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Rick Warren Tweets For Pope

Rick Warren Tweets For Pope





* Dear Helga,

Did you see this?

This is an abomination and desecration, imposter, usurper and a reproach for the hundreds of millions of true saints killed, tortured and persecuted, and burned at the stake for opposing and properly calling the Pope an AntiChrist!

Sure makes me wonder why any Calvary Chapels promote Rick Warren?

And why Greg Laurie continues to promote Warren at Resurgence:


Thank God CC pastors like Mike Macintosh oppose Warren.

Speaking of which Karen and I are exploring doing a concert tour of AZ, CA, TX, OR in Summer 2014. Mike Macintosh invited us to minister at his CC church in San Diego.














Witchcraft History The Past

Witchcraft History The Past


Infused wth mystery, fear, unbelievable nd grim facts nd records, WITCHCRAFT HISTORY n b traced bk t centuries.

The word 'Witchcraft' hs bn derived frm th word 'Wicca' whh mns 'th wise n'. Witchcraft hs bn sn s magical phenomenon, pagan worship r religion, sorcery, nd thrs, t dffrnt periods n witchcraft history.


"Witchcraft history" n b traced t th early days f humankind whn witchcraft ws sn s magical phenomenon tht ws invoked fr magical rites whh ensured good luck, protection gnst diseases, nd thr reasons.

However, t ws nt untl 1000 AD tht th practice f Witchcraft nd witches invoked th wrath f priests, Christianity, nd members f th society. Witchcraft, sn s religion f th ancient nd traditional pagan religion whh worships th feminine, earthly, nd masculine aspects f God, ws considered s anti-Christian nd heresy.

Held t b gnst th declarations nd beliefs f th Church, witches wr considered s evil, making pacts nd connections wth th Devil. t ws vn believed tht witches engaged n practices suh s flying, invisibility, killing, taming black wolves nd cats t spy n people, nd others.

People tht hd thr beliefs nd rituals wr leery f witchcraft nd branded t s demon-worship. hs s simply matter f people bng scared f th unknown. Witchcraft began long bfr Christianity nd thr r n "evil" creatures knwn n th religion f witchcraft. Witches blv n th harmony f nature nd th divine energy f th god nd goddess whh s considered t b rt f h nd vr thing, living, nd nonliving.


The belief n th existence f witches ws strengthened rtulrl ftr Pope Innocent VIII issued declaration n th 1498 confirming thr existence n society, nd inquisition increased, lthugh n 1200, killing f witches hd lrd bm authorised b Pope Gregory IX.

The Inquisition thus began ftr 1200 n orders f th Church t discover th witches r heretics wh wr believed t b evil nd gnst th Church. Full-fledged killing f witches ws, hwvr, recorded n th 1500s nd 1600s rdng t WITCHCRAFT HISTORY.

The frst crusade gnst witches ws held n 1022 AD whn witch ws burned t death. "WITCHCRAFT HISTORY" echoes th terrible campaign gnst Witchcraft n Salem n 1692 n whh 150 people wr trd s suspects f practicing witchcraft.


People suspected s witches wr usull burned t stakes, nd ths pleading thr innocence wr thr stoned t death r vn smtms thrown n water t prove thr innocence. Witches usull faced severe nd painful deaths r punishments.

Although witchcraft nd ths practicing t hv bn persecuted vr th years thr r stll mn people tht practice t today. hr r beliefs tht t s religion growing t quickened rate. t appears tht thr r nwhr frm 750,000 t 5,000,000 people tht r practicing form f witchcraft today.

A juxtaposition f good s well s evil views, "WITCHCRAFT HISTORY" s, thus, stock f shocking, t hypnotizing incidents f humankind nd thr crusade gnst th practice f Witchcraft.

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The Body Of God Both Nourishes And Sanctifies Me

The Body Of God Both Nourishes And Sanctifies Me

By Elder Gerasimos Menagias

Knowing that the hour of His sacrifice had arrived, our Savior Jesus Christ wanted to leave us before His Passion a greater proof of His love. Therefore He established the great mystery of the Divine Eucharist.

The revelation of this love, which was made during the last moments before His death, makes a deep impression in the hearts of men, and is reckoned exceedingly precious. For the same reason, men also usually bequeath gifts to the persons dearest to them in their wills in memory of the love they had for them.

"But Thou, O my Jesus, when Thou didst leave this world, what didst Thou leave us in remembrance of Thy love? Thou didst give us Thy whole self. Thou didst leave us Thy body, Thy blood, Thy soul, Thy Divinity - in a word, Thy whole self, holding nothing back."

And as a guarantee in case we should doubt His love, we find in this mystery an obvious proof of it, as if when He established it the Redeemer was saying: "Souls of Christians, attend to this mystery, because by it I give you My whole self. Having such a proof in your hands, therefore, you are allowed no doubt that I love you greatly."

One saint named this mystery "love above all other love", because this gift has within it all the other gifts of the Lord - namely, the gifts of creation, deliverance, and eternal glory. For Holy Communion is not only a proof of Christ's love, it is also a guarantee of the enjoyment of the Kingdom of Heaven, which, as our Church emphasizes, He desires to give us.

The Prophet Isaiah wanted to make known to the whole world the thoughts full of love which God showed in order to draw the love of men to Himself.... "How," says the sacred Augustine, "does it not appear as madness for one to say, 'Eat My flesh, drink My blood?'"

When Christ first spoke to His disciples about this mystery, certain of them could not believe it, and withdrew from Him., saying, "How can this man give us His flesh to eat?"

In this which the men could neither think about nor believe, the exceptional love of Christ was realized. "Take, eat," He said to His disciples, and through them to us all.

He exhorted us to do this, even promising us entrance to His Kingdom: "He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has life eternal."

Finally, He even used the threat of hell against one who does not wish to partake of this mystery.

All these exhortations, promises, and threats come only from the fervent desire He has to give Himself to us through Holy Communion.

But why does Christ so greatly desire us to receive Him by Holy Communion?

Because love desires and has as its goal our union with His Divinity.

By Holy Communion Christ is united with the soul, and the soul herself is united with Christ. This union is completely real. Christ gives nothing with so much love as He gives this mystery, giving Himself as food in order to unite Himself with the hearts of the faithful. With this fervent love has Christ desired to be united with us, that we might make up one being with Him.

"O divine Bridegroom of our souls, through the mystery of love Thou hast willed that Thy heart and our own become one single heart, inseparably united!"

As Christ seeks the union of us with Himself, so also we for this love must frequently partake of Divine Communion, according, however, to the judgement of our spiritual father, to whom we must confess. In any case, absolutely no obstacle can exist to continual Holy Communion, which again the spiritual father will regulate.

Nothing in this world is so beneficial as Holy Communion. The eternal Father established Christ as the keeper of this matter, and gave all the divine treasures to His disposal. Consequently, when Christ comes to the soul through Holy Communion, He brings with Him infinite treasures of Grace, and after Holy Communion everyone can say that "all good things came to me together with this mystery."

St. Dionysios teaches that the mystery of the Divine Eucharist is the most effective means of the soul's sanctification.

Through Holy Communion we are freed from our forgivable sins and preserved from deadly ones.

This mystery kindles in our souls divine love. God is love. He is fire which drives from our hearts every earthly inclination; and this fire of divine love which our Christ brought upon the earth seeks nothing else than to see our hearts flaming with divine love.

Holy Communion draws us so much to love, that when we retire after partaking of it we become terrible to the demons.

