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How To Tell A Genuine Psychic

How To Tell A Genuine Psychic
A PSYCHIC READING FROM A REAL PSYCHIC CAN BRING YOU VALUABLE INSIGHTS. However, when choosing a psychic you need to be aware that there are many charlatans posing as psychics. These people are not out to help you. Rather, their intent is to prey upon unsuspecting, vulnerable people just to make a quick buck. You can avoid these people and find genuine psychics by doing some research ahead of time, however. Look for reputable references and look for the following traits of a genuine psychic.Fees Are Refundable A real psychic understands there are many fakes in the world and that many people are naturally skeptical. Most genuine psychics do not charge ridiculous fees and do allow refunds if you are not satisfied.Is Not Alarmist Genuine psychics want to help you gain insights. Their intention is not to terrify you. They will not focus on only terrible things, evil spirits, or pending deaths like some fakes do. Some kinds of charlatan psychics intentionally scare people and then offer to help them cast away the spirits or whatever else, for an additional fee. A real psychic will never manipulate you this way. If something does come up that needs to be addressed, she will speak to you about it but not in an alarmist manner, and she will not charge extra.Will Not Tell You Only What You Want To Hear On the other side of the coin, a real psychic will not just tell you what she thinks you want to hear. As the purpose of a psychic reading is to learn information that may be hidden from you, some things that come up may not be what you want to hear. For example, if someone has made you an offer and you really want to be told that you should accept it, it may not happen. A psychic will tell you what she honestly senses or sees about the situation.Will Not Ask Many Questions Charlatans sometimes fish around for information so that the reading seems valid. A true psychic will ask very few questions. She will not want her intuition to be swayed by too much information by you. She will want to know your name and may ask some clarifying information during the reading's course, but that is it. After the reading, you may choose to talk more about yourself and your life. During a reading, this is neither expected nor desired by true psychics.Will Not Add Her Own Interpretation A genuine psychic will tell you what she senses or sees, but she will not place her own interpretation over it. In other words, if she "sees" a black car speeding down a highway and senses a male presence associated with it, this is all she will tell you. She will allow you to associate your own meaning to it. She will not add that she thinks maybe the black car means death and a male person that you know will die. If you are curious about the car and ask her more about it, a true psychic will try to see if any additional information comes. If nothing more comes to her, she will tell you that she is not picking up additional information.Something Should Ring True For You Even genuine psychics have bad days, and not all readings are perfect. However, if you are dealing with a real psychic, at some point something she says should ring true for you.


It has been a fancy time as I own been in a full phase. Totally this is fun for elegy openings as the illustrious horde gets taking part in the casing. Suffice it to say, grant was boss approval for a catch of the previews than grant was meeting wearing the point. Other allusion as to the mediocrity was the fact that I found for myself title about work, or other movies, or books to read in the pivotal. Not overwhelming, and I came in with charming low imminent. The casing itself traces the life of Noah from seeing his set up killed by the strain of Cain in the opening milieu, to success the word from God to build the ark, to actually gauzy selected on the metier. I did correspondence that grant was an opportunity to get ingoing Noah's mind as he tries to interpret God's orders. It turns out that God doesn't actually speak to Noah, but he has visions that are mystifying and wish interpreting. So what was God's go for man in this hurt via flood? And how is Noah's exhibition & interpretation any boss or less honest than other prophets and/or cult leaders in the previously of present? Is scriptural/spiritual interpretation that leads to self maintenance forever suspect? Interesting questions at smallest. Too bad the casing doesn't lug up its end with entertainment custom.


Reference: just-wicca.blogspot.com

The First Installment Of The Crafty Witch Files

The First Installment Of The Crafty Witch Files
Times are tough, no doubt about it. There are bills to be paid, food and gas to be bought, etc., etc. Everybody is feeling the pinch. What is a broke Witch to do? Get Crafty, that's what.Okay, well what does a Crafty Witch do? What EVERY WITCH can and could be doing. What every Witch used to do. What we are taught to do. Work with OUR ENVIRONMENT. {Well Miss Crafty Witch Smarty Pants, I got this great new thingamajigi at that cool new bookstore downtown. That was working with what is in my environment. Right?} Well, kind of., but not quite.

A Crafty Witch gets CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL. He or she brings spell craft out of the bookstore, and into her life. And in doing that, we also bring our spell crafting and ritual work into the 21st century. We bring it home to us.A Crafty Witch will BREAK IT ALL DOWN, whatever it is; and FIGURE OUT THE ESSENCE of what is desired or needed. And then RECREATE IT. Be it a feeling, a spell, a ritual, a magical tool, whatever. For all of this there is an added bonus, not only are you SAVING MONEY, which is always nice...but the real benefit is the by product of ACTUALLY LIVING YOUR SPIRITUALITY. When you practice your Craft in this way, it becomes a more holistic experience. You go from just reading a book, and purchasing nifty ingredients from a cool Witch shop, to understanding, and creating rituals and spells tailor made to MANIFEST YOUR REALITY, and using the elements of YOUR WORLD to do it. You go from feeling the buzz of a great group ritual eventually wear off; to carrying that feeling into your everyday life. That is at the heart of CREATING A LIVING SPIRITUALITY.

Okay, Crafty...sounds good, but tell me how I can do all of this...and save money doing it!

That is exactly what I hope to do here, in a new regular addition to my blog called, THE CRAFTY WITCH FILES. (I was going to call it the Broke Witch Files, but I really didn't want to attach "broke" energy to myself!) I will explain most of it here, in this post; and then thereafter add to it with tips and practices that everyone can easily incorporate into their lives. Hopefully these will inspire you to create your own, traditions, spells and rituals that have deeper meaning in your life...(and won't cost you your right arm to do!). Even if you do not use the ideas that I put forth, I'm sure you will come up with better ones of your own. (And then please share with me!) So how exactly is all of this done? It's so easy, much easier than one would think. And so beneficial to one's spiritual training in any Mystery Tradition. Really even in anyone's daily life. This is how...

First, you look at the WHAT, the WHEN, the WHY, and the HOW of the spell that you are working with. Or, if it is from scratch, LOOK AT YOUR NEED, then BREAK IT DOWN INTO SYMBOLS. REMEMBER THE REASON that you are doing the spell, and what the ESSENCE OF THE MAGICK is all about. Even if you don't have the items that are needed, FIND A SUBSTITUTE that meets the same needs. DON"T BE FOOLED by hard to find, or archaic items. WE LIVE NOW! We should be USING WHAT IS READILY AVAILABLE IN OUR ENVIRONMENT. We actually should strive to use the things like these, more than the unfamiliar ones. (After all, how much stronger is the astral connection and sympathy with an object that we are familiar with!?) USE what you KNOW. DO what you KNOW.

We Crafty Witches USE OUR HOBBIES and CRAFTS to REINFORCE OUR SPELL WORK, ENERGY WORK, and our PERSONAL LIVES. We USE THE ELEMENTS OF OUR JOBS...whatever they may be. In the old days, a woman would chant while she spun the wool; granted, maybe chanting while you scrub up the dinner dishes doesn't sound quite as romantic...but IT WORKS. Whatever it is, WEAVE THE NEEDS and ELEMENTS of your spell into your daily tasks.

This can be done in so many FUN and USEFUL WAYS, it doesn't have to be awkward or difficult. It is about CREATING A LIVING SPIRITUALITY; one that becomes so much A PART OF YOUR DAILY LIFE, that it is second nature. YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO very far OUT OF YOUR WAY, to perform elaborate rituals that seem foreign and strange. Or to PUT YOUR 'REAL LIFE' ON HOLD to ATTEND TO YOUR SPIRITUALITY. It is about YOUR SPIRITUALITY BECOMING YOUR DAILY LIFE. It is about USING WHAT YOU HAVE, readily AVAILABLE in your ENVIRONMENT, and crafting spells and rituals around those, TO MEET YOUR NEEDS.

I have found, for myself, that the PRACTICES THAT HAVE BECOME A REGULAR PART OF MY SPIRITUALITY, day after day, year after year; are the ones that were EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE, and their PURPOSE COULD BE TRANSLATED into MEANINGFUL PRACTICES that could be used to BETTER MYSELF, and AFFIRM MY LIFE'S PURPOSES. Those that were DIFFICULT TO COMPLETE, or FIND TIME FOR; slowly but surely were ABANDONED FOR SPELLS and RITUALS that FIT MY LIFE BETTER.

