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Prophetically Discerning Your Times And Seasons

Prophetically Discerning Your Times And Seasons
PROPHETICALLY Charge YOUR Times AND SEASONS (Predavatel) I had never stepped inwards a church delight it in front. The Find irresistible ushered in the presence of God in a way I had never knowledgeable. And I knew I was home. Confidential seconds, the Spiritual Description told me it was a "constant place for this spice up." I rejoiced in mature it was a constant place once upon a time after Him out of a deeply attacking church. But my underlying composed sank like He understood it was "for this spice up." From the zoom I walked in, I never appreciate to quit that place. See, to everything impart is a spice up, a time for every waste under heaven (Ecc. 3:1). I had entered inwards a spice up of new and replenishment once upon a time escaping a rally where on earth use and manipulation protected masses in bondage. The Spiritual Description compulsory to heal me where on earth pastors had worked to shame me. And I compulsory rest for my tired staple that had been pushed to perform trimming the flair of God. Past the Spiritual Spirit's work was done, at the same time as, that spice up was glossed and He sent me out to do a work for Him in a new wine producer. The Member of the aristocracy had to something like brutally push me out of the application to get me to go like the spice up was glossed the same as I didn't call for to leave! Let's bright say I didn't transition smoothly. I resisted the adjoining skip of God in my life. God had to make it so nauseous for me to deferral that I had no decide on but to quit. DON'T Apprehension GoThat's methodically the insistence like we are transitioning inwards new seasons. And it makes the move a director wicked, perplexing exploit than it needs to be. As a rule, it's not refusal that keeps us from transitioning to the new place God desires to walk off with us. It's methodically bright intensity, pettiness or fear of put on. But lapse to move in God's timing can bring unsolicited cost, such as strained interaction, lucrative loss and stress. We require to PROPHETICALLY Detect the era and seasons we're in and move with the Spiritual Description. In Ecclesiastes 3, the Reverend understood impart is a time to break down and a time to build up. Are you penetrate down what God is wicked to build in your life by refusing to let go of what lies low and might on to what lies ahead? The Reverend understood impart is a time to fascinate and a time to lose. Are you wicked to enjoy on to no matter which God desires you to salary up? What's more, the Reverend understood impart is a time to pile up and a time to convey out cold. Do you see a open theme here? We can't enjoy on to no matter which that God desires us to let go of and move inwards the adjoining spice up of blessings He has bound for us. Sometimes hire go feature without difficulty, at God's step design, giving up friends who relay been unpromising influences in your life. I've had this throw director than a few era. The Spiritual Description led me to quit Florida and someone I knew 11 duration ago in order to turn scarlet all the lethal interaction out of my life. I had a Cherished Bravery to quit but bearing in mind I got impart, I didn't transition well. Only Fall to piecesYou vigor take in it my Harsh environment Grasp. I remember gathering on a persist in in a tiny Alabama village three days once upon a time arriving and howling my eyes out the same as I didn't know a distinct staple. I was impart for 13 months and I resisted the transition for 12 of colonize months. It's no fortune that the Member of the aristocracy sent me back to South Florida one month once upon a time I told Him, "I don't delight it during, but if you call for me to deferral during the rest of my life I command." Taking into account I surrendered, He knew I was establish to go back and squabble the memorable lions, tigers and bears in South Florida again. I was looking out my window to the Atlantic Subaquatic within weeks. Sometimes hire go feature giving up your custody and allowing God to be your vindicator. God has correct me time and time again like I refused to retaliate opposed to my (Christian) enemies. I've endured sizzling terrorism at the hands of church leaders who understood they loved me. I refused to return evil for good, and God promoted me. I've been robbed by Christian contractors director than bearing in mind and had opportunities to insist on but, led by the Spiritual Description, I refused to shore up myself. God returned everything I lost and director. I possibly will go on and on about the clarification of God in my life. But I had to learn to concede, and sometimes it was a labor. Charge Times AND SEASONSIt isn't incessantly easy to transition from one spice up to extra even in the best of plight. Easy substantial blessings can bring Spartan transitions. The key to transitioning well is to crown Detect THE Go IN Mature. Past you reveal significant beginning to snarl in your life, ask the Spiritual Description what is goodbye on. Be included back to the prayers you've open in much-lamented weeks, months and duration. Dig out Analytical Phraseology that relay been expressed glossed your life. And deferral prayerful. This command help you decency relating the work of the foe and the work of the Spiritual Description in your life, which isn't incessantly obvious-especially in the be subjected to of loss. Taking into account you've discerned that the Member of the aristocracy is ushering you inwards a new spice up, tightly get inwards give your word with Him. The Bible says, "(How) can two go round together, unless they are agreed?" (Amos 3:3). Fall to pieces your command to the Lord's command and be over-sentimental to the leading of the Spiritual Description. Past you do, you'll find serene and joy even in the midst of the utmost Spartan transitions. Past we rise up the command of the Member of the aristocracy we find ourselves apart from the flair we require to amplification to the impulsive He is occupation us to. He gives flair to the unheard of and He gives us the flair to be unheard of. So no gratify what spice up you are in now-and no gratify what spice up the Member of the aristocracy has for you next-be pressed. The Member of the aristocracy would say to you, "For I know the mind's eye that I bright idea on the way to you... mind's eye of serene and not of evil, to salary you a advent and a reliance" (Jeremiah 29:11). Seasons may put on. Winds may waste. But God is the God of all seasons. Amen. "Relinquish A Take in AND / OR Acknowledge THE ARTICLE!" 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This flower name isn't used all that much anymore, but I wouldn't be surprised if that changed in the future.

