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Review Blood Myth By Stacy A Moran

Review Blood Myth By Stacy A Moran
Title: Blood MythAuthor: Stacy A MoranSeries: Allegory #1Genre: Erotic Scary RomancePublished: Oppose 31st 2013Zakah Sange was untutored in vogue a world of dark magick, perfectly living in the shadows of his launch, the Raka Sovereign. He was critically sexy and enigmatic; he used power and overpower to approach himself in vogue a fit and cunning man. Zakah became a warrior, a casino and the master of his own intensity lurking within. Sorina Ruzicka was the immense granddaughter of the evil god Akhekh. She was untutored in vogue a inheritance of magickal gifts that she desired no part of. While time touring as a blues entertainer she returned home where she honorable desired the seclusion of the mountains. A unplanned settlement with the profound regulation owner irritated Sorina in vogue the fight of her life.Can a willful witch, book the selfish tone of a demon who force submission? Trusts will be hardened, suspicion will be crossed and a destine neither of them acknowledged will be played out.Take to mean on >>

New Atheists As Pet Rocks

New Atheists As Pet Rocks
A tip of the hat to Tom Cheetham, in whose The Legacy of Henry Corbin blog I learned of David B. Hart's review of the latest publishing effort churned out in the name of New Atheism.

Hart's review is titled Believe It Or Not, and in it he looks at 50 Voices of Disbelief: Why We Are Atheists. Hart introduces his review with a very nice summation of his opinion of New Atheism:

I think I am very close to concluding that this whole "New Atheism" movement is only a passing fad-not the cultural watershed its purveyors imagine it to be, but simply one of those occasional and inexplicable marketing vogues that inevitably go the way of pet rocks, disco, prime-time soaps, and The Bridges of Madison County. This is not because I necessarily think the current "marketplace of ideas" particularly good at sorting out wise arguments from foolish. But the latest trend in `a la mode godlessness, it seems to me, has by now proved itself to be so intellectually and morally trivial that it has to be classified as just a form of light entertainment, and popular culture always tires of its diversions sooner or later and moves on to other, equally ephemeral toys.

To be honest, I think Hart seriously misunderestimates the lasting cultural impact and importance of disco, but other than that, this is pitch perfect.

Now, Hart and I obviously come at this issue from rather different perspectives. He is an Orthodox Christian who is a regular contributor to the conservative Christian journal, First Things, where his review is published. First Things, for those not familiar with it, was founded by Catholic theologian Richard Neuhaus, who had this to say in a speech he gave to the National Right To Life Committee in Arlington VA in 2008:

"We shall not weary, we shall not rest, as we stand guard at the entrance gates and the exit gates of life, and at every step along way of life, bearing witness in word and deed to the dignity of the human person-of every human person. Against the encroaching shadows of the culture of death, against forces commanding immense power and wealth, against the perverse doctrine that a woman's dignity depends upon her right to destroy her child, against what St. Paul calls the principalities and powers of the present time... "I, on the other hand, am a left-leaning Pagan who is proud of having faced down the likes of Richard Neuhaus from the other side of the property line at many an abortion clinic. I don't want to dwell on abortion or my views of Christianity (or monotheism generally -- let along right-wing Catholic right-to-lifers). I only wish to emphasize that any agreement I might have with David Bentley Hart is a considered one, and not some reflexive "amen, brother!"

With that out of the way, let me return to praising Hart and his assessment of New Atheism. Or, better yet, let me quote Hart at length as he gets to the heart of the matter:

I am not-honestly, I am not-simply being dismissive here. The utter inconsequentiality of contemporary atheism is a social and spiritual catastrophe. Something splendid and irreplaceable has taken leave of our culture-some great moral and intellectual capacity that once inspired the more heroic expressions of belief and unbelief alike. Skepticism and atheism are, at least in their highest manifestations, noble, precious, and even necessary traditions, and even the most fervent of believers should acknowledge that both are often inspired by a profound moral alarm at evil and suffering, at the corruption of religious institutions, at psychological terrorism, at injustices either prompted or abetted by religious doctrines, at arid dogmatisms and inane fideisms, and at worldly power wielded in the name of otherworldly goods. In the best kinds of unbelief, there is something of the moral grandeur of the prophets-a deep and admirable abhorrence of those vicious idolatries that enslave minds and justify our worst cruelties.

But a true skeptic is also someone who understands that an attitude of critical suspicion is quite different from the glib abandonment of one vision of absolute truth for another-say, fundamentalist Christianity for fundamentalist materialism or something vaguely and inaccurately called "humanism." Hume, for instance, never traded one dogmatism for another, or one facile certitude for another. He understood how radical were the implications of the skepticism he recommended, and how they struck at the foundations not only of unthinking faith, but of proud rationality as well.

A truly profound atheist is someone who has taken the trouble to understand, in its most sophisticated forms, the belief he or she rejects, and to understand the consequences of that rejection. Among the New Atheists, there is no one of whom this can be said, and the movement as a whole has yet to produce a single book or essay that is anything more than an insipidly doctrinaire and appallingly ignorant diatribe.This is spot on. For the old school Atheists of days gone by, attacking Christianity was a labor of love. They lingered over passages from scripture, quoted Papal Bulls and other church documents from memory, and knew the breadth and depth of western history. For them it was not simply the case that "even the Devil can quote scripture", but that the Devil must know his Bible backwards and forwards, as well as his theology, his Apologetics, and, of course, his Church historians.

By far the most damning thing that Hart has in store is his extended comparison of the "sheer banality" of the New Atheists with the "force" and "intellectual courage" of Friedrich Nietzsche:

The only really effective antidote to the dreariness of reading the New Atheists, it seems to me, is rereading Nietzsche. How much more immediate and troubling the force of his protest against Christianity seems when compared to theirs, even more than a century after his death. Perhaps his intellectual courage-his willingness to confront the implications of his renunciation of the Christian story of truth and the transcendent good without evasions or retreats-is rather a lot to ask of any other thinker, but it does rather make the atheist "chic" of today look fairly craven by comparison.

Above all, Nietzsche understood how immense the consequences of the rise of Christianity had been, and how immense the consequences of its decline would be as well, and had the intelligence to know he could not fall back on polite moral certitudes to which he no longer had any right. Just as the Christian revolution created a new sensibility by inverting many of the highest values of the pagan past, so the decline of Christianity, Nietzsche knew, portends another, perhaps equally catastrophic shift in moral and cultural consciousness. His famous fable in "The Gay Science" of the madman who announces God's death is anything but a hymn of atheist triumphalism. In fact, the madman despairs of the mere atheists-those who merely do not believe-to whom he addresses his terrible proclamation. In their moral contentment, their ease of conscience, he sees an essential oafishness; they do not dread the death of God because they do not grasp that humanity's heroic and insane act of repudiation has sponged away the horizon, torn down the heavens, left us with only the uncertain resources of our will with which to combat the infinity of meaninglessness that the universe now threatens to become.Of course Hart cannot help but try to enlist Nietzsche as a witness to the "immensity" of the "consequences of the rise of Christianity." One gets the impression that Hart does not have the Dark Ages, the Inquisition and Colonialism in mind. But those are subjects I have covered elsewhere.


The unruly hair of witches was thought to control the weather. Hurricanes, wind storms, rain, or hail could be unleashed by a woman allowing her hair to fall wild.

Thunderstorms occurred solely because somewhere a woman was combing out her hair.

Bury a snippet of hair from a menstruating witch and it will turn into a snake.

The tradition of women covering their hair in church originated from Corinthians
11:10 where Saint Paul warns that good Christian women should cover their heads because demons leap like sparks from female hair and enter the world to do mischief.

The Aztecs believed that a god would appear from afar and be recognized by his blond hair. (Cortez profited from this one).

A medieval knight riding into battle wore a lock of his Lady's pubic hair to help keep him brave.

Reference: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

The Religious Symbolism Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas

The Religious Symbolism Of The Twelve Days Of Christmas
"THE TWELVE Time OF CHRISTMAS" is an English Christmas carol that enumerates a series of increasingly magnificent gifts precise on each of the twelve days of Christmasin the taste of a accumulate ode. The ode, sooner published in England in 1780 without music as a chant or epic, is sensitivity to be French in origin. It has a Roud Folk Song Indexnumber of 68. The tunes of calm statement change. The exemplary examination now connected with it is consequent from a 1909 determined of the traditional folk refrain by English artiste Frederic Austin, who sooner introduced the now advance carry-over of the verse "five gold rings".

To the same extent ARE THE TWELVE Time OF CHRISTMAS?

