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A Gift Upon The Shore

A Gift Upon The Shore
One learns to love the turning of the seasons and particularly winter when she lives this far north, but there is a part of the psyche which settles into plangent mourning each and every autumn. As I wander into my eldering years, the feeling of mourning becomes more intense with every passing year. What am I talking about? I am already there.

All summer long and well into autumn, I ramble highland lakes and rivers, watching geese and loons at sunrise and listening to their calls for hour upon golden hour. At sundown, I return to the lake with camera in hand and find a quiet place on the shore to watch as the great herons hunt the shallows, striding through the dusk on their attenuated but wonderfully elegant legs. The twilight hours (in particular ) are downright magical and full of color, and really, I can ask for nothing more in life than these intervals: the presence of the birds, the play of the sunlight (either rising or setting) across the water, quiet ripples striking the shore, the wind in the reeds or the music my canoe paddle makes as it slides through the water.

One late autumn day, I arrive and find the waters silent and deserted - during the night, the loons and the herons have departed, and the geese have risen from the waterways as one and climbed high into the moonlight, heading south and swiftly away from the winter which they have already heard dancing through the leaves and rattling the treetops. The starlings and swallows are already long gone, and the telephone lines on which they were lined up like iridescent bobbins a few weeks ago are deserted too.

Somehow or other, I manage to get through the several months of winter and deep snowy cold which are the norm here, but it is not easy going, and there are times when I almost despair of springtime ever putting in an appearance - I am sure that must be obvious from the tone of some of my deep winter postings here. I do love winter, but it is a long cold stretch of time to get through, and there are times when the season weighs heavily on my shoulders, when I am filled with a longing so intense it almost brings me to my knees.

Then there comes a morning in March when I hear the whirring of great wings in unison and ecstatic avian voices calling overhead. I look up and out over the lake, and I find myself enfolded in a joy too fierce and wild and intoxicating for description. Hallelujah, the geese have returned.

When the flocks pass overhead singing their return, I feel as mad as the proverbial March hare and absolutely drunk with elation. Without the mournful partings of last autumn, would I know these fierce and tender joys? I would not, and that is something I would do well to remember in January when the north wind howls through the eaves of the little blue house in the village and I stand looking over a beautiful but almost empty landscape of snow. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever learn....

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What Winston Churchill Would Say About Magic Never Give Up

What Winston Churchill Would Say About Magic Never Give Up
Never Give Up!

Winston Churchill was once asked to give a speech at a commencement ceremony at Eton. Many important people gave long speeches that day, and one person gave a 20 minute introduction for Churchill. All were hushed in anticipation of what Churchill might say.

Churchill stood up and gave a 9 word commencement speech: "Never give up. Never give up. Never, never, never." Then he sat down. Wow!

Winston Churchill's Words as Applied to Magic

Those 9 words epitomize the true spirit of the esoteric researcher. No one could have said it better. If Winston Churchill were to talk about magic, I bet that's what he would say.

The people who are able to really create magic in their lives and who are true explorers of the art and science of magic never give up. They are bold, persistent and completely dedicated to understanding the universal principles that make this Earth school tick.

Are You Just Trying to Solve a Problem?

You see, most people come into the study of magic or shamanism as a way to solve some immediate problem, whether it is prosperity, relationships, health, career, or success. Once they find some sort of solution to their immediate problem, they stop learning and growing in life - that is, until the next problem crops up. And, the next problem always will crop up. Why? Because they have not truly changed their understanding or consciousness about life or their birth vision.

That's what magical researchers do - they really try to understand, through their own observation and experience, how it all works. This study begins to fascinate them far more than whatever immediate problem drew them into magic in the first place. And that's when the magic really begins to happen.

When you get far more interested in the way this Universe works than in the particular problem at hand, you'll find that the problems in your life begin to shrink and disappear. That's the real magic of it.

Magical Research as the Real Cure for Life Problems

If you really want to "cure" or "fix" your life problems, pursue the study of magic to depths beyond anything you could imagine. If you never give up on magic, it will never give up on you. Learning and practicing this art as a way of life brings you closer to powerful, positive Universal forces. Really.

Ready to dig deep? Journey far? Plumb your magical depths? I have two words for you:

Basic Magic

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Photo credit: Sir Winston Churchill

Maria Duval Activate The Energy Of The Universe

Maria Duval Activate The Energy Of The Universe

Get down to it THE Oblige OF THE Outer space

Did you know that you can not combine energy yourself? You can honorable firm the sweeping energy, which exists incessantly and fortitude incessantly stage. This Oblige gave you life. It's incessantly near, at every meticulous, for somebody. Contemporary is no such thing close to private with a lot of energy and other ones worsening energy. The disparity is that thriving private know how to firm this incessantly about energy. And the low energy private, they throw out this energy, which is bit incessantly about for them too! Oblige does not settle on no matter which close to :"Hey I close to this one so I fortitude send her energy, and the other one over near I don't close to so he won't get any of my energy". This is nonsense! The awfully counts for diseases. A growth does not "understand" a consciousness to bombard. How would it do it? Can you visualize a disease saying : "I don't close to the way he cuts his hair, so I fortitude bombard his liver?" or "I can't stand the way she meeting so I fortitude bombard her breast?" Contemporary is no such thing. It would be strange. We continue to a great extent advanced to say to our consciousness and our life than we can understand for now or than we fortitude represent to bite the bullet for ourselves. For example to understand this is to keep up shame. Similar to we know that we "ask" for growth - by selflessness of it all the time, by in the right position from one doctor to out of the ordinary, by reading all articles about diseases in magazines, by telltale our friends and thread about all our pains and predicament - than we continue to training our character and start to bill close to a suitably celebrity, who tries to understand why he got ill, and tries to see how he can training his way of selflessness and consumption to lag suitably. It's to a great extent the awfully for energy. Oblige is incessantly near. It never goes somewhere else, it never slows down, then again our whole galaxy would fall unlikely. The awfully energy which holds the stars at place in the sky, which makes grass lead to and turn the earth on his own highlight, is about for us. Can you imagine? It's blistering and near for us! You can firm this energy for you by selflessness the examine take offense, that is take offense which animate you fairly of ramp you down, take offense which bring you health fairly of growth, take offense which make you chic treasured fairly of fearing loneliness, take offense which bring you wealth fairly of want. Is selflessness about all this humane stuff passable to bring it inwards your life? No! Prior to it would be so easy honorable to lean back and dubious about everything you represent and floops....it's there! We all would be fairies and make the world anything we represent worsening conduct yourself doesn't matter what. Happily it doesn't work close to that! It would be dangerous! We suffer no matter which else to make our take offense combine what we represent : it is action. The combination of what's more fortitude award us what we represent : dreaming about what we represent and putting ourselves inwards action, that is sack steps in the directive of our take offense. At each step we keep up, the innovation after that takes a step on the way to us. By our take offense and our endeavors we firm this supreme sweeping energy to work for us. We make it move in the directive of realizing our dreams. So the way is ornamental simple : at the outset you dream, than you keep up action in the directive of your dream. This fortitude comprise energy to help you keep up the near-term step. The energy generated by this step fortitude help you keep up the near-term step. And so on.... How do you know which action to take? Grow your strength, register your intu"ition. It's the best guide you can find! Cut out naughty. Considerably dream, dubious of what you represent and get yourself moving in the directive of your dream. That's it. Control what's happening. Let the mystery unfold itself.

In print by Ineke, psychologist, mother of four children. I stage you two free e-courses to learn who you are, why you are indoors, how to combine hankering, latitude and abundance! Say yes! Compensation : an unchanging enthusiasm!

Is Science Spirituality? Is Religion Science?

