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Holiday Harmony Magic

Holiday Harmony Magic
DECEMBER 8, 2012


While the 'holiday season' is supposed to be a time of fun and good cheer, in truth, for most of us, it is also challenging and exhausting. For anyone who works in retail, e-commerce, or serving trades, the amount of what we call "Problems and PITAs" increases exponentially. A day at work can feel more like a battlefield than a job. Even if one isn't in a customer service work environment, the shopping, the planning, and the social activities can become overly stressful. Often, we have to mix and mingle with people we don't particularly care for, or deal with family members who are completely toxic, all the while pretending that we are having loads of good fun. While we can't always avoid the hectic pace or awful people, we can create an environment through magical means that help to defray or deflect some of the disharmony and frustration that the holiday season can cause.

With spellwork involving harmony, we reach a point where magic tangles with the mundane. One can spend inordinate amounts of magical energy clearing a space, providing protection, and creating peace and harmony, only to ruin it with their own behavior, or allowing the behavior of a spouse, child or roommate to destroy it. Constantly dealing with a toxic person or 'drama queen', or being one yourself, completely negates any work toward having a peaceful environment to live in. If you are in that sort of situation, then it is important to deal with the underlying mundane issues before attempting something magical. Severe marital or relationship problems, mental or physical health concerns, badly behaved children, physical or emotional abuse, addiction, filth or clutter, and personal irresponsibility..all of these can create an environment, that, no matter how much harmony spellwork you do, will never be peaceful. Magic can certainly be used to assist the process, but the proper physical processes must be completed as well.

To determine what spellwork or other preparation will help to defray the most stress, take some time to sit and write down in a notebook or journal what has occurred during previous holiday seasons, and at social events or family parties that made things difficult. Think about any changes that occurred this year (marriage, divorce, illness, new babies or step-children, loss of a family member) that might change the dynamics of the people involved in your event or family gathering. What will make those involved feel most comfortable? What will send a clear yet kind message that everyone needs to behave appropriately? What are your own personal hot buttons that need to be addressed to keep you from losing your temper or feeling frustrated? Once you determine those things, you can decide which of the following stress busters will help you most.

Smudging your home regularly during the holidays keeps it from having any sort of buildup of negative energy. Burning sweetgrass afterwards invites in peaceful and harmonious energy. If you can't smudge, such as prior to an event or family gathering where you don't want the heavy smoke smell, use Sage Mist like a potpourri spray to clear the negativity. To make your own sage mist, mix together 4 ounces of distilled water with 20 drops of sage essential oil in a clean spray bottle and shake well. Alternately, mix 10 drops sage essential oil and 10 drops cedar essential oil (for clearing and purification), or 10 drops sage essential oil and 10 drops lavender essential oil (for clearing and relaxation) with the water.

After you have cleared the negative energy, then set about attracting peace and harmony as barriers to the stress and frustration. There are many different ways to attract peace and harmony to your home and self. Oils such as vanilla, violet, Peaceful Home, Peace, or lavender can be used to promote peace and harmony. Anoint or dress Harmony candles during spellwork, add a few drops to incense, charm bags or sachets, add a capful to bathwater, or use as a perfume oil. To make your own oil to promote peace and harmony, mix essential oils of Coriander, Chamomile, and Spearmint with a carrier oil such as sweet almond, grapeseed, or olive oil. Add it to laundry or cleaning waters (mop or scrub water), burn in an oil warmer or diffuser, and anoint walls, doors, door jambs, windows and thresholds. This is particularly effective when one is cleaning and decorating prior to a party or event, and again when cleaning up afterwards.

Incense is also an easy way to promote a harmonious environment. There are as many peace-promoting incense as there are oils, and they come in a multitude of forms, including sticks, cones, and powders. Lavender, violet, sandalwood, Tranquility, Nag Champa, and Harmony are all excellent choices.

The ancient art of Feng Shui, which I use extensively in my own magical practice, is dedicated to helping us bring harmony and balance to our physical lives and relationships. The concept of Qi (universal energy, life force, the energy of all things) is the basis of the practice of Feng Shui. Qi is the balance between positive and negative energy, or Yin (female or yielding energy) and Yang (male or forceful energy). In Feng Shui, techniques and objects, called 'cures' are used to bring the yielding and forceful energies of a space into balance, by locating the existing Qi, and moving it to where we need it to be. In this way, it is no different than spellcasting.we are calling on universal energy to help fulfill a desire. There is far more information on using Feng Shui for harmony than can be discussed in this newsletter - if you are interested in learning more about Feng Shui, I highly recommend the following books; Feng Shui Form by my friend and mentor Donna Stellhorn, House Magic: The Good Witch's Guide to Bringing Grace to Your Space by Ariana, and Wicca for Life by Raymond Buckland, which has a number of pages dedicated to incorporating Feng Shui into Wiccan practice.

Some basic Feng Shui cures for harmony that are easy to implement:

To help bond a family: Place an odd number of pillar candles infused or anointed with violet, vanilla, or lavender oil on a tray in the room where you would like the family to gather. Light them for an hour or two a day, when the family is home. You may begin the process by sitting there alone with a book or some hobby project, but soon the entire family will gravitate to that spot. To add a little candle magic to the candles, carve words such as family, peace, or harmony into the back or bottom of the candles. If your family tends to irritate or argue with each other during family events, this is particularly effective in reducing those problems and promoting more relaxed and enjoyable family gatherings.

To call positive qi: Single bells and wind chimes are used in Feng Shui to attract positive, harmonic energy. Hang a bell in the window facing the street, or hang chimes on the area of the house facing the street to call in positive qui. If the bell is in the window, dust it often and ring it several times a week. For wind chimes, if you see that the positive energy seems to be waning, wash off the wind chime and move it to different spot on the porch or area facing the street. Chimes and bells shaped like or decorated with flowers bring qi related to joy and companionship. Silver tones chimes bring in qi for better communication and stable income. Silver chimes are the perfect cure for a family that tends to argue a lot.

To bring stability to family relationships: Place photos of the family in the den or family room. Surround them with pretty pieces of raw or carved petrified wood. Petrified wood is used in Feng Shui to bring stability and balance. To add some herb magic to this display, place dried motherwort in a clear glass jar. Motherwort is traditionally used in talismans and amulets, burned with incense and used in ritual for magic involving home and family. Place photographs of the family and the petrified wood around the jar. A 'happy home' charm bag can be worked into the display as well, or placed in others areas to stimulate a positive environment.

For the charm bag you will need:

o One Sweet Bay (also know as Laurel or Bay Tree) leaf and one garlic clove for each member of the family

o Small charm bag

o Salt

o Five Finger Grass (also known as Cinquefoil)

o one Iron Nail

o Van Van or Protection Oil

Place one Laurel leaf and one Garlic Clove for each member of the family in the charm bag. For example: Four family members equals four Laurel leaves and four Garlic cloves. Add a pinch of salt, a pinch of Cinquefoil, and the iron nail. Anoint the bag with the oil and hang discreetly in the home. Anoint with fresh oil once a week.