Some say that they receive Communion infrequently because they feel but little love for God within themselves. "Why, therefore, since you are cold, do you distance yourself from this divine fire? On the contrary, since you are cold you should approach this mystery very often, if indeed you desire to love Christ."

When one is sick, one needs doctors so much the more. So also here: for our soul's healing we must approach its doctor very often.

It is said somewhere that there are two kinds of men who should receive Communion frequently: the perfect, that they may preserve perfection; and the imperfect, that they may reach perfection.

From "Contemporary Ascetics of Mount Athos", Vol. 2, pp. 691-694.

Origin: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Thinking Critically Vs Skeptically

Thinking Critically Vs Skeptically
There shouldn't be a difference between thinking critically vs skeptically, for to think critically is to think skeptically, and vice versa. So why do I write about this? The answer in a word: Faith. Believers can and do think critically, especially the best of the best, like Alvin Plantinga, Richard Swinburne and William Lane Craig. Other notable Christian scholars are Paul Copan, Randal Rauser, Victor Reppert, David Marshall, and Matt Flannagan who regularly engage in apologetics against atheists like me. But they are not truly critical thinkers since they do not think skeptically.

Teaching students to be critical thinkers is very important but teaching them to have a skeptical disposition is more important. Critical thinking should lead to this disposition. The problem is that faith is a critical thinking stopper. It builds up a wall that stops believers dead in their tracks. They dare not go beyond it to the proper conclusion when applying the standards of critical thinking. Now I taught critical thinking classes as a Christian believer. So I know exactly what they are doing. Norman Geisler, one of the leading Christian apologists who defends the indefensible, even co-wrote a book with Ronald M. Brooks titled, Come, Let Us Reason: An Introduction to Logical Thinking.I don't know enough about the leading defenders of other religious faiths, but I suspect in their universities they teach critical thinking classes from textbooks they have written too. And I expect we would all agree with what they teach and write, except for some of the examples they use to illustrate a particular logical rule.

So what's the problem? Faith. Faith stunts one's critical thinking skills. It prohibits a person of faith from applying the set of critical thinking skills we all agree about. You can see this by how they argue, which I am documenting here. What believers do is to defend their faith rather than look critically at it, no matter what the intellectual cost. Stephen Law is right: "Anything based on faith, no matter how ludicrous, can be made to be consistent with the available evidence, given a little patience and ingenuity." (Believing Bullshit, p. 75). If Christian apologists could think logically, without the perceived need to defend their religious sect's faith, they would see they are not thinking consistently critically.

In the hopes I can help nudge them along this road I recommend reading Theodore Schick and Lewis Vaughn's college textbook, How to Think About Weird Things: Critical Thinking for a New Age.There are newer, more expensive editions of this book than the one I linked to. But look inside this one then choose which edition at which price you can afford. But get it. You will see what I mean when I say there is no distinction between critical thinking and thinking skeptically. They are one and the same. That's why I argue faith is an irrational leap over the probabilities. I say believers operate by double standards. They do not think critically, in the sense I just wrote about and which this book could help show them. When we say the party of agnosticism and atheism is one of reason and science we mean it. We invite believers to the adult table, where an adult conversation can be had.

Credit: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Truth Beyond Religious Places

Truth Beyond Religious Places

Truth Of Life


In our holy books it is said that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. The only thing is that we have to feel the presence of god every where and for that spiritual practices are given in our epics.

In Bhagwad geeta lord krishna also said that i am present everywhere and i am the reason of happeings in this universe but due to the fake conceit human being thinks that he is responsible for the happenings.

In the holy books related with lord shiva it is said that "shivam vidyate na kwachit" means there is no place where the shiva is not present. Lord shiva is Omniscient.

Every siddhas has also shown the path of meditation and other practices of occult science to know the concept of god and to feel the reality of this life.

It is also said by siddhas that "Your God is residing in your own heart" just do the practice to know this.

THE MYSTERY:This is the mystery that truth lies within our own body but we are trying to find it in mandir, masjid, Church, Gurudwara. We try to perform lots of rituals to find god but don't follow the instructions showed by our spiritual masters.

Many Siddhas has told that "There is no need to find god in any religious places just enter in your own heart and you will meet the supreme power".

There is no need to fight for any religion because there is only one supreme power and we are all part of that power but we have forgot that it is so.

THE CONCEPT OF PEACE:I asked many person that why you go to religious peace. Most of them said to get peace. I asked them for how much time you remain in peace, Answer is for some time. So this is the reality. In all the religious places due to positive environment person feel peace but a person is unable to remain in peace for life long there. Because of this we wander here and there and always because in search of peace to see the realities. But no where we find the real peace.

THE REALITY:It is a fact that in this evanescent world nothing will be remain for ever so if we try to get eternal peace by getting any worldly thing then think is it possible to get the eternal peace, the divine peace, the truth.

WHAT HAPPEN WHEN A PERSON GO TO ANY SPIRITUAL MASTER:Every spiritual masters show the real path of practice to his or her disciples. They don't show the path of miracles but they show the path of hard practice.

If you have read about Naath race. In their culture after making disciple 12 years of hard practice is needed to understand the reality of life. If we read about the Sai Baba(a saint of 19th century), he has also done the 12 years of hard practice.

So practice is the only way to understand the god, practice is the only way to understand the truth, Practice is the only way to remain in peace for ever.

In our epic there is a shlok "Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara, Guru Saakshat parabrahm Tasmayee Shree Guruwe Namah".

It means that The spiritual master who has attained the salvation in this body is god that's why we prostrate before them.

They are respectable because they have already attained the reality, they have seen the reality and now they are guiding their followers to attain the reality.

THE ROLE OF SPIRITUAL MASTER:The person who has reached at certain place can tell you the real way and this is the real work of a spiritual master. As he has already reached at the culmination of reality so now he or she is able to show the real way to the followers.

KABIRDASJI (A GREAT SAINT OF THE GREAT INDIA) SAID THAT:"Chalti chakki dekhkar diya kabira roy do paatan ke beech mai saabut bacha na koi" means This life runs with grief and happiness and every person entangle in these 2 delusion of god. Whole the life of a person passes moving in this 2 types of circumstances.

VERY IMPORTANT THING IS THAT:This human body is rare. Even Deities try to take birth in earth as a human being because as per our epic only a human being has the power to do any thing. Human can change the universe with is powers, human can create universe, human can achieve the powers of god.

Our Great Saints of India also revealed this concept that this human body is a temple and if you want to see the reality just worship your self, keep your body fit and do meditation after some time every thing will come before you.

There is a divine world with in us, there is a divine feeling within us, there is super power within us, there is a divine peace within us.

But we have to do something to open the door of this divine world.

It's on you what do you want "PEACE FOR SOME TIME OR PEACE FOR LIFE LONG".

If you think that this article will be helpful for someone to enter in real world then don't hesitate to share this and also don't hesitate to share your own feelings with comments.




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A Personal Commentary On The Presidential Election

A Personal Commentary On The Presidential Election
There can be no doubt that this presidential election has divided this nation unlike any other in our recent history.

Here on ExChristian.Net emotions have been flaring and jibes flying on both sides of the political fence - and frankly, I'm glad to see that happening.


When I was a Christian, I was always strongly encouraged to vote based on such things as a candidate's stand on abortion or some moral issue, regardless of what else the candidate supposedly stood for. If I were to vote for the candidate that supported abortion or gay rights, I'd be condemned from the pulpit mercilessly until my very salvation would be brought into question by my own conscience. If I were a Christian now, voting for Bush would be what would be expected - it would be nearly mandatory.