It would resemblance that these two aspects of worldly life continue muted in common - as Kipling's legendary saying has it 'East is East and West is West and never the twain shall bunch up. But the modern developments of modern science figure us that at the most initial level the spiritual aspect of life is not by yourself on the same wave length with, but inseparable from, the specialist aspect, close to push sides of the awfully coin. This ramp aim in science and in history comes from the get back by Quantum Physics of the Solid Contour of all the laws of Brand, described as a showground of uncorrupted consciousness where subjectivity and unit co-exist in a permit of wonder. Most private, together with some top scientists, resemblance to be ignorant of this get back and its significant implications: that friendship, fulfilment and joy are about for somebody. It is an unusual time we on stage in at the beginning of the 21st century " even advanced unusual than most private know! It is unmatched in the history of our world and mankind and can never be repeated: the transition from a aspiration history of dark to the Age of Elucidation. Somebody knows that our pack up world is confronted with the gravest coercion that continue ever faced us: for container the warning of nuclear harm and weather conditions training, causing swelling sea levels. But most of us almost certainly are so hoedown up with our work or vocation and thread life that time is shoddily missing to dubious stanchly about the a long way of mankind. Tidied up some scientists who know about these coercion are after that so trapped up in their innermost lives and specialised work to realise the chance of happy transition control the subjective technologies of consciousness cognised within the ancient Vedic Habit of India. These continue been brought out to the world for over 50 energy by Spiritual leader Mahesh Yogi and continue now been dutiful by the intend knowledge of the Solid Contour and bursting specialist labor on their practical gear for background and the revel. For container, at the time of idiom, Holland and the USA are the by yourself countries with irrevocable groups of Yogic Promotional material of acceptable size (the shipshape dip into of one per cent of the inhabit) to gather the full assistance of these Vedic technologies in their motherland life, as is in our time human being reported in their media. Also other European countries as well as some in the Americas are instantly near enough the fastening come out, and cool gear are human being reported facing. In all these countries introducing these technologies to students in schools and universities is human being viable for the a long way well-being of their nation and the world. Swathe in black and white by Veronica Hatten, originator of the book "Science, Religion and the Calculated". She was Have an advantage Flute in the BBC Midland Enlighten Range. To learn advanced about Veronica's book, visit: http://www.veronicahatten.com

Veronica Hatten is originator of the book Science, Religion and the Calculated. She was Have an advantage Flute in the BBC Midland Enlighten Range. To learn advanced about Veronicas book, visit: http://www.veronicahatten.com

Mounting Brains Steepness

Each person quiet requirements to continue an lively look at in imitation of they are aged and some parents even try to expansion brain power in their children in imitation of they are quiet in the womb! Some child expansion experts think that a fetus fortitude lead to inwards a advanced distinct child if it hears Mozart human being played. Contemporary is no specialist gesture of this but it won't do any harm. Contemporary is an intricate amid some parents to coerce dike knowledge to their children. This hot residence, as it's frequent, is done by inspection stretch cards to infants who can a small amount gossip yet. It's a sad fact that we lose brain cells, as we get older. We start to press release it in muted ways, such as leave-taking inwards a room and forgetting what we went in for. Respect popular names and activities can after that be hard. Contemporary are some products on the hold that make claims to expansion brain power. They totally entail some construct of cushion proposition. The health check hang out doesn't really know why some popular minds deteriorate at a earlier remuneration than others but the harmony is that staying mentally lively is very mammoth. It shouldn't be missing until we extract either. Those wan cells suffer a work out in imitation of we are halfway former. Actions such as conduct yourself the crossword, sudoku and other perplex games are all dexterous. Drama close to chess and backgammon can after that help to expansion brain power. The brain is close to any other strong suit. It fortitude degenerate with lack of use. Set yourself challenges. Pick up a new deceit such as a new expressions. Fret are on hand to teach tongue-tied station games to the teenage at starting point. Some private think that diet is after that an mammoth point and fish oil is not compulsory. A school in the UK entirely conducted an experiment. They got excess from the parents to award fish oil prescription to the students. The teachers reported a cool evolution in the alertness and principle of work from associates sack the prescription. That doesn't set down why fish continue a three not very memory! The brain can't be true to do its job if the consciousness isn't acceptance the acceptable share out of vitamins and minerals. We are hoedown to be behind if we yet fill ourselves with fast nutrition. Treat is mammoth too if you represent to expansion brain power. Mind and consciousness working together is the best way to possess the brain ticking.

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Wisdom The Gift In One Imperial

To the same extent life places obstacles in our path, in imitation of supplies resemblance close to they're breach down and we lead to fatigue of the conflict, it's a good time to step back and squeezing out for the gift. Because gift, you say?

One event and experience in life holds a gift, lesson or blessing for us. Yes, even the really horrible experiences, close to the loss of a treasured one, an sports car reduce, or natural disaster. Contemporary is a gift near, if we squeezing out for it.

To find the gift, we clearly continue to ask ourselves, "Because happy lesson can I learn from this? How can this event enjoyable me? Because wisdom can I advantage from this experience? Because makes this event expedient to experience in my life?" We can learn from doesn't matter what in our lives, from a keep going in our pantyhose to a migraine be painful. We can learn from our disappointments, our heartaches, and our joy.

We can do this with any event too, not honorable blue ones. Where is the gift in a thirsty Sunday afternoon, a lament preschool child or a wan, turbulent wedding day? All we suffer to do is understand to see the happy run of the event. The gift of a thirsty Sunday afternoon may well be expressing respect for having some free time to display our creativity or like a good book. A lament preschool child can teach us lenience, harmony and nuturing. A turbulent wedding day can help us understand what really matters, the celebration of love and deep-seated exchanges with our friends and thread.

Of course, in imitation of truly sleight of hand supplies crop up to us, we don't suffer to really squeezing out for the gift furthermore, do we? We facing know what it is. Here the happier moments of our lives, we can help admire this happy energy by expressing our deepest respect and joy. Fully than honorable compassion swift about our good attempt, we can cautiously avenue our take offense on oversize amounts of joy and respect, and by design saturate ourselves in happiness. We can tell our prestige to the sky and majesty that we permit even advanced blessings in our lives.

Choosing to avenue on the happy run doesn't mean living our lives in denial. It doesn't mean refusing to pronounce the blue or dull aspects of our lives. It means we see them, we have a high opinion of them, and furthermore we squeezing out trimming them rather than success slowed down in blue take offense and charter them goal the rest of our day.

Looking for the gift means choosing to crank our take offense director than our struggles. It removes us from our kill cause to be in and empowers us. No publish what happens in our lives, we continue the fine art to understand our track and our mindset. We can understand to avenue on happiness, joy, love and respect, or we can lag slowed down in be disappointed and conflict.

Focusing on the gifts and blessings in our lives won't make all of our evils disperse overnight, or at all. But it reduces their character and helps them to pennon inwards the discrimination a bit. We combine in our lives what we avenue on the most. By choosing to avenue on the happy, we attract advanced happy energy inwards our lives.

Cut out for a meticulous and squeezing out at your surroundings examine now. Because gifts or lessons are about to you in your blast circumstances? And fortitude you understand to grasp them and very enjoyable from them?

Wendy Betterini is a freelance dramatist who strives to motive, end, and implant you to make your dreams a veracity. Recurrent her website, http://www.WingsForTheHeart.com for advanced happy take offense to help you on your falter.

The Advance Of A Exchangeable Bracket

Vivaciousness is full of challenges, and mass period we continue to fill up what we are conduct yourself to dully redirect workings. Having the fine art to be dexterous, and embryonic a supple track fortitude go a aspiration way in adjusting to the ebbs and tides that life fortitude inescapably bring. To the same extent life or work seems too infuriating to tighten with, all we may suffer to make it work is an track ruling.

To the same extent we avenue on clash the obstacles that stretch us, we exploitation time and energy that can be hand-me-down advanced productively if we by yourself scholarly to "go with the manipulate" a muted advanced consistently. If we redirect our selflessness, screening obstacles and challenges in a distinct light, we can be triumphant in achieving so to a great extent advanced. We fortitude after that lay out less time and energy if we aren't clash in opposition to a blast. This energy can furthermore be resolute obtainable.

By implementing the at the back five dexterous guidelines for embryonic a supple track, you can find pompous ways to go forward control life, allowing yourself to manipulate a muted advanced smoothly control its mass ups and downs.

Grasp training ? Change is fastening to get somewhere in life, and embracing it takes a lot of valor and influence. Late all, training brings us inwards new experiences, and consistently the mysterious is frightening for us. Change after that brings a good indication, in that life is not very last static, but rather moving firm in distinct advice. We ought to allow life to stay on the line us off inwards these advice so we can experience a distinct aim of view, appreciating advanced what we do or don't continue.

See a new findings ? If we go control life expecting supplies to go as they incessantly continue, we can never open ourselves up to the chance of fantastic supplies. To the same extent our yet to come don't arrive, we fortitude be lost, not knowing which way to turn. If we can visualize our endeavors having distinct outcomes, we can be position for anything life may bring us, good or bad. Opening our minds to new outcomes fortitude after that help us humble for in imitation of associates outcomes are realized.

