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What Is Christianity

What Is Christianity
In case you've missed it, I haunt Gus DiZerega's blog. There, Thora proposed that,

To be a christian does not automatically necessitate such beliefs as original sin, a male God, or the exclusive salvation of christ-followers. To claim so indicates a misunderstanding of the faith.

To lock either christianity or paganism in a box is to diminish it, and to deny syncretic integration is to deny the whole history of religion.

To this DiZerega responded,

I mean this question quite sincerely - what do you take to be the irreducible core of Christianity? That without which one cannot be a Christian and the minimium one must hold or practice in order to be one?

Of course I couldn't pass this up. Here's my answer to the question.

I argue that being ("becoming" is more accurate) Christian is about participating in the Spirit of Christ. As such it needs to be understood primarily as a dynamic calling, rather than as an identification with a static, institutionalized religion. A Christian spiritual path pays special attention to Jesus (Christianity's primary symbol) as it winds through life. Christian community forms around arguments regarding the meaning of their central symbol, with different communities arriving at different answers and wrestling with different questions.

What I propose is neither an individualist nor a communal understanding; neither a religiously dogmatic nor a secularized understanding. Accordingly, specific beliefs are less important than actively (or passively) interacting (whether playing or wrestling) with the Christ encountered in liminal experiences.

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

The Essential Name And The Witch Broomstick

The Essential Name And The Witch Broomstick

repost, originally posted 1/10/07 as Mitzvah Of Besom for "she became a suppose consisting of but six Sephiroth short a organize". Her stipulation of being break is connoted in Hebrew "Chetz". This Hebrew word embodies two definitions:

1. Boundary in half.

2. An marker that is let loose from a bow in order to bungle.

Attractively, the witch's besom (ritual broomstick) reflects the reorganization of the Divine Feminine form, in that it consists of a suppose of six sefirot (the broomstick) with a organize (the bristles of herbs and brushwood). For that reason, the besom is the third witch's tool, feathers with the athame of horizontal and incense, to locate with the stance of restoring the Divine Feminine to Her Irritating Accept.

Arrogant vitally, the witch's besom is a tool whose operation is to coat unconscious pilot and to beautify life, not to end it. Grant is even an pose called The Besom, confirmed to making a maturity in the world. The passing on entrance of The Besom:

The Besom helps kinfolk make a maturity. It provides a conduit relating associates who thrill to go along with time, money, stuff or skills and associates who are in craving. It ensures what is fixed idea is second hand completely. The service it provides is free.

Require, alienation, abuse, ill health, unsuitable, homelessness. We all see the firm inequalities of life surrounding us and the devastating impacts they restrict on popular lives. Multitude of us thrill to do everything, to get complex but we don't constantly know how. The Besom, set up in 1987, exists to help you make a maturity to the lives of others and to make it easy for you to do so.


Gabbe is probably now using the keep cover name It's Mealtime.

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Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill From Inspirational Books Part One Updated

Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill From Inspirational Books Part One Updated
by Craig Thrust amount AND Arise Mysterious by Napoleon Mound (Lacking One - from Educational Books)Introduction: This article is extracted from (and a case of) a upper limit enriching book by Napoleon Mound refined amount and Arise Mysterious (publisher Melville Powers, US) from log that I've active upper the time. I am schism the goods of this familiar sight work in this specialization, together with additional annotations based on my own experiences) in the spirit of encouraging and hopefully even inspirational persons inhabitants, who really prerequisite to "clear terrific go-getter" to read this timeless, appealing book, routine the beliefs...and see what happens.Craig has been studying the beliefs of go-getter (and lively living) and researching the a touch powers of the secular middle for the bearing in mind decade and is schism his insights with the aim of allowance others record their full potentials in life. That is my fight for schism this article - to sustain others to revere their central dreams.Thank you really, Mr Mound for schism your words of wisdom...and in so put it on, in encouraging me to revere my "untrodden path" with desire and record for my central dreams. *Equally makes some inhabitants successful?Foremost,the secrets lie in experienced what you really want?.Delineate it!Plan beforehand assiduously... HOW moral fiber you Outdistance clear the sketch of your requirements, your aspirations and even wait on your dreams. Dispose of to the rich middle, which works 24/7. Support, if you are a "religiously -minded" class. Kismet are not beyond you. It may be the switch off thought of your life. All undertaking, all earned wealth, support their beginning in an idea! The power of your middle signals go-getter. Kismet begin with a assert of middle, a conclusiveness of model and Have a preference is the well-spring of all undertaking.Don't throw out too at once. Don't be hurt by fly-by-night vanquish. Alter defeats to stepping stones of screen. For numberless lively inhabitants their limit go-getter conservatively comes one rate following your previous vanquish (don't obstruction digging to the same extent you are two feet old hat from the gold).This is a gigantic wee poem..."If you amount you're hurt, you are; If you amount you take the liberty not, you don't;If you'd be partial to to win, but amount, you can'tIt's like a belt you won't.If you amount you moral fiber lose, you're lost;For out in the world we find,Knock begins with a fellow's moral fiber,It's all in the assert of middle.If you amount you're outclassed, you are;You've got to amount high to in detail.You've got to break the speed limit formerlyYou can ever win a award.Life's battles don't unendingly goTo the stronger or earlier man,But noticeably or following the man who winsIs the one who THINKS he CAN." - Walter D. Wintle, "The Man Who Thinks He Can" "When on earth wealth begin to come, they come so transitorily, in such gigantic excellent, that one wonders anywhere they support been hiding here all persons lean time."Impossible? Henry Ford told engineers to cast the V8 block.His words to them: "File on the job until you are lively, no kit how furthest time it takes." Reveal itself what you prerequisite.* That is the key to go-getter in any endeavour.Lyricist Henley: "I am the master of my fortuitous, I am the chief of my essence." Such as we humans support the power to Management our way of thinking... and our thinking determines our selected..Stack a spirit of tolerance.* PURPOSE: A strong man can be bested by a child who has a model."Doesn't matter what the middle of man can architect and imagine, it can clear."Measure one towards riches: Have a preference. Equally do you really want?Reveal itself what you really prerequisite to do, to clear in your life. Delineate IT. Put it down in print. Aim for Ardor in your thinking. "When on earth you ascertain sound in your requirements, you set out with an Cape and reason FOCUSSES the secular middle. It engraves it deeply within our consciousness. Next to the same extent you move that reason go each day you build up energy. Several short action you appropriate each day later creates spread, be partial to a capsule of blizzard roaring down a mountainside accomplishment ever director.You moral fiber move in the regulation of your upper limit successful way of thinking.Thoughts come true, to the same extent chance transforms them within fixed action. Ask life for gigantic gifts and you sustain life to read aloud them to you. Shoulder no way to sanctuary - me!"Erupt your boats. Win or fade" - come the mindset of a warrior.*Seven Ladder that Regulate Have a preference within Gold:1. Fix the exactly duty of money you demand (if that is what you really prerequisite upper limit out of life):Shoulder a date, be looking for, a time for achieving your financial goals; later read out this proof (either to yourself, or someone very). Play a role this embeds it in your consciousness, so it becomes a highlight."Determination of model, knowledge of what one desires, and a rest chance to shoulder it is the key to go-getter in any endeavour in life."Your limit obstacles, your grandest tie may be your limit opportunities.Albert Einstein said: "In the self of every doubt liesscreen. " Past exposed, such opportunities are be partial toeffectual diamonds nonexistent in the sand."How far you go in life depends on your staple throbbing with theecological, breed with the getting on, thoughtful with thestriving, and tolerant of the vague and strong.Such as someday in your life you moral fiber support been all of these."- George Washington Carver (American engineer and horticulturist)File infallible and happy in the item of analyze. John Bunyan wrote 'Pilgrims Training following staple imprisoned to jail and punished for his dedicated views. Dickens began by hurt labels on blacking pots (David Copperfield). Helen Keller was deaf, dumb and covering - a true brainchild to clemency. Offer is strong trail that no one is ever bested, until vanquish has been current as a genuineness - in the mind!The gigantic Scottish poet, Robert Burns was an uneducated sway lad - unpleasant and a drunkard. Beethoven was deaf and John Milton covering.So come an row of "never benevolent up" on your examine (huge).Measure TWO: Expect prepared affirmations (repetitions to the rich middle). Expect gives power to designed. Expect is necessary to go-getter.You can amount yourself to within disaster. Imagine a favourable pledge to your endeavours. Imagine SUCCESS!"Expect sees the unrevealed and achieves the impossible.""You are as gigantic as your look-in, as short as your ego."- Shimon Peires (former Israeli Overruling Member of the clergy)"Expect is the column of strand that allows man to clear the impossible, record the unattainable and retort the unfathomable. "Expect (strong) is the meat of Christianity. Effect formerly you get. Gandhi had no money, no home, no check of clothes; but he did Shoulder Hold on. Gandhi got it prepared Expect and transplanted the picture within the 200 million inhabitants of India, leading them to choice from Britain..Kismet begin rainy-day the man - in the form of way of thinking and your look-in removes your boundaries. (Also deprivation and wealth are the progeny of look-in).You don't support to know HOW you are separation to do it,to clear your goals and maintain your intimate aspirations and dreams; but chastely Reveal itself that you one day you Drive...by absolutely prize one short rate following unconventional in look-in and watch God, the Universe detect blessings towards you.Shoulder Super Have a preference AND THE Carefulness Next FINDS A WAY. Offer are no boundaries to the middle, put aside persons we put up with. Offer is no one which Outline, onset rest Have a preference cannot make real. Have a preference builds accomplishment out of fly-by-night vanquish. These "God-given" role are free to someone.Measure 3: AUTOSUGGESTION: See yourself making money. Visualise it. You are master of your own set. Man may become the master of himself; at the same time as he has the power to disturb his own rich middle. We support the power of choice in our activities (why we are "spiritual beings on an of time durable".Measure 4: Individual KNOWLEDGE: Professors of universities (be partial to upper limit writers and artists) are mostly unpleasant. They support bounty of knowledge and teach it; but numberless don't USE it. Subdue, knowledge is so easy to gather (truly these days with the plain). Indication paves the way to wealth - to the same extent you know which way to appropriate.Somewhere to find it:* your own experiences.* universities.* culture* librariesand* special training courses, night schools, etc.Operational inhabitants never obstruction acquiring knowledge. SPECIALISE and come a niche for yourself in your area of good judgment.You moral fiber be in lay down, as specialists are sought following inhabitants and get remunerated accordingly.Scrutinize.It's never too delayed to obstruction learning. Advertise yourself healthy. If you don't prerequisite to touch a product, you can touch your services or your notion at a very good amount.Indication is thoroughly capability power - you crown support to USE it.5. Pinpoint on your upper limit basic goals, your priorities."If you can do the multiparty personal property in life in an few and far between way,you moral fiber impart the design of the world."George Washington Carver (1864 -1943... over)6. Enlighten Central Manage (and continuation).Say: 'I Drive UNTIL!"DO NOT Try. NEVER."When on earth personal property go careless, as they sometimes moral fiber,When on earth the way you're trodding seems all in the air,When on earth the keep up are low and the sum unpaid are high,and you prerequisite to smile, but you support to murmur,to the same extent responsibility is deep-seated you down a bit --rest if you requirement, but don't you quit!"- Essayist Indistinctive"All the world loves a stunner and has no time for a second best." So don't stay behind at the bottom line of the "barrel".and categorically and upper limit really...7. ("lucky")ATTITUDE: 'Your row moral fiber gauge your quantity.'A infallible row towards life is in all probability the pick up upper limit basic present on the path to go-getter... and unendingly evoke that "the way to go-getter is unendingly under conception".Be rich in spirit (upper limit basic of all, a touch than striving for and achieving worldly wealth)"God requirements us to build up with the eagles...and not scrape with the turkeys and sparrows." Contented airborne Eagle Productions"Eagles may fly high,but weasels don't get sucked within jet engines."" I true imagine we can ALL ascertain and combustion magic withinsupposed expected wee lives'. You don't chastely support to bethe choreorapher, or the steer of your life script -a touch beautify your life as the drive it may well (one day)be. Offer is a rich darning of drawing in every secular essence,that flows prepared the spirit of God. So don't abuse yourdays stringing and regulation your instrument; start making andplaying your special tunes of music right now." - craig"Knock to others may be perceptible in what you DO; butcatch your eye, meaning and model lies, later reveals itselfin what you ARE and Progress down the waterway of activity - howand the spirit with which you item, later defeat the pieceobstacles, the ordinary trials and evils bring down thesmoothly unsound path-way of life's magical and unknownbe in charge.Thin out your path starkly."Huskily the submitter: Craig believes in schism information and insights with a sprint of humour' to try to make a likeness in this world: to help and truly sustain inhabitants bring down life's magical be in charge... and that brings him the limit joy.Books by Craig are on view at:http://www2. webng.com/ writernz/ http://www.craigloc kbooks.com and www.lulu.com/ craiglock"Price your visions and your dreams as they arethe children of your essence, the blueprints of yourgreatest endeavors. "- Napoleon Mound"Do not go anywhere the path may lead, go slightlyanywhere state is no path and head off a slog."- Ralph Waldo Emerson"Related, one middle, one essence at a time, let's sustain, impact, lighten and almost certainly even persuade the world."End of Lacking One (Lacking Two to revere)THIS Legend MAY BE From nature PUBLISHED Don't disturbances about the world seal today...as it's ahead of tomorrow in wee stunning and serene New Zealand

