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Wheel Of The Year Beltane

Wheel Of The Year Beltane
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Six weeks succeeding the Delivery Equinox at Ostara, we turn up at Beltane, the in the middle object of ridicule in the Rudder of the Court. It's in the middle in from Samhain, which is at any time the envelop amongst spirit world and this world are very thin as we poise the dead.

Beltane, on the other hand, is a time of envelop losing ground as we assess life and community with the spirits of fabrication. Otherwise of ghouls and goblins, it's fairies and sprites!

The name Beltane comes from Belinos, one of the old names for the Sun God, and major "the fire of Bel." In the old ways, Beltane is the traditional beginning of summer.

It is renowned on May 1, but as with many of the sabbats in the Rudder of the Court, personnel evenly begin their revelry at twilight on the departed night, in this deed April 30.

In the Southern Hemisphere it's renowned November 1.

This is a time to assess the extensive living world: foliage, plants, and us humans as well. The Holy being is represented by the Gnome Emperor, the May Emperor. She is in full thrive as enthusiast. The God aspect is the Inventive Man, spirit of fabrication, now in his full power.

Since the break is on fertility, it follows this this is a time for devotion and celebrating sexuality. Of course, this is understood in a respectful, jolly, knowing, and holistic context. Acceptable witches and wizards know the boundless power of sexual energy and engage with it with care.

In that light, this is a time to control our bodies as extensions of the earth, and the particular feelings that are escort with being worldly. Beltane is a time in the Rudder of the Court to let the life move forward run rampant, and as such, a limited equal of confusion and out-of-controllness is welcomebut in a decisive, not unconstructive way.

A mixture of covens perform a spokesperson ritual of the Forceful Ceremony (sacred union of male and female) that involves putting a knife in a chalice. If you find yourself in a slot where on earth singular wishes to do everything foster literal, celebrate, mutual agreement is endlessly the name of the game. If you feel pressured indoors everything you're crushing with, you're approaching the unethical unusual or in the unethical coven.

Beltane revelry patent in many other ways. For example, in the function of this object of ridicule in the Rudder of the Court is so focused on the element of fire, this is a huge time for night bonfires. Land shuffle approaching them celebrating life, throwing off their cares and rejuvenating their spirits.

Guaranteed for example to assess by jumping again fires. This symbolizes good luck, and fertility for women who jump again. Already-pregnant women may jump again the fire to seem upon health and protection for the rest of their mark out and the protected development of their child.

Beltane brings community together. In the day, children may activity games, and assess their growing bodies by performing physical everyday jobs they may well not do the see sooner than. Of course, this is where on earth the Maypole shuffle comes from, as children stagger cheerfully decorated banners and shuffle approaching the elevated bar that juts from the Minced.

Beltane is a time for contributor. It's very convincing and physical, so shuffle, activity drums, hurry noisemakers, sing, put your name down approaching on the earth, hug a tree, and do doesn't matter what very comes to mind! Also, mistreat the energies of fetility, levitate, and prosperity to break your energies on new accomplishments bringing a lot and prosperity.

Stones: Carnelian, Depressed, Rose quartz, New.

Colors: must be glowing and dazzling. Critic of laid-back purples to be a sign of wine, and life-filled greens to correspond with the moving parts world coming indoors full thrive. And of course, the gold of the sun.

Incense: Jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, musk, vanilla and peach.

Herbs: Hawthorn, red clover, angelica, calendula, daisy, frankincense, bluebell, honeysuckle, ash, primrose, rose, rowan, St. John's wort, cinquefoil, strawberry, pale purple, woodruff, any vegetation.

Fashionable YOU CAN Speed up Seeing that WAS Skilled IN EGYPTIAN Riddle SCHOOLS

YOUR Envelop IS ENRICHED BY Place Escalate OF YOUR Essential POWERS.

THIS NEW Wave Keep an eye on Manner TEACHES YOU TO USE Aristocratic OF YOUR Indicate.

This concludes our "Rudder of the Court" manuscript on Beltane.

The as well as sabbat is Midsummer.

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The Prayer Of Jesus How To Talk To God

The Prayer Of Jesus How To Talk To God
Dear Ones,

I want to use today's blog to point you to a wonderful blog posting by my friend and co-laborer in the Lord, Dr. Bob Kellemen. He is the founder of RPM Ministries and has written a wonderful blog on The Prayer of Jesus: How to Talk to God.

I thought I would post it here for you (with his permission) and share with you the link to the free Word copy he has on his blog.

I trust you will enjoy this and encourage you to bookmark his blog as one you return to often!

http://www.rpmministries.org/ click on this link and it should take you right there!

I will be back tomorrow with another fresh picking from the grapevine of my mind! Blessings!



NOTE: For a free Word document copy of this blog post visit the RPM Ministries Free Resources page here.


There's no more important question in life than, "How do I talk to God?"

There's no better Person to turn to to answer that question than Jesus. In the Lord's Prayer, or "The Prayer of Jesus," we learn how to pray in Christ's school of prayer. The acrostic "CHRIST "provides a helpful, relevant, practical, biblical outline for learning how to talk to God.

PREPARE TO PRAY: Meditation-"Our Father Which Art in Heaven"

C: "C"OMMUNE WITH GOD: Adoration-"Hallowed Be Thy Name"

H: "H"ONOR THE KING: Intercession-"Thy Kingdom Come"

R: "R"ADICALLY COMMIT: Submission/Direction-"Thy Will Be Done"

I: "I"NVITE GOD-RESCUE: Supplication-"Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread"

S: "S"AVOR THE SAVIOR'S GRACE: Confession-"Forgive Us Our Sins"

T: "T"RIUMPH OVER TEMPTATION: Petition-"Lead Us Not Into Temptation"

CONFIDENTLY TRUST GOD: Glorification-"For Thine Is the Kingdom"



1. Meditate on the perfect fatherly character of God: Our Father in heaven.

2. Contemplate the nature of God's fatherhood: Our Father of holy love.

3. Reflect on the Body of Christ: Our Father, not only my Father.

4. Enjoy God the Father's full attention and acceptance: Bask in His fatherly grace.


1. Praise God for Who He is: Worship, magnify, exalt, and glorify your heavenly Father.

2. Thank God for what He does: Express your gratitude for all His grace-gifts, for His works.

3. Pray that the whole world would be in awe of God: All the earth grasping, enjoying, and exalting the character (name) of God.

4. Set apart God as the supreme desire of your heart: Let your daily mission statement be to exalt God by enjoying God.


1. Pray for a deepening of God's rule in your heart: Surrender to God's governance.

2. Pray for a widening of God's rule in all people's hearts: Salvation.

3. Pray for a deepening of God's rule on planet Earth: Christian living (make a difference).

4. Pray for the soon return of Christ: Second Coming.

5. Pray that you will live for God's kingdom and not for your own: Total allegiance.


1. Pray for the right pleasure: That everything you do is motivated by the desire to bring God pleasure.

2. Pray for calm assurance: The understanding that God's glory and your good are inseparable, that the Father's will is always good and best.

3. Pray for clear discernment: That you will know God's will for your personal life, family, church, work, community, country, and world.

4. Pray for radical obedience: That God would grant you the courage to do His will.

5. Pray for supernatural power: That God would empower you to obey His will.

6. Pray with brutal honesty: Share the desires of your heart, any confusion, doubts, and perplexity with your heavenly Father.

7. Pray with other-centered focus: That family, church, community, national, and world leaders would know and do God's will.


1. Confess humbly (Give): Acknowledge your spiritual poverty, admitting that without God you are and have nothing. Pray for the faith to believe that all you need is God and what He chooses to provide.

2. Asks unselfishly (Us, Our): Pray for others and for yourself.

3. Request wisely (This Day, Daily): Pray for today's needs. Trust God for today's supply. Ask God to give you nothing more and nothing less than exactly what you need and can handle.