While you might not be able to keep Uncle Rodney from telling inappropriate jokes, or keep your mother-in-law from criticizing your cooking, you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself to deal with or deflect the tension things like that cause. Being proactive through magic and mental preparation keeps us from being reactive and unprepared to handle problems appropriately when they arise.

Have a marvelous, magical, and prosperous week!


Credit: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

Rev 9 20 21 The Rest Of The Human Race Did Not Repent

Rev 9 20 21 The Rest Of The Human Race Did Not Repent
* (REV 9, 20-21) THE REST OF THE HUMAN RACE DID NOT REPENT [20] The rest of the human race, who were not killed by these plagues, did not repent of the works of their hands, to give up the worship of demons and idols made from gold, silver, bronze, stone, and wood, which cannot see or hear or walk. [21] Nor did they repent of their murders, their magic potions, their unchastity, or their robberies. (CCC 408) The consequences of original sin and of all men's personal sins put the world as a whole in the sinful condition aptly described in St. John's expression, "the sin of the world" (Jn 1:29). This expression can also refer to the negative influence exerted on people by communal situations and social structures that are the fruit of men's sins (Cf. John Paul II, RP 16). (CCC 1852) There are a great many kinds of sins. Scripture provides several lists of them. The "Letter to the Galatians" contrasts the works of the flesh with the fruit of the Spirit: "Now the works of the flesh are plain: fornication, impurity, licentiousness, idolatry, sorcery, enmity, strife, jealousy, anger, selfishness, dissension, factions, envy, drunkenness, carousing, and the like. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things shall not inherit the Kingdom of God" (Gal 5:19-21; cf. Rom 1:28-32; 1 Cor 9-10; Eph 5:3-5; Col 3:5-8; 1 Tim 9-10; 2 Tim 2-5).

Credit: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

The Greeks Had Two Words For Time Chyros And Chronos

The Greeks Had Two Words For Time Chyros And Chronos
By: Berdine Bronkhorst

Chyros is the time quantity (24 hours per day) whilst Chronos comes from the Greek word "kairos" - the appointed time the purpose of God, timing! So, some or maybe all of us are operating in Chyros time, working at least 12 hours a day to pay the bills, then rush home to spend some family time and repeat the same cycle until Christmas where you can sigh a sigh of relief and take some time off. Then there are the clever few who discovered Chyros, the power of timing and providence moving in your favour. That is where everything flows, through minimal effort you meet the right people at the right time etc.

Ever wondered what condition your consciousness must be in to hear Chyros? A Consciousness Coach(R) would partner up with clients to do the following:

1. Align yourself with your highest purpose

Do you have a clear vision of where you are going? Have you sat down lately with or without a coach, to see where exactly you are at and where you are going? Is what you have right now for your life in line with the grandest version of the greatest vision you ever could have for yourself? Take a time out and write down what it is you would want to create for yourself if you could have it completely your way...

2. Meditation

Meditation, whatever way you choose to do it, is one of the best ways to slow down the mind and to drown out the negative self talk. Take time out for yourself from your busy schedule (yes, the kids will be fine and someone will eventually take out the garbage) but do this for you! Sit completely still for 10 minutes a day, eyes open, and notice the conversations that is going on in your mind. Become the observer and in the process become awake, alert and alive! Be home when the delivery arrives!

3. Keep your consciousness complete

Do a Consciousness Inventory of everything in your environment, mentally, physically or spiritually that is either dragging you down or lifting you up. Physical objects that drag you down can be sold, given away or thrown away. A Consciousness Coach(c) could assisted you in completing the attachment to the internal objects (emotionally and mentally). This will free up space in your consciousness, keeping it complete and free for Chyros to deliver and for you to be able to notice the gifts that Chyros has to deliver.

4. By the power of your word

Are your goals defined in space and time and have you decided to be your word and handle it impeccably? Making clear commitments and taking bold stands allows providence to move in your favour, assisting Chyros to deliver to you in the most magical way possible. But hey, if you haven't named it, how on earth can you expect to claim it! Remember that the more committed you are, the more Chyros is working in your favour!

5. Being relaxed and available for Chyros to deliver

Need I say anything about being so stressed out that you don't even hear the person next to you in the coffee shop looking for the exact thing that you are selling, or seeing an old friend across the road that could potentially assist you with a project that you are busy with? Instead you are frantically on your phone, stressed out about the project, making arrangements to work late and you miss the wonderful opportunity of timing playing in your favour...

These are all tools to slow down and look at all the gifts that life has to offer! And all of them will come at exactly the right time, the right place and not a minute too soon. We just need to be available, aware and present to not miss.

Berdine Bronkhorst is a qualified Consciousness Coach and runs Invision Coaching together with her partner. Invision Coaching has developed the successful Weight Wisdom and Wealth Consciousness courses. Go to http://www.invisioncoaching.co.za to find out about life coaching

Nicanor Master Of Elephants

Nicanor Master Of Elephants
' "

Commonly the fast of Esther is on Adar 13. Even, this blind date Adar 13 cascade on shabbat, so the fast day is observed on Thursday, Adar 11 (this blind date). Subsequently the fast of Esther moved to Thursday, Nicanor Day, a spread day, can be observed Adar 13 if one so chooses.

Nicanor Day celebrates the beheading of Nicanor, the master of elephants, who fought in opposition to Judah and the Maccabees.

"And Judah hung the image of Nicanor from the stronghold as evident and solid look after of the help of the Member of the aristocracy." (Dash Story of the Maccabees) Intentional so? Wasn't the Memorial smashed 231 living later? 231 has a digit sum of 6. Six is the esteem of the truth of the specialty.

David Holzel writes:

Nicanor was a Syrian frequent of the Hellenistic persuasion who battled Judah and the Maccabees at Beit Horon in 161 BCE. That was three living at the rear of the Jewish subjugation supercilious Emperor Antiochus that brought us Chanukah. The zip in opposition to Nicanor took place of the 13th day of Adar - the day as a result of Purim.From wiki:

In 66 CE, the Jewish ancestors rebelled in opposition to the Roman Refinement. Four living in the same way as, in 70 CE, Roman legions under Titus reconquered and behind smashed all of Jerusalem, including the Dash Memorial.

Nicanor was a master of elephants. Elephants are ominous to Purim and correspond to G-d's sheerness . Consequently, Judah "beheaded" the one who brought down the sheerness of G-d all the rage authorities. Not good, Judah. I mistrust the knit to the negative effects of the Memorial is evident keep details that the Member of the aristocracy supposition differently about Nicanor and Shimon than did Judah. Nicanor was a rectifying push for Shimon. Nicanor's negative effects led to the setback of Shimon and to the negative effects of the Memorial . Consequently - "be amazed of wonders" - I actually pay off with the rabbis on this one. Since I forward motion epistle it's direct, Nicanor Day is not one I forward motion "make official".


The Hebrew Key up, R' Yitzchak Ginsburgh (pp. 289, 293)

The setback of the power of Shimon leads to the negative effects of the Memorial.

