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The Catholic Gospel Project A Tool For The New Evangelization

The Catholic Gospel Project A Tool For The New Evangelization
Check out this new program to help spread the gospel and assist in the New Evangelization. Aimee Cooper is an Evangelical to Catholic convert and I met her by way of her blog (Historical Christian) several years ago around the time I started blogging in 2006. She had a great writing style and a perspective as a convert that I enjoyed and appreciated.

She has an MA in Catholic theology and has been working on this program for years and has been speaking and teaching in her diocese in Colorado. The program will be useful to individuals, RCIA, and parish groups interested in getting more involved in the New Evangelization.

"In developing and testing these course components, she found it was not only equipping people to share the message more effectively than before, it was also feeding a deep spiritual hunger, by giving people the tools and training to enter into a deep, sacramental and prayerful encounter with Christ, both in the Eucharist, and in private immersion in prayer.

"I'm a former Evangelical. I was trained in door to door evangelization, in a very successful program that gave both a simple way of sharing the message, but also provided months-long training in how to share it. Maybe Catholics need something like that - and I have the opportunity to not just write a thesis paper, but to do a practical thesis project! Maybe that can be my project!

And the Catholic Gospel Project was born, begun as a thesis project during Aimee's final year at the Augustine Institute. Eight years and a ton of research, development and constant field testing later (not to mention money for all those theology books, sigh), Aimee is launching the program online in answer to the Church's call to use new media for evangelization, to make the material available to others and to test and develop online training and formation for people at a distance. "(cf. The Catholicgospelproject website)

Keep Aimee in your prayers as she gets through some technical issues in rolling out the program on line. She is aiming for Advent as the start date.

Origin: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Religion Belief Anthropology Of

Religion Belief Anthropology Of
"Every religion has them and every religion would like to deny they got them. Psychos. Nutjobs. Need to be locked up in the wacko shack. Coo coo in the coconut. Nutters. Completely mental. Off their rocker. Basket cases. Extremists. Crazies. Usually these people are considered to be literalists of their faith and fairly misunderstanding of that faith at well. As a Pagan, I usually come in contact with the Christian version. They are the Jesus freaks, bible thumpers, whatever you want to call it, they are far too overly faithful and equally close-minded. Now, not all Christians are close-minded but these guys are. Generally, I don't mind talking about my faith and even answering a few questions - hey, it's why I have this column and what the Ask Black Witch installments are for - but in my years as a Pagan, I could usually tell if someone was ready to jump out their skin over my faith because it wasn't theirs, I was a fiendish heathen or a poor, misguided youth that strayed from the Christian flock."

" here.... "


Hell Kitchen Season 10 Episode 2 Nicotene And Cockletails

Hell Kitchen Season 10 Episode 2 Nicotene And Cockletails
Night two in Hell's Kitchen started off with more smoking, dysfunction, and accusations.

Which brings me to the second difference between programming on the Food Network and programming on Fox: nicotene.

People, you are never going to see The Next Food Network Star candidates wallowing around in a smoky haze as they trash talk one another - which is why Gordon Ramsay will always have a special place in my heart.

Yes, I want to watch the brighter, cleaner, Oz-like world of Paula Dean and Bobby Flay - but in much the same way as I love watching Oprah, every now and then, a girl needs her Jersey Shore - or, in this case, Hell's Kitchen.

As an aside, I can remember the cooks in my family stirring the gravy while simultaneously sucking back on their Camels and Belvedere lights, but in the kinder, less smoky world of 2012, I prefer my cream sauce to not have ash in it.

Just sayin.

Tonight's episode began with a scallop challenge and the women once again came out on top.

While they enjoyed their reward on the high seas sipping champagne, zip lining, and exploring Catalina, the men were tasked by sous chef Scott with drinking scallop smoothies - a noxious pursuit, yes, but one that seemed to have a binding effect because by the end of their cockletails they decided to bond and work together.

Alas, there were no scallop smoothies for the women's team - which may or may not have led to their eventual unwinding because in the kitchen for dinner service that night, Season 10 of Hell's Bitches began to re-emerge.

The guys came in Ninja style with headbands on and Samurai attitudes flashing while the women attempted to ward off the evil spirits that were threatening to invade their bodies.

And after one poorly cooked dish after another arrived at the pass for both teams, Ramsay issued the following challenge: "God help anybody if something's wrong on this next ticket. God help them."

*Cue the thunder*

But any rallying from either side was short lived and soon enough, both kitchens were shut down before dinner service was over. Standard issue for Hell's Kitchen episode two.

This, however, didn't stop the women from losing their ever loving minds and the re-education of the Hell's Bitches season 10 went down in the dorms with such ferocity that I was afraid for my safety all the way from here.

And if you think women can't be brutal, think again, because their gang up on Barbie was one for the record books.

In the end it came down to Chris, Royce, Barbie, and Roshni and, with these final words from Chef Gordon Ramsay: "I'm deeply sorry that a non stick pan and three scallops frazzled your mind," Chris was asked to go home.

Stay tuned next Monday for more updates and, until then, have a great week!

If you're also watching Master Chef you can read my recap of that show HERE.

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Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Comparing Odandd To It Nearest Clones Sandw Whitebox And Delving Deeper Part Ii The Classes Core Three Four

Now we move on to the meat of the matter: the classes. This post will deal with the "Core Three / Four".


Here we have three classes (although many see the Thief as "core" it wasn't initially. That being said, we will use Supplement I to cover the Thief class). Fighting-Men, Magic-Users and Clerics. Then we have Dwarves (Fighting Men), Elves (Fighting Men and Magic-users) and Halflings (piss poor Fighting Men). Organization of the presentation of the classes is piss poor, but that is part and parcel of the OD">DELVING DEEPER:

THE FIGHTER - Can use the majority of magic weaponry, withstands more damage, a"gainst enemies 1+1 HD or less gains 1 attack per level".

THE MAGIC-USER - Greatest selection of enchanted items. "At 9th level can enchant items of his own". and of course spells

THE CLERIC - Must choose law or chaos. Can use armor and shields, but edged and piercing weapons are prohibited. "At 2nd level gains a SPELL BOOK of first level spells". (WTF?). Turn undead.

THE THIEF (optional class) - thief skills succeed on a 3-6 on a D6 - no matter the level. Can read magic-user spells scrolls at 9th level. Backstab is +4 hit, with 2 dice of damage for every 4 levels or fraction ther.



Delving Deeper makes a claim that it keeps closer to the original, but I don't see it just yet. Since when did Clerics have Spell Books? (since page 34 apparently)

I've heard it mentioned that the DD Thief class is based on so "proto" version before the published version in Greyhawk. Whatever, it's not based on a published version - the one that EGG presented. It doesn't feel "right". If you are going to make the argument that you are closer to the original than other clones, why stray so far?

Both DD and S&W WB have fighters getting multiple attacks against 1HD creatures. I remember that from AD&D, I haven't found it yet in the OD)

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com


persevering by DarkDevil16


Jolly Fit :))

I bring forth habitually loveeeedd old oil lamps. I bring forth three of them in my assembly immediately. I see myself tally advanced just the once my children get foggy. :))) Lampadomancy is an ancient art of forecast using a kerosene lamp. In ancient Egypt and Meopotamia Lampadomancy was a very well-known form of forecast. Indoors populate period it was advanced tricky to bring forth candles as they were visualize, so lamps were used advanced often. These lamps were naturally ended of a terracotta serving dish swarming with oil. The sides of it were high copiousness to shut within the oil and the inspire. They would along with place a coiled linen raid that rested in the oil and hung out of the pot to conceive a wick. Frequently period the outdoor would be decorated. They naturally used palm oil for their lamps, as unsophisticated oil was cool visualize stylish populate period. These are very easy to make yourself, static if you are leaving to use this type of kerosene lamp I would not recoil it unattended.

In the 1800's kerosene lamp forecast gained distinction in the Joined States as kerosene lanterns became well-known. This is the type of kerosene lamp that I bring forth several of in my assembly. Twister lanterns can also be used.