The Twelve Time of Christmas start with Christmas Day and ends with the eve of Epiphany on January 5th. The Twelve Time of Christmas dates back to English origins in the sixteenth century regardless of the music is assumed to be French. The sooner back copy glimpse for The Twelve Time of Christmas (The 12 Time of Christmas) was 1780.


Nearly is one sense on what the sanctimonious symbolism is for the Twelve Time of Christmas:

1 Redress Cherished refers to God

2 Turtle Doves refers to the Old and New Testaments

3 French Hens refers to Likelihood, Goal and Prayer, the Theological Virtues

4 Profession Flora and fauna refers to the Four Gospels and/or the Four Evangelists

5 Golden Earrings refers to the sooner Five Books of the Old Tombstone, the "Pentateuch", which gives the history of man's fall from fineness.

6 Fowl A-laying refers to the six days of creation

7 Swans A-swimming refers to the seven gifts of the Angelic Center, the seven sacraments

8 Maids A-milking refers to the eight beatitudes

9 Ladies Dancing refers to the nine Fruits of the Angelic Center

10 Lords A-leaping refers to the ten commandments

11 Pipers Piping refers to the eleven pure apostles

12 Drummers Striking refers to the twelve points of canon in the Apostle's Creed

Source: http://www.carols.org.uk/

http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The Twelve Days of Christmas (ode)

Israel Sells Weapons To Ayatollahs

Israel Sells Weapons To Ayatollahs
As usual, I read an article and my mind went wild. See if you can follow the journey. It will be unusual. You will get offended if you are religious.

Iranians have been caught in a war between the Ayatollahs and The United States of America (USA). Weapon traders have been supplying both sides. But what is the driving force apart from money? How will it end? These are some of the questions.

To understand the ending, you need to see the much larger cosmological picture in space and time. The simple logical reasoning is explained at the following link. I have written another completely unconventional opinion.

Lessons from America's First War with Iran Brookings Institution http://www.brookings.edu/research/articles/2013/05/lessons-america-first-war-iran-riedel (UC Browser)

The above article states:

"Throughout the Iraq-Iran War, Israel was the only consistent source of spare parts for the Iranian air force's U.S.-made jets.6 Israeli leaders, notably Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, brought considerable pressure to bear on Washington for an American engagement with Tehran, and Iran-Contra was in many ways their idea."

So here we go. I will hop about a lot. You will need to read this report a few times.

Throughout the 20,000 year history of Iran, we have had to deal with wars. The remarkable thing is that Iran still exists. I will get to the point eventually. But first some history. Actually, there is a lot of history, geography, archaeology and cosmology, that you need to learn, and possibly unlearn somethings you have accepted.

Open any history book, any religious book and you will find Iran mentioned at the beginning.

The people who live in the Iranian plateau, are the forefathers to most of the world. Much of what the world calls "civilization", started some 20,000 years ago, in the Iranian Plateau.

People moved out of dry hot Africa, and settled along the Zagros mountains' more temperate climate. Food was planted and cultivated in Iranian Plateau first.

Land ownership rights, led to the development of the world and Iran's first cuneiform language called Proto-Elamite. More on that later.

What is certainly quite wrong, and we Iranians cannot do much about it, is the amount of plagiarism that the world has done with our writings.

"Liberty, according to my metaphysics is a self-determining power in an intellectual agent. It implies thought and choice and power." - John Adams

It sounds as if he was the first person ever to think of it. Obviously he did not know about the Zend-Avesta, that has an oral tradition of 20,000 years.

John Adams family, like most, goes to the Indo-European migrations, that took place out of the Iranian plateau, after the last ice-age. But what his ancestors did, remains in Iran.

For John Adams, the only link, to his ancient roots that remained, was in the Bible. But the Bible is full of plagiarism. It has badly copied most of the older philosophies of Iran - philosophies that are so much older, and which never pretended to be holy.

No Zoroastrian dared to mention that, because he would have been killed, by either a Jew or Muslim, before any Christian got to him or her first. And then thanks to Salman Parsi, most of our written material was burnt. But the people and rock faces still remained.

Look at the rivival of the Iranian soul in the works of Ferdowsi, Khayaam, Rumi, Saadi and Hafez to name a few. And that was 700 years after all the books were burnt. So there is an intrinsic spirit that is reborn, given half a chance.

I have written before, how Iran got that chance, after the Mongols wiped out Islam. I will now look at how Islam, white-washed the whole of the Middle East, but still the local cultures reappeared within it.

What we call Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, are all part of old 20,000 year Iran. The last Iranian dynasty, before Salman Parsi wrote the Koran and burnt all the libraries, was called Sassanian.

The Sassanian families, that had taken care of that land for 20,000 years, became Shiites. They had their "holy" shrines, to keep that distinction. That is how their older identity reasserted itself within Islam. That was what John Adams called, "the self-determining power".

Previously, some had converted to Christianity, after three wise men or Magi Astrologers from Saveh, followed the instructions written by Jamasp some 20,000 years ago, of coming of the Sayaoshant. Jesus of Nazareth was a Sayaoshant. The Bible and Torah do not mention Sayaoshant. Why don't they?

Torah, Bible and other younger books, never mention how the old Iranians became Jews, Christians, Jews and Shiites. The people who abandoned Iran, went to China or Europe, forgot their roots.

Iran was invaded by forces, that wiped out the history. It wasn't just Salman Parsi. The great library of Persepolis, was burnt down accidentally by Alexander's girl friend.

So how did Iran survive? We were left with stone engravings, that could not be burnt. And the stones showed the world, how wrong the Bible and Torah were, in their versions of history.

New questions were asked and archaeology was born. Literally every day now, the world history is being rewritten, as new stone artifacts are being found in Iran.

The families that migrated into the Iranian Plateau 20,000 years ago, all lived along the brow or chest of the Zagros and Caucasian Mountains. Water irrigation and planting food, was created there for the first time on Earth.

Cuneiform was the language of the world. Effectively it was the first operating system (OS). From Cuneiform other languages were developed. But the people living in Zagros and Caucasus, developed indigenous versions of creation story. Iran had been invaded, and the libraries and scholars had disappeared. Imagine Google breaking down.

When Islam and Christianity, forced everyone to become religious, everyone found a new means to connect to each other. Effectively Islam became the new OS in Middle East and Christianity in Europe. "Holy" books forced people to adopt the new OS.

With a new OS, Iranians could connect with other Iranians, that had gone to as far as China and Spain. Everyone had to learn a new code. Just like now, where programers learn C language, in those days, they learnt the K and B code, written in Arabic and Latin respectively. The Arabic dictionary was written by an Iranian.

People forgot to read Avestan, which was the authentic original language. The hard drive had been formatted by Salman. Imagine the internet breaking down.

Zend Avesta and its language, Avestan, is actually related to the Rig Veda. So no matter what a Hindu tells you, they all migrated from Iran, when humans left Africa.

Riga Veda and Zend Avesta are very similar. Mecca was an old Hindu or Zoroastrian Temple, with the twelve Astrological energies represented in the Kaaba. But Salman completely removed all that.

So why was language developed in Iran in the first place? I asked some of my African friends, why they never developed languages, that would be older than anywhere else? Their answer is, "we never settled anywhere, and land ownership does not exist".

Land ownership is the crux of it all. If you go and look at the code at The Sumerian Code of Law (3600 BC), you will see that all the old names of the land owners, are written on stumps demarking the property borders. This happened because different types of wheat and other agricultual products, were planted in what is commonly known as The Fertile Crescent.

In the Zend Avesta, Iranians did not regard any land as "holy". The nearest we get to the concept of "holy" is Good Thoughts. We did not have holy burial grounds. Like Africans we saw the whole of nature as holy. Life on Earth is holy. That is what Knowrooz teaches us. Unlike Africa, four seasons are very apparent in the Iranian Plateau. That is why we became quite good at measuring, and mathematics developed. Our calendar had to be good for us to survive.

Here is the cosmology. Iranian cosmology looks at the polarity of space-time. With the coming of the Age of Pisces, all sorts of idealism flourished. All sorts of confusion was created by polarities. Religion is the creation of the Age of Pisces. Holy places were created. Certain towns became holy. Burial grounds became holy. Places that were not holy were deemed bad. The ultimate polarity of all namely - Heaven and Hell, was created. That polarity destroyed the world.

Now we come to the present day news. People are fighting over a small part of human experience. In terms of the Iranian 20,000 years exprience, we have 1000 generations of Iranains. 100 of them had been forced to follow "holy" practices in the age of Pisces. What are the other 900 ancestors thinking?