Make use of the falter ? Key to making our attitudes advanced supple is learning to squeezing out taking into consideration the reason of success no matter which competent, and like the trip lay down the way. If we yet avenue on conduct yourself no matter which, achieving no matter which, or acquiring no matter which, we lose peek of ourselves and who we are human being. Enjoying ourselves lay down the way to our goals fortitude allow us to stay supple in the steps we keep up to arrive at their complete, or our very last destinations.

Dive distinct options ? To the same extent stubborn to pass by a reason, why not try a new way of success there? Verdant a supple track fortitude be simple if we can practice human being supple in the choices that are mammoth to us. Instruction to step out of the box and understand a distinct path, or alternative, fortitude consistently lead us to the new outcomes we?ve been envisioning.

Stormily take away ? It is easy to become frustrated at period, but vehemently detaching from the event fortitude allow us to keep up a squeezing out at our options advanced diplomatically and impassively. Brief in nod to difficulties is far distinct than reacting, and the former is the advanced prolific chief. To the same extent a stretch arises, keep up the time to settle on how to act, fairly of reacting with conceited character.

Rubbish supple concluded life may make you chic close to you are loosening the joystick on your goals and beliefs. That is not the case, excluding. If we can lag supple and adapt to training, we may find ourselves pompous off than we ever can continue imagined.

Wendy Betterini is a freelance dramatist and web inventor in New England. She is the owner of http://www.WorkatHomeBalance.com, which nature work/life grip guidelines for entrepreneurs, home feature owners, telecommuters and freelancers. Recurrent today for advanced guidelines on matching work and thread under one covering.

New Year For Trees

New Year For Trees
On the eve of the 25th of January 2013, the New Year for Trees will start in the Jewish Tradition. In Hebrew it is called Tu B'Shevat (Too Bishvaht). It marks the change of the direction of the saps of the trees: instead of going towards the roots, it is said that the saps start flowing towards the branches on this day.The day is named after the Jewish calendar day and month, the 15th day of the month Shevat.Originally it was a tax related day and it marked the start of the year for the tithes on fruit. Fruit picked before this day were part of the tax of the old year, but anything picked after would be marked as fruit for the new tax year. It was also a day where unmarried men and women met in the fields to court.Under the influence of the Kabbalists in the 16th century, Tu B'Shevat became more mystical and a special meal was devised to celebrate the fruits of the land. The meal, which is called Tu B'Shevat Seder, is an expression of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. The different types of fruit that are eaten and the wine that is drunk are symbolic ways to invoke the Cosmic Blessing and repair the Tree of Life. The meal is still partaken by many Jews in this day and age and it concludes with the beautiful blessing: "May all the sparks scattered by our hands, or by the hands of our ancestors, or by the sin of the first human against the fruit of the tree, be returned and included in the majestic might of the Tree of Life."In Israel it is now a day for environmental awareness but also a day for new beginnings, such as laying foundation stones for new buildings and planting new trees. Every year, six million trees are planted in commemoration of those who died in the Shoah (Holocaust). As a result, it is often referred to in the media as Israel's Arbour day.As a Jewish Witch, it is one of the wonderful Jewish festivals that is linked to agriculture and nature in such a way that it seamlessly fits into my Pagan practise. On this day I will eat dried fruits from the last harvest and celebrate the promise of the return of abundance to the land of my ancestors. The image that is traditionally meditated on would fit right into any Pagan circle: "Man is a Tree of the Field".It has many different interpretations, ranging from the connection of Man with the Earth, to the way we live both a visible external life and a hidden internal life. The text comes from Deuteronomy 20:19, but that simple sentence is just as pertinent today as it was those thousands of years ago when it was first written.HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR THE TREES!

Source: wiccalessons.blogspot.com

Essential Wiccan Supplies Altar Tools

Essential Wiccan Supplies Altar Tools
Although there are miriad Wicca traditions, each with their own unique set of WICCAN SUPPLIES, several artifacts cross all traditions and are generally acknowledged to be the foundation pieces of any and every ceremonial altar.

Representing the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit, the essential basic WICCAN SUPPLIES for your altar are:

* The Athame - a ritual double edged blade or dagger with a metal blade and, usually, a wooden handle. It is used to mark sacred space. Associated with the element of air and male energy, it is "never" used to cut anything physical.

* The Chalice - a symbol of the feminine, it is usually a stemmed goblet but can also be a simple bowl. The chalice is associated with water, psychic ability and the subconscious.

* Altar Bell - usually a small metal hand bell made of silver, pewter or brass and used to clear sacred space, punctuate parts of ceremony, and welcome the quarters or deities. Associated with the element of air.

* Altar Tile - also known as a pentacle or peyton, the altar tile is used to open elemental gateways, evoke the divine and to protect and bless ritual tools and food. Its elemental representation can be that of earth or spirit. Generally made of metal, wood, clay or stoneware.

* Altar Cloth - protects the altar from stray wax, embers, dirt, grime and any other forms of damage. Traditionally black but, when celebrating a Sabbat or Esbat, it is commomplace to use a colour that is representational of the event being observed.

* The Wand - considered by some to be one of the most important wiccan supplies, wands are usually made of wood and are used to project or direct energy to a specific area, object, or person. The elemental correspondence is that of fire.

* The Besom - a ritual broom used to clear the residual energy from a space being prepared for ritual. Although not part of the altar itself, it has an important part to play in the preparation of the ritual space.

* Cauldron - perhaps one of the most well known of the wiccan supplies or tools, the cauldron represents the feminine. Used to burn, brew and mix things, it represents all the various elements, depending on its use. When used to burn offerings, it represents fire; used to brew a potion, it represents water; used for incense, air; and a cauldron of abundance, like a cornucopia, is associated with the element of earth. Usually made of iron and standing on three legs, cauldrons vary greatly in size, although most nowadays are small enough to fit comfortably on an average size altar.

* Candles - there are usually three on the altar: one black, representing the Goddess; one white, representing the God, and a third, usually also white, for lighting. Candles represent the element of fire.

* A Censer - any flame-proof vessel used for burning incense, representing the element of air. Purpose-made incense burners come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but if an alternative vessel is used, it should be filled with sand to absorb the heat. Some censers are cauldron like, and are hung on chains or suspended in tripods.

Although further items may be added to the altar according to the work being completed, the time of year, and the specific rituals of individual traditions, these are the essential basic WICCAN SUPPLIES to be found on the ceremonial altars of virtually all traditions.

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The World Greatest Mantra

The World Greatest Mantra
Precious stone Quintero, Seth Auberon, Amber Larson, Decision QUARTERLY


", or "Colossal Buddha," of Japan (PAUL ">.


Daibutsu "(Marcus Antonius Braun/flickr

According to Yogini LEITH O\'LEARY, the greatest and best powerful recite in the world is stately "tan-kuu", two syllables holding the above syllable longer, which in Spanish is stately "gracias."

As we began to chant, we started with OM, an acronym for "omniscient essence," which Leith pronounces AUM: three blended sounds that stand for everything we are Attentive of, everything we are Unconscious of, and everything, the MMM of the fetid legroom.

The Buddha did not make a great deal of "mantras". Following all, he was making stated a "Better Teaching" ("Abhi-dharma") on the road to unmitigated manner in a Vedic land passed away with switch off ritual, kindhearted magic, and elitist temple priests (the Brahmins of Brahmanism).

A range of centuries subsequent to, "Hinduism" ("INDUS "sea ravine sophistication "-ISM") was formed. By systematizing contrasting Indian wisdom trendy a strong slaughter, Sri Shankara bent a "religion" untrained out of a spiritual culture. With the clinging began as subsequent to came the militaristic better it by xenophobic Indians. Modi may ability to remember them, as they are vivacious and well in his regulation.

But introduce were kind ("paritta") chants and monastic squeal memorizations and recitals ("bana"). And with Mahayana, a celebrated mixture of Hinduism and Buddhism, introduce were mantras, too. "Tantra-yana, mantra-yana", but for all that thickness, Leith is right:

The best recite is "THANK-YOU" persistent as habitually as possible.

Hidden Hoodoo

Hidden Hoodoo
If you like to set jar candles, you know what a problem it can be to have visitors over while they're alight -- one would rather not have your skeptic dad pestering you about what a John the Conqueror candle is, or your snoopy friends asking who the Adam and Eve candle you've set is for.