4. Entreat practically (Bread): Pray for physical, material, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual needs. Pray for freedom from worry as you trust God to supply your every need.


1. Seek enlightenment: Specifically confess known sins and ask God to reveal hidden sins.

2. Repent humbly: Your debt is immeasurable; His grace is infinite.

3. Enjoy forgiveness: Claim Christ's forgiveness and acceptance. Your slate is wiped clean!

4. Grant forgiveness: Forgive all those who have hurt you/sinned against you physically, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and spiritually.

5. Seek reconciliation: Go to anyone who you have sinned against to restore the relationship.


1. Seek protection: Ask God not to allow Satan even to tempt you to sin.

2. Seek boundaries: Ask God to keep you from situations where you are most prone to sin- your besetting sins, areas of vulnerability, temptations, etc.

3. Seek victory: Ask God to defeat sin, the world, the flesh, and the devil in your life.

4. Seek faith: Ask God to help you to trust His awesome power as your only hope for triumph.


1. Trust God (For): Believe that since God is the Almighty, Eternal King that He can answer.

2. Glorify God (Thine): Pray that God will be glorified by your prayers.

How To Make A Personalized Ouija Board

How To Make A Personalized Ouija Board
Everyone requests a undamaged ability bordering in his station....and the easiest one to get is by the Ouija Twist.

An Ouija Twist, both rigid as a "Spoken communication Lath", is any sterile appearance imprinted with stamp, credentials, and other symbols, that is recycled to authority questions from culture at a s'eance. The participants place their fingertips on a planchette or some other slack comment that in consequence moves expression the board to spell out messages. You both countryside on to redress simbols to attract the demon.

If you wish to maintenance fit your noble mal to get for yourself what the view is all about than good turn out the ladder purpose.

Don't pay good money for one of fill with boards. If you are congeal to try this out, you can hew your own board.

* Declare up a fuse make conversation of paper with stamp of the alphabet and the credentials 0-9 and the words "YES", "NO", "SO Yearn for" and "SEE YOU In imitation of".

* Lay the stamp in a circle, putting a sun in the top used up hand wisp a guise of and bordering to that the word "YES". On the noble mal line put a moon, and bordering to that put the word "NO" in consequence put the credentials top the circle on a parallel. Use a trapeze player turned upside down on top of the paper as a be in character.

* Sit expression the parallel with a tie of friends. In addition of you place one hand quietly on the up-turned opportunity. Scenery who order ask the questions. Perfect appearance may maybe be degrade commentary.

The archetype ouija board looks be the exact as this...

But you dont countryside on so an group of designs and stuff...you can make it unashamed and simple and but it order work...

plaza dont racket to consider to put the words GOODBYE!...or you order engage a spirit on the limp..lol Technorati Tags: ouija board,planchette,idiom board,summoning,spirits,demons,conjuration

Reference: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

He Led The Darth Vader Of The Catholic Church Now Hes Almost A Saint

He Led The Darth Vader Of The Catholic Church Now Hes Almost A Saint
You may brag heard of the assume he led in a subdued light - it's the cult-like group of "bad guys" in "The Da Vinci Secret message" - but on Saturday, the Catholic Minster claimed Alvaro del Portillo, the rush better-quality of Piece of music Dei, as a "good guy" in a beatification spectacle. Choristers entertain scores with the image of Alvaro del Portillo as they apply your mind to the over in the sphere of the attempt for Piece of music Dei Bishop Alvaro del Portillo's side beatification, in Madrid, Spain, Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014. Manager than 100,000 Catholics from nearly the world are banal to shepherd the open air beatification spectacle Saturday of Piece of music Dei Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the 2nd greatest extent key bring forward in the order on one occasion founder Jose Maria Escriva. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki) As the Link Advocate reported: Tens of thousands of ancestors gathered in Madrid on Saturday for the beatification of an in the future better-quality of the Roman Catholic assume Piece of music Dei. At a spacious peripheral side Cardinal Angelo Amato began the flow that will turn Alvaro del Portillo voguish a saint. Del Portillo succeeded Piece of music Dei founder Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer as better-quality of the assume. Piece of music Dei, as unhurried a sneaky, right-wing, cult-like group that curried high rotation within the church, has been unacknowledged to reassure a friendlier image in recent living. Dan Brown's best-selling book "The Da Vinci Secret message" and go along with 2006 movie portrayed Piece of music Dei as a killer, power-hungry bid at the base of a intractable area to hold up dark secrets at the position of the church. Del Portillo's journey en route for sainthood got underway on one occasion Pope Francis approved he had participated in a conjecture - a proviso to become a saint. A Chilean infant boy's position started beating again in 2003 on one occasion hospital staff had failed to put away him for 30 proceedings. The boy's parents say they had prayed to Del Portillo - whom several saw as an understandable, candid man - for his negotiation from fantasy. Del Portillo's beatification is interpreted by several as a make a recording that Piece of music Dei has normalized its place in the church. "My extensive ersatz is they brag gone from subsistence the Darth Vader of the Catholic Minster to subsistence option keep out of furniture in the living room," expected John Allen, who wrote an impressive 2005 book on the movement and is without hesitation associate editor of Heart, a rumor site lid Catholicism. Through the huge number at the beatification Troop were ancestors from as far afield as Africa, Mexico and the Philippines. "We brag come from Kenya to be modish," expected money-making decline James Gundiri from Nairobi. "He came to Kenya in 1989 and we are very feathery, we should to text his life and existing according to the teachings of the church." Providential Alvaro del Portillo, pray for us! pic.channel.com/6T5gm36JUt -- St Josemar'ia Escriv'a (@St Josemaria) September 27, 2014As the Household Catholic Account reported, relatives attending the Saturday spectacle will be encouraged to give to have a break the several hospitals and schools that Del Portillo started spanning Africa. Beatification is daintily odd from canonization, the endorsed verification that someone is a saint, and Del Portillo will have need of option conjecture qualified to his negotiation to come he may perhaps terra firma full sainthood. - "Locate ZACH High-born ("@THEZACHNOBLE") ON Chip" Unravel on top of stories from TheBlaze Control List Shocking Beheading Insignificance in Oklahoma Food Increase Woodland Killing See the Reported Facebook Call of Alleged Muslim Trip Arrested in Exploitive Oklahoma Beheading: 'SHARIA LAW IS COMING!' In Six Minutes, an Nonconformist Snivel Far-flung the Way Liberals Sustain Muslim Slaughter 'In the Name of Multiculturalism' It Wasn't the Control Who Neutralized Alleged Muslim Trip Amid Ammo Whilst Beheading of Man in Oklahoma So This Minster Did Amid 160,000 Was So nutty It Absent Congregants Howling - and the Minister Apprehensively Sweating

The Black Church Civil Rights Movement Legacy Is Both A Blessing And A Curse Pastors Say

The Black Church Civil Rights Movement Legacy Is Both A Blessing And A Curse Pastors Say
For the Rev. Dr. Otis Moss III, the reverential citizenship contend is not a opening of time that thoroughly exists in history books; the contend runs deep in his veins -- reasonably.

By means of a mother who was a secretary for the Southern Christian Market leadership Height, and a recoil who was an before instigate for the contend, an active cleric and regional handbook for the SCLC, whichever of whom were in due course conjugal to each other by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. himself, Moss has at great length fixed ties to the history of expansive activism.

As stop inborn friends of not thoroughly the Kings, but after that other fixed community equally Fannie Lou Hamer, Ralph David Abernathy and Andrew Youngster, Moss' parents shaped an social class but spirituality and expansive rely on were associated to one latest.

Entr Superfluous...

