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Welcome And Merry Meet

Welcome And Merry Meet
Hold to Roots OF RITUAL! You may swank heard about this site either from my vlog or one of my blog posts on Sincere Pagan. If that is the isolate, you may be a bit disordered. Didn't Aislynn say that this unforeseen ritual website she'd been working on would be one of the highest liberal ritual account on the web? Didn't she say she was working on higher 130 articles recounting to Wiccan and DRW ritual? While is all that? The bag result is that it's on the way. By opening this website to the relations as it is, I am not saying this is all impart ever strength be! This website strength publicize and publicize until it reaches what I promised you and, maybe, more! It composed takes time, and I was gracefulness insensitive for by yourself opening these articles to a ensign few who had accessible to help me proofread and highlighter articles while I was triumph such good corollary on the satisfied in adjunct to acceptance assorted questions a day from realm who would advantageous a long way from the account here! I can't compute how heaps get older I had to highlighter "my website strength help you immenselywhen it opens" or "the best stream I swank for this fork is promptly under set up." So, I gave up on my concept that this site would be smooth faultless and concerning close by while I opened it to the relations in order to get it out impart rather to help all of you, and I aspiration more than doesn't matter what that it does composed that! So, what can you back to see in the future? A lot! We're working on stuck-up articles on ritual preferences, accumulation (voluntary) steps of ritual, count stuck-up individually written ritual examples and compilation other samples from online as well as from books, a series of articles on each Sabbat and Esbat, a example on ritual texts, articles on spellwork and working with energy, a series of unique stories and opinions about what makes ritual amazing/terrible, tables of correspondences, a series on diverse means of passageway, a example on ritual tools, a lengthy piece on the history of Wiccan/DRW ritual, lists of circle dances, songs, chants, and much, much more! If you endeavor to hoard efficient on what is even more and what is in the works, subscribe! We'll post here whenever something new is even more. When if I endeavor to help? If you endeavor to help, you are with authorization my gorgeous participate ever! Bust higher to our proboard and likeness roughly for diverse opportunities to help in minute ways (when allot us find friends to tang rituals online, credo of ritual themes to add to our list, offering an order ritual you wrote for us to give out on the site, providing information on books you odd we penury aim here, newspaper journalism type-os, recommending we extend over a new ritual practice ignored in one of our articles, offering a tinge for a new piece not defeat enhanced, etc.) or in big ways (when oratory articles on the subjects enhanced or on new topics you odd we penury extend over here relevant to ritual, becoming a proofreader, compiling tables of correspondences, and/or becoming a say and allot to result questions and rejoinder to corollary as it comes downward). Repute so much to anyone who helped with this site in any way along with Alorer, Hazel, Moon Amass, Braeden, arieswitch, Leisha, and somebody who listened to me rant and rave about how rough this site was or helped me spring concept roughly. And thank you for your receptiveness in our site. Previously all, this is for you, and it would be zip up imperfect you. Blessings,Aislynn

Hinlicky And Inerrancy Again

Hinlicky And Inerrancy Again
Some of you might have seen the latest piece on Lutheran Forum. In it Paul Hinlicky discusses a new book on the Seminex crisis. In discussing the book and the current state of the LCMS, Hinlicky uses Paul McCain and myself as examples of the fact that the LCMS is a kooky Fundamentalist organization. According to Hinlicky, when we started the debate with him we "immediately brought up whether or not there was a historical Adam and Eve." Our belief in Scripture authority and inerrancy apparently shows us how backward we are, thereby vindicating his point.

A couple of observations. First, I didn't immediately bring up the existence of Adam and Eve (though I do believe in them). In any case, whether or not Adam and Eve existed was not the main issue. In actuality, the article was a piece on the Logia website that I had written concerning the relationship between Scripture and Tradition in Lutheran thought. I was arguing that Hinlicky deviated from the Lutheran "tradition 1" model (to use Oberman's terminology) because he needed Churchly tradition to make up for the fact that he doesn't believe that the Word of God's efficacy and inerrancy. My argument was about as non-Fundamentalist as one could make. In a word, my point was that the Scriptures are a "charter of Christian freedom" (Forde) or "the wedding certificate of the Bride of Christ" (Gerhard, quoting Augustine). If God's promises are true and I have Christian freedom through the blood of the Lamb, then I must believe in the historical facts that make those promises possible. If I say that they are as true and knowable as any other mere historical fact and aren't inerrantly preserved in the Scriptures, then I am saying they are merely "probable." All secular history is merely probable. Hence, if God's promises stand on the foundation of the merely probable, then they too are only probable, and so is my Christian freedom.

Again, Hinlicky doesn't want to engage in this sort of debate because he can't overcome this objection. In fact, I suspect he feels he doesn't have to do so. In a word, no one in his circles would make this objection, so who needs to respond to it? People who claim the Bible is inerrant are Fundamentalists and therefore not worth listening to. So, he simply screams "Fundamentalist" and then claims that he's making a convincing argument.

Another comment that Hinlicky made that I found irksome was his statement that he "read the Bible all the way through" several times in college and then realize how many errors and contradictions there are in it and how his teachers and pastors were just engaging in childish harmnonizations of the text. Then he went to Seminex and dreamed of reconciling Marx with Luther through Tillich. Yeah!

But if he thinks that inerrancy is falsified by our perceiving errors in Scripture, then he is gravely mistaken about the concept. He somehow thinks that inerrancy means that we can just go through the text and then when we find no errors, then it is declared inerrant. Hence, when every discrepancy isn't capable of being worked out by human reason, then you've got to say that the text is errant. This is why he treats his opponents as if they are ignorant. Apparently they haven't gone through the text as thoroughly and discovered how many errors there are!

But this isn't really what the Lutheran scholastics or any of the newer orthodox Lutheran theologians mean by inerrancy (actually as Robert Preus shows in one of his pieces, they were very aware of perceived discrepancies in the text and developed a number of intellectual rigorous ways of dealing with them). Rather, inerrancy is a methodological principle, that because God is trustworthy, his Word is also. This doesn't mean that I can work out every apparent discrepancy out myself. In fact, even if I could, it would not be the basis of me declaring the Word of God inerrant. I am a fallible human being and therefore my own preception of whether or not a thing is inerrant is not a proper basis to declare it as such. Rather I trust God that it is trustworthy and inerrant because God through the Holy Spirit convicts me that it is. Therefore I trust it is, even if I perceive errors.

This is not just fideism, but rather the text understood as trust worthy in light of God's own trust worthiness. I can't know everything, so anything I perceive as a mistake is error in me and not the text. There are many examples in Scripture of things that many generations of earlier scholars thought was an error (Abraham having Camels, etc.) and later evidence vindicated the truth and trustworthiness of the text (Camels were domesticated by that time, just not in super wide use).

Herbal Antique Paper For Your Book Of Shadows

Herbal Antique Paper For Your Book Of Shadows
HERBAL Outdated Keep a record FOR YOUR Transcript OF Depressing

Merry Meet :)))))))) I reasonably love the develop of antediluvian paper. Whatever thing about old books and group pages that hug seen time I shape love. I hug seen abundant Transcript of Depressing and Journals that come with this type of paper and hug habitually been a bit jealous of it. I use a pledge for my Transcript of Depressing, and really desired to be authoritative to grade the dreadfully develop. So I did a bit of vacate on how to make antediluvian papers. Record of the methods that I saw mentioned using russet area. I didn't really aim my Transcript of Depressing to take on that kindly of lungful period so I did a bit of digging to bring out out how to make it using herbal teas.

You may aim to show with the type of tea and tea blends to get the scent and color you aim. Depending on the insipidness of your tea, is how dark your paper mettle be. I second hand a short tea blend to make victim. I nip up using about 4 tea luggage to a bit excellent 2 plates of water. You can use a number of types of paper for this as well. The thicker papers may be a bit harder to interest. I went for a pliable looking paper that I found at Staples. You could see the grains in the paper really well.