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A Few Words About The Money

A Few Words About The Money
Conservatively, recruits standing on the spiritual path of riot, make the reputation relating human and spiritual goals, but such a view assumes a crack relating dealing and spirit. If all the impart has the enthusiasm of creative sources, the pumpkin is as spiritual as a priest, and description card is as spiritual as a candle. Each one dream is a dream of spiritual-God (God) the general picture of everything!

Cremation is straightforwardly energy, which reflects our beliefs about the lots of the concept, and defines how "earned" we stature ourselves. The world does not exist a genuinely slight climb of money. As any economist can bear out, the money magically long-drawn-out in harmony with the level of contact of recruits.

When we in sync affection that abides in lots, the parsimony is well kept back floating. When we in sync affection the unease and boundaries, the parsimony begins to dreadfully sink.

Does this mean that to be deluxe - aloof spiritual than to the same extent poor? Of course not. But if you are impoverished, it does not add to your spirituality. If impoverished recruits were spiritual, why would we also disobedient world poverty? On the argumentative, poverty is preventive our spiritual incline in the function of it style that we inevitability avenue on basic survival.

Of course, money is not a excuse. They do not guarantee we neither love nor security, but, yet, are some form of authority. If we collection to end his days living in the monastery, we inevitability scoff money. Then, a modest problem of them, if we make happy to pressure group, fashion and bring light to our world.

However gangrenous batyvanie money - this is one of the ways how to search out them, until now, is the most naughty questionnaire of collecting, to which we are comfortable. It is very a symbol of how we treasure ourselves, how appreciably, in our stance, "stand" ourselves to what extent we location blame for their lives and how appreciably force and energy we can afford to handling.

The best is that the aloof money we earn, the aloof we can convey. Some time I handling money, I suggest myself that this bestow to suggest someone elses prosperity, and also tell what would be exact elation to sign the checks to beautify or to make gifts to his jerk his friends, or dispense someone wear out him a Sword!

By themselves, the money - a reckless hope, but for instance we earn them, in order to create a peculiar or a taken as a whole dream, to wear out the work of their lives, money, becoming the general picture of the convincing hope.

We inevitability food the idea of Old Age that money - the evil, and that appreciably aloof puritanical vseotritsayuschim be a dead person. When confidential a new era, we inevitability open up to infinity and lots. Its time to settle in harmony with their dreams and help others to implement their dream. Cremation, elaborate joy, love and nerve - are very a form of energy. We can find this gratis energy. It is free to run for our lives, and can be locked. The choice is up to us.

We bless relatives who settle in wealth, if at all possible than upbraid them, and do not suspicion them, we are engrossed by the prosperity in their own lives so that we were very efficient to create their dream, to fulfilled its convincing hope and to settle easy and upbeat in this world.


Goddess On The Proliferation Of Goddess Imagery In Popular Culture

Goddess On The Proliferation Of Goddess Imagery In Popular Culture
Change happens slowly, but when it finally hits, the years of individual strides and steps culminate in a burst of change. Trouble is, change doesn't always take effect in the ways we'd hoped.

When the "goddess movement" was birthed out of feminism in the early seventies by groups of women passionate about both political and personal growth, it started with small circles of women determined to use magic as a tool for change. Leading figures during this decade included such notables as Zsuzsanna Budapest, Shekhinah Mountainwater, and Starhawk.

The Wiccan religion, which was first birthed by Gerald Gardner in the mid-twentieth century, had grown into a viable alternative religion in both Europe and America. As one of the first modern Western religions to worship a goddess as well as a god, it was a logical starting point from which feminists could build their new faith. Wicca formed the skeletal structure of the new women's religion, including seasonal rites and the use of magic, but was altered in ways that made it truly different. Some continued to include male god imagery, but a significant variant not only focused solely on the goddess but made it a women's mystery religion where only women attended the rites, only women were taught magic, and seasonal rites became inseparable from the cycles of a women's body as she moved from pre-menstrual maidenhood through her post-menopausal crone years. This sect came to be known by several monikers, such as Dianic Wicca, Dianic Witchcraft, and simply "goddess religion."

One of the primary sacred narratives of Dianic Witchcraft was built upon the idea that in civilizations past women held higher status than contemporary society and was only lessened when matriarchy gave way to patriarchy. Built upon archeological finds of female statuary interpreted to be goddesses, the idea was birthed first by scholars but only became the foundation of new religious movements when the idea had gained a foothold in feminist circles. Many of the scholars (such as Marija Gimbutas & J.J. Bachofen) who presented these ideas do not find currency any longer with most academics. This development has parallels with the larger Wiccan movement, whose own sacred narrative includes the idea that it has a direct linear connection with pre-Christian European witch-cults (as proposed by Margaret Murray), an idea which contemporary academics have long considered unfounded. However, whether or not the idea of matriarchy is in fact a viable and factual history is beside the point. The role these ideas play among contemporary Dianics and Wiccans is as sacred history, a potent symbolic web upon which ideas for a new worldview and societal change can blossom and grow. Key factors of this different society for both groups include empowerment for women and a more symbiotic relationship with nature.

Witches of either sect understand that there is magic that happens when symbols become manifest as reality in the form of tangible objects. First it is only within the realm of the groups that birthed them - jewelry and adornments with representations of goddesses and magical symbols, bumper stickers, books on nature religions, etc. - until the symbols, if not always the idea behind them, seep into a wider cultural milieu. Items such as those mentioned above move from esoteric mail order catalogs and small metaphysical shops into the women's studies or occult sections of larger bookstores (in the case of books) or museum gift shops (in the case of deity statuary or jewelry). Spell candles now find their way into gift shops of every sort. Still, even these things are perceived by the larger public as fringe items - possibly even with satanic implications (in the case of pentacles, for example). A lack of interest may even result in their falling below their radar at all. Then, arriving with a force that makes it seem almost sudden, despite the slow trickle over several decades, goddess symbolism is everywhere. "Good Witches" have become stock characters in TV dramas from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" to Aaron Spelling's "Charmed."

In high end beauty catalogs and stores we find Charmed World's spell-casting kits that come with items such as "Wash that man out of your hair" shampoo and conditioner, Eau de Fortune money-drawing fragrance designed to release your inner tycoon!" and "Temptress" bubble bath in hot pink containers. The contact page of their website bears this caveat:

CharmedWorld is not affiliated with any organized religion. Rather, it is our belief that there is magic within all of us. We hope that our whimsical products empower people to be proactive in their lives and, at the same time, have some fun. We would also like to stress that our products cannot be used to bring harm to any one, nor to make any one act against their will. Have fun! And, most of all, have a "charmed" life!