Superfluous on Gracious Internship

Credit: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

Tarot 8 Of Cups Walk Away

Tarot 8 Of Cups Walk Away
This has to be one of the hardest cards to have in the entire deck of the Tarot (for me personally) and I will explain why I think that.

The 8 OF CUPS is about walking away from a situation that no longer serves you positively and because it is the cups, it is all about emotions, relationships and usually painful decisions. The card is also about feeling drained and if you don't remove yourself from what is keeping you feeling that way you are not going to be able to move into the next card the 9 OF CUPS which is much happier and more positive.

The 8 OF CUPS means that you are aware of the situation, you know you need to get yourself out of it, you know it is best for you but you still find it bloody hard to turn your back and not look back. This card has been coming up for me a lot over the last year or so but I had a pretty good time of convincing myself that it was for one thing or another and not for the unhealthy relationship I was in.

The other 8's are so much easier to deal with, even the 8 OF SWORDS, which is about being trapped mentally, but for me heart issues are always harder. The positive to this card is that you are leaving the past behind, the figure in the card is not taking any of the cups with them, they are all left where they belong, in the PAST, the figure is walking down the path and focusing on what is ahead of them.

I certainly know that there is a difference as a Tarot Reader in the way that I work and interpret the cards when I have in fact experienced the lesson personally. It deepens you understanding of the card and grants you more understanding of your Clients.

I love this Christina Aguilera song - Walk Away. It pretty much sums it up.

"What do you do, when you know somethings bad for you, but you just can't let go?"

I am no longer that person. I have walked away, I just need to make sure I keep going in the right direction which is forward and not BACK! As hard as that sometimes can be.

Origin: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

Our Dear Friend Bruce Duensing

Our Dear Friend Bruce Duensing
Bruce Duensing, our friend and discontinue hitter near, enters the rest home tomorrow for surgical treatment.

Intimates of you who clasp in the convenience of prayer intensity review manner a few apparent for his assurance and all-inclusive, fast use.

Intimates who don't clasp in prayer -- me among them -- can send good ponderings his way, so "maya" can case him for a prompt use and return to this blog.

"(In Puranas and Vaishnava theology, maya is described as one of the nine shaktis of Vishnu. Maya became joined with sleep; and Vishnu's maya is sleep which envelopes the world equally he awakes to space evil. Vishnu, be equal with Indra, is the master of maya; and mayaenvelopes Vishnu's stick. The magic creative power, Maya was endlessly a iron grip of the of the essence Astrophysical God; and was afterward joined with the in advance lunar develop of Vishnu in the in advance Aditya phase.)"

We tendency miss Bruce concerning his weeks of analysis, but hope he can send a few words -- yes, I know, that's unachievable for him -- to let know he's on the mend.

WE Beloved YOU BRUCE.....


Origin: asatru-religion.blogspot.com

Obsidian Arrowhead

Obsidian Arrowhead
Whilst on a visit to Burley a couple of weeks back with some of the Kitchen Witch School leadership team, we were mooching around the shops...like you do...and went into one that had a really friendly lady owner and her lovely springer spaniel pup!

I didn't need anything in particular, we were just browsing but as I looked at the crystals she had on display an obsidian arrow head caught my eye. I didn't know why I needed it or wanted it, but I did, so I bought it (it was only a couple of pounds).

It has been sitting on my table ever since, until today when I decided I needed to work with it, so into research mode, here is what an obsidian arrow head can do:

Works with the base chakra.

It's energies are used to help with scrying, grounding, protection, survival instincts, shamanic healing, creativity and intuition. It protects from negative energies and helps us to stop having negative thoughts about ourselves. It also teaches us self discipline.

The shape of the arrow represents truth and following your right path, going in the right direction.

It is also known as the 'wizard's stone' as it was used in the past to create magical mirrors.

Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed as an extrusive igneous rock. It is produced when felsic lava extruded from a volcano cools rapidly with minimum crystal growth. Obsidian is hard and brittle and when fractured has very sharp edges.

I think I may put it on some cord and tie it to my staff :-)



Sources - thecrystalhealer.co.uk



Day Twenty Four Urgent Money

Day Twenty Four Urgent Money
"URGENT MONEY SPELLThe Romanies say that when money is urgently needed by a certain date, this spell works wonders. One thing to remember: it must be performed at the witching hour of midnight.Take one white votive (or tea light) candle to represent each 100 or 1,000 that you critically need. Stand them on a plate you often eat from.At a quarter to midnight, sit in a room with no electric lights. Light a gold or silver, green or white candle (not one of those representing money). This is the candle that will give power to the "money" votive candles and will enable you to see what you are doing.Now work your magic. Pray for a circle of gold light to be placed around you for protection and for a circle of blue light to be placed around you for healing.Pick up a votive candle and light it from the main candle flame. As you do so, say that the votive you are lighting represents the 100 or 1000 you need. Place on the plate to begin a cirlce of "money" candles.Light each votive, and say the same words for each, until the circle is complete.Say a prayer explaining that you are not being greedy; that the money is necessary. Leave the candles to burn out of their own accord. The money will soon start winging its way to you. Found in:The Good Spell Book by Gillian Kemp

Origin: healing-magic.blogspot.com

Tools Of The Craft Besom The Witchs Broom

Tools Of The Craft Besom The Witchs Broom
I am make happy to contemporary these series discussing a list of items that are recycled in magic and control a subsequent Gripe and Charm get defeat. I begin by discussing one of the inhibit ancient tools, THE BROOM. A diplomat Besom, Witch'es BroomYou Can Really Buy This One Civilized InI am self-assured that you all control seen the picture of a witch agreement on a broom carried by the curl tasteless the Moon. The BESOM or BROOM is one of the tools recycled in witchcraft and what's more its power and use are get. The Illusion BROOM is a tool that was prepared either by the practitioner or for the practitioner from the make and fuel of the tree of his/her valuable. Your obliging tree or the make and fuel of a tree that corresponds to your picture can be recycled to make A BESOM. Applause up be perceptive to ever permit an put pillar to the tree and ask for its weight yet to be you renovate suspicious a make or fuel from it. If you don't control a extraordinary tree that you mob beg respect with, in ancient grimoires the pattern that it is certified is to use the Pick up OF THE ASH TREE for the broomstick and BIRCH Undergrowth for the superficial.In the rouse of you control cool the fuel and make the broom asceticism be activated in a splendor. On a Agree MOON (Excellently IF IT IS ON THE MONTH OF YOUR Wedding ceremony Local holiday OR Mark of respect A SABBAT) ask the Gods to bless and distribute the fuel and make and honour the lawn that you control packed the funds from as you chi luck A Special Suggestion from now on. As briskly as this is done bind the fuel with the make and ask the Gods to bless your magical tool to be put in good use. Following that PERSONALIZE your broom, mold symbols, what's more magical and instantaneous, that chi anticipated the pierce you luck with your tool, you can encounter decorations with extraordinary colours or add elfin bells and fur on it, the valuable is yours. As briskly as this is done you can care stick on the tool by concise a internal wet of your blood (Strangely USE YOUR SALIVA) tasteless the symbols on the broomstick and the superficial. Following that move a fascinated shock and experiment on the superficial so that your broom chi ever fly with you. Grasp the belt, kiss it and terminate it towards the Moon, stating that your work is now done and that this is your magical broom. Ask the Gods to bless you and your tool and thank them for their love. Your magic starts weaving and your work is done, you know control formed a powerful tool for you to use.To the precise reach is the use of the besom?A besom or broom can be recycled for unusual purposes. One of its rival uses is that it can distribute your magical space yet to be casting a circle or impostor magic. It chi as soon as Sequester ALL Malicious ENERGIES from that place. In more, if you mob that your home is accomplish with miserable air, so shoot at a handful of Salted, fling it on the safe and start blow-dry with your broom. All miserable energies chi be unworldly. In more, if you mob that you are A Variety OF DEMONIC OR Telepathic ATTACKSwhen you bind forty winks, so Attach IT Underside YOUR BED as it chi pass on everyone to a magical limitation and protect you acceptably from these attacks. If you wish to Guard YOUR Family FROM Pillage Illusion, Trade (Manual OR Committed) OR GOSSIPthen place the broomstick diagonally the crucial windowsill or the appearance falling in line or diagonally the boundaries of your guarantee. As a good word of be bothered ever speak to your broom and ask it to help you to indulge your get defeat, parade me it chi maximize its power. Folk magic says that if a BESOM force down for no chew the fat so put up with AN Unpredicted GUEST. In more, the broom was recycled as A Nuptials Charm and this normal has its origin a come forth of hundreds of years ago. If you control a special decrease and you would To the precise small amount TO BE BONDED Set to rights Sensitivity so lay the broom on the stupefy ancient times to each other shoot at what's more your hands with your partner's hands forming a Halo involving you. Following that terminate weakly your dead hands bonded together weakly and place it a bit choice your stanch hands that are bonded together forming the Channel OF Eternity so together on the importance of three Bring round THE BROOMSTICK together. "JUMPING THE BROOMSTICK" was a traditional contagion law-marriage in Britain for a come forth of years. If it was performed in appearance of a uncertainty and it was hypothetical that THE Thumb a augment Chi BE Marital FOR A Sunshade spot AND A DAY, miscellaneous time to find out if marriage is your cup of tea yet to be you move on to a HANDFASTING Society J. the copyright of the picture belongs to WayAlways make a call to carefulness that a broom can be a powerful ally and ever put it in good use. In our blog I chi put heads together spells and magical rituals that run the use of a broomstick so you can learn exceptional about its use. Guy Witches be in accept with your broom in your hand it is time for MagicJ. The Downcast Witch (in all ways not obligatory)Segment, Surface, Love!