I recently came across some great aromatherapy candles in little tins that can be used the same way as jar candles. These are much less conspicuous than those big glass encased candles -- and you raise much less attention burning a frankincense-patchouli light than you do with a big screened candle that says Bend Over on it.

Frankincense Patchouli Candle

Use for domination kind of work or coercive love work (Bend Over, Commanding, Follow Me Boy/Girl). For extra power sprinkle some bergamot oil over the top.

Cinnamon Spice Candle

Use for financial gain -- a good candle to burn at your business or workplace.

Vanilla Rose Candle

This is a good choice to burn when you have your romantical friends over for a visit. Vanilla and rose are also good luck enhancers in general, so this candle has all sorts of positive qualities. You can sprinkle the top with some cardamom oil to enhance the love aspects, or with some cinnamon oil for the general luck aspects.

Lavender Candle

A good choice to leave burning when you're having over visitors that may cause tension or negativity (relatives, landlords, or even handymen) or when you just generally want to keep the peace in your life. Also a famous ingredient for love spells, especially same-sex love. If using it for love spells you can add some ginger oil or juniper berry oil to spice it up.

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

Gypsy Prayers Chants And Affirmations

Gypsy Prayers Chants And Affirmations
Thank you to the Blood relationThank you to the BoonThank you to the Livelihood Spiritwithin all equipment.-oOo-AbracadabraTrinka FiveGypsy MagicComes Active-oOo-Taking part in IS THE LORD'S Plea IN THE GYPSY Slang OF TRANSYLVANIA:Miro gulo Devel, savo hal ot'e ando Cheros,te avel swuntunos tiro nav;te avel catari tiro tem;te keren saro so cames oppo puv,sar ando Cheros.D'e man sekhonus miro diveskoe manro,ta ierta mangue saro so na he plaskerava tuke,sar me ierstavava wafo manuschengue saro so na plaskerelen mangue.Ma muk te petrow ando chungalo camoben;tama lel man abri saro doschdar.Weika tiro sin o tem,tiri yi potea,tiri yi proslava akana ta sekovar.And present-day is the English Translation:My gorgeous God,who art nearby in Heaven,may thy name come hallowed;may thy settle come hither;may they do all that thou wishest upon earth,as in Heaven.Offer me to-day my broadsheet bread,and release me all that I cannot pay thee,as I shall release other men all that they do not pay me.Do not let me fall here evil desire;but seize me out from all dreadfulness.For thine is the settle,thine the power,thine the gloat now and ever.-oOo-May God help us!May no hitch come up to to me in the thoroughfare,and may no one purloin anything from me.AND IN TRANSYLVANIAN GYPSY IT IS:Te vas del o Del amengue;te n'avel man pascotia ando drom,te na hoden pen mandar.-oOo-Go with God!Pop in with God!Go, for God's sake!Pop in, for God's sake!By God!OR AS A TRANSYLVANIAN GYPSY WOULD SAY:Ja Develehi!Az Develehi!Ja Develeskey!Az Develeskey!Heri Devlis!Source: i-love-witchcraft.blogspot.com

The Revolution Of Tenderness A New Style Of Pastoral Ministry

The Revolution Of Tenderness A New Style Of Pastoral Ministry
In composition for the future Carnival of Mary Trace of Christians, Fr angel Fern'andez Artime, Holy woman Key, wrote a announcement to the Salesian Take in. In extra to prayers and good wishes, it also includes a strong country and unreserved message. He calls for a new means of country ministry, based on a "go round of central point". We shield some excerpts from the letter: The Holy woman Key has earlier completed a few visits to the Salesian Provinces, in which he has seen " expert of the numerous of alcoholic projects where God, with a few loaves and a few fish scraps, continually multiplies our action and causes the hopeless works of our hands to thrive." Pertaining to the give unreserved aver, Fr Fernandez Artime comments: "Absolute in these days we've time-honored heartbreaking statistics of the aggravation of Christians in several parts of the world, of violations of mortal position in evil areas of the soil, of the mistreat and kidnapping of minors on sponsor of their person female or of their religion. Vitality is raise from God's plan! The specter of the Risen Noble lights up the darkness; he is tell that melts comatose fear." In his announcement the Holy woman Key also emphasizes the ceremonial nook of Christians and others: "Accordingly we Christians, with men and women of good chi, in the name of God and of our upper limit easily influenced brothers, have to hold close to put on trial to bring forth a new trueness that's more rapidly to God's draft. All the same, we're not affair forlorn with a political question for states or with strategies for the Linked Nations. In our Salesian Take in, marked by a seriously paschal spirituality, we shall hold close to work with all our power that offering may be ever disdainful life, in Jesus' name, for the little and the least possible." Don Fernandez Artime has also launched a strong cuteness stating that " We're called to a new way of "person pastors": it's the go round of submissiveness, of pliable down to nation who are troublesome the upper limit, of pleasing nation who are far comatose, of making a way for nation who are final, of accompanying alone nation whom unreserved realities weld comment and leave. The best way to team our Create is loyalty to his authoritative intuitions. I don't hesitancy in the least possible that one of these, a necessary care for him as well as for us today, is the special likelihood for "unmanageable and endangered" youths. The message of the Risen Noble, to return to Galilee, tool for us to return to our roots, to return to hopeless teen populace. I'm definitely that "we shall greeting him offering." And towards the end, seeing that we are squiggle handy to the Wedding anniversary of the sincere of Don Bosco, he concludes by saying that " the best way to team our Create is loyalty to his authoritative intuitions. I don't hesitancy in the least possible that one of these, a necessary care for him as well as for us today, is the special likelihood for "unmanageable and endangered" youths. The message of the Risen Noble, to return to Galilee, tool for us to return to our roots, to return to hopeless teen populace. I'm definitely that "we shall greeting him offering." The full record of the announcement is reasonable - in Italian, English and Spanish - on the site sdb.org. "Published by InfoANS 22/05/2014"

Morte E Renascimento

Morte E Renascimento
Ol'a povo da Deusa! Como est~ao?

Linda noite de Samhain para quem gira pela Roda do Sul? E Beltane para quem gira pela Roda do Norte?

Como sabem - quem acompanha - a pouco fiz meu ritual de Dedicac~ao e este foi o meu primeiro Sabbath. Estudei bastante o ritual que queria fazer e de maneira simples, mas sincera, celebrei ontem pr'oximo da meia-noite para e com os Deuses.

Foi breve, mas foi muito bom. Meditei bastante, ceei com mac~as e nozes. Pela primeira vez tamb'em aproveitei para celebrar O Grande Rito, mas este ainda precisa de mais estudo. E para mim que tenho meus pudores, celebrar sozinha d'a a grande vantagem dese vestir de c'eu e se sentir 'otima com isso.

Foi uma 'otima 'epoca para mim, levando em considerac~ao as circunst^ancias da minha vida, comecar a levar mais a fundo a magia, que a um bom quickness esteve fortemente enraizada dentro de mim, mas que por receios e por press~ao common, eu a negava.

Como viram no post front, Samhain 'e o fim de um ciclo, para o in'inio de outro em Yule (ansiosa rsrsrs) e marca o in'icio da 'epoca mais sombria do ano, mas a mais libertadora tamb'em.

Queimei tudo aquilo que me prendia e me sufocava e novas e melhores portas v~ao se abrir para mim daqui por diante rsrs.

Bom, tirei algumas fotinhas do meu pequeno ritual e vou colocar algumas aqui para voc^es.

Depois do c'irculo fechado, altar reorganizado para terminar de queimar =)

Bom, despeco-me por aqui. Espero que tenham gostado e por veer, deixem seus coment'arios falando um pouco tamb'em das experi^encias de voc^es.

Abencoados sejamos!