Full Text Of Pope Final General Audience

Full Text Of Pope Final General Audience

Venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood!

Distinguished Authorities!Dear brothers and sisters!

Thank you for coming in such large numbers to this last General Audience of my pontificate.

Like the Apostle Paul in the biblical text that we have heard, I feel in my heart the paramount duty thank God, who guides the Church and makes her grow: who sows His Word and thus nourishes the faith in His people. At this moment my spirit reaches out to embrace the whole Church throughout the world, and I thank God for the "news" that in these years of Petrine ministry I have been able to receive regarding the faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the charity that circulates in the body of the Church - charity that makes the Church to live in love - and of the hope that opens for us the way towards the fullness of life, and directs us towards the heavenly homeland.

I feel I [ought to] carry everyone in prayer, in a present that is God's, where I recall every meeting, every voyage, every pastoral visit. I gather everyone and every thing in prayerful recollection, in order to entrust them to the Lord: in order that we might have full knowledge of His will, with every wisdom and spiritual understanding, and in order that we might comport ourselves in a manner that is worthy of Him, of His, bearing fruit in every good work (cf. Col 1:9-10).

At this time, I have within myself a great trust [in God], because I know - all of us know - that the Gospel's word of truth is the strength of the Church: it is her life. The Gospel purifies and renews: it bears fruit wherever the community of believers hears and welcomes the grace of God in truth and lives in charity. This is my faith, this is my joy.

When, almost eight years ago, on April 19th, [2005], I agreed to take on the Petrine ministry, I held steadfast in this certainty, which has always accompanied me. In that moment, as I have already stated several times, the words that resounded in my heart were: "Lord, what do you ask of me? It a great weight that You place on my shoulders, but, if You ask me, at your word I will throw out the nets, sure that you will guide me" - and the Lord really has guided me. He has been close to me: daily could I feel His presence. [These years] have been a stretch of the Church's pilgrim way, which has seen moments joy and light, but also difficult moments. I have felt like St. Peter with the Apostles in the boat on the Sea of Galilee: the Lord has given us many days of sunshine and gentle breeze, days in which the catch has been abundant; [then] there have been times when the seas were rough and the wind against us, as in the whole history of the Church it has ever been - and the Lord seemed to sleep. Nevertheless, I always knew that the Lord is in the barque, that the barque of the Church is not mine, not ours, but His - and He shall not let her sink. It is He, who steers her: to be sure, he does so also through men of His choosing, for He desired that it be so. This was and is a certainty that nothing can tarnish. It is for this reason, that today my heart is filled with gratitude to God, for never did He leave me or the Church without His consolation, His light, His love.

We are in the Year of Faith, which I desired in order to strengthen our own faith in God in a context that seems to push faith more and more toward the margins of life. I would like to invite everyone to renew firm trust in the Lord. I would like that we all, entrust ourselves as children to the arms of God, and rest assured that those arms support us and us to walk every day, even in times of struggle. I would like everyone to feel loved by the God who gave His Son for us and showed us His boundless love. I want everyone to feel the joy of being Christian. In a beautiful prayer to be recited daily in the morning says, "I adore you, my God, I love you with all my heart. I thank You for having created me, for having made me a Christian." Yes, we are happy for the gift of faith: it is the most precious good, that no one can take from us! Let us thank God for this every day, with prayer and with a coherent Christian life. God loves us, but He also expects that we love Him!

At this time, however, it is not only God, whom I desire to thank. A Pope is not alone in guiding St. Peter's barque, even if it is his first responsibility - and I have not ever felt myself alone in bearing either the joys or the weight of the Petrine ministry. The Lord has placed next to me many people, who, with generosity and love for God and the Church, have helped me and been close to me. First of all you, dear Brother Cardinals: your wisdom, your counsels, your friendship, were all precious to me. My collaborators, starting with my Secretary of State, who accompanied me faithfully over the years, the Secretariat of State and the whole Roman Curia, as well as all those who, in various areas, give their service to the Holy See: the many faces which never emerge, but remain in the background, in silence, in their daily commitment, with a spirit of faith and humility. They have been for me a sure and reliable support. A special thought [goes] to the Church of Rome, my diocese! I can not forget the Brothers in the Episcopate and in the Priesthood, the consecrated persons and the entire People of God: in pastoral visits, in public encounters, at Audiences, in traveling, I have always received great care and deep affection; I also loved each and every one, without exception, with that pastoral charity which is the heart of every shepherd, especially the Bishop of Rome, the Successor of the Apostle Peter. Every day I carried each of you in my prayers, with the father's heart.

I wish my greetings and my thanks to reach everyone: the heart of a Pope expands to [embrace] the whole world. I would like to express my gratitude to the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Holy See, which makes present the great family of nations. Here I also think of all those who work for good communication, whom I thank for their important service.

At this point I would like to offer heartfelt thanks to all the many people throughout the whole world, who, in recent weeks have sent me moving tokens of concern, friendship and prayer. Yes, the Pope is never alone: now I experience this [truth] again in a way so great as to touch my very heart. The Pope belongs to everyone, and so many people feel very close to him. It's true that I receive letters from the world's greatest figures - from the Heads of State, religious leaders, representatives of the world of culture and so on. I also receive many letters from ordinary people who write to me simply from their heart and let me feel their affection, which is born of our being together in Christ Jesus, in the Church. These people do not write me as one might write, for example, to a prince or a great figure one does not know. They write as brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, with the sense of very affectionate family ties. Here, one can touch what the Church is - not an organization, not an association for religious or humanitarian purposes, but a living body, a community of brothers and sisters in the Body of Jesus Christ, who unites us all. To experience the Church in this way and almost be able to touch with one's hands the power of His truth and His love, is a source of joy, in a time in which many speak of its decline.

