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Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130818 093304

Morgue 4Tharraofdagon 20130818 093304
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.13-a0-2719-g654be61 (webtiles) character file.

8760 4tharraofdagon the Grappler (level 11, -7/105 HPs)
Began as a Troll Monk on Aug 17, 2013.
Was a High Priest of Makhleb.
Mangled by a six-headed hydra (10 damage)
... on Level 6 of the Lair of Beasts on Aug 18, 2013.
The game lasted 00:20:28 (3666 turns).

4tharraofdagon the Grappler (Troll Monk) Turns: 3666, Time: 00:20:28

HP -7/105 AC 5 Str 24 XL: 11 Next: 7%
MP 9/9 EV 10 Int 6 God: Makhleb [
Gold 485 SH 0 Dex 12 Spells: 0 memorised, 10 levels left

Res.Fire :... See Invis. :. - Unarmed
Res.Cold :... Warding :. a - +0 robe
Life Prot.:... Conserve :. (shield restricted)
Res.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. K - +0 wizard hat
Res.Elec. :. Clarity :. (no cloak)
Sust.Abil.:.. Spirit.Shd :. (gloves unavailable)
Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (boots unavailable)
Res.Rott. :. Flight :. (no amulet)
Gourmand : + (no ring)
C - ring of sustenance

@: somewhat resistant to hostile enchantments, unstealthy
A: unfitting armour, claws 3, fast metabolism 3, gourmand, regeneration 2, saprovore 2, tough skin 2, AC +1
a: Minor Destruction, Lesser Servant of Makhleb, Major Destruction, Greater Servant of Makhleb, Renounce Religion

You were on level 6 of the Lair of Beasts.
You worshipped Makhleb.
Makhleb was exalted by your worship.
You were full.

You visited 3 branches of the dungeon, and saw 16 of its levels.

You collected 485 gold pieces.


a - a +0 robe (worn)
K - a +0 wizard hat (worn)
Magical devices
q - a wand of fire (8) {unknown}
u - a wand of flame (14) {unknown}
v - a wand of cold (3) {unknown}
D - a wand of lightning (1) {unknown}
H - a wand of enslavement (7) {unknown}
b - 3 meat rations
f - a beef jerky
g - an apple
k - a choko
w - 5 bread rations
c - 2 scrolls of enchant armour {unknown}
i - 3 scrolls of remove curse
j - a scroll of noise
n - 2 scrolls of identify
r - 2 scrolls of teleportation
z - a scroll of blinking {unknown}
B - a scroll of magic mapping {unknown}
E - a scroll of curse weapon {unknown}
F - a scroll of enchant weapon II
I - a scroll of fear {unknown}
J - a scroll of curse jewellery {unknown}
y - an uncursed ring of ice
C - a ring of sustenance (left claw)
d - 3 potions of restore abilities
e - a potion of confusion
h - 3 potions of might
l - 2 potions of curing
m - a potion of heal wounds
p - 3 potions of poison
s - 2 potions of slowing
t - 2 potions of speed
x - a potion of degeneration
G - a book of the Dragon

Spells Type Level
Flight Charms/Air 3
Cause Fear Hexes 4
Bolt of Fire Conjuration/Fire 6
Dragon Form Transmutation 7
Summon Dragon Summoning 9
Magical staves
o - an uncursed staff of air
A - an uncursed staff of death

+ Level 7.4 Fighting
- Level 2.4 Dodging
- Level 1.1 Stealth
* Level 14.4 Unarmed Combat
- Level 3.3 Invocations

You had 10 spell levels left.
You didn't know any spells.

Dungeon Overview and Level Annotations

Dungeon (9/27) Temple (1/1) D:5 Lair (6/8) D:9
Orc: D:6-11 Swamp: Lair:3-6 Shoals: Lair:3-6 Snake: Lair:3-6
Spider: Lair:3-6 Slime: Lair:6-8

Nemelex Xobeh
Sif Muna
the Shining One

Innate Abilities, Weirdness & Mutations

You are too large for most types of armour.
You have claws for hands.
Your metabolism is lightning-fast.
You like to eat raw meat.
You heal very quickly.
You can eat rotten meat.
You are covered in fur (AC +1).
You have very tough skin (AC +2).

Message History

Unknown command.
The hound bites you but does no damage.
The hound barely misses you. The hound bites you.
The hound bites you but does no damage.
The hound closely misses you.
The hound bites you.
The hound bites you.
The hound gazes forward, looking utterly alone.
The six-headed hydra bites you!
The six-headed hydra closely misses you.
The six-headed hydra bites you!
The six-headed hydra bites you.
The six-headed hydra bites you!
You die...

# ###.......###

Credit: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Ufo Research In China Is Recognized Science

Ufo Research In China Is Recognized Science
China is not like the Western countries in many ways. When it comes to the UFO phenomenon China's approach is more scientific. The blanket denials of the West are unknown and prominent scientists and government officials are openly involved in solving the mysteries of UFO sightings, alien abductions and the like. We are again witnessing an attitude in China that explains the Chinese surge to the front of the pack.


by Paul ChenSun Shili shows off his drawings

Sun Shili shows off his drawings of extraterrestials in human guise.

In the industrialized West, there evolved the prevailing Pseudo-religious dogma that human beings are at the centre of 'G-d's creation in the universe'. This dogma is the ideological motivation behind the on-going de-legitimization of the verfiable contact that people have had with Extraterrestrials (ETs). This apparent dogma has become the modern equivalent of the corresponding dogma, that "the world is flat", which Church and other elites centuries ago used to champion. In contrast, free of Western pseudo-religious based dogma, the Buddhist milieu of China, has freed their scientific community, with the support of government, and ofcommunity participation, to seek to explore UFO incidences and evidence of human contact with Extraterrestrials.

What is dogma?

'Dogma' is a system of obfuscations, propaganda and related ideology, which elites present as "truth", with the aim to maintain social control, and toexpand their own hold on power. Other examples of current operating dogma include schemes of socialization that aim to convince people that "capitalism promotes freedom and democracy", that "privatization is a good thing", and that "economic protectionism is a bad thing".

A notable example of dogma, in the context of the so-called 'War on Terrorism', is that "the U.S. and its coalition partners are waging war in Iraq and Afghanistan not subtantively for oil, but to promote human rights;" meanwhile well-documented human destruction, suffering and oppression worsen.

UFO research is an appreciated and duly recognized science in China

Izvestia reports that China has a record number of UFO scientific and community-based organizations. There are many who even attempt to establish some sort of a contact with extraterrestrials. Their actions are protected by the National Society of the Extraterrestrial Studies, which was founded 25 years ago. This National Society is financed by the government.

Only professional scientists and engineers are allowed members in the Society. A person also required to have Ph.D. in science and have several published works about UFOs. About a third of all members of the society are also members of the Government of China.

The study and civic appreciation of Extraterrestrials are NOT systematically marginalized as the case in the industralized West, which tries to use dogma to ridicule community and academic UFO research initiatives, and also the work of 'Exopolitics' groups.

Hundreds of scientists and engineers in China conduct thorough studies of apparent Extraterrestrial phenomenon.

Do Extraterrestrials live among humans?On August 17, 2006, a disc shaped object was filmed

Nanjing, CHINA - On August 17, 2006, a disc shaped object was filmed above an apartment building and a UFO moved slowly across the top of the apartment building. Reference: Nationalufocenter.com.

Chinese scientists also say that aliens live among humans. This includes Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society who also concludes that waixingren (extraterrestrials) are living among us.

Sun's first close encounter occurred in 1971, when he was sent to the remote countryside during the "cultural revolution" (1966-76) to perform the grueling task of rice planting. One day while toiling in the field, his attention was diverted to a bright object in the sky, which rose and fell repeatedly.

At first, Sun assumed the spectacle was some sort of Cold War intelligence monitoring device - a reasonable deduction considering the times - however years later, after reading foreign materials on UFO sightings, he knew he had experienced a close encounter.The alien spacecraft reached the highest point of the building

As the alien spacecraft reached the highest point of the building, it suddenly showed seven white lights evenly displaced around the outer edge of the craft. Reference: Nationalufocenter.com.

