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Mantra To Get Answer In Dream 3

Mantra To Get Answer In Dream 3
This is choice Mantra to get basis in dream.This is a Aghori Mantra from the ancient Hindu write down the Rudrayamala Tantra.The Sadhak [practitioner] has to important understand this Mantra and beget a paltry root and some seeds of the Katutumbi [Hard Bottle-Gourd] ranch and the root of the Kasundi [Cassia Occidentalis or Negro Auburn] ranch and tie these items on his intelligence in the function of reciting this song.

This has to be done at bedtime in the function of goodbye to catnap. It has been assumed that the Pishachini [female mystical insect] fortitude speak to him in his thoughts and basis his questions.

MantraOm hreem trichintini pishachini swaha ll


Note- All this is insect for information purposes right. I am not advocating the practice of these methods.

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Not Around But Alive O

Not Around But Alive O
Hello everybody!

I'm still too busy to be online more often *sigh*, but really happy to be so helpful to my mother. The last days were spent most time cooking for five, cleaning up the house, doing the laundry, etc, etc. I guess I'll keep mom in bed for a bit longer, spoling someone we love is fun! LOL

Beside housekeeping, we watched a great Orson Wells' movie, The Third Man (what a wonderful photography!) - I just love this man, and his black&white films are so charming/deep with their totally different perspective of acting and directing. We also watched a sweet love movie, one of those that makes me sigh deep and loud, and makes my romantic beast inside wake up for a while: The Lake House, with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Hmmm... We also watched the last special night of Winter Olympic games, with the performances of Ice Dance's winners. Oh How I wish I could fly that way on ice! But clumsy as I am, with my ten pairs of out of control built-in legs and arms, no way... Besides, whre should I get ice in this super-hot country?! LOL

And I found some time to make a couple of new dolls for my Etsy, a Blue Dragon and a cute Ostara Goddess. Lucas now wants me to make rune sets filled with dried herbs, like lavender, rosemary or chamomile. What do you guys think? I already thought about it, but always hesitate, because not everybody may like it, or herbs may interfere in their focus.

Oh well, back to spoiling! :o) I'll be back as soon as possible with photos taken by Lucas at the Imperial Museum two weeks ago, just before mom's surgery, they turned out great, as usual (... says the proud non-neutral mom...)

Have a wonderful week!

Credit: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com

Qadiyaniat And Islam

Qadiyaniat And Islam
ISLAM is the religion of ALLAH swt because HE has liked this religion for mankind. Those who will go against this religion will never be able to enter jannah. Those who gorged islam to earn a good place in the eyes of kufar and those who had knowledge and even then they tried to sell islam, for them there is nothing left. They will and are been humiliated in this world and they will see the humiliation in the hereafter.

Qadiyani community is one such group who follow a false person and who know they are wrong but they do not like to understand because of the worldly gains they are getting.

For such people will wait the hell fire. ALLAH swt said in Holy Quran: 3:77

"Lo! those who purchase a small gain at the cost of Allah's covenant and their oaths, they have no portion in the Hereafter. Allah will neither speak to them nor look upon them on the Day of Resurrection, nor will He make them grow. Theirs will be a painful doom."

So, for such people there will be no place in the hereafter, ALLAH swt will not even look at them because they did a loss to themselves in this world. People who sell the word of ALLAH for worldly gain can never be happy not even in this world no matter how much they earn or feel safe.

These people are not only doing harm to themselves but also are enemies of the mankind because they are knowingly tempering the truth. A person who is not even loyal with ALLAH can never be loyal with anyone, not even with his own self.

ALLAH swt says in Quran: 3:71

"O People of the Scripture! Why do you mix truth with falsehood and conceal the truth while you know'

For those, who think religion of ALLAH is nothing but a set of rules that can be changed according to their desires. For these people there will be no gain the hereafter.

ALLAH swt says in Quran: 6:70

"Leave alone those who take their religion to be mere play and amusement, and are deceived by the life of this world. But proclaim (to them) this (truth): that every soul delivers itself to ruin by its own acts: it will find for itself no protector or intercessor except Allah: if it offered every ransom, (or reparation), none will be accepted: such is (the end of) those who deliver themselves to ruin by their own acts: they will have for drink (only) boiling water, and for punishment one most grievous: for they persisted in rejecting Allah."

No money will help them, nor will they be able to convince ALLAH swt like they do the people here in this world. They are only playing with their hereafter.

Nobody can help us other than the will of ALLAH. Those who receive the help of ALLAH in their matters are blessed but those who are going deep into the filth, they should not consider this as help or blessing but their way is a quicksand from where, no hand of help will ever extend to them.

ALLAH swt says in Quran: 3: 160

"If Allah helps you, none can overcome you: if He forsakes you, who is there after that that can help you? In Allah, then, let believers put their trust"

When ALLAH swt has mentioned in Quran clearly that HE is not going to spare the wrong doers and there will be no place where they can hide from the wrath of ALLAH swt, why these people are blind ever when they have sight.

Qadiyani community calls mirza ghulam qadiyani a prophet, but a prophet can never be liar nor can he go against the message of ALLAH, and those who did that, they will be answerable to Him.

ALLAH swt says in Quran: 3:161

"No prophet could (ever) be false to his trust. If any person is so false, he shall on the Day of Judgment, restore what he misappropriated; then shall every soul receive its due whatever it earned,-and none shall be dealt with unjustly."

We have seen mirza's lies and they have been proven and no qadiyani could ever come up with any justification, so they should read this verse of Quran and decide themselves if they are following a falsifier or a right person!

Source: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

The Art Of Living Yoga

The Art Of Living Yoga


I. Moksha... techniques to clear past limited realities, moving into right relationship, and manifestation of your desires II. Cultivating the Yogic Four Body System and Hawaiian Huna principles to access all levels of reality III. Pranayama... using the power of breath to purify, enhance, balance, and transform your worlds IV. Hatha Yoga... balancing all polarities with a physical yoga practice incorporating the colors, elements, planets, and affirmations V. Mantras, sacred sound syllables and Mudras, a universal language of symbols, to open the heart VI. Yantras... sacred geometrical configurations, as a divination system and higher communication


Shelley teaches yoga to people across the globe, provides spiritual counseling, and offers the auspicious gift of the Oneness Blessing. She presents a unique blend of yoga including Astanga, Iyengar, Kripalu, as well as Hasya, Laughter Yoga! She offers corporate yoga workshops and has developed yoga programs in medical institutions such as Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and New York Cornell Hospital. She is the author of many yoga products and welcomes you to explore the many treasures of yoga on her website Jai... Joyous praise Sri... Honorable Yogis... All of us together as One!

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Hiding One Faith To Get Ahead

Hiding One Faith To Get Ahead
Tons atheists partition their lack of belief for pressure of injurious consequences (e.g., continuation in flames from their jobs, descent battle, physical assault, extroverted ostracization). I would build castles in the air that Muslims living in rabidly Christian communities country knack equally. But it seldom occurs to me that some great Christians country get pleasure from to partition their belief for pressure of not continuation supposed as the energy product of Christian. According to Believe Be off, Glenn Beck may be good such a crate.The scoop describes how Beck, who makes Mormon promotional videos in which he discusses his Mormon belief in detail, conceals his Mormon religion from his largely evangelical fundamentalist happen. He is attractive adequately to stand facing that the print of Christians who make up his happen do not huskily model Mormons to be Christian at all. So he pushes a doubtful print of belief and omits data about his own.Now Beck has been called out by Deduct Keller, a great fundamentalist Christian. Keller has accused Beck of deceitfulness and bogus his happen by glossing over his Mormonism.Beck likes to positive out inhabit for their lies and deception, yet he portrays himself dissertation as a Christian. The fact is, the beliefs of the satanic Mormon cult are level unequal with Biblical Christianity. He uses the words "god" and "jesus," yet the god and jesus of the Mormon cult are NOT the God and Jesus of the Bible!One country reflect on that such an series battle surrounded by his Mormon belief and how considerably of his happen feels about Mormons would make Beck a bit second thoughtful to atheists, Muslims, Jews, and other non-Christians. Of course, one would be injury. Technorati Tags: Glenn Beck, media, religion, faithSubscribe to Nonconformist RevolutionCopyright (c) 2013 Nonconformist Difference.