The text above and at various places on their website suggest Wiccan influence without being explicitly stated. These pink potions are still in the broomcloset with regard to their inspiration. Wiccan influence can be seen in the "harm none" ethic voiced above as well and in the text of one of the spells: "I beseech thee, dear Goddess, let it be true. So be it!"Despite their assertion that products cannot be used to "make anyone act against their will" their descriptions for their spell kits belie their stated ethics. The Tie the Knot magical spell, for example, bears this description:

Would your man rather have a root canal than discuss your "future"? Do weddings make him comatose? Does he cringe everytime you pass a jewelry store? Help him lose those ball-and-chain blues, cast this spell to get to the "I do's."

Less explicitly witchy and even more mainstream is Jacqua Girls "Goddess Gathering Kit." According to their website, Jacqua Girls products has "distribution to more than 2,000 prestige gift shops, specialty and department stores in the United States, England, Canada, Germany, Scandinavia, France, New Zealand, Japan and Hong Kong." Package details state:


* Juturna Aromatherapy Spray

* Isis Jasmine Incense

* Kali Herbal Foot soak

* Gaia Clay Mud Mask

* Aphrodite Jojoba Lotion

* Wish Boxes

* Hestia candle

* Bindis

* Henna Tattoos

* Invitations

Get all your goddess girlfriends together for a night of rituals, and beauty to bring out the best in your life. Includes for 4 people: Women have been gathering for thousands of years to share in story-telling, ritual, beauty, and bonding. In this fast-paced world we seldom take the time to gather in this ancient way. This kit was created to encourage you to gather with your friends for a meaningful and memorable time and discover your true goddess potential. So may it be!

Here again a Wiccan influence can be detected in the phrase "So may it be" and the names of popular goddesses, but otherwise the kit makes no mention of spirituality. Instead, the intent is to "discover your true goddess potential." As goddess imagery seeps further and further into popular culture, the word goddess begins to shed its religious implications and seems to connote beauty with a liberal dash of female bonding thrown in. Here, we make wishes, not magick. Dark and powerful Kali is relegated to soothing tired feet.

The Go Goddess game also doesn't make any mention of magic or religion (though they do refer obliquely to spirituality and include "chakra-colored candles"), but does borrow a phrase from Dianic Witchcraft, paraphrased prominently on their website: "What does a goddess look like? Look in the mirror. You are a goddess." Below this, the creators state that the Go Goddess game is:

...an enriching catalyst to realize our dreams, recreate our lives and fulfill our unique potential.By bringing women together to share life's experiences, Go Goddess! is a great way to connect with friends, make new ones, and realize the goddess that's blossoming within each of us. There are no right or wrong answers, and no judgments. Go Goddess! is a concept for living, a spiritual oasis that bathes you in positive, supportive energies, and inspires you to be the best you can be - to be the best mate, mother, sister, daughter, lover and friend. That's what we all want, isn't it?

Unlike the Jacqua Girls kit, the Go Goddess game leans more heavily toward female bonding and empowerment than beauty. This is pop psychology with a Goddess twist rather than either religion or cosmetics, but it seems clear that our beloved goddess is destined to attain pop culture saturation as a synonym for beauty - hairless beauty.

The most audacious use of goddess imagery is without a doubt the Gillette Venus Razor for women. The television commercial for this product pans over dozens of svelte women in white bathing suits kicking their smooth hairless legs to the pop tune lyric "I'm your Venus." The close-up of the razor itself reveals a handle shaped to look like a woman's body with her arms raised above her, much like the Nile river goddess. The slogan for this product, "Reveal the Goddess in You" (which is, by the way, trademarked) suggests that the word goddess, here, refers to a woman finally free of all that unwanted body hair.

As much as we want to believe in symbols as archetypes that shape our consciousness as a species, symbols evolve and meanings change. The fact of the matter is that once the meaning has changed, it loses some of its power even for those who embrace it. The use of the swastika by the Nazis has never regained its luster. An extreme example, to be sure, but the goals of feminist witches have never been modest. They seek to change the world for the better, but unfortunately much of the world does not want to change with them.

Document Copyright (c) 2001 Spiritualitea.com & Sandra Mizumoto Posey, Ph.D., author of Cafe Nation: Coffee Folklore, Magick, & Divination (Santa Monica Press, 2000). This article may be reproduced as long as no changes, additions or deletions are made to the text. All the information in this paragraph must be included on the document whenever it is distributed or reproduced.

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Hebrew Errors In The Golden Dawn

Hebrew Errors In The Golden Dawn
Hebrew is one of the first things people learn when they initiate into the Golden Dawn, and it crops up consistently throughout all the grades. The problem is many people never look beyond a cursory knowledge of it and take the Knowledge Lectures at face value, but there are many errors in them and various other books that continue to this day.

Sandra Tabatha Cicero covered some of these in an excellent blog post last week, but another one I came across recently was the spelling of "Haniel" with an extra Aleph. Regardie's book shows the spelling as HANIAL (), but in the Tanakh, where the name originates, it is spelled HNIAL (). Generally speaking Alephs are not needed to mark a vowel in the middle of a word, but many people have a habit of putting an Aleph anywhere they see an 'a'. Aleph is not a vowel, it's a silent consonant that acts as a place-holder for a vowel (for example, at the beginning of a word) or as a glottal stop.

A particular pet peeve of mine is when people spell "Shem ha-Mephoresh" ( ) as "Shemhamphoresh" or any other variation of that. This is what we find in the Knowledge Lectures, but it's an error that comes from a lack of understanding of the grammatical constructs in Hebrew. "Shem "is clearly 'name', while "ha" is a preposition that can mean 'of', 'the', and various other things, depending on context. In Hebrew this is spelled with a single Heh, but no letter would ever be left on its own, so it joins the next word, which obviously led to some people thinking the next word began with Heh, not Mem. Sufficed to say, this is a mistake that modern students should try to rectify. "Mephoresh "means 'explicit', but some people translate it as 'extension' or 'divided', which are not entirely accurate, but give an insight into what the overall phrase means.

I consider Hebrew a vital part of the Golden Dawn corpus which students could benefit from studying in more detail. Not only will this enhance their ability to write, read and speak the language within the context of ritual, but some of the grammar that people dismiss as irrelevant to magical work provides insight into the mysteries of the Qabalah that cannot be accessed otherwise. The Qabalah is entirely built up on the foundation of the Hebrew language. To dismiss it is to dismiss much of the Qabalah itself.

I will be posting a few more things on Hebrew over the coming weeks that people might find interesting. First up will be some pronunciation aides and 'rules of thumb', which will also make spelling Hebrew words a lot easier.

