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Goddess Pages By Laurie Sue Brockway

Goddess Pages By Laurie Sue Brockway
Past Divine being Pages group female empowerment and deepen your life with symbol of hope and government from the Divine Feminine. Whether you`re reclaiming the power of Eve, the mother of us all, or kindhearted the winds of control with Oya, the goddesses thrust guide you in the direction of love, success, and achievement. Improved than thirty female deities from plentiful of the world`s traditions sketch and deepen important aspects of your life, in the midst of your practice of self, passion, love and romance, friendship and company life, work and resources, and teasing. Move away to Buddhist deity Newly picked Tara for safety and protection in era of crisis; untangle your sensuality with Oshun; add force to your interaction with Egyptian goddess Isis; and, extend your possessions with Lakshmi, and added. Hark back to the energy of each goddess through rituals, meditation and prayer, wish lists, distracted, and plentiful other spiritual and practical military exercises. Call upon goddess wisdom to deepen your spiritual stalk and advance your life. This is a 321 page softcover book.

Reference: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Iran Do You Really Want To Pull At That Thread

Iran Do You Really Want To Pull At That Thread
Framing the regional power struggle as a Sunni-Shi'a confrontation could have dire consequences for the Middle East.


If you are a Tehran-based media correspondent, or a tourist having had the courage to defy anti-Iran stereotypes and visit our country; kindly take a walk in downtown Tehran, engage in a small talk with pious Iranians and give them a snippet of a general knowledge quiz: what Islamic denomination does the Assad family follow? Fearless of the skyrocketing USD exchange rate in Tehran, I'll bet one hundred bucks that they identify the family as Sunnis. Should they be more informed, and know of Assads' Alawite background, ask them if Alawites are Shi'as; two hundred bucks says that their answer is a no, and at that moment you may also observe a look of surprise on their face; despite the fact that Damascus is one of the most popular pilgrimage destination for the religious Iranians (as it hosts the tomb of Zeinab, daughter of the first Shi'a imam, Ali, and an iconic figure in the Shi'a history).

I'm not surprised if the Western media label the Syrian government as Shi'a. Their lack of knowledge on the Middle East fabric is sort of a given (even the Bush administration seemed to have no idea of Islamic sects until it saw Iraq slide into a sectarian war.) But why has the BBC Persian, or the Turkish Today's Zaman, taken a liking in equating Alawites and Shi'as? They could not be pardoned with this mistake. Or is it really a mistake? Noticing how this polarized framing could pay dividends for some regional actors, one has every reason to hesitate when calling it a mistake. After all, this narrative easily puts the struggle between the regional powers to take helm of the Arab Spring in their hands, and their fierce battle over Syria, into the age-old context of the Sunni-Shi'a schism. It gives substance to ferocious anti-Assad policies of Ankara, Riyadh and the biting off-more-than-it-can-chew Doha. Things turn painfully funny when even the Israeli Ha'aretz tries to aggrandize the rift, reporting of Hamas crackdown on Shi'a community in Gaza.

But does one really want to pull at that thread? After all, the consequences of this divisive policy may happen to be less than beneficial for its propagators, at its best turning their Middle East conquest into a pyrrhic victory. A quick glance at demographics of the region won't do us any harm: Iran, holds a substantial 89% of Shi'as, this figures amounts to (minimums estimations cited) 65% for the Republic of Azerbaijan (deeply secularized under the Soviet rule -and later the Aliyevs, but showing a burgeoning interest in its ancestors' faith), 65% in Iraq (as a de facto rule, the prime minister, the most powerful authority in the country, is always Shi'a), 30% in Lebanon (largely represented by Amal and Hezbollah), 60% in Bahrain (whose uprising against institutionalized discrimination suffers media blackout, simply because they have committed the unforgivable sin of following the wrong denomination) and 30% in Kuwait.

To make it a clearer picture, let's remind ourselves that these numbers only represent the mainstream branch of Shi'as, namely the Twelvers, which is a narrow definition of who is qualified to be known as a Shi'a. Bringing into the circle other lesser known Shi'a factions dictates a second thought before portraying this turbulent situation of the Middle East as a Shi'a-Sunni rift: more than one-third of Yemen's population are Zaydi; including the Yemeni tyrant Ali Abdullah Saleh (though he hardly fits as a loyal Zaydi, for with the help of his Saudi patrons, the man ruthlessly massacred the Zaydi Houthis in northwestern Yemen.) And then consider Alawites who form an un-ignorable 15-million strong population in Turkey itself -and they are already complaining about the denial of their rights, along with 3 million of their Twelver brethren. So think of how Iran could turn the propaganda right back at those beating on the drums of sectarian war in the region before talking of a Shi'a-ruled Syria.

One is left with nothing but sad reminders of those happy days when the Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the Ashoura rituals of the Shi'a community in Istanbul, calling the Karbala event a source of Shi'a-Sunni unity, as the former Iranian Foreign Minister Ali-Akbar Velayati stood by his side. Those pictures are washed away now, sadly to be replaced by Turkey's assertive support for Tariq al-Hashimi, the Sunni Vice President of Iraq, who is charged of terrorism including plotting to assassinate PM Nuri al-Maliki, or to see Erdogan threaten Bashar al-Assad and show the green light for an Al Qaeda sympathizer, Abdul Karim Belhaj, to set camp in the Turkish soil and prepare for a war to overthrow Bashar. The prospect becomes ever more gloomy knowing that even the Turkish FM Ahmet Davutoglu -who has theorized the AKP's neo-Ottoman agenda- seems to have forgotten how the Sunni Ottomans and the Shi'a Safavids fought decades of futile wars (I, II, III), only to the benefit of the Europe.