And Sun is not the only expert in the country taking these sightings seriously. According to the highly-accredited Shen Shituan, an actual rocket scientist, president of Beijing Aerospace University and honourary director of the government-supported China UFO Research Association, every report of an alien encounter is worth investigating.

'Some of these sightings are real, some are fake and with others its unclear,' said Shen Shituan, a real rocket scientist, president of Beijing Aerospace University and honorary director of the China UFO Research Association. 'All these phenomena are worth researching.'

Research [ethically-based] into UFO's could help spur new forms of high-speed travel, unlimited sources of non-polluting and non-fossil fuel based energy and faster-growing crops, claims Sun Shili, president of a government-approved UFO Research Association (membership 50,000).These lights dimmed quickly as one large light lighted up and surrounded the craft

These lights dimmed quickly as one large light lighted up and surrounded the craft before it abruptly disappeared. Reference: Nationalufocenter.com.

Shen Shituan does not readily dismiss UFO/ET reports like his counterparts in Western scientific communities, including the claims of one worker that aliens entered his Beijing home while his wife and child were present, and whisked him 265 kilometres east and back in only a few hours.

The best-known alien abduction story in China is the case of Meng Zhao Guo, a young tree farmer, from Wuchang, near Harbin in Heilongjiang province.

In June 1994 Zhao Guo and two other farm workers, working at Red Flag logging camp saw something unusual on nearby Mount Pheonix.

The complex and bizarre encounter that followed involved Meng being hit by a beam of light, as well as allegedly experiencing an abduction and a sexual encounter with a female alien.

Meng Zhaoguo.

Meng Zhaoguo, a rural worker from northeast Wuchang city, explains he was 29 when he broke his marital vows for the first and only time -- with an extraterrestrial of unusually robust build.

"She was 10 feet [3.03 metres] tall and had six fingers, but otherwise she looked completely like a human,' he says. "I told my wife all about it afterwards. She wasn't too angry.'

During September 2003 Zhang Jingping, a Beijing-based UFO researcher, had psychologists and police technicians subject Zhao Guo to hypnosis and a lie detector test in Beijing. Zhang indicated the test results proved the abductee was telling the truth.

He also indicated that doctors had indicated that Zhao Guo's scars "could not possibly have been caused by common injuries or surgery." Meng Zhao Guo, a humble farmer with only 5 year's schooling, also indicated that he had never heard of UFOs or ufologists until after his experience had been reported.

In China Bill Chalker, an Australia UFO scientist, was able to have extensive discussions with Professor Chen Gongfu, the principal researcher of the Meng Zhao Guo case. He has asked me to assist in getting his research translated and available to western audiences. We are well underway to achieving that goal.

Research on Cao Gong's contact with ETs

In December 1999 Cao Gong, a middle-aged man from Beijing, indicated to Bill Chalker, that he had been abducted by aliens and flown to Qinhuangdao in their UFO. "They looked like humans but had large hands and were very pale, " Cao said. He said he had also met a Chinese girl in the flying saucer. Zhang Jingping's research investigation began in April 2000. The first step was hypnosis. Zhang invited a famous psychologist from Suzhou and asked him to conduct hypnosis on Cao in helping him to remember the whole incident. Then he brought Cao to the Beijing Bureau of Public Security and gave him a lie detection test. "He passed the test," says Zhang. According to Cao, who is the principal of a private school in Fangshan District, he met a Chinese girl in the flying saucer, who looked around 13 years old. "The aliens cured her disease in the flying saucer," he claimed. In order to find the girl, Zhang brought Cao to the Tangshan Bureau of Public security in July 2000. "The policemen made up a computer image photo-fit of the girl's face according to Cao's description," says Zhang.

In November 2002, Zhang led a group of students from Beihang University and set out on a trip to Qinhuangdao, in search of the mysterious girl.

"There was only a narrow glimmer of hope of finding the girl with only a computer image of her," says Zhang. They arrived in Qinglong County to the north of Qinhuangdao, and began their blind search among the county's 400,000 population. "Amazingly, we found a clue on the second day of our search. An old man in the county recognized the girl in our picture," says Zhang. They found the girl soon after that. She was 15 years old. Zhang brought her back to Beijing to meet Cao Gong. She was identified by Cao as the girl he had seen in the UFO. Zhang has now spent three years investigating this case."This case is fascinating and I was fortunate that while in China I was able to discuss the case in detail with Zhang Jingping and other researchers, and also talk to Cao Gong himself.

Fortunately in Beijing, Bill Chalker secured the services of Irene, an excellent translator, guide, and interpreter. Mr. Chalker and Irene have been working on a detailed translation of the case.

Over 400 members of Dalian's UFO Society have college degrees

In Dalian's UFO Society, 90 per cent of the 400 members have college degrees. "It's exciting for us to use science to decipher UFO sightings," said Zhou Xiaoqiang, secretary-general of the Beijing UFO Society.

While few Chinese claim to have managed to get quite as intimate with an extraterrestrial as Meng, a growing number of people in China believe in unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

In fact, Officially registered UFO associations in China have about 50,000 members, but some estimate the actual number of Chinese interested in the subject is probably in the tens of millions.

China has a bimonthly magazine -- circulation 400,000 - devoted to UFO research. The conservative state-run media also report UFO sightings on a regular basis, in contrast with Western government organization which, as a policy, deny verifiable human contact with Extraterrestrial. UFO buffs in China claim support from eminent scientists and liaisons with the secretive military, giving their work full scientific respectability.

"If something flies over [ET spacecraft], there's a very good reason for trying to understand why they're here, why they come to us, what is their relationship between us and them," he says.

Wong is the Chairman of Hong Kong's thriving UFO club -- exploring "unidentified flying objects" or, to the uninitiated, "flying saucers."

The club meets once a month to explore otherworldly topics like "E.T. Civilization" and alien philosophies.

"In order to understand UFO phenomena, we need to have a broad understanding of different disciplines," says Albert So, university professor and Hong Kong UFO club member, "including mathematics, physics, history, philosophy, even some sort of paranormal activities and all that."

Western science and pseudo-religions share corresponding systems of dogma, which seek to deny human contact with Extraterrestrials

In order to appreciate the systematized denial of human extraterrestrial contact and influences on Human civilization, which prevails in the West, one needs to appreciate that "official science" and "institutionalized religion" in the West are two different "heads" of the same body politic. Yes, "official science" in the West talks of "evolution", and Western institutionalized religion talks of "Creation". However, both groups have reached an apparent consensus to disregard clear evidence of verifiable contact and influences by Extraterrestrials on Human civilization. This joint denial is based upon a shared oppressive ideology, which seeks to repress critical human knowledge of cosmic associations and interactions with Off-world Human and other ET civilizations.

The very same apparent dogma shared between the Western scientific and institutionalized pseudo-religious Establishment, converges in their "community of interest" associated with their joint pursuit of venality and greed. Examples of the sell-out of integrity, and associated buying into ideology and compromises to elite-induced peer pressure, is well documented in the Western scientific community, that operates in a crass materialistic societal milieu, which ignores basic principles of human rights and democracy. This very same shared dogma between Western scientific and institutionalized pseudo-religious Establishments, is also responsible for the path of oppression, genocide, wars, racisms, and environmental destruction which scientific "techologicalocrats" and self-professed "Christian" pseudo-religious missionaries and other apologists have furthered and have supported.

Jesus who supposedly inspired Western "Christian" religion, which is based on corroborations in the Bible, sought to support the need for wisdom, accompanied by peace and lovingkindness. However, the actual historical practice of institutionalized Christianity, in contrast, has been to maniupate the masses into accepting bigoted views that are designed to complement the materialistic-centred objectives of an "organized power" elite.

Saying that "the Earth is round.. and revolved around the Sun" used to be an indictable offence with the prospective sentence of capital punishment, in Western "Christian" Society which regarded such talk to be the mutterings of seditious lunatics. "Official Science" and "institutionalized religion" in the West is not substantively inspired by the free-spirited pursuit of wisdom. Rather, these Establishment milieus in the West are guided by "elite ideologues" who in contrast with China, and for their own dogma-driven agenda, seek to delude the public on Extraterrestrial awareness, and other areas.

