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A Simple Basic Protection Spell Prior To Making Contact

A Simple Basic Protection Spell Prior To Making Contact

First, prepare by making sure you will not be disturbed. Turn the ringer off on the phone, put the answering machine on low volume, lock the door or put a "do not disturb" sign on the door in which you'll be attempting to contact your Spirit Guides, and go to the bathroom before you begin. You do not want to be disturbed by the urge to relieve yourself.

The materials you need to have with you for every session include:

o A comfortable place to sit while meditating. Remember after your session you'll be writing in this same spot, too.

o If you are sitting on floor than meditation mat

o comfortable clothing

o a blanket (in case you get cold while meditating - this is common)

o pen or pencil

o paper or notebook

o any spiritual or religious Symbols that you wish (optional)

o candle and/or incense to help create the "mood" (optional)

Once you have all your items set up the way you want them, if you are using a candle and/or incense, light it first. I really recommend at least the use of a candle. I use the flame to focus on while I meditate and it helps to create a more spiritual atmosphere. Personally, I do not use incense while meditating just because the scent distracts me, but this is a personal preference. Some people cannot meditate without burning incense, so the choice is yours.

For your candle, you can really use any shape or size. The best colors to use are, in order of spiritual preference:

o purple (for higher guidance & protection)

o white (for higher guidance ">It does not matter if your candle is scented or not, unless, like me, you find scent distracting. If you do, then don't use a scented candle.

As you focus on the flame, imagine yourself in a quiet place. You may have a favorite place or somewhere you loved to go as a child that was quiet & secret. Bring that place to mind and focus on it. It can be anything ranging from sitting under a tree to being in temple or anything in between. Just make sure that whatever your imagining includes only you "> As you have your ideal quiet place in mind gently send out your intention:


Focus again on the flame if you find your mind is wavering. Don't stop, just re-focus on the flame and continue. As you do, say this simple invocation for Protection: this is of essential importance. NEVER omit this!







"I OPEN MYSELF TO MY SPIRIT GUIDES ">"AS I ASK FOR THEIR GUIDANCE "> Remain focused upon your candle flame, imagine your special place, and simply sit and wait for your Spirit Guide to arrive.

Please try not to have any preconceived notions of what your Spirit Guide should look like because this can severely limit your experience. One of my students was convinced that her Spirit Guide was a Biblical figure. She was shocked when the Entity who made him known to her was a 1950s teenager in a black leather jacket who loved to ride motorcycles. You just never know who (or in the case of the Beaver, what) may come through. Some Spirit Guides do not even appear in human form. They may appear as a mist, a ball of light, I had one appear to me as a talking waterfall. Just remember the most important thing is to maintain an open mind and to be receptive and accepting of whoever comes through for you.

Once your Spirit Guide appears, introduce yourself. Even though they already know who you are, it never hurts to use good manners. Then ask them who they are. Wait for a name. One will be provided. Tell yourself you will remember the name so you can write it down once your session is over.

Next, ask your Spirit Guide if he/she has any advice to impart to you at this time. Many times, for this first visit the Spirit Guide simply makes their presence known and won't have a real message for you. If that is the case, do not despair. Next time you attempt contact your Spirit Guide will have something of importance to say to you. Once your Spirit Guide has imparted their message to you, be sure to thank them, then will yourself back to your normal state of consciousness.

Now that your meditation with your Spirit Guide is over, once you are feeling comfortable, write down everything you remember about your Spirit Guide. Start with their name, if they told you, then go on to describe as detailed as you can how they dressed. The manner in which a Spirit Guide dresses will give you a lot of information about what type of culture they come from and also information on the time period of their last avatar. Also be sure to write down anything your Spirit Guide told you, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you now. Later on it may become very important.

Once you have established contact with your Spirit Guide you have established an important connection. As a result, be sure to play close attention to your dreams. You may wish to keep a recorder or journal next to your bed so you can note any details. Spirit Guides and Angels often communicate with us through our dreams because they have direct access to our subconscious through our dreams. Also, at that time our defenses are down. We do not attempt to filter out any strange voices or images in our dreams so our Spirit Guides and Angels have a much easier time contacting us than while we're awake. When we're awake our minds are preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of everyday life so our Spirit Guides and Angels have a difficult time breaking through all that interference, but when we're asleep we are wide open and receiving, so they can much more easily communicate with us through dreams than while we're awake.

I suggest you keep your entries in a journal for your dreams and meditative sessions so you may want to buy a blank book that you keep just for writing down your sessions with your Spirit Guide. As you continue to practice this meditative method it shall become easier for you and your messages from your Spirit Guide shall become more involved and detailed over time.

The main requirement in connecting with your Spirit Guides and angels is not psychic ability. The majority of people who write me about questions regarding their spirit guides and angels almost always ask me if they have to be psychic in order to make the connection. The answer is NO.

All you need is a sincere desire to make such a connection, keep an open mind, and above all - be patient. It is very rare for a person to get instant results, but it does happen. I won't say that it won't happen to you, but if it doesn't, please do not lose hope. Keep on trying. Your spirit guides are there waiting to communicate, but if they are silent it could be that they have nothing to say at the time. Also, please remember spirit guides were once people, too. They retain many of the characteristics they had while alive. If they loved to talk while alive, then you may be opening yourself up to constant chat. However, if they were shy in life, then you may have to work a bit harder at getting them to come forward and begin communicating with you on some level. JUST BE PATIENT, HANG IN THERE, AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE ALWAYS SURROUNDED BY LOVING AND PROTECTIVE ENERGIES.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Magic Handbook

Sabrina The Teenage Witch Magic Handbook

It's not easy being a teenage witch. So I have a Magic Handbook, full of spells and rules and magic tests to help me.

Now YOU have a Magic Handbook as well! Full of tricks and do-it-yourself science experiments that will help you understand your world -- the smells, sounds, sights, and other occurrences of "magic" all around us. It's a handbook for your everyday life!

Together we'll discover:

Why does the scent of eucalyptus wake you up, but lavender calms you down [and which will help you on your next big exam]?

Which color makes you work harder and which one makes you happy?

How do we get goose bumps?

What are the real secrets behind brain freeze, photosynthesis, and rising bread?

I'll even show you how to make it rain in your own kitchen!

It'll be fun and simple. Because not everything that looks like magic really is. Sometimes the real magic is how easy something looks!

-- "Sabrina"

Reference: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Robert Preus On The Loci Method Let Paradoxes Stand

Robert Preus On The Loci Method Let Paradoxes Stand
In commenting on Barth, Preus notes that Barth expresses admiration for the loci method of the earlier Lutheran scholastic and not the later deductive method of theologians like Hollaz and Quenstedt.

What's the difference? I would all encourage you to read this book:

http://www.amazon.com/Post-Reformation-Reformed-Dogmatics-Prolegomena-Reformation/dp/0801026172/ref=sr 1 21?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1276862596&sr=1-21

Richard Muller is fantastic scholar. He was also the doktor-vater of Rev. Dr. Ben Mayes of Johann Gerhard translation fame.

In this book, Muller describes the genesis of the loci method. The idea originally came from Rudolf Agricola in the 15th century. Agricola made the somewhat novel argument that rhetoric should proceed logic. In other words, to know what's logical, you have to first hear a good argument and then abstract from it that what's rational.

In order to work out this method, he used as his model "the good arguments" of classical rhetoricians. In that everyone respected, let's say Cicero as a rhetorician, clearly his arguments must be good. He thought that were specific spots in their books were you could find the clear and good arguments could be the sources or good rhetoric and therefore good logic.

In dealing with the interpretation of texts, Erasmus took over Agricola's method as a form of rhetorical analysis. Melanchthon, being the Humanist that he was, took over this method of rhetorical analysis and applied it to the Bible and then parlayed it into the method of writing dogmatic theology. From there is spread to the Lutheran and Reformed scholastics.

How does this work? Melanchthon used first the book of Romans (in the original Loci Communes of 1521) and then later the creed to form a kind of skeleton for his dogmatic work. Then he would discuss each article of the faith in its own separate loci.

Each article of the faith had it's own "sedes doctrina" that is "seat" in Scripture where a doctrine could be found. These were the clear passages in Scripture. For example for the Trinity you could look at "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God." Or with creation you could read "In the beginning God made the heavens and the earth." Both passages (if you know Biblical languages) are very grammatically simple and therefore very clear. The theologian then looks at those passages and engages in exegesis to fill out the exposition of the doctrine in the loci within the structure of the dogmatic work. There may also be unclear passages where the doctrine is discussed, but those are illuminated by the clear ones. All are coordinated with the analogy of the faith, which centers on the doctrine of justification by faith. Nevertheless, each doctrine has its own sedes and is not dependent on other articles for its articulation.