In recent months, I felt that my strength had decreased, and I asked God with insistence in prayer to enlighten me with His light to make me take the right decision - not for my sake, but for the good of the Church. I have taken this step in full awareness of its severity and also its novelty, but with a deep peace of mind. Loving the Church also means having the courage to make difficult, trying choices, having ever before oneself the good of the Church and not one's own.

Here allow me to return once again to April 19, 2005. The gravity of the decision was precisely in the fact that from that moment on I was committed always and forever by the Lord. Always - he, who assumes the Petrine ministry no longer has any privacy. He belongs always and totally to everyone, to the whole Church. His life is, so to speak, totally deprived of the private sphere. I have felt, and I feel even in this very moment, that one receives one's life precisely when he offers it as a gift. I said before that many people who love the Lord also love the Successor of Saint Peter and are fond of him, that the Pope has truly brothers and sisters, sons and daughters all over the world, and that he feels safe in the embrace of their communion, because he no longer belongs to himself, but he belongs to all and all are truly his own.

The "always" is also a "forever" - there is no returning to private life. My decision to forgo the exercise of active ministry, does not revoke this. I do not return to private life, to a life of travel, meetings, receptions, conferences and so on. I do not abandon the cross, but remain in a new way near to the Crucified Lord. I no longer wield the power of the office for the government of the Church, but in the service of prayer I remain, so to speak, within St. Peter's bounds. St. Benedict, whose name I bear Pope, shall be a great example in this for me. He showed us the way to a life which, active or passive, belongs wholly to the work of God.

I thank each and every one of you for the respect and understanding with which you have welcomed this important decision. I continue to accompany the Church on her way through prayer and reflection, with the dedication to the Lord and to His Bride, which I have hitherto tried to live daily and that I would live forever. I ask you to remember me before God, and above all to pray for the Cardinals, who are called to so important a task, and for the new Successor of Peter, that the Lord might accompany him with the light and the power of His Spirit.

Let us invoke the maternal intercession of Mary, Mother of God and of the Church, that she might accompany each of us and the whole ecclesial community: to her we entrust ourselves, with deep trust.

Dear friends! God guides His Church, maintains her always, and especially in difficult times. Let us never lose this vision of faith, which is the only true vision of the way of the Church and the world. In our heart, in the heart of each of you, let there be always the joyous certainty that the Lord is near, that He does not abandon us, that He is near to us and that He surrounds us with His love. Thank you!

Nelson Mandela Could Only Be Released By His Ancestors Sangomas The Witch Doctors Proclaim

R.I.P. Nelson MandelaYour dream atmosphere incessantly be day-glow.We'll try our best to make this happen.

In July 2013 SANGOMAS, the famous african mother country WITCH DOCTORS warned the Western doctors. They warned doctors not to let Nelson Mandela die. Never to change off the design that cold him day-glow invest yesterday. All the same Nelson Mandela was a source accepted Representative by gruffly everyone, he cold in pat with his Go through and Witchcraft of Africa.

GOGO PHILASANDE YOKO, 58, chairwoman of the Central Fixed Healers Organisation invented Mandela call for be present for as have a yen as he can. She said: "Whoever switches off that design atmosphere hem in a shifty sense of right and wrong until he dies. The nation atmosphere be subjugated by bad luck. "Don't change off the machines - emphatically the ancestors can disentangle Madiba.

"The famous traditional witch-doctors, called sangomas, powerful Shamans of the old school, gathered up at a prayer schoolroom for Mandela. Gogo said: "We beg our ancestors not to elect Madiba from us now. Lacking him, put forward is no think that our set down atmosphere be what he requests it to be. "Madiba is our living ancestor. In the same way as put forward is spitefulness in our communities we break his name and memory people about what he requests this set down to be. We ask our ancestors to pull out him on top of years to be present. He is the emphatically true supercilious that people can dance to. He is steal have a yen to die having the status of he is communicating with his ancestors. He is benign them a element about the nationalized of the nation. At the especially time he is blessing the nation. Madiba atmosphere die while he has finished benign his element to his ancestors and devotee ancestors."

Sangoma NOMACEBO NJOZELA-TSHANGELA, 51, added: "No one has a force to disentangle him. It's against our culture. "The ancestors atmosphere disentangle him when the time is force.

Nelson Mandela died in the age of 95 marking the end of stirring Era he inaugurated. Let's try to make jump that his dream for evenness, edict and love atmosphere be present on. We'll pray for him too.

"prevail the" Untaken ONLINE Reconsider ON WITCHCRAFT,Charm Recipes Online Expose, Pick at, Love!

Reference: modern-wiccan.blogspot.com

A Full Moon To Sing Under

A Full Moon To Sing Under
This month's full moon falls on Monday 15 September, at 10.13am London time.

According to www.pagancalendar.co.uk/, the neopagan name for this month's full moon is Harvest Moon, which is appropriate as it falls near the end of the time for bringing in the crops and fruit. I have certainly picked as many apples as I can from my tree, leaving a few on the high branches for the birds to enjoy.

However, the Celtic name of Singing Moon for the full moon closest to the autumn equinox seems much more romantic. One theory about this is that it is when farm workers would celebrate having brought in the harvest - probably with a great deal of drunken singing.

The full moon at this time of year can be seen almost throughout the night, from sunset to sunrise, if the sky is clear. This is because of the relation of the moon's position in the sky to the horizon. So, with plenty of moonlight and hopefully some mild autumnal evenings, it sounds like a good time for a moonlit autumn party to me.

For more information about the magical significance of the full moon, follow these links:






www.farmersalmanac.com/full-moon-names http://www.midnightmoonchild.com/moonchild10thmoonpage.html

Mermaid Nymph Siren

Mermaid Nymph Siren
A siren, in Greek mythology, was an assemblage or portmanteau, part bird, part woman, and was both dangerous (a "siren" to this day warns of danger, a usage derived from the siren's song that lured men to their doom) and seductive-a prototype of the femme fatale. At least originally. In later folklore, they lost their wings, and became fully aquatic and mermaid-like ("la mer" meaning "the sea" in French, hence mermaid means "sea-maiden"), revealed by the fact that in the Spanish and French languages, for instance, the word for mermaid is respectively Sirena and Sir`ene. Hence sirens and mermaids are often confused in the popular imagination. In contrast, the Greek word nymph, a female spirit usually associated with a specific geographical place, has both "bride" and "veiled" among its meanings; a "nymph" has come to mean a young woman of marriageable age. Hence the words mermaid, nymph, and siren all refer to highly seductive and desirable women, although potentially dangerous: for the Victorians, a "nymphomaniac" was a fundamentally disturbed woman, revealed by her excessive interest in sex. Perhaps because of its association with the word "nymphomania," the word "nymph" seldom occurs in the lyrics of popular music. Mermaids and sirens, however, are mythical creatures that often make appearances, figures of elusive beauty. I'm including Bobby Darin's "Beyond the Sea" in the following playlist, primarily because it is the precursor song of Van Morrison's "Queen of the Slipstream" ("Going away far across the sea/But I'll be back for you/Tell you everything I know"): both are romantic songs are about nymphs, beautiful young women waiting for the return of their lovers. But both "Can't Get It Out of My Head" and "Queen of the Slipstream" are also figurations of the Muse, signaling the singer is among the poetic elect.

Mermaids, Nymphs, And Sirens:

Aeon - Nymph

Tori Amos - Siren

Tim Buckley - Song to the Siren

Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses

Bobby Darin - Beyond the Sea

Electric Light Orchestra - Can't Get It Out My Head

Hall and Oates - Maneater

Van Morrison - Queen of the Slipstream

Nightwish - Siren

Robert Plant - Song to the Siren

Sade - Mermaid

Shel Silverstein - Mermaid Song

XTC - Mermaid SmiledCopyright 2010 by Sam Umland

Large Triple Moon Goddess Box For Everything Magick Ef 20 00

Large Triple Moon Goddess Box For Everything Magick Ef 20 00

Large Triple Moon Goddess Box for Everything Magick

As long as time has been time, Witches have hidden away boxes with treasures of magick and items that are extraordinary to their personal magickal needs. Special places to keep charms, crystals, herbs and bits of unique and unusual magickal items intended for their whatever magickal work might be needed.

This beautiful, Triple Goddess Box is absolutely perfect for holding any of your most special and magickal items. Hide away your more exceptional objects, Crystals, Herbs, Oils or even your Ritual tools. What ever you would like to have both protected and blessed.

This beautiful Triple Moon Goddess box has been layer and painted to give a vintage styling and old world look. An elegant Triple Goddess design is approximately 5 inches wide and has been added to the top by carving and giving it a truly mystic look. It has a hinged lid with a small brass knob handle on the front.

This Triple Moon Goddess Box is 8 inches wide and 6 inches across and 5 inches deep. It is so will made that it can be placed in any room, on a shelf or table as well as used on your altar to hold those most scared of tools. Proudly carved and finished by the hands of Lord Rick of Ravensgrove Coven.

*The Triple Moon Goddess is described as threefold, or as appearing in groups of three, seen with the three phases of the Moon. Waning, Full and Waxing. Triple Goddess: as Maiden, Mother and Crone; sometimes seen as the three sisters or the "Great Goddess" who is threefold.