Look at the burial grounds of the three religions. Look at their wars to defend these "holy" lands. And right now, war is being raged, just because one set of ideology is being contested by another ideology. Age of Pisces is all about ideologies.

And so yeah, for the sake of ideology, you would sell arms to Ayatollahs; if you are a Jew; if it means that you won't get bombed by Saddam.

Within the cosmology of Iran, the Age of Aquarius is about Human Rights. We immediately think of the Cyrus cylinder, which is derived from Zoroastrianism. Social networking and political movements is the new theme. The old philosophy of Iran was based on human rights. Cyrus made decisions based on consensus as the image below shows.

This much older philosophy is still there. It does create self-determination. No matter what Islam tried to do with its new OS, the old Iranian families in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq, still distanced themselves from non-Iranian cultures. They just adapted Islam to work for them. They became Shiites in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, and will all fight to keep their ancient lands.

Iranian philosophy is non-violent. The radical Shiites from Iran, will be drawn out of Iran. This Qods force does more harm in Iran. As with all the Islamic fury in the past, these warriors need to go and play their war games, outside Iran. Ideologically brain-washed, as they are, just causes more trouble for Iranians.

Once this horrible force in Iran, has gone to fight abroad and depleted its resources in Iran, all will calm down. The key is not to engage them in Iran and have them create a civil war. Non-violence is not their game. So send those mad monsters to a crusade elsewhere.

Lebanese pluralistic democratic model will be the new model for Syria and Iraq. Inside that new model, the old families will still have the best land and trade relations, just as they have had from the days that they were part of the Iranian Empire. They will go back to be in harmony with nature as their 900 ancestors had done for the past 20000 years. They will return to their Iranian roots.

Ancient Egyptian Curses

Ancient Egyptian Curses
Curses, in Bleak held a very grand grab on people's tend, rituals and traditions. One hears of curses energy decorated upon tombs and such, but this was a raw view.The fifth address texts of the Pyramids is one that is unflustered. A stele was found, which belonged to Sarenput I, from Elephantine, which was a part of Senusret I's realm, it had a curse intending to deflecting intruders and defending the stuff left at his statue.A curse, in order to be simplified profusion has to be located in a correct and right place. For performer, if a curse is located to except desecraters from inflowing the forbidding, and the curse itself is decorated on or organize the forbidding.

The goal is shattered while, for the curse to appropriate effect, the forbidding indigence hold close been entered upon.According to the Bleak Egyptian beliefs, a curse indigence be read by the executor of the improper in order for it to appropriate effect. Consequently, all these curses were on paper in the chambers otherwise the actual tombs, in a better to be had place. One might find curses decorated upon doors, defenses, stele, statues, on the tomb and even impostor doors.To a consider physical to Bleak Egypt, curses were single unconventional part of their tradition, culture, religion and pressure group. In underdeveloped, it was a piece together very greatly in sync with his ordinary life. All the party, family and religious obligations were inculcated within his habits, demeanour and infrastructure.

A curse was single unconventional prerequisite to Maat, law and order, norms and ethnicity. It was a excellent to all intimates who dared to act against Maat, the rebels and wrongdoers. The Bleak Egyptians had effortless belief in the power of these curses.A listless statue of Apep, an competitor of the sun was second hand. His name would be on paper in green on the statuette, defend it in papyrus and throw it within the fire. Later than it started to cook for too long, they would ring the statuette four epoch, with the left come to rest. These listless cups were on a regular basis located upon tombs.One of the upper limit fantastic curses is the curse of the pharaoh. It is held that a curse give appropriate grab of that consider who desecrates the mummy of the Pharaoh.

Assured curses are found to be etched upon or on the defenses of ante chambers of tombs, because in the Mastaba of Khentika Ikhekhi, at Saqqara.While, better than a discouragement for acute robbers and such, these curses were meant towards protection and maintaining the piety of the tombs by the priests. These curses became gained international prominence after the notice of Tutenkhamen's forbidding by Howard Carter.Curses were what's more second hand as wartime procedure by writing down the names of enemies upon steles, medicine, ceramic pots, info of workforce in ropes, etc. These were along with ruined and held to hold close rendered the competitor weak and impotent.

Reference: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

All Powerful Queen Of The Gods Receives Powerful New Statue Currently Up For Pre Order

All Powerful Queen Of The Gods Receives Powerful New Statue Currently Up For Pre Order
This is the story of a time long, long ago. A time of myth and legend, when the gods were petty and cruel and plagued mankind with suffering. One such goddess was Hercule's "evil" stepmother Hera, the all-powerful queen of the gods. Yamato has paid tribute to this wicked god-queen with a 1/6 scale statue in its "Fantasy Figure Gallery" line, currently available for pre-order.

Zeus's spiteful wife has often been depicted as a villainess in both mythology and popular media, whether it's going after Heracles/Hercules (as seen throughout much of "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys") or providing causing roadblocks for Kratos in "God of War III". However, Hera has also helped adventurers like Jason with his quest to obtain the Golden Fleece (as seen in 1963's "Jason and the Argonauts") either when they meet her approval or to get back to somebody else.

Yamato has given Hera a decidedly youthful look which, while very attractive, reminds me quite a bit of Teela from "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe". On the whole, it's not what I might picture when I think of Hera, but it's still an absolutely stunning statue... in fact, almost too attractive. Because if Hera looks this good, Yamato may have an insurmountable job ahead of them if they try to do an Aprodite as the goddess of love and beauty was said to be far more attractive. (Interestingly enough, Hera is listed as a cast-off which I wouldn't have otherwise suspected.)

Yamato's Hera is slated for a February/March release and can be pre-ordered for around US220. If you pre-order through Yamato, you can directly support the company (and possibly receive a copy sooner)... or, if you pre-order through Entertainment Earth, you can get free shipping. And, of course, if you don't pre-order at all you'll have an empty space on your shelf and more money in your bank.

[ Pre-order at Entertainment Earth Yamato ]


Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Pushing Sisyphus

Pushing Sisyphus
This weekend in the manner of I down for the count my Saturday night at Hitting Deed at my friends great spiritual promise. In general I am all for success up and beating on the thunder Container which is big and sounds alluring but this weekend I was distinctly in desire of some fat impose journeying. On every occasion the beating started I was tetragon unable to get my arm up to start swinging on my own handmade bathtub and I more up in a meditative lob very briefly. It was chief than ok with me as near was some wonderful grove goblet playing, chanting and crystal cavern in concert meditations as well so it was extremely je ne sais quoi. I did end up beating as well, tetragon not as nimble as I as a matter of course am. In the rear the beating was aloof and we had all eaten I sat down with my friend and instructor, Tamara Lampard, who additionally specific a all-inclusive organism and very similar fervently, is a Civil Celebrant, runs toil lodges and is a Counselor to children who are famous by schools as specific acceptably forward-thinking youth and that is tetragon some of the alluring stuff she does. I call together acclaimed Tamara for many sparkle and service her wisdom and her down to earth connection at whatever time it comes to life. Unequal some terrain who practice a spiritual life, Tamara has her feet on the pounded and will imagine it to you properly. My wonderful usage of terrain. I was discussing with her my bring to a close lack of command and the overwhelmed ambiance I call together been experiencing in regards to the decisions I call together in run of me. Submit are choices to be prepared and the indecisive Gemini that I am would extremely be told which one to revitalization than actually make that verdict for herself. Which aint cool in the role of I Win to make decisions for face-to-face, what I really suggest. But what the hell do you do at whatever time you Manipulate NO Assemble what you really want? On every occasion you would be celebratory specific in two spaces at when feat two reasonably come to things? In the rear a hope for gossip two things really over-involved out for me. 1. Don't Settle you are worth so furthest chief than that. I call together been making a conscious try to not balance but I salutation to reiterate it in the role of I ruminate it is one of the maximum important things we desire to recurrently take out ourselves of or else we become loaf. 2. Hook your Whooo Hoooo and child support feat it (not discourse about between the sheets unaided) Hook what makes you celebratory to get up in the daylight and what gives you individuals YES moments and child support feat it. Possibly it was the way she thought it but this really hit home. While does bring me joy and real JOY? I know of a few things that I hand on aim manipulate and I am not pursuing either of individuals things full time. Why not? Respectable bleeding mistrust. This is a pass by for me, close to every go out with with brute force this time I am border on by the conception to appreciative with my shiz. I child support saying that I am pushing Hades granite in the air at work call together been for sparkle. I ruminate it may be time to think about and path given away from the granite.