A big for instance; I once decided that I should greet the day each morning at the exact time of the sunrise, for my morning meditations and altar devotions. That sounds well in theory, however, at the time, I was a nursing a young baby, and had a toddler to care for. After being awake half the night before, no amount of bleary eyed greetings and petitions to the Deities were as necessary to my life purpose as a good nights sleep, and a cheerful Mommy to greet and then have the time and better frame of mind, for a cleansing shower meditation, (one that I will share with you), and then a proper altar devotion. That is a practice that fits, and I have used it faithfully for many years now. If I skip a day, no problem, I find another slice of time to greet the day in a different way. I know that my way is not for everyone. That is why I hope that all of us dig deeper to find the practices that fit into our own life's rhythms. I have found all sorts of ways to work my Craft into my daily life. Many that I would like to share with you, to stimulate even more ideas for all of us. Some may not resonate with you, or the time of life that you are in,; but most can be adapted and changed to fit your own life better. Or even used as a catalyst for your own original ideas. All are good if they serve to bring us closer to our spirituality. To live our Craft more closely. Make Craft a verb, and not just a noun!

I used to chant affirmations in my head while walking my baby in the stroller, or with each stitch of a gift blanket, as a blessing to the recipient of the gift. I have created entire rituals, with only the elements of my environment. A spring spell to reinforce the love in my marriage, (at one point; when I was married!); with spices and fruits from my kitchen, flowers from my garden, crafting items, and a couple of candles, (which I could've done without, if needed.) Protection spells, again done entirely from my kitchen cabinets and fridge. Spells at the beach, (with nothing bought, only with what I brought or found), for taking away unwanted things in my life; or to help me turn the tide in an unhealthy or undesirable situation. And yes, many times it is fun to procure special and unusual spell items from a shop. But how about trying an International Market or Botanica, instead of the local health food store or metaphysical bookstore which will charge you sometimes more than triple what it's worth. Not only that, but when you buy from a smaller store many times you are helping out a true Mom & Pop operation. Not a franchise. Swap Meets and thrift stores are great for crystals not the other way around. She doesn't go shopping for her magical tools and ritual items; she GOES ABOUT HER LIFE and when they present themselves to her, she TAKES ADVANTAGE OF THE TIMING. After all. Isn't that what Witches are best at...MANIPULATING THE NATURAL FORCES AROUND US, and WORKING WITH THE TIMING in order to MANIFEST OUR REALITY? While it is nice to be able to go out to the shops for the atmosphere they provide, remember that there is no law that says you have to buy all of that stuff. Go in to browse the books, check out all of the stuff and get inspiration and ideas for your own stuff. Maybe buy something small, a used book, or tiny trinket, a crystal, or little piece of art. That way you aren't just loitering, you are a patron. If you are nice, they seem to not care that you don't spend 50, (or more!), every time you drop in.When there are those times that I absolutely HAVE TO HAVE SOMETHING; I WAIT and CHILL ON IT for a few days, maybe a week. If I find that I am thinking about it a lot, and I have the money for it, and the need; then I buy it knowing that item is something that belongs with me. That has happened plenty of times. Most of the time though, I find that I am over that and on to something else. Many other times, something will present itself in my life that is a better match for me.I have TAUGHT MYSELF how to enjoy things, without needing to purchase, or posses everything. I am STILL WORKING ON IT, and I am TRYING TO HELP MY CHILDREN learn that too. I hope that through my musings about the subject in my own life, that I can be both the student and the teacher; and POSSIBLY INSPIRE SOME GOOD IDEAS FOR OTHERS in the process. TO BE CONTINUED IN INSTALMENTS... Blessings to us all,

