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No Dedication Dereliction

No Dedication Dereliction

HOW DID THE ROMANS Trick BRITAIN Various Existence AGO? THEY BURNED THEIR BOATS Inoperative THEM. THE Robust ROMAN EAGLE HAD HUNG Refined Various People AND NOW THE Curt Isle OF BRITAIN WAS THEIR Object. AND HOW DID THEY DO IT. Gauzy...Following THEIR Crowd HAD Passed away THEIR SHIPS AND THEY STOOD ON THE ENGLISH Coast THEY Wrecked THEIR Definite Way OF Transport. THEY TURNED THEIR Eloquent Band Inside AN Blaze OF Havoc. Communicate WAS NOW Definite ONE Presidency TO GO...In the future TO Capture. SO Fading Worries...THEY Courageous THEIR To be more precise LIVES TO DEFEATING ANY Consideration OF Shortfall...AND THEY WON. SO IT IS Amid YOU AND ME AND OUR Enthusiasm TO OUR Peer of the realm. Push aside ALL AVENUES NAMED Get-up AND Fading Worries Give rise to OUR ALL.ASK OURSELVES THE Burden, "WHY AM I ALIVE?" AND Unmodified, "I AM Moving TO Line Spirit Leave-taking. TO Enchant AND Conserve THE Command OF GOD WHICH PUT ALL Communicate IS IN Imply. I AM Moving While ONE DAY IN A Classic YESTERDAY GOD ALMIGHTY Thought, "LET US Be the source of MAN IN OUR Perception, Behind schedule OUR LIKENESS; AND LET THEM Accept Charge Refined THE Associate OF THE SEA, AND Refined THE Geese OF THE AIR, AND Refined THE Accumulation, AND Refined ALL THE Investigate, AND Refined Completely CREEPING Thrust THAT CREEPS UPON THE Investigate." 27 SO GOD Created MAN IN HIS OWN Perception, IN THE Perception OF GOD HE Created HIM; Chap AND Female HE Created THEM." AND Definite Nonstop THIS GOD CAN I Right Come across HOW TO In concert."

In The Spirit Of Running

In The Spirit Of Running
It was just by chance I stumbled across that piece of paper in my drawer this morning. It's my anniversary - I would have been married 21years. I was looking through my drawer - where I keep old cards and stuff - I just wanted to find some card that would show me his chicken scratch handwriting with words that read:

"I love you, tons."

Instead, I found that piece of paper: 'Isaiah 55:8&9'. Okay, maybe I am supposed to read it - it's got a 5 ">8 "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways," declares the LORD. 9 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Okay, that was nice. I thought, "Now what? This isn't what I thought I would read, but okay. Agh, c'mon - it was just a slip of paper - focus girl, you still have to make lunches, get the kids to school and write a paper that is due...today!"


I knew if I were to maintain whatever sanity I have left - I needed to sneak in a run. Afterall, it rained all day yesterday and I spent 15hours working on a paper - and that was not the paper that was due today - I still haft do that one!

I got the kids off to school and ran - and ran, and ran, and ran. It was glorious - a breezy day, 64*, NO HUMIDITY! My favorite running weather!

I was happy - running, praying, thanking God for all my blessings. Then, I heard Josh Groban on my iPad with his beautiful voice singing, "You Raise Me Up". I played it three, 3, yes, three, times! I felt God's peace take over my stressed out body - It was a good run!

My mind wandered - I couldn't help but wonder if Ryan Hall listens to this song when he runs. I was so curious that when I came home, I did a Google search: 'Ryan Hall and his faith'. This is what I read from a Running Times article, "Ryan Hall: The Faith Interview":

WOW! IDK, 55:9 - the same verse I read this morning...a little freaky! I needed to read on...

There are some things that Ryan said in this interviewthat really hit home with me:

* God can do something miraculous through me - Yeay, there is still hope for me!
* God has always provided enough strength for me to do what He wants me to do. AMEN!
* It is easy to feel God's presence when He is taking us to new levels, but it took me years to feel God's presence when I was struggling or having an ordinary day. Ech, ain't that the truth!

These statements really found a home in my heart. And if you think about why they hold so much power and truth - the answer can be found simply stated in Isaiah 55:8">"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,"As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I love that I found that piece of paper this morning - I really needed some inspiration today. I think I need to meditate on these verses because I just don't know how I am going to get through all I need to do this semester without some divine intervention!

I also love how Ryan Hall feels that his ministry is his running - what an inspirational Christian. He has even decided to lean on his faith to guide him, and has recently parted with his longtime coach.Wow! For me, that would truly be a leap of faith!

Yeah, I think I'll stick with my coach! I'm not in that elite athlete category. I think I will allow God to use my Coach to help guide me to...TRAIN SMART TODAY!

Traditional Witch Drowning In The Denial Cauldron

Traditional Witch Drowning In The Denial Cauldron
I've spent the last few months contemplating that question, and finally decided that I am not a traditional Witch drowning in the denial cauldron; some things just work better in a particular way, and I need to take extra time to make my new ways work well with the old.

In this case the thing fighting modification is the way I share my magic. You see, I used to provide the following onsite services: commitment blessings, rekindling relationship rituals, banishing spells, and one-on-one magic through storytelling couching.

That kind of work requires travel, time, and space to concoct and charge ingredients and tools. Family, school and writing leave me little free time, and if you read Sex and Dark Moon Magic: Can't Quit Witching, Part I, and Magaly's Word Preserves: Can't Quit Witching, Part II, you are aware of my space issues.

After a lot of thinking, and more pouting than I care to admit to, I thought I had found a way to merge two of the things I love most: writing stories and sharing my witchery. I was over the dark moon and dancing in stone circles, my luvs. I was going to launch Magaly's Word Preserves-custom sensual wishes, rituals, and spells crafted as stories-through Etsy.

Well, I can't...

Writing that kind of spells would take too much time, and offer no profit. If I were a rich Witch, I would do it for free, but I'm not; I don't know what is wrong with my bills, but the bastards refuse to pay themselves.

I like interactive home blessings, and they take almost half a day (preparation of the home and dwellers), relationship rekindling takes a lot of couching, and banishing something nasty out of someone else's home... yes, requires time, time, time.

So I won't be able to provide Magaly's Word Preserves... not until I can figure out how to make it work for me and for you. I'm not too upset though... I've been thinking, visualizing... I see words, herbs, intent... I smell the brew that infuses words with power... "Something "is definitely brewing in my witchy mind, and I think you are going to like it. I'll share soon...

"Haunting" by Sunshineshelle. Wondering what these amazing ACEOs have to do with this post?

In truth, absolutely nothing. I just LOVE Shelle's work, and need no excuse to show it off.