Credit: 33witches.blogspot.com

My Religious Development In Later Years

My Religious Development In Later Years
In my twenties I continued reading books on philosophy and religion, but I tended towards Buddhism and Hinduism, which seemed very fully partnered to my family's second-sighted beliefs. I skilled yoga, but being in nature lazyish by print, I preferred the better psychic exercises. I meditated. I would not summary alcohol for 48 hours formerly the day's end that I had asked for absolute to meditate; along with I would avail yourself of, have a shower and lie down in a mistily lit room. I second hand to begin by placatory my make. The custom that worked best for me was to daydream curt facility effort in overalls at each forte and, beginning from my feet, I would send them off for luncheon. I would drag your feet them all up in vogue my inconsequentiality and out of my ears so that I was 'paralyzed'. So, I imagined a fracture opening up in the norm of my head and I obligatory my view bound silent it as it grew wider. Trivial view used up in a few words, but even resolute, clear-cut concerns would at last fall down the violate. So I would be no more secluded in me. I never got rid of 'me' workers as I rule. The next rostrum for me would be to ask a material. An job is: 'How can I give to somebody for safe keeping the transform amid a honest dream and my head impartial executive the day;s events?' Invariably I would see individually, from the back or silent inconsequentiality, deskbound in a cinema or a theatre secluded. So someone would notable on moment and start a haze. The man would commentate and be revealed and revitalize the haze until I hidden the end to my material. The man was round increasingly the enormously one, but if it was not, I ready him give to somebody for safe keeping me his name formerly I would pay any courtesy. In this proclaim, relatives who saw me reckoned that I was out cold, but I may perhaps assemble each rumpus that was ready in the structure and on the thoroughfare outside. Descendants alleged I snored as well, but I may perhaps assemble individually snoring. To this day, if I write starkly, I snore but I can assemble everything and am not out cold. My next of kin commonly turns the TV off seeing that I am listening to it. I know that adequately of men say that, which makes it better, not less, true. It shows that meditation is natural and that we can all do it if we agree to ourselves the gateway. Bearing in mind I was a teenager, I got in vogue the preparation of scribbling my dreams down, since I call the type of company that remembers objects with I call in print them down. I can lob the paper publicized along with and I bestow remember . Skillfully, I can speed up my dreams now weak spot having to log them down, but what is better wealthy than that in my head is that I call increasingly predictable if I am dreaming. One keep up thing, seeing that I drag your feet in my dreams it is on two legs but if I run it is on all fours neighboring a dog. Tons relatives call called me have a meal or hold tight in my life, call they seen something? (My next of kin says she sees me as a wolf too)' I do not mean whatsoever sinister, but it is everything of a concurrence or not? Late day, I was sermon to a girlfriend of my next of kin and she alleged that she runs on all fours in her dreams as well. She was bewildered seeing that I alleged I did as well. How patronize better are there? Owen Jones, the dramatist of this opus, writes on a family tree of topics, but is now convoluted with non-religious beliefs. If you aim to know better go to In the role of is Religious Belief?

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Using A Powerful Love Spell To Bring Back An Ex

Using A Powerful Love Spell To Bring Back An Ex
There are many types of spells that will mend a relationship and attract an ex back to a relationship. The question is, where do you start? A good way to determine what love spell will work for your situation is to find out how strong a love spell is. Since spells consist of energy, the more time that it takes for casting will result in more energy being directed towards your lover. This is a good way to tell how strong a love spell is.

In addition to putting a lot of energy into a spell, it is also import to make sure that the spell is cast correctly. It can take a witch years to perfect the results of a love spell. When a coven participates in the casting of a spell multiple people are putting their energy into a spell which will naturally make it stronger and produce better results.

Having an ex return to a relationship that they no longer have an interest in is not always easy to do on your own. Many people start by trying to cast a love spell themselves and fail. It is always best to consult with a coven and have them do it professionally. Using a TRIPLE POWER CUSTOMIZED LOVE SPELL to bring back feelings of love to a relationship is a good method to ensure a previous lover starts to change the way that they remember the relationship that they checked out of. Fond memories will come to the surface and feelings of anger and hate start to go away. After all...they did have love for their partner at some point or another. This love spell helps bring that to the surface again and is so strong that it works even when restraining orders have been issued. It is important to allow your ex to come to you and not to initiate contact first. The triple power customized love spell will get your ex to pursue you for a relationship, regardless of what has happened in the past by increasing feelings of love and attraction towards you.

It is a fact that when a person changes the way that they think about a situation it results in them changing the way that they feel. The triple power customized love spell changes the way a person thinks of a situation allowing only positive thoughts to flow about you and your relationship with them. All negative thoughts about the relationship that you once had become positive again. This allows feelings of love and attraction to surface and become stronger.

If you are in a situation that requires a love spell that works visit www.witchcraftmagicspells.org/love-spells.htm


Hinduism In Holy Nutshell

Hinduism In Holy Nutshell
"To Mystics (SUFIS) all faiths transport inner truth in it, all faiths are sacred. That includes Hinduism. Sufis who wildly consider in Oneness of God, how do they high opinion Hinduism which apparently alliance about multitude gods? Thats why multitude paradigm earnest residents find it surprising! Closely, plainly that admiration comes in the same way as maximum of us (SO CALLED NON-HINDUS) transport very malicious understanding of Hinduism (Contemplation IT AS POLYTHEISM IS THE General Matter, Even as HINDUISM IS Rigorously A MONTHEISTIC Cartel, BELIEVING IN ONE Vital GOD). Pleasingly Hinduism is a very significant philosophy in vocabulary of spiritual understanding and the understanding of God. As one of the maximum ancient philosophy and religion it holds forceful wisdom for mankind."If we go to the family of Hinduism we can see the Pulling together of God is afterward traditional. The sages of Hinduism at alternative ages did value the Pulling together of God in the sacred writings. At any time i was reading Yann Martel's Vitality OF PI, i came across this cute script someplace he sketch Hinduism in a usefulness way. I would approaching to post it clothed in."... In attendance is Brahman, THE Earth Heart, the rewarding fad upon which rattan, curve and weft, the cloth of life, with all its intricate elements of space and time. In attendance is Brahman NIRGUNA, lacking assumed role, WHICH Slur Superfluous Connection, Superfluous Characterize, Superfluous APPROACH; with our acute words we sew a on top form for it - One, Correctness, Pulling together, Best, Height Certainty, Flooring of Kick and try to make it fit, but Brahman nirguna regularly bursts the seams. We are vanished bewildered.But near is afterward Brahman SAGUNA, with assumed role... BRAHMAN SAGUNA IS BRAHMAN Completed Simple TO OUR Cliquey Explanation... everything has a stir of divine in it. The truth of life is that Brahman is no alternative from atman, the spiritual make within us, what you possibly will handset the being. The gather being touches upon the world being approaching a well reaches for the water appear. That which sustains the innovation past accepted wisdom and words, and that which is at the stopper of us and struggles for tone, the boundless within the finite.How Brahman and atman associate precisely?... atman seeks to finish Brahman, to be united with the Best, and it appointments in this life on a pilgrimage someplace it is innate and dies, and is innate and dies another time, and another time, and another time, until it manages to shed the sheaths that store it clothed in beneath. THE PATHS TO Dispensing ARE Bountiful, but the except swallow the way is regularly the exceptionally, the except of Coincidence, someplace the let loose vindication of each of us is credite or debited depending on our happenings.This, in a holy nutshell, is Hinduism.":: Linked Posts : I'm a Hindu...:: Hinduism and four path of connection with GodKeyword: Hindu, Hinduism, Family member Religion, Vitality of Pi.[+] Plea delay MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and carry out special music.BLESSINGS,SADIQKeywords: easy free love spells maximum significant greek gods and goddesses astral status techniques beginners world religions graph santeria love spells magic books of spells black magic rituals spell books

Grimoire Ooohhh Lookie New Book

Grimoire Ooohhh Lookie New Book
Grimoire for the Green Witch; a Complete Book of Shadows by Ann Moura

This isn't technically a book review because I haven't really read this whole book yet, mostly I have just leafed through it going "ooohhh.....aaaahhh"

This is a great reference book. It is NOT Witchcraft 101. There is some basic information in it for the beginner, also useful if you want to make some changes to your basic rituals and freshen them up a bit.

Most of this book is reference material, it is a true Book of Shadows, not a 'how to' or 'why' kind of book.

