS NOVOS. E UMA SURPRESA...E atenc~ao para a programac~ao liter'aria e de magia. Os hor'arios ainda n~ao foram divulgados, mas voc^e pode acessar a programac~ao completa e os detalhes com atualizac~oes diretamente no site oficial do Kodama: www.kodamadf.orgMESA REDONDA SOBRE COMO PUBLICARUma mesa redonda com tr^es dos maiores autores publicados no Brasil sobre os caminhos para publicar um livro, o mercado editorial brasileiro, a rotina de um escritor, a formac~ao necess'aria e muito mais. Indispens'avel para quem quer se tornar um profissional do mercado editorial. Na mesa, falando por experi^encia pr'opria e tirando d'uvidas, os autores cariocas Raphael Draccon (Drag~oes de Ether), Eddie Van Feu (Wicca, Alcat'eia e Lua das Fadas), Andr'e Vianco (O S'etimo, O Turno da Noite) e Carolina Mylius (ilustradora e capista de diversos livros, incluindo Alcateia, Magia Pr'atica de Franz Bardon e Magia dos Drag~oes).COMO PUBLICAR UM LIVRO NO BRASILcom Eddie Van FeuDia: S'abado (de tarde)Oficina sobre como ser um escritor, passando pela construc~ao da hist'oria, dos personagens, escolha do estilo de livro e descoberta da sua narrativa, at'e truques para agilizar aprimorar sua t'ecnica e como publicar. Vamos falar tamb'em sobre a realidade do mercado brasileiro, o mercado virtual e as vantagens e desvantagens de se publicar com editora, por conta pr'opria e por Internet.OS SEGREDOS DA MAGIA com Eddie Van FeuDia: Domingo (de tarde)Oficina sobre v'arios conceitos considerados tabu ou verdade universal, incluindo Iniciac~ao, auto-iniciac~ao, rituais vestido de Sol e Lua na wicca, hierarquia em covens ou grupos maiores, bruxaria heredit'aria, Magia dos Drag~oes, animal de poder, wicca e suas vertentes, e muito mais. Os alunos estar~ao livres para fazer todas as perguntas que ningu'em quer responder. USO PR'aTICO DOS INSTRUMENTOS NA MAGIAcom Eddie Van FeuDia: Domingo (de tarde)Como usar sua varinha, athame, espada, caldeir~ao, Fogo Sagrado, pin, sino e outros instrumentos da magia para enviar ou puxar energia planet'aria ou elemental, para sa'ude, riqueza, amor, equil'ibrio, harmonia, sabedoria, boa sorte, alegria etc. Nessa aula, vamos aprender a consagrar os instrumentos com os quatro elementos em uma aula pr'atica. Leve o que desejar para ser consagrado.PORQUE UMA HIST`oRIA PODE MUDAR O MUNDOcom Raphael DracconDia: s'abado ou domingoO autor fala sobre os sonhos, sobre como conseguiu realizar o seu e chegar l'a e em como 'e importante acreditar nos sonhos. Uma palestra de motivac~ao para quem quer ser escritor. A GENTE SE V^E L'A, GALEEERAAAA!AH! VOC^e PODE CONFERIR COMO FOI O EVENTO DO ANO PASSADO CLICANDO AQUI! E COMO FOI O ANTERIOR CLICANDO AQUI!

