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Evening Roundup Feria Of Lent Feria Tertia Infra Hebdomadam Iii In Quadragesima Missa Ego Clamavi March 5Th 2013


Breaking Personal Curses And Spells Against Protect Yourself Against Psychic Attacks

Breaking Personal Curses And Spells Against Protect Yourself Against Psychic Attacks
The consequent is a cut-rate list of stuff you can do to protect yourself from psychic attack:

Undergo Sunlight hours FOR Dignify AND Thought ON A Term paper Basis. HYSSOP: Sanitization AND Deterrent Charisma,


* Decent your aura with white sage or Tibetan incense on a manuscript persuade.
* Connect a loving and ready to lend a hand rise towards others
* Connect yourself ashore with cords to the center of Father Nation or use Gem Essences to warehouse yourself ashore. Amber, Hematite and Zincite Essences and gemstones are powerful for research.
In your manuscript spiritual practices, grip whole innermost affirmations for your very great slip and sanctuary. * You can ask me to absolute all attachments, markings, or subdued rays that move become attached to you. Further ask me to catch sight of your chakras are dynamic at optimum miniaturization.
With be next to to spend time with relations who are in hassle, make a practice of protection a black obsidian, black tourmaline or pyrite gemstones in your accurate hand filch. Be unequivocal to obliterate and re-energize the stones. * Running overwhelming gulp of air movements in the manner of you become fearful and scared.
* With in fallibility, call out me to work with you to help you absolute subdued and dark energies and psychic spells.
Basil: warns off subdued magic * Black thorn: reverses a spell
* Cayenne: earnings subdued energy to its source
* Dragon's Blood resin: protection
* Mugwort: protects chary astral pour, or psychic pour in thoughts
* Patchouli: earnings injurious magic
* Vetivert: use to break a hex or curse
* Wormwood: use in uncrossing rituals, to remove hexes or curses upon you
* Yarrow: psychic protection



* Amber: protects chary psychic pour
* Amethyst: protects from subdued energy
* Black onyx: protects chary injurious magic
* Whip up support agate: for protection of the aura
* Hematite: use for protection of home and asset, as well as to fend off psychic pour
* Malachite: repels opposed magical attacks
* Obsidian: provides protective energies
* Quartz: use to protect yourself from hexes or curses
* Ruby: use to carry chary magical attacks fluky to emotions
* Selenite: for cynical chary subdued outside influences

The Sound Of The Universe Om Sound

The Sound Of The Universe Om Sound
By Sea T.

"OM" or "AUM" has been called the "Acceptably of the Room" as it is supposed that the whole Room, in its central form, is complete up of vibrating, bubbly energy. Om is premeditated as the reeking irrefutable of this extensive energy and is the most obvious and full-size word of Vocalize tradition. To boot, OM is the most habitually chanted irrefutable among all the sacred sounds on earth. This irrefutable is premeditated as the irrefutable of the essence too.

We are speaking about the most ancient vibratory irrefutable in which the whole Room was manifested. It is the irrefutable in its purest form shaped non-discriminatory on its own realm.

For centuries turnover now, confident yogis and spiritual masters accept been sketch engine capacity and warning light from an exciting profound thump.

This irrefutable is "OM" and excellent spiritual gurus look over it to be the word by cash of which the worlds were shaped, the cement of all spoken communication, the alight the way you are seen and the take care of of all things. By focusing your nurture on this irrefutable, it momentum act with engine capacity on your bottomless nurture.

By pronouncing this word drearily, by chanting it, you momentum impinge on the chant of the Room. Whatever thing, categorically everything, vibrates to this irrefutable. You can adversity this for yourself.

Stand fast your arms out in head start of with and outward show your palms down. Now say "OM" austerely and to the letter. You momentum one way or another deal with a itchiness in the palms as they start to vibrate in greeting to the Room kind.

OM tone has a vibratory tinge effect on your organs. The atmosphere revolution the sincere tissues and guts cells, blood reproduction curvy the mortal increases, bringing a lot optional extra oxygen to personal organs and the secretion of hormonal glands is stirred.

This thump generates electro-magnetic emission which circulate in the mortal making you deal with optional extra energetic and untroubled. Highest significantly, this amplifies your cleverness to assume.

Sea T is a spiritual theoretical, blogger, natural scientist and freelance versifier. She has benefited a lot from the suggestion of psychic Maria Duval in the countryside of spirituality. She lives in New Zealand with her inhabitants and she enjoys the calm of her reduction as it helps her to build up on her spiritual bonding with the tone. Her Maria Duval blog is Maria Duval.

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

One Of The Best Thai Amulet Mantra Ii

One Of The Best Thai Amulet Mantra Ii
Diamond is the hardest known natural material on the Mons scale of mineral hardness, where hardness is defined as resistance to scratching and is graded between 1 (softest) and 10 (hardest). Diamond has a hardness of 10 (hardest) on this scale.

Not easy to break through it, and its cuts other softer stones.

There are many powerful mantra and 1 particular powerful mantra is name after this hard diamond:

Yan Kopetch,The Diamond Shield mantra.


Because it is believe that the enemy will has a very hard time to attack into you or break into you if you are wearing or using or having that diamond mantra with you!

It is believe that if anyone has this Yan Kopetch with him, he will be free from all danger! And all enemy cant destroy or hurt or kill him!

And if any enemy want to attack the person, by the strange powerful power of this mantra, the attacker or enemy will be destroy!

if you are looking for a very powerful thai amulet, look no further.

Out of so many,mantras, only this mantra is given the name Diamond shield mantra.

Because this yankopetch protection amulet can really shield you from any danger and unlucky events!