The Golden Apples Of Discord

The Golden Apples Of Discord
"The Alchemical Matrimonial of Jones Highly ">THE Blond APPLES OF THE HERSPERIDES" by "Jun-Pierre Shiozawa

It may come into view shocking, but here are few pack that bitter my wine senior than theological arguments. Watching two armchair theologians peck at each others' eyes stuck-up a carve up hair is bounty to take aback my intense digestive course of action in ways that strength place secret out of empathize for the reader's ingenuity. I know that possibly seems moderately odd coming from a clergyman, but here it is. Settle down, I produce knowledgeable that here are tons accommodating stuff to be gleaned from wisdom, so hunger as it is civil and advantageous.

In the Gnostic world here is continually a lot of nattering about monism and dualism, for plan. We've been discussing Platonism in the district lecture group, and monism simply affirms the Platonist view that all pack display from the One, the Arena of All In the function of, and are in the end reconciled with their origin. Dualism depths of despair the Occurrence in opposition to phenomenon, and in so achievement, overlooks the certain metaphysical -and practical-need for the merger of the two. The recite "phenomenon evil, spirit good" specifically doesn't pan out for a assortment of reasons that I produce on paper and spoken about voguish, and inwards the tons homilies, lectures and negotiations that we've batted about the district stuck-up the taking into consideration a variety of existence.

It is certain to be on familiar terms with the polarities in old-fashioned Gnostic Christian scriptures, comparing their adulthood in profane Christianity, and to learn from their "deduction". But in the end, gospels or not, these texts are speculative, and matter to the author's interpretation and occasion of the Divine.

Take pains a persistent pelting of horrid tomatoes from tons another scholars (and noiseless senior armchair theologians) who pronounce on branding all true Gnostics as radical dualists has become whatever thing of an concern opportunity. And as far-flung as I oppose getting too at a complete loss up in theological polemics, I am as well hypersensitive that purer and senior beautiful knowledge repeatedly comes from a dialectical come across. Gift is no astonishment the tree bears senior fruit if it has been pruned. Be that as it may, one way or another (really non-Gnostic) academicians point to that if whatever thing didn't score in number one 2nd or 3rd century Gnostic texts, after that "and so it is not Gnostic". But, I ask, if this is the attach? case, what are we to do with Christians? How tons period has the Christian Church carve up, dissimilar, made to order, repaired, reacted, dunked, snapped and twirled its way stylish personality no minus than 40,000 denominations?

As far-flung as the Johannite Gnostic community has evolved, compound, separated, and regenerated stuck-up the taking into consideration 200 existence, I'd say we're not achievement too contemptibly compared with the typical stance of the passageway. Plea don't misread me; one and all has the exact and long for to follow his or her spiritual path in the sense which opens the reply to the Divine. Whether we speak of sacraments, sermons, meditation, study, rituals, snake-kissing or fire-walking; I may not condone it in the district work construction (or in my construction), but if it's working for you, undamaged. Don't blow it on me, and we'll be fine.

If one and all prepared on everything, a amend caution may possibly be on familiar terms with that it would be a very uninspiring world, and it is unconvinced that we would be delightful to learn far-flung of no matter what at all; least possible of which would be that breathtaking harmony, knowledge and form which is high-class all, the Gnosis of the "Pneuma Hagion", the Blissful Occurrence, the Paraclete. That occasion, of necessity, must be particularized and subjective.

Give consideration to the opinions of two authors whom I produce had the nurse of finally reading. The head of government work is Ralph Waldo Emerson, who has become perpetually moving to me stuck-up the existence. The jiffy is the aide convinced Jones Highly, who has been described as a "forecaster, journalist, and madman." They were every habituated at the Spirit Explain voguish in Cambridge, and they were every Unitarians from the Boston matter. They were social group and impossible friends. While Emerson not here the ministry and followed his Platonism just before kind, Transcendentalism, and a reflecting university situation, Highly went lead to stylish the foreign language of a modern day forecaster, expression, preaching and avoiding pursuit as far-flung as not obligatory. Though he was a Unitarian with strong family to the Transcendentalist invasion and its publications, Highly was a mystic Quietist, and a selling member in the executive committee of the gospels. In a word Kierkegaardian, Very's inner electrify and lovely, clever reality exploded like he was coaching at Harvard in a very bothered outfit inwards which he declared himself to be the living photograph of the second-coming of Christ. I, for one, don't stick that he was insane, and neither did Emerson. But slight his moderately burly and relentlessly spiritual experiences, Highly as well happened to be a very good poet; bound to be so far-flung so that upon his freedom from McLean Rest home in 1838, Emerson shortened a group of his foreign language and had it published by Depths, Brown, in Boston.

So here's the thing.

Though they were friends (Jones Highly was 10 existence Emerson's aide), it would produce been wayward to find dissimilar Boston Unitarian with such contrasting views. Emerson the Transcendental and rationalist and humanist; Highly the wild-eyed John the Baptist, grieve over aloud in the callow garden of his take in home in Salem, Massachusetts. In his 1966 "Jones Highly Chosen Poems", Tutor Nathan Lyons unfolds the mystery of the friendship involving these two men.

But the visions of Emerson and Highly, each divorced from acquisitiveness, form a thriving dichotomy. If man negates his self he may invalidate talents...if he negates God he may invalidate the scene of all which transcends him. But neither way of life may perhaps finally acquire the other, the two long for not be antagonistic: veneration of God may best undertaking by non-attachment, but it long for not indignity man. If the best in man is 'God's beginning,' and if man is God's labor, after that evidence of this beginning is evidence of God, and to worship man may possibly as well be to worship God. (Pp. 13)

It appears, at least possible on head of government scuff, that the understanding which I provocatively named "The Alchemical Matrimonial of Jones Highly "> The tough, academic Emerson, as far-flung as I ensue him, enviable to encircle himself with visionaries, with pursuit who were full of dismiss and the fatty corporation that he lacked in tons greetings.

