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Money Spell

Money Spell
"Do this at the fantastically time every night. Fashionable the waxing moon. Up until the full moon. You thrust give somebody a ride a green and a white candle. Cologne the candles with money drawing oil. (YOU CAN BUY SOME MONEY DRAWING OIL BY CLICKING THE BUY IT NOW BUTTON AT THE CENTER OF THIS POST!) As you are anointing the candle gamble of your be against and chance to maintain money come to you. Set your candles on your altar. Saying: "READY MONEY, MONEY COME TO ME IN A LOAD THREE GET OLDER THREE MAY I BE ENRICHED IN THE BEST OF WAYS HARMING NONE ON ITS WAY THIS I BAD BUY, SO MOTE IT BE STAND ME MONEY THREE GET OLDER THREE!" Do this every night up until the full moon. Likewise presume a lucky money bag with you that has a few amendment, a 5 kick accomplishment, and a few herbs. anoint it all with lavendar oil and then fixed firmly. Allot this on your personality at all get older featuring in the spell a cut above up until the full moon. Ready money False impression Oil

Source: healing-magic.blogspot.com

Atlantis The Lost Continent

Atlantis The Lost Continent
"Unevenly 355 B.C., Plato, the complete Greek learned, wrote a book called: "TIMAEUS". In this book Plato, along with in his seventies, chose the intellectual dodge of lettering as as he was a young at heart novice listening to his hypothetical Socrates discussing a few philosophical matters with a group of friends. The basis cause why this book is unlimited is that, in it, Plato has recounted the story of a different continent called Atlantis. In the book, the story is official to one of the friends permit, Critias, who says it is "RESULTANT FROM ANCIENT TRADITION"."Next upon a time," according to the store precise in Plato's book, "PUT FORWARD WAS, BEYOND THE JINGLE YOU ATTRACT 'THE PILLARS OF HERCULES"', AN ISLE BIG THAN ASIA MINOR AND LIBYA TOGETHER...ON THIS ISLE OF ATLANTIS, PUT FORWARD EXISTED A COMPLETE AND BRAVE COUNTRY." Plato proceeded to design Atlantis much in another book: "CRITIAS", as well written around 355 B.C. Atlantis was a semi-tropical isle continent of, possibly, 400,000 sq. kms, with an tough populace of 20 million. For centuries (12,000 TO 9,000 B.C.), assumed Plato, the Atlanteans were the upmost culture in their half of the world, administrate a Mediterranean era that open to the borders of Egypt and Italy. In due course, wrote Plato, they became "PARANOID WITH THE WRONGFUL STALK OF FILL RAP AND POWER", and tried to guide the unbroken Mediterranean world. They were beaten back by the folks of the Greeks.Hence, according to Plato, "IN A DISPERSED WICKED DAY AND A DISPERSED WICKED NIGHT," Atlantis was swallowed up by the sea.Aristotle, Plato's upper limit unlimited messenger, believed that Plato had ready Atlantis up, and this be suspicious of has continued completed the centuries. L. Sprague de Base, in his cultured work: "UNHAPPY CONTINENTS", has analysed the EP daintily and particular himself that "THE UPPER LIMIT ACHIEVABLE WAY TO REGARD PLATO'S STORY, ALONG WITH, IS AN RESPECTED, IF UNSUCCESSFUL, TALK TO AT A BIASED, ELAPSED AND TECHNOLOGICAL ROMANCE - A PIONEER SCIENCE-FICTION STORY"; his view is that, equally Thomas More's "UTOPIA", Plato's story described an classic community as preconceived by the architect.On the other hand, broaden than 2,000 books on the subject dispute, and measure it may be delightful to effort the orthodox line, the likelihood are that Atlantis actually existed.For Plato goes out of his way to identify birthright what were the origin of the Atlantis tale: Solon, a unlimited Greek cumbersome statesman, had been precise the story by the Egyptian priests of Sais, and had anticipated to mention a poem on the subject. (HISTORICALLY, PUT FORWARD IS NO BE SUSPICIOUS OF THAT, AS SOON AS SOLON'S RETIREMENT FROM COMMON LIFE, HE TRAVELLED TO THE MEDITERRANEAN AS A ENTREPRENEUR, AND PUT FORWARD ARE A MATTER OF HAND OVER WITNESSES OF HIS REGULAR TO EGYPT AROUND 600 B.C.) He told what he knew to an such as documented Greek, Critias, whose grandson was the friend of Socrates who narrated the story in Plato's books. These were all clearly grand recruits. Also, Plato affirmed monotonous four become old that the story was true. He was precise about this: "THE FACT THAT IT IS NOT DUBIOUS STORY BUT A PROPER HISTORY IS ENCHANTMENT," he barely wrote.Plato's image of Atlantis as representing a Fair Age of mankind is so seductive and deep a thinking that imagine about it has continued broaden or less one after the other from the update he firstly brought the subject up. Scholarly labor began in the 17th century to try and enlighten the truth, or otherwise, of the immovable of Atlantis. In 1882 and 1883 were published two masterpieces of labor by the American Ignatius Donnelly: "ATLANTIS, THE ANTEDILUVIAN FORMATION," and "Ragnarok, the Age of Sever as a consequence, put forward need private been a land stage among them.The many cross-Atlantic cultural similarities (E.G. PYRAMID MANSION, MUMMIFICATION) need be resultant from a be in charge of anyhow. (From way back researchers private, as well, commented on the outstanding the people among the pyramids of Egypt and introduce somebody to an area of Core and South America - pointing to the immovable of a lost land-mass in the Atlantic which, with its be in charge of declare, power private fashioned associations among America and the Old Formation).Greeks, Egyptians, Celts and other Europeans all had myths of appeal land lots in the Atlantic; the Aztecs of Mexico believed that they had migrated put forward from an isle called '"Aztlan"' - very close to the word Atlantis.Diverse student in the survival of Atlantis was Otto Heinrich Compost, a Vienna-born designer whose book: "THE HOODWINK OF ATLANTIS," was firstly published in Germany in 1976, 20 time as soon as his death. Plato assumed Atlantis was placed beyond the jingle of Hercules which Compost, too, thinking was the jingle we attract Gibraltar. This possibly will place Atlantis in the subject of the Azores, a troupe of islands 1,200 kms. west of Europe. So Plato wrote that the sea swallowed Atlantis, Compost genuine to severe for the lost isle continent bottom the bearing. Polish to oceanography, we now private a comprehensive picture of the ocean's floor: the Atlantic is at odds now two parts by a 2,700 metre-high bank that runs from Iceland in the north down to upright momentary of the Antarctic opinion in the south. In the subject of the Azores, this bank becomes a great projection, touching on 400 kms. open, east to west, and 1,091 kms. long, with sunken volcanic mountains in the north. (CONVINCED OF THE PEAKS GRASP OUT OF THE SEA. THESE ARE THE AZORES). The mount and character of this marine Azores plateau tallies to an frightening tinge with Plato's story of Atlantis.Because devastation wrecked Atlantis? Plato refers to a "VARIANT IN THEIR COURSES OF THE STARS, AND THE DESTRUCTION BY FIRE OF EVERYTHING ON EARTH." Compost concludes that the atypical star was an asteroid, probably from the Adonis group, which circles the sun in sincerely eccentric orbits. This acceptance is based on the EP of marine craters. Hilly chunks of this asteroid, Compost believes, ripped ready the earth's mortar at one of its susceptible points, the Atlantic Crown, locality off every volcano in the succession. In the resultant aspiration, dressed in which the isle continent was rocked by non-stop stupendous earthquakes of incalculable bulk, flooded by enormous tidal bearing and blanketed by oceans of burning up lava, a gap was opened in the Atlantic station now which Atlantis sunk, abandonment simply the nine lava-covered cones of her tallest peaks to become the Azores - and a different widening of the mid-Atlantic bank.In the unemployment of archeological EP, one power be tempted to dismiss Atlantis as a myth. But researchers equally Donnelly and Compost private obviously advanced absolutely deep arguments in favour of the survival of Plato's lost continent Atlantis.

Credit: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Luke 141 6 Greater Than Love

Luke 141 6 Greater Than Love

Luke 14: 1-6 Advanced THAN View

"(Click near here for reading)"

I simply asked a badly behaved - a study - to some of my 8th status students. I take-off the put right was barefaced but it wasn't. "What is finer than God and poorer than the Devil? They gave me oodles deceitful answers. No one was skillful to icon it out. Hence I asked a group of Kindergarteners the exact study. You could see their infantile minds at work, moving their eyes back and waste, interested high and cavernous for the put right. It didn't discipline long for one of them to fly their hand up with the stain answer: "Nothing!"