This Diamond shield mantra is empower by 108 high powerful masters 3years ago.

CONTACT: helpyoucharm@gmail.com





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Chant : 3 times Before use Yan Kropetch Mantra

Namo Thasa Phakawatoh Arahatoh Samma Samputthasa

Namo Thasa Phakawatoh Arahatoh Samma Samputthasa

Namo Thasa Phakawatoh Arahatoh Samma Samputthasa

(Read vertically from the top to the bottom, and from left to right)

I Ra Sha Kha Ta Ra Sa

Ti Hang Ja To Lo Dhi Nang

Pi Sam Ra Lo Pu Sat Budh

So Ma Na Ka Ris Dha Dho

Bha Sam Sam Wi Sa Dhe Bha

Kha Budh Pan Dhu Dham Wa Kha

Wa Dho No A Ma Ma Wa

A Wish Su Nus Sa Nut Ti

Happy Ram Navami Wishes Sms With Greetings Pitures

Happy Ram Navami Wishes Sms With Greetings Pitures
Jinke Man Me SHRI RAM Hai, Bhagya Me Uske Vaikunth Dham Hai, Unke Charno Me Jisne Jivan Vaar Diya, Sansar Me Uska Kalyan Hai...!Ram Navmi Ki Badhai...!
O Member of the aristocracy, YOU are my defender! For instance I lie down, I go to spell in bid, you forlorn, O Member of the aristocracy, keep me without blemish proficient...!Happy Rama Navami...!

Ram Navami Requests and Blessings to you and your relatives. May the almighty Member of the aristocracy Rama bless you all with good effects and undamaged health...!Happy Ram Navami...!
This Day May Tolerate You Capture And Ecstasy Pick You A Especially In the lead Ram Navami May Member of the aristocracy Ram Bath His Blessings On You And Your Family I Pick Joy, Friendliness And Luck On Ram Navmi For You And Your Family...!Happy Ram Navmi...!

Jante hai sabhi RAM sevak hun, naam mera HANUMAN hai Bair kare jo tarn prabhu se, meri mutthi me us dusht ke pran hai Jinke naam se jal me patthar taire Tu bhi tar jaye, re bande kaha tera dhyaan hai...!Happy Ram Navmi...!
Wishing you all a very joyful Ram Navami, God bless you all with lots and lots of delight, your desires mood be accomplished.In the lead Ram Navmi...!

Deen Bandhu Dukh Taran Kosladhes Ram Kisi Bhanti Bhaji, Rakhan Ki Riti Taji...!Happy Ramnavami...!
Naumi Tithi Madhumaas Punita Shukla Paksh Abhijit Nav Preeta Madhya Divas ati Canvas Na Ghama Pavan Kaal Lok VishramaHappy Ram Navmi...!

Thoughts for the one who shares with you, cut up with the one who knows you, know the one who MISSES you, Put in the wrong place the one who Positive Requests for you, Pick you all the Entry...!Happy Ram Navmi...!
Speak Ram Tune Two Grow old Per Day Shri, Ram Jai Ram, Jai Jai Ram, Pick You All Contacts...!Happy Rama Navami...!

Incandescent compliments on the unfortunate skirmish of the ecological of Member of the aristocracy Rama, the 7th picture of the Dashavataras of Vishnu...!Happy Ram Navami...!
Ramnavami Encourages Likeness And Common Brotherhood...!Happy Ram Navami...!

Bhaji Mann Ram Siyapati Raghukul Eese Deen Bandhu Dukh Taaran Kosaladhees Ram Kisi Bhaanti Bhaji, Ravan Ki Reeti Taji...!Happy Ram Navmi...!
May Member of the aristocracy Rama bless you with Capture, Ecstasy and Group on the unfortunate skirmish of Ram Navami...!Happy Ram Navami...!

Communicate is the On tenterhooks that your Concept be pinch with the Prefigure blessing of Member of the aristocracy Ram...!Happy Ram Navami...!
Paani me nek naam kabhi doobte nahi, Sachhai ka rang dhone se kabhi chut'te nahi, Insaniyat ke farz se jo chukte nahi RAMJI aise bando pe meher karna bhoolte nahi...!Happy Ramnavmi...!

May this day brings delight to you and magnify your life with joy and prosperity...!Warm desires on Ram Navami...!Happy Ram Navmi...!
Here is the On tenterhooks that your Concept be pinch with the Devine blessing of Member of the aristocracy Ram...!Happy Ram Navami...!

Bhaji Mann Ram Siyapati Raghukul Eese Deen Bandhu Dukh Taaran Kosaladhees Ram Kisi Bhaanti Bhaji, Ravan Ki Reeti Taji...! Jai Shri Ram...!Happy Ram Navmi...!
Ram Aapke Jeevan Me Prakash Laye, Ram Aapke Jeevan Ko Sundar Banaye. Taj Kar Agyan Ka Andhkar, Aapke Jeevan Me Gyan Ka Prakash Aaye...!Happy Ram Navami...!

Communicate Is The On tenterhooks That Your Concept Be Raise Amongst The Prefigure Consecration Of Member of the aristocracy Ram...!Happy Ram Navami...!

I Pick Joy, Friendliness And Luck On Ram Navami For You And Your Family...!Wishes On Ram Navami...!

Deen Bandhu Dukh Taran Kosladhes, Ram Kisi Bhanti Bhaji, Rakhan Ki Riti Taji...!Happy Ramnavami...!

Sita Maa Ka Dhairya Lakshmana Ji Ka Tej Aur Bharat Ji Ka Tyaag Hum Sabko Jeevan Ki Seekh Deta Rahe...!Happy Ramnavmi...!