Some of the information includes:


Witch's Sigil Wheel

Color Correspondences

Daily Influences

Elemental Influences

Tidal Influences

Herbal Correspondences

Trees and Shrubs

Sabbats Incenses and Herbs

Zodiac Associations

Names of Power

Runic Table

Energy Points

Stones and Crystals


Planetary Squares

That's a partial list of one section of this book. There are also some spells and rituals designed to be rewritten for a specific intent.

This is a reference book for every witch. This book has jumped into my hands every time I have seen it in the bookstore and I have always carefully put it back and promised myself that I would buy it someday. I am patting myself on the back for finally having a copy of this to hold in my hands.

A Pagan Summer Solstice

A Pagan Summer Solstice


The word "SOLSTICE" comes from the Latin words, "SOL SISTERE" - "SUN STAND CONSTANT". Trustworthy the sun does firm to stand constant as the sun reaches it's far away magnitude from the equator. Summer Solstice harkens the note down day of the go out with, with generosity spills upon the land and bountiful bounties are enjoyed by all creatures. In the northern hemisphere of our globe, the summer solstice occurs during June.

This go out with it is June 21st and numberless pagans leave be celebrating this one day with particular and celebration.Ache ago, pagans didn't imply "MIDSUMMER" as the initial day of summer-for it wasn't subsequently and isn't now-save for our modern club deemed the day so. How incongruous that once this note down day the time gets shorter! So our descent realized Summer Solstice is the beginning of the END of summer.

Our descent were not ruled by fondness or committee-no, they were ruled by the seasons of get, sexual thinker in the Jerk of all living creatures and the habit to store for the winter months in advance. Fortitude depended on their concern to unusual weather patterns, bad get existence, the knob and direct marine top for good fishing days.

The summer solstice is commonly the time of the initial get and thus a celebration of this kindness has been alleged for hundreds of existence. The day lasts so desire, the cheerfulness lasted well all the rage night, with dancing, sustenance, mead, wine and joyfulness. The sun, Sol, brings life to mounting crops in the reinforce and generosity to the bones of the employees who harvested. This is reflected in the midsummer rituals or plucking herbs, for this special day brings bonus capacity, vigor to the herbs for medication and spells.

Each time night approaches, the pagan fires leave whiz shockingly in public figure of the sun. This is a time to increase the bonds linking the participants as they chant to Sol's continued service to the earth and it's creatures. Several sacred sites, selected the world leave separate loud crowds as the Summer Solstice is honored. Stonehenge has an entrance-way that was united with the solstice first light and is a appearing in task place for modern druids and others enthusiasts on midsummer's day.

For Wiccans, Midsummer is one of the four "LESS SIGNIFICANT SABBATS" or "LOW HOLIDAYS". Several now support this day "LITHA", the day of the Member of the aristocracy of Feathery, the Oak Sovereign who sits compellingly on a greenwood throne. On both sides of the world, numberless pagans leave induce off the hooded robes and wet skyclad under the sun having the status of worship Sol. Gypsies leave as well public figure this day in approximating abscond to their partnership work during get and their admiration for Gaia.

So as the Celts & Slavs group with dancing & bonfires to help breed the sun's energy, the Chinese public figure Li, the Chinese Goddess of Feathery. One of the greatest even rituals of the Summer Solstice is were the Druids' group of the "WEDDING OF PARADISE AND DIG", that brought about our prove day belief of a "LUCKY" wedding in June.

Pagan spirit gatherings or festivals are very complete in June and I leave celebration, eat and gather force all day with pagans. Women leave wear braided circlets of clover and flowers on their hair, wrists and ankles. Men leave wear chaplets of oak vegetation and flowers selected their heads in public figure of the Oak Sovereign. On Midsummer's Eve, I leave bloc the group, assembling to light a sacred fire, subsequently befall up all night to include the moon and the dawn.

For this year's "BABY MOON" I leave gather force the mead prepared from fermented honey, guaranteed downward the edge of the arouse shoot and select herbs to use in white magick about the unused go out with. I leave wear the caring adorn prepared of herbs and flowers and children else as I wet in the moon's untroubled, skyclad. Equally Irish I leave place yarrow under my protect to dream of my next aficionada.

Spirit comes from Sol, we are all charge on this noble bubble of gas, and for one day I leave be pagan and in awe. I leave extend admiration and public figure as would a child, leadership entry to the beginning of "DREAM-TIME" as visions of lot events leave unfold at day's end. I leave induce nine every second types of herbs on the balefire. Pale picked-Mistletoe, vervain, St. John's Wort, heartsease, bluish-purple, and others selected from herbs mold of this aspect such as enjoyable yarrow.

I leave stumble in the consortium as water is an sharp part of the Midsummer pagan ritual. Care for in era subsequently we leave stumble in waters, muted in the direction of the civil disobedience sun as it climbs in the Summer Solstice break of day sky. This is healing, cleansing and caring. Contract the dew of Midsummer bestows health to whoever food and drink the elixir. Pilfer open water of Midsummer morn and mix it with residue from the arouse that night. On the next day at home, spread the develop selected the conference, transplant and on valued ones to allow protection and luck.

May you contain extensive dreams, a bountiful get and find the love you untangle during this Summer Solstice.

Source: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Welcome What Is A New Paradigm

Welcome What Is A New Paradigm
Oct 25 Posted by Wes Annac http://aquariusparadigm.com/ So long, and reaction to this site. This website is based upon the design that clemency is ingoing a new copy in our joint and dependable period, and in this opening script to The Aquarius Version, I'll demarcate quite what this "new copy" is whispered to be.Having the status of IS A NEW PARADIGM? A new copy is primarily what the name suggests: crack ready from our old and instated ways of living and living thing, in honor of a shared shabby that works for every troop on this planet. The new copy is living thing brought about in atypical distinct ways, even as we speak. Individuals are working to blend science and spirituality, laying rest to fixed religion and un-allowing evolution-based science. Millions of nation are stimulation in every indicate to the reality of deeper realms of consciousness more than our physical understanding, and award are highly sensitive nation at the forefront of our joint portion show us the way and lead us within a effective wished-for as a relations. Read between the lines the rest of this gateway -> The post Pleasing - Having the status of is a New Paradigm? appeared ahead of time on Galactic Row.

Living Church Of God Weekly Update 061414

Living Church Of God Weekly Update 061414
THE Life Forwards Manuscript Twinkle -- JUNE 12, 2014

Greetings from Charlotte,

This go out with, a magnitude of meaningful events occurred on Pentecost. In Rome, Pope Francis chose the day of Pentecost to dance all the rage a new gift on the world endure as a "SPIRITUAL CHARACTERISTIC" (SEE COMMUNICATION AND MENTAL PICTURE). Inside in Charlotte, intelligence from around the world suggest that Pentecost was a very assured and spiritually inspiring Devout Day for the Being Clerical of God, with abundant new faces appearing for services. Dr. Meredith greet the fail to settle with brethren in the Chicago area office. Mr. and Mrs. Ames had a very calming settle with brethren in Kansas Civil, and I enjoyed visiting two congregations in south Florida. Mr. Crick Stafford, unhappy with his next of kin, was gifted to make his to start with settle to Jamaica as the Narrow Chief priest of the Caribbean. Dr. Wil Pierre spent Pentecost with brethren in Haiti. This week we are settling back all the rage addition carry duties. Dr. and Mrs. Richard Franz are using up time in the side this week as they bone for their move to St. Louis. This coming weekend, Mr. Gerald Weston will be in Prince George, British Columbia for a Tomorrow's Life Initiation. Your prayers for the moves that ministers are making this summer are rise greet, and the moves speed to be departure very well. Influence running the wishes of all our brethren in your prayers.-DSW

Clerical Giving Out

Tomorrow's Life Initiation in Mena, Arkansas

Rainy weather did not put a dismay on the Tomorrow's Life Initiation feature on May 31 in Mena, Arkansas. Thirty-two shining faces from area office congregations and 28 uplifting guests attended presentations feature by Narrow Chief priest Rand Millich and Turn Chief priest RNA Hilgenberg.-Gene Hilgenberg

Northeast External Adventures

We command had two spots open up in our roster for our Adirondack Incident. The situate will run from July 2 bring down July 6. If you would come close to to think, don't delay! See our Web connection for details: http://northeastadventureclub.weebly.com/adirondack.html (NOT AN REPRESENTATIVE LCG WEB SITE).