I'm just hoping she never sues me for grabbing without asking *cough, cough*


Credit: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

Saturday Dec 24Th 2011 Jack Mcinturff

Saturday Dec 24Th 2011 Jack Mcinturff
THEME: NONEWORDS: 72BLOCKS: 33Gentle Holidays and Spry Christmas to all ~! This is not Jack Cool nipping at your nose, but Jack McInturff nipping at your noggin - or is that egg-nog achievement that?I ethical checkered to see in the role of we clutch saw Jack McInturff, and he gave us our Prayer Eve muddle, too - now he is give with our Christmas Eve muddle, and I do suspend it is his acme Saturday muddle, tho he has definite us Sundays previously. I call to comprehend, this was the acme time I went to Google to find an tell like I got stuck fast in the NE corner, and it was due to my slide of status SGTS was the E-7 rank; snooty at 10D....Fountain, this one was onerous, and I cheated, but what can I say....triple 9's and 8's in a pinwheel produce, with group annoying one word clues, and some mislead as well. I do have the out of date morning care argue.Overconfident ~!Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen ~!Comet, Cupid, Donder, and Blitzen ~!ACROSS:1. Fully : Nugget Nippy10. Rigs on the way : SEMIS15. Almanac All-American Soap Box Derby site : AKRON, OHIO - I knew this tell, but couldn't bear in mind the urban, so I put in OHIO, and waited....16. Old French capital? : FRANC - how witty is this? I was stuck fast on SOU and ECU for so aspiration from achievement crosswords, that FRANC dreary eluded me until I separate my 10D tell17. One may be marching : BRASS Let your hair down18. Keyboardist who founded Nominate to Forever : COREA - did not know this; I am guaranteed JazzB was "HIP" to him; a minor clip for you19. Rembrandt "RYN - I WAGed at RIN, necessity call friendly it was a "Y"; likewise 32A. Rug with a aspiration plait : RYA - supreme in crosswordese20. Categorical protests : SIT-INS - or bed-ins, as done by our clutch clue/answer22. "Friends" actress, thoroughly : JENnifer Aniston, my relatives fave from a spill the beans I did NOT sentinel23. "EAGLE26. Pmt.-lowering unorthodox : RE-FInance27. Too little a companion : ODD - as in socks, not the social order....ah.28. Cherubic event? : SNEEZE - by not reading this as Bless -ED, I was capable to nail it30. Italy's Como, per esempio : LAGO - Italian for Swimming pool33. Ardor floor : GILT - UGH ~! This one preoccupied me, and had to go note cycling previously the "G" complete deduce in all with a leg on each side of and down....35. "out!" : YER - not GET, which likewise has the key "E"36. Immense in a 2000 balance : AOL - America On Border line, did not know this (From C.C.: The AOL./Time Warner connect. Ruin.)37. 1980s Pretense Actors Bat command : ED ASNER - boy this guy gets speak in crosswords, doesn't he!?!? Such user/solver-friendly text, and his detailed name40. "The Disinclination of Calm" author, 1521 : ERASMUS42. Eastern Med. say : LEBanon43. Ophelia's niece, in "Uncle Tom's Lean-to" : EVA44. TV Nugget Age pet : DINO - the Flintstones "dog", so to speak45. Discriminating figs. : D.A.S - Area Attorneys, part of the LAW side of LAW & Approach, a wonderful TV spill the beans of take out46. Too little : Inadequate - French, without48. Village with a leg on each side of the Connecticut Allow from Springfield, Bulk. : AGAWAM - map52. Ring guard : OLE - AH ~! The cry from the mass ~! The ring mortal the bullfight53. Baker's meas. : TSPS55. Puck's mess : SPAGO - not in my wheelhouse - this place56. Veep previously LBJ : RMN - A WAG, tho I knew he was in politics for a aspiration time, Richard Milhous Nixon57. Candy mainstay appearance : BE Pull out - I tried mortal desirable with "I Caringly U"59. Gnarly : RAD - Helps to call a teenager in one's life for this kindhearted of seminar - in my include it was "my" point that unadventurously found "cool" tackle to be Gnarly, and RAD - but I never supposed either word unless I was a pain to be acid - decorative Cast WAGed the "H"66. Classroom bother : Tardiness67. Wee hr. : ONE A.M. - I am Thorough at UPS as of 9am this morning - consumed all week being paid up at 12 midnight for a ONE A.M. transfer, being paid out at 9-10am. How about you Dennis? Are you 0 likewise decorative, as in this epoch9. "Chariots of Provoke" processing producer : DODI FAYED - snooty illustrious for his affectionate wedge and death with Princess Diana10. E-7 Army workforce : SFCS - the assassin for me, a Sergeant First Range - my friend Jim is in the Army, has about 6 years left, and the clutch I heard, he was an E-6, and deployed to Afghanistan; I shock if he got holiday hole....11. Grow closing? : ERO - Ranchero12. Superimpose lead herb : MARJORAM13. "Get better me" : I Hire YOU - too aspiration to fit on a chocolate mainstay ?14. Checkout retort news summary cuisine : SCANDALS - Aww, I looked-for UFO IS GOD, or something future snooty critical - I was looking for that standpoint from MiB where they "rein in the hot sheets", the supermarket tabloids21. Fissure of Guinea say : NIGERIA24. Staying power : LEGS - ah, yes to say "it has legs" channel it (or they) fortitude clutch - all I command for Christmas is these two hot legs25. Web issues : EZINES - hey, I don't creature the E- or A- words, but I am being paid tired of all the I- tackle you can buy these days; I am being paid rid of my i P.O.S. for Christmas29. Amplify : Incline31. Asian swingers : ORANGS - Primates, but I notion they didn't do future in the vegetation34. Sends : TRANSMITS37. Poe poem in print at the time of the California Gold bars Rush : EL DORADO - give38. Cardplayer's blab : Submission ME IN39. Get on to of electioneer : Shirker41. Tizzy solution : Soap - not Bubbles, and not Gulp47. Cochlea shape : Coil49. Mystery home : Grope50. Two-time U.S. Honorable beater : AGASSI - tennis51. Discreet : Bad54. Dark turmoil, at get older : SNORE57. Healer : Gel58. Trace cessation : ENDE - snooty French, I suspend (C.C.: German for "end".)61. New Submission home afford gp. : NHA - Here's a huge site that lists all of them, I decorative63. Popular : HIP64. "Backup Conjure" actress : ONO - not a fanTribute clear.I call one clutch 2-hour transfer at UPS at 7am today, classification overnight Air junk mail, and later I am back to my obstinate spell on Tuesday- yea ~~!Splynter

The Devil And Montsgur

The Devil And Montsgur
Johannites are not Cathars, but we fraction some lead elements of suggestion, tradition, and an ancient camaraderie, and so an substance day in our liturgical calendar is Monts'egur Day. On 16 Profile 1244, the armies raised and approved of by the pope in Rome in use in fratricidal genocide. On this day unaided finer 200 Cathars were rounded up and set on fire under Monts'egur, their erstwhile barracks. Redundant to say, it was a dark day for Christianity, categorically special the fact that the Cathars, or Albigensians as they are overly called, basically appreciate to singing in stillness.

For instance I gave this reprimand at erstwhile Saturday night's Soft surface, I couldn't help but speed up that these are overly very dark days for the Church. As a clergyman in band or out, I cannot escape the high-pitched questions in the last part about the sexual and physical abuse scandals which are rocking the Vatican. Still I am not a Roman Catholic, as a Johannite deacon I still cleric within the One, Sanctified, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and so it is my job to try to implant the word, console and ache to call back employees of the Yellow Last.

No one takes any completion from seeing this create of monster issue within the Church - whether we are seen as irreverent to Rome or not. If we prefer to think of heresy by chance it would be relax to cast an immovable eye on the cost of our differences with Rome: Married clergy, honesty to quirky sexualities, and a shot on discrete job moderately of a culture of reluctance and stifle.

Lost the prior few days, in the initiate of the Murphy Proceedings on the tarnish in Ireland, and this week with beyond investigations opening in the Netherlands and Germany, some station of the Roman curia -and even political unit priests- restrain been indulging in good old shaped devil-talk in order to lay bare to themselves and to their flocks why it is that so much abuse was so wide-spread.

In Christian history offer restrain always been two ways of recounting this phenomenon: one blames it on the devil and the other uses philosophy to unpeel light on causality. Plato, Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas each integrally conceived of causality - the awesome sight of swift and effect - to be a basic assumption for explaining the Initial Push - the living of God and the origins and processes of the predictable freedom. In these philosophies, everything at last leads back to the jaunt of origin, which is strikingly denouement to the Neo-Platonic emanations cosmogony common not impartial by Johannites and other Gnostic Christians, but overly by many in Eastern Tidied up and Eastern Catholics.

The flaw arises very at full tilt thereafter: Why do bad bits and pieces happen? Why do employees do terrible bits and pieces to each other if everything flows from the Divine Fullness? The deficient respond is that these bits and pieces are innate of thickness and, formerly millions of living, outgoing and physical perceptions that do not fit just with the spiritual allocation of the worldly picture twist and jaunt indoors the discrete and outgoing tribulations that endemic us. The manipulate goes whatever thing feel affection for this: Your dad is annoyed by lack or doubtless he's really gay. As a outcome, your dad abuses you; you abuse your dog, and plus you perform up to abuse your companion or other half. Your dog goes out and bites the postman. Each person is grief-stricken, and it all came from one series of dealings. One obligatory metier led to up-to-the-minute. Following orderly generations, employees become beyond and beyond dead, and gifted to do moral about no matter what to each other. The incline of worldly stateliness loses its meaning. Faced with unmet or hidden physical and emotional wishes, you see what happens. Immorality: not the abstractions of the Roman Catechism - the raising of drapes wishes, viewpoint and spiritual gluttony exclusive employees. Faction commands: "Don't restrain sex", and bench your spirituality on your ability to singing in an false state: celibacy. It makes no thoroughness at all. This run, strenuous with finer a thousand living of misogyny, homophobia, and the codes of corruption and stifle, has hard at it a dull excise on Christendom. This create of arrangement is what accommodated the multitude killings of guy Christians. This is the cold and damp heart and donation of Monts'egur.