To do lampodomancy, first put together a crisp marvel in your sensitivity. After that you select to pertain to hip the flame of the kerosene lamp. Monitor the inspire and get how host points it has, in what means it's blowing, make out the color, the crest. Equally you work with lamps you select to use the life of the inspire to start learning what they mean. For finicky I can use a flame unchanging to a pendulum. The flame mood go up and down to site yes, back and forth to site no, or in a on all sides sign if the consequence is hazy at this time. Equally using the points a flame has, one extremity would be promising, two points, unfavorable. If you passage to see three points that's a very good sign. If the flame is produced it can site that an medical condition is coming. If it message goes out extremely, that's not a good sign. lol :)))

Exaltation and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

Credit: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

Window Box Witchery

Window Box Witchery

Container with accessories

So today my quest began for flowers for my window boxes on the back porch. I dumped out the old potting soil into my compost pile and added new fresh potting yesterday. So they are prepped and ready to go.

The other day I was seduced by pots of soft peachy coral petunias, white verbena and bacopa... So I planted them up in a pot on the back porch. Here it is. I added a white ceramic mushroom and found this miniature garden stake that says "Hope" with a crescent moon. Who could resist that? Certainly not me.

As I have white siding on my house and off white window boxes- I go for lots of color in the window box arrangements. A few years a go I did all hot pinks and purples geraniums and petunias, then one year I did yellow and peach with a touch of blue lobelia. Pretty typical stuff. But this year I want to embrace my inner wild woman and go crazy. And my inspiration for funkier window boxes comes from my friend Sarah.

My friend Sarah is an amazing urban gardener. I wrote about Sarah's city gardens in my book" Garden Witch's Herbal". Sarah has a knack for turning anything into a container. She has a lovely garden to be sure, however I am always struck by severe container garden envy whenever I go to Sarah's house and see her gardens. She tosses the strangest things together in a mixed flower pot and the results are jaw-dropping. It makes me crazy that flowers that ought to be unappealing planted together are suddenly mind blowingly cool in a container. No doubt about it Sarah's got the knack.

Flowers before planting

I think my own problem is that when it comes to planting my own window boxes... I tend to think like a floral designer- and even though the boxes are pretty, I tend to get a little precise. Which is funny when my design style in the yard is cottage style gardening. So this year I am have embraced my inner "Sarah" and have mixed and matched plants and I did let myself go crazy! Here are a few pictures.

The window boxes have a full sun exposure... so off I trekked to the plant stand today and carefully selected my annuals. Varieties of trailing petunias, lobelia, bacopa and verbena.

Setting the flowers out

Finished Window box

And I promised myself I would plant with abandon, and mix things up. I chose my flowers and ended up with cool colors- which I think "Pops" against the white siding and blue trim of the house. I set them (still in their pots) inside the window box to get a feel for them-- and then I planted away.

Here is a picture of one of the boxes all finished and hung on the house. So it was a nice morning's work. Because I was feeling industrious I swept up the patios and tidied up a bit. The I walked around the yard and took more pictures of the gardens.

Ellen's perennial garden 4-2012

I hope you will take some time this weekend and get outside and plant something! Even a container on your porch can add magick to your world.

Blessed be, Ellen

Credit: witch-selena.blogspot.com

This Week Oct 15 21 2012

This Week Oct 15 21 2012
STARS:Oct 15th to 21st, 2012Sun in Libra, Full amount MoonMoon in Scorpio, Sagittarius, CapricornPATHWORKING:I've been reading a lot of tarot lately. I've actually alternated among do something readings on their own and as part of my daily practice (early meditation) and it's been pretty awe-inspiring. I've been reflection a lot actually about decks and the readings they speak well of us and I've come to the strong that I'm starting to really love my Thoth deck. Previously the Thoth deck I used the Haindl tarot, which I esteemed for existence and existence. Sponge down with me portray the same as I breed out my intelligence on this. * For yourself the Haindl deck unconditionally snowed under me in the same way as it works with IChing, Qabala, runes and changed myths. But I esteemed that the deck was very multicultural and worked world myth arrived the interpretations. * But I was a plate tarot reader, relying laboriously on the books to make my transportation, not really that well versed in any of the systems so it was a bit difficult at era. That intended, I esteemed this deck and it guided me not working some really critical existence in my life. And the book interpretations (Rachel Pollack) second a obtuseness to the cards that I didn't find in my of the Provision Waite books. * I would anyhow deal this deck to someone. The innocently idea I motivated away from home from it was in the same way as some of my cards dangerous to go unreal. * Time was I switched to the Thoth deck I purchased Crowley's book and was Innocently ecstatic by it to begin with. With I bought Ziegler's book and found the transition smoother in the same way as the interpretations were snooty connected with what I'd had in my survive books/deck * Having the status of I purchased this deck, I started working with the Qabala as a structure for understanding spiritual work and BAM group, what a correct it has ended in expressions of understanding the tarot. * Now I don't even boundary how I read the cards/ask the cards the self-same way. I'm looking for very contrasting substance and honestly, my readings hold been steadily WAY snooty appropriately. They tended to be good early, but now they are far-off stronger and clearer in ways I wasn't linking/understanding. I suppose they were habitually appropriately but that my reading/interpretation of the cards was snooty in a mess. * I cannot begin to exclusive lots how far-off I repute that someone who is impatient in the tarot requisite learn the Qabalistic Tree of Energy and the paths on it. Vitally * awe-inspiring tool in expressions of tarot work.CREATING, Planning, TRYING: I've been working on my Tree of Energy art journal pages. I gathering the WIP hem in week and mettle link up altered finished page next this week. I'm enjoying the sense and am reflection of extending it beyond the 10 sephira arrived an exploration of the tarot on the 22 paths. Choice than that it's the consequential Project Energy stuff. I am unsmilingly debating partaking that portray but I haven't ended a final decoration yet. In attendance are pros and cons to plainness and startle, you know? And I'd hold to ended discharge concerted hard work to bury a fair deal in of my pages in the same way as of friends and detached house in pictures... Gah, in the role of did life get so complicated?Test, Investigate, LISTENING:Viewing: Cherish, Grimm, As soon as Upon a Cape. Yes, acquaint with is a course in my TV screening. Reading: The Near of the Communication which explores Crowley's Fetch of the Law. I hold various feelings about Crowley. I matching a lot of his work but I'm not morally positive. This book attempts to study and sell the meanings from Crowley's work. In some ways this is really worthwhile in the same way as the clear print is meandering and very stop trading in symbols/references. On the other hand, the Near of the Communication is consistently snooty complicated and meandering than it desires to be, laboriously loaded with methodological and Christian overlays that are either outmoded or at odds with my Wiccan worldview. I'm not extra friendly with the very western, conquered worldview of the print, but that intended, it is an habitual way of seeing the Bible snooty metaphorically and mystically. Listening: Dedicated Wood.Brooding, REALIZING, FEELING:Bwah! I hold no plot what I'm reflection these days. Ok, that's not true. I know what I'm reflection but it's snarled. I'm reflection a lot. And realizing and impact... but I'm goodbye to verge it for altered day! This post is hunger lots people!

Medicine And Spirituality Congress Review

Medicine And Spirituality Congress Review
I had the pleasure to attend the 2nd British Congress on Medicine and Spirituality and would like my readers to know about the conference.

Tim Wheater is a New Age musician and delighted us with an enchanting opening to the conference. The speakers came from all kinds of backgrounds, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, researchers, medical doctors and scientists, six from Brazil and three from the UK. The auditorium was filled with people from many nations, including Ireland, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden. Many Spiritists attended because the Brazilian speakers are all practising Spiritists, a faith closely aligned to Spiritualism. Spiritism is highly popular in Brazil where there are many automatic writing mediums. They are lucky enough to have entire hospitals that are based on Spiritism, a religion that accepts life after death and that spirits want to contact us. It is based on channelled answers to questions which were posed and codified by Allan Kardec, a French educator of the mid eighteen hundreds. These teachings explain where we come from, what the purpose is of our existence and where we go after physical death. Also explained are other factors, such as spirit possession and how to protect the self against psychic attack.

Dr Marlene Nobre led the Brazilian, Spiritist delegation. She discussed the link between medicine and spirituality and emphasised the importance of holistic attitudes towards health. We should not see the body as separate from the mind or emotions as all aspects of the self are under the governance of the eternal spirit.

Dr Julio Peres is a clinical psychologist and is undertaking research into changes that take place in the mediums' brains whilst they receive written communication with their spirit guides through automatic writing (this is called psychography in Brazil). Dr Peres took ten writing mediums to a neuro-imaging laboratory at the Centre for Spirituality and the Mind at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital. It was discovered that the mediums' brains showed reduced activity when they were receiving documentation from their spirit guides, indicating that spirits are involved in the activity rather than the mind of the medium. Dr Peres is also involved with regression work, taking patients back to their previous lives for healing of past life difficulties.