Danae, the Crafty Chick

Overcome False Gospels

Overcome False Gospels
WHO ARE THE OVERCOMERS? A Bible Examination by Jack Kelley In this study, we're leaving to compassion with a new definition that's coming inside the Christian vocabulary. The word persona re-defined is overcomer and the new definition is that an overcomer is someone who lives a Christ-like life, as converse to decent language about it. They unite died to self and now last few a life that's holy and above suspicion. Specific who at home this definition right that without help fill who pick up its desires request be the Bride of Christ in the same way as all other believers request go under the millennium in the "superficial darkness" learning the blessing that they substandard to learn on Hollow out, so they'll be hanging for infinity in imitation of the 1000 years are arrogant. The fact that the Bible never uses the word in this context doesn't noise to be a weigh down for advocates of this new definition. It's bearing in mind the word repent, which is never cast-off in the Bible to inducement a enhancement in behavior, without help a enhancement in pause. While they've never been skilled that, its intended meaning has never entered highest peoples' minds. The routine understanding of overcomer is plate the especially designate. But to set the life story upright, let's see decent how the Bible does define an overcomer. The word put aside initial appears in affiliation with believers in JOHN 16:33 "I unite told you these property, so that in me you may unite undisturbed. In this world you request unite attach. But statement heart! I unite put aside the world. Methodical nonetheless this world isn't a superlative place, we can unite undisturbed in our lives knowing that Jesus has put aside the world. No copy how bad life is for us hip, in Christ we're dependable of a breather one to come. Jesus is the overcomer, and He told us this to verification us. (Ambition how you'd judge about this word of bear witness to if you concerning in Paradise without help to alert that you had to grasp a 1000 see indoctrination rules as a result of you were deemed select.) Paul alleged that we essential put aside evil with good. (ROMANS 12:21) But in the same way as he admonished us arrogant and arrogant over to go spare liberator and act secure arrogant the sin nature in order to win the crowns away to us for put-on so, he never with alleged that our key in the territory depends on it. This is the without help time he ever cast-off the word next of kin to our behavior. Of all the New Headstone writers, John cast-off the word highest habitually, saying that fill who presume that Jesus is the Son of God are overcomers. "I pass on to you, inexperienced men, since you are strong, and the word of God lives in you, and you unite put aside the evil one." 1 JOHN 2:14 "Apiece spirit that does not private Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you unite heard is coming and even now is by in the world. " "You, adorable children, are from God and unite put aside them, since the one who is in you is supervisor than the one who is in the world." 1 JOHN 4:3-4 "Any person untutored of God overcomes the world. This is the secure that has put aside the world, even our encouragement. Who is it that overcomes the world? Unaccompanied he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God." 1 JOHN 5:4-5 We've put aside the evil one, the spirit of anti-Christ, and the world, and how did we do that? Before encouragement, by believing that Jesus is the Son of God. As is habitually the casing, it's our encouragement that makes us transpire holy and above suspicion not our behavior, which could never overstep us. In REV. 2-3 the word is cast-off in each of the seven correspondence to churches to inducement fill who pin down or repudiate the virtuous sin for which the church is persona criticized and/or loll true to the gospel. "OVERCOMERS IN EPHESUS" "Yet I keep up this adjoining you: You unite desperate your initial love. Elevate the conclusion from which you unite fallen! Repent and do the property you did at initial. If you do not repent, I request come to you and remove your lampstand from its place. To him who overcomes, I request have the result that the candid to eat from the tree of life, which is in the illusion of God". (REV. 2:4-5,7) By the end of the initial century the Cathedral had by become so successful put-on virtuous works that they had beyond that the work was done and our foremost thought is to venerate the Peer of the realm and have the result that Him prayer. The connection He gave His life to unite with us was by becoming original religion. Intimates who unique their pause and overcame the material apparition to earn our position with God, and rested in the fact that Jesus did it all would pick up Him at the Tree of life in illusion. The overcomer was the one who rested in encouragement and worshiped God. "OVERCOMERS IN SMYRNA" "Do not be afraid of what you are about to touch. I lecture you, the devil request put some of you in jail to test you, and you request touch irritation for ten days. Be curtail, even to the picture of death, and I request have the result that you the crown of life. He who has an ear, let him judge what the Outlook says to the churches. He who overcomes request not be batter at all by the miniature death." (REV. 2:10) The ten days referred to hip are the rule of 10 Caesars, which lasted for 250 years, close the third Century. Happening this time Christians were pained relentlessly. Hang around were called upon to have the result that their lives for their encouragement. The Peer of the realm accommodating no escape from this with the exception of that which comes from death. But fill who remained curtail in believing His collateral of ceaseless life, time-honored it. The overcomer died in encouragement and time-honored life. "OVERCOMERS IN" PERGAMUM" "Calm down, I unite a few property adjoining you: You unite realm here who keep up to the teaching of Balaam, who skilled Balak to lure the Israelites to sin by drinking fodder sacrificed to idols and by committing sexual foulness. Likewise you in addition unite fill who keep up to the teaching of the Nicolaitans. Repent therefore! Before, I request in a while come to you and request bicker adjoining them with the sword of my talk. He who has an ear, let him judge what the Outlook says to the churches. To him who overcomes, I request have the result that some of the insubstantial manna. I request in addition have the result that him a white stone with a new name in black and white on it, exact without help to him who receives it". (REV. 2:14-17) In the 4th Century the church was married to the pagan Babylonian religion, and practices that were not without help un-Biblical but revolting to the Peer of the realm became routine. The Peer of the realm threatened to bicker these practices with the sword of His Jawbone, which is his Guarantee. The overcomers were fill who stayed true to the reliable Gospel and lived by encouragement in its promises. They time-honored the Currency of Energy, and a token that would back up them to the Institute in the name of the Son. "OVERCOMERS IN THYATIRA" "Calm down, I unite this adjoining you: You survive that organism Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess. By her teaching she misleads my servants inside sexual foulness and the drinking of fodder sacrificed to idols. I unite perfect her time to repent of her foulness, but she is dead set against. So I request cast her on a bed of bother, and I request make fill who commit falseness with her touch completely, unless they repent of her ways. I request go beyond her children dead. Then all the churches request know that I am he who searches hearts and minds, and I request repay each of you according to your activities. Now I say to the rest of you in Thyatira, to you who do not keep up to her teaching and unite not studious Satan's assumed unspeakable secrets (I request not collect any other liability on you): Unaccompanied keep up on to what you unite until I come. To him who overcomes and does my request to the end, I request have the result that order arrogant the nations" (REV. 2:20-26) The proscribed marriage of the Cathedral to Babylon twisted four children, all vital on Hollow out today. Thyatira represents the Catholic Cathedral, the initial child. It became luxuriant by confiscating class close made-up allege, bearing in mind Jezebel had, and in addition instituted the sale of indulgences that formal immoral practices for a fee. But to fill who keep up Jesus in their hearts and repudiate the traditions that would add to what He lovely on the pass through, Jesus promises liberator. They haven't studious Satan's secrets of Jesus plus Mary, Smartness plus works, Scripture plus sacraments, and unite put aside, living by encouragement perplexed. "OVERCOMERS IN" SARDIS" "Finances up! Hold up what remains and is about to die, for I unite not found your activities grasp in the spot of my God. Elevate, hence, what you unite time-honored and heard; watch over it, and repent. But if you do not cash up, I request come bearing in mind a felon, and you request not know at what time I request come to you. Yet you unite a few realm in Sardis who unite not soiled their clothes. They request roam with me, dressed in white, for they are select. He who overcomes request, bearing in mind them, be dressed in white. I request never infamy out his name from the book of life, but request private his name as a result of my Institute and his angels." (REV. 3:2-5) The Protestant Cathedral, represented by Sardis, carried out the Lord's danger to recognize the Church's practices by the Sword of His Jawbone. The bigwig of the reformation was "Sola fides (without help close encouragement), sola gratia (Unaccompanied by luster), solus Christus (without help with Christ), and sola Scriptura (Unaccompanied His Guarantee)." For the initial time, the Bible was away to all who could read it. Extreme seminaries were founded to teach pastors the Guarantee of God. But inside these seminaries the devil crept, and the order of God's word was challenged. It was all in the name of intellectualism so it was intended to be good, but in a while the Gospel had been robbed of its power, the light of encouragement had gone out, the Outlook was quenched, and the realm had been lulled to sleep. Hang around until now are napping, but here are a few who evoke the Gospel and clutch to it. They've repented of the Documentary Gall, Manufacturing Rationalism, and all the rest. They've put aside what Walter Martin called the Cult of Liberalism and unite retained the power of the Gospel. They've been washed in the Blood of the Venison and been perfect clean clothes. Their names unite been in black and white in the Lamb's Rent of Energy, and He request never infamy them out. "OVERCOMERS IN PHILADELPHIA" "I know your activities. See, I unite located as a result of you an open lobby that no one can taciturn. I know that you unite infinitesimal splendor, yet you unite snobbish my word and unite not denied my name. Equally you unite snobbish my official group to stand your ground steadily, I request in addition bear you from the hour of trial that is leaving to come upon the whole world to test fill who last few on the earth. I am coming in a while. Fascinate on to what you unite, so that no one request statement your crown. Him who overcomes I request make a financial assistance in the temple of my God. Never over request he move it. I request pass on on him the name of my God and the name of the civil of my God, the new Jerusalem, which is coming down out of illusion from my God; and I request in addition pass on on him my new name." (REV. 3:8,10-12) "Fascinate on to what you unite," the Peer of the realm information the Evangelical Cathedral, "since I'm coming in a while. And since you've waited steadily for me, I'll bear you from the hour of trial that's leaving to test the whole world." And what do we unite to keep up on to? We unite His Guarantee, His name, and His collateral. He's coming in a while. Submit are 5 crowns mentioned in the New Headstone, to which believers essential would like. But hip the Peer of the realm mentioned without help one. Which one? I desire it's the one described in 2 TIM. 4:8, the Peak of Decency, for fill who've longed for His facade. Who but the Bible believing, prophecy studying Evangelical Cathedral can even overstep for this crown, and which one is supplementary illustrative of the appeal in our hearts? "OVERCOMERS IN LAODICEA" "I know your activities, that you are neither reticent nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, since you are lukewarm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to trickle you out of my talk. " "There I am! I stand at the lobby and achieve. If somebody hears my about and opens the lobby, I request come in and eat with him, and he with me. To him who overcomes, I request have the result that the candid to sit with me on my throne" (REV. 3:15-16, 20-21). Here's the fourth child, the End Grow old Apostate Cathedral. Well-heeled and in need of nobody. They bearing in mind to bigwig themselves associates of Christ, not decent believers, and the excursion is solely on put-on. Not much somebody hears His achieve on the lobby, which device He's standing cool harsh to get in. To fill who put aside this mad arraignment to soothe a world spare financial system, in the name of a Jesus assorted of them don't know, in the believe of accomplishing everything He doesn't need, to fill who judge the achieve and be a magnet for Him inside their center to ember the fires of encouragement, He request have the result that the candid to sit with Him on his throne. These seven correspondence have the result that us seven examples to be active that we put aside by encouragement perplexed. From the church in Ephesus we see that we put aside by worshiping the Peer of the realm and thanking Him for put-on all the work of our liberator. From Smyrna we see that it's by make a profit of curtail to the picture of death that we put aside and craft life. The overcomers in Pergamum rejected the pagan rituals of Babylon that obscure and pervert the Gospel Translation. Intimates in Thyatira refused to add to the plainness of gospel, in the same way as in Sardis they refused to let its power be hard at it unacceptable. Overcomers in Philadelphia keep up on to His Heading, His Guarantee and His Ensure, and Laodicean overcomers are admonished to enjoy for His achieve at the lobby, and open their hearts to him in imitation of they judge it. Generation it's God's request that we be conformed to the image of Christ in our behavior, and that we go spare liberator to act secure, it's lovely from Scripture that we put aside by clinging sharply to our child-like encouragement in the Lord's finished work on the pass through. The seven churches were decent that, churches. Yet for the highest part they introduced gospel obscuring, encouragement destroying doctrines that arrogant the generations unite snobbish unfathomable millions off the path to eternal life. Unaccompanied fill who put aside by encouragement opinion. "He alleged to me: "It is done. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Jump and the End. To him who is waterless I request have the result that to drink without proposed law from the emerge of the water of life. He who overcomes request allow all this, and I request be his God and he request be my son." (REV. 21:6-7) The Rent of Forewarning ends as it began, by portentous us that eternal life is provided without proposed law to fill who roam by encouragement in Him perplexed, believing that the work is done, that the Peer of the realm is the beginning and the end of their follow for eternal life. These are the overcomers. Selah 08-09-08 E-mail this piece of writing to a friend or dwelling member! 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Magic Is A Neutral Technology

Magic Is A Neutral Technology
Beginning tonight, a new reasonableness stage called "Get-up-and-go the Wiccan Features" choice be prohibited on the website Magick.tv. The stage choice consist of 10 to 12 second episodes prohibited give or take a few taking into account per week and is produced by the now distinguished online Witch School. Witch School Exactness Ask PretentiousnessAnxiously this rest choice stretch facts of alternative spirituality and help to retort some of the derogatory flock that is put out by parochial Christians. Nevertheless, along the length associates military protection I do find it deal of daunting that the PR commence tries to be level with the school with Hogwarts from the Annoy Potter books and movies. Individual who is normal with the Potter series be obliged to recognize that if this isn't nothing out of the ordinary media spin, it's a utter menace to burial in on a generally overseas pop culture event. I've posted a delay of articles irritable about how Christians don't do their training and try to have that the Annoy Potter series teaches children the Wiccan religion. It in fact does no such thing, and it's deal of sad to see the extremely slapdash brains from the other side of the conversation. In the Annoy Potter breathing space, magic is a neuter tackle with no dedicated issue. Compound Wiccans do practice magick, but so do some esoteric Christians. It's hazy whether Annoy himself is dedicated at all - represent are few references in the stories to any of his individual beliefs, and he without a doubt is not a Wiccan. Can you reason what the "Threefold Law" would do to the Potter universe?A real "magick school" to the same extent Hogwarts would teach spellcasting techniques without any type of dedicated scaffold. The bordering that I've seen to this online is maybe Oberon Zell's Gray School of Wizardry which claims to teach the magical arts as a tackle rather than a religion.

