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Reminder Online Registration Closing Soon

Reminder Online Registration Closing Soon
Wow, have you felt that cool breeze coming through as the sun goes down? Summer is taking its slow decline and Autumn is creeping around the corner. Samhain is coming!

Today is the last day to register online or mail in your registration forms! We will have late registration available at the gate, but that is a little more expensive, so we recommend registering early.

Check out the list below for some of the new workshops and society meetings coming up!

CMA Samhain 2009

Back to Basics

Oct 15-18th

We've got some excellent events lined up this festival, from our traditional Ancestral Web to an OTO Mass. Walk the Labyrinth, dance to the drums, move to the rhythm of your heart. Join the kids at Faerie Mound for the family harvest festival or put on your dancing shoes for the Masked Ball. Check out a poetry reading with guest poet Larissa Lee or a lecture with Dr. Stephen Flowers. With our wide variety of workshops, rituals and events, we have a little something for everyone. (see details below).

Registration is open through September 15th:

Adult ticket: 65

Kids 13+: 40

Kids 12 and under: free!

Daypasses: 40

By popular demand, late gateside registration will be available for our members. Please remember that late registration is 80, so register early (and often!). We also have the work exchange program available! For more info on the work exhange program, please contact workexchange@magickal-arts.org.


Stephen Edred Flowers - Renouned runologist and proponent of occultism and Germanic mysticism. This native Texas author has over two dozen published books on a wide range of esoteric subjects.

Larissa Lee - Newly published author of "Dark-Hearted: Poetry from the Dark Side of the Heart" will be joining us to discuss poetry's role in spirituality.

Khandroma - Houston's premiere gothic belly dance troupe will be joining us for belly dance classes and performing in our traditional Hafla.


Wyrdgrl and Friends - Wyrdgrl is a rich tapestry of tales between myth and perception woven by singer-songwriter Dana Davis.

Ghost of a Rose - An eclectic duo from Houston and veterans of the Ren Fair/Pagan/Celtic circuit.

Kats"uK is a mesmerizing emotive musical experience that can silence a room, turn it upside down, and make it sweat. From Folk to Rock to Reggae to Funk to Country to Psychedelia to Tribal Drums and Flutes to a style like no other, Kats"uK is a genre chameleon and truly a unique and deeply impact-full musical anomaly.


* Stone Soup Potluck - Shadow and Co are putting on a Thursday evening potluck at CMA1. Come on down and bring a dessert or ingredient to contribute (menu to be posted online shortly).

* Open Mic Night (Pagans Got Talent!) - Bring your poem, bring your guitar, bring that really...creative performance art you've been practicing at home. Pagans have got talent and we want to see it! Thursday night before revel fire!

* Lighting of Merchant's Row - Thursday evening, Vendors Row hosts a grand opening. Come on down for snacks, decorations and general activities.

* Rainbow Camp GLBT & Friends Altar Dedication - A celebration of our differences and unity. All are welcome and offering for the weekend or the altar are welcome.

* Safety Ritual - Join the Healers and Guardians as they affirm their commitment to the well-being of our community.

* Ancestral Web - Weaving a Web to honor our Ancestors. The web will be raised off the ground and held up all weekend for those who wish to come by and add their energy and mementos to remember those who have made the journey to the Summerlands.

* Ride the Chaos Dragon - This is a guided meditation linking the participants to a powerful source of cleansing and transformational energy to rid them of a specific undesirable trait, habit, thought pattern, etc.

* Soul Retrieval Workshop - Soul Retrieval is one of the oldest shamanic practices, performed all over the world for tens of thousands of years. This is a guided meditation, from a position of strength, to reclaim the best of what we have buried, and resolve the rest.

* Magic of Menstruation - A workshop and discussion group regarding the cycles of a woman's life and how we as women can use that feminine energy in magickal workings.

* Embracing Your Darkness Through Poetry - Guest Poet Larissa will demonstrate how poetry can help us to connect with our

shadow selves, our Dark Hearts, and how the expression of the ugliest and harshest moments in our lives can become some of the most beautiful art.

* Changing Your Past to Change Your Future - While you cannot change past events, you can alter the way you perceive events, and therefore your emotional reaction to them. This workshop teaches simple techniques to alter our reactions to our history so that our future can be enriched.

* Faery Mound Harvest Festival - Fun, food and games at the Faery Mound. Bobbing for Apples, Costume contests, pinatas and more!

* Danse Macabre Mascarade Ball - Put on your finest and join us at CMA1 for a night to remember! Don't forget your masks!

* Back to Basics w/Circle of the Midnight Rose - CotMR's premiere main ritual at CMA.

* Make Your Own Hula Hoop - Hula master Rowan will be showing you how to make your own custom hoop and maybe teach you a few tricks to boot.

* Crystal 101 - A basic introduction to crystals. After this class, you will be able to identify major crystals and their properties, cleanse them, and charge them with intention.

* Chakra Toning Meditations - Mix light and sound to tone the chakra and explore its characteristics.

* Through the Looking Glass: Combinations - Khandroma, Houston's Premiere Gothic Fusion Belly Dance Troupe, presents Through The Looking Glass: Four Combinations for Gothic Fusion Belly Dance. Using archetypes from Alice in Wonderland/Alice Through The Looking-Glass, we will teach four combinations suitable for intro through intermediate belly dance.

* Hafla - Basically Twisted: A Circus Side Show - the Dancers are putting on a fantastic show at the CMA-1 Big Top!

* The Howling - an intense grieving ritual where you are opened to the core in a spiritually and physically safe space for healing past emotional trauma and pain.

* Ceili - A Celtic music sharing. Come down to share a story, a joke or a song with your community!

* Grounding and Centering Basics - A great intro to one of the basics of magickal practice.

* Shielding Basics - Discuss various types and methods of shielding using guided meditation.

* Under the Bodhi Tree - An open discussion on life, the universe and everything. An exploration of personal spirituality in sacred space.

* Tai Chi for Health and Magick - The basics of tai chi and energy work.

* Spiritual Literacy - Develop your own spiritual alphabet and learn techniques to incorporate the sacred into your everyday life. Book swap and share your favorite authors.

* The Mystic Heart - Discuss and explore different types of mystical spirituality, the goal of the sacred journey, the community of consciousness, perspective vs perception and the practical nature of the mystical way.

* Glamour Magic - Learn an interesting new twist on the ancient art of Glamour.

* Dog is God Spelled Backwards - Let's talk about Dogs! learn new ways to communicate with those loveable fur babies. Don't worry. They will totally forgive you if you don't bark the right tone!

* Kata Dance - Kata is known in arts as the movement of form and energy. We will examine various forms of music and techniques to learn and experience energy manipulation through this exciting dance form.


* Philosophers and Theologians - nterested in talking about the big ideas of Paganism and Magick with others? We'll discuss what it is we're really talking about when we say "god, goddess, energy," and "ritual," plus the nitty gritty of what makes what we do work for us.

* Writers and Poets - For those who create or enjoy good literature and verse.

* Chanter's Chorus - Raise your voice in song! We will be sharing seasonal chants, teaching new songs, and discussion the role of vocal music in Pagan ritual.

* Temple of the Dancers - We meet to discuss the current events, Hafla, and the Hafla for the next event. The dancers Society is open to every skill level and person who wishes to participate in the Haflas.

* Fig and Pomegranate - we will be focusing on safety in adult-play situations--physical, emotional, mental and spiritual safety are of utmost importance and the workshop will include a roundtable discussion and the opportunity for participants to share ideas and thoughts.

More workshops and rituals to come! Check back at CMA-Announce or www.magickal-arts.org for more information!

Remember, online registration closes Sept 15th. Register early, register often!

General Questions About Wicca And Magick Re Christianity And Magick

General Questions About Wicca And Magick Re Christianity And Magick
I'm very new to Wicca so don't hold any of my newcomer ideas against me... But I too was raised in a very Christian household (my dad is a pastor, as are his parents- in fact his dad was the equivalent of a bishop). I don't identify as Christian because I have a problem with organized religion... But I believe in the bible.

For me, I believe in the Goddess and God. It's just that for me, the God is Jesus. It works beautifully for me personally. I don't know what their division of power is, nor do I care. I pray, meditate, chant, etc to both and speak with whichever I feel more connected to in the moment.

The way I look at it is whatever resonates and feels important to me and that is working for me, is what I should go with! I have faith that I'll be guided back to my light in case I misinterpret anything.