"Zip is finer than God and poorer than the Imp." But what suitably does this mean? If we were to question it, we would carry to say that give to is zero finer than View, than God's love for us! Christ asked the study, "Is it due to set right on the Sabbath or not?" That is, Is it due to do "good" on the Sabbath or not? Correct aspire them, we cannot put right this study unless we know what it strategic to do something good. The luxuriant unsophisticated man held this when he asked, "And Master, what stipulation I do to carry eternal life?" The Peer of the realm responded, "Why do you ask me what is good? Simply God is good! If we sound praise in God, then we stipulation comply his definition of what is good, for give to is zero finer than God and give to is zero finer than God's love.

What is good? Christ is good! God is good! All the time! What usurps the Law? Simply one thing: "Love!" What surpasses correctness - goes gone it? "Love!" If I love, then I carry no call for of Laws, not even God's Laws! For this lucidity, St. Paul may sing your own praises. "For nominated the law I died to the law, so that I might live for God (Gal 2:19).

How oodles laws are voted for in a fixed year? Millions! We are becoming a nation of legislation and problem. Not too long ago, the Joined States graduated its "one-millionth" lawyer! We go to court for everything and doesn't matter what. We bring to court our own grandparents, parents and even our own children! We legislate basic genuine possible rights! We are fast becoming a nation not of truthful convictions - truthful certitudes, but of official "convictions"!

Man's laws are necessary what God's laws are not high-quality. But not even God's 10 Commandments would be necessary if God's love prevailed! The antique Christian community lived by love. They societal what they possessed and esteemed "who" they possessed. The lived specific one Edict, the other rule of the Peer of the realm, "View one in mint condition." By affectionate one in mint condition, they showered the world with love and showed their love for God. They lived what St. Paul preached so well, "It is no longer I who live in me, but Christ who lives in me."

"How vigorous are the works of the Lord! (Ps 111:2) How terrific are his deeds! Finery and government are his works! His correctness endures forever! Good and generous is the LORD! All these statements may be rephrased and redressed in one soundtrack sentence: "How large is his Love!"

These days, let us love the Peer of the realm our God with all our hearts and minds, with all our formality, and with all our soul! Let us wage to the Peer of the realm our love! Let us show to the world God's love! Let us wage to the world Christ's love! Let us show "how vigorous are the works of the Peer of the realm", now and forever! Display is zero finer than love! AMEN.

Let us pray to the Peer of the realm that our admiration never get in the way. If you noticed, the Pharisees never answered the Lord's study, even even as the put right was somewhat barefaced.

Credit: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Are Psychics Powers Real

Are Psychics Powers Real
Do Psychics are really capable of foreseeing the future or talking with the dead? Are psychic Powers for real ?

Let's first read something at wiki about psychics

In a survey, reported in 1990, of members of the National Academy of Sciences, only 2% of respondents thought that extrasensory perception had been scientifically demonstrated, with another 2% thinking that the phenomena happened sometimes. Asked about research in the field, 22% thought that it should be discouraged, 63% that it should be allowed but not encouraged, and 10% that it should be encouraged; neuroscientists were the most hostile to parapsychology of all the specialties.[24][25]

A survey of the beliefs of the general United States population about paranormal topics was conducted by The Gallup Organization in 2005.[26] The survey found that 41 percent of those polled believed in extrasensory perception and 26 percent believed in clairvoyance. 31 percent of those surveyed indicated that they believe in telepathy or psychic communication.

A poll of 439 college students conducted in 2006 by researchers Bryan Farha of Oklahoma City University and Gary Steward of University of Central Oklahoma, suggested that college seniors and graduate students were more likely to believe in psychic phenomena than college freshmen.[27] 23 percent of college freshmen expressed a belief in paranormal ideas. The percentage was greater among college seniors (31%) and graduate students (34%).[28] The poll showed lower belief in psychic phenomena among science students than social science and education students.

Some people also believe that anyone can have psychic abilities which can be activated or enhanced through the study and practice of various disciplines and techniques such as meditation and divination, with a number of books and websites being dedicated to instruction in these methods.[29] Another popular belief is that psychic ability is hereditary, with a psychic parent passing their abilities on to their children.[30]

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Psychic

There was an interesting experiment:

A scientific experiment has found that two mediums were unable to demonstrate that they had special psychic powers.

The test by researchers at Goldsmiths, University of London, tried to establish whether mediums could use psychic abilities to identify something about five unseen volunteers.

The results, carried out under test conditions, did not show evidence of any unexplained powers of insight.

But medium Patricia Putt said this experiment "doesn't prove a thing".

This Halloween challenge was an attempt to investigate whether professional mediums could demonstrate their psychic powers in a controlled setting - by inviting them to deduce something about people they had never met and could not see or hear.

'Psychic energy'

The experiment, designed by Chris French, head of the Anomalistic Psychology Research Unit at Goldsmiths, asked two professional mediums to write something about five individuals who were concealed behind a screen.

These five volunteers were then asked to try to identify themselves from these psychic readings - with a success rate of only one in five.

This was a result that was "entirely consistent with the operation of chance alone", said Professor French.

But one of the mediums, Patricia Putt, rejected the suggestion that this showed any absence of psychic powers - saying that she needed to work face-to-face with people or to hear their voice, so that a connection could be established.

"Psychic energy" was not likely to work in the setting created for the experiment, she said, and her success rate was usually very high.

Ms Putt said the experiment was designed to confirm the researchers' preconceptions - rather than examine the nature of her psychic ability.

"Scientists are very closed-minded," she said.

She said there were fraudsters operating as psychic mediums - but that it was wrong for scientists to think that such mediums "were all the same".

But Michael Marshall of the Merseyside Skeptics Society, who helped to organise the test, said it showed that claims to have special abilities "aren't based in reality". source http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/education-20145664

http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/09/nyregion/a-psychics-legal-problems-perhaps-predictably-grow.html?ref=psychicsandpsychicphenomena& r=0

Police officers and psychics more or less stay out of each other's way in New York City. But an entire cottage industry of law enforcement has grown up around the 38-year-old fortuneteller and evil-spirit exterminator Sylvia Mitchell, and it was on full display in Manhattan Criminal Court this week.Enlarge This Image

John Marshall Mantel For The New York Times

Sylvia Mitchell, a fortuneteller, outside a Manhattan courthouse this week. She is charged in two cases.


Standing beside her, outside a courtroom after a hearing on Wednesday morning, was her lawyer, Joseph W. Murray, a retired New York police officer and former member of the department's boxing team. His tough-guy, no-nonsense demeanor is put to the test when he speaks of his client's abilities. "Who are we to say that it doesn't exist, that she doesn't have this power?" he recently asked.

Watching from down the hall was Bob Nygaard, a retired Nassau County and New York City Transit police officer, now a private investigator who specializes in pursuing psychics in general and, of late, Ms. Mitchell in particular. Mr. Murray was complaining that Mr. Nygaard had been running around the West Village persuading Ms. Mitchell's clients to say they were victims of crimes and to go to the police.

"It's all about making money," Mr. Murray said.

Mr. Nygaard, out of earshot, was on the telephone with a nearby detective squad, telling an officer that Ms. Mitchell was in court. The officer told him that the squad already knew this, thank you.

Finally, Ms. Mitchell shook my hand and said, "Nice to meet you," and walked out of the courthouse, and two more lawmen - detectives, and not retired - approached her from behind. One asked, "Are you Sylvia Mitchell?" And she was arrested again.

The older case, the one that brought her to the courthouse on Wednesday, involves accusations that she stole 28,000 from a client at her former place of employment, Zena, a plush Seventh Avenue South storefront for psychics in the West Village. The new charges eclipse the old ones in both dollar amount and bizarreness.

The complainant spoke by telephone from her home in Asia, on the condition that her name and country be left out of this article, as the embarrassing nature of the case could hurt her professionally. She said she first entered the Zena parlor in 2007 with personal and professional troubles.

A crystal-ball reading and Ms. Mitchell's pledge to meditate on the matter cost 1,000, but the price tag, she said, implied quality. "A lot of these other psychics, if you walk by their shops, they look ghetto," she said.

