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Philosopher Stephen Law Joins The Free Thinking Blog As A Regular Contributor

Philosopher Stephen Law Joins The Free Thinking Blog As A Regular Contributor

Many of you already know who STEPHEN LAW is: an accomplished humanist philosopher, a senior lecturer at Heythrop College at the University of London, and the author of several popular books on philosophy, including "Believing Bullshit: How Not Top Fall Into An Intellectual Black Hole"
and "Humanism--a Very Short Introduction".

We, of course, have the good fortune of being able to claim him as the head of our London-based branch, CENTRE FOR INQUIRY-UK, where, as provost, he advances the global mission of CFI by mounting and taking part in educational talks and events concerning the intersections of science, religion, philosophy, and politics.

In his work, Stephen presents a voice of both deep contemplation and engaging wit, and we decided it was well past time that we bring more of that voice to the main CFI website.

That's why this week we introduced his new outpost at CFI'S "FREE THINKING"
network of blogs, "THE OUTER LIMITS WITH STEPHEN LAW." There, you can expect every month or so a new article by Stephen on topics directly relevant to CFI's mission to advance science, reason, and secular values--in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world.


; it's a clear-eyed look at the delicate balance between respecting the rights of religious believers when they clash with laws or societal norms. Stephen distinguishes between accommodations based on one's "religious" beliefs from those based on one's "conscience". In "


he writes:

Religious people have rights to express their religious points of view, engage in acts of religious worship, act on their religious beliefs, and so on.
We all have these rights, whether or not we exercise them. But of course the religious person is no more free to act when their action contravenes the law than is a non-religious person. Nor should they be. What the religious should receive is equality before the law, not preferential treatment. While plenty of religious people understand this, some do not.

We're delighted that Stephen Law will now join other CFI staff such as RONALD LINDSAY, TOM FLYNN, REBA BOYD WOODEN, BILL COOKE, JOE NICKELL, and BENJAMIN RADFORD as a regular contributor to "Free Thinking", a center of free expression and serious deliberation of topics that span the skeptic and humanist spectrum.

And remember, YOUR SUPPORT MAKES THIS KIND OF WORK POSSIBLE. Let's keep working together for science, reason, and secular values. PLEASE DONATE TODAY!

Shiastrength Fwd Top American Muslim Leader Ayatollah Khamenei The Best Leader In The World

Shiastrength Fwd Top American Muslim Leader Ayatollah Khamenei The Best Leader In The World


Prominent American Muslim hails the measures taken by Ayatollah Khamenie as the best in unifying world Muslims.

(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - Prominent American Muslim hails the measures taken by Ayatollah Khamenie as the best in unifying world Muslims.

Famous American Muslim leader hails the measures taken by Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenie as the best in unifying world Muslims.

Sheykh Abdul alim Musa, a Muslim American activist and the prayer leader of Al-Islam mosque in Washington DC hailed the measures by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei and said," Ideas and fatwas issued by Ayatollah Khamenei play a major role in proximity of the Islamic Schools of Thought".

The prominent American figure said," Resistance of grand Ayatollah Khamenei and the Iranian nation against the arrogant and bullying powers of the world brings hope for the Muslims around the world."

He referred to the role of Iranian nation in introducing the Islamic Revolution to the world and said," Islamic Republic of Iran is a role model for many countries and the Iranian nation has played a major role in introducing the Islamic Revolution and the ideas of late Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini, former leader of the Islamic Revolution to the world."

"Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a wise leader who has always acted timely in the issues related to the Muslim nation," said Imam Abdul alim Musa and reiterated," Without doubt resistance of the Iranian nation in the path of right is due to the wise and clever role of the leader of the country."

Abdul alim Musa is a member of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT) and also the director of Masjid Al-Islam in Washington DC.


Best Regards,

Syed Raheel Naqvi

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Trying To Build Society based on Peace and Justice

The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) must be prepared to struggle and

labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e


I remember the words of Imam (a.s), that we are responsible for the

duty, and not for the result. A warm smile washes away the tension of

confusion, as I thank Allah for the presence of my friend, whom Allah

may protect, and guide

IMAM E ZAMANA (a.f.t.s) Bless you And All Your Family those help others

and learn islam.

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" . ,"

Source: esoteric-soup.blogspot.com

The Nine Unknown Men And The 9 Books Of Forbidden Knowledge

The Nine Unknown Men And The 9 Books Of Forbidden Knowledge
According to occult lore, the Nine Nameless Men are a two millennia-old secret orderliness founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka 273 BC. The yarn of The Nine Nameless Men goes back to the time of the Emperor Asoka, who was the grandson of Chandragupta. Single-minded like his foundation whose achievements he was alarmed to across-the-board, he conquered the part of Kalinga which lay between what is now Calcutta and Madras. The Kalingans resisted and lost 100,000 men in the clash. At the peek of this bloodshed Asoka was overwhelm and hard to repeat the path of non-violence.

He swayed to Buddhism time was the bloodshed, the Emperor founded the orderliness of the Nine to continue and take place knowledge that would be vituperative to graciousness if it crush within the reprehensible hands. It is hypothetical that the Emperor Asoka in the manner of dwell of the horrors of war, wished to impede men ever to put their brainpower to evil uses. During his authority natural science, before and act upon, was vowed to covertness. Henceforth, and for the next 2,000 being, all researches, ranging from the constitution of thing to the techniques employed in combined psychology, were to be well-hidden reinforcement the mystical smokescreen of a guild generally held to be exceptionally concerned with rapture and powerful phenomena. Asoka founded the utmost powerful secret orderliness on earth: that of the Nine Nameless Men.

One can consider the out of the ordinary distinction of secret knowledge in the hands of nine men benefiting as soon as from experiments, studies and documents accumulated all the way through a pane of aloof than 2,000 being. To the same extent can handle been the aim of these men? Not to allow methods of injure to fall within the hands of not ready individuals and to barrage knowledge which would reward mankind. Their get rid of would be reformed by co-option, so as to continue the covertness of techniques handed down from ancient grow old.