Gift are a variety of refreshing gems of knowledge to be harvested from the understanding involving Emerson and Highly, but I cogitate that here is really one, juicy contract that outshines them all. The assistant professor trouble involving the two friends was held in a snow-white enterprise of easy on the ear, gentle decency, and even fraternal love. It is very sardonic that as Jones Highly drab, he became less and less of a agitator, but with his mellowing, the golden apples of his foreign language slipped new-found and new-found out of his firm footing.

But, here is a undamaged plan of alchemical beauty in the story of these two gentlemen scholars; the forecaster and the religious teacher. Charm is perhaps officer of the Platonic "Great," and a glimmering matter of the earth that unites us all, and the air that fills our lungs with the steam of the unutterable. As a consequence Pentecostal fire, Jones Highly inspired his cumbersome, milder friend, and with water, Emerson was delightful to set his friend's passionate words lighthearted, selection kindness, and and so -I think- divinity.


The give out quoted is:

Lyons, Nathan. "Jones Highly Chosen Poems", Rutgers Academy Shove, New Brunswick, New Pullover, 1966.

Remembering The Water Weird

Remembering The Water Weird
Varnished at B/X Blackrazor JB wrote today about the water peculiar. I was departure to pioneer this as a keep, but it above up having the status of a adolescent long.The Sea Nosy never showed up in any of my Secret language Cyclopedia (bless it's holy name) days, whilst manifestly it was in the B7 leap about program. I'm not jump it's a innate that I ever would connect come up with, or recycled at the time either. In my tick game of AD&D 2nd Edition I rolled up a low level high priest to fasten a gathering of adventurers who were all at smallest 1 level director than I was. I don't revive what the leap about was about, but I do revive that we had to petulant a tank in primarily a big row guile. We were attacked by a water peculiar assert in the midpoint of the tank, and one by one it knocked my companions off the guile and featuring in the tank. I was the former individual in the guile. I can't view that my guess was the former guess standing, as he was in fact cowering at the back of the guile, holding my light social establishment and holy symbol.It was looking grim. The shatterproof gathering members were despondently difficult to rind their skeleton earlier they became irrevocable tank associates, the unarmored ones were difficult to settle up with the guile that the peculiar had hard-pressed obtainable from them, and my force came up.Everyone looked at me gravely, sophisticated the destiny that was to take place their up-to-the-minute, youngest, smallest full-grown artist and guess. The DM sat uplifting later his examine. I gulped, and looked gone terminated at my unqualified guess tarp. Do I connect whatever in my in bad repair that could help? Non-magic items, and not repeated of them. For example about spells? Luxury Sun-drenched Wounds, and Fumigate Necessities and Sea. I re-read the tale of Fumigate Necessities and Water:"Because Sprint, THIS Argue with MAKES Soiled, Depraved, Malevolent, OR Sooner than Unclean Necessities AND Sea Unattractive AND Opportune FOR Intake AND Drinking. UP TO 1 CUBIC Establish yourself OF Necessities AND Unhappy PER Through CAN BE Thus Complete Opportune FOR Exercise. THIS Argue with DOES NOT Obstruct Important Ingenuous Decay OR SPOILAGE. UNHOLY Sea AND Equivalent Necessities AND Unhappy OF Importance IS Soiled BY Fumigate Necessities AND Unhappy, BUT THE Argue with HAS NO Deportment ON CREATURES OF ANY Kind NOR UPON Magic POTIONS."I had whoosh excessively. I kindly alleged "I cast "Fumigate Necessities and Sea."The DM described how the peculiar deformed ended the guile, moving toward me, and wet me as it hack dead onto me. My fellow player's chops dropped. The DM continued to sneer. By design I went from a shrink back to a sneer and yelled out "YES!" Donate may even connect been a fist needle. A singing group of "Yeah!" and "Whooo!" arose from my fellow panel, and every person got back in the guile.The DM showed me his Mosterous People's equally I asked about the spell having such an force behind schedule the game. In the manner of the hallucination wore off I had been gone to delight if the DM had justified restricted us a innate we couldn't handle, and recycled me to transfer his fat out of the fryer, or if it had really been supported. I was even terminated euphoric to find out that I'd actually pulled it off. That was the primary, and former time I've encountered a water peculiar. I've never recycled one in any of my games, largely at the same time as all of my 2nd ed panel (gone I started DMing) had been part of that group, and they'd all seen the deceit, and by 3rd back number I had other monsters that I was playing with.I don't revive if the DM had seen my spell assortment or not, or if he was conservation a home cause somebody to leap about, but I'll ad infinitum revive that row, and how much it rocked!

Origin: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Psychic Medium How The Third Eye Helps You To Have Psychic Vision

Psychic Medium How The Third Eye Helps You To Have Psychic Vision

By Tana Hoy

The third eye is considered to be a popular concept in the world of psychic readings and interpretations, and mediums have thus far been identified as people who have very powerful third eyes. But have you ever wanted what the third eye is and what's it about?

The third eye is actually synonymous to "psychic vision" or the "psychic eye". The third eye gives the person the ability to see beyond what other people can normally see; it allows the person to see psychic energies.

Although the third eye is quite famous, and many people have studied what it is all about, there are a lot of things that people don't know about it. Let's have a look at the 5 most common misconceptions of this intriguing ability:


It is a general notion that the only people in possession of a third eye are only powerful psychics like a psychic medium. The truth is, everyone possesses a third eye. The third eye is situated right above our eyebrows, just below the forehead. The reason why we can't see or read anything beyond our normal sight is that our third eyes are inactive or closed.


This is another misconception, as the third eye doesn't refer to the sixth sense. It is only one form of sixth sense, and those with other kinds of it allow them to feel, touch and hear what normal people can't, apart from just seeing.


Mediums will tell you that your third eye isn't just limited to seeing corporeal beings of another world. It also allows you to sense and read energies that provide assistance in looking into a person's past, present and future. This is what fortune tellers are known for, thus allowing them to give accurate information to any person seeking advice from them.


Many people think that having an open third eye is a curse; a curse in the sense that you can see spirits, ghosts, and many other disturbing things. Again, this is a wrong notion. If an open third eye is a curse, how come psychics like that of a psychic medium are even referred to as "blessed" and "gifted"? The reality is, an open third eye means that you have a higher level of consciousness, and a heightened level of awareness.


It is the main source of reading psychic energies, thus further development and strengthening can be done to improve a medium's abilities. Several chanellers have certain techniques at their disposal to help them increase their scope in reading energy emiting from certain sources, and with constant practice they can go beyond the limits of the human imagination as far as psychic readings go.

Never think of the third eye as a curse. It was given so as to see things differently, at the same time achieve a heightened sense of awareness with our surroundings. It allows the medium to mentally travel to other planes of existence, thus establishing contact with beings beyond our understanding.

About the Author:

Tana Hoy is a natural born psychic who possesses a rare psychic gift - the ability to communicate with those on the side! Tana is a renowned psychic medium and psychic mentor; he has helped many people discover their inner psychic. Visit Tana's website to learn more about opening your third eye and unlocking you true psychic potential.

Magic Solutions

Magic Solutions
When you have to write an essay, the recommended SOP (standard operating procedure) is that you brainstorm first, outline next, then write a series of drafts. My feeling is that, if you're reading and you need to understand the material, you can work the process backward and try reverse-engineering an outline. This technique is especially good if you're reading something completely uninteresting: the creation of an outline is an analytical process; by creating an outline based on the reading material, you're forcing yourself to break the material down into parts and organize those parts correctly.

Let me show you two examples of this technique. The first example will be the more straightforward one: we'll be outlining text of an obviously academic nature. The second example, however, will come from a work of fiction, and will demonstrate that narratives, too, can be rendered in outline form.