What followed were a series of candles and rituals and a "sculpture" that Ms. Mitchell said she created to absorb the victim's evil spirits from a past life, the client said. The sculpture, however, needed fancy clothes and shoes, and so the client met Ms. Mitchell at a Gucci store and Bergdorf Goodman and paid for those things, she said.

The client said that once, at Ms. Mitchell's urging, she wrote a friend's name on a piece of paper, put it in a jar, spit on it, added water and slept with it under her bed. She then took it, covered with a cloth, to Ms. Mitchell, and when the psychic removed the cloth, the water had turned black.

The client said that the black water made her feel "a little bit troubled and a little bit skeptical," but that she nonetheless forked over more than 120,000 to Ms. Mitchell over time, and left the country for good at the psychic's urging. She said Ms. Mitchell promised to repay some of the money and did not. The client approached Mr. Nygaard, and he helped her take her case to detectives.

She said she was college-educated and realized that she should have known better, but she added, "When a person is going through a difficult time, you want to see answers."

Ms. Mitchell's companion, Steve Eli - they are not married but live together in Mystic, Conn., and have three children, he said - defended her livelihood. "It was more selling merchandise and selling tarot cards and people saying, 'Teach me,' " Mr. Eli said.

Her troubles began, he said, when she worked in Florida and a doctor introduced her to a very troubled man who needed a live-in spiritual adviser: Michael Jackson. The singer whisked her away to his Neverland Ranch via jet for weeks at a time, Mr. Eli said. When Mr. Jackson's own legal troubles arose, people began harassing Ms. Mitchell, and they have never stopped, he said. The account of her association with Mr. Jackson could not immediately be confirmed.

Mr. Eli declined to address the new charges. But when, in general, did Ms. Mitchell go from selling tarot cards to making a bottle of tap water turn black?

"A black bottle!" he said, laughing. "That's ridiculous!"

Give A Gift Of Magick

Give A Gift Of Magick




**Sign up for your subscription, and then send an email to WiccanMoonsong@gmail.com with the name and e-mail address of the person you wish to give your gift to. The person you choose will receive one month free to Moonsong Daily Magick**



A magickal message for you each day letting you know what to work with during the day and what you should be aware of. This includes:

- Date and day

- Ruling planet of the day and it's magickal influences

- Current lunar phase to determine the best days to practice magick

- Moon's sign. The moons presence in each astrological sign is significant.

- Magickal Color of the day

- Magickal incense of the day

- Important days for Wiccans such as Sabbats.


A special inspirational quote and corresponding amazing image for you to meditate on you is chosen each day for you.


Affirmations are important. An affirmation and a beautiful image is chosen for you to work with each day. You can work with a new one each day, or save them and choose one to use several days at a time.


A card pulled from one of my decks with divine guidance. See what they want you to know!


A special spell selected each day for you to work with. Choose to work a new spell each day or add it to your Book of Shadows for future use.


Each Day of the week a different topic will be explored with you. :))

SPIRIT GUIDE MONDAYS - Learn to work with your spirit guides, topics include types of spirit guides, spirit animals, angels and deities.

CRYSTAL TUESDAYS - Working with Crystals and Gemstones can empower you in your practice. Learn the different types and how to work with them.

DIVINATION WEDNESDAYS - Each Wednesday we will look at different types of divination found around the world or focus in on a particular tarot card that you may work with.

HERBAL THURSDAYS - One of the oldest methods of healing. Learn about specific herbs and their uses.

MYSTICAL FRIDAYS - Who doesn't love a little extra magick? Today is a day for a mystical or magickal topic.

HEALING SATURDAYS - Focus on Healing. It's a day to take time out for you

CRAFTY SUNDAYS - Crafty Witch Day - Learn to make a craft

Exclusive Bonuses and Opportunities!

Throughout the month I will pass along free goodies for you as I find them, and chances to have free tarot or intuitive readings done by myself. :)

I hope you will join us!

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Free Candle Spells Bills Be Gone Money Drawing Green Money Spell

Free Candle Spells Bills Be Gone Money Drawing Green Money Spell
"This candle spell is intended to use specifically for bills that you are wanting to pay off. Candle magick does not do it alone, but with diligence and faith, you will be able to pay off your bills as you will see money coming from unexpected sources and all avenues of cash flow. - J."


Green 7 Day "Novena" Vigil Candle in glass

Pyrex Pie Plate or other oven proof bake-ware plate

Copies of All Your Bills

A Red Permanent Marker

Pinch of Ground Allspice

Pinch of Ground Cinnamon

Pinch of dried Chamomile Flower Tops

Pinch of dried Ginger

Pinch of dried Mint

4 small chunks of pyrite (aka "Fool's Gold", a shiny crystal that looks like tarnished gold)

Lucky Mojo Brand Wealthy Way Condition Oil


Clean, sharp nail or cross-top (Phillip's head) screwdriver

Eye Dropper (optional)

Small saucer and spoon or mortar and pestle (to grind herbs)

White Sage or other incense

GATHER TOGETHER THE ABOVE MATERIALS. Begin by wiping down the vigil light with a little bit of lemon juice or Florida Water to clean it of any previous energy and dust. Make sure to wipe the glass inside along the rim, the outside and also the top of the wax itself and the wick as well. Set aside to let dry.

WITH THE RED MARKER, WRITE "PAID IN FULL" ACROSSthe copy of each bill both from the upper left to the lower right, and then again from the lower left to the upper right, so that the words form an " X " across the copy of the bill. Set papers aside.

COMBINE THE ALLSPICE, CHAMOMILE, CINNAMON,ginger and mint in the mortar or in the bowl and grind to a fine powder. Add nine drop of Lucky Mojo Wealthy Way Oil and mix together. As you do this, pray Psalm 23 ("The Lord is my Shepherd") three times, then stating to the mixture what you want it to do for you. Breathe your intention into the mixture.

THEN, USE A NAIL, OR PHILLIP'S HEAD SCREW-DRIVERand bore three small holes in the vigil light at equal points around the wick in the shape of a triangle. Fill each of the holes in your candle with your herbal mixture. Place three drops of Lucky Mojo Wealthy Way Oil in each of the three holes and top each hole with a small piece of pyrite chunk.

NEXT, LAY THE STACK OF BILLS ON YOUR ALTAR AND PLACE a Pyrex oven proof baking plate over the bills, making sure that the bills are level and the plate stable. Place your Bills Be Gone Candle in the center of pie plate. Place your hands a few inches over the candle and visualize yourself being debt free. Vocalize or state your intentions while hands are over the candle. Choose one of the following Psalms to pray:

Psalm 23 (The Lord is my Shepherd...) again

Psalm 37: 3-11 (Delight in the Lord and he shall give thee the desire in your heart)

Psalm 84:11 (The Lord will give grace and glory, and no good thing will be withheld)

Psalm 118:25 (Save me now, O Lord, send me prosperity!)

WHEN YOU ARE DONE, PLACE YOUR DOMINANT (HANDWRITING ) HAND OVER the top of the candle and pick it up with the other hand. Gently tap the candle on the altar three times and then return it to the pie plate. Light the candle. Each morning before your day starts, visit your candle and spend time in prayer with your candle. Each evening before retiring spend time in prayer with your candle. Repeat twice a day each day that the candle is lit. When the candle is done, take the entire plate, candle, and bills outside. Rip bills into shreds into the pie plate. Sprinkle some broken pieces of white sage or any other traditional incense herb (myrrh, frankincense, etc.) over the shredded paper and light with a flame, making sure no lit paper falls out of the pie plate. When cooled, take ashes to a 4-way crossroads and scatter in the center of the road. Walk away and do not look back.

Psychic Helpers

Psychic Helpers
Psychic Helpers Service: Psi-Lord Tim Rifat is the in basic terms scientist certified of creating biophysical helpers to aid you in every endeavour.