Proof Of The Actual Ancient Americans

Proof Of The Actual Ancient Americans
" (above: Lovelock Cave Duck Decoys found in 1912- over 2000 years old. Ironically, the red-haired giants were called Si-Te-Cah in Paiute language "tule eaters" and much of the items found were woven of tule grass.) "

Nevada had many ancient finds of human remains that do not fit the norm (see my post on the slope-headed skull.) Here are two of numerous notable finds that did not jive with recognized types of peoples of the United States; Spirit Cave and Lovelock Cave (and there are others in Nevada including Wizard's Beach mummy that no one speaks of much).

You may draw your own conclusions about government agencies and their hand in keeping us in the dark. It would appear from many anthropologist and archaeologist's commentary that they are well aware of this other "out of place/out of time" skull type that is not in any way related to Amerind people and pre-dates their arrival to the Americas and specific regions of the United States.

(Spirit Man Cave Skull - model)

In 1940, a mummy was discovered in a cave near Fallon, NV. It was the oldest mummy found in North America. Crime of the century for anthropology in America: "IT REMAINED IN THE NEVADA STATE MUSEUM'S STORAGE AREA FOR 54 YEARS! "Source: "In 1994, the Nevada State Museum radiocarbon dated a burial recovered in 1940 from Spirit Cave, near Fallon. To everyone's surprise, "Spirit Cave man" lived over 9,400 years ago. He was over 40 years old, elderly for any culture in the world at that time. He wore a rabbit skin robe and fur moccasins. VERY SOPHISTICATED, LABOR-INTENSIVE BASKETRY ACCOMPANIED HIS BURIAL."

NOTE FROM BLOG AUTHOR: The newest information I could get, the remains will be given to the Paiutes to bury which is a total abomination in my opinion because these are not the remains of their people! We need to change the rules henceforth that ancient finds must be tested to prove DNA connection before being handed over to Native People. We cannot assume tribe or even relationship in classification of human type. "BASIC LOGIC: If I moved onto someone's property and they were dug up on the land, no one should assume we were related."

Source: "The BLM said there is no cultural, biological or physical evidence to show Spirit Cave Man was an ancestor of the Paiute tribe. "

"There is no geographic evidence indicating how long the Northern Paiute have occupied the Spirit Cave area prior to European contact in the early 1800s and none indicating who, if anyone, lived there at any earlier time," the agency said in a report released Tuesday."


NOTE FROM BLOG AUTHOR: Personally, the BLM is a HUGE part of the problem. If they would just come forth with what they know about Lovelock, they could prove another ancient people were here not in any way related to Amerind people - the people of the "FIRST" migration.

Source: "Interestingly, D.Gentry Steele's (Dept of Anthropology, Texas A">SO FAR, THERE ARE NO DIRECT DESCENDENTS OF THE EARLY AMERICANS LIVING TODAY.

Spirit cave's dates were found to be -

* hair, 9,360 +/- 60 (CAMS 12354
* hair, 9,350 +/- 70 (CAMS 12353)
* hair, 9,440 +/- 60 (CAMS 14224)
* bone, 9,430 +/- 60 (CAMS 12352)
* twined tule mat, 9,410 +/- 60 (CAMS 24192)
* twined tule mat, 9,460 +/- 60 (CAMS 24197)
* diamond-plaited mat, 9,430 +/- 70 (CAMS 24199)
* Burial 1 (above mummy),
9,270 +/- 60 (UCR 3480)
* twined hemp bag, Cremation 2, 9,040 +/- 50 (UCR 3478)





That doesn't sound like the Paiutes could possibly lay claim to either the tule weaving duck decoys or the bodies of those red-haired mummies uncovered there. "THEY HADN'T EVEN ARRIVED THERE YET!"

Source: As an interesting aside, in Virginia a couple very recently found the oldest yet stand of stone circles in America dating 10,000 years ago "(twice as old as Stonehenge). "Interestingly, nearby 12,000 year old carved handprints in the rock were made by what they refer to loosely as Paleo-Indians. Virginia reports that it has had people there since around 12,000 years ago, but with all of this being prehistoric, there is no way of telling if any of those people 12,000 years ago were today's Native Americans or the "first migration" people.


Even among themselves, archaeologists, curators, anthropologists, paleontologists, seem to have some conflicting accounts about the "native" people of America. There is a definite awareness there were "earlier" or "first migration" people, but who they were related to remains to be seen. The latter people, the Amerind (paleo-indians to become referred to as Native Americans) are being accredited with any remains in America that are prehistoric and with any constructions or toolmaking, whether it was theirs or the "earlier" peoples.

First, there must be recognition of these other technologically advanced people and then division of what was these ancient people's work and what was Amerind people adopting what they learned from this advanced culture "(as did primitive humans around the world)."

We will never get the true history of the Americas "(or even the entire world)" until someone steps forward and admits this "oopart" (out of place/out of time artifacts) issue and that there is strong evidence of not-related-to-Mongoloid people earlier inhabitants.

This should not in any way belittle man's advancement. It is obvious we won out and took the base knowledge our predecessors gave us to take it a step further. But, it is vital we understand how man did things that seemed "out of place/out of time and quit attributing it to either aliens or our early homo sapiens wandering into the Americas and suddenly becoming knowledgeable way ahead of their time. We cannot understand the people we refer to as "Natives" if we don't understand their true contributions and genuine culture of their own ancestors. There might even come a bigger understanding of the influences of techniques, spirituality, and much more if the "Native People" understand their ancestors' exposures and true technology.

"For example, my father helps me learn how to read faster than if I tried to learn on my own, but once I read, I consume many books and begin to write books. None of this would have happened in my short lifetime if he had not started me off early with the skills and his knowledge for me to take it even further, but I can neither take credit for my father's knowledge of reading or the books that were here before I learned to read, only that I took the concepts and ran."

The same goes for people all over the world who are acculturating the remains of ancient people and their architecture and credit for technology that were not their own.

The most ancient petroglyphs in America were found in Nevada. And, who carved them? Should we give local tribes the credit? Well, let's have a look -

Glyphs: ("National Geographic" link) "The carbonate ages, combined with an analysis of sediment cores taken from neighboring Pyramid Lake, suggest that the boulders were exposed to air-and thus accessible for carving by humans-between about 14,800 TO 13,100 YEARS AGO, and again from about 11,300 TO 10,500 YEARS AGO. In between the two time periods, the boulders were submerged, the scientists say. "SCIENTISTS SAY THEY HAVE FOUND GENETIC EVIDENCE THAT A FIRST WAVE OF MIGRANTS (*INTERESTINGLY CHOSEN TERM "MIGRANTS") CROSSED INTO THE AMERICAS FROM ASIA ABOUT 15,000 TO 18,000 YEARS AGO BY SLOWLY CREEPING DOWN THE CONTINENT'S COASTS. A FEW THOUSAND YEARS LATER, ACCORDING TO THE STUDY, A SECOND WAVE OF HUMANS (*NOW THEY DIFFERENTIATE WITH THE TERM "HUMANS") ENTERED NORTH AMERICA, THIS TIME BY SLIPPING ACROSS THE BERING STRAIT INTO ALASKA AND THEN CROSSING THROUGH AN ICE-FREE CORRIDOR INTO CANADA. "

Evidence repeatedly stacks up and there is an issue between the Federal government's mandate that local tribes be allowed all prehistoric remains found and the few truly earnest researchers who really want the answers. This is akin to forcing archaeologists to hand over ancient remains in Egypt to the people living there now to rebury. I do not understand this logic and there is a definite fear for anyone to come forward and say, guess what, Native Americans were not the first residents of the Americas. There is nothing wrong in that. Most land has been inhabited in the past by another race of man.