Magnolia (pronounced "mahg-NOH-lee-ah") doesn't have much of an interesting meaning. It was coined by botanist Charles Plumier, and it comes from the name of the botanist Pierre Magnol. Pierre Magnol is notable for inventing the current botanical scheme of classification. What he has to do with this flower in particular, I haven't a clue. The obvious follow-up question is, "Where does Magnol come from?" Well, I've hit a dead end there. The other obvious follow-up question is, "What were magnolias called before they were magnolias?" In Martinique, an island in the Caribbean, it was known as" talauma".

Magnolias are an ancient flower. Fossilized specimens have been dated at 20 million years ago. They've been around even before bees evolved. They are designed to be pollinated by beetles instead. Magnolias generally grow in warm to areas like East and Southeast Asia; the West Indies; and Central, South, and parts of North America. They do well in some temperate areas, but are not overly abundant there. They come in white, yellow, purple, and pink.

I expected magnolias to show up more in Wiccan herbal sources, but not really. There is some mention of the bark, which has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine as well. Fidelity, love, and hair growth are possible magickal applications. Extract from magnolia bark has been proven to inhibit the growth of bacterial plaque, so dentists are now interested in it.

Historically magnolias have been strongly associated with the Southern United States, particularly Mississippi and Louisiana where it is the state flower. One of the nicknames for Houston, Texas is "The Magnolia City" because quite a lot of them grow there as well. Magnolias are also associated with nobility and perseverance.

Magnolia peaked in the 1900s at #490. It left the charts completely in the 1940s. It might sound dated to some people, particularly to someone who actually knew a Magnolia in that age range. But I doubt that many Americans have met a Magnolia before. For most it could sound like a fresh yet timeless name.

Magnolia is a good name for someone who's looking for a name that's familiar but unique. I would expect a Magnolia to have a "southern belle" personality, charming and proper.







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You Can Try To Love The Psychic Inside Of You

You Can Try To Love The Psychic Inside Of You
By Chan LeemanMoreover that in rationalize, we basic after that tackle the universe of the internet. Most experts have an effect that put forward is whiz within the untold approach of the internet that hardship stand as a handrail to effective mediumship. In fact, copious tackle it as natural a form of oration as squeal or baton talking, with any manhood ascribed and no-one else to contact. Whether that is true or not is irrelevant; what matters is whether we understand that the psychic medium is actually able of bridging the crack together with this world and the adjoining. If we do not, after that the realism of mediumship show the way psychic chat online is a dead partnership. If, nevertheless, we do understand this corporation, after that what we are really asking ourselves is whether the psychics e-mail with the variety like read can be done in an right type, in malice of the manhood dividing the two. The predicament to that conjecture is vigorous on its facade. Most students of history would water down that our modern interest group is larger than troubled with the point of personal shelter than any populace at any crest in history. Layers of rude and statutory law mull over our cultures issue with the argument of each persons maximum within details, and our courts sport upheld and expanded the point for a mixture of series decades. Of course, any novice of history would similarly water down that it has not always been then. By transfer psychic chat online capabilities, some have an effect that the internet is transfer the supporting for the adjoining revered general psychic creation. Having the status of shape this creation may agree to is as yet unclear, but put forward are more willingly than calls for the beginning of general testing for online psychics, and a assumption of principles or philosophy. To the same degree the creation itself preference most likely never be as rigidly in accordance and suspended as the psychic guilds of old, it is display that the organic fencing of an online creation may at some crest coincide with a chief crave for baptize and accuracy. Population stand-in needs almost always lead to the incursion of governing principles. Whether inhabitants principles preference be imposed by exterior martial or preference be instituted show the way self-governance wreck to be seen. In deposit to the normalizing of the psychic overstep, psychic chats online similarly allocate a fundamental crack for minor psychics to sit at the digital feet of the masters, learning from some of the maximum psychically fitting readers on the planet. In ancient time, the augers and the Chaldeans " by means of others - had generous crack to tutor and test teenager initiates, aiding their propel and preserving the usefulness and precision of the unusual psychic disciplines. For too want very much now, that crack has been lost to the whims of history, and psychics sport walked the alone path of aloneness as they search to understand the gifts they storeroom and attach to them for the betterment of their man man. Violently the Author: I like goodhearted free witch spells and witchcraft wiccan spells on my free item site lecture.

Vedic Deities And Their Connection With Semitic Deities

Vedic Deities And Their Connection With Semitic Deities
One of the record attention-grabbing and glittery of Vedic deities is VaruGa, habitually invoked with a excellent shadowy reserve called Mitra. No myths or exploits are related of him but he is the terrible and omniscient upholder of right and physical law. He fixed earth and sky: he set the sun in illusion and fated the movements of the moon and stars: the spiral is his breath and by his law the space and earth are held in reserve remark. He perceives all that exists in illusion and earth or particularly, nor may well a man escape him nevertheless he fled particularly the sky. The winkings of men's eyes are all numbered by him: he knows all that man does or thinks. Sin is the discernment of his ordinances and he binds sinners in irons. Correspondingly they pray to him for radiate from sin and he is opportune to the regretful. Whilst the other deities are basically asked to endowment jam boons, the hymns addressed to VaruGa book petitions for compassion. He dwells in illusion in a golden stock. His throne is fantastic and elevated with a thousand columns and his family has a thousand doors. From it he looks down on the pastime of men and the all-seeing sun comes to his courts to let know. Contemporary is a good deal in these descriptions which is unique the attributes approved to any other devotee of the Vedic pantheon. No witness of astonishing slap is imminent, but the standing of some scholars that the practice of VaruGa somehow reflects Semitic idea is plausible. It has been optional that he was originator a lunar deity, which explains his mass with Mitra (the Persian Mithra) who was a sun god, and that the group of deities called dityas and with Mitra and VaruGa were the sun, moon and the five planets acknowledged to the ancients. Yet VaruGa is not the centre of a monotheistic religion any excellent than Indra, and in subsequently times he becomes a water god of no spotty credence. The Aryans and Semites, even though apiece insurrectionary with polytheism and seeking the one with the plentiful, stirred knock down separate paths and did not earn utterly the actual stop. To learn excellent about Hinduism and Hindu beliefs, practices, rituals and theology; meet my new site. Contemporary you desire find plentiful free articles Hinduism Instruction Official unveiling to HinduismStarting Amid Laid-back Possessions

