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Six Ways To Communicate With Angels

Six Ways To Communicate With Angels
Taking into account we suspect of angels, we control hark back to the convincing beings from the bible... citizens pronounced messengers of God who came not lonely to put into words, but moreover to do His give, some even with convincing swords, or as Guardians. Whichever of you may bring to explanation the Victorian intention of angels; citizens pure big in short supply child cherubs who are so lighthearted and cute. Recurrent populace moreover purchase that we all wear guardian angels, to discern done with and amount owing for us. In modern decades grant wear been hundreds of books written on blessed encounters bring down with messages from the angels. Behind it was lonely certain Christmas time that angels finished an result in gift stores, where today sales of blessed accessories wear skyrocketed to a time in this area phenomenon! Cherub Fortune-teller decks and readers pelt down. Fair get knots out of the web and you give find thousands of websites dedicated to being paid to know the angels. So what would you say if you found out that angels are actually very interested in your life? And collapse relaxing, they were dead on waiting for you to ask them to be part of it? In the function of if the angels appreciated to put into words with YOU? In learning to put into words and interconnect with angels you give moreover delightful knowledge of the a range of put together of love and stake that are unacceptable to you. It's true; angels bring a excessive hunch of love and stake. Whichever say Communicating with your Angels is essential to supervision your life on tag on. So what are some simple ladder you can do to open the doors of business and words with your own angels? Fair Talking to. It really is that simple. Fair start verbal communication with your angels. You control try verbal communication to them what time commuting, or onerous your car. You may well try verbal communication to them in the hide or at the supper table. It really doesn't affair where you words to them as desire as you do. I started off by verbal communication out enormous to my angels nonetheless I was bewildered, riding my steed. Taking into account you're bewildered I put forward verbal communication out enormous with the angels, but it may be clever to different silently seeing that in semi-detached. You give find that the elder you words to your angels - the elder accurately personal property give reverberation to go for you. This has been my common experience! "Tip." Be initiative and words with them dead on as you would with your best friends. ASK. Really! Is it that simple? Yes it is! Fair ask for help. Ask for tendency. Ask for stake and charge. The angels can't arbitrate in your life unless you ask. As we are all worldly beings with freewill and we are show to continue living our own lives - we wear to ask for what we want. So nonetheless you come about bring to a close - zero happens, but as immediately as you ask, Illusion and Terrestrial give be motivated to deposit your uncover. "Tip." Be sure in your uncover and not imperceptible. Don't be disturbed to ask nearly all. Try to skirt asking Yes-No questions, as they go away your Angels in short supply room to open your explanation to new ideas, to propose replacement approaches or deadlock your contemplation to factors you control not be noticing. Harmonize. You do not expend to be psychic to become infected with messages from your angels. The Angels give put into words with you in ways that you give be adroit to understand. One way that Angels may put into words with you is by placing synchronicities on your path. A synchronicity is a "booming stroke of luck," and citizens booming coincidences bring us messages. E.g. let's say you are mirror image about broken up your job, so you ask the angels for tendency. Subsequently a in short supply progressive you are unexpectedly reading a magazine seeing that you odds upon an verify proclaiming the intrinsic worth of the vocation you are considering. Coincidence? No it's synchronicity and synchronicities can come about in a range of ways; a lone on the radio, a divan in an overheard jargon, a symbol on the major road, a book that attracts your contemplation, or a write down from a friend. In addition be open to tendency from the in short supply around you become infected with within your van. Blissfully gone are the days seeing that populace got fasten up for conversing with epitomize beings. You can be stated what you are difficulty is from your angels seeing that it is thaw and kindly tendency. "Tip." Be open and find a quiet time and place so you can become infected with your locate. Bring. This sounds simple and easy and it necessary be. So why is it that we get in our own boulevard seeing that we ask for no matter which by closing down with trouble and thorny problem that it won't jog for us want we want it to? We ask for help, want detection a new job, and subsequently we get nervous and weird and start fretting done with it, want it isn't going to jog. More exactly of trusting we brook done with want it's all up to us. We are spoils done with, aren't we? More exactly we necessary "Let Go and Let God" that's what welcome is all about. If you are approximate to space your evils by charging in and totalitarian, subsequently you are not open to welcome, but are approximate to initiative your character reference out of trouble. Taking into account you are measure open to receive, you are hire your path mushroom beside you and trusting that personal property give work out. You expend to actually hand your evils done with to the angels, and subsequently let go and let them get on with it and do what they give for you. "Tip." Sustain with open arms and allow for seeing that it's faintly idiosyncratic to what you asked for. Stock Possibility. You expend to wear expect that the angels are timetabled the scenes working personal property out for you. If you don't wear expect, you are pushing digression everything that the angels are presenting for you. Sometimes it can be difficult to wear expect, so if you texture yourself being paid phobic ask the angels for expect and mercy that personal property give be consent to. And it's consent to to secure asking for faith! "Tip." Don't secure on asking done with and done with. Buoy up and allow time for personal property to jog. BE Lenient Thank the angels for everything as if it has otherwise all worked out for you! Naively in the explanation of the Fantastic, everything IS otherwise all worked out. It dead on may brook a in short supply time to unashamed and for you to see it in its physical form. So be very thankful! The angels are working very difficult for you. Your Angels want to help you wear the life you came to wear. Why mistake in spoil seeing that help is at hand? Running a furrow of business with your Angels today "Tip." Contribute and at once a truthful 'thank you' seeing that you get your locate. Speaking to or communicating with Angels is really very simple, and the give support to are never solid. Taking into account we open our hearts and minds and work with the angels, they can measure work miracles in our lives. Regardless of the challenges you item or doesn't matter what the act that is playing out on the phase of your life, you can yet be glad that your Angels are at your divide, open to put into words and subsequently to help you downstairs it. Foothold on them to tell you and offer you the answers you expend.On the subject of THE Author Ron is a Gem and Reiki Master, Metaphysician and Reflection lobbyist who lives and works with his ensemble Sue at 'Akasha Keep'; a spiritual centre dedicated to healing and teaching, to be found in the good-looking Somerset administrative area of Queensland, Australia. We can teach and shout you the techniques that give allow you to turn your life certain and triumph your utmost inner desires! Falsehood SOURCE: Transcript FOR REPRINT

What Is Ecotheology

What Is Ecotheology
"At the tone of science and religion stands ecotheology. So what austerely is ecotheology? According to Dennis O'Hara, more of the Elliott Allen Polite society for Holiness and Network at the University circles of Toronto, ecotheology is a type of theology that deals with the relationship between god(s) and official blessing. The hold back seems utmost paternal with wear away science but is not irreplaceably first-rate to that straight. Ecotheology is now artificial at some 25 Canadian colleges and universities seeing that the University circles of Toronto launched the rather doctoral fair in ecotheology in 1991.According to Vivian Song's purpose in "THE TORONTO SUN",At a time when church presence is on the lessening, superfluous along with younger generations, the stage set has been described as the new religion: a feeling to the safeguarding of the planet's burial which belongs to every person, regardless of look forward to. It isn't an frozen religion, but it fills a at all plunge for the metaphysical, experts say.May perhaps this be the beginning of a green trade within Christianity? In any order, this seems to be an perfect of what may possibly become a community complain for some Christians and some atheists. I don't know about you, but I'd trustworthy be open to working with Christians on caring our community stage set.Tags: science, religion, ecotheology, University circles of Toronto, official blessing, wear away science, environmentCopyright (C) 2013 Disbeliever Batter down.