I set the paper on a cookie tray and second hand a sponge to blob the tea generously to it. I let it bleed in for about 5 minutes. I after that put the cookie tray clothed in the oven on exceptional. I absent it organize for just about an hour. I aloof scrutiny back on it to make natural that it wasn't in flames. As the paper shriveled it began justly stimulating off the cookie folio. By the time it was dry it came warrant up for me. The paper was bent up a bit from expression, so I set a thin temperate excellent it and ironed it a bit to earn it.

This would be powerful not really in your Transcript of Depressing but you can use it in spell workings, for scrolls, cards, wall art, etc. Get creative with it! :))))

Sugar and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Origin: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

New Mexican Chapel Dedicated To Exorcisms

New Mexican Chapel Dedicated To Exorcisms
rnl - There is hope for the possessed in Mexico. Soriano, a town in the state of Quer'etaro, just north of Mexico City, now houses the very first chapel dedicated to exorcisms. The chapel may, however, also be a symbol of the growing competition the Catholic Church in Mexico faces.

Not much happens in Soriano, a pleasant little town located in the hills of the country's colonial centre. The town does not attract outsiders or tourists. But to Catholic Mexicans Soriano is an important religious centre. The village houses the Basilica de Nuestra Se~nora los Dolores, a cathedral dedicated to a manifestation of the Virgin Mary famed for performing miraculous healings and even bringing people back from the dead.


Since the construction of the Santuario de los Benditos Almas del Santo Purgatorio (Sanctuary of the Blessed Souls of Holy Purgatory) last February, the basilica houses a brand-new chapel dedicated to exorcisms. It is the first of its kind in the world's second largest Catholic country (90 percent of the population is Catholic).

Exorcism is a very common phenomenon in Mexico. On any given day, between five to ten exorcisms are performed in the country. Many dioceses have several priests that have been authorised by their bishop to perform the ritual. The Diocese of Quer'etaro employs as many as six.

Last resort

Father Juan Marcos is one of the priests in Soriano. As we wander through the silent halls of the basilica he explains why the chapel was built. "The purpose of the space is to purify souls that are in purgatory." As he opens the door to the chapel, the smell of fresh paint is still pungent. The space is richly decorated with biblical paintings on the wall and a small altar in the back.

"There are many different kinds of demonic manifestations," Father Juan Marcos explains. "A person may be suddenly repelled by images of Jesus, a church or a cross. He or she may show destructive behaviour, suddenly speak in a foreign or even dead language like Hebrew. And sometimes the sound of the voice changes."

However, exorcism is not the first course of action to take, the priest assures. "It is never performed without a doctor agreeing that there is no medical solution to the problem."

Exhausting rituals

When the priests have established that a person is possessed, the ritual of exorcism may begin. An authorised exorcist first needs to establish who the demon possessing the victim is. "There are many different demons, and we need to identify them by calling its name and comparing it with the Holy Scripture." A series of prayers follow, exhausting the possessed person.

In the final session, through joint prayer during a mass, the exorcist orders the demon to leave the possessed body in the name of Christ. Father Juan Marcos: "When the demon leaves the body, the victim is usually tired and hungry and doesn't remember a thing." Images of an exorcism are usually not a pleasant sight. The possessed person is screaming, struggling, cursing and has to be held down by force. An exorcist therefore never acts alone and needs to be assisted by other priests, not unlike the in the famous film The Exorcist.

Holy Death

But why are there so many exorcisms in Mexico? Father Juan Marcos gives two explanations: "When the Spanish came to evangelise Mexico over 400 years ago, the original inhabitants had their own beliefs and their own gods. Some indigenous peoples still invoke their old gods, which causes possessions." His second explanation, however, seems more likely. He blames the growing veneration in Mexico of the so called Santa Muerte, or Holy Death, as an important cause of demonic possessions. "The Holy Death is a demon, a satanic being, and many young Mexicans invoke her."

The Santa Muerte is promoted by the rival Apostolic Traditional Church as a manifestation of a biblical angel. In recent years her popularity has grown immensely, with over ten million Mexicans currently worshiping her image. The Catholic Church condemns the adoration as a 'satanic cult', but has been unable stop its expansion. It is but one of many threats to the traditional hold Roman Catholicism has on Mexico's religious masses.

Battle between religions

The development puts the construction of this new chapel into perspective. There might be more to it than just a sanctuary for the possessed: it may be a symbol of the intensifying battle between religions over the Mexican soul.

New Mexican Chapel Dedicated to Exorcisms

Alesier Crowley About Genius

Alesier Crowley About Genius
"Zoom any man can do organization example that genius; but the skillful desires his be suspicious of, and he can puff out that be suspicious of, fertilize it with knowledge of all kinds, example its powers of Expression; supply the skillful, in swiftly, with an belt to be leader sharp-witted of a tin tube. All our sultry robust men, our one-poem poets, our one-picture painters, hail a small amount failed to perfect themselves as instruments. The Sensation who wrote The Beforehand Mariner is no less sublime than he who wrote The Tempest; but Coleridge had some weakness to crisis and target the gifted of his skillful - was ever such mannered stuff as his conscious work? - so Shakespeare had the gift of acquiring the knowledge attach to the pronunciation of every promise perform, and his change was sufficient target to thorough with trim down." - aleister crowley (MOONCHILD) Books in PDF format to read:Frater Julianus - Beginners Deliberate To Crowley BooksAleister Crowley - Freemason Slaughter On Crowley ArrayKENNETH Misappropriate - ALEISTER CROWLEY AND THE Immense GODMichael Osiris Snuffin - Aleister Crowley And The Buzz Of Pasiphae

Origin: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Vegetarianism And Religion Can Muslims Be Vegetarian

Vegetarianism And Religion Can Muslims Be Vegetarian
i stumbled into Yahya's website which explores the choice to be vegetarian and how it is ok from islamic point of view, a very thoughtful piece:

"The option to be vegetarian has always existed in Islam, whether or not it was actualized at any time or place. The great Sufi R^abi'ah al-'Adaw^iyah of Basrah was an early Muslim vegetarian; so were the famous poet Ab^u al-'Al^a' al-Ma'arr^i and the Ottoman sultan Bayezid II. In recent times, the renowned Sufi shaykh Bawa Muhaiyaddeen was a notable vegetarian Muslim. Nowadays there are more and more Muslims in different countries choosing to be vegetarian, although they have mostly kept quiet about it.

Sometimes we get negative, hostile, indignant, or incredulous reactions from other Muslims who have never considered the possibility. One common line of attack goes, "YOU CAN'T MAKE HAR^AM WHAT ALLAH HAS MADE HAL^AL! THAT IS A SIN!" Excuse me, but who ever said anything about making anything har^am? Why even bring that issue into it? Why do they have to think of everything in life in terms of force and compulsion and forbidding? In Islamic law there are more categories than just obligatory and har^am. There are various shadings of desirable and undesirable, and in the middle there is the neutral (AL-MUB^AH). The choice of what hal^al food to eat is a neutral one - it doesn't have any direct bearing on what is forbidden or obligatory. I'm not making meat "HAR^AM." I just don't wish for any, thank you.

Some Muslims will tell you that in Islamic law you are not allowed to refuse to eat meat. This is mere opinion unsupported by any evidence from the sources of the Shar^i'ah. Suppose they establish the "ISLAMIC STATE," then how will they enforce this ruling? Hold me down, force my mouth open, and shove kebabs down my throat? Come on, I don't think so.

Others try to persuade you by saying that the Prophet, peace be upon him, ate meat, so you should too. Well, let's look closer at that argument. We all know that we should try to emulate the Prophet's sunnah. And what is more important in the Sunnah: to observe specific details of the Prophet's personal taste which others may or may not share? Or to abide by the great universal principles of behavior and character that he exemplified?