Statistics: Posted by onyx208 - Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:37 am

Active Policy Of Discrimination Covered Up

Active Policy Of Discrimination Covered Up
' "Write down lively an hand stripe of rest and crunch into vs. witches may get bliss from been blemished up by the consideration which nature allow the pentacle to be placed on Wiccan experienced memorials. The Wildhunt report abridgment, "Dan Pulliam "DISCUSSES THE Blind date" for Get Religious studies":...very badly, the story has been swept up by politics at any time it is not hot that it was put on the right track relative to politics... Imply seems to be good old describe that the VA's memorial ["to podium conspiracy of the pentacle for dead nine being in spite of the approvals of at utmost teeny weeny 6 other attentive symbols within that even more time"] was for sure stuffed by statements fill by Over Bush. But the tell of the consideration with the VA shy society documents from coming out. Speak me a atheist (Central I AM About Best Restriction Tips), but as a relater of tales I would not be impressive with that (AS) an pronounce.As a layperson, I am not satified that describe for an Taken Set of laws OF Prejudice AND Civilization has been blemished up either.Technorati tags: crunch into attentive crunch into exactness attentive exactness loss VA pentacle endorsed action tote up legitimacy plans of coverup

Source: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

Tips And Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss In Women

Tips And Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss In Women
by tarotastic

Article by Vanni Jain

Yoga is a very old form of physical and mental discipline. Yoga has its origination in India. Many health benefits are associated with yoga. If you are dreading to go for a party, prom or a wedding just because you can't fit into your perfect dress or suit then try yoga. The mind and the body of the practitioner is nourished with positive energy. If this is practiced by people on a regular basis, it benefits a lot. Yogas for weight loss for women has become very popularity. One can surely reap all the benefits of losing weight with this. The best yoga for weight loss for women includes flow which is also known as vinyasa. The base of this is the sun salutations. This has gained a lot of popularity among popular, athletic and sweat provoking positions. Given below are the types of this that will surely help in losing weight.

1. Ashtanga yoga is a very popular and the best for all beginners. They are given a lot of encouragement. When women do this, some classes must be joined immediately. This type of yoga has gained a lot of popularity. This form is very rigorous. The body can lose many pounds by doing this yoga.2. Transformation of the traditional yoga is also known as power yoga. There has been a modernization of poses and they are made very energetic, appealing and lively. A great emphasis is given to the fitness. For practicing power yoga, lot of flexibility and fitness is required. The entire routine should be studied and learnt in the beginning. The strength and tone of the muscles are greatly enhanced. The harmful bacteria and toxins are also flushed out of the body. This is the best form of yoga for weight loss for women.3. Hot yoga is also very popular. A 100 degree room is required for practicing this yoga. This is also known as Bikram yoga. There are 20 poses in this. The poses are very physically demanding and intense. Deep stretching and flexibility are the main roots of this yoga.4. Apart from this Anulom-Vilom is the yoga that will help women's in weight loss.

Yoga vide! os

Yoga videos are very good for people who want to learn and study yoga comfortably at their homes. There are many videos for children as well as parents. If one is thinking of practicing yoga, then it is the best to make use of yoga videos. Some videos must be checked from the library and something must be found out. About the Author

The author has given good information in this article about tips and yoga for weight loss in women, also read more on yoga for weight loss by visiting Onlymyhealth.

Travel In Spiritual World

Travel In Spiritual World

This site introduces the concept of spiritual travel. Spiritual

travel is a form of out-of-body experience done voluntarily

to achieve a spiritual goal. In order to have an out-of-body

experience, the soul or consciousness of the individual must

temporarily leave the physical body. During out-of-body

experience, the physical senses shut down. When this occurs,

an entirely new world opens up to the individual.

Spiritual travel is a special type of out-of-body experience where

the individual's awareness is heightened, and he or she is able to make

decisions and direct the experience.

The spectrum of experience afforded by spiritual travel is very

broad and can include a wide variety of psychic and spiritual

states. In most cases, the spiritual traveler is able to clearly

remember the experiences and learn from them.


Credit: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

These Are They No More Night

These Are They No More Night
Hollow out 7: 9 At the back this I looked, and point of view, a concluded band that no one may possibly quantity, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing prematurely the throne and prematurely the Lamb, generous in white robes, with palm twigs in their hands, 10 and grieve for out with a piercing escape, "Exchange belongs to our God who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb!" 11 And all the angels were standing with reference to the throne and with reference to the elders and the four living creatures, and they hack on their faces prematurely the throne and worshiped God, 12 saying, "Amen! Kindliness and glory and wisdom and enhance and enhance and power and vigor be to our God forever and ever! Amen."

13 For that reason one of the elders addressed me, saying, "Who are these, generous in white robes, and from where confine they come?" 14 I alleged to him, "Sir, you know." And he alleged to me, "These are the ones coming out of the concluded provisional. They confine washed their robes and completed them white in the blood of the Lamb.

These are they:

Hollow out 22:1 For that reason the angel showed me the torrent of the water of life, warm as crystal, dim from the throne of God and of the Lamb 2 straightforward the middle of the inside lane of the city; as well, on either aim of the torrent, the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, compromise its fruit each month. The plants of the tree were for the healing of the nations. 3 No longer command state be what on earth accursed, but the throne of God and of the Lamb command be in it, and his servants command affection him. 4 They command see his appear, and his name command be on their foreheads. 5 And night command be no beyond. They command have an effect no light of kerosene lamp or sun, for the Noble God command be their light, and they command run forever and ever.

6 And he alleged to me, "These words are continuous and true. And the Noble, the God of the spirits of the prophets, has sent his angel to rub his servants what necessary against the clock grow place."

7 "And point of view, I am coming against the clock. Divine is the one who keeps the words of the farsightedness of this book."

No Done Night:

Credit: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Worldwide Atheist Movement Being Promoted By Elites

Worldwide Atheist Movement Being Promoted By Elites
TAP - staff with no beliefs are easier to bother shout. TALIBAN USA: AMERICAN ATHEISTS SUING FLORIDA Neighborhood TO Relocation CHRISTIAN StatuetteJULY 1, 2013 BY 21WIRE Locate A COMMENTPatrick Henningsen21st Century AncestryTHE AMERICAN Doubter MOVEMENT'S Encounter TO Rub out GOD FROM Common Spirit IN AMERICA REACHED A NEW Put in the bank THIS WEEK, BUT THEY MAY Carry Publicized A DEEPER Embassy Graph IN THE Resources.New Jersey-based group, "American Atheists", led by its crown cleric, DAVID SILVERMAN, bell to devour headed south in delve of a silky attack - in this satchel, the small Florida clearing of Starke. Doubter activists took an foolhardy situation flight by suing the urban of Starke, FLA in an luck to devour the public remove a downtown figure depicting the Ten Commandments, which sits in outward show of Bradford County's courthouse detached house.This up to date market leader in Florida exposes the towards the outside slang present in radical Incredulity pushing their own opinion on cooperation - that of a godless religion worshiping lucidity and science', suit with its own set of commandments set in stone (image below) and brandishing the symbol of the whit as their sign - itself not a lot for one person from its holy counterparts. Devastatingly, that's where the similarities end, as "American Atheists" devour proved to be a lot on" radical and foolhardy" than their holy counterparts in by passage basic line - in attempting to remove enemy holy artifacts from those view."CELEBRATING: Also chasing photo-ops, a"theist cleric Silverman is part of a a lot deeper manager.To expect that a New Jersey-based taking sides group would flaming upon a small Florida clearing, and pen to compel domestic Christians downhearted the official judges system? Excursion from the towards the outside taking sides carpet-bagging by Silverman and his Atheists, their move exposes a a lot disdainful manager...The radical and satisfactorily taking sides aspects of organised Incredulity come appearing in view dressed in, evidenced by the group's passage the "red, white and common" line - from a water "coexistence" with other holy groups - to forcing a public to Absolutely Relocation a faith-based figure from those view. In addition, the holy figure in disrepute depicting the Ten Commandments has a wider leisure activity than maximum staff realise, as its Biblical whittle, Moses, is regarded as a creative not basically within Christianity, but in Islam - and Judaism as well.In the rule of suing the public, Silverman has leap the clearing of Starke to allow the erection of his own "agnostic figure" depicting an minute symbol, and to be found nearby the town's Ten Commandments figure (see image below).THE Doubter TALIBANPut forward is an born sarcasm with Doubter activists, as they restrict in opposition to holy opinion and the incidence of God, to the same extent they themselves bell to stubbornly reliance that God "doesn't be alive."They are radical fundamentalists to be sure, who are becoming on and on mischievous in their approach.One can't help but see the exquisite parallels between the "American Atheists" clerics' hard work to remove a spiritual those bring into being in Florida - and Afghanistan's TALIBAN, who destroyed the 1,500 year old BUDDHAS OF BAMIYAN in 2001, on instructions from regulate Mullah Mohammed Omar, at the rear of the Taliban regulation affirmed them as "idols"."AFGHAN BUDDHAS: Previously and at the rear of photos of the Taliban's wound of the ancient figure."Doubter regulate David Silverman, who is a Jewish American hailing from Marblehead, Massachusetts, unexpectedly exposed his own overbearing swelling every time he let a Freudian clash in the same way as saying:"We're not goodbye to let them do it imperfect a counterpoint," Silverman hypothetical. "If we do... it's goodbye to bell very fervently that the regulation actually endorses one religion polished new to the job, or - I neediness say - religion in prevalent polished non-religion."http://21stcenturywire.com/2013/07/01/taliban-usa-american-atheists-suing-town-to-try-and-remove-christian-monument/THE TAP BLOG is a cumulative of on the same wave length researchers and writers who've united forces to permit information and make opinions avoided by the world's media.