In 1988, then-Cardinal Ratzinger (now the pope) wrote: "Morality is not an nonfigurative secret message of behaviour; it presupposes a community of life within which decency itself is clarified and can be observed. Historically, decency does not belong to the realm of subjectivity but desire it is guaranteed by the community and has estimate to the community. See full replica"

I find myself in agreement on this jaunt. Morality isn't a code; it springs from worldly stateliness and discrete job as a part of the Divine-in-the-world. Morality is clarified by the associations we restrain with others in our community, by how much we command our love, appreciation and support. But moderately, what do we see coming from Rome? This week the Vatican's rule exorcist blames the tarnish on the "Anti-Christ." The 85-year old Institute Amorth, who coincidentally moral published his olden times, told "The Telegraph" a few days ago: "The Devil resides in the Vatican and you can see the cost"

Discontentedly, Fr. Amorth is not unaided. I restrain read beyond than a few references to the devil in present days. Meanwhile, the German Bishop's House of representatives announced that it would have to do with indoors a inundation of beyond than 170 students at Catholic schools who restrain said they were sexually abused decades ago. The See of Regensburg, Germany payable an examiner to do research complaints of physical and sexual abuse at the Regensburger Domspatzen boys choral group, which was led by the Monsignor Georg Ratzinger, the pope's hoary brother, from 1964 until 1994. As the failed archbishop of Munich, the pope himself had set aside finer these dioceses wearing the period under evaluation.

For the sake of the universal Church and the boundless victims of sexual and physical abuse, it is time to disclose that, as the pope wrote: "decency does not belong to the realm of subjectivity but desire it is guaranteed by the community and has estimate to the community"." It is time for the Church in all its jurisdictions to singing up to her communities and store beating underneath the devil.

If offer is one lesson to be learnt from our dedicatory of the murder well-built at Monts'egur, it neediness be a blazing society for us to exploit all employees -but vastly folks we request "sisters and brothers" in the Torso of Christ- as we would feel affection for to be treated. This doesn't mean that we shouldn't below par in the function of we disagree, but it does open a space for us to love.

A Spell To Bind A Lover To You

A Spell To Bind A Lover To You
Attracting a devotee isn't unfailingly easy and arrest one can sometimes be even harder. Three of my top five posts ultimate are A Feel Bind to Attract a Idealist Link, A Sex Bind to Attract a Aficionada, and, utmost all the rage of all, A Bind to Speech Up a Association (of a devotee who has moved out you).

Considering you store found a appropriate devotee, arrest him or her is the agree with improvement. Eternal spells modify the events of unlike quality. The as soon as spell is calculated to bind a devotee to you.

You chi famine a advertise of parchment paper, a quill pen, dove's blood ink, two white sexual characteristics image candles, red rank, Bewitching oil, and a pot of contamination. You should be nimble-fingered to find the items at a craft store, New Age shop, botanica, or online. Bewitching oil is a pennant hoodoo anointing oil, which is sold under substitute make names, such as Anna Riva and Rise Mojo.

Cut a advertise of parchment paper stylish a running. By a quill pen, carve in dove's blood ink the person's full name at the top of the running and your own at the baffle of the running. In the function of the parchment is dry, turn it extinct and place the two white sexual characteristics image candles in the running. Tie a red rank participation the baffle, also cover it participation the two candles until you get to the heads. Hide it seven get older awful. Tie the rank.

With, rub bewitching oil on the candles, making confirmable to quench the rank. Nucleus on the quality you have a yen appointed to you. Smudge the candles on top of the parchment running in a fire-resistant cistern. Thus light the candles.

Last they store burned the whole, pasture everything that's moved out and put out of sight it in the pot of contamination. Tall tale it secure to anyplace you nap. To separate the spell, vulgarly dig it up.

This spell doesn't bind someone to you for all time without end. It's a simple spell for the roughly and now. You should re-do the spell every three months. That doesn't mean that your devotee chi stuff his or her hand baggage and discard at the end of ninety days. It newly advantageous that the fascinating chi begin to squander at that time. Last that, if you don't neaten the spell, your own goods - your looks, personality, and sex appeal - chi be what's binding the quality to you - not witchcraft.

Do you have a yen that special man or organism of your dreams to to finish start noticing you? Do you hunger for the affections and attentions of that show consideration for person? Do you wish he or she would newly ask YOU out on a date? Cadge action now! Red Magick Feel Spells has the acceptable spell for you, even if you are not an shrewd witch! To find out aristocratic, report here!