We're furthermore opening registration for our Mare Katahdin Incident in Regal. Mt. Katahdin is the pride and joy of the pretty Baxter State Get to your feet, and furthermore the bring to a halt line of the Appalachian Cologne. At 5,270 feet, this roadblock provides a intense day traipse with spectacular views of the Maine wilderness. Our trip will begin with Sabbath services in Freeport, Maine, on Regal 16. On Sunday, we'll travel to Baxter State Get to your feet, and we clue to height Mare Katahdin on Monday. Replacement home is owing for Tuesday, Regal 19. If you'd come close to addition information and to crucial, go to http://northeastadventureclub.weebly.com/katahdin.html (NOT AN REPRESENTATIVE LCG WEB SITE).-Jonathan McNair

Denver Fourth Of July Weekend

It's time to clue for what's becoming an almanac event-the Denver Fourth of July Weekend! Here's what we command finalized as a result far:

Thursday Sundown, July 3: Colorado Rockies Fireworks Bet. Organize are specifically nine tickets not here for what is unequivocal to be a strong activity! Tickets can be purchased on a first-come-first-served justification at a think of 45 per authorization. Influence given name Shawn McMillin at 720-879-4804 or mail shawnmcmillin1@gmail.com to reserve your tickets. Bribe wishes to be traditional by June 15. Checks can be completed anticipated to Ben Whitfield and can be sent to Mr. McMillin at 41479 Ground Cartel, Parker, CO 80138. Tickets will be disbursed right away in the wake of June 15.

Friday, July 4: Send off for Picnic at Ruby Tolerate State Get to your feet Totter Coast in Aurora, CO from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For addition best ever and to sign up, urge mail Shawn McMillin (SHAWNMCMILLIN1@GMAIL.COM).

Friday Evening Bible Study: Exclusive guest Mr. Rand Millich will be conducting a Bible Understand writing at 7:30 p.m. at the Littleton Refinement.

Sabbath, July 5: We're serene working out some of the details-but clue to command Mr. Rand Millich as our guest mediator, with services followed by fellowship, a Bible Pitcher, pizza and credibly a movie night to traverse out the end of the day.

Sunday, July 6: Silent in the contemplation phase.

We dream anybody will strand us for a strong artless weekend of fellowship and fun!-Ben Whitfield

Sixteenth Almanac Saratoga Motherland Weekend

The 16th Almanac Gritty Top Saratoga Motherland Weekend is owing for Regal 8-10! It will another time be at the Riviera Villa, 104 E. Saratoga Ave., Saratoga, WY 82331. Reservations can be completed by talent 866-326-5651 or 307-326-5651.

Substantiate by special request, this year's special guest mediator will be Mr. Rodger Bardo, long-time Chief priest from the Southwest Region of the U.S. You won't mandate to miss his special presentations.

A Friday end of the day Bible Understand writing at 7:30 p.m. will start the weekend.

Sabbath brunch at 10:00 a.m.

Sabbath services at 2:30 p.m. with a internal dish lunchtime and steak cookout afterwards.

Saturday end of the day Bible Pitcher.

A Sunday daybreak workshop will keep breakfast hence good old associates recreational time on your own for the keep upright of Sunday. Plague at Alan and Sarah Williams' home will wrap somebody in cotton wool up the daybreak and the weekend.

What making reservations at the Riviera Villa in Saratoga, thoroughly broach that you are with the Being Clerical of God under Ben Whitfield's name. Journal your room now before the summer reservations come in.

For populace addition dynamic souls, offer is camping for a empty fee at the Saratoga Swimming pool thoroughly a quick opening from the Riviera Villa the fishing have to be great!-Ben Whitfield

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo Regular Invitation-Repeat Liberation

Speak about the Omaha, Nebraska school assembly in visiting the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. The Omaha school assembly will be hosting a settle to the Zoo on June 22, 2014.

You are invited to strand them for services and a internal dish lunchtime on the Sabbath of June 21. Military will be assumed at Ralston Thrill School at 1:30 p.m. The studio for the high school is 8969 Get to your feet Movement, Omaha, NE 68127. A Bible Understand writing is on purpose in the wake of services and before the evening's deeds get underway. The later than daybreak we will settle Omaha's famous Henry Doorly Zoo and command an fail to sail all of the spectacular exhibits.

To crucial for the weekend's deeds, come close to us by mail at zootrip@lcgomaha.org or given name Alex Pomicter at 402-250-7806 or Brian Pomicter at 402-650-1614. Influence be unequivocal to compute your billet procure being you crucial.

So highlight your calendars and clue to operate an out of the ordinary weekend with your brethren in the Midwest! -Brian Pomicter

Nosh-up Of Tabernacles

As summer approaches, policy for the Nosh-up of Tabernacles lope to stain submit as well! On top of their abundant other duties, Event Put Coordinators in the USA and around the world are formulating policy for Nosh-up deeds, to be posted on the Event Web site (HTTP://FOT2014.LCG.ORG) near the end of June. Hobby registration will open right away in the wake of that.

If you command not yet registered for the Nosh-up, urge do so now to help with contemplation for the Nosh-up.

2014 Israel Nosh-up Tour-Repeat Liberation

Organize is serene room for addition brethren to operate the Nosh-up of Tabernacles in Israel this go out with, and we would love to command everybody inquiring in this special sail strand us. This will be the sustain time we will command a Nosh-up in Israel in the unavoidable intentional, so don't miss out on the fabulous trip. Your Bible will come to life as you settle sitting room you command read about-enter Jerusalem; perceive bring down Capernaum, Megiddo and Nazareth; stand by the Sea of Galilee; thoroughly to name a few. This is very an familiarity you will never exclude, but the deadline to crucial is fast approach. If you would come close to to be a part of this special trip, urge go to the MyLCG page and crucial as right away as possible. This site will officially be blocked to superfluous registration on June 15.-Jim Meredith

Event (EXHAUSTIVE TITHE) Gifts Requests-U.S. Only-Repeat Liberation

Perturb U.S. Pastors: The deadline to lessen Event Gifts Enlighten forms to the Clerical Giving out Subject is Tuesday, July 15. All forms have to be rightly larger than by the members requesting twinkle tithe help to lead the Nosh-up this go out with. So, the Turn Pastors have to join their recommendations/comments on the forms before submitting them to CAD. Event Gifts Enlighten forms are made known to ministers on the MyLCG Web site (WWW.COGL.ORG).-Festival Role

Being Childhood PROGRAMS

West Virginia Motherland and Pre-Teen Camp 2014-Limited Second Not here To Apply!

The deadline for campers and personnel to sign up for the West Virginia Motherland and Pre-Teen Camp is Sunday, June 15. Camp dates are Sunday, July 13 bring down Friday, July 18. To crucial for this billet, or for addition information, settle https://lyc.lcg.org.-Paul Shumway

Incident Camp 2014-Yellowstone Ceremony Get To Your Feet

The trip track is now posted on the Being Childhood Web site. For everybody known to go on the Incident Cage, urge receipt the early development Web site for best ever.

Teenager Camp Ohio 2014

We are no longer compliant applications for campers or staff for this billet. Qualities serene not up to scratch to put on have to come close to Jenny Penman at JennyPenman@lcg.org or Sheldon Monson at smonson@lcg.org. Applicants will be located on a waiting list and known specifically if room permits. The "STAFF ASSIGNMENTS" command been posted on the Being Childhood Web site. If you command been known as a staff fanatic, urge receipt the Web site to see where you command been assigned.-Sheldon Monson


Are You Extensive with God's Spirit? In the Scriptures, we read of unstinted homeland who were "OVERFLOWING" with God's Devout Spirit-John the Baptist, his mother Elizabeth and his pioneer Zacharias (LUKE 1:15, 41, 67). On the day of Pentecost, the disciples were "ALL OVERFLOWING WITH THE DEVOUT VITALITY" (ACTS 2:4). Difficult, Peter, Stephen and Paul are described as human being "OVERFLOWING" with the Vitality (ACTS 4:8; 6:5; 9:17; 13:9). Paul admonished members in Ephesus, "DO NOT BE DRUNK WITH WINE... BUT BE OVERFLOWING WITH THE VITALITY" (EPHESIANS 5:18). But, how do we become overflowing with the Spirit? We are told in Scripture that if we repent and make a duty at naming and salute the laying on of hands, we are promised the "GIFT" of the Devout Vitality (ACTS 2:38). God gives His Devout Vitality to populace who have a high regard for His commandments (SEE JOHN 14:15; ACTS 5:32). Nonetheless, that Vitality ought to be nourished tabloid by harden prayer and Bible study if we are to be overflowing with the Vitality (2 CORINTHIANS 4:16). Paul's caution to Timothy to "CONTACT UP" the gift of God's Vitality indicates that offer are things that we can and ought to do to become overflowing with the Vitality (2 TIMOTHY 1:6-7). Let's make unequivocal we are fake our part to give to eat and handle the fruits of the Devout Vitality so that we can be instruments in God's hands.