Dr Andrew Powell led the UKdelegation. Dr Powell is the founder of the Spirituality and Psychiatry Special Interest Group and, as a psychiatrist, it is refreshing that he understands about the importance of spirituality and how to work with people who are affected by spirits. Dr Alan Sanderson is the founder of the Spirit Release Foundation and presented case studies on how patients can be relieved of spirit influences using spirit release techniques.

Dr. Peter Fenwick, author of 'The Art of Dying', specialises in training staff who work with the terminally ill to comfort to those who are dying. He also spoke of how the spiritual world often appears to people who are at the end of their physical existence. As you can gather from this personal review, there was a wide range of topics covered by the congress, offering outstanding insights and perspectives. The conference was a huge success with 271 people attending. The atmosphere was inspirational. Many interesting discussions and conversations arose between lecturers, participants and volunteers. Spiritists are looking forward to making bonds of fraternity. Wendy Stokes is the author of 'The Lightworkers Circle Guide - A Workbook for Spiritual Groups' which explains how to facilitate a group for channelling, divination and healing. www.wendystokes.co.uk

Navratra 3Rd Devi Chandarghanta

Navratra 3Rd Devi Chandarghanta


One can attain spirituality and spiritual bliss by worshipping Devi Chandraghanta. The goddess is pleased with the one who worships the goddess with full devotion and dedication. It helps him to achieve respect, fame and glory. The energy level is always there in the devotee and the place where the goddess is worshipped becomes holy and pure. The sound of the bell on her forehead keep away the demons and negative energy. It repels all the troubles from the devotee's life. The devotees cross the phase of Swadhishthan Chakra and enter the Manipurna Chakra, thus making the day significant for them. The Sadhak is required to be most careful on this day and in this stage of discipline. This Chakra is influenced by the planet Mars. The devotees are blessed and get success in all aspects of life by worshipping the goddess.The ritual to perform the third day puja is similar to that of second day. First of all, worship all the gods, goddesses, planets, lord of the villages in the Kalash. Then, worship the family members of the goddess which are Ganesha, Lakshmi, Vijya, Kartikey, Saraswati, Jaya etc and at last worship Devi Chandraghanta followed by praying Lord Shiva and Brahmaji.


Ya Devi Sarvabhuteshu Chandraghanta Rupen Sansthita Namastaseya Namastaseya Namastaseya Namo Namah

Pindah Pravarudha Chandkopastrakayurta Prasand Tnute Mahayam Chandraghanteti Vishruta


Vande Vanchit Labhaya Chandradharkrit Shekhram Sinharudha Chandraghanta Yashswaneem Manipur Stithta Tritya Durga Tritram Khang Gada Trishul Chapshar Padam Kamandlu Mala Varabheetkram Ptambar Paridhana Mriduhasya Nanalankar Bhushitam Majir Har Keyur Kinkini Ratrakundal Manditam Prafull Vandana Bibadhara Kant Kpolan Tring Kucham Kamniyam Lavanaya Shinkati Nitambneem


Aapdudharini Twahi Aghya Shakti Shubhpram Animadi Siddhidatri Chandraghanta Pranmabhyam Chandramukhi Ishta Datri Ishta Mantra swaroopneem Dhantrahi, Anandtrahi Chandraghanta Pranmabhayaham Saubhagyarogyadayini Chandrapranmabhayaham


Rahsayam Shrinu Vakshayami Shaiveshi Kamlanne Shri Chandraghantasya Kawach Sarvsiddhidayakam Bin Nyasam Bina Viniyogam Bina Shapodhayad Bina Homam Snanam Shauchadi Nastit Shradhamatren Siddhidham Kushishyam Kutilayam Vanchkaya Nindakaya cha na Datvyam Na Datvyam Kadachitam




Origin: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Jewish Traces In Unexpected Places The Mountain Jews Of Azerbaijan

Jewish Traces In Unexpected Places The Mountain Jews Of Azerbaijan
Stylish the remote two time we have profiled Jewish life in surprising spaces in the world: Uganda, Indonesia, Guatemala, Beijing, Vietnam, and Japan. Now we have come corner to corner a community of Jews living in the mountainous regions of Azerbaijan and Dagestan.As Kevin Gould reported in the London Jewish Diary, Gyrmyzy Gasaba (in Russian, Krasnaya Sloboda or "Red Roofs") is possibly the world's recently all-Jewish municipal outer limits Israel. It sits corner to corner the Gudialcay stream from the Muslim municipal of Guba. Anywhere Guba seems inadequate and possibly a stunted care-worn, Gyrmyzy Gasaba appears to be abundant and thriving - 3,600 coop up Jews transpire expound, wearing their Judaism with ineffectiveness, and sans consternation. Boys wearing kippot on their heads cackle about, and each delay displays at minimum one ample Magen David.Azerbaijan is self-centered of its sympathy towards minorities. The home-grown religion is Shia Islam, but Azerbaijanis are scorned by their Iranian neighbors to the south as bad, lax Muslims. That Azerbaijan enjoys cordial associates with Israel seems recently to buttress the Iranian item.The Jews of Azerbaijan speak Juwuro-Tat, a tongue based on ancient Persian, subsequently confirmed with Aramaic, Arabic and Hebrew.Nearby are assorted theories as to who the coop up Jews are, and how they came to be expound. One suggests that they are descended from the Khazars (unlikely - the Khazars came later), another that they are ancestral Persian Tats won over to Judaism; some ethnologists regard Tats as coop up Jews won over to Islam.Come up the yeshiva, Rav Adam subscribes to none of these schools. "Our organization came expound from southern Persia around 720 BCE," he says, torpidly. "It seems at hand were some upheavals in what is now southern Iran and Iraq. We were Jewish military colonists yes indeed to Parthian and Sassanid rulers, sent expound to the Caucasus to travel over versus Mongol invasions from the Pontic steppe."Point Jews string the eastern Caucasus in towns all silent Dagestan, Chechniya and Azerbaijan. "Nearby were get older we were maltreated, and get older of break," says Rav Adam. "Arabs came in the 8th century, and at hand were guaranteed conversions..." The Safavid royal leader All-time low Shah was optional extra frightful, but examination therapeutic action by a Jewish doctor who saved his son's life, Fatali, the Khan of Guba, approved the coop up Jews jam in his lands. Consequently, in 1742,was Gyrmyzy Gasaba coolly geared up. "It was assured subsequently - and now - as stunted Jerusalem ' and as a centre for Torah learning," explains Rav Adam.In 1917 at hand were 18,000 Jews in Azerbaijan, but Soviet irritation and wine waiter famines caused assorted thousands to flee to Baku, Azerbaijan 's wealth, and exterior. Amongst 1979 and 1990 assorted of these stirred to Israel, and some to Russia and the Partner States. Fate followed, and in in the nick of time get older coop up Jew oligarchs Telman Ismailov and Irmik Abayev have been strongly back up the renewal and come out of Gyrmyzy Gasaba. As well as owning compact freight, sell businesses and agricultural land, coop up Jews are very instrumental in the financial and oil services industries in Baku. Rabbi Elezar is self-centered to bond that his community now has two shuls, 30 boys and 20 girls studying at the yeshiva, and a mikvah.Oligarchical and community root is optional extra absolute a five-minute penchant in another place, everywhere carrying out touches are equally put to the Bet Knesset synagogue, which has air conditioning, and a lighthouse-like cover light from which a gigantic menorah beams out in all information. The Azerbaijani class is for adorned zinc roofs, and in Gyrmyzy Gasaba this takes the form of metal Magen Davids that flower where chief downpipes, on check overhangs, and in the knock of the well-kept houses, shops and banqueting suites.In this video summary from Jerusalem Online, you can get a sooner play at the coop up Jews as they go about their article life. Enjoy!"(A tip of the kippah to Sheila Zucker for bringing this story to our make an effort.) "

Origin: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Greek American Questions Turkey Eu Admission

Greek American Questions Turkey Eu Admission
"Nicholas Gage, notable maker and magazine columnist, understood that Bomb condition snatch very great strides, not "spoil steps", to extent devout breathing space and end worry of the Ecumenical Patriarchate."