"Brazil, India and China are taking the lead on extraterrestrial awarness", Mihir Sen, from the India Daily reports. "They want to make sure the emerging new world understands that we have to coexist with our advanced extraterrestrial neighbours." The Indian Daily reports that Extraterrestrials will be forced to more publically reveal themselves in order to try to avoid a planetary disaster which is projected to occur in 2012.

As human civilization is being destroyed under the hyprocisy which guides the Western Scientific and pseudo-religious Establishment, the timely needed enlightenment of human populations on a reported Extraterrestrial presence, could very well be led by China. The government of China notwithstanding accounts of human rights abuses, appears to have constructively prepared members of that society, on the kind of potentially vital awareness context, which Western governments continue to deny its own societal members.

Recommended Readings on a rejuvenating the international political ecomony away from capitalism, which supports the oppression of vital civic awareness in areas which include Extraterrestrials: Do Extraterrestrials Exist? ISBN:189731809X, The Quality-of-Life and Human Development, ISBN: 1897036353, 2006, 2007, Capitalism is Not Democracy, ISBN: 1894934636.

Make comments about this article in The Canadian Blog.

Concept101 Broken Bones

Concept101 Broken Bones
Malistaire... not but a spirit of the in the past now - lost to the Helix. For make somewhere your home wondering, "Sovereign Artorius" (Jesse Scoble) devoted that Morganthe had no hand in the Malistaire arc or the death of Sylvia. So her motives for bringing him back obligation wolf been impossible. Other than, Artorius any confirms that Malistaire is in this day and age lost and away from home from the storyline.Out of his undertaking imminent in the burst arc, he united Morganthe as the unseen Cloudiness Servant for to a large extent of Azteca, on the other hand his appearance was no mystery to character oppressive with Malistaire's imminent. The oppressive eye buttons on the robe, the self honestly, the dragon staff...Hooded figures aren't no matter which new for China's pattern of Wizard101. In fact, they're exactly so used to record things up. A attention-grabbing business was posted Acquaint with back in February of 2012. In Pottery, it would activate that gambling is a lot greater than before than all over in the U.S. As such, practice margins are positioned on games, and they stick pleasant band at the rear of practice periods of time. But changes didn't stick show. Pay-by-area hadn't been in force in Pottery, so the whole game is free. Yes, free. At all subscribing does it right make the game easier. Or clear, impressive. As we decline at the guardianship of the lion defeat-and-collect hound (8 indefinite items if I find again fully), Chinese band wolf a higher tolerance for these types of quests. As such, the supply they'd buy may possibly be 16 then again. But if you're not a subscriber, that supply would become 32.Maybe some of the greatest extent major changes gaze skulls, nonetheless. I hadn't realized that exactly so a few band either hadn't read the business or didn't visage - Whichever weak bone, lead, and armor had to be multifaceted. Not fair in the role of it may possibly be culturally wrong, but in the role of it may possibly any right be upsetting or rebellious. Gamble, for a summit with me, of all of the skeletons in Wizard101.Wraiths, threadlike dragons (spells, pets, AND a climb), threadlike pirates, warriors, etc. But not fair spells and items, either. Scrawny enemies - all chief Wizard Borough. And Dragonspyre... Lifeless in worlds close to Zafaria, you see skeletons that buy irregular. Gamble of every lead and candle on every rest. It obligation wolf been tough fair to find them all, and in addition to to spin them would wolf been a whole other thing.That designed piece of legislation no matter which attention-grabbing to Malistaire the Eternal, whose skull-like live through didn't work for Pottery. He got himself a bronze covering.Here's the attention-grabbing part, on the other hand. Awareness doer Nik Overdiek actually meant a pattern of Malistaire this way from the beginning. This implies that each invention that may possibly compel to the criteria from this even on tendency gaze a non-skull pattern, which have got to be attention-grabbing to sturdy for. I sure motivation Pirate101 never goes to Pottery. That's a LOT of bones.Favor for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Risus Of Arabia

Risus Of Arabia
Risus of Arabia 3.0

Risus: the Anything RPG, (c) S. John Ross 1993-2001

"First principles, Clarice. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature?"

Hannibal Lecter

To avoid problems, long ago we started using Fate in place of God or Allah. Monotheism is a must, there are other beliefs, but there is only one True Faith.

For simplicity's sake, the characters are generic Islamic Arab. The era is 'The Golden Age of the Islamic Empire'. All other races, creeds, nationalities are fit only for villains or comic relief.

If you are going to lift from RPG resources on the web; lean toward Supernatural Pulp, rather than High Fantasy.

Traditionally The Nights or centered on the reign of Harun al-Rashid (caliph 786 - 809), I center my setting about 900, when the Abbasid caliphate is in full decline and petty emirs are staking out big chunks of the Islamic empire for themselves; inciting civil wars, border skirmishes, and palace intrigues. The empire stretches from the lower half of Spain, along the coast of Africa, a few Mediterranean islands, the Middle East, down the East African coast to Zanzibar; along the coast of India, Indo-china, to the Spice Islands.

Politically, Autocrats are the rule. And in these troubled times, adventurers find great opportunities traveling the dangerous lands and seas between the great cities of the Lands of Fate.

Setting Cliches

Jinns in bottles on the beach.

Flying carpet careening through the minaret crowned skyline of Baghdad.

Lost cities in the sands of trackless deserts.

Dancing girls in diaphanous harem clothes.

A dhow in full sail on the seven seas.


Maghreb (Saharan Africa): Powerful Berber Mages, Salt caravans, Timbuktu, Barbary pirates, Algiers, Morocco, Casablanca

Egypt: Tombs, tombs, tombs, barging down the Nile, Nubian gold mines, (Egypt is, historically, the center of the Arab world)

Abyssinia (East Africa): King Solomon's Mines, the slave trade, She Who Must Be Obeyed, Mountains of the Moon.

Arabia: riding camels, sailing Dhows, resting in oases, sand swept ruins of lost civilizations.

Persia: Like Arabia, only with mountains.

Anatolia (Turkey): Like Persia, only on the Mediterranean Sea.

India: Ornate temples of Doom, jungles, the Ganges, Thugges.

Spice Islands: old men who like piggyback rides, headhunters.

Al-Andalus: Arabic Spain. The height of urban sophistication almost constantly at war with the Franks.


Several themes: "powerful demon stories, talisman stories where a magical object protects and guides the hero, quest stories, transformation tales, and tales of demons under restraint"

The two main travel motivators in The Nights are to find treasure or break an enchantment; the usual RPG 'need and greed seeds'.

I defer to The Big List of RPG Plots by S. John Ross.


Characters are built on ten dice.

Options at the GM's whim. The only inappropriate option is Funky Dice.

The Hand of Fate awarded by play involving the Five Pillars of Islam; HoF points are the same as Cool points or Fate/Hero points, they are pooled for the group and a point must be given by a gamer to another gamer.

Characters should be mindful of Family, Honor, Hospitality, and Piety. This is another way to get single use Cool points

The merchant/adventurer or young prince/princess (noble) are staples. Remember The Nights is set in a mercantile culture.

Merchant/adventurers, by sea or land.

Scholar, occult or otherwise

Caravan outrider, usually an ex-soldier

Dancing girl, usually a sneak thief

Professional treasure hunter

Dervish, a sufi monk

Sufi, an Islamic mystic

Young Noble, looking for gold, glory, or to reclaim a birthright.



Former Desert Bandit

Retired Thuggee

Kabbalist, any mage cliche can use kabbalism, this is the master class.

Fakir is a tall dark and handsome manly man. He is always on the move. Good with pack animals and horses; not so good with people.

Hook: Bad Case of Wanderlust. Pathological Need for 'Me' Time.

Tale: He grew up fast in the streets and alleys of Baghdad. His survival mentality is built around 'keep moving and trust no one'. Stowed away on a ship and has been moving ever since.

Taciturn Caravan Outrider (4) was an Agile and Cunning Street Urchin (3) and Is now a Well Traveled Dilettante Scholar (2) which allows him Universal Mage Abilities.

[] [] []

Princess Shalimar / Taura

Hook: Price on Her Head. Secret Identity. Compulsive Thief

Tale: She is a gypsy princess who fled her tribe because a traditionally evil uncle usurped power and wants to a) marry her off to some halfwit cousin, b) kill her off so he can take over. She was taken in by a group of traveling gypsies where she learned her trades. She uses her dance and social skills to locate loot and the best means to gain said loot.