Source: healing-magic.blogspot.com

The Horn Of Evenwood

The Horn Of Evenwood
Well, my new book is out. You can get it from Amazon.com USA, UK, Japan, France, Germany, and just about any other place that Amazon roams. It's also available through Barnes and Noble and Borders.


http://www.amazon.com/Horn-Evenwood-Robin-Artisson/dp/0979616808/ref=pd bbs sr 1/105-3085927-2094059?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1188195245&sr=8-1

Hardcover: 172 pages

Publisher: Pendraig Publishing (July 13, 2007)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0979616808

ISBN-13: 978-0979616808

Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 6.2 x 0.8 inches


The Horn of Evenwood, Also called "The Master's Book of Conjury" or "The Witchfather's Bloodless Bones", is a true book of Art, a Grimoire of sorcerous operations, charms, and devices of Witchery. Based on well-worn patterns and operations of Traditional sorcery and European Witchcraft from the 16th-19th centuries, this manual of magical arts provides a complete working system of Craft-sorcery which taps into the numina of the British Isles folk-tradition, the Luciferian mysteries of the Witchmaster, traditional wortcunning, the Rades of Edric and Godda, and the hidden roads to Faery-Elfhame. Included are incantations, conjurations, instructions in the application of the Ten Pillars of Sorcery, "The Service of Sigils" working, and the operations of "Biting the Tongues of Serpents", "Summoning the Witch-Dream by Moth Flight", "Binding the Lovers One to the Other", "The Fruitful Working of the Womb-Seed", and "A Pavis from Foul Imprecations", all of which are intended to instruct an initiate in the use of this timeless arcane system.

Esswe 5 The Fifth International Esswe Conference Riga Latvia April 2015

Esswe 5 The Fifth International Esswe Conference Riga Latvia April 2015

Western Esotericism and the East

16-18 April 2015, University of Latvia, Riga, Latvia


in cooperation with the

Latvian Society for the Study of Religion

University of Latvia and Daugavpils University


Current understandings of esotericism as a predominantly Western, European and North-American, phenomenon are by no means self-evident. By placing "the East" at the center of attention, this conference intends to put a range of important issues on the agenda, for instance:

the relevance of esotericism to questions of European / Western identity, with special attention to the "orientalism"/"occidentalism" debate;

the notion of "Wisdom from the East", from antiquity to the present;

esotericism in the contested boundary areas between "West" and "East", notably Russia, Byzantium, and Israel;

the impact of Jewish and Islamic culture on key dimensions of Western esotericism such as alchemy, astrology, and natural magic;

the interchange between religions of the Far East such as Hinduism, Buddhism, or Daoism and Western esotericism/occultism since the 18th century and after World War II;

the role of esotericism in comparative religion;

East-West distinctions in the light of globalization and globalization of esotericism.

Presentations should last 20 minutes with 10 minutes for discussion.

Papers are invited in En

Reference: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Review America Bewitched Witchcraft After Salem

Review America Bewitched Witchcraft After Salem
For persona with an method in the history of witchcraft, the discharge of a new book by Owen Davies is whatever thing to get pleased about. He not particular really knows his stuff, he also writes about it in an funny hue.

America Bewitched: The Mark of Witchcraft At the rear Salemis the new-found chastise to be explored by the Educational of Hertfordshire Tutor of Outgoing Recording, who is also the writer of Grimoires - A Recording of Illusion Books, Paganism - A Very much Sharp-witted Creation and Illusion - A Very much Sharp-witted Creation. A enchanting read it is too.

Publisher OUP says on its website: "The infamous Salem trials are etched trendy the consciousness of modern America, the whatsoever levy a write of the dangers of discrimination and oppression. The refrain learn Salem!' was invoked customarily aristocratic the important centuries. As time conceded, the trials became a milepost measuring the disaffect America had progressed from its colonial previously, its losses now the restore and their persecutors the dishonored. Yet the story of witchcraft did not end as the American Elucidation dawned - a new, long, and bitter period was about to begin."

America Bewitched shows how witchcraft continued to be a jam of life and death for masses all aristocratic the massive entitlement, even even if the law no longer sent witches to the scaffold. In fact, auxiliary personnel were killed as witches between 1692 and the 1950s in America than were executed before it.

Residents from a produce of cultural backgrounds, in addition to German, Dutch, Italian, Irish, Spanish, African and Artless American, had their own beliefs about witches. If a cow sickened or an toddler died, the old individual who lived on the boundary of the rural community can however be held responsible for causing the malady main magic. Sometimes an local would meander the law trendy their own hands, fluff with a gun, and kill the feared neighbour. Sometimes they can conclusion a drape mob to do the be in.

Yet the history of American witchcraft in the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries also shows how party cultures interacted and created each other's languages and beliefs. Impart was a mingling of mythology, ethnicity and traditions, as well as a enthusiasm to build the American dream and make the entitlement a place everyplace somebody could prosper affably.

The OUP website says: "This is so other auxiliary than the tale of one ill-treated community: it opens a enchanting place on the uncertainties, prejudices, hopes, and thoughts of the American personnel as their entitlement rose from craving to superpower."

I enjoyed - and learnt a lot from - the inclusive book. In spite of everything, the stickup period is perhaps the most compelling to me on your own, as it is about witchcraft in the USA in modern times. It explains that Wicca, the pagan religion mostly created by Gerald Gardner in England in the mid-20th century, travelled agilely the Atlantic in the 1960s with Raymond and Rosemary Buckland as well as Donna Cole. Contemporary English individual who promoted a British hue of witchcraft in America was Sybil Leek, who came from Burley, in the New Wood.

American feminists, most splendidly Starhawk, looked back to Salem and the "Witch Craze" intercontinental to see the oppression of witches as nucleus the oppression of women; and unlike powerful alter in goddess-orientated witchcraft was inherent.

The occult has also been participating in TV and movie worry in modern-day America. In the 1960s, existing were programmes be keen on The Addams Forebears and Bewitched, calculate auxiliary at the end Buffy, Sabrina the Youthful Witch and Artifice restrain fascinated big test news. Witches were no longer seen as evil old hags who particular caused mislead main magic; they were now trade event as pure to be desirable developing women who cast spells to help their friends and home-made.

Owen Davies points out that other than 20th century neopagan witchcraft movements restrain brood long-ago continuity with closer beliefs, Witchcraft is however as other "a jam of the make happen as the previously". He ends by occupation for monuments to be built for relatives who were ill-treated, abused and murdered as witches in America when 1692.

Associates and former related posts


America Bewitched: The Mark of Witchcraft At the rear Salem








Siddha Panchmukhi Hanuman Kawach Powers And Benefits

Siddha Panchmukhi Hanuman Kawach Powers And Benefits
Panchmukhi Hanuman Kawach+91 98936-95155PANCHMUKHI HANUMAN POOJA- FOR PROTECTION FROM EVIL EYE EFFECTS, BLACK MAGIC, FOR UPLIFTMENT IN PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL LIFE, ASTROLOGER FOR PROTECTION TIPS. Panchmukhi hanuman pooja is a very powerful ritual in the tantra which when done may protect from many trypes of problems in life. But one has to be very careful while doing this pooja. SOME IMPORTANT FACTS ABOUT HANUMANJI:1. Hanumanji is 11th rudra incarnition.2. He was born on Poornima i.e. on full moon day. 3. He was born on the month of Chatra as per Indian calender and on Tuesday. 4. His birthday is celebrated in India as a Hanuman jayanti.5. Hanumanji is the only God who has all the qualities like Intelligency, Courage, Confidence, Physical Power, Magical powers, Hypnotic power etc.6. He is the beloved of Lord RAM.7. Hanumanji took the Panchmukhi avtar to kill the brother of Ravana i.e. Ahiravan. PANCHMUKHI HANUMAN KAWACH:This is a special kawach which is charged with a Tantrik process to protect person from every types of evil effects like as-a) Black magic protection.b) Evil eye effects protection.c) Protection from malefic effects of planets. d) Protection from Negative energies. THIS KAWACH NOT ONLY PROTECTS THE PERSON BUT ALSO GENERATE-i) Courageii) Fearless personalityiii) Decisive poweriv) Intelligency etc.v) Panchmukhi Hanuman kawch protect the business from evils.vi) It helps to complete the journey safely. vii) It accelerate the success. viii) Panchmukhi hanuman kawach is very beneficial for a person who want to moves on spiritual path successfully. ix) It helps in education.Panchmukhi hanuman kawach is not only a yantra but it is a key to success. It opens the way for personal development, professional growth, social status and spiritual development. But before wearing this it is good to consult. Sometime it's power may not be digest by person so it is good to consult with and experienced astrologer.The Cost of Kawach Is 5100/- INR"CONTACT TO GET SPECIAL SIDDHA TANTRIK PANCHMUKHI HANUMAN KAWACH AND TO BOOK PANCHMUKHI HANUMAN POOJA NOW..........." Remedies of Problems through Hanuman Kawach"READ MORE ABOUT:""HANUMAN CHALISA FOR SUCCESS"Kawach In AstrologySiddha Mahakali Kawach For SuccessHanumanji Totkay For SuccessHanuman Jayanti Before DiwaliSecret of hanuman chalisa Chaupaaiya to fulfil wishesPANCHMUKHI HANUMAN POOJA- FOR PROTECTION FROM EVIL EYE EFFECTS, BLACK MAGIC, FOR UPLIFTMENT IN PERSONAL, PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL LIFE, ASTROLOGER FOR PROTECTION TIPS.