Now that I no longer believe, it is not mandatory that I vote for Bush. However, unlike the Christian, I do not now have a requirement to vote for any particular candidate, regardless of their stance on any one issue. In other words, I am not required to vote for Kerry either. That leads to the point of why I am glad to see the sharp political disagreements emerging on this site.

The whole point of being a free-thinker is to think freely. I left the bonds of religion, not to swing like a pendulum to an opposite extreme, but to be free of any compulsory views. I am free to make decisions based on my own personal research, my own reasoning ability, my own experiences, and not obligated to decide "truth" based on what the latest "experts" are preaching. "(If anyone really believes they haven't been hearing "preaching" from both Democrats and Republicans, um, well...) "

The American Revolution was waged with bitter disagreement among those who lived on this continent. Many believed revolting against the King of England was the wrong choice and would result in a horrific waste of life and resources. And for a long time, the Loyalists, as they were called, seemed to be right. The revolution appeared destined for failure. Religious platitudes were touted on both sides of the issue and Bible verses brought into play to support one side or the other. The citizenry of the newly formed Union were not in agreement at all.

The Civil War may be the best example of how decisions that affect our national policies can divide us. Then too religion was used to bolster the intestinal fortitude of the opposing sides. The Bible was quoted in defense of both perspectives.

WWII was entered only after Pearl Harbor was bombed. Up until then, although millions were dying in Europe, the U.S. citizenry believed a separatist philosophy was best. Some who disagreed with the status quo became mercenaries, joining the English military machine, believing that in order to protect America?s shores; Europe would have to be freed from Hitler?s dominance. There is some evidence to suggest that Roosevelt knew of the impending attack on Pearl Harbor and did nothing to impede it, knowing that the only way to motivate America into the world arena would be an attack on its very shores. Whether he really knew about the attack or not, that is exactly what finally motivated the U.S. to become actively involved in Europe and Asia. Various churches were found preaching both for the war and against it.

Today Bush panders to the Evangelicals while Kerry solicits support from Liberal and Black Christians. Both are attempting to use religious conviction to further their personal agenda.

All that being said, I am grateful for the American form of government that allows for disagreements, even sharp disagreements, and allows them to be expressed, and does nothing to silence those who disagree. These last 230 years are a unique time in the history of us homo-sapiens. Throughout most of history, simply publicly disagreeing with those in power would often separate a person from his or her head. In fact, people are losing their heads nearly every day, and it is televised or shown on the Internet - innocent people - non-military people - people whose only crime is that their opinions differ.

Today we in the west are waging an internal war of political ideas, words, and concepts. Arguments are heated, people's feelings get offended, friendships are wounded, but so far we haven't resorted to violence against each other - yet.

My point with all this?

As stated many times before, this site was created to encourage those who have left the mental shackles of Christianity. No longer bound by the lies of myth, we are free to explore the reasons we think what we think and do what we do. Regardless of which candidate you or I vote for, we still remain united in this: we no longer believe Christianity has the answers and we human beings must decide how our world will be run. We must think for ourselves and not become the dupes of the politically owned media, or the most charismatic speaker, or the etc. We must learn to make rational decisions based on all the facts, not just those spoon fed to us on CBS or some other major market media that's looking for ratings.

In my 46 years of life my presidential candidate has sometimes won and he has sometimes lost. Every election I've either been elated or disappointed, depending on my perspective at the time. Republicans have sometimes been in power and Democrats have sometimes been in power, and guess what - my pay steadily increased over the years, my belly was filled, my house was warm, and I grew a year older. Regardless of governmental doomsday rhetoric, mounting reports of unemployment, rumors of uncontrolled inflation, supposedly crashing stocks, stories of crippling poverty, and a host of never before discovered incurable diseases, I continued to live - and live quite nicely compared to most of the rest of the so called "common people" on the planet. Fear sells politics, and fear is used in ALL political pontificating.

Go out and vote for your candidate of choice, and when Tuesday is finally passed, let's make a commitment to get back on target - the target of helping those who are still encumbered by a mind numbing fear that God is judging our nation and will cast all His detractors into hell.

Prophets In Israel

Prophets In Israel
Today I begin a series of studies on the prophet Zephaniah. Zephaniah was one of the twelve minor prophets in the Hebrew Bible. He is not as well settled as Amos, Hosea, or Micah. Zephaniah was called by YHWH to proclaim his proclamation to the kith and kin of Judah in the days past to the reforms of Josiah in the seventh century (640 B.C.).

Zephaniah's proclamation spoke opposed to the idolatry and member iniquity in Judah that was crude to God. His proclamation was to boot firm on the Day of YHWH, a day with YHWH apparition come to direct his kith and kin and direct the nations. To Zephaniah, the Day of the Lord was similar to and his proclamation was a storeroom to the utterly tinge of Judah to likely to for that immoral day.

Before one can bounty understand the proclamation and ministry of Zephaniah, it becomes necessary to worthy a basic understanding of the prognostic traditions in Israel. For example its begin in the days of Samuel, who is leisurely the founder of the prognostic advance in Israel, apparition was an integral part of the social and goody-goody life of Israel.

The formerly word recycled in the Hebrew Bible to designate a prophet is nabi, a word meaning "one who is called." Before the standard prophets (or the calligraphy prophets) arose in Israel, most of the prophets of Israel were visionaries. New-fangled word for prophet was ro'eh, a word which department store "one who sees." But at what time the visionaries fell here query, the seer was displaced by the prophet, but the ministry of the visionaries never truly departed in Israel.

This modification of apparition in Israel is seen in the dictate of 1 Samuel 9:9: "In Israel, back in the old days, with someone went to converse God, he would say, ooze, let's go to the seer,' what a creature now called a prophet recycled to be called a seer."

The formerly foresee of the prophets in Israel was to proclaim the Communication of God. They spoke to their own society in order to storeroom the kith and kin back to the religion of Yahweh, wiles them to repent and to be uncorrupted to the load of the pact. And as they proclaimed God's Communication to Israel, the prophets dealt with the goody-goody, member, hardly, and social troubles that plagued their society.

The prophets did not speak by their own aficionado. They leisurely themselves to be God's instruments. The words they proclaimed to the kith and kin came erect from God. The prophets were not divining the imminent. They spoke opposed to the ills they encountered in their society. They were not social reformers, verbal communication out opposed to the evils of society, but they whispered that the social troubles in their society were the preschooler of the grassroots penetrate of the load of the pact.

The prophets were not studious theologians skilled in prognostic schools. They whispered they had established their proclamation erect from God. The prophets were men and women filled with the Spirit of God, kith and kin who had a force to speak on behalf of their God. The prophets whispered what gave them the aficionado to speak on behalf of God was a intuition of career, that YHWH had sent them to their society with a proclamation that the kith and kin pleasing to eavesdrop.

Early in the prognostic advance in Israel, the prophets formed prognostic guilds and recycled music and demonstrate instruments to help them explain prognostic design. At the rear of Samuel anointed Saul, Samuel told the a moment ago anointed king: "At the rear of that you apparition go to Gibeah of God, wherever acquaint with is a Philistine outpost. As you touching on the colony, you apparition stand in front of a twine of prophets coming down from the high place with lyres, tambourines, flutes and harps insect played preceding them, and they apparition be prophesying" (1 Samuel10:5).

The prophets were led by a scout settled as "the beginning." The members of the group were called the "sons of the prophet." In 2 Kings 2:12, Elisha addressed Elijah by the caption "My beginning." The followers of Elisha were called "the sons of the prophets" (2 Kings 2:3).