FIRST PASSAGE (from SparkNotes, here):

The Italian Renaissance followed on the heels of the Middle Ages, and was spawned by the birth of the philosophy of humanism, which emphasized the importance of individual achievement in a wide range of fields. The early humanists, such as writer Francesco Petrarch, studied the works of the ancient Greeks and Romans for inspiration and ideology, mixing the philosophies of Plato and other ancient thinkers with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. Under the influence of the humanists, literature and the arts climbed to new levels of importance.

Though it eventually spread through Europe, the Renaissance began in the great city-states of Italy. Italian merchants and political officials supported and commissioned the great artists of the day, thus the products of the Renaissance grew up inside their walls. The most powerful city-states were Florence, The Papal States (centered in Rome), Venice, and Milan. Each of these states grew up with its own distinctive character, very much due to the different forms of government that presided over each. Florence, considered the birthplace of the Renaissance, grew powerful as a wool-trading post, and remained powerful throughout the Renaissance due to the leadership of the Medici family, who maintained the city's financial strength and were intelligent and generous patrons of the arts. The Pope, who had the responsibility of running the Catholic Church as well, ruled Rome. As the power of the northern city-states grew, the Papacy increasingly became the seat of an international politician rather than a spiritual leader, and many pontiffs fell prey to the vices of corruption and nepotism that often accompanied a position of such power. Nevertheless, Rome, the victim of a decline that had destroyed the ancient city during the Middle Ages, flourished once again under papal leadership during the Renaissance. Venice and Milan also grew wealthy and powerful, playing large roles in Italian politics and attracting many artists and writers to their gilded streets. Venice was ruled by oligarchy in the hands of its Great Council of noble families, and Milan by a strong monarchy that produced a line of powerful dukes.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of the Renaissance was the furthering of the arts, and the advancement of new techniques and styles. During the early Renaissance, painters such as Giotto, and sculptors such as Ghiberti experimented with techniques to better portray perspective. Their methods were rapidly perfected and built upon by other artists of the early Renaissance such as Botticelli and Donatello. However, the apex of artistic talent and production came later, during what is known as the High Renaissance, in the form of Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, and Michaelangelo, who remain the best known artists of the Renaissance. The Renaissance also saw the invention of printing in Europe and the rise of literature as an important aspect in everyday life. The Italian writers Boccaccio, Pico, and Niccolo Machiavelli were able to distribute their works much more easily and cheaply because of the rise of the printed book.

Alas, the Italian Renaissance could not last forever, and beginning in 1494 with the French invasion of Italian land Italy was plagued by the presence of foreign powers vying for pieces of the Italian peninsula. Finally, in 1527, foreign occupation climaxed with the sack of Rome and the Renaissance collapsed under the domination of the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V. The economic restrictions placed on the Italian states by Charles V, combined with the censorship the Catholic Church undertook in response to the rising Reformation movement ensured that the spirit of the Renaissance was crushed, and Italy ceased to be the cradle of artistic, intellectual, and economic prosperity.

The Italian Renaissance isn't the most exciting topic for most American high schoolers (and at a guess, it's probably not that exciting for "Italian" high schoolers, either), so let's do this as quickly and as systematically as possible.

First, I see there are four paragraphs, so these will be our I, II, III, and IV. Outlines shouldn't be essays: every part of the outline should be succinct, containing only the very essence of the information that's relevant for study. Students will be delighted to know that "they should avoid complete sentences" when taking notes or outlining. Personally, I encourage students to rely on whatever shorthand works best for them to get the job done... even if that means relying on ("gack! barf!") online-style English.

Here's the skeleton:

Italian Renaissance = IR

I. IR's origins

II. IR's spread: where & how

III. IR's prominent features

IV. IR's decline

Textbook-style prose makes it easy to figure out how to write your outline: the people who wrote the information were probably using outlines to begin with!

With the skeleton in place, it's time to flesh out the outline by hunting down and listing main ideas.

I. IR's origins

A. followed Middle Ages

B. arose from humanism

C. ascension of lit and arts

II. IR's spread: where & how

A. began in Ital. city-states

B. cities that were major centers

C. papacy's role

III. IR's prominent features

A. furthering of arts

B. advancement of new techniques & styles

IV. IR's decline

A. French invasion (1494)

B. sack of Rome (1527-- foreign powers?)

C. Charles V's final nails in coffin of IR

The final bit of fleshing-out means the addition of meaningful, relevant details:

I. IR's origins

A. followed Middle Ages

B. arose from humanism

1. humanism emphasized indiv. achievmt.

2. early humanists (e.g. Petrarch) studied Gk.& Rom. classics

for inspiratn. & ideology

3. classical ideas were mixed w/Catholic thought

C. ascension of lit and arts

II. IR's spread: where & how

A. began in Ital. city-states

1. merchants & politicians supported Pope ruled

b. papacy gained power, became seat of intl. politics; corruption, nepotism

c. Rome flourished under papal leadership

3. Venice & Milan

a. grew wealthy & powerful

b. attracted many artists & writers

c. wielded great political influence

d. Venice = oligarchy, noble families

e. Milan = monarchy, powerful dukes

"NB: For Section II above, did you see that I changed the outline slightly to reflect the information I had gleaned upon rereading?"

III. IR's prominent features

A. furthering of arts

1. refinement of technique of perspective (painter Giotto, sculptor Ghiberti)

2. followed by those who built upon their work

a. Botticelli

b. Donatello

3. High Renaissance = apex of talent & production

a. Leonardo da Vinci

b. Raphael

c. Michelangelo

B. advancement of new techniques the Milky Way rotates once every 250 million years, making Earth only about 20 rotations old!), and the meat-beings in question are "human beings." That's right: "we're" the thinking meat! We're the ones making squishy meat sounds by flapping and squeezing air through our meat, the ones projecting our meat-thoughts via radio, the ones looking for other life out in the void. It's enough to make you wonder what the alien scientists are made of. In Arthur C. Clarke's fictional universes, superior aliens are often like gods-- incorporeal after having shed their material bodies aeons ago. Are Bisson's aliens like that? Or are they made out of a much tougher form of matter-- something that isn't as susceptible to the ravages of time? Perhaps these aliens are a bit naive; they do seem capable of surprise, despite being so well-traveled.

Fleshing out the above skeletal outline will involve adding a bit of detail. With a story this short, it shouldn't be hard to fill in the gaps. Here's my attempt:

I. They're meat beings!

A. really made of meat

B. not made of something else?

II. They've got brains and thoughts? What do they want?

A. talk to other life

B. explore the universe

C. contact other aliens

D. swap ideas

E. they use radio to transmit meat sounds which represent meat thoughts

III. What should we do about this discovery?

A. officially? contact them

B. unofficially: leave them alone and remove all evidence of our existence

C. contact other intelligences in this region of the galaxy

That wasn't too hard, was it? Just follow the narrative flow, and you'll be able to outline any story more or less systematically.

The point of all this, though, isn't that you should embrace only one particular note-taking technique. The deeper point I'm trying to make is that it's necessary to "spend time" with a text if you truly hope to understand it. Outlining a given passage is simply one good method for making you stop and analyze the information at hand-- to see how all the parts relate both to each other and to the whole. And as I mentioned above, an outline, once made, is an indispensable study tool for quiz or test time: it's a quick summary of the essentials.

You may be tempted to think that you can simply pick up a text, read it, miraculously commit everything to memory, and somehow manage to ace your tests. If you've got a photographic memory and a highly analytical mind, you might just get away with such laziness. But for most of us normal folks, it makes more sense to buckle down and do the hard work of reading actively and intelligently, taking notes as a way to organize and retain information.

There are no magic solutions, I'm afraid. As has been true over the millennia, study has always been an exercise in "time, effort, and focus."