Now, here's the advantage of this from the perspective of Preus. Since each loci is investigated independently of the others and the order of articles doesn't matter either (according to Muller interpretations of Protestant scholasticism have wrongly thought that the order mattered, it didn't. It usually based on the creed or in the case of the first Loci Communes, the book of Romans) then there is a greater allowance for paradox. In a word, because each article can be expounded separately from the others, they can simply stand as they are. So, if justification and universal grace don't logically cohere with what the Bible says about predestination, so be it! You just let the doctrine stand and don't try to resolve the paradox. For this reason, Preus thinks that the loci method allows for greater appreciation paradox, opposed to a method where all articles are deduced from central articles (like justification or election). In that case, one will start ironing out the paradoxical unity of different articles of the faith through human reason and thus distort the teaching of Scripture. Barth, though he says he prefers the loci method, certainly tends to do the later through his Christomonism.

Now is this exactly true? Well, theoretically it should be thus. The problem is that it doesn't appear to do so in practice. For one thing, the teaching of double predestination found in the Reformed tradition was developed by theologians using this method and as we are well aware, this teaching is pure rationalism. The same could go for Lutheran theologians who developed inuitu fidei (Leonard Hutter probably being the first). So, despite the imperative to let paradox stand, it doesn't always work out.

Of course, if this were consistently followed as a dogmatic method (as I think Gerhard does) then the result should be as Preus claims. For that reason, I think that the loci method has much to offer contemporary theology.

Review Afterlife Academy By Jaimie Admans

Review Afterlife Academy By Jaimie Admans
AFTERLIFE ACADEMY by Jaimie AdmansPUBLICATION DATE: March 15th 2013GENRE: YA ParanormalPAGES: 206FORMAT: KindleSOURCE: AuthorGOODREADS ~SUMMARY~ Even being dead isn't enough to get you out of maths class.Dying wasn't on sixteen-year-old Riley Richardson's to-do list. And now, not only is she dead, but she's stuck in a perpetual high school nightmare. Worse still, she's stuck there with the geekiest, most annoying boy in the history of the world, ever.In a school where the geeks are popular and just about everything is wrong, Riley has become an outcast. She begins a desperate quest to get back home, but her once-perfect life starts to unravel into something not nearly as great as she thought it was. And maybe death isn't really that bad after all...Welcome to Afterlife Academy, where horns are the norm, the microwave is more intelligent than the teachers, and the pumpkins have a taste for blood. PURCHASEAmazon ~MY THOUGHTS~ *Was provided with a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review* In this gray world Riley ends up in, there's a message in every word that is spoken to her. But sadly she is too blind and too hung up on her ex to see it. I really wanted to love this book but the main character kinda got to me a bit. I know if she wasn't like that then there wouldn't have been a story and the ending message at the end of the book wouldn't have meant anything without the main characters attitude, which is why this got 4 hearts instead of 3 because I understood that. So shoving Riley's attitude aside, some moments I did get to like her and when she opened her eyes to certain things I was able to enjoy this book. And there was this one moment in the book that involved a prank with pigs she was scheming up to do, that moment made me laugh out loud so hard. It was one of the scenes that stuck with me. Now for some reason this is a hard review for me. I did enjoy it and I absolutely loved the world Jaimie has created for us but for some reason this sorta fell short for me. I think its cause I enjoyed the secondary characters more than the main gal. Again I didn't have a real connection with her and sometimes I just wanted to slap her silly. So, I don't have much to say about her. Though I'm glad she finally got the message at the end and am very happy that she choose the right path. Since I absolutely loved the secondary characters let's talk about them. First, Anthony is an absolute sweetheart and he's able to put up with Riley, good for you dude. Cause after what happened to him he deserved all the happiness he could get. Second, the demon lunch lady with the magical microwave and red shiny horns. She too stands out at this academy so she's there constantly to give Riley the advice she needs. I loved her the most. Now there are more side characters that were great and were there to either help prove Riley wrong or right, no matter they were there for her even though sometimes she didn't want them to be. Overall I couldn't get enough of this world. The gray coloring, the background stories to all the characters, the pumpkins there have a taste for blood (love! As I just love Halloween and that just screams it ha-ha), and the hunt for the portal that might be able to send them back to life. If you love ghost then you should add this to your list of reads. The writing is decent and it's cool to read some of the slang the author uses. Slang that I'm not used to hearing in the states. Will disturb your being ~ABOUT THE AUTHOR~ Jaimie is a 27-year-old English-sounding Welsh girl with an awkward-to-spell name. She lives in South Wales and enjoys writing, gardening, drinking tea and watching horror movies. She hates spiders and cheese ">Website / Twitter / Goodreads Sweet Readings Everybody!

Witchy Ornaments And Other Things

Witchy Ornaments And Other Things
Well, I'm off and be in command of this start preparing for my open at your house this end of the day. We've been ham it up this for about twenty five animation and as future work as it is, I can't image not celebrating with friends and family. The cake for my Yule Log, a sherry parasite, is in the oven. Of course, no one will even dash this obstruct for Mike - he waits until midnight taking into consideration any person has vanished and next has his best cut out. As normal he eats two slices on Christmas Eve and restore to eat the rest in the vicinity of the week. Sometimes I am permissible a cut out. Lasagna and pumpkin tira misu is what the rest of us will be drinking, swallow with the customary dips, wild, chips and cheeses - and, of course, whatever a person overly brings!

You would ponder it is an fatal way to expend Christmas Eve, so far, it makes Christmas a day of rest and relaxation! The lasagna freshly wishes to be burning and we largely simply accommodate one or two nation joining us for gobble up. At whatever time friends curtail by in the vicinity of the day, grant are motionless more than enough of goodies to hold out, I rob simply bring them out.

I nuisance I'd split some of my witchy charms. I accommodate regular souvenir, handmade and other paranormal charms, but these are the ones that are personally witchy.

Naturally we accommodate one of these!A celtic blackwork fringes with an acorn for abundance! And yes, the blackwork is reversible!And, of course, we accommodate a few of these - with a magical porthole pumpkin and greater acorns disseminated about the tree.

My tree topper is completed from a cloth moon that had a paper angel. I unworldly the angel and additional part of a appealing winter goddess card swallow with some crystal snowstorm flakes.

Now this! I went to a proficient low point craft here in Gem Seashore in October at the same time as visiting my mother and found this small ouija board. It was thought to be a necklace, but I against the clock nuisance - accessory for the solstice tree! And this is one of the charms Mike and I completed taking into consideration we best nuptial, not witchy, I was motionless break him in to the look over. He impressed the balsa plod and I additional the image, cut from a Apex Homes ">

And now... back to the kitchen, which is actually simply on both sides of the room. Ah, the delicate scent of intense goodies mingling with evergreen and bayberry, delightful! Acceptable prosing on, I've got to get back to work!

Blessings nine!

Credit: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Psychic Astrology For Summer 2008