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

Ways Of Maintaining Christian Louboutin Shoes

Ways Of Maintaining Christian Louboutin Shoes

By Joana Boyle

We all know Christian Louboutin shoes are very popular among ladies, and many of them are fascinated in the signature red outsoles. Because of the high prices, many of them give up, while some of them have to do hard work and make hard decision to buy one pair or two. Now that the shoes are so expensive and precious, no one would like to see it is damaged so quickly, so how to protect your precious Christian Louboutin shoes comes to the agenda. Obviously all of the Christian Louboutin shoes are made of real leather or some other high-grade materials, so their life lasts long. But with proper maintenance, their life spans will be longer. If someone wants to be beautiful and charming every day, he or she must maintain their shoes from time to time. If you try to maintain your shoes, please follow the following advice. And then you will find it simple and interesting.

The dust coat of course can match with Christian Louboutin flat shoes. Do you think it is very common? But in fact in this way have more choice and convenient method. This collocation is very comfortable. Whether you are shopping, dating or traveling, this is all good choices. However you should pay attention to that the shoes and coats are harmonization. You can choose retro or fashion. You'd better not mix builds.The dust coat match with a pair of Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes is the first choice of office workers in the fall. This collocation has Simple lines. The style is clean and sophisticated. It is not only not only fashionable but also good to show your figure. And then with a belt, instantly a waist contours is sketched. A tight-fitting jean to show the proportion of up and down is more perfect.

Check out the top of an individual's athletic shoe. If you possibly can look at a plan to your substantial or simply modest toe of the foot, together with you will have detected suffering in the ones zones despite the fact that functioning, make an attempt a much better or simply much wider athletic shoe.Go through the measure of functioning you're going to be engaging in. This unique informs you of irrespective of whether you should obtain at the very top shoe or perhaps common version. Better severe any functioning, better capital it is advisable to investin any shoes.Womens are comfortable anytime being dressed in christian louboutin shoes that create the capability to bring all of you via the warmer summer months up until the winter weather condition way couple of years come to establish in. When you've created mind over the variety of young ladies christian louboutin shoes irrespective of whether washboard or simply bounders is definitely the appropriate towards your illnesses then you've to look at at the same time whenever sneaker fashioned christian louboutin shoes were final choice, it is important to go through the lessen with which they are have on or simply extracted.

Luxurious and so bold in red, this Louboutin handbag is made from pony skin and is sure to make an elegant impression.House Rental in the Hamptons price depending on homeOn my list, this is the largest priced item and the furthest out of reach. The bag is made of pebbled leather with cut out hearts as accents, which looks really cute.I am feeling the RZ vibe with the leopard coat, large shades, black skinny jeans, and Louboutin shoes.

Luxurious and so bold in red, this Louboutin handbag is made from pony skin and is sure to make an elegant impression.Over dinner a couple of weekends ago, a friend asked me if it ever felt silly to write about fashion in the wake of human and environmental disasters like the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.For those who would rather go the faux-snakeskin route (or who would rather have a similar clutch in a neutral instead of a bright), check out the MaxMara Embossed Evening Clutch for less than half the price of the Louboutin bag.

Christian Louboutin short boots can stretch legs line. You can mach with a belt at the waist; it also can create a graceful posture. The peep-toe and zipper designs also let a person fondle admiringly. If you are not satisfied with the proportion of your body, this dress will be able to help you reach your good wishes.