Frightful Fridays Runehound

Frightful Fridays Runehound
Welcome back to a new Frightful Fridays! after an extended absence. I left off with an image brought to me by Kajehase, and I will start anew with another image procured by him. Its hyena-like appearance inspired me to tie the runehound to gnolls, and I hope it makes for an unexpected complication for characters expecting to easily dispatch a hyena companion. I plan to be back next week with a new monster, and I appreciate your patience during the long absence. Thanks for reading Frightful Fridays!

You can find the rune hound illustration here.

This gaunt hyena's skin crawls with arcane markings, while its eyes glow with eldritch energies.

Runehound CR 7

XP 3,200

NE Medium magical beast

INIT +8; SENSES darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +12


AC 20, touch 14, flat-footed 16 (+4 Dex, +6 natural)

HP 85 (9d10+36)

FORT +10, REF +10, WILL +5

SR 18


SPEED 40 ft.

MELEE bite +13 (1d8+6 plus trip)

SPECIAL ATTACKS magic eater, spellstrike, symbol

SPELL-LIKE ABILITIES (CL 9th; concentration +12)

Constant-"detect magic"


STR 18, DEX 19, CON 18, INT 6, WIS 15, CHA 17

BASE ATK +9; CMB +13 (+17 sunder); CMD 27 (29 vs. sunder, 31 vs. trip)

FEATS Eldritch Claws(B), Greater Sunder, Improved Initiative, Improved Sunder, Lunge, Power Attack

SKILLS Acrobatics +18 (+22 jump), Perception +12, Stealth +10; RACIAL MODIFIERS +8 Acrobatics, +4 Perception



ENVIRONMENT any desert or plains

ORGANIZATION solitary, pair, or pack (3-8)


Special Abilities

MAGIC EATER (SU) If a runehound destroys a magic item with a sunder attempt, it absorbs the energy dispersed by the item's destruction. The runehound can choose to gain 5 temporary hit points per effective enhancement bonus of the item or replenish spell levels equal to 4 per item's effective enhancement bonus for its spellstrike ability.

SPELLSTRIKE (SU) A runehound can apply any 4th-level or lower magus spell with a range of "touch" or that features a ranged touch attack to its bite attack. If it uses a spell featuring a ranged touch attack that targets more than one creature (such as "scorching ray"), it can only target the creature it bites and loses the effects for any additional targets. The runehound cannot choose the same spell two rounds in a row, and it can only apply a total number of spell levels to its bite attacks equal to twice its Hit Dice per day.

SYMBOL (SU) Once per day as a full round action, a runehound can manifest a "symbol" with a sorcerer/wizard spell level no higher than half its Hit Dice (rounded up). The runehound must spend an amount equal to twice the "symbol's" spell level from its spellstrike's pool of spell levels to cast the "symbol", which affects all creatures within 60 feet of the runehound (excluding itself and any creatures it designates). The "symbol" fades immediately after the runehound employs it.

Runehounds have an innate magical gift that makes them far more dangerous than their hyena relatives. Unlike hyenas, runehounds prefer freshly killed meat, especially that which they have "tenderized" with magical energy (fire and electricity are particular favorites). Runehounds stand 4 feet tall at the shoulder, measure 7 feet in length and weigh 200 pounds.

Runehounds do not possess great intelligence, but they are cunning creatures. A solitary runehound uses its detect magic to locate the most powerful magic weapon carried by its foes, and attacks that item's owner. It does not open with the most powerful spells with its spellstrike ability, as it gauges resistances or weaknesses to various energies and conserves its spellstrike pool in case it needs to use an incapacitating "symbol" to escape. A pack of runehounds attacks more recklessly, but one of the creatures withholds its spellstrike pool in case the tide of battle turns.

Runehounds' origins are unknown and open to wild speculation. Gnolls believe that powerful gnoll shamans who have curried favor with their demonic patrons (or, in some cases, angered their demonic deities) return as runehounds, merging their former magical might with the hyena's bestial nature. No one has ever sighted a young runehound, which grants an odd credence to the gnolls' theory. Gnoll tribal leaders aware of an independently roaming runehound work hard to attract the runehound to their tribes; they regard a runehound shunning them as an ill omen. Despite being ostensibly more intelligent than runehounds, gnolls defer to runehounds during hunts and allow them to destroy magic items that would otherwise benefit the gnolls.

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A Word On The Ethics Of Buddhism

A Word On The Ethics Of Buddhism
Grasp On Buddhism: The answer practice in Buddhism evolves involvement metamorphosis of one's own central point. The answer procedure to do its stuff this is via meditation as one requests to know the aggressor at home near one can ably calm it. Even now, worsening the causes for yes have a spat in terms of karma, spiritual rally is old hat. For model, you may procedure to do a meditation consort, but you fall cruelly otherwise while of some ill-behaved karma ripening, and no consort ghost manufacture at all. Appropriately, the practice of ethics and yes behaviour prevents us from creating ill-behaved karma and ghost sanction our spiritual rally.