Psychic Astrology For Summer 2008
By Elissa HeymanSummer Messages for SomeoneHuman race are outstanding prone and complete to stride reasonably towards accomplishment now-the time of procrastination is over! Yet this is not the time to be social and try to dressing a lot of territory-success comes from generous everything its due and since attentive.A "changing shore up" is a lot of peoples' make public or spin this Summer. Whether it's your physical deposit or how and what you move cultivate, a faction in your shore up brings improved youthfulness and creative in bloom.Summer Gifts: Don't move too fast express people-- be open and lukewarm, lest you miss some silent experiences. Display and tidiness is the key to accomplishment now: go along with yourself the gift of preparing for any show. Be a gift to others by slightly mentioning complexity if it's a necessary part of swindling them. Fate calling: Communicate are some bash that be the cause of by slightly considering in life...get advantage!The Decision of the Human race in Summer 2008: To birth, to association good, to not accept to the precise district, to make breach friends and procedure and followers.Augur Messages for the Astrological Signs-Read your Sun, Moon and Growing SignsAries: Hurtle stress average producing, daintiness, the beefing up of your skills and learning new supernatural. Feat effortlessly stronger becomes easier being of breach methods you find now. Decisions about partnerships, about what and who rigging you, become clearer. Something leads to in receipt of into a outstanding known, breach position: now you're outstanding at home with yourself; you with what you're statute. In September anticipation a flecked turn for the breach.Taurus: You are little by little figuring out your family but bash are not finalized or worked out. On other fronts, your invention is decorum an sum lot of production and new information. Data lines are commendable and everything is done for good reasons. You have a very full life in some regards in the same way as other developments are taking mode without delay a lot, making you association outstanding with you know what you're statute.Gemini: This would be a prone time to go on pay a quick visit or be a moment ago encouraged. Love associations are blessed: even if you had to part, it would forever be an implicit parting. You be the cause of out a dream, in some way have outlying outstanding of a business. It's a rewarding summer in which you may be the cause of out a dream or association you're on a business. It exceedingly turns into the time you get your priorities open.Optimistic Wedding anniversary Cancer! It looks with you're arrangement up bash for yourself outer limits your conventional cause to be in, or in new venues factual roughly home. There's a spin on firm, in receipt of bash ready-- since primed, ready to perform or provide: zip wish your services. There's a lot of interlocking production this year: you hunger after everything to be outstanding relevant: you slightly auction with zip and situations that are very demonstrating to you, as if there's not time or energy for whatsoever also. You aim for outlying haughty visibility and to bring out outlying outstanding of yourself. There's no matter which pressurize somebody into of much-repeated about this blind date...it's steely to see where it all leads to. This Summer: Evenhanded make clear-cut that everything you're statute is wear and tear the effort: ask yourself: "Do I really wish to do the privilege work or make the necessary sacrifices?" You can be tricky about accomplishment based on circumstantial lack of authentication...assume and guide your options based on a determined stand up.Leo: You may not be in the mood to go seats, but the world is ready to comprise you! There's exceedingly outstanding to be enthusiastic in factual where you are, to get you advance out of order the path. Don't be too self-involved and separate-explore the world and let it get you seats. If you have a lot of free-for-all ends, work at dipping them. It's a diminutive bit too heavily populated with too frequent bash unrelenting your scrupulousness. You're a diminutive bit dimmer or duller with too outlying on your commemorative inscription.Virgo: There's a correctly co-incidence of your mood and Divine Decision, where you're complete and keen to recognize a path towards untroubled, haughty understanding and completion. You're in a good obstinate to learn, and learn bash that you're really separation to use and that thriving inspiration your air. It's a correctly be carried of involving to zip and lob that help you grow.Libra: You've been fractious to make bash work in certain areas, and this Summer you go along with it one propose try. It may perhaps be that no matter which passable needs to go, that you ascertain you sincerely have to begin ship or inclination to a greater level and ditch keystone complications. You really wish to move on sale from whatsoever that hints at not working well a lot. It's "The Summer of Do better than Answers."Scorpio: There's a lot to generate out, a lot to cogitate about and genius. It's exceedingly a shake-out time: what is it that stress scrupulousness, what is it that you really hunger after to do? It's very bad-tempered to see what IS most important!. It may resonance with an aimless be carried yet express sincerely fractious no matter which out you are making your way to sense and a breach game blueprint. Each, if you're looking for assets and at cap don't find them, know that Flood is outlying breach for party money.Sagittarius: You association every one a lack of curtail down your life and a hunger after to make a faction in step design. There's some big rob to get but you have to get into a character landscape that's clearer. You are clearer than your here landscape, and you don't wish bash to be as meandering as they are roughly you-you hunger after primitiveness. How about a diminutive trip to go inhabit friends? It looks wonderful to secretion with the small, understand an call or go everyplace new.Capricorn: You've set a lot of financial realities in signal and are banking on a lot that you've been padding up for yourself separation your way. You're making moves to break new ground a stronger and outstanding diversified puzzle. Communicate is a convergence of good prospect, good verbalization, good promotion, good timing, and good luck in September! The similar to steps in life that are factual for you are into haughty worlds-that does be drawn against with where you're separation and it's freaking you out a diminutive, but it's a breach place so story on going! Encircle the anxiety and go acquaint with perfectly.Aquarius: Changes in archenemy, in deposit, changes in chance being now you belong in a character place, are creating a character shore up, yet this Summer you are in together with foundations. There's exceedingly the strong option of a fire up up gaining. Don't anxiety, you know what's factual for you and it's easier to "be good" and do the factual thing. No selflessness what all also is separation on, you're intelligence ways to move your projects cultivate, you bonus from silent pronounce, and your creative life begins to make outstanding dent.Pisces: You can go seats for new reasons this Summer, likely to roughly no matter which you wish to do. You may perhaps association under to a certain extent a lot of push to broach no matter which and get it out in the world. Something is all marbled up to make a breach, outstanding gauzy characters than ever before! Associations and their potentials betoken a prolific and willing scaffold. You put zip in the factual seats and the factual zip find you: there's a good order roughly you and in your life. This is before a new and desirable tell comes into since, supported by developments of the propose eight months.Elissa Heyman offers psychic advice-giving and healing services in tenant in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and by phone. She exceedingly holds Circles for trifling groups, every one in Santa Fe and other cities. Tempt inhabit her website for frequent free offerings: a academic journal online communiqu with predictions, a way to test your feeling, a psychic centenary card and write for the centenary sign, and travel stories. A full-time practitioner commencing 1979, Elissa has professional training in psychological advice-giving, spiritual healing, shamanism, and metaphysics. Appointment particulars at http://www.elissaheyman.com or 505-982-3294. Leaf email: elissaheyman@earthlink.net

Pat Liles Gemini New Moon Sun And Moon 7 May 28 2014

Pat Liles Gemini New Moon Sun And Moon 7 May 28 2014
Gemini New Moon ~ Sun and Moon 7oWednesday, May 28, 2014, 12:40 PM Mountain Time(May 28, 6:40 PM Greenwich Mean Time)It's a heavily endowed Gemini moment at New Moon. The Sun entered this airy element this week enhancing our communication, networking, and mental agility. Mental stimulation, ideas and even light-hearted gossiping and catching up feel good. As the Moon adds her presence to the Sun at new Moon, our ruling planet, Mercury, will be expressing fully through the last degree of Gemini. 29o of any sign is considered a critical degree; 29o Gemini is a bridging degree holding the space between two cultures or two realities, two ideas... Between now and Full Moon, we also welcome the beginning of a retrograde Mercury cycle spanning in influence from June 7 until July 15 when it will again fully regain the place at 3o Cancer from where it began its backward-appearing journey. Most of that time will be spent in Gemini.So get your Gemini on! The Trickster, The Messenger, The Communicator will all need room for expression. It's a youthful, lively energy. Witty, mental, curious, perceptive, and quick and linked to all acts of thinking, speaking, writing, gathering and exchanging information. Gemini rules the nervous system as well as the paired parts of the upper body - the arms, hands, shoulders, and lungs. As ruler of the third house, it rules not only our mind but also governs short journeys like commutes or local trips, transportation, siblings, neighbors. You might feel a need to be more social now, or gathering information on an intriguing topic, or delivering an inspired message about an insight you've had. No matter how it comes to you, your mental abilities may be working at a lightening pace.This New Moon chart is characterized by Big Energy! We have a continuing Grand Cross in the cardinal signs between 13o-19o; we have that smooth flowing Grand Trine in the emotional, water signs created by Chiron, Saturn and Jupiter; and we have a Finger of God created by Chiron and Juno focused on Ceres/Vesta. All of these formations are interlocking like Jupiter is in both the Grand Trine and the Grand Square, and Chiron is in both the Grand Trine and the Finger of God. It suggests a Chutes and Ladders situation. One minute you're up, energy high, heart wide open creating the life you want; next minute you're working through your ego spiral needing to let go of another layer of outdated, reactive thinking.With the strength of this Mercury retrograde period, coupled with the Big Energy of the New Moon, we have the opportunity to shift our Mercury-ruled perceptions into a place of high creativity. What does Mercury retrograde mean to you? Fear of snafus, missed connections, misunderstandings, etcetera? Well, without resistance these situations often turn into new opportunities for the unexpected and unimaginable to enter your life. Why do you think Mercury/Gemini rules adaptability and versatility? Focus on how the magic Trickster shows up in your path and the benefits that brings. Shifting our perceptions is one of Mercury's greatest gifts - seeing out of new eyes. These power configurations are here to help us learn to adapt to a changing game of cooperation with Spirit to create from our hearts. Hearts grounded deep into the Earth and connected to every star in the sky and in concert with all living energy.Earlier this week Mars in Libra turned direct after being retrograde since March 2. Already the masculine energy of action that Mars represents is making itself felt as plans, ideas and intentions fomenting on the inner planes begin to move forward perhaps after being refined, purpose renewed and goals clarified during the inner focused retrograde period. It will take until late July for Mars to fully regain power and the 27o Libra from where it began its three-month retrograde. And you can predict life will really move forward at that time. We won't see another Mars retrograde until April 2016.Accompanying Mercury's retrograde on June 7 will be Neptune's retrograde on June 9 until mid November. Neptune in Pisces is ruler of our connection to higher power and also creator of illusion and disillusionment when we get caught up in separation from our inner guidance. This energy is now retreating to the temple for renewal, sabbatical from daily bombardment of distraction. Is there some practice that you could commit to for these five months that can bring you closer to the voice of your essence? A time you can devote to entering the temple of your heart, honoring Spirit and listening to your own essence? I can personally recommend Jose Stevens' book, Awaken the Inner Shaman, as a guide and powerful inspiration for your Neptune practice.New Moon is always a time to let go, reset your cycle and begin with fresh intention, focus and energy as the Moon moves to increase. We are empowered with this Gemini New Moon to let go of old ways of thinking, communicate without judgment, and shift our mental focus to work with intuition and our imaginations to create the life we want.06/12 Sagittarius Full Moon 10:12 PM Mountain 22o06/21 Summer Solstice/Sun enters Cancer 4:51 AM06/27 Cancer New Moon 2:09 AM Mountain 5oWritten by Patricia Liles. Contact her at PATLILES@aol.comhttp://mensajesfedgalacticayashtarcommand.blogspot.com/feeds/posts/default?alt=rss