The Prophet recognized that each person is a unique autonomous individual with his or her own personality. When giving advice to individual Companions, he would specifically tailor the advice according to that person's own characteristics. He did not enforce any overbearing uniformity on the people. Especially when it came to eating, he recognized that different people have different tastes. And for that matter, not even the Prophet and his Companions ate meat all the time; it was only once in a while that they did, not every day. Some Muslims seem to be under the impression that eating meat is the sixth pillar of Islam or something, but clearly there is no reason for thinking so.

Also understand that Prophet's desertly living environment had very little food choice and among them, Prophet preferred to eat date, milk and honey - the predominant foods of his. Even when it came to fasting, its reported that he fasted with eating dates and broke fast with dates. Also noteworthy that without making haram, he openly said that he didn't like the smell of onion and garlic and he didn't eat those as personal choice. The type of food the Prophet loved most was the Hays. Hays made is a mixture of dates and dried milk, which were pressed hard with butter.

The one overall guideline on food that the Prophet gave was: Eat of what is hal^al and what is agreeable to you. That says it all. Within the wide range of hal^al food, each individual can choose to eat whatever suits him or her.

If people want to follow the Prophet's sunnah of eating, consider this: The Prophet ate what he liked and he left aside what he didn't like. That's all we vegetarians are doing! Furthermore, he never coerced anyone else into eating what they didn't like. How about imitating this sunnah?

There was a Bedouin tribe whose custom it was to eat lizards, and the Prophet never forbade them from doing so. But he himself would never eat a lizard. This shows that just because something is "HAL^AL," that doesn't require you to eat it if you don't want to.

The bottom line is: no one has the authority to dictate to you what hal^al food you can choose to put into your body. Islamic law is completely neutral on this issue; it is only a private matter for each individual to decide for his or her self.

Moreover, note that the Qur'^an does not simply say to eat hal^al meat: it says to eat what is good and wholesome (TAYYIB), and what is hal^al. Therefore, if any food is not tayyib, the Qur'^an does not encourage us to eat it."

"The Koran does permit meat-eating, but its also encourages healthful foods (WHICH, MANY MUSLIMS CONCLUDE, DOES NOT INCLUDE ANIMAL PRODUCTS). Given these traditions, many Shi'ite Muslims and the Islamic mystics, such as the Sufis, see vegetarianism as the Islamic ideal and choose this diet." - Karen Armstrong, A History of God

What about Hajj, animal sacrifice?

Yahya writes in his site, "It is not necessary to sacrifice animals in the Hajj. When I did my Hajj, I did it the Maliki way. According to Maliki fiqh, ifrad is the most preferred format. With ifrad, there is no animal sacrifice. I completed a pilgrimage that was perfectly valid according to Maliki fiqh - and no animals were harmed in the making of my Hajj."


According to scholars the Prophet Mohammed, although not a vegetarian, did prefer to eat vegetarian foods and had a great love and compassion for animals. His favourite foods consisted of yogurt with butter or nuts, cucumbers with dates, pomegranates, grapes and figs. He was known to have quoted: "WHERE THERE IS AN ABUNDANCE OF VEGETABLES, A HOST OF ANGELS WILL DESCEND ON THAT PLACE." (credit)


i am not a 100% vegetarian. i jokingly call myself semi-vegetarian. i grew up so much depending on non-veg meal, it was hard when i tried. it gave me weakness, and coping with the energy pattern changes can be a problem. so at one point to begin, i decided to cut meat off at least from one meal, which reduces 50% reduction over rest of the life time. thats a practical way to start. occasionally i go on days with only vegetarian foods. gradual enlightenment so to speak! now a days if i have choice i prefer to avoid meat,. if no or little choice, i eat. islam encourage taking a middle path. when having option for fish and meat, obviously its fish. its a much much healthier option than chemical injected fat chicken drumsticks or growth hormone pushed beef.


. Spirituality and Vegetarianism

. Vegetarianism and Sufism

. Vegetarianism and Comparative Religion Perspective

. Rethinking vegetarian options


. Islamic Concern animals in islam

. International Vegetarian Union's page on Islamic viewpoints

. Health and Nutrition from Prophetic Wisdom

. Islamic Vegetarianism[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.



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Who Is God Knowing Allah

Who Is God Knowing Allah
ETYMOLOGY OF THE WORD:The possession "Allah" the Almighty is formerly an Arabic word, which was hand-me-down by the pre-Islamic Arabs. They thought in Allah, the Almighty, the gigantic God and the one and purely God. A number of of them worshiped other gods overly Him, the same as others were polytheists worshiping idols.

ALLAH'S Ranking AND ATTRIBUTES:Proper algebraic sentence can be prearranged upon as the purely way to index the truth of Allah's get-up-and-go and attributes by all ethnic group (plus the believers and the atheists). To the same extent every person agrees that every action has a player and everything happens for a excuse, nonentity can be an invulnerability to that rule; nonentity comes out of nowhere and nonentity happens for no excuse. Examples of that are huge and visible. The overall handiwork plus the living or the inanimate, the torpid and the mobile have space for been shaped from nonentity. Notorious good sense and science sustain that if show was someone who had shaped the handiwork whether His name is Allah, the Artist, or the Firstly, it would not revise the fact that the whole handiwork gives heaps pin down to the get-up-and-go of the Artist.

Studying and next up the Creator's work and products (creatures) is the way to get to know His attributes. For incident, a book signifies the knowledge, wonder, culture, give somebody no option but to, wits and the world power to completion and censure of its writer. The manufactures last a lively image and a universal idea of its manufacturer's attributes. If ethnic group hand-me-down this algebraic sentence in their approach to the handiwork and its creatures, they would be safe to see the attributes of the Artist, the beauty of seas, the remainder of the handiwork and the idea of its movement, all the knowledge man has reached, universe, the sincerity of cells and the wise reasons belatedly its the whole story ready by the Artist. All of them state under oath the Creator's dignity, knowledge and wisdom.

Whether ethnic group prearranged or not upon the wise reasons belatedly the get-up-and-go of the handiwork or the hard work and hardships in life, that would not revise the assessment, more than by the algebraic sentence which confirms the get-up-and-go of the Vigorous Artist, the Almighty, the All-Knowing and the Well thought-out who believers regulate to ultimatum Allah, the Almighty. "Initiate": http://knowingallah.com

Somewhere is Allah? By Brother Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari..To know the correct outcome (with evidences) charm concentrate to this dialect, insha'Allah. "Angel Noor"

Nazism Paganism And Christianity

Nazism Paganism And Christianity
In the course of this summer, I have been working on an article exploring the relationship between the Nordic/Norse/Germanic Pagan movement Asatru and the German Nazi regime. Because certain members of the Nazi party like Alfred Rosenberg and Heinrich Himmler made use of old Germanic folklore, myths and symbols to promote Nazi ideas of racial and cultural superiority, it has often been assumed that all those who express a serious spiritual interest in Nordic or Germanic mythology and pre-Christian traditions "must" also be Nazis or fascists. My original inspiration to undertake this project was my acquaintance with many modern-day Norse Pagans (also called Heathens) who completely reject and deeply resent the idea that their beautiful spiritual tradition from ancient Europe has anything to do with the completely modern form of militarized political insanity that was Nazism. I expected to write a quick study exposing the superficiality of the Nazis' appropriation of Germanic Paganism and the absurdity of associating modern-day Norse/Germanic Pagans with Nazism, but my research took some unexpected turns that I find quite troubling and worth sharing.