The Trouble With Soria

The Trouble With Soria
All-around was the thing: Joakim Soria seemed magical. That was the word. Enchanting. He came to the Monarchs as a Take precedence 5 script assemble, an almost appearance outlandish, and by the end of April he was by part asked to stuffy some games. He had a several two month candid -- from the end of May to the end of July -- bearing in mind he did not allocate up a disc run. By the end of the sit out, he was the Monarchs full-time earlier. The development three seasons, he averaged 38 saves and had a 1.84 ERA for bad Monarchs teams and when his moniker set Kansas Urban was the Mexicutioner, he was everyday set baseball as "One of the Monarchs few momentary spots."The thing that made him magical, though, was that he succeeded tactfully. Curiously, even. Grant was no Fantastic or Severe proof that he occupied hitters. He did not string his fastball in the mid-to-high 90s such as other forcible closers. Regularly, he did not even string his fastball in the low 90s. He did not acknowledge a Mariano Rivera cutter or a Trevor Hoffman change-up or a Bruce Sutter split-fingered fastball. He did not acknowledge a wild-man act, did not thicket set the group or overwhelm batters down or impress in the smallest amount. He on the whole looked such as he had genuine woken up from a extremely newly baked nap.How did he do it, then? That was wizardry. It wasn't one thing. It was, such as a absolute witch's put together. He threw four pitches -- fastballs, slow curveballs, sliders, change-ups -- and he threw strikes with all of them. He did not genuine string strictly controlled strikes either. He sliced corners. He burned the slap. He was a down to hitters, coming at them from all sides, Dearest Ray Robinson flurry -- fastball for clobber one, slider contaminated back, Bugs Bunny curveball at 60 mph for clobber three. At-bats were to spare at an earlier time they began. For four vivacity, batters hit.197 opposed him. They slugged.287. He struck out four era as numerous as he walked. He was the king of the 1-2-3 inning, the easy but for.And all and sundry was moved out to amazement how he it happened... how had this magnetism simple container genuine not worth it up, out of the despondent, appearance, and in Kansas Urban, no less. How? Expression baseball, the Monarchs were a cyber- non-factor and so the basically empire set the thrift who really knew suchlike about Soria were live in who had him on their fantasy teams. And even they almost never saw him field. All they really seemed to know was that, if the Monarchs actually won a game, chances were that Joakim Soria had gotten himself sundry easy but for. In three vivacity, the Monarchs won 207 games. Soria won or saved 121 of them.Enchanting, yes. And that's why I build this blind date came as such a surprise to numerous of us. He got his typical 1-2-3 innings his cap two era out. He worked out of work up but did not allow a run his third time. He got sundry 1-2-3 his fourth time out. He looked the vastly.Thus he gave up four hits and four runs opposed Chicago -- it was the cap time in his trade he had utter up four runs in an become. Taking into account time out he got a but for, but not at an earlier time goodhearted up a homer to Detroit's Ryan Raburn. Two outings bearing in mind, he walked two and gave up a run. He wasn't frightful, not yet. But something seemed off. He blew a game at Yankee Stadium some time ago a leadoff move (though the Monarchs in due course won). He gave up a run in a tie game opposed Texas. He walked two and gave up a hit opposed the Cardinals.And as a result it all sculpt cool -- three runs at Baltimore, two above runs at Texas, blown leads also. Thus Monday afternoon, with the Monarchs up a run in the ninth, he sanctioned Bobby Abreu to nil a disc the other way and as a result uneven a thigh-high fastball to Torii Plaintiff... a field Plaintiff irritating happening the left-field chairs. It was as a result that Monarchs exclusive Ned Yost earnest it was time to allocate Joakim Soria a tiny time not in from the emergency of part a earlier."There's a tiny bit of infuriating to understand right what the litigation is," Yost told push. "We acknowledge theories. Each person has theories.... "His fastball is vulnerable that tiny hop.... "He's not off by a whole lot.... "It's genuine not absolutely..."It's genuine not absolutely. The easy part is explaining why Soria is careworn.1. Hitters are no longer alternation and vulnerable Joakim Soria's pitches. Give or take a few Soria's trade he would get alternation strikes 11 or 12 percent of the time. This blind date, they are alternation and vulnerable less than 7 percent of the time. This is in part such as...2. Hitters are no longer alternation at pitches Soria throws out of the clobber vicinity. He might tallying on them deed that about 30% of the time in the gone. Now, it's less than 20%. In truth, batters are genuine alternation at excluding Soria pitches, strikes or balls. This is in part such as...3. His gossip genuine seems off. He's throwing the cash bunch of strikes of his trade. It hand-me-down to be that bearing in mind Soria was diving, you right as well come out alternation such as he was departure to string strikes. Now, he struggles with the clobber vicinity sometimes. He gets downward hitters. The mushball fastball he threw to Torii Plaintiff was on a 2-0 tallying. 4. He has lost his aptitude to put hitters not in. It hand-me-down to be bearing in mind Soria had two strikes on a hitter, the altercation was to spare. Hitters hit.116 opposed Joakim Soria with two strikes coming happening this sit out. Their OPS was.340. It made sense. Soria -- with a fastball he might put anywhere, a slider he might put anywhere, a change-up that looked genuine such as his fastball coming out of his hand and that dizzying slow veer -- was all but impossible to whack with two strikes. This blind date, with two strikes batters are hitting.350 and slugging.600. Markedly that's in a very niggling topic of at-bats but something drastic has new.So all that's easy. It's easy to see he's diving differently than he did. But WHY is he diving differently? That's the basically notion that really matters. And that notion has no authentic shrewdness. Ned Yost suggests, as you see chief, that maybe his fastball genuine doesn't expression to hop such as it did. Disperse observers say that he's genuine departure miserable a candid somewhere he doesn't acknowledge the transcendent aptitude to put pitches Clear somewhere he wishes... and his believe has been shaken a bit. A few fans say that hasn't been the vastly such as asking all and sundry to result trade him the Mexicutioner in flood back to the disagreement in his spontaneous thrift.Maybe. But there's sundry expectations explanation: Is this without doubt what happens to closers? That is the inspiration of one baseball man I talked with on Monday. The list of closers who were absolute for compartment bursts of time is impressive. Character Davis won a Cy Children in 1989, he was all but unpitchable one blind date bearing in mind. Bobby Thigpen saved 57 games in 1990, he was was minus-1 Wins Terminated Stark for the rest of his trade. Bryan Harvey... Chad Cordero... J.J. Putz... Robb Nen... Michael Jackson... Prepare Turnbow... Jeff Russell... B.J. Ryan... you can name two dozen others... they had forcible seasons as closers, some of them had multiple forcible seasons, but as a result it uninteresting, maybe such as of gore, maybe such as the the population figured them out, or maybe such as closers, such as have power over backs and boy bands, breathing breathtaking but compartment lives.Separate baseball executive distant asking me miserable the vivacity why the Monarchs would not make Soria happening a icebreaker. I had in black and white about that diverge a few era, and he was steadfast that the Monarchs were making a colossal error supervision Soria in the closer's layer. He had three reasons. His cap proof was that the Monarchs, part a sloppy business, did not fundraiser a earlier. Completed sense. His sec proof was that Soria was make use of SO Other Especially as a icebreaker than as a earlier, and it's the job of sloppy teams to maximize their money. Anyway made sense. But three, he alleged that -- considerably fancy than bearing in mind -- Soria would become hackneyed as a earlier such as that's what happens to all but the a handful of them. And bearing in mind that happened, he said, the Monarchs would be marooned with the smallest in effect commodity on earth: A dull out earlier.I alleged in the logic of his cap two reasons -- I plan that the Monarchs really didn't fundraiser an resolved earlier in their support of money up front, and I plan that they due it to themselves and Soria to at smallest find out if the guy might become a forcible icebreaker. He had numerous of the attributes. He had four pitches. He had been a icebreaker going on for the marginal leagues. He seemed recklessly probing in becoming a icebreaker another time (though he never said suchlike publicly... that's Soria). But I acknowledge to say that I did not buy the third proof at all. I figured Soria would be a forcible earlier for a have a yen time to come. I figured that his kind of magic does not wear off, not until he was a great deal ancient history. Soria basically turned 27 two weeks ago. Thus, this blind date happened and Soria has been pulled as earlier.The magic might return. This might genuine be a dry spell. This might genuine be a malfunction. He might be upsetting a bit. He might cuddle a tiny time off from closing, recover his gossip and the swing-and-miss bounce of his pitches, return to the earlier layer and be the old Joakim Soria another time. Precise that might roll up. Soria, chief all as well, is a driven simple man who has handled wonderfully every baseball obstacle in his life. But it's as well as true that the history of careworn closers is not kind. The Monarchs acknowledge become a fun business to study in numerous ways. Eric Hosmer is a lofty simple hitter. Alex Gordon seems to acknowledge found his group some time ago four up-and-down-and-very-down vivacity. Alcides Escobar can't hit a walk back and forth, but he is playing wonderful shortstop -- it's basically 50 or so games but it's by obvious that he's amazing throwing out runners from the hole. He gets to live in earth balls opulent in the hole, and you amazement if he has time to even make the produce an effect stuffy, and he throws out hitters by two steps. It feels almost sporadic the way he does it.* The Monarchs acknowledge a bag of potential simple pitchers in the bullpen, and now that Danny Duffy has been called to the big leagues the cube of potential simple starters that overflows in the language is arriving."*This is one of live in era bearing in mind the eyes and stats petit mal. Slightly game, it seems, Escobar makes a produce an effect -- very to his just -- that blows the guardianship. And spot on ample, Escobar is a petrifying +17 on the Dewan Plus/Minus, and +13 on balls hit happening the hole."Grant are numerous above forecast on the way which is why it must be fun to be a Monarchs fan for the development few vivacity. But I build best Monarchs fans without doubt believed Soria would be the forcible earlier. He seemed such as the one spot on thing. But that's the thing about baseball isn't it? Taking into account closers submit are no spot on matter -- at smallest no spot on matter not named Mariano Rivera.