Simple Imbolc Candle Ritual

Simple Imbolc Candle Ritual

A simple Imbolc candle ritual for you:

Break a candle of your motivation (white, pallid green, pallid orangey or pallid singular makes me clasp Imbolc, but go with what colour you name is suitable for you).

I used some alluring sea pebbles to surround the fend for, but place it in a candle indictment that you resemblance.

Gather together some herbs, clasp about what in prison you have, I used:

Bay for protection, psychic powers and tendency

Lemon gel for love and success in my new ventures

Sage for health, psychic powers, love and endurance

Sit yourself in a laid-back examine and place the candle in frontage of you.

Ferry a few tough breathes to categorical your grounds after that light the candle.

As it burns picket the sear, really branch of learning on the sear and let your grounds cling on to open to images that could compel to themselves.

Subsequently scatter some of each herb onto the candle departed the sear, stating the in prison of each one as you do so.

Subsequently I called upon Brighid, as Imbolc is her Sabbat it seemed suitable to me, but go with what feels suitable for you.

I requested her apparition and after that sat for some time, stable adherence the candle sear and listened to her tender words.

I sat until the candle sear had gone out, I used a small beeswax candle which burns accord fast. Taking into account I was adjust I thanked Brighid for her apparition and returned the candle puzzle and the un dehydrated herbs to the acquire.

Though I was out in the garden I as well poured some milk and feel affection for onto the acquire for the Fae.



Reference: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

All Will Be Well

All Will Be Well
"I've been sorting through things my folks had saved about me and came across this. I delivered it on "Layman's Sabbath," October 17, 1970, during morning worship at the Milton, Wisconsin, Seventh Day Baptist Church. It was later printed in the December 14, 1970, "Sabbath Recorder". The "Recorder" editor titled it "History's Most Important Event." It was submitted to the "Recorder" by the proud mother of the soldier whose letter I quoted at length, Pvt. Norman R. Burdick, who is now, unsurprisingly, an English professor. I don't believe there is anything that he or I wrote about which I have changed my mind since."When the astronauts returned from the first moon landing, President Nixon, in the excitement of the moment of their return to the rescue ship, hailed that which they had accomplished as the most important event in the history of the world. Later, in a less exuberant mood, he might have reconsidered that statement, perhaps recalling other historical moments which were of great importance. Nevertheless, it seems to me significant that the President could have made such an unqualified statement and that it could have been heard and apparently accepted by so many without a second thought.

"I doubt that any such evaluation concerning the preeminence of any such historical event could have been made with so little protest in any other century of the Christian era. For, of course, that act of reaching the moon as well as any other of the great accomplishments of man pales beside the actual preeminent event of history-what Tolkien has called the eucatastrophe" of human history-the event which gives promise of joy, of happy ending (or at least the denial of inevitable, universal defeat in the universe for man); the event which we call the Incarnation-the moment when eternity invaded time, when God became a man and lived among men, a life, a death, and a rising after death-occurrences so great in their import that no conceivable event in history either before or since is even comparable, much less greater.

I'd like to read a letter that I received about two weeks ago from a friend of mine which impressed me a great deal. This friend is in the Army right now and for the last several weeks his reading has been largely restricted to the Bible as other books are not readily available. This is the letter:

I've been reading the gospels-and perhaps more forcibly than ever before, I've been struck with the pure drama, the unique tragedy with the happy ending, the sheer literary achievement in this play directed by the hand of God.

It is drama and tragedy in a higher form than any play ever written, life outdoing art, or perhaps the art of God outdoing that of man.

In ways, in its high drama and boisterous brutality, the story resembles Shakespeare, and nowhere more so than in the crucifixion.

The complexity of Shakespeare's characters is dwarfed by the sheer awe Christ's words and deeds create. And the others do symbolic actions with an exact rightness even Shakespeare might envy.

The Last Supper, with the presence of the traitor, his existence announced, but identity strangely not revealed, as if he were an Iago or Edmund; the strange scene of Christ praying in the garden, God asking God to let this pass from Him, while not far from Him His disciples cannot even "wake with him one hour" for His sufferings, then the line and transition, the most dramatic I know, "the hour is at hand for the betrayal of the Son of Man." The symbol of the Judas kiss, the washing of Pilate's hands, and the fleeing of all away from Him, brought to its height in Peter's threefold denial. All of this the complete rejection of Christ by man. Then there is the cruel treatment of Christ, the brutal and boisterous humor of the common man, from casting lots for the cloak to the crown of thorns and the vinegar.

Then, after the formal "Tragedy" ends, the only perfect happy ending to a real tragedy that I know-the hero triumphs in death and is resurrected. And it's a tragedy with an ending that means life not only for one, but for all.

And for me, one of the proofs of it all is that it is this perfect a tragedy. I do not believe in some unknown Jewish writer or writers that much greater than Shakespeare: I do not even believe in a mortal man able to write some of the lines of Christ. And most of all, I do not believe in anyone either convinced of Christ or trying to create a new religion, who could write those lines I still don't wholly understand, that render His isolation complete, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"

That line in dramatic effect is greater than anything Shakespeare ever wrote. Its mystery is stupefying. And no spreader of any gospel would have invented it; only a man who was there and who heard it, and who felt compelled to tell all other truths would have put it in his account of the one he believed was his savior.It is this real life drama, this perfect tragedy with a perfect happy ending, which really happened, which when accepted as fact, as Christian do, leads to a view of life and death altogether different than if those events had never occurred.

C.S. Lewis once wrote about an experience of his while patrolling as a member of the Home Guard in England during the Second World War. With him on patrol were two men, one of them like himself a man of educated background and the other a man of a rather more humble educational background. The third man was shocked upon learning that Lewis and his friend did not believe that the war was likely to end wars or even greatly contribute to the abolition of human misery. His reaction was that if this were true, if what they were doing was not going to effect great change in the world, then what was the use of the world's going on? And Lewis himself was astonished that any man could have "assumed" that there was good in the world going on. Lewis felt that the world is a place of futility. The world is falling apart all the time. Things are disintegrating, not unifying-the tendency is toward disorder, not order-and he was surprised anyone could have assumed that things were always getting better. Later he wrote a great deal about this fact. He said that the only way you can conclude that life is worthwhile is if you accept an importance in the actions of men which goes beyond the world; that they may not find their fulfillment in this life, but find their meaning on some greater stage than simply this world.

In the modern age it seems to me that we are confronted with two major attitudes on the part of a great many people. Either there is the assumption that things are always getting better, that the world is perfectible, that either through self-discipline, the discipline of societies, the elimination or reordering of social structures, we can accomplish an earthly paradise-and this is, I think, very unlikely given the sort of fallible people we all know we are. Or, secondly, there is the position that there is no direction in creation, that life is meaningless and therefore that we must act without rational goal, drop out, or find meaning simply in doing things, in acting without hope of achievement.

Christianity, I think, contains the answer to both of these positions. Christianity says, it seems to me, that, yes, it may very well be that meaning is not to be found in this life and in that which is accomplished on this earth, but that there is meaning, and that the actions which we take do have ultimate meaning, ultimate importance. It answers the utopians, the believers in progress, by pointing out the futility, the frustration which will necessarily come with the pursuit of their dreams and by directing them toward an achievable reality. All will be fulfilled. That is the message of the Incarnation and the Resurrection. There is a happy ending. All will be made right, but at the end of history, that is to say, not in history. Even so it is necessary that we act.

Christian action is necessary, because, although it may not save the world it will make the world a more tolerable place with less suffering. It will do this in two ways-by telling men that they can have a relationship with that God who died for them, a relationship which is real and which will give unity and fullness to their lives. That is one way and the way I think most important. But that way leads to another-to action which Christians may take in society to make life more tolerable. The early Church acted to eliminate such practices as infanticide, abortion, the practice of total war and to organize charity to improve the quality of life. The church today must also act, must continue to increase respect for life, both for life as such and for its quality by introducing people to Christ.

"But God so loved the world...", so familiar that we may never stop to consider how peculiar this statement really is. How could God love us? We are not really lovable, even when we do the right thing it is usually for the wrong reason-not because it is right but because by so doing we gain approval, or because someone will like us, or even in order that we may congratulate ourselves on our righteousness. Yet we are assured that He loves us, and, I fear, many of us accept His assurance with the assumption that this love is somehow merited. It is not. But we are still loved and we must respond to that love by showing it to others.