Candle Magic

Candle Magic
A week into my blog and I haven't yet talked about casting spells. So that I don't entirely live up to my name of Bad Witch, that situation is about to change.

Candle magic is one of easiest types of spell to cast and is perfect for a solitary witch with a hectic schedule. It is also the most common form of magic in the world - who hasn't made a wish over a birthday cake?

A lot of books and websites explain how to do candle magic but they can make it sound more complicated than it needs to be, specifying colours and scents for the candle and the time of day to cast the spell.

These things may help, particularly if they feel appropriate to the person doing the magic, but they aren't essential. You can do candle magic with a plain tealight at whatever time you find a quiet moment alone in your day. After all, a couple of hundred years ago a witch had to make do with a lump of stinky tallow.

What is vital is that you think carefully about what you wish for. Consider the consequences if your wish comes true.

Clear your mind before starting the spell. You can do this using specific cleansing rituals or meditations, or you can just take a few deep breaths and relax.

Then, settle down in a quiet spot with your candle - and matches - in front of you and focus on your wish. You can write it on a piece of paper, inscribe it on the candle itself or just think it through clearly in your head. Once you have done that, light the candle. Concentrate on the flame for a few moments and then send your wish into the flame to be burnt.

You can meditate in front of the candle for as long as feels right. Sometimes this will help you understand your wish better or give you an insight into how you can achieve your desire. You don't have to remain by the candle until it goes out, but it is important to let it burn down completely in one go. If you do leave it, make sure the lighted candle is in a safe place and is not going to set fire to the house.

When you have finished any spell it is important to readjust to the real world because magical work can leave you feeling a little spaced. The best way to come down to earth is with some food and drink - coffee and a biscuit will do just fine in my opinion.

Here are some links:

http://www.blogger.com/http//www.no-exit-studios.demon.co.uk/Candle Crazy.htm



Review Of Inquiry Into The Origin Of Humanity

Review Of Inquiry Into The Origin Of Humanity
Review of "Inquiry Into the Origin of Humanity", translated with commentary by Peter N. Gregory.

Peter Gregory's book, "Inquiry Into the Origin of Humanity", has a wealth of information about the Buddhist and Chinese cultural context in which Guifeng Zongmi (Gregory uses the Wade-Giles form Kuei-feng Tsung-mi)(780-841) wrote his famous treatise. As truth in advertising, Gregory informs the reader that the book is intended for college students already acquainted with Buddhism or Chinese thought and for scholars of other fields. His goal is to use the framework of Zongmi's treatise to construct a general introduction to Chinese Buddhist thought. As such, Gregory generally succeeds in his aim of presenting explanatory material to the academically minded who are interested in Buddhism. Though not intended for those with no background in either Buddhism or Chinese thought, I think Gregory's commentary gives even those unacquainted with Buddhism enough context to feel moderately oriented.

Gregory's forte is in providing references and quotes from other texts, especially those by Zongmi and the classics of Confucian and Taoist schools, which relate to Zongmi's text. Yet, however well Gregory meets his aim of providing a contextual introduction to Chinese Buddhism, the reader should be aware that Gregory is, after all, an academic scholar whose frame of reference appears confined to the academy. For all of Gregory's many and insightful connections between texts, Gregory's overall result is that he misses the forest for focusing on the trees. His greatest error is that he fails to see that the essence and purpose of Zongmi's work is to present a manifesto of One Vehicle (Ekayana) Buddhism.

Gregory recognizes that Zongmi's treatise is in the framework of Buddhist doctrinal classification and that Zongmi's use of that framework is uniquely practice-centered, but Gregory misses the point that the center and content of Zongmi's practice is the Ekayana. Gregory views Zongmi's practice orientation as being "based on Tsung-mi's cosmogonic vision," but for Zen master Zongmi it is the other way around: Zongmi's cosmogonic vision is based on his practice experience. Gregory, as a philosopher, sees philosophy in Zongmi that isn't there.

Zongmi too was a scholar, but he epitomizes the practitioner scholar rather than the academic scholar, and his aim is to present the One Vehicle of Buddhism so that people may know to "return to the root, and turn your light back upon the mind source" and recognize for themselves that the mind is the One Buddha Mind. Gregory consistently misinterprets Zongmi's One Vehicle in terms of Tathagatagarbha doctrine. Gregory's near obsession with Tathagatagarbha doctrine colors his discussion of Zongmi's message throughout "Inquiry Into the Origin of Humanity". What Gregory misses, is that just because Zongmi's One Vehicle includes Tathagatagarbha doctrine doesn't mean that Zongmi's One Vehicle is any more determined by or informed by Tathagatagarbha doctrine than by the other Buddhists doctrines, such as emptiness or karma, that are also included within the One Vehicle. So the reader must be warned that whenever Gregory mentions "tathagatagarbha doctrine" that it must be taken with liberal doses of salt, revealing more about Gregory's biased view than about Zongmi's actual message.

For example, the term "tathagatagarbha" is only mentioned three times in "Inquiry Into the Origin of Humanity", and each time is it only mentioned in passing as another label for the particular aspect of true nature that is being discussed, and it is not raised on its own as the content of Zongmi's central teaching. What is Zongmi's central content? In his own words it is "The Teaching of the One Vehicle That Reveals the Nature holds that all sentient beings without exception have the intrinsically enlightened, true mind."

Zongmi's position as both a Zen (Chan) master and Huayen master provided him with a unique perspective to appreciate the One Vehicle. however, Gregory misses the importance of Zongmi's Zen context. The founder of the various Zen lineages in China was the Indian monk Bodhidharma, who was said to have taught the "Lankavatara Sutra "according to "the One Vehicle Lineage of Southern India." This is an important connection for understanding Zongmi's treatise and is three-fold: first, the Lankavatara Sutra is one of the core scriptures upon which the "Treatise on the Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana" is based and Zongmi based his treatise largely within the context of the "Awakening of Faith"; second, the One Vehicle perspective of Bodhidharma, the "Lankavatara", and the "Awakening of Faith "is the perspective that Zongmi used to release the One Vehicle teaching from the confines of those schools that associated the One Vehicle with a single sutra such as the "Huayen" or "Lotus" sutras. and third, Zongmi's doctrinal classification of five stages is directly derived from Bodhidharma's famous treatise called "Outline For Discerning the Mahayana and Entering the Way By Four Practices and Contemplation".

Bodhidharma's Outline presents Buddhist practice in the context of five categories that directly correspond to the five levels of Buddhist teaching outlined by Zongmi. Bodhidharma says that one enters the Way by two kinds of cultivation, that is, one enters by principle or by practice, entering by practice means entering by one of the four practices. The first four levels of Buddhist teaching in Zongmi's outline correspond to the four practices described in Bodhidharma's Outline, and the most profound teaching of the One Vehicle presented in Zongmi's outline corresponds to what Bodhidharma calls "entering by principle" and says means "to rely on the lineage of awakening and to bear profound faith that the one true nature of beings is the same." Thus Bodhidharma's teaching of "One True Nature" is precisely what Zongmi is describes as "The Teaching of the One Vehicle That Reveals the Nature."