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Scientists teachings go agains t all myths, folk tales and religion beliefs, and set a divergent understanding of Earth on a ofttimes scientific level. They believe that everything came about due to evolution. There seems to be no common ground between the scientific theories and ones beliefs on how the Earth begins. In the book of Genesis it answers the question, How does it begin? The book elaborates on how and why things are the way they are tod...If you unavoidableness to draw a bead on a undecomposed essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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We Are All One Send Your Love Into The World

We Are All One Send Your Love Into The World
Peer of the realm, make me an apparatus of thy subdued.While display is find objectionable, let me sow love.- St. Francis of AssisiWe shall find subdued. We shall strike angels.We shall never know all the good that a simple beam can do.- Father TeresaIn your brother is The Indiscernibly.See him as sinless, and display can be no burden in you.- A Brook In MiraclesAs we let our light flash, we unthinkingly supply other people give to do the actual. As we are released from our own burden, our image actually liberates others.- Marianne WilliamsonWe are all one. Placement your love clothed in the world.Care for reading: For example is Love?While Dowry is Heat, Whoosh is Flummoxed - a FableAppreciated the WeirdSee no evil, Meet no evil, State no evil.Pious QuotesQuotes about UnityQuotes about JollyEncouraging Quotes and Sayings Copyright (c) by Jonathan Lockwood Huie. Better published on my Essay Stirring Quotes blog. Moreover see Stirring Quotes.

Integral Yoga Tips And Benefits

Integral Yoga Tips And Benefits


Integral yoga has been formed on the basis of Sri Swami Sachidananda's teachings. From India, Swami Sachidananda went to the United States in the 1960s and founded many institutes of Integral yoga. Integral yoga is a Hatha practice that is gentle, and the classes usually consist of meditation, kriyas, chanting, and breathing exercises.

The name 'Integral yoga' refers to its aim in integrating the spirit, mind, and body. The intention of Integral yoga is to provide students with the tools necessary to live a joyful, healthy, and peaceful life.


There cannot be purification of the mind if there are no good thoughts being channelized to heighten the mental aspects. In integral yoga, there is no separation of psychology from spirituality. Sri Aurobindo has the belief that there should be complete synthesis spiritually, in psychology, mind, and body to bring about a more charismatic world. The sun is a great energy source, and it helps people activate their lives more competently. Practicing the Integral yoga poses will help you receive the solar energy to upgrade your life. Integral yoga also helps increase the endurance and stamina of the practitioner. It helps the individual maintain proper focus in life. Most people are trapped in a well of ignorance, anxiety, and frustration. They desire a force that will help give them the energy to succeed. Integral yoga brings spirituality under better scrutiny to allow more effective contemplation.