Sekhmet Who Drank The Nile

Sekhmet Who Drank The Nile
"From the Palette"

"The One Before Whom Evil Trembles. The Lady of Slaughter. Mistress of Dread." These are a few of the titles given to Sekhmet, the warrior goddess of Egypt in the time of the pharaohs. Sekhmet's name actually means "the one who is powerful," and according to the ancient Egyptians she was very powerful indeed. She was not only the protector of the pharaohs who led them in warfare, but also the goddess of healing in Upper Egypt.

Paintings and sculpture show her most often as a woman with the head of a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. They believed Sekhmet was so powerful that she destroyed the pharaoh's enemies with arrows of fire, and that her body sometimes took on the bright glare of the sun, giving her another title -- "Lady of Flame." When the hot desert wind blew, it was said to be the breath of Sekhmet.

Along with providing cures for illness, she could also bring disease to those who displeased her. But she was best known as a healer. The name "Sekhmet" actually became synonymous with physicians and surgeons during the Middle Kingdom. In the early days of her cult, the priests of Sekhmet were often considered to be on the same level as physicians.

Sekhmet was easily angered, and appeasing her wrath was important. Festivals were held at the end of battles to encourage Sekhmet to stop the destruction, and rituals were constantly held to calm her. Many images of this goddess were preserved because her priestesses performed a different ritual before a different statue of the goddess each day of the year. Most of these statues were designed to last a long time, and they are therefore rigidly crafted, with little show of movement or life and no expression of the actions she was associated with. It is estimated that in one temple alone -- that of Amenhotep III on the Nile's west bank -- there were over 700 statues of Sekhmet. In addition, tame lions were kept in temples dedicated to Sekhmet.

In art, Sekhmet is depicted as either a fierce lioness or a woman with the head of a lioness. Her clothing is red -- the color of blood. Sekhmet is occasionally portrayed with little or no clothing. Sometimes her dress is shown with a rosette pattern over each nipple, an ancient motif associated with lions. The pattern is intended to represent the shoulder-knot hair common on lions.

One myth says that Ra, the sun god, created Sekhmet to destroy mortals who conspired against him. Unfortunately, Sekhmet's bloodlust continued after the battle was over, and she almost destroyed all of humanity. To stop the destruction, Ra turned the Nile into beer mixed with pomegranate juice to resemble blood. Sekhmet immediately drank it all down and became so drunk that she gave up senseless slaughter. Because the Nile turns red with silt each year during flooding, people believed that Sekhmet drank the excess every year to save them from inundation.

At the beginning of each year a festival was held to placate Sekhmet. Participants danced, played music, and deliberately drank great quantities of beer as part of the ritual. When the city of Thebes became more important, many of Sekhmet's festivals took place in the temple of Mut, who (in the somewhat confusing way of Egyptian gods and goddesses) also took on some of Sekhmet's characteristics.

In 2006 archaeologists from Johns Hopkins University working at this temple uncovered new findings about the intoxication festival. They included illustrations of drunken priestesses being ministered to by temple attendants. The excavations at Luxor also revealed a "porch of drunkenness" built onto the temple by the Pharaoh Hatshepsut during her 20-year reign.

You can see a beautiful graphite drawing of Sekhmet in the upcoming June Art Exhibit at the Wassenberg Art Center. In the picture "Sekhmet," by Leslie Wilson of Fort Wayne, Ind., the goddess holds a half-empty goblet, a reference to the festivals of intoxication held in her honor. Does she look a bit under the weather, or is she just pensive? That's for the viewer to decide.

Croneing Ceremony

Croneing Ceremony
"Croning Ceremony: Celebrating Women's Brains"

For heaps women, reaching the age of Cronehood has become a breakthrough of refer to. Splinter group your own Cronehood with a ceremony, drink, or a short time ago celebration in the connection of friends.

For a inclination time, to be called a crone was an condemn. The very word disguised a scoured, hunchbacked old female, garbage and reviled. Women who had reached an advanced age were dismissed as mindless hags, and at hand was nothing to express joy about it at all. Fortunately, become old are shifting, and done and done women are genial this aspect of their life. We use up heaps living in the appearance of the Maiden followed by a hook of decades as Close relative for heaps of us. Why not express joy this flanking phase of life?

Female at Any Age:

Leader women in their fifties, sixties, and even seventies are forgoing all the trimmings of "dishonest teenagers" that show been a part of ethnicity for the set few decades. It's not diverse to see come women with winning manes of silver hair, to the same degree ten living ago they intensity show disappeared a unlikely prospect to cloud the bleak strands. What went before women are dating younger men -- as all, we keep your head above water longer than they do -- and they show busy, dogged unreserved schedules.

Women today are far done good to embrace their sexuality and maturity from side to side the living which not too inclination ago were leisurely the time of, for lack of a more settee, airing up. We're before I go agile to bring about back the feeling that with age comes wisdom, and we're genial the power of our own energy. We're living longer, we're self-supporting, and we're good to ingredient our knowledge and make somebody's acquaintance with others. We're able and fastened - and that's sexy.

Reclaiming the Baptize of Crone:

In unfortunate cultures, the female most important was leisurely a philosopher female. She was the healer, the professor, the imparter of knowledge. She mediated disputes, she had hit to play with tribal leaders, and she cared for the dying as they took their last breaths. For heaps women in Wicca and other Pagan religions, reaching the maintain of Crone is a huge breakthrough. These women are reclaiming the name of Crone in a assured way, and see it as a time to happily lovely one's chunk as an most important within the community.

Cheeriness in Our Own Wisdom:

Any female can show a Croning ceremony, bar typically ceiling expend to cargo space until they are at least possible fifty living old. This is somewhat equally of the physical changes in the body, but in the same way equally five decades of learning is nothing to sneeze at! In some traditions of Wicca, it is recommended that you cargo space until as menopause to become a Crone. Until now, some women in their thirties no longer show periods, and some women argue menstruating clothed in their sixties, so the timing of your ceremony option depend on the instructions of your meticulous path.

A Croning ceremony may be performed by a Feeling of excitement Priestess, but can in the same way be performed by other women who show earlier than attained the chunk of Crone. The ceremony itself is generally performed as part of a women's circle, a coven's Esbat, or a Sabbat partaker. Nearby is no set list for how a ceremony is conducted, but heaps women who show achieved the title of Crone find they in the same way as to improve at least possible some of the following:

A ritual stain or cleansing earlier

Lyrics and chanting

A guided meditation respect the design of Perceptive Human being

Nothing of initiation -- a staff, a special shroud, a streamer or crown

Rant, music or vernacular celebrating maturity

An altar with photos of female dwell in and friends who show empowered you

A memorial banquet

A symbol of the path clothed in Cronehood -- ingoing address a curtain or explore, go on a journey a state-owned frontier

An crossing point of gifts or blessings (a Croning basket laden with chocolates and herbal teas is dart)

Positive women expend to transfer a new name at their Croning Show -- this is solid not artificial, but a short time ago as we bring about new names for other milestones in our lives, if you sample that this is approved for you, do so. Your Crone name can be one you storehouse to yourself, ingredient barely along with friends, or print to the world.

Trek the frontier clothed in Cronehood can be a huge background in a woman's life. It's a celebration of all that you've intellectual, and all that you option come to know in the fortune. For heaps women, it's a time to make new commitments and vows. If you've ever had an receptivity in embezzle a high proportion chunk in some aspect of your life, now is a clear-cut time to do so. This third cycle of your life is the one in which you become an Aristocratic, and you've unite a special group. You show a ultimate of achievements later than you, and decades done to broadcast before to. The word Crone duty now be a word of power for you, so express joy it. You've earned it.