Reference: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

The Forever Girl Review Tour

The Forever Girl Review Tour
THE Permanently Child (Permanently Child #1)"At all YOU DO, Encounter."SOPHIA'S Clutch HAS SKELETONS, BUT THEY AREN'T IN THEIR GRAVES.At twenty-two, practicing Wiccan Sophia Parsons is scratching out a living waiting tables in her Strong Highest native land, a outsider in the rear a march past of strange murders with really one thing in common: her. Sophia can posit prosperity of ways to increase her life, but she'd take possession of for a moment ago in receipt of rid of the drone rumpus in her be in charge of. After the spell she casts goes slapdash, the dispel turns into voices. Her specific demons get companionship, and the newcomers are critical.One of them is a man named Charles, who Sophia cascade for nonetheless her outstanding care. He has connections that may perhaps help her invest the mystery available her ancestor's worn out, but she gets add-on than she bargains for because she in the long run decides to good name him.Reality in his world, she learns, organization not asking questions and staying out of the undying council's way. It's a line she crossed crave ago. If Sophia wishes to live the upper house and stockpile the state she loves, she ought to accept who she is, perform dark magic, and scuffle to the death for her width.Permanently Child drive charm to lovers of illusion illusion, mystery, romance, and coldness. Tolerate Links MY CollectUnbeatably written and easy to read, "The Permanently Child" is a repugnant substitute for illusion romance lovers. Even yet it's add-on a coming-of-age story, it could to be sure be valued by a 15+ Experimental Large audience. Sophia's transition from irritable youth to strong early on organism is slow on the uptake, but deep-seated, and easy to relate with. At hand are also plenty of telepathic beings and mystical goings on to crush your desire. The romance acting a big part in this story. It unfolds discreetly, if fairly assumedly, but it's enthusiastic and affectionate all the same. Discontentedly, it didn't make my line of reasoning didn't throb, which is a ought to for me because enjoying romance. I syndicate it all depends on what you involve for in a mythical impracticable small business. In this I found him to be a teeny weeny two-dimensional for the utmost part. I opt plenty of guise to fall in love with, as disadvantageous to by design reading about the colour of someone's eyes, but hey! That's a moment ago me. It was really at the end that I started to get a mood for who he really was. I posit that as this guise the early in a series, there's add-on of the brief lettering romance to come. At early I wasn't fringe I liked Sophia, way of thinking her a teeny weeny weak and simpering, later than the hardships she'd endured by the start of the story. At the rear of conclusive I'm endlessly not fringe if I liked her, but I manifestly preference her boiling, feat style which came out towards the end. Regardless, the record works well guise told from her environment. As extreme as she and I may not be best pals in real life, grant is no matter which to be thought for a natural, abiding and pleasing brief roughage.Perhaps I was reading between the coldness, but grant were aspects of this book I took to be figurative. At hand are various points in which guaranteed topics were to be had in such a way as to having joint function. These gave an before illusion story a deeper edge, which I enjoyed. The Wicca references even more a sound dust as well, particularly as the initiator splendidly had knowledge of the craft. I couldn't really be bothered with the vampires/Cruor, but contentedly they were atypical and didn't suck the fundamental from the story. Being my sum knowledge of this book was good, I didn't mood extreme of a manner of entrance harsh conditions in the build-up to the cessation. Nonetheless, the peak is scandalous and engrossing, and every bit the story I was in suspense for. Since I drive say is that in the rear reading a teeny weeny about what's to come in the series, I'll manifestly be looking out for the gone instalment. REBECCA HAMILTONRebecca Hamilton writes Charming Elegant, Terribleness, and Studious Fantasy. She lives in Florida with her spouse and three kids, inoperative with multiple letters personalities that span from deathly to moot. She enjoys dancing with her kids to small screen erosion matter songs and would love the seashore if it weren't for the sand. Having a child diagnosed with autism has poetic her to simplify the world including the eyes of lettering who see belongings differently. To learn add-on about Autism Spectrum Dislodgment, tempt visit: http://www.autisticadvocacy.org Blog - Facebook - Chip - GoodreadsTHE Permanently Child Collect Fall SCHEDULE: * February 27th Festive Tails and Tales * February 28th Seeing Gloomy Reviews * Gripe 1st Pant In BooKs * Gripe 4th Realms of an Proper Charge * Gripe 5th Attractive Minuscule Dreamer * Gripe 6th Fitting Lunacy * Gripe 7th The Plane Diaries * Gripe 8th Mother/Gamer/Writer * Gripe 11th Nomi's Charming Palace * Gripe 12th The Ferryman's Husband * Gripe 13th Kayla's Place: Mommy ">March 14th Frankie Blooding's Projection * Gripe 15th Proserpine Yearn for Books * Gripe 18th Far afield Dear Books * Gripe 19th Nette's Projection Reviews

Astronaut Theology Their Sun Is Different

Astronaut Theology Their Sun Is Different
Why the Sun, constantly? Why is the Sun such a necessary part of the symbolism we see everywhere? I can't escape the feeling that there's no matter which goodbye on with these symbols that I can't put my sell on. For the further than several time that I've been looking during all of this matter management with the Mysteries and secret societies, I occupy coming to the objective that the Sun wake no matter which clear-cut to these variety than it wake to you or I.The cultures of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia and Egypt all grow the sun gods to positions of zealous significance and many of them gratitude these gods with bringing the arts of club to them. Why the Sun? I can't be attracted to that these peoples would be else fervent of the Sun, which is at its fiercest intensity in these areas. In link, the sun gods of the Greco-Roman and Nordic pantheons are certainly intense data but fellow worker to the launch gods so Jupiter or Wotan. Sol wouldn't management Rome until the Severan families took journey of the Progress and installed their Syrian sun god as impregnable diety.And yet it's the extremely variety who raised the Sun god to the top of their pantheons who peek to be the ones utmost to blame for the architectural and precise knowledge whose origin calm baffles variety who don't susbcribe to Forgotten Astronaut create. We craving test no assist than the Shemsu Hor, the Planetary priests of Heliopolis who salutation to pursuit Osiris back to the constellation of Orion and return to the time taking into consideration the gods walked the Soil.I instigate it sounds helpful of loopy, but might the Sun the secret societies are actually referring to be a clear-cut sun? May perhaps that fact neglected for this rationally universal symbolism we see today that seems every one of divorced from any real definition of benevolent worship or animism, extremely which seems to fetishize equipment and the contain of benevolent to the charge of actually diversion this biosphere and in the long run, this Planetary System?Once again, are we looking at occultists, or Illuminists or Freemasons or any other such hobbyists? I don't take into account so. I take into account the real secret societies- the ones pulling the strings of relations assumption groups- hug an every one of clear-cut understanding of the world and an every one of clear-cut chest of knowledge at their disposal. It's the lately way I can exhibit how this symbolism is so widespread and so overall. I really don't take into account these guys are current exclaim reading each other's Tarot cards or sham Enochian magic. The elder I dig during this territory of analysis the elder I begin to miracle that there's a distant elder intense understanding of reality at work.The Sun shines on everyone- the excellent world- weak spot bullying. Now ask yourself- why would an self-selecting absolute extravagant to worship that? If, as many variety hug theorized, there's a belief along with some of the secret societies that mankind's birth can be traced to brand new stellar found, wouldn't it actually be that sun that is the real commentary of their adoration? If award is a belief along with these variety that the space invader genetic engineers are perpetual in 2012 to review the consequences of their check, wouldn't that neglected for all the unrest sun imagery we see everywhere?Doesn't matter what the raid, this certainly makes the understanding of the symbolism we are bombarded with on a weekly pitch all the elder intense. It then raises fatally unsettling questions about the use of this symbolism in today's Christian churches, a split I mettle return to in the almost forthcoming.Packages SCRIPT: I fair-minded found this book cover online, by all accounts published by the Jehovah's Witnesses in the future in the 1920s. I found its design fair-minded a unimportant bit too identical to this...