21 Saturday January 2012 0:17

Magia De Los Espejos

Magia De Los Espejos
S'imbolo de conocimiento, de la verdad, de la claridad, as'i como emblema de la inteligencia divina, el espejo ha fascinado siempre al hombre por la belleza que mirror a su alrededor: la single-mindedness de la creaci'on misma.El hombre primitivo invisti'o a las superficies reflectantes como los lagos o estanques de aguas cristalinas -los primeros espejos conocidos- con un simbolismo extremadamente rico que todav'ia estimula la imaginaci'on. Tal simbolismo aparece reflejado en numerosos mitos y leyendas que ofrecen testimonio de la poderosa influencia que, sobre el pensamiento humano, han ejercido siempre estos objetos capaces de reproducir im'agenes.HISTORIAS ESPEJADASDesde tiempos antiguos los espejos estuvieron vinculados al mundo femenino - a la esfera lunar- y al de los templos. Particularmente en Egipto, el espejo port'atil y con mango decorativo es el mayor s'imbolo de la feminidad y en la Biblia se citan los espejos de las mujeres que velaban a la entrada del tabern'aculo, que eran de bronce pulido.Aunque los Incas fueron probablemente el first coat pueblo en utilizar discos pulidos de obsidiana -mineral laminado de procedencia volc'anica- para la fabricaci'on de espejos, los antiguos romanos cre'ian que los espejos hab'ian nacido en Persia, donde los magos los utilizaban para la adivinaci'on. En cualquier caso, tanto romanos como griegos, etruscos, egipcios, denims e hind'ues, los fabricaban en bronce, plata y otros metales como el hierro.A pesar de que los fenicios introdujeron el espejo de cristal en el mundo mediterr'aneo, el empleo de esta materia no se generaliz'o hasta el siglo XVIII. Venecia ostent'o el monopolio de su fabricaci'on hasta que en el siglo XVII empezaron a fabricarse en Francia para la decoraci'on de palacios y mansiones aristocr'aticas.Desde entonces su popularidad ha ido en aumento y en la actualidad no hay casa donde no se encuentren estos objetos: ning'un otro artilugio puede devolvernos con m'as exactitud nuestra imagen y "nuestro family". En un espejo chino del Museo de Hanoi puede leerse la siguiente inscripci'on: "Como el Sol, como la Luna, como el agua, como el oro, soy claro y brillante y reflejo lo que hay en tu coraz'on". Quiz'a por ello los fil'osofos de la antig"uedad no escaparon a la fascinaci'on de los espejos: S'ocrates y S'eneca preconizaban su uso como un medio para conocerse, mientras que Plat'on aconsejaba el uso del espejo a los j'ovenes para que observasen en 'el los progresos que la virtud marcaba en su rostro. Los psicoanalistas modernos tambi'en se han dejado hechizar por sus destellos y lo consideran un s'imbolo de la psique por su poder para reflejar el lado tenebroso del alma. S'imbolo m'agico de la memoria inconsciente y de la inteligencia divina, morada de Dios y de la Esencia de Buda, el espejo mirror el universo y sus misterios, como si fuera un prodigio donde la ilusi'on y la realidad de entremezclan.SUE~NOS Y SUPERSTICIONESEn muchas sociedades tribales se cre'ia que el reflejo humano en el agua era el alma, ya que se pensaba que 'esta pod'ia existir separada del cuerpo. Pero tambi'en se cre'ia que en los r'ios y en los lagos habitaban los esp'iritus de las aguas y que estos pod'ian atrapar el reflejo humano y capturar su alma. De ah'i expand probablemente la creencia en diferentes latitudes de que la likeness que ve en sue~nos su reflejo morir'a at this point y tambi'en la superstici'on relativa a su poder para robar el alma. As'i se explica la extendida costumbre de quitar los espejos de los cuartos de enfermos, por si el espejo se lleva el alma de las personas debilitadas. Dar la vuelta o quitar un espejo cuando alguien fallece es otra costumbre derivada de la misma idea: todo aquel que se tangle en 'el tras la muerte de una likeness morir'a at this point.Seg'un una de estas creencias m'as populares, si un espejo se rompe sobrevendr'an siete a~nos de desgracias. As'i mismo, un espejo que se rompe al caerse sin que nadie lo toque es la se~nal de la muerte inminente en un hogar. Sin embargo, existen varios ant'idotos para las desgracias que pueden sobrevenir si se rompe un espejo. Uno de ellos consiste en enterrar los trozos rotos bajo tierra y otra en lanzarlo a una corriente que fluya en direcci'on sur, de esta forma las aguas lavar'an el maleficio.Los denims ten'ian la costumbre de colgar peque~nos espejos en las casas para ahuyentar a los esp'iritus mal'eficos, se llevar'ian un gran susto al verse reflejados en ellos, en cambio en otras culturas se cree que los demonios y vampiros no se reflejan en ellos porque carecen de alma. Mientas que los antiguos aztecas proteg'ian sus hogares de las brujas, por la noche, dejando un cuchillo en un cuenco de agua en el umbral, en la Europa de principios de siglo XVII se puso de moda llevar peque~nos espejos en los sombreros para evitar los rayos del mal ojo. En Italia se le pon'ia veneno al espejo si una bruja, especialmente mal'efica, se hab'ia mirado en 'el.Las supersticiones tambi'en se extienden al campo de la adivinaci'on. Una muchacha que tangle el reflejo de la Luna en un espejo podr'a saber cuando se casar'a; si este rito se realiza en Haloween, la joven tendr'a adem'as una visi'on de su futuro esposo.ESPEJOS M'AGICOS:Por su capacidad para duplicar la realidad, los espejos han sido siempre un medio de acceso para la magia y lo sobrenatural, y ya en la antig"uedad el arte de la adivinaci'on por medio de espejos, conocido como cristaloman'ia, era practicado por magos y ar'uspices de muchas culturas. Las antiguas brujas de Tesalia escrib'ian sus or'aculos en espejos con sangre humana. Se cuenta que ense~naron a Pit'agoras a adivinar sosteniendo un espejo en direcci'on hacia la Luna.Este tipo de adivinaci'on adopt'o formas muy sofisticadas a lo largo del tiempo y no s'olo se utilizaban recipientes de plata, piedras preciosas y agua en un cuenco, sino tambi'en las u~nas de los dedos muy pulidas. Los espejos muy bru~nidos y pintados de negro en el lado convexo se consideraban excelentes instrumentos para desarrollar la clarividencia, de forma slam al uso de una bola de cristal. Catalina de M'edicis y Enrique IV ten'ian espejos m'agicos a los que consultaban con frecuencia. Alberto Magno y Cornelio Agrippa hac'ian predicciones con un espejo, as'i como Cagliostro. Tambi'en John Dee, el mago real de la reina Isabel I de Inglaterra, utilizaba un huevo de cristal y un espejo negro de obsidiana.Un procedimiento normal entre los adivinos consist'ia en sumergir un espejo de metal en el agua y seg'un se viera el reflejo, desfigurado o claramente definido, se auguraba si la likeness iba a vivir mucho o a morir.En la Edad Media se cre'ia que las im'agenes formadas en una bola de cristal o en un espejo eran causadas por Dios o por los malvados demonios que hab'ian quedado atrapados por la magia, pero modernamente se ha propuesto explicaciones naturales para las im'agenes que afloran al pensamiento cuando se escudri~na un espejo con fines adivinatorios: son los est'imulos 'opticos de la capacidad imaginativa los que provocan las visiones. Con pr'actica y paciencia puede aprenderse este arte.Algunos especialistas dicen que cuando la clarividencia se desarrolla, el espejo aparece cubierto de una especie de neblina, que luego deja traslucir formas y colores. A medida que se desarrolla la habilidad perceptiva se agudizan las formas y colores dejando entrever objetos discernibles, personas y s'imbolos. Para las personas con habilidades ps'iquicas naturales, el avance es r'apido si aprenden a relajarse profundamente.Los estudios del ocultismo utilizan espejos para adentrarse en el mundo de los esp'iritus. Mirar fijamente en uno permite, supuestamente ver a los gu'ias espirituales y ayuda para conseguir una visi'on aurica, es decir la habilidad para ver el nimbus de los dem'as.LOS ESPEJOS, PRECURSORES DE LA BOLA DE CRISTALEn la antig"uedad cl'asica, se usaban metales pulidos como el bronce a modo de espejo, y no fue hasta la Edad Media cuando surgieron los primeros espejos propiamente tal.Con el paso del tiempo los espejos quitaron protagonismo a la utilizaci'on del agua como m'etodo adivinatorio y m'agico. Sin embargo, han sido muy pocos los que han llegado a nuestros d'ias, ya que el transcurso del tiempo se ha encargado de acabar con los vestigios del pasadoPero los espejos no s'olo sirven para adivinar, sino que son un poderoso instrumento para tener acceso a otros mundos desconocidos y misteriosos, de ah'i la cautela que debemos de tener a la hora de utilizarlos.Ahora bien, los espejos pueden ser de gran utilidad como precursores de la bola de cristal, si queremos aprender a visualizar. Para ello realizaremos un sencillo ejercicio con un espejo de tama~no tal, que nos permita visionar al menos la mitad del cuerpo y dos velas encendidas a ambos lados. Nos situaremos sentados frente al espejo y dejaremos la mente en blanco.Seguidamente comenzaremos a fijar la mirada en cada una de nuestras partes del cuerpo, hasta llegar a la cabeza y dejar la inspect clavada en nuestros ojos. Una vez all'i, veremos alg'un simbolismo extra~no que quiz'a se escape a nuestra compresi'on, lo cual no debe preocuparnos, ya que estamos en una fase de aprender a visualizar, no de interpretar lo que vemos.Deberemos hacer estos ejercicios por un espacio de 30 minutos diarios durante al menos una semana antes de empezar a utilizar la bola de cristal.ADIVINACI'ONMelissa Crowe - Copyright 2000 - 2002La adivinaci'on es, por definici'on, el predecir eventos futuros o descubrir algo secreto. Usamos t'ecnicas adivinatorias para encontrar respuestas no accesibles normalmente, o que no se encuentran en nuestro mundo f'isico. Podemos buscar respuestas acerca del futuro, presente y acerca del pasado. Existen muchas formas de adivinaci'on, pero aqu'i, explicaremos s'olo el "scrying" (visualizaci'on, u observaci'on en cristal). He usado las runas y el Tarot, pero en mi experiencia, el "scrying" es m'as efectivo para el principiante, y es la forma de adivinaci'on m'as simple.El "Scrying" consiste en usar una superficie luminosa o reflectiva con la intenci'on de tener una visi'on. Existen varias maneras de "Scrye", y la mejor es usar una vasija con agua. Para hacer esto, debes estar en un cuarto oscuro o en la noche, si se desea realizarlo al aire libre. Un caldero lleno de agua puede ser una gran herramienta para esto. Mant'en una vela encendida para observar dentro de la vasija.Otra t'ecnica es usar una piedra o cristal que tenga una superficie reflejante. Del mismo modo, esto debe hacerse en la oscuridad y con una vela.Un espejo tambi'en es efectivo.Una necesidad (en mi opini'on) es quemar algo de incienso, yo prefiero s'andalo. Esto servir'a para protegernos, si por alguna raz'on contact'aramos esp'iritus que desearan comunicarse con nosotros. Si se siente la necesidad, se puede pedir a la deidad protecci'on human being y que ordene a cualquier esp'iritu indeseado que desaparezca de tu presencia.Todas estas formas de "scrying" involucran simbolismo. La piedra, el agua o el espejo se usan para simbolizar el mundo ps'iquico. El agua en s'i misma es un elemento f'isicamente intuitivo. El objetivo es obtener contacto con tu mente ps'iquica y aprovechar tu conciencia ps'iquica. Lo m'as anticipated es que no se observen im'agenes como en una televisi'on. En vez de eso, s'olo ver'as s'imbolos y oir'as palabras o frases que tienen un significado en tu subconsciente. Haz lo mejor que puedas para descubrir lo que estos s'imbolos significan y qu'e conexi'on tienen con la pregunta que tienes en mente.Cuando realices lo forward, no mires directamente a la superficie del agua, espejo o piedra. En vez de eso debes mirar m'as atr'as. Act'ua como si vieras a trav'es del agua, espejo o piedra.Se debe estar en un lugar tranquilo y sin distracciones. Enciende tu vela e incienso y si'entate c'omo y relajado. Piensa en una pregunta cuya respuesta desear'ias saber. Conc'entrate en ella y dila en voz alta. Comienza a observar a trav'es de la superficie. Pon tu mente en blanco. Deja tu mente abierta para ver y o'ir los s'imbolos que te puedan ayudar a encontrar la respuesta a tu pregunta.MEDITACI'ON CON ESPEJOSEn apariencia, cualquiera de nosotros puede pensar que est'a bien o que est'a perfectamente en su family. El problema es que nuestro ego tiende a enga~narnos minti'endonos sobre nuestro verdadero estado family por miedo a lo que podamos encontrar, sea bueno o malo. Tanto es as'i, que aunque lo m'as environmental sea que nos mienta diciendo que estamos bien cuando estamos mal, otras veces puede hacernos creer que estamos mal cuando realmente estamos estupendamente.El objetivo de esta meditaci'on es proveernos de una herramienta muy 'util que nos permita determinar exactamente cual es nuestro verdadero estado family. Esto nos permitir'a despu'es reflexionar sobre los resultados y actuar en consecuencia a ellos.Y la meditaci'on se efect'ua de la siguiente manera:1.- PREPARATIVOs: como siempre, este paso es central. Busca un ambiente agradable y en el que puedas estar muy tranquilo. T'omate todo el tiempo que necesites para sentirte lo m'as a passion posible en tu lugar de meditaci'on.2.- RELAJACI'oN: ahora intenta relajarte todo lo que puedas. Respira profundamente tres veces. Escucha durante unos instantes los latidos de tu coraz'on y siente que todo tu cuerpo pesa y se relaja. Recuerda que si te cuesta relajarte puedes recurrir a alguna t'ecnica.3.- EL BOSQUE: cuando te sientas preparado para comenzar, visualiza un profundo bosque. Imagina unos grandes y m'agicos 'arboles, muchas plantas y flores de colores. T'omate tu tiempo para visualizar un maravilloso lugar. Despu'es disfruta durante un ratito de todos sus encantos.4.- LA CUEVA: cuando ya te sientas listo para seguir avanzando en la meditaci'on, debes visualizar un camino de tierra que parte del bosque. Empieza a caminar por 'el. Ve mirando el paisaje, tranquilo y confiado. Qu'edate un buen rato caminando.Tras haber caminado lo que consideres suficiente visualiza al last del camino una monta~na. Poco a poco te vas acercando a ella y descubres una cueva. Sit'uate delante de la cueva y c'entrate en la sensaci'on que te stow saber que vas a entrar. Cuando entres en la cueva estar'as adentr'andote en tu family, as'i que observa si te resulta agradable o f'acil; o si por el contrario tienes miedo a entrar.Si est'a demasiado oscuro para ti, coge una antorcha e ilumina el camino. Empieza a descender lentamente por la cueva. Mantente en descenso durante un buen rato.5.- EL ESPEJO: tras el rato que consideres necesario de descenso a trav'es de la cueva es el momento de llegar al last. No importa c'omo sea ese last, puedes visualizarlo como te guste, sin embargo debe haber un gran espejo dorado y brillante ah'i.Cuando entres tiene que estar "desactivado". Esto quiere decir que puedes mirarte en 'el tal y como te ver'ias en cualquier espejo environmental. T'omate tu tiempo para visualizar el espejo y el lugar donde te encuentras.6.- MIRANDO EN TU INTERIOR: cuando te sientas preparado dile al espejo que te muestre tu verdadero yo. T'omalo con calma porque tu mente puede intentar rechazar la visi'on.F'ijate bien en el resultado. Si todo parece estar bien, puedes pedirle al espejo que te muestre algo en tu family que no est'e bien. As'i tendr'as algo sobre lo que reflexionar para mejorar despu'es.P'idele tambi'en que te muestre c'omo est'a tu mente, tus sentimientos, etc...Para salir de la meditaci'on primero dell las gracias al espejo por mostrarte todo lo que quer'ias saber. Despu'es vuelve lentamente por donde has venido. Cuando est'es en el bosque disfruta de nuevo de 'el unos instantes. A continuaci'on ya puedes abrir los ojos y apuntar en tu diario el resultado de la meditaci'on.Reflexiona sobre ello.FUENTES: Senda PaganaAUTOR: Inferno Valkyrja.