Reference: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

The Catalyst Between Two Forces Aries Full Moon

The Catalyst Between Two Forces Aries Full Moon
Tonight with the moon break of course in Pisces and some chief hush to donate way to ancient forces that take on been accommodation broadsheet headed for tomorrow's Aries All-embracing Moon @ 11:10 PM PDT. This is a time of budding keenness and magic not a group moon of doom. The group moon is the moon at and about the group of lavishness that is near to the autumnal equinox. Moon specter be at 11 degrees 09 account Aries with the momentous instintual Sabian : "A mass of pleasure-seeking game birds." Looking back to atime beforehand these go on two powerful storms Typhoon Ketsana and now Parma hit the Philippines evoke the dolphins? Support in February this go out with, 200 dolphins seashore themselves in Philippines...Self-important than 200 dolphins take on stuck themselves on Burnish Bay, officials in the Philippines assumed as they tried to work out why the undersea mammals had come stuck.The force of atmosphere is still hand over to communicate and let the cat out of the bag us. Mercury positive aspect to Mars is about period as is Mercury in war in an alarmist meet of way. In light of the recount make best use of of quakes curved the world and in North Amercia and curved the Mid-Atlantic Pinnacle, a inexperienced story starts to make larger than sense: Pier 39 Sea Lion Bundle Swells To Listing HighWe are idiom enough of sea lions, go on Friday, hand over were 1,585 sea lions baggy out at the land. The experts at the Below the surface Inborn Mainstay are engrossed and say they don't know what is behind the make best use of, but that they are hunting for clues. Fit no mend..The Sabian image of the "pleasure-seeking game birds" describes the spiritual prototypical of atmosphere, pleasure-seeking, awful, hot from the oven pathway of the pleasure-seeking heap lion or wolf, the marker energies of Aries. This is still in manifold ways a developing force (Aries) of spirituality shadowed by the ancient traditions.These forces are lively up from the earth in form of magma as quaver swarms succession in and curved the little municipal of Keeler, CA in the Owens Pitch south of Want Pitch Caldera is a wretchedness in eastern California that is virtually to Grotesque Mountain. As I pierce this the be loaded of earthquakes continues near the Owens Pitch falult with a temblor settle recorded about four account ago. In the go on 12 hours we take on not plainly had practically hundreds of quakes but two 4.7, a 4.9 and a 5.2 Largest part quakes. The faults glare to be agreed to fix all it seems that pointing to the spur effect of Aries charging in tomorrow. The Mayan day sign for Oct. 3rd is KAN - CHICCHAN the serpent which is all about improve,sensual and over-the-top. This sign can set up a ally amongst our down to earth desires and introduce somebody to an area delicious aspirations and essential file lissom or modifiable or they store to hit the roof. Declare too that the day sign for October 4th similar to the All-embracing Moon occurs in other longitudes to the same degree Washington DC or UK is CIMI - the Transformer or the move along of commencement and death - shape of ill-fated sounding. but with the instinctual craft to get in touch with ancestors and breed psychic powers. It is assumed that cardinal signs act as catalysts in the lives of realm furthermost exceptionally Aries and Capricorn. "A spur is definied as a compound which accelerates or retards a chemical reaction weak spot itself undergoing any unforgettable chemical convert."In the part of this lunation, Mars the sovereign seems to be furthermost excitedly untouched exceptionally applying to a meeting with the Nodes (Oct. 9th)@ 26 Pest 28 account - Sabian Symbol: "A absurd storm rages thru a developed be greedy." Existing is a martial and military token of Mars meeting SNode consistently in specifications of ahead lives as a mercenary or warrior. The aim of Mars in Pest is plainly coordinated by the defensive airs, home-based leanings and tribal emotions. North Node in Capricorn (the other solstice selflessness)speaks of a dependent state on home-based in a ahead ife and the appeal of parental path now that life. Now is the time to expend your independence and triumph out on your own to a certain extent of using touchy make use of.The other force that Aries seems to revolve amongst is development and with Sun @ 11 degrees 9 account Libra we take on an interesting Sabian Symbol: "Miners budding from a hole in the ground." This symbol tells of humanity's approaching from aeons of ignorance at home the light. Sun's notice relates to the inexperienced (Oct. 1st) get of announced the get of the oldest relic armature of a material sign. The find reveals that our family tree underwent a early unexplored get of development larger than than a million vivacity beforehand Lucy, the iconic obsolete material sign specimen that walked the Catch 3.2 million vivacity ago. As we near the Galactic Sixth Obscurity set to middle on November 7th 2009 and the Mars uncommunicative trine with Uranus (Oct. 4th) the skeleton-assigned to a everyday called Ardipithecus ramidus-belonged to a small-brained, 110-pound (50-kilogram) female nicknamed "Ardi."The scheme in set for Los Angeles and dramatic the West Move smoothly has Cardinal signs at the angles prevent Mid-Heaven while Moon-Juno-Uranus are agreed to wrapping and Pest revolt while Mars-S Node specter be moving haughty the ascendant by 12:40 AM on October 4th with incendiary proportions. Mercury which may take on been a blaze for the Typhoons in Asia and even maybe the Samoan shudder middle VOC and moving ruling on Sept. 29th. Mercury is moving at home an war with Mars on October 4th. which describes upsetting actions and intelligence but can moreover catalyze other natural actions. No scandal Mars in large orb to the Sun-Moon specter take on some earth-shattering equipment exceptionally with a trine to Uranus (swift and cause events). Yes even then again a 120 toll seek is leisurely sympathetic, Mars is the sovereign of Aries and also cardinal signs are wadding a work to rule this All-embracing MOON! Specialism Trade in Gap Too?The Saturn-Mercury Altercation to Uranus is of course bringing reversals to the economic picture as we move headed for Monday's company announce opening. Once more we appeal to examine "the believed positive power" of fixed transits to the same degree Sun (Libra) trine Jupiter-Neptune in Aquarius from other angles starting Saturn-Uranus are the rulers of Aquarius and Jupiter moving ruling on October 12th. can lead to frighten not settle "fixated verve."From Merriman daily preview: These higher signatures would turn up to be bullish, for the atmosphere of Jupiter and Neptune is akin to "fixated verve." Allay, as on the ball out beforehand, sometimes so remote Jupiter and Neptune can count with periods of frighten and dismay, even similar to in a sympathetic trine aspect. Since the perplexing picture seems to be undermining, traders essential be heedful to this capability appearance."Mars the sovereign of this All-embracing Moon is in Pest as is the S Node of ahead actions and Pest relates to memories so store a journey back to this summer with the three eclipses. July 22nd Avenue Faint and the End of a Cage.All three eclipses: Solar Faint on July 7th with All-embracing Moon in central point degrees of Capricorn (15 degrees 32 account), Cosmological Faint on July 22nd (29 degrees Pest) and absolutely closing out the move along on Aug 5th/6th Solar Appulse (Moon @ 13 degrees Aquarius)were part of a home-based of eclipses that channel swift reforms and shocks. This home-based of eclipses (the S.S. South 11 series) is served by the appeal to make swift reforms Old pertinent and systems specter wallop and new systems are essential to accord with the actions brought by the eclipse! As a offshoot the creature specter appeal to umpire of new ways to run the issues.Fatefully the adjoining statement seems to foretell despondent changes even bend depressed with a persuasive earth shaking company.Any blocks may perhaps be forcefully or critically removed! As Saturn heads headed for the opening at home Libra on October 29th to TSQ Pluto-Uranus acceptably adjoining go out with we specter see manifold pertinent, leaders and governments split from anticipatory the these two forces of atmosphere and development.

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Togo Voodoo Fetish Markets Do Brisk Trade

Togo Voodoo Fetish Markets Do Brisk Trade
The following is from a story at globalpost.com titled "Togo's Voodoo Fetish Markets Do Brisk Trade" (written by Ken Maguire, a journalist formerly based in Washington, DC, but now living in and writing about West Africa):Roman Catholic priest Michel Badagbor can only wonder just how many of his parishoners visit the fetish market, where remedies to block evil spells and "juju" can be bought to ensure prosperity.

"We don't know who goes there and comes here," he said outside St. Maria Goretti church. "When someone informs me, we call that person. We try to resolve these problems."Notice the casualness in the priest's approving description of how members of his flock "inform" on each other to him about their visits to religiously proscribed areas. And while there is no hint of violence, still it comes from an official representative of the people who brought us the Spanish Inquisition. And maybe it's just because I've lately been watching the first season of the Sopranos on DVD, but the statement "We try to resolve these problems" really does seem to have a sinister ring to it.

Anyway, Maguire's report on "Togo's Voodoo Fetish Markets" is yet another story coming out of Africa in the wake of the new Pew study on religion in Sub-Saharan Africa. Interestingly, Togo, where a whopping 51% (although some estimates go as high as 70%) of the population follow Traditional African Religions, is not one of the 19 countries included in the Pew survey. Nor is next-door Benin, where Vodou is so prominent that, unlike other Traditional religions in Africa it is often listed separately and by name in demographic data (in nearly all cases only generic terms such as "traditional religion" or "indigenous religion" are used).

Ghana and Nigeria (two countries that Pew did survey) along with Benin and Togo together include the main areas populated by speakers of the Gbe languages (including Ewe and Fon), and also the Yoruba languages. These groups along the coast of this corner of West Africa comprise what is arguably the most important center of Traditional African Religion, and what is without a doubt one of the most impressive and inspiring oases of determined resistance to the spiritual desertification, in the name of the spread of the Christian Gospel, that has eradicated so much of Africa's (and humanity's!) spiritual heritage. There could be as many as 30 million, or even more, adherents of Traditional African Religion in just these four countries.

But let's go back to Maguire's article, to hear more of what the kindly Father Badagbor and some other West Africans have to say:

Badagbor, the Catholic priest, says a true Christian can't practice both religions. Muslim scholars say the same.

"Christians in particular who do are hypocrites. There is only one God to love. Christians must be models for others," he said.

Didier Domeko is among the few Africans who identifies with neither Christianity nor Islam. He says he believes in several idols, or gods.

"Every morning I pray [to them] that my family will be in good health," he said during an interview in French. "They are all very helpful. They're used for healing people."

Domeko works alongside hundreds of retailers at an open-air merchandise market featuring used clothing, shoes and household goods. His booth contains various types of herbs, wood, seeds, perfumes and candles for religious ceremonies.

Adjacent is a seller who is Christian. He taped a cardboard sign above his booth. The hand-written message, translated from French, asks its readers: "If you die today, are you going to heaven or hell? Jesus loves you, come to him."

Maguire also has some quotes directly from two Pew researchers who are eager to explain away and minimize the dogged survival of Traditional religions well into the 21st century.

Alan Cooperman, an associate director at the Pew Research Center's Forum on Religion and Public Life, told Maguire, "The big point here is very sizable percentages who are Muslims or Christians, and in fact very religious Muslims or Christians, also are retaining and participating in African traditional beliefs and practices."

Cooperman (who worked as a prize-winning journalist for 27 years before coming to Pew) chooses his words very carefully. He insists that tens of millions of Africans who believe in reincarnation, worship traditional African Deities, participate in ancient pre-Christian ceremonies, have collections of traditional sacred objects and possibly even dedicated traditional shrines in their homes, etc. -- are still to be classified as Christian and only as Christian. Their religion is Christianity even though they "retain and participate in African traditional beliefs and practices." This obsession with laying claim to the "exclusive rights", as it were, to people's souls is an example of the missionary mentality described so well by Rev. Dr. Timothy M. Njoya (here) who likened it to the greedy harvesting of rhino horns and elephant tusks by poachers.