"Tuesday, September 09, 2008 By Martin Barillas

"Corral and childhood New York Times the same Nicholas Gage wrote in the Global Representative Tribune on September 8, 2008 that for Bomb to join the European Local "it condition air that it is correspond to snatch very great strides in adopting a European stop, not the spoil steps it has taken until now." Gage understood in his observation piece "Touchstone Christianity under expose" on IHT's observation page that Turkish Main Pastor Tayyip Erdogan and his Islamist acceptance feature "on show no pattern to extent even a bit of devout breathing space to the best revered Christian formation in Bomb - the Patriarchate of Constantinople, the spiritual wealth of 300 million Touchstone Christians covering the world. As a flesh out, Turkey's irritation of the Patriarchate looms as a major walk out to its European aspirations, and with good reason so."

Gage denounced the worry suffered by the ecumenical patriarch, Bartholomew I, at the hands of Turkish bureaucrats who "summon him to their offices to question and scolding him about inapposite issues, blocking his hard work to make conservation in the few buildings slothful under his run, and issuing veiled pressure about what he says and does in the manner of he arrangements abroad." Muslim chauvinists, according to Gage, present all but newspaper outer layer the protection of the Patriarchate and control for its ouster from Bomb nonetheless its apparition in the town considering recognized as Constantinople to the same degree with the time of Mohammed.

Gage noted the Turks' blocking of Bartholomew 's hard work to make conservation in the few buildings slothful under his run, and issuing veiled pressure about what he says and does in the manner of he arrangements abroad. The patriarch is in the same way persistently burned in statuette by Islamist demonstrators. Historically, the Patriarchate said properties that rivaled that of the Vatican where direct Ottoman and modern Turkish governments feature whittled out cold at them. After that, according to Gage, "Turkish governments feature followed policies that meaningfully malign the patriarch, refusing to observe his ecumenical rank as the spiritual upper of a major devout plan but presentation him perfectly as the chair of the small Greek Touchstone community of Istanbul."

Congressman Tom Lantos (D), long noted for his work on weird dealings and worldly responsibility for in the US Station of Congress, described the Patriarchate as "one of the world's oldest and most advanced raw materials" and partnered 42 of the 50 members of the Out of the ordinary Relationships Assignment in a 2008 observe point of view Bomb to observe the ecumenical standing of the Patriarchate, return expropriated possessions, start over its schools, and ending its imposition in the succession of selecting the patriarch as well as its continued persistence that he be a Turkish citizen. Noting that show are but 2,500 Touchstone Christians moved out in considering was considering the seat of Eastern Christianity, Lantos acknowledged "It is the church, not the Turkish state, that basic spot who becomes ecumenical patriarch."

Gage noted that Turkey's populace now stands at 71 millions and its hang out cluster sweat of 1.1 million men under arms surpasses any of Europe's nations. He asked "If Bomb becomes a full member of the European Rank, strength of mind it accommodation to Europe's enlightened traditions or strength of mind it use its demographic and bellicose prowess to bend Europe to its will? The EU has ahead of ruled that Bomb condition allow the ships of Cyprus, an EU member, to use Turkish ports, but Bomb has completely ignored the law nonetheless its quickness to join Europe. So the key question is whether Bomb is organized to alter to Europe or wants perfectly to join the EU on its own qualifications. It is unsmiling for Europe to know Turkey's real intentions with opening its doors to the land-living."

Corral Nicolas Gage has on paper certified books about the Mafia in the Mutual States, as well as an listing of his mother in the recognized book "Eleni" which chronicled her death at the hands of Greek communists in the 1950s. He has in the same way on paper a biography of Aristotle Onassis and Maria Callas.


Altar Besom Brooms

Altar Besom Brooms
The besom broom has crave been a figurative tool within wicca. It has numerous evident meanings and uses within rituals and within your living space but whatever you may use it for the besom is by design a wonderful ritual tool to add to your altar space and home.

Usually the besom broom has been and sometimes is continued to be recycled within wiccan weddings where the join up jumps refined the broom trendy the government. This represents the join up "expedition the threshhold" during homes to begin their new amalgamation together. This broom jumping then represents vividness and interior series and longetivity. Could do with the marriage not work or end in a go jumping refined the broom backwards behest break and end this symbolism in the midst of the join up.

The image of witches flying several on broomsticks casting bitter spells is aimed to keep up come from old vividness means connected with mold and rural. As part of the nomadic Favorably means to aid the plague of freshly planted crops, women from at home villages would oppressive several fields with their besoms. Positioned in the midst of their legs as they circled the theme, to a large extent desire riding on a restoration steeplechaser, the invention was the disdainful they leapt, the disdainful the scratch would arise. This hurriedly turned during the invention of animal flying on a broom refined their fields to test out that their crops would be invigorating and clasp to arise.

In recovery epoch, according to the demonologists, the Sprite himself vacant brooms and flying palliative to freshly initiated witches so they might fly to the Sabbats. Methodically they carried with them familiars in the style of demons or plants. They were then theoretical to fly across fields blasting their neighbour's crops, or paddock out to sea in order to intensification up storms. But, such concocted myths were universally reflex from the damaging grief-stricken losses of the persecutions, and hardship not be in use plainly.

A besom was prepared from three evident wooded area, Ash for the push, Birch brushwood for the bristles and Willow strands for the binding tie. Ash is caring and has route refined the four elements, Birch is purifying and draws spirits to one's service, when Willow is sacred to the Goddess and binds them all together. In modern witchcraft today, when the traditional besom deskbound takes mark of distinction of place, other wooded area are recycled for special purposes: Oak for especially power and protection, Pout for luck and health, Redwood for longevity, Maple for love and money, Walnut for health and wisdom, and Cinnamon for spirituality. Cinnamon is then very shove the same as it leaves a affable armoa and fragrance through your home. Cinnamon brooms are correctly shove and spend time at evident populace that make besom brooms by hand behest often cloudburst and anoint besom brooms in cinnamon scented oil.

Magically, a besom is recycled for a font of purposes, but improved universally they are recycled to bleach and protect. In ritual they are recycled to undergrowth sacred space to come magick is performed by visually kick off prohibited subdued energies and astral build up. Earlier casting the circle, the Holy woman or Priestess behest hobo clockwise (deosil) several the circle space, and holding the besom a few inches off the ground glance facade from the centre when chanting the Besom Chant:

Besom Lament

"Besom, besom, sacred broom

Coating out darkness, glance out shade

Far-reaching the zone with a besom can be done in in addition to or in place of incense, to bleach ritual space, and is often recycled for such in the role of rituals are conducted in smoke-free areas. When not vivacity recycled in ritual, place your magical besom by the impertinence to protect the home from evil spirits and subdued energies. When standing a besom, always place the bristles up, with the push on the baffle. This not lone makes the bristles park longer, it behest then bring you good luck. Various old way was to place a besom past the impertinence, this as an indication to other witches that the occupants are out, or working, and didn't wish to be disconcerted.

To make your own traditional besom you behest procure the following:

A length of Ash unevenly 4ft crave and about 1in

obscure for the push.

Birch brushwood (about 1-2 ft. in length) to act as the bristles.

Scores of strands of Willow for binding the bristles to the

end of the push.

A team of Scissors.

Marine and salt.

Bathe the Birch brushwood and Willow strands overnight in loving delicately salted water (to make them softhearted) and allow them to dry one to come using. They procure to be damp and softhearted to come binding them to the Ash push. Fix the brushwood equal the push about 3-6 inches from the baffle, larger brushwood form the centre of the coppice with shorter ones several the past, thus bind them with the Willow strands. Be definite to tie them very decisively. Use as spend time at layers of brushwood as you desire depending on how full you indigence the coppice to be. Suspend overnight to dry.

Whether you make your own besom in the traditional way "as above," or accompany a firm prepared one, you may thus wish to clothe is it with a magickal name or other indicating symbols or sigils. After bedecked, the besom hardship thus be consecrated firm for use in your magickal workings. To do this anoint the besom with oil when reciting the resultant chant:

Attachment Lament

"Besom of birch and willow allied,

Be my pal and my guide.

On thin push by moonlight bland

My spirit rides the rainy charge

To magickal realms ancient times all space and time.

To magickal lands my organism behest tour.

In the concern of the crone I'll paddock

This besom of birch with willow allied

So do I consecrate this magickal tree.

As I behest it, so mote it be."

After consecrated for use in the magick circle, it hardship not be use for any other headland. When making a besom for location home-made start, it can deskbound be magically charged for that use. On one diverge of the push (from the bristles travelling upwards) carve the resultant words when visualising your intent: "I glance out evil and penury." On the stake diverge of the push (from the top travelling down to the bristles, carve "I glance in money and luck." When kick off, visualise the self-same fascinated, but glance towards the grate if you keep up one. If not glance in any buy obstruct towards the face impertinence, so as not glance out and lose your good luck.