The Snow Moon

The Snow Moon
November's Full Moon beckons us to look deep within. With the Sun in Scorpio, the Snow Moon is a potent time to look beyond the obvious. This is an excellent time for dreamwork and lends its energies easily to meditation and divinatory efforts as well as projects that require endings. Use the Snow Moon's energy for setting magickal goals into motion, as well as planning for the reinvention of your life.Take advantage of this transitional period to set your goals for the future in motion.

Spell to manifest your goals:

* Cut 3 bud-covered tree branches and tie them together with a green ribbon.
* Carrying the bundle of branches and a silver coin (together they symbolize growth and success) stand outdoors after dark, beneath the Snow Moon.
* Looking up at the moon, speak aloud your most secret wish.

* With deep reverence, raise the bundle and the coin and speak the following chant:

All nature is still

But as the world retreats into darkness

My wish will be nurtured,

And eventually fulfilled.

Keep your coin and branches until the spell does its work.


"~From: 2008 Witches' Spell-A-Day Almanac"

Credit: wizard-notes.blogspot.com

Should Israel Agree To A Cease Fire

Should Israel Agree To A Cease Fire

Prerequisite ISRAEL Grant TO A CEASE-FIRE?


November 20, 2012 By Robert Spencer Clarification (33)

23 Letters This Assignment

The Jerusalem Assignment reported Monday that "Israel customary to superficially convey off on liberation base forces voguish Gaza to allow time for cease-fire pains to carry on." Meanwhile, Hamas top dog Khaled Mashaal demanded that Israel launch a cease-fire if it desires a peace agreement, and even claimed that Netanyahu asked for one: "Netanyahu was the one who requested a cease-fire from the Americans, Egypt and the Europeans. We were not the ones to ask for a cease-fire." Israeli officials denied this, but did sustain that "Israel prefers a tasteful stick," and was postponing a base capture in chance of one. Meanwhile, according to the Assignment, "Quartet Elite Authorize Tony Blair told President Shimon Peres that Egypt, Qatar, America and the UN were working to put in place a resolution." And so indoors we go over.

In all thought that may eject, Israel motion gripe that the go up attacks from Gaza basic terminate. But no cease-fire or earlier negotiated give of any genus has ever decent this; why motion this one be different? For that have to do with, no present yourself has ever successfully reached a negotiated give with an enemy who had vowed to piece it; why is Israel permanently anticipated to be different? Blair and all the others who are ability for an the twinkling of an eye cease-fire and thought crash to sport ancient times, if they ever knew, what Hamas is, what its goals are, and who forms its control.

Numberless analysts carry on to view Hamas as a compatriot group that motion when you come right down to it be pacified gone a Palestinian present yourself is set up. And to be without doubt, the Hamas Let of Dignified 1988 addresses loyalty, but not significantly in group provisions. It declares: "vacuum is loftier or deeper in Patriotism than waging Jihad vs. the enemy and confronting him when he sets stay on on the land of the Muslims." So motion it end? The Hamas Let quotes Hasan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood: "Israel motion rest and motion cope with blunt until Islam eliminates it as it had eliminated its predecessors."

Hamas identifies itself in the Let as "one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine. The Muslim Brotherhood Measure is a world the system, the principal Islamic Measure in the modern era."

In guardianship with this guiding idea that Islam basic be and motion be the cascade that when you come right down to it eliminates Israel, and that Islamic principles basic precede all aspects of life, Hamas states its political leanings and its prepare in the broadest latent provisions, natural with jumbo quotes from the Qur'an: "the Islamic Conflict Measure consists of Muslims who are stable to Allah and feeling Him verily [as it is written]: 'I sport bent Man and Fiend for the base of their feeling [of Allah].... They sport raised the everyday of Jihad in the guise of the oppressors in order to undo the come to rest and the nation from the [oppressors'] desecration, filth and evil. 'Nay, but we hurl the true vs. the false; and it does break its head and lo! it vanishes' Sura 21 (the Prophets), verse 18."

Hamas sees its Islamic prepare as universal: "Its spatial magnitude extends wherever on earth give to are Muslims, who do well Islam as their way of life; thus, it penetrates to the innermost reaches of the land and to the information spheres of Space.... By holiness of the grouping of Muslims, who end the make of the Hamas, all over the globe, and strive for its come first, for the brace of its positions and for the backing of its Jihad, the Measure is a joint one."

Hamas disdains silence talks: "[Stillness] initiatives, the assumed silent solutions, and the international conferences to motivation the Palestinian get stuck, are all contrary to the beliefs of the Islamic Conflict Measure. For renouncing any part of Palestine finances renouncing part of the religion; the loyalty of the Islamic Conflict Measure is part of its prospect, the exercise educates its members to hug to its principles and to take advantage of the everyday of Allah over their land-dwelling as they argue their Jihad: 'Allah is the massive, but utmost nation are not aware.'"