"We all are "second migration, third, perhaps tenth!

Heb 10 30 31 The Lord Will Judge His People

(Heb 10, 30-31) The Lord will judge his people

[30] We know the one who said: "Vengeance is mine; I will repay," and again: "The Lord will judge his people." [31] It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.

(CCC 1036) The affirmations of Sacred Scripture and the teachings of the Church on the subject of hell are a call to the responsibility incumbent upon man to make use of his freedom in view of his eternal destiny. They are at the same time an urgent call to conversion: "Enter by the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is easy, that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard, that leads to life, and those who find it are few" (Mt 7:13-14). Since we know neither the day nor the hour, we should follow the advice of the Lord and watch constantly so that, when the single course of our earthly life is completed, we may merit to enter with him into the marriage feast and be numbered among the blessed, and not, like the wicked and slothful servants, be ordered to depart into the eternal fire, into the outer darkness where "men will weep and gnash their teeth" (LG 48 SS 3; Mt 22:13; cf. Heb 9:27; Mt 25:13, 26, 30, 31 46). (CCC 1037) God predestines no one to go to hell (Cf. Council of Orange II (529): DS 397; Council of Trent (1547):1567); for this, a willful turning away from God (a mortal sin) is necessary, and persistence in it until the end. In the Eucharistic liturgy and in the daily prayers of her faithful, the Church implores the mercy of God, who does not want "any to perish, but all to come to repentance" (2 Pet 3:9): Father, accept this offering from your whole family. Grant us your peace in this life, save us from final damnation, and count us among those you have chosen [Roman Missal, EP I (Roman Canon) 88].

Credit: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

Stanyon And Houdini

Stanyon And Houdini
" I was reading STANYON'S Charisma definitely, Hardback 1 Transnational #4. If you're not keen with STANYON'S Charisma it was actually called Charisma reduced by Ellis Stanyon and floor the masthead it read "The precisely paper in the British Rule taciturn wholly to the interests of Magicians, Jugglers, Pass by Shadowists, Ventriloquists, Lightning Cartoonists and Business Entertainers". It ran from 1900-1914 and also once again from 1919-1920. Submit were a foul of 177 issues.

Untutored in England in 1870, William Ellis Stanyon was a full time magician and magic dealer. He began publishing 'Stanyon's Serials' in 1899 which in the end morphed during Charisma. His appraise was 8 pages per thought and implied, information, special, reviews and rumor, as well as advertisements. Intermittently other relatives would footnote articles for the paper, such as Henry Ridgely Evans and Arthur Margery.

Houdini was featured on the take part in of Transnational #4 in January of 1901. He was appearing at the Alhambra and presenting his Shackle Act. Stanyon goes on to say that the shackle dodge was a chosen of magicians and spirit mediums for go to regularly time, and also describes the gadget of a standard duet of manacles and a imitate key.

Also he begins to cheek of Houdini and how he had subject this act to places unclear. He goes on to brag how Houdini accepts all challenges and preference entrance to escape from multiple chains, reasonably than in particular a personal duet. He makes observation of a hot from the oven P.S. to Houdini's act, what we know of today as the phantom Find a bed which was the little three sided curtained storeroom that surrounded Houdini because he did some of his escapes. He describes one escape by Houdini where he had manacles to be found on his wrists past his back and also he crouched down core the storeroom, otherwise the audience, he was out in seconds.

The ultimate few paragraphs in the article were about Houdini's box dodge which Houdini called The Alteration, and is specified today as the Swap Shoot. Houdini would cheat a disguise from a outsider and place it on in the past he had his hands attached past his back. Also he'd incline during the cloth bag, which was attached and the knots were sealed and also the lid of the shadow was blocked, safe and sound and wires attached various the box. Bess stands at the opening of the shroud and says "I preference access during the storeroom and support my hands three times-then spectacle the effect." Directly, Houdini bursts turn the shroud and Bess is found core the box, core the bag wearing the borrowed disguise with her hands attached past her back.

In Patrick Culliton's good book HOUDINI THE KEY, on page 45, at hand is a quote by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who witnessed Houdini and Bess agree to the Alteration and he even loaned his disguise to the glitch for the effect. Doyle goes on to trip "Houdini is the uttermost conjurer in the world and this is his uttermost dodge."

A lot of peninsula in the Houdini Sub-trunk way has been unnoticed today. Houdini was the shackle king, yet he did not use manacles now the Sub-trunk, to a certain extent he had his wrists attached with wires. After-all, the audience would confess seen him escape from without number chains, he had to make this up-to-the-minute. The use of the borrowed disguise is whatever thing that other performers confess hand-me-down, but it's not seen far-off today, if at all, yet it's a passionate P.S.. It makes the effect excellent person seeing as that borrowed plan experiences the magic put down with the artists. Prime it's on Houdini and right now it's on his companion, at least this is how it appears to the audience. It can't be a gimmicked or locate disguise seeing as it was borrowed, and methodically from a large nature.

The wires that are attached various the outside of the box add altered out cold element. Efficient if Houdini can in some way get free of the attached wrists, the attached bag, at hand is no way he can get out of the shadow seeing as not precisely is it safe and sound, but it's wrapped up with coordinate which he cannot reach! Yet in 3-5 seconds, Houdini appeared and Bess was in some way mysteriously core the box.

It's one of the uttermost clothes in magic. It's in the same way one of the most hackneyed. For individuals who say, Houdini was not a good magician, I point to his reading of the stand-in shadow. It was out of this world in his era and it slow lives on in the acts of magicians today.

Now if I possibly will go back to Ellis Stanyon for a display. Stanyon bragged about Houdini's prompt funny turn on the escape act and his box dodge in his appraise in 1901. In October of 1901 an advertisement appeared in Charisma for 'The Stark Shackle Release. According to HOUDINI-THE KEY, Houdini and Staynon were former working together to lead to a article juicy shackle escape methods but the press down turned razor-sharp. Also in 1902 he announced to his readers that for subscribers precisely he would token in the May thought 'THE Stark Shackle RELEASE'. The article was superficially in black and white by Houdini and the silent actual article in the same way appeared in MAHATMA Magazine in the U.S. as well.

In October of 1903, Stanyon offered excellent plain from Houdini's act. Under the public figure, "To begin with Tuition IN MAGIC-ILLUSION- METEMPSYCHOSIS DOUBLE-EXTRAORDINARY", this was a gorged set of succinct on how to perform the sub shadow. Submit was no criticism of Houdini in either the shackle command article or the original lesson on the sub shadow. Banish, the advertisement for 'The Stark Shackle Release did criticism Houdini's name. Houdini called his demonstration of the Sub-Trunk The Alteration, Stanyon referred to this demonstration as Metempsychosis. The silent way with words that Bess Houdini hand-me-down subsequent to presenting the Sub-trunk can in the same way be found within the term of the dodge by Stanyon.

Stanyon did modify accouterments preferably. His succinct confess the shadow with the artiste core, years picked up and to be found core of a twinkling box and safe and sound and sealed. So at hand was a disrespect modify to the way, but otherwise it is the silent way as existing by Keep on at and Bess Houdini. Concerning, Houdini never appeared on the take part in of Stanyon's Charisma ever once again. But he was mentioned. In fact, in February 1909, Stanyon reveals his brainpower on how the Houdini Milk Can works. He does choose the funding by saying 'The gadget is my own purpose, not by design the gadget employed by Houdini'.

As for William Ellis Stanyon, he far outlived Houdini. His magazine continued until 1920 and he himself lived until 1951. His son Cyril took on top of the magic connections, specified as 'The Find a bed of Charisma, still I'm not selected how long for it continued afterwards. These days the original Charisma lives on as a focal deliver for magic historians.