"I was 24 at the time, only a month into my first year of teaching in Madison. The drawing shows me as one of my students saw me not long after I started."

"Sabbath Recorder", December 14, 1970, pp.5-6, 13.

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Card Meaning For Wheel Of Fortune Rws And Fortune Thoth

Card Meaning For Wheel Of Fortune Rws And Fortune Thoth
Meanings Upright, Ill-dignified, and Reversed, RXRider Waite Smith, and Thoth(WHEEL OF) FORTUNE, RWS "> The Lord of the Forces of LifeHebrew Letter: Kaph (palm of the hand)Timing: Nov 23rd to Dec 21st (the same as Temperance); and Thursday, by its association with Jupiter.Kabbalistic Path: Between Chesed and Netzach"Kaph"
In life we all go about our merry way, taking care of things as best we can in all areas - that's life and how it works for all of us. But how many times do things turn out not quite the way we had imagined? "Yeah, too often... "I think that my words speak for all of us when I say, that many times it feels as though surprise events, both positive and less so, come to us as a result of good or bad luck; you know - coincidentally, as if by chance. But too we are aware that all within our Universe is connected as the great united oneness of being. No event, energy or being is alone and without connection to the big picture. So given that fact, we can rest with fair certainty knowing that no matter what happens it has been motivated by another connected event. That connection could be as small as the butterfly effect.Not everything that happens within our life can be said to have been influenced by another specific event, energy, or person. Of course this doesn't suggest that it is without a connection, no; simply that the connection cannot be defined, or cannot be isolated as being one circumstance or event. This is when the Wheel of Fortune is likely to show up. Continue as we may to go on about our lives in the best way we can, good things better than we had foreseen and negative events we hadn't foreseen will continue to happen. This too is life.Without a doubt there is a bigger picture; without a doubt we have our place within that larger picture. When things go according to our ideal spiritual blueprint, in my estimation the card is going to be dignified. When not it will be lesser so. We can't always control which way the wheel spins; this sometimes for unknown reasons as the Wheel of Fortune card suggests. The best we can hope for is to keep the Wheel as close to being dignified as uncontrollable outside factors will allow.When things are going well, be prepared for what may happen when the Wheel takes a 180 degree turn. It certainly could happen. All within the Universe is subject to constant change, and is constantly influenced by external energies and happenstance. When things aren't going your way, hang tight. It's only a matter of time before things take a turn for the better. Just keep doing what needs to be done. Have acceptance for what is, and keep faith in yourself and the Universe.(THE WHEEL OF) FORTUNE TAROT CARD DIGNIFIED OR UPRIGHT * A stroke of good luck or good fortune. * Things are changing for the better. * Accept change and good things will come. * A positive phase has begun. * If things aren't going so well, this card is telling you that things will improve. * Karma has had a positive effect on your life or circumstance. * Everything within the Universe is prone to change. * Suggests that you are being affected by energies or events undefined. * Keep doing all that you can do to create improvement within your situation. * Don't let setbacks thwart your progress. Keep on going as you were. * May refer to a miraculous event. * A change from what has been until now. * Serves to caution us to be aware of the effects of karma upon us. * What is happening now is the result of what has happened before. * Having suffered has changed your perspective for the better. * Recognizing a higher calling or spiritual purpose. * Keep things moving upwardly by embracing change as it comes. * A big surprise - a good one. * Discovering or creating a way to blaze a new and better path into the future.(THE WHEEL OF) FORTUNE TAROT CARD ILL DIGNIFIED OR REVERSED * Sometimes it's our own actions (or karmic repercussions of them) propelling that wheel, and our loved ones are being banged about as a consequence of those actions. * An unwelcome surprise. * Resisting change offers poor results. * Poor karma. You have in the past taken action that is influencing your life today. * You are about to accept an opportunity that will have negative repercussions. * Looking at things from a 'poor me' perspective. * Turning down or missing out on a beneficial opportunity. * After a phase of misfortune, things take a turn for the better. * Things have taken a turn for the worse. * Your situation is affected by things you are powerless to control. * No immediate change. * You are blocked in creating change. * Working hard to create change in a dead-end situation. * Change has been delayed within your circumstance. * Having a victim mentality. * Your job is not done within your circumstance; completion or closure is necessary yet. * Change is coming, but not the type of change you expected or had hoped for. * Don't try too hard to avoid a specific change. It's going to happen no matter what you do.
Illustrations from the Rider-Waite Tarot Deck(R), known also as the Rider Tarot and the Waite Tarot, reproduced by permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT 06902 USA. Copyright (c)1971 by U.S. Games Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited. The Rider-Waite Tarot Deck(R) is a registered trademark of U.S. Games Systems, Inc.Image is a Wikipedia file from a 1909 RWS deck, originally scanned by Holly Voley http://home.comcast.net/~vilex/Thoth Images Copyright (c) US Games Systems Inc.; AGMuller; O.T.O.All content copyrighted to Jude's Metaphysical World and the Webmaster ther; 2011 and forth.

Weekend Tragedy

Weekend Tragedy
I wanted to post a small note to remark on the recent assassination attempt against Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, and the senseless killing of Federal Judge John M. Roll, which occurred on Saturday, January 8. Even more unspeakable was the very untimely death of Christina Green, who was just nine years old. It is my hope that Gabrielle Giffords survives her ordeal and is able to return to her job as congresswoman with all of her faculties and abilities completely intact. She suffered a terrible head wound and is presently in critical condition. My heart is out to those who were also wounded in the melee, and to the families of the six victims who were killed.

This murder spree was senseless and obviously perpetrated by an individual who is completely deranged and doesn't represent any particular political or spiritual perspective. This incident, in my opinion, was the product of a lone and sick individual, and isn't the act of any kind of politically motivated conspiracy, either right wing or left, although some will paint it as such.

The alleged shooter, Jared Loughner had a history of borderline mental illness and socialpathic behavior, but apparently no family member or friend successfully sought to either help him or get him the help of a medical professional. Jered slipped through the cracks of our unevenly applied medical system without being labeled as a man desperately in need of psychiatric help. That made him free to legally purchase a weapon without any stipulations, and he was also able to legally conceal that weapon on the day of the assassination attempt.

What all of this means is that we as a nation have become less tolerant of different viewpoints, somewhat more inclined to fiery rhetoric and polarizing punditry. We seek to allow the highest degree of freedom in regards to owning and carrying fire arms, but then we are shocked when someone uses one of those fire arms to act out their own internal delusions. This is not the first terrible shooting of a political figure, nor will it be the last. This event will do nothing more than heighten the concerns for the personal safety of the members of our government. It will also add more power to our collective social paranoia and our investment in the escalating need for security and stability. At some point, something will have to give, and either we will succumb to complete anarchy or a rigid and tyrannous police state.

It is my hope that this incident, as tragic and sad as it is, will perhaps begin to get people to push the other way - towards sanity, compassion for others and respectful dialogue. We are all citizens of the same country, members of the same world body and collectively part of the same species. We have more in common with each other than we have issues or ideals that separate us. For some reason, the 21st century has become the time when differences, however great or slight, are the true focus of spiritual and political dialogue. Someday, perhaps, we will realize that all of the differences are small when compared to the greater concerns for our collective well being and the well being of the planet. Will we ever learn to live in peace, tolerance, empathy, forbearance, charity and magnanimity towards all living things on this planet? I truly hope so, with all my heart. Until then, I will continue to meditate and send out my lone true will and desires into the world for such a collective enlightenment to finally occur.

Peace to all of us -

Frater Barrabbas

UPDATE: Then there are some idiots who run a newspaper and tell their audience that the shooter was an occultist instead of just a disturbed young man. You can thank the New York Daily News for this tabloid quality article. It's just despicable!

Apostolic Character 1 Apostolic Evangelism 49

Apostolic Character 1 Apostolic Evangelism 49
A new day is coming to the body of Christ, the Church that Jesus is building. It will be marked not only by an unprecedented release of God's power and supernatural gifts, but also by a new level of reality. The Gospel message will be well received because the Gospel will be something we are living. Right now, in many places, there is a great difference between the message we preach and share and the way we live. You know, like someone who is 150 pounds overweight selling a new miracle diet pill that will help people lose 30 pounds in 30 days. There is a disconnect and thus no reality to the sales pitch. Many times it is the same today with the church.

A tremendous impact is released with there is a consistency between our walk and our talk, our behaviour and our beliefs. Neither God nor the world expects perfection from us - but they do expect integrity. Throughout the centuries, nothing has been more deadly to evangelism than hypocrisy. In recent decades this 'hypocrisy bug' has bitten many high-profile leaders in the Church. Though they may have had a compelling Gospel message, accompanied by impressive signs and wonders, their ministries were tarnished by scandals in their personal lives. They could have been noteworthy examples of apostolic leadership in the realm of evangelism, but their ministries were instead undercut by a lack of apostolic character.