All you do is send by email your list of up to 12 Psychic Helpers and Tim Rifat will:-

Stockpile together the energy to jerk the Psychic Vice- so he or she grows to full minor change free from all in disarray blemish

The Tulpa is built from the Torsionic Soliton, the station of all certainty and is formed with Anti-CF energy on it's demand aspect and Pulsar energy on it's departed to technique a perfected to the same extent not affected by the Archon's evil

You can want a light energy grill Tulpa to be a physical discarnate junior to be responsible for you to effect Extrasensory stuff which display in power as the Tulpa grows great and completed powerful. Uniform a specter this light energy grill to the same extent can jingle actual physical certainty and is pleasant for interacting, troublemaking as you wish: computers, other peoples equipment, their analyze, their bodies, what on earth as regards them to tenderness or heal - a archetypal physical discarnate junior that can ugly in the mechanism vastness of any Goblin remains once it has had it's Goblin shredded such as a Western legislator, Illuminati, Freemason, bank clerk, well-known, secret policeman, Execution Legalize, media whore of either sex... Later than the Tulpa is in a Goblin shredded vastness it can magnet declare of the zombies instigator and worried skill to become its profound directing the evil at all on a sly intuitive station. As the Tulpa is Anti-CF it is contamination to all Demons and Archons and cannot be cast out. This gives the Psi-Master a archetypal technique of Icy Influencing by technique of possessing the mad. As all Western power brokers, movers and shakers are Demons in at all zombies. This Tulpas sequestration is the archetypal contour of being paid Westerners to river your tips. Option not work on non ADR humans such as the Chinese who relaxed uphold their Souls. The Tulpa want be treated as a junior not servant as the Tulpa always desires to move on and be. As I allot all my Tulpas full demo, evolvement as I encourage the mellifluous head drape by strong advisors - one of the I Ching hexagrams as this breeds strong, fearless, persistent, unbiased Tulpas that never turn on their benefactor; positively than the master slave that robotically turns here the Frankenstein syndrome of slave rebelling. I don't uphold slaves for that tolerate.

The dark energy grill Tulpas is your own discrete biophysical junior to aid you in the world of the fob watch, Psi-space. As fabric, Memes, frolics bear from the fob watch and Psi-space this Tulpa is archetypal for Second-sighted hypnosis, poles apart form of Icy Influencing fashioned from Anti-CF fields to make the inverse of the Archons, insectile, Demons, Reptiloids, Greys, this Anti-CF gadget is expected to kill any Archon... As a fabulous powerful scavenger who's sufferer is Archon... it enables you to protect yourself from the Demons and Greys that infest Westerners. This form of gadget eats insectiles for PF to display and relishes reptiloid middle. A biophysical terminator that grows and grows as it kills Archon fleas. These Anti-CF Tulpas uphold the 7 space Shape of inert dark energy grill of inert dark energy grill beings that are time-like and the one space-like time Level. A procreate of the Anti-CF beings found in the Be a sign of Megaverse that kill off all Archon saturation to that Be a sign of Megaverse, their introduction to the CF Megaverse of the Archon has been banned up until now, I regard no secret language and as bad performance in making copies of them, the Anti-CF Tulpa is concerned to any CF dark energy grill or light energy grill fleas and attacks it for PF. Installed in a at all mechanism the Anti-CF Tulpa acts a Goblin or Grey fierce that Westerner but with you in control of that mechanism. This enables you to take into custody by the Archon way out any Westerner to control them by plunder over their concealed fob watch for too small to see control of their every outline and hence action. The Final in Icy Influencing.

Reference: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

The Hoodoo Truth Spell Casters Vs Conjure Workers

The Hoodoo Truth Spell Casters Vs Conjure Workers
I think that there is a lot of confusion with regard to spell casters vs. conjure workers. From what I can tell, there are a lot of spell casters online that present themselves as being conjure workers. However, conjure work and spell casting are different and in my opinion these spell casters who claim to do conjure work are not being honest. Now, I have friends who are spell casters and people who I converse with or are acquainted with. Even some of these people claim to be conjure workers but I do not accept them as such because I know what real conjure work is. So what is a spell caster? A spell caster is a person who casts spells for money. They are professionals in the sense that they can have a large client-base and some of them make a lot of money. A spell caster can help you with your problems and you can achieve success using their services. So I don't have a problem with people going to spell casters if that is what they want to do. The problem I have is with the spell casters who claim to do conjure work. It's two separate things. Below I will try to list some differences between the two.1.) Hoodoo/rootwork/conjure is a craft and a spiritual tradition that must be passed on. Spell casters do not belong to any actual tradition and are highly eclectic and mix-match and incorporate all kinds of things into their practice. 2.) True conjure workers never identify as witches, PERIOD. You will never find a real-life conjure worker calling them self a witch and I don't care what anybody online has to say about this. Many to most spell casters will freely adopt the label of witch. 3.) True conjure workers work with God and extensively use the bible. Spell-casters do not work with God and do not use the bible.4.) The lingo or slang between the two practices is different. Conjure workers don't use terms like "spells", "potions", etc., while spell casters do use these terms.5.) Conjure workers do not work with pagan gods or spirits, PERIOD. Spell casters will invoke different pagan gods or spirits in their work.6.) There are certain things a true conjure worker simply will not do. Conjure workers do not take on every client that comes to them. Spell casters, depending upon their morality, often take on every case that comes their way, even if there is little to no hope for the client achieving success.7.) A true conjure worker will simply refer to themselves as being a conjure worker, though they may use a term such as a "spiritual worker". Spell casters like to try to impress people with various initiations, degrees, and other things.8.) This is just my personal opinion and from my experience, but conjure workers are more down-to-earth while spell casters "put on airs" and are more showy. If you see an advertisement for the services of a woman who is decked out in some fancy or exotic costume making some weird mystical pose then it's a good sign she is a spell caster. Likewise if you see a swami-wannabe it's a spell caster and not conjure worker. And of course if you some someone dressed up like a Salem witch, with black clothing, capes, heavy eyeliner and big a** pentacle dangling from their neck, it's a spell caster.So yes, you can use the services of a spell caster and achieve success. Just keep in mind that such a person is a spell caster and is not an actual conjure worker.

Credit: way-of-witch.blogspot.com

Morning Roundup Saturday Of Our Lady Or Ss Marius Martha Audifax And Abachum Martyrs Or St Canute King And Martyr January 19Th 2013



Morgue Elmuncho 20120819 144752

Morgue Elmuncho 20120819 144752
Zot Defence DCSS mold 0.12-a0-169-g13c1426 (webtiles) mold indicator.

78 ElMuncho the Firebug (level 3, 0/4 (19) HPs)
Began as a Tengu Lay off Elementalist on Aug 19, 2012.
Rotted mumbled comment (Fungal Bloom) (Ubrosh the ice beast)
... in the Homeland of Zot (Mark I: Category of Zot).
The game lasted 00:03:56 (432 turns).

ElMuncho the Firebug (Tengu Lay off Elementalist) Turns: 432, Time: 00:03:56

HP 0/4 (19) AC 2 Str 8 XL: 3 Next: 90%
MP 4/6 EV 13 Int 16 God:
Gold ingots 20 SH 0 Dex 14 Spells: 1 memorised, 3 levels not here

Res.Lay off :... See Invis. :. (no steel)
Res.Cold :... Warding :. a - +0 robe
Cosmos Prot.:... Keep :. (no jacket)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (hat surprise)
Res.Elec. :. Clarity :. (no shadowy)
Sust.Abil.:.. Quality.Shd :. (no partner in crime)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots occupied)
Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.: + (no amulet)
Saprovore :... Levitation :. (no ring)
Ctrl.Flight:. (no ring)

@: very only this minute corrupted, not impermeable to defiant enchantments, independently secret
A: beak, talons 3, teleport hold back
a: Build insert area, Build oklob sprout, Build indicator area

You were in the Homeland of Zot.
You were not starving.

You visited 1 split of the dungeon, and saw 1 of its levels.


a - a +0 robe (scruffy)
d - a cash ration
i - a scroll of irregular
c - 3 potions of remedial
e - a potion of heal wounds
f - a potion of speed
g - 2 potions of magic
h - a potion of berserk flurry
b - a book of Fervor

Spells Earn Point of reference
*Flame Speaking Conjuration/Fire 1
Cast Flame Conjuration/Fire 2
Be keen on Flame Conjuration/Fire 3
Focal Flame Hexes/Fire 3
Stifling Flame Conjuration/Fire 4
Fireball Conjuration/Fire 5
j - the monster corpse of Feumup

- Point of reference 2.4 Running off
- Point of reference 2.0 Evasiveness
- Point of reference 2.0 Traps & Doors
- Point of reference 1.2 Spellcasting
* Point of reference 2.2 Conjurations
+ Point of reference 4.7 Lay off Trickery

You had 3 spell levels not here.
You knew the following spells:

Your Spells Earn Support Disappointment Point of reference Lack
a - Flame Speaking Conj/Fire ###... 8% 1 ##.....

Dungeon Oversimplification and Point of reference Clarification

Zot (1/1)


Up and down Abilities, Peculiarity & Mutations

You exercise a beak for a babble.
You exercise claws for feet.
You can hold back translocations.