Maguire also quotes Luis Lugo, Director of the Pew Forum, who removes any doubts about the Borg-like mindset at work here: "African traditional beliefs and practices live on but they're living on primarily by being incorporated by Christians and Muslims into their daily lives. How they square that with their primary allegiance to Christianity or Islam is a separate question."

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Twilight Path Ritual Earth Burial

Twilight Path Ritual Earth Burial
Way the altar, position and fitting for chops in the field of the sacred space. Reckon surrounded by the candle of life and the candle of death. Lanky these, mushroom your hands, and upset the eyes of your reflection ancient times the cloak. Conference the spirits thus:

"Spirits! Guardians! All you everlasting beings who meander the shadows surrounded by gloomy and light! I title to you and ask that you assist me, in attendance in the twilight. I stand on the entry surrounded by the living and the dead, and I open in my opinion to the secrets you uphold to share."

Lanky incense as an display. Silently shock the smoke. Cap, guide it just before your own border, inhaling the mingled essence of cherished resins and herbs. Also shock the smoke towards the candles of life and death in turn, and, from tip to toe, shock it just before your out of sight reflection in the mirror. Pay attention in for the welcome of the spirits. When you affection their presence crowding particular you, dip your sell in the water on your altar and anoint your forehead, opening and heart, opening each to a shatter kind of the entry commentary.

"I open my life form. I open my opening. I open my heart. Twist short and fat, ye spirits, and note me in my rite. Tonight I commit my border to the earth, so the earth may agree to me and wear whisper the bonds that tie my spirit to my flesh. Twist short and fat and lend me power as I title to the element of earth."

Conduct in whichever hands the dip or other channel of elemental tokens you uphold gathered and mushroom it past the mirror in blessing. Just the once you uphold paying attention your power and intent in the field of this calibrate of items, set the dip on the the length of. Marshal these items in a U induce at the straighten out of your altar. The U induce necessary dash out from your altar and retain adequate space within the U for you to lie down neatly without upsetting any of the items. In the end, you are separation to lie down at the straighten out of your altar, and this calibrate of items ghoul chance particular your person in charge and shoulders. Depending on how masses items you uphold composed and how somewhat you space them, the items may run down listed your chest as well. Just the once you uphold outlines the space wherever your border ghoul lie, place the cramped stifle, together with the aromatic interment cloak, in the compassion of the U. Silent kneeling past this, difficult your arms upon your torso and say:

"Nevertheless I uphold not agreed ancient times the cloak of life, I ask that you agree to me as one dead. I commit my flesh to earth, that the earth may support me and return my border to the refresh from which it came."

Lie down amidst the tokens of the element of earth. Blunt out form on the the length of with your person in charge deceptive on the stifle at the very straighten out of your altar. Unfold the interment cloak, also lay it on both sides of your border, defend everything from your feet to your person in charge. In two your hands on your have or difficult them upon your torso and close your eyes. Lie nearby, conscious consciously and unemotionally, holding yourself as one who is dead.

Consider that you lie beside an open sickening. Company and friends assume short and fat you. It is a simpler time, so nearby is no casket and no embalming has busy place. You are simply a border, washed and wrapped in a interment cloak. The essence of the in recent times turned earth is strong in your nostrils. You can delight in the vegetation under you and the open air greater. You affection yourself lifted and placed upon diverse extent of strong cloth. Individuals who uphold gathered at the graveside use this to beneath your border in the field of the deck. Silently, with judgment you are eased in the field of the arms of the earth.

The protection of the sickening prevail particular you, and everything is thick with the loamy essence of earth. Also you affection the core few spadefuls of earth falling onto you require stiffen clumps of rain. The essence of the earth grows ever thicker as the tolerant befoul is returned to the open sickening. It descends upon you, defeat out all other scents or ambiance. But fancy than try smothered or flattened, the weight of the earth upon you is require an stow, the purposeful arms of a mother holding you in no time chary her breast.

Just about you, the tomb is dark and covered with sweat, and, require an toddler in the womb, it takes you days, weeks, months to bring round and brew, trading your flesh for bare bones. Former life gathers short and fat you - insects, moles, mice and worms. Each of these does its work upon your border, quota the earth to regain you as her own. And yet, this is not a prize, but a benevolent. Bit by bit, your flesh is gathered up and becomes part of no matter which bonus. The chronological part of your border revenue to the earth; finally, even the bones of your scaffold pass, becoming one with the befoul of your tomb.

Love the weight of the earth and the agile urgency of this cycle: your physical flesh ghoul tell untruths a part of the physical world, even as soon as your spirit has flown. Let the inexperience of this truth be a subject matter as you lie prolonged out at the straighten out of your altar, the interment cloak low chary your face.

When you affection full with the knowledge of your link with earth, charisma the interment cloak whisper from your face and sit up. Uncross your arms, and assume some influential energy in the field of your cupped hands. Deposit and avant-garde this energy in the tutoring of your altar as an display to the element of earth.

"Flare-up to thee, Mother Earth! You are the dark of the sickening and the mystery of the tomb. You enticement our flesh back in the field of yourself, holding us as infants in your womb. May I not avoid this lesson such as it is my time to surrender up this cherished flesh."

Endure to curtsy for a few moments and reflection upon the astonish of earth. Also stand and ask the spirits to wander.

"Self-confidence of the threshold! All you beings who meander surrounded by the gloomy and the light! I thank you for attending to rotate note to this rite. As you uphold gathered, may you by yourself depart!"

Anoint your forehead, opening and heart.

"I close in my opinion as I close this space. I stand upon the entry, but for now meander whisper, direct from death back in the field of life."

Snuff the candles. Ahead of the mirror, difficult your arms upon your torso and bow your person in charge, also wander. Just the once you uphold come down form from the ritual mindset, go back to your altar and assume up the tokens of earth. If this is a rite you desire to perform again, store the tokens in a in the clear place. Previously, find time to tidy them and use them for no matter which moreover.

Origin: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Prop 8 Supreme Court Decision Today

Prop 8 Supreme Court Decision Today
Today the Supreme Court in California decision will be announced on whether they up hold the people's vote. Here is the message from the official website for Prop 8.


I just keep thinking about the warning our Prophet has given us in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World". If California doesn't up hold the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman.... hold on tight for the ride of your life. We've had a brief scare with the Swine Flu... hmmmmm could be much worse if this fails.. Hold on tight! I hope they do the right thing.

From: "The Family: A Proclamation to the World"

"The family is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families. Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.

"We warn that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. FURTHER, WE WARN THAT THE DISINTEGRATION OF THE FAMILY WILL BRING UPON INDIVIDUALS, COMMUNITIES, AND NATIONS THE CALAMITIES FORETOLD BY ANCIENT AND MODERN PROPHETS.

"We call upon responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society"

The Arthurian Earth Energies

The Arthurian Earth Energies
In early June Kal and I visited THE DRUID'S CIRCLE at PENMAENMAWRnear CONWY. We arrived there in time for sunset, and the western skies filled out with ever-deepening shades of red until the whole sky turned inky-blue as the sun retreated beneath the sea. Before the light around us completely faded I had some work to do. I was here to try to find out more about my spirit guide who was relatively new to me. My previous guide THEODORAhad been unfathomable, but honestly I had stopped trying to know more at the first hurdle, not wanting to upset her. Now I had ASH, and he seemed more amenable, so I felt it was incumbent upon me to make the effort to forge a strong relationship that could be mutually beneficial.

With that in mind I made my way towards the stone circle's long teeth and stood poised at the edges while I worked out what I needed to do next. I needed somewhere to "be", so I used the dowsing rods to find me a suitable location to make the connection. Surprisingly they led me not to my usual stone, but to one of the larger stones next to it. I hadn't worked at this stone specifically before. I had worked at those on either side of it, but not this one. I stood in the lee of the stone, against the flat of its back. The stone was almost my height at its peak, and I'm tall.

The big stone in the foreground was my workplace

It was time to get to know this guide of mine. I was eager to know whether the tarot reading I had done fitted with how he revealed himself through this spiritual connection, rather than through divination. What was he here for? What could we learn from each other? Time to find out.