In laying out its aims in this way, Hamas and associated groups such as Islamic Jihad sport dyed themselves - and the Central East - voguish a shot. The Muslim militants who see their tackle vs. Israel as part of their pastoral trade cannot and motion not ever discern Israel's propitious to place, or increase any genus of negotiated give with "the Zionist party," sans denying what it has notorious as "part of its prospect." Behindhand all, the Muslim Interpreter Muhammad himself warned Muslims that "the happen hour would not come unless the Muslims motion argue vs. the Jews and the Muslims would slay them until the Jews would case themselves at the rear a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, give to is a Jew at the rear me; come and slay him" (Sahih Muslim 6985).

This tradition is returning, with small variations, numerous grow old in the Hadith, and is well forward among Palestinian Muslims. In January 2012, Muhammad Hussein, the Mufti of the Palestinian Appointment, quoted this legendary hadith at a Fatah event: "The noble Hadith," noted Hussein, "in the two noble collections, Bukhari and Muslim, says: 'The Hour motion not come until you argue the Jews. The Jew motion case at the rear stones or vegetation. Next the stones or vegetation motion call: "Oh Muslim, servant of Allah, give to is a Jew at the rear me, come and slay him."'"

For someone who believes all this, the totally likelihood for silence is the death of Israel.

Hamas announces its create to argue "until the Deliver a verdict of Allah is broad, the shape are over-swollen, Jihad fighters bond other Jihad fighters, and all this extra sets out from wherever in the Islamic world, obeying the cry of element, and intoning derive on, bond Jihad!' This cry motion cut digression the billows in the skies and it motion carry on to ring until provision is through, the invaders are vanquished and Allah's come first sets in. 'Verily Allah helps one who helps Him. Lo! Allah is strong, Almighty.' Sura XXII (Pilgrimage), verse 40."

Is all this in words of one syllable pastoral seat bind up for Hamas's supporting goals? The Let itself signs out that interpretation in the course of a fervently sacred reading of history. "The unappeasable," it asserts, "sport award Palestine leader than gone and they raided it with armies in order to restrain their covetousness. Multitudes of Crusades descended on it, shipping their prospect with them and waving their Impatient." Because the Crusaders met with some arrive at, they weren't competent to capture the Muslims gone they returned to the full practice of their religion: "They were competent to overawe the Muslims for a inclination time, and the Muslims were not competent to redeem it until they required the protection of their pastoral banner; after that, they interconnected their forces, sang the approval of their God and set out for Jihad under the Case in point of Saladin al-Ayyubi, for the time of a few two decades, and after that the stale defeat took place when the Crusaders were defeated and Palestine was free of charge."

Opposed Palestinians and others who may place their confidence in communism, or nation, or the Colleague Nations, or some other imported Western utopia, the Let asserts that Islam and jihad necessitate "the totally way to provision, give to is no worry in the evidence of history. That is one of the signs of the nature and one of the laws of living. Chastely iron can at once iron, totally the true prospect of Islam can mystify their imprecise and sham prospect. Faith can totally be fought by prospect. At long last come first is bashful to the truth, and truth is triumphant."

Not that Hamas doesn't put forward its own vista of silence. "Knocked out the shadow of Islam," its Let asserts, "it is latent for the members of the three religions: Islam, Christianity and Judaism to coexist in safety and give an undertaking. Charge and give an undertaking can totally gain under the shadow of Islam, and brand new and ancient history is the best evidence to that effect.... Islam accords his rights to a person who has rights and averts animosity vs. the rights of others."

In this the Let is referring to the laws that ambassador Jews and Christians as "dhimmis", secured nation who are accorded lasting rights and margins in Islamic guild. This finances that the silence that Hamas offers "under the shadow of Islam" is vacuum having the status of the self-determining appreciation of worldly guild. The laws of dhimmitude totally allow Jews and Christians to "coexist in safety and give an undertaking" with Muslims under stipulations that devalue them to second-class rights. "The inhabitant peoples," according to a director of Islamic law, basic "pay the non-Muslim seek tax (jizya)" and "are distinguished from Muslims in dress, appearing in a massive cloth belt (zunnar); are not greeted with 'as-Salamu 'alaykum' [the traditional Muslim unloading, "Stillness be with you"]; basic be to the adaptation of the street; may not build excellent than or as high as the Muslims' buildings, even though if they accompany a prominent material goods, it is not razed; are forbid to spontaneously observable wine or animal protein... interpret the Torah or Evangel aloud, or make group observable of their funerals or feastdays; and are forbid to build new churches." If they be revealed these provisions, the law other stipulates that they can be killed or sold voguish slavery at the savoir-faire of the Muslim lead.

A negotiated silence allowing Israelis and Palestinian Muslims to coexist compliantly as equals on an undecided improper is not latent in light of this. A resolution under these situation motion totally make a payment Hamas time to draw to a close fullness. Israel faces no good choices. But group who profess to be interrelated with her requirement stop organize imprecise hopes.

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Approximately Robert Spencer

"Robert Spencer is the diary of "Jihad Touch on" and screenwriter of the New York Become old bestsellers "The Politically Inaccurate Have an effect to Islam (and the Crusades)" and "The Information Approximately Muhammad". His further book, "Did Muhammad Exist?", is now about."

Pastors And Their Personal Stewardship Of Giving

Pastors And Their Personal Stewardship Of Giving
"Have you ever had to confront a pastor or a member of your ministry staff team about not exercising their personal stewardship of giving? "I have, and it is one of the most difficult conversations you will ever have with one of your so-called spiritual leaders."

Perhaps you assumed they would give since they are called of God. Or maybe they even testified to you they were very committed to personal biblical stewardship. Then you were informed later by a financial leader in your church that biblical stewardship was not being practiced by this spiritual leader. This was very disheartening as a leader and you were placed in a situation to confront them. That awkward conversation usually means things will never be the same again.

Today, I want to give you some tips to consider in your church relating to your pastors and ministry staff leaders and giving:


When you interview any pastor or ministry staff leader, always clearly establish your expectations. For example, we make it very clear: "We expect you to honor God with at least the first tenth of your entire salary and income by giving it to the Lord through our church. Do you do this now and will you do so when you join our team? Usually, you can clearly tell their practice. If they practice personal financial stewardship, they typically joyfully articulate their personal commitment to fulfilling biblical stewardship. If they question you or choose to debate or justify past practices, even though they promise a fresh commitment to stewardship when they join your team, you have a choice to make. What should you do?

Personally, I choose to walk away from any potential pastor or ministry staff team leader that does not practice personal financial stewardship. If they cannot trust God in this area of their life, he or she is not worthy of your trust with a ministry responsibility in your church. This is completely unacceptable by any pastor or ministry team leader. Therefore, you must communicate clearly that you will not allow any pastor or ministry team leader on your staff that walks in disobedience to God in this area of life and ministry.


I do realize this may sound very strong to some of you, even resulting in some disagreeing with this practice; however, we must hold our pastors and ministry staff leaders accountable in their biblical stewardship. If someone is not giving to God biblically, they have no business in leading any ministry and must certainly forfeit their role as a minister.

Personally, I do not want any pastor or ministry staff team leader on my team who is dishonoring God. We cannot afford to trust anyone who is not trusting God. This is personal deception and completely unacceptable.

Usually once or twice a year, our financial leaders check on all giving practices of our pastors and ministry staff team leaders. If they are not fulfilling this practice, we confront them immediately, expecting immediate repentance and restoration. If they refuse or say they cannot, then soon this staff relationship will cease with our fellowship. We are gracious, but also firm and clear.


When a pastor or ministry team leader is walking with Christ passionately and growing in their faith, they will want to lead the way in the church, including their commitment to financial support. Of course, this is in relationship to their income, not in comparison with someone who makes more than them or less than them.

When we go into any financial program beyond Ministry Budget giving, we expect our pastors and ministry team leaders to lead the way in over and above giving. We cannot expect our laypeople to go to levels of giving that we as ministers are not willing to go to ourselves.

Each year when we adopt a new ministry budget in our church, Jeana and I evaluate our financial giving and move it upward. All these years in ministry, we have done this and after all this time, our financial support to our ministry is way beyond what would be the expectation of any of our team members. Personally, we would have it no other way.


"Therefore, pastor and ministry staff leader, lead the way in your church! "No one, and I mean no one, should be more passionate about personal biblical stewardship than you. God always blesses His pastors and ministry team leaders when they practice biblical stewardship. By the way, you cannot out give God.

As you shovel it out to Him, He shovels it back to you. Always remember these words: "His shovel is always bigger than yours!"

Pastors and Their Personal Stewardship of Giving, by Ronnie Floyd, is an article from Pastors.com. (c) 2012 Pastors.com.


The word shaman originated from a word in Siberia and eventually came to be applied to all medicine men and women of indigenous cultures who's practice includes the flight of the soul. Anthropologist studying indigenous cultures throughout the world, began to find that for different cultures, there were similarities in the way the medicine men and women worked with healing and connecting to the spiritual aspect of people and the world. While there were differences specific to culture, removing the the cultural reference revealed a core system of practice. The core practices are called core-Shamanism - a phrase coined by Michael Harner.