Credit: about-world-religions.blogspot.com


In traditional Chinese philosophy, "wood" is classified as one of the WU XING (Chinese: ; pinyin: wxng), or the FIVE ELEMENTS, also translated as FIVE PHASES, FIVE MOVEMENTS or FIVE STEPS, by which all natural phenomena can be explained. The system of five elements was used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. It was employed in many fields of early Chinese thought, including seemingly disparate fields such as geomancy and Feng shui, astrology, traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese alchemy, music, military strategy and martial arts. The original foundation for the idea is based on the concept of the Five Cardinal Points.

Dynastic Chinese culture and some other Central Asian cultures view the "center" as a fifth principal direction hence the English translated term "Five Cardinal Points". Where it is different than the west, is that the term is used as a foundation for I Ching, the Five Elements and the five Naked-eye planets. Each direction is often identified with a color, and geographical or ethnic terms may contain the name of the color instead of the name of the corresponding direction. For example, Wood is considered to be the east, and is associated with the color green, so a geographical and/or ethnic term derived from that is: "Qingdao" (Tsingtao) "Green Island": a city on the east coast of China.

The ten HEAVENLY STEMS (Chinese: ; pinyin: tiangan), are the elements of an ancient Chinese cyclic character numeral system. They are associated with the concepts of yin and yang and the Five Elements. The Earthly Branches (Chinese: ; pinyin: dzhi; or Chinese: ; pinyin: shrzhi; literally "twelve branches") provide one Chinese system for reckoning time. This system was built from observations of the orbit of Jupiter. Chinese astronomers divided the celestial circle into 12 sections to follow the orbit of "Suxing" (Jupiter, the Year Star). In correlative thinking, the twelve years of the Jupiter cycle also identify the twelve months of the year, twelve animals (mnemonics for the system), directions, seasons, months, and the Chinese hour.


* PHASE: "New Yang"

* SEASON: "Spring"

* CLIMATE: "Windy"

* PLANEt: "Jupiter"
* COLORS: "Green"
* FRUIT: "Plum"
* GRAIN: "Wheat"



* LIFE PHASE: "Birth"

* GENDER: "Masculine"

* SENSE: "Sight"

* MENTAL QUALITY: "Sensitivity"


* "Zang (Yin organs)": Liver

* "Fu (Yang organs)": Gallbladder

* FINGER: "Index finger"

* BODY FLUID: "Tears"

* BODY PART: "Tendons"

* SMELL: "Rancid"

* TASTE: "Sour"

* ENERGY: "Generative"

* HEAVENLY STEM: "4 - Jia " (Yang), 5 - Yi "(Yin)"


* NEGATIVE EMOTION: "Anger, Frustration"

* GENERATING: "Wood feeds Fire, Water nourishes Wood"

* OVERCOMING: "Wood parts Earth, Metal chops Wood"

* "Alternatively": Wood absorbs Water, Fire burns Wood

Credit: 33witches.blogspot.com

Fascinating Facts About Christmas

Fascinating Facts About Christmas
All pronounce the world territory command be sitting down to special meals, helpful gifts, on stage, spending and attending self-righteous services. In bigwig of this proliferate holiday (my ideal, in fact), we be full of a list of Christmas facts. I would in the vicinity of to in isolation wish someone reading a elated Christmas.THE DateIn the early Place of worship, Christmas was not all-encompassing as a illustrious festival. The ruler say-so of the Place of worship attempting to put a woo on the day of Christ's set up comes from 200 AD, at whatever time theologians in Alexandria honest it was the 20th of May. By the 380s, the Place of worship in Rome was attempting to draw to a close the several regions in using December 25th as the comprehensive festival day, and eventually that is the day that marooned. As so commonly was the instance in the early Place of worship, the influence of the pagan feasts of Rome is seen, like December 25 was the street party for the set up of the sun. St Cyprian makes note of this: "O, how stunningly acted Providence that on that day on which that Sun was untutored... Christ penury be untutored."THE NATIVITY EspyEvery person knows who Saint Francis is - the recognized saint who had an exterior supernatural be concerned dull flora and fauna, and who travelled to the Norm East to twirl the Muslims - gift to be puzzled in the field of the fire. And we be full of all seen nativity sets - depleted (or sometimes not so depleted) porcelain which unkind the territory honor at the set up of Jesus. In the function of record territory don't know is that Saint Francis invented the nativity set in the 13th century!Charity ET ALSkill helpful, Christmas munchies, Christmas Cards and a variety of other Christmas traditions are not modern gifts of capitalism (whereas capitalism assured does love it) - they actually come to us via the Precedent Romans who exchanged all of associates gear on New Year's Day (Strenae, named after Strenia the goddess of New Year's gifts). This was initially shunned by the Place of worship ("(Do not) make vetulas, [depleted statistics of the Old Animal], depleted deer or iotticos or set tables [for the house-elf, square Puck] at night or divide up New Blind date gifts or supply on top munchies [assorted Yule setting up]." -St Eligius, 7th century) but old customs die inflexible and it eventually transferred to Christmas.BANNED!In England, Christmas was outlawed by Act of Conference in 1644; the day was to be a fast and a run day; shops were border to be open; lilac puddings and chore pies condemned as heathen. The conservatives resisted; at Canterbury blood was shed; but after the Restoration Dissenters continued to cup Yuletide "Fooltide". Following the Protestant Shake-up, groups such as the Puritans powerfully condemned the celebration of Christmas, past it a Catholic creation and the "added extras of popery" or the "rags of the Beast." Whoop it up was unmentionable in Boston from 1659 to 1681. The ban by the Pilgrims was revoked in 1681 by English proprietor Sir Edmund Andros, nonetheless it was not until the mid-19th century that celebrating Christmas became modish in the Boston zone.MISCONCEPTIONSAs commonly happens with very ancient traditions, a variety of myths be full of sprung up almost Christmas. The record customary is that the equal nativity did not transpire and is based on the pagan Mithras accept (a sun god). Common aspects of Mithra's life are conclusive as corroborate but it is lonesome in more readily modern era that this vista has been promoted. In actuality, a variety of of the close down words were borrowed from Christianity which was widespread the world featuring in the peak of the Mithras cult. Mithra is commonly understood to be full of had an be equal with set up to Christ, but in actuality the pagans whispered he was untutored on a crest top. Further, the dotty shepherds at Mithra's set up did not preoccupy until well after the nativity of Jesus was recognized going on for the world. This is a instance of paganism stealing from Christianity and not the other way pronounce. [Source: "Textes et Monuments statistics relat. Aux Mysteres de Mithra" (2 vols., Brussels, 1896-1899)]CHRISTMAS WildI was honest surprised to advise that Americans don't gruffly be full of Christmas crackers at Christmas. In the UK and a variety of commonwealth countries, Christmas crackers (not the type you eat) are placed on the consider and someone pairs up to "draw" one. The cracker is a terse tube of cardboard with a gift modish and a rumpus of paper that emits a description at whatever time pulled. This is all roundabout with showy paper and twisted to firm in the vicinity of a sweetie. Wild commonly stock a depleted restraint, a toy, and sometimes a party hat - all of which is unadventurously distant by the discrete who ends up with the prime part of the cracker at whatever time it is pulled. You can buy very rubbishy crackers or very significant (the ones second appraise 1,000 US at Harrods). In the role of of the elegance of prices vacuous they are unadventurously found in the homes of someone, aromatic or feeble, at Christmas. Wild were invented by Tom Smith (a vendor of sweetie), in 1847.CHRISTMAS TREEMost territory be full of heard the pretend of how Martin Luther, the distinguished protestant rioter, gave the world the Christmas tree (or in some variations, candles on the Christmas tree). It is not true. The ruler relate of grass with Christmas comes from Saint Boniface in the 7th century AD, at whatever time he chopped down a tree sacred to Thor to care to the unsophisticated villagers that the Norse gods were not official. By the 15th century territory were abbreviation down grass and putting them in their homes to charm with sweet fruit and sweetie and candles. By the time Luther came pronounce, it was a crave complete tradition.XMASThat one terse word causes exasperate amid a variety of people; a variety of Christians examination it to be bad-mannered to switch Christ's name with an 'x' - even leaving so far as to that that it is a cause by anti-Christians to de-Christianify Christmas. Yet, Xmas is something like as old as the festival it refers to - the 'x' is actually the Greek slaughter chi which is the ruler slaughter of Christ's name in Greek (). Xmas is every bit as self-righteous as Christmas.SANTA CLAUSSanta Claus is actually based on the early Place of worship Bishop Saint Nicholas. He was untutored featuring in the third century (pronounce 270 AD), in the identity of Patara in Droop, and was recognized for sneakily helpful gifts of money to the feeble. The modern image of him as a self-confident man in red record ecological comes from the 1823 poem "A halt from St Nicholas" very recognized as "The Brown in the future Christmas" which you can read in full inside.Sweetie CANESIn the at the back 1800s, a sweetie designer in Indiana salutation to sturdy the meaning of Christmas aim a symbol made of sweetie. He came up with the viewpoint of lithe one of his white sweetie firewood in the field of the figure of a Sweetie Wand. He built-in whichever symbols of Christ's love and sacrifice aim the Sweetie Wand. Leader, he cast-off a weak white peppermint get. The color white symbolizes the purity and sinless mortal of Jesus. Flash, he supplementary three terse stripes to stand in for the ache inflicted upon Jesus in the future His death on the in a huff. Acquaint with are three of them to unkind the Angelic Trinity. He supplementary a overweight border to unkind the blood Jesus remove for mankind. While looked at with the bend on top, it looks in the vicinity of a shepherd's staff like Jesus is the guide of man. If you turn it upside down, it becomes the slaughter J symbolizing the ruler slaughter in Jesus' name. The sweetie designer made these sweetie canes for Christmas, so someone would observe what Christmas is all about.unique conntent Originally posted at Popgive.com.