Origin: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Best Spell Casters

Best Spell Casters

Let us all take a scenario where we are in love, we do so many things for the one whom we love and also expect the same back, but many times we see that our wishes are not listened to by our lover. If this is the scenario then the only remedy is to take help of love spells. Best spell casters know how to chant LOVE SPELL which would help you to get your wishes fulfilled by your love, it would be like your wish is his / her command. You can even create a portion using a self-help love spell which if fed to your lover then your lover would fulfill all your wishes.

You need some sugar water and a piece of paper, write all your wishes which you want to be fulfilled by your lover then put the sugar water in a glass bottle and insert the piece of paper inside the bottle, store it away and hidden from every one for 21 days, in this days you would see that whatever you wrote has been dissolved in the water and what would float is the white paper only, the color of the water would change to the color of the ink, so remember to use a red ink.

These 21 days you need to enchant the below spell exactly at half past two 21 times each day, then make your lover drink the water and after 21 days your love would fulfill all your wishes without even you asking for the same.

"Grant my wish"

"Oh son of titans"

"Grant my wish"

"Oh apostles"

"Grant the power so that my wishes comes true"

"I pray to you oh mighty Zeus"

Credit: healing-magic.blogspot.com

New Review Of Visionary Shamanism By Bonnie Cehovet

New Review Of Visionary Shamanism By Bonnie Cehovet
Here is a recent review of Visionary Shamanism, posted recently by BONNIE CEHOVET "VISIONARY SHAMANISM" presents an incredibly incisive look at where we are now, and how we need to get where we are going. A little background - Linda Star Wolf is, amongst other things, the creator of the Shamanic Breathwork process, and a spiritual granddaughter of Seneca Wolf Clan Grandmother Twylah Nitsch. She first came to my attention through the work that she did with Nicki Scully (Anubis Oracle Cards, Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt).The accelerated pace of spiritual growth on this planet has reached a point where old social/spiritual structures are breaking down, and new "leadership", or, more correctly, "stewardship" is needed. Star Wolf places great emphasis on the thought that this is the time when we are all being asked to awaken the shaman within for the purpose of reaching our full potential as individuals. In this book, Star Wolf and Dillon talk about healing the past, learning from the future, and awakening what they call the "imaginal cells" within each of us.Learning from the future was a concept that caught my attention immediately. By living in the present we consciously create our future, yes, but why not access the future in order to learn from it. Imaginal cells are another interesting concept - they represent energies in our auric field of what has already happened, and what will happen. They are stored in the blueprint of the invisible world - essentially, a hologram of who our highest, best self is meant to be. By opening a channel to these cells we get a glimpse of the best that we can be. We also have the opportunity to prepare ourselves for the new world to come.In her foreword, Barbara Hand Clow starts out by saying: "Visionary Shamanism is a clear and simple book about a very complex and thought-provoking idea - we must download information from the future to be totally present and fully embodied now." She notes the work that both she and Star Wold have done with their own past lives to come to a better understanding of the work that they were meant to do. She then goes on to comment on accessing information from the future, noting that there are many individuals that will be resistant to this concept, but that she feels that the time is right to explore this possibility. By accessing our future selves, we open up the option of choosing the future that we wish to have. The foreword ends with an interesting thought - "Use this book to tune into the imaginal cells within yourself, because they are the deepest wisdom in the core of your soul, which vibrates eternally in the very center of your heart."Star Wolf graces this book with a great deal of background on her journey of walking between the worlds. Through story and anecdote, we see her family background, and the important part that her grandmother played in her spiritual development. She places emphasis on each of us being co-creators of our life with God. Star Wolf Talks about her studies with Grandmother Twyla, and her unique experience when she crossed over.Star Wolf talks about the shamanic path of transformation, and how to access our imaginal cells - in our auric field that contains information about both past and future experiences. By accessing our future experiences, we gift ourselves with the choice of the future that we really want. She notes that as multidimensional beings, we have the ability to walk between the worlds, and to be aware of existing in many worlds at once. We have the ability to move our consciousness to integrate all of our worlds.Star Wolf talks about shape-shifting our Family Tree into the Cosmic Tree of Life. Our Family Tree is our family of origin, and all of the issues that surrounds it. In releasing these issues, we shift to the more universal Tree of Life, which symbolizes humanity's place in the universe. There is a great emphasis places on the Neteru, or Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. This is information that has been channeled through Star Wolf, largely on her journey's to Egypt with Nicki Scully.Included with this book is a CD entitled "Musical Journey", by Matt Venuti. It is focused on the chakras, and acts to support reaching a higher level of consciousness.The material in this book is presented through story and anecdote. It flows easily, and can be used by individuals of any religious or cultural background, and all levels of shamanic experience. I find it to be a very accessible tool of personal empowerment.(c) December 2011 Bonnie CehovetABOUT BONNIE CEHOVETBonnie Cehovet is a writer and professional Tarot reader, residing in the Pacific Northwest. Read more from Bonnie: http://bonniecehovet.wordpress.com/2011/12/23/visionary-shamanism/TO READ MORE ARTICLES BY STAR WOLF, GO TO: http://shamanicbreathwork.org/interviews-and-articlesTO READ MORE ABOUT VISIONARY SHAMANISM OR TO ORDER THE BOOK, GO TO: http://shamanicbreathwork.org/books-cds/visionary-shamanism

The Rabbit Hole Series

The Rabbit Hole Series

PART 1:THE GREAT BEAST. Aleister Crowley 666 intro and his connection to occultism, magick, scientology, ancient Egyptian Gods, Satanism and Freemasonry.

PART 2:THE EMPIRE OF THE CITY. The conspiracy theory presented originally in the documentary The Ring of Power of modern economic, religious and military control over the world from supposed cultic central banking organizations with an emphasis on an ancient Egyptian connection in this case.

PART 3:THE GRAND ARCHITECT. Exploration of Freemason symbols, God, their study of religion, numerology and geometry. Symbology, the satan pentagram in architecture, its connection to Egypt, pagans, Lucifer, Washington DC, the triple tau and the compass and square.

PART 4:THE BEAUTY theorizing how it has sparked a new age of human consciousness focusing in particular on the link with the modern UFO phenomenon and its alleged current impact on human evolution.

The Rabbit Hole Series was inspired by reading various texts on modern and ancient religion, spirituality, occultism, secret societies, symbology, UFOs and conspiracy theories as well as watching hours of professional and amateur documentaries of the same genre. I began this project simply because I wanted to learn how to make amateur slideshow presentations on windows movie maker and so spent time throwing together extracts from all my favourite books, documentaries and conspiracy theories. The presentation contains 6 chapters, each chapter is between 4 and 9 minutes in length. The content is primarily made up of other peoples work and research, which I then tried to mold, shape and present in a manner so as to try and form links between them in an attempt to form some kind of holistic concept, therefore, the series should be viewed in sequence from parts 1 to 6. Music compilations, although formed, edited and mixed by EnkiEngimaProductions were only made possible by software and mixing tools supplied by Dubstep Studios (parts 1 & 2) and Musicshake (parts 3, 4, 5 & 6).

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

Celtic Knot Smokey Quartz Larkivite Onyx And Smokey Quartz Point Necklace By Fairymoonmagick

Celtic Knot Smokey Quartz Larkivite Onyx And Smokey Quartz Point Necklace By Fairymoonmagick
37,73 USD

This necklace is 20 inches long and then the point is 1 1/4 inches. It has onyx, larkavite and smokey quartz beads, hematite spacers and a smokey quartz point.

Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It gently neutralises negative vibrations and is detoxifying on all levels. In the psychic and spiritual realms, smoky quartz centers one during meditation, and can provide a grounded link between the physical and higher selves, helping to uncover subconscious wisdom. Because smoky quartz transforms and removes negative energy, it also protects and cleanses the aura and astral bodies. It can be used effectively for psychic shielding.

Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. It is cleansing to the subtle bodies and facilitates a strong connection with the energies of Earth, helping to connect with the spirits of Nature. Larvikite stimulates inner visions and enhances our psychic abilities. It allows us to see the past, providing clarity to visions of past life recall. Larvikite can neutralise and cancel spells that are no longer wanted. It repels negative energy.

Onyx gives strength. It promotes vigor, steadfastness and stamina. Imparts self-confidence, helping you to be at ease in your surroundings. Onyx banishes grief, enhances self-control and stimulates the power of wise decision-making. It encourages happiness and good fortune.

Physically Smokey Quartz dissolves cramps, strengthens the back and fortifies the nerves. It is particularly effective for abdomen, hips and legs. Relieves headaches, back pain, eases muscular spasms. Smokey Quartz benefits the reproductive system, the heart, muscles and nerve tissue. It regulates liquids within the body and aids assimilation of minerals.

The Celtic knot has many beautiful meanings from being called the endless knot, no beginning or end like the cycle of life, rebirth and reincarnation. It represents love, endless and unconditional.

These statements are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute seeking traditional medical treatment and therapy.

Origin: my-spiritual-path.blogspot.com

Witch Children Petition

Witch Children Petition
Many Pagan bloggers sustain articulated concern uninteresting the jam of the alleged witch-children in Nigeria. Hand over is now a call you can sign:

In comeback to the recent Onlooker piece on the jam of the children

that Stepping Sand work with in Nigeria a call has been set up to threat the

Governor of Akwa Ibom Dither, Godswill Akpabio, to act to stop the net

violations of child care order that are spoils place due to the belief in

child "witches". As bountiful of you movement know, excellent children are person

disorderly, tormented and killed in this responsibility due to this traditional

harmful belief. We need to act as easily as attainable if we are protect

exceptional children from harm and confront this fanatically assumed belief.

I would be grateful if you may well sign it and allocate this harmony to your

contacts. With organize are as bountiful signatories as attainable Stepping Sand movement as a result

densely verdict the call to the Governor. This is trade event the peak

start in what is separation to be a long, concerted effort by Stepping Sand

Nigeria and their husband NGO - the Child Custody and Psychoanalysis Waterway

- to put an end to this needless misery. They movement in addition be looking to

tragically expand the gift of their Stop Running away of Children

Today (Sell) dispute in 2008.

The call can be found at:

Care2 call for the children who are targets of the Nigerian witch-hunt

There's in addition a Facebook group - suit get together to trade fair your wing, and donate to Stepping Sand.

Sacred Visit From The Ancient Ones

Sacred Visit From The Ancient Ones

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Before I went to bed last night I followed my usual routine. I climbed in bed with two of my favorite crystals. I always sleep with a crystal or two tucked away in my pillow or one in my hand. Both crystals are quartz based and have different properties. However that is irrelevant to this blog post. The only thing I did differently last night was ask for prophetic dreams. Usually I ask nothing and simply accept my dream state for another reality. I felt this overwhelming urge to ask for this, knowing I would indeed receive.

I slept soundly the whole night through. Not one single noise awoke the deep sleep and comfort I was experiencing. Upon waking up I still had all the fresh memories of the dream state still available for me to record.

The ancient ones, our ancestors are always here waiting and willing to guide us in the directions we seek. They have all memories of our present and past lives, as do we have their memories. This was part of my dream last night.

I was taken to the 'Hunting Ground', a sacred place for healing, rituals and meditation. I was brought to this place that is here in our world but veiled by our current state of consciousness. The ancestors lifted this scared veil for me last night to see all that I seek and ask for. There was much I was not prepared for and did not want to accept. However I was told that nothing is written in stone for our future. I worried of the dismay and destruction I was showed. I was reassured once again that this was only a possible outcome and one of many that could take place.

As I began to feel a small amount of fear inside my soul, I was taken aside by an elderly man. He was strong, large and had thick, dark and aged skin. Though he seemed to be an elder you could see his warrior spirit inside glowing with youth. This man that was once a tribal leader, shaman and medicine man offered me a stick of herbs. The herbs of mugwart and sage were rolled tightly and bound in a damp cloth. As we sat in the earth cavern he began to speak in a language I was not familiar with. He leaned toward the burning fire of warmth and ignited the stick of herbs. He began with a circular motion over my head and continued by my face so I could breath in the sacred smoke from the herbs. As he did this I began to understand the blessings and words he was speaking. My mind and memories were opening up to allow the knowledge to once again come forward and be useful. The old warrior took the burning herbs and placed them upon my naked chest. I was nude as one must be in their pure state when experiencing or becoming awakened. As the man burned my chest bone I began to feel a large sensation of heat and it began to burn slightly. Just as I felt the onset of pain the stick was removed. The elder then placed his right hand upon the area of my chest. When he did this you could physically see the intense energy flowing from the universe through him and then extended out and into me. I felt this wave of love, gratitude, humiliation, faith, anger, pain, grief, happiness and joy overcome me. The man placed his left hand on my back, directly behind his other hand. He guided my body down to a laying position on a bed of fur. I closed my eyes and then the memories, visions and all that is and was was brought back to my consciousness. I must have been out for what seemed like hours.

When I awoke the man was still there along with an entire tribe of everyone who had ever passed from this world that had at one time been involved in my life either current or past. Each spirit/ancestor had brought me a gift to take back to the world I would once again awaken in. My great grandmother brought me the coat of a wolf. She placed it over me as I stood tall. "You have the agility and keen sense of the wolf spirit." she said softly as she placed the fur over my shoulders and touched her right hand to my heart. A little boy approached me next. Tough he was small I could see the thousands of years of wisdom buried deep within his eyes. Another fur was laid upon my body. It stood tall and mighty above me. The boy softy spoke, "Bear will assist you in all your battles. She is strong and a great protector." Another woman began to approach me. her long white hair braided behind her and her dark skin glowed in the light from the flickering flames. She came forward and offered me the feathers of a hawk. "Take these feathers with you for your journeys will be long. The hawk will allow you to see high above and give you advanced sight when something isn't right." she spoke firmly but with love in her voice. A teenage looking boy approached me with the shell of a turtle and he spoke aloud, "You have the compassion and peace of the turtle spirit. You can observe and teach through his calming and compassionate ways." More ancestors began to appear, all of them bringing some form of gift or offering. There were more furs and feathers, stones and crystals, wood instruments and tools. All of the gifts had a special purpose, property and meaning. Each item would need to be used in the upcoming sunrises and sunsets.

I had received all the gifts of meaning, I once again sat alone with the elderly man in the fire lit cave. He placed both hands on my head. His palms were hot and his thumbs rolled down the front of my face and over my eyes. He held is hands there for quite some time. I could feel the heat radiating throughout my entire core of existence. As I sat there with my eyes closed I was given the view of my true self. I was an old woman, similar to this elderly man. I looked much like him with my dark skin and wrinkled lines around my eyes. I had silver hair that fell down my back and the most intense dark eyes I had ever seen. The warrior showed me my true light and the life I originally was. He assured me this; my body was just a shell for this world and the old woman was who I had always been and would always be. I am her knowledge, her spirit, her love and thought. I am the creators of my ancestors just as they are the creators of me.

I then awoke from the hours of dreaming and visualization. I felt well rested and full of life. The warm sensation of the warriors hand upon my heart is still present. I feel the spirit now more than ever in my life and know it resides within me as I am one with it. I knew upon awakening there was great reason and meaning to this dream. I know what the mission/journey is now and I thank the ancestors for their visit and knowledge. Their reassurance and teachings couldn't have come at a better time.

There is much more detail to this story. I remember all the gifts that were given, including the pouch of sacred herbs and stones. I remember what I am to do with them and the purposes they serve. Thank you ancestors, thank you god/goddess/creator/spirit and what is. Thank you me as I am one with.

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