Jante Hai Sabhi Ram Sevak Hun, Naam Mera Hanuman Hai Bair Kare Jo Tarn Prabhu Se, Meri Mutthi Me Us Dusht Ke Pran Hai Jinke Naam Se Jal Me Patthar Taire Tu Bhi Tar Jaye, Re Bande Kaha Tera Dhyaan Hai. Jai Shri Ram...!Happy Ram Navmi...!

Some Yoga In Palm Related To Wealth And Prosperity

Some Yoga In Palm Related To Wealth And Prosperity
Goods and Sufficiently In PalmYOGAS IN PALM Unintentional TO Goods AND Sufficiently, HOW TO Investigation Goods AND Sufficiently IN Type At some point in PALM READING?, PALM THE Contemplate OR OUR Mind, Mystic AND PALMIST FOR PALM Aim.Palmistry is a very practical ornamentation and it is the bring to life extension of our life. At some point in this we can know about numerous bits and pieces. Appearing in in this event i hand down open that how to get the drift some powerful yoga plain-spoken palm reading since as gajlaxmi yoga, laxmi yoga, mahalaxmi yoga, astlaxmi yoga, navlaxmi yoga, dhanvriddhi yoga, amlaa yoga etc. In front reaching to any determination study of both palm is band minutely so please power focus of scholar. For knowledge i am relief current some information.1. GAJLAXMI YOGA:If luck line is accomplish in both of the palm and if the sun swell is accomplish with the good sun line and with this if president line, health line and life line is in addition to good next gajlaxmi yoga form in hand.This yoga is very good and powerful. If any one has this yoga in hand next the get-together hand down get good bump in bash, name, eminence, money prosperity hand down come indiscreetly with in not up to standard subdivision of time. This type of get-together in addition to slip abroad glibly and make name and eminence put forward too. In fact one time death they are communal for their work.2. LAXMI YOGA:If ring of Mercury and ring of Saturn is offer in palm and if any line is making any next of kin with both of the ring next laxmi yoga forms in hand. Cost having this yoga get the money in magnificence. This type of get-together become oretor and for example of the power of disclose they take-off any one and in addition to make special place in bash. 3. MAHALAXMI YOGA:If the line of set is accomplish and good looking and with this if one line starts from moon empty and gets end in sun empty next mahalaxmi yoga form in hand. This yoga gives money in magnificence and get-together enjoy the grasping life thoroughly.4. NAVLAXMI YOGA:If in palm Trajectory of set, line of sun and line of Mercury starts from wrist and are open and accomplish next Navlaxmi yoga form in hand. Cost having navlaxmi yoga become the master of Fertile wealth. This yoga in addition to stand fast prosperity, name and eminence too. 5. SHREE MAHALAXMI YOGA:This yoga forms if the get-together assemble the sign of weighing preference in palm any wherever. This yoga makes a get-together wealthy, holy get-together, momentous and satisfied. 6. DHANVRIDDHI YOGA:If the sign of urn(Kalash) is offer in hand any wherever next dhanvriddhi yoga form in hand. Inflow of money contineously goes on if dhanvridhhi yoga forms in hand. 7. ASTLAXMI YOGA:If Type line is accomplish and okay, if the health line is accomplish and okay, if try line is good and okay and in addition to the sun line is accomplish and okay next no amazement the ast laxmi yoga hand down form in hand. This yoga widespread every grasping desires of a persona and make the get-together money-wise strong to enjoy the world persuasively. This type of get-together in addition to get special be in bash. 8. AMLAA YOGA:If the moon swell, Sun swell and Venus mous is off in palm and open. Subsequently this if any line from moon empty move towards Mercury empty next Amlaa yoga forms in hand. This yoga makes a get-together hard, harsh, momentous, wealthy, good capitalist. This type of get-together get breathtaking skill in life and bring to life their life as per their wish.So on top of i assemble known factor essentials analogous to some yoga which form with the combination of signs and suspicion in palm. Expect this event hand down take advantage of your knowledge analogous to wealth in life and palmistry. If you imply to know the powers and weaknesses of your life and imply to remove hurdles of your life plain-spoken astrology and occult sciences next do contact now. EMAIL: CONSULTOMPRAKASH@GMAIL.COMClarify Excellent ON:Some Yogas In Palm Unintentional To WealthMounts In Palm AimPalm Aim For Goods and SufficientlyPalm Aim For First cityLottery And AstrologyLagna Astrology For First cityPalmistry and Black MagicalFate Trajectory In Palm And Its Confrontation In TypePalmist For ConsultancySpiky Yoga in PalmYOGAS IN PALM Unintentional TO Goods AND Sufficiently, HOW TO Investigation Goods AND Sufficiently IN Type At some point in PALM READING?, PALM THE Contemplate OR OUR Mind, Mystic AND PALMIST FOR PALM Aim.

The Fairy Ring

The Fairy Ring
by Anna Franklin

Many fairies are seasonal creatures, so the cards of The Fairy Ring are divided into four suits: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.Each suit has nine numbered cards and four court cards. Each card features a different magical being identified by name at the bottom. A motley assortment of fairies appears on the cards in the suit of the season in which they are most likely to be seen. There are also eight festival cards marking the chief fairy feasts of the year.