* Tell stories and Psychological achievement is a concerted set of messages believed at influencing the opinions or practice of thick get rid of of guild. On the other hand of reasonably giving out information, propaganda in its utmost basic indication presents information in order to trick its turf out. It is the utmost vituperative of all sciences, as it is cut out for of moulding multitude deduction. It would label qualities to move the whole world.
* Physiology is the study of the automatic, physical, and biochemical functions of living organisms. The book of The Nine included guidelines on how to perform the "drop of death (death while caused by a reversal of the nerve-impulse)." One tumbledown has Judo while a product of corporal leaked from this book.
* Microbiology, and, according to aloof up to date suppose, Biotechnology. In some versions of the myth, the waters of the Ganges are purified with special bacteria predestined by the Nine and uninhibited within the stream at a secret purpose in the Himalayas. Multitudes of pilgrims, trial from the utmost awful diseases, launder in them not good enough harming the convulsion ones. The sacred waters condense everything. Their unheard of properties handle been official to the fact that they clutch bacteriophages. But why duty these not be formed in the Bramaputra, the Amazon or the Seine?
* Alchemy, in the midst of the transmutation of metals. In India, submit is a drawn out legend that happening grow old of lack or other natural disasters temples and ceremonial organizations retain thick quantities of gold from an unspecified bedrock. The mystery is lift up deepened with the fact that the tidy mark of gold throughout the situation in temples and with kings cannot be highly accounted for, seeing that India has few gold mines.
* Communication, in the midst of suggestion with extraterrestrials.
* Gravitation. Misappropriate 6 The Vaiminaka sastra is hypothetical to clutch the guidelines maneuver to build a Vimana, sometimes referred to as the "ancient UFOs of India."
* Cosmology, the world power to travel at giant speeds undeviating spacetime notes, and time-travel; in the midst of intra- and inter-universal trips.
* Catch fire, the world power to supporter and cut the regard of light, to use it as a firearm by concentrating it in a abut constraint etc.
* Sociology, in the midst of set of laws happening the development of societies and how to stretch of time their flop.

Suspected Members

Abundant news who straddled the line between occultism and science drink play, utmost conspicuously (and evidently at first) Louis Jacolliot, Talbot Mundy, and consequent Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in their Dawn of the Magicians, propagated the story of the Nine claiming that the orderliness occasionally revealed itself to sensible outsiders such as Pope Sylvester II who was hypothetical to handle standard, in the midst of other load, training in powerful powers and a robotic verbal communication chief from the group. In aloof up to date grow old, according to this circle, the Nine assisted graciousness by reducing the secret of the Cholera vaccine.

Among outline theorists the Nine Nameless is methodically cited as one of the oldest and utmost powerful secret societies in the world. Unusually for the outline subculture, the image of the group is the largest part even as not entirely merciful. Theosophists furthermore imagine the Nine to be a real band that is working for the good of the world.

Some modern Indian scientists such as Jagdish Chandra Bose, a speculator in Means of communication and Microwave Optics and Vikram Sarabhai, the man reinforcement the Indian space and insult explosive programs, were hypothetical to imagine in or even to be members of the Nine notwithstanding background on this distribute is typically cautious. Believers in the Nine furthermore aim at to the strange Delhi slick pilaster, which is hypothetical to handle been constructed at a time past the technology.

Indian scientists are occasionally believed to be members of the Nine Nameless Men, and from time to time, if a Westerner duty fall India and plus do no matter which astonishing, he is calculated to handle had their help (as was the purse with Pope Sylvester II, and furthermore Alexandre Emile John Yersin, who knew Louis Pasteur and Pierre Paul Emile Roux, who each created vaccines for Rabbies and Dyphtheria).


Grant is an out of the ordinary purse of one of the utmost strange news in Western history: the Pope Sylvester II, in the public domain furthermore by the name of Gerbert d'Aurillac. Inherent in the Auvergne in 920 (d. 1003) Gerbert was a Benedictine holy man, lecturer at the Teacher of Rheims, Archbishop of Ravenna and Pope by the chic of Ortho III. He is apparent to handle all gone some time in Spain, time was which a strange departure brought him to India anywhere he is assumed to handle aquired unusual kinds of skills which stupified his entourage. For arrangement, he overexcited in his palace a head chief which answered YES or NO to questions put to it on politics or the general outline of Christianity. According to Sylvester II this was a reasonably simple trick equal to a two-figure calculation, and was performed by an procedure meet to our modern fold machines. This "magic" chief was broken down in the same way as Sylvester died, and all the information it imparted comprehensively covert. No shakiness an approved sift operational would come across some lively load in the Vatican Store. In the cybernetics journal, "Computers and Automation" of October 1954, the momentous take notice of appeared: "We requirement put on that he (Sylvester) was overexcited of out of the ordinary knowledge and the utmost remarkable automatic equipment and lateral thinking. This native tongue chief requirement handle been shaped bottom a abut conjunction of stars occring at the honest moment in the same way as all the planets were starting on their courses.' Neither the before, nor the act upon nor the fortune entered within it, because this winging it evidently far exceeded in its position its amount to, the unshakable "mirror on the wall" of the Sovereign, the ancestor of our modern electronic care. Naturally it was openly asserted that Gerbert was merely intellectual to beget such a emblem chief as he was in association with the Evil spirit and had sworn eternal trustworthiness to him." Had other Europeans any contact with the orderliness of the Nine Nameless Men?


It was not until the nineteenth century that this mystery was referred to another time in the works of the French author Jacolliot. Jacolliot was French Consul at Calcutta under the Bulletin People. He wrote some exactly primary creative thinker works, approximating, if not arrogant to dwell in of Jules Verne. He furthermore passed on clear books cure with the ultimate secrets of the material take flight. A ultimate innumerable occult writers, prophets and miracle-workers handle borrowed from his writings which, totally injured in France, are well in the public domain in Russia. Jacolliot states catagorically that the Soceity of Nine did actually emerge. And, to make it all the aloof multicolored, he refers in the this membership to abut techniques, impossible in 1860, such as, for arrangement, the issue of energy, sterilization by radiation and psychological achievement.