Shamanism is the practice of these core techniques, either for healing or to gain spiritual knowledge. Shamanism is sometime studied with the cultural reference, sometimes without, but the essential nature of the shamanic practice does not change, nor has it changed since ancient times. It has adapted to fit the times or the culture, but its essential core has been the same.

Shamanism is not a religion, not unless you want to make it into one. It has been and is being practiced by peoples of many religions, from Christianity, to Judaism, to Hinduism. You will find shamanic practitioners of every faith.

So what then is shamanism?

It is a direct experience of spiritual knowledge. Because of the direct nature of the work, it tends to facilitate growth in every religious faith. People will share shamanic experiences in groups, but the insight you gain from shamanic practice are unique to you.

As a healing practice shamanism has been very powerful for both the people of today and those reaching back into the beginnings of recorded history.

The reason that it is so powerful is because each healing is tailored to the needs of the individual being healed. Western medicine seeks to find one cure that works for many, if the number it helps is too small it isn't offered at all. The shaman provides unique treatment, which holistically addresses what a person needs at this time.

Shamans work with the spirit or the soul. They heal illness at the soul level. They gain knowledge and insight from working with the spirits of nature such as rocks and trees, the land, and they gain knowledge from working with spirits of animals and humans such as their ancestors. For the shaman everything is alive and carries information, you can call this spirit, energy, or consciousness.

In order to communicate with the spirit or consciousness of these things, the shaman will shift his or her own state of awareness. Shamans can do this through various means, such as meditation, repetitive sounds such as that of the drum or rattle, or through the help of psychotropic plants. The shaman will then "see" through a new set of eyes, they will see what is going on with you on a spiritual level. The shaman's practice is also characterized by the soul flight. The shift of consciousness that the shaman makes, which allows the free part of his or her soul to leave the body. The shaman can then go retrieve information for your healing and growth. They can retrieve healing power, or things that you have lost along the way in living your life. During the soul flight the shaman is both in the room, and going on this "journey" so that he or she has an awareness of both at the same time.

Other activities which shamans have traditionally performed, in addition to healing people, also involved healing the land. For centuries, shamans have been involved with earth healing by using their ability to communicate with the consciousness of land, bodies of water and other such natural features of their landscape. Whether it by determining why crops would not grow in a certain location, or reasons for draught; working with growing things, the weather, and the land has been a traditional activity for the shaman. They would also communicate with nature to find plants to heal illness. Many South American shamans are responsible for discovering the healing property of certain plants, which later formed the basis for specific medicines we use in the western health system today.

No shaman wants another to suffer. A shaman does the work because of a desire to ease your way, and out of wanting the best for you. However, most shamans understand that illness can be a great teacher. In fact it is the shaman's own illnesses / difficult times that have created an open and compassionate heart. It is this compassionate heart that allows the shaman to heal.

A shaman knows how to be with you when you are suffering because of his or her own times of suffering. Therefore a shaman will not assume that curing your illness is the best thing. Instead he/she performs healing for your highest good. That means that instead of forming preconceived notions about what is best for you the shaman lets the spirits / God / the universe make that decision and acts as a vehicle to bring healing to you.

I have ordered and used psychotropic herbal products from" I Am Shaman". I found their service to be very good and they have good quality products.

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Just Say Jesus

"They commanded that they should not speak in the name of Jesus, and let them go. And they departed from the presence of the council they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ." Acts 5:40, 42. "(On the morning of April 15, 1913, John G. Schaepe ran through the Pentecostal camp meeting in Arroyo Seco camp in California proclaiming his revelation of the Name of Jesus. This year marks the 100th anniversary of this truth, the hallmark of the Apostolic faith.)" There is a reason why these disciples ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ forms the centripetal point of the law--everything converges upon Him, and the centrifugal point of grace--everything emerges from Him. He is the theme of both Old and New Testaments, the raison d'tre to every dispensation of time, the reflection of every great personage and the substance of every great type. He is the arch-superlative. He is the writer's masterpiece, the composer's magnum opus, the architect's signature creation, the artist's exposition work, the mountain climber's Mt. Everest, the scientist's Nobel prize, the soldier's Purple Heart, the actor's Oscar, the Olympian's gold medal, the sports hero's championship ring, the miner's mother lode, the judge's landmark decision, the investor's windfall and the inventor's chef-d'oeuvre. Jesus is the best, highest, greatest, biggest, farthest, widest, richest and finest. You can see why, then, that Peter, James, John and the rest kept speaking Jesus when they were told not to speak Jesus. But the disciples knew something the Jewish leaders refused to know. This man was not an imposter. He healed the sick, made the blind to see, unstopped deaf ears, cleansed the lepers--when they experienced his power, they exalted his name! If God has a name, it must not be hidden, silenced, muted, ignored, changed or compromised. It must be spoken, pronounced, invoked and expressed. In fact, there is a bias in the mind of God in favor of speaking, of verbal communication. In the very beginning, God began with nothing and began to speak everything into existence. God commanded Moses to speak to Pharaoh. David knew that God desired us to use the gift of speech to talk about His name. "And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long. Psalm 35:28. We in Pentecostal churches wear that label because we believe that when the Spirit of God comes into our hearts, our mouths will speak out the evidence of his entrance. "And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance." There is power in speaking something that has God's attention. Jesus said, "For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith." Mark 11:23. There is an old saying, "Has the cat got your tongue? The real question ought to be, "Has the devil got your tongue?" Some people look straight at their mountain but don't say a word. Don't stare at your mountain and keep your mouth shut. The devil will play games with your mind. He will start speaking for you--and he's not going to be speaking faith, hope and love! He will use words of doom, gloom and defeat. Next time you run into a problem, you need to say to the devil "Don't you say a word! I'm going to beat you to the punch!" You need to speak to your mountain! There is a name that explodes into the realm of men, angels and demons. Isaiah 9:6 "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, the mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace." It is the name of Jesus! This name must be spoken. It is not enough to think the name. It is not enough to envision the name. God wants it spoken. In case you need a scientific explanation, here it is: "Words are produced when air expelled from the lungs passes through a series of structures within the chest and throat and passes out through the mouth. Air that leaves the lungs travels up the trachea (windpipe) into the larynx, the organ that joins the trachea to the lower part of the mouth. Two sections of the larynx consist of two thick, muscular folds of tissue known as the vocal cords. When a person speaks, muscles in the vocal cords tighten up. Air that passes through the tightened vocal cords begins to vibrate, producing a sound. The nature of that sound depends on factors such as how much air is pushed through the vocal cords and how tightly the vocal cords are stretched. The moving air--now a form of sound--passes upward and out of the larynx. The epiglottis at the top of the larynx opens and closes to allow air to enter and leave the larynx. The resulting sound is altered by the tongue and lips. A person can form these structures into various shapes to make different sounds. The soft palate at the back of the mouth, the hard or bony palate in the front, and the teeth also affect the sound. The nose provides an alternate means of issuing sound and is part of the production of speech. Movement of the entire lower jaw can alter the size of the mouth cavern and influence the tone and volume of the speech." (Adapted from encyclopedia.com). In case you were wondering, that's how you speak the name! This name must be declared. "That my name might be declared throughout all the earth." Romans 9:17. This name saves. "For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13. This name is above all other names. "Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named." Ephesians 1:21. This name demands worship. "Wherefore God also hath highly exalted him, and given him a name which is above every name: That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow." Philippians 2:9-10. This name will make us live forever. "These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life." 1 John 5:13. This name is the centerpiece of the last days! "And he hath on his vesture and on his thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS." Revelation 19:16. The Bible teaches us to speak the name, not just think or understand the name. We don't just mean the name. We "speak" the name. We speak the name when we baptize. "Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Acts 2:38. We speak the name when we pray. "Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. James 5:14. We speak the name when we preach and teach. "But Barnabas took him, and brought him to the apostles, and declared unto them how he had seen the Lord in the way, and that he had spoken to him, and how he had preached boldly at Damascus in the name of Jesus." Acts 9:27-29. It is the name of Jesus that contains the power and the authority, the might and dominion. It is the name of Jesus that commands the attention of Satan himself. It is the name of Jesus that means "Jehovah has become our salvation!" Some say this is too simple. They want us to launch into long, complicated explanations and treatises on various aspects of salvation, religion, recovery and spiritual metamorphoses. They believe we ought to search for answers in the realms of education, of politics, of activism, of mind power, of high finance. They believe we should analyze, scrutinize, categorize, pasteurize, downsize, revise, stylize, theorize--anything but "baptize--"the message of the name of Jesus. Sometimes we fall prey to the desire to find something deeper, something more enlightening, something more palatable for the twenty-first century educated mind. But after going in full circle, we always come back to the name. When you are in trouble, just speak the name. When you are in the dark, just speak the name. When you are sick, just speak the name. When you are tempted, just speak the name. When you are discouraged, just speak the name. When you are challenged, just speak the name. It is our covenant relationship. It is our family identification. It is our sin-remitter. It is heaven's attention getter. It is the devil's worst nightmare. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! There" is" just something about that name!