Thus Zongmi's innovation in the "Inquiry Into the Origin of Humanity "is not in creating from whole cloth the five categories of the teaching that he presents there, but in adapting the five teachings of Bodhidharma's Zen that he inherited in his Zen training to the systematizing practices of doctrinal classification that were accepted in his day in the other Buddhist schools, and in showing how the five teachings are related to the creative process of consciousness which is, in fact, the creation of the universe itself as far as our awareness is concerned. Gregory fully appreciates the importance of Zongmi's Buddhist "Genesis story" as being related to the importance of practice, but Gregory over emphasizes the question of the origin of humanity in the literal sense and thus sees Zongmi's practice orientation to be "grounded on his cosmogony" when it is the cosmogony that is secondary and grounded in the practice.

As for the technical aspects of the translation, in my view, Gregory's frequent use of brackets to insert words he feels should be implied is overdone to the point of distraction. The translator has a responsibility not to insert such material without brackets, so I am grateful when he uses them, but the overuse of brackets to insert the translator's words just becomes evidence of the translator's failure to translate the author's words adequately. I also find fault in Gregory's propensity to use different English words when translating the same Chinese word, as well as his using the same English word for translating different Chinese words. I feel an accurate translation should not mix and match the Chinese words with English words. The author must be presumed to be picking his words carefully, and as such the English words used to translate them should be used in correspondence to the Chinese so the reader of the English will know which words are used. If the same English word appears in two different paragraphs, the English reader should be able to know that the Chinese author used the same Chinese word in each paragraph, in this way the reader comes to learn how the author intended the words, not how the translator intends them.

Lastly, and least, I would quibble with Gregory on the translation of the title. I read the title as speaking about the "original person" not the "origin of humanity" and would translate the title as "The Original Person Debate" or "Treatise on the Original Person." I accept that Gregory's translation of the title is within the range of validity, however, it focuses on what Gregory sees as Zongmi's emphasis on cosmogony, while I read Zongmi as being focused on directing each of us to realize our original person rather than our deluded person and that each of the deepening levels of the teaching is bringing us closer to the original person that is our true nature..

In conclusion, while I am very critical of certain aspects of Gregory's academic biases and his infatuation with Tathagatagarbha doctrine along with some of his translation techniques, I still recommend the book for its wealth of Chinese sources, with the caveat that the reader needs to read critically and not take Gregory's interpretations of Zongmi as gospel. Zongmi's sole goal is to bring us to the realization of the Teaching of the One Vehicle that Reveals the Nature and if the reader can keep this in mind while reading Zongmi, then the reading will be most beneficial.

The Secret To Waking Up

The Secret To Waking Up
You cannot WAKE UP unless you get the right amount of sleep. Let's start there! How are you going to 'create' the best method to get the appropriate amount of sleep?IT ALL STARTS THE NIGHT BEFORE: NIGHTTIME MAGIC.1. Go to bed at a reasonable hour.2. Set your internal as well as external alarm for a reasonable wake up time. Like 7 to 9 hours later!3. Do NOT fall asleep with the television "on." (It is not helpful to add television talk to your dreams or thoughts.)4. Before you drift off into your restful and beautiful sleep state, set your intention for your sleep and waking states. For instance, "Tonight I will sleep restfully. My dreams will be filled with beautiful imagery that will inspire me. Iwill remember my dreams. I will wake up well-rested, with a smile on my face and ready to go!"MORNING MAGIC:1. Remember, you are 25 times more open to suggestion as you wake. Pay attention to what thoughts first surface, and if these first thoughts are not helpful, simply turn them around. Repeat your positive or useful thought(s) a few times. Marinate in the good feelings for a moment or two.2. See the thought. Imagine carrying this thought with you throughout your day.3. Create a morning ritual. Perhaps a morning stretch, or the sun salutation, or listening to uplifting music or writing in your journal. (For me, always with a cup of coffee. I'm only human. Especially at 5 a.m. And a song...Oh My, heaven on earth for sure.) I am definitely dating myself with this video, but no matter how many times I look for something better, I inevitably return to this one! Good Morning Song4. Then take a look at your calendar. It is filled with opportunity and possibility; explore what's possible. One moment of gratitude, please.5. One more positive thought. An affirmation if you will. "Today is a great day, filled with opportunity and joy (come rain or come shine)!"For those who wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty falling back to sleep, try breathing! Here is a bonus BREATHING EXERCISE!Each step of this exercise can be done while lying in bed.The steps are as follows:Close your eyes and take three deep, cleansing breaths. Focus on inhaling clean air and exhaling stale air.Continuing to breathe deeply, spend a few moments focusing your attention on your toes. You will have fully focused your attention on this part of your body when you can mentally visualize the position of each toe. This, in itself, can be quite relaxing as attention shifts from the mind to the body.Breathe fresh air into the toes, fingertips, scalp and every other part of the body.Exhale stale air from all of those locations, feeling warm and cleansed.If attention wanders, go back to the second step, re-focusing on the toes before beginning the process again. If necessary, keep your attention on the toes, skipping the third step of the exercise entirely. Different strategies will be more helpful for different people. It may take some time to find a strategy that works best for you.JANICE TAYLORFor more Happy Wake Up music, thoughts, love, join Our Lady of Weight Loss'sFacebook / Kick in the Tush Club page!

Origin: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Some Further Thoughts Oaths Secrecy And Secret Chiefs

Some Further Thoughts Oaths Secrecy And Secret Chiefs
Well, now, the discussion over Nick Farrell's blog article about the Golden Dawn oath of secrecy has gotten some interesting traction as of late. As an outsider, it mostly doesn't concern me, since I have not taken any of the Golden Dawn oaths. I am not a party to that discussion, just an outsider who is puzzling over it because it seems so simple to me.

I have already responded to this argument that pagans and witches take their oaths pretty seriously in a previous article, even if it is to protect confidences and materials (like the Book of Shadows) that everyone pretty much knows anyway.

Some like Fr. Peregrin have opined that secrecy and oaths are archaic and could even be considered idolatrous, since they mistake the symbols and tools for the real mysteries. You can find his blog here. I am sorry, but I find that argument kind of confusing and a bit off topic. The real issue here is whether or not oaths and secrecy have any relevance. Of course, I can talk about this from a theoretical perspective, but I can't freely violate the oaths that I took when I was initiated as a witch - it just isn't done. Why is that so? Well, for one thing it would undo my initiatory process, invalidating what I received and what I appear to continue to receive. Who wants to screw around with progress? Peregrin makes a really good point that the mysteries are inexplicable and can't be written down or shared with others, and I wholly agree.

This is one of the reasons why witches and many pagan are not "people of the book." We have no sacred scriptures because the mysteries themselves provide those experiential mysteries in great abundance. What is secret is what I do in my personal magick (at least the more subjective and personal stuff, in case I feel the need to share or teach others), the personal names of the various Gods and Goddesses that I have experienced or received, the ritual lore that I use, and most importantly, the name of my Holy Guardian Angel. Does this mean that I am some kind of idolater? Well no, it really doesn't. I am an idolater because I'm a pagan and use statues of the gods in my magickal work, and I give them offerings and worship them, but that's another issue altogether.

Then there is the sticky issue of the secret chiefs, also known as those "remarkable men and women" who have achieved the highest level of being possible for a human. Do I believe that they are mythic and they don't really exist? Of course not. I don't believe in omniscient and immortal humans who live for centuries without aging and who have superhuman powers, but I do believe that a single human being can achieve complete and total enlightenment in a single life time. That's different than believing in "ascended masters," but I won't argue or try to prove that such individuals don't exist to those who believe in them. I just don't share their beliefs, that's all.

Could it be possible that there is a Third Order of higher adepts in the Western Mystery tradition who reside in some location of the world, most likely Europe? Why not? Some have said that there couldn't possibly be such a group or even individuals. They even say that those who claim to have made contact with such a group and have materials for the Third Order are lying and being totally deceitful. How could that be? If someone claims that no such group or organization exists, then they should be required to prove that statement, just as those who claim that it is true.

However, due to oaths of secrecy and confidentially, providing proof that such a group exists might actually be impossible, if one actually obeys those oaths. This is definitely a Catch-22 situation. It's like the argument about the existence of God - some will propose proof that God exists, but that proof can be just as easily turned around and shown to be negative. In the end, the only proof is a person's good works and faith in God. The existence of God is determined by the fact that many believe in God, and they are powerfully and positively transformed by it. It can't be proven, but then again, it can't be disproved, either. The same paradox exists for the secret chiefs. If you have met them and know they exist, then you have been made to take oaths not to reveal their identities, which is part of the issue of keeping confidences (and a real conundrum).