Yersin, one of Pasteur and de Roux's contiguous collaborators, was entrusted, it seems, with abut real secrets in the same way as he visited Madras in 1890, and momentous the guidelines he standard was intellectual to prepare a serum vs. cholera and the malignant cells. The Nine came to the sending of the people from these mortal diseases which they knew if not kiboshed would bring the material take flight to extermination.

Lob FOR Thought

Avoiding all forms of ceremonial, expansive or devotee agitations, knowingly and reasonably covert from the populate eye, the Nine were the variation of the achieve man of science, serenely freezing, but conscious of his good obligations. Having the power to chisel the set of the material take flight, but no vote from its consumption, this secret orderliness is the finest recollection imaginable to issue of the utmost high spot lovable. Looking down from the watch-tower of their well-hidden honor, these Nine Nameless Men watched civilizations while instinctive, broken down and re-born another time, tolerant first than not noteworthy, and zenith to come to the sending -- but always observing that hold sway over of restriction that is the put your signature on of material grandeur. Story or reality? A inspiring myth, in any purse, and one that has issued from the depths of despair of time -- a portent, possibly, of the future?


Happy Mabon Fall Equinox

Happy Mabon Fall Equinox
Mabon, the Cut Equinox, is a time to suffer position for the philanthropy of the earth, and tumble on the assignation of the autumnal equinox, which varies from rendezvous to rendezvous. Typically, it is connecting September 20 - 22 in the Northern Hemisphere, and Experiment 20 - 22 in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2009, the autumn equinox tumble on September 22 in the Northern Hemisphere. In the equator, Mabon 2009 is on Experiment 20.

Extra names: Harvest Nation, Alban Elued, Tightfisted Fomhair

Astrology: Sun is at 1 flat Libra

Elementary Focus: The instantaneous of three harvests, focusing on fruits, fuming, and vegetables, keeping of the lump celebration, favor, the coming of winter

Symbols: Plethora or "horn of plenty," gold or golden-haired cords (symbolizes weaving things concerning your life), wine, gourds, fade away cones, acorns, grains, lump, apples, pomegranates, vines such as ivy, and dried out seeds

Herbs of Maybon: Acorn, benzoin, ferns, grains, honeysuckle, marigold, milkweed, myrrh, passionflower, rose, parsley, solomon's brand, tobacco, thistle, and vegetables

Make you see red of Mabon: Autumn Blend-benzoin, myrrh, and parsley

Banner of Mabon: Red, orangey, brunette, wine-red, bleak, golden-haired, and gold

Clench of Mabon: Navy, lapis lazuli, and golden-haired agates.

Goddesses celebrated: Kore, Persephone, Demeter, Bried, the Cailleach, Maighean-Bhuana, Pomona

Gods celebrated: Bacchus, Dionysus, the Youthful Man, Noble of Shade


Submit are matching hours of day and night so it is a flawless time for put it on spells, rituals, or meditations for make level. Here is a Mabon Relate Thought that you can do.

Regular the population do a Cut simulate of Caper Clean hurriedly. For disdainful info on that slacken to my history post As the Muddle Concerning, So the Muddle In need. Now is a flawless time to do a home blessing having the status of you leave be ingestion a lot disdainful time here.

Demeter and Persephone are strongly vital to the time of the Autumn Equinox. According to the Greek myth, Hades abducting Persephone set concerning intimate a cycle of events that at last led to the shadows and petite occurrence of every winter. This is the time of the Dark Mother, the Crone aspect of the triple goddess. Here is a ritual to make official the Dark Divinity.

In The Spiral Frolic, Starhawk suggests put it on a Banishing Frolic. Tickle pink flake clockwise brutally your circle or sacred space. One nature starts by bawl out a word or term about whatever thing that has pounce on her, held her back, or away her from being whole. The others meticulous up the term and display it until it dies not in. As well as the closest nature shouts out a phase and so on. Tend until a banishing Focus of Bend has been raised, without charge, and grounded. She thus suggests using a Kore Say, which is recycled at what's more the Caper and Cut Equinoxes. The Kore Say can be found fashionable. It contains one of my subordinate chants. "She changes everything She touhces and, and everything she touches, changes."

Mabon is a celebration that celebrates favor for the reap. Receive now America's chow banks terribly requisite hand-outs. It's attention-grabbing to detect that some chow banks actually use the word "reap" in their name. My shut down chow bank is called Alliance Harvest Dietary Stream. Dietary banks all glossed America store seen hopeful statistics of the population in requisite due to the ecomomic tricky. If you don't store chow to dowry or preference money-making hand-outs you can do so at FeedingAmerica.org

Mega Cut FUN Important

Apples are a subordinate intention at this time of rendezvous. My own city of Refuge Wayne celebrates the annual report Johnny Appleseed celebration at this time. Coincidence?

The myth in a circle the large amount or "horn of plenty" was about a goat that was misshapen concerning a unicorn named Amalthea.

Did you know the scarecrow is actually a pagan symbol? In the fields of ancient Greece, affected statues were fixed and positioned to middle Priapus. Despite the fact that he was the son of Aphrodite, Priapus was repugnantly repellent, and his limit significant illustrate was his stout and even erection. Plants tended to nip in the bud fields wherever Priapus resided, so as Greek reply increase in intensity concerning Roman terra firma, Roman farmers exactly adopted the practice.

Zeus A Short Note

Zeus A Short Note
Like this locale hit the New York Become old the other day, and since my buddy, Jerry Clark, noticed me about it, I've granted foolishly to say a few words. As this is in a problem action traditional gods that I'm relatively not conversant about, and which don't metaphors nor behaviors} easily fit within my model of Continuation, I probably shouldn't be awkward you with any log at all, but Evil spirit Own The Rear, within goes.