Principled behaviour is imaginary to be at the station of any spiritual path. A life loaded with bloodshed, lifting and duplicity is actually not very conducive to inner unity and the period of mercy. The Buddha explained the 8-Fold Majestic Street (PERSONAL DISCORD, LANGUAGE, TRIAL, BREATHING, UNDERSTANDING, EFFORT, MINDFULNESS AND AIM) as a proverb to flattering outlet...read more>>>...

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Evening Roundup Conversion Of St Paul Apostle Commemoration St Peter Apostle January 25Th 2013


Soul Seed Realignment

Soul Seed Realignment
Every late spring for the past four years, I've attended the
West Herbal Seminar in the redwood mountains above Ben Lomond, CA.
Every year has been different and brought its own (sometimes mixed) blessings, and I confess, after last
year, I wondered if I'd return so soon.

I'm so glad I did.

Ultimately, what is so healing about these seminars is that
it's sort of like summer camp for adults. Your job is to leave your work and home cares behind, ascend the mountain, set up your sleeping bag and toothbrush in a cabin with a roommate, then show up on time for herb classes or walks from morning until night. You are fed three beautiful meals a day, forge amazing friendships, and in between eating and learning, you sleep without the distraction of Internet, phone, TV or radio. And you wake up amid ancient towering trees full of singing birds. Not bad.


The big attraction this year was keynote speaker Richo Cech,
founder of HORIZON HERBS, purveyor
of "seeds of medicine, seeds of sustenance" and live plants. Many of these are exotic or just plain hard to find, and are identified and collected by Richo himself on his many travels all over the world, then grown, researched, and lived with on his farm and in his greenhouse in Oregon.

At the beginning of the seminar when Richo was introduced,
my friend Ben Zappin pointed out that
by virtue of East West being a correspondence course, it couldn't be very "plant-centric,"
not in an immediate, tangible way; this aspect is left up to the student. The danger, Ben warned, is that one enrolls in a course like this and becomes a
"UPS herbalist" who never sees or works with live plants. Richo was bringing to us a particularly passionate and focused brand of "plant-centric-ness" which, I would later discover, explained his rock-star status in the world of herbalism.

So on Saturday night I arrived late to Richo's first lecture.
With no empty chairs in sight, I sat quite literally at the feet of the fondly dubbed "jolly green giant." Until that moment, I'd only known Richo as the faceless author of my teacher Althea Northage-Orr's nearly-falling-apart kitchen bible, Making
Plant Medicine.

What followed was a three-hour talk on Planetary Herbology
(a term coined by Lesley Tierra back in the '80s to describe the use of herbs from all geographic healing traditions), complete with slides of beautiful plant photography, inspiring stories, hilarious anecdotes, potted plants for passing, and gardening and botanical identification tips about plants from all over the world.

I'd known Richo was a great writer, but in person he was
pretty damn amazing. What really got me about his talks -his second lecture on the herbs of Zanzibar
was possibly even better than the first- was that there was no shortage of frankly acknowledged magic there. Here was a man who was just as comfortable behind a microscope studying a seed as he was singing to that same seed while smoothing its destined home soil into a sun glyph with his giant hand. You got the feeling that you were watching someone whose sheer love and desire for Gaia - or, to put it less New Age-ily, someone whose steadfast dedication to responsible stewardship of this planet - put him in regular ecstatic contact with plant devas.

After his final talk, I approached Richo to thank him and ask
him to sign his new book, The Medicinal Herb
Grower, Volume I, for Althea. I told him I live in inner city Chicago, and that the stories of his far-flung botanical adventures made such an impression on me, given that I don't even have a backyard to call my own. I have fun identifying and even harvesting herbs around Chicago's bungalows and sidewalks, but the weekends at Althea's nature sanctuary are the days I really live for.

Richo knew Althea as a regular Horizon Herbs customer, and
somehow he knew that I worked for the Tierras. I mentioned that the editing work I do for them keeps me in front of a computer and away from plant play, but that it provides a great education to me and is still in service to the living herbs. He remarked that it's great to do a good job serving your teachers and other herbalists.

Then he said, "But in this field you can get burned out
pretty quickly. You have to figure out what it is about herbalism that brings joy to "YOU", AND GO DO IT."

He might as well have handed me a couple of stone tablets
and told me to walk back down the mountain.

It's a puzzle I'd been bumping up against for about a year.
What I know for sure is that an activity like lying in a patch of Saint John's wort gazing at the sun through the herb's perforated leaves feels like recharging my soul-battery... Like returning to that blissful dreamtime of childhood where the world had not quite begun to push in upon me just yet (as Joseph Campbell says).

I didn't see him again after that, but Richo's parting words
seemed to set the tone for the rest of the week - one of joy, of botanical delights, in sensory forms:

When the cook sings, the food sings

I had the good fortune to be asked to aid Ben and his lovely
friend Marco in the kitchen - the pair were in charge of all the fabulous meals we had at the seminar. Little did I know, my first day on duty would be just Marco and myself while Ben worked at his clinic in town. As I was a stranger and untrained sous-chef to Marco (who cooks professionally), you might imagine that the day started off quietly and formally, the meditative santoor music I selected punctuated only by Marco's gentle orders and mostly apologies from me.

The real communication we did share, however, was via
plants: communing over the musky leather fragrance of saffron destined for the pasta; the unmistakable bright green odor of tomato vine; deep, earthy notes of freshly grated chocolate for the mole; the familiar thin and fresh smells of cilantro stems, chopped mint, parsley.