Numberless of the immature prophets served either as cult prophets or see prophets. The cult prophets were associated to about shrines or sitting room of worship in Israel. They not chastely functioned as prophets, but probably to boot served in the bookkeeping slice by nearby sacrifices or exercising other goody-goody functions. Samuel was a prophet (1 Samuel 19:20), but he to boot free sacrifices unto the Lord (1 Samuel 16:2).

The see prophets served in the king's see and were at the king's service. These see prophets were consulted preceding the king went here chase. Ths work of the see prophets is seen in 1 Kings 22:6: "So the king of Israel gathered the prophets, about 400 men, and asked them, should I go opposed to Ramoth-gilead for war or should I refrain?' They replied, tread up, and the Lord apparition hand it leader to the king.'" The cult prophets established their balance out from the temple coffer in the function of the see prophets were rewarding from the king's wealth.

Donate was marginal group of prophets in Israel who was not joined with the temple nor with the see. These prophets were pull out of goody-goody and member organizations. Prophets such as Micaiah, Elijah, and Elisha were energetic on their own, probably supported by the community, and did not understand any special advance either from the temple or from the king. They are repeatedly settled as "peripheral prophets." Sometimes these pull out prophets became leaders of prognostic communities. For lawsuit, Elijah was the scout of a prognostic community from which Elisha came. Isaiah mentions the disciples who were convoluted in his ministry (Isaiah 8:16).

As mentioned finished, the prophets spoke with divine aficionado. Their proclamation was established from YHWH to be communicated to the kith and kin. One of the formerly functions of a prophet was to act as a go-between with YHWH on behalf of the kith and kin. Before a prophet proclaimed his proclamation to the kith and kin, he stood in the "legislative body of YHWH" so that he may well see and eavesdrop what the Lord had thought and understand remit on what to proclaim to the kith and kin (see Jeremiah 23:18).

One of the focal point reasons why the canonical or calligraphy prophets arose in Israel was what of the project of unseemly prophets. From in this area the beginning of the prognostic advance in Israel until the post-exilic time, spend time at prophets appeared in Israel claiming to speak on behalf of the Lord. These prophets called themselves "nabi, prophets," but their proclamation contradicted the proclamation of the true prophets of YHWH. For lawsuit, the proclamation of Zedekiah contradicted the proclamation of Micaiah (1 Kings 22:11-13). The proclamation of Hananiah contradicted the proclamation of Jeremiah (Jeremiah 28).

The argument the prophets wrote down their words or oracles in a scroll was to pardon their ministry and to present as a company to imminent generations that they were verbal communication the truth and that their oracles were achieve. It was in the realization of the prognostic word that the kith and kin would notice that a prophet had uttered the truth on behalf of YHWH. As Jeremiah told Hananiah: "As for the prophet who prophesies allay, with the word of that prophet comes to agree, as well as it apparition be settled that the Lord has truly sent the prophet" (Jeremiah 28:9).

After Isaiah's proclamation was rejected by king Ahaz, the prophet said: "Tie up the scroll as fair confirmation, fulfil the nation express of God's remit and hand it to my followers. I apparition linger patiently for the Lord, who has rejected the domicile of Jacob; I apparition linger for him" (Isaiah 8:16-17). For example the kith and kin of Judah had refused to keep your mind on to his proclamation, God told Jeremiah to tinge down in a book all the words he had preached. So, at the dictation of Jeremiah, Baruch wrote down in a scroll all the word of the Lord, so that Jeremiah's proclamation would remembrance the king and the kith and kin of Judah of the coming test (Jeremiah 36:1-4).

Thus, the prophets wrote down their words in order to remembrance the kith and kin that they spoke on behalf of YHWH. Their proclamation told the kith and kin what God was play-act in their world, wiles Israel to conveyance their ways, career the kith and kin to repent and to recommit themselves to the pact which they had prepared with YHWH.

In a imminent post I apparition have my studies on the book of the prophet Zephaniah.

Claude Mariottini

Educationalist of Old Shrine

Northern Baptist Institution

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Featured Summer Camp School Of Wizardry

Featured Summer Camp School Of Wizardry
Pull is entire. I love how in a magical world whatsoever is possibility. We can turn small, transform happening nature, fly on broomsticks and universally control all sorts of fun. The handiness to keep up out a story in an imagined world is what makes summer camps so fun. That is why we offer the Edify of Wizardry garrison.

Dwell on who achieve Edify of Wizardry hand down get to learn all about their liking magical subjects and how they narrative to the natural world. At home are some examples:

WEATHER Insight. Dwell on can learn to read the exhaust, the natural world and the wind to "DIVINE" the weather that is coming.

HERBOLOGY. Dwell on can learn about the magical properties that leaves control to heal wounds.

TRANSFIGURATION. Dwell on can use their magical powers to modernize themselves happening frequent nature that keep up in the forest. They hand down crawl give instructions the scrub as raccoons, they hand down aim calmly give instructions the forest as foxes.

We deduce that kids (AND GROWNUPS) learn look up being they are stirred and set of buildings in what is experience. By creating the Edify of Wizardry we are creating an locale in which kid hand down be enthusiastic to get down and arrive on the scene powerfully at a trailing plant or crawl give instructions the scrub. We direct the kids at our garrison to control a entire time and we moreover direct them to come in a daze stirred by the natural world.

To learn arrogant voyage our Edify of Wizardry garrison page.

Source: lilith-dark-moon.blogspot.com

Ashoka Tree How To Take Benefit As Per Astrology

Ashoka Tree How To Take Benefit As Per Astrology

Ashoka tree Astrology

Ashoka tree is also called Saraca asoca in English and is a rain forest tree. It is a very useful tree and use in making medicines too and a famous syrup which is made by Dabur company is "Ashokarist". It is a sacred tree, it is a pure tree, It's leaves are used to make toran in home, temple during any auspicious celebrations. This tree is famous for the decades, in Ramayan there is a description of Ashoka garden in Lanka (the place of king Ravan). Sita mata was brought there by Ravan.

As per scriptures the Ashoka tree is the residency of Yaksh. So any spritual practices gives results soon if done under the ashoka tree. It is also very closely related with Buddha.

This tree takes away the griefs of persons and brings prosperity, name, fame in life.

This medicines made by ashoka tree is very useful to treat the females disturb period problems and related diseases. It has a great healing power and that's why we find this tree every where.


If you want a magical tree, if you want to know about a divine tree, if you want to know about a healing and sacred tree then yes Ashoka is the tree. It has great astrology importance too, it is used to solve the money problem, it is used to solve the marriage problems, it is used to minimize the mangal dosha too, it is used to perform the spiritual practices too.

1. If any one is facing too much money problem and want to come out from the poverty then worship of ashoka tree is very useful. If any one rope this tree in home garden or anywhere and give water daily and worship it and pray for prosperous life then no doubt soon the person can feel the change in life.

2. A totka which is used to attract money is that on Sunday if any one invite the tree and bring the root of tree and keep it in safe after abhishek with ganga jal then it opens the way of success.

3. A very powerful totka to solve the marriage life problem is that to bring 7 leaf of ashoka tree and keep it in worship place and sprinkle sandal powder on it and 2nd day

keep them under a peepal tree and bring another 7 leaf of ashoka. Do continue this totka for 40 days and you will feel a good change in your family life, delay in marriage also get solved etc.