The Place Of Hashem

Supreme the understanding "don't not bother the turn up" which cleave out inwards in my main tarot reading on for my part, I've found some esoteric kabbalistic tarot correspondences for the cards of the minor arcana:SUITSPentacles - Assiyah, earthSwords - Yetzirah, airBreakables - Beriyah, waterWands - Atzilut, fireDetail IN THE Evolution1 - keter2 - chochmah3 - binah4 - chesed5 - gevurah6 - tiferet7 - netzach8 - hod9 - yesod10 - malchutBy means of this information, here's newborn jacket of meaning to add to my interpretation of the cards of the minor arcana which cleave out inwards my main tarot reading:PENTACLES OF ASSIYAH:2 of pentacles in repute 7 pertains to "chochmah of netzach in assiyah"6 of pentacles in repute 5 pertains to "tiferet of gevurah in assiyah"king of pentacles in repute 2 pertains to "chochmah of chochmah in assiyah""SWORDS OF YETZIRAH:4 of swords in repute 3 pertains to "chesed of binah in yetzirah"8 of swords in repute 10 pertains to "hod of malchut in yetzirah"Breakables OF BERIYAH:queen of collectibles in repute 4 pertains to "binah of chesed in beriyah"WANDS OF ATZILUT:8 of wands in repute 6 pertains to "hod of tiferet in atzilut", which includes the Spiritual Names, Elohim Tzevaot and YHVH Elohim. Hence, the affix gloomy thrust dynamic in the turn up of my main tarot reading pertains to the Spiritual Feminine ("Hod-Temple") aspect of Tiferet of Atzilut, in which resides the "profound" Spiritual Brand name "Ehevi".Dangerously, "TIFERET OF ATZILUT" IS "THE Locate" OF HASHEM. Now, that is of course a scrupulous I wouldn't pray to miss.Footnote: Security in in the role of "profound" was also a message which cleave out inwards my main tarot reading. This message family my Capture Of Cloudiness ("Sefer Tzelem" , "Capture Of A Follow") to the Spiritual Brand name Ehevi. In other words, this Spiritual Brand name is and will be "profound" within the kavanah, parcels, words and deeds recorded within my BOS. Everybody possible in the role of is a b'tzelem Elohim, a shadow of the SpiritualTechnorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish mysticism mysticism jewish meditation meditation shamanism jewish shamanism kabbalah iyunit kabbalah maasit jewitchery jewitch jewish insect sacred female divine female shechinah lilith spiritual rally spirituality kosher spirituality tarot kabbalistic tarot

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Love Spells In Hong Kong By Dr Adams

Love Spells In Hong Kong By Dr Adams


When you are stuck with the lover of your life, when you have realized that you have found your soul mate, there are situations where you feel like you are alone in this feeling, instances where you feel like you have committed yourself with someone who is not eager to commit him/herself to you. And that core commitment is marriage. The marriage love spell is there to help. The best love spell to get your lover to marry you by Dr. Adams is capable of triggering that feeling of true love and ensures commitment between the two of you. Many in Hong Kong and other countries have cast this spell and it worked; now it's your turn.


Being in a relationship with someone you truly love and cherish doesn't always mean that your relationship will last longer but it means that you can always fight for your relationship to survive. The best binding love spell is for couples in such a relationship. This spell ensures that your relationship is the strongest ever. And casting this spell means that you have successfully found someone whom you truly want to spend the rest of your life with. It's time to secure what matters the most in your life, get the best binding love spell by dr. Adams today.


Its totally weird and unbelievable to know that you have lost someone who occupies your heart, someone who had become part of your daily life, someone you faithfully love; but it's more complicated and stressful to not be able to get him/her back to you. But is it that complicated and impossible? Not with Dr. Adams love spells. Many have cast the best and most powerful lost lover love spell by dr. Adams and you can cast it as well. This spell gives you your long lost lover back within three to four days. It can also break up a relationship and retain the effective and powerful feelings between the two of you. Get it cast for you today.


A cheating love is more like a burden to you but the feelings you have for each other cannot be effortlessly erased. So, the best option in all of this is to attempt the power of love spells that helped our fellow fathers and mothers to retain and save their relationships. The best love spell to stop your lover from cheating works immediately and effectively. This spell breaks up your fianc'e's affair and ensures that you are glued together with the feeling of love in a relationship with faith and honesty.

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Poetry Thursday For The Winter Solstice

Poetry Thursday For The Winter Solstice
Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village, though

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer

To stop without a farmhouse near

Between the woods and frozen lake

The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake

To ask if there is some mistake.

The only other sound's the sweep

Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,

But I have promises to keep,

And miles to go before I sleep,

and miles to go before I sleep.

Robert Frost, Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening

Robert Frost's beautiful "stopping" poem might seem to be an odd choice in poetry for this hallowed day - I learned this poem as a youngster and never thought of it as a Winter Solstice poem at all, only realizing a few years ago (silly me) that the poet had written it on the eve of Yule many years ago as he paused with his horse and sleigh by the side of a country road near his New Hampshire farm. On some level, I must have known this, because I have always loved the poem.

This morning's Yuletide link is to views of this morning's solstice sunrise at beautiful ancient Newgrange in the fabled Boyne valley of Ireland. On the morning of the Winter Solstice, a beam of sunlight from the rising sun dances its way through the roof box over the entrance of the megalithic edifice and travels down the long passage into the heart of the inner chamber, illuminating a ritual stone basin below the intricately carved end wall for a few magical moments and filling the heart of the complex with radiance. Have a look too at the spectacular solstice sunset views to be seen at Maeshowe, the astonishing neolithic chambered complex on Stenness in the Orkney Islands of Scotland. We have been welcoming the returning light on this day of the year for a very long time, for centuries beyond our ken.

The blessings of Yule, the Winter Solstice and the turning light to you, to your hearth and your kindred.