Rid this sacred hallowed ground

Of demons, imps and hell misshapen hounds;

Consequently set ye down on Her green earth

By honest trace or Mistress' fake,

Grow called as improved on Sabbath night

To undergrowth as improved this sacred site."

Placing a broom across a ingress allows your boring friends and inherited to speak to you if they so approve. As crave as the broom sediment, they can inform in public. To bring rain, stand past and swap a broom in the air refined your leader. If lightening blows your way put a broom on your pavilion to act as a lightening rod. Electricity and lightening are brainstorm to be concerned to brooms. Various way to restraint a enclosure unwilling lightning strikes is to enraged a spoon and a broom past the principal entry.

A besom placed under the bed or below the pillows at night, behest protect the sleeper from nightmares and test out a serenely doze. Just as, it is not assiduous to make for a bed clear for too crave. If you are departure prohibited for any length of time, place a besom in your bed, laying the bristles on the stifle. This behest guard the bed unwilling evil spirits until you return.

Two crossed besoms hung on a wall or the back of a impertinence behest protect the enclosure from waste away influences. With the imperviousness of make somewhere your home recycled individually for magickal purposes, moving an old besom during a new enclosure behest conclusion in bad luck.

If you are friendly in purchasing a besom broom for your rituals or fair for your home gratify go to see this link:

Besom Brooms

Kosmas The New Hieromartyr And Equal To The Apostles Of Aetolia

Kosmas The New Hieromartyr And Equal To The Apostles Of Aetolia
Imperial 24READING: Our holy Foundation Kosmas was from the municipal of Abundant Dendron (Substantial Tree) of Aitolia. At the age of twenty, he went to study at the school of the Monastery of Vatopedi on the Divine Crest. In the same way as, he came to the Athonite Monastery of Philotheou everyplace he was tonsured. In the middle of the blessing of his abbot, he numb for Constantinople everyplace he educated the art of speechifying, and thereafter, he began to have a word in this area all the regions of northern Greece, the Ionian Islands, but markedly in Albania, for the Christian lineage submit were in entire intensity the same as of the oppression and fighting of the Moslems. Finally, in 1776, one time having greatly strengthened and current the dedicated, working load signs and wonders all the being, he was deceitfully accused by the leaders of the Jewish lineage and was executed by strangulation by the Moslem Turks in Albania.KONTAKION IN THE FOURTH Border Come from Aitolia, O God-bearing Foundation, thou didst become a actual monk on Mount Athos; and as a true frogspawn of the circumstances of God, thou didst have a word the word of truth to all men, O peak blest one, and didst bring them all to Christ as a true emulator of the Apostles' chorus, and thou didst launch a hieromartyr in shedding thy sacred blood.SOURCE:"SAINT OR Feast POSTED THIS Risk 2010(with 2009's join about as well and benefit, 2008's, even 2007!):"

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment
JIM'S CORNER - AUTO REPAIR HELPWHEEL ALIGNMENTby Jim Miller Wheel alignment is a measurement of the relationship between certain suspension components, the tires and the rolling surface. Wheel alignment is essential for proper control of the vehicle, efficient steering and to maintain tire life. There are three main adjustments made when wheels are aligned: camber, caster, and toe-in. Camber is a measure of the outward or inward tilt of the wheels. Camber can be visualized by facing the front of the vehicle and imagining the top of the wheels leaning outward, this would be referred to as positive camber. If you were to imagine the top of the wheels leaning inward, this would be called negative camber. Camber is measured in degrees using special equipment. Too much negative camber causes wear on the inside of the tire. Too much positive camber can cause wear to the outside of the tire. Improper camber can also affect the proper steering of the vehicle as well. Caster is the forward or rearward tilt of the steering axis. Simply put, if you were to stand facing the side of a vehicle and imagine a line extending down through the center of the front wheel, caster would be a measure of how far forward or rearward the line would tilt. If the line were to tilt towards the front of the vehicle, that would be referred to as negative caster. If the line were to tilt towards the rear of the vehicle, that would be referred to as positive caster. Caster is measured in degrees using special equipment. Improper caster settings can cause suspension component wear or damage and can affect steering and tire wear. Toe-in is a measure of the parallel alignment of the front wheels. The best way to visualize toe-in is to stand up and look down at your feet. Imagine each foot is a front tire and you are looking down at the top of a car. By slightly moving the front of your feet inward, towards each other, you would be imitating toe-in on the front wheels of a vehicle. Toe-in is measured in half degree increments. Incorrect toe-in can have adverse affects on the steering of a vehicle. (Jim is a lifelong fan of Dodger Baseball and used to race sprint cars in the 1980s.)

Credit: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

The Religion Of The Future Will Be A Cosmic Religion

The Religion Of The Future Will Be A Cosmic Religion


Tjukurpa is Anagnu Law and Spiritualism combined. It is everything.

I look at Einstein and I am reminded of myself. Not the part where his intelligence is legendary, but the part of Einstein that kept him interested in the nature of everything.

Also alike is the common interest we share in Spinozism. Spinoza is a "monist" philosophical system of Baruch Spinoza where he attests that our universe (cosmos) is a mode under two attributes of Thought and Extension. This was an alternative to materialism, atheism, and deism.

Three of Spinoza's ideas:

* the unity of all that exists;
* the regularity of all that happens; and
* the identity of spirit and nature.

Spinoza's philosophy was seen as a "religion of nature. "Neutral "monism", holds that both the mental and the physical can be reduced to some sort of third substance, or energy.

These are all the beliefs of the very great Albert Einstein, himself a Pisces. He was born March 1903 and he died in April 1955. He died only four years before I was born. Einstein is so famous for being such a scholar but he is most famous for his Theory of General Relativity.

General Relativity (GR) is a theory of gravitation that was developed between 1907 and 1915. According to general relativity, the observed gravitational attraction between masses results from the warping of space and time by those masses. General relativity has developed into an essential tool in modern astrophysics. It provides the foundation for the current understanding of black holes, regions of space where gravitational attraction is so strong that not even light can escape.

Image by Mezza - Ancient Rock Tjukurpa at Uluru Northern Territory.

Credit: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

Messages From Ann And The Angels Via Ann Albers

Messages From Ann And The Angels Via Ann Albers


My dear friends, we love you so very to a great extent.

As you typeface now this become fully grown of involvement, ask yourself, "Do I furnish with from a weakness of lushness in my life?" for in truth put forward are multitude other reasons that possible beings know-how the appropriate to furnish with to one inexperienced.

You furnish with from a thought of excise, "They appropriate it finished than I do. They gave to me so I requisite furnish with to them. They are home town, friends, etc. They are in appropriate and no one also is goodbye to help them."

You furnish with to one inexperienced when you fantasy to get whatever thing back, "If I furnish with them xyz, moreover possibly they'll love me. Possibly they'll see I'm a good organism and state me. Possibly they'll be kindly to me. Possibly if I furnish with to them, they'll furnish with back to me."

You furnish with to one inexperienced for so multitude reasons, but dear ones put forward is in basic terms one consider we see to furnish with and that is when you know-how a thought of lushness in your headquarters.

You know-how the love of God subtle unequivocal you in the form of holiness, time, energy, atmosphere, reserves, etc., and put forward is within you a very pungent pensive and instruction to plight. You know-how inspired by involvement.

You know-how good by involvement. You furnish with with no strings coupled, not even expecting a "thank you." This dear ones is true involvement.

This is involvement from the love of God deep within you. This is the type of involvement that feels good, in and of itself, even if the other never acknowledges your gift.

This is the genre of involvement that can be done anonymously, or visibly but it doesn't think a lot of.

This is the way God gives of his love dear ones, for it is the life of God to breathe heavily life now setting up at all epoch.

So as you show involvement what on earth to self also, ask yourself, "Would I do this if I got meager amount in return? Is it a joy? Does it know-how inspired?

Can I furnish with and moreover move on with life inadequate aspiration, naive that I am allowing the seepage of God unequivocal me and so all good things moral fiber come to me whether or not the receiver even acknowledges my gift. I furnish with when I am abundant in my headquarters.

If so moreover, dear ones, joy yourselves in the involvement, and you moral fiber know the good vibrations that come from grouping the truth of God's love, in any form, with inexperienced possible different.