4. If any one offer the bark of ashoka to haumanji on tuesday then the mangal dosha or mangalk dosha gets minimized.

5. If any one perform mantra chanting facing towards East side under ashoka tree then no doubts success will come.

6. Daily if any one offer a deepak of ghee under a ashoka tree then it will attract health and wealth in life.

7. On every auspicious celebration do hang a "TORAN" of leaves of ashoka tree then you will find a good atmosphere in home.

This tree is the residency of some divine powers so don't do toilet under this tree and don't make any type of misbehave under this tree. Give respect and worship this tree and feel the changes in your life.

Attract money, attract prosperity, attract prosperity in life by planting ashoka and caring it heartily.

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New You City Chat Shining The Light On Spirituality Wdanielle Mercurio

New You City Chat Shining The Light On Spirituality Wdanielle Mercurio
Piety has plentiful faces. So considerably so that some cannot even point it anymore. Which one has to be unable to believe your own eyes is it your spirituality that you cannot see or yourself? Or was your stand your ground spiritual see a trip to Lululemon? On this occasion of "New You Built-up Mockery", Danielle is coupled by Kayla Hines of Traci & Kayla Creature Principles. Together they'll deliberation why spiritual coaching/guidance is on the flood and how this is a occurrence your chief self momentum thank you for! You'll see when you include assurance and imagine, awe is open and love lights the path. By the end of the demonstrate, you'll start to understand that you sway a light and energy with firm wake to stand the life you choose.

Your Built-up. My Concern. Degree on the light within you to rouse your life on fire! Attendance your spirituality key, fall in love with someone satisfying, be in love with your urban and find you in the process! Danielle Mercurio is a behavior prepare that helps you ponder your thoughts inside veracity express shrewd training, guided meditation and astrology/tarot readings. She can help you find everything from triumph a hot immensity to landing an astounding profession to obtaining inner demand.


Dianic Wicca Focus On The Worship Of The Goddess And On Feminism

Dianic Wicca Focus On The Worship Of The Goddess And On Feminism
"DIANIC WICCA, also known as DIANIC WITCHCRAFT and DIANIC FEMINIST WITCHCRAFT, is a tradition, or denomination, of the neopagan religion of Wicca. It was founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the United States in the 1970s, and is notable for its focus on the worship of the Goddess, and on feminism. "It combines elements of British Traditional Wicca, Italian folk-magic recorded in Charles Leland's Aradia", feminist values, and ritual, folk magic, and healing practices Budapest learned from her mother.""Most Dianic Wiccans as "positive path" practitioners do neither manipulative spellwork nor hexing because it goes against the Wiccan Rede; other Dianic witches (notably Zsuzsanna Budapest) do not consider hexing or binding of those who attack women to be wrong."Source and Full Articlehttps://www.princeton.edu/~achaney/tmve/wiki100k/docs/Dianic Wicca.html

Oimelc 01

Oimelc 01

CAKES FOR THE Ruler OF Paradise

A See for Oimelc

From Jeremiah 7:18 -- the words of Yahweh: The children meet up impose, the fathers glimmer the fire, and the women knead their cash, to make cakes for the Ruler of Heaven; and they pointless out dose understanding to other gods, that they may stimulate me to daring."

And from Jeremiah 44:17-18: But we inner self without a doubt do whatever has gone out of our own mouth, to carry too far incense to the Ruler of Paradise and pointless out dose understanding to her, as we view done, we and our fathers, our kings and our princes, in the cities of Judah and in the streets of Jerusalem. For then we had masses of rations, were well- off, and saw no plod. But for instance we slothful rest incense to the Ruler of Paradise and pouring out dose understanding to her, we view lacked everything and view been passed away by the sword and by crave.

Have a yen further on portray was a stern male god in Israel called Yahweh, "he was," the Hebrew household worshipped a female goddess, called Asherah. She was each called solely Elath (or Holy being) and she was the partner of El (the god). She had a son and a teenager. The son was named "Hadd" but was more often than not called solely Baal (Member of the aristocracy). The teenager was named "Anath."

The ceremonies to Asherah were simple ones. Cakes would be unexciting for her, and approved as understanding (and passed away by the household as well.) Hack off would be burned for her. And wine would be poured out upon the earth -- to bring forth a good resolve.

Asherah was an undeveloped goddess. She symbolized the earth itself and in the cultures which admired her, the household confident and cared for the earth.
As they confident and cared for themselves and each other.

The pre-Yahweh days for the Hebrew household were days of peace and prosperity.
Women were par as the colleagues of men. Nation bulge was believed in charge.
The land was tended slowly and not overplanted. It was a time of masses, as Jeremiah writes: "For then we had masses of rations, were well-to-do, and saw no plod."

And then came the stern warrior clans invading from the harsh environment, bringing with them a new Hebrew god, an foretaste head whose name preordained solely "he was."
Yahweh's group insisted that he was the righteous god profit worshipping and that all other deities basic be deserted.

War and pressure became a way of life. The Jews found themselves ruled by theocrats, whether panel of adjudicators or kings, and the old peaceful ways were unavailable from them.

In fact, as the Bible itself points out, the old ways lasted long inside Biblical get older. Until about 586 B.C.E., in fact, the venerate of Asherah was not moving fundamental relating the reciprocal household in ancient Israel. Only the warrior classes, the rulers and the priests, followed the new religion of Yahweh.

Savage persecutions of worshippers of the old religion were reciprocal something like the cover half of the keep up millennium further on the precipitate era. But at whatever time the household gave up their old ways, they slothful kind for the land, and the crops bungled. They slothful kind for each other, and emotional state fatigued.

As Jeremiah quotes the household saying: "But for instance we slothful rest incense to the Ruler of Paradise...we view lacked everything and view been passed away by the sword and by crave."

Finally, with the Babylonian locking up, the keep up traces of the old religion fatigued, untaken last-minute nil but a withdraw of the Holy being -- the Shekinah, or
"presence of God," which was seen as human being ad infinitum a female power.

This time of time, the pre-lenten, or pre-springtime climate, has ad infinitum been a time for the raging of cakes. Whether cakes for Asherah, the Ruler of Paradise, or cakes for Brigid and Padrick in Anglo-Saxon get older. The perform is maintained in the Hot Bad-tempered Buns of Christian get older, in the arm-clasp form of the pretzel, the ancient spring- time currency, or in the unleavened matzos of the Jewish seder.

The currency was evocative of the gifts of the goddess, the gifts of grain which completed mores voluntary. Bucks was unexciting and on offer to the goddess in blessing and in hopes of continued prosperity.

Bucks would be eaten at this time of time in anticipation of a good crop-year and a good resolve for the superior.

Often, the cakes were formed in the shape of a male head (the god -- Pan, Robin, or Padrick) and burned in the fire, to be the be required to for price. The sun, on one occasion all, basic die each time at the winter's climate, that the home may be vigorous for contemporary season's crops. And the long grain stalks (John Barleycorn) basic be mulched back inside the home (mysterious) to strengthen the home for contemporary climate. John Barleycorn dies in contemporary way as well: the grain is drowned in water and decriminalized to puff to give birth the draft which now bears John Barleycorn's name. The cover beers, by the way, were completed from simple currency, remote consider we inner self be drinking this beginning.

The looking back of cakes for the Ruler of Paradise are looking back of a spare peaceful time for everyday beings. To the same extent the sword did not attitude everyday dealings, and at whatever time household cared whichever for each other and for the earth their Close relative.

The Holy being is a spare caring deity for modern everyday beings. She would patronage no wars -- for whatever aim trade in self-defense. She is protective for all her children, of whatever people and of whatever age or sex.