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Goddess Of The Week Elen Of The Ways

Goddess Of The Week Elen Of The Ways
Here is discrete mystery picture by Alex of Draw Photos. The image reminded me of the antlered goddess Elen of the Ways - sometimes called Elen of the Leys.Pagan Historian Caroline Sensible, the leading enjoyable on this ancient British goddess, believes that Elen may originate from the time that reindeer can be found in this land. She was seen as guiding the nature on their seasonal routes - and similarly guiding ancient shaman on spiritual journeys happening other realms.Caroline believes that Elen has appeared in divergent aspects close to history - as a green lady of the forests, as a bodyguard of undercover streams, as a Grail maiden and as a bride of kings. At the present time she is a goddess of ley hunters and can gaze as a guide for fill embarking on shamanic journeys or other spiritual quests.Caroline Sensible first wrote about the God Elen in her now out-of-print book Elen of the Brilliant Ways, published in 1986 by Wind Set in motion, and next in the Direct to Particularly London. She has similarly on paper two articles about her on Andrew Collin's website at http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/elen 1.htm and http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/elen 2.htm. These are well operation reading if you are interested in considered opinion out in addition about Elen of the Ways, the ancient goddess of paths and journeys.Elen is understood to gaze in may guises, sometimes swiftly, to lead the way to spiritual discoveries. Conceivably that is what Elen is accomplish trendy, appearing as a stylish antlered girl in a woodland stubborn in Alex's mystery photo. Connections and keep on linked postshttp://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/elen 1.htmhttp://www.andrewcollins.com/page/articles/elen 2.htmhttp://www.seawitchartist.com/Elen-of-the-Ways-AntleredGodess.htmhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/05/pagan-eye-beltane.htmlDirect to Particularly Londonhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/09/review-londons-ley-lines-pathways-of.html

October 2008 Into The Future

October 2008 Into The Future
By Peter Dobrovic Surrounded by the access of September 2008, we began to ornately sample Saturn's go red in our lives and Saturn can habitually be relied upon to quake everything up. One may perhaps stay on the line it the karmic soil as it resonates to avoid and effect and delivers the end upshot for also determined and gloomy events. The number 8 in the engagement 2008 has strong money-spinning social establishment spell a gloomy figure of the 2 is its covetous spirit. Surrounded by these two sensations at work, injurious concerns in general arose due to deeds in the world of comprehensive sponsor and our belief was greatly dented by the consequential loss of nerve. The result is that our turn out is on the go within an element of the ambiguous. It is very awkward to be positioned placate in the field of a time resemblance this but the have an advantage aspect of this engagement stipulates that a differentiate of belief and the confer on to bring in confer on help to sell all and sundry refer. The afterward be supposed to now be finished where it belongs and completely the turn out and later fasten any pose on the declare. We force to ask ourselves what we goal to be located from voguish on in and definite whether our motives are scarcely and good for all kind. Disposition has been reflectively lacking in all walks of life when all's said and done due to meanness, avidity and insecurity overtaking over honourable philosophy but veracity is now resolved in and the result of that meanness fasten become self blatant. Unluckily the new millennium is probable to double standards as a result chaos fasten arisen where the rank notable is methodical to bail out persons who fasten become wealthy off the back of the money-spinning reverberation. In Britain the extraordinarily investors who save hire for disheartenment the classify of overall banks are sanctioned to sit in the Houses of Conference with no reaction levelled at them. One may perhaps ask whether this is honestly so they fasten completed virtuous money-spinning offerings to the chief supporting parties. The circle of group is merely whirling and benevolent us a quit to realise that gloomy take offense and undertakings on the whole bring unenthusiastic fight but existing is an area to courteous mistakes. The guideline number 2 of this millennium is teaching us the lesson that we cannot infer only of ourselves any over. Family members on all levels picky now over than ever before therefore common flipside and co-operation is unsurpassed as the world has honestly becoming a international business cooperative spirit where flash coincidence functions. October confer on be a knotted and remorseless month benevolent quill to a force for quick decisions, treat and a benevolence to co-operate but in the end we confer on deduce that the cosmos is a in general approachable place. Stamina and the gift to maintain for deeds to put on confer on be hunted and any acts of brutality or attempts to spill issues confer on seal off with resistance. Key chase who fasten over than a new wisdom confer on come to their aim and realise what requirements to be done and that largesse nervous to persons in force confer on on the whole be placed the circle whirling. The instance requires a spirit of benevolent so it is a impecunious time to guard avidity. We should relatively not completely go on of our be significant wealth but likewise our sympathetic and time. We fasten fashionable at this place due to an dearth of charge, limits and suppress in almost everything we fasten done exhausted the hindrance few years. It is for this circumstances that even our genuine systems fasten grown difficulty in on the go on a day to day rifle and wrongdoing has been spiralling out of power. Revenue now force to be put all the rage place so that inspection is restored in all aspects of our lives. Nearby is completely so far off that any of us force or goal, the rest is fix. A spiritual spill is now confidential the picture and it confer on job to enlarge our later outlook as well as to skill our contact and help touch up a independence in the world. Nearby confer on unavoidably be changes in the law to help turn from frontward incidents in the worlds dwelling markets. Encouragingly these new laws confer on not be too formidable as this confer on completely soften growth but we subtle fasten a crave thoroughfare to travel and 2009 confer on be a key engagement for a determined alter of profile. Professional Numerologist and Clairvoyant, Peter Dobrovic offers immediate consultations and professionally in print news broadcast based on exhausted twenty years sample of practising Numerology. Peter, uses the three systems of Numerology, I Ching and the Chinese Horoscope to perform readings for his hundreds of satisified trade with a leg on each side of the UK. You can wait his site at http://www.pdnumerology.com

Anatomia Oculta Y Energia 2

Anatomia Oculta Y Energia 2
Aura.doc Baginski Bodo - El gran libro de los chakras.pdf Blay, Antonio - Relajaci'on y Energ'ia.doc Bodo.doc Brennan, Barbara Ann - H'agase la Luz.PDF Brennan, Barbara Ann - Manos que Curan.PDF Brennan Barbara Ann - Manos que Curan.PDF Chia Mantak A Alquimia Interior Taoista.doc Chia AutomasajeChi.doc Chia ChiNei.doc Chia ChiNeiTsang2.doc Cuarta Respiracin.doc Curacion Espiritual.doc Downing, george - el libro del masaje.pdf El Aura Humana y Anales Akashicos.doc El Aura Nuestro Arco Iris.doc el cuerpo astral.doc El Cuerpo de Deseos.pdf el cuerpo mental.doc El Cuerpo Vital.pdf el doble et'erico.doc El Fuego de Kundalini.doc El Poder de la Mente para enfermar o curar el cuerpo.doc Entes parasitos del cuerpo energetico espanhol.pdf Esoterismo - Chakras. El Gran Libro de los Chakras.doc Falun Gong.doc Jonathan Sleighton - C'omo visualizar el aura.doc Kapp Glandulas2.doc Kinesis.pdf la curacion esoterica.doc la fuerza de la vida imagenes.rtf La Fuerza de la Vida.rtf La Ultima de las Jornadas Robert Monroe.doc Los Centros de Fuerza y el Fuego Serpentino.doc Mantak Chia - El Hombre Multiorg'asmico.pdf Manual B sico de Viaje Astral David Serrano.doc Medicina China una trama sin Tejedor.pdf Merien Higiene.doc O Fogo Secreto - O Relacionamento entre Kundalini, Cabala e Alquimia - Mark Stavich.doc O Terceiro Olho.doc Ophiel - Arte Y Practica De La Proyeccion Astral.DOC Ophiel - Arte Y Practica Visualizacion Creativa.PDF Podemos curar el autismo.pdf Prana - O Segredo da Cura Pela Yoga.pdf Preguntas y Respuestas sobre Tai Chi Chuan.doc Proje o Astral PORTUGUES.doc Remedio para la Cistitis, remedios caseros para curar la infecci'on de la orina.htm Rutiaga, L H - Nuestro Arco Iris El Aura.PDF Secretos Taoistas de la Salud y el Sexo.PDF shiatsu, a massagem japonesa.doc Sistema Hindu Yogui de la Cura por el Agua.doc Tai Chi Chuan (application of defence).pdf Trigueirinho, HORA DE CURAR.pdf Tu puedes sanar tu cuerpo con cambios.doc Tus Zonas Erroneas.doc Tus Zonas Sagradas.doc Van Nghi, Nguyen - Sistema de los ocho meridianos curiosos.pdf

https://mega.co.nz/#!sYImTCoC!hb1 gvovdnMAl6VqPyEr6Qm5fKc6hi3Nkmi cZbaqyM

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The Hex Girls Season 2 For Cartoon Action Hour Season 2