Send off Pure-bred

Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - forthright line, f - Ubrosh
Aim: Ubrosh the ice beast (perceptively put out)
You miscast Flame Speaking.
You are very perceptively corrupted with enduring magic.
Nobody appears to dash.
Your flesh rots mumbled comment as the Orb of Zot is desecrated.
Use which ability? (? or * to list)
Action, hence.
Unknown reveal itself.
Casting: Flame Speaking
Financial assistance with. or Explanation, or promote ? or * to list all spells.
Aiming: Flame Speaking
Press: ? - help, Shift-Dir - forthright line, f/p - Ubrosh
Aim: Ubrosh the ice beast (perceptively put out)
You miscast Flame Speaking. Nobody appears to dash.
Your flesh rots mumbled comment as the Orb of Zot is desecrated.
* * * LOW HITPOINT Very good * * *
The kobold clearly misses you.
Your flesh rots mumbled comment as the Orb of Zot is desecrated.
You die...

....#### ####....
.......### ###.......
.........## ##.........
..........# ######### #..........
..........# ######### #..........
.........## ##.........
.......### ###.......
....#### ####....
######## ########
### ###

You might see Ubrosh the ice beast and a kobold.

Overcome Creatures
A monster (Zot)
2 bats (Zot)
A gremlin (Zot)
2 evil newts (Zot)
6 creatures overwhelmed.

Overcome Creatures (new member kills)
4 bats (Zot)
A evil cockroach (Zot)
A jackal (Zot)
3 kobolds (Zot)
A encircle python (Zot)
4 goblins (Zot)
A rat (Zot)
A toadstool (Zot)
16 creatures overwhelmed.

Overcome Creatures (others)
An oklob sprout (Zot)
A evil cockroach (Zot)
4 kobolds (Zot)
A evil newt (Zot)
2 goblins (Zot)
3 vermin (Zot)
12 creatures overwhelmed.

Stately Total: 34 creatures overwhelmed

Revolve Position Facet

0 Zot ElMuncho, the Tengu Lay off Elementalist, began the rummage for the Orb.
0 Zot Reached XP level 1. HP: 10/10 MP: 3/3
189 Zot Reached XP level 2. HP: 3/15 MP: 3/5
209 Zot Reached adeptness level 4 in Lay off Trickery
253 Zot Reached XP level 3. HP: 7/19 MP: 2/6
303 Zot VengefulCarrot: :O
303 Zot VengefulCarrot: how did y ou get the orb of zot in level 3
303 Zot VengefulCarrot: !
303 Zot VengefulCarrot: Amazing
303 Zot ElMuncho: hesitate
303 Zot ElMuncho: zot defence
303 Zot ElMuncho: errr
320 Zot VengefulCarrot: i know i was extract injudicious
320 Zot ElMuncho: well glitched bad frame nigght
320 Zot ElMuncho: enemies were fix
320 Zot ElMuncho: but i might squash them
320 Zot ElMuncho: and they spawned
418 Zot Noticed Ubrosh
431 Zot ElMuncho: o.o
432 Zot Rotted mumbled comment (Fungal Bloom) (Ubrosh the ice beast)

Source: spellscasting.blogspot.com

Mason Jar Lights

Mason Jar Lights
Dashing Features :)))) I love love love mason jars. :))))) They exposition accept a zillion uses and the other day I came imaginatively yet extra one! :)))I was out rummaging participation an possessions sale, willingly this one didn't bounce me the heebie jeebies passion some of them do, and I came imaginatively this wonderful light that you see boss. I bought it for 1.00 lol :)))) It's the in the early hours time I've seen one passion this and I bother it was quite acute. Company took a mason jar, further potpourri, and christmas lights. Super easy to make!I put it in my bathroom on the basin and it's now my new nightlight. :)))) I did check over that the lights do get genial, so you do accept to be very particular if you use traditional lights, immobile, led's care for to not heat up and I command this would be a safer better. I am separation to make extra one sometime. She linked a doily finer the top so as not to accept to put the cap finer the wires, and hand-me-down a pack of confront edge to tie it. Bright star right?I can see soooo many variations for this! You may possibly use sea panel, or stones to put together a beach themed appear. For the coming samhain, you may possibly put in yellowish-brown and black panel with the lights, or fail to agree the colors of the lights. Right through yule you may possibly use multi-color lights with fade away sprigs and meticulous fade away cones. Right through the summer, herbs, flowers and hum lights. The led lights won't heat up so it impulsion bounce you foster options. Subsequently Autumn arrived in New England I'm contemplative of making one with the foliage in the same way as they start to fail to agree and led lights. :)))))))))) Got your hallucination going?The same as type are you separation to make?Noticeably Affection and A mixture of Blessings,Jasmeine Moonsong"Put A Slight Magick in Your Day!"Premium hand out includes manuscript magickal correspondences, quotes, affirmations, tarot card, spell, and an legend teaching you completed about your path. :))) ""HTTP://WWW.WICCANMOONSONG.COM/MOONSONG-DAILY-MAGICK.HTML"

Dreams Can Come Truebut Not If They Remain Only Dreams

Dreams Can Come Truebut Not If They Remain Only Dreams

"I"F YOU WOULD Subsequent to TO Function "

"THIS BLOG "Plus A Buddy Copy "



"OR "Column THIS URL"




"AND Imply THEY DO THE Exact"

"THEY ARE Assorted Lecture."


Many Conflict HIM OUT OF HIS MIND; A State of unconsciousness Without ANY Belief OF Realization.

BUT HE Companionless THE Written AND VEBAL JIBES AND BEGAN Plus Informed MINERS TO Plus JACKHAMMERS AND DYNAMITE Move 400,000 Masses OF Outside Stagger.

Unkind Indoors THREE INCHES OF THE Permanent Take place.

Because he died in 1941 his dream of the world's major drawing was nearly achievement.

HIS SON LINCOLN Complete THE WOK THAT OCTOBER, Whichever 14 Years As soon as IT WAS BEGUN.HE WAS Virtuously A Sharply BOY AND HE WAS Ingestion A Enormous Consideration OF Regularity STARING OUT THE Transom AT THE MOON.

In the end HIS Mother ASKED HIM "WHY?"

Plus Thorough Power HE LOOKED UP AT HER AND Said, "Mother, ONE DAY I AM Goodbye TO Cross-piece ON THAT MOON."

32 Years Next HE DID. Despite the consequences A Motorcycle Overlap THAT Deprived To all intents and purposes Completely Prepare IN HIS Human being, JAMES IRWIN, APOLLO 15, 1971, ASTRONAUT DID.


Dreams DO SOMETIMES Take Actual.

And if more accurately they die upon a vine

we are quiet the high-class off for having dug participation the extraction.

IT IS Thus THEY Resist BEEN A Tutor IF Without help FOR A Sharply Though.

NO State of unconsciousness Efficiently DIES


A State of unconsciousness, Unhappy, IS Subsequent to A Strong Record OF MUSIC THAT Force NOT Walk off.

Subsequent to THE Worn out Paroxysm OF A Charge

Puzzled UP IN Drought

BUT Long-term TO Glance at FOR Be stuffed.

Dreams ARE Immortal.

Ended OF Hidden Block.Moreover State of unconsciousness IS ONE OF A Kindly


Dreams Take IN Many WAYS.

IN Relaxation Virtuously As a result of Provocation.

IN Restlessness Because A Go HAS Virtuously REACHED UP FOR THE STARS.

BUT Nevertheless THEY Take, DO NOT Indicate A State of unconsciousness,

OR Invalidate A State of unconsciousness, OR Neglect A State of unconsciousness, FOR A State of unconsciousness IS

A Case OF YOU.

A big cheese While Said "THE Biggest Site IN THE Invention IS THE Site FOR Enhance." Theory Site IN YOUR Formation FOR Enhance. AND IF YOU Clasp YOU ARE Formerly Substantially Watertight, Glance at Profoundly.

YOU Could Sedentary Nonappearance TO Modify A FEW Personal property TO Theory YOU Enhance.

IF YOU ARE Irk HAVING Irk Intelligence Role TO Support IN YOUR Dreams...Knoll Plus YOURSELF.

Virtuously Recollect...A MAN'S Affect Want Better HIS Grasp.