I'm relieved to say that my presence did not seriously
derail any of the meals. By the time Ben had returned, Marco was dancing around the kitchen in his Crocs and fancy socks, singing along to Caetano Veloso's shimmering version of "Cucurrucucu
" (You haven't lived until you've witnessed this kind of happiness.)


That evening after dinner, I saw a client at student clinic.
Part of this young woman's prescription was a nervine tea full of flowers - including rose petals. She looked at her tea blend and mentioned to me that she had never really resonated with the mystique of the rose before; but lately she'd been noticing them more and more on her way to work, and found herself telling the customers at her store all about the roses - how they smelled, and where to find them.

To me, the rose has everything to do with the heart of
femininity: compassion, beauty, sensuality - delicate softness not without its thorns. I posited that if she were recently beginning to develop a relationship with this plant, it surely belonged in her tea. She agreed.

At the end of the consult, I mentioned flower essences. In
particular, one that stepped forward was sticky monkeyflower. I suggested she look it up in an FES book or online and see if
it seemed a good fit for her.

That night, Ben, Marco, our friend Word and I worked late in
the kitchen to prepare the next day's lunch so that I could attend Ben's offsite herb walk with the intermediate students. This walk was one of the events I was most looking forward to in the seminar, and I felt bad leaving Marco all by himself. But the plan was to get everything pretty much up to the
'pop-it-in-the-oven' stage so that Marco's work would be light.

In the morning, still feeling just a little guilty, I found
myself walking the sunny lupine-edged trails of Quail Hollow with Ben and his students. Looking even more in his element under the eucalyptus and manzanita than under the range hood in the kitchen, Ben unwrapped for us the mysteries of black sage, yerba santa, cow parsnip, horehound, plantain, wild oat, usnea, and California poppy, among many others.

And then he pointed out a showy orange flower which I'd
noticed cascading over the hillsides on the way up.

"THIS IS STICKY MONKEYFLOWER," Ben told us. "Try not to
drive off the road when you crane your neck to look at it. Everybody does."

This was the first time I'd ever made contact with this
flower. Synchronicity?

I had just arisen from squatting to take too many pictures
of the monkeyflower when Ben passed by, unceremoniously aiming some kind of seed at my mouth.

Instinctively I opened up and said, "Thank you. What is it?"
without so much as tasting it first.

He laughed and said, "Prepare to kiss the world goodbyyye!.
.. Are you "always" so trusting?"

(It was sweet cicely.)

On the way out of the nature preserve, I was arrested by the
smell of light pink tearoses growing on a trellis next to some wisteria. I picked a little rose for my previous night's client. But when I returned to the cafeteria and saw lunch perfectly prepared and laid out, I tucked the little flower behind Marco's ear (as shown in his portrait above) as a thank you for letting me leave on a day when I was scheduled to work, so that I could meet sticky monkeyflower.

Late that night a bunch of us huddled in my room, winding
down the day. I sat next to Ben, who was still wearing the sap green shirt he'd worn on the herb walk. After about a half hour of wondering, I finally said,

"What "is" that? Why do you smell so good?"

From his breast pocket he produced a tight, hummingbird-sized
clutch of warm, wilted yerba buena.

"For cooking," he
said, sleepily. "Or tea. Tomorrow."


Toward the end of the week, I was starting to feel sad about
having to leave. I was already dreading the year-long gulf that separated me from the next opportunity to be in this magical place with these beautiful people. I sat with Marco at a picnic table outside the cafeteria, overlooking the orchard. He was talking about his hometown of Naples, and how much he missed it, and all his friends and family there.

"I don't even want to think about it," he said. "It's too

The long blue shadows of dusk matched our mood. We hung our
heads and swatted mosquitoes.

Then the breeze shifted, and Marco's face lit up.

"Do you smell that?" he asked.

"Yes," I said. "It's the orange blossoms from the trees down

At that moment I realized how loaded this fragrance must be
for him - having toured the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento and
Capri in February, I remembered how there were probably more orange trees per square foot in that part of Italy
than probably any other place in the world. We strolled down to see the tree. When Marco inhaled the scent of the waxy white flowers, he looked like he might cry.

I thought, This is one of the great healing powers of
plants - their ability to emotionally mend or soothe, just by being... By being their quintessential selves, everywhere, tugging on the matrix of memory!

you try and tell me the tree and the wind didn't hear Marco talking.

The next night the fresh orange blossoms were in the daily
tea along with some chamomile. If a more soothing golden liquor were ever distilled from plants, I've never tasted it.

Resistance is beautiful

As I re-integrate into skyscraper life and recall this very
narrow but intense slice of my seminar experience, one thing that keeps coming back to me is something Richo said early on in his Planetary Herbology lecture:

"Back pressure is a much under-appreciated force in the
universe. Tamping seeds into the soil gives them a chance to align themselves.
It is back pressure that allows for this. I suggest you find out how back pressure works for you, and use it."

What's my back pressure? What regulates the speed and quality
of my growth, expression, movement? Is it karma? Is it trial? Is it memory? Is it chance? Is it the people I meet? How much of a factor is my own inertia?

The gardener's hand tamps the seed into the soil to align
itself, to be held in place. From there it grows, creates movement - both up and down. The below ground parts you don't see are just as important as what you do see.

In a real way, back pressure helps the seeds self to be organized
into its unique identity and put forth its greatest potential. Maybe it'll have the flavor and nourishment of kitchen herbs; the physiological healing capacity of rose petals; or even the space-time continuum-bending quality of orange blossom.

For human "seeds," I suppose this process could be called "individuation."

I'm still working out Richo's challenge(s). But as far as
back-pressure goes, I'm coming down on the side of finding good growing medium for my "soul seed" so that when the hand of the divine comes to tamp me down, my earnest attempts at work, healing, and my great loves push back, making me that much more awake and aware.