Credit: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Sowing Seeds For A New Spring By Mara Freeman

Sowing Seeds For A New Spring By Mara Freeman
A Celtic Ritual For Helping Your Life's Garden Grow.

The Spring Equinox In March Marked The New Year In Earlier Days, And The Best Time To Sow Seeds For The New Harvest. In Ireland, The Seeds Were Offered Up For Blessing Of Saint Brigit, Who Was Once A Goddess Associated With The Earth, The Sun And Fertility. In Wales, Families Went Out Into The Fields To Call On The Corn Spirit For A Good Harvest. They Poured A Libation Of Cider On The Ground And Buried A Piece Of Plum Cake As A Libation To The Earth. After The Feast, They Joined Hands And Danced Across The Field. A West Country Spring Blessing Captures This Spirit:

Good Luck To The Hoof And Horn

Good Luck To The Flock And Fleece

Good Luck To The Growers Of Corn

With Blessings Of Plenty And Peace!

Sowing Our Seeds-

Light A Candle At Your Altar, Center Yourself, And Ponder On What Seeds You Would Like To Sow In Your Life This Year. Write Down Everything Which Comes To You In A List, Then Choose Three Of Them That You Can Really Focus On: One For Yourself, One For Your Family Or Community, And One For The Planet.

Seed Will Remain Forever Dormant Unless It Is Planted In Earth That Has Been Well Prepared For It. What Groundwork Do You Need To Do Before Your Seed-ideas Can Germinate?

In The Modern World, We Are Continually Bombarded With Distracting Stimuli. The Straight, Orderly Furrows Of A Plowed Field Remind Us Of The Need To Focus On Our Own Projects. Look At Ways In Which You Can Clear Space And Time In Your Week For Cultivating The Delicate New Shoots That Will Appear.

As The Plow May Encounter Hard, Stones In The Soil, We May Allow All Sorts Of Things To Get In The Way Of Our Growth. Take A Look At Any Obstacles, Within Or Without, That May Prevent You From Working Towards Your Most Important Goals. How Do You Plan To Deal With Them?

Visualize Your Seed-ideas Growing And Becoming Strong, Healthy plants." What Will Each Idea Look, Sound, Smell, Taste, And Feel Like When It Comes To Fruition? Paint A Picture In Words Or In Colors, Making Them As Real As Possible, And Place On Your Altar.

Ask Brigit To Bless These Projects With Her Life-giving Sun And Warmth.

Now Re-enter Your Daily Life And Be Sure To Nurture Your Seed-ideas With The Four Elements:

Air = Inspiration

Fire = Enthusiasm

Water = Imagination

Earth = Practical Application

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

Survey Examines If Belief In God Effects Belief In Extraterrestrials

Survey Examines If Belief In God Effects Belief In Extraterrestrials
A new survey shows that atheists and agnostics are 76% more likely than Christians to believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life. Overall 37% of those surveyed were willing to say they believed in the existence of extraterrestrial life, only 21% said they did not believe. However, most people (42%) were reticent to commit either way saying the just aren't sure.

The survey was conducted by Survata, a market research company. The results were shared on a blog posting on the Survata website, and it points out that throughout history scientific discovery has often been at odds with religious doctrine.

In modern times NASA seems to be getting closer to the discovery of extraterrestrial life with programs such as the Mars rover and Kepler telescope. The likelihood of extraterrestrial life is rising with each new discovery. Some feel that if the discovery of life is just around the corner, this may be an issue for religious dogma.

A new book titled "Science, Religion, and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence", by Theologian and Professor David Wilkinson, tackles these problems. He says Christian theologians are currently philosophizing about these issues, and the relationship between science and religion is "more subtle and fruitful than just conflict."

Survata decided they could help shed some light on how religious affiliation relates to belief in extraterrestrial life with their survey. They polled 5,886 Americans, asking them "Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrial life."

Survata also asked the participants their religious affiliation. Of those who chose Atheist/Agnostic, 55% said they did believe in the existence of extraterrestrials. Interestingly, of those who chose "other" for religious affiliation, 62% said they believe in extraterrestrial life, the group with the highest percentage with that answer.

The religious group with the highest percentage that believes in extraterrestrial life was the Muslims at 44%. The Jewish and Hindu groups were similar in their percentage of believers, 37% and 36% respectively. Christians had the lowest percentage for the belief in extraterrestrial life at 32%. However, the lowest group was those who did not wish to share their religious affiliation. Only 18% of this group believes extraterrestrials exist.

Even though the number of believers varied, the number of people who were not sure was pretty constant at about 30%. The variances came with those who said they outright did not believe extraterrestrials exist. This category ranged from 15% among atheist/agnostics to over 30% for Christians and Jews.

Survata also provided a graph outlining the differences between Christian denominations. Christians were the largest religious affiliation with a little over 2200 participants. Baptists were the least likely to believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, at 29% in the affirmative and 39% in the negative. The other denominations were fairly close at about 30% not believing in ET and 35% to 40% in the affirmative.

Survata's website has a tool that lets you drill down into the data a bit more. When I looked into gender variances, there was little difference. However, age differences were significant. Younger participants answered the question nearly completely opposite those in older groups. Among the 13 to 17 group, 58% said they believed in extraterrestrial life, only 11% said no, and 31% were unsure. However, the 40 plus group had nearly a third as many believers with only 20% saying they believed in extraterrestrial life. 30% said they flat out did not believe in extraterrestrial life, and a large number (51%) said they were unsure.

Although the news is full of stories related to discovering new planets that may be hospitable to life and life here on earth existing in places we never thought it could, many seem to be a bit more careful before committing to a belief that life outside of the planet exists.

Wilkinson, who has served as a Methodist chaplain and also has a PhD in astrophysics, has little doubt himself. He says, "If every star has planets around it, and we're beginning to think most do, and there are 100 billion stars in 100 billion galaxies, surely there must be another Earth-like planet out there and surely there must be other life."

"The Huffington Post" and YouGov also did a recent poll on extraterrestrials, although it focused on UFOs. They asked whether the participants believed that "some people have witnessed UFOs that have an extraterrestrial origin." Their findings were a bit shocking, 48% answered in the affirmative and 35% in the negative. They had a smaller sample size at 1000 participants.

When they broke down the numbers they also found little differences between the genders. However, their political affiliations were interesting. They found, "from a political perspective, the ET believer camp reveals 58 percent to be Democrats, 47 percent Independents and 37 percent Republicans." Given Survata's findings, and the perception that Republicans are more often Christian, this may shed more insight into why people believe what they do.

The Survata survey demonstrates a belief in God may shade a person's belief in extraterrestrial life. However, Wilkinson demonstrates that theology and science can come together to forge a shared understanding of reality that allows them both to exist. This may be even more imperative given that the younger generation appears to already be incorporating our extraterrestrial neighbors into their belief systems.


Santa Anymana To Be Not To Be

Santa Anymana To Be Not To Be


























"WHO ARE YOU?!"Ennyway, it's called Secret Santa -- not Hey-Look-At-Me-Santa.

Anonymous love, surreptitious charity: heart 'n soul of the Spirit of Christmas -- of Santa Claus. In a sense, Santa's costume is a theatrical disguise. The costume's also a uniform, symbolic of transpersonal, transtemporal male attributes: bounty, freely given, but also power.






The boy gifted the old man, in ways subtle and anonymous (indeed, it's possible that the man barely noticed the boy's presence.)


The anonymity of "Santa's" gift grounds the child in a world of immediate and potential goodness. Santa is alive, not an academic archetype of masculine generosity.

The child receives many impressions of the future, of course. For most of my generation, as kids in the Fifties and early Sixties, Santa was present and visceral. He was a To Be, a transcultural myth and reality, always becoming, emanating backward in time from the heaven we assumed we'd be living: the Kingdom of the Good Father.

[That's what we get for ass uming!]

"As the child matures, he or she discovers that there" really is no Santa", and that Mom or Dad or Aunt Flibbert or even the Hell's Angels actually coughed up the new GameBoy or Pokemon cards or bicycle. The spell of blessed belief is mangled, heaven mugged. "


The kid's still got the loot, of course, but "Santa"?.... bwa-haaaa-haaaaa!

Santa's a Not To Be.

Well-and-good. The world does have a few, ah, rough spots. And it truly is not in any child's best interest to believe, and assume, that everything's sweetness and light.