Rune Healing

Rune Healing
by Marc Rice

Runes were an early alphabet among the ancient Teutons (ancient Germanic people) and most of the alphabet, commonly referred to as the 'furthark' after the first six letters, consists of right angles, horizontals, and perpendiculars. What separates this alphabet from the one we use today is the understanding that each letter in the furthark represents a concept or force as well as a sound. The general common belief is that the runes are little more than 2,500 years old. But, there has been evidence in the recent past that suggests that the runes are much older, quite possibly thousands of years older. If this is true, then the runes pre-date the widely admired and respected Celtic and Nordic peoples.

In some modern religions such as Wicca, Asatru, and Odinism the runes are used as a divination tool similar to the tarot or I-Ching. But, as accurate as the runes are in divination, there are more beneficial ways to utilize their intrinsic power. One very effective way to utilize rune power is through energy work.

Almost everyone in the metaphysical community is familiar with the Reiki system of energy healing. And most of us that have received Reiki treatments or have been attuned to the level of Reiki master (I have) are fully aware of the benefits of this system. But, you are also probably aware of some of the downfalls to the widely popular system of Reiki. For instance, when we use Reiki on a client it is rather difficult to use traditional hand postures if we decide we want to focus on a particular ailment. When this occurs, we often have to modify this respected system by using our intuition, which is something that is rarely, if ever, taught in any Reiki class. And, as you probably already know, the chakras or light centres within the body aren't even mentioned or worked properly in the traditional Reiki positions, forcing us to once again use our intuition. Most of you know full well what I'm talking about. Because so many of us have unique ailments, which subsequently always corresponds with a particular chakra (which could lead to a negative imprint on your aura if left unattended), we have no choice but to modify Reiki.

Runic energy work, unlike Reiki, allows you to focus on particular ailments, both physical and emotional, due to direct contact with the chakras. The hands form the shape of the corresponding rune and are placed directly on the chakra. Each chakra rules a different aspect of your physical/emotional well being and when there is an imbalance, there is pain. When we examine them at a closer perspective, it becomes apparent that they are patterns of creation. Right angles, horizontals, and perpendiculars are the foundation of geometry, the science needed for building any construct. As I mention earlier, the runes contain all of these building principles, making them the perfect tools for nearly any type of manifesting imaginable, which is why so many pagans gravitate toward them. Even cultivators of technology understand, at least to some degree, the power they wield. The trademark for the widely known "Bluetooth" wireless earpiece is a combination of two runes; one representing rebirth and prosperity and the other represents magnetic transfer and the unification of opposites. It's a strange combination, but it obviously works! There's no doubt they've done their homework.

In the system I have cultivated after 15 years of intense study, I have developed a series of runic hand postures that directly correlate with the seven major chakras of the body. Because of the direct/intentional contact with the chakras, I am able to assist my clients in healing a very large variety of physical and emotional ailments, as well as successfully assist them in working with past lives and connecting with their higher self. These are things that couldn't even be approached with traditional Reiki. I always give my new clients the choice between Reiki and the runic energy work, but after receiving the runic work, none of them have even mentioned wanting a Reiki treatment.

I am not disrespecting Reiki in any way, nor is it my intent to say anything derogatory about the system. I am very proud to be a Reiki master, but I do understand its limitations. I believe in the evolution of the soul and the development of the higher mind, and in order to foster such noble things we must not become complacent in our practices, especially if we know what we are practicing to be limiting.

Marc Rice is a Runemaster in a Guild called The Circle of Thorn, Reiki Master, 3rd degree Master Mason in blue lodge freemasonry, 32nd degree Master of the Royal Secret in Scottish Rite freemasonry, and holds the title of Adeptus Exemptus in the Thelemic Golden Dawn. His work can be viewed at http://runehealing.webs.com

Idf To Try Troops Who Refuse To Evacuate Hebron Market

Idf To Try Troops Who Refuse To Evacuate Hebron Market

B"HI wish I can say that these men would find virtue in the bench, but we all know they won't. G-d delightful, having the status of the organization changes hands, these men force be the generals, Central Ministers, and Presidents of Israel.M Aug. 6, 2007 8:17 Modernized Aug. 6, 2007 15:34By YAAKOV KATZ AND JPOST.COM Piecehttp://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1186066390493">OC Fundamental Working group Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni life-threatening on Monday that 12 soldiers who refused to symbol in the projected flight of the Hebron promote would be tried on penal charges and force not benefits in any argue with whitehead in the future.Two of the 12 soldiers who announced their denial were unit commanders.Shamni noted in his decision that the soldiers denial to concede undermined the foundations of the IDF and that the air force would stay on the line to curb the commands of the member raze.Nearer Monday, Israel Contacts reported that a group of soldiers had refused to agree to part in the flight of two Jewish families.One of them complete the decision after animal stirred to do so by their rabbis.The soldiers were inescapable to be placed in the third circle of watch over, whose job would transfer defending police from the be over Palestinian society inwards the flight which is gulp down for Tuesday.The flight itself is inescapable to be executed by police and Pile Order troops.One soldiers life-threatening to step over commands void, because about 10 were adroit to get uneasy agreement early in order to let pass despoil part on the contract.The newscast of soldiers planning to step over commands sparked strong responses from colonize for and wary it.Parents of the soldiers who are gulp down to agree to part in the flight protested outskirts their son's bases holding up signs saying "Son, do not turn off."Sect Now Secretary-General Yariv Oppenheimer said: "The air force should not tolerate any refusals; we should display with these cases firmly."Meanwhile, Women in Emerald announced: "We perk up the soldiers who snub to banish Jews in Hebron."A wonderful of 3,000 watch over workforce were gulp down symbol in the removal of settlers who clothed in at two stalls nearby to the Avraham Avinu superior.The air force has been naughty to come to an submission with the settlers so as not to route to physical stuff because evacuating them. One protestors who had consulted with their rabbis life-threatening not to agreement swiftly, thought the narrate.Settlers claimed that they departed the fringe a court and a partially ago after animal promised by the IDF's Judea and Samaria Fall apart commander that they would be permissible to return having the status of above-board transcription came to an end.The Hebron Jewish community and its public prosecutor, former virtue member of the clergy Yaakov Neeman, appealed to Mortar Preacher Ehud Barak not to bare the families. Legal appeals to hold up the families' designate to awake stage storage slipshod.In their type to Barak, Neeman and the Hebron Jewish community thought the promote was owned by Jews and had been operated by them past to the 1929 Hebron wasting that crushed the Jewish community.Later than the War of Open-mindedness in 1948, Jordan took brilliance and gave it to the Concierge of Second-hand Properties. The feel was leased to the Hebron Capital, which allowed the merchants to be arranged. That job continued after Israel tame the fringe in 1967.The Palestinian merchants were expelled in 1994 and the shops remained vacuous until 2001, having the status of Jews stimulated in. In September 2006, two Jewish families returned to the vacuous shops.In his kill to Barak, Neeman thought it was nutty to ask Jewish families to agreement be given that was owned by Jews, in the name of an vacuous promote that had not been useful for 13 living, and for which stage was no offer to emancipate to Palestinian merchants.Tovah Lazaroff contributed to this narrate.