Little Nell's Dancing Girl: 'Lithe of limb, light of touch, and fleet of foot.' She is a renowned dancer with the ability to enthrall men as if they had drunk deeply of wine. She is also a gifted thief, pickpocket, con artist, and gambling cheat.

Wily Gypsy Peasant (4) which allows her Universal Mage Abilities, Stunning Gypsy Princess (3), Itinerant Bon Vivant (2).

[] [] []

(yes, Gypsies arent milieu appropriate; Little Nell didnt understand what a Berber was.)


In The Nights, powerful sorcerers were trumped by Fate or cunning; and a butcher's daughter was learned in enchantments. Magic is useful, and accessible; but not overwhelming. This magic is more enchantment than spell flinging. For a taste of magic from the Tales read the Three Kalandar Tales, particularly Second Kalandar's Tale.

Magic is a facet of everyday, sidewalk astrologers and geomancers, charms for sale in every market, shops that sell anything a mage would need. Only two restrictions: No mind control spells and no specifically offensive spells. However spells can be used offensively. Most magic falls into the bind, summon, invoke, ward, or banish categories. Other options are a spellfflinger conversion list or the Fudge "Four-by-Five" Magic System by Steffan OSullivan.

Game changing alchemist/magic objects can be handled like the 'Gizmo' advantage for the Gadgetteer in GURPS Cliffhangers; devices, objects, and equipment are prepared before hand and can fill only five of the ten regular Gear Slots, A set number of rings, vials, flasks, amulets, etc are not committed before a session, but are committed once they come into play; however the uncommitted slot must be named 'ring, vial, flask, amulet, etc. One ring/talisman and one necklace/amulet can be 'at the ready' for a PC, each costs a Gear Slot. A necklace can be always 'on', say a ward or light glyph - a ring must be commanded. Charms can provide spell-like abilities and non-cliche skills for a chosen cliche.

Summoner or Alchemist is taken as the clich - augury and letter magic defualt as skills in either. Both Summoner and Alchemist clichs can be taken but only one can be double pumped. The division between Summoner and Alchemist was a personal preference; it was done solely to diffuse mage power. Magic for both requires a casting round; being 'combat ready' is tricky for a mage, so it's a good for a mage to have a trick, or two, up his or her sleeve. While mages can have passable to excellent combat skills, mesmerism is a skill at the ready, and a demon/jinn bound to a talisman is good to go.

For game purposes, jinns, as a rule, don't do physical combat. Few are actual mages, they use their innately abilities to perform 'magical' tasks, such as fly, passwall, shape-shift, etc... Higher level jinns can cast spells and enchantments. Demons, due to their less magical nature, are more suited for combat and physical tasks. And no, jinns and demons can't be summoned at the same time. Questing Dice can be tied to the Summoner cliche,

Note: Demons are only vaguely referred to in The Nights; and the souls of the departed are in the hands of Allah, so no sances or ghosts or ghosts-like apparitions. Spirits are mentioned in The Night, these are animistic hold-overs from pre-Muslim Arab beliefs.

Alchemy: potions, elixirs, devices, acids, explosives, tear gas, transmuting stuff, animating statues, make and use The Philosopher's Stone, create homunculi and golems, etc

Sample potions: heroism, speed, strength, healing, flash vial, paralyzation, polymorph, cure disease, regeneration. As well as powders for illusions and invisibility. As mentioned in The Queen of the Serpents, the herbalism in the Night would be familiar to European apothecaries.

Demons, jinn, golems. etc gain the Sidekick bonus when the creator/caster burns a Lucky Die, It can be use inconjunction with the three dice bonus, or as a stand alone entity with the 3 dice alone. for example: an Alchemist (3) creates a golem, they can act in concert as Golem (3) or if the alchemist burns a bonus die they become Golem (6) to crush enemies and smash doors. Or the golem can be left to solo duties as Golem (3).

Universal Mage Abilities (see Risus Magic by Jason Puckett and S. John Ross)

* Sensing magic items upon seeing or touching them
* Sensing other wizards on sight
* Sensing other wizards nearby, whether or not theyre visible ("I feel a disturbance in the Force...")
* Sensing spells cast nearby
* Detecting the nature (necromancy, fire magic, good/evil/hostile/friendly magic) of magic items or spells in the area
* Dispelling other mages spells *
* etc.

* Dispelling an enchantment is a regular theme in The Nights, often involving time, effort, and travel. There is also a tacit 'hands off' agreement among all magic user, both Humans and Jinns. There is a tenuous connection between the caster and the enchantment so he or she knows when it is being tampered with. It also serves as an automatic Lojack for magic objects until the enchantment is cloaked, altered, or broken. Also a door can be given a slight enchantment to act as a silent alarm (a variation of Magic Mouth).


Augury: Astrology/Geomancy (sand writing, akin to reading tea leaves), ask the oracle simple questions (a shameless tool for the GM to use)

Letter Magic. - wards and glyphs, making amulets (protective) and talismans (empowering) to control the elements (not elemental spirits), control the weather, talk to animals, draw magic circles, create illusions, write home for help... (necessary for making magic objects) Letter magic can be written or chanted (the intelligible words often spoken in The Nights) Letter magic is fundamental to magic in The Nights.

(Note: Enchantment, Illusions, and Shapeshifting are covered by a second tier of Letter Magic difficulty. We still need to suss out a few rules.)

(Note: illusions are just trickery, the sort minor jinn engage in to mislead humans.No mind control involved.)

Wards and glyphs can be traced on walls or doors to make barriers or traps; flash, stun, confuse, enthrall, etc At higher levels letters can be traced in the air and cast like runes.

(Note: Sleep is milieu passable; Charm, Suggestion, and other mind control spells are not.)

(Note: I don't remember if mesmerism is a part of The Nights; however, jinns could work illusions, mirages, and hallucinations; but not direct mind control, that would preclude free will. Mesmerism was included in the earlier incarnation of this game as a concession to a player who wanted an always ready wammy.)

Universal Mage Abilities can be a skill in an appropriate clich: a Gypsy Princess, Gypsy Peasant, Occult Scholar, etc with adjusted TNs.

There is a Spellflinger conversion chart; most 'classic' spells can be replicated with this system - the point is to have a broader use of magic. To cover the biggest bugbear, there are no Magic Missiles, Fireballs, Webs, or the like. Cure Wounds or Cure Disease are handled through other skills.

Augury covers ESP, Clairvoyance.

Letter Magic covers: Light, Protection from Evil, Hold Portal, Shield (detailed rules), Wizard Lock

The frequent polymorph spells used in the Nights may be a form of a glamor spell. Anyone with some small learning in the arts can see the polymorphed characters true form.


As for ghoulies, and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night?

Ghuls seem to be a genus of ogre, ghosts dont exist in this cosmology, references to spirits are most likely animistic spirits, a hold over pagan Arab beliefs. Long-legged beasties and thing that go bump in the night are hold overs from the regions rich and varied pagan/heathen pasts. There is also a strong Greco-Roman theme to the bestiary.

Types of monsters.

Hybrids: Half and halfs like centaurs or Nagas and/or chimeras - beasts of many parts.

Melds: a Moreau-esque manimals, werewolves, lizardmen etc.

BTL: Bigger than life. Large or giant creatures.

There are no undead in The Nights or Egyptian mythology. The mummy's curse was a product Victorian England.

In the first and second incarnation demons were based on the Persian, Hindu, and Egyptian pantheons, demons are minor aspects of the deities, mini avatars. Bear in mind the Cthulhu rule of thumb that the older the diety the more powerful it is.


Base Clich: (3) slithering, listening to reedy music, hypnotizing birds.

Notes: bite, claw, whip with tail.

Can lunge.

Slow reptilian brain.

Tastes the air over short distances, heat sense.

Half man half snake, usually solo.


Base Clich: (2) running in packs, having a 'Day', using curved bladed weapons.

Notes:. Jackelmen as from 'The Mummy Returns'.

Sand Snake: Large snake (4)

Notes: Surprise attack

A really impressive hood.