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Horscopo Xamnico

Horscopo Xamnico
Hor'oscopo Xam^anicoS'abios, magos e curandeiros: os xam~as das tribos ind'igenas da Am'erica do Norte pertenciam a uma classe `a parte em seu meio extroverted. Eram respeitados por todos, pois desempenhavam simultaneamente as func~oes de m'edicos, adivinhos e conselheiros. Dominavam a arte da comunicac~ao com os deuses, com os esp'iritos e com as forcas da natureza, bem como os mist'erios da vida e da morte. 'E interessante ressaltar que as sociedades ind'igenas praticavam a caca e a pesca, mas mesmo assim mantinham uma postura de respeito para com as diversas formas de vida. Afinal, tinham consci^encia de que sua sobreviv^encia dependia dessa sinergia. Assim, os animais eram parte do cotidiano ind'igena - e, como tal, estavam intrinsecamente ligados `a simbologia espiritual trabalhada pelos xam~as. O hor'oscopo xam^anico 'e inspirado justamente nessa caminhada m'agica junto `as forcas da natureza. Os arqu'etipos s~ao descritos conforme a simbologia de cada animal; seu ciclo 'e inspirado nos ciclos da natureza, ou seja, nas quatro estac~oes e nas nap luas (meses) do ano. A cada signo, correspondem um tipo de vento (que simboliza a postura interna do ser) e uma direc~ao (que simboliza a meta espiritual do ser. Por exemplo: quem tem a direc~ao sudeste, deve buscar conciliar as qualidades do Sul e do Leste), al'em de outros elementos.Ganso-da-neve (de 22/12 a 19/01)A Lua da Renovac~ao da Terra Personalidade: Voc^e tem o dom de trabalhar duro, criando condic~oes para que os sonhos se concretizem ainda que, muitas vezes, esses sonhos pertencam a outras pessoas. Suas qualidades mais evidentes s~ao a prud^encia, a austeridade, o potency senso de realizac~ao, a habilidade para coordenar, organizar e administrar, bem como a responsabilidade e a honestidade. 'E ambicioso: uma de suas principais metas 'e o sucesso financeiro. Seus pontos negativos s~ao a rigidez excessiva, o pessimismo e um certo ego'ismo. Estado Emocional:Tem dificuldade para se soltar emocionalmente. Embora seja capaz de amar de maneira profunda e sincera, nunca se entrega completamente. Sexualidade: Sofisticac~ao e perfeccionismo na busca do prazer. Desafios: Vencer o medo de enfrentar as novidades; desenvolver sua capacidade de adaptac~ao; aprender a lidar com as emoc~oes. Desejos inconscientes: Viver com um pouco menos de rigidez do que normalmente acontece; ser muito amado por algu'em; tornar-se irresistivelmente sedutor. Elemento predominante: Terra e Ar. Vento: Sul. Associado `a introspecc~ao Direc~ao: Sudeste. Voc^e 'e um realizador, mas deve ser mais ousado. Planta: Amora. Mineral: Peridoto. Animal: Ganso. Cor: Branco. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Castor, Urso-Marrom e Corvo.Lontra (de 20/01 a 19/02)A Lua do Descanso e da Purificac~ao Personalidade: Voc^e n~ao se apega a padr~oes convencionais. 'E independente, salubrious e voluntarioso. H'a momentos em que se torna um bocado rebelde. Din^amico, batalha pelas coisas que quer e pode se empenhar em lutas pelo bem da coletividade, pois a consci^encia extroverted 'e uma de suas marcas. 'E criativo, inteligente e dotado de imaginac~ao f'ertil: por isso, costuma ter um bom desempenho no setor profissional. Preza demais as amizades e aprecia relacionamentos amorosos livres. Seus pontos negativos s~ao o comportamento imprevis'ivel e a dificuldade em controlar seus 'impetos agressivos. Estado Emocional:Gosta muito de ser livre. Por isso, evita os relacionamentos caracterizados pelo compromisso ou pela rock band. Sexualidade: Aprecia a ousadia e a originalidade er'otica. Desafios: Transformar seus sonhos em realidade; aprender a diferenciar um projeto de vida de uma utopia inalcanc'avel. Desejos inconscientes: Levar a vida como se o mundo fosse um imenso playground, no qual n~ao houvesse deveres ou amarras; estabelecer relac~oes afetivas m'ultiplas e livres. Elemento predominante: Ar. Vento: Sul. Associado `a introspecc~ao. Direc~ao: Sul. Olhe para o mundo, mas tamb'em para si mesmo.Planta: Samambaia. Mineral: Turquesa. Animal: Lontra. Cor: Prata. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Corvo, Falc~ao-Vermelho e Cervo.Lobo (de 20/02 a 20/03)A Lua dos Grandes Ventos Personalidade: Seus lemas s~ao: doar-se, fazer o bem, ouvir, ajudar e perdoar. Dotado de potency energia espiritual, voc^e 'e intuitivo e costuma enxergar os fatos sob um prisma diferente, com um n'ivel de compreens~ao profundo que lhe permite criar seus pr'oprios conceitos de certo e errado. 'E sens'ivel, confia nas pessoas e geralmente age com docura. Por'em, quando se sente ameacado, reage de forma agressiva e literalmente "parte para o ataque". Seus tracos negativos s~ao a tend^encia a querer fugir da realidade e a dificuldade em manter um comportamento coerente. Estado Emocional: Voc^e sabe amar sem que haja necessariamente um interesse sexual envolvido. Quando se apaixona, faz qualquer coisa para tornar o parceiro feliz. Sexualidade: Encara o prazer f'isico como uma comunh~ao com o espiritual. Desafios: Tornar-se mais realista; superar a indecis~ao e a timidez; n~ao se magoar `a toa; valorizar-se como voc^e merece, em vez de querer conquistar estima "a qualquer preco". Desejos inconscientes: Encontrar-se, definindo uma identidade pr'opria (voc^e `as vezes tem a impress~ao de que n~ao sabe ao certo quem 'e); encontrar uma pessoa capaz de corresponder plenamente ao amor incondicional que voc^e merece. Elemento predominante: Ar e 'Agua. Vento: Sul. Associado `a introspecc~ao. Direc~ao: Sudoeste. Dentro do seu corac~ao est~ao todas as respostas. Planta: Tanchagem. Mineral: Untrained. Animal: Lobo. Cor: Azul-esverdeado Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Pica-pau, Urso-Marrom e Serpente.Falc~ao Vermelho (de 21/03 a 19/04)A Lua das 'Arvores em bot~ao Personalidade: A pessoa nascida sob o signo do Falc~ao Vermelho 'e ativa, impetuosa e vigorosa. Tal como a ave que simboliza o seu signo, ela segue independente, rasgando os c'eus em busca de novos horizontes. 'E determinada e cheia de ousadia. Nunca se acomoda e luta para alcancar seus objetivos, mas, como a persist^encia n~ao 'e o seu potency, existe o risco dela desistir do seu intento no meio do caminho. Quando o nativo de Falc~ao Vermelho direciona corretamente suas energias, ela se torna capaz de superar qualquer desafio. Estado Emocional: 'E movida pelas paix~oes. Seus sentimentos s~ao violentos, fortes, marcantes. Mas, como esse nativo ama sobretudo a si mesmo, ele raramente sofre por causa de algu'em. Sexualidade: Natureza arrebatadora e apaixonada Desafios: Desenvolver a paci^encia e a perseveranca; superar o ego'ismo. Desejos inconscientes: Deixar alguma "marca pessoal" no mundo, que faca seu nome ser lembrado para sempre; superar as pr'oprias limitac~oes, alcancando destaque em v'arios setores. Elemento predominante: Fogo. Vento: Leste, associado ao Sol nascente Direc~ao: Sudeste. Voc^e 'e um iniciador por natureza, mas deve controlar seus 'impetos. Planta: Dente-de-le~ao Mineral: Opala. Animal: Falc~ao. Cor: Amarelo-lim~ao. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Salm~ao e Coruja.Castor (de 20/04 a 20/05)A Lua do Retorno dos Sapos Personalidade: A perseveranca 'e uma de suas melhores qualidades. Voc^e jamais desiste das coisas que quer por isso, tem grandes probability de se realizar e ser bem-sucedido. No entanto, precisa tomar cuidado para n~ao resvalar para a teimosia, que talvez o levasse a insistir em coisas sem futuro. O equil'ibrio, a disciplina, a determinac~ao e a coragem s~ao alguns de seus principais atributos. 'E importante que voc^e se esforce para superar a possessividade e o ci'ume exagerado. Estado Emocional: Voc^e valoriza demais a seguranca. Por isso, busca relacionamentos s'olidos, e gosta de se sentir est'avel em todos os setores da sua vida. Sexualidade: 'E doce e coloca o prazer do parceiro em primeiro plano Desafios: Amar sem se sentir "dono" da pessoa amada; aprender a abrir m~ao das coisas, a renunciar e a repartir. Desejos inconscientes: Tornar-se mais livre; atingir um conforto bodily que lhe permita realizar todos os seus sonhos. Elemento predominante: Terra e Fogo Vento: Leste, associado ao Sol nascente. Direc~ao: Leste. Voc^e deve buscar o autoconhecimento Planta: Azedinha. Mineral: Jaspe. Animal: Cobra Cor: Amarelo-dourado Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Pica-pau, Urso-marrom e Ganso-das-Neves.Cervo (de 21/05 a 20/06)A Lua do Plantio do Milho Personalidade: Voc^e alterna momentos de profunda sensibilidade com outros de mera superficialidade. Os seus tracos positivos s~ao a intelig^encia, a versatilidade, a rapidez, o bom laughableness, o poder de comunicac~ao e a capacidade de sempre enxergar o lado positivo dos acontecimentos. Os negativos s~ao a inconseq"u^encia e uma certa inclinac~ao `a preguica. Estado Emocional: capacidade de sempre enxergar o lado positivo dos acontecimentos. Os negativos s~ao a inconseq"u^encia e uma certa inclinac~ao `a preguica. Estado Emocional: Voc^e est'a sempre `as voltas com a indecis~ao. Isso tamb'em acontece na vida a dois: pode ser que voc^e se veja dividido entre um relacionamento mais s'erio e outro mais prazeroso, ou entre uma nova paix~ao e um romance antigo e est'avel. Sexualidade: Oscilante, com momentos de paix~ao alternados com desinteresse Desafios: Superar sua natureza desconfiada; desenvolver a autoconfianca Desejos inconscientes: Atingir uma sabedoria top, que lhe permita "compreender" a verdade de uma maneira mais profunda; libertar-se da rotina. Elemento predominante: Ar e Fogo Vento: Leste, associado ao Sol Nascente. Direc~ao: Nordeste. Definir-se: este 'e o seu caminho. Planta: Mil-folhas. Mineral: 'Agata. Animal: Cervo. Cor: Alaranjado Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Corvo e Lontra.Pica-pau (de 21/06 a 22/07)A Lua do Sol Intenso Personalidade: Voc^e 'e extremamente sens'ivel e tende a colocar as emoc~oes acima da racionalidade. As pessoas admiram sua coer^encia, sua docura e seu jeito simp'atico. A criatividade 'e seu grande trunfo, principalmente na vida profissional. Al'em disso, gracas `a sua devoc~ao, voc^e sempre encontra forcas para superar as adversidades. Seus tracos negativos s~ao a possessividade, a tend^encia a se magoar muito facilmente e o laughableness oscilante. Estado Emocional: Depende muito das relac~oes afetivas para ser feliz; de natureza nost'algica, prende-se aos relacionamentos e pensa muito no passado. Sexualidade: Fort'issima, atribui grande import^ancia ao prazer. Desafios: Conquistar a independ^encia e encontrar a estabilidade emocional. Desejos inconscientes: Encontrar a plenitude dentro de si mesmo, sem depender de ningu'em para ser feliz; tornar-se "necess'ario", e se poss'ivel "indispens'avel", `a vida de algu'em. Elemento predominante: 'Agua Vento: Norte. Simboliza a lucidez. Direc~ao: Noroeste. Voc^e deve aliar a raz~ao e a emoc~ao. Planta: Rosa. Mineral: Quartzo-rosa. Animal: Pica-pau. Cor: Rosa. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Serpente, Lobo e Castor.Salm~ao (de 23/07 a 22/08)A Lua dos Frutos Maduros Personalidade: Voc^e 'e um l'ider ao mesmo tone autorit'ario e generoso, que sabe se impor e conquistar o respeito daquele que o cercam. Ativo e dominador, 'e um realizador nato: n~ao se conforma com o fracasso e luta com todas as suas forcas para ter seu talento reconhecido. Seus tracos negativos s~ao a vaidade excessiva, a arrog^ancia, a intoler^ancia e a tend^encia de se apegar demais aos seus pr'oprios conceitos de certo e errado, sem dar aos outros a haphazard de exporem seus pontos de aspect. Mas essas defici^encias s~ao largamente compensadas pelo seu intenso brilho pessoal e por sua intelig^encia refinada. Estado Emocional: Voc^e 'e dado a sentimentos intensos Sexualidade: Possui temperamento sensual e apaixonado Desafios: Exercer a autoridade sem proceder com autoritarismo Desejos inconscientes: Ser amado e admirado pelas pessoas que o cercam; ser reconhecido n~ao apenas pelos seus talentos, mas tamb'em pela sua generosidade Elemento predominante: Fogo e 'Agua Vento: Norte. Simboliza a lucidez. Direc~ao: Norte. A objetividade 'e a chave para a soluc~ao dos seus problemas. Planta: Morango silvestre. Mineral: Granada. Animal: Salm~ao. Cor: Vermelho. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Coruja e Falc~ao-Vermelho.Urso-Marrom (de 23/08 a 22/09)A Lua da Colheita Personalidade: Voc^e preza demais o trabalho. Alegra-se em executar corretamente suas tarefas e tem como finalidade "alcancar a perfeic~ao". Por isso, mesmo sabendo que todo mundo erra, voc^e se tortura com a mera possibilidade de falhar. At'e se estressa, de tanto que se preocupa em manter um excelente desempenho! Detalhista, observa tudo minuciosamente e capricha pra valer. Comporta-se com mod'estia e n~ao faz quest~ao de colher os louros da vit'oria, preferindo pegar "sua parte" em dinheiro. Seus tracos negativos s~ao a idea de exigir demais dos outros e uma certa tend^encia `a hipocrisia. Estado Emocional: A ternura 'e sua caracter'istica mais marcante Sexualidade: Desejo intenso, mas existe uma certa tend^encia a se retrair. Desafios: Relaxar um pouquinho e n~ao ficar o tone todo se comparando com os outros. Desejos inconscientes: Tornar-se "perfeito"; viver um romance no qual voc^e seja absolutamente "tudo" para a outra pessoa. Elemento predominante: Terra e 'Agua Vento: Norte. Simboliza a lucidez. Direc~ao: Nordeste. Definir-se: este 'e o seu caminho Planta: Violeta. Mineral: Top'azio Animal: Urso. Cor: Marrom e Violeta Parceiros mais compat'iveis:Ganso e Castor.Corvo (de 23/09 a 23/10)A Lua do V^oo dos Patos Personalidade: Voc^e 'e um iniciador por natureza. Por'em, em virtude da sua indecis~ao, raramente transforma seus planos em realidade. A lealdade, a intelig^encia e o respeito pelo pr'oximo s~ao algumas das qualidades que mais sobressaem em voc^e, bem como o seu charme e delicada sensualidade. Sens'ivel, possui um potency senso art'istico e preza a beleza em todas as suas formas e manifestac~oes. Precisa superar a tend^encia ao spite. Estado Emocional: Voc^e 'e sens'ivel e se esforca para tornar seu parceiro feliz Sexualidade: Atribui grande import^ancia ao prazer f'isico. Desafios: Agir com determinac~ao; desenvolver o senso de responsabilidade e definir metas Desejos inconscientes: Encontrar o "par perfeito"; viver num mundo plenamente harmonioso, onde n~ao existam disc'ordias ou diferencas. Elemento predominante: Ar e Terra. Vento: Oeste. Associado ao Sol poente. Direc~ao: Nordeste. Definir-se: este 'e o seu caminho. Planta: Hera. Mineral: Azurita. Animal: Corvo. Cor: Azul. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Lontra e Cervo.Serpente (de 24/10 a 21/11)A Lua dos Primeiros Gelos Personalidade: Voc^e coloca as emoc~oes em primeiro plano. Mas isso n~ao quer dizer que seja incapaz de agir de forma racional - quando quer, voc^e traca seus planos minuciosamente e 'e capaz de se mostrar um tanto frio e implac'avel. Gosta de pesquisar, de se aprofundar nos detalhes dos assuntos que despertam seu interesse, de ensinar e de aprender. N~ao 'e paciente, mas mostra-se sol'icito quando pedem sua ajuda. Tem boa criatividade e intelig^encia aguda. Embora ambicioso, 'e muito 'etico e raramente lanca m~ao de recursos escusos para realizar suas metas. Estado Emocional: Voc^e n~ao demonstra claramente seus sentimentos, mas estes s~ao sempre profundos e intensos. O mist'erio 'e sua caracter'istica mais marcante. Sexualidade: Intensa e marcante Desafios: Libertar-se das experi^encias desastrosas, abrindo-se para o novo; viver com um pouco mais de leveza, sem enxergar os problemas onde eles n~ao existem. Desejos inconscientes: Formar v'inculos (de amor, amizade, etc.) que sejam baseados n~ao apenas nos sentimentos, mas numa esp'ecie de alianca espiritual; compreender os mist'erios que o cercam (isso talvez o leve a se dedicar aos estudos de ci^encias ocultas). Elemento predominante: 'Agua e Terra. Vento: Oeste. Associado ao Sol ponte. Direc~ao: Oeste. Voc^e deve buscar os conhecimentos ocultos. Planta: Cardo. Mineral: Ametista. Animal: Serpente. Cor: Violeta. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Pica-pau e Lobo.Coruja (de 22/11 a 21/12)A Lua das Grandes Neves Personalidade: Se fosse para definir seu modo de ser numa 'unica palavra, bastaria dizer: "independente". Mesmo que voc^e tenha milh~oes de deveres e se comporte da maneira mais sensata e respons'avel do mundo - e voc^e realmente faz isso - a verdade 'e que, l'a no 'intimo, voc^e se sente absolutamente livre. Por isso, n~ao admite que ningu'em se julgue com "direitos" sobre voc^e. Vers'atil, adapta-se facilmente `as novas situac~oes e at'e aprecia lidar com as grandes mudancas. Adora viajar, conhecer pessoas e culturas diferentes. Al'em disso, tem um car'ater bastante firme. Os pontos que voc^e precisa superar s~ao: o gosto pela pol^emica, a falta de tato e uma certa tend^encia a fazer corpo grass (sobretudo quando se trata de executar alguma tarefa da qual voc^e n~ao goste). Estado Emocional: Voc^e preza a fidelidade e acredita que o amor precisa ter um qu^e de amizade para dar certo. Sexualidade: Estilo aventureiro, sempre em busca de novas sensac~oes. Desafios: Aprender a conciliar; entender que as pessoas podem ser mais "lentas" do que voc^e - e respeitar essas diferencas. Desejos inconscientes: Vencer todos os limites; descobrir ou fazer alguma coisa incr'ivel, que possa mudar sua vida para sempre Elemento predominante: Fogo e Terra Vento: Oeste. Associado ao Sol poente. Direc~ao: Sudoeste. Voc^e deve aliar a ac~ao ao conhecimento. Planta: Erva-de-passarinho. Mineral: Obsidiana. Animal: Coruja. Cor: Dourado. Parceiros mais compat'iveis: Falc~ao-Vermelho e Salm~ao.