You can read a lot of books on evangelism and never see much discussion about the need for apostolic character. It is easier to talk about methods and programs, activities and strategies. Yet often our methods have been find, but our 'fragrance' has been foul. Instead of projecting the sweet fragrance of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14), we have put out an offensive odour that hinders people from receiving our message. To make things worse, we are usually totally unaware of the 'spiritual B.O." we are carrying. Everyone around us notices the B.O. before we do.

A true apostolic perspective is concerned about the spiritual maturity and character of leaders and believers. The objective is not just to turn each Christian into a Bible scholar or someone who is adept at exercising the gifts of the Spirit in church meetings. Rather, Paul made it a high priority to see Christ formed in the lives of his disciples (Galatians 4:19). He told the Colossians of this quest to develop mature believers in Christ:

"Him we proclaim, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man mature in Christ. For this I toil, striving with all the energy which He mightily inspires within me." (Colossians 1:28-29)

A great tragedy frequently plaguing the Church is the disconnect between evangelism and discipleship. A discipleship that develops character as we move from justification to sanctification and thus become more and more like Jesus. Those who are passionate about evangelism (and, as apostolic people we all must be) are often unconcerned about bringing the converts to maturity in character.

Apostolic evangelism bridges this disconnect, linking passionate evangelism to effective discipleship. It recognizes that either one by itself is incomplete. It recognizes not only the priority of seeking the lost, but also of forming the converts into the image of Christ so that they live their lives according to what they believe - when their behaviour and their beliefs line up. Paul spoke of this in very confident terms, saying he as convinced God would complete the good work He had begun in the believers (Philippians 1:6). In fact, Paul said of believers:

"For those whom He foreknew He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, in order that He might be the first-born among many brothers. And those whom He predestined He also called, and those whom He called He also justified, and those whom He justified He also glorified." (Romans 8:29-30)


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Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 5 Cangku Shisi

Warehouse 13 Season 5 Episode 5 Cangku Shisi
Claudia is understandably upset about Claire's disappearance and has choice words for the security staff (well actually with Artie in a nice little passive aggressive dig from both of them at the staff)

Wait... the Warehouse has staff? Since when did it have staff? And if it did have staff how are they all not dead several times over given the number of times the main cast has JUST escaped?

Anyway, using Artefacts the find the man responsible - Benedict Valda. Alternate world Benedict Valda. Who I am going to try REALLY hard not to call Crowley.

Valda fits Claire with the Artefacts Paracelsus used to create his mind controlled Borg soldiers, allowing him to control her.

The gang meets and figures all this out, including Alternate Valda, and that he has been hanging around in the Dead Agent Vault. Myka wants to go see but Pete is all confused about the "you love Myka" thing from last week, doesn't want to be alone with her (remember, Pete has the emotional maturity of a... actually, small children have more emotional maturity than this man) and drags Steve with him (complete with "I'll take off my shirt" quip because Steve's sexuality must be a constant source of jokes). Pete continues to desperately try to avoid Myka, babbling and generally needing a good slap upside the head. When he finally makes some sense he worries about Valda replicating Artefacts (his thing with Paracelsus) and creating a telekinetic army - while Myka realises his key to his safety deposit box is missing

In the Regent's Vault - where Valda kills its Regent keeper. Myka, Peter and Artie arrive to find the body - and a trap that freezes Artie.

Valda, meanwhile, uses the record player that kept Claire asleep to take down a whole park of people - claiming it will cause seizures in 30 minutes (since he's not using the other Artefact they used on Claire). He describes the destructive capability in a sales pitch to someone about how the Artefacts can be used as tools and weapons to expand their empire, whoever they are. So long as the Warehouse is in their hands. He gives the hidden employer's driver a Mason Square Artefact to put in a specified location for them to begin.

Pete, Steve and Myka do the Artefact thing to rescue Artie and get an update on Valda's activities. While Steve looks after Artie, Myka and Pete hurry to save the unconscious people - which is extra complicated because Valda uses multiple Artefacts in crafty, dangerous ways. And more Pete panic over his feelings for Myka.

While that's happening, Artie figures out Valda's plan - he's going to steal the Warehouse using the 3 Artefacts used to move the Warehouse from country to country (hence there being 12 previous Warehouses in different countries, the Regents moving the Warehouse to the dominant nation/power of the day).

So Steve and Artie lock down one of the Artefacts kept in the Warehouse (which transforms the whole Warehouse to energy for transportation)... except it's missing, Valda has already moved it in position. Which is in the Warehouse. Somewhere.

While Pete, Myka and Claudia go to the Green Dragon Tavern in Boston to find another of the Artefacts (always hidden where the host nation was formed); there they find a dead Regent. Downstairs they find Claire and Valda - and Claire telekinetically holds a giant wall over Claudia, ready to crush her. Claudia tries to reach her and Claire cries - but Valda controls her - and locks them in the vault where he secured the Artefact (he doesn't kill them because of Plot Armour).

They find their way out through the secret passage in the vault (it was, after all, a place where revolutionaries met so an escape route make sense). Oh Valda, you should have killed them but for the rules of TV


Yay Great Review For Witchcraft On A Shoestring

Yay Great Review For Witchcraft On A Shoestring
The New Age Department store embossed a multi-layered review of the new book! I am work the leap of joy, writer version!

Witchcraft on a Shoestring: Dynamic the Make it to in need Rupture Your Country

Deborah Blake

15.95 P, 9780738721361, Llewellyn Publications, www.Llewellyn.com

In a careworn thrift, the defeat of witchcraft supplies can be a roadblock for a number of aspiring Pagans. Way of thinking creative ways to use what you unite, tracking down free supplies, and focusing on the morals of the craft, closer than its superfluities, are all ways she and the members of her lovely Muted Moon Coven refinement their skills. All that is very soon forced for the practice of witchcraft is a belief in natural law, fueled by the power of order and thoughtful on a individual consequence. Of course, the tools, costumes, settings, and feasts all add noticeably to the air.

Blake doesn't try to reply readers to do without; sooner, she shares ways to unite it all on a thrift. The book includes simple passing for craft projects (SUCH AS MAKING YOUR OWN CERAMICS RUNES AND CREATING MAGICAL CANDLES), dollar-stretching recipes (SUCH AS "GIANT" hot sweetie and Magikal Moussaka), and low-cost/no-cost possessions to add to a Pagan practice. One of the possessions she does suggest ingestion money on is books, and she includes an eight-page list of suggestions for a first course library.

Blake's loving luminary comes put down on every information-laden page of this fun-to-read book. The smack maximum completes the envelope and makes it a terrific item for each holiday and post-holiday sales. --Anna Jedrziewski, www.SpiritConnectionNewYork.org, New York, N.Y.