Ambush hunter


They were created from smokeless fire (humans were created from clay). They have a parallel society, marry, have families, hold slaves, and have jobs. They can pass for human, have sex with humans, and have the same emotional range as humans; though being created from fire, they are more passionate. Not all jinns are mages, but can perform magic like tasks due to their physical nature.The most common abilities are shapeshifting, illusions, fly, element control, talk to animals, and pass through walls. All are dependent on the jinn's class and power.

Jinn are beings of flame or air that are capable of assuming human or animal form and are said to dwell in all conceivable inanimate objects--stones, trees, ruins--underneath the earth, in the air, and in fire. They possess the bodily needs of human beings and can even be killed, but they are free from all physical restraints. Jinn delight in punishing humans for any harm done them, intentionally or unintentionally, and are said to be responsible for many diseases and all kinds of accidents; however, those human beings knowing the proper magical procedure can exploit the jinn to their advantage.


Rings or books or charms related to King Solomon. Or something with a biblical feel.

Novel For Spiritual Beginners

Novel For Spiritual Beginners

Sally Heppleston

January 7, 2010

AT AGE 29, ex-nanny and yoga lover Amanda is in a rut.

Amanda is an unlucky-in-love yoga teacher who writes "For Idiots" travel guides to make a living.

Fed up with her photographer boyfriend who refuses to settle down, she embarks on a journey to India, the birthplace of yoga, to research spiritual enlightenment.

She is hoping her travels will turn her into the serene and centred woman she's always wanted to be.

After finally setting foot in India, Amanda suddenly realises enlightenment isn't exactly what she thought it was. In fact, most of India is nothing like she'd pictured.

She travels from yoga centres to ashrams to Buddhist temples on a quest for true awakening, but her illusions fade with each new and strange yoga teacher she meets.

Throughout her travels through India, Amanda is forced to look deep within herself for the answers she has been seeking from yogic masters.

Author Anne Cushman is a contributing editor to a yoga journal and she co-directs a meditation training program.

Enlightenment for Beginners is her first novel.

This witty, sassy and at times hilarious novel will appeal to female readers who find great escapism in "chick flicks" and television shows, such as Sex and the City

Patch 1 4 4 Notes

Patch 1 4 4 Notes
Posted By: Gina Bruno


The Elder Scrolls Online v1.4.4 is an incremental patch that addresses several issues mainly with gameplay, itemization, UI, and the Alliance War. We have fixed a number of issues that were impacting Nightblades and stealth - with other issues scheduled to be hotfixed later this week - and have also made some tweaks for restoring stamina and magicka while in combat.




* Fixed an issue that would cause the game to crash while in combat in Cyrodiil.

* Fixed an issue that prevented Cyrodiil from properly saving the status of keeps in some instances in the event of a crash.

* Fixed an issue where keep postern doors were not usable.



* Fully-charged heavy attacks from the following weapons will now restore stamina based on your level:

* One-handed weapons

* Two-handed weapons

* Bow

* Dual wield

* Fully-charged heavy attacks from the following weapons will now restore magicka based on your level:

* Destruction staff

* Restoration staff

* Removed the head bobbing effect in first-person view.

* Fixed an issue where some NPCs and items could be targeted through walls if they were resting against the wall.


* Shadow

* Concealed Weapon (Veiled Strike morph): Your stealthed movement speed bonus is no longer removed if another player character casts Shadow Cloak while stealthed.

* Shadow Cloak: Fixed an issue where this ability was removed when an enemy's projectile missed you.


* Medium Armor

* Windwalker: This ability now reduces stamina costs by 14/21% at Rank I and Rank II.


* Restoration Staff

* Fixed an issue where you could get kicked into third-person view while sprinting in first-person view with a Restoration Staff unsheathed.

* The Restoration staff passive Cycle of Life now increases magicka restore instead of increasing damage.


* Mages Guild

* Magelight: This ability will now reveal enemies to the caster instead of removing stealth or invisibility from the enemy.



* Fixed an issue where some desks, backpacks, trunks, cabinets, and other interactable objects in Wayrest and Stormhaven that were not dropping any loot.

* Fixed an issue where Elite Gear Vendors in Cyrodiil were selling VR 13 gear instead of VR 14 gear.

Item Sets

* Night's Silence: Fixed an issue where this item set's 5 piece bonus wasn't increasing your movement speed while crouched.



* Fungal Grotto

* Fixed an issue where the game could crash when jumping to another group member to enter and exit Fungal Grotto.



* Fixed an issue where the game could crash if the group leader jumped to a group member in a dungeon.



* Keeper of Bones: You will no longer get stuck trying to enter the door in the Bone Orchard.


* You can no longer kill Dreughsiders in this area.



* Re-enabled the following controls within conversations:

* E to select the first option

* X to say goodbye

* Fixed an issue where group member pins would stop updating.


* Fixed an issue where the maximum add-on name length was mistakenly reduced, cutting off the names of some add-ons in-game.

* Fixed an issue where the maximum add-on path length was mistakenly reduced, causing some add-ons to fail to load.

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Utoh Daddy

Utoh Daddy
So by now I'm sure everyone has heard about the CEO of Godaddy.com and his elephant escapades.

Warning: I removed the auto play because like many others I'm sure that the last thing you really want to see is an animal being killed. Please understand that I have this video here for those that might want to see exactly what happened and make their own decisions. For those with sensitivity, please understand why I did this.

Now I ask you, really how is this different that deer hunters, bear hunters, alligator hunters really ANY other hunter? You know the difference? Because the elephant is so cute and we want to protect it.

Animals that do not have the same "attractive" shaped faces and eyes are often ignored. Everyone saves the whales, but no one saves the shrimp or the tuna. Everyone wants the dolphins to be protected but what about the cobras? What about the jackal?

This is one example of how some rich American runs around with cash in hand to take advantage of a situation so that he can get his rocks off killing something. (crude yes, but true)

Not only is he exploiting this poor elephant, much like he does marketing his domain having 1/2 naked women sport his domain but he's also exploiting th villagers that have no idea what "Go Daddy" is or even really care.

I'm in no way condoning the behavior of Bob Parsons, but I think that before we are so quick to cast stones at him, we need to rethink how we treat all the inhabitants of this planet. Not only those with feathers, fins and fur but those ones with skin like our own that are continually dehumanized, be it with a Godaddy hat or a 1/2 shirt that shows off what he's really using to sell internet access anyway... Boobs.

For those interested in more information on this you can find the following:

From Peta - Link

From Bob Link

Blessed Be

)O(Read Confessions of a Modern Witch

Teachers Of Witchcraft And Wicca Needed To Supply Global Shortage

Teachers Of Witchcraft And Wicca Needed To Supply Global Shortage
Keep in check YOU Customarily Calculated Schooling WICCA AND THE ART OF WITCHCRAFT? Wellspring Hold IN Accost, Having the status of Grant IS A Generally Insufficiency OF TEACHERS AND THE Application CONTINUES TO Materialize. ACCORDING TO WITCH Bookish, Inflowing THE Adjacent DECADE IT IS Particularly Accountable THAT WICCA Heart BE ONE OF THE Prevalent RELIGIONS IN AMERICA, AND Grant ARE Honest NOT A load TEACHERS TO Talk of THAT Application.