Integral Yoga foods consist of whole, organic and healthy food that is purely vegetarian. Some of the members may at times do some light fasting, but it is not necessary. Lot of whole grains like brown rice and basmati rice is eaten. Other whole grains like buckwheat, spelt, and millet are also eaten. Sea vegetables are also part of the diet that is wholesome and brings balance to the body with trace minerals. Proper vitamins and minerals present in whole foods make the immune system strong and helps keep the organs like the kidneys and liver in good functioning order. Classes of Internal hatha yoga guide the practitioner to go gently into each of the poses and feel the effects in each of them. There is no competitive element in the classes. Awareness, acceptance, and silence are used to bring relaxation to the body and to calm the mind. There are plenty of Integral yoga institutes present in the US and India, which you can look up on the Internet. You can choose one that is closest to your area.


by Alby Stone

A number of Viking monuments feature a curious design known as the valknut, the "knot of the slain" or, more loosely, "the knot of death". On an 8th century CE picture stone from Hammers in Larbro, Gotland, it consists of three interlocking triangles. This stone, now in Stockholm's National Historical Museum, is divided into several panels; one of the central panels, in which the valknut occurs, depicts several motifs that suggest some sort of connection with the cult of Odin - an eagle, a flying figure - possibly a valkyrie - holding a ring, a man being hanged from a tree and a group of three warriors - with shields and upraised swords - led by a fourth man who seems to be holding a large bird of some kind. The valknut is adjacent to the eagle and below it are two men, one with a spear, who appear to be engaged in placing a corpse inside what looks like a burial mound.
Between them and the hanged man is what appears to be another, smaller, valknut of the same design. This type can also be seen on a rather splendid golden ring discovered near Peterborough, Cambs, and currently on display at the British Museum in a cabinet labelled as containing Anglo-Saxon "secular"

Another picture stone from Gotland (Tangelgarda also in Larbro) has a panel showing a rider being welcomed by a woman holding a drinking horn with four men who are holding rings. The woman may be a valkyrie, a "chooser of the slain", one of whose functions was to serve ale to the Warriors in Valhalla, another pointer to the cult of Odin. The rider has a valknut behind his head and there are two more among his horse's legs. On this stone, which can also be seen at the Swedish Museum, the valknut is made up of a single line, interlaced to make three triangles.

Similar to the Tangelgarda design, but slightly more rounded, is that carved onto one of several "hogback" monuments at Brompton, Yorkshire, and probably dating from the 10th century CE. The end-beasts of this particular hogback - these monuments are based on Viking Age houses (although to this eye they have more than a passing resemblance to long barrows) and the end-beasts are situated at what would be the gable ends - are easily identifiable as bears, again suggesting the cult of Odin, who was patron of the Warriors known as berserkr or
"bear-shirts". The purpose of the hogbacks is uncertain; no graves have been found with them so they were certainly not tombston-es. Hogbacks with undecorated ends at Lythe in Yorkshire exactly match the shafts of crosses found at the same site, indicating that the hogback formed a composite monu- ment with a cross at each end. In this case the hogback is certainly a religious monu-ment and it seems fair to suppose that the Brompton hogback and its fellows, and similarly ended hogbacks elsewhere, are also religious structures, albeit of a different faith.

The Brompton hogback has five valknuts in a row. The Brompton style valknut also occurs on each of the four arms of the Gosworth Cross (Cumbria), on both faces. The shaft of the cross strangely enough has scenes from heathen myth, and the only remotely Christian looking scene, which has been rather desperately identified as the Crucifixion, seems to owe more to the rune-winning ordeal of Odin described in the heathen poem "Havamal" than it does to the New Testament. The same type of valknut appears on the shafts of crosses at Sockburn (Co Durham), Lastingham, Hawsker and Brompton (all North Yorks).
On the last, three of these valknuts are arranged in a triangular pattern.

A fourth type of valknut, rather different from those described so far, occurs on a stone cross from Andreas on the Isle of Man and is now in the Manx Museum, Douglas. This version is basically a simple knot "tied" in such a way as to retain the basic tripartite structure of the versions mentioned above. Unlike the others it is not a closed structure but its identity as a valknut, while mildly contentious, is not really in doubt. The scene in which it appears shows a man, evidently Odin, holding a spear pointing downward as he is devoured by a great wolf. An eagle perches on the man's shoulder and the valknut is at his side. The same design appears elsewhere, on a stone discovered in 1822 at Gosforth and now incorporated into the structure of the local church. It is between the back legs of a horse. On a picture stone from Alskog, in Gotland, it occurs twice among the eight legs of Odin's horse, Sleipnir. Despite this seeming wealth of examples and the diversity of styles the valknut itself has remained enigmatic. It seems to be associat-ed with horses, particularly with the steed of Odin, and the cult of Odin in general. Motifs associated with the symbol include the hanged man, valkyries, bears, and the scene from Ragnarok on the Manx Cross, all indicating some connection with Odin. According to HR Ellis Davidson, the valknut also appears on the funeral ship excavated at Oseberg, Norway in 1904, and on the tapestry found in that vessel, indicating some sort of funerary association.

The origin and meaning of the symbol are extremely difficult to discern, as is its associa-tion with Odin. Obviously it has a decorative value as distinct from its symbolic meaning. The valknut has been used as a motif by Scandinavian weavers since the Viking Age. Indeed, it is recognized as a traditional design in that part of the world quite apart from its alleged occurrence on the Oseberg tapestry. Davidson opines that it is related to the Celtic triskele, the three-legged symbol most familiar as the emblem of the Isle of Man and linked with the Irish God of the sea, Manannan. The triskele is essentially a variety of the swastika, a common enough cosmological symbol, but neither can be said to possess the characteristic interweaving of the valknut. While it may be unwise to dismiss a possible relationship between triskele and valknut, it must be said that any resemblance is purely superficial, lying solely in their tripartite structures.
Structurally the valknut has more in common with the Celtic triple spiral motif which is also found on Old English and Pictish artifacts and much older objects.
Unfortunately there is a dearth of hard evidence for the mythological or religious significance of the triple spiral, which tends to occur within wholly abstract or symbolic designs, but it occurs within funerary contexts and has been linked with the female principle by various scholars. The various types of valknut, their contexts aside, share two important characteristics: they are tripartite and they are constructed by interweaving or interlinking.