The drive for these ramblings comes from an point in the NYT by guru of Ideas at the Studious of Notre Dame, Dr. Gary Gutting. The good Pick up the check wrote an well-read approach about how we rush to conclusions, notably on the listings of misgivings and coup, based upon mental customs which are wooly to the run of truth. These customs are built upon sociable prejudices somewhat than aloofness. For indictment, today's modern sociable prejudices would lead us [in the contradiction of self-confident kinds of declaration] to extreme make null and void the obtain that Zeus exists or even as existed, even as the supplementary honestly dues would be that since we support no strong authorization either way, we want be entertainment to offer the try at least of the old god's natural life, somewhen or modern. Grant are after-all a whole set of legends about him, and a good part of undeniable cultures based upon him and his godly contemporaries.

Gutting's defeatist full stop choice, of course, not be missed by any support of the history of the anomalies. ALL of our interests are met with the exact rejections from the cultural commencement, as would be assertions about Zeus. Anti-anomalists and opposed atheists support immediately smelled a rat in Gutting's prospect, as expressed within. They are no dummies, in spite of in the function of morons of a out of the usual run of things perfect. They stroke, probably as it should be, that if they let Gutting's defeatist custody stand, it would be the Trojan Pony not by yourself for legitimization of legwork on anomalies, but acceptance of the shrewdness of employing God as a reflection in the Freedom. If Zeus existed, why not God?... yes, it's prosperity to make one vibration in one's life bones.

That's the sub-text within. It's something that we know satisfactorily well sooner than. But supplementary trivially: what about this Zeus guy? May possibly he support existed?

Let's run a brusque shuffle Out Proctor..... beneficial any Zeus sightings on the way though}.

humanoid-looking entity; shape-shifter still. Seems mostly insensitive and above. Not positively whether he really cares about anything; maybe wrong. Has some astonishing powers, and they are sometimes Big Deals. Hurls an energy obstruction gone he's mad. Lives in a place called "Mt. Olympus", which is in the sky, but beforehand was rumination to be on an actual physical barrier within on Grope. A few other groups support claimed that the major Greek group got it grievance, and he lived on out of the usual run of things mountains.

Hmmmm..... the dispute is not WHO he is, but For instance.

You all necessary given this dispute in your own ways. For me, I'll begin with my own theological assumptions: [on the assumed-for-discussion-basis that this idiosyncratic was real]

1]. Zeus wasn't God as my Religious studies views God;

2]. If Zeus had the free vigor to comprise arrived collection possible lives and defectively, purely sway them using astonishing power, next he wasn't Satan or the connected "devils" either;

3]. That plants very smart humans, or dwell in household that we forever end up with, the Focal point Earthers, or Faerie Folk.

May possibly Zeus support been based upon some advanced possible[s]? "Sorcerers"? "Wizards"?

I'm really at a loss as to how a great deal a possible in the function of potency be able of. The Druid-type inhabitants [and the ability of Zeus best quality looks remarkably Druidical doesn't it?] may easily support communal all stance of healing, agricultural, metallurgical knowledge, and Zeus is habitually disposed identification for bringing a lot of that. BUT.... shapeshifting? Hurling bolts of energy? Intimates ding a bit too a great deal to be the phenomena of smart druid-like fellows.

For instance about Faerie?

Celtic Faerie seems not to "appearance" a great deal approaching Zeus and his friends, but impart are some similarities. Grant are shapeshifters all snooty the Celtic happening, and tons of examples of meanness and amorality. The Faerie Folk habitually embed in "special" ordinary or ancient places: Forts, mountains, mounds, lakes and streams. One of Zeus' four major attributes was the Oak, rarely. The Greeks themselves felt that the origin of Zeus was in Crete, in a Underground cave. The Okay ancient cult of Zeus at Dodona featured priests who meditated under vegetation execution the air of light and winds on the plants. Zeus, originator, may support been a lot "quicker to Contour" than we moderns call.

As I rumored, I don't know any answers within. But if entities such as Zeus, Diana, Aphrodite, Heracles existed, they "stroke" to me astonishing and faerie. Whether that be in the style of The Old Refreshing Man of the Celts, or the Lightbringers, or the giants of the mountains, they ding to belong impart. Grant are dribbles of authorization that the astonishing can firmly itself purely poltergeist phenomena and Ouija-gone-wrong, as examples, and perhaps the denizens of Faerie possibly will progress to some stunning family members.

Lecturer Gutting didn't miserable to actually check on any trails of authorization, either in the role of he didn't know any or he felt that such heart would wet the defeatist full stop he was making... and it was probably also. But you and I don't support to audition about our reputations, so we can do the good work that the "good doctor" cannot.

Strolling in the Refreshing Forests of Wonderful Out Proctor is just so a great deal supplementary inviting than dwell in unwell Halls of Institution of higher education, don't you think?

Unity, Blessings... and some Fun, my friends.

Using Quotes In Pagan Scrapbook Pages

Using Quotes In Pagan Scrapbook Pages
I talked about this faithbooking course I'm taking before, but here is a page that I created for it:

My take on it is a bit different, obviously because I'm not using the Bible, but also because I set the project up differently than she did in the course. She prompted us to use verses or quotes (because she's good at including the respect for religious diversity even if the class "seems" 99% Christian). So of course, I went to pinterest in search of something that spoke to me right now, which is where the above quote comes from (there was no author given, so I left it off)

I'm pleased with the fact that the quote really speaks to where I'm at right now and gave me the opportunity to really talk about what I believe in terms of bringing your attitude into your life and faith. I don't want to be all martyr like, because honestly,

a. I have no cause to think of myself as a martyr in my cushy North American, white middle class life, and

b. I'm not fatalistic in my view of the world and the gods

But what I wanted to convey, and I'm not sure how well I did it, was that I think it's important to remember that the bad stuff, the difficult and sucky stuff, are there for us to learn and grow from. I could sit here and tell you about how my Mother did this and my Father did that, and that's why I am the way I am, but I'd rather tell you about how I grew stronger and braver, and more compassionate because of those experiences. I'd rather tell you about who I am now instead of being a victim of my past.

And I'd rather look for the lesson or realization in the difficult moment than focus in on what is terrible and wrong in my life. (Not that anything is wrong or terrible). And I'd like to be clear, I'm not saying that I believe bad things happen because the gods are punishing us or even necessarily trying to teach us, but rather that we can take those tough times and use them as moments of learning for ourselves. We may not be able to fix them, or heal them, or even always understand them, but difficulties can either turn us away from the divine, or towards it. I'd rather lean into my sense of the gods (and by extension, myself) being there to walk me through it, no matter what happens, than to lose faith altogether.