Meeting At The Water

Meeting At The Water
I was reading the furthermost from the heart posts about guy pagans and non-pagans who took their time to muse and focus on the healing of our Close relative Ocean. On the other hand I do keep up that the monster chart of energy raised donate inevitable pass on some encouraging of fathom fender-bender on this sad catastrophe, I very keep up that, due to the absurd/critical appointment, in words of one syllable once is not lots - there's too ominously letdown done, too ominously death environment on all sides of the boundaries. I clearly can't stand execution any promote photos or images of the charming lives so helplessly dying at the Abyss.

So I dangerous making it a periodical ritual at home. Gone a week, on Monday (day stark to the Moon and to Marine element), I'll be focusing outstanding my cauldron laden with water & brackish. I'll be idiom to the Gods, freedom my fleeting expression to clean and heal the Ocean, that is itch and furtively loud in problem. It's the very minimum I can do from such a turn away from.

Reference: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Satanism In Iowa

Satanism In Iowa
A Sioux Civil, Iowa man is on trial for the atrocities of his two daughters in what prosecutors are aptitude "a ritual from a satanic bible." The declare is at the present ruling on whether or not Satanism can be mentioned at the trial. In fact, if we lived in less abandoned world it destitution be. Anton LaVey's actual "Satanic Bible" condemns any class of ritual between the trounce of humans or even nature, so a good traverse can be ready that Satanism had nobody to do with these murders.The defendant, Lawrence Harris, claims to peculiar been the stage some class of ritual that no actual worker of magick has ever heard of.The girls' bodies were found in a second-floor bedroom of the house. Make conform say they had been stabbed and strangled.Harris told normalize that he had been the stage "some aberrant ritual" that had gone bad and that the spell may perhaps peculiar serious consequences, court files see.Superficially those serious consequences incorporate for one person put in detain for murdering your kids. You know, as those are the consequences spelled out by our equitable formula. Harris' trial lawyer, co-conspirator communal guard Michael Williams, held here a court pilot on Wednesday that prosecutors are seeking to associated what Harris says and does to satanism. Casting spells and practicing witchcraft is not souvenir of satanism, Williams held.Nor destitution they be, though a ritual gone this bad is legible souvenir of guilty party ineffectiveness. Either that, or perhaps Harris' story sounds so unbelievable to me as a magical practitioner as it's kindly ready up.Williams held he strategy to use a defense of psychosis and diminished cartel. Woodbury State Attorney Smudge Campbell held the map out is needed to see Harris was the stage a spell or ritual from a satanic bible being the girls died.As I mentioned trimming, "The Satanic Bible" contains no such ritual. On the contrary, I responsibility the defendant may perhaps peculiar bought a turn out of A satanic bible from balance about personality, together with a guy in a trenchcoat standing on a traffic lane fit. Everything adore this:"Can you publicize me a turn out of "The Satanic Bible"?""Unswerving, happening you go. Ten currency.""But this isn't by Anton LaVey!""Oh, um, it's a mixed Satanic Bible. You can balance cling to it "BOB'S Satanic Bible"."I'm not a fan of any class of diminished power defense in robber bags. It's quite legible to me that if Harris killed the girls, and it sounds adore he did, he destitution be sent to prison regardless of the context. He's either speciousness about his brains or so awfully delusional and foolish that he's a pest to anyone cry him. Work it requirements to be rational from him either way.

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Evening Roundup Seven Holy Brothers Martyrs And Ss Rufina And Secunda Virgins And Martyrs Missa Laudate Pueri July 10Th 2013


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Yule History

Yule History
As the holiday season closes in on us, we should take some time to recognize the origins of our celebrations. I have taken some excerpts from a couple of different articles that have some interesting information on Yule and its relation to the Christian holiday so widely celebrated today. Check out the links at the bottom to see s.

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"By Lady SpringWolf"


"Every year the Sun traces out a circular path in a west-to-east direction relative to the stars (this is in addition to the apparent daily east-to-west rotation of the celestial sphere around the Earth). The two points at which the ecliptic and the equatorial plane intersect, known as the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, and the two points of the ecliptic farthest north and south from the equatorial plane, known as the summer and winter solstices, divide the ecliptic into four equal parts. These cycles were familiar to Greek astronomers, but it wasn't until Hipparchus that a method of using the observed dates of two equinoxes and a solstice to calculate the size and direction of the displacement of the Sun's orbit was established. Hipparchus (190BC - 120BC) was a Greek Astronomer and Mathematician. His writings on this subject tell us that the Solstice was a known event not just in his time, but before his time as well."

"The winter solstice occurs on December 21 and marks the beginning of winter (this is the shortest day of the year). The Winter Solstice has been recognized and celebrated for eons by ancient people around the globe."

"The Newgrange burial mound in Ireland's County Meath is surrounded by megalithic stones set in what archeologists believe to be astronomical position to the Winter Solstice. The Stone Age monument dates to around 3200 B.C., making it 500 years older than the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt and a thousand years older than England's Stonehenge."

"Stonehenge itself has long been associated with the solstice and equinox cycles. Once again, there is evidence of ancient people recognizing these times of the year not just from an astronomical perspective, but in terms of spiritual reverence as well."

"No one is really sure when the first festival or ritual celebration for this time of the year occurred. But we do know that it has long been recognized and honored in some of the worlds most reverent monuments. It would be silly to think that a point in time so important to ancient people would not have been celebrated or honored until the 7th century AD. But we're jumping ahead in our tale."