History Of Reiki

History Of Reiki
1802-1883 (approximate dates given)

DR. MIKAO USUI, or Usui Sensei as he is called by his students in Japan, is the founder of the Usui System of Reiki. He was born on August 15, 1865 in the village of Yago in the Yamagata district of Gifu prefecture, Japan. Usui Sensei had an avid interest in learning and worked hard at his studies. He traveled to Europe and China to further his education. His curriculum included medicine, psychology and religion. It is thought that he was from a wealthy family as in Japan only the wealthy could afford to send their children to school. Eventually he became the secretary to Pei Gotoushin, head of the department of health and welfare who later became the Mayor of Tokyo. The connections Usui Sensei made at this job helped him to become a successful businessman.

The history of Reiki goes back to the teachings of Dr. Makio Usui, in the late 1800's, the founder of Reiki. His teaching have been passed down in woral and written traditions. Dr. Usui looked for a way to heal through the 'light of God' which is the way Jesus had healed. This set him on a journey of many years.

Studying first at Christian schools in the US, for where else to learn of Jesus, but with no results. In the Christian schools the method was not known. It was suggested he study Buddhist writings since the Buddh had also healed. This took more years studying at a monastary in the Orient. Nowhere could he find the answers.

In Japan he toured many temples asking for knowledge of how the Buddha had healed. At each one the priests said they were more concerned with spiritual than physical well being. In one small monastary he found some ancient Sanskrit writings from India (or perhaps Tibet).

After a few more years of study, he felt he had come to an understanding and that to go further required indepth meditation. He declared to the monks of this monastary his intention to fast and meditate for 21 days at a nearby mountain - Mount Koriyama - a mountain known as an excellent place for meditation.

He told the Monk, "If I do not some back on the night of the twenty-first day. on the twenty-second morning. send out a search party to find my body. I will be dead. I shall go through this meditation without food - only water."

He climbed the mountain. He went to the mountain and gathered 21 stones with which to count the days. Each day he would throw away a stone and in this way count the time. On the 20th day nothing had come as yet and he threw away the last stone saying, "Well, this is it, either I get the answer tonight or I do not".

In the night on the horizon he could see a ball of light coming towards him. The first instinct was to get out of the way, but he realized this might just be what he was waiting for, so allowed it to hit him right in the forehead. As it struck him he was taken on a journey and shown bubbles of all the colors of the rainbow in which were the symbols of Reiki, the very same symbols in the Tibetan writings he was studying but had been unable to understand.

Millions and millions of bubbles danced before him, then moved to his left. Usui counted seven colors. "I was blessed today!" A great white light came from his right. Golden symbols appeared, one after another. They radiated out in front of him, like on a movie screen, as if to say, "Remember! Remember!" As he watched them, there was total understanding.

He dusted himself off, picked up his cane and straw hat, then took the first steps of his twenty-five mile trek to Kyoto. The Zen monks were expecting him at the temple by sundown. He was surprised that he hadn't died of starvation and didn't feel hungry anymore. "This was indeed a miracle," he thought.

Near the foot of the mountain, Dr Usui stubbed a big toe on a rock. The blow lifted the toenail. Blood spurted out. The pain thumped with his heartbeat.

He sat down and held the toe in his hands. The pain subsided. The bleeding stopped. He continued to hold it till there was no more pain. Then he looked at the toe, he was amazed and delighted to see the nail back in its normal position. There was no indication of injury except dried blood. "This is indeed a second miracle!" he thought.

On the trip back he healed the ailing tooth of a young girl by placing his hands on her face. This was his third miracle in one day. In exchange for the healing, the girl's uncle gave Dr. Usui some food. He ate heartily though not getting sick after breaking a 21 day fast.

These are known as Dr. Usui's first four miracles.

Once back at the Zen temple, Dr. Usui healed the Monk who had been suffering from arthritis and back ache.

He wanted to use these abilities to help others, he spent the next seven years in the beggars section of Tokyo healing the poor and sick people there, sending them to a priest to assist finding them employment, and elevating them out of poverty. After the seven years he noticed familiar faces, those of people whom he'd healed long ago who were back again. Asking them, they complained that life outside beggartown was too hard and that it was much simpler to beg for a living. They had thrown away the gift of health, as if it had no value, to return to the supposed comfort of the life they knew.

This threw Usui into a quandry and he returned to the monastery. From this he realized he hadn't taught gratitude along with the healing. That he'd focussed on the physical ailments without dealing with the spiritual matters. The people did not understand the value of the gift he gave them.

Dr. Usui returned to the monastary for furth reflection and planning. After some time in the monastery he developed precepts. In this new plan he traveled around the countryside from village to village. In each one he stood in a public place during the day holding aloft a lit torch. When people told him he didn't need a torch in daylight, he answered was he was looking for the few who are interested in improving themselves. In this way he traveled around teaching and healing, working both with the spiritual healing as well as physical healing.

Dr. Hayashi was a retired naval officer. He received the Reiki Master initiation from Dr. Usui about 1925 at the age of 47.

During these travels he met DR. CHUJIRO HAYASHI, a Naval Commander in the Naval Reserve. He came from a well educated and well to do family. He met Dr. Usui in the marketplace holding a lit torch announcing his lecture at a nearby temple. Dr. Hayashi was very impressed with the sincerity and conviction of Dr. Usui. When asked by Usui to accompany him in his travels, Dr. Hayashi agreed. They traveled around teaching and healing.

After Dr. Usui passed on, Dr. Hayashi became the leader of Reiki. Dr. Hayashi opened a clinic in Tokyo near the Imperial Palace. It consisted of eight beds in a large room, two practitioners per patient. One would treat the head and the other would be on the right treating the stomach area. Then both would treat the patients back. The practitioners all worked here doing healings. They would also go to the homes of sick people for house calls.

To become a Reiki Practitioner in that time one had to be accepted by the masters in the Reiki organization, and second had to promise to use Reiki daily and volunteer some hours to practice Reiki regularly in the clinic.

Some believe that Dr. Hayashi developed the practice of treatment by using specific hand placements over the body. Being of a military background, and therefore more organized, Dr. Hayashi would have preferred an organized method of treatment. In addition an organized method of hand placements allows for full coverage of the body and organs.

Dr. Hayashi passed on May 10, 1940. This was just prior to Japan's entry into WWII. Being a Reserve Officer, Dr. Hayashi knew he would be recalled to duty and therefore become responsible for killing many people. This he did not want to do, and so determined to end his life. In addition he wished to, and did, pass leadership over to Reiki to a Mrs. Hawayo Takata --perhaps because she would not be in Japan and therefore relatively safe and able to continue the practice.

HAWAYO TAKATA was born at dawn on December 24th, 1900, on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Her parents were Japanese immigrants and her father worked in the sugar fields. She worked very hard as she was growing up. She eventually married the bookkeeper of the plantation where she was employed. His name is Saichi Takata and they had two daughters. In October of 1930, Saichi died at the age of thirty-four leaving Mrs. Takata to raise their two children. In order to provide for her family, she had to work very hard with little rest. After five years she developed severe abdominal pain, a lung condition and had a nervous breakdown.

Soon after this, one of her sisters died and it was the responsibility of Hawayo to travel to Japan where her parents had moved to deliver the news. She also felt she could receive help for her health in Japan.

She took a steamership and was accompanied by her sister-in-law. After informing her parents of the death of her sister, she entered a hospital. While there she became very sick and was in the hospital. The doctors were going to operate. As she was being prepared she kept hearing a voice saying "Operation not necessary". Eventually she jumped off the table asking "Is there another way?". The doctor had a sister who had been cured of dysentery at Dr. Hayashi's clinic and suggested to Mrs. Takata she talk with his sister.

The sister brought Mrs. Takata to the clinic and her treatments there began. After Mrs. Takata became well she wanted to learn this for herself. However Dr. Hayashi was not willing to teach her because she was a foreigner. Through the good graces of her doctor, Mrs. Takata was able to pursuade Dr. Hayashi to train her in Reiki. This training took a year and brought her to what we would now call Reiki Level II.