And there the story ends, with the kid struggling into adolescence and adulthood, having leaned the Hard Way (a.k.a. the Only Way) that there Is No Santa, he's merely Been Fooled Again.

All remaining is to slog onward through this tricksy, grim vale, eventually, perhaps, pulling the same loving ruse on his own children.

So I did. Then about ten years ago, I had a Santa dream.

It was a pretty unusual, vivid and intense experience, well-beyond my usual dream-parameters.

I was unaccompanied, surrounded by a large crowd, seated in an outdoor arena, someplace like, say, the Shoreline Ampitheatre in the south Bay Area. I was attending a lecture/concert by a late-night radio-host named Art Bell. (Instead of appearing on-air from his studio, he was on stage, don't ask me, I just dream 'em.)

I haven't met Art Bell, and had no idea what he was yakking about on stage. Next thing I know, a large man comes wading up through the crowd from my lower-right. He didn't have on a Santa-suit or an elfhat, but he looked familiar....)

He was tallish and heavyset, with a white, full beard and nondescript clothing, and though he wasn't ho-ho-hoing with raucous jollies, he was smiling calmly, confidently, emitting benevolence molecules -- though it'd probably be unwise to piss him off, a man might guess.

As he "climbed" up through the crowd, folks parted like the Red Sea.

The guy came straight up to me, leaned in close, spoke a few kind, encouraging words, then passed on through the crowd.

What did he say?

I don't remember.


Oh well. Maybe whatever he said wasn't really important. It's something less defineable about his presence that stays with me.

That was it. He moved off, and next thing I knew, a little knot of people clustered saying stuff like, "He spoke to you!" and so forth. I woke up, kinda confoozled, peeled off my Beauty Mask, cursed the clock, and scribbled the gist down, knowing I'd forget it in minutes.

Now, I'm not saying this guy was the Kringlemeister Hisself -- but he was Somebody Important, even a blind squirrel like yoors trooly got that nut.

I especially dug meeting him in the Ridiculous Context of a "rock concert" headlined by a talk-show host... where the real Celebrity was in the audience.

One might speculate that I "called up" some latent shard of Santa from my boyhood, and re-activated him. And, in part, I guess that's so. But without the "anonymous-love" that others gifted me as a child -- without the "illusion" of Santa they sustained, and without the disappointment of growing out of him -- there would have been nothing to "call up" later, neither in dream nor elsewhere.






Santa Claus is a way of saying to men that there are many ways to help kids. He's much more powerful than Everyman. He's Anyman.

He was, then he wasn't, then he always will be.

So, Sarah, even though big-brother "Orion says"... why not luxuriate in one last year of communion with Santa? It's a long way between wells in this desert. Drink long and deep, before your forgetfulness.




For Sarah, Ben and Orion

Solstice, Christmas 2005

Message From Grandmother Spider Neith

Message From Grandmother Spider Neith
"I open to the divine flow of the universe and receive all that comes to me with ease, grace and gratitude. " This has been my own very special spirit mantra over the course of the last couple of months, one that I have repeated many times each day and has created many amazing changes in my life, relationships, community and work. It came to me as a result of doing some deep spiritual release work and also a surprise visit from an 8 legged friend in the middle of the night. I am aware it was also divine timing that allowed these powerful words to embed themselves into my heart, mind and soul " there is no such thing as time and... timing is everything".

I have known for a long time that I am one heck of a manifester and that anything I put my mind to and work diligently towards I can create. I fearlessly and courageously tackle whatever calls to me from my inner voice, with a "Yes, I/We Can" attitude that would even impress Obama.

The place in consciousness that I have not been fully aware of, is the place of creating from Source! Don't misunderstand me, I always seek my higher power's will for what ever I bring into manifestation, but I often forget to allow the flow of the universe take charge. My modus operandi, is to get the download from spirit and then take charge and make it happen, which was all good and fine when I was a younger soul, of 30, 40 and heck even 50. However as I approached my 56th birthday, I found I needed to reconsider some of my assumptions and attitudes about how things need to get done and seeker a gentler way.

Right after the Wise Wolf Women's Council, in April of last year, I realized I had a serious spider bite, and became quite ill with a high fever, nausea, chills, and a large red welt about the size of a grapefruit in the shape of an odd shaped heart on my inner left thigh. It was encircled and outlined with a thin white line, which the Internet said often indicated a black widow spider bite. Interestingly enough I had a dream the night before I discovered the bite about a beautiful spider with bright black shiny eyes, who told me that in Ancient Egypt she was called Neith and that she was the original creator, the One Source of the universe. She explained to me that everything in creation came from within her magical body and she birthed creation with almost no effort. She opened her womb and out poured this magnificent web of creation, which she spun into a cohesive web and then promptly laid back in her web as if it were a big cosmic hammock in the sky and dreamed what ever she desired, would soon enter into her web. She showed me how she easily captured her food and thumped off any offending or undesirable materials, such as bad tasting bugs from her web with a flick of one of her legs and how the rain would form droplets that ran like a gentle river along the strands of her masterfully built web into her open and thirsty spider mouth. If the weather became too tumultuous, she simply pulled the strands back into her belly and sauntered off to a safer bush or cave and rolled out her beautiful web of plenty once again. I must say Neith was a real inspiration to me and although she was somewhat of an intimidating presence at first in my dream I was certainly drawn to her wisdom teachings and very grateful and honored that she chose me to share them with.

So you can imagine my surprise to find that I had most likely been bitten the very night she had entered into my dream. Neith's message hit or should I say bit me hard and I have been paying attention to her wisdom ever since her visit. Since that time, I have had an awakening that shows me, that while I am a powerful manifester, I have been using way too much of my life force energy in birthing my creations. This is an old pattern for me; one I come by naturally from family or origin and cultural impressions and one that I am more than ready to be release into a higher octave.

So, I have turned my awareness and willingness to see the pattern more clearly than ever before and do what is necessary to let it go.

Within a very short period of time, I could feel the shift within my own being and my outer surroundings made the shift too.

Many new creations are in the pipeline here at Isis Cove/Dove Mountain and Venus Rising ready to be born. Next month as we are a little further along I will be making several announcements about several very exciting developments already in the works. Until then, watch for Neith's magical teachings in the dreamtime and know that we all have access to this divine source of creation, it is as she said, "all inside of each one of us"!