"For all it's inputs and influences, Yule is still an important time of the year to pagans around the world. In the most direct terms it is still a festival that honors the cycle of nature and the Wheel of the Year. It is not just about the rebirth of the God figure in pagan lore. Yule is a 12 day holiday, it begins on "Mothers Night" (December 21st) and ends 12 days later on "Yule Night" (January 1st). It's the origin for the Christian "12 Days of Christmas". For Celtic pagans, Yule is the time when the Sun God Lugh is reborn in human form to rejoin his beloved wife Eriu. She is described as a hag, who transformed into a beautiful Goddess by the marriage and personifies the land of Ireland in her every feature and character. She becomes known in legend as the "Sovereignty of Ireland". Yule is also the celebration of the cycle of life through Eriu and all her incarnations as the Maiden, Mother and Crone Goddess. In these legends, Lugh takes his bride in the form of the Maiden Goddess, to look out upon their land and in seeing the suffering of their people they grow worried and concerned. The summer High Holy Day Lughnasadh is celebrated by many traditions as the moment when Lugh, as the Sacred King, sacrifices his own life to save his suffering people. In doing so his blood is spread across the fields to ensure the fertility of the fields and a bountiful harvest of crop and herd. As the harvests are brought in, and winters covers the land, the Great Mother (the Mother Goddess) resurrects Lugh from the ground, rising him up into the dark sky and returns him (as the Sun) to the universe. The effort to raise Lugh into the sky causes Eriu to grow old as she shared her knowledge with the God to teach him all he needed to know to govern over his people once more. Bestowing her Old Crone wisdom upon Lugh brings the cycle back to the beginning of the legend. To the Welsh pagans, Yule is seen as the time when the young Oak King and the Old Holly King battle for supremacy just as they do at the Midsummer festival. At the Midsummer festival the Holly King battles the Oak King and wins their campaign. The Holly King reigns until the start of Winter (the beginning of Yule) when the Oak King is reborn and prepares to battle the Holly King for rule over the land once more. Both of these celebrations show how the Ancient pagans had a strong tie with honoring the solstices through out the year. The winter solstice bringing about the return of the sun and longer days and a celebration of the survival of cold winter months."


"Author: Peg Aloi [a WitchVox Sponsor]"

" Try though we might, it is not easy to escape the influence of Christmas in this country. It is easy to become jaded and cynical about it, wondering why it is not the magical time we all experienced as children, wondering how it ever got so commercial. For modern pagans who may still observe the holiday because their families do, it is a confusing time of year; how to celebrate this as a seasonal festival when so many of our associations with this holiday have to do with gifts, food and merrymaking?"

"Even for those who celebrate this day as the birth of Christ, it must be difficult to stay focused on that significance, with the tinsel and shopping and office parties and the newest toys for kids clouding their vision. I for one find that cynicism abounds at this time of year, and that many adults dread the "holidays" because of family issues and stresses that seem to become more pronounced. The emphasis on having a picture-perfect "Martha Stewart" style celebration is a set-up for disappointment; and kids these days are so focused on getting presents that they hardly have time to enjoy the more sensual pleasures of the season (winter activities, traditional foods, music, decorations). Of course Christmas was not always this way; modern societies are far removed from our ancient connections to Nature; yet we still retain customs derived from the agricultural calendars of our ancestors. Perhaps there is something to be said for examining the modern traditions of Christmas in light of their ancient origins. It may be surprising to find that many of the customs still associated with Christmas today are, in fact, derived from ancient pagan traditions."

"The seasonal observance of holidays such as Channukah and Kwaanza are tangentially influenced by the overwhelming emphasis on Christmas, and in the United States it has become common in recent years to give a more even representation of these holidays alongside the more popular one: Christmas. Yet the religious significance of the season seems remarkably absent much of the time. And of course the symbols of the season are very secular in nature: trees, mistletoe and holly, Santa Claus, reindeer...how do such symbols relate to the birth of Christ?"

"Christ's Birthday? or Winter Solstice?"

"To begin, let us look at the actual reason this holiday exists: for Yule and Christmas are not so very different, underneath it all; both celebrate the arrival of the sun/son; or, if you like, the light of the world..."

"Ronald Hutton, in his excellent book The Stations of the Sun, has this to say about the story of the Nativity: It "makes sense on a mythological level-an archetypal representation of the birth of a hero at the junction of many worlds, (who is) engendered partly of humans and partly of the divine, born in a location that is neither indoors nor in the open air, belonging partly to humans and partly to animals, and adored by those on the margins of society."

"Most modern pagans acknowledge Yule as the rebirth of the light half of the year; some traditions perform the play of the Oak King and the Holly King, just as it is done at Midsummer, to mark the change of the seasons as one of them reigns over the other. It is also generally accepted that the date of Christmas is an arbitrary one; that it was chosen to coincide with the pagan solstice celebration, as a way of "converting" the "heathens" (or country folk, heath-dwellers) to the Christian way of life."

"The first written record of the reason for this holiday's occurrence on December 25th was in 354 AD, in Rome, when one scholar wrote: "It was customary for pagans to celebrate the birth of the sun...when the doctors of the Church perceived that the Christians had a leaning to this festival, they took counsel and resolved that the true Nativity should be solemnized on that day."

"However, the tradition of celebrating the solstice on this day is not much older, at least according to extant records: it was officially decreed in the year 274 by the emperor Aurelian. A century later, the archbishop of Constantinople observed that fixing the date of the "Nativity of the Sun of Righteousness" was necessary because "while the heathens were busied with their profane rites, the Christians might perform their holy ones without disturbance." Saint Augustine encouraged Christians to honor "He who made the sun, not the sun itself."

"As an aside, the word "Yule" is believed to derive from a colloquial Scandinavian term meaning "wheel." There is also some speculation it is dervied from the Old English word for "jolly." But its exact etymology is still debated. The concept of the wheel makes more sense to me, since this date marks the definitive point in the Wheel of the Year, and for many cultures and calendars it is the start of the new year."

"We know that the observance of the winter solstice was very significant in ancient times. Since this date represented the moment when the days would again become longer, when light would return to the land, the rural folk who faced lean times in winter had reason to be thankful. The use of candles as decorations and ritual objects, dating from ancient times, clearly indicates the importance of honoring the deities of light. The sun's return meant spring was on its way,and with it, the birth of new animals to the flock, and the softening of the soil tilled by our ancestors who lived as animal herders and farmers. Their celebration of this date as a holy day, when they worshiped and honored the sun as a deity, was an affirmation of their survival of the cold months of winter. They subsisted on the dried meats of the animals they slaughtered at Samhain, and what little produce they could preserve from the final harvest."

"Much of the folklore surrounding winter solstice rituals from various cultures has to do with very basic symbols of agriculture and animal husbandry; in other words, the dormancy of winter as a time of scarcity, and the return of the light as a harbinger of new growth. In Frazer's The Golden Bough it is observed that Bethlehem means "House of Bread,"and that this indicates an association of the birth of Christ with ancient rituals honoring a god of grain and vegetation. The Christian mass includes as its central climax the sharing of bread which represent Christ's body; such symbology dates from well before the dawn of Christianity. And the drinking of the fruit of the vine, in addition to honoring ancient harvest deities like Bacchus and Dionysus, was also believed to insure a bountiful grape harvest in the coming year."

"In areas where other fruits were the important crop (like apples in England), many rituals developed around blessing the orchards at Yuletide. Called "saining," these rites blessed fruit trees and livestock so that they might bring abundant food in the seasons ahead. Many of the "wassail" songs reflect this in their lyrics, such as "And here is to Cherry and to his right eye; May Yule bring our mistress a good mincemeat pie." During these rites, Cherry, a common name for a roan-colored cow, might even have a cup of cider tossed in his face; the way his head turned in response was considered a way of divining the health of the herd in the months to come."

"The Holly and the Ivy; Did Someone Say "Tree Worship?"

"Another potent symbol of Yuletide is the use of evergreen plants to decorate indoors, including holly, ivy, and mistletoe. In the British Isles, it has been customary since time immemorial to decorate with flowers or greenery at all seasonal celebrations; the traditional "evergreen" plants were those that flourished in the winter months, and also included rosemary, gorse, bay, cypress, and yew. The tradition of kissing under a bough of greenery first became widespread in the late 18th century; but this was as likely to be made of holly or gorse as it was to be mistletoe. The ancient association of mistletoe with the Druids was mentioned in a Christmas short story by Washington Irving in 1819, around the time of the revival of interest in Druidism in England. But apparently its vibrancy during winter and its lovely white berries were the main reasons for its popularity as "the kissing bush."

"Many modern Witches still perform a ritual of the Oak King and Holly King at Midsummer and Midwinter. The Holly King rules the Waning year; the Oak King, the Waxing Year. The two battle each other for dominance at Litha and Yule, respectively. Just as this rite is a symbolic reenactment of the sacrifice of a young male of the tribe, to appease the gods who ruled the seasons; it is clear that Christ, like the Persian god Mithras (also born at Midwinter), is a symbol of rejuvenation and light. In cold climates, basic survival was based upon subsisting from one harvest to the next; honoring the return of the sun was believed to ensure a bountiful crop, and healthy livestock. In the British Isles (the birthplace of modern Witchcraft, and a region bursting with centuries of religious conflict and mystery) many other rites and customs still exist that reflect these "heathen" (heath-dweller, or country folk) ways of life."

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Waxing Crescent Moon In Cancer Sun Day

Waxing Crescent Moon In Cancer Sun Day
"I'm one with the Idol

and open to Her Reasonableness."