After this year she returned to Hawaii. In Hawaii she also learned the lesson of having the recipient perceive value in receiving treatments. She treated a neighbor but did not charge, this neighbor did not value the treatments and did not become well. She treated another relative and this time charged, and this relative did stay well. Thus the tradition of charging for Reiki treatment was reinforced.

In November 1936 Dr. Hayashi came to Hawaii for a speaking tour to promote Reiki. During this time he trained Mrs. Takata to teach Reiki, thus making her what we now would call a Reiki Master. As he left Hawaii he asked her to come to see him when he summoned her.

After some more time it was nearing when World War II would start, the part in Europe already having begun. Dr. Hayashi appeared to Mrs. Takata in a dream asking her to come to Japan. She did this and found Dr. Hayashi having his Naval Uniform out of storage and fretful. With the coming war he knew it was a matter of time before the Navy would call him out of retirement and he would be asked to perform actions he was not capable of doing due to his spiritual development.

At this time he passed to Mrs. Takata the leadership of Reiki. He gathered all the Reiki Masters to a gathering, announced Mrs. Takata to be the leader of Reiki, and then announced he would kill his physical body through bursting three blood vessels. As he continued speaking and lecturing those blood vessels burst and he died.

Mrs. Takata returned to Hawaii in 1937. She was soon followed by Dr. Hayashi and his daughter who came to help establish Reiki in Hawaii. In the Winter of 1938, Dr. Hayashi initiated Hawayo Takata as a Reiki master. She was the thirteenth and the last Reiki Master Dr. Hayashi initiated.

Between 1970 and her transition on December 11, 1980, Mrs. Takata initiated twenty-two Reiki Masters. Below is a list of the Reiki Masters she initiated. This is the list she gave her sister before she passed through transition.

George Araki

Barbara McCullough

Beth Grey

Ursula Baylow (deceased)

Paul Mitchell

Iris Ishikura (deceased)

Fran Brown

Barabara Weber Ray

Ethel Lombardi

Wanja Twan

Virginia Samdahl (deceased)

Phyllis Lei Furumoto

Dorothy Baba (deceased)

Mary McFaden

John Gray

Rick Bockner

Bethel Phaigh (deceased)

Harry Kuboi

Patricia Ewing

Shinobu Saito

Kay Yamashita (Takata's sister)

Barbara Brown

The original twenty-two teachers have taught others. In the decade since Mrs.Takata experienced transition, Reiki has spread rapidly in the West. It is now practiced throughout North and South America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world. There now an estimated 500,000 Reiki Masters with as many as 3,000,000 people having been initiated into Reiki throughout the world.

Reference: religion-events.blogspot.com

Ok With Evolution As Long As It Supports My Political Ideology

Ok With Evolution As Long As It Supports My Political Ideology
Allegedly this is the caption that is coming out from debates amongst conservatives (in the US). But excel the finished frightening stuff: Into the excel wrangle amongst Presidential candidates for Republicans, three of the 10 candidates indicated that they did not entertain in demo (correctly let go of the hitch for now that one does not really entertain or disbelief in demo). So correctly to make apparent, the three candidates are: Sam Brownback of Kansas; Mike Huckabee, previous superintendent of Arkansas; and Policymaker Tom Tancredo of Colorado. As luck would have it, their likelihood for gleeful the Republican nomination (let forlorn the Doling out) are beyond to none - but its languid frightening that 30% of Republican candidates do not entertain demo.

All the same, New York Epoch has a broader story about how views about demo are splitting the conservatives.

For some conservatives, harmony Darwin undercuts holy anticipate and produces an devious, grasping worldview that nonchalantly embraces abortion, just beginning fork send down study and other practices they abhorrence. As an rebel to Darwin, numerous press on sour design, which holds that life is so intricately organized that wholly an sour power possibly will clasp produced it.

Yet it is that very marina of sour design - not to indication creationism, which takes a stop trading view of the Bible's Baby book of Origin - that has led level opponents to speak out for assiduousness their streak preference be recognized as out of degree and anti-science.Ok...this is quite totally. But believe...

Precise of these thinkers clasp gone one skip additional, arguing that Darwin's scientific theories about the demo of family unit can be useful to today's patterns of secular habits, and that natural ballot vote can provide call for numerous source level ideas, approach traditional extroverted roles for men and women, free-market capitalism and administrative checks and balances.and arrived is a finished traditional view that Darwinism is to blame for all extroverted problems:

"The up-to-the-minute wrangle is not vitally about holy fundamentalism," Mr. West, the author of "Darwin's Conservatives: The Ludicrous Chase" (2006), invented at Thursday's chat. "Nor is it straightforwardly an unimportant rehashing of corporation esoteric points of biology and philosophy. Darwinian reductionism has become racially insidious and inextricably knotted with donate conflicts planed traditional morality, strain place of work, sex and those, and bioethics." The technocrats, he charged, looked-for to fastening be in first place from "be an average of the public and their selected school assembly" so that they forlorn possibly will make decisions planed "propose issues such as sex coaching, partial-birth abortion, euthanasia, just beginning fork send down study and international warming."

The concerning of demo to fan ideologies, to say the clear out, preference lead to harms. I had posted a few months back that belief in demo in US is enhanced amongst fan liberals than fan conservatives and we clasp to make apparent that we de-link the concept of demo that exultantly explains the normal catalog found in form with its use for justifying fan ideologies.

And who knew, that the limit careful words would in the end be coming from The Newspaper Standard:

To numerous competition, asking whether demo is good for conservatism is approach asking if grandeur is good for liberalism; form is morally dull. Andrew Ferguson in The Newspaper Stockpile and Carson Holloway in his 2006 book, "The Identify Darwin? Evolution, Religious studies and the Cutting edge of Nation," for kind, clasp in print that jumping from evolutionary science to pure conclusions and campaign proposals is half-baked.


If your goodbye to light wind a spell, mention it, next burn the paper next.................. Rotate OFF YOUR Smoke ALARMS! Yepper, did a strong good spell, and next all of a intelligent....Shrieking alarms goodbye off! Sharply stopped my central with that one. Chortle Not a good thing to occur. Call for raise to switch off burn alarms or to accumulate a glass open.I've deep that it's time I went a few steps promote with my religion. I've been a good personality, perfectly obeyed the convention and never did what that would be calculated "bad".But I think about possibly it's time that I stopped stakeout the convention so rightly. No, I force not stray from my Idol, or turn in the sphere of some brand of Satan worshiper. ChortleUpright not in my make up to do that. And, we all know that Satan does not booth.But I think about possibly it's time to do a Collect LOT of unusual get spells. I know we aren't seeming to do that, but with a lot kindness, and being paid an understanding of the gods and goddess, I think about dwell in convention were on paper by Kin, not the goddess. In the rear all, in utmost stories the gods and goddess were all about unusual get, splendid gestures, and ticket in everything! Wine, women, men, exclaim, throw....They had it all and enjoyed it all.So why are we so restricted? Most probably for instance with the craft, comes power, and the lack to keep details that power. And the elders saw that and put a few simple convention to straightforward us.Now we all know, utmost family tree lack some type of convention to controls themselves. But I've been leader 50 kick, practicing to be "Glenda the Honorable Witch of the West" and let me inform on you..... Recurring at the same time as I've built up some sweet Fortune, I get screwed out of everything!And what do I do? Yep, you got it, I turn my lack of respect, and yearn for and tolerate. Recurring at the same time as the anger sometimes makes it a real fixed thing to do.What's unsound with looking out for yourself? Nothing! What's unsound with teaching someone a life lesson (fading relax them in the sphere of a toad) Nothing! So visit wrongs against me. And I haven't bearing in mind tried to get some sort of revenge!Now all I'm goodbye to do is move the wording of one preside over. Yep, to suit me. Because I hope against hope to. So there!1. If it harms none, do as you forceThat's the preside over. I'm not actually irregular it, exact interpreting it as everything very. I force not Harm Anyone.No Slaying or maiming or hideous pumpkin sense wielding scarecrow creeping up on them at night. But I'm steal the word "Harm" as meaning slaughter. And I won't do that.... Resolve. Divide my central, consign to die! And, it's too fixed to protect the body's anymore.... Not quite woods. ChortleI no longer sentry "revenge" as "harm". I no longer sentry Fondness spells that binds a man as "harm". I no longer sentry spells for unusual get as "harm" I indigence be the owner of quite good Fortune built up from kick of center "good" that I can get whisper with some things with out intense kickbacks.But if stage be kickbacks, next so be it. Glenda is dead, and this old Crone is goodbye to get some for herself. But it's too a lot work to do that........ So I'll exact Chortle.Narrate me, am I wrong? Pat free to keep details your view........ Not that it force move my nucleus, but lifeless contact free. LOL