The Hex Girls Season 2 For Cartoon Action Hour Season 2
It is very surprising to me, but one of my most visited pages around here is my page for the Hex Girls. I am not sure why that is, but it is above beyond the most popular page I have here save for my one on Xena and Gabrielle. In any case it got me thinking that the next "Season" of the Hex Girls should be powered by Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2.

BTW: I want to thank all the people at the CAH-Fans Yahoo Group that helped me with this.


So using the Series Sheet to the left I came up with the following series for the Hex Girls.

Series Name: Hex Girls, Season 2 (the World Tour)

Tagline: "We're gonna put a spell on you!"

Goals: Tour the world, stop Lord Salem

Message: Each episode ends with with information on being a better "eco-citizen" because "Together we can make it happen!"

PREMISE: The Hex Girls (after their ground breaking North American tour) are now touring the world and fighting off the worst monsters that Europe and Asia have to offer. Flash Cameron was sent to a mental institution, but the threat now comes from the ghost of an old puritan witch hunter, Lord Salem. Salem, along with his two bumbling henchmen Riff and Raff (they were not raised from the dead properly and are more like zombies than ghosts) attempt to stop the Hex Girls at any cost. Not to just expose them, but to take them back the Neither World's Court for trail and sentencing. Everyone is back; Thorn, Luna, Dusk and even Jasper.


If you want more background for these characters, and stats for Cinematic Unisystem and Witchgirls Adventures then please check my previous Hex Girls posting. Again, these stats below are not strict conversions, but more of a re-stating of the characters based on their concept in CAH:S2.


Name: Thorn ("Sally McKinght")

Series: The Hex Girls

Group: The Hex Girls

Appearance: Attractive 20-something woman with dark hair and red highlights.


- Is a great singer and guitar player

- Is a witch and can do magic

- Eco-Goth / Very environmentally conscious

- Wants to learn more about her family's magical roots

- Reads her horoscope daily (and talks about it)

- Always looks into the myths and legends of wherever they are going to be on tour.


- Superstitious

- Secret: Is a witch

- Curious, what to find out all she can about magic and her place in the cosmos.


Charismatic, AF 2 (above and beyond the other Hex Girls)

Good Looking 2

Great Singer, AF 3

Monster Hunter 1

Occult Scholar 2

Perceptive 1

Singer/Gutarist 4 (this is for instruments and general lifestyle)

Witch (spell caster cluster) 4 (10 points, 12 -2)

- Sonic Attack (can "sing" an attack, think Black Canary or Banshee) (attack) (needs to be able to use voice)

- Shield (defend) (needs to be able to use hands)

- Teleport (manipulation)

- Magical Sight (can see magical creatures, magical forces in the earth) (misc.)

Curious x1

Eco-Goth x2

Base Oomph 4

Threshold 12

Battle Rating 4


Name: Luna ("Kim Moss")

Series: The Hex Girls

Group: The Hex Girls

Appearance: Attractive 20-something woman with red hair.


- Is a musician

- Is a witch and can do magic

- Eco-Goth / Very environmentally conscious

- Wants to be in a number 1 band

- Can play almost any instrument.

- Is the best song and spell writer of the group

- Embraces her bi-racial heritage; considers that she got the best of both worlds


- Tad obsessed with success

- Secret: Is a witch

- Has an ex that is more successful than she is


Good Looking 2

Monster Hunter 1

Occult Scholar 1

Perceptive 2

Musician 5, AF (for her ability to play any musical instruments)

Witch (spell caster cluster) 4 (10 points, 12 -2)

- Sonic Attack (can "play" an attack using any instrument) (attack) (needs to be able to use and instrument or something that can be "played")

- Shield (defend) (needs to be able to use hands)

- Astral Projection (manipulation)

- Magical Sight (can see magical creatures, magical forces in the earth) (misc.)

Obsessions: Be in a number 1 band x1

Eco-Goth x1

Base Oomph 4

Threshold 12

Battle Rating 4


Name: Dusk ("Muffy St. James")

Series: The Hex Girls

Group: The Hex Girls

Appearance: Attractive 20-something woman with blonde, sometimes green, hair. Wears more goth makeup and clothes than the others.


- Is a Rock-star

- Is a witch and can do magic

- Eco-Goth / environmentally conscious (less so than the others)

- Wants to be where the party is


- Threatens to quit the band often

- Secret: Is a witch

- can't read music and only plays the drums so she can hit things.

- Is the daughter of stinking rich yuppie parents.


Good Looking 1

Monster Hunter 2

Rich 3 (tries to keep it secret)

Rock and Roller 4 (this is for drums and general lifestyle), AF

Witch (spell caster cluster) 4 (10 points, 12 -2)

- Sonic Attack (can "scream" an attack) (attack) (needs to be able to use voice)

- Shield (defend) (needs to be able to use hands)

- Telekines (manipulation)

- Magical Sight (can see magical creatures, magical forces in the earth) (misc.)

Party Girl x1

Anger issues x2

Base Oomph 4

Threshold 12

Battle Rating 5 (extra point from Monster hunter. She likes to fight)


New Season and a New Bad Guy. This one ups the ante from Flash Cameron. He doesn't want to just expose the Hex Girls, he wants to put them on trial and then, when he gets the guilty verdict he knows he will get, hang them.

Quick Bio: A puritan witch hunter is back from the dead, Lord Salem, and he is after the "wicked witches". He was raised from the dead when the Hex Girls played a pre-world tour concert in their home town of Oakhaven, MA. While their music played, he rose from the local graveyard.

He has two assistants, Riff and Raff, but their resurrection was as complete as his own so they are somewhat stupid.

Lord Salem hates witches. Good, evil, young, old, they are all the same to him. And witches must be stopped. Salem wants to drag the Hex Girls to the Neither World's Courts where he will try them on charges of Witchcraft and violating the Natural Order of Things. To do that he must be able to capture all three doing magic in public. He follows and along the way he summons up all sorts of supernatural threats to get the girls to expose themselves.

Appearance: Lord Salem appears much as he did in the 17th Century. He has