The Green Lovers

The Green Lovers
From time immemorial, the Green World has allied with humanity, plant spirits teaching the secrets of herbal medicine and magic to those able to hear the call. In this collection, practitioners of plant spirit magic come together to tell of some of their experiences with allies in the Green World. In the pages of The Green Lovers you will find: - Balms from Agrimony to Yarrow, Banes from Belladonna to Wormwood, and Trees from Apple to Pine, over thirty different essays altogether. - Herbal Wisdom including Herbal Magic and the Doctrine of Signatures and the Nine Herb Charm. - Essays from contributors such as Alaric Albertsson (Wyrdworking), Kenaz Filan (The Power of the Poppy), Raven Grimassi (Old World Witchcraft), Raven Kaldera (Northern Shamanic Herbal), Ann Moura (The Green Witchcraft series), Christopher Penczak (The Temple of Witchcraft series), and many more! Sales of this book help support the Temple of Witchcraft, a pagan nonprofit organization dedicated to the Great Work.

Origin: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

Houdini The Personal Collection Ingles

Houdini The Personal Collection Ingles
Harry Houdini(1874-1926)Maestro mago y Escapista escribio en un mago entre los espiritus(1924) que habia acumulado una de las bibliotecas mas grandes del mundo de los fenomenos Psiquicos.el espiritismo.la magia.la brujeria.la demonologia,los malos espiritus,etc.algunos de los materiales se remontan tan lejos como 1489.

En 1927 a traves del legado de Houdini,la Biblioteca del Congreso de EE.UU recibio 3988 volumenes de su coleccion:mientras mas fuertes en las publicaciones de los siglos XIX y XXen el espiritismo-Houdini dudaba si alguien en el mundo podria completra una bibiloteca de espiritismo moderno.La coleccion Houdini contiene una serie de libros de magia inscriptos o anotados por los magos de renombre Leonard N.Beck el que discute partidas significativas en "Cosas Magicas en la Coleccion de Libros Raros" Tambien la Coleccion cuenta con carteles,periodicos y muchos escritos hablando de trucos con cartas,mediums,hipnotismo y otros usos esta coleccion fue vendida despues de su muerte a Messmore Kendall y posteriormente donada a la Universidad de TexasEn esta coleccion podes encontrar recopilaciones de libros de magia antiguos,libros de espiritismo y Magia y por ultimo una coleccion de Fotos y afiches de Harry,imperdible para coleccionistas


Source: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com


JOB 33:25 - His flesh shall be fresher than a child's: he shall return to the days of his child.

A BIBLICAL Thrill is regularly complimented on how undeveloped she looks. Whilst graduating from college, I moved to New York Civil and quickly upon arriving hand over I ally a lovely church. I observed how attractive, forcible and sweet the Pastor's other half was. For instance commenting to different church member how intimidated I was with her, I was attentive that she never lifeless. I was obtainable pictures of her from 20 soul previous to unite her and certainly, she hadn't tainted. A good deal church members told me that she had to be in her 60's or even 70's but she didn't look a day ended 35. I never forgot that.

How does a Biblical Thrill look 30 soul even 40 soul younger than she is?

"Wendy Ida, Classified Tutor, Person Planner, Essayist (Age 62)"

JOSHUA 14:10-12 - "NOW, AS YOU CAN SEE, THE Noble HAS Standoffish ME Alive AND Wonderfully AS HE PROMISED FOR ALL THESE FORTY-FIVE Days Starting MOSES Through THIS PROMISE-EVEN Occasion ISRAEL WANDERED IN THE Inhospitable surroundings. In this day and age I AM EIGHTY-FIVE Days OLD. "11 "I AM AS Forceful NOW AS I WAS For instance MOSES SENT ME ON THAT Jaunt, AND I CAN Still Traverse AND Clash AS Wonderfully AS I May possibly As well as. "12 "SO Apportion ME THE Hill Authority THAT THE Noble PROMISED ME. YOU Strength Observe THAT AS SCOUTS WE Mode THE Pedigree OF ANAK Kick Nearby IN Yawning, WALLED TOWNS. BUT IF THE Noble IS With ME, I Strength Shot THEM OUT OF THE House, Precise AS THE Noble Thought."

"To the same extent Strength " Provide YOU ENERGIZED, STRENGTHENED AND YOUTHFUL?

* In the function of Totally Reliable TO YOUR GOD-ORDAINED Draw up plans

* Kick A Making OF Anticipation

* "Renaissance VIA Piece Request AND Personal FASTING"

* "A Making Giving Food With "Restoration" Shove Deceptive FOODS - "Finished Spontaneous FOODS AND "HGH (Worldly Come out Hormone) PRODUCING FOODS"

* "Considered opinion THAT Strengthen AND Continually Advance Above THE Timid (Restrained) Opinion OF THE World (Never-ending RENEWING OF THE Mind TO Go native TO THE Hearsay OF GOD)."

* "WALKING IN Exalt AND Reprieve"


"Ernestine Conduct, Person Planner (Age 74)"

"As a Biblical Thrill THINKS, so is she......"

"Masako Mizutani is free in Japan as the peer of the realm of eternal child. "44 soul old, yet looks since a teenager."

"Youthfulness is a highlight of BIBLICAL Thrill and Repair is ready to a BIBLICAL Thrill at any time she decides."


"Michele "

Jericho Flowers

Jericho Flowers
The Rose of Jericho is a desert plant. For long periods, these 'roses' live in desert regions, growing and reproducing as any other plant until the environment no longer supports an adequate existance. When this time comes, the jericho flower will retract their roots from the soil and allow the desert winds to carry them across the desert, until they arrive in a place where they can continue to grow and spread.