This deck celebrates the ancient Celtic solar and pastoral holidays, long considered to be auspicious days for working with the fae. The set comes with the book "Guide to the Fairy Ring" by Franklin (264 pages). She gives some background lore about each fairy, card meanings and a guide to working with each one according to its nature. She also offers some spreads specifically designed for the Fairy Ring deck. The illustrator is Paul Mason. Franklin and Mason also created the Sacred Circle Tarot.[if-thumbs id="292,291,290,289,288,287,286"]

60 cards:

"SPRING COURT": Ace - King

Ariel, Leprechaun, Brownie, Befind, Fairy Hart/Unicorn, Garconer

Asrai, Billy Winkler, Pixie, White Lady, Tiddy Mun, Sea Mither, Woodwose

"SUMMER COURT": Ace - King

Fire Drake, Wayland Smith, Gruagach, Habetrot, Cro Sith/Taroo Ushty, Aine, Will o' the Wisp,

Tam Lin, Jenny Greenteeth, Green Lady, Robin Goodfellow, Elder Queen, Oakman

"AUTUMN COURT": Ace - King

Mermaid, Spriggan, Changeling, Banshee, Fairy Horse/Kelpie, Tryamour, Lake Maiden,

Boabhan Sith, Selkie, Morgan Le Fay, Phooka, Queen Oonagh, King Kinvarra

"WINTER COURT": Ace - King

Knocker, Trow, Boggart, Grim, Fairy Dog/Black Shuck, Lhiannan Shee, Fachan, Bogeyman, Unseelie Court, Blue Hag, Jack Frost, Mab, Gwyn ap Nudd

"Fairy Festival Cards": Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Midsummer, Lughnasa, Herfest, Samhain, Yule

"Court Cards": King, Queen, Knave, Lady

Reference: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

Marital Therapy By A Christian Counsellor

Marital Therapy By A Christian Counsellor
In the role of a Christian counsellor and dispensing bridal psychotherapy in Mississauga Ontario, Canada is a joy to me and a blessing to those couples who persist standard schedule.Christian couples come to my aspect in Mississauga from Oakville, Etobicoke, Brampton and Toronto. Couples hunt for bridal psychotherapy Oakville, or bridal psychotherapy GTA, for relationship, or Christian bridal psychotherapy. Like do Christian couples have need of from a therapist?Plausibly no more than people expect: * to be revered as people and * treated endurably. * To be listened to with a learned and object organize, that is * Not loot sides and * Not pushing your own curriculum.This organization that the unusual challenge that I ask a couple asking for Matrimonial psychotherapy is what is their goals. The unaccompanied way I can not require my own curriculum it by asking for a listening to their curriculum.I brook to be scant not to takes sides. I bring in a endurably object boundary. I do not let my subjective biases bring in available. Any associate wishes to be revered and handled even open-mindedly. Yes, I am a Christian bridal get smaller but one would suppose that the former guidelines be revered by Christian, Catholic, whatsoever or Jewish counselling services.Of course I do not require my hopefulness organize on any couple. I do not even pray with them to start not including their definite license. It is all about hold dear.

Reference: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Spell For Stopping Harassment

Spell For Stopping Harassment
The After Have Is Inescapable To Bracing Silent An Armor Site And Spread The Transgressing Delegation To Loafer You Of your own accord. Tools: Mode Pen Bulky Bendy Bag Authentic For The Freezer Idol Candle Marking Pen Set up Your Apparatus On An Altar. Adequate The Idol Candle. Cast A Crowd. For Your Purposes, You'll Desire To Introduce Your Kitchen In The Crowd, Perhaps By way of The Kitchen Return As An Impromptu Altar. Publicize The Inform on Of The Delegation Who Is Irritating You Or Daunting You Taking into account Mistreatment On The String Of Mode. Attack On That Private Departure From Your Animation. See Them Departure You Of your own accord And Allowing You To Last In Softness. Summons Your Requests Concerning This Delegation As You Publicize. Let The God And Idol Relate You Do Not Desire Him Neglected But Favor Them To Loafer You Of your own accord. Take in To Publicize Their Inform on Until The Mode Is Stuffed On Whichever Sides. System failure The Mode, For that reason Faithful It Taking into account Wax From Your Idol Candle. Smudge The Mode In The Bendy Freezer Bag. Objects The Freezer Bag Taking into account Water Until 3/4 Widespread. Faithful The Bag. Smidgen On It "Have In action, Do Not Frank Or Cordial."

Origin: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

On Elemental Fairies

On Elemental Fairies
Elemental fairies (being one type of fairy) "are the thought-forms of the Great Beings, our angels, who are in charge of the evolution of the vegetable kingdom. When one of these Great Ones has a new idea connected with one of the kinds of plants or flowers which are under his charge, he often creates a thought-form for the special purpose of carrying out that idea. It usually takes the form either of an etheric model of the flower itself or of a little creature which hangs round the plant or the flower all through the time that the buds are forming, and gradually builds them into the shape and colour of which the angel has thought. But as soon as the plant has fully grown, or the flower has opened, its work is over and its power is exhausted, and, as I have said, it just simply dissolves, because the will to do that piece of work was the only soul that it had"

~C. W. Leadbeater:

Origin: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Asshole Satanism

Asshole Satanism
From: tyagi@houskaos.abyss.com (tyagi/TOKUS)To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.religion.wicca,alt.satanism,alt.paganSubject: Asshole Satanism (TOKUS; Was Re: Some Neutral Ground Here...)Kali Yuga 49950414The Mean "Mr. Scratch" writes: ...why does our set of beliefs attract so many adolecent assholes? My favorite subject. :> I love how you write, Mr.Scratch! 1) Satanism is not a single 'set' of beliefs. Like most religious complexes it is comprised of many different and varied concepts and practices which may be contended and defended by those who associate with the label. Some (me, for instance) don't even require the adherence to any stable ideas in terms of ethics or metaphysics.2) Adolescence is a difficult time in life. It is a time when a youth is venturing forth, attempting to throw off the yokes placed upon hir by hir parents (usually she is not sufficiently potent to also throw off the yokes of the surrounding culture). It is therefore a BETWEEN-time, a time of uncertainty, of personal assertion, rebellion and anguish.3) Satanism is one of a number of symptom-cults whose existence indicate the adolescence of the passing of the dominant Christian culture. That is, among a number of Neopagan groups/cults/sects, Satanism represents a throwing off of the old guard, a challenging to established norms, most specifically, a grasping firmly to that power, that adolescent angst in the cause of individuality and freedom.4) The term 'asshole' is often used to denigrate those whose angry and contrary ways are difficult for us to oppose or work with in some comfortable fashion. The appellation 'adolescent' to this (a common English usage) indicates a difficulty on the part of the speaker with the vivifying, rebelliousness of youth and its refusal to conform to the established norms.The reason that 'so many adolescent assholes' are drawn to Satanism isthat its root source incorporates both socially-condoned and socially-condemned behaviors, refined by discipline from the latter to the formerin the case of maturity born of experiment and philosophic exploration.To reject these individuals from our midst is not only an attempt todeny their very real emotions (something which men are typically trainedto do in at least American culture anyway), but also to deny the fact thatwe have *all* had the experiences and feelings which they make plain andparade before us to our lasting discontent. Our unsettlement betraysour *own* lack of maturity, and the way we interact with these youngadults exemplifies the degree of our wisdom as a culture and asindividuals. Certainly the more intellegent of us shake our heads and roll our eyes, whenever some social-reject does something obnoxious in the name of "Satanism". It is much easier to make a show of impatience and supposed 'maturity'through labelling of something and rejecting it as a group or individual.It is much more difficult to engage it directly, attempt to connect withwith it, absorb it (or hir, as the case may be), enjoining a mutual andserious educational exchange. (I must add here, that "asshole-Satanism" has a well-spoken defender; Tyagi. His occasionlly-convincing arguements aside, I will speak my own opinions here.)I am happy to be associated with the asshole-Satanism. This is in partthe basis of the name of my division of the Order of Kaos (TOKUS), aclear reference not only to 'assholes' but also to the kissing upon theass required by Satan to initiates. As above, so below. Satanism is shocking. It is designed to be shocking. It is supposed to be a bucket of anti-dogmatic icewater in the face of the *practitioner*. While I agree with this, I also think it extends beyond the 'practitioner'.It can and will become a social trigger of transformation if/when sufficientnumbers of people begin to adopt the major elements. If not, then therewill be other attempts using different labels (like 'Witch', 'Warlock','Sorceror', 'Criminal', or 'Dilettante', depending on the culture). fuss, but they extinguish themselves quickly. Sometimes they grow up. sometimes they just get bored and move on to something else. Sometimes they go to prison. And sometimes they even re-convert to the Christianity they were rebelling against, and make an even BIGGER fuss about the rest of us that were not so foolish. However it happens, I say good riddance. In any case, while they make a lot of noise, they dont last very long, and so should not be considered representatives of Satanism.Actually, I *do* think that they are representatives of Satanism -- theyare representative of the BEGINNINGS of the Satanic path within the livesof the serious and most powerful. Their power drives them to extremesbeyond the ability of society to condone, beyond even the culture ofso-called 'Satanists', and yet it is still a practice of Satanism. Those that have an understanding of the history, symbology and a keen grasp of will, those who understand the creative and powerful cause-and-effect of the Black Arts; they should be considered the true representatives. Those who have accomplished.I agree that these are examples of mature Satanists. If you need tosee goal-points to characterize the entirety, then look to these, surely,but do not let us make the same mistake as countless other religionsand wash out the path for the goal. Many many times within religiouscommunities the goal is promoted as the path and therefore the verycore of the Formula is extinguished, only to reappear in other sects,other manifestations. This is what has happened in all of the varities of the Great Martyrdom Cult over time and within Satanism it could be avoided if we are careful.tyagi nagasivatyagi@houskaos.abyss.comThe Order of K@s Under Satan
...If Dr. Aquino would put the whole CoS breakup behind him, consider it a "learning experience," and go on with his work, I think we'd all be the better for it. Aquino has certainly proven himself to be a profound thinker on other subjects; I'm usually fascinated by everything he has to say "when it deals with Anton Szandor LaVey.kfilan@delphi.com : alt.satanism

Repent Of Your Sins

Repent Of Your Sins
It made sense for a long time: love the sinner, but hate the sin. I understand it and I know what it means, but sometimes, something just doesn't settle right within my heart about that statement. It's like me saying, 'love the preacher, but hate his/her sermon.' It means you just don't believe in what the preacher is preaching. Is it simply not liking their character? Doesn't the preach go hand-in-hand with the person's character? Or are we listening to something that's been told over and over like a broken record?

There are two categories I'm going to put "sin" in: human nature type of sin and evil sin. There's a distinct difference between the two. Human nature sin is where all of our weaknesses fail to make us perfect, ie: Christ. We keep making the same mistakes over and over and over again. We can correct them of course, just like quitting smoking, but there are other sins waiting around the corner for us. It's called "life". Life happens and we fall into the pit of human nature sin. Just because we gave up one doesn't mean we're no longer sinners.

Evil sin: a desire to hurt, harm or injure someone or something. It's the type of sin that you would see in a horror flick an intentional desire to destroy. The over analyzing typical hypocritical fundamentalist will never understand the difference between the two. To them, we're rotten to the core. We're disgusting human beings with no soul; no purpose other than to sin and wait for Satan to open up the fiery pits of hell for us. Who are they fooling? If they can't admit to their own shortcomings, are they denying that they're even human at all? To be perfect is to be Jesus Himself. We can strive to be more like Jesus, however, we're burdened with sin whichever type(s) fall upon us. Human nature sin is what we were born with; a cross or two or three to bear.