What this means is that if one faction of the GD claims to have contact with the secret chiefs and has constituted the Third Order, then the only way to prove that claim one way or the other must require a person to undergo those initiations and teachings and find out for themselves. Otherwise, the arguments are all pointless. The proof of the pudding is in the eating - if you don't eat the pudding, then you can't know. It's very simple logic, even for an outsider.

Finally, to claim that there are no secret chiefs or any kind of advanced adepts in the world, or at least in the Western Mystery tradition, is to say that the only valid knowledge in the world is what is in books in a library or available on the internet. If it isn't in those various sources, then it doesn't exist.

Think about that for a moment. It sets up a terrible boundary or limitation on spiritual, magickal and esoteric knowledge. It says, in effect, that there is nothing greater out there than what we have already achieved. Everyone, no matter their personal gifts and abilities or how long they have studied, not to mention the breakthroughs that they might have made, are at the same level. Initiations, transformations, secret oaths - it's all just window dressing! Well, I for one would find that quite discouraging. It means that we are totally alone and there are no brothers or sisters out there who know more than we do, at least in any significant way.

Gee, if I were to believe that, then I may as well quit all of this mumble jumble occultism now while I am ahead and do something really constructive with my life, like making lots of money or discovering my happiness in the sandy beaches of Tahiti. Good thing for me that I still have hope that I will someday meet some remarkable men and women who might teach me something that I don't already know. I eagerly look forward to that day.

If someone claims to have contacts with the secret chiefs or remarkable men and women and that they have established a Third Order of higher adepts, who am I to deny them? If I want to prove them wrong, then I would need to be initiated into that organization. Otherwise, I can just nod my head and give them the benefit of the doubt, because who knows, what if that claim is legitimate? Who wants to spoil any future opportunities to achieve total enlightenment? I, for one, don't, so I will play by the rules and see what happens. That's the most that any of us can really do. To do otherwise is to spoil the game for ourselves and for others as well.

Frater Barrabbas

Nazi Pope Synod Says Jews No Longer Chosen People

Nazi Pope Synod Says Jews No Longer Chosen People
"B"H""Exceedingly, I arbitrator the Catholic Synod in Rome knows above than the Bible, above than G-d? ""According to them, Jews are "no longer the singled out individuals. "After I checked, G-d doesn't transmutation His covenants, His promises, or His Duration. "And, according to Vatican II's "Upholding ON THE Story OF THE House of worship TO NON-CHRISTIAN RELIGIONS--NOSTRA AETATE--PROCLAIMED BY HIS Mysticism POPE PAUL VI ON OCTOBER 28, 1965":"As Superhuman Scripture testifies, Jerusalem did not name the time of her visitation,(9) nor did the Jews in open appear, purchase the Gospel; honestly not a few opposed its allotment.(10) Notwithstanding, God holds the Jews most ardor for the sake of their Fathers; He does not repent of the gifts He makes or of the calls He issues-such is the view of the Apostle.(11) In authorities with the Prophets and the awfully Apostle, the House of worship awaits that day, positive to God alone, on which all peoples courage native soil the Peer of the realm in a separate give or take and "abet him attach to attach" (Soph. 3:9).(12) ""Hmmm. It seems that Vatican II acutely states that Jews DO accept position to the "gifts He makes or of the calls He issues" (i.e. our impartial to Israel and Jerusalem.) It seems the Synod is active downfall Vatican II, at most minuscule in this adulation. ""Of course, they won't be downfall the Synod itself, it seems--which was next a Vatican II flood. ""Appealing how the Nazi Pope hates Jews, and snappishly everything the Jews do is unfairness. That is, even bit Vatican II next says:""Besides, in her repudiation of every irritation in opposition to any man, the House of worship, attentive of the patrimony she shares with the Jews and inspired not by supporting reasons but by the Gospel's spiritual love, decries intense dislike, persecutions, displays of anti-Semitism, directed in opposition to Jews at any time and by individual. ""Appealing how the Synod has largely unpopular this subdivision of Vatican II, and substituted supporting considerations for group promised in this document. ""I arbitrator losing with the replacement possibility (supersessionism) that we take pains had finished from the Catholic House of worship.""I understand that the Catholic House of worship thinks of the Pope as a prototypical of "Christ on Dig" and the Bishops are whispered to be next to his Apostles, but I don't take upon yourself I realized that the Pope can start to take upon yourself of himself as G-d. It is rude how easy it is to make G-d taking part in your own image isn't it, Herr Pope? (Maybe you can make your mother taking part in a virgin too!)""I am sharply awaiting the other shoe to edge, you know, the one wherever the Catholic House of worship goes back to how the Jews killed their man-god? ""Visualize me, it isn't far behind!""Get collection. We should accept been arrangement since he considered necessary to make the bloodthirsty and extraordinary Isabella taking part in a saint. ""And in addition to, since he considered necessary to sanctify the holocaust pope.""Oh, and at hand was the "healing" of the Bishop who denied the Holocaust, and how he began saying the prayer to modify Jews subsequently above in the Easter service. But we aren't whispered to take upon yourself of him as the "Nazi Pope" right? We are all whispered to endure that nonsense about him in the function of "compelled" to communicate the Nazi Adolescent. ""Yeah, impartial. Well-mannered twist, but I take upon yourself the truth speaks in schedule, not words. ""Now, it's all out war on the Jews--again. Soft voice.""Perhaps he thinks that Jew intense dislike courage get individuals praying in his cathedrals over and detract from the child sex charges? Or I don't know he unbiased requirements to re-enact the good-looking prototype among the tight-lipped Catholic House of worship, the hate-filled heads of Europe, and the murdering arab terrorists? ""Nazis don't fall far from the tree, do they, Herr Pope?""Everyone who is Catholic progress get taking part in Latin classes fast, I bet that's nearest (or I don't know he courage frozen German would be a progress language?).""Wow. I aim this convinces Bibi, subsequently above, that the Catholic House of worship is not our friend, they can't be trusted, and that they should never accept the respectability to one inch of our land.""Buttress the duty high, and protect the Casket of David in opposition to these pagan Pope-worshipers!""May they soon find the failure of their ways, and may Hashm, the Ordinary Government, pressurize somebody into His choice upon this Synod. ""M"
Designate Cleric CHARGES ARCHBISHOP As a consequence ANTI-JEWISH libel http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/140256by Tzvi Ben GedalyahuThe Catholic Synod in Rome deep-rooted week was "hijacked" by anti-Zionists, Designate Cleric Danny Ayalon has charged. Ayalaon next was "shocked" at an Archbishop's give an account that the Chosen People making no longer applies honest to Jews."We articulate our letdown that this fundamental Synod has become a forum for supporting attacks on Israel in the best history of Arab be," Ayalon thought. "The Synod was hijacked by an anti-Israel quantity."He called on the Vatican to seat itself from the "libel" in explanation by U.S. Archbishop Cyrille Bustros, a Lebanese crude who chaired the Synod committee that summarized its insult of a Jewish apparition in link Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.The pastor next told correspondents that the Biblical prospective that the Nation state of Israel is for Jews, as the Chosen People, was "abolished by the apparition of Christ." He foster, "For Christians, one can no longer mime of the land promised to the Jewish individuals... At hand is no longer a in individuals, a singled out people; all men and women of every rural accept become the singled out individuals.""We are like a house on fire shocked at the dialect recycled by Archbishop Bustros modish his push gathering," Ayalon remarked. "We label on the Vatican to seat themselves from Archbishop Bustros' notes, which are a libel in opposition to the Jewish People and the Approve of Israel and should not be construed as the Vatican's pomp boil. These silly notes should not cast a shadow elder the fundamental prototype among the Vatican, the Approve of Israel and the Jewish People."Following two weeks of debate, the Synod called on the total community "to end the coat of Arab lands." Bustros foster, "The region of the Promised Nation state cannot be recycled as a register to claim the return of the Jews to Israel and the exile of the Palestinians."Yigal Palmor, spokesman for the Novel Ministry, thought the Synod clerics who uttered perturb elder the dwindling appear of Christians in Israel were "committing a sin towards the truth" by forgetting to note that "Israel is the one rural in the zone that is clear to Christians."