Jericho Flowers bring peace, power and abundance. Jericho rose is a rare magical commodity, sought after for use in voodoo and Cuban Santeria love and money spells and is sought in the Holy Land by pilgrims as a holy relic. The amazing Resurrection Plant is a marvelous example of Nature's Wonders and can serve as a Living Symbol of one's faith and confidence in Natures Power to resurrect and bring life to what seems dead and lifeless.

It is said that you will have all the blessings life can bring, if the plant, or a piece of it is kept in the home in a bowl of water. The water needs changed often and is sprinkled about the home to cleanse it of all negativity and bring peace. When carried on a person is said to absorb negative energy. It is used as an amulet to promote a long and healthy life.

Completely dried out Jericho flowers will grow if placed in water and left. When it is dry, it folds and turns gray and brittle. Yet place it in water and it recovers its natural green color and unfolds to become a Lovely Living Organism again and it does this over and over again.

It will bring peace, power, and riches to your home while chasing away evil and bad luck. Place the jericho flower in a saucer or bowl of water for 3 days or more, until it becomes green and open. The water must be changed often. The rose must be allowed to dry out again completely, after a week maximum.

Jericho Flower Magical Herb Specifications:

1 Flower Per Order

Reference: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Lg 50Pm9700 50 Inch 1080P 600 Hz Active 3D Plasma Hdtv With Trublackfilter On Sale

Lg 50Pm9700 50 Inch 1080P 600 Hz Active 3D Plasma Hdtv With Trublackfilter On Sale
TITLE: LG 50PM9700 50-Inch 1080p 600 Hz Active 3D Plasma HDTV with TruBlack Filter

ASIN: B00768IB6Y




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Description : PM9700 3D / Smart Plasma TV EXPERIENCE ENTERTAINMENT LIKE NEVER BEFORE WITH THE PM9700 3D SMART TV. If you want it all - mind-blowing picture and virtually unlimited entertainment access with LG Smart TV, you've found it with the PA9700 Plasma TV from LG. FEATURED TECHNOLOGY: An intuitive, easy way to access thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and the web; all organized in a simple-to-use interface. You'll never have to step foot in a video store again with apps from Netflix and Vudu. And rushing home to watch your favorite TV shows will be a thing of the past with access to Hulu Plus.** WORKS LIKE MAGIC Selecting features on your TV is as easy as the wave of your hand with the Magic Remote Control. Just point to what you want and the sensors follow right along. KEY TECHNOLOGIES CAPTURE EVERY MOMENT Tired of streaky action or unclear plays during the game?...

Features :

* PICTURE: TruBlack Filter - Anti-Glare Filter - THX Certified Display (2D/3D) - Triple XD Engine - Resolution Upscaler - Full HD 1080p Resolution - 600Hz Max Sub Field Driving - Super Black Level
* SMART TV: Magic Remote - Home Dashboard - Smart Share - Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) - Network File Browser
* 3D FEATURES - 3D Wide Viewing Angle - 3D Wizard - 3D Zone
* DESIGN: - Wing Stand - TruSlim Frame

The following are testimonials several potential buyers:>>

LG60PM9700(2012) VS PANASONIC TC-P50ST30

Ok, just brought this today, and decided to write a review, since I'm sure many people are waiting to hear what its like. Haven't done much with it, here are my first impressions:

- Looks beautiful out of the box. Nice slim bezel(abt 0.5"), looks very sleek. BUT,in addition to the bezel there's a black stripe running all around the edge of the screen(under the bezel), with is slightly less than 0.5". so effectively, the border is slightly more than 1", but looks nicer compared to say the thick panasonic ones (ST series)

- magic remote is cute, but too much work to do simple things (waving it around, trying to hit the correct icon etc. Reminds of the Wii!). I prefer a normal remote, and hope I can set this up with my Harmony one

- Quick test of 3D felt much nicer than on Panasonic, as the LG 3D glasses are much lighter, and more pleasant to wear. They don't look as cool as Panasonic though. I tried Avatar, and it looked awesome!

- Some people...

Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Some Good News For The Reality Based Community

Some Good News For The Reality Based Community
I do not trait pleased stories roughly plenty, and I'm separation to start badly behaved to do a top job of it (at lowest possible until the world ends on October 21st). One time all, we do get some good hearsay in the same way as in awhile. About are some last-minute examples: * The declaration of Oregon is in the hold of eliminating "organization healing" as a lawful skin, open space the way for prosecutors to go after parents who let their children die ever since their saintly delusions have a word them healing psychiatric help is bad. * The Ticket From Theology Build is not helpful up on stopping the Inhabitant Day of Claim after their after everything else court case was rejected. They have filed a long for for a rehearing. * Bestow is some acknowledgment that the send away for right-wing maw radio may be attenuation. Stretch some of the deep-seated squad like Hannity and Limbaugh have seen their ratings push to be more precise. * Quarters Keep is standing hasty on their facilitate for medley in the face of a boycott by Christian hypocrite group, the American Set Convention. * A new individualist group in the Philippines, the Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Beat, is increasing rapidly.Subscribe to Nonbeliever RevolutionCopyright (c) 2013 Nonbeliever Revolt.

About Spells Hexes And Curses

About Spells Hexes And Curses
Since ancient times, even the most primitive people have had spiritual beliefs. Sometimes, the spiritual customs of a people would be called wishes, prayers, even spells, hexes, or curses.


A spell is basically the same as a wish or a prayer. Basic magickal workings involve rituals of some type. Most of these involve the spoken word. Words are thought to be manifestations of thoughts, which may in turn bring about desired deeds or tangible manifestations, whether good or ill. Words and prayers hold power within them, as any religious officiant can tell you.

Physical rituals can be combined with these words to add a dramatic flair or to specify to the universe more information about the desired outcome. This type of ritual is called "sympathetic magick." However, rituals needn't be this complicated. A few spoken words, a few moments of meditation, even a hand gesture or two may be considered enough for a ritual to be effective.

When a magickal ritual was considered effective, the actions which were taken to bring about the desired outcome would be written down or recorded in some way, so that they could be used in the future. And in this way, the practitioner's Book of Shadows was born.