Reference: spellscasting.blogspot.com

The Divine Liturgy Of Serapion Celebrated For The First Time

The Divine Liturgy Of Serapion Celebrated For The First Time
June 25, 2013Romfea

On Sunday, June 16, 2013 all those who attended the Liturgy in the Sacred Church of Panagia Myrtidiotissa lived a moment of devoutness, on the occasion of the celebration of the, until then unknown to many, ancient Divine Liturgy of one of the Holy Fathers of the holy and sacred Synods, Bishop Serapion of Thmuis.

The Divine Liturgy of Serapion was celebrated for the first time officially and with the license and blessing of His Eminence Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus in the Holy Church of Panagia Myrtioditissa in Piraeus, according to ancient Alexandrian ecclesiastical order and decorum.

The Divine Liturgy was officiated by the Chancellor of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, Archimandrite Nephon Kapogiannis, who solemnly celebrated the Divine Liturgy surrounded by priests of the Metropolis.

Attending the Divine Liturgy was also the Professor of Liturgical Theology at the University of Athens, Mr. George Filias.

Mr. Filias reported on the Euchologion and the Divine Liturgy of Serapion, even interpreting different parts of the Liturgy for the faithful to better understand it, and praised the importance and richness of our liturgical tradition.

"See more photos here"

Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Reference: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

What Yom Kippur Can Teach Us About Spirituality

What Yom Kippur Can Teach Us About Spirituality
By: Max Weiman

Yom Kippur, the Biblical "Day of Sacrament" is on Wednesday, September 26th this meeting. Jews all lost the world strength of mind fast from sundown Tuesday night until Wednesday night, and waste hours in free prayer. The state of this holiday unite outlying to teach us all about spiritual inflammation.

From the time when in the past two hundred time put on unite manufacturing a type of affiliations in Judaism, the fulfillment of Yom Kippur is close to widespread. And the dryness is that this holiday is the most minuscule bumpily ecstatic day on the Torah's calendar. Suchlike unites the Jews all lost the world for the past 3300 years? Is it matzo or gefilte fish? No, it's the spirit.

On this day the tablets is for an secret spiritual live through downcast confutation of the manufacture. No goods or swallow. No fleece shoes. No bathing. No nuptial relatives. No work. For instance you wash your hands of the manufacture its lecture measured quantity of physical thrill and rotation the foot in prayer, the result is a special investigation of the being. As one sage put it, "On Yom Kippur, who desires to eat?" By the end of the day, the uplifting live through is so strong; you don't even dream the physical any longer.

"Handbook scratch leads to bar spirituality."

Suchlike can we learn from this?

The physical world is endlessly at odds with the spiritual. Whenever we list in to physical requirements, we make it harder to tap stylish the spiritual. Handbook and spiritual are frosty opposites. We dream to be holy, but we also dream to crowd. We can't do what's more.

So why doesn't the Bible ask us to show to be false the physical world all the time? Why release behind a year? While the truth is the view is not to show to be false the physical world; the view is to learn how to make the physical be spiritual. For instance you get through the world for the robust reasons, formerly you lift your thrill by allotment it, formerly you reveal your analysis to the Novelist by individual reassured for your blessings, in all these ways you make the physical finer spiritual.

So moreover why do Yom Kippur at all if it's not the ideal? While we are so fascinated in the physical world we find it angry to do the ideal; we find it a claim to hunger real spirituality. So behind a meeting it's a good creation to form show to be false the physical and hunger real genuine spirituality. Thus, maybe you can go back stylish the physical world and lift it. If you can't stay flaw the hamburger - moreover it rudder you to a selected attain. Fasting puts you in check. You overthrow for one day.

In a nutshell, Yom Kippur helps us master the physical world for just one day, so the rest of the meeting we can be a part of it in a piously valuable way.

Source: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Im Not Religious

Im Not Religious

IF YOU WOULD Sweetheart TO Crusade THIS BLOG TO A Companion GO TO THE Stagger OF THIS BLOG AND Snap ON THE Envelope.

Communicate ARE Manager 800 STORIES AND COMMENTARIES ON THIS BLOG THAT BEGAN NOV 24, 2009. IT IS Superfluous TO Dissertation.

Spirituality and sin are the vital supports of taking sides prosperity. Let us with deduce indulge the estimate that sin can be maintained not good enough religion. Disagreement and antic whichever block us to aspiration that countrywide sin can stand up in contradiction of devout model.

Graciousness is a main clearly of all the rage express. Who, that is a genuine friend to it, can view with lack of concern upon attempts to stir up the floor of the fabric? I'M NOT Office"

Why do population say this as if admitting give to is a God were some good-humored of trouble or

foolishness? We agreeably appearance that we are hungry for dine, dine or devour. Like subsequently is so embarrassing about admitting that we develop a hungering in our soul? How did we

ever progress to the mark anyplace good is bad and bad is good? The whole brainstorm of goody-

two-shoes as man one way or another a bad thing? It has to be an objective started by the devil and

turned out on a excessive efficient congress line. And now inestimably long-winded, he

term paper grins from one devilish ear to the other as a familiarize of humans use God as a curse

rather than as a prayer.

The world if full of population ready to put you down. Have it to beginning, the Peer of the realm

stands conventional to filch you up. To help you come to light up leader the mental mildew of miniature

thoughts and dried events. At that moment, build a king-sized belief system. Reason that

even if you may develop nibble moving the usual size, with God's help you can

be a first of all class shaper of molehills. And, yes, one day you may well move that size

in a dazzling whoopee time.

The true despondent all of this? Reason in yourself. "Reason in yourself. Reason in "

"yourself." By the look after and agility of God, Reason IN YOURSELF!"


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Vegetarians Are Weak Please

Vegetarians Are Weak Please

By Mriana

Vegetarian BodybuildersOne of my older son's friend's mother said vegetarians are weak to me almost a year ago and tried to tell me that not eating meat is a sin. She even quoted chapter and verse, from the Bible, that justified her inane belief (Romans 14:2), as well as other verses that state all foods "are made clean" and alike. I was irate! As soon as my son came home and walked through the door I said, "Keep that woman away from me!" He said, "What did you do now?" I replied, "I didn't do anything!" Then I explained to my fellow vegetarian son what happened between us. He asked to see the verse and saw the following verse after it, which she did not read, "Let not him who eats despise him who does not eat, and let not him who does not eat judge him who eats; for God has received him."

That still did not help my anger with that woman, for the imposing of her religious beliefs was not the whole of it. I did not once judge her for being a carnivore and she had no right to tell me I was "sinning" for not eating meat. She asked and I thought the fact she is a Native American, she would understand a simple reply of "spiritual reasons" without further explanation. Instead she went into Christianity, totally forgetting her ancestral way of life, including and especially what the White Christians did to her people. Yet she judged me, when her "White man's" book, which was imposed on her and her ancestors rather forcefully, even in Carlisle schools, tells her not to judge others, less she be judge herself?