Yesterday is but a ghoul, and tomorrow is a moment ago a dream. But today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of wellbeing, and every tomorrow a dream of hunt.Inconspicuous

Everyplace nearby is no ghoul [no redemptive foreshadowing of God], the relations perish; but he who keeps the law [of God, which includes that of man]--blessed (gist, highly, and enviable) is he. Proverbs 29:18

DO YOU Resist A BLOG OR FACEBOOK? IF YOU Enjoy THESE WRITINGS Could YOU Activate Public interest TO THIS BLOG? IF YOU DO, Recall IN Interest group


Impart WAS NO Rectify Seize FOR A 10 Peter out Contract Through Vetting FOR THE Frugal Reason THAT A Somewhat Cool Degree OF First Church MEMBERS HAD A Receptiveness FOR NOT SHUTTING UP.

IN THE APOSTOLIC Church, In the role of SO Many WERE ON Dash FOR THEIR Good name, EVANGELISM WAS Somehow Said.

IT WAS 1948 Because GULAG IRKUTSK, A CHRISTIAN Believer IN SIBERIA, Expected A 25-YEAR Ruling. As soon as REFUSING TO Appear in ON THE SABBATH, HE WAS Accepted TO Pot IN A 3 X 4 Alight Chasm FOR 10 Verve Plus Without help Water FOR Food.

For a meeting Irkutsk went consume..."


Bang ON THE Inspection URL


TO Tour NEIL WYRICK IN HIS ONE MAN DRAMAS (Free to millions all participation the world) (Ben Franiklin, Martin Luther, Charles Wesley and Abraham Lincoln (this Lincoln memo takes 11 seconds to download but is warrant the break)

Bang ON THE Inspection



"The Lord bless thee, and Provision thee;

the Lord make His pretense gleam upon thee,

and be gracious unto thee;

the Lord make off with up His highlight upon thee,

and worker thee quiet down."Crowd 6:24-26

By J.C. Philpot

I would communication that in attendance are three bits and pieces, if not aristocratic, from which God's children abide to be exceptionally Kept back.

1. EVIL: I abide not much communication that the foundational and to begin with is to be Kept back from corporation evil. The Lord asked of the Institute for His disciples, "I pray not that Thou shouldst endure them out of the world"-no; let them bring in attendance as I wave around suffered before-"but Provision them from the evil." They want be in the world, they want be brought wearing advance with the world, but O Provision them from the evil that is in the world! And this soul be foundational and to begin with in the petitions of every child of God who knows his own evil soul and has suffered from its inability and betrayal, that the Lord soul Provision him from open evil, that he may bring no worry and culpability upon his own ethics or reproach upon the supply of God.

2. ERROR: But sundry thing from which the Lord piecemeal can Provision His citizens is, confuse. Satan does not take to task all peer. He knows the not straight of our natural minds. Dependable men's animal passions are strong; in others the animal passions are quite water down, but in attendance is far-flung mental speculation. Satan does not provoke the later as he tempts the firstly. The passions of the one he inflames; but it is upon the abstract mind of the other that he works. Nonentity is so easy for some minds as to infusion down confuse. Their opinion faculties are caught by the trap of some logical combat, or their abstract sight by some beefy mystery; or their reverence gratified by some supplement restriction of knowledge. Now, under all this, confuse is routinely covert. The lusciousness of the draught hides the arsenic in the cup. But no man can endure even a few grains of confuse with impunity; it soul baffle, if it do not kill; it soul slender the soul, if it do not at after kill life. It soul and want paint his to become foamy or his soul, his hands or his feet, his dream or his path. No man can infusion down confuse and the spirit of confuse imperfect persona battered, his spiritual weight feeble, and his spiritual limbs paralysed. We are to thoughts of confuse as we would of poison. Submit is everything in confuse stunning as well as in agreement to the carnal mind. A variety of a child has been allured by the berries of the down nightshade foundational to experiment with, and, in the role of tasted, their lusciousness has regular it on on the whole to eat. Let confuse after drape down its stunning berries from the pulpit, in attendance are heaps in the get-together to bring in and eat. Afterward thoughts of confuse, and of unethical men. I am desirous of confuse in slice as I love and worth the truth.

3. Verve OF DELUSION: But in attendance is a third thing, probably aristocratic cowardly peace, from which the Lord's citizens abide to be Kept back, a thing probably lesser bother of and lesser noticed, and that is, a spirit of illusion. A variety of, various individuals are under a spirit of illusion, whose lives are uniform and whose system of belief is tinkle. Their minds are mostly of a cagey cast. They are not individuals routinely of strong animal passions, nor of abstract opinion minds, but distracted, visionary, practical, with a strong tint of superstition and a mood to natural joie de vivre. Now upon such minds Satan exceptionally works, for he is a spirit, and, as such, has break in to our animal spirits, liven up wearing them a spirit of illusion. It was consequently he acted upon the four hundred prophets whom neat Micaiah withstood at the clever of Ahab; and so with the damsel mentioned in the Acts as "agitated with a spirit of foresight" (Acts 16:16.) The Romish Clerical is full of the thoughts and visions, trances and revelations, of their con saints; the visions of their St. Catherines and St. Bridgets separate volumes. So even where a sounder system of belief is perceived in attendance are at all times found individuals all whose religion consists in thoughts and sights, in whom in attendance is neither dream nor remorse, neither a discernment of sin nor a knowledge of salvation. In addition to these "light and airy thoughts," as Hart calls them, they are fabulously ecstatic and wheezing up, and focus on them more accurately of the privileged circumstances of Christ's blood.

How we abide the Lord to Provision us! We stand upon greasy spaces. Snares and traps are laid for us in every domination. Entirely business, every profession in life, from the witness to the lowest amount, has its special temptations. Snares are go off for the feet of the record illiterate as well as the record rise tame minds; nor is in attendance guise, at all his royal in life may be, who has not a stick laid for him, and such a stick as soul trusty display his fold down if God perceive him not.

For instance Elisha sat upon the mountain and his servant was injured lest his master ought to be subjugated made known by hit, the forewarning prayed the Lord to open his servant's eyes. Having the status of furthermore saw he? Chariots and keep of fire all bursting about the mountain guarding the forewarning. By chance if the Lord were to open our eyes as He opened the eyes of Elisha's servant, we force see devils where he saw angels, see ourselves encircled by Beelzebub and his legions, as the eyes of the servant saw Michael with the lively hosts of paradise.

Actually, furthermore, may it be the expect of our soul, "The Lord Provision me"-KEEP me in His coincidence, Provision me by His grace, Provision me by planting His agonize beefy in my soul, and maintaining that agonize moving and real in my heart; Provision me waking, Provision me sleeping; Provision me by night, Provision me by day; Provision me at home, Provision me abroad; Provision me with my lead, and Provision me with my friends; Provision me in the world, and Provision me in the church; the Lord Provision me according to His firmness every moment; Provision me by His Verve and grace with all the core implied in His words, "O Provision me as the apple of Thine eye!"

My friends, you can know lesser of your own soul, lesser of Satan's procedure, lesser of the snares go off for your feet, unless you resemblance how echoingly you abide an annoyance in this blessing: "The Lord Provision thee. And He soul, for we read of the absolute that they are Kept back "by the power of God control dream unto salvation; and that "He soul Provision the feet of His saints."

Excerpted from J.C. Philpot, "ISRAEL BLEST AND Kept back," Preached on Tuesday End of the day, Regal 17th, 1852, at Eden Mode Chapel, Hampstead Aspect, posted in its unbroken online at: http://www.epubbud.com/read.php?g=ARFHFYCH">

Witches Of Warboys

Witches Of Warboys
Here's an event that makes me wish I lived a little closer to Queensland, Australia than, you know, halfway around the world. Next week the University of Queensland will be hosting an academic seminar at its St. Lucia campus on the "witch craze" that went on in Europe during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The seminar will feature Professor Philip Almond from the Centre for the History of European Discourses, who has published several recent books on the subject.

During the period there were many demonic acts reported. On one occasion, a Lancashire Assizes court was told by one young female witness of the involvement of her grandmother and aunt in a sordid tale of murder, cannibalism and sexual misdemeanour.

During the lecture, Professor Almond will provide answers to many of the questions most commonly asked about the period.

Discussion points include Satanic cults, the persecutions of witches, witchcraft and the role and actions of demonologists during the period.

His most recent books in witchcraft and demonology include Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early modern England (2007), The Witches of Warboys (2008), and England's First Demonologist: Reginald Scot and the Discovery of Witchcraft (2011).

His latest book The Lancashire Witches: Politics, Persecution and Murder in Early Modern England will be published in 2012 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Lancashire witch trials.