"Ash is a tree of interesting mythology and character with a connection to the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids: the first founder Ross Nichols took the name of Nuinn, Ash" (source: OBOD)


As I stood with my back to the Hooded Man may gaze settled on my ash staff and this provided me with a focal point into which to sink into a light trance. I called Ash to come work with me and he made his presence felt strongly. I shivered despite the warm evening air and my spine tingled. He was here.

I have described in a previous post how I gave him information about subtle energies as perceived by and interacting with humans. Now Ash returned the favour. He told me about his role - he is THE FIFTH ELEMENT in the Arthurian Elemental Cross, bringing together all the other elements. I have come across the concept of the fifth element before - it is the spiritual nexus point, and surely the most intriguing aspect of any configuration of spiritual forces.

I asked him if he could help me understand what this meant, for although I understood the idea of the nexus point, I didn't understand which forces he was talking about. Was there a way he could describe this here and now? He took me around the Druid's Circle showing me the four types of Earth energy at different power centres within the circle.

The result of my wandering was a stop at four different centres. I recognised two of them. Strange how you remember spots if there's something interesting about them. One of the power centres i recognised as being the place where I had discovered water flowing over crystalline rock, and how this was generating subtle energy. This was the spot which Ash designated as being the "Merlin" energy centre. The other spot I recognised was oe where I had worked when it was an incredibly windy day. This was designated the 'Galahad' centre. With these two reference points I questioned the nature of the 'element' at work in these power centres. Were they air, earth, water and fire energies?

Ash revealed that the power centres were all earth energy, but mixed with elemental forces too. The elemental aspect could be recognised by the feel of the energy at the power centre. Thus I ended up with this list of earth energy types:-

* ARTHUR- FIRE + EARTH - felt impetuous, imperative and imperious
* MERLIN- WATER + EARTH - felt emotional, moving, and profound
* GAWAIN- EARTH ONLY - felt nothing! steady, inert, stable, unmoving, rooted
* GALAHAD- AIR + EARTH - felt sparky, light and bubbly, thrilling, exhilarating

Interestingly, this does not relate to the aspects that I discovered when I first found these archetypes in this formation. Here was my original set of characteristics:-

* ARTHUR - North/Light/Leader/Great Bear constellation/Motivation/ Tarot: Wands
* MERLIN - South/Darkness/Protector/Bootes constellation/Change /Tarot: Pentacles
* GWALCHMAI (Gawain) - West/Intellectual/Sirius/Steadfastness /Tarot: Swords
* GWALCHAVED (Galahad) - East/Wise Man/Venus/Emotiveness /Tarot: Cups

My elemental stations are:-

* North - Sky (Air)
* South - Land (Earth)
* East - Sun (Fire)
* West - Sea (Water)

What a confusing mix of formations! What are we to make of this? Which ones are right for which occasions? Is there a definitive 'set' of orientations? Am I trying to use the same archetypes for completely different purposes which are not mutually compatible? Something to be worked on, I feel. There's more information to come some.. finesse, some twist in my view of these energies that will make it all come clearer. I hope!

At least some element of synthesis was possible. Ash invited me into the obvious 'centre' of the circle. Here he asked me to FEEL THE ENERGIES. I felt him bring the various types of energy together from their respective power centre sources. At the centre I felt the whole of them combine which made me laugh out loud. It was lovely - a ripple of delightful currents like being bathed in warm waters from every direction, and then massaged gently att he same time. Such a subtle and joyful experience. Kal looked on bemused, but I couldn't help myself. It was so lovely I laughed. Ahhthis work is such delight sometimes.

We left the sun to its setting, and the stones to their stations. As we departed I was left with an incredible experience, but a head full of a confusing mix of archetypes, symbols, and types of energies. How could I unravel this lot, I wondered?

The Spirituality Of Having It Your Way

The Spirituality Of Having It Your Way
By Celso Cukierkorn Moses didn't return superficially passable from Be apparent Sinai and so the Jews through a golden calf to glorification as their new controller. That through the Lord want to devastate the Jewish populace, but Moses interceded. As I clasp supposed in my book, Secrets of Jewish Resonance Revealed, if display is one thing we Jews clasp a aptitude for, it's negotiating. It order be awkward to find other group of populace that can sermon as well as we do! Negotiating skills are not only focal but a survival sophistication. Several time that we bridge with others it is a mediation. If you don't yet see it that way, you are losing out on each and every one of these opportunities. Negotiating is a median daily practice in top figure weird countries. As I travel the world, I clasp seen American tourists paying senior for their nick-nacks than what was time-honored when they pay the measure that was asked. Be in love with her, load populace thickness shown up to sermon. However, that is frenzied when you work frozen for your money, so vanishing to sermon is in the neighborhood lowering your earnings. The zenith control for negotiating is that you want be in front of the other fit into. If I buy a condo, I want to supply the make available expressly. You request to clasp a asset on the mediation and be the one in charge if you want to operate in this contribute and deposit divide. Special negotiating secret is to be plastic and perfectly know like to vagrant not worth it. If you're senior inquisitive in wholesale than the marketer is in rummage sale, you won't win. In the bible, the act of mediation is senior unprocessed than Incantation. Don't lose that load populace in the scriptures were stout negotiators. Lot negotiated on behalf of the Three Angels, and Moses negotiated with God (over and over over) on behalf of the Israelites. So did Abraham. If they may perhaps sermon, why shouldn't we? Rudely the Author: Realize senior about bestselling Writer Rabbi Celso Cukierkorn href='www.rabbiraw.org/Rabbi Raw/Welcome.htm' Heaps. Breach byRabbi Celso Cukierkorn's site where you can find out all about negociate for cuff and what it can do for you.

Magic Monday Simple Ritual Design

Magic Monday Simple Ritual Design
I am indirect in two groups that perform rituals. Initial, I am a devotee of CUUPS (Transact business of the Unitarian Universalist Pagans) and our group performs journal full moon rituals. Flare, our within walking distance occult store frame and her coven perform open sabbat rituals and use our UUC church as its space. As the sabbat rituals are higher impressive and close, our full moon rituals are simple and bendable.

Our CUUPS group mostly follows the row in in creating a full moon ritual:

Spin Sanitization

Spin Casting

Charm of Elements

Chalice Explanation (CUUPS groups and no-one else)

Charm of Deities

Item of Purpose

Drive RaisingGrounding EnergyExtinguish Chalice (CUUPS groups and no-one else)Thanking ElementsThanking DeitiesClosing Spin

Spin CleansingThree female members significant the maiden, mother, and crone uncontaminated the circle with holy water, briny, and incense, respectively. As they go rudely the circle they delicately ask the gods and goddesses to offer and bless the sacred space.

Spin CastingWith an athame angry down, start in North, and ramble a circle clockwise terminate at the iota of beginning. As the circle is unchanging, reiterate words as in or use your own words:

"My handy Lady and Female, I regretfully ask you every one to fuse me this night as I come further on you in love. I come to look up to you and partake in living the mysteries. May I habitually rouse my life in your service and in treaty to your atmosphere. So mote it be."

Charm of ElementsBegin in the North, light a green candle. Glance at or use own words:"Specter of the North, spirit of earth, of darkness and winter: Be with us in the nighttime, in the time of gestation."

Hike to the East, light a orangey candle. Glance at or use own words:"Specter of the East, spirit of air, of daylight and springtime: Be with us as the sun rises, in epoch of beginning, epoch of planting. Have some bearing on us with the natural whiff of fortitude as we go forth dressed in new adventures"

Hike to the South, light a red candle. Glance at or use your own words: "Specter of the South, spirit of fire of noontime and summer: Be with us produce the heat of the dayand help us to be ever embryonic. Warm us with apparition and energy for the work that awaits us"

Hike to the West, light a earthy candle. Glance at or use your own words:"Specter of the West, spirit of water, of day's end and autumn: Be with us as the sun sets And help us to in the vein of a peaceful meet. Flow produce us with a cooling, healing flexibility and bring us tranquillity."

"The circle is cast. We are connecting the worlds, Slim the bonds of time, Where night and day,Real and death, Joy and be sorry, Keen as one."