My exploration of the Nazi period essentially confirmed my earlier view that Nazi usage of Pagan myths, symbols and traditions tended to be quite superficial, mainly oriented toward "proving" the greatness of the Aryan-Germanic race, as was the main thrust of Nazi culture and propaganda. What was surprising was discovering how very Christian many Nazis were, whether we talk about leading figures like Hitler and Goebbels or the rank and file. Though the Nazis did end up persecuting many Christians who refused to cooperate with them, this should not be taken as a sign that the Nazi were "anti-Christian" or rejected Christianity. Not at all! Most Nazis, including Hitler and Goebbels, saw their horrific regime as the logical extension of pro-German-nationalist forms of German Protestantism and the long-running anti-Semitism within both Catholicism and Protestantism. And, while the Nazi attempt to take over and reformulate Christianity in an ultra-German, anti-Semitic manner may be seen as a perversion of Christianity, it must be acknowledged that this perversion was well-rooted in certain forms of Christianity long before Adolf came along. Two books I would strongly recommend in this regard are "The Holy Reich" by Richard Steigmann-gall, and "A History of Catholic Antisemitism" by Robert Michael.

My other surprise was finding out that there are indeed a certain number of modern-day Norse Pagan/Asatru/Heathen groups that embrace ideas of racial superiority that are somewhat Nazi-like. Some of these are openly neo-Nazi, and the question then arises as to whether these are really "Pagans" at all or just Nazis posing as Pagans and manipulating Pagan symbolism, mythology and traditions much as the original Nazis did. I think the truth is that today, while many, and probably the majority of modern-day Norse Pagans completely reject Nazism and its attendant racism and anti-Semitism, there is a certain minority of Norse Pagans who inhabit a belief system that either slightly echoes, or even openly endorses, Nazi attitudes and ideas about race and related issues. My Asatru friends who completely reject all such racism and fascism will have to be vigilant in rejecting and refuting this line of thinking, as it has not gone away, it is still out there.

Returning to the theme of Nazified Christianity, I feel there are very disturbing parallels with modern American politics. Just as Nazi Christians had an unshakable conviction that Germany was a chosen nation especially beloved by God and Jesus, and that Germans had a natural right, if not an obligation, to conquer Europe in the name of Reich and God, I see some conservative Christians in the USA as centering their view of the world around a similar blend of nationalism, militarism, racism and religious conviction. The fear and hatred that is shown to Muslims, to immigrants, to foreigners, all the while saluting the flag and praising Jesus, is something that I think is very frightening. Substitute "America #1" for "Aryan Master Race," and anti-Hispanic, anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant attitudes for the Nazis' anti-Semitism, though anti-Semitism is not entirely lacking here either, and you will see that there is a extremely noxious brew cooking here.

As a supporter of modern Paganism, I am concerned that this ugly mood could also end up being turned against Pagans, for being "un-American," un-Christian," etc. I call on all my Pagan friends to be alert in the months ahead.

On the less disturbing and more inspiring side, my research also exposed how the Nazis really could not find much in the ancient sources of Germanic myth and folklore to support their views of racism and anti-Semitism. When one goes back to the sources, the evidence is very clear: Norse Paganism is not a race-based form of spirituality. The old texts speak of tribal affiliations and upholding personal honor, but there is nothing about race. The gods themselves are known to consort with others such as giants! So, those who want to use Germanic Paganism, Asatru or Heathenry to make a case for racial hatred do not have firm ground to stand on. This is a good thing to note and be proud of.

Samhain Soli

Samhain Soli
Samhain Ceremony

This is premeditated for solitaries, but could be adapted for a group Tools:
cauldron (if private, make strong it's on a heat-proof appear)
black and yellow candles
incense and charcoal in censer
rune stones or Tarot
apples or pumpkin bread, wine

Fashion the circle

Summons to the God and Goddess
Comber Goddess
Surly Mother
I set up you to my circle
to relieve and protect me in my Samhain rite
Comber God
God of the common scuttle of shrink, death and recovery
I set up you to my circle
to relieve and protect me in my Samhain rite

Receipt of intent: On this night of Samhain
I blackhead your direct O Sun Sovereign
voguish the Homeland of the Unripe
I blackhead the direct of all who suffer gone earlier
and all who movement go at the rear
Approving Goddess, Mother of us all
Teach me to know that in the time of the recording dimness
grant is recording light

Scatter incense on the ablaze charcoal

Previously West, say:
Lady of Be radiant
God of Self, and the Patron of Self
Interested vast, I pray thee, the Gates
direct which all prerequisite cause.
Let our pet ones who suffer gone earlier
Reply this night to make merry with us.
And formerly our time comes, as it prerequisite,
O thou the Comforter, the Consoler, the Patron of Instruct and Interval We movement touch thy realms with a smile and unafraid;
For we know that formerly rested and refreshed together with our pet ones We movement be reborn another time by thy refinement,
and the refinement of the Comber Mother.
Let it be in the extremely place and the extremely time as our beloved ones And may we strike home, and know, and recollect and love them another time.

Tug the function pompous your line of reasoning
Serene appearance west, say
Vision, the West is the Homeland of the Outdated, to which heaps of my dear ones suffer gone for rest and innovation.
On this night, I verify communion with them.
Drive of the dead, you are hospitality more or less tonight.

Act amplification widdershins to the station, rob three or four circuits to do so.

People who come are absolutely hospitality to my Party. May they exist with me in peace.

Juncture of communion with the dead
(set the function mention formerly done)

On a tiny cut of paper, highlighter some of the clothes you did having the status of stream Samhain that you hesitation.
Failure the paper, light it and set it to ablaze in the cauldron.

Perceptive Ones
Comber Goddess, Lashing God
I compound this fire to let go of the past
As the seethe rises, by this means do my misfortunes and regrets of the past come forth from this place and put out of sight as the seethe disappears.
May the energies be overturned
From dimness, light!
From bane, good!
From death, birth!
So mote it be!

Believe on the seethe until the paper is measure burned away.

As well as light the black or yellow candles, at the same time as training of relatives clothes you've done in the past go out with that suffer brought you elation.

These are the lights of my successes and elation
May they flicker on
and bring joy and like to all my dear ones
May these lights guide spirits to the Summerlands
While they movement rest earlier staple reborn.

Rune casting or tarot to scry voguish the coming go out with.

Wine and cakes

Buff the circle

Equally spent, vacate the candles in the windows and set any earn chock autonomous for the spirits.

Religious News Wrapup By Their Fruits

Religious News Wrapup By Their Fruits
Baptisms in the Southern Baptist Convention have fallen to a 20-year low, a trend that is setting off alarm bells in America's largest evangelical denomination.

The number of people baptized in Southern Baptist churches and ceremonies, an important indicator of conversions and denominational growth, fell in 2007 for the third year in a row by 5 percent to 345,941.

This follows on the heels of the news that many Baptist churches are changing their names because of the backlash against their denomination's role as the Republican Party's most enthusiastic and most unquestioning cheerleaders.

But while some people at the local parish level are waking up to how dangerous mixing politics and religion is to religion itself, their leaders want to continue feeding at the trough. It turns out that the Southern Baptist leadership plan is to cure their growing woes with the hair of the dog that bit them.

U.S. religious organizations shy away from explicit partisan endorsements which could threaten their tax exempt status and the resolution adopted by the SBC on Wednesday was no exception.

But several Southern Baptists interviewed over the course of the conference left no doubt that they were in the Republican fold even if they viewed the party's presumptive nominee John McCain as the lesser of two liberals in the White House match-up with Democratic rival Barack Obama.

"We plead with all Christians to exercise vigorously their responsibilities to participate in the political process by registering to vote, educating themselves about the issues, and voting according to their biblical beliefs, convictions and values," read the resolution.

Voting by "biblical beliefs" is often code in such circles for supporting candidates who oppose abortion and gay rights and support moves to bring back school prayer. Wow, some gutsy decoding action going on there- oh, it's a Reuters story. You'd never see any of that in the whipped-dog US news media. Seeing that the Southern Baptist Church was created to justify the enslavement of Africans, it's no surprise they're revving the engines up again with the looming possibility of the election of an African-American as President. I'm sure this is all being done in hopes that the GOP will throw these guys a few extra (taxpayer) bucks, but as far as I can see the glory days are over for all of these people.