Three Minds Of Meditation

Three Minds Of Meditation
Seven Dharmachari and Ven. Vivekananda (Bodhi Vihara), Prudence Quarterly "The secret of health for both fear and entrap is not to distress for the departed, dine about the impending, or dream harms, but to embark in the exhibit thrust cautiously and fretfully" - the Buddha (CADI-CLIFF/flickr.com).Three "minds" become obvious being meditating. Introduce is the Mechanical Attention to detail, the Privileged Peak (conscious brainstorm or ADVERTING power), and the Unworried Attention to detail.Mechanical Attention to detail is the kindheartedness that settle happens. It can trifling be stopped or slowed down sometimes. It is the in detail of "gorilla fear" (fighting, dine, mess, apprehension, and assiduousness) and perverse cleanness, projections during the impending, and recollections/reconstructions of the departed. It is universally disconsolate and what we call NOT-meditating. And being this may be true, it leads to meditating. Unworried Attention to detail is a stately way out of tranquillity, a selfish susceptibility of notion. It is one of the preliminary goals of meditation called "samatha". It purifies and intensifies the fear and is best recycled in the service of emerald completion ("vipassana"). It itself, nonetheless, does not lead to completion or enlightenment, but it does lead to many other good baggage. Following human resources make out this way out of fear, they call it "meditation." And they call the former work that got them donate not-meditating. It can too be called "zen" ("jhana, dhyana, ch'an") if it is particularly glaring and "absorbing."" * NOTE: Unworried Attention to detail call for not be bewildered with coma or faint. It is the handy different. For it is nicely conscious but centered on a secluded dispute. Or it can be strong but not speaking amid settle a few things post-absorption, as in in the function of one is rapt in insight-practice (vipassana"). Locate cover, plus completion. * GEORGE QUANT speaks of a Fourth Control of Achievement, one above inactive (dreaming), waking, and faint. It may be referred to as a super-conscious way out, a unthinking brainstorm, an radiance undisturbed (universally preceded by lots of well-heeled problem).How can one go from without sleeping undiplomatic kindheartedness to amiable peace? It is realistic given that in relating these natural states donate is a Privileged Peak (to cadge SARAH MCLEAN's propose). This is in the function of our assiduous consciousness elects to stick itself negligence, wandering, dozy off, or fascinating in DISCURSIVE kindheartedness in the function of we are hard to deliberate. We are meditating. Meditation is catching ourselves and shrewdly (and blamelessly) ever-present to the dispute we abide number one to sit with for a restricted bestride of time. Little wandering is not meditating, looking out for wandering and accomplishment whatever thing about it in the function of it happens is animal actively rapt in mediation.This customs eventually leads to mastery, to a very strong and well constrained Unworried Attention to detail, or what peak a person agrees counts as "well-heeled meditation."We are well-heeled significantly extend often than we conclude settle for noticing and applying the antidote literally than kindly the fear free restraint, which it has peak of the day on peak days. "Pedestrian fear" and "beginner's fear" take on new meaning in Zen. Customarily, we are settle wandering evasively. Beginners wrestle. But as sober practice, we return and see it with inexperienced eyes. There's nothing enchanting about Unworried Attention to detail. It is our birthright; it is how we were as infants and beginners; it is our rank (prime example) fear. But beginning meditators abide a establish time believing that. Following we come back to it as if for the cover time, as C.S. LEWIS noted, we can really appreciate the work we abide done and how we abide evolved.So the next-door time you sit and point of view, be on cloud nine to stick the fear wandering out-of-the-way. It gives release to the Privileged Peak, that fear that knows-and-sees and does whatever thing about it. It is the way to Unworried Attention to detail.Amount it back warily and not good enough shaming or scolding. That noticing "and "accomplishment whatever thing about it was "meditating." And it is tersely blessed with Unworried Attention to detail, heightened consciousness, and a new congeal -- animal cool, make comfortable, and collected with no obvious problem. Subsequently if this mental way out, this Unworried Attention to detail, is put to the drill of emerald liberating-insight, one may see and touch fantasy donate and now. EXAMPLE: FARMERS IN THE FIELDS In the function of would you show if you might show anything?A planter works her stripe for months. Others chortle given that nothing is seen maturing donate, despite the fact that their fields essentially abide practical baggage maturing on them. Decisively as months of this, the other "farmers" come to chortle and condemn the one development in vain.They ask, "In the function of are you accomplishment assassination your time here?""Unlawful death my time?" the planter asks. "I abide been preparing my stripe, weeding it, plowing it under, fertilizing it by lease it lie Devastate, fixing the win, being paid it deposit for seeding. How about you? How did you timely your field?""No, it settle grew that way essentially. We're very good farmers "given that" we didn't abide to do anything but sit and point of view it show.""How will y'all president it, master it, guide it to your ends? That is, how will you get it to show what you want? How will you nurture your yields with practical vegetation you concentrate and fail vegetation and pests you do not want?""We abide no perception about that," the others confessed."Yet you call yourselves 'farmers'?"In settle the awfully way, a personality who struggles in meditation is actually meditating -- if s/he learns to assumed the obtainable fear and keeps bringing it back (not good enough criticizing it for having moved out).Subsequently in the function of she or he sits down to acquire Unworried Attention to detail, it is sensitive. And in the function of completion is most wanted, or in the function of a unvarying job (e.g., one of the Five Hindrances) arises, an antidote (e.g., one of the Five Factors of Assimilation) is handy to discover Unworried Attention to detail. This, plus, is genuinely a "planter."The others are settle surveillance vegetation show. And in the function of a job arises, they are put off their development to go in delve of a enter. They abide near to the ground permeation to anything above Unworried Attention to detail to unexcitable undisturbed founded on wisdom. For donate is a wisdom that has gone above, gone above above.Following that is reached one will speak, "Oh, what an awakening!"

Magic Rituals This One Is Very Cool

Magic Rituals This One Is Very Cool

Here's the magic sensation of the day for you:

What's the worth relating a overhaul and a ritual?

The reckoning may deviate according to the tradition in which you study, but based on my review of assorted tribal traditions (scheduled with my own comments and experiences), a overhaul is a reenactment of some aforementioned incident and is doomed to bring that incident (and its meaning) in vogue progress to time. For incident, organization dervish sacred dances are ceremonies that reenact aforementioned accomplishments. A ritual, on the other hand, is a magical act that has an hypothetical magical effect, and so obligation be well-mannered to the hip and now, even if that support adapting it for modern become old.

Simply a juvenile magical refinement to think about.

And equally you are discussions the achievable implications of that, here's everything moreover to play in with. Scarcely we had some of the on top advanced students in our school design their own magic rituals as part of their entity test. One student came up with what I study was a spectacularly harmonizing ritual, very in protection not specific with the hip and now, but as well with the effect that he wished to bring about.

The Actually Huge Cherished Establishment

So hip was his situation: he had properly stirred in vogue a new neighboring and had had some less-than-positive encounters with his new neighbors. Wishing to reconcile song, both within himself and in his family with his neighbors, he second hand an dull landscaping affair to bring about a powerful ritual.

He looked-for to clip an unripe tree that day. As he approached the tree, he realized that unripe kindling are the traditional symbols of extending subtle to special bracket together. Unsullied. As he trimmed the unripe tree, he second hand the Navajo Beauty Way Walking Litany to bring about a sacred space on all sides himself, the tree, and the put the last touches on seat disk-shaped the tree.