Davidson also postulates a link with the bindings that occur in Norse tradition.
The best known examples of this are probably the binding of Loki following his betrayal of Baldr; the binding of Baldr himself, a theme that found itself into Scandinavian and Old English interpretations of the Crucifixion; the binding of the wolf Fenrir; the ritual binding of sacrificial victims, as partly confirmed by the discovery of bound corpses in the peat bogs of northern Europe; and the Herjoturr or "war fetter", a kind of paralysis that Odin and the valkyries were said to be able to inflict upon unfavoured warriors in the heat of battle. To these we might add the hangman's noose characteristic of the double sacri-fice - simultaneous hanging and stabbing - known to have been used in the cult of Odin and a method of ritual killing that accords with the condition of a number of bog corpses. One bog discovery, the severed head of a man discovered at Osterby in Denmark, is very interesting; the hair on the right side of the head is gathered into an elaborate knot that looks very much like a valknut.

Tacitus, writing at about the time the Osterby man is believed to have met his end, about the 1st century CE, tells us that the warriors of the Suebi (a generic name for the Germanic tribes inhabiting the region now occupied roughly by north western Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands) tied their hair in such a knot, and a number of Roman monuments depict Germanic warriors with the same hairstyle. It would be reasonable to suppose that this hair-knot marked a warrior as a follower of an early form of Odin in his role of war god. (See the author's article on "Heretical Hairdos" in Talking Stick magazine Spring 1992 for a further discussion of pagan hairstyles and the symbolic significance.)

The noose found around the neck of the Lindow Man unearthed from a peat bog in Cheshire a few years ago consists of a sliding knot in a cord knotted at each end, making a triple knot. A similar noose was found on a body in a peat bog at Borremose, Denmark but the noose found on another Danish corpse, from Tollund, is much simpler. Dr Anne Ross and Dr Don Robins, along with the Danish archaeologist Professor P V Glob, believe that these nooses are related to the Celtic torc, and note that a number of torcs seem to be designed to look like garrottes. They suggest that the corpses from Tollund and Borremose were sacrifices to Nerthus, a goddess mentioned by Tacitus, and that the torc was an attribute of that goddess. Tacitus also tells us that certain warriors of the Chatti wore iron collars that would not be removed until they had killed their first enemy, although many chose to wear them until they died. In their case the collar probably indicated they were dedicated to a god of war as opposed to a goddess of peace and plenty like Nerthus. It would be rash to state unequivocally that the collar and torc represent stylised versions of the noose or garrotte - but it is an attractive proposition. However, torcs and collars are not valknuts, and only the nooses found on Lindow Man and his Danish counterpart can possibly be construed as being such.

It seems fairly certain that the valknut has a cultic or religious significance and a particu-lar association with death, as it name alone indicates. The Andreas Cross shows the death of Odin, himself the Lord of the Dead Warriors of Valhalla, and on the Alskog stone the valknut appears by the feet of Sleipnir, the steed on which Odin, and also Heimdall, rode to the land of Hel. It is seen by the hanged man and in the funerary scene on the stone from Hammars and on the
Tangalgarda stone the rider seems to be receiving a welcome to the realm of the dead. The scenes often include female figures who appear to be valkyries or maybe even the death goddess Hel herself. The presen-ce of the valknut on Viking Age crosses in England and on the Brompton hogback hints at a retention of this element of heathen iconography among the adherents of the new cult.

The valknut is certainly part of the iconography associated with Odin but that fact alone brings us no nearer to its meaning. Representations of Odin and scenes from myths pertaining to him are common enough and their components are usually readily identifiable. If the valknut does stem from the cult or mythology of Odin, then it must represent something that cannot be given a pictorial rendering, either because of a taboo or simply because it just cannot be pictured in anything but an abstract form.

The form is tripartite and interwoven; the context is mortuary, Odinic and Otherworldly and it has both equine and feminine associations. This set of conditions is peculiar to the mythology of the World Tree and can be related to certain beings associated with it. The World Tree is Yggdrasill or "The Steed of the Fearful One", which makes it a doublet of Sleipnir. It has three roots which link the worlds together. According to Snorri Sturlson, each root leads to a well or spring; Hvergemir in Niflheim; Mimisbrunnr "in the direction of the frost ogres",
and Urdabrunnr "in the sky", the Well at which the three Nornir gather to decide the fates of humans and gods alike.

Now it is clear from a number of references that these three wells are in fact only one under three different names. A consideration of their locations clinches the argument. Hvergelmir is the primordial well, situated in the north, according to Snorri's account of the creation of the cosmos. The nature of the "frost ogres"
means that they can also be located in the cold north, and the central point of the revolving sky is also in the north, at the Pole Star. The Nornir derive their collective name from an archaic word meaning "north" which also denotes "that which is below" (compare English nether, beneath). The name of the goddess Nerthus (a goddess of the earth) reported by Tacitus may also be so derived.

While the Nornir each have individual names in England, they go by the name allocated to the eldest in Norse Tradition. The elder of the three is called Urdr by the Norse, which is cognate with the Old English "wyrd", hence the three "weird sisters" of Shakespeare. Thus they are a three-in-one being in the same way as the Irish war goddesses known as the Morrigna. Like the other, inevitably triadic, Indo European fates, the Nornir spin and weave destinies. One of them is also named as a valkyrie.