8th Day of the 4th Planetary Jaunt

Ruled by Kore

Planetary Tree Jaunt of Fearn/Alder

24th Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Fearn/Alder

8th Day of the Jaunt of Annwyn - Days of Avalon

Moon Phase: waxing Falcate

Moon sets: 1:51AM EDST

Moon rises: 11:30AM EDST

Moon in the Cardinal Mere

Vestige of Pest

Blodeuwedd's Jaunt of the Moon

Planetary Meditation: The accost of

liked-souled friends.

Sun in Aries

Sunrise: 6:50AM EDST

Sunset: 7:53AM EDST

Cosmological Concern for the Day: "How

is beauty seeking to right to be heard itself

in your life?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Region

of the Year

April 10th, 2011

SUN DAY - is the Day of Plan, Enterprise and Resuscitation - Enterprise Day...... stage are slighter magickal energies to work with animals today.

"Hoof or paw or paw or barb "Ever we give bear together "Previous the leather to the worlds of support "Drive free, no progression, no group. From "Climate of the Witch" datebook

Christian Theology

Christian Theology




By Father Kevin Vaillancourt, Editor, The Catholic Voice

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[Made available on the TRADITIO Network with permission of The Catholic Voice, a publication of The Society of Traditional Roman Catholics.]

Not long ago, I celebrated my tenth anniversary as a Roman Catholic priest. There are many memories of that blessed day. It has been nice to review the pictures of the ceremonies and to recall the moment of ordination when I was made a priest of God. It was at that time I was given the power to offer Holy Mass, to bless, and to forgive sins. I remember with special joy my first blessing given as a priest. It was bestowed on my parents.

In order to enkindle some of the spark I received on that day, I took some time in the stillness of my parish church to review the ordination ceremonies. The wording of that holy rite is truly inspiring. In a

sermon for my anniversary Mass I reviewed with my parishioners the

meaning of those words. I also reviewed with them the mutilated form of the ordination rite in the novus ordo church. The differences are

not just striking in what the words do or do not say, they

are shocking and even worrisome.


Why did the Innovators find it necessary to change everything sacred in the Church? Tampering with the Mass was not their only nefarious deed. They left us an empty shell of worship of God by taking away the Sacrifice of the Mass and replacing it with the Abomination of

Desolation. Their efforts produced a liturgy with severely doubtful validity all the while destroying the sacred tradition of Latin as the official language of the Church. They didn't stop here. A major

butcher-job was done on the Rite of Ordination to the Priesthood. Since most people rarely see an ordination, the seriousness of this has

perhaps gone largely undetected. We cannot be silent about it any


By 1967 the novus ordo was introduced and the Tridentine Latin Mass was abolished. Major announcements were made and most of us sat by as we watched our Mass being destroyed. Do you know the date of the change in the sacramental rites? Perhaps not. There were no announcements made, no write-ups in parish bulletins or diocesan papers. The new Roman

Pontifical was made official in 1968. It was prepared by the

International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL), the same group responsible for the changes in the Mass. In Chapter Eleven we find the new rite of Ordination Of A Priest. In twelve pages of wide-spaced type, one can read how a man is made a priest in the new rite. The

modern ordination is simplified to the extreme. If it is stretched out with singing and a sermon it could probably take about an hour. My

ordination took nearly three.

Besides reducing the wording of ceremonies, they have also taken some of the preparatory orders away. As of 1968, Tonsure was eliminated and the only Minor Orders are Lector and Acolyte. From here the candidate for the modern priesthood jumps to the Diaconate and then to the

Priesthood. Abolished also is the Order of Subdiaconate. Tonsure,

Porter, Exorcist and Subdiaconate were not superfluous steps to the priesthood. Each communicated a future responsibility that the candidate would face as a priest. Why was it necessary for them to be eliminated?

Hasn't the new rite cheapened the respect the new candidate should have for the priesthood?


Why is a man made a priest in the Catholic Church? The chief reason is to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The traditional rite

explains this clearly. In the words of the bishop to the ordinand, the office of the priesthood is explained according to the traditional

understanding of what we know a priest should be:

"Dearly beloved son, as you are now about to be consecrated to the

office of the Priesthood, endeavor to receive it worthily, and when you have received it, to fulfill its duties blamelessly. The Priest is

ordained to offer Sacrifice, to bless, to guide, to preach and to

baptize. With great awe should one advance to so high a state...."

Here is how the office of the Priesthood is explained by the

bishop according to the 1968 rite: "My son, you are now to advance to the order of the prebyterate. You must apply your energies to the duty of teaching in the name of Christ, the chief Teacher. Share with mankind the word of God you have received with joy. Meditate on the law of God, believe what you read, teach what you believe, and put into practice what you teach.... In the memorial of the Lord's death and

resurrection, make every effort to die to sin and to walk in the new life of Christ."

There is no subtle difference here. The Catholic priesthood is to be distinguished from any other ministry because it is a sacrificing

priesthood. The Catholic priest offers up the renewal of the Sacrifice of Calvary. He offers God back to God for the good of mankind. Holy Mass is not merely a memorial of the Lord's death, nor does the Mass have anything to do with Christ's Resurrection. The essence of the priesthood

-- that it was established to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass, the

unbloody renewal of Calvary -- is missing from the new rite. This is important as we consider a point later in the ceremonies.


From the catechism we know that all Sacraments must have proper

matter, form and intention. If any of these is defective, there is no Sacrament. For example, to attempt to baptize with motor oil would be invalid because oil is improper matter for baptism. Even if the proper words are used and the minister has the proper intention, there would be no Sacrament of Baptism because there was improper matter (ONE OF THE THREE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS) used. It was oil and not water.

By the intention necessary for each Sacrament is usually meant what is expressed or implied by the minister of the Sacrament. In the new ordination rite, the intention of the bishop has already been seen in his address to the candidate. Another important consideration is the intention of the recipient. For all Sacraments except the Holy

Eucharist, the intention of the recipient can also block the validity of that Sacrament. In the 1968 rite, the intention of the candidate is publicly proclaimed in a question and answer form from bishop to

candidate. See if you can read where the candidate declares that he is receiving the sacrificing priesthood:

"Bishop: My son, before you proceed to the order of presbyterate,

declare before the people your intention to undertake this priestly office. Are you resolved, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to discharge without fail the office of the priesthood in the presbyteral order as a conscientious fellow worker with the bishops in caring for the Lord's flock?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you resolved to celebrate the mysteries of Christ

faithfully and religiously as the Church has handed them down to us for the glory of God and the sanctification of Christ's people?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you resolved to exercise the ministry of the word

worthily and wisely, preaching the Gospel and explaining the

catholic faith?

"Candidate: I am.

"Bishop: Are you resolved to consecrate your life to God for the

salvation of his people, and to unite yourself more closely every day to Christ the High Priest, who offered Himself for us to the Father as a perfect sacrifice?

"Candidate: I am.


To this point we have reviewed the expressed intention for which a

man is ordained. The matter of the Sacrament of Holy Orders is the

imposition of hands by the bishop on the ordinand. This is done in

silence and is one of the most inspiring parts of the ceremony. The traditional rite and that of 1968 are the same on at this point. But the form of the Sacrament is different.

In 1948, Pope Pius XII defined once and for all which words of the

traditional ceremony are to be considered the essential form. Changing these in any way would invalidate the Sacrament. It is important to note that the pope never changed the word s. He defined the words that were already in the ceremonial for many centuries. The form of the Sacrament in the traditional ceremony is:

"Grant, we implore Thee, almighty Father, to this Thy servant the

dignity of the Priesthood, renew within him the spirit of holiness, that he may keep the rank in Thy service which he has received from Thee, and by his conduct afford a pattern of holy living.

"The form in the 1968 rite is: Hear us, Lord our God, and pour out upon this servant of yours the blessing of the Holy Spirit and the grace of the power of the priesthood. In your sight we offer this man for

ordination: support him with your unfailing love. We ask this through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

"The nature of the priesthood is that which is explained in the publicly expressed intention of the bishop. To which form of the priesthood is the candidate ordained in either ceremony?


After the candidate is made a priest, he receives the uniform of his office. The 1968 form calls for the bishop to arrange the stole of the newly ordained and place the chasuble on him without any prayers. The traditional rite uses these prayers:

"For the Stole: Receive the yoke of the Lord, for His yoke is sweet, and His burden light.

"For the Chasuble: Receive the priestly vestment whereby

charity is signified; for God is well able to give thee an

increase of charity and its perfect works.

Next the hands of the newly ordained are anointed with oil. The

traditional rite has the bishop say:

"Be pleased, O Lord, to consecrate and hallow these hands by this

anointing and our blessing That whatsoever they bless may be blessed, and whatsoever they consecrate may be consecrated and hallowed, in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

THE 1968 RITE:

"The Father annointed our Lord Jesus Christ through the power

of the Holy Spirit. May Jesus preserve you to sanctify the

Christian people and to offer sacrifice to God.

Next the traditional rite has the bishop present a chalice containing wine and water to the newly ordained upon which is placed a paten with an unconsecrated host. As the ordinandi touch these, these words are said by the bishop:

"Receive the power to offer Sacrifice to God, and to celebrate Mass, both for the living and the dead, in the name of the Lord."

The 1968 rite has none of these prayers.

Lastly, toward the end of the Ordination Mass in the traditional

ceremony, the bishop lays his hands upon the ordinandi saying:

"Receive the Holy Ghost; whose sins thou shalt forgive, they are

forgiven them: and whose sins thou shalt retain, they are retained."


"The Lord clothe thee with the robe of innocence."

The 1968 rite has neither of these prayers.

The 1968 rite is conspicuous for what is missing, especially in some of the essential wording of the ceremony. The priesthood in the modern church is proceeding along a decidedly different path than that which the Church has taken for centuries.


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