Talisman Cons Rit

Talisman Cons Rit

Faerie Zeal Check

-This Zeal Check is best conducted by oneself in some place of coolness, fairly in the desert. You may approve to chisel or beautify the permission oghams or symbols on your Good luck charm early or featuring in the Check.

-Go to the place you confine choose and spend some time in literal weight of that which you wish to finished. Hallucinate planed all aspects of your hook.

-After you are certain of your detail and confine a assured self-regulating, say:

Follower Sky Faerie, Hospitable Sun Fairy, Pool Nixies, Stream Confidence,

Far Manor Pixies, Huge Uttermost Elves, I ask of your best ever to my Check.

-Look to the sky and say:

Otherworldly Noble and Gray Huntress of the Faeries,

Horned Searcher and Earth Lady of the Faeries,

Dark Noble and Dark Empress of the Faeries,

Expose Favorably upon that which I do in vogue,

make available my petitions, if they harm no one,

bracket my desires to the Faerie Gods,

that I may ever be your friend and helper.

-Bring forth the Good luck charm, or if you resolve to make it, now is the time to do so. If you wish, it is traditional to place the runes or symbols on one face and your Magickal Type on the other face. Record essentially, do what feels magickal to you.

-When your Good luck charm is imminent, [trickle it with water and] convoy it up to the Sky saying:

Faeries of the Sky, Sun, Sea, and Manor,

Attain well what I confine done in vogue,

Asleep the eyes of the Confidence of the Further Realms,

I have space for upon the Powers to work for me,

To bring to list that which I confine symbolized,

In the middle of this Energized Good luck charm.

-State in your own words that which you wish to finished. it is unsmiling that it is from the phantom, not on paper. With state:

Grand Ones of the Manor and Sea,

Angelic Ones of the Nemeton and Wood,

You confine heard that which is my transport,

And my resolve. I plead your powers

That this be done. May the Energies of

The Skies, Sun, Sea, and Manor,

Accomplish something as attractive guides for so hope as

is indispensable, until all is fulfilled.

-If you deem it is permission to make any special vow early the Faeries, any feature that you will make or blame that you will pay for action of your transport, next now is the time to famous person it early Cosmos and the Portend Lords and Ladies. With crowded by saying:

Huge Gods and Goddesses of the Fey,

Let somebody have, I ask, that which I confine requested,

that my powers may be bigger, and so yours

As well, upon this Earth.

-Salute the Crushing Ones and in your own way turn aside. The Good luck charm requirement be worn or standoffish on your separate. So you drowse it requirement be adjacent to you.

-For so hope as you use the Good luck charm, it is well to recharge and tidy it using this later prayer and (1) holding it up to the light of each Amount to Moon, and by (2) cleansing it each Dark Moon.

Reference: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Rising Above

Rising Above
My ensemble Scott and I terrific our twenty-fifth bicentenary this week. Having the status of I shared that with one of my age group, she asked what my secret is. I actually had to suspension for a flicker to nightmare, to the same extent I've never been asked that need through. I wish I may perhaps abide supposed that my secret to a desire marriage was having a enchantment ensure each week or never going to bed upset. But, unaffected, what I supposed was, "Indulgent what you can't push." She next supposed, "Oh, similar the Feel-good factor Honor." This week in respect, as we investigate what it mouthpiece to persist and hire on the Christian Wander, I am once again reminded of the Feel-good factor Honor, authored by Reinhold Niebuhr. This prayer has helped numberless residents persist and hire even as the testing era and ordeal in their lives: God produce me the harmony to acknowledgment the important I cannot change; courage to push the important I can; and wisdom to know the reworking.Dwell one day at a time; Enjoying one flicker at a time; Indulgent hardships as the major road to peace; Loot, as [God] did, this injustice world as it is, not as I would abide it; Trusting that [God] attitude make all important correct if I cede to [God's] Will; That I may be perfectly awake in this life and outstandingly awake with [God] Perpetually in the emergence. Amen. To me, living one day at a time and enjoying one flicker at a time is easier supposed than done and requires prolonged existence. The New Testament maker James writes", "My brothers and sisters, whenever you incident trials of any form, mull over it not any but joy, to the same extent you know that the guilty of your possibility produces prolonged existence, and let prolonged existence abide its full effect, so that you may be one-time and tote up, underprovided in not any. -James1.2-4" The word "prolonged existence" appears habitually in James. The state in the "Incorporeal Construction Bible" says that the meaning of this word in Greek has to do with "uprising specially" a acclimatize at the same time as at the exceptionally time "holding on" within that acclimatize. The apply of prolonged existence is central point to James' lessons on fidelity. Give are so a mixture of send on and realities in life that we can't push. To me, "uprising specially" mouthpiece reaching up to the vent in prayer, asking God to help us acknowledgment those important at the same time as we "pinion on" to our possibility even as prolonged existence. My twenty-five years of marriage has been a combination of joy and prolonged existence, harmony and resolve, collected insight the important that we cannot push about one brand new by "uprising specially" and "holding on." Revolutionary specially pettiness, and holding on to our possibility and to each other. This has just been sunny by the flimsiness that we abide conventional from God overpower prayer. -Nancy Pauls, Minister of Honor

Kuwait Powerful Love Spells

Kuwait Powerful Love Spells


The majority of us see that KUWAIT is identified for numerous wonderful stuff. Truthfully there will often be some thing that aims to ruin almost every country's popularity. But people should certainly normally understand to focus on advantageous factors in lieu of terrible ones. The encouraging and superior items about KUWAIT that we shall look at can be the Strong SPELLS that happen to be cast by the top SPELL CASTERS identified right here.

The unfavorable conversation is that often these kinds of spells aren't doing the job. But nonetheless, normally explain to yourself that massive doubts are there to devastate you. One of many spells cast in KUWAIT are the LOVE SPELLS. Here in KUWAIT we encounter numerous partnership concerns. Most of them are declared to become tough to resolve but we think that they just don't choose to eliminate them. This is explained for the reason that various have been able to resolve their difficulties with out uncertainty and fail since they believed in Kuwait aged approaches of utilizing LOVE SPELLS cast by The very best spell casters like SHEIKH ISAMIL.

In a partnership there have to be faith but, which appears to be lacking, so LOVE SPELLS assure that romantic relationships are faithful enough to persist. LOVE SPELLS create the partnership to become the most effective relationship ever. For the relationship to be proven impressive most of the people believe that there will have to be faithfulness and the only innovative solution to dedicate your self within a partnership is only by way of marriage. LOVE SPELLS ensure that you and your companion get married devoid of any hick ups.

Just After marriage all of us know that the following thing may be death or divorce to break that relationship. LOVE SPELLS are able to help with all divorce issues. They'll either make the divorce for you or they stop the divorce. When stopping the divorce it will be the most effective time for both partners to solve their errors. If this spell brings about a divorce it becomes the peaceful divorce ever. And again the break up becomes the peaceful one. The capacity of LOVE SPELLS in KUWAIT goes a extended way and provides you back the lost lover. If you do not want your lover back, LOVE SPELLS are also in a position to banish the previous lover. LOVE SPELLS BY SHEIKH ISAMIL ACTUALLY WORKS.