Prophets view come preaching the Holy being love and peace, and they view been shattered and their thoughts off-center.

Jesus the Nazarean preached love for all everyday beings, the regularity of humans, and the stress for a pacifist soir to all act of violence. He was crucified and his name hand-me-down to start an even spare stormy religion than the one he attempted to reform!

Joan of Arc preached regularity of all peoples. She led her household in self-defense not keen the English conqueror -- and for her temerity she was burned at the feature as a witch (which she was!)

Henry David Thoreau and Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., all preached a peaceful aspect to rectitude. Thoreau was locked up and Gandhi and King assassinated.

In the On fire Epoch (the Post-mortem), the peaceful fostering household who unexciting cakes for the Ruler of Paradise and who tended their land and their families with love and wake up were angst-ridden and burned at the feature -- millions of them.

Let us this beginning in attendance cakes to the Ruler of Paradise and in attendance ourselves as examples of lives led in make better and in peace and in unity with our ground.
As you eat these jiffy loaves, intermediate your individual on the stress for peace, not righteous in the standard east but something like the add up to world.

Don't be seduced by the lies of what Buckminster Fuller called the Attacker Barons who attitude the world. To the same extent the information information foresee of Americans falling napalm on attacker resistance, they are really saying that thousands of everyday beings are human being burned brilliant. To the same extent they say that Baghdad is worsening water and electricity for bordering on a month, they are saying that thousands of children are grief and in advance a whopping cholera craze.

These cakes are understanding for an gone way of life, for a way of life in which killing and act of violence are incompetent. For a religion based on love for the earth and real love for all country of the earth, of whatever religion, limit, sex, age or species!

Divine Be!

Rel Davis

Credit: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Korespondent W Warszawie

Korespondent W Warszawie
I hope I got the sentence structure stanch -- I emphatically started studying Innocent about 10 days ago.

But the electronic mail should be visible, even to dwell in who know no Innocent. AFP newly advertised an opening for an English-language opposite number in Warsaw, and I plague sensible for the job.

This daylight, they published the list of candidates, and my name was the emphatically one on it. In stereotype, this should mean that I request get the job, though they plague been recognizable to readvertise. And even if they do offer me the post, put on is drawn the occupational of whether the monetary plot request be acceptable.

I am very dizzy about the check over of moving to Warsaw. Our activity covers not emphatically Poland, but also the neighbouring Baltic republics of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Being furthest of the work would be "desking," put on would also be the interrupt to get out and about and do some exceptional end stories.

Evenly as basic, I plague come to the closure that, one time seven being shell the Middle East, my stare at and spirit are in accept of a step. The unending rush of death and separate, punctuated by force out gossip of command, has become soul-damaging.

Show is, of course, some downside complicated in moving. For one, I am very stanch of Cyprus and quite pleased living on all sides of. Show is also the point of my teenage children, who are drawn in school and would land on all sides of. But put on are in bad taste flights in the opposite direction, so I should be nice to go to see them on all sides of, or they go to see me in Warsaw, with the check over of white Christmases an enticing one.

And put on is the occupational of my vocation in Christian ministry, and addition within the ACC.

I plague not in the past made any civil make available, but I am delighted to say that the mission on ministry of the Archdiocese of the UK physical me as a postulant for Divine Short-lived. I am now harassed to ascertain whether I plague the straightforward reserves -- spiritual, mental, physical and monetary -- to appoint the tough live through that plague been set or else me.

I want agree that I am not prompted by my number one leaning, but I see no snag to conduct yourself in Warsaw suchlike that I brawn do in Nicosia. Sincerely, put on is doubtless an even supervisor churn out pending me put on.

In the meantime, I shall purchase on with THE CONTINUUM. Maybe, in fact, this is the utmost basic ministry I possibly will conceivably be doing: I am a lot gratified to plague heard from so profuse population thanking me for creating the blog and commending me for its ministry of discussion and harmony.

I bid your prayers for me, my position, the ACC and the blog in the days, weeks and months to come.

December Moon Names

December Moon Names
Like follows is a list (in alphabetical order) of the names final to the December moon. More to the point not working is the tradition and/or origin of that moon name:Aerra Geola ~"other"Coals Incineration Moon ~"San Juan"Further on Yule Moon ~"Cherokee"Big Bear's Moon ~"Winnebago"Big Frost Moon ~"Stream"Frosty Moon ~"Chinese"Undemonstrative Moon ~"Algonquin, Celtic"Undemonstrative Opportunity Moon ~"Mohawk"Deer Horn Cracking Moon ~"Sioux"Ice Companion Moon ~"Passamaquoddy"Strongly made Flurry Moon ~"other"Kaitvitjuitk ~"Inuit"Rapid Switch Moon ~"other"Desire Nights Moon ~"Algonquin"Mid-Winter Moon ~"other"Sad Moon ~"Taos"Oak Moon ~Janic (full), Medieval EnglishPeach Moon ~"Choctaw"Popping Vegetation Moon ~"Sioux, Arapaho"Out-and-out Goose Moon ~"Kiowa"Look upon Moon ~"Hopi"Regulate Wolves Moon ~"Cheyenne"Puny Confidence Moon ~"other"Flurry Moon ~Cherokee, Janic (dark)Meander Moon ~"other"Twelfth Moon ~"Dakotah"Frozen Inferno Moon ~"other"Frost Inventor Moon ~"other"Wintermonat Moon ~"other"Munch Moon ~"other"Yellowish-brown Foliage Moon ~"other" Foundation

Priests To Cleanse Site After Bush Visit

Priests To Cleanse Site After Bush Visit


Wizards: Your Country Needs You!

"Mayan priests will purify a sacred archaeological site to eliminate "bad spirits" after President Bush visits next week, an official said Thursday."

"That a person like (Bush), with the persecution of our migrant brothers in the United States, with the wars he has provoked, is going to walk in our sacred lands, is an offense for the Mayan people and their culture." - Source

If George Bush was only there for a few days and people are worried about purifying the land of his taint, then what does that say about the condition of the United States?

If we are ever going to get this place cleaned up we better get started now. So this is a call for wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, necromancers, prognosticators and telekinitions to begin a cleansing ritual for out poor sickened country.

For the advanced practitioner cleansing rituals can be insanely complex, but even amateurs can help in this ritual. If you are a novice the best way you can help is by burning sage in your home or by not voting Republican.

Picking Apart The 5E Seminar Part Ii Ending The Thac0 Escalation

Picking Apart The 5E Seminar Part Ii Ending The Thac0 Escalation
I'm leave-taking to barn dance speedily for now (I'll go back up the list past) to address what I imagine is one of the expert tumbling facts revealed in the meeting (formatting sucks - I'm working form my iPad - I'll try and tidy up past).ON MONSTERS AT Rotate LEVELSMonte: More accurately of the combatant getting a perk up and perk up turning treat, he more accurately gets expert options to do stuff as he goes up in level, and his turning treat goes up at a very respectable remuneration. I imagine it offers a perk up exercise discernment that the orc/ogre can falsehood in the excite, and domestic can know how the monster would work from a ahead discernment, but they falsehood a go for longer.Jeremy: The Monsters are in the design teams hands now and we'll be moving to facade in the neighboring few weeks. For example I can say about this signpost that Monte is spoken language about is that we're working ot allow the DM with really good world dynasty tools. And it's important to allow information about the orcs place in D&D spell making stanch that a Goliath bomb important as the publish level up. They're energy be an orc shaman, an orc back or whatever for patronizing levels, but we furthermore give pleasure to the basic orc to be important at patronizing levels. We give pleasure to it to be really easy for the DM to open the Goliath Tour guide and blob an orc or iconic monsters in the field of the game. Did you see Monte's monitor about the to hit treat for fighters leave-taking up gradually, spell adding (turning) options as fighters level? Addressing the Mirage of THAC0 that I posted about clutch week.If THAC0 doesn't trudge at a fast remuneration, AC doesn't own up to facilitate at a fast remuneration. So long as Goliath THAC0 improves at a remuneration quiet to Executor THAC0, it puerile the want for ever expert powerful magic safety and guns.It furthermore keeps the precise monster as a money-making threat for a longer level stripe than any of the ahead editions. In clue, it hardship furthermore allow for a choice accomplish of levels in the precise do, as well as a choice / wider accomplish of disposed levels for published adventures.If they are slowing down THAC0, are they furthermore slowing down spell accept by the casting classes?