Profession Tracks For Action Cards High Fantasy

Profession Tracks For Action Cards High Fantasy
The second part of my Gamemastering NPC series is up over at Fantasy Magazine-- give it a clickthrough if you're generously inclined.

Continuation of yesterday's post looking at the new variations I've made to the Action Cards system-- the second half of the Profession Tracks I developed. You'll notice my liberal borrowing of RM terms (Pure and Semi-spell casters, the idea of realms of magic). I also added in some of the concepts for magic that Sherri developed for her Third Continent RM game-- Willful abilities, Frameworks, Magical Languages. She managed to come up with a set of ideas about magic and the realms that I've pretty much merged into my understanding over the years.


Part One can be found here.



A Pure spell-caster of the Divine. The character has begun to dedicate themselves to the service of a particular deity and learn those powers. The character must have purchased the Pure spell-caster talent.

Rank One: The Initiate may choose two magic schools. She gains five ranks to divided among them. The character is limited to five schools at up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Two: The Initiate may choose up to three schools to gain a +1 bump in, as the Natural Adept talent (in the magic section).

Rank Three: The Initiate may choose an additional school and three additional ranks to divide among the schools she knows.

Rank Four: The Initiate has learned to defend his faith. He gains a skill in (Weapon) Attack or Parry. In addition, the Initiate may take a skill in Divine Legends, Ritual, Counseling, or Temple Management.

Rank Five: The Initiate may move up his Social results by one grade on three Fixed cards.

Priest (Initiate, Secondary)

The Priest has walked further down the path of his or her cult, being taught deeper secrets and learning to contact and commune with the forces of the cult's god and that god's allied spirits.

Rank One: The Priest gains +2 wounds.

Rank Two: The Priest may choose a new magic school and gain a rank in it. The character is limited to seven schools at up to four ranks in any of them.

Rank Three: The Priest gains five ranks to distribute among the magic schools she knows.

Rank Four: The Priest may apply a single modifier twice when casting a spell.

Rank Five: The Priest may spend a point of focus to modify the next buff spell he casts. It automatically becomes others, many and selective-- essentially affecting the whole party. These bonus modifiers do not count towards the modifier cap for the spell.

Mystic (Initiate, Secondary)

The Mystic communes with the Spirit Realm, but is less driven towards service to a particular god. She may still be a strong and proud follower of her god, but she has developed abilities dealing with the lesser spirits and their forces.

Rank One: The Mystic may reflexively detect the presence of active spirits in an area. By spending a point of focus, he can determine the presence and nature of bound spirits in an area or item.

Rank Two: The Mystic may choose a new magic school and gain a rank in it. The character is limited to seven schools at up to four ranks in any of them.

Rank Three: The Mystic gains a skill in a magic school of his choice. In addition he gains the talent Strong Will.

Rank Four: The Mystic gains five ranks to distribute among magic schools she knows.

Rank Five: The Mystic gains the ability to use Spirit Matrices at rank one. During a scene, the Mystic may activate a spell in his framework as a free action. Activating a Spirit Matrices spell costs one focus. No casting pull is required, but if the spell is an attack spell, an attack pull is made. Once a spell has been activated, the Mystic must wait until he has prep time to reload the spell in his Spirit Matrices. Spells in Spirit Matrices do not have to be declared ahead of time.


A Pure spell-caster of the Arcane. The character perhaps picked up knowledge from a traveler, served as an apprentice or been trained with a small group. Sorcery and the Arcane carries with in a major stigma in many areas of the continent. The character must have purchased the Pure spell-caster talent.

Rank One: The Apprentice may choose three magic schools. She gains three ranks to be divided among them. The character is limited to five schools at up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Two: The Apprentice gains three additional ranks to divide among the schools known.

Rank Three: The Apprentice may choose one spell Modifier. This Modifier is considered to apply to all of that character's spells and don't count towards the Rank Limit. Fast may not be taken. This is as the Masterful talent.

Rank Four: The Apprentice has learned that discretion is the better part of valor. He gains a skill in Dodge Melee or Dodge Parry. Additionally he may choose a skill in Magic Lore, Magic Languages, Magical Crafting or Labwork.

Rank Five: The Apprentice may move up his Knowledge results by one grade on three Fixed cards.

Magician (Apprentice, Secondary)

Magicians tend to be elementalists, focused on the basic forms and structures of magic. They focus on casting directed spells and learn how to ready themselves for magical combat.

Rank One: The Magician may choose one school with direct damage effects. He always does +1 damage when casting damage spells from that school.

Rank Two: The Magician may choose a new magic school and gain a rank in it. The character is limited to seven schools at up to four ranks in any of them.

Rank Three: The Magician gains a skill in Spell-Throwing or Spell-Countering. He also gains a skill in a magic school of his choice.

Rank Four: The Magician gains five ranks to distribute among the magic schools he knows.

Rank Five: The Magician gains the ability to use Frameworks at rank one. During a scene, the Magician may activate a spell in his framework as a free action. Activating a Framework spell costs one focus. No casting pull is required, but if the spell is an attack spell, an attack pull is made. Once a spell has been activated, the Magician must wait until he has prep time to reload the spell in his framework. Spells in frameworks do not have to be declared ahead of time.

Enchanter (Apprentice, Secondary)

Enchanters approach magic in a more careful way. They tend to work with objects, runes, sigils and devices. They're skilled at protections and recognizing magical devices.

Rank One: The Enchanter may gain a skill in a magic school of his choice.

Rank Two: The Enchanter may choose a new magic school and gain a rank in it. The character is limited to seven schools at up to four ranks in any of them.

Rank Three: The Enchanter may spend a point of focus to retroactively declare a buff on a piece of his own equipment of that of an ally. This buff lasts for that scene. This is a free action, but may only be done once per scene.

Rank Four: The Enchanter gains +2 wounds. In addition, the Enchanter gains the ability to reflexively delve the magical properties of items without having to cast magic. Depending on the item and its realm, the read may be superficial.

Rank Five: The Enchanter gains five ranks to distribute among magic schools he knows. In addition, when struck by damaging spells from a school he knows, he may reflexively spend a point of focus to give himself DR equal to his in that school. This is a free action, but does require a Knowledge pull to initially activate. The Enchanter must be aware of the attack. This DR lasts a number of rounds equal to the school rank.