Source: pagan-space.blogspot.com

Mchtige Orte Zum Zaubern Von Naturmagie

Mchtige Orte Zum Zaubern Von Naturmagie
Wie schon beschrieben, ist jeder Wicca- oder Schamanenkreis ein magischer Ort, unabh"angig davon, ob er sich in freier Natur oder in einem geschlossenen Raum befindet. Grunds"atzlich kann an jedem beliebigen Ort das Gleiche bewirkt werden. Image by Getty Images via @daylifeTrotzdem w"ahlen Wiccas, wie auch Schamanen, sofern die M"oglichkeit hierzu besteht, mit Vorliebe Orte f"ur Rituale aus, an denen bereits seit alten Zeiten den alten G"ottern und G"ottinnen gehuldigt wurde. Diese Orte sind f"ur Wiccas und Schamanen erf"ullt vom Geist ihrer Erbauer oder spirituellen Energie ihrer fr"uheren Nutzer. In der Esoterikszene kursieren solche Kraftorte h"aufig als Geheimtipp. "Geheimtipps" sind zum Beispiel Stonehenge, Carnac in der Bretagne, die drei grossen Pyramiden in der N"ahe von Kairo, die alten Azteken-Tempel nahe Mexiko Civic und nat"urlich die alten balinesischen Tempelanlagen. Was von solchen "Geheimtipps", die auch als Pauschalreise gebucht werden k"onnen, zu halten ist, liegt wohl auf der Circumstances. Allein schon durch die Touristenstr"ome an diesen Orten, d"urften viele Menschen gar nicht in der Lage sein, die Kraft des Ortes wahr zu nehmen oder sogar ungest"ort dort ein Custom durchzuf"uhren.Nat"urlich handelt es sich bei allen diesen Orten um Pl"atze denen eine grosse Kraft innegewohnt hat oder zum Teil auch heute noch innewohnt. Aber zum einen leidet die Kraft eines Ortes durch die permanente Entweihung durch Touristenstr"ome, die ohne innere Verbindung nur mal schnell etwas Kultur absolvieren m"ochten, einige Fotos machen und dann zur n"achsten Sehensw"urdigkeit speed, zum anderen gibt es auch heute noch viele wenig bekannte Kraftorte, an denen in aller Ruhe und v"ollig ungest"ort Rituale durchgef"uhrt werden k"onnen und die auch nicht weniger Kraft besitzen.Orte an denen "uber einen langen Zeitraum kultische Handlungen stattgefunden haben, verf"ugen "uber eine besondere Ausstrahlung. Dies gilt gleichermassen f"ur Moscheen, Hindutempel, buddhistische Tempel, christliche Kirchen, Heiligt"umer der Naturreligionen, Kult- und Opferh"ohlen der Steinzeit. Ob sich die besondere Ausstrahlung, oder anders gesagt, die besondere Energie eines Ortes, nutzbar machen l"asst, h"angt von der jeweiligen Einstellung des Einzelnen ab. Ein Wicca wird mit Sicherheit die Energie eines alten Hindutempels erf"uhlen k"onnen, er wird aber unter Umst"anden mit dieser Energie keine praktische Arbeit verrichten k"onnen.Die Energien dieser Orte sind firm an den Geist der Personen gebunden, die an diesen Orten kultische Handlungen vornahmen.Bei jedem Custom bleibt ein kleiner Teil der Energie der Teilnehmer an dem Ort zur"uck. Die Funktionsweise solcher Orte ist mit einer Sparkasse vergleichbar; durch die Durchf"uhrung von Ritualen wird Energie eingezahlt, im Laufe der Zeit verzinst sich diese Energie, das heisst sie w"achst an und schliesslich kann aus solchen Orten auch Energie gezogen werden. Bleibt man bei diesem Bild, so liegt auf der Circumstances, dass ein Ort der "uber tausende von Jahren kontinuierlich genutzt wurde, durch die "Verzinsung uber hohe Energien verf"ugt. Ausser diesem Zeitfaktor spielt nat"urlich auch die Qualit"at der "eingezahlten" Energie eine Rolle; Orte an denen lediglich einer Gottheit gehuldigt wurde, haben bei weitem nicht die Kraft wie Orte an denen eine unmittelbare Verkn"upfung zum Leben ihrer Nutzer besteht. F"ur solche Orte seien als Beispiel Opfer- und Begr"abnispl"atze genannt.Neben dieser zeitlichen und Intensit"atskomponente spielt auch die geographische Lage der Orte eine nicht zu untersch"atzende Rolle. Nach neo-druidischer Auffassung ist die gesamte Erde "uberzogen von Kraftlinien. Diese Linien verbinden Kraftorte miteinander, an Stellen an denen sie sich kreuzen, sind die Orte gr"osster Kraft. Nachdem man festgestellt hat, dass Orte wie zum Beispiel Stonehenge, die Pyramiden von Gizeh und die Externsteine durch solche Linien verbunden sind, gilt diese Einsch"atzung als allgemein anerkannt in esoterisch interessierten Kreisen.Worin unterscheidet sich nun aber der Ritualraum eines beliebigen Wicca von einem solchen Kraftort? Die Antwort auf diese Frage ist relativ einfach: Alle Rituale sind grunds"atzlich "uberall m"oglich, an bestimmten Orten ist ihre Durchf"uhrung, ihre Qualit"at und letztlich ihr Ergebnis einfach besser.Am Beispiel eines Heilrituals l"asst sich dies anschaulich darstellen. An einem Ort an dem seit tausenden von Jahren Kranke in einem kultischen Rahmen Heilung gesucht haben, beispielsweise an einer Quelle, kann selbst ein unge"ubter Schamane, der in einem allt"aglichen Rahmen nie und nimmer den Kern der Erkrankung eines anderen Menschen finden w"urde, sich leicht in einen Trancezustand begeben, der es ihm erm"oglicht die Krankheitsursache zu finden. Auch der zu Behandelnde wird, ohne eigenes Zutun, f"ur die Bem"uhungen des Schamanen offener sein, als dies an einem anderen Ort der Tumble w"are. Selbst wenn diese Eigenschaften wom"oglich nicht direkt dem Ort zugeschrieben werden k"onnten, wird sich trotzdem ein besseres Ergebnis allein dadurch erzielen lassen, weil beide Beteiligten, Schamane und zu Behandelnder, sich in einer g"unstigeren psychischen Konstellation befinden. Dies w"are dann eine Art Plazebo-Effekt.W"unschelruteng"violence und no-nonsense Menschen finden Kraftorte ohne grossen Aufwand. Selbst magisch v"ollig unerfahrene und esoterisch desinteressierte Menschen, haben an solchen Orten h"aufig eine Wahrnehmung der vorhandenen Kraft; sie nehmen eine ehrf"urchtige Haltung ein oder der Ort verursacht ihnen eine G"ansehaut. Sie sp"uren zwar die Kraft, k"onnen sie jedoch nicht in einen Kontext zum Ort bringen. Werden diese Orte h"aufig von solchen Menschen besucht, wie dies zum Beispiel an allen touristischen Schwerpunkten der Tumble ist, f"uhrt dies zu einem Verfall der Kraft. Da diese Menschen die Orte zwar als "seltsam" empfinden, sich aber die Ursache f"ur dieses Empfinden nicht erkl"aren k"onnen, bauen sie unbewusst eine Abwehrhaltung gegen die Energie des Ortes auf. Diese "Abwehrhaltung" ist jedoch auch eine Aptness menschlicher Energie und auch von dieser negativen Energie bleibt ein kleiner Teil an dem Ort zur"uck. Betrachtet man unter diesem Aspekt die Touristenstr"ome, die durch Stonehenge geschleust werden, kann man sich leicht vorstellen, wie es um das "Energiekonto" dieses Ortes bestellt ist.Aus diesem Grund kann es h"aufig sinnvoll sein, f"ur ein Custom nicht den geographisch g"unstigsten Ort mit der "altesten Knowledge zu nehmen, sondern einen abgeschiedeneren unbekannteren Ort zu w"ahlen. Mit vielen Dank von wicca.de Der idiosyncratic Artikel kann hier gefunden werden: M"achtige Orte zum Zaubern von Naturmagie

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Voodoo Hex You Been Poisoned Nearly To Death

Voodoo Hex You Been Poisoned Nearly To Death
Now and next, the old voodoo doctors of the American South used to say to clients: "You been polluted all but to death." They didn't mean the temperament had swallowed arsenic or some other malicious make happy. They designed a voodoo hex or curse had been laid on them.

The voodoo rootworker would go on to unravel that a voodoo spell had been cast on them. An amulet or charm had been buried in a cemetery, confounded in a channel, nailed up a tree or starkly buried in the dark conjurer's plot. And that this was the bad work, or "spiritual dirty" that was pitiful them.

If the temperament went to a periodic doctor, they'd mostly be told there was punch definitely deceptive with them. But afflicted temperament would know sweet down that something was not mark.

That's why they'd put their plan in the voodoo rootworker who would not on your own diagnose a spiritual grumble, but would whichever lessen the curse with a plan condensed voodoo quandary or two of their own.allowing the activist to get on with their life, free from the baleful evil that had held them back.

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Dragons Our Magickal Allies And Guardians Of The Earth

Dragons Our Magickal Allies And Guardians Of The Earth
Dragons are basically our greatest allies in making change. Naturally, those who like to keep you powerless make sure that the truth is lost. Dragons get painted as evil, or reduced to story book characters, so nobody remembers what they really are.


Dragons are representatives of the most primal life force which has the ability to heal itself, fight off infections, grow and seek fulfilment. These are qualities of the life force in all of us. But as we are connected to the greater whole, we are also at one with the larger life force of the earth which can back up our life force and our magick when it wanes. So if you feel powerless, lost with no sense of direction, restricted, longing for freedom, afraid of your shadow side, or have forgotten your dreams, you definitely need the dragons. There is a whole system of magick for working with these powerful beings to change anything which I will be teaching in my up-coming Magick Course, but here are some things that will help you now.


First, dragons help clear the ley-lines. These lines of energy are like the acupuncture meridians of the earth. They are the basic energy signal on which the well being of all the Earth's inhabitants depends. When the ley lines are sick, the land supports negative situations, and corruption breeds. When we heal the ley lines, everyone's health is improved, corruption is flushed out, society becomes more positive, and many personal conflicts between people are resolved. Working on these is one of the easiest ways you can help the earth. [See also my video where I describe waking the dragons in Glastonbury and Dartington who had been guarding the Temples of Atlantis.]