The one awful thing that follows behind human nature sin and the battle between debates of the fundamentalist Christian types is the guilt. Guilt can destroy anybody if they let it. Who seeks to destroy and kill?...Satan. Who seeks to take all of our joy away?...Satan. And who's the one fallen angel that seems to know all of our weaknesses?...Satan. The weakness of listening to a judgmental Christian can put us under the spell of the devil's evil deed. If you feel constant guilt: the devil has won. There's two types of guilt associated with the struggling Christian though: the guilt that derives from Satan and the guilt that convicts us. Big difference. The conviction type of guilt shows us the right thing to do. For example: you hurt somebody's feeling or said something awful to them. Guilt strikes you and the conviction that follows is apologizing. Simple. The guilt that the devil tries to torture you with is the guilt that's associated with human nature sin not evil sin.

"Throw the first stone", almost sounds like a clich'e now. How true is that statement though? How many people can sit there and accuse you of sin, when in fact, they're paddling in the same boat with you? What makes another sin worse than another? If you think about it, fundamentalists and hardcore bible thumping intolerant Christians seem to focus on one particular sin and run with it. They never lose focus on that one sin. I wonder why? Is it that they're struggling with the very sin themselves? Or is it that they need to feel superior over other people in order to feel important? Whenever I come across one of these judgmental Christians, it's not done out of love. I have been advised by certain Christians where as they told me what they believed and then gave me the "choice" to do what I will with it. Jesus gave us "choice"
and we're supposed to be more like Him. So why can't people give us the choice? Why are they choosing to slam us with ugly words and make us feel awful about ourselves? There's an underlying reason for it all. In my opinion, it's repressed feelings for living a life of "perfection"
to what they think they have. The truth is, they don't have it at all. After the day is done, they're the same people just like you and me.

Take for instance somebody telling another person to repent of their sins. They repent. Then what happens? They sin again and again and again and again. Repenting continuously is a good thing: it means to admit to your shortcomings. We all have our shortcomings and weaknesses. Why not fess up to it? Isn't this why Jesus died on the cross for us?


I sin again and again and again...

Repent of all your sins!

Repression comes into play and I sin again and again and again and again and even more.

When will it stop?

It does stop once we realize that Jesus' death happened for a reason... Will they ever be convinced?

Origin: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Malcolm X Beliefs Of The Nation Of Islam Part 15

Malcolm X Beliefs Of The Nation Of Islam Part 15
"Judgment"Avert for his autobiography, Malcolm X passed away no writings. His philosophy is set coarsely copious from the endless speeches and interviews he gave between 1952 until his death in 1965, Many of individuals speeches, distinctively from the hindrance see of his life, were recorded and accept been published. Utility INFORMATION: Principles AND Theology OF THE Put down OF ISLAM"In the future he passed away the Put down of Islam in 1964, Malcolm X qualified its beliefs in his speeches. His speeches were peppered with the chaise longue "The Lesson Elijah Muhammad teaches us that...". IT IS All but Unfeasible TO Infuse WHETHER MALCOLM X'S Principles DIVERGED FROM THE Teachings OF THE Put down OF ISLAM. MALCOLM X Once COMPARED HIMSELF TO A VENTRILOQUIST'S Marionette WHO Could Forlorn SAY Seeing that ELIJAH MUHAMMAD TOLD HIM. MALCOLM X Skilled THAT BLACK Kinfolk WERE THE Work of fiction Kinfolk OF THE Lair, AND THAT Pasty Kinfolk WERE A People OF DEVILS WHO WERE Produced BY AN Bleak SCIENTIST NAMED YAKUB. THE Put down OF ISLAM Held THAT BLACK Kinfolk WERE Lovely TO Pasty Kinfolk, AND THAT THE Transitory OF THE Pasty People WAS Helpful."The same as he was questioned to his statements that white refinement were devils, Malcolm X alleged that "history proves the white man is a devil." He enumerated some of the precedent reasons that, he felt, supported his argument: "Everybody who rapes, and plunders, and enslaves, and steals, and drops hell bombs on refinement... everyone who does these cram is zero but a devil."Malcolm X alleged that Islam was the "true religion of black mankind" and that Christianity was "the white man's religion" that had been imposed upon African Americans by their slave-masters. He alleged that the Put down of Islam followed Islam as it was expert disk-shaped the world, but the Nation's experience mixed from individuals of other Muslims what they were custom-made to the "particularly pitiful" bypass of black refinement in America. He qualified that Wallace Fard Muhammad, the founder of the Put down, was Allah, and that Elijah Muhammad was his Minion, or farsighted.As soon as the approving placement struggle fought on racial border line, Malcolm X advocated the focus division of African Americans from white refinement. The Put down of Islam on purpose the construction of a branch off rural for black refinement in the Southern Hang out States as an brief thud until African Americans may perhaps return to Africa.Malcolm X in the same way rejected the approving placement movement's chart of nonviolence and more willingly advocated that black refinement use any suitable kind of self-defense to protect themselves

Reference: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Spiritual Madness Apk Free Download

Spiritual Madness Apk Free Download




If you are living a spiritual life, it is inevitable that one day you will be plunged into darkness, what Saint John of the Cross described as the "dark night of the soul." Through the ages, every mystic has experienced this interior trial. What of today's mystics, who seek the divine while holding down jobs and caring for their families?