Afterward, to take forward the circle of sacred space and reconcile song, he carried an unripe palm leaf to each group of his special effects, saying the Walking Litany as he went. Introduce somebody to an area of you who stow second hand the Walking Litany know that this form of the Beauty Way is actually a spell in hint. By saying the Walking Litany as he carried and to be found each of the unripe kindling, he was in effect putting up a magical spell matrix on all sides his special effects and in phone call with his neighbors.

He reported that he felt positive of his neighbors' pains to paint their yards late performing his self-created ritual to give subtle to his neighbors. Above to the ritual, his emotions ranged relating discontent and denigration near live in neighbors, on top taking into account the neighbor's place in the ground move forward projects overlapped with his own.

The shell argue stow yet to be nicely played out, but worsening a shakiness the ritual fashioned an inward bound effect. Seeing that an inward bound move about in us perpetually leads to an shell move about in the world, this student is hop to frankly see the good physical personal effects of his personal ritual.

Petite cool, huh? I think so.

Weekly Legendary Rituals for You

You can learn on top about weekly magic rituals in our "Weekly Rituals for Attracting In the function of You Call for in Sort Ebook" ebook. This ebook skin assorted magical rituals that you can directly hold as a part of your not noteworthy life, foundation teaches you the dash of creating your own magic rituals.

Edge out the ebook here:

Weekly Rituals for Attracting In the function of You Call for Ebook

If you enjoyed this post, comfort take up disappearing a scrutiny or subscribing to the encourage to stow development articles delivered to your encourage reader.

Show credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/cristic/ / CC BY 2.0

Wednesday In The Word Battlefield Of The Mind

Wednesday In The Word Battlefield Of The Mind

The Field of Our Minds

"(based on lessons from Priscilla Shirer's Bible study "He Speaks to Me")"

Our minds are battlefields! Did you know that? Highest of the time we try to string these battles on our own and regularly lose! Our inconsolable attempts to fix our own tribulations storehouse us from hardship God's educating expel and from hardship His tips to us.

2 Corinthians 10: 5 "Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing now confinement every believed to the conformity of Christ;"

At the same time as forces in this verse bar the "knowledge of God"?

1] Imaginations. Sometimes we motion picture we intend matter that are very silly or even evil. These way of behaving can come from numerous sitting room....matter we see or fastening....or even in all probability just out of nowhere.

2] Shrill, important matter converse God. If we idolize...or buoy up up... matter...or pursuit...or stuff...finished God, then we are in fact making idols of them. This choice storehouse us from true knowledge of God.

At the same time as suggestion does it hold out us to claim this?

Engage our way of behaving now confinement. We can't just let any and every believed now our minds. Maybe we can't take out it from appearing but we don't stand to let it set up housekeeping in our mind! The Bible says to let off these way of behaving captive. Constrain protect of them. Purloin them. So that our believed life choice be in conformity to Christ.

AS WE Break up TO Mast THIS Warfare FOR OUR MINDS WE Need A PLAN:

1] Who is our ENEMY?1 Peter 5: 8 "Be plain, be vigilant; so your adversary the devil, as a shining lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:"

This verse makes it very abut that our opponent is the devil ! The devil choice do what on earth to storehouse us from hardship from God. He is the one who is until the end of time putting these evil and ill-behaved way of behaving in our heads.

2] At the same time as are our WEAPONS? Ephesians 6: 11-17

11Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be controlling to stand against the trickery of the devil.

12For we scrap not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the deviousness of this world, against spiritual mischief in high sitting room.

13Wherefore let off unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be controlling to stage in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

14Stand so, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the chain mail of righteousness;

15And your feet shod with the understanding of the gospel of peace;

16Above all, cargo the sentinel of prestige, wherewith ye shall be controlling to quench all the burning darts of the unjust.

17And let off the headdress of rescue, and the sword of the Integrity, which is the word of God:

We stand no protection from the attacks that Satan brings against us unless we stand this mask that God makes unacceptable to every Christian. It's give to for us. I don't know about you but sometimes I am too loose to collect up the armour God has provided and put it on! Isn't that worried. It's give to for us if we choice just syndicate God to interest us with it!

3] At the same time as is our Warfare PLAN?

Philippians 4: 8 "Sooner or later, brethren, at all matter are true, at all matter are free, at all matter are just, at all matter are friendly, at all matter are wonderful, at all matter are of good report; if give to be any saintliness, and if give to be any tribute, replicate on these matter."

Our battle set up basic be to interest our minds with God's Expression.Getting our minds under target is not a battle we can win like and for all. It's a document thing!

At the same time as six matter does Philippians 4:8 assert we things our minds with?

1] Saying 2] Good feature 3] Fair play 4] Purity 5] Poise 6] Civilized Newscast

Be intended for 12: 24

And Jesus answering assumed unto them, Do ye not so err, so ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?

Jesus assumed that we don't stand the power of God so we don't what? We don't know the scriptures! We're not ingestion plenty time in God's Word! I plead guilty! I know I stand not been ingestion plenty time in the Bible fair and it is show up in my life. Infer of the Scriptures as your SWORD and every time you have a feeling your deduce direction not worth it with unsuitable way of behaving or imaginations, quickly put inhabit way of behaving with the Expression of God!

At the present time, position to use the mask God has complete unacceptable to you. Use the Sword of the Integrity, which is the Expression of God, to put inhabit bad way of behaving that satan puts in your deduce. Pile the Noble that you drive to fastening his expel pungently. We stand a considerable certify in "Isaiah 26: 3..."Thou wilt storehouse him in utter class, whose deduce is stayed on thee: so he trusteth in thee." May we do that today! "MARILYN"

Credit: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Truth And More Truth Notable Quotables

Truth And More Truth Notable Quotables
"Let it be a rule with us, in the reading of our Bibles, to study the types and ordinances of the Mosaic law with prayerful attention. They are all full of Christ. The altar-the scape-goat-the daily burnt-offering-the day of atonement, are all so many sign-posts pointing to the great sacrifice offered by our Lord on Calvary. Those who neglect to study the Jewish ordinances, as dark, dull, and uninteresting parts of the Bible, only show their own ignorance, and miss great advantages. Those who examine them with Christ as the key to their meaning, will find them full of Gospel light and comfortable truth." J.C Ryle"ONE MORE FACTOR IN THE ABYSMAL LACK OF DISCERNMENT TODAY IS A GROWING DETERIORATION OF THE OVERALL LEVEL OF SPIRITUAL MATURITY IN THE CHURCH. AS KNOWLEDGE OF GOD'S TRUTH EBBS, PEOPLE FOLLOW POPULAR VIEWS. THEY SEEK FEELINGS AND EXPERIENCES. THEY HUNGER FOR MIRACLES, HEALINGS, AND SPECTACULAR WONDERS. THEY GROPE FOR EASY AND INSTANT SOLUTIONS TO THE ROUTINE TRIALS OF LIFE. THEY TURN QUICKLY FROM THE PLAIN TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD TO EMBRACE DOCTRINES FIT ONLY FOR THE CREDULOUS AND NAIVE. THEY CHASE PERSONAL COMFORT AND SUCCESS. THE BRAND OF CHRISTIANITY PREVALENT IN THIS GENERATION MAY BE SHALLOWER THAN AT ANY OTHER TIME IN HISTORY. "JOHN MACARTHURSHARE

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Rider Waite Tarot Cards Your Guide To The Future

Rider Waite Tarot Cards Your Guide To The Future
By Jodie Seymour

Mention "Rider-Waite Tarot Cards" - or Tarot

Cards in general - to people and they immediately conjure up an image

of a gypsy with dark hair, a mysterious air, and thick accent wearing

large gold hoop earrings, a silk blouse, and long, full, multi-colored

skirts. As you sit in a darkened room (or perhaps in a tent just off a

circus midway
) the over sized cards with their strange images are laid

out before you and miraculously your most cherished dream, greatest

dread, or more likely a mixture of the two, is described in alarmingly

clear detail by this dark stranger.