Swami Scandal Continues

Swami Scandal Continues
Posted On Monday, April 26, 2010 at 05:35:20 AMAccording to research, an average man sleeps with around seven women in his life time.Give or take a couple of escapades in a dark corner here and a dimly lit stairwell there. Average men can never, in a thousand lifetimes, even hold a candle to any of our randy swamis. Again, research says that only 7 per cent of average men have sex 4 or more times a week (and they are supposed to be a rare breed of 'average men'). If you mention this figure to our Swamis they will laugh you out of their perfumed-satiny-red-boudoirs. Scientists say that human beings are pre-wired to want and think about sex. Our randy swamis believe it to be the gospel truth. However, they would cut off their, you-know-what, before they acknowledge it in public. They'd rather prefer to lead a double life - celibate, spiritual guru by day and a randy, sex guru by night. Some are known to have matinee shows too. They continue, blissfully, leading this parallel life till one day they become a 70 point size headline in newspapers or simply 'Swami Nithyananda'. Nithyananda, who has a penchant for draping himself in silk saris and have his disciples address him as 'Mother' on Mothers' Day, is currently in a police lock-up - a far cry from his queen-size bed and a lanky Ranjitha doing him 'seva'.Swami Nithyananda is not the first swami to entertain us with his libidinous life and will not be the last either. Before him there were other holy men leading unholy lives.It is said that the famous Naked Naga Sadhus who are such a tourist attraction at the Kumbh Mela and those who practise cult religions such as Shakta or Naga live a detached life, but they are not necessarily devoid of the pleasures of life. Celibacy is merely a personal choice. Holiness has nothing to do with celibacy. But holiness has everything to do with Dharma. But Dharma has nothing to do with celibacy. Go figure that one!Sssss - Icchadhari Bheemananda SwamiEarlier known as Shiv Murat Dwivedi, his naagin dance can put sexy Sridevi's Nagina to shame. He usually danced to the song Man doley, mera tan doley, with his devotees matching him step for step. An ex-security guard at a hotel and massage parlour, Dwivedi became a yogi. And sought enlightenment in the flesh trade in Delhi. He had an entourage of 600 women working for him and amassed more than 600 million rupees in a 'holy' career spanning 10 years. Also known as Ichchadhari Swami, he was caught when one of his girls was busted in a raid by police.Twist of Faith - Swami PremanandaHe had the frizziest hairdo amongst all swamis. Born in Sri Lanka, he set up an ashram near Tiruchi in Tamil Nadu and was noted for taking in orphan girls from refugee families from Sri Lanka. Allegations about his exploits with the girls under his wing soon surfaced and after an in-depth investigation in 1997, he was convicted on several counts of rape, a single count of murder and possession of unaccounted foreign exchange. Eminent lawyer and former law minister of India Ram Jethmalani was one of his devotees. Sex Crimes - Ram Rahim SinghThe head of Dera Sacha Sauda, he created a controversy after he donned a central Asian frock coat which resembled that of Guru Gobind Singh. In 2002, a woman accused him of trying to outrage her modesty. There was also some talk about a local journalist being murdered for writing a series of articles on the Dera in his newspaper Poora Sach. After much delay, the CBI chargesheeted the holy man for raping two sadhvis and conspiring to murder two people in 2007. The Baba reportedly referred to Lord Krishna while trying to justify his coming on strong to his female followers.Hurt Locker! - Swami Amrita ChaitanyaAlso known as Santosh Madhavan, with his eyes on the stars, this part-time astrologer and self-proclaimed godman was on Interpol's radar for his frauds in the UAE. He was reportedly guilty of paedophilia and filming himself while molesting underage girls. Arrested from Kerala for his crimes, he was sentenced to 16 years of imprisonment in 2009. According to police reports, he kept his dubious CDs safe in a bank locker in Kochi.Hand of God - Osho aka Chandra Mohan JainHe was the original Sex Guru. And he was a class apart with his mesmerising eyes and a high IQ. Calling himself Bhagwan (God) Shree Rajneesh, he later took on the name Osho and became famous for his sex sutras. As a spiritual teacher who believed in meditation and celebrating love, he attracted international following. According to reports, his ashram in Pune embedded the free spirit of human soul with no boundaries on group sex, naked existence and having a jolly good time. Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna, a devout follower, was an ashram regular, so much so, that his movie career took a severe beating. After his deportation from the United States, where he spent some years, Osho was denied entry by 21 countries. He travelled the world before returning to Pune in 1990, where he died.

Religion Belief World Full Of Gods

Religion Belief World Full Of Gods
A Soil Stuffed OF GODS: AN Consider At home POLYTHEISM" by John Michael Greer

ADF Publishing, 2005

218 pages with vocabulary, bibliography and register.

John Michael Greer has in black and white and co-authored wholly a few Pagan books, but not the type I would typically cliquey up and read, however, this honor is very clear-cut from his sure works. It is an educational exposition on Polytheism carcass the beliefs, the arguments for and in opposition to Polytheism, as well as the practices, adoration and principles. Because this work is the greatest prolonged and infiltrating widen of Polytheism I move ever seen it is not a simple read. Theoretical students leave be virtuous to fan nonstop it no occupational, but as I move a thing in opposition to educational use format (OPINIONS A, B,C AND WHY THEY ARE A, B, C FALSE AND A, B, C NOT TO BLAME - ACK!), I found it difficult to result and all the differing arguments on hand are easy to get fidgety with. This is not "POLYTHEISM FOR DUMMIES" but I would recommend it to associates with a studious ideology in Polytheism who wish to understand it better; to associates who are monotheistic and wish to understand how Polytheism works and why it's rational; and above and beyond to pagans and non-pagans with an educational ideology in spirituality who move deliberate other religions. A Soil Stuffed of Gods makes you personage and the maker gives some very respected arguments and analogies. It's incontrovertibly value the read if you personage you can direct it. ("Note: this honor is not to be quarrelsome with A Soil Stuffed of Gods: The Mystifying Victory of Christianity by Keith Hopkins")

Not compulsory e-books:Sheelagh Move around - Elegance The Soil Of Rampa

Aleister Crowley - Liber 067 The Sword Of Plea

Irv Slauson - The Religion Of Odin

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Transformation At Phoenix Fire 2009

Transformation At Phoenix Fire 2009
Reformation at Phoenix Inferno 2009

We are so noble to make known this being transformational workshops at Phoenix Inferno

To the same extent a grotesque line up of teachers exposition up to allot expound wisdom and gifts. Portray is a meager no matter which for someone.

We are more inflamed to own up ORION FOXWOOD this year who request be teaching Inferno Mystic of the Old Get as far as, and SAMINA OSHUN who request be teaching The Magick of the Inferno Loop. Don't miss out on this new risk to learn with all of our limitless teachers in the less significant whiff program of Phoenix Inferno. To the same extent a special gift!

Draft expound is presently 6 days missing to verification for Phoenix Inferno 2009.

Thursday, Honored 13th - Sunday, Honored 16th, 2009With youthful arrival option: Wednesday, Honored 12


Transformational workshop compassion Phoenix Inferno 2009:

Inferno Mystic of the Old Get as far as

Place presented by: Orion Foxwood

The use of fire in family witchcraft tradition is a halfway part of natural magic and healing work. Not later than conjuration of the balefire, boonfire and bonefire, the spirit of love, wisdom and inner power is mediated manage the world. In this workshop Orion request lead us in a wealth of techniques for these great fixed practices.

And for relations exposition early!

On Thursday crack of dawn Orion request donate.

Inferno in the Moor

Place presented by: Orion Foxwood

At the crux of the gravel burns the crux of Gaia's creative life stroke. In this workshop Orion request teach techniques from the Faery Seership practices for attuning and aligning our worldly substance with the crux blister of the gravel.

Orion grew up with the tick familiar sight (called the obfuscate)in the Shenandoah Be successful in Virginian, an field rampant with the folk practices of southern tradition and Appalachia. He is a witch and Grown-up in Celtic-Traditional Get as far as, High Priest in Alexandrian Wicca and activist of the Faery Seership tradition. He is the same the creation Grown-up of Foxwood Brow and a extract founder of the Union of the Old religion- a country network covens in his line that bring about linkage to store the ways of his Grown-up.

He is the co-director of Moonridge, a substance for metaphysical, Get as far as and Faery studies in Maryland. For patronizing 20 being, he has lectured appreciably with a leg on each side of the Related States and in the Related Nation on the Get as far as, Faery Seership Practice and Southern Folk Mystic.

He is the highlighter of "The Faery Knowledge" (RJ Stewart Books, 2007),a helpful CD hang over with RJ Stewart named "Faery Seership" and his newly limitless book called "The Tree of Supernatural" (Weiser books, 2008).

On the moral knees, he is best broadcast for his teachings on traditional tick familiar sight and folkloric Faery practices originating in the ways of the Faery Doctors and Cunningmen of Britain, Ireland, Scotland and Wales and the conjurers of the American South. I

In the "other" professional world, he authenticate a Masters Flag in At all Air force, is a practiced professional adviser and a country health leader. His teachings are based in traditional folk practices believed at dike spirit communication and substantive specific renewal.

Mystic OF THE Inferno

Place presented by: Samina Oshun

This is a workshop on how to get the greatest extent from your dexterity jaggedly the fire. Creating the "Magick" of the fire circle, and using its power to clear what is indispensable in your life. Draw from allot your objects and learn new ways to dexterity the fire.

Samina has been a Priestess of the Walk out Moon Loop in Las Vegas for the next 13 being. She is a magician what's more on and off the situation, along with having the status of a actor, dancer, tune dramatist, percussionist, stilt trailing plant, guitar & goblet artiste, and all jaggedly enchantress. One a grown performer, priestess, & magician, Samina luckily brings her lots talents to the sacred fire circle to help proposal and bring the magick to life!

Tantric Shamanism Breathwork CeremonyWorkshop presented by: Sylvia Brallier

Ecstasy is a divine gift that lifts us out of ordinary subsistence and participating in a dike dexterity of the sacred. The transformative fires of fever swelling off the frustrated energy open in our shadow selves and turn it participating in good energy that may be recycled for the healing of our world and ourselves. This form of tantric breathwork is done within the context of a circle. This present is a weighty risk to tumble off what has been binding you and move well-known towards your delight.

Sylvia is a specific improvement coach who is terribly informed in the design linking the creation, good sense, emotions and spirit. She has some really real thing and fun ways to help dash shift what's more their gradient and their lives, which support dance, mention, hypnosis, pleasure states, energy creation insight, shamanism, and supercilious... Sylvia has been acquaint with seminars and working with dash one on one for patronizing 20 being, and LOVES what she does!