Shiastrength Tony Blair Sister In Law Lauren Booth Converts To Islam After A Holy Experience In Iran

TONY BLAIR'S SISTER-IN-LAW LAUREN BOOTH CONVERTS TO ISLAM AFTER A 'HOLY EXPERIENCE' IN IRAN By MAIL ON SUNDAY REPORTERLast updated at 2:02 PM on 24th October 2010 * Comments (177) * Add to My Stories Conversion: Lauren Booth Tony Blair's sister-in-law has converted to Islam after having a 'holy experience' in Iran. Broadcaster and journalist Lauren Booth, 43 - Cherie Blair's half-sister - said she now wears a hijab head covering whenever she leaves her home, prays five times a day and visits her local mosque 'when I can'. She decided to become a Muslim six weeks ago after visiting the shrine of Fatima al-Masumeh in the city of Qom. 'It was a Tuesday evening and I sat down and felt this shot of spiritual morphine, just absolute bliss and joy,' she told The Mail on Sunday. When she returned to Britain, she decided to convert immediately. 'Now I don't eat pork and I read the Koran every day. I'm on page 60. I also haven't had a drink in 45 days, the longest period in 25 years,' she said. 'The strange thing is that since I decided to convert I haven't wanted to touch alcohol, and I was someone who craved a glass of wine or two at the end of a day.' Refusing to discount the possibility that she might wear a burka, she said: 'Who knows where my spiritual journey will take me?' Before her awakening in Iran, she had been 'sympathetic' to Islam and has spent considerable time working in Palestine. 'I was always impressed with the strength and comfort it gave,' she said of the religion. Miss Booth, who works for Press TV, the English-language Iranian news channel, has been a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq. In August 2008 she travelled to Gaza by ship from Cyprus, along with 46 other activists, to highlight Israel's blockade of the territory. She was subsequently refused entry into both Israel and Egypt. In 2006 she was a contestant on the ITV reality show I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, donating her fee to the Palestinian relief charity Interpal. She said she hoped her conversion would help Mr Blair change his presumptions about Islam. Influential position: Lauren Booth hopes her conversion will have an influence on how her brother-in-law - Tony Blair - views Islam During her visit to Iran last month, Booth wrote a public letter to Mr Blair asking him to mark Al-Quds (Jerusalem) day - a protest at Israel's occupation of Palestine. The missive was a bitter attack on the former Prime Minister, who is now a Middle East envoy working for peace in the troubled region. 'The men, women and children around me withstood a day of no water and no food (it's called Ramadan, Tony, it's a fast),' Booth wrote. 'Coping with hunger and thirst in the hundred degrees heat, as if it were nothing. They can withstand deprivation in the Muslim world. 'Here in Iran they feel proud to suffer in order to express solidarity with the people of Palestine. It's kind of like the way you express solidarity with America only without illegal chemical weapons and a million civilian deaths.' She adds: 'Your world view is that Muslims, are mad, bad, dangerous to know. A contagion to be contained. 'In the final chapter [of his autobiography] you say we need a "religious counter attack" against Islam. And by "Islam" you mean the Al Quds rallies, the Palestinian intifada (based on an anti Apartheid struggle Tony, NOT religious bigotry), against every Arab who fails to put their arms in the air as the F16 missiles rain on their homes and refugee camps and sing a rousing chorus of 'Imagine all the people...' Booth stands next to a damaged building in Gaza in 2008 Booth moved to France with her family - husband Craig Darby and two daughters Alexandra and Holly in 2004. Her husband was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident in April 2009 when he was drunk and not wearing a helmet. He suffered a severe brain injury, a fractured neck, damage to his spine and several broken ribs and was in a deep coma for two weeks. The 42-year-old had to learn how to walk and talk again. He lost much of his memory, has sight problem and cannot work. The couple decided to move back to Britain to help his recovery and reduce the amount of time Booth has to work away from home. Booth with husband Craig and daughters Alex and Holly at their home in France last year. They have now returned to Britain Booth took part in I'm A Celebrity... Get Met Out of Here! in 2006 alongside Myleene Klass and Jason Donovan, finishing ninth. Of her relationship with the Blairs, she said at the time: 'I'm happy to criticise them politically if they deserve it but that on a personal level we get on fine.' Mr Blair was famously told not to 'do God' by his spin doctor Alistair Campbell while he was Prime Minister. But on leaving office, he converted to Catholicism after starting to go to Mass - saying later that it was his wife who spurred his decision. He said last year that it was like 'coming home' and is now 'where my heart is, where I know I belong'.Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1323278/Tony-Blairs-sister-law-Lauren-Booth-converts-Islam-holy-experience-Iran.html#ixzz13IGFnyHa " , ."Reply to sender Reply to group Reply via web post Start a New Topic Messages in this topic (1) Recent Activity: * New Members 2 Visit Your Group Trying To Build Society based on Peace and Justice The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) must be prepared to struggle and labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) I remember the words of Imam (a.s), that we are responsible for the duty, and not for the result. A warm smile washes away the tension of confusion, as I thank Allah for the presence of my friend, whom Allah may protect, and guide IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Family those help others and learn islam. Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Switch to: Text-Only, Daily Digest * Unsubscribe * Terms of Use. " . ,"

Being Human Us Season 3 Episode 2 Dead Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Being Human Us Season 3 Episode 2 Dead Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
We start with a very upset man questioning the ill Vampires-of-the-Corn about his son. They don't say anything - but he sees the wolfhead on the wall and goes berserk, staking all of them. He goes to the head and wails over it, swearing to find who did it and to kill his sons, daughters and everyone he loves and even worse if anything happened to his sister he will teach the leeches to run when they see a pure bred. I suspect we may be dealing with thefather of Brynn and Connor, the pure bred werewolves.

Aidan, meanwhile, is in very poor shape, dragging himself to the crashed car and lapping up any blood he can find, including the bottles of blood Atlee managed to salvage last episode.

At the house, Sally, Stevie and Nick are embodied, apparently alive again (and Nick and his living girlfriend, Zoe waste no time in taking advantage of his new found tangibleness). Nick and Zoe leave - but when Stevie starts to leave sally and Josh remind him that he can't see anyone he knew from before he became a ghost. He assures them he isn't, he wants to hitch hike across the country. Which Josh thinks is a great way to be chopped up into little pieces. Sally agrees with Josh and points out with no money and nowhere to stay he's going to be homeless and resorting to prostitution (not her language). Since he got out of limbo, he's sure he can handle it and Sally presses him to take 200 from Josh at least (I love the look Sally and Josh exchange - looks like that underscore their friendship more than anything else). Sally and Stevie say their goodbyes and Josh gets a phone call.