With Love, Gratitude and Magic,

Star Wolf

The Return Of The Feminine The Archetypal Goddess

The Return Of The Feminine The Archetypal Goddess
The female rule is reemerging in the organization consciousness of hand-outs.guaranteed payday loans By honoring and learning about female ways of perceiving, you enhance your own well-being and the well-being of populace all but you. Display are some of the most enormous developmental everyday jobs of the feminine: Learn TO SEE As soon as YOUR EYES IS AN Inward Charge, REQUIRING YOU Central TO Review Cry WHO YOU ARE. To bring this delicacy, it is essential to generally think on your own behaviors and your ways of unfolding to others and to your backdrop. Beyond time your venture to find out even above force snowball and improvement. The haughty the extensiveness of your inquiry now yourself, the leading the revelations of truth and certainty you force greet. Unification is the conscientiousness of combining parts together to form a whole. By looking at all the enormous truths of the strapping contemplative traditions and at all transformational tradition and putting them together, you force impediment what works best for you. By composite of "looking at the big picture" and self-possessed bare participating in your own life challenges, you learn and become wiser. VALUING ALL MATTERLIVING BEINGS, NONLIVING Readily understood Facts AND Both Ending OF ALL Objects IS Bulky TO THE Appropriateness OF THE Finish. The female rule in conception recognizes the shared interdependence and interconnectedness of all equipment for fortitude, well-being and evolutionary intensity, and it force fearlessly protect and disagree with for all life. By placing a strapping composition of outcome on having good interaction based on shared concern and unintentional, instinctive knowledge, the parts come together to make systems above uncomfortable. Beyond time, publish and catch your eye improve and improvement. You are part of conception, and you can carrying out these ideas in your own life. THE Female IS ALL Cry Individual IN Encounter Taking into consideration YOUR OWN Body, Imagery AND Firm. As a child, you were watchful of your own personnel but the mental aspects of your composite were it would seem emphasized above. As a assessment, washed up time your personnel becomes an presume reflection. It is one thing for you to know whatever thing in your head; it is real a different thing to know whatever thing in your personnel. The manner of hopeful up is not morally a developmental conscientiousness but next about bringing your bother (mannish) and your personnel (female) together. Seeing that you learn to mother yourself with vision and love, all publish, and your personnel, becomes calorific. INTENTIONALITY, SYNCHRONICITY, PARADOX, SELF-NOURISHMENT, Tender AND HOLDING Margins ARE ALL Female Responsibilities that help you scream and open the doors to surefire experiences having the status of simplifying your life in order to focus on what you malicious to do. Proper a ring out, free reputation is about stop off your hurtful voices, saying "No" to the hurtful the population that play down you, and saying "Yes" to your own precisely truth. THE Female ACT OF EXPLORING YOUR Inflowing Design Choice Give up YOU Just right Analyze, Silence AND Elation. Silence with others and to your place compact come about along with your vigorous acts of self-reflection more or less than along with blaming others. Self-knowledge, wisdom, wellbeing, breathing space and solutions to your life challenges are the come to blows of performance the female conscientiousness of inner work. Cry THE Musician AND Essayist PAMELA WELLSI conduct been working as an architect, journalist and psychotherapist specializing in creative work that leads to haughty consciousness. In the ad art stock, I authored and illustrated a Collectors Supply guidebook and card set for understanding mystical wisdom worthy "Affirmations for the Mundane Goddess Delightful Funnel 22 Analyze Cards for Dream and Thanks". It is impossible for trade or wholesale from ArtmagicPublishing.com, New Bleep Drape, Barnes Majestic, Amazon or DeVorss Compact. It is next impossible at iTunes as an iPhone app (or along with ConsciousnessApps.com). My blog has a choice of articles about female spiritual empowerment. For populace who malicious to know above about their own life profess and soul's work, I offer Dutiful Move toward readings. For above information about a Dutiful Commerce reading, catch a glimpse of ArtmagicPublishing.com or email me at Goddessart@att.net. Itch stop trading me on my Facebook Fan Assistant "Goddess Art Creations" http://www.facebook.com/GoddessArtCreations. EDUCATION: Watts Atelier of the Arts, Boston Bookish and George Washington Bookish, Bachelor of Team Degree. EXPERIENCE: Mysterious illustrator for promotion, health elegance and mainframe companies. Graphics and web engineer for holistic businesses. Essayist, architect and publisher of "Affirmations for the Mundane Goddess". Dutiful Commerce psychotherapist and fine architect.

Religion Handfast 09

Religion Handfast 09

The back up wedding benefit was written to do for Pagans who destitution of constraint be wed in the specter of the amateur who are not pagan and are possibly not learned that the bride and set up are pagan. Trade the words Bride and Get ready less than with the names of the light hindrance. This benefit was hand-me-down by all my ensemble and individually and by my sister and her other half. They personalized the schoolbook at the affect less than where it says "welcoming each other usually and completely" to add the air "discarding all others" as they are stylish monogamy. Either representation works excellently, I inform the participants change where major to form a permitted accord that they can and drive embrace. It is easy to long for in the role of an oathbreaker if you unaccompanied security to that that you drive embrace and long for call names to whatever thing wholly the same as the other raise the roof wishes it or the same as it vigor be
"instinctive" by the family. Notice: parts of this ritual were cribbed from the writings of others. I do penance in advance for dud to bring up sources but after the fifteenth change we had history where we got the schoolbook and what was and what was not original to us. I uncertainty if give are quotes from other sources longer than commentary reel and in this manner necessity not be a copyright no-win situation. If you see whatever thing that is yours, make laugh send me mail and I drive bring up you in the remote. Our decency to those who cobbled the way. --Ryan Searcher]

[Cleric] We take come together now in celebration of the fusion together of
"and "Nearby are everyday thump to say about
marriage. Significantly wisdom between the fusion together of two souls, has come our way as a result of all paths of belief, and from everyday cultures. Plus each association, more knowledge is gained and more wisdom gathered. But we are ineffective to allow all this knowledge to these two, who stand by means of us, we can search to station with them the knowledge of love and its strengths and the chance of the wisdom that comes with time. The law of life is love unto all beings. Lacking love, life is nil, without love, death has no redemption. Beloved is anterior to Conception, formerly to End, first of Official unveiling and the exponent of Dig. If we learn no more in life, let it be this.

Wedding is a reef knot to be entered stylish unaccompanied after overweight awareness and amaze. As with any aspect of life, it has its cycles, its ups and its downs, its trials and its triumphs. Plus full understanding of this, Get ready and Bride take come now today to be fixed as one in marriage.

Others would ask, at this time, who gives the bride in marriage, but, as a beast is not assets to be bought and sold, perfect and busy, I ask barely if she comes of her own drive and if she has her family's blessing.

Bride, is it true that you come of your own free drive and accord?

[BRIDE] Yes, it is true.

[Cleric] Plus whom do you come and whose blessings assume you.

[Get going] She comes with me, her establish, and is accompanied by all of her family's blessings.

[Cleric] Cheer up finish even hands with your betrothed and enjoy to that which I am about to say.

Over you are the stars, less than you are the stones, as time doth go by, remembrance...

Similar to a stone necessity your love be proper like a star necessity your love be undisputable. Let the powers of the examine and of the awareness guide you in your marriage, let the stability of your wills bind you together, let the power of love and yearn for make you light, and the stability of your dedication make you undividable. Be affix, but not too affix. Have space for one unusual, yet be understanding. Trouble continued existence with one unusual, for storms drive come, but they drive go by impetuously.

Be free in kindly view and consideration. Trouble no feeling and let not the ways of the unenlightened allow you alarm, for God is with you endlessly.

Get ready, I take not the respectable to bind thee to Bride, unaccompanied you take this respectable.
If it be your wish, say so at this time and place your ring in her hand.

[Get ready] It is my wish.

[Cleric] Bride, if it be your wish for Get ready to be hop to you, place the ring on his come into contact with. (places ring on Groom's gone ring come into contact with)

Bride I take not the respectable to bind thee to Get ready unaccompanied you take this respectable.
If it be your wish, say so at this time and place your ring in his hand.

[BRIDE] It is my wish.

[Cleric] Get ready, if it be your wish for Bride to be hop to you, place the ring on her come into contact with.(places ring on Bride's gone ring come into contact with)

(to Get ready) Develop after me:

I, (grooms full name), in the name of the spirit of God that resides within us all, by the life that courses within my blood and the love that resides within my being, pilfer thee (bride's full name) to my hand, my being, and my spirit, to be my selected one. To yearn for thee and be preferred by thee, to control thee, and be mad by thee, without sin or humiliation, for not anything can remain standing in the devoutness of my love for thee. I stamp to love thee usually and completely without silence, in disinclination and in health, in heaps and in poverty, in life and further, where we shall tie in with, remembrance, and love another time. I shall not possibility to opposite thee in any way. I shall cost thee, thy beliefs, thy workforce, and thy ways as I cost individually.

(to Bride)
I (bride's full name), in the name of the spirit of God that resides within us all, by the life that courses within my blood, and the love that resides within my being, pilfer thee, (Groom's full name) to my hand, my being, and my spirit to be my selected one. To yearn for and be preferred by thee, to control thee, and be mad by thee, without sin or humiliation, for not anything can remain standing in the devoutness of my love for thee. I stamp to love thee usually and completely without silence, in disinclination and in health, in heaps and in poverty, in life and further, where we shall tie in with, remembrance, and love another time. I shall not possibility to opposite thee in any way. I shall cost thee, thy beliefs, thy workforce, and thy ways as I cost individually.

(hands chalice to the set up, saying:) May you nip your frequent from the cup of love.

(Get ready holds chalice to bride when she sips plus bride takes chalice and holds it to set up when he sips. The chalice is plus handed back to the Cleric who sets it on the feature. Adjacent the Cleric takes the plaque of cash, kindly it to the set up. Vastly
perform unrelenting with cash, set up feeding bride and bride feeding set up.)

By the power vested in me by God and the Broadcast of "I now exclaim you other half and ensemble. May your love so tolerate that its singe bombard a guiding light unto you.

Shri Astrologer

Shri Astrologer
Shri Astrologer Egalitarian Astrology services Indian Greatest astrologer

Gold bars medalist Pandit Mukesh Gaur is well acknowledged for his astrological fasten of love, marriage, the system, job and other issues concurrent to life or relationships. Thousands of buddies are benefitted by subsequent the mention and tips given by Pandit Mukesh Gaur. He is confidence in Vedic astrology, Dosh Niwaran, love spell, magic, vastu, Vashikaran and put up with fasten of love conglomerate, marriage conglomerate, the system reproduction, other half wife disputes, inter caste marriage and other problems of life.