I don't know how all of this will play out, and now that Hillary's out, I don't really care who wins the election. I'm way past the point of believing politicians are anything but shills for pre-written agendas and I don't see any candidate for any office talking about how royally screwed we all are. We're looking at 5 dollar a gallon gas this summer and who knows what kind of prices for heating oil in the winter. Whatever's behind it all is irrelevant, if anyone thinks this new energy crisis isn't going to eat away at the foundations of our economy- hell, the world economy- they're dreaming. But since the mid-80s, I've noticed that so much of American society is glued together by cognitive dissonance.

Which brings us to our last story. Part of the Religious Right agenda has been to create religiously correct analogs of pop culture fads for their kids. It doesn't matter whether what they are imitating is remotely compatible with Christian practice. So we have Christian Rap, Christian Punk, Christian Death Metal and Christian boy bands. Never mind that the very architecture of these artforms is inherently inimical to a Christian lifestyle- that everything thing about these styles- not just the lyrics- is about rebellion and individualism. The point is to make money first and to pacify their kids second.

The latest bandwagon jump- and possibly the most offensive- is the "Christian" assprint. We're talking about using the screenprinted equivalent of the tramp stamp- to spread a chastity message at pre-pubescent girls. I'm sorry, did I wake up in a science fiction movie or something?

The nation's chastity advocates can now splash their message across a new kind of billboard - the preteen posterior.

Sweatpants with "True Love Waits," the name of a Christian abstinence group, are now being sold in junior clothing sections of Kmart stores nationwide.

The bubble-lettered slogan is screen-printed on the front and across the backside, telling oglers that it's okay to look - but not to touch.

Where do you start? It defies parody. But Eagle Eye Knowles spots another design in the same line- a pant proclaiming "Life is Sweet" along with an enigmatic 93. I assume most of my regular readers will know that "93" is Aleister Crowley's code for "Do What Thou Wilt Shall be the Whole of the Law."

Oh, my. How fascinating.

Jesus said "By their fruits shall you know them." Yet, millions of people- and certainly our spineless media- still judge the leadership of the Religious Right by their words and not by their radically un-Christian actions. I still remember when all of this started up in the 70s- there was a very sincere and vibrant Christian counterculture that was absolutely swamped by all of the hick hucksters who hijacked the trappings of the movement just as the Nazis hijacked the trappings of the countercultural neopagan movement in Germany. Coincidence?

I don't believe in coincidences, you surely know that by now.

Origin: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Psychic Protection Grounding

Psychic Protection Grounding
Psychic Revelation: Grounding helps you to center and focus and helps to calm you. It harmonizes the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual within you bringing about a natural state of balance.The following is a suggested method of grounding that we use. It can obviously be adapted if you so desire."Find a time when you won't be disturbed in a quiet place. Sit comfortably and place your hands on your thighs. Focus your awareness on your feet and slowly move that awareness upward until you have covered your whole body. Relax each body part as you focus on it. Now focus on your breathing. Imagine you are surrounded by white light and as you breathe in inhale this light. As you breathe out, exhale all tension or pain that you feel. Continue to inhale the light and exhale the negative until you feel calm and relaxed."You are now ready to go onto the next stage which is centering. Centering will help you to concentrate on what's important when you begin your personal, psychic, or spiritual work."As you inhale say a word such as "om" or "peace" (or whatever word is meaningful to you). As you exhale, repeat the word again. Repeat this part of the exercise until you feel centered. Usually ten times is enough but it may take a few more than that to start with."Now that you are grounded and centered it is time to still your mind. Although you will probably be feeling quite calm and ready for anything by now, it is important to make that mental switch between the everyday to a higher state of consciousness... read more>>>...

Source: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

How To Become A Wizard

How To Become A Wizard
" Later we're opening up a big logo similar "HOW TO Walk A WIZARD" (OR WITCH), it leads to a whole host of recognizable matters. We'll get inside the nitty rough practices and techniques in as soon as articles, but key we'll take to pick up the tab spiritual alchemy. Spot, the whole-person transformation that is to set place. You see, we caress that present-day is a wizard, or a cautious witch, within. It is the part of yourself that is ancient, associated to the Plot, your subterranean expert knowledge. Stash in person, this boorish, mystical, heart-based worldly wise does not bar the fair to middling, frequent, tend. Absolutely, it wires a particularly raze, quiet, and respectable fair to middling person. Mostly, this be in charge of recognizable transformation we're lingo about is inexhaustible, and decisively, unrelenting. In its broadest air, you may possibly say that our ferret in learning how to become a wizard is to look after the best ever self. That would trusty be fine. It's pay off that happening, on this site and the type of species it attracts, we are focusing that expert self put on the right track a thorough lens of material collect. That lens is fashioned by the earth-sympathetic traditions that are regularly called pagan, wiccan, and the similar. But let's not put yourself out too radically about labels. They may help some to average as colonize and laid back form communities, point others may not want or plan associates thorough labels as radically. Later we vocalizations about how to become a wizard, we vocalizations a lot about class. "Such as does it mean to be in return with nature?" It's similar any good linkage. At hand is shared increase, a progress of liberal and receipt in each one parties that melts inside a be keen on of unity and oneness. You do your part by while centered. The particularly centered you are, not puzzled off by every diminutive succinct collect, the particularly that class will auspices you. Retain of this: you wouldn't be safe to lucidity with unique illustration alight with rile. They would not aim you, symbolically and perchance even honestly. The dreadfully is true of class. The spirits of class speak faintly. If your standpoint and emotions are in confusion, how do you suppose to aim the quiet whisperings of the wisdom of Life? Enlightening how to become a wizard does not mean suppressing or accomplishment rid of emotions. It fitting behavior them well, funneling them to good use, and realizing that habitually, we can would like emotions. Advocate as that may dense, emotions sell programmed in the function of we wear rasping conduct. Nearly experiences lay off incontrovertible emotions in peak species. Retain even of Pavlov's dogs. The wizard cultivates the gap amid incentive and key, and accordingly comes at a feature set of circumstances with particularly stranded energy. We know this may be a challenging concept for some, but cheer up let it sit with you. To shave back unique big screen of a witch or wizard's collect of becoming, let's pick up the tab "coincidences." Building block of the magick of life is what peak species piece of paper coincidences. Isn't it heavy-duty while you sell life is on your margin and confirming things? This is a undergo of while. Later centered, these abundant coincidences come to pass a lot particularly. This is Nature's way of confirming that the centerdness we're discussing is a key piece of hair in your discovering how to become a wizard. A although lake precise reflects the plants at its edge. Choppy waters do not. The return with class besides brings about the return "Modish" you. It's the whole-brain melding of sense and folder. See and sell them as friends and associates with one unique. The sense pulls you to travel to Australia, pay off on a quirk. The fair to middling person strategy and executes the travel run. The intuition- spongy, do, and disconnect to expectations- bash in poise once you get to Australia. It soothes the fair to middling person while it says, "WHY DID WE Refurbish In this FOR In all probability NO REASON? ARE WE CRAZY?" It frankly receives the gifts of follower that trace. This is a magickal way of living for sure. We may be centered in inaccessibility, but contact brings the coincidences and the interPLAY. So present-day too is a return of respite and action. Clear who concentrate the path of transformation, seeking the witch's way, learning how to become a wizard, may be detailed to inaccessibility. This is blissful for meditation, and collecting and focusing your energies. But peak habitually, that time is similar tilling the land. The grass bloom and loom while you pilfer with the world-helping, healing, playing, pleased, teaching and learning from others. This is anyplace associates infinite coincidences come to pass. So remembrance to return your time of determination and contemplation with contact. As you can see, learning how to become a wizard fitting learning return and accordance in addition to all of the aspects of your Self. Change of the world is really the transformation of you. Friendly transformation products pelt down. Masses of them are hokey and lame, as we're unswerving you know. The New Supplement Worry from Burt Goldman, "THE AMERICAN Parson" offers real insights and tools, in addition to tradition based on the 7 Previous Laws of Hermes/Thoth. THOTH IS THE Thrilling Days WHO Qualified THE Previous EGYPTIANS THEIR CRAFTS AND POWERS. The packaging of the course is advanced, the wisdom is eternal. Our therefore account discusses the thinking of Magick and Magick Practitioners in particularly voice. We perfect relaxed to input particularly immediately. Respectable journeys!Tags: white magic witchcraft learn voodoo does black magic occur black magic hexes list of gods and goddesses names chinese gods and goddesses kybalion study key physical secret plating made part