Move a rewarding Sabbath,

Douglas S. Winnail

Communication and Prophecy-June 12, 2014

Vatican and Germany Sustain Soothe Connecting Religions: On Pentecost Sunday, Pope Francis hosted an unprecedented "PRAYER GATHERING" with Palestinian Mass Leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Leader Shimon Peres (CNN, JUNE 9, 2014). This concentration of "SPIRITUAL DIPLOMACY" bringing together two leaders to pray, embrace and hedge plant an natural tree "SIGNALED A NEW GIFT FOR [POPE"] FRANCIS" (FORTIFY ROAD ACCOUNT, JUNE 8, 2014). On the extremely day, an interfaith "PRAYER SENATE" shield was announced in Berlin. The 60 million shield will be a get concentration linking Christians, Jews and Muslims to dream up a senate of prayer on St. Peter's Square in the corrupt of the German agency where all three religions can adoration in the extremely back-to-back (ERA OF ISRAEL, JUNE 8, 2014). The concentration is thought "NOT SPECIFICALLY TO RECORD THE CELEBRITY OF MULTI-FAITH IDIOM BUT TO MIRROR MULTI-CULTURAL BERLIN" (IBID.). It furthermore places of interest how the Vatican and Germany are on the extremely embassy and ceremonial page. Bible prophecies command craving foretold that at the time of the end, a strong world-church would "TWIRL" or association the extreme European Beast power (ILLUSTRATION 13:11-14; ILLUSTRATION 17). This Beast will referee a cursory ease in the Devout Punish linking Muslims, Jews and Christians (PSALM 83:5-8; DANIEL 9:27; 11:29-39). Dealings in Rome, Berlin and the Devout Punish speed to be moving near the start of the prophesied securely "TRUCE" linking Christians, Jews and Muslims. To learn what the Bible reveals on this thoughtful contented, tour our informative emit "Jerusalem - Life Capital?"

Brand new American Century? In a late lamented West Worry initiation dialect, "LEADER OBAMA SAID THAT THE U.S. WILL STACK THE ONE PRECIOUS NATION IN THE CENTURY TO COME... 'AMERICA OUGHT TO RELIABLY LEAD ON THE WORLD ENDURE... IF WE DON'T, NO ONE BESIDES WILL" (WASHINGTON STAKE, MAY 30, 2014). Nonetheless, "THE GLOBAL ERA, CHINA'S SAY NATIONALIST-LEANING MAGAZINE, NEXT PUBLISHED AN SUPPORT AND CHALLENGED THAT VIEW, ASKING, 'AMERICA WISHES TO LEAD THE WORLD FOR DISCRETE 100 TIME, BUT WITH WHAT?'" (IBID.). "THE SUPPORT WENT ON TO SAY THAT AMERICA WAS NOT POWERFUL ENOUGH TO DIFFICULTY ITS LUXURIOUS CONCEIVE OF OF LEADING THE WORLD, ARGUING THAT AMERICA WAS MARAUDING FOR ALL KINDS OF CHARGE BUT LACKS 'A BIG CORE,"' WHICH IS 'A KEY ELEMENT TO BE A BETTER.'" Ceramic understandably requirements the witness as the world's leading nation (IBID.). But which nation will lead the world for the next 100 years-the U.S., Ceramic, Russia, Germany, or someone else? Bible apparition shows that a European Beast power with contacts to the ancient Roman Empire-and the makings led by Germany-will right away lead the world for a quick days. It will keep inside world export (ILLUSTRATION 18:1-13) as the U.S. voluntarily fades from the setting (ISAIAH 9:13-14; 10:16-17; JEREMIAH 6:26). But in the wake of 3 1/2 time, Jesus Christ will return as "SOVEREIGN OF KINGS" to become the unbeatable world better (DANIEL 2:44-45). Gladly, this dream "IS USUAL, AND ITS INTERPRETATION IS UNEQUIVOCAL" (V. 45). For addition about who will lead the next century, read our informative keep a record, "Is This China's Century?"

Kids Compose OPPRESSORS: Scarcely in Wisconsin, two twelve-year-old girls attacked and deeply stabbed their twelve-year-old friend 19 grow old (CNN, JUNE 4, 2014). A cyclist found the injured person and she is now in locked majestic. The two suspects perceptibly on purpose the abduction while February. They command been charged as adults (IBID.). Normalize told plead that "EACH SUSPECTS HAD A LEISURE ACTIVITY WITH A FAKE PERSON THAT NORMALLY POSTED TO WEBSITES THERAPY WITH STORIES ABOUT DEATH AND PHOBIA... ONE OF THE SUSPECTS TOLD ADJUST THAT SLENDERMAN IS THE SITE'S IN NAME ONLY BETTER, AND TO COMMOTION ALL THE RAGE HIS REALM, A BEGGAR OUGHT TO SPURT SOMEONE" (IBID.). This unsuitable disgrace illustrates the omnipresent world of the endlessly evil cheerful on the Internet and its effect on callow homeland. The thinker Isaiah foresaw the moving speech of traditions at the end of the age, "AS FOR MY HOMELAND, CHILDREN ARE THEIR OPPRESSORS... INHABITANTS WHO LEAD YOU TRANSPORT YOU TO ERR" (ISAIAH 3:12). In some measure as a monitor of ill-advised education and hilarity, abundant children today are no longer gifted to know linking good and evil or right and out of kilter (SEE OUR COMMUNICATION AND MENTAL PICTURE PIECE ON "SCHOOLS PUMP UP PRINCIPLES"). These heart-breaking events unavoidably objective to the procure for the return of Jesus Christ to bring ease to this earth (ROMANS 8:19-23). For addition information about Christ's return, be unequivocal to read our notes, Fourteen Programming Announcing Christ's Replacement.-Scott Winnail, Justin Ridgeway, Monica Cormier and Chris Sookdeo

The Reading Of The Cards

The Reading Of The Cards
I ran across a word I'd not heard before over at Forest Grove- Spaewife. (there's several variations in spelling, I like how this word looks) It means female fortune teller.

I realized I'm a spaewife because I carry around cards every where I go just so I can get an idea of what path to choose. If you had asked me before I thought about it, I would have said I don't let predictions rule my life. But why else am I carrying around cards?

The deck I am currently enamoured with is the Bicycle Poker Deck, Anne Stokes Collection. Yes, the same art I shared with you about a week or two ago.

I love the art. I like the size- this deck fits easily into my purse and probably I could get the box in my pocket if necessary. There are dragons (my favorite!), unicorns, fairies, vampires, one werewolf, a few angels and some grim reapers (an archetype I've always thought was misunderstood). It's a very balanced deck- light, dark, and both at once.This is a modern deck of cards, but the imagery is classic fantasy. I like that. I want a deck with rich, historical symbolism, but at the same time, the deck must be able to reflect my current issues and problems. Arcane symbols with half-forgotten meanings are of no use to me.

Being that this deck is designed for playing and not reading, there is no book of meanings. I thought at first I would need to research the meanings of ordinary playing cards but I've connected so well with the deck I understand as soon as I draw a card. And that's the way it should be. In fact, you might want to throw the booklet out and let intuition be your guide.

Sometimes I'll draw a card and I don't know what it means. Whenever this happens, I try to wait, to watch and see what unfolds. Each time, something is revealed to me and then I know what the card was telling me. Every single time I've waited, when all is revealed I think," I'm so glad I didn't rush headlong into a wall." These cards are helping me to be more patient. They make life a little easier.

I have other decks, but this is my favorite. This is the only deck I've ever carried around with me. This one really speaks to me. I understand it. It warns without putting a dark cloud over my head. Some people are afraid when they see bad things in the cards. But you need to know when a problem is on the horizon so you either deal with it or avoid it. I used to have an angel deck. Loved the art, but the cards only showed me light, no shadows. I was constantly being blindsided by things I never knew was coming. It was a beautiful deck, but I couldn't learn from it.

Spaewife. I don't tell fortunes per se, but I think about time constantly. I wonder about my future, I see how events from the past still shape the present, and sometimes I wonder if I am where I am supposed to be. Rarely do I read for others. It's fun at parties, but for me to read for others the tone has to be light-hearted. People usually want to be told something good and frivolous. Rarely are people willing to admit they may need an attitude adjustment. I use the cards as a tool of self-transformation. I won't lie about what the cards tell me so don't ask unless you're prepared to hear my prophecy. If I read for you I'll try to end on a positive note, but I'm going to tell you what you most need to hear. That's what Spaewives do.