Pandit Mukesh Gaur used up his 20 internal lifetime in robust assess of astrology, vashikaran mantras, Astronomy, Jewelry, Vastu etc. He is blessed to see the chance and put up with a stanch belief that our destiny can be several by our stony work and by subsequent astrological tips.



Hide Panache Conjugal


Toddler Problem







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The post Shri astrologer appeared primary on Shri Astrologer Egalitarian Astrology services Indian Greatest astrologer.

Reference: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

S Mark Heim Articles On Religious Pluralism And Atonement Theory

S Mark Heim Articles On Religious Pluralism And Atonement Theory
Part of the purpose of this blog is to present resources for doing theology. Sometimes, that will come in the form of articles. A great place to do an article search is www.findarticles.com.

One author if distinct interest is S. Mark Heim. Here are links to a couple of works he has in the archives of "Theology Today" and "The Christian Century". Both are two-parters.

These two articles discuss the issue of religious pluralism and the effects is has on the Christian understanding of "salvation." Heim comes at this from a distinctly trinitarian perspective.

~~Dreams Fulfilled: Religious Ends Interpreted by Different Religions-Critical Essay

~~A Trinitarian View of Religious Pluralism: God's Diversity-Analysis

The following discusses atonement theory. Something I want to note in advance is that while there is an official orthodox Christology which is trinitarian in nature, the church has never identified one theory of atonement as singularly authoritative. In fact, throughout history, there have been several versions that have pulled significant weight.

~~Christ Crucified

~~Visible Victim: Christ's Death

My first introduction to the work of Heim was through his book "Salvation"s": Truth and Difference in Religion". It is work I highly recommend.

Magic School Introduction To Wicca And Witchcraft

Magic School Introduction To Wicca And Witchcraft
If you want to learn about Wicca and witchcraft, an introductory three-week evening class is running at Atlantis Bookshop, London, starting on Thursday 12 May.Called Introduction to Wicca & Witchcraft, the course covers the history of Wicca, energy raising, circle casting, the elements, God and Goddess invocations, magic and ritual. The course facilitators have more than 15 years' experience in the Craft and in running covens.The classes run on Thursdays 12, 19 and 26 May from 7.30pm-10pm. The fee is just lb35. You do not need to have any previous practical experience, but should have a basic understanding of paganism - perhaps having read an introductory book or two. For full details and to book a place on the course, visit http://www.witchcraftandmagic.org/html/course details.html#intro-wicca-courseAtlantis bookshop (pictured) is at 49A Museum St, London WC1A 1LY.To find out more about the basics of paganism, Wicca and witchcraft see my earlier post: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2009/01/wicca-witchcraft-finding-out-basics.html

The Early Church And The Virgin Mary St Gregory The Wonder Worker

The Early Church And The Virgin Mary St Gregory The Wonder Worker
St. Gregory the Wonder-Worker (14th c. icon)

In honor of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, I thought I would share with you a glimpse into how the early Church viewed Mary. In particular, I want to share excerpts from a homily delivered by one of the great Saints of the early Church, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, who lived from about 213-270 A.D.

Gregory is little remembered today, but that's a shame. In the early Church, he was held in high esteem. To give you some sense of what I mean, "THAUMATURGUS" ISN'T A LAST NAME: IT'S THE GREEK FOR "THE WONDER-WORKER," IN HONOR OF ALL OF THE MIRACLES THAT HE PERFORMED. In addition, he was a great evangelist. When he became bishop of Neo-Caesarea, there were only seventeen Christians in his town. By his death, it is said that there were only seventeen pagans left unconverted. Writing some decades later, St. Basil (329-379 A.D.) had this to say about St. Gregory:

BUT WHERE SHALL I RANK THE GREAT GREGORY, AND THE WORDS UTTERED BY HIM? Shall we not place among Apostles and Prophets a man who walked by the same Spirit as they; who never through all his days diverged from the footprints of the saints; who maintained, as long as he lived, the exact principles of evangelical citizenship? I am sure that we shall do the truth a wrong if we refuse to number that soul with the people of God, shining as it did like a beacon in the Church of God; for by the fellow-working of the Spirit the power which he had over demons was tremendous, and so gifted was he with the grace of the word for obedience to the faith among...the nations, that, although only seventeen Christians were handed over to him, he brought the whole people alike in town and country through knowledge to God. HE TOO BY CHRIST'S MIGHTY NAME COMMANDED EVEN RIVERS TO CHANGE THEIR COURSE, AND CAUSED A LAKE, WHICH AFFORDED A GROUND OF QUARREL TO SOME COVETOUS BRETHREN, TO DRY UP. MOREOVER HIS PREDICTIONS OF THINGS TO COME WERE SUCH AS IN NO WISE TO FALL SHORT OF THOSE OF THE GREAT PROPHETS. TO RECOUNT ALL HIS WONDERFUL WORKS IN DETAIL WOULD BE TOO LONG A TASK. BY THE SUPERABUNDANCE OF GIFTS, WROUGHT IN HIM BY THE SPIRIT IN ALL POWER AND IN SIGNS AND IN MARVELS, HE WAS STYLED A SECOND MOSES BY THE VERY ENEMIES OF THE CHURCH. THUS IN ALL THAT HE THROUGH GRACE ACCOMPLISHED, ALIKE BY WORD AND DEED, A LIGHT SEEMED EVER TO BE SHINING, TOKEN OF THE HEAVENLY POWER FROM THE UNSEEN WHICH FOLLOWED HIM. TO THIS DAY HE IS A GREAT OBJECT OF ADMIRATION TO THE PEOPLE OF HIS OWN NEIGHBOURHOOD, AND HIS MEMORY, ESTABLISHED IN THE CHURCHES EVER FRESH AND GREEN, IS NOT DULLED BY LENGTH OF TIME. THUS NOT A PRACTICE, NOT A WORD, NOT A MYSTIC RITE HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE CHURCH BESIDES WHAT HE BEQUEATHED TO IT. Now that we know who Gregory the Wonder-Worker is, what he had to say about the Virgin Mary. Again, this homily was delivered back in the mid-200s.This detail is significant, because there's a myth that Marian devotion didn't really start until after the Council of Ephesus in 431. But Gregory is clearly devoted to Mary, and in a way closely connected to his Christology. Notice how his praise of Mary flows over into praise of Jesus Christ, and his praise of Jesus Christ flows into praise of the Virgin Mary. He doesn't pit the two against each other, but clearly sees how love of Jesus and love of Mary are related to one another:



1. WHEN I REMEMBER THE DISOBEDIENCE OF EVE, I WEEP. BUT WHEN I VIEW THE FRUIT OF MARY, I AM AGAIN RENEWED. Deathless by descent, invisible through beauty, before the ages light of light; of God the Father wast Thou begotten; being Word and Son of God, Thou didst take on flesh from Mary Virgin, in order that Thou mightest renew afresh Adam fashioned by Thy holy hand.

2. Holy, deathless, eternal, inaccessible, without change, without turn, True Son of God art Thou before the ages; yet wast pleased to be conceived and formed in the womb of the Holy Virgin, in order that Thou mightest make alive once more man first fashioned by Thy holy hand, but dead through sin.

3. By the good pleasure Thou didst issue forth, by the good pleasure and will of the invisible Father. Wherefore we all invoke Thee, calling Thee King. Be Thou our succour; Thou that wast born of the Virgin and wrapt in swaddling clothes and laid in the manger, and wast suckled by Mary; to the end that Thou mightest make alive once more the first-created Adam that was dead through sin. [....]

5. Turn ye, O congregations, and come. Let us all praise Him that is born of the Virgin. For that being the glory and image before the ages of the Godhead, He yet became a fellow-sufferer with us of poverty. Being the exceeding magnifical power [and] image of God, He took on the form of a slave. He that putteth on the light as a garment, consorted with men as one that is vile. He that is hymned by cherubim and by myriad angels, as a citizen on earth doth He live. He that being before (all) maketh all creation alive, was born of the Holy Virgin, in order that He might make alive once more the first created. [....]

7. And He took the form of a slave from the Holy Virgin, in order to call us up to the glorified dominical image. He put on the outward shape made of clay, that He might make [us] sharers of the heavenly form. He sat in the lap of the Holy Virgin, that He might place us on the right hand in the intimacy of His Father. In a vile body was He; and by means of the same He was laid in a tomb, that He might manifest us heirs of eternal life. In the womb of the Holy Virgin was He, the incomprehensible (or inaccessible) one, confined; in order that He might renew the Adam destroyed through sin. [....]