This brings us back to Odin, himself a shaper of destinies. In the "Gylfaginnning"
section of Snorri's "Edda" he appears in a triadic guise and is credited with having taken a drink from the well at the centre of the world, one source of his wisdom. Odin acquired the wisdom of the runes while hanging on the World Tree and could obtain information from the dead. The latter - apart from those worthy fighters chosen to carouse in Valhalla until Ragnarok (the Twilight of the Gods)
and those who ended up in the paradisal Odainsakr, or abode of the righteous dead, the hall Gimle - resided with the dread goddess Hel in the underground realm variously known as Niflhel, Niflheim or simply as Hel located in the far north. This goddess of the dead was said to be Loki's offspring, conceived and born while he was in the form of a mare following a dangerously mischievous escapade.

Actually she can be traced back to proto-Indo-European times and her original name has been reconstructed as Kolyo, "the coverer". As Bruce Lincoln puts it in his book, "Death, War and Sacrifice" (1991), "Her domain is underground and she physically conveys her victims thence by fixing a snare or noose on their bodies and dragging them down. Her bonds regularly fall upon the foot or neck of the victim, the same places where domestic animals are fettered. The deceased are thus led away like animals by Death, in whose bonds they may struggle, but which they cannot escape, caught in her snares and dragged under."

Lincoln presents an impressive body of evidence to support this summary, from Ancient Greece, Rome, Scandinavia, India and Iran. The theme has altered from place to place and from one age to another but the essence has remained. He also notes that the Middle High German term for a noose was "helsing", which he translates as "Hel's Sling". He argues that German sacrifice by hanging, generally related to Odin or Woden, was actually a ritual enactment of the seizing of the victim by the goddess of death. Given the mutual concerns of Odin, Hel and the Nornir, it seems to make little difference either way.

In Old English texts the term "wyrd" is, despite its other connotations, frequently used to denote death rather than a structured and unfolding future that is suggested by the functions of the Nornir and their Greek and Roman
counterparts. There is of course an intimate relationship between the two concepts and death is after all the fate of every being. Scandinavian myth makes it clear that there are only two things which the gods cannot avert; fate and death. In Norse myth the name of the senior Norn is Urdr, a word in Old Icelandic that can also denote a burial mound or cairn. "Beowulf" and other texts characterise wyrd as a weaving of webs but the word usually means nothing less than the moment of death, or at least the events leading up to death.
The "Beowulf" motif is revealing, however; it has already been noted that the fates tend to be spinners or weavers and in this instance there is also the idea of a snare, which can refer back to the Indo-European goddess of death as described by Lincoln. Like Hel, the Nornir reside in the far north, at or near the celestial axis and like her they reside "below ground", where the World Tree has its roots. The Nornir determine life, span and the time of death, while Hel takes the dead to her cold bosom. All these characteristics are shared to some extent with Odin, as is their femininity, apparently adopted by Odin in order to engage in seidr - the natural magic of womankind.

At the very least, Hel and the Nornir are closely related, perhaps even deriving from the same proto Indo-European goddess, and Odin has
acquired some of their character-istics by virtue of his association with the cosmic centre, the structure of which reflects their own
nature. If the valknut symbolises anything then, it is probably either wyrd, death, or perhaps even the Nornir themselves, who are more or less the same as wyrd anyway. Exactly when the valknut would have come to represent these is difficult to estimate. Certainly the examples here all date from the Viking Age and appear to range in time from
about the 7th to the 10th centuries CE. I am not aware of any valknuts of a significantly earlier date. It is interesting that in England the use of the valknut seems to have died out with the establishment of Christianity and the consequent decline of heathenism. The Nornir are not represented pictorially anywhere in the Germanic world, which is rather surprising. A panel of the Franks Casket shows three hooded
figures who might be intended as a likeness of that fateful trinity, but it is by no means certain. Until any conclusive artifacts come to light the truth of the matter must remain as uncertain as the workings of the Fates themselves.

Jesus Do Not Downplay Your Expectations Of What Lies Ahead For You John Smallman December 7Th 2012

As channeled through John Smallman johnsmallman.wordpress.comConsciousness, your fully conscious divine and eternal state, is all about experiencing the Love of our Father - His Love for You and Your Love for Him. Your consciousness expands as the felt intensity of God's Love increases within you. Humanity is about to move into a new state of consciousness where all will feel God's Love growing and expanding within them, where they will realize that all that they can do is share It, and as they do It expands further, infinitely. It is, as you can at least attempt to imagine, a most ecstatic and blissful feeling in which nothing else can ever be desired except for it to continue, as it will, forever. For humanity it is very difficult to conceive of life without wants, desires, or needs, but when you return to your fully alive and fully awakened state you will understand that completely, and delight in that knowledge.Entering, or more appropriately re-entering your natural state of fully conscious aliveness, will propel you into an arena of possibilities where you can with confidence and supreme competence create and engage in activities that, in your present state of very limited conscious awareness, you could never begin to imagine. Reality is so vastly different from what you presently think of as reality that there truly is no resemblance at all. The beauty and wonder of the environment that is soon to become once more your eternal Home will induce in you a blazing inferno of enthusiasm for life - it will breathe new Life into your lives.Do not downplay or reduce your expectations of what lies ahead for you. Instead, expand them and know that whatever you envision will be mightily exceeded. You have but the smallest, tiniest conception of what your Source, your Mother, your Father, God, actually is. So prepare for unbounded astonishment and amazement when you awaken. What you are about to experience is absolutely worth the anxiety, the suffering, and the longing that has accompanied you on your eons-long journey. God always wants only that you live in ecstasy, happiness, utter joy. It was your idea, your desire to experience something other than that, never His, ever, that led to your apparent separation from Reality.Now you have realized that you made a mistake and want to return Home and your intent to correct it will be completely successful. No other outcome is possible because you are divine creations of the Source of all being, and therefore you have the power, the ability, and the determination to do so. His Power "is" your Power because everything He has He shares fully with You, always. You have just temporarily forgotten that.When you pray or meditate, intend to remember Who You are. Those in the spiritual realms are willing and eager to assist you in this, because remembering leads you towards your inevitable awakening. Almost all humans want to awaken into Reality, but they are very often dissuaded from holding the intent to do so because of what they see around them - dishonesty, conflict, suffering, and corruption - and on which they find it almost impossible to avoid placing their focus. Doing so draws them more firmly into the illusion as it suggests to them that God, Who is Love, "if" He existed, could not allow such darkness to envelop them. And in the conflict of that experience it is extremely difficult to have faith in His existence or see any Light offering guidance homeward.As you attend to this remembering, your Light brightens and intensifies, and acts as a beacon to others. You have all experienced the warmth of contact with others when you spontaneously and unexpectedly behaved lovingly or generously towards them and had that warmth acknowledged and returned to you. By remembering, and intensifying the Light that shines forth from within you, you strengthen the bonds that make humans one with each other and with God. And that is your path to wakefulness - to burn brightly with God's holy Light - and it is also the path of all those with whom you interact in any way at all.You are all coming Home; that is an unchangeable inevitability. It is where you truly desire and intend to be, and by your free-will choice and decision, you are making it happen.Your loving brother, Jesus.