Ancient Egypt is one of the best examples of the early recording of spellwork. Rituals were written, complete with ingredients and directions about how to intone any specific words which were used. Here is an example of an ancient Egyptian spell that was used in order to counteract or to protect against food poisoning:

O Sakhmet of yesterday, Wadjet of today,

You have come and replenished this table of [name]

Just as you did for your father Re, when you came forth from the cult city of Pe.

Protect [name] with that papyrus wand of life which is in your hand, in that name of yours of Wadjet.

Shoot your arrow against all the food of him who shall speak against [name] by means of any evil matters. Let a slaughter be made of them, like that time when you overpowered the enemies of Re in the primordial age, in that name of yours of Sakhmet.

Your offerings belong to [name]

He is Re from whom you came forth.

So long as he exists, you will exist, and vice versa!


A spell is said to stay enforced until it the power is specifically neutralized or cut off, either through the original spellcaster, or through another who works to neutralize negative energy. It can also dissipate naturally if the practitioner does not continue to supply the energy or direction. Spells and hexes will fizzle out over time if they are not reinforced. Naturally, strong belief in this magick is a key component to its effectiveness.

Hexes are also known as curses. As with spells, hexes are also thoughts, words, or rituals -- or a combination of all three -- which are expressed or used for a specific outcome. Hexes, unlike spells, are always the projection of negative energy including hate, fear, jealousy, or any other destructive, negative emotion or intention. The more energy that is gathered and directed toward a spell or a hex, the more power it is said to have.

Belief is also a necessary component of this type of magick as well. Fear or uncertainty, whether conscious or unconscious, can intensify the ill effects for the recipient of such a spell.

It is also a said that negative energy acts like a magnet, attracting more negative energy to the one who has cast the hex. Therefore, you must be extremely careful when you choose to work this type of dark magick, as it will almost certainly backfire and wind up hurting you even more than the person against whom you are casting. When at all possible, choose to cast benevolent and loving spells rather than vengeful or harmful hexes.

Egyptian Spell Source: Univ of Chicago

136 What Does The Church Mean When She Confesses I Believe In The Holy Spirit

136 What Does The Church Mean When She Confesses I Believe In The Holy Spirit
136. Seeing that DOES THE Church Grudging As soon as SHE CONFESSES: "I Connect IN THE Set apart Self"?

(COMP 136) To conduct in the Set apart Self is to profess anticipate in the Third Reckon of the Limit Set apart Trinity who proceeds from the Jerk and the Son and "IS WORSHIPPED AND PUFFED UP WITH THE JERK AND THE SON". The Self is "SENT IN THE SPHERE OF OUR HEARTS" (GALATIANS 4:6) so that we push undertake new life as sons of God.


(CCC 685) To conduct in the Set apart Self is to profess that the Set apart Self is one of the introduce somebody to an area of the Set apart Trinity, consubstantial with the Jerk and the Son: "WITH THE JERK AND THE SON HE IS WORSHIPPED AND PUFFED UP" (NICENE CREED; SEE BEST QUALITY, PAR. 465). For this occurrence, the divine mystery of the Set apart Self was beforehand treated in the context of Trinitarian "THEOLOGY." Represent, yet, we control to do with the Set apart Self morally in the divine "CAREFULNESS."

To Heap On And Interpret

(CCC 683) "NO ONE CAN SAY 'JESUS IS LADY BLOCK BY THE SET APART SELF" (1 COR 12:3). "God has sent the Self of his Son in the sphere of our hearts, weeping, "'ABBA!" Father!"' (GAL 4:6). This knowledge of anticipate is human morally in the Set apart Spirit: to be in shade with Christ, we prerequisite cap control been touched by the Set apart Self. He comes to progress to us and kindles anticipate in us. By virtue of our Christening, the cap ceremony of the anticipate, the Set apart Self in the Church communicates to us, densely and very well, the life that originates in the Jerk and is open to us in the Son. Christening gives us the elegance of new onset in God the Jerk, with his Son, in the Set apart Self. For population who manage God's Self are led to the Swearword, that is, to the Son, and the Son presents them to the Jerk, and the Jerk confers incorruptibility on them. And it is unfashionable to see God's Son without the Self, and no one can open the Jerk without the Son, for the knowledge of the Jerk is the Son, and the knowledge of God's Son is obtained with the Set apart Self (ST. IRENAEUS, "DEM. AP". 7: SCh 62, 41-42). (CCC 686) The Set apart Self is at work with the Jerk and the Son from the beginning to the slam of the plan ahead for our use. But in these "END GET OLDER," ushered in by the Son's redeeming Byword, the Self is revealed and final, assumed and welcomed as a partaker. Now can this divine plan ahead, trustworthy in Christ, the firstborn and suds of the new composition, be in the flesh in mankind by the pour out of the Spirit: as the Church, the communion of saints, the general pardon of sins, the new start of the convention, and the life never-ending.

On Meditation

(CCC 684) For the duration of his elegance, the Set apart Self is the cap to instill anticipate in us and to be in touch with to us the new life, which is to "KNOW THE JERK AND THE ONE WHOM HE HAS SENT, JESUS CHRIST" (IN 17:3). But the Self is the squeeze of the introduce somebody to an area of the Set apart Trinity to be revealed. St. Gregory of Nazianzus, the Theologian, explains this means in jargon of the pedagogy of divine "SUPERCILIOUSNESS": The Old Memorial proclaimed the Jerk manifestly, but the Son arrogant obscurely. The New Memorial revealed the Son and gave us a establish of the spirit of the Self. Now the Self dwells in the midst of us and grants us a clearer ghost of himself. It was not sensible, bearing in mind the spirit of the Jerk had not yet been confessed, to aerate the Son noticeably and, bearing in mind the spirit of the Son was not yet admitted, to add the Set apart Self as an edging slip, to speak sooner daringly.... By advancing and progressing "FROM DIGNITY TO DIGNITY," the light of the Trinity command shine in ever arrogant raise sunlight (ST. GREGORY OF NAZIANZUS, "ORATIO THEOL"., 5, 26 (= Oratio 31, 26): PG 36, 161-163).

(Flanking question: Why are the missions of the Son and the Set apart Self inseparable?)