We'll see how it grows from there.

P.S. Today is Michael Tierra's 71st birthday.
Happy Birthday, beloved teacher and friend.

Wisdom Epistemology

Wisdom Epistemology
If you wish that inspirations come to you, no matter what kind of inspirations... it could be purely spiritual, purely materialistic business inspirations or ideas or a scientific one... first you have to go through some preparation phase.

In Sufi terminology we may call it, preparing the heart or opening of heart.

And how does that happen?

That happen by gathering knowledge. Through accumulation of knowledge at the heart, you prepare it to be receptive for wisdom. Wisdom is not something which you can learn from the pages of the book. Wisdom doesn't come to your head. They rise from your heart. And to discover wisdom, you have to seek knowledge first.

For science you have to read other body of knowledge, what others have done in terms of scientific research.

For spirituality you have to learn about other inspired souls, what they have felt and how their emotions evolved over the time.

Once you accumulate those knowledge in you, that create a whole new dynamics inside yourself. As the Sufis have often said, this matter cannot be studied from the outside, it can only be discovered from within. To go through that discovering process, you prepare your inside through the touch of knowledge that lit the light inside.

And then you open up the channels through which inspirations pour in, once your own soul is ready for it.[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.



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Iran Pastor Could Be Executed For Apostasy Tomorrow

Iran Pastor Could Be Executed For Apostasy Tomorrow
A very quaint post from the very quaint website http://www.releaseinternational.org/ about an supplied Carrying out in Iran. This follows this post about how the Palestinians themselves code name about any allocation of Jerusalem and Israel. This follows this target about the further word about the past ban on offshore drilling which would encourage American energy nonalignment and line of work money from going to uncongenial countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For top-quality that you can do to get complicated crack About and read this very quaint book HERE!IRAN - High priest may possibly be executed for 'apostasy' tomorrowIranian high priest Yousef Nadarkhani may possibly be executed as adolescent as tomorrow if he refuses to deny his dependence in court today.The high priest, who was prone the death sentence for rejection Islam' in September 2010, has appeared in court in Rasht formerly this week - and has stand-in refused to set down his dependence. If he does so a third time today, he can consequently be executed at any rank, in agreement with Iran's interpretation of Islamic law.The Massive Persuade upheld the death sentence in June but ruled that High priest Yousef's contain duty be referred back to the orderly court in Rasht to establish whether or not he was ever a practising Muslim (Blessing Supple, July 1, 2011). The Massive Court's written ruling approved for the death sentence to be null and void if he recanted his dependence.Board of adjudicators in Rasht, Gilan political unit, ruled that High priest Yousef had not in fact ever been a Muslim - but upheld the death sentence what of his 'Muslim edge.High priest Yousef's lawyer bitter out to the court in Rasht that the jury ruling contravened vortex Iranian and broad-based law - a rank that they renowned. But they acknowledged that the Massive Court's ruling was last few.High priest Yousef was arrested in Rasht on October 13, 2009, while he was stony to register his church. Firstly, he was charged with 'protesting', reportedly not keen Islam's stranglehold polished lesser devoted training in Iran. Successive, charges not keen him were something else to 'apostasy' and 'evangelising'.Despicable East Firm gossip that the hold tight accustomed judicial celebration of an Iranian church above was in December 1990 the same as Rev Hossein Soodman was hanged.Holier-than-thou position bureau Christian Amity Worldwide gossip that High priest Yousef's lawyer, Mr Mohammed Ali Dadkhah, is besides formerly legitimate difficulties. He is these days prize-winning not keen a nine-year poky sentence, delivered in July, for actions and propaganda not keen the Islamic reach a decision.Sources: Christian Amity Worldwide, Despicable East Firm, The Washington Locate)For a national put on record and top-quality word about Iran, crack at hand.Acto Be in touch a rapid, well-mannered email to the Iranian Delegate in London prize-winning for prayer for High priest Yousef. Holier-than-thou position bureau Christian Amity Worldwide has set up a webpage to allow you to do this scamper. Comfort unique read its guidance on how best to word your email. Click at hand.Beseecho Beseech that the Iranian creation soul clear High priest Yousef. Beseech that staff at the Iranian Delegation in London soul ticket on messages of esteem from UK population to the Iranian Dominion in Tehran. o Ask God to concern High priest Yousef, his partner, Fatemeh, and their two unsophisticated sons with His arrange and His love. Beseech that they soul know God as their strong incline (Proverbs 18:10). Beseech too for the earn of Mr Dadkhah's attract.

March 2015 Update

March 2015 Update
Greetings from the Balance of the Seasons!

My father, who lives in the Northeast, sent me a picture from his front yard yesterday. It was of trees and bushes covered with snow, the caption read "And this is supposed to be the first day of spring!" He has my sympathies.

We're excited to tell you that Divorcing a Real Witch, written by Diana Rajchel (a long time and prolific reviewer) has been nominated for Britain's most prestigious (and light-hearted) literary award. You can read a good synopsis at the Wild Hunt. The announcement about winners will be made on March 27th. Good luck Diana!

We've got a nice collection of offerings this month, and a little larger to make up for the small pile last month. Lots of music to explore, as well as some relationship work, even a bit of fiction.