A Semi spell-caster of Willfuls. The character has begun deeper and more meditative training to understand his own abilities. He has learned to channel those in new ways.

Rank One: The Acolyte may choose one magic school and gains 2 ranks in it. The character is limited to three schools at up to two ranks in any of them. If unarmored, the Acolyte may spend a point of Focus to give himself +1 Soak/DR and +1 Dodge (Melee or Ranged, choose) for a scene.

Rank Two: The Acolyte gains either a (Weapon) Parry skill or a skill in Dodge-- either Melee or Ranged.

Rank Three: The Acolyte may choose a magic school. He gains 2 ranks in it. He gains an additional wound box.

Rank Four: The Acolyte gains+1 Focus. He also learns the art of Willful Balance. By spending a round of prep, he can give himself cat-like reflexes for a scene, allowing him to walk tightropes, stand on ledges without fail, and keep himself steady against natural events. If persons actively attempt to unbalance him, he gains a +1 bump to associated tests.

Rank Five: The Acolyte may move up his Physical results by one grade on three Fixed cards.

Monk (Acolyte, Secondary)

The Monk has developed his ability to focus his internal power, allowing him to enhance his own abilities. These arts of Internal Alchemy allow him to survive and flourish in harsh conditions.

Rank One: The Monk gains +2 wounds.

Rank Two: The Monk has learned to survive in the harshest of environments-- he becomes more resistant to starvation, extended exposure to the elements, and can go without sleep for longer than the average human being.

Rank Three: The Monk may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Monk is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Four: The Monk may choose a Combat Style and the associated maneuvers. He is limited to a maximum of two combat styles.

Rank Five: The Monk gains a rank in a new magic school. The Monk learns the art of Willful Quickness. He may spend a point of focus to activate this ability. On following rounds, he may spend a point of Focus to act twice in the round-- once on his normal action and again at the end of the round.

Seer (Acolyte, Secondary)

The Seer has developed his perceptions and senses to an extraordinary level. He connects with the world on a different level, able to sense the ebb and flows of fate and chance.

Rank One: The Seer gains a skill in a magic school of his choice.

Rank Two: The Seer learns the art of Willful Perception. By spending a point of focus he may sense effectively in total darkness, in smoke or fog, or even while blinded. This lasts for a scene.

Rank Three: The Seer may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Seer is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Four: The Seer has mastered the art of Willful Intuition. He may spend Drama points not just for himself, but also for his fellow players or even NPCs. Additionally, when faced with a set of apparently equally valid choices (such as a set of locked doors), he may spend a point of focus to gain a bump towards the most advantageous choice (as per the old Gurps Intuition advantage).

Rank Five: The Seer may choose a Combat Style and the associated maneuvers. He is limited to a maximum of two combat styles. The Seer gains +2 wounds.


A character who has begun to explore deeper service to their deity, but combines that dedication with other skills and talent. Paladins and the like begin on this track. The character must have purchased the Semi spell-caster talent.

Rank One: The Layman may choose one magic school and gains 2 ranks in it. He also gains the Strong Will talent. The character is limited to three schools at up to two ranks in any of them.

Rank Two: The Layman may take a (Weapon) Attack skill of their choice.

Rank Three: The Layman may choose a magic school. He gains 2 ranks in it. He may also add +1 Wound box.

Rank Four: The Layman may choose a Combat Style. He may have up to two Combat Styles.

Rank Five: The Layman may move up either a Combat or Social result by one grade on one Fixed cards. He gains +2 wounds and a skill in a magic school.

Dervish (Layman, Secondary)

The Dervish focuses on movement and perception in combat. The channel their energies to make themselves blindingly fast and more difficult to hit. They've mastered how to distract opponents in order to defeat or evade them.

Rank One: After a successful blow, the Dervish may reposition himself and his opponent in the same relative area, spinning the combat to change the facings of both combatants (still facing each other, but spun within the 360 degree imaginary arc).

Rank Two: The Dervish gains a skill in Dodge Melee or Dodge Ranged.

Rank Three: The Dervish may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Holy Warrior is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Four: The Dervish may choose a Combat Style and the associated maneuvers. He is limited to a maximum of three combat styles.

Rank Five: The Dervish may spend a point of focus to negate an incoming attack on himself. The attack still happens, but the Dervish manages to dodge, dance or twirl out of the way. The attack will not hit another person, but might cause environmental effects depending on the cleverness of the character. This negation must be declared before the attack pull is made.

Holy Warrior (Layman, Secondary)

The Holy Warrior has learned to channel the blessings of his cult for their defense. He can smite his enemies and use his knowledge of his rites to supplement his weapons and armor.

Rank One: The Holy Warrior gains +2 wounds.

Rank Two: The Holy Warrior may spend a point of focus to empower his armor. This raises the number needed to do wounds to him by one for the scene. This effect may be dispelled.

Rank Three: The Holy Warrior may choose a Combat Style and the associated maneuvers. He is limited to a maximum of two combat styles.

Rank Four: The Holy Warrior may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Holy Warrior is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Five: When fighting cult enemies (the Undead, Chaos, or specific faiths), The Holy Warrior may perform a Smite at the cost of one focus. All damage dice which would be normally rolled are converted directly to damage.


A Semi spell-caster of the Arcane A character who has picked up a few bits and tricks about Arcane spell-casting. He may have learned some simple spells from adventurers or found discussion of an odd path. He combines this eclectic knowledge with other talents. The character must have purchased the Semi spell-caster talent.

Rank One: The Dabbler may choose one magic school and gains 2 ranks in it. He also gains a skill with Sleight of Hand, Holdout or Fast Talk. The character is limited to three schools at up to two ranks in any of them.

Rank Two: The caster may opt to take a wound instead of a fatigue point from casting as with the Deep Channel talent.

Rank Three: The Dabbler may choose a magic school. He gains 2 ranks in it. He may also raise one result on a card.

Rank Four: The Dabbler may choose one Combat Style and the associated elements. He is limited to two combat styles.

Rank Five: The Dabbler may move up a Combat or Knowledge result by one grade on one Fixed card. The Dabbler gains a skill in either Dodge Melee or Dodge Ranged. He also gains a skill in a magic school of his choice.

Spellblade (Dabbler, Secondary)

The Spellblade focuses on using his arcane talent to boost and amplify his signature weapon. He's able to reflexively call the forces of the elements to amplify his abilities and attacks.

Rank One: The Spellblade gains +2 wounds.

Rank Two: The Spellblade's empowering of his weapon gives him +1 to damage done with that weapon.

Rank Three: The Spellblade may choose a Combat Style and the associated maneuvers. He is limited to a maximum of two combat styles.

Rank Four: The Spellblade may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Spellblade is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Five: The Spellblade may spend a point of focus to grant his weapon elemental properties for a scene. This reduces the number needed to do damage by one. As well, the Spellblade may choose one of the following effects when first activating this ability: Fire-- can be used to ignite objects and target must test against blinding effect; Ice-- freezing makes target test against unbalancing; Lightning-- ignores DR/Soak for metal armor; or Earth-- stronger damage to inanimate objects and successful hits reduce target's DR by one.

Mountebanc (Dabbler, Secondary)

The Mountebanc has studied the arts of deception and trickery in his spellcasting. He can disguise his own magical aura and cover his true nature easily. His skills lend themselves to more practical matters, rather than combat exclusively.

Rank One: The Mountebanc can Feign Death by spending a point of focus. While in such a state, he appears dead to all non-magical analysis. The Mountebanc remains aware of his surroundings, although they may be a little hazy. It takes a minute to come out of the state. A Mountebanc may remain in this state for a number of hours equal to the total number of spell ranks he has. When he emerges from the state his hunger and other bodily needs will assert themselves.

Rank Two: The Mountebanc may spend a point of focus to disguise his spell signature. When casting his spells will not have the normal odd feeling given off by arcane magic. This lasts for one scene.

Rank Three: The Mountebanc may learn one new magic school. He gains four ranks to distribute among the Schools he knows. The Mountebanc is limited to five schools and up to three ranks in any of them.

Rank Four: The Mountebanc gains Mastery over the Subtle spell modifier.

Rank Five: The Mountebanc is Fleet of Foot, allowing him to move an extra two yards in combat. He also gains a skill in a magic school of his choice. He also gains a skill in Sleight of Hand, Begging or Pickpocket.

Source: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com