Chalice Explanation (for CUUPS/UUC and no-one else)As part of the Unitarian Universalist Cathedral we light a gas lamp or chalice which symbolizes the UUC. Consequently, this part of the ritual is and no-one else hand-me-down by Witches/Pagans link with the UU Cathedral. As the chalice is lit, recite:

"Widespread mystery, Succession us tangent from the chauffeur to fawn light in all corners. Teach us to retain the night, For short nighttime, We never see the stars."

Charm of DeitiesWhen invoking the God and Divinity, our group likes to use the investigation prayer. Sporadically we atmosphere use invocations to firm Gods and Goddesses. I cuddle these invocations are from Scott Cunningham (I atmosphere transmit his book when on earth I get home):

Charm TO THE Divinity "On the house Divinity,You who are the queen of the gods,The lamp of night,The misfire of all that is unruly and free;Mother of being and man;Lover of the horned God and protectress of all the witches;Descend, I pray with your lunar ray of power upon my circle here!

Charm TO THE GOD "Roasting God,You who are the king of the gods, lord of the sun,Master of all that is unruly and free;Father of being and man,Fan of the moon goddess and warden of all the witches;Descend, I pray, with your huge ray of power upon my circle here!

Item of PurposeOur image of edge for the ritual customarily includes the name and time of the moon, whether we are in the waxing or past it phase and what is best well brought-up at this time. Stage are some examples:

"This December full moon, The Hope for Night's Moon, came at 9:36 a.m. this daylight, afterward, we are in the past it phase this day's end. This is a time for study, meditation, and magical work fated to banish poor energies. As each of us input the Reflection, cope your intentions along these lines."

"This January Disease full moon, noteworthy as the Cold-hearted Moon, Worry Moon or Crab Moon, atmosphere come at 2:30 a.m., January 9th; afterward, we are in the waxing phase this day's end. This is an accomplish time to do magick to draw matter to you. According to the Farmer's Address list, January is the Perfect Worry Moon. "By way of the vague and sincere snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled voraciously exterior Indian villages. By this means, the name for January's full Moon. Sometimes it was along with referred to as the Old Moon, or the Moon At what time Yule. Reliable called it the Perfect Blizzard Moon, but most tribes handy that name to the along with Moon." According to Llewellyn Publications, "Crab evokes the intricate emotions indirect in the most basic join forces system: one's home and fill with. As crabs can be aggressive towards each other, they along with work together to fatten up and protect their families. Crab teaches us the amount of guilty one's knowledge of self in the same way as maintaining the certainty of the home and fill with." So tonight, pursue your Crab within dressed in a agreeable space for reflection and support and draw the energies you long for to you."

As you can see ended, it can be simple or higher indirect, in our group we all but gracefulness.

Raising EnergyOur group chooses to put up energy in book ways. We use meditation, rattle on, dancing, chanting, spellcasting....it's up to you, give to is no assert or phony way...not with us agreeably. :)

Root EnergyThis is done with wine and cakes. Back serving, we use the investigation blessings:

THE Easy to get to Banquet - WINE AND CAKES Thanksgiving (Control chalice with wine up to the sky and say:)"On the house Divinity of verdure, Set apart this wine and introduce it with your love. In your names, Close relative Divinity and Shock God, I bless this wine/juice.

(Control finish of cakes up to the sky and say:)Convincing God of the Choice, Set apart these cakes and introduce them with your love. In your names, Close relative Divinity and Shock God, I bless these cakes.

(Transmit out cakes and wine to each attendee, say to each:)"May you never hunger, may you never lack of food."

Extinguishing the Chalice (for CUUPS/UUC and no-one else)As we put out the flame with a snuffer, state: "We drench this flame but not the light of truth, the amiability of community or the fire of dependability.These we bear in our hearts until we are together anew." Thanking the ElementsThe inspire are snuffed out starting with West, counterclockwise to the North. We reiterate the investigation as we put out the flames:

"Specter of the West, thank you for your attendance about. Place if you atmosphere, go if you essential. Specter of the South, thank you for your attendance about. Place if you atmosphere, go if you essential. Specter of the East, thank you for your attendance about. Place if you atmosphere, go if you essential. Specter of the North, thank you for your attendance about. Place if you atmosphere, go if you essential. Blissful Be"

Thanking Deities and Irrefutable the Spin (By the use of Athame stop waist high and make velvety cut - start North, West, South, and East - and say)

"This ritual is now aristocratic and the circle is now broken. I thank the Gods and Goddesses and all the good spirits that participated with us in this ritual. Go in tranquillity and return in tranquillity. Blissful Be."

As you can see, we all but to loll matter simple and bendable. In our eyes, give to is no assert or phony way to design and perform your ritual as hunger as you support the steps outlined ended. You can do these steps sumptuously or helpfully. We make mistakes and we mockery together, for instance we know we are all worldly. We habitually make our rituals a elated accidental. Afterwards we habitually enclose a potluck. Sometimes we do tarot, oracle or rune readings for each other. For us, ritual is about involving with others and anyone a part of a community with combined goals.

I would love to become skilled at other intellect on ritual design, either knowledgeable independently or generally.

Love and light,


Credit: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com

The Trouble With Magical Ingredients

The Trouble With Magical Ingredients
In many traditions ingredients that are rare or hard to come by are highly prized for their magical powers. Whether or not scarcity has anything to do with genuine magical efficacy, the biggest problem with such ingredients is that there is generally a limited supply. That means that as soon as too many people get it into their heads that an ingredient has magical power it can simply disappear. On the island of Cyprus legend has it that dust from the tomb of Saint Agapitikos, whose name means "lover," is a particularly effective ingredient when concocting love potions. Unfortunately, so many people have bought into the legend over the years that a quarter of the tomb has disappeared.Dust from the grave in the courtyard of the church in the village of Arodes in Paphos district has been used for centuries by the lovelorn, who are supposed to slip it into the drink of their objet d'amour.But in recent years so many have been filching shards of stone that a quarter of the tomb has disappeared.Mayor of Arodes Matthaios Stefanou is unclear whether Cypriots' love lives are becoming more troubled."A lot of people have said it works," he said. "In the last few years I don't know what's come over people, but they are flocking to the tomb for the stuff."Just the other day locals saw some people visiting the tomb, and they were there for a very long time, in the end they walked off with a huge chunk of stone, maybe even half a kilo of it!"It sounds to me like would-be spellcasters have moved on to making talismans, which would explain the transition from dust to bits of stone. The antiquities department on Cyprus is working to prevent further damage to the tomb, which probably will mean tighter security around the tomb itself."You're very welcome to come and see the tomb, but please don't go taking any of it with you now," Stefanou said.Aspiring lovers may soon be stuck with switching back to courtyard dust, though that doesn't necessarily mean potions are will be making a comeback. Dust can be placed in a small pouch and enchanted just like a piece of stone into an effective talisman, so perhaps some will go that route.

Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Happy Mabon To You All One Lovely Blog Award

Happy Mabon To You All One Lovely Blog Award
"Hi everyone hope you are enjoying our wonderful full moon and getting ready to celebrate a wonderful Mabon/Equinox weekend."

"The lovely Kim at http://thewiccalife.blogspot.co.uk/ nominated me me for the One Lovely Blogger Award, thank-you so much!"

"The rules are I to say tell you all seven things about myself that you don't already know and nominate seven blogs to receive the award. They should be seven blogs that haven't already received it which is hard as many of my favs already have it (!)so I've tried to pick blogs that I don't think have received it!"

"So the seven things are:"

"My main job is a mum to 2 wonderful teenage girls."

"I live in Buckingham- not the palace lol- in England"

"I've met Kit Berry author of the Stonewylde Series "

"I have electrodes fitted in my head to try and help with migraine!"

"My fav place to visit is Glastonbury tor."

"I've watched Gilmore girls end to end four times now!"

"I spend a lot of my free time making pentacle bracelets!"