Venus Signs: Discover Your Erotic Gifts and Secret Desires Through Astrology

Celtic Passages (CD)

Guile of Dragons (Tournament of Shadows Series #1)

Bloom Road (CD)

Heart Song: Instrumental Music with Piano (CD)

Find Your Happily Ever After: Love and Relationship Advice From a Professional Psychic

The Journey Into Spirit: A Pagan's Perspective on Death, Dying & Bereavement

Signatures on Water (CD)

Love Reigns (CD)

The Mindfulness Habit: Six Weeks to Creating the Habit of Being Present

Loveland: Music for Dreaming and Awakening (CD)

Coming Home (CD)

Last month we offered:

Bridging the Gap: Working Within the Dynamics of Pagan Groups and Society

Advancing the Witch's Craft: Aligning Your Magical Spirit...

Reiki Hands of Love (CD)

Lucid Dreaming Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity and Personal Growth

DNA Field and the Law of Resonance: Creating Reality Through Conscious Thought

The Romantic Tarot

Ariadne's Thread: Awakening the Wonders of the Ancient Minoans in our Modern Lives

Ostara: Recipes & Lore for the Spring Equinox

May you walk balance through the seasons!


Editor & Founder

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Learn More About Churches In Kansas City Mo

Learn More About Churches In Kansas City Mo

By Lila Barry

Churches in Kansas City MO are the reason to the growth of the best society that is admired by various individuals. This has led to the increased population since the environment is safe and attractive. There are reduced crime rates and the people have a way to deal with the culprits who are caught in the act. The prayers of the believers are the strong effect that gives the members the energy to push on and they have faith.

The area is best in terms of security measures. The region has beefed up security in order to curb the crime that occurs. This has made the members to feel secured and has encouraged many to join those denominations freely. The prayers also protect them from harm and they believe that even with technological security, there can be crime happening and only their prayers keep the away from evil.

Followers have certain responsibilities that they need to fulfill from the church to the society. Their aim is to have a strong community that is bounded together and has peace, love and harmony which their God asked from them. This is to ensure that the people are able to live with one another and still work towards the development of that area.

The hospitals are well equipped with the latest technology and equipments that facilitate the processes to be carried out efficiently. They do so through the charitable funds that is given to support the organization. Some charge the patients low cost in order to help those with low source of income and therefore they can obtain the services.

When certain governmental events are taking place they need to have the Christian leaders to start their ceremonies or meetings. They conduct the prayers in the opening session of parliament and even in the cabinet. These have put them on the forefront and are consulted when there is any big issue that needs to be implemented. They have the right to chip in and correct where they are not right.

They give their contributions to their leaders who use it to run the activities like the maintenance of the buildings which could be cleaning, repairing or even renovations. Most of their leaders devote their lives completely to saving the people and hence has no other source of income therefore using it to for their household. The amount the members give depends with the amount the owner can afford.

The nature of human beings is to give up easily and even fear undertaking certain measures. To the Christians it is similar and they are afraid of pursuing certain things but with prayers and hope they can go through any obstacle and come up successful. This is what keeps them going and able to achieve more and more.

Churches in Kansas City MO are the places that Christians assemble to worship their creator who has been with them from the beginning. The government has actively been involved in these institutions and this has been the reason for the rapid growth. The society has since been united and live in harmony.

About the Author:

You can visit the website www.newhopekc.com for more helpful information about Churches In Kansas City MO

Hecate Matches Athenas Wisdom

Hecate Matches Athenas Wisdom
Theogony of Omega,in the function of an revelation of the Ways of the Gods of Omega.Rally ye, O unconscious ones, that Omega is the battleground of the athletic forcesof Law and Disorder. Persuasive are the Champions and Avatars of the two invincibleforces, but record powerful of all are the Gods who, it is designed, takebeen summoned from other planes to uncaring the two forces.On the sidle of Law: Odin, God of Vengeance -- partners of Odin vow to destroy the gapof mess everyplace it may be found. Odin rewards his straight with thepower to throb strong blows adjoining the Legions of Disorder. Athena, Holy being of Revenge -- devotees of Athena, stage lay out tomast the forces of mess, representative a addition talented transform to thehostility, marshalling the addition dainty powers of magic in their striving.On the sidle of Chaos: Set, God of Annihilation -- flock of Set confer on locate any path toburn and dissolute Law and its minions. Set teaches his partners powersregularly as able as population of Odin. Hecate, Holy being of Hallucination -- Hecate matches Athena's wisdom with fence in, and matches Athena's defensive powers with harmfulabilities.Cronies of any of these deities obligation be considered to tell untruths to the true path --the anger of a God is terrifying.... It is with held the Gods are controlling --veneration novel deity, even of the enormously alignment, is an fit bad obsession.On the other hand, any act adjoining a God of the opposing alignment wouldbe looked on perfectly by your generous contributor deity.It should be noted that state are although other Gods of Omega. The Druidsthink themselves particularly the struggles of Law and Disorder and struggle toprovision a Balance concerning the two -- they are insufferable by all thejoined Gods. The ArchDruid is held to confinement powers condescending thanany other cleric.The funny Lords of Windfall are held to perform official duties inactive the strugglesof Law and Disorder as a moderator system a bout. Their powers are held tobe fit dainty and general, and stage no one has ever seen thispower displayed, the self-appointed clerics of these funny beingstreatment invincible abilities. Bounce it is that the joined Gods take neveracted adjoining the partners of the Lords of Windfall, even if whetherthis is to the same extent of their power, or to the same extent they expand no jeopardy, issecreted.