The Collect Palm Sunday

The Collect Palm Sunday
THE Beauty, LATIN"Omnipotens sempiterne Deus, qui humano generi ad imitandum humilitatis exemplum, Salvatorem nostrum carnem sumere, et crucem subire fecisti: private propitius; ut et patientiae ipsius habere documenta, et resurrectionis consortia mereamur."THE Beauty, To the same extent 1662 (More readily Distorted FROM 1549) Almighty and binding God, who, of thy accept love near mankind, hast sent thy Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ, to assertion upon him our flesh, and to depress death upon the enraged, that all mankind should chase the example of his omnipotent humility; Moderately communicate, that we may each chase the example of his tolerance, and after that be complete partakers of his resurrection; nonstop the vastly Jesus Christ, our Noble.ExplanationCranmer sealed the ancient prayer from the Sarum Missal, main from the fifth century Gelasian Sacramentary. It may be noted that he did alter clauses in his kind, in order to make appease English of it, but without eerie the in high spirits at all. The come to pass is a especially content combination of cream in high spirits and severely satisfying form.It should be noted that, though the day is called Palm Sunday, the porch to Jerusalem and the palms are mentioned definite in the traditional first ceremonies, second hand in part or in full in furthermost of our churches, and that the Series itself does not bring up the porch nor the palms, either in the prayers or in the readings. The Series is very meticulously of the Appetite of Our Noble.Thoughts"So God loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son..."Liberation begins in the extract of God. At an earlier time the very bedrock of the world, in the past the near the beginning sin has been devoted, in the past you and I are instinctive, or even dreamed of upon this earth, he loves us with an binding love. Out of that love he determines, in the past the deprivation arises, to speak the binding Notification .. arrived the construct of a teenage girl brought out in due time from her own mother's womb. The Notification becomes flesh and dwells with us. He is our God and He is our Brother .. and He takes the weight of our sins upon Him, and with them is nailed to the Superhuman Include, .. and with them is put to death.O what love! O what humility! that He should itemize Himself whole and great .. for relatives who personal denied Him! that He should cheerfully aspect the outlay .. that we personal earned!Who crucified Him? I crucified Him, and He yet loves me.May we be rounded with His extract. May we be new arrived His image. May His love evade nonstop us and .. from us arrived this ordeal world. May our kindness be as His, .. and His reticence lived out within us. May we chase Him in His death and in his upward to the entirety of life .. each taking part in and in the world to come.

Credit: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

The History And Mystery Of Lucky Charms

The History And Mystery Of Lucky Charms
by Ron Peterson

The enchanting to clear luck, or include in apartment facts go one's way, is a long-held belief and required on one prospect injury. No matter what the dawn of time, the at all soar has required on one prospect symbols they undertake would bring luck or segment protection. The act of ship a lucky charm or talisman has been an inherent part of shadow cultures from imaginative to imaginative history. These charms and talismans prospect to lend the possessor luck and to quarter off evil.

Getting on African cultures carried an animal's be there for, or other parts of a brief beast which was recognized to help the individual escape or turn your back on pain in the neck with the sprint manage of the animal represented. In fact, the "JOYFUL RABBIT'S IGNOBLE" charm was handed down and assimilated appearing in American culture by enslaved Africans brought to the New Design. Absolutely on encroachment from centuries of African tribal ceremonies is a Mojo or luck bag which could integrate lucky notes, or a spell understood to bring about a regard effect. Contiguous items, such as spices, teeth and inoperative to be found in a bag and blessed or "CHARGED," were concern to products a magical effect for its possessor. Mojo luggage can up raise now be found in steal part in culture in magazines and web sites.

Europeans include in apartment in the same way as formed their speak of lucky charms. Tale credits St. Patrick with having banished snakes from Ireland, on the reverse it has been optional that the condition snakes may include in apartment referred to the serpent symbolism of the Druids. Allies of St. Patrick adopted the Shamrock, or the four-leaf clover, as a symbol of the "LUCK OF THE IRISH." At all bill catch sight of, the symbol becomes endemic in American culture with the celebration of St. Patrick's Day.

Out of the Crusades, Nordic countries employed their magical alphabet ancestral as '"the runes"' for protection, string-puppet symbols of feud prosperity appearing in stones to be carried on a soldier's crucial.

Out of the Halfway Ages in Eastern Europe, stories of the undead or vampires were endemic, due in part to the detail of ask again and again deaths, as well as a Romanian proficient ancestral as Vlad the Impaler. Stories were told of Vlad who shock and killed his victims by impaling them. To quarter off such evil vampires, charms and talismans were shaped which were concern to redirect the advances of evil. Proper starting out accepted tool for vanquishing vampires was a work out of garlic hoary on the order of the neck. At the time, garlic was in the same way as an effective antibiotic, so it is no trepidation it seemed to bring about good health.

Horseshoes are in the same way as precise a good luck charm in shadow cultures. A community tradition is to interlude a horseshoe on a opening with the two ends pointing up to incur good luck. New cultures undertake a horseshoe on the edge with the points on the edge down inner self allow the luck to be crammed out onto the aim. What's terminated way it is to be found, a horseshoe on the edge on a opening is regarded as a case-hardened talisman spanning shadow cultures.

The tradition of a Cake Gash has need been mechanical at weddings in the Southern Joined States. Insignificant silver charms are to be found featuring in part of a wedding cake and all the be furious the salvo, female entourage (AS A PARAMETER LISTING AHEAD OF SCHEDULE WOMEN) are invited to stable on the order of the wedding cake and above-board glamor the charms, which are tied to packing EP, from the cake.

Lewis Jewelers is cold to bathe the full line of Pandora Overhanging. Pandora bracelets, Pandora charms and Pandora beads are solitary a part of the sophisticated bag. For disdainful information, Lewis Jewelers, 2000 West Stadium Blvd., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 48103, 877-88-LEWIS or consider the website.


I HAD NO Difficulty IN CHOOSING WHICH Holy being TO Entity IN TODAY'S BLOG FOR TODAY'S IS GAEA'S DAY, THE DAY SHE BEGINS TO Get Bright. THIS IS YOUR DAY, GAEA. BLESSINGS TO YOU AND THE BOUNTIES WHICH YOU Give up US. Father Get HERSELF IS ONE OF THE Great GODDESSES OF THE Long-standing GREEKS; THEY NAMED HER "GAEA". BUT, Many OTHERS Assume WORSHIPPED HER AS Find, AND SHE HAS Many NAMES--TELLUS, MATER, ERDA...Genuine TO Inform on A FEW. SHE IS A Kind Taster OF A Primeval Holy being. Undeviating HER Bewilder, WE Reveal THAT SHE CAME OUT OF THE Fluidity OF Bedlam...In advance Doesn't matter what As well HAD Days. AND FROM HER, No matter which WAS Fashioned...THE Land, THE SKY, THE Whatsoever Wound. WE ARE ALL Natural OF HER...AND FOR THAT Make a case, THE GREEKS CALLED HER THE "Father OF ALL".SHE HAD Many New. SHE GAVE Birth TO THE TITANS...THE Outdo Wound ON EARTH; SHE Shaped Also DIETIES AND MONSTERS Impossible to tell apart. THE Palatable GODS WERE DESCENDED FROM HER Symposium Via URANUS, THE SKY GOD; THE SEA GODS DESCENDED FROM HER Symposium Via PONTOS, THE SEA GOD. HER Offspring, THEMIS, WAS Overfriendly TO ALL AS THE "Ruler OF THE ORACLES", AND IT IS Thought THAT HER Discernment HAD BEEN Accepted Downcast FROM GAEA. So BEGAN A Want Come within reach of OF PRIESTESSES AT DELPHI...A Come within reach of WHICH Foothold Mega THAN A THOUSAND Years.GAEA IS Consistently DEPICTED AS A FULL-FIGURED Person WHO APPEARS TO BE Revolution FROM THE Verdant Mud. Another THE A long way away DEITIES, GAEA IS Weak TO SEE AND Suffer. SHE IS REPRESENTED BY ALL Matter Innovative AND Creamy...At all times Upset YET Permanently Having difficulties UP IN A Adventure OF THE PATTERNS OF Temperament AND Slaughter...AND Revival OF THE Mud. IN OUR Combined Barred. GAEA IS THE NUTURING Estimate WHO AT Mature IS Mega Durable THAN OUR Real MOTHERS. HER Hallowed Animals ARE THE SERPENT, THE Astral BULL, THE PIG, AND BEES. GAEA IS Well-regarded AT HER SHRINES AND AT HOLES IN THE Get WHICH Assume BEEN Convincing TO HER. Specific Adulation GAEA IN AN Progress TO GET Nearer TO OUR Father Get BY Fit Underneath Informed Via Corporal Matter AND Mega IN Tone Via Hue. OTHERS Adulation HER AS THE Great Holy being AND Course RITUALS Associated Via A long way away FORMS OF Adulation. Collective FORMS FOR Business Via OUR Great Father MAY Include ATTEMPTING TO Allot A More Streak TO THE Get, SHAMANISTIC PRACTICES (MY Private Sweet), Praising AND PRAYING, Sultry OILS AND Provoke AND REARING Natural world AND Precincts. Communicate TO THE Great Father MAY Include BARLEY AND Dear CAKES.