Rationality Or Exuberance Both

Rationality Or Exuberance Both
Yesterday, at a Disciples of Christ related Facebook Group site, there was a rather vigorous discussion about the presence of Charismatic/Pentecostal elements with the Disciples. Although there is a revivalist dimension to the Disciples tradition (Founder Barton Stone hosted the famous Cane Ridge Revival that featured a variety of spiritual phenomena), we have understood ourselves as a rational people. Born on the frontier, the Disciples have roots in the Scottish Enlightenment. Logic, facts, proof -- they were the watchwords of the day. This embrace of reason, exemplified in the work of Alexander Campbell, who among other things was a noted debater, tended to put limits on the Spirit. It was assumed that the Perfect spoken of in 1 Corinthians 13 had come in the form of the New Testament canon. Therefore, there was no longer a need for extraordinary gifts such as tongues-speaking or healing. Pentecostalism was deemed inappropriate.

God has spoken. The words have been written down. Now, we are to live accordingly. It's not a matter of liberal versus conservative. Both ends of the spectrum frowned on charismatic phenomena. We may revel in Cane Ridge, but we have tried to distance ourselves from the more dramatic elements of that revival. We will insist that it was a one time thing -- the result of people getting out of control and not the Spirit of God at work.

One of the reasons I wrote my book "UNFETTERED SPIRIT: SPIRITUAL GIFTS FOR THE NEW GREAT AWAKENING,"(Energion 2013) was so that I could make sense of my own experience with God. I spent about six years of my late teens and early twenties (high school/college) hanging out with Pentecostals. I was a member/participant with two Foursquare Churches (the denomination founded by evangelist/healer Aimee Semple McPherson). I experienced what folks call speaking in tongues, for the first time at a revival meeting at my church shortly before heading off to college. I attended (and graduated from) a Disciples-related college. There I was introduced to the rationalism of the Stone-Campbell movement. By the end of my college career I found myself attracted to this faith community. To be honest I found elements of my Pentecostal experiences to be anti-intellectual and I increasingly found the need for an infusion of something different.

So, for these past thirty plus years I have tried to make sense of this dual legacy. Seminary provided me some of the resources I needed to make sense of things. I took a class on spiritual gifts taught by two Fuller professors -- Russ Spittler and Mel Robeck -- who happened to be Assemblies of God ministers. That class provided the foundation upon which I built my book.

In the title of the post I posed a question -- rationality or exuberance. I posed this as a set of opposites, but is that necessary? Do we have to set mind and spirit as opposites? Or can we, should we seek to attend both to the possibilities of the Spirit and be true to our rational selves.

Let me give you an example. I would say that much of life is lived according to reason. I'm not Mr. Spock, but I try to reason things out. I pursued higher education for this very reason. But over my lifetime there have been moments when I simply didn't know how to pray. I didn't know what to say to God. And so I set aside my rational side and let the Spirit go free. I would begin to utter what sounds like gibberish, and yet as I did so my own spirit was lifted. I experienced a sense of peace.

I value my traditions embrace of the mind. I am on the left side of the center of the theological/political spectrum. But I have come to recognize that there is great value in my Pentecostal side. Last fall, I invited Pentecostal theologian Amos Yong to be the speaker for our church's annual Perry Gresham lectures. I had shared the book manuscript with Amos and on the way to the airport as we talked about the book, I spoke of being a former Pentecostal. Amos asked me why I used that term? In other words, why be a former, just acknowledge that this is part of who I am. I am both a Campbellite and a Pentecostal! (Barton Stone helps with the latter!)

What Is A Cloud Like Formation In Metaphysicalparanormal Activity

What Is A Cloud Like Formation In Metaphysicalparanormal Activity
While searching for ghosts/spirits, a friend of mine detected a human spirit in my part of the house. My friend can also see auras, is empathic, and can see other anomalies of the metaphysical realm such as weird sparks, electrical energies, and so on. But she mentioned after seeing this melancholy spirit linger in my home, she also spotted a strange cloud-like formation of energy in the center of the room, and had never seen something like it before. As far as she can detect, it wasn't human, didn't give off any dangerous presence (neither did the spirit) and it slowly moved toward the ceiling, then disappeared. I suppose it was like the electrical energy she's seen before, but with different characteristics...What is it and why would it occur in my home? Any suggestions or spiritual insight would be helpful, Thanks.