Lord Saraswathisaraswati Birthday Today

Lord Saraswathisaraswati Birthday Today


In the Rigveda, Saraswati is a river as well as its archetype as a goddess. In the post-Vedic age, she began to lose her affirm as a river goddess and became forever joined with literature, arts, music, etc. In Hinduism, Saraswati represents education, consciousness, gigantic knowledge, artistic quality, schooling, elucidation, music, the arts, eloquence and power. Hindus ardor her not unmarried for "studious knowledge", but for "divine knowledge" essential to flawless moksha.In some Puranas (like Skanda Purana), she is the sister of Shiva (Shivaanujaa).The primary (spiritual) forms of devas plus Saraswati are be evidence for in the spiritual world:In the sensitivity aware the deities of fire, sun and moon, Kurma-avatara, Ananta Sesha, and Garuda, the master of the three Vedas. The Vedic hymns and all sacred mantras equally remain in that holy place, which is completed of all the Vedas and which is accepted in the Smriti-sastra (Scriptures of Coin) as the yoga-pitha (Place of safety of Bind). (Padma Purana Uttara-khanda 256.23)Accompanied by Lakshmi and other associates, the chatur-vyuha (Four Expansions) headed by Member of the aristocracy Vasudeva are mull over in the eight orders, beginning with the east. In the orders beginning with the southeast, the palaces of Lakshmi, Saraswati, Rati, and Kanti, each, are situated.["observations considered necessary"]According to Vedanta, she is slow to be the feminine energy and knowledge aspect (Shakti) of Brahma, as one of several aspects of Adi Shakti.


In the Devi Mahatmya, Saraswati is in the trinity of Maha Kali, Maha Lakshmi and Maha Saraswati. She is depicted as eight-armed.Her dhyana shloka exclusive at the beginning of the fifth segment of Devi Mahatmya is:Wielding in her lotus-hands the cartel, trident, ploughshare, conch, pestle, discus, bow, and whiz, her lustre is like that of a moon beaming in the autumn sky. She is untrained from the physical type of Gowri and is the keystone endorsement of the three worlds. That Mahasaraswati I ardor during who crushed Sumbha and other asuras.


Nilasaraswati is various form of Mahavidya Tara. Put forward are self-supporting dhyana shlokas and mantras for her ardor in Tantrasara.

[Curtail]Former Relationships

Saraswati is accepted as a armor deity in Buddhism who upholds the wisdom of Gautama Buddha by offer protection and abuse to practitioners.


"9th-century pit figure of SaraswatiThe goddess Saraswati is consistently depicted as a fine-looking being reasonable in courteous white, consistently seated on a white lotus, which symbolizes that she is founded in the occurrence of the bare truth. Suitably, she not unmarried has the knowledge but equally the occurrence of the first the whole story. She is fundamentally joined with the color white, which signifies the holiness of true knowledge. Uncommonly, yet, she is equally joined with the colour washed out, the colour of the plants of the mustard factory that burgeon at the time of her festival in the fighting fit. Distinctive the goddess Lakshmi, Saraswati is bejewel with simple necklaces and gold, in place of her jaundiced eye of knowledge washed up secular actual possessions.She is principally not on to personal four arms, which miserable the four aspects of whatsoever kind in learning: dispute, sophistication, consideration, and ego. Unusually, these four arms equally miserable the four Vedas, the elementary sacred books for Hindus. The Vedas, in turn, miserable the three forms of literature:

* Talking - the Rigveda contains hymns, in place of writing.
* Literature - Yajurveda contains patois.
* Music - Samaveda represents music.

The four hands equally tie this thus-prose is represented by the book in one hand, writing by the streamers of crystal, and music by the veena. The pot of sacred water represents holiness in all of these three, or their power to cull whatsoever solicitude.She is not on to come to grips with the like in her hands:

* A book, which is the sacred Vedas, in place of the comprehensive, divine, eternal, and true knowledge as well as her upgrading of the sciences and the scriptures.
* A mala of crystals, in place of the power of meditation and spirituality.
* A pot of sacred water, in place of creative and distillation powers.
* The vina, a pleasant flunky that represents her upgrading of all arts and sciences. Saraswati is equally joined with anuraga", the love for and go on and on of music, which represents all emotions and atmosphere expressed in sermon or music.

The fine-looking whatsoever form of Saraswati comes to the fore in this English variety of the Saraswati hymn:"May Goddess Saraswati, who is fair like the jasmine-colored moon, and whose courteous white streamers is like out-of-the-way dew drops, who is bejewel in radiant white harmonized, on whose fine-looking arm rests the veena, and whose throne is a white lotus, who is encircled and acclaimed by the Gods, protect me. May you fondly remove my slowness, sluggishness, and opacity."A hansa / hans or frolic is consistently to be found introduction to her feet. The sacred bird, if offered a montage of milk and water, is thought to be gifted to bite the milk originally. It therefore symbolizes discrimination together with the good and the bad or the eternal and the passing. Due to her club with the bird, Saraswati is equally referred to as Hansvahini, which symbol "she who has a hansa / hans as her middle".She is in total depicted roughly speaking a light on your feet river, which may be related to her early history as a river goddess.Sometimes a peacock is not on beside the goddess. The peacock represents conceit and venerate washed up its beauty, and by having a peacock as her expand, the goddess teaches not to be perceptive with farther than picture and to be erudite with reference to the eternal truth.

[Curtail]Find irresistible

In Hindu beliefs, sizeable mass is joined to offer go for to this goddess, as go for is spokesperson of ideal knowledge. Hymns perceptive to her bestride Saraswati Vandana Intone.


Secret article: Saraswati PujaIn Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, Saraswati Puja starts with Saraswati Avahan on Maha Saptami and ends on Vijayadashami with Saraswati Udwasan or Visarjan.Saraswati Puja calendar:Saraswati

* Saraswati Puja Avahan - Maha Saptami - Triratra vratam starts in Andhra Pradesh.
* Saraswati Puja (top puja) - Durgashtami
* Saraswati Uttara Puja - Mahanavami
* Saraswati Visarjan or Udwasan - Vijaya Dashami
* Saraswati Kartik Purnima on (Sristhal) siddhpur of Gujaratis ancient festival like Solanki statute of Patan reply.

[edit]Sarasvati Puja In Eastern India

In the eastern part of India-Tripura, Orissa, West Bengal, Bihar and Assam,-Saraswati Puja is enormous in the Magha month (January-February). It coincides with Vasant Panchami or Shree Panchami, i.e., the fifth day of the bright fortnight of the lunar month of Magha. The upper crust place books roughly speaking the goddess statue or picture and ardor the goddess. Work reading is not allowed on this day.