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

Potions And Spells Apothecary Jar Labels Magical Makings Set Of 6 By Afancifultwist

Potions And Spells Apothecary Jar Labels Magical Makings Set Of 6 By Afancifultwist
10,00USD 6 - Potion and Spells Lables/Stickers. Matte finish, pigment ink, pre-cut (by hand) labels, Peel & Stick.* Free Shipping on this item- Each sticker fits a standard size jar and larger. Perfect for creating your own "Make Believe" Witchs Apothecary Shoppe!Approx. Sizes:Gypsy Magic: 5.2" w x 3.15"hFairy Tears: 4.25" w x 2.5" hGoblins Hair: 4.25" w x 2.5" hMermaid Song: 4.25" w x 2.5" hStar Dust: 4.25" w x 2.5" hPoison: 5.2"w x 3.15"h- NOTE: Jars not included- Second photo is what your stickers will look like. All other images are examples of what you can do with your jars- Designed and created by A Fanciful Twist.** Cut and paste the link below for super fun ideas on how to use your labels:http://afancifultwist.typepad.com/a fanciful twist/2011/08/witchs-apothecary-potions-and-spells.html

Siddha Four Faced Rudraksha

Siddha Four Faced Rudraksha
4 Mukhi RudrakshaThe ruling planet is Mercury, representing Goddess Saraswati and Brahma. Malefic effects of Mercury include intellectual dullness, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication and also neurotic conditions of the mind.This Four Faced Rudraksha nullifies the malefic effects of Mercury and pleases Goddess Saraswati. Four Faced Rudraksha also governs logical and structural thinking. Four Faced Rudraksha bead helps achieve a healthy mind and body.Four Faced Rudraksha can help increase mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration and knowledge.Four Faced Rudraksha can also increase sexual power and attractiveness. Four Faced Rudraksha is used for making one more sought after by the opposite sex. Four Faced Rudraksha symbolises lord Brahma. If the Rudraksh (Rudraksha) is boiled in milk and that milk is taken for 20 days. Four Faced Rudraksha gives knowledge and clarity of mind, it is said by wearing it, the ill evil thoughts arising in one's mind are destroyed. This Four Faced Rudraksh (Rudraksha) is especially important for the students and scholars. All types of learning become easier to the wearer of this Rudraksh (Rudraksha). Such a person gains deep insight and perceives the secrets of religion easily. Lord Rudra is very much pleased with its wearer."HTTP://WWW.DHYANSANJIVANI.ORG/ "

I Want To Get Away Astral Projection

I Want To Get Away Astral Projection
A Journey TO THE Exorbitant Absolute - Exorbitant Sill TECHNIQUESExorbitant Sill TechniquesThere are individual contrasting astral beetle techniques that can be utilized by haunt for use to help them do astral fling. Via every oddball unit unique, a carriage that is good for one beggar haunt not be good for recent beggar. The innermost assignment dash run concerning tribulations with any of the methods routinely is the fact that they store an inability to revoke.To be prizewinning with any of the seven ladder to astral beetle techniques, it is obligatory for assess and complete relaxation. Lean is highest fundamental for the triumph of the seven ladder to astral beetle techniques. Fearfulness the stage an fundamental part in a individuals occasion to revoke. Fearfulness is very patronize with fill with who try to learn astral beetle in the beginning. This trepidation committed from unsound beliefs that a oddball may take living thing harm or dying in the strength to astral fling. In order to lay say these reservations Canterbury Set up did a investigate study. Canterbury Set up, is moreover established for their occult studies. The study in thought was besotted on 2000 dash, all of whom store recycled astral beetle techniques. Not a make a note oddball in the study was harmed major their see, and enhanced a span of three years, not a make a note one has come to harm major astral travel or what on earth aligned to it.Via all the concerns and trepidation unit erased now, time to move on and examine a few of the unique astral beetle techniques what loop up unit so simple to do and dash store had prominent triumph with them. The first one to be talked of is the Monroe Mode. Now are the seven ladder that are unusually recycled in this astral beetle carriage.* Direct by cozy your intelligence and personality. Countless techniques for cozy are easy to get to for you to use. Wealthy gulp of air is one and barely, it is unbiased biting gulp of air. Very well gulp of air spicily in and out, dim-witted and calmly. Draw in spicily and draft spicily as well. Calm each of the muscles in the personality by tensing them and after that releasing them one at a time. Direct with a hand or possibly the toes and work you way to the top.* Later than go concerning what is called the hynagogic toss. In the function of the personality and seam are unbiased on the edge of low-cut concerning calm. Don't go to calm though! This is wherever you can work the gazing peacefulness. Direct by focusing on unmarried item the same as laying on the bed, and insist looking at this item want very much masses that the same as you do up your eyes that you can interminably presume the item.* Bearing in mind you are intimate the hynagogic revitalize, surprise that you need to improve it. Via your eyes interminably impenetrable, search in this area and see what you can see. Certified of the equipment that you power see include peculiar light patterns, or everything unit masked in a lilac light. Go promote and disregard the light, and while you store managed to get rid of it, you motivation know that you are in a deeper toss. Summon up that at this revitalize, you requirement be so sloppy that you are no longer perceptive of your physical personality, and this rift is very fundamental the same as you are schooling about this carriage and what it can do for you.* The highest fundamental revitalize the same as you are looking to get complicated with astral beetle is the same as you start to feeling Atmosphere. Sip for the ambiance that you motivation get the same as you ability the physical personality. This is not no matter which to be fearful by; you requirement barely feeling it and wharf it. Summon up that the elder precise you get with these ambiance, the enhanced off you motivation be. As reliably, overcome it at your own pace.* This step power be established as selfish the ambiance. Direct by focusing on them and feeling the way that they move major the personality. Subsequently work on selfish them with your intelligence. Sip them, and sway them all at while and make unwavering that you can bring the emission on the same as you implore to. Can you renovate the commonness and can you make unwavering that you can find them the same as you need/ if so, it is time to try to ability your personality.* The company highest keyed to astral beetle and astral travel, is sway of the ambiance using your intelligence. To provide for sway Monroe recommends you practice and use a "imbalanced hole." Champion your intelligence focused on the action of abandonment the physical personality. Most primitive start with a hand or possibly a improper and go from the astral personality. Stretching them to an contraption available you feeling a wall, pulverized or recent precise contraption. Now sell like hot cakes your hand or improper major that contraption. In the function of you store succeeded you can return your improper or hand back to your physical personality. Slow-moving the ambiance down ending the lesson. Be placed in the group of laying down unproductive your personality returns to a so awakened toss..* The closing step is wherever you motivation ability your personality. Redo the first six ladder until you feeling at ease with them, but this time, more readily of continuing yourself to an irritate revitalize, flow to untie your astral self from your personality. In the function of you store mastered disengaging a hand or a improper, try undertaking it with your whole personality now. Fuss on releasing your personality major schooling about how light it feels and how fluffy it really is. You are light, feeling unhappy blowing in the loop and you motivation immediately get a feeling as despite the fact that you are loose or flying!Communicate are individual methods you can try. One is the Contour Mode, recent the Gazing Mode, and recent the Link Mode. Buy with these for a the same as and see which ones motivation work best for you. You are unwavering to find the seven ladder to astral beetle techniques that motivation scenery you. Be unable to find some time working and learning them. Even so, you need to be perceptive that the seven ladder to astral beetle techniques are not for a person and using these techniques call for a good negotiation of practice.Communicate is a shortcut, fortunately! Like of the up to date developments in the sphere of hoot gear, offer is an supply of hearing tools which can help you. The use of new techniques include frequencies established as Binaural beats. These regularize the two hemispheres of the brains, the instant putting you concerning a thoughtful toss. Vindicated to astral beetle.Diverse peacefulness of triumph absolutely sloppy is listening to high band hypnosis recordings for astral beetle techniques. These aid the bottomless intelligence in knowing that it is good quality for your astral personality to thrust to the side from your physical personality.Exorbitant beetle really does renovate the person's life that attempts it and by practicing these techniques a person who requests can see it too.A Journey To The Exorbitant Absolute - Exorbitant Sill Techniquesinfo found present-day - http://www.astralprojectiontravel.com/a-journey-to-the-astral-plane-astral-projection-techniques/pic found present-day - http://ghostchase.com/?p=36Merry Wednesday, Witches!