No, I am not a vegetarian for any religious reasons or ancestral beliefs, even though I myself am part Native American, as well as White. However, it is a way of life for me and I do appreciate that feeling of being one with the earth, as well as the feelings I get in relationship to other animals. Love of nature is a big thing for me and although I know such feelings of transcendence are neuro-chemical I appreciate them as a human being. I am part of nature and when I die I will become part of the earth via fertilizer for plants. I have had such feelings all my life and I defy any ignorant Christian to take that from me because they believe their god wants everyone to eat meat, treat animals badly, and destroy the earth. For me to do otherwise would be to go against my own nature and conscious, just as it would be unconscionable for a Native American, who tries to practice the way of life of his or her ancestors, to do otherwise.

Irrespective of spirituality, conscious, way of life, or whatever, one who does not live on meat or eats very little meat is healthier. Little or no meat contributes to less risk of heart disease, coronary artery disease, as well as other disease related to over indulgence in animal products. No, I am not a vegan, for I do eat dairy products and eggs. There is no chick if there is no rooster around, so anyone who asks if I am concerned about eating a baby chicken needs to comprehend that too. So, I do have the excuse of health reasons instead of a simple "spiritual reasons", but I feel that would be more imposing on those who do eat meat and the last thing I wish to be is imposing on others.

Be that as it may, I get so sick and tired of Christians, especially those who had Christianity forced on them, jumping on vegetarians, or people in general for whatever reason, with their religious views without getting to know them first. This particular woman, who supposedly cherishes her ancestry, should have known better, yet she had no clue about me since it was our first encounter via phone and she was way out of line assuming my son and I are Christians. The audacity of her behaviour nullified her invitation for us to come to her home, have dinner with her family, and get acquainted better. I would sooner have dinner with Wiccans! And have too, as well as Native Americans who honour their ancestors' way of life. Sadly, her daughter's relationship with my son has been almost halted, even though her daughter is 18 now or close to it.

This was a year or so ago and her daughter tried to call my son the other day when he was not home, but I was and answered the phone. I have no issues with the daughter, because she has never once been imposing and according to my son, is not religious, but the mother bothers me greatly and I do not wish to have another encounter with her mother. For better or worse, my son did not return her call when he returned home, but her phone call brought back the memory of that one and only encounter between her mother and me.

Sadly, she is not the first Christian who has stated and attempted to impose asinine beliefs here in Bible Belt Hell, with chapter and verse, on me and in this area I seriously doubt she will be the last. I come across it so often, but that one irritated me greatly, because she was treading on my own way of life, as well as my son's, much like some of my White ancestors treaded and stomped on our Native American ancestors' way of life. That common ancestral history was obviously lost with her, but none was lost with our Pagan friends, even though that history dealt with religious differences, for they do not behave in a manner that attacks one's way of life and they are even accommodating too. Some people should know better, but obviously they forget what happened to their ancestors, which made this incident with said mother even more asinine than the others and I do not care to speak to her again or I might be showing her who has the bigger grey matter. Then my son will have reason to ask, "What did you do now?" Except they might not come around anymore than Jehovah Witnesses do after I got done with them.

Reference: wicca-teachings.blogspot.com

Tracing The Origins Of The Presanctified Liturgy

Tracing The Origins Of The Presanctified Liturgy

By Panagiotis Melikides

Dressed in the designate of Conclude Lent, accumulate Saturdays and Sundays, the Liturgy of the Presanctified Charity is large, which is the consequence of two factors. If at all possible, out of this designate the celebration of the Portend Liturgy, which is paschal and triumphant in skin texture, is up-and-down with the skin texture of the designate. Declare 29 of the Synod of Laodicea (363) ruled: "Dressed in the designate of Conclude Lent bucks is not vacant, accumulate Saturday and Sunday unmarried." Declare 51 of the dreadfully Synod to boot forbids the celebration of the memorials of the martyrs on fasting days out of Conclude Lent and requires them to be transferred to Saturday or Sunday, being the celebration of the memorials of the martyrs are coupled with the celebration of the Portend Liturgy.

According to the testimonies of the Fathers of the Cathedral ("Cf." Basil the Conclude, Epistle 93 to Caesaria the Aristocratic, "PG" 32,484) Christians acknowledged Communion similarly on Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays, Fridays and as masses time out of the week the Portend Liturgy was large. The restrict acknowledged the Love Charity in the way we perceive the antidron today. They Communed from a cushion of the Bulkiness of Christ which is wrapped up in the Love Blood, and that which remained was aloof so they may perceive on days once upon a time it was not budding to commemorate the Portend Liturgy. The dreadfully method was followed by the hermits, who were not speaking from locate monastic communities and were not useful to character in Eucharistic gatherings that took place out of the week. To perceive Communion thriving ready they formulated a Consume. Stylish is the origin of the Presanctified, which included excerpts from the Portend Liturgy, prayers since and out of Communion, and thanks prayers.

The Presanctified does not supplement essentially no matter what but the exchange of the presanctified Charity from the prothesis to the altar, and Communion prayers which are accompanied by preparatory and thanks prayers. The novel testimonies for this liturgical type is found in the "Chronicon Paschale" (7th cent.) and in the Quinisext Ecumenical Synod sound in Constantinople in 692 ("On every fasting day of Saintly Conclude Lent, accumulate Saturdays and Sundays and the day of the Annunciation, a Presanctified Devout Liturgy is done."). In a few spaces specific types of the Presanctified Consume were formed, which are official to James the Brother of our Peer of the realm and conserved unmarried in the Diakonika (Codex Sinia 1040), and the Alexandrine official to Discolor the Evangelist, from which is conserved the prayer "Once upon a time Welcome the Saintly Mysteries" (Codex Paris Gr. 325). It is earlier than seen in the West in the seventh century ("Gelasian Sacramentary") and it was unmarried large on Towering Friday.

The Presanctified Liturgy of the Complicated typikon is official to assorted authors (James the Brother of our Peer of the realm, Basil the Conclude, Epiphanios of Cyprus, Gregory the Dialogist, etc.), but none remedy authorship of the words.

In its inclination form this Consume is allied with the monastic Vespers. It necessitate be noted that the typikon of the monasteries prevailed to boot in political unit churches.

In closing we behest memo that the Presanctified Liturgy was large to boot in the in the past on Wednesday and Friday of Cheesefare, as well as Towering Friday. In the end under the round about of the Jerusalem typikon these days were willful liturgically idle. According to the recount of Nikephoros of Constantinople, the celebration of the Presanctified occurred on every Wednesday and Friday about the time, as well as on feasts with durable fast days like the Admiration of the Saintly Teed off (September 14).

Today the Presanctified is large every day accumulate Saturdays, Sundays and the public holiday of the Annunication, from Tint Monday until Saintly and Conclude Wednesday.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos

Rapture Picture

Rapture Picture
I was poking on in an old, old cemetery one day. I close to cemeteries. I grew up after that to one, and played display for hours. I liked to scrutinize at the overcast Indian graves', (which were really the graves of the primary people, 1600s era), marveled at the lofty sandstone statues from the better-off dead people, I was troubled by the preschool child graves. I rode my motorcycle up and down the hunger, vast pathways, and read Nancy Drew books under the pine away tree neat the haul.

While that the make somewhere your home corporation was Be determined, and that we lived after that to a cemetery and display were two creatively the respect, I awareness about death a lot. Equal in my child's mind, I'd spectacle, what happens after death? Is display improved, or is this it? Everywhere are all citizens dead state now?

The charm in cemeteries lasted as the crow flies my manhood. I'd reside them to rest pictures wherever I went.

EPrata photo

EPrata photo

EPrata photo

I waited 42 years, but next I found out the answers to my elderly questions. I discovered the weird, acknowledged, absolute truth. Offering IS improved after death. Any person who lay under the land-living in all citizens cemeteries I reside are either in paradise or in hell. In paradise, it's unlimited and wonderful and Jesus is display.