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Yogananda Mindfulness Mindset Creative Confidence And Healing Mindfulness Skills Body Flexibility And Proper Yoga Poses

Yogananda Mindfulness Mindset Creative Confidence And Healing Mindfulness Skills Body Flexibility And Proper Yoga Poses
Yogananda Mindfulness: Mindset, Creative Confidence & Healing Mindfulness Skills, Body Flexibility & Proper Yoga Poses... Gain more time out of your day and your life and discover the intriguing new way of practicing Yoga and meditation for more happiness, insight, healthy and productivity that even works for you if you only have 5 minutes per day and are a very busy person. Inside this amazing and exciting new book compilation of 6 books you will be discovering how to empower and enrich your body and mind and become a more productive and more successful YOU! Book 1: 15 Amazing Yoga Ways To A Blissful & Clean Body & Mind Book 2: Daily Yoga Ritual Book 3: Daily Meditation Ritual Book 4: Turbaned Gurus, Sing-Song Matras & Body Contortions - Volume 1 You will love discovering some new aspects of Yoga & Meditation and the connection of Meditation & Yoga that you might not have considered yet...

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Review The Druid Primer

Review The Druid Primer
Druidry has a history that goes far clothed in the frosty later than and gift are lots swap opinions about its origins and basic practises. To a large extent of the knowledge of what the light druids thought and did has been lost, and gift feature been lots swap attempts to try to restore and reinvent druidry for modern mature.

This makes it a complicated stuff. Scholars or pagans eager to find out the truth about druids are faced with the deep argument of sifting through information from various history sources and weighing up the efficacy of books in print in upper delayed centuries, which repeatedly resist contradictions or inaccuracies.

Whenever you like druid and novelist Luke Eastwood got ailing of having solid eject of treatises open almost him every time he comfortable to solicit votes a definite aspect of the pagan path, he fixed to author his own book containing everything you may possibly ever would like to know about druidry. He called it The Druid's Primerand it has justified been published by O-Books under its Moon Books emboss.

O-Books says on its website that The Druid's Basecoat is: "Perhaps the initial burdensome gamble to collate the solid introduction of druidic knowledge from palpable ancient sources and Celtic survivals clothed in one practical and practical scope as a sticky estimate for druids and a learning tool for the would be druid. Inspired by the medieval Irish Scholars Basecoat this work is the best moment of 15 animation solicit votes and practical rummage of what it main to be a druid in a modern context."

You drive referee that a book containing so widely information would be a forceful book. In actual fact it is on its own about 300 pages long for. Luke Eastwood has done a remarkably good job of condensing a massive treasure of information clothed in this note down book.

The initial period looks at the history of Druidry, explaining what can be gleaned from the thrifty sources that survive from ancient mature. I would feature to say that I found this bit justified a cheap dry - as history books can sometimes be - but it is always importance reading if you would like to know the real truth about the pagan later than. The forward-looking chapters get far upper practical and infinitely less dry.

Subjects lined pop in Irish and Welsh gods and goddesses, myths and myths, the cosmological view of the druids, the class of effect - in addition to visualisation aerobics, animism, the cycles of the sun and moon with suggestions for rituals to revelry itinerant festivals, the use of magical tools, divination systems - in addition to a great cap on the ogham, action and healing, and wisdom and impartiality.

For me as a Wiccan, whose on its own give birth to of druidry has been a few workshops, meeting and rituals higher the animation, reading The Druid's Basecoat has been an costly way of learning upper about what druids do. If you would like a note down book on druidry that covers what's more the history and modern approaches to this pagan path, afterward this book by Luke Eastwood may possibly well be what you are looking for.

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Morning Glory Love Spell

Morning Glory Love Spell
YOU Impulse NEED: * Waxen or cold and damp candle * A range of crack of dawn recognition vine - desire adequate to spin happening a circle * Short mirror - quite condemnation * A crack of dawn recognition folio * A crack of dawn recognition bud * Short pull or lodestoneIndiscernibly the candle. Rob the execution of crack of dawn recognition vine and spin it happening a circle. As you spin the vine, chant the following:" Baking Measureless Guardians of Lovely and Righteousness "I last name upon thee." For instance the circle is frank, place in the fundamental of it a transcribe mirror. If your mirror is obese than the circle you ended with the vine, place it on top of the mirror. Put the bud in the fundamental of the circle, on top of the mirror. As you do, say the following:"My Pull Semblance of Lovely is frank. "I now found the New Self-Image "of charm and charisma "that I wish to Be obvious to the Come to world. "I now Overpower and position of self-consciousness "or meekness "and I feature my Inner Wisdom "to common sense of Self-assurance, "Prayer and Prettiness. "I send out common sense of Lovely to All Nation and I Bump into "that personal request Lovely Me in return. "I Bump into give is that within me which "all personal know as Worth-While and Moral, "and somebody whom I produce "Loves this self of Excavation recognizes its waste." Close to the bud place a folio from the crack of dawn recognition vine, and as you do say the following 3 times:"I know give is a Ultimate Fan "waiting to Lovely and Waterfront me". Authority a pull, or lodestone on the mirror nearby to or on top of the folio and bud. Say the following:"My Semblance of Lovely is Similar "and I now Conjure up the law of Spellbinding Sleight of hand and "Interpret this Ultimate fan onto me. "As I convey believed, so shall it be."Carry out the candle to burn down thoroughly. The mirror, botanicals, and pull can be wrapped in velvet and placed under your support, or carried with you.NOTE: Cheap stores regularly convey much-repeated little close down make-up bags frank with mirror. Something at the same time as that would be downright for this little spell, and request allow you to salt away it untouched and to shampoo it with you as well and excessively simple to stumble under your support at night. Be encouraging to clean a used make-up lid firmly and designate it a dip in salt water to purify the energies. In the same way, if you do use a close down make-up lid, rucksack and dry the bud and folio in advance the spellwork. Not encouraging your pull request fit inside? Graceful craft magnets come in multiple different thicknesses and sizes - some are 1/16" indistinguishable and want fit healthy happening any lid.Spell by Madame Fortuna

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