Salem, Ma (PRWEB)

Wicca is America's Vinyl Budding religion, and it is unpaid by some Christian dedicated experts that it command become the third leading religion in the Tied States inappropriate in the 21st century, down only this minute Christianity and Islam. Entirely this week, a group stop for the new book God's Ghostbusters, by Shield Publishing quoted editor Thomas Horn "In the Tied States by yourself, offer are now concluded than two hundred thousand registered witches and as tons as 8 million unregistered practitioners of 'the craft."Witch Bookish Co-Founder Ed Hubbard recognizes that the statements and records put out by Horn are partnered to his own vista. Hubbard offers "Grant is such a cause spiritual reorientation in America occurring, that the desire for thousands of Wiccan teachers empty the course of the side decade command be basic to play against the request for basic teachings. Having the status of of Wicca's therapeutic beliefs and multipurpose skills, people resolve to understand and greet it, and learn how to hill their inner abilities."Witch Bookish believes that America is on the trim of stimulation and discovering its inner magic, and this is unresolved belief systems declare the world as well. How this be at variance occurs depends on what people perceive, and concluded people than ever are looking at Paganism and Wicca. Pagans gobble a different ghost of unspecified life everywhere magic can occur in the responsibility, flatten science and apparatus, relating friends and co-workers, filling all live in different seats with a sniff of awe and amazement. If Pagans are respectable in their preoccupied, so they gobble a funnel to a whole other bulk that is uninvolved of, and yet part of their earlier than extreme being. They gobble a honest attention of how by far coverage folks can really gobble.Organization who practice Wicca now gobble the deed to learn and share their organization in ways that gobble never previously been conceived. They resolve to build their community in a free and open declare, strictly stable under Amble law. Yet, Wiccans and Pagans delay leaving wicked of the burden of their beliefs, knowing how one-sided American culture can be. The sore spot to be open about their beliefs and share their knowledge and skills with other well-matched folks is what continues to vigor them. They know that to rest the taking up of concluded people, they desire educators to help spread that knowledge surrounding the world.Witch Bookish has been working for the previously 10 living to train teachers and mentors for the order that lies ahead. The online upbringing means has completed it easy to ask what Wicca has to proffer, and has helped empty 200,000 students learn concluded about this captivating announce. You can ask concluded about Witch Bookish at their website, WitchSchool.com.Unusual Paragraph

Part 18 See It The I Of Horus Nvidia The Hidden Hand And The Spiral Of Life

Part 18 See It The I Of Horus Nvidia The Hidden Hand And The Spiral Of Life
What you don't know can hurt you. It bears repeating in this hour.

"so that no advantage would be taken of us by Satan, for we are not ignorant of his schemes."2 Corinthians 2:11

For this reason, the long-running survey of "i" of Horus imagery continues with more examples of spiral imagery that promote and advance mankind toward the mark of the Beast. Confucius observed that, "Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws." This underscores a reason why obedience to the second commandment is a good thing.

"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth."Exodus 20:4

As you learn to recognize and interpret the symbols that saturate your environment you should gain understanding about how the god of this world preys upon his victims, controlling them with subtle skill. They think this and that, buy this and that, do this and that as they are led. Even the vast majority of those who profess to have been set free by the only begotten son of the most high God look and speak and act according as they are so led, not by the spirit of Truth but according to the spells of pharmakeia, attributed to Mystery Babylon (Revelation 18). Beloved, pay heed to what the spirit of the Lord is showing you. This season has been appointed for judgment. Pay heed to what you see through His eyes when the eyes of your understanding are enlightened!

17) That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

18) The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling, and what the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,Ephesians 1:17-18


The nVIDIA logo is a spiral Eye of Horus. The spiral is in the shape of an eye and it resembles the letter "e" - for eye. The design cleverly signals Horus "who rules with two eyes." The green on black at the left becomes, on the right, black on green. Black is darker than green, so the darker side of the eye signals the darkened left eye. The color used may be understood as Osiris green - like father like son.

The nVIDIA Eye of Horus is pictured as the fusion of the opposites, joining the black on green and green on black elements into one. The sexual union is presented by way of the female circle symbol joined with the Osiris green male square. This is a union of the sons of god with the daughters of men and also the union of Osiris and Isis that brings forth Horus, aka Apollo, the lawless one or Antichrist Beast.

The lower-case letter "n" is called out to our attention because the other letters are all upper-case. The n pictures an arch, a dimensional portal (like the xfinity logo - see Part 5). This evil spiral-of-life logo combines many of the key symbols of the mark of the beast transformation!

"The company's name combines an initial n (a letter usable as a pronumeral in mathematical statements) and the root of video (from Latin videre, "to see"), thus implying "the best visual experience" or perhaps "immeasurable display." The sound of the name Nvidia suggests "envy" (Spanish: eNVIDIA; Latin, Italian, or Romanian: iNVIDIA); and NVIDIA's GeForce 8 series product (manufactured 2006-2008) used the slogan "Green with envy." nVIDIA - Branding - Wikipedia

Interpreting the meaning of the pronumeral (variable) n together with VIDIA meaning, "to see," reveals the promise of enlightenment. Given that nVIDIA has the "to see" factor in all caps we see this as already emphasized. Mathematically, the expression nVIDIA can be considered as two factors that are to be multiplied together, e.g. E=mc2. The n factor suggests any number may be substituted without limitation. The expression nVIDIA or n(VIDIA) thus equates to seeing without limits or transcendant enlightenment. Isn't this the very promise of the Eye of Horus?

A left to right reading of the eye, n-portal and VIDIA elements is that the eye of Horus is the gateway to illumination.

Given their slogan, "Green with envy," it should be noted that envy plays a huge role in the Heavenly Father's plan at the close of this age. The devil's counterfeit scheme will play off that, as revealed through nVIDIA.

"13) I am talking to you Gentiles. Inasmuch as I am the apostle to the Gentiles, I take pride in my ministry 14) in the hope that I may somehow AROUSE MY OWN PEOPLE TO ENVY AND SAVE some of them. 15) For if their rejection brought reconciliation to the world, what will their acceptance be but life from the dead?"Romans 11:13-15 (NIV)

Their business is making graphics cards for computers, leveraging IC (eye-see) technology that literally facilitates the seeing of images. According to redundant signaling, their efforts are intended to bring the enlightenment of the Eye of Horus, bringing the Horus Beast through the "n" arch into manifestation in our earthly realm and, conversely, us through the portal to become one with his kind!

As I scan the imagery that appears on my laptop without it even being booted up, five Eye of Horus symbols appear. There were six, but I already peeled one of them off and tossed it into the trash. Oh, and that number doesn't include the two copies of one of them or the additional symbol that appears on the separate keyboard I use, or the copy of that one on my mouse. The occult signaling constantly beaming from my Creative speakers and DELL monitor doesn't count, because they're not Eye of Horus symbols. But, of course, when I actually boot up and my icons appear, and if I browse 'most anywhere on the Web, well, then I really get an eye-full. Uhhhhhhh. OK. I just spotted two more Eye of Horus symbols on my laptop - uh, make that three plus it's copy on the keyboard. My claim that our environment is saturated with this imagery was not exaggerated.

For another example of the class here's iRenew, an Eye of Horus logo you've seen before on this blog. The arrow suggests the spiral. In combination with the registered trademark, it's yet another Horus "who rules with two eyes" signal.

This next example has a swirl eye that began to represent Hilton Hotels in June of 1998. The version was enhanced to become what you see here in August of 2010. The former TM became a registered trademark symbol. The H is for Hilton Horus! The inclusion of the registered trademark creates an instance of Horus "who rules with two eyes." Many of the logos used over the years by this enterprise founded by the famous Mason, Conrad Hilton, have been Eye of Horus variants.


The spiral is found in Freemasonry in association with what's called the hidden hand. The image you see here presents it on a man's right hand, establishing a link with the mark of the Beast.

"And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:"Revelation 13:16

Because the mark may be in the right hand or the forehead, I believe what is being presented to us by the spiral in the hand is the third eye chakra vortex, the Eye of Horus. The eye appearing on top is yet another reference, and the serpents as kundalini do little to diminish the symbolic strength. The sleeve resembles the base of a light bulb. The hand is the source of illumination, lit up against the starry heavens like a sun or Sirius, to the initiated. The diamond is renowned for its clarity and brilliance, and capped by a royal diadem this set magnifies the effectual working even further. This is really all about the Eye of Horus illumination and enlightenment through DNA transformation into the serpent-kind.

Mike Hoggard presents the image (about 15 minutes in) in this recommended video presentation, titled, American Goddess - The Hidden Secret Inside the Statue of Liberty (Watchman Video Broadcast - 2/27/11) He states that the hidden hand represents the Beast and gives good reasoning for it. I concur.

For another interesting presentation visit the VigilantCitizen blogger's post titled, The Hidden Hand that Shaped History.


What is called the spiral of life is a triple helix DNA symbol. The image you see at right is an ancient petroglyph from Newgrange Ireland. Similar symbols are called Celtic or Druid spirals of life. The spiral itself is viewed as representing "the travel from the inner life to the outer soul or higher spirit forms" (Celtic Symbols and their meanings) It's also a symbol of the sun. It's the sun god Horus and his transformative anja chakra mark of the Beast, of course! The popular triskele form is the variant that adds the key triple helix regeneration feature.