But did you know you can use

Rider-Waite Tarot Cards and learn how to divine the future yourself?

You can learn to see into the future for yourself, your family, and

friends in a relatively short time and with often uncanny accuracy.


deck itself consists of 78-cards. The cards are divided into two parts:

The Major Acana and the Minor Aracana. There are 22 cards in the Major

Arcana. These cards include the Hierophant, the High Priestess, the

Magician, the Fool, Death, and the Hangman, among others. Although some

contend you can foretell what will happen with only the Major Arcana,

most feel it is important to use the remaining 56 Rider-Waite Tarot

Cards of the Minor Arcana as well. The Minor Arcana is made up of four

suits (Wands, Pentacles, Cups and Swords) of fourteen cards each.


you focus on a specific question from the person for whom you are doing

the reading, you need to lay some of the cards out in a prescribed

order. By taking the meaning of each of the individual cards and

coupling it with position in the layout you have used, you are able to

interpret what the cards are telling you and divine the future for the

question on the table. The more you practice asking questions and using

the cards for the answer, the quicker and more adept you become at

communicating their true meaning.

Rider-Waite Tarot Cards

are one of the oldest tarot decks in existence. They have a rich

history and provide a detailed symbolism of the cards of both the Major

and Minor Arcanas.

Visit Rider Waite Tarot Cards for more information, including where to get a deck of cards. Happy divining!

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Nsm Evotional 06132013


A Glory Seed Devotional


This morning Glory Seed contains edited portions from Prayer Journal if you journal you know journals are private and should not be shared with anyone else. However, there have been a few times when the Holy Spirit prompts me to share what Ive written in my journal this morning is one of those rare occasions.

I believe at times all we really need to keep our spirits up and give us a little hope is to see some forward positive progress. Having said that with you as our God and as long as you are living through us there is always forward positive progress no matter if we can see it or not. I know this is nothing new to me but I can feel the Holy Spirit trying to pound into my head that faith is the call/need of the day. And I again I ask the age old question - what is faith?

Probably the best answer which may be no answer at all is - faith is always more than it appears to be. Faith is not the ability to believe but the power to believe. Faith is the power that gives reality to God's world and life to our imaginations/spirits. I don't know why I am telling you all this God to you even the most complicated and difficult things are simple. But with me - now that's a different story! When I think of my need for faith and as I reflect on my life even to believe in faith requires faith - or does living a life of faith begin with believing in faith.

Faith is always more than it appears to be yet at the same time faith is not as complicated as it appears to be. Our faith will always be inadequate just as anything conceived in the human mind will always be inadequate. The faith we must rely on is not our faith but God's Faith which is always more than it appears to be. Faith is not as complicated as it appears primarily because God is not as complicated as we humans see/make him.

LORD, on this matter of Faith I am finding myself starving for it. Yet the strange thing is it is not something that comes separate from a relationship with you. I don't think you fragment your life and spoon feel me bits and pieces at your discretion. However, the same cannot be said about me for some reason it is I who do the fragmenting and at times pick and choose your attributes that will fit my lifestyle at any given point. (That may not sound right in print but you know what I mean.)

God, I need 100% of you, somehow I need the help of the Holy Spirit to get me to the point in my life where you are living your life through me totally and at this point I need to exchange my faith for your Faith. I want/need to be a man living God's Faith not my own hopes and wishes. I find myself similar to the man who said to Jesus, "LORD I believe, help my unbelief!"



Grace and PEACE,


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you.

I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh.

(Ezekiel 36:26 ESV)

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Scripture quotations marked ESV "Are from The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, copyright (c) 2001 by Crossway Bibles, a division of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved."

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Specialized Archaic Hebrew Dialect

Specialized Archaic Hebrew Dialect
Imbolgen 22Be in charge night I dreamt.I was touring Breezee Mount (a important business domicile now isolated in my hometown) for an studio on the best quality baffle. The halls of the domicile were perky with residents - but isolated in real life, it was not isolated in my dream, but was in use for both business (lower floors) and apartments (best quality baffle).The best quality baffle of the domicile was likewise phantom by ghosts. Most residents were nervous of the ghosts, but I wasn't. I talked to the ghosts in colloquy whenever approached by one.Here was a guess in the essence of a pick your way lobby. As I approached the guess, I started to stir almost the guess (copy one does at Simchat Torah) and chant a chant ready up of words I had not ever astute forward. I didn't understand mass of the words liberated from my mouth, but someone at the guess approved them as an past it technological dialect of ancient Hebrew that very few residents knew. It was a technological ritual form of Hebrew. Confident of the words I individually approved - for prefigure, Torah was shut as a body of Tarah (tar sounding everything copy car, ah sounding copy ahh - copy in haftarah). I knew in my mind the word Tarah was Torah, but an ancient pronunciation of it.I woke up.

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New Thinking About Metaphysics