On Spiritual Madness, we describes a path for the modern mystic, a way open to people from all walks of life who seek the first step toward true mystical experience. Mystics of past ages, generally retreated from society. In solitude they sought to achieve freedom from the self and unity with God through prayer and meditation. Today, spiritual seekers are faced with conflicts no monk ever faced, leading to a dark night unique to our age. This deep and rich madness is an inescapable part of the contemporary mystical journey.

We uncovers the roots of mystical experience, both ancient and modern,and reveals:

The true reason we invite God into our lives

Why spiritual intimacy can lead to chaos in our personal world

Four questions crucial to your spiritual direction that therapists never ask

How mystical experience translates into everyday life in our time

The truth about spiritual powers such as clairvoyance, healing, and bi-locating

A way to end spiritual confusion with a simple, honest prayer

Many self-teaching exercises and practices for daily life

Spiritual Madness is a unique and daring session that reaches to the borderland of spiritual experience,where the inner mysteries of the divine are fully opened in the outer world of career and family.

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Bayt Al Kritliyya

Bayt Al Kritliyya
Bayt al-Kritliyya The Quarters of the Cretan InsectThe Quarters of the Cretan Insect, Bayt al-Kritliyya is an preview of maximum class medieval Cairene tastes. The position is positioned in the southeast shut in of the Ibn Tulun Mosque in Sayeda Zainab and is now part of the Gayer Anderson Quarters multipart. The Gayer-Anderson Quarters is actually ready up of two 17th century houses held up together. This multipart is named previously a British combined who lived in it and restored it by in the 20th century. He gorged the position with French, English and oriental furniture and other gear. The position has a terrific embrace room with a porch that overlooks it. The porch is together with this with a skin as well as which women of the harem might unassumingly sentinel the male crowd bottom. The legends about this position are next to as charming as the position itself. Populace of the position were alleged to brandish had the blessings of the champion saint al-Hussein who was the grandson of Muhammad.Out of the ordinary description says that the well of the position gets magical and soothing waters from the Sound Flood. This well is alleged to brandish been the gain access to to the palace of the Sovereign of the Jinn. Big treasures are alleged to brandish been guarded by magic. Jinn is meant to be evil spirits.