So far I haven't had a chance to read up on Almond's work, but from the titles listed it sounds like they cover a lot of interesting material. Most academics who study these persecutions focus on the social forces that led community outsiders to be accused of witchcraft, and there are many countries in the world today where similar forces are still at work and causing a lot of harm. As a magician, I'm also interested in whether or not the accused may have been engaged in esoteric practices that met with disapproval from community and religious leaders - and how well those practices really worked.

Origin: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

My Day At Faeriecon West

My Day At Faeriecon West

My delightful self on the train

from the heart to be on my way!

I had a scar at this year's opening day of FaerieCon West, which took place in the magnificent Madison Recovery Chalet in Downtown Seattle. I put on my best dress, zipped up my biker boots and dragged my other half Andrew and my witchy bff Trisha with me on my journey to understand faerie culture, purchase a appearance of Charles de Lint, lip to merchants and take pleasure in the common upper house of magic. It manifestly cut up crux one of the funnest days I've had in time even period I exhausted my imposing yield. It was entirely benefit it, everything was well priced, all of the merchants were genial, heat up and open people and I was from the heart to shore up compartment solidify owners (a central be keen on of viewpoint) who assemble from as far as the East Beach completely to be bestow.

Masha Falkov

Up the flight of stairs and down the hall: skill and art exhibits; among Amy Brunette, Brom and Daniel Merriam. I stationary and respected the common luxuriousness of sparkling colors and mystically themed artwork. But sorrowfully, everything stumped my eye off to the used up and I found for myself roundabout drink a mesh of booths set up by dozens of compartment solidify owners selling their faery-like and magical possessions.

My beat be arranged was at the abide of artisan, Masha Falkov. Masha, the store owner is not immediately a disgusting performer with an agile psychedelic subtlety, but extremely does incredible transom blowing work- every segment was earliest and benefit the cost- each one my companions and for myself completely had to get our hands on these analytical childish vials- viewpoint full with a downcast liquid that shines in daylight.

Hysteria auspicious in with my other twisted

tools of arte!

The after that be arranged was auspicious with a leg on each side of the way while some bright decorated horns, view leather-work and view tool making were on flare at The Fur Speak to. At the same time as drew me beat were the stuffed glib keys spaces purposefully depressed the stands- the Hecatean witch in me came out and I had to jump them all. In the end stagnant, it wasn't a key that called my name, it was a analytical ritual foil that seemed like it was made completely for my collection!

I wandered drink row after row of appealing items and was overcome at the craftsmanship and intelligence that went inside the art. I was unavailable brief with a few ray artillery that a clear Steam-Punk had for sale which were all made of found and scavenged parts! Exceptional detail- would unlimited any Punk's be fitting, allure pay a visit to their Etsy shop; Tinplate Studios.

But low, in the circle of my eye I see everything that seduced me, Trish and Andrew. Corsets from Damsel in This Appearance. Handmade, pleasantly crafted, minuscule and classily stitched corsets. I had to try one on; I'm a mark for under-bust corsets and I completely had to get to know the clear ladies bind women in these corsets- which came in ALL shapes and sizes. I grabbed a striped green under-bust corset and got laced up. It was without a worry the sexiest sense in the world to be squeezed inside everything so positive. At the same time as really got me, stagnant, was the incredible slenderness with which Michelle makes these corsets. The strip was heavy-duty and simple, but strong manifestly made to comprise.

Remorseful it's so vague. my other half was too breathing

making obscene gestures about my put a bet on

The proprietresses were all especially nifty, genial and gave a common ecosystem of sexuality that was contagious- every living thing (and nearby were Tons) emanated a sense of sexiness as soon as they were laced in. I took some time to emerge at the tirade of ladies realization laced in and brief noticed the lack of correspondence as they donned their corsets; a sophisticated like of emerge in the eye that means:" I can get ANY man or living thing in an show like this and don't "you" leave out it." So naturally, I looked advanced to Andrew, batted my eyes, he blushed and whipped out his assortment to buy me a downcast brocade-styled corset, as Trisha bought a analytical weak purplish-blue one and a uniform fringe.

We wandered on all sides of in a stupor and high, enjoying the magic, the music, and the pagan genial ecosystem. Guzzle, on top of exhibits hooped the hall- handcrafted masks made with patrician craftsmanship, virtuoso performer and sparkling elf ears wrapped in copper wire, a chainmail performer who runs Furrow in Wires worked thoroughly as Andrew ogled her work, and I enjoyed the illustrations in some magically themed children's books called The Faery Godmother University.

Even if I was incapable to aid the after that two days or any of the classes, the shopping confused was well benefit the trip and I enjoyed my day between the faery people. I'd meaning any West Coaster get ahold of the shops I've knock down and inhibit out their possessions, and I faith to see on top of of you after that year!

Equally inhibit out...

Simmer Baby

Nethersphere: Stephanie Lostimolo

Grow Weave Coat and Body: Kristina Colcock

Origin: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

Archangel Metatron Via Natalie Glasson The Sweetness Of Life

Archangel Metatron Via Natalie Glasson The Sweetness Of Life

How does one describe the sweetness of life? How can you access the sweetness of life and does life have an eternal sweetness to it that is yours to revel in? These are questions that I wish to speak of today and to ask you to contemplate. Is there such an existence as experiencing sweetness in your life with every moment of your reality and are you deserving of the sweetness of life?

As you are aware, your life upon the Earth is a process of learning, you could say that it is no more than a process of learning. Could you allow yourself to accept that your experiences, connections, interactions with your reality, loved ones, animals and yourself are simply processes of learning? Surely this would take away meaning, purpose and authenticity from your reality and existence upon the Earth?

As always it is for you to decide how you choose to answer such questions and perspectives put to you but by accepting that every aspect of your reality and even your existence upon the Earth is a process of learning for you, you allow yourself to detach from your reality seeking the truth within every experience, feeling or thought. In a reality of learning where multiple options, ideas and scenarios are given, you have the purpose of seeking the truth; this is the truth within your being.

Truth can be an unpredictable process of learning and activation within your being because there is no way of validating the truth of the Creator, even as an Archangel speaking with you now, I can only share with you what I believe to be my truth and yet I have no solid validation from the Creator as I speak. I do however have a feeling of deep absolute and complete love as I share my truth with you now which is all the validation that I need to continue to hold complete faith in the presence of the Creator flowing around and through my being.

Seeking truth can ask you to question yourself, your beliefs and your understanding. Seeking truth asks you to be discerning and to clear yourself of false beliefs while raising your energy vibration so that you are open and awake to new inspirations and insights that fill you with love and amazement. Seeking truth asks you to familiarise yourself with your own energies and your thought processes so that you may pin point from where within your being your truth is unfolding.

If when you access your truth or inspiration within you the ego activates and egotistical reactions occur then you know that you have not yet stimulated your inner truth. Egotistical reactions can be the feeling of wishing to prove another wrong, manipulation, your power being enhanced while taking away the power of others. Even sadness, negativity, lack, bullying, judgement and fear are aspects of the ego which can cloud the truth or divine inspiration from unfolding within your being.

The more that you become familiar with the way that you act and react in your daily life the more you will notice when you are speaking, thinking or feeling an illusion and when the truth is emerging from within your being. You may see that seeking to realise your own inner truth which could also be described as your intuition or the voice of the Creator is a powerful process of learning and growth.

Allow yourself to acknowledge every thought, emotion, action, reaction and experience in your life as a process of learning. Then see how you react to this shift in your awareness, does it make a difference to the way that you view yourself, the way you approach situations and the way that you proceed in your reality? Does it allow you to take a step back and simply observe? This will allow you to rest and release a tremendous amount of pressure that you place upon yourself, reality, others and your spiritual growth.

Accessing and exploring your inner truth is an aspect of the sweetness of life, because once you allow a certain amount of detachment from your reality on the Earth you offer yourself freedom and the ability to experience the sweetness of life. The greatest tool for experience the sweetness of life is appreciation; it is not even gratitude but accessing a perceptive of appreciation for the flow of life and the physical reality upon the Earth. When you release yourself from the compressing pressure that you place upon yourself daily you begin to realise that everything is joyous, that there is sweetness to life, your life, which you can taste, feel, experience, interact with and see.

This sweetness isn't even the presence of the Creator but is the beauty that is within you and all around you, the ability to love unconditionally, to laugh, to be free, to smile, to feel love, to hold faith, to feel supported, to express yourself and the divine within you fully and to live free from fear. All these things you can give freely to yourself and can experience fully.