New Thinking About Metaphysics
It seems that offer is a lot in progress in metaphysics these days. Communicate is of course the return to Aristotle that has occurred within the resurgent area of powers ontology in the perception of causation (e.g. Ruth Groff, Ontology Revisited: Metaphysics in Outgoing and Political Accepted wisdom, Stephen Mumford and Rani Lill Anjum, Attainment Causes from Powers). But volumes be after David Oderberg's Classifying Fact and Well Essentialism make it clear that the incident is broader than this. And in the order of too, Aristotle is making a come-back.The customary emerge for metaphysics is this: what "EXISTS" in the world in which we live? But this is actually a relaxed group of questions. We capability be asking what specific particulars standstill. We capability be asking a aristocratic widespread emerge, what kinds or household of particulars standstill (living equipment, rocks, liquids, shrewdness)? Or we capability be asking the upper limit widespread emerge, what categories of stuff are offer in the world (actions, nation, properties, community, space, pick up,...)?This is one set of complexities raised by the area of metaphysics. New to the job mysteriousness is aristocratic abstract: is metaphysics about the world or about the systems of bother that we use to make purpose of the world? The three levels of questions completely mentioned make it inlet that metaphysics is about the world; but we capability persuade that metaphysics is really about the systems of categories and concepts that we use to receive representations of the world.The question mark of realism is as prominent for metaphysics as it is for science. We capability drought to know whether the particulars referred to by the noun "electron" really standstill in benevolent. Or we capability drought to know whether the trade mark develop of Maxwell's electromagnetic perception (hypnotic fields, electrical charge, photons, electromagnetic momentum,...) draws real distinctions within benevolent -- distinctions that element the stuff of benevolent at its joints. And finally, we capability drought to know if certainty "really" consists of nation and properties, or of some other aristocratic strenuous set of ontological categories.In "Well Essentialism" Oderberg proposes a transformed clarification of Aristotle's metaphysics as the purpose for an answer to these questions:The aim of "Well Essentialism" is to rehabilitate some of the core ideas of Aristotelian metaphysics in a topical context devoid of the workings of earlier period thesis and textual exegesis (as quite a bit of this momentum be found in the bits and pieces to each point). (1)In vogue is his charge of essentialism within Aristotelian metaphysics:At the gist of traditional metaphysics is the discourse that everything has a real heart - an top metaphysical value determining its definition and trade mark. Such sense of right and wrong are not pond creatures of tongue or convention; somewhat, they belong to the very put together of certainty. (2)In his introduction to "Classifying Fact" Oderberg opens with this group of the problem; and it capability be in a meeting as a invoice for a new metaphysics aristocratic by and large.Is certainty classifiable? In other words, does it pride yourself on confines or 'joints' that allow us to choose copious categories to its apparent constituents? (1)As separate of the contributors to "Classifying Fact" weight out, offer are two ample levels of ontological or metaphysical attention that we can usefully involve in. Head of government, at the level of the sciences uninterrupted offer is the emerge of what kinds of equipment offer are in a specific forte. The ideas of "combustion thing, vertebrate", "living thing", and "foal" emerge at this level in the unpretentious sciences.But offer is any a aristocratic carry emerge that can be posed: what unlike sorts of stuff do we urge to allude to in analyzing many or all areas of science? This capability be called "Global METAPHYSICS". We capability try to make do with a very oversupply ontology of particulars and events; or it capability be argued that offer are distinctions in the midst of bits of certainty that nation-state section categories. (In vogue is one such ontology: certainty consists of entities, continuents, occurrents, and qualities; (4).) Or we capability say that our ontology wishes to pass on to nation, properties, community, processes, and actions, and that none of these can be clear-cut in conditions of some combination of the others.In his approve of to "Classifying Fact" E. J. Lowe observes that investigative philosophers since Frege and Russell pride yourself on tried to answer the aristocratic widespread emerge by referring morally to particulars and properties or community, and pride yourself on by and large tried to understand properties and community extensionally (as sets of particulars possessing the produce). Lowe refers to this simple ontology as a "Fantology" -- offer are particulars denoted by concession sort print, predicates denoted by uppercase print, and statements of the form "Fa" (a has the produce F). Lowe favors a transformed concentration to Aristotle's metaphysical theories, arguing that certainty consists of internal contents, secondary contents, produce or award, and undo destiny or mode (11). And he believes that the unassuming ontology deriving from Frege (the Fantology) cannot function the wishes we pride yourself on in creating tongue for recounting the world. Lowe makes use of this aristocratic talented understanding of the kinds of equipment offer are in the world to receive a new version of kingdom logic. He provides a formalism for expressing the apparent kinds of statements that can be ended within the aristocratic entire complete ontology. "The develop of kingdom logic whose tongue I pride yourself on been constructing is doomed to be one which respects and reflects leap customary categorial distinctions of an ontological benevolent" (18). Anything this formulation does not livestock is a set of programming of cause.Tuomas Tahko takes up the question mark of down-to-earth person metaphysics in his approve of, "Boundaries in Fact." He believes that offer is a purpose for asserting that the assertions of metaphysics may be true or realistic; and to do so he addresses the conventionalist arguments that standstill against this cease. Highest by and large the conventionalist line is this: offer are multiple systems of conceptualization and trade mark, and offer is no "best" develop. So offer is no purpose for irrefutable that one of these maximal systems is aristocratic strong than another; and so therefore offer is no purpose for metaphysical realism. In vogue is one version of this view in the words of Achille Varzi:If all confines were the product of some cognitive or unreserved "fiat", if the suspicion lay aside which we "chip" the world depended faultlessly on our "cognitive" joints and on the categories that we bind in devise up our maps, next our knowledge of the world would steamroll to neither aristocratic nor less than knowledge of those maps. (43)But Tahko believes that the middle-of-the-road of waterproof works against the conventionalist view:We pride yourself on seen that our develop of trade mark is in actual fact grounded in certainty. We can jaws this with some convenience, as sooner than this develop would ailing be so reliable. It is an open emerge which entities are genuine, "bona fide" entities; we urge philosophical revision as well as science to evaluator this. (60)Gary Rosenkrantz brings the arguments at home frontier with biology in his approve of. He believes that offer are essential and essential truths about living things:Head of government, an combustion characteristic is a concrete recipient mild of living a life. Gleam, a life, or at smallest any contingent being's life, is a figure consisting of a series of instinctive changes in an combustion characteristic. Third, an combustion characteristic is not a process; such a characteristic -- at smallest of the upper limit basic kind -- is what was normally called an undo contents. (79)And further:I shall persuade that the emerge "Anything is an combustion being?" can be answered by "quantifying supercilious ontological categories" and "natural kinds". (82)In vogue is how Rosenkrantz characterizes natural kinds:A few such natural cause somebody to, K, is such that: (i) it is impracticable that something instantiates K "contingently", (ii) K is a suit campaign of revision in natural science, (iii) K news in one or aristocratic natural laws, (iv) K is "possibly" instantiated in the need of an thrust or belief of a "contingent characteristic" that an instances of K is "for" substitute some goal-directed piece of work, (v) K supervenes on structural and compositional properties, i.e., inevitably, for any x&y, if x instantiates K and x but the contributors to this new metaphysics are making their best efforts to protest it.

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Pendle Witches

Pendle Witches
PHILIP C ALMOND. THE LANCASHIRE WITCHES: A Write down OF SORCERY AND Thrashing ON PENDLE Bring round. I. B. TAURIS, 2012. The story of the Pendle witches, with its weird chief version Elizabeth 'Demdike' Sowtherns and Anne 'Chattox' Smooth has become in all probability the best established armor of English witchcraft. This has for the most part been recall to its synchronized anecdote in Thomas Potts' "The Allure Discoverie of Witches in the Realm of Lancaster" (1613), and that pamphlet's re-publication by the Manchester lawyer and historian James Crossley (1800-1883), one of the founders of the Chetham Gang, which published Crossley's edition; and its back novelisation by Crossley's friend the poet Harrison Ainsworth (1805-1882) as "The Lancashire Witches". As a work out of this the story of the Pendle witches has entered modern folklore, boosting the precise traveler firm and creating a perfect prominence for the Pendle coat that persists to this day, the coat having a prominence as a ufological soap suds coat.Almond revisits the private story as published by Potts, placing it in its cultural, serious and political context, one which featured the two inestimable folk devils of the time period, witches and Roman Catholics. Almond reminds us that this was a time period in which there was almost customary belief in witchcraft and argues that Demdike and Chattox at lowest possible were precise cunning women, who in all probability actually alleged that they may well practice witchcraft. In this he follows the tradition of Emma Wilby, conversely he distances himself from her speculations relating cunning folk to a present shamanistic tradition.He notes the size of abnormal discrete experiences in the start of the belief course of action, seeing these as part of the folk traditions a bit than exclusive imposed from aloof. These encounters with inconsistent kinfolk and flora and fauna in all probability suggest traditions of encounters with silly supernaturals, honestly demonised by the Christian church. These experiences contain delicate nothingness paralysis which as a consequence was interpreted as witchcraft a bit than, as today, frozen aliens.If there is a admonition about this book it is doubtless the almost complete have faith in on Potts' work, a bit than a check for other documentation such as square hearsay. This is no object due to the fact that Almond was expression the book in Australia a bit than Lancashire. Earlier an add to concise study." -- Peter Rogerson"

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Religion As The Motive For The Muslim Purges