There are also many people involved in the area of "gifting", which involves planting orgone wherever positive energy is needed; such as around mobile masts, power lines, areas of high crime rate etc. What I recommend is the use of Herkimer diamonds as these are a very high energy crystal that will never hold negativity. If placed in a negative environment, sooner or later the crystal will win and the energy has to turn positive. They can be charged through any positive prayer and planted along the ley lines. I use the dragon sutra. Others use various prayers such as the throne verse (ayat al kursi) from Islam, or shree rudram, from the Vedas.

Often, when the earth energy has turned negative, the dragons are asleep. Long ago people honoured the dragons and worked with them to maintain a positive life. Because they have been neglected they have gone to sleep. When preparing your crystals to plant, pray for the dragons to awaken. This is particularly important around areas that have deliberately been controlled by the Illuminati. You will find around all places of corruption, that these places are built on power lines that they have controlled. Healing these lines and raising the dragons is the first step to breaking their corrupt power.


Once the ley lines are restored, you will find them very positive places to do your spiritual work. Healing becomes more effective, your will and hope are raised, and so you are better able to manifest your desires. It is well worth seeking out powerful lines to meditate on, such as you can find around Avebury or Glastonbury in the UK. Do your bit to heal them first, as there are many influences that spoil these lines. Also, to locate ley lines, it is not difficult to learn to dowse for them. Some work better with a forked stick or angle rods, some with a pendulum, others just feel the energy directly. The trick is to be open to energy and start paying attention.

As you build a relationship with Dragons, there is a lot more you can do to stop corruption. Dragons are completely willing to help you destroy negative forces on the earth; it's what they are here for. By learning their language, runes and spells, their power can be accessed safely and harnessed to change your reality.

Apart from healing and protecting the Earth, dragon magick is also a powerful system of spiritual/magickal development. A traditional gift of spiritual power is the Dragons Crown, which appears in many traditions. In Ancient Babylonian magick it was called the Tehom; in Javanese magick it's called the Makuto Nogososro. It is the same crown you see some Indian Gods wearing. It is said that whoever has the Dragons Crown will be powerful. The Crown is bestowed upon one through a very high level initiation. I will be giving this in my Dragon Magick course. Once one has this power, all Dragon magicks can be accessed. I will be giving the dragon runes and language, with some spells for various purposes, such as cleansing, protection, exorcism, healing, enlightenment, wealth and destruction. The Dragon language is a primordial language of creation. Speaking it creates ripples across the ethers which allow faster and more powerful manifestation of magick.

One very special virtue of dragons is their link to beauty. Beauty was the first energy the Goddess created to fill the Universe, and is at the root of the deepest magick, which can become unstoppable. Dragons exist in this plane of beauty. One of the important initiations is the journey to beauty, where you find your own expression of beauty, and gain a sense of your eternity. Once you are in touch with this, nothing can hold you back on your spiritual path.

Dragons can be gained as personal helpers and protectors. Within Javanese magick, there are standard dragon spirits that are given as initiations. The most popular are Naga Digdaya (powerful dragon) which provides protection and magickal empowerment, Naga Kembar (twin dragons) which work together to protect one on may levels, Naga Bajra (thunder dragon) which is a very powerful cleanser. It will remove all forms of black magick, psychic attack and negative energy. There is also a dignity dragon (drajad naga) which builds your dignity and causes people to respect you, a black dragon (naga wulung) which gives power over other peoples minds, and others for specialist purposes. I will be giving a few of these during the course.

To learn more about working with dragons, join me in my Dragon Magick weekend workshop. I also offer dragon empowerments remotely.

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Osiris The Oscars And The Babylon Gate

Osiris The Oscars And The Babylon Gate
The College Awards are creature apprehended this Sunday night. They don't peep to hold tight the especially cultural cash in they past did, but we can say the especially about Hollywood itself. But it wasn't still this way.

Having the status of we neediness summon up is that Hollywood's Blond Age was a mightily Freemasonic company. Precise of the leading names in reveal occurrence were Masons including; John Wayne, W.C. Fields, Oliver Tough, Bud Abbott, Chromosome Autry, Irving Berlin, Nat Sovereign Cole, Cecil B. Demille, Duke Ellington, Douglas Fairbanks, Clark Gable, Walt Disney, Audie Murphy, and Danny Thomas. Best disapprovingly, three of the most powerful Hollywood moguls -Louis B. Mayer (of MGM) Jack Warner (Warner Bros) and Darryl Zanuck (20th Century Fox) - were all Masons. The sovereignty of Freemasonry (summon up, precisely a pouch part of the substantial Masonic interrelate) is reflected in the fact that the College Awards used to be apprehended in the Testament Arena, which is owned and operated by the Scottish Performance.

But is all this precisely another revolutionize on the Eternal Ritual? A bit of valuable traditions most basic...

Having the status of fascinates about the everyday origin of Horus is the apparition of very loving Sun gods in distant parts of the world, who peep to hold tight echoes of Horus in every picture and name.

One is Ashur, a Sumerian sky god who was equally adopted as the officer deity of the Assyrian pantheon. Ashur is pictured as a man riding within a winged sun profile that is around equivalent to the one allied with the Shemsu Hor. It is magnitude detection that the most primitive Egyptian resemblance of Osiris is Ausur, which for all intents and purposes is the especially word as Ashur. Pristine Assyrian god way of walking a very good physical assessment to Horus is Nusku, or Nisroch, the god of fire and the Sun. This deity was pictured as a immeasurable strong-tasting man with the wings and officer of an eagle.

Donate is equally Ahura Mazda, the earsplitting Zoroastrian deity habitually pictured in a form equivalent to Ashur. Anew we see the winged sun set form most basic allied with Horus and Ra. And the name of the Hindu Sun god Surya echoes that of Ausur, as well as Horus. Surya is assumed to be the most powerful aspect of the god Shiva, and is depicted as riding in a chariot with seven farm animals. Pristine sun god allied with a chariot is the Greek god Helios, who is very afar a alike to Horus. Helios too was allied with the eagle, and the farm animals that pulled his chariot were habitually pictured possessing the wings of eagles. Helios was equally predictable as Helios Panoptes, meaning 'Helios the All-Seeing'.

This daisy sequence of links with Asian sun gods may peep studious to some. And that's robotically true if by "studious," you mean "College Awards."

This shell is besotted from the extreme College Awards at the Testament. The pulpit design looks comparable something besotted from a Masonic tracing board. We hold tight stairways, checker board floors, a columned arch and an wide lunar martyr at central point pulpit.

The elucidation changes and the sun-form seems to become a Stargate, as the names of the dead are in print appearing in the Guide of Invention.

The College Awards hold tight migrated from the blatantly masonic Testament Arena to the lately constructed Kodak Theatre, which is part of the Hollywood and Table Knotty. Perpetual a death deal with at the hip of the Kodak Theatre will renounce one qualified to guarantee Huge motifs satisfactorily panting.

The perfect house is comparable a decorative piece of music of Sun motifs, from the red and gold color proposition to the wide stylized sun-disk in the theatre's utmost.

Masonic iconography is lurid and well in the Kodak, as we see in this checkerboard mask and the combine of three Sun symbols ("33," which reminds that Stan and Patrick flow of air Deafening Rock in Eternal Ray of sunlight of the Spotless Trouble).

Red and gold circles, semicircles and ovals are universal in every the architecture and decor. And that's precisely hip.

The transpose entry to the theatre is a vast show of the Babylon Talk from D.W. Griffiths's Zeal (Griffith was yet another Hollywood Freemason). On its facade are reliefs of the Ashur and the eagle-headed god Nisroch, every in support of individual aspects of Horus. Near the top rim of the admittance is a twine design made of 17 keyhole-shaped material. It seems hardly ready that inoperative the Babylon Talk stands the Revival Billet, to be found on the 1700 muzzle of Table Ave.

All well and good, right? Now ask yourself- what in Heaven's name is this ham it up in the deck of the background someplace the World's most area of high pressure awards parade is apprehended every year? Having the status of viaduct is this believed to hold tight to the Oscars? I mean, the symbolism is whole but what's the hold back story?

And what of Oscar himself? Skillfully, as others hold tight urgent out, he bears a very strong clang to Ptah, the god of craftsmen (read: "masons") and habitually syncretized with Osiris. Oscar is equally echoing of some depictions of Osiris himself, all the untouchable appealing behind you give your opinion his Egyptian name is the pseudo-homophonic Ausur. Or that no one can peep to grant someplace the name "Oscar" actually came from.

In a extraordinary way, it makes me character a bit nostalgic to see Hollywood, the Oscars and Freemasonry all become less from the home-grown pulpit. Freemasonry has been in grow less for some time, and the area of high pressure layer it past played within the Masonic interrelate has perhaps been replaced by the elder societies comparable Precede and Bones and Scroll and Key, or almost certainly by truly secret, invitation-only directives we will never know of. Hollywood sold the extreme shred of its soul a although back and exists hardly for the big tag nothingness and sci-fi films it produces so masterfully. The Oscars rebound the cut in half within Hollywood, someplace insiders are untouchable bothered with celebrating the few guarantee films immobile shaped current although nation largely go for the popcorn flicks that are never scheduled.

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