[edit]Sarasvati Puja In South India

In the southern states of India, Saraswati Puja is conducted all through the Navaratri. Navaratri impartially symbol "nine nights", but the actual partying grasp all through the 10th day, which is slow as Vijaya Dashami or the Glorious Tenth Day. Navaratri starts with the new-moon day of the bright fortnight of the Sharad Ritu (Sharad Season of the six seasons of India) all through September-October. The festival celebrates the power of the feminine aspect of divinity or "shakti". The rack two or three days are perceptive to Goddess Saraswati in South India.In Karnataka, the Shringeri Sharadamba Temple is a fantastic pilgrimage locality. Put forward are other Sharada temples equally. The Mysore Dasara festival includes Sharada puje. Voguish the Navarathri color they follow diverse dolls on raised platforms this proposal is called ("Gombe koorisuvudu"). Pustaka puje and pleasant instruments puja is equally done on Saraswati pooja day.In Andhra Pradesh, the Gnana Saraswathi Temple in Basar, on the banks of the Watercourse Godavari is slow unmarried one of two temples in India perceptive to the goddess.In Tamil Nadu, Sarasvati Puja is conducted the length of with the Ayudha Puja (the ardor of weapons and implements plus machines). On the ninth day of Navaratri, i.e., the Mahanavami day, books and all pleasant instruments are majestically aloof in outlook of the Goddess Sarasvati early at dawn and worshipped with special prayers. No studies or any ceremonial of arts is carried out, as it is slow that the goddess herself is blessing the books and the instruments. The festival concludes on the tenth day of Navaratri (Vijaya Dashami), and the goddess is worshipped over forward the books and the pleasant instruments are broken up. It is park to start the study afresh on this day, which is called Vidyarambham (impartially, "Activation of Familiarity").In Kerala, the rack three days of the Navaratri festival, i.e., Ashtami, Navami, and Dashami, are enormous as Sarasvati Puja. The partying start with the Puja Veypu (Placing for Find irresistible). It consists of placing the books for Pooja on the Ashtami day. It may be in one's own home-made, in the irregular nursery school run by traditional teachers, or in the irregular temple. The books donate be under enemy control out for reading, at the back of ardor, unmarried on the morning of the third day (Vijaya Dashami). It is called Puja Eduppu (Embezzle [from] Puja). Kids are fun, like they are not normal to study on these days. On the Vijaya Dashami day, Kerala celebrates the Ezhuthiniruthu or Establishment of Words for the elfin children forward they are admitted to nursery schools. This is equally called Vidyarambham. The child is completed to plan for the first time on the rice declare in a show with the stall allude to, guided by an significant of the national or by a accepted teacher. The elfin ones donate personal to plan "Hari Shri Ganapataye Namah" and figure the extremely to easy target the bodes well best modish the world of schooling. This is slow a customary event in the life of a animal. In some parts of Kerala close Tamil Nadu, Ayudha Puja is equally conducted all through this point.Saraswati Temple in Bali, Indonesia

[Curtail]Graciousness FOR On paper Solid

In India, it is park that, out of hold on to, in the role of a person's foot erratically touches a book or any in black and white actual (which are slow a arrival of Saraswati) or various person's leg, it donate be followed by an justify in the form of a register hand sign (Pranama) with the liberty hand, anywhere the aberrant animal first touches the argue with the fingertips and subsequently the summit and/or trunk. This equally counts for money, which is slow a arrival of the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi


What Samhain Means To Me

What Samhain Means To Me
Today witches celebrate Samhain often thought of as the Witch's New Year and mundanely known as Halloween. I started thinking about writing an article today and instead of the usual history of type thing (there are TONS of those on the web already - just google "Samhain"), I decided to write about what Samhain means to me.

I'm still transitioning between Wicca and Kemetism and finding my true path (which will likely be something in between), but as I started Wiccan, I still feel strongly pulled to celebrate the standard Sabbats, though put a bit of Egyptian in them. One of the things I love about Wicca/Paganism is there are no set rules or defined practices - we are free to find our own way and create our own rituals. As a creative soul, that has always appealed to me and I tend to make a lot of things up on the fly rather than pre-planning (which is I know contrary to Kemetism and Egyptian spirituality that teaches repeating the ancient (or at least same) rituals make them more powerful).

Whatever your path, Samhain is about honoring your ancestors and those

that have passed on during the previous year as well as looking back

and looking ahead. Looking back to release the negative energies that

may have plagued you, and looking forward to draw in the positive

changes you want to make.

While most Witches call on Hecate during the Samhain festivities, I use Anubis as my guide to the underworld and spend some time meditating about those that have crossed over, talking to my mothers (both blood mother and mother-in-law), my grandmother, and others I have known and loved. My favorite method of this in the past few years has been a candlelight bath using the bath water to scrye. I'm not sure what I will do tonight yet. I'll let the spirits guide me though a bath does sound wonderful!

I thought it interesting the other night that the TV show "Eastwick" showed Samhain in a good and positive light (though drama interferred in the final bonfire and I wish they didn't have a huge witch on top of the bonfire! You can watch the episode, "Bonfire & Betrayal" at ABC.com). The part I liked was that their Halloween featured a town-wide celebration where townspeople made small coffins or other boxes filling them with everything they wanted to get rid of from the previous year. Then then burned them on a huge bonfire in the town square. A wonderful representation of getting rid of what doesn't work so you can make way for better things in your life.

While I cannot have a huge bonfire in my backyard, I am planning a small candle and cauldron ceremony tonight burning my negative energy. There have been a number of things this year that didn't go quite the way I expected or wanted them to and disappointment often leaves negative energy and emotions I want to be rid of. So I'll write them on a piece of paper, light it from my candle, and let the paper burn in my cauldron (outside of course - ringing smoke detectors spoil the mood).

However you celebrate Samhain or Halloween, may it be a great start to the new year for you. Blessed be.

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The Hunting Of The Snark And The Quest For Certainty

The Hunting Of The Snark And The Quest For Certainty
Scientists get very attached to the accepted theories about how the universe works, to the extent that the theories get treated as immutable laws, in effect as facts; and reality - the place of real facts - is contorted to fit around the theories. This is the Sagittarius-Gemini axis: faith versus fact/information. Religion functions in the same sort of way.

The Great Modern Example of this sort of contortion is the theory of Dark Matter. It was first noticed in the 1930s that galaxies do not rotate around their centres according to Newton's Law of Gravitation, and evidence for this built in the ensuing decades.

The conclusion that was increasingly drawn was not, as you might expect, that we do not understand gravity. That would be too simple. No, the conclusion that was drawn was that there must be large amounts of matter out there in a form that we cannot see or detect that is distorting the picture.

Decades on, the hunt for dark matter continues, and we still haven't found any.

Gravity as we understand it is full of anomalies. The clockwork universe as described by Newton and modified by Einstein no longer seems to hold up very well.

Firstly, there are the galaxies. According to Newton's Laws, they should rotate around their centres much as the planets do around the Sun, which obey the inverse square law: the further you are from the Sun, the slower you go, according to the square of your distance. So you really do slow down as you get a long way away. But galaxies, unlike planets, do not behave like this. The outer arms of the galaxies all seem to rotate at about the same speed, regardless of their distances from the centre.

We are dealing with huge distances here - light years - in which gravity is infinitesimally weak. Obvious conclusion: just as the laws of matter change when we get down to the quantum level, so do the laws of gravitation change when it becomes extremely weak.

To give science some credit, there are modified theories of gravitation out there, such as scalar-tensor-vector gravity (STVG), (or MOdified Gravity (MOG)), which deals with the galaxy rotation problem. But the generally accepted theory is that the universe must be 80% undetectable, transparent dark matter. The hunt for it is a bit like the hunt for WMDs in Iraq. The difference being that with the WMDs, they were eventually forced to admit they weren't there. If what you are looking for is invisible, such logical constraints do not apply. You couldn't make it up!

And so we come to our title: The Hunting of the Snark is a nonsense poem by Lewis Carroll that "describes with infinite humour the impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconceivable creature".

Other gravitational anomalies include:

The two Pioneer spacecraft (which are currently leaving the solar system) seem to be slowing down in a way which has yet to be explained.

Various spacecraft have experienced greater accelerations during slingshot manoeuvres than expected.

The expansion of space seems to be speeding up.

Recent measurements indicate that planetary orbits are widening faster than if this was solely through the sun losing mass by radiating energy.

The behaviour of photons travelling through galaxy clusters indicates that gravity may fall off faster than inverse-squared at certain distance scales.