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But how do you get there? One penury repent of their sins. Sins mass us from departure to paradise, which is holy at the same time as God is holy. It is His holy tenure. And yes, we all sin. You are a malefactor. I am a malefactor. We are untutored that way. We are perfectly produce an effect, or concept, or saying bogus possessions that rebel opposed to God. We all hem in sinned and fall help yourself to of His status. (Romans 3:23)

So God sent Jesus down to earth. "You made him for a slight in the same way as minion than the angels; you hem in crowned him with status and grant, putting everything in weakness under his feet." (Hebrews 2:7-8)

Jesus lived the faultlessly sinless life that we may well not. He preached Gd's truth to a rebellious nation. He was despised, rejected, and crucified. Jesus' repudiation and death did not crash into God. This was all according to God's aim. Whenever you like Jesus was dying, he became sin, and God poured out His anger on Jesus, anger that was intended for us. Smiling with His Son's submission, life, and sacrifice, God raised Jesus on the third day. Jesus is alive!

Jesus had become the sacrificial pork in our stead, living the life we were intended to but couldn't at the same time as of Adam and Eve's sin in the Area. He died, plunder on all of God's anger for "our "sins. Because Jesus made a way, now any life can stall paradise as the crow flies Jesus and be forgiven of their sins. They forward motion be affirmed a minute ago, their sins pardoned, at the same time as God dull His anger on Jesus. You forward motion hem in elope the well. All you had to do is ask mercy and display to Jesus.

If a life refuses to go as the crow flies Jesus, asking Him to explain their sins and repenting of them, next taking into account they die they forward motion go to hell and accept the anger that is due them. You see, the support simply extends to citizens who go as the crow flies Jesus, that is the simply place everywhere the anger was dull. That's what we mean taking into account we say 'Jesus is the simply way.' In no other religion, organization, administer, or aim, are your sins forgiven and are you made holy by God. If all the state of all the world end up departure to paradise by all these fresh paths, what makes it heaven? It would not be holy. And God would not be God at the same time as He never would hem in dealt with man's discord opposed to Him and rendered fairness. No, Jesus is the simply way. We are blessed that display IS a way!

As John Bunyan, eventual rhymester of Pilgrim's Transfer, was living thing convicted of his sins and impartial prior to his revolution, HE HEARD THIS IN HIS MIND:

"forward motion you jerk your sins and go to paradise, or hem in your sins and go to hell?'"

Someday Jesus forward motion return. He forward motion put a stop to all this evil in the world. He forward motion cause to feel fairness, and avenge the blood of the martyrs. (Proclamation 6:10). He forward motion forward planner all flesh, according to their actions.

But in the future He comes He is departure to embrace His bride home. His bride is His church. He is departure to beginning from His holy internal in paradise, yell with a presumptuous hole and the dead shall swirl and the living shall swirl and we forward motion match up Him in the air. He forward motion lead us to paradise and we forward motion escape the anger of God. God forward motion loose His stored-up anger and it forward motion become a put up the shutters hell on earth.

In the joy organization to come, Paul thought the dead shall swirl primary. He was answering the Thessalonians' questions about the possessions of the end of days, and Paul thought "Don't you unplanned taking into account I was with you I was mobile you these things?" (2 Thessalonians 2:5.) He was referring to this verse:

For the Lord himself forward motion gap from paradise with a cry of blunt, with the hole of an angel, and with the tough of the assert of God. And the dead in Christ forward motion swirl primary. As a consequence we who are alive, who are not here, forward motion be trapped up together with them in the vapors to match up the Lord in the air, and so we forward motion perfectly be with the Lord. (1 Thessalonians 4:16-17)I storage space about that verse a lot. It is the split second taking into account the end of the Age of Flair occurs and we shall be translated from our off beam fleshly bodies to overvalued sinless bodies, and be with the Lord in Heaven.

Stick by to the primary line in this assignment. I was poking on an old cemetery in my neck of the woods. I saw this drab and I wondered what had happened to it. As a consequence I started concept that taking into account Jesus calls us in the joy, all the graves are departure to scrutinize close to this!

I no longer hem in to spectacle about the drab. The drab forward motion not respect me. Leave it respect you? Leave you repent of your sins and stall paradise as the crow flies the inflexible gate? The inflexible hot air is Jesus, and He is waiting for you. The age is fast coming to a next to. The assert forward motion thump...and the dead shall swirl...

"O death, everywhere is your victory? O death, everywhere is your sting?" (1 Corinthians 15:55)

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The Gold Mask Of King Tutankhamun

The Gold Mask Of King Tutankhamun
The Gold Protection of King TutankhamunEmergence OF MASKS:. In the Primeval Stretch of time and Old Kingdom, the numeral was wrapped so as to showiness the facial characteristics and the separate limbs of the overdue, recurrently modelled in a ridge of travel over dinner done the bandages. . The 1st kind of masks was in the Old Kingdom. They were ended out of cartonnage ("Cartonnage" is either papyrus or linen smooth with a ridge of travel over which was afterward dyed or garlanded). . Side of the anthropoid coffins in higher Self Kingdom time/ 17th apartment by some means replaced the use of the masks to the same extent the anthropoid casket itself has the facial characteristics of the overdue by represented but masks were sometimes laid-back recycled stylish the anthropoid coffins. . By the New Kingdom, masks were back in form as evident from the fine defender of Tutankhamen. In the twinkle partly of the 18th apartment, cartonnage masks outspread to keep mum the discipline base the coffer. As well as from the 19th to the first 22nd apartment full-length cartonnage masks or exclusive established as cages or covers appeared. These extensions were sometimes referred to as mummy boards.. By the Saite magic charm (26th apartment) the imperative adorn of the mummy was in the form of bead-netting done the mummy shrouds to which a teensy weensy defender of cartonnage, woodland or beads was recurrently luxury.. In the inside of the Ptolemaic magic charm, run of the mill masks reappeared and continued to be recycled all the rage the Roman magic charm in accretion to the countless mummy portraits. Consequence OF MASKS The imperative stance of using masks: 1) Caring the pointer of the mummy from separate shabby 2) Preserving the facial characteristics of the overdue to secure champion rebirth in the afterlife.THE Protection OF TUTANKHAMUM: It was placed just on the pointer of the mummy, together with other ticker tape or accompaniments such as a golden without stopping line of inscriptions and 4 level to the ground ones and the golden charge of the Ba bird which was placed on the coffer of the mummy, with a big scarab amulet (the spot amulet) decorated on the other neighboring with Point 30B of the Autograph album of the Frozen in order to protect the spot of the overdue. . The defender itself is ended out of in a straight line gold about 10.23 kg animated the facial characteristics of the king. Tutankhamen is arrived the "Nemes" headdress, which is striped sullen and gold as a sign of orderliness with god Ra (Re's numeral was aimed to be ended out of gold and his hair out of lapis lazuli). . The king is represented with a broad isthmus ("wsekh") inlaid with semi-precious stone be interested in Lapis Lazuli (dark sullen) and Carnelian (red), Turquoise (light sullen) and on either sides of the broad isthmus expound is a term of the falcon god (Horus). . Upon his forehead, the cobra goddess Wadjet and the vulture goddess Nekhbet are tunefully represented; executed in brawny gold and inlaid with laudable and semi-precious stones.. The facial characteristics of the king hide his youth and showiness luminosity of explosion. He has a peaceful furthest viewpoint confirming his monarchs or, according to some scholars, communicative his believe that he'll pay envelope success upon death. The eyes are inlaid with obsidian (for the pupils) and murky quartze for the white. The earlobes are pierced exposition the effect of Amarna art. Contemporary is as well a turned up dishonest coat ended out of lapis lazuli as a sign of identification with god Re.. At the back of the defender the hieroglyphic inscriptions award spell no 151B of the Autograph album of the Frozen. This spell identifies each personality part of the abut with a point deity or dutiful charge in order to guarantee the top protection: (1) The forehead is accepted with god Anubis. (2) The lock of hair and the coat with god Rc (3) The nape of the neck with god Horus (4) The reimbursement eye with the night spontaneous of Rc ("MSKTT") (5) The not here eye with the day spontaneous of Rc ("MANDT") (Something like no 4 and 5 the explanation is that they transport a force to of protection to the same extent the drive of god Ra stylish his boats was a very prominent dutiful symbol for the overdue).

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