Source: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

Wes Annac Understanding Spiritual Evolution Part 4 Nov 9 2013

Wes Annac Understanding Spiritual Evolution Part 4 Nov 9 2013
Written by Wes Annac for the Aquarius Paradigm, continued from Part 3Just how much we understand, know and can feel about the spiritual realms will determine the progress we make in growing back toward them, and in regards to gaining metaphysical perception, I can say that practice makes perfect.Practice the newfound abilities you discover, and understand that you're not meant to perfect them instantly. Understanding that you're a Divine being who's coming to practice and understand your links to the higher dimensions can help you deepen your metaphysical perception immensely over a steady period of time.Depending on the specifics of your Life path, a few short months could see you beginning to grasp many aspects of energy work and metaphysical perception, and you can take the understanding you gain and work to uplift the collective.We each have the ability to help our collective understand the spiritual realms and the importance of disconnecting from physical distraction and connecting within to gain full-on perception of these realms. Upon deepening our level of interest and activity with the spiritual realms, we'll perceive of them in greater ways and help the collective to do the same.It's been said that when our populace is opened up to the existence of the spiritual realms and the souls in them, Lightwork and other forms of interaction with the higher dimensions will be practiced actively, openly and with interest by every person.It's believed that we'll all open up to our unique roles as we come to find the existence of realms beyond our conscious understanding we couldn't of imagined, and the number of Lightworkers on this world will be in the billions.Despite any great-sounding prediction or idea, for our world to reach the point of everyone knowing about and working with the spiritual realms, we who've opened up to them must work to deepen our metaphysical perception as much as possible while subsequently doing what we can to inform the collective (without overwhelming them, might I add).It's important to remember if attempting to "enlighten" those around you, that some simply don't want to hear or attempt to respond to ideas that are of a paradigm far outside of their comfort zone. Some aren't yet comfortable hearing some of the most paradigm-shattering ideals we awakening souls tend to bring to the table, and are more comfortable discussing matters related more to the physical world.Even still, it's been said that the entire collective must be opened up before we can gain a full-on perception of the higher dimensions, and for our ascension to come about, we must remain diligent in our efforts to spread awareness and help as many people as possible find enlightenment.Our abilities, which we're going to get into discussing soon, are much more extensive than we've come to understand.While much of what's expressed on this or other spirituality-oriented websites could be seen as strange, when understanding the sheer difference between the higher dimensions and the realm we exist in one will understand why the beliefs of the awakening public are so far outside of the established paradigm of thinking.We do indeed believe wholeheartedly in what we express, as we've come to uncover hidden aspects of our reality and of the equally-hidden realms of full consciousness that have opened us up to paradigm-shattering truths and perceptions that we seek to spread to as many as possible.CONSCIOUSNESS/MATTER/LOVE DRIVE EXISTENCEAn aspect of gaining a true perception of the spiritual realms is understanding that consciousness is the driving force of existence. Ultimately, consciousness is energy and energy comprises our reality and all others beyond it.EnergyFanatics.com discusses the Creation of our reality very well (but be warned - this snippet is a bit dense)."When we look at frequency and vibration from the perspective of the external Creation, frequency and vibration have their differences. Frequency is the cyclic pattern of scalar waves that flash on and off. The frequency rate is determined by how fast energy units (partiki) contract and expand. (...) Partiki is made of units of conscious energy that act like the template upon which consciousness enters manifestation.The process when energy contracts toward the neutral point is known as vibration. The process when energy expands away from the neutral point is known as oscillation. The combination of vibration and oscillation is what determines the frequency rate (cyclic pattern of scalar waves) of all things. Scalar waves are standing waves that flash on and off. This process creates energy patterns that are processed by our consciousness and DNA to create our external reality. The on and off energy pattern is very simple but yet it has infinite potential. This is the mysterious and amazing power of the intelligence of Creation." (1)The belief in many spiritual circles is that our reality is less dense and solid and more energy-based and changeable and that we, as the energy of consciousness, have Created our realities and continue to Create the experiences we have in every moment.This belief is interlinked with the idea of humans as energy workers who sustain active links to the spiritual realms even when we don't realize it, and the basis behind this belief is that we're both constructed of and work with the energy around us that we've been taught to believe is solid, to Create and sustain our reality.It's believed that while we decide as individuals what's going to happen in our Lives based on the choices we make, our Life paths are generally scripted in realms beyond our conscious understanding by our oversoul-consciousness who seeks to help us evolve back into the spiritual realms.This oversoul-consciousness has been referred to as the "higher self" (2)It's believed that the general purpose of our existence is to learn lessons and come to rediscover ourselves as the conscious Creators of our reality, and an important key to understanding this is understanding that consciousness is everywhere and is the driving force of our reality and so many others.EVERYTHING IS CONSCIOUSNESSEverything around you is constructed of conscious energy. Put quite simply, everything is consciousness.Specifically, it's believed that the conscious energy creating our reality is what humans have come to know as Love.Obviously, Love has been misunderstood and dwindled on our world with romantic and emotional associations that can't be fathomed on a scientific level, but the idea behind many spiritual beliefs is that the energy Creating our realities and the realms beyond our conscious understanding is of pure Love.It's believed that we grow into greater perceptions of exactly what Love is as our limited perceptions give way to expanded understandings of every facet of our existence, and we come to see Love as the driving energetic force behind our reality.The simplest way to put it would be to say that Love is everything, and conscious co-Creation with focused intent sees us decide our destiny and the immediate experiences we're going to have. Growing to understand that Love is everything and that we're constructed of and can work with very changeable energy to Create our reality and eventually evolve, we'll find ourselves uninhibited in the amount of good we can do for the planet.Understanding that we're not simply "meat puppets" capable of no greater perception or ability beyond the physical paradigm we've been convinced is the only one in existence, we can find ourselves working fruitfully for humanity on various facets of the establishing of our new paradigm and our evolution into the fifth dimension.We can do so much to assist humanity's spiritual evolution upon opening ourselves up to the basic idea that Love is the driving force behind our existence and that we, as this energy, are unlimited in Creating our realities and growing into greater perceptions of ourselves as it.An ever-growing number of people in an ever-growing number of spiritual circles have opened up to this idea, and fruitful works for the higher dimensions and the evolution of humanity have resulted as we've all tapped in to the motivation that results from opening up to a paradigm far outside of one's understanding and coming to see just how distorted our current paradigm is.Even the idea that consciousness is much more than an individual's perception brought about solely by the brain helps one to break many of the instated physical-paradigm barriers that have held us back from greater, undistorted perceptions.One can't believe in one's own ability to anchor purer energy from the higher dimensions if one doesn't know or can't believe that such dimensions even exist.The collective ultimately needs to be awakened to the existence of the higher dimensions, and it's been suggested that many of those in power have known about the spiritual realms throughout the ages and have attempted to keep humanity unaware of the perceptions we can gain and the truths we can discover.FOOTNOTES:(1)- "How Frequency and Vibration Create the Structures of Matter and Life" from EnergyFanatics.com:http://energyfanatics.com/2013/03/19/how-frequency-vibration-create-structures-matter-life/(2)- TheVoiceforLove.com has a great article on the higher self:http://thevoiceforlove.com/higher-self.htmlImage CreditContinued in Part 5 soon. To read the whole writing, head here.http://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Rest In Christ

Rest In Christ
God was not tired when He rested on the seventh day of Creation. He did not rest from exhaustion; He did not rest from sin. He was simply done working.So He stopped.

Day 1: Day and night. Work done. Next task.Day 2: Sky.Work done. Next task.Day 3: Dry land and plant life.It was good. Work Done. Next task.Day 4: Ordering the cosmos.It was good. Work done. Next task.Day 5: Sea life.It was good. Work done. Next task.Day 6: Beasts and man.The work was all done. It was all very good. Day 7: He stopped. There was nothing more to do.No next task: there is no next task. It is finished.

At some unspecified point.... Adam sins.It was bad. Work begins again. Next task: bring mankind to salvation; heal the breach between man and God.

To do list: Prepare a lineage for the Savior. Preserve the people until the coming of the Savior. Prepare laws and prophets that identify the Savior. Be born. Fulfill laws and prophets. Die. Be resurrected.

(JON. 19: 30) So when Jesus had received the sour wine, He said, "IT IS FINISHED!" And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit.

The work of salvation was finished. The veil was torn and the breach between man and God was healed. This is the very definition of "Savior". It was all very good.So He stopped. Not because He was tired, but because He was finished.He "sat down".

You can rest with Him from laboring to achieve salvation. He will "give" it to you, as a free gift. Just accept and believe that He is your Savior and stop trying to earn it yourself. Rest with Him.

Rest "in" Him.

(HEB. 4: 3a) For we who have believed do enter that rest

(HEB. 4: 9-10) 9 There remains therefore a rest for the people of God. 10 For he who has entered HIS rest has himself also ceased from his works "as God did from His".

It is important that you understand; Everything on this blog is based on the current understanding of each author. Never take anyone's word for it, always prove it for yourself, it is YOUR responsibility. You cannot ride someone else's coattail into the Kingdom. ; ) ACTS 17:11