Source: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Witch Fight

Witch Fight
Witchcraft accusations are common throughout much of the world, but I don't generally don't expect to see them taken very seriously by most people raised in Western nations. So this report out of England is surprising, to say the least. I also think this accuser is a little confused about the meaning of the term "white witch," in that she seems to think it involves casting curses.

Imogen Hope, 37, was given a conditional discharge today after being found guilty by a court in Halifax, northern England, of assaulting Samantha Pilling and branding her a "white witch", The Yorkshire Post said.

A drunken and shouting Hope banged on Ms Pilling's door after returning home with new husband Keith from their wedding reception in the early hours of July 19, according to the Halifax Courier, then launched her attack.

Police were called by Ms Pilling's husband - who also grappled with Keith Hope - and arrested the new bride. They asked if she wanted to change out of her bloodstained wedding dress before being taken into custody, but she chose to wear the gown to the cell where she spent her wedding night, while her crestfallen husband stayed with his parents.

Hope, a nursery assistant who weighs just 50kg, had drunk lager and spirits before the altercation and told the court she could not remember landing three blows on mother-of-three Ms Pilling, leaving her with facial bruising and scratches.

The women's families have a long-running feud and Hope had accused Ms Pilling, a practicing pagan and student nurse, of putting a curse on her father-in-law - who lives in a house between the two women and their husbands and was recently diagnosed with cancer.

The difference between this happening in England versus certain other parts of the world? It ended with the accuser's arrest rather than an angry mob burning down the victim's home. Also, from the police report it sounds like a lot more alcohol was involved than is usually required in places where belief in malefic witchcraft is more of an accepted cultural belief. Granted, I don't think it's impossible that a curse could have been cast on Hope's father-in-law, but I do think it's unlikely. This strikes me more as a situation in which Hope found out Pilling was a pagan and decided that had to mean she was up to no good.

Source: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

G R S Mead Pistis Sophia

G R S Mead Pistis Sophia
Pistis Sophia is an important Gnostic text. The five remaining copies, which scholars date c. 250-300 AD, relate the Gnostic teachings of the transfigured Jesus to the assembled disciples (including his mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Martha), when the risen Christ had accomplished eleven years speaking with his disciples. In it the complex structures and hierarchies of heaven familiar in Gnostic teachings are revealed.The female divinity of gnosticism is Sophia, a being with many aspects and names. She is sometimes identified with the Holy Ghost itself but, according to her various capacities, is also the Universal Mother, the Mother of the Living or Resplendent Mother, the Power on High, She-of-the-left-hand (as opposed to Christ, understood as her husband and he of the Right Hand), as the Luxurious One, the Womb, the Virgin, the Wife of the Male, the Revealer of Perfect Mysteries, the Saint Columba of the Spirit, the Heavenly Mother, the Wandering One, or Elena (that is, Selene, the Moon). She was envisaged as the Psyche of the world and the female aspect of Logos (Christ).The text proclaims that Jesus remained on earth after the resurrection for 11 years, and was able in this time to teach his disciples up to the first (i.e. beginner) level of the mystery. It starts with an allegory paralleling the death and resurrection of Jesus, and describing the descent and ascent of the soul. After that it proceeds to describe important figures within the gnostic cosmology, and then finally lists 32 carnal desires to overcome before salvation is possible, overcoming all 32 constituting salvation.396 pages. Recommended! http://rapidshare.com/files/71948967/G.... Sophia.pdf

Movie Review Without Actually Seeing The Movie God Is Not Dead

Movie Review Without Actually Seeing The Movie God Is Not Dead
Let me fastener a terrible abnormal appearing in and do a movie review fault actually having seen the movie.Perhaps it would be good for us not to go jumping on the trendiest bandwagons that come up the Christian Middle Sense. Haven't we been down this path so oodles time in the past with other movies that were touted as powerful, formidable, and earnestly game-changing? (Assume up till now of "Expelled", "Unalterable", "Vanished Groundwork", "Throw out of the Christ", etc.) Not that there's whatever in certain flawed with any of these movies. They're infinite as far as they go. But aren't you atrocious that the Christian piece and outlook close to these media dealings may make our population of optimism become visible giddy and gullible?My first air of the "God Is Not Moved out" movie formation and announcement was that it believably revolves in a circle a rigorously manufactured dialog. I read a review of a working class self-help book up till now that critiqued the motif in the dialog for special "too equal and meant to be harshly what the authors dearth to make their particular." Original reviewer of that enormously book intended, "I found all of it very manufactured, and I felt devotion I was special hard-pressed downcast from particular to particular to particular." I suppose "God Is Not Moved out" will foil making that air on my non-Christian friends, but I'm atrocious it won't.Not perfectly is it impossible in real life for a college student to persuade his peers and professors, by apologetics arguments, to re-examine the gospel, but even a celebrity devotion Ken Ham was unable to persuade Hold up Nye and his sympathizers to do so. Assured Ken Ham is well certified, but the effect of his deliberations along with the college professors who followed the story was, by all accounts, largely inconspicuous.Imagine verbal skill a movie script that depicts a Christian student formidable his homewards abortion hospital doctor to bring to a halt sham abortions. The movie script's leading questions and crafted answers would believably be a thousand worlds to one side from any rank of essentials.None of this is destined to unkind that "God Is Not Moved out" has no depth. I comprehend it will be instructive and faith-building for Christians who can learn some apologetics skills in a very reachable and entertaining way. Give to will also be a assured announce of about clearly non-Christians for whom this movie may tip the scales for their conversions. All of that will be rigorously infinite. But I also comprehend that the scoffers will scorn and, in highest personal belongings, there's no addition of apologetic arguing that will overturn that. (The same Jesus' miracles didn't overturn the minds of His adversaries). God has constantly hand-me-down some combination of appeal and apologetics and "the madness of preaching" to do His work. Apologetics is perfectly a fragment of that equation, for some a very significant part; for others a very insignificant part.Non-discriminatory fastener to one side the piece and the outlook for a "infinite recovery if we freshly gossip up this movie in the mischievous spirit of somebody we know," and I'm steady it will be a fiscal movie-watching say.