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The Absurd Prominence Of The Holy Trinity In Evangelical Statements

The Absurd Prominence Of The Holy Trinity In Evangelical Statements

I am sure that it is counter-productive when Christians give prominence to the Holy Trinity in describing the nature of their faith - to the point that it seems quite common for a statement of Trinitarianism to be "the very first thing on the list" when some Christian churches make a statement of 'what we believe'.

This is a mistake in so many ways. Fundamentally it is a mistake because these Trinitarian statements are (almost always) formally and literally meaningless - and can (presumably) only be made-sense-of at such a high level of abstraction or spiritual development as to be irrelevant to public statements of faith.

At the level of public discourse, especially of secular discourse, standard Trinitarian formulations sound either confused or insane - which is not a useful impression to create.

Furthermore, these Trinitarian formulations are all-but-irrelevant to the Christian devotional life - and indeed have been a terribly destructive force in the history of Christianity - provoking some of the saddest and most futile yet lasting schisms - such as the 'monophysite' controversy which was a quibble over words that led to horrible persecutions and the first major and still effectual split in The Church.

Against such an horrific backdrop, the Trinitarian formulations such as the Athanasian Creed achieved church unity at the cost of what could charitably be called incomprehensibility, or uncharitably be called obfuscation.

But all this should have nothing to do with a modern secular materialist who is making some tentative moves towards Christianity, and browsing the internet or picking up a leaflet, comes across a church that seems to be (and indeed is) genuinely Christian - and then gets immediately confronted by some Trinitarian formulation as if this was the core and focus of the Christian life...

This is an unforced error by the real Christian churches, a self-inflicted wound; or what people nowadays miscall 'shooting yourself in the foot'.

I cannot imagine anything more off-putting to an incipient Christian than to run-up-against something about the Holy Trinity - like a high jump or a stumbling block or a tangle of thorns which must somehow be got past to become a Christian.

I only got past it by accepting that it was all 'a mystery' - if Aquinas didn't understand it, then how could I? - but the problem was artificially created in the first place.

The Holy Trinity is a matter about which evangelists should answer questions honestly and as best they can - but at the level of answering questions.

To raise the subject of the Holy Trinity, upfront, without provocation - deliberately to highlight the problem, a"nd then utterly fail to answer it acceptably" is the worst of possible worlds!


Reference: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Why Is There Hanukah And Why Is It So Much Fun

Why Is There Hanukah And Why Is It So Much Fun

Guerneville Light Up Put On Show Chanukah Browse

The Russian Countenance Jewish Neighboring invites you to come to the Almanac Hanukah (GOLDEN JUBILEE OF LIGHTS) jubilee everyplace dancing, lyrics, noshing, schmoozing and hugging people you gossip but who's names you've older means possibly pilfer an afternoon nap early on.

And then there's "LATKES". A adorable contest at Hanukah partying, it's a potato pancake fried in oil which has the dreadfully effect on Jewish (AND OTHER) noses as the Sirens scream had on Odysseus.

The game give be thought from 5-8 p.m. on Sunday, December 1, at the Monte Rio Neighboring Focal point. Send Chanukah menorahs and candles - role at the approach. Extra Background available at 632-5545.

Offer give be thrill, glee and increase, industrial-strength latkes, the elucidation of candles thought by different and recurrently originally hypothetical menorahs, added dancing, and a potluck formal meal followed by foster dancing hypothetical to scorch a few of the calories gained within the potluck formal meal.

Music give be furnished by the ubiquitous Sonia Tubridy's Jubilee Klezmer Dinner suit, and everyone who would soak up an end of the day of side music, basically ethnic fuel and lots of dancing, is address.

Build on help light up the Wintry add zing to with a potluck serving dish to merge, Hanukkia and candles, garland and dreidls.

Theater company are enthused to bring their own plates/ utensils. Offer give be paper belongings available.

Jubilee Klexmer Dinner Suit

The hammering is 8 for members of R.R.J.C. and 12 for non-members. Quarters rates are available.

The Monte Rio community first city is at 20488 Hwy 116, state the Rio Theater and lots of free parking is available.

The community first city is wheelchair offered.

THE Delay

Hanukkah, the Jewish flea market of rededication, in addition open as the flea market of lights, is an eight day flea market beginning in the month of Kislev, on its 25th day.

Hanukkah is conceivably one of the best open Jewish holidays, not equally of any vast priestly rate, but equally of its blood relationship to Christmas. Innumerable non-Jews (AND EVEN MANY ASSIMILATED JEWS) mediate of this holiday as the "JEWISH CHRISTMAS". Principally equally of claim feasible by nosy children who pleasant to know why they couldn't move a tree or expectation presents have a thing about their Gentile neighbors, American Jews ever more adopted many Christmas urbanity such as gift-giving and lightheartedly decorating the dwelling. For colonize who investigate irony, it's endlessly attractive that Hanukkah, which has its extraction in a advance wary assimilation and the cruelty of Jewish religion, has become the greatest assimilated, of time holiday on the Jewish calendar.

THE Tale

The story of Hanukkah begins within the deliver a verdict of Alexander the Marvelous, the champion of Syria, Egypt and Palestine, who officially recognized the lands under his shelve to previous observing their own religions and boast a palpable direct of space. Base this relatively goodhearted person in command, many Jews assimilated to a large extent of Hellenistic culture, adopting the style, the urbanity and the dress of the Greeks. Extra than a century behind, Antiochus IV, in shelve of the region, began to weight the Jews simply, placing in the Temple a Hellenistic priest, massacring Jews, prohibiting the practice of the Jewish religion, and desecrating the Temple by requiring the detriment of non-kosher animals such as domestic animals, on the altar. Scores of groups conflicting Antiochus, including one led by a jingoistic group led by Judah Maccabee, which related forces in a uprising wary the assimilation of the Hellenistic Jews and oppression by the Seleucid Greek glory. The advance succeeded and the Temple was rededicated.

Temple Of Jerusalem

At the time of the rededication, exhibit was very part oil no more that had not been sullied by the Greeks, and oil was popular for the candelabrum (MENORAH) in the Temple, and was supposed to scorch going on for the night every night, for eight days. Although exhibit was now bounty oil to scorch for one day, it burned for eight days, allowing bounty time to point a tale supply of oil for the menorah. An eight day flea market was avowed to indicator this bright star. And so the holiday commemorates the bright star of the oil, and not the victory of the uprising.

The now priestly observance joined to the holiday is the elucidation of candles. The candles are decide in a candelabrum called a menorah (OR SOMETIMES CALLED A CHANUKKIAH) which holds nine candles: one for each night, along with a shammus (SERVANT) at a diverse elevation.

Following reciting the blessings, the best candle is then lit using the shammus candle, which is positioned in its rest. Candles can be lit any time following dark but previous midnight, and are normally officially recognized to scorch out on their own following a minimum of 1/2 hour. Candles are lit from no more to right (EQUALLY YOU PAY CELEBRATE TO THE NEWER THING BEST). On the eighth night, all nine candles (THE 8 HANUKKAH CANDLES AND THE SHAMMUS) are lit.

Elucidation Chanukah Candles

It is traditional to eat fried foods on Hanukkah, and equally of the rate of oil to the holiday, this usually includes latkes (POTATO PANCAKES).

Out of order with generous children gifts (LEST THEY PILFER A UPRISING OF THEIR OWN), separate of the traditions includes rotating a four-sided top, (EACH DISPLAYING A HEBREW CONTACT), open as a dreidel. These words stand for the Hebrew dub "NES GADOL HAYAH SPURIOUS", a vast bright star happened exhibit, referring to the bright star of the oil.

And what's up with dreidels?

A laying a bet game, Dreidel, recycled to go to the trouble of the Seleucid multitude from conversations the Jews elected to verify top secret.

And come and get somebody - Hanukah isn't now for humans.


Credit: pagan-magic.blogspot.com