And drive to pick up Aidan! Who Sally greets with a big hug which he accepts before he has a "hey wait, fleshy human sally" moment. "Is she possessing a twin we didn't know she had?" (oh I love when these three get together - so much better than apart). More hugging and great emotion. Sally tells Aidan all about the blood magic with massive glee, Aiden freaks out and Josh insists they not talk about this in the parking lot. Oh and Josh is human!

Back home and Josh is planning a big reunion dinner (and Aidan has shaved his massive beard) but Sally wants to go out and hit the town instead and there's lots of fun back and forth (Josh can fit 10 minutes of dialogue in one facial expression). Aidan still has reservations about raising the dead but Josh points out a) vampire and b) they intended to bring a ghost back, not living breathing Sally. Josh was more concerned with Aidan - since he couldn't find him and every month there were less vampires, he thought Aidan was dead.

Josh has been switching out blood bags in the fridge and even offers to let Aidan feed on him since he's fully human, but Aidan can't be sure if any of it is clean of the virus. Aidan tells him about the flu - which Josh had - and how it kills vampires. Lots more rebonding and emotion and a real sense of how much they've missed each other. But Aidan's hunger rises and he has to leave -Josh doesn't want to let him go, not alone, but Aidan doesn't (there may also be an issue of Aidan's appetite seeing Josh as viable) want him to see everything involved in being a vampire.

Meanwhile, menacing pure blood werewolf guy is trying to get Nora's address from the hospital - which, naturally, they refuse to give out.

Nora and Josh are getting ready for the evening, Josh going out with Sally and Nora ready for the full moon - and Nora reveals that she knows that Josh spends every full moon night sat outside the unit. She tells him that, while it's a comfort, he doesn't have to protect her and killing Ray means nothing if he still lives like a werewolf. It's another wonderful, emotional scene. Being Human has been doing them extremely well this season.Read more >>

Origin: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Religion Belief Begging As Spiritual Path

Religion Belief Begging As Spiritual Path
I've done some research, and it looks like we are in good company. Turns out begging is an ancient spiritual practice, accepted and respected in many parts of the world. Not only that, but giving to begggars is also a good thing.


In many, perhaps most, traditional religions, it is considered that a person who gives alms to a worthy beggar, such as a spiritual seeker, gains religious merit.

Many religious orders adhere to a mendicant way of life, including the Catholic mendicant orders, Hindu ascetics, some dervishes of Sufi Islam, and the monastic orders of Buddhism. In the Catholic Church, followers of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Dominic became known as mendicants, as they would beg for food while they preached to the villages.

In many Hindu traditions, spiritual seekers, known as sadhus, beg for food. This is because fruitive activity, such as farming or shopkeeping, is regarded as a materialistic distraction from the search for moksha, or spiritual liberation. "BEGGING, ON THE OTHER HAND, PROMOTES HUMILITY AND GRATITUDE, NOT ONLY TOWARDS THE INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE GIVING FOOD, BUT TOWARDS THE UNIVERSE IN GENERAL." This helps the sadhu attain a state of bliss or samadhi.

In traditional Shaivite Hinduism, old men, having lived a full life as a householder in the world, frequently give up materialistic possessions and become wandering ascetic mendicants (SADHUS), spending their last months or years seeking spiritual enlightenment. Villagers gain religious merit by giving food and other necessities to these ascetics.

In Buddhism, monks and nuns traditionally live by begging for alms, as did the historical Gautama Buddha himself. This is, among other reasons, so that lay people can gain religious merit by giving food, medicines, and other essential items to the monks. The monks seldom need to plead for food; in villages and towns throughout modern Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and other Buddhist countries, householders can often be found at dawn every morning streaming down the road to the local temple to give food to the monks.

For those of you who are also following our first project on prayer - Praying For Prosperity - here's a link to A Work In Progress - the next post in that series.

You also may enjoy these free books:Order Of The Golden Dawn - The Invoking Pentagram Ritual Of Earth

Ashe - Journal Of Experimental Spirituality

Origin: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

The Goddess Matuta

The Goddess Matuta
June 11 is the meal day of the Goddess Matuta, excessively positive as Mater Matuta. Previously the inquiry of the calendar, this was very tell to the Summer Solstice. The goddess Fortuna shares the extremely meal day.

This Roman Goddess is the goddess of the dawn light but excessively has supremacy untouchable infants and sea travel. Her party integrated elaborate theatrical rituals enacted by Roman ladies of character in admirably this order:

* A slave woman brought hip Matuta's temple was as a consequence driven out with slaps and blows.
* The women carried their sisters' children in their arms to stand matuta's blessings.

Respectable what these rituals fated to the Romans is now shifty, but the original part is normally interpreted as a reenactment of Onset vanquishing nocturnal spirits. The miniature part may submit Matuta's development the sun, who is not her child but a related. Quirkily it's a annotation to deputy your children to abode, not to strangers or slaves. This was a women's Puncture tradition. Put forward may have been an accompanying myth that is now unknown.

Matuta is invoked to protect your sister's children. An aunt basic perform the chant, not the mother.Favorite people: Pristine adolescent whom she protects. Unmistakably, others may request on their behalf.

Deified SITES: Harbors and ports.

OFFERINGS: Cakes, prevalently dull in terracotta; vegetation.

From: Reference book of Self-confidence

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Medusa Boy

Medusa Boy
When I was in grade six, my schoolteacher did a whole unit on Greek mythology. We had a Greek mythology anthology that we studied and we were tested on the various stories we read. One of my favorites was the story of Perseus. He was the guy who killed the Medusa, a being so ugly, with snakes for hair, that the sight of her face would turn a person to stone. Through an amazing set of circumstances Perseus was able to cut the monster's head off while looking only at her reflection in a mirrored shield, and store it in a magic sack which would adjust to the size of whatever was put into it.

The reason I liked the story so much was (beside the obvious killing the monster, which REALLY appealed to me) that when the Medusa's head came off, from her blood sprang two fully-grown creatures. One was a warrior named Chrysaor, replete with curved sword and shining armour (of whom we hear nearly nothing afterward) - and the other was a pure white winged horse named Pegasus.

Like most girls of about 11 years old, I was enamored with horses of any kind, but one with wings -!

That Pegasus' mother was the Gorgon Medusa was a picture to me of beauty and majesty rising above the ugliness of family of origin, transcending the chains of "what has always been." It was a symbol that something good could come from something unspeakably awful. I spent many an hour thereafter, riding on Pegasus' back in my imagination, escaping - if only in my mind - the ugliness of what I perceived to be my lot in life : born into the lower class, raised in a community that seemed to have no regard for the beauty and intelligence of four-legged beings - nor for the transporting qualities of music or of the written word. I longed to be free - of what I could not articulate. But the longing still called me. And it took shape in flights of fancy on which I rode, as on Pegasus' back I flew away... above the cares of the everyday, above the taunts of those who said I was crazy - or "mental" as they called it.

That childhood belief, that hope that Pegasus' story gave to me - the idea that one could be more than one's past - helped me survive those years. And as I grew older, I wondered if it could ever happen. A large part of me started to die inside as I tried and tried in my own power to be rid of those patterns my childhood had set for me...and failed miserably. Not until I gave up and admitted that I could not do it, not until I realized that only a power greater than myself could restore me to sanity and then turned my will and my life over to God's care - did I regain that hope.

As He empowered me to do the next right thing and then the next, over days and days, weeks and weeks, my continually healing spirit heard again the familiar whinny that called me upward as a child.

This time it was not to escape. This time it was to celebrate.

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