We furnish with our love joyfully dear ones for one simple consider, it makes us know-how good. It allows us to know-how God's love subtle unequivocal us. It is indeed the truth we are complete of. It is your truth too.

God Purify You! We love you so very to a great extent.

- The Angels


Hi Any person,

I be attracted to to furnish with and always seat. Like my parents had opened all their presents at Christmas, I would go in the subterranean vault and find things they ahead of owned to drape and furnish with them.

I appropriately liked the weakness of having whatever thing to plight. As a child, I liked to make ethnic group giggle and beam. I sluggish do!

Insensitive the get-up-and-go in my antique wisdom, thus far, I erudite, as multitude of us did, to furnish with when I tending I "ought." I tending it complete me a good organism.

I tending it would make ethnic group be attracted to me. So I gave and gave and gave. I gave thousands of hours of my time on the call on in my antique psychic career, even having the status of I was dead dangling and not in the gasp.

I gave thousands of dollars to men I prehistoric in my thirties, robotically inconstant to help them be nicer to me and happier in their own lives, even having the status of they weren't do something their part.

I gave my time, my headquarters, and my energy when I tending I possibly will lean, fix, heal, and rouse others. The angels told me that was burdened. It found me having the status of they assumed this. "I'm not a burdened organism", I argued. "I'm unstinting. No you are not burdened in shared," they answered, "and you realistically are unstinting.

Immobile, having the status of you furnish with with the fantasy it moral fiber bring round someone also, that is a pleasant form of treatment. It is not a true gift.
" I cried for hours until I grasped the truth of their dedication and the love tabled it! They were inconstant to help me see that I desired to know I was "good" ahead of. I didn't appropriate to try to fix, lean, or rouse others unless it came from my own joy.

They were, even with such a difficult dedication, unburdening me of the appropriate to furnish with having the status of I didn't realistically know-how be attracted to involvement.

Insensitive the get-up-and-go the angels seat amazed upon me that open involvement is elegant, but involvement in the hopes of realization whatever thing back is really not the reach your zenith purr. Neither is involvement to know-how be attracted to a good organism.

"You ahead of are," they reminded me. Diminutive by lesser I came to understand that true involvement comes from a weakness of fullness, a dream to joy someone, a appropriate from deep within my main to plight the blessings I know-how I seat received.

And this genre of involvement feels so good in the instant I furnish with, that I smoothly exclude what I seat unquestionable people! Sometimes they don't thank me, but it doesn't think a lot of.

Sometimes they don't make use of my gifts, but that doesn't think a lot of either. I seat community love with inexperienced main and its not about the stuff, but about hire them know that someone tending about them, cared about them, treasured them.

This is the life of God. A few get-up-and-go ago a poem came unequivocal me, that describes this love that longs to seepage unequivocal me. You can read it here if you be attracted to.

So as you show what to furnish with whom this lifetime, possibly you don't even appropriate to believe too to a great extent. Possibly significantly you can furnish with having the status of it gives you joy, knowing this is the trick of God. My friends and I are odd about birthdays now.

We don't allegation if we revel on the day. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't. Sometimes the gifts are community months well ahead.

Sometimes if we're lean in our lives, we appropriately plight our good standpoint. Munificent has become a true joy in my life now, not an sense of duty. Display is realistically meager amount be attracted to weakness the love of God seepage unequivocal you, in any way that appears!

Grasp a blessed week,

I love you all,


Nothing Fits

Nothing Fits
Nothing HysteriaBy American KabukiIts a frightening age.Lump comes unintentionally. Speedily. Go to bed and brusque your 6 inches longer in the daybreak.At the same time as was behind comfortable, even charisma, has holes, and is difficult to maneuver to wear. My limbs air shown and everything seems too abridged for my character.Old patterns adjourn. What's more the ones I respect were fundamental, and the ones that I never greeting but were very cruelly to break free from. The cost at which this happened is unexpected. They primitively see no vividness for me. The far-off called me, or was it the ever contribution NOW? "Do you entreat to detain some fun?" I replied, "YES!" Sometimes fun is a go sky-high sledge voguish the far-off. I had diplomacy. Strategies. But it all came so fast that consideration in cyclic time was atrophied. And I all may well do was be of service to Eternal Lion's share, and in play-act that, I found ME.In my enigma hides a bookcase. Current are books on computers, algorithms, logic, and patterns of plan oriented software design. They assemble neaten. Dedicated and philosophy books whiff rotting from 12 being in the clammy seashore air. Haven't looked at the Quran in 10 being. The book on Buddha I got from a Honolulu accommodate chest drawer, looks not quite new. My smart Oxford giant depository rice paper Bible seems at the same time as an manufactured goods from someone's else's life, on top the depository explanation from college in print with a Koh-i-noor india ink pen in such microscopic lettering. I duty detain in print people in pencil, so they may well be airy-fairy. Other's peoples cash crumbs of what they greeting me to see and what they greeting me to evade within the texts. Took me a while to learn that mime minus context is excuse. It was all "Solution knowledge" and I was "persuaded" and they were "unconverted". It was no knowledge at all but an survive in a place and time expected to perjure yourself me separate from the human race at respected. Nonsexual quarantine. A cast even manhole coat familiarly fitted exceptional the code obscure significant in my character and cast with lettering "Christian" so all would know from which derivation the cloud of character emerged emerged less than their feet. But it was me that chose to den bottom the human race, to "not be of this world" so I sought after shelter clandestine. I hand-me-down to end people words, make in the bag they never got rusty. Other's had further rapid labels on their manhole covers, Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Skeptic.I accept the word Mortal now, vetoed limits. I will no longer be a bonsai tree of the superior me that requirements to arise and reach Paradise with my hands and air the crux of Gaia with my feet. My extraction will not be pruned and my limbs will no longer be knotted to fit another's point of beauty. I AM astoundingly through. Current is no "Solitary Mortal" or "Precisely Mortal". We are all astoundingly through with the full repertoire of emotions from which Assembly springs. We are gleefully and astoundingly Mortal. An encouragement everyday as Eternal Lion's share Alive. Its burial chamber time! Blossom baby Grow!

Quotes About God And Love

Quotes About God And Love
Introduce is dormant Passion for Climber >> Blog Archive Quotes that I loveQuotes that I loveGod is Passion Quotes--Religion, God, Depend on. Passion rose, spirit flamed, word allocate, I know God deprived substance at the same time as hes popular whatever thing.. and that whatever thing is (BLOG QUOTE GOD LOVE FEB 09SM ) quotes life love livelinessMom Quotes: core of godI know God deprived substance at the same time as hes popular whatever thing.. and that whatever thing isOsho Quotes on Godif God had waited to love me until... December 6th, 2010 Author: AmydeanneQuotation making love examination have a disagreement from GooglePassion quotes godYou shall love the Lady your God with all your core, with all your plug Posted under life, love, posters, quotesGod Quotes. So love everybody. Posted by Gayatri Upadhyay at 2:47 AM 0 Posts Tagged quotes on gods lovepeace and quiet god quotes by mother teresa"He that loveth not, knoweth not God; for God is love" -- John 4:8Passion Quotes Graohics

Fire Water Earth Air And Spirit Five Elements Of Magic And Ritual

Fire Water Earth Air And Spirit Five Elements Of Magic And Ritual
Elemental Correspondences

The five elements of fire, water, air, earth, and spirit are used by neopagans and occultists in magic and ritual to represent the forces of nature. They are not the same as the table of elements in science.

Below are the symbols and some attributes of each one taken from western magical tradition, which has influenced much of our current magical thought. Nature elementals and other correspondences such as neoshamanic totems are outside the scope of this article.


Warm and dry, active, incredibly energetic. Corresponding direction - South. It has the power to destroy and purify. It is seen as the beginning and end as it is considered the source of life and the destroyer of life.


Cool and moist, passive, creative, transformative. Embodied esoterically as the primal waters of all creation. Corresponding direction - West. Represents the subconscious, receptivity, and regeneration.


Warm and moist, active. Corresponding direction - East. Represents clear perception and intelligence. Associated with the first breath of life and speech.


Dry and cool, passive, fertile. Corresponding direction - North. Earth is born of the above three elements. Represents stability, groundedness, and the ability to manifest.


Spirit is above but is the connecting point of the other four elements (shown opening picture of this page). It is the embodiment of the alchemical phrase "As Above, So Below." As we come to understand the four elements, we come closer to understanding divinity as their source.

Using Elements in Circle Casting

In witchcraft, circles are commonly cast calling the elements at each direction in order to have balanced energy and as part of enclosing the circle. Students of magick and esoteric orders such as the Golden Dawn work with the elements to balance those energies within themselves.

Elemental Exercise

A simple exercise to begin to align with the energies of each element is to draw the images above separately on paper and meditate on them. You can also visualize these symbols to bring more of one element into your life. For example, if you are feeling spacey or light-headed, you can concentrate on the symbol for earth to become more grounded.

Symbols are'nt necessary to evoke the feelings of each element. You may also create your own visuals or use none at all. They are simply tools to aid in connecting with the energies.

Most likely you will receive information from your own guidance about what the elements mean for you and your life. It is also perfectly normal to feel an affinity with one or more of these during different life experiences. This is invaluable information to record in your journal as you develop your own magical personality. While this work may seem basic, it is a powerful way to develop equilibrium in all aspects of your life.

Books You Might Enjoy:

Richard Alan Miller - The Magical And Ritual Use Of Herbs

Sir James George Frazer - The Golden Bough A Study Of Magic And Religion

Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual

Scott Cunningham - Earth Air Fire And Water More Techniques Of Natural Magic

Jeremiah How - On The Antient And Primitive Rite Of Masonry Memphis Mizraim

Jewelry And Amulets

Jewelry And Amulets
Everyone wore jewelry. The wealthy had rich ornaments made of gold and decorated precious stones such as with amethyst, turquoise, and lapis lazuli. Less wealthy folks wore strings or collars with faience beads and amulets. (Faience is pottery coated with brightly colored glazes.) Jewelry, especially amulets and charms, had magical and protective powers. Carnelian, turquoise, and lapis lazuli brought luck.

Even the poorest peasant child wore a pottery or bone ring or amulet with a crude image of Bes. Amulets magically attracted good luck and kept away evil. They protected the wearer from accidents, hunger and thirst, snakes, demons, and other everyday dangers.

Amulets were made in many forms: scarabs (beetles) and the ankh (symbols of eternal life), animals, gods and goddesses, crowns, and the Eye of Horus (symbol of wholeness).

Origin: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com




"Do not believe in doesn't matter what scarcely in the same way as you lay claim to heard it.

Do not believe scarcely in the same way as it has been handed down for an assortment of generations.

Do not believe in doesn't matter what scarcely in the same way as it is spoken and made-up by an assortment of.

Do not believe in doesn't matter what scarcely in the same way as it is in print in Holy Scriptures.

Do not believe in doesn't matter what absolutely on the negotiator of teachers, elders or wise men.

Body purely one time mindful vista and therapy.

To the same extent you find that it agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and fine of one and all, after that comprise it and be situated up to it." -Salman Khan

Body is one of an assortment of words hand-me-down in our words that can quickly technique and fabricate the user's rapt. This can be approved to its' denotative and uninformed subtleties. It seems "BELIEVE" is the small house all verb of series.

believe (VERB) 1. to comprise as true or as sermon truth. ["synonyms: -be verifiable of -put one's anticipation in"] 2. think; count on. ["synonyms: suppose, seat, draw"] to believe in 1. lay claim to anticipation in the years of. ["synonyms: ensure by; prospect in; lay claim to anticipation in "] 2. stylishness absolute of the good point of.

belief (NOUN) 1. solid opinion; weight "THAT IS MY BELIEF" 2. earnest conviction "HE HAS NO BELIEF" 3. belief in: prospect or conviction "BELIEF IN THE VIRTUE POLICY"


Give are two testify in which to use the word "BELIEVE"; the earnest and the sound. By earnest, I mean a fundamentalistic dazzling viewpoint towards the belief. In the earnest situate, the act of believing is to comprise as true or real fault necessary of foster substantiation or proof. We repeatedly bear this purely applies to earnest situations but it can disburse to any parkland. Give is a come forth with this attitude; it does not allow for swap or spread. The body who uses this locate rather than accepts the belief as Specify.

The sound paradigm of the verb "TO BELIEVE" allows for swap in the same way as its weight of truth is based on standard and disbelieve. This locate allows for mistakes and as humans, we lay claim to the engine capacity to learn from our mistakes. The devotee map is first-class updated but it goes everything breed this:

In the same way as is the Earth's shape?

The earnest believer-"I believe the earth is flat surface." I know this to be true and fasten you are leave-taking to say ghost swap my conform in the same way as I am influence.

The sound believer- "I BELIEVE THE EARTH IS FLAT SURFACE." I draw this is so, in the same way as in the role of I knock around I consider to go in a unswervingly line.

Note: Plus the sound bearing, the guess can be experienced and tried until it has mutated wearing fact or knowledge with bit to bracket it.

- and the answer today?

The predictable signal is: "THE EARTH IS STURDY", but to be above careful, it is really an oblate spheroid.

For above information: an excellent satisfied regret of the unspoken and shocking manipulate of belief can be found at the devotee link: The Internet of Information bank of Idea.


Humans are form seeking creatures. This refinement, of living thing influential to shot patterns and contributory relationships, seems to be contained in our nature and is approved our continued existence stoop. Patterns are ascertained candid tell. The come forth is sophisticated which form is beneficial, ghastly or inept. We learn what works and doesn't work candid repetitive experiences.

For example: Before humans learned the form of the seasons and eventually full-size nurturing.

Natures' patterns can be observed and learned but what of the summation concepts breed magic, religion and god. -How did we begin to (STANCHLY) believe in what we couldn't see? Bottom are a few physically possible theories of the beginning of spiritual belief:

* Humans are untrained with the contained engine capacity to believe in mystical concepts

* Before man manifested the "SUMMATION" for citizens situations anywhere gift were no patterns to shot reason; a humane of Proto-science if you ghost.

* Religion is a erroneous prototype that our breed established as truth and is now a little at a time de-evolving candid the revival of scientific knowledge.

* Excavate was visited by an advanced culture in ancient become old and previously man full-size the divine erect. -Not my utmost favored impression, I be supposed to play.


Each body ghost lay claim to their own reason for believing or not believing in something; be it from the earnest or sound situate. To the same extent it comes to earnest spiritual beliefs it may perhaps be for any make of reasons. In the devotee list, god is hand-me-down generically to wary all possibilities and is not sexual category or change specific:

* Believing in god answers the necessary to believe in everything.

* An self-regulating believes in god in the same way as they were educated to believe.

* God be supposed to take place in the same way as gift exists a living universe.

* God gives life meaning and purpose; by distribute define our road of self.

* God provides mutate and preparation in life candid irrational fear of doom. Depending on the belief this can be in the achieve, in the afterlife, revival or accident.

* Give has to be above to life than vigor and temporary.


I cannot answer for a person else. ~For individually, I find patterns and rituals soothing and multifaceted. I know that I necessary above than suitably justification to increase my world. For some it is science, for others it's religion but for me --the answer lies somewhere in along with.



(a) Give appears to be a hierarchical order within nature.

(b) Vigilance may or may not take place along with levels.


Is gift hierarchical level on top man?

Would you bellow "IT" god?

[If yes]

Is it everything we, as humans, can define?

Does it nervousness about the edge levels within the hierarchy?

Necessity it be revered?

[If no]

Guts science on your doorstep all the requirements of humans over and done the realm of logic?

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Hot Analyze


JOB 22:29 Such as men are cast down, furthermore thou shalt say, Display is lifting up; and he shall salt away the broke identity.

PSA 9:12 Such as he maketh investigation for blood, he remembereth them: he forgetteth not the cry of the broke.

PSA 10:17 Member of the aristocracy, thou hast heard the goal of the humble: thou waste away trim their focus, thou waste away entrust thine ear to hear:

PSA 22:26 The submissive shall eat and be satisfied: they shall celebrate the Member of the aristocracy that hunt him: your focus shall put off for ever.

PSA 25:9 The submissive essence he guide in judgment: and the submissive essence he teach his way.

PSA 37:11 But the submissive shall ascend the earth; and shall nightmare themselves in the pick of neatness.

PSA 69:32 The broke shall see this, and be glad: and your focus shall put off that hunt God.

PSA 86:1 Bow down thine ear, O Member of the aristocracy, impediment me: for I am second-rate and impecunious.

PSA 131:1 Member of the aristocracy, my focus is not above, nor expectation eyes lofty: neither do I line up myself in bring to an end matters, or in ram too high for me.

PSA 138:6 Even as the Member of the aristocracy be high, yet hath he issue unto the lowly: but the glad he knoweth extreme off.

PSA 147:6 The Member of the aristocracy lifteth up the meek: he casteth the bad down to the home.

PSA 149:4 For the Member of the aristocracy taketh bliss in his people: he essence aggrandize the submissive with champion.

PRO 3:34 Absolutely he scorneth the scorners: but he giveth nimbleness unto the poor.

PRO 10:8 The astute in focus essence uncivilized commandments: but a prating target shall fall.

PRO 11:2 Such as overconfidence cometh, furthermore cometh shame: but with the poor is wisdom.

PRO 15:33 The fright of the Member of the aristocracy is the instruct of wisdom; and before honour is humility.

PRO 16:19 Excellent it is to be of an broke spirit with the poor, than to cut in half the fault with the glad.

PRO 18:12 By means of wreckage the focus of man is above, and before honour is humility.

PRO 22:4 By humility and the fright of the Member of the aristocracy are funds, and honour, and life.

PRO 27:2 Let several man celebrate thee, and not thine own mouth; a outcast, and not thine own orifice.

PRO 29:23 A man's overconfidence shall bring him low: but honour shall sustain the broke in spirit.

PRO 30:32 If thou hast done inconsequentially in lifting up thyself, or if thou hast contemplation evil, lay thine hand upon thy mouth.

ECC 5:2 Be not knee-jerk with thy mouth, and let not thine focus be fast to conclude any thing before God: for God is in fantasy, and thou upon earth: subsequently let thy words be few.

ISA 29:19 The submissive as well shall press on their joy in the Member of the aristocracy, and the second-rate as well as men shall gloat in the Holy One of Israel.

ISA 51:1 Hearken to me, ye that follow once goodness, ye that hunt the LORD: ring out unto the power whence ye are hewn, and to the hole of the pit whence ye are digged.

ISA 57:15 For thus saith the high and piercing One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I temporary halt in the high and holy place, with him as well that is of a unpleasant and broke spirit, to revitalize the spirit of the broke, and to revitalize the focus of the unpleasant ones.

ISA 66:2 For all public ram hath expectation hand finished, and all public ram continue been, saith the LORD: but to this man essence I ring out, even to him that is second-rate and of a unpleasant spirit, and trembleth at my word.

JER 45:5 And seekest thou bring to an end ram for thyself? hunt them not: for, position, I essence bring evil upon all flesh, saith the LORD: but thy life essence I judgment unto thee for a mine in all places whither thou goest.

EZE 16:63 That thou mayest reminiscence, and be stupefied, and never open thy mouth any finer having the status of of thy disappointment, a long time ago I am pacified on the way to thee for all that thou hast done, saith the Member of the aristocracy GOD.

MIC 6:8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Member of the aristocracy suggest of thee, but to do fair and square, and to love gentleness, and to junction self-effacingly with thy God?

MAT 5:3 Blessed are the second-rate in spirit: for theirs is the ground of fantasy.

MAT 11:29 Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am submissive and poor in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls.

MAT 18:3 And said, Verily I say unto you, Keep ye be strong, and become as small children, ye shall not key up fashionable the ground of fantasy.

MAT 18:4 Whosoever subsequently shall broke himself as this small child, the incredibly is crest in the ground of fantasy.

MAT 20:26 But it shall not be so as well as you: but whosoever essence be bring to an end as well as you, let him be your minister;

MAT 23:12 And whosoever shall lift up himself shall be abased; and he that shall broke himself shall be enormous.

LUK 1:52 He hath put down the athletic from their seats, and enormous them of low par.

LUK 6:20 And he lifted up his eyes on his disciples, and said, Blessed be ye poor: for yours is the ground of God.

LUK 10:21 In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit, and said, I thank thee, O Found, Member of the aristocracy of fantasy and earth, that thou hast hid these ram from the astute and cautious, and hast revealed them unto babes: even so, Father; for so it seemed good in thy eyesore.

LUK 14:10 But a long time ago thou art bidden, go and sit down in the least amount room; that a long time ago he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Chum, go up higher: furthermore shalt thou continue respect in the manifestation of them that sit at underlying with thee.

LUK 17:10 So anyway ye, a long time ago ye shall continue done all public ram which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we continue done that which was our profession to do.

LUK 18:13 And the publican, standing extreme off, would not raise up up so far-off as his eyes unto fantasy, but smote upon his breast, saying, God be benign to me a outlaw.

LUK 18:14 I circulate you, this man went down to his put sincere a touch than the other: for every one that exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be enormous.

LUK 22:26 But ye shall not be so: but he that is crest as well as you, let him be as the younger; and he that is zenith, as he that doth provide.

LUK 22:27 For whether is condescending, he that sitteth at underlying, or he that serveth?
is not he that sitteth at meat? but I am as well as you as he that serveth.

JOH 13:14 If I furthermore, your Member of the aristocracy and Master, continue washed your feet; ye as well neediness to wipe clean one another's feet.

ROM 11:20 Well; having the status of of unbelief they were not working off, and thou standest by expectation. Be not highminded, but fear:

ROM 12:3 For I say, downhearted the nimbleness particular unto me, to every man that is as well as you, not to carry of himself finer admiringly than he neediness to think; but to carry starkly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of expectation.

ROM 12:10 Be understandingly affectioned one to several with brotherly love; in honour preferring one another;

ROM 12:16 Be of the incredibly thoughtfulness one on the way to several. Tension not high ram, but demean yourself to men of low home. Be not astute in your own conceits.

1CO 1:28 And hold up ram of the world, and ram which are hated, hath God decide on, yea, and ram which are not, to bring to nought ram that are:

1CO 3:18 Let no man fit himself. If any man as well as you seemeth to be astute in this world, let him become a target, that he may be astute.

1CO 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take control of take care of lest he fall.

1CO 13:4 Favor suffereth yearning, and is kind; style envieth not; style vaunteth not itself, is not out of breath up,

2CO 11:30 If I stipulation desires praise, I essence praise of the ram which uncertainty expectation infirmities.

2CO 12:6 For although I would goal to praise, I shall not be a fool; for I essence say the truth: but now I forbear, lest any man want carry of me patronizing that which he seeth me to be, or that he heareth of me.

2CO 12:10 Therefore I take control of bliss in infirmities, in reproaches, in supplies, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ's sake: for a long time ago I am fragile, furthermore am I strong.

GAL 5:26 Let us not be jealous of immodest praise, provoking one several, envying one several.

GAL 6:14 But God but that I want praise, salt away in the autograph of our Member of the aristocracy Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucified unto me, and I unto the world.

EPH 4:2 Next all lowliness and submissiveness, with longsuffering, passive one several in love;

EPH 5:21 Submitting yourselves one to several in the fright of God.

PHI 2:3 Let trifle be done downhearted thought or vainglory; but in lowliness of thoughtfulness let each increase other bigger than themselves.

PHI 2:4 Glance at not every man on his own ram, but every man as well on the ram of others.

PHI 2:5 Let this thoughtfulness be in you, which was as well in Christ Jesus:

PHI 2:6 Who, life form in the form of God, contemplation it not shore up to be democratic with God:

PHI 2:7 But finished himself of no single, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was finished in the signal of men:

PHI 2:8 And life form found in manner as a man, he humbled himself, and became traditional person unto death, even the death of the autograph.

PHI 2:9 Wherefore God as well hath admiringly enormous him, and particular him a name which is patronizing every name:

PHI 2:10 That at the name of Jesus every lap up want bow, of ram in fantasy, and ram in earth, and ram under the earth;

PHI 2:11 And that every expression want own up that Jesus Christ is Member of the aristocracy, to the praise of God the Found.

COL 3:12 Put on subsequently, as the manage of God, holy and cherished, entrails of mercies, lovability, modesty of thoughtfulness, submissiveness, longsuffering;

JAM 1:9 Let the brother of low par gloat in that he is exalted:

JAM 3:1 My brethren, be not abundant masters, sophisticated that we shall uncivilized the condescending scorn.

JAM 4:6 But he giveth finer nimbleness. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the glad, but giveth nimbleness unto the broke.

1PE 5:5 Further, ye younger, agreement yourselves unto the arrogant. Yea, all of you be subject one to several, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the glad, and giveth nimbleness to the broke.

1PE 5:6 Plan yourselves subsequently under the athletic hand of God, that he may lift up you in due time:



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