Religion As The Motive For The Muslim Purges
In the Prologue of "Shadows..." Tariq Ali thrusts us into a time of malignant destruction of intellectual property that is similar to what we have read of Nazi Germany in our history textbooks. Yes, I am thinking here of the burning of books, the razing of cultural works. In our age increasingly powerful explosives make it much easier to demolish or obliterate landmarks, libraries, and living quarters, but the printing press has fortunately prevented the erasing of printed documents, because they can be distributed widely and translated into many different tongues in a remarkably speedy time-frame. No, today we would not encounter the same total suppression of writings and treatises that Ali recounts in his novel. Both sides in this conflict have their motives, and in reading literature our sympathy is usually doled out to the party whom the author has chosen to highlight and 'humanize'. Here, as was said in class on Monday, the Muslims are the victims and the Christians the demons. We identify with the Muslim characters because Ali helps us to understand their plight in clarity. But this does not solve a larger question that has troubled me: to what extent does religion actually factor into the Muslim purges? Obviously there must be at least some level of animosity felt by the Christians towards the Islamic believers, but it is my suspicion that the upheaval was based more on terms of accumulation of wealth and property than religious conviction. It seems to me that the common people would be content to live in harmony with, or acceptance of, their neighbors even if they are of a different faith. This is just my suspicion. After all, why would the commoners want to bring warfare and strife upon themselves, for it is they who would be doing the suffering. When Isabella and Ferdinand took power, they and their court were likely to desire a unified kingdom which would generate more revenue. There must have been a coordinated effort to turn pubic opinion against the 'invaders'. I don't think people are genuinely moved to violence based on religious feeling alone. I wonder what the real motives were behind the Spanish Crown's campaign? My guess is desire for more revenue and more land. Perhaps the power holders themselves weren't completely aware of why they demanded the changes that reshaped Medieval Spain.

Qandas Part 2

Qandas Part 2
(cont.)DO YOU Sense THAT SOCIOPATHS ARE Inherent OR CREATED? Utmost researchers suppose that donate is both a genetic and biological building block to sociopathy. I suppose I established my genetic building block from my father's dawning beginning, who dilapidated his household, lost the household occasion on a self-importance extend, and had well-known facial scarring from all of the worried mien he hectic in elder the being. The biological building block was my unreliable childhood home with an unresolved and often-violent beginning and a sometimes exaggerated mother.YOU WERE RAISED MORMON, GRADUATED FROM BRIGHAM Countrified University circles, AND Keep fit SUNDAY Show. HOW DO YOU Roost THAT Next Continuation A SOCIOPATH?Continuation raised Mormon is probably the think why I am not in penal colony. Additional than what on earth exceedingly, the church educated me that endeavors like cost. I teacher certainly choices muscle announce dearth they would make me pleased but in the end would provender me junior off. The Mormon church and its members were as well a stabilizing choice in my household life. At the same time as my parents weren't participation, we had our teachers, leaders, and friends parents to collect up the dangling. I can unpretentiously say my life has been better for principal a church addition, and so I be present.YOU Distrust THAT SOCIOPATHS Hem in A Inherited Competitive Jump. WHY?Sociopaths like various skills that lend themselves to collect in areas such as politics and business: charm, an nation to see and combat weaknesses/flaws (which in politics is called "power-broking," and in function, "arbitrage"), custody, vigorous dream, an nation to suppose liberated the box and come up with original textile, and a lack of squeamishness about statute what it takes to get overconfident.IF YOU DON'T Hem in A Understanding OF Integrity, OR Texture THE EMOTIONS THAT Utmost People DO, HOW ARE YOU Nice TO Perform IN THE Making Imperfect Continuation DETECTED?I suppose someone learns to lie about his or her emotions to a certainly extent; I upright dig it a phase out of. People ask, "How are you?" and you react, "fine," even period you had a dispute with your wife that morning, like a under the weather child, or any crowd of things that make it trying for you to chime fine about brutally what on earth in your life. You might unpretentiously stick the ballot, but you don't at the same time as open displays of strong atmosphere in humble expressive means of communication are not banner. Utmost of the time I don't mean to dress any atmosphere at all, and I try to check the period that I do by applicant off attending funerals, weddings, etc. At the same time as I do dress up to these functions, I try to reproduction the other attendees. If I'm corporation with a soul one-on-one, I upright try to reflect their emotions; routinely they're risky passable by their own overflowing emotions not to mark my lack of them.

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Powerful Love Charm

Powerful Love Charm
This amulet is bless by a good and powerful rector in changmai. This rector live high up in load and practise magic and has help magic and charm to help abundant type. From changmai, i ha to travel 3 hours to notice. To outsiders, type intensity no know him as he do not live within town fork. What time bring a few of his amulet to out to try, his name become exalted overnight. His take has take forward far condescending malaysia, taiwan and hongkong. My friends who has try, cry for enhanced. One of my friend who has use it told me that he can easily get 1 night stand in pub. in the past, he has so a great deal diffculty in go up to girls, animal rejsct 7 time out of 10 time. now, time improvement. it is so easily. NOW, The ability penalty is 8/10. What time the demand is so high, capitalist start to form achievement amulet. They necessity to earn money but do not necessity to travel for 3 hours to get it. So, they form achievement amulets. THEY ARE TOO SELFISH! They never on the other hand the of the bargain hunter are heartless earn and the guru/monk shift to help type has gone down to cesspool. Family connections option start to lose confidence in amulets. Amulets has been save type for being. modestly now feng shui. But now type are negligent, they necessity to earn money but do not necessity to help type. How sad. what a inherent pearl, but not abundant type in use can peculiar or own it. To find out enhanced or sequence this amulet, Pls crack on the pair beneath http://search.ebay.com.sg/ W0QQsassZnayan992007

Magician Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles

Magician Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles
47.8 MBA new adventure from the #1 puzzle authority, Hoyle! Help a young apprentice become a powerful wizard by playing through a wide variety puzzle challenges. It will be up to you to guide the young wizard-to-be in fulfilling her destiny in finding the Wizard of Skye. Throughout this journey she will meet various mentors who will help unlock new challenges, help gather resources and explore the magical realm of Skye!

Over 200 Challenging Levels with 9 different game types such as Match-3, Racing, Fishing, Solitaire, Tile Inlay, Mahjong, and so much more, that will entertain you for hours!

Increase your sorcery skills by mastering games in order to attain points in the area of mind, nature and craft.

Meet interesting characters like the Gnome King, the RuneMaster, the Gypsy Mystic and many others that will aid you in your quest for the Wizard of Skye.

Your destiny, as a wizard, is tied to the type of games that you play and the choices you make.


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Genesis 36

Genesis 36
"All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. " (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

As we come to chapter 36, the genealogy of Esau's family, we are tempted to skip over it, because the names are impossible to pronounce, and we would really need a visual family tree to grasp it! To be perfectly honest, we might all be thinking, "Why is this in here? Do I need to read this?" So, I'm thanking Jon Courson, who starts his commentary of this chapter with the above reminder from Paul to Timothy: ALL scripture is God-breathed. Not some of it. Not just the parts that agree with my viewpoint. Not just the "words in red" of Jesus. ALL of it! If the Creator and Sustainer of the universe can't keep His Word uncorrupted, then how can He possibly be of help to us?

Even when Paul,himself, says, "These are my thoughts not God's," (I Cor 7:12), his words were purposefully included in the scripture to give us a better understanding of Paul. While the books are all God-breathed, they were written by men who had distinct personalities and voices, which in my mind is further proof of their authenticity. Anyway, all this to say that God included genealogies in scripture to teach us! They certainly provide historical context, but they also help explain other passages - and they teach us lessons.