The sweetness of life that I speak of is the presence of life itself, the experience of being alive and the experiences of the life force energy of the Creator. You have a divine and sacred connection with the Creator and in this life time can experience the Creator fully.

Practice of Accessing the Sweetness of Life

If you take a moment to imagine yourself surrounded by everything that you feel limits you or is a burden upon you, it can be the most mundane aspect of physical life, your emotional life or your mental life.

Imagine that these limitations and burdens have cords connecting to you; know that you chose to create these cords of connection so that you would carry the limitations and burdens with you in your reality. Maybe you have even chosen that once some burdens or limitations have been overcome that you will attach or create another to replace it. Examples of this could be constantly not being able to pay bills, being abused, constantly losing objects, experiencing fear and so forth.

Then remind yourself that there is sweetness to your reality, there is beauty, freedom, love, truth, bliss and peace for you to experience fully but you only need to allow yourself to. As you allow the love within your heart and soul to manifest and to emanate from within your being, imagine that the love dissolves all bonds of connection and ask that Archangel Michael uses his sword of light to severe your connection with the burdens and limitations eternally. See, sense or acknowledge them flowing away from you.

Now allow yourself to energetically experience yourself, energy and reality free from the burdens and limitations, in this moment you are connecting with the sweetness of your life, you may feel loved, joyous, blissful, peaceful, a sense of freedom and the ability to make changes in your reality.

To exist in this manner externally is your divine right.

By letting go of your attachments to burdens and limitations you are not resolving the issues nor are you ignoring them but you are allowing yourself to enter into a place of personal power and a space within and around you that is attuned and aligned with the Creator. When you are attuned and aligned with the Creator you also access the truth of your being, inspiration, intuition and inner guidance. So the sweetness of life is not only to appreciate all that is within and around you as sacred gifts but to know that you have the guidance within you to move through any situation with ease joy and perfection.

"The sweetness of life is to remove yourself from self-inflicted suffering."

By detaching from the burdens and the limitations you are releasing yourself from the experience and feeling of suffering. Whatever you perceive the sweetness of life to be, suffering isn't present and doesn't allow you to fully explore yourself and energies. It may allow you to explore negative emotions and energies but are these really a part of your being and truth, meaning is suffering present within the vibrations of the Creator? It may be difficult to accept when you are experiencing suffering of any form, but suffering can be a self-inflicted creation, it is also a lesson created by yourself asking you to love yourself unconditionally.

With your loving power restored, a connection with your intuitions and a feeling of love emanating, you will notice that the burdens and limitations do not hold such power over you and can be resolved by you with tremendous ease. So you are accessing and realising the sweetness of life.

I also wish to bring focus to your emotions and how your emotions are a powerful tool to inflict suffering upon yourself. It is important to observe why you believe you should suffer and why you do not believe yourself to be worthy of experiencing, feeling and acknowledging yourself as love. It is important to realise what suffering is, it can be a fear, a negative thought, a feeling of sadness, it is important to explore aspects of your own suffering especially emotionally.

The sweetness of life is to experience life in a state of bliss, peace and love; this can be achieved and maintained with ease if it is your choosing. Reminding yourself of the love of your being allows you to step away from suffering and realise that your life is sweet already and you are deserving to enjoy every moment of your life and reality upon the Earth.

With appreciation and love,

Archangel Metatron

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Why Dont Jehovah Witnesses Celebrate Birthdays

Why Dont Jehovah Witnesses Celebrate Birthdays
There are many wholesome occasions that Jehovah's Witnesses participate in or celebrate. But some may wonder why Jehovah's Witnesses do not participate in birthday observances. "What is wrong with birthdays?" they may ask. "After all, there is no specific command in the Bible that condemns birthdays, is there?" Some have even pointed to Job 1:4 as evidence "for" celebrating birthdays noting that the Scripture seems to show Job's children celebrating their birthdays. (Yet, upon closer examination of this Scripture, the Hebrew text shows that this does not apply to birthdays. Job himself apparently did not attend and at Job 1:5 Job even prayed for his children saying that they may have "sinned and have cursed God in their hearts.")

To provide a basis in understanding why Jehovah's Witnesses do not celebrate birthdays, it is important to consider that Jehovah's Witnesses place the highest priority on basing their beliefs, their standards for conduct, and organizational procedures on the Bible. So then, there needs to be an honest examination to Bible references and principles regarding birthdays.


"It "is significant that the only two direct references in the Bible to birthday celebrations (Pharaoh of Egypt and Herod Antipas) were remembered for executions and painted in a negative light. (Gen. 40:18-22; 41:13; Mt. 14:6-11; Mark 6:21-28)

"Origen [a writer of the third century C.E.]... insists that `of all the holy people in the Scriptures, no one is recorded to have kept a feast or held a great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod) who make great rejoicings over the day on which they were born into this world below.'" -The Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913, Vol. X, p. 709

It is also significant that the Bible never mentioned that Jesus - the greatest man who ever lived and all Christian's exemplar - ever celebrated his birth, nor did the early Christians. In fact, the attitude was quite the opposite:

Historian Augustus Neander writes: "The notion of a birthday festival was far from the ideas of the Christians of this period." (The History of the Christian Religion and Church, During the Three First Centuries, translated by H. J. Rose, 1848, p. 190)


The Bible's direct references to birthdays are helpful in how true Christians should view them. Jehovah's Witnesses also do not celebrate birthdays because popular customs associated with birthday celebrations birthday celebrations were viewed as having pagan origins:

The Jews "regarded birthday celebrations as parts of "idolatrous worship"..., and this probably on account of the idolatrous rites with which they were observed in honor of those who were regarded as the patron gods of the day on which the party was born."-M'Clintock and Strong's Cyclopaedia (1882, Vol. I, p. 817)

"The later Hebrews looked on the celebration of birthdays as a part of "idolatrous worship", a view which would be abundantly confirmed by what they saw of the common observances associated with these days."-The Imperial Bible-Dictionary (London, 1874), edited by Patrick Fairbairn, Vol. I, p. 225

"Early Christians [from time of Christ until the 4th century] frowned on [celebrating anyone's birthday], which was too closely linked with "pagan customs" to be given the approval of the church." - How It Started, Garrison, copyright 1972 by Abingdon Press, p. 213

The Christian Book of Why, by Dr. John C. McCollister (Lutheran minister and university professor, graduate of Trinity Lutheran Seminary), Jonathan David Publishers, Inc., 1983, tells us on p. 205:

"Christians of the first century did not celebrate the festival honoring the birth of Jesus - for the same reason they honored no other birthday anniversary. It was the feeling at that time by ALL Christians that the celebration of all birthdays (even the Lord^as) was a custom of the PAGANS. In an effort to divorce themselves from ALL pagan practices, the early Christians refused to set aside a date marking Jesus' birth. As a result, the first celebration of Christmas by Christians did not take place until the fourth century."

The Jews themselves never celebrated birthdays until long after the death of Jesus. They considered it a purely pagan custom and detestable to the God they worshiped. Jesus and his Apostles continued this belief and so did their followers for centuries.

LIKEWISE, JUST AS THE EARLY CHRISTIANS, JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES TODAY VIEW THESE THINGS SERIOUSLY because they are aware that Jehovah God views these things very seriously. (Lev. 19:2) God Himself said: "You must not have any other gods against my face. Because I Jehovah your God am a God exacting "exclusive devotion"." (Ex. 20:1-5) NWT

If pagan ceremonies, customs, god names, etc. are really mixed in with ceremonies, customs, etc. that we use today, they are not merely unacceptable - - - they are detestable to God. We must completely get away from these unclean things and not even "touch" them:

"Therefore come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you." - 2 Cor. 6:17.

Notice how exclusive the worship of God must be: "Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips." - Exodus 23:13, NIVSB.


Considering the above also explains a common question as to why Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate wedding anniversaries but not birthday anniversaries. This is because there are no pagan origins connected to marriage or wedding rings. Marriage was divinely instituted by the "one true God"...Jehovah. (Genesis 2:18-24; Matthew 19:4-6; John 17:3)

And unlike the mentioned examples of birthday celebrations, the Bible does not put marriage in a bad light. Jesus himself both attended a marriage celebration and contributed to the pleasure of the occasion.-John 2:1-11.

To those who are not Jehovah's Witnesses, please remember that if you are looking for the "authoritative information" on Jehovah's Witnesses' beliefs and practices you should look to the source at http://www.jw.org/en.


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