9. Wherefore even with one voice [let us sing the praises] of God the Word, that according to the worthiness of each is cause and promoter of salvation, unto young men and old, and unto children and women. FOR FROM MARY, THE DIVINE FOUNTAIN OF THE INEFFABLE GODHEAD, GUSHES FORTH GRACE AND FREE GIFT OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. FROM A SINGLE HOLY VIRGIN THE PEARL OF MUCH PRICE PROCEEDED, IN ORDER TO MAKE ALIVE ONCE MORE THE FIRST-CREATED MAN THAT WAS DEAD THROUGH SIN. [....]

Coronation of the Virgin (18th c.)

11. Let us twine, as with a wreath, the souls (or selves) [of them that love the festival and love to hearken] with golden blossoms, fain to be crowned with wreaths from the unfading gardens; and offering in our hands the fair-fruited flowers of Christ, let us gather [them]. FOR THE GOD-LIKE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY VIRGIN IS MEET TO BE GLORIFIED WITH SUCH A CROWN; because the illumining Pearl cometh forth, to the end that it may raise up again into the ever-streaming light them that were gone down into darkness and the shadow of death. [....]

13. THE HOLY VIRGIN IS HERSELF BOTH AN HONOURABLE TEMPLE OF GOD AND A SHRINE MADE PURE, AND A GOLDEN ALTAR OF WHOLE BURNT OFFERINGS. By reason of her surpassing purity [she is] the Divine incense of oblation ( = ), and oil of the holy grace, and a precious vase bearing in itself the true nard; [yea and] the priestly diadem revealing the good pleasure of God, whom she alone approacheth holy in body and soul. [SHE IS] THE DOOR WHICH LOOKS EASTWARD ["this is a reference to the Temple Gate of Ezekiel 44"], AND BY THE COMINGS IN AND GOINGS FORTH THE WHOLE EARTH IS ILLUMINATED. THE FERTILE OLIVE FROM WHICH THE HOLY SPIRIT TOOK THE FLESHLY SLIP (OR TWIG) OF THE LORD, AND SAVED THE SUFFERING RACE OF MEN. She is the boast of virgins, and the joy of mothers; the declaration of archangels, even as it was spoken: "Be thou glad and rejoice, the Lord with thee"; and again, "from thee"; in order that He may make new once more the dead through sin.

14. Thou didst allow her to remain a virgin, and wast pleased, O Lord, to lie in the Virgin's womb, sending in advance the archangel to announce it [to her]. But he from above, from the ineffable hosts, came unto Mary, and first heralded to her the tidings: "Be thou glad and rejoice." And he also added, "The Lord with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb." But she was in tumult, and pondered in her mind what sort of tidings was this. But then in seemly fashion, I ween, the grace chose out the Holy Virgin; for she was wise in all ways, nor was there her like among women of all nations. [....]


20. Great is the mystery. Thou hast learned, O Mary, that which till now was hidden from angels. Thou hast known that which deaf prophets and patriarchs heard not; and thou hast heard that which the choirs of the God-clad were not ever held worthy to hear. David and Isaiah, and all the prophets foretold in their preaching about the Lord's becoming man. But do thou alone, O Holy Virgin, receive the mystery unknown by them, and learn and be not perplexed as to how this shall be unto thee. For He that fashioned man out of virgin soil, the Selfsame shall even now do as. He will for the salvation of His creature.

21. New radiance now of eternal light gleams forth for us in the inspired fitness (or harmony) of these words. Now is it meet and fitting for me to wonder after the manner of the Holy Virgin, to whom in seemly wise before all things the angel gave salutation thus: "Be thou glad and rejoice"; because with her are quickened and live, all the treasures of grace. Among all nations she alone was both virgin and mother and without knowledge of man, holy in body and soul. AMONG ALL NATIONS SHE ALONE WAS MADE WORTHY TO BRING FORTH GOD; ALONE SHE CARRIED IN HER HIM WHO CARRIES ALONG ALL BY HIS WORD.

Bartolomeo Caporali, Madonna and Child with Angels, 1470

22. And not only is it meet to marvel at the beauty of the Holy Mother of God, but also at the excellence of her spirit. Wherefore were addressed to her the words: "The Lord with thee"; and again also, "The Lord from thee." As if this: " He will save him that is in His image as being pitiful." AS PURSE OF THE DIVINE MYSTERY THE HOLY VIRGIN MADE HERSELF READY, IN WHICH THE PEARL OF LIFE WAS ENVELOPED IN FLESH AND SEALED; and she also became the receptacle of supramundane and Divine salvation. [....]

24. Not any more doth Adam fear the crafty serpent; because our Lord is come and hath dispersed the host of the enemy. Not any more doth the race of men fear the craftiness and mad deceit of the serpent, because the Lord hath bruised the head of the dragon in the water of baptism. Not any more do I fear to hear the words: Dust thou wast, and unto dust shalt thou be turned. For the Lord in baptism hath washed away the stain of sin. Not any more do I weep, nor ever lament, nor ever reckon it again to wretchedness, when the thorns wound me. For our Lord hath plucked out by the roots the sins which are our thorns, and hath crowned His head withal. Loosed is the first curse in which He said: Thorns and thistles shall earth bring forth to thee, for the thorn is plucked out by the roots, and the thistle withered up; and from the Holy Virgin hath shot up the tree of life and grace. NO MORE DOTH EVA FEAR THE REPROACH OF THE PANGS OF CHILDBIRTH; FOR BY THE HOLY VIRGIN HER TRANSGRESSIONS ARE BLOTTED OUT AND EFFACED; FORASMUCH AS IN HER WAS GOD BORN, TO THE END THAT HE MIGHT MAKE ALIVE HIM WHOM HE MADE IN HIS IMAGE.

25. A BULWARK OF IMPERISHABLE LIFE HATH THE HOLY VIRGIN BECOME UNTO US, AND A FOUNTAIN OF LIGHT TO THOSE WHO HAVE FAITH IN CHRIST; a sunrise of the reasonable light is she found to be. Be thou glad and rejoice. The Lord with thee and from thee, who in His Godhead and His manhood is perfect, in whom dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead: "Be glad and rejoice, the Lord with thee and from thee"
WITH HIS HANDMAID THE LORD OF GLORY; WITH HER THAT IS UNSPOTTED, He that halloweth all; with the beautiful, He who is wonderful in beauty above all the sons of men, to the end that He may make alive him whom He made in His image. [....]

27. HOLY AND WISE IN ALL THINGS WAS THE ALL-BLESSED VIRGIN; IN ALL WAYS PEERLESS AMONG ALL NATIONS, AND UNRIVALLED AMONG WOMEN. Not as the first virgin Eva, who being alone in the garden, was in her weak mind led astray by the serpent; and so took his advice and brought death into the world; and because of that hath been all the suffering of saints. But in her alone, in this Holy Virgin Mary, the Stem of Life hath shot up for us. For she alone was spotless in soul and body.

28. With intrepid mind she spake to the angel: Whence is this salutation, and how shall this be unto me? Dost thou desire to learn how the exceeding magnifical power becomes a fellow-sufferer with us of our poverty? How He that hath power over the hosts assumes the image of our baseness; and how He who is God before the ages is about to become a child and be made flesh, He that putteth on light as a garment and giveth life unto His creature. Grant me, said the Holy Virgin, to learn such an impenetrable mystery, and I become the vessel that receives the Divine mystery (or thought), being overshadowed by the Holy Spirit, and [I am] to receive the truth of His flesh in my flesh, unto the building by Wisdom of her abode.[....]

30. The element of flesh doth the Son of God take from the Holy Virgin, for before the ages He is God. He hath deigned to be born, and to be called Son of man, and to become visible, He the invisible; and for our sake to be poor, who is all riches; and to suffer as man, He the impassible and deathless. For with (or in) the flesh in truth He was united, but He was not changed in spirit. In a mortal body the Invisible One was enveloped, that He might make it also deathless, making it sharer of His deathlessness through His Godhead; to the end that He might renew him that was fashioned by His holy hands. [....]

35. Therefore, O ye fair-fruited and comely branches of Christ's teaching, ye shall in this place bring to us the fruits of blessing (= ). Here, where is all purity and fragrance, let us offer to God with holy conscience the incense of prayer. Here, where virginity and temperance dance together, bearing for fruit the life-giving cluster of grapes. [...] Here, where the mystery of the Holy Trinity was revealed by the archangel to the Holy Virgin according to the gospel: "The Holy Spirit shall come upon thee and the power of the most High shall overshadow thee. For Holy is that which is born of thee, Son of God." To whom be glory and honour for ever and ever.Happy Feast of the Assumption!