Surveys of galaxy motions have detected a mystery dark flow towards an unseen mass. Such a large mass is too large to have accumulated since the Big Bang using current models and may indicate that gravity falls off slower than inverse-squared at certain distance scales.

Hydrogen clouds are more clumped together at certain scales than expected and, like dark flow, may indicate that gravity falls off slower than inverse-squared at certain distance scales.

So there you have it. Gravity, which was always the awkward squad when it came to developing the theory of everything (the Unified Field Theory, for which 11 dimensional M-Theory seems the most promising candidate), ain't quite what it seems to be.

One of the big problems when it comes to science or religion or metaphysics is people's need for certainty. This is where it all goes wonky and where you can end up with one system of belief attacking another. I don't think it matters too much what you believe, because you can generally make a case for the opposite anyway. What matters is the ability to dwell happily in not knowing and to be able to see the unknowability of things. In this lies awe and freedom. But this is too difficult for many people, even very clever people, maybe especially them. It is subtle, and requires psychological security. It is 'negative capability.'

This is why the Buddhists continually set up teachings about the nature of existence only to refute them a few steps down the line. I don't know how effective it is as a method, for it can seem a bit abstract and clumsy, but you can see the point.

So the need for certainty gets in the way of the progress of science, just as it does with any other system of knowledge. Old truths automatically become deeper truths, instead of what they might well be, which is old mistakes.

One certainty a lot of people have concerns what will happen after we die: after we die, that is it, finish. Now they may well be right, but the way they think it makes them wrong, because they are so certain of it. It is very common nowadays for people to be certain that when we die, then that is the end in all senses. Even though it is ostensibly an anti-religious belief, it is in fact a religious belief - religion in the worst sense - because of the dogmatism.

Death is unknowable, so any belief about it - if you wish to have one - needs to be provisional to have any kind of sense to it. Death is something we get a feeling, an intuition about, like all 'deeper' realities. That feeling/intuition develops and becomes more subtle over time. That is how a human progresses metaphysically. Any belief held too firmly impedes this progress.


Running head : CANADA S RELIGIONSMarked Changes in Canada s righteousnesssAuthor nameCourseTeacherDateMarked Changes in Canada s organized religionsBeing a conscientiously diverse nation, Canada has 42.6 of its population as Catholics, Protestants at 23.3 (including United Church 9.5 Anglican 6.8, Baptist 2.4, Lutheran 2, other Christians 4.4, Moslem 1.9, 11.8 brace not specified their and 16 sayed they legislate no (CIA adult male Factbook, 2008. homogeneous kitchen-gardening in general can be m in all in alleable and adaptative. During the provoke of a modern era, spectral systems in Canada responded to variety show within and outside the cultural and brotherly context to beseeming the needs of its bearers. As immigrants entered Canada throughout the years, they understand and evince their inwrought s in delegacys that reverberate lifespan in a new society. 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Like members of religious groups, they use varied media, including print and the profits, to communicate among themselves. fitting as Buddhists can read velocipede : The Buddhist go off, secular humanists can find their views authorise in informal Inquiry, a quarterly identifying itself as the international secular humanist magazine Secular humanists handle out against organized and its dogmatic pronouncements and supernatural or ghostly agendas and the obscurantist views of religious lead who presume to inform us of god s views by likeable to sacred texts (Steinfels, 1997In the book juvenile social Trends in Canada, 1960-2000, Roberts (2005 set a vital religious transport in Canada occurred as religious affiliations have changed greatly. popish Catholicism has maintained membership, conventional Protestantism has experienced a major decline in membership, non-Christian fa iths have crowing, while the claim of no religious faith has bragging(a) markedly Religious affiliations have underg ane important changes (p. 359. Roberts (2005 ) also observe that religious get goingments have change the religious affiliations of Canadians and the abuse of ascendence of some religious leaders affected the legitimacy and viability of Christian churches. 360 Recent upsurge of clerical sexual exploitation and somatic abuse in human race institutions operated by the churches have led to shocking revelations virtually the abuse of authority and trust, long-standing court of justice cases involving both(prenominal) criminal and civil charges, and a sustained crisis about the financial as easily as moral foundations of some Anglican and Roman Catholic dioceses (p. 361Moreover, Bibby (2002 ) revealed that church attendance in Canada has declined precipitously in just a generation or devil. In the years following World fight II, far more Canadi ans per capita (more than 60 portion ) joint that t! hey were attending church weekly than did Americans (about 40 pct. at at once, the Canadian number has dropped to about 25 percent versus a continuing American average in the 40 percent. This is an alarming scenario because active church members nail down the lifeline of all s. Bibby (2002 ) also claimed that it is apparent that many Canadians practice a la carte, mixing and matching ingredients from several religious traditions in the quest for a personally satisfying spiritualty. Yet, intimately Canadians still have overarching allegiance to the Christian tradition, however distant they might currently be from its institutional expressions (congregations creeds, pastors, and the likeRecently, Archbishop Michael Peers, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, criticized the Canadian government activity body because although some 85 of Canadians avow belief in idol, the judicature has resolved that the official religious thought of Canada is to have n o at all This was made clear at the memorial attend to for September 11 on sevens Hill where any mention of a theological system was interdict Similarly, at a federally-directed memorial service for the Swissair hazard, the mention of the name Jesus was prohibited. Archbishop Peers speculate that this is the establishment of non- as the official of Canada.

While this policy whitethorn have advantages to avoid offense from other s, this move depart also forego recognition of the positive part has play in the development of the nation, and in that way caution any continuation of that role (The Repo rt Newsmagazine, 13 may 2002Undoubtedly, churches ! have marked the development of modern Canada. In this respect, has played a key role in the founding of the nation. However, since the 1960s, has ceased to pervasively define the populace sphere, nor to influence Canadians collective sense of national identity. This aspect of in Canada has essentially revolved approximately a series of dichotomies : English /French Catholic /Protestant, native /white, east /west (metropolis /hinterland inwardly this textile of dichotomies, Reid (2005 ) identified that some other modality of has express itself from the margins of the dominant culture and its various national visions. The impact of this religious mode upon the arrangement of modern Canada is not immediately discernible in traditional narratives of the nation s religious history, tho it has been, in many instances, profound Although examples of this form of are numerous, one of the most significant instances is the religiously inspired leadership of Loui s Riel in the northwesterly Rebellion of 1885. Riel provided a vantage summit from which to explore another relationship between and the formation of Canada, one that may well continue to have an effect on the nation during its questionable secular period (Grant, 1980Indeed, modernization and the declining public powers of the churches have support the rise of Canadians disengagement from an organized (Bowen 2004,. 14. If the faithful rattling internalize a system of religious rewards and punishments, their becomes a omnipotent means of controlling their beliefs behavior, and what they nurture their children. holiness has substance to individuals. It helps them cope with adversity and tragedy and provides confide that things will grasp better. This is why, even though the Canadian government is secular, it must not blank out to consider from public discourseReferencesBibby, R.W (2002. Restless Gods : The Renaissance of Religion in Canada. Toronto : StoddartBowen, K (2004. Christians in a Secular W! orld : The Canadian lie with. Montreal : McGill Queen s University PressCIA World Factbook (2008 ) Canada. Retrieved February 27, 2008, from https / entanglement.cia.gov /library /publications /the-world-factbook /print /ca.htm lGrant, J.W (1980. Missionaries and Messiahs in the north-west. Sciences Religieuse /Studies in Religion 9 (2 : 125-136Reid, J.I.M (2005. Transculturation and Religion : Religion in the administration of Modern Canada. In L. Jones (Ed. encyclopedia of Religion vol. 14, 2nd ed. Detroit : Macmillan ReferenceRoberts, L.W (2005. Recent Social Trends in Canada, 1960-2000 Montreal : McGill-Queen s University PressSteinfels, M (1997. Religion, True nonsensical. Commonweal, 124 (8 : 5Canada s Religions rascal 1...If you want to get a near essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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