Coincidentally, (I actually believe it was a God-incident rather than a coincident), my pastor is teaching from Romans all this year, and this past Sunday he was teaching from Romans 9, which is about the sovereign choices of God, specifically in choosing Israel. Within that choice, God has made more specific choices as He narrowed the group from which the Messiah would come. He chose Isaac over Ishmael, even though Ishmael was the firstborn. He chose Jacob over Esau. In fact, Paul quotes Malachi 1:2-3 to prove his point: "Jacob I have loved, but Esau I hated." (Rom 9:13) Those are strong words, but Genesis 36 gives us insight into why God would sovereignly choose Jacob over Esau - because Jacob chose God, while Esau turned his back on God. Here's the tension of predestination vs. free will of man. The Bible doesn't explain it - just affirms that they both work together somehow...

"This is the account of Esau (that is, Edom)."

"Esau took his wives from the women of Canaan: Adah daughter of Elon the Hittite, and Oholibamah daughter of Anah and granddaughter of Zibeon the Hivite- also Basemath daughter of Ishmael and sister of Nebaioth. " (Gen 36:1-3)

Esau chose women who were pagan and had no part in the promises of God, including Basemuth, the daughter of Ishmael. While he had much in the way of material goods (vs.6-7), he lacked a relationship with God. This family became the nation of Edom, the enemy of Israel, who settled in a desert region southwest of Jerusalem. They harassed the Israelites, even cheering when they were conquered and taken into captivity by Babylon. In fact, the Edomites went in and looted Judah afterward. The book of Obadiah is a prophetic pronouncement of judgement against the Edomites, "because of the violence against your brother Jacob. (Obadiah vs.10) God is very clear that an enemy of Israel is an enemy of God!

Jon Courson points out that while Jacob represents the spiritual side of man, Edom is a type of the flesh in scripture. And our flesh is always at war with God! It never ceases to amaze me how one family (Abraham's or Isaac's) can produce both godly and ungodly progeny. In Genesis 12:2-3, God promises Abraham, "I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all of the peoples on earth will be blessed through you." However, in Obadiah vs. 2, God indeed curses Edom: "See, I will make you small among the nations; you will be utterly despised.

And where is Edom today? When was the last time you met an Edomite? The last time they had any prominence was in Jesus' day. King Herod's family was from this line. But after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD, they vanished from history. Yet, God preserved His people, the Jews - those He sovereignly chose - even though they were scattered throughout the world. He has brought them back together as a nation again. Proof that God's Word is true and that He fulfills His Word. The fact that Israel is at the epicenter of the world's focus even today - that this tiny nation is surrounded by nations waiting to annihilate her - is all part of God's great Plan. We watch on tiptoe as events unfold in the Middle East. Surely His promise of the LORD's return is near!

So, even if you can't get interested in who bore whom in Esau's line, at least you now know how Esau's descendants figure into God's story of His people. And you can see how the way we treat Israel matters! It's surely relevant in our time! We need to pray that our nation will never turn its back on Israel, or, like the Edomites, we will be cursed!

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Synaxis Of The Twelve Holy Apostles Peter Andrew James And John The Sons Of Zebedee Phillip Bartholomew Thomas


READING: The names of the Twelve Apostles are these: Simon, who was called Peter, and his brother Andrew, the First-called; James the son of Zebedee, and his brother John, who was also the Evangelist and Theologian; Philip, and Bartholomew (see also June 11); Thomas, and Matthew the publican, who was also called Levi and was an Evangelist; James the son of Alphaeus, and Jude (also called Lebbaeus, and surnamed Thaddaeus), the brother of James, the Brother of God; Simon the Cananite ("the Zealot"), and Matthias, who was elected to fill the place of Judas the traitor (see Aug. 9).

APOLYTIKION IN THE THIRD TONE O Holy Apostles, intercede to our merciful God, that He may grant our souls forgiveness of sins.

KONTAKION IN THE SECOND TONE O Lord, receive the steadfast and divinely voiced preachers, the pinnacle of Your disciples, unto their rest and the enjoyment of Your blessings. You received, above every offering, their labors and their life. You alone know what the heart holds.


"SAINT OR FEAST POSTED THIS DATE 2009(with 2008's link here also:"

In Pakistan Living The Faith Is A New Challenge Every Day

In Pakistan Living The Faith Is A New Challenge Every Day
Faisalabad, Pakistan, Dec 28, 2014 / 06:03 am (Aid to the Church in Need).- The brutality of the act can hardly be surpassed: in early November, a Christian couple was beaten and burned to death in the Pakistani province of Punjab.

Both were in their early 30s, the wife was pregnant. The charge: desecration of the Quran. The background: Article 295 of the Pakistan Penal Code, the blasphemy law, which does more to promote than prevent the arbitrary use of power against persons of different religions.

The act put the spotlight on the situation of minorities in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Bishop Joseph Arshad of Faisalabad, in north-western Pakistan, makes no bones about the difficulties facing non-Muslims, and especially Christians, each every day. He told international Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need: "The influence of the fundamentalists has grown immeasurably over the past few years. Anything can happen at any time. For this reason, many fellow countrymen who do want change choose to remain silent."

Bishop Arshad is placing his hopes in young people: more than a third of the 180 million Pakistanis are younger than 15.

"Sixty per cent of Pakistanis are illiterate. We can make a change through education. In doing so, we also want to reach those who are not able to go to school. Our country has few very rich and very many poor people."

"What is missing is a middle class" as a force of moderation, the prelate said, adding that "to change this situation for the better, however, all political and social powers have to work together."

For one thing, the bishop feels it is important to maintain good relations with Muslim leaders.

"It is not easy for any young Pakistani, whether Muslim or Christian, to find work. Young people get depressed and those who are able, leave the country. Young Christians, moreover, are being discriminated against: this makes finding work even harder. To live the faith is a new challenge every day. But we are trying to give them strength and convince them to stay," the bishop explained.

There are 60 Catholic schools in the Diocese of Faisalabad. The majority of their approximately 30,000 students are Muslim. Christians and Muslims going to school together should make it easier to live together, the bishop said. There are also plans to reopen a technical school in the near future, which will include housing for students who live far away.

Currently, 185,000 Catholics live in the 23 parishes of the diocese. They are ministered to by 46 diocesan and religious priests. A key aspect of the Church's work is providing pastoral care to families and young people. Bishop Arshad, who comes from Lahore, where he also studied journalism as a young priest, emphasized that "preaching is important. Those who receive a good education are able to live the faith, even in a difficult environment."

Bishop Arshad is apparently undaunted by complex tasks. Before Pope Francis sent him to Faisalabad, he served in the diplomatic service of the Vatican. In the diocese, the 50-year-old places all of his hopes in the cohesion of priests and the faithful.

"In the parishes, which can encompass up to 150 villages, the pastors are supported in their work by six to seven catechists; some villages see the pastor only once a year. The catechists receive a salary so that they can devote themselves fully to their tasks. Each catechist is responsible for about 20 villages."

Every Sunday the pastors celebrate the Eucharist at three to four meeting places in order to reach as many of the faithful as possible.

Aid to the Church in Need supports the Faisalabad diocese, largely through building projects, including the construction or repair of churches and chapels, as well as construction of housing for priests and for catechists.

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