Credit: witchnest.blogspot.com

Column North

Column North
Photo by the author.

"[Warning: contains carnivorous behavior.]"

The voice begins buried in the undertones of the voice before it, slowly rising through the sonic gradient until their roles switch and it becomes dominant. It is a man's voice, recognizably Canadian, and even though we are only a few seconds into the presentation, his words already express doubt at the theme:

"Let me say this, though - I don't go for this 'northmanship' thing at all... I'm not one of those people who do claim that they've been farther north or so on, but I see it as kind of a game, this 'northmanship' thing. People say well, you know, 'have you ever been up at the north pole on a dogsled trip for twenty-two days?' and the other fella will say, 'well, I did one for "thirty "days...'"

But just as that voice rose from the depths of the mix, so does another, this one with more romance in its words:

I can't conceive of anyone being in close touch with the north, whether he lived there all the time, or simply traveled there month after month and year after year - I can't conceive of such a person being really untouched by the north...

These are two of the first voices heard in Glenn Gould's experimental radio documentary, "The Idea of North, "part of his so-called "Solitude Trilogy." In the beginning of the documentary, several voices - a woman describing her voyage north on a train, a man grousing about how 'northmanship' has become just another test of machismo, another man waxing poetically about the spiritual power of the northern landscape, a woman talking about walking out onto frozen lakes and feeling at one with the setting - are overlaid on one another, the music of their voices intermingling to bring at once a sense of the multitude of reactions these travelers have to the subject of the production - the concept of "north" as landscape and ethos, home and pilgrimage: the idea of "north," whatever that might be.

Gould's work was specifically about the north of Canada, but I found myself thinking about the subject too, especially after a member of my writing group - an Alaskan who writes about the environment and is invested in the idea of north - made a comment about one of my essays. (I believe it was the work that eventually became Njord, one of the first of my Iceland columns here at "The Wild Hunt.")

"This character has that distinct Northern voice", she said, referring to the Icelander's clipped yet expressive demeanor. "Anyone who has been around that part of the world would know it. It struck me that my friend's "north" and my "north" were very different places -- Alaska and Iceland - but she still observed some kindred nature between them. I suspect Glenn Gould might have seen it too.

I was thinking about this the other day while making a dish - marinated salmon and baked apples with rosemary - from Andreas Viestad's "Kitchen of Light, "a Norwegian cookbook I recently bought". "I'm not a "kitchen witch" by any means, nor honestly do I know what it would mean to be one, but I have been working through cooking as a kind of sacred practice since last summer, when I returned from Iceland. Before then, I belonged to the stereotype of young men who barely know how to boil pasta; I occasionally mustered up the will to commit an act of chili, but that was as far as I went.

But prepared food was expensive in Iceland, and I had to learn how to cook or starve (or perhaps live exclusively on hot dogs, as several of my classmates did.) I don't mean to make this sound overly important, since, after all, cooking isn't an extraordinary skill - but, probably because it was something I learned how to do while in Iceland, I've attached this special significance to it. It's something I've brought back into my regular life from the heady experience of pilgrimage.

Viestad is no Heathen to the best of my knowledge, but part of what I have loved in working through his book is the connection he draws between the recipes and the landscape and history of Scandinavia. When I make this food, it too draws on the idea of north. Sometimes, especially in very tactile moments of preparation - slicing away the hard skin of a rutabaga, patting down chicken with spices, shaking the pan to make a bed of onions jump and sizzle - I find myself slipping into a light trance, meditating on the connection between food and religion.

I have never achieved a state of emptiness in my meditation, I'm afraid. My thoughts are ever-present. In my daily life, my job is to critically examine literature, texts, ideas of all sorts, and that's just as true of my own thoughts. So it is in my meditation: "what is 'north,' anyway, and why should you bother to romanticize it? "It's a question I have pondered often. It is easy to romanticize a place, especially a place so far away. I was raised in a city, and so I long for the wilderness; I was raised in the middle of a continent, and so I long for an island; I was raised in the middle, and so I long for the north. That doesn't necessarily make that a worthy desire, though, and runs the risk of turning the idea - and more importantly, the people who actually inhabit that idea - into some kind of spiritual Disneyland than an actual place that exists independently of one's desires for it.

The voices of both of the men from Glenn Gould's documentary run through my head at once, the pessimist and the romantic, the one who puts no stock in this "northmanship" business and the one who feels no one could resist being touched by the place. I try to keep them both there, with all their static and their crosstalk, to keep myself in balance.

I am running a side of bright pink salmon under cold tap water. My station at the sink looks out through a window onto my back yard, which is bounded by a shallow creek and a barren collection of spindly trees. While the icy water flows over our skins, mine and the fish's, the gray February sky begins to turn dark. I stop for a moment and meditate on the winter, on how the silence and the cold of the season remind me of places far away. I take the fish from under the stream and pat it down with paper towels until it dries again. The process contradicts itself: soak the fish in water, then pat it dry. I wonder why I am asked to handle the salmon this way.

This is a new recipe; I have never cooked a side of salmon before, with this method or any other. But I trust in it, in the physicality of the meat and the chill of the water and the texture of the dry paper becoming wet. I trust it because, in its small way, preparing this fish connects me to my gods; I trust it because, in its small way, this fish, too, connects me to the north.

"I have some explicitly Pagan cookbooks, but I never made it past the psychic pasta."Send to Kindle