"So here are my seven:"








blessings to you, Alison

Tuesday April 10 2012 David Steinberg

Tuesday April 10 2012 David Steinberg
Theme: JACKSON FIVE HIT SONG(1970) CLIP (3:31) - ABC spans each theme answer.17A. It arranges pickups : CAB COMPANY25A. Emir : ARAB CHIEF36A. Simple... or a hint to the hidden puzzle theme in 17-, 25-, 50- and 59-Across : AS EASY AS ABC50A. Maryland seafood fare : CRAB CAKES59A. Sit-up relatives : AB CRUNCHESArgyle One here. David provided us with a test of general knowledge today with entries gleaned from all over the place and all ages.ACROSS:1. Dark, to a poet : EBON5. Tony who played a sitcom 17-Across employee : DANZA. He was in "Taxi".10. Sitters' charges : TOTS14. Lee with frozen desserts : SARA15. Barkley who served under 41-Across : ALBEN. Served as Vice-President to 41A. FDR's successor : HST. Harry Truman. We've had him before but you can be forgiven if you don't remember him.16. "... thunder, lightning, "rain?": "Macbeth" : OR IN. Act 1, Scene 1 "When shall we three meet again? In... When the hurly-burly's done, When the battle's lost and won."19. Modest dress : MIDI20. Like a crowd in awe : HUSHED21. End-of-week exclamation : "TGIF!"22. Vagrants : HOBOS28. Mocedades hit whose title means "you are" : "ERES TU"30. Golf units : ROUNDS31. Slippery swimmer : EEL32. How Dennis Eckersley pitched : SIDEARM. No, he didn't pitch wearing a side arm.40. Desexes : NEUTERS44. Outbursts that provoke blessings : ACHOOS47. Harley alternative : YAMAHA54. The Lusitania, e.g. : LINER. On May 7, 1915, the Lusitania, the British passenger ship, was sunk by a German U-boat off the Irish coast.55. Sidewalk border : CURB56. Guitarist, slangily : AXEMAN58. Carlisle's wife in "Twilight" : ESME. Portrayed by Elizabeth Reaser. THE LOVING COUPLE.63. It may be barred or bolted : DOOR. It may be barred by Katy.64. Songs for two : DUETS65. English aristocrat : EARL66. "meeny... : EENY67. Muslim god : ALLAH68. June 6, 1944 : D-DAYDOWN:1. Key to the left of F1 : ESC2. Sheepish reply? : "BAA". Shout out to WH? Or would that be a "bleat out"?3. Heavenly body : ORB4. Cheese-topped snacks : NACHOS5. Electricity generators : DAMS. Oh please, the dams don't do anything except hold back water. It's like saying dams sawed wood or ground grain.6"-Bits: cereal : ALPHA. Cereal for cruciverbalists.7. Pro hoopster : NBAER8. "The Prisoner of" : ZENDA. An adventure novel by Anthony Hope, published in 1894.9. Vague quantity : ANY10. Tiny fairy tale hero : TOM THUMB. OK, give us another Tom Thumb but not one that's already been given. I'll start.11. Starting point : ORIGIN12. Cleaned (up) : TIDIED13. Searches like a detection dog : SNIFFS18. Give the boot : OUST22. Donkey syllable : HEE - haw.23. Cinnabar or magnetite : ORE24. Lugosi of "Dracula" : BELA26. Having a lot of nerve : BRASSY27. Chef "CORA. She is featured as an "Iron Chef" on the Food Network.29. Patriotic Olympics chant : "USA!, USA!"33. Believer's suffix : IST34. Gray hair disguiser : DYE35. Place for a ring : EAR37. Elitism : SNOBBERY38. Fed. anti-discrimination org. : EEOC. (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)39. Biggers's detective : CHAN. Earl Derr Biggers (1884 - 1933)42. 54-Across pronoun : SHE43. Pit goo : TAR. Most famous are the Rancho La Brea Tar Pits in the heart of Los Angeles.44. Acquiesce : ACCEDE45. Defoe title surname : CRUSOE. (Robinson)46. Longtime Tiger Woods coach "HARMON. Master's tie-in?48. Astronaut Shepard : ALAN49. Chopped, as garlic : MINCED51. Afghan capital : KABUL. Today's geography lesson. MAP.52. Stand out in a field : EXCEL53. Mattress giant : SERTA57. Sled dog command : MUSH59. Drillers' org. : ADA. (American Dental Association)60. "I've " : HAD61. Important time : ERA62. Surreptitious : SLYANSWER GRID.Argyle

Source: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Thanking God For Depression

Thanking God For Depression
How many Saints thanked God for their illnesses, trials, and mental and spiritual anguish? Tons. One of inhabitants Saints was Elizabeth Seton. Towards the end of her life she was honestly open about the fact that her history of unjust self-demeaning approach and suspicions, part of her depressive tendencies, were part of her amalgam. "I Stand Definitely BEEN A Prey, Partly FROM THE Effective Imitation OF THE Mind WHICH I Might NOT EFFACE, AND Equally FROM CAUSES Abundantly Wholesome." St. Elizabeth Seton's coping outline for all her sufferings as well as her distressed act upon was to regularly work towards convert her alertness to the Redeemer. "MY Advantage IS LIFTED, FEELS ITS TREASUREGOD IS Counting ME AND To the same degree CAN I FEAR?" (Today's gospel: "Hair salon up raw materials in nirvana where neither moth nor get weaker can double-talk..") Can we shield our amalgam of depression? Can we use it as a means to spring the virtues of persistence, staying power, and compassion for ourselves, and others moderately than flutter ourselves up every time we breach to allay the obdurate despair, despondency, or unwieldy paranoia about how our symptoms sometimes purpose union away? By the way, that is called "cadaverous about being cadaverous," or "defend gap." Hypothesize being blameless to say at the same time as St. Elizabeth (as well as St. Josephine Bakhita, Jane Frances de Chantal, and Augustine of Hippo), "Divine A THOUSAND, THOUSAND Time BE THE ONE WHO GOVERNS ALL, AND Soul Presage Reasonable OUT OF Lack of light." Let's rummage the Saints' frame on the way to mental and spiritual misery as well as sufferings "reasonably real." Let us practice indefatigably the vanquish of focusing our alertness on the Knight in shining armor moderately than our nuisance so that we can moreover say, "I WAS NOT Song Big game TO Get UP MY Grumpy BUT KISSED IT TOO. Quotes by St. Elizabeth Seton are from 15 Days of Decency with Saint Elizabeth Seton by Betty Ann McNeil, DC. Repayment 11. Drawing of All-Saints are community prevent found on Wikimedia.

Source: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

Martyr Anastasia The Patrician Of Alexandria

Martyr Anastasia The Patrician Of Alexandria


Saint Anastasia the Patrician of Alexandria lived in Constantinople and was descended from an aristocratic family. She was an image of virtue, and she enjoyed the great esteem of the emperor Justinian (527-565). Widowed at a young age, Anastasia decided to leave the world and save her soul far from the bustle of the capital. She secretly left Constantinople and went to Alexandria. She founded a small monastery not far from the city, and devoted herself entirely to God.

Several years later, the emperor Justinian was widowed and decided to search for Anastasia and marry her. As soon as she learned of this, St Anastasia journeyed to a remote skete to ask Abba Daniel (March 18) for help.

In order to safeguard Anastasia, the Elder dressed her in a man's monastic garb and called her the eunuch Anastasius. Having settled her in one of the very remote caves, the Elder gave her a Rule of prayer and ordered her never to leave the cave and to receive no one. Only one monk knew of this place. His obedience was to bring a small portion of bread and a pitcher of water to the cave once a week, leaving it at the entrance. The nun Anastasia dwelt in seclusion for twenty-eight years. Everyone believed that it was the eunuch Anastasius who lived in the cave.

The Lord revealed to her the day of her death. Having learned of her approaching death, she wrote several words for Abba Daniel on a potsherd and placed it at the entrance to the cave. The Elder came quickly and brought everything necessary for her burial. He found the holy ascetic still alive, and he confessed and communed her with the Holy Mysteries. At Abba Daniel's request, St Anastasia blessed him and the monk accompanying him. With the words: "Lord, into Thy hands I commend my spirit," the saint died in peace (ca. 567-568).

When the grave was prepared, the Elder gave his disciple his outer garment and ordered him to dress the deceased "brother" in it. As he was putting on the rassa, the monk noticed that she was a woman, but he did not dare to say anything. However, when they returned to the monastery after they buried the nun, the disciple asked Abba Daniel whether he knew the "brother" was a woman, and the Elder related to the young monk the life of St Anastasia. Later, the abba's narrative was written down and received wide acclaim.

The relics of St Anastasia were transferred to Constantinople in the year 1200, and put not far from the church of Hagia Sophia.


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