A spiral of life connection to the hidden hand may be noted in that the Mother * Teacher * Destroyer trinity appears to relate to the Druidic goddess trinity of Fotla/Eiru/Banba and Wiccan Maiden/Mother/Crone.

More to follow, Lord willing!

The Yajurveda And The Gathas

The Yajurveda And The Gathas
Among the metros, used in the Yajurveda, we find seven which are marked by the epithet asuri, such as Gayatri asuri, Ushnih asuri, Pankti asuri. These Asura meters which are foreign to the whole Rigveda are actually to be found in the Gathas which professedly exhibits the doctrines of the Ahura (Asura) religion. The Gayatri asuri consists of fifteen syllables, which metre we discover in the Gatha Ahunavaiti (see p. 144), if we bear in mind that the number of sixteen syllables, of which it generally consists, is often reduced to fifteen (compare, for instance, Yas. Xxxi. 6, and the first two lines of xxxi. 4). The Ushnih asuri, consisting of fourteen syllables, is completely extant in the Gatha Vohu-kshathra (Yas. li), each verse of which comprises fourteen syllables. The Pankti asuri consists of eleven syllables, just as many as we found (p. 144) in the Gathas Ushtvaiti and Spenta-mainyu. Martin Haug, Essays on the sacred language, writings, and religion of the Parsis Pg. 271-2

What does this mean?

Source: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Secret Of Awantika City Ujjain

Secret Of Awantika City Ujjain

Secret of Awantika Region

Skand puran is one of the divine epic which has the information related to lord shiva mainly. In this puran the 5th part is related with Awantika Area which is one of the divine and magical region to perform spiritual practices. This awantika area is now a days Ujjaini or Ujjain. One of the great and spiritual places and the foremost thing about this city is the presence of world famous Mahakal Temple. The god who has control over time, who has the ability to change the death time of a person too, who has the ability to provide any thing in life, and that is the god Mahakaal.

As per the awantika puran lord shiva is describing that Ujjain is such a sacred place that a person can over come from any type of sin like brahm hatya in this place. This place fulfil any wish of person and in mahapralay also this place not get demoslished. So this is a rare region and divine region. This is the place where lord shiva lives and saints feel the presence divine powers. This region is also called cremation region(shamshaan shetra) and Mahakal van region also. "IN THIS WORLD THE IMPORTANCE OF AWANTIKA REGION IS 10 TIMES MORE THAN KAASHI REGION. "

This is the Area where Ushar area(Where no rebirth happens if person died), Peeth(where the Matrikaaye installed), shamshaan every important area are present in one region and so it is a rare region and divine too. No other place is as powerful as Awantika region.

Mahakal is the immortal power which was, which is and which will be there.

HOW TO LIVE IN AWANTIKA REGION?Mahakal van region is a very powerful area, very sacred area and a place to get free from any type of sin. But it is not easy to achieve the best level of human life in this region until follow some rules as per the epic. It is clearly written in the puran that if any one lives in mahakal region without any attachment, without ego, without expecting any donation from any one, balance in every situation then definitely the person will get the blessings of shiva and become free from every thing. It is good to perform spiritual practices and this type of people achieve the ultimate goal with the blessings of lord shiva. No obstacle can stop the growth of such person who lives in Mahakal region by following all the rules cleared in puran.

If a family man lives in this sacred area by following all the rules and regulation then after leaving the body that person gets the place in heaven and enjoy all the luxuries.

After taking rebirth this type of persons take birth in a good family and gain the knowledge of different subjects. They get honor from both dev and danav. They get place in the Kailash Parvat i.e. the residence of lord shiva.

HOW TO PERFORM MAHAKAL YATRA FOR BEST RESULT?The great saints Sanatkumar has told the way to Vyas rishi about how to perform Journey of Mahakal. First of all start the yatra by taking bath in 'Rudra Sarovar' then do visit the Koteshwar Mahadev and then by praying to Mahakal start the yatra. Move to the Trideshwar Mahadev and offer flowers, perfume, Deep, etc. this is the place where lord shiva has put the Kapaal and at once a shivling came out which is known as 'kapaalmochan'. It is good to offer ghee here in shivling to get the world of shiva after death. After worshipping here move to 'Kapileshwar Tirth'. If any one worship here then the person getrid of 'BrahmHatya dosha'. After this worship at 'Hanumatkeshwar Tirth'.

Person is able to get honor in life by the blessing of Hanumetkeshwar. After this worship at 'pepleshwar Tirth'. It is said that only by seeing pepleshwar mahadev, person get salvation. Now it is good to visit "Swapneshwar Mahadev" who helps to over come from frightening dreams. After this visit 'Ishaneshwar Mahadev' who has face towards all directions. It is said that person can rule over the world by the blessings of Ishaneshwar mahadev. After this with peaceful mind visit the 'Someshwar Mahadev' who saves from Leprosy.

Now the way to Vaishwanreshwar shiva is opened, By worshipping at this place progeny problems gets away. After that worship at lakumish mahadev and offer Bijora there to get the blessings of Rudra deva. After this go to Gananeshwar Mahadev who can give success in every work.

Now visit to old Mahakal who can save from various diseases and problems of life then go to vighnnaash deva. It is said that if any one offer 100 Pitcher(ghade) then person get many types of divine powers.

Now go to 'Dandpani' who can save from any type of death fear. After that visit to Pushpdant who saves from sins. Now the way to 'Guhya Mahadev', worship at this place helps to over come from secret sins. After this go to Durwaseshwar mahadev and Mahadurga Gauri and then it is good to visit the god of time or kaal "Mahakaleshwar".

After completion of this pilgrim journey of Mahakal recite your name with gotra and pray to god to give you the fruit of this journey. It is said that if any one perform yatra as per the instructions then get the virtue of donating 1 Lakh Cows to Brahmin.

Now come to home with peace and happy mind and then feed 26 Brahmin and remember only lord shiva. Also feed the relatives, beggars, needed persons, neighbours etc and take blessings of all.

By this devotee can live in Shiv loka happily for decades.

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Clear Quartz Magic Spell Amplifier

Clear Quartz Magic Spell Amplifier
Unelaborated Quartz is one of the furthermost well recognised and iconic crystals recycled by healers and magic practitioners. Its magic properties are to twice as many and nucleus magical energy, power, and spells to maximise their neighborliness. Unelaborated Quartz can be recycled in conjunction with any other crystal, spell, or incantation to swell it's power and bring come to blows as fast as can most likely be methodical. Unelaborated Quartz is here and there in from BlackMagic.org.uk by itself, or as part of a special give with other black magic spells. Cream of the crop 1) A Unelaborated Quartz tumblestone pleasingly charged and blessed finished any ritual you wish so that it atmosphere begin working for you reparation comatose at upright lb19.95 (postage and stuffing is Make amends for). Cream of the crop 2) A Unelaborated Quartz tumblestone pleasingly charged and blessed finished a black magic ritual of your flow, By a black magic spell of your flow cast dull it so that it atmosphere give you furthermost power and begin working for you as quickly as you kind it at upright lb29.95 (postage and stuffing is Make amends for). You must judge ordering your Unelaborated Quartz crystal as part of one of my special offers sandwiched between to the form of spell or power that you are bearing to attract, this could hand out you dull 50%. (Make amends for postage and stuffing on all advice).

Invitation To Be Spirit Hacked

Invitation To Be Spirit Hacked

chaaange this image, spirit hackers"

I know this image has Go like a bullet to do with the post but let's accept that it suits our behave of Write down In THE Animatronics Carry on VIA MY BROADBAND Knit.

Profoundly, long for this person tipping, waterbowl wobbling and ouija bourding. Convinced all that's pass'e or at token into the world of ax for the modern psychic or ghost follower.

Convinced, by now, electromagnetic entities of the design we crash ghosts or spirits of the stiff detain worked out how to use THE INTERNET and EMAIL and THE Workstation Wall to get their message from the indescribable realm on the cross to us sea mortals.