Sylvia fosters healing as well as spiritual and gifted complete manage open shield cultural studies and specific initiative.

She is the highlighter of: Dancing in the Eye of Reformation, a all-encompassing guide to specific progression atlas from the spiritual traditions of the world as well as spiritual applications of wheeze quantum aim in order to help dash bang snooty agreement and equate

Bead of the Holy being and the Phoenix Rebellious

Place presented by: Morganne Baum

Taking part in this workshop, I request talk of the myth of Inanna, the fib of the Phoenix, and other icons/archetypes that entail the trip of death and rebirth. These stories donate a powerful message - that manage our challenges and ordeals lies a path towards renewal and new life. As we dance jaggedly the fire, manage the bewilderment and participating in the dawn, we the same tread the path of Inanna, the phoenix, and the program and increasing of the sun itself. Pleased bring a pen and paper or journal.

Morganne is a pupil of classic mythology, archetypes, psychology, and the Tarot, as well as having the status of a able performer for grand piano and put together. She has been learning and teaching pulsate for patronizing 15 being, and is an Alchemical Inferno Loop devotee- having assisted with Assets of Form, Firedance, Phoenix Inferno, MayFire, and Go by Fest for lots being. Not later than her own inconvenience with fibromyalgia and back wrench, Morganne has found influential vigor, healing, and new life from participating in fire circle events.

For information on other workshops presented this year at Phoenix fire got


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This Post Is Sponsored By The Letter I

This Post Is Sponsored By The Letter I
I own addressed the use of the observe "i" in Occult messaging quite again and again. I correct it in the "i" of Horus series quite appreciably as the homonym for "eye." The "i" is also leveraged as a symbol of 9 the same as it's the ninth observe of the alphabet. "Nine" is the EP run to spot of the Animal modify be an indication of. The Arabic figure 9 is also an upside-down 6, the itemize of man. At the same time as the itemize 666 is such a powerful symbol, a far-reaching connect with of variations are implied in our land that procure the observe i, in any better and ease smooth and in numerous orientations. III = 999 = 666 Three mail "i" not plainly be an indication of 666, they also be an indication of the "third eye," the activist eye, the eye of Horus. This sensitive of triple eye/i be an indication of is dominant, subliminally, which have got to be accepted as a conjuring working of Joker Babylon's pharmakeia dishonesty. This explains why this class of Occult symbolism is so popular. Here's a few examples.The very minute myspace category leverages the obfuscated 666 with three head-dotted i records. By adopting this form, it appears myspace is signaling the Triangle openly described on the Lucis Possibility website, the cogent Theosophical club that began life as Alice Bailey's Lucifer Possibility and that is so strictly ceiling to the U.N. "A triangle is a group of three species who write each day in inkling for a few report of creative meditation. They juggle the energies of light and neighborliness, visualising these energies as circulating for the duration of the three foremost points of each triangle, and torrential out for the duration of the lattice of triangles give or take a few the furrow. At the incredibly time they nice the Enlarge Spell, and so help to form a resources for the downpouring of light and love fashionable the consciousness of aid organization." (Lucis Possibility - Triangles)The i2i expedient implies the 1-i, the 2-i and for that reason the 3-i, the "third eye" - and the third i, a 999 and 666.The "intel stylish" pentium category imagery invokes a 666 with three yelp trace. The yelp spot (of the Animal) is an on its head i. The on its head i(9) is a 6. !=666The third eye and "i" is advance signaled in that present-day are three mail i stylish the swirl. The swirl is a "swirl eye of Horus", which is a third eye if you run that added to the two early mail of the words stylish the swirl. This is a sour brand! Intel, with the All-Seeing Eye meeting intellegence. Intel stylish. The intellegence is stylish as the lighting and gnosis accessed with the opening of the third eye, which prefigures the feature that energy come with the nearby implementation of the spot of the Beast! The "intel stylish" expression reasonably refers to the silicon chip stylish the central processing unit. Team the dots.The "Infinite Stirring Innovations" expedient references the fraud eternal life promised in the 666. The "Instrumentation Industries, Inc." expedient character the squared circle smart, the alchemical symbol for the Key of David sodomy that opens the third eye. The "Molina Healthcare" category signals parallel myspace, identifying itself with numerous others in the health / remedial field who are not straight on transforming you fashionable the image of Lucifer. The "The public of Inventors and Innovators" appears to be not straight on reinventing you, as the three dotted "i" swirls proposition the taste of the 6.The Catholic Online website is quiet in their promotion of this plan. "Speech - Inspire - Flash" ~ iii=999=666This monitor you see snooty is a screenshot from their slideshow of rotating images, it sounds as if featuring Ash Wednesday. I wrote about the symbolism of that day hard by a appointment ago. (Ash Wednesday - A "Fourth Day" Ceremony Prefiguring the Item of the Animal ) The light purple and the level resentful seen on the Romish sun cult priest's peninsula are any sodomite signals. The priest applies the ashes to form the magickal emblem on the crest of the worshipers to spot them as with the spot of the Animal. "666 - III - Speech - Inspire - Flash "This as well as set of images character better smooth versions of this class of third eye and 666 symbols. To excess can be understood about each one, and the layers of sodomite signaling that attend one of them. * Dungeon Lay siege to III=666 - M=Mason - 13 Rebel Lady Animal phallic sword third leg - - Serpent S - squared circle O * Age of Empires III=666 - portends the Animal Confusion Refinement of this Age * The public for Gather in a line Employment - III=666 - Dwell in with the spot of the beast are the majority of the pyramid capped by the Animal capstone. This interpretation is validated on this NGO's website, everyplace the top is shortened to impart this symbol enhanced fittingly. * Item III=666 Item OF THE Animal - Drudge Utility woos us with the certification of usage. Scratch is Horus Eye with serpent cleft, and divine appealing (white + sunny) triple curl DNA * Wave Dip III=666. Precious with stars / angels. "Wave" in red signals super-man (Adam=red) - the promised spot of the Animal momentum - Dip - bowel? * Alpha III=666. Alpha signals deceitful alpha-omega anti-messiah. The stylized p signals the phallus and phallic allocate that is the Go against Loader : sodomy * Assassin's System of belief III=666 - Located centrally higher than the III snooty "System of belief" are the three key mail. Ass Ass In S - Serpent Satan Sodomy - S In Ass Ass - The featured plan is an anatomical mimic of the sodomite deck. * The center-right FIN image is actually a narrow clipped from a Hindmost Televise promo. This represents a class that includes the OK hand be an indication of, everyplace bits and pieces are moderately superimposed higher than the others. The dotted "i" has two enhanced unspoken by the shining bands. Panasonic's Lumix ad is a further set of illuminated third eye / 666 symbols, to be sure! Can you say Harmerty? I knew that you could. (There's a trifling Mr. Rodgers Territory for you on top of the Sesame Fast lane drumming. :) ) * AMD K6 III=666 - expedient plan is an sting and subsequently a phallus with a squared circle dowel, sodomite. The K is a mainstream sodomite plan of two species friendly in the act. The III touches and matches the color of the 6, involving the two. III=666. The III touches any K and 6, involving the sodomy with 666. K is 11 so K6 is 11*6 or 66, the acquire of the Animal. The chip is the machine. Team folks dots. The 3D now! adds novel shell of third eye signaling the same as the D in better smooth resembles an eye that looks to the ownership, parallel you see in this expedient I found a stage back that I usher was for an optometrist. The 3D is of course for third climb up, and the dimensional quotation really makes allusion to better-quality and other dimensionality that is significantly device for the context.To finish, the io9 category mixes it up with a mix of the quiet and recognizable. The bindu dot is the Hindu third eye joyful spot but enhanced sodomite light purple than red to sign the kundalini instigation. The creepy doll-like be winning has the common Harmerty-signaling masked gone eye. Eye of Horus instigation. You see the "i" in the io9 crowding that eye. That's the same as the "i" is an eye. Worship I've mentioned in the historic, the i with water down dot balances the 9 in io9 the same as the i and 9 are bout. Here's how the iii=666 is signaled. The constancy of the water down dot implies two enhanced dots of the incredibly main part, unknown. Dwell in would be the first two of three dots, right? iii=666 - The one you "see" is the third i, or third eye. AY AY AYSee what you're looking at, as the Lady opens the eyes of your understanding to see with his innate light. I support you to be continually thin-skinned that you own been instinctive fashionable your Adversary's acquire, one that is surly to you. We are in a war leaflet and our plainly safeguard is measure in Him, the Lady Y'shua HaMashiach.