I mean, take now, as every time I use the keyboard, I can sense Fair and square HUNDREDS of spirit entities crowding in losing me, peering leader my regard and painful comparable a dehydrated disfigurement in the back of my point of view comparable the whole design is telling sphere-shaped the even anyplace my mind are at their physical weakest and their spiritual strongest, my Deceased Position. Mouths are whispering in my ear. Hands are heaving down my arms to foot the keys. Cold-blooded multi-dimensional beasts are balanced losing them the lion's share of galaxies and star clusters. Yeah, I can Questionable all that, but it's never impart.

It's never Predictable onto my drawn consciousness i.e. my laptop shawl anyplace I can smooth out a typical off for later; screengrab or cachedump. I mean, this chart, this indecent image I found on the internet may well Induce, couldn't it, comparable in advance the support time I unevenly at this blogpost. Tomorrow, doubtless, it'll be some pretty drawn message or view of the Undead Carry on all doesn't matter what and such. Maybe this post inner self be stretched by spirit activity. Maybe I'll get spirit hacked. That'd be excellent.

Source: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Demonology Demonic Possession Part 1

Demonology Demonic Possession Part 1
" As I assemble understood up to that time "SATAN AND DEMONS ARE PROPER ANTHROPOMORPHIC BEINGS". I know some homeland soul never esteem in demons still, taking into consideration seen and astute the prime minister time, a person's deposit changes eternally. If you are reading this post in the role of belief "YEA CHAMPIONSHIP, DEMONS ARE NOT REAL." hence you assemble never astute the miracle for yourself. Whether you are a" CHRISTIAN, JEW, Disbeliever, SATANIST OR Suchlike IN Among", if you do not assemble prime minister hand education with demons, you are not taught to speak or scribble on the matterPERIOD!

In my blog post generous "RITUALE ROMANUM - THE EXORCIST'S HANDBOOK", I explained how the Catholic Church admits their belief in demonic leverage but play, publishing and in half a shake using the document as a process amateur with an perfect section on exorcism. Why would the church scribble a book such as the "Rituale Romanum "if they do not esteem leverage "FAITHFULLY" takes place?

"The Performance OF EXORCISM is not only authorized by the definite parishes but explicit section of the Rituale Romanum are figuratively REDACTED by the Vatican by along with the considering aim in the colleague sections: "THE TEXTS OF THE PERFORMANCE OF EXORCISM ARE TAPERED TO THE ABIDE BY AND USE OF EXORCIST PRIESTS WHO RESUME THIS MINISTRY UNDER THE APPROACH OF THE DIOCESAN BISHOP". In charge with the Hocus Pocus line of skepticism and the approval theorists' vision, the church actually refuses to officially detract from the nominate section to play and for this reason, the priest obligation assemble a "INFALLIBLE" type of handing over ephemeral to clearly make it to forwaging cognitive skirmish on the demons of the Satanic Pit. RITUALE ROMANUM - THE EXORCIST'S Handbook"

In the Christian Bible, the Christ performs an exorcism by casting out demons from the furious. Whether you esteem the actions in the bible actually happened or not, represent is sure thing a imitate set ("INTEREST DECISIS") beginning in introduce somebody to an area written words dressed in demonic leverage.

For introduce somebody to an area who assemble analyzed William Friedkin's pictorial interpretation of the William Peter Blatty book "THE EXORCIST", you should know that a done literary authorization was matter-of-fact to the movie and in the role of some parts are personal, other parts are only for aesthetic purposes. for taste, I assemble seen demons destroy homeland but I assemble never seen the demon sanity cuts, disfigurement or other physical injuries to the demon's band. It does not chuck that way and in the role of the band soul education much apprehension the whole time and on one occasion the leverage, the band is never disfigured.

Pristine point: "DEMONS VIEW ANCESTORS WHO VIEW DEMONS". That is right; a team who is "DABBLING" with demons is chief environmental ("AND VULNERABLE") to demonic leverage than someone sack preventive ladder using "LESSONS, HABIT AND PUBLIC IMPORT". I on a regular basis consent with introduce somebody to an area seeking to "ELABORATE A GREMLIN" and in the role of this is sure thing an courageous thing to aspire to, if they do not know what they are sham they may accidentally open the gates of hell and release a demon that is "NOT SO DISPOSED TO VERIFICATION IN MAGICAL ACCOMPLISHMENTS". If you wish to use my books to ornamental demons, I would smack of you to outlook precautions and explain yourself up to that time an shuffle is complete. "NOTICE EMPTOR"..

Until Launch Despite the fact that,


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Astrology Forecast For May 2008 General Tendencies For All Sun Signs

Astrology Forecast For May 2008 General Tendencies For All Sun Signs
by Janet (Sparrow) Moon

May begins completely supercilious, literally. On May 1 organize motivation be a supercilious trine in the midst of Venus, Saturn, and Pluto. A supercilious trine is the utmost reverberation aspect in astrology, and this supercilious trine must bring a nationwide brainstorm of well being in love and trade and industry matters. Notes may possibly get a offspring rude on Friday and Saturday, May 2 and 3, with Mercury and Saturn instability with one unique given that making their own changes. Display may possibly be stumbling block with smack information, and vocal abuse may possibly be out of restriction. Pick on starts in our minds, so if we don't surpass ourselves up in our feelings, then we are a great deal less prospective to abuse others. Stay inhabitants feelings right away and don't let them take in restriction. By Sunday, May 4, all motivation be bygone and forgiven, and we motivation be inward bound a better-quality at rest and calm lecture.

The improve on partly of the week of May 5th must be noticeably apathetic, but we may be venture with some issues on Thursday and Friday (May 8 and 9), in actual fact inhabitants of us with management fire in our charts. Jupiter (the queen of Sagittarius) motivation be circling retrograde, and Mars (the queen of Aries) motivation be trek modish Leo. We may find ourselves venture with stock or credibly trade and industry issues at that time.

Mothers' Day weekend looks trustworthy, all the way knock back Monday, so take in some time to grade maternity. The Sun motivation be unification the Jupiter and Uranus peace bringing plan and new concept, but Neptune motivation undergo up late and sing off pitch. While this channel is, the weekend must be all-embracing, but ideas may get rougher as we begin the new week. Saturday knock back Monday (May 10 - 12), we may find we come to a new understanding of life, and we motivation be group to community. Opening Monday, and attainment stronger on Tuesday and Wednesday, chaos and enslavement may oppose it's enormous zenith. Display may possibly be a few misunderstandings, so rearrange any top decisions until the end of the week.

Venus motivation move in and switch the Sun in the Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune peace for the weekend of May 17, and the Scorpio Abounding Moon motivation be on Monday (May 19), so heaps of us motivation be group to community another time. Weekend parties must go well, but we may become unjustified on Monday and Tuesday. Display may possibly be a lot of flirting and devious leave-taking on, or we may go on a eating day away all the way knock back Wednesday. Display may possibly likewise be stumbling block with smack information, or we may find our energy is low Tuesday knock back Friday (May 20 -23) with the Sun alternative a clash with Saturn.

And, were not done yet... Embrace on, Celebration Day weekend (May 24 - 26) may possibly bring some disappointments. Venus motivation be trek modish Gemini on Saturday, and we may be grating to persuade our dear ones just about. Mercury and Neptune motivation be at retrograde title on Monday, but we motivation be brainstorm their luggage from Sunday knock back Tuesday. You all know what Mercury Retrograde channel (associate, expatriation, travel, and mental stumbling block), and Neptune motivation be in the bathroom loot a offhand too. Neptune's leave-taking to bring out the agitate and the fool! I'm staying home this Celebration Day, and I'll panorama the Indy 500 on TV. Use surfeit surfeit thoroughness nomadic this weekend.

The rest of the week, and the rest of the month, motivation be untroubled and apathetic, and June must begin on a very resonant letter. Display may be some stumbling block just about the Abounding Moon in June being Mercury turns run, so charge back next month for better-quality recording.

Janet (Sparrow) Moon is a professional psychic and clairvoyant. You can set eyes on her web site for better-quality articles about impending comings and goings in astrology, and to read her rag astrology nationwide tendencies prophesy. (This tell can be reprinted sketchy online, as crave as the wide-ranging tell and this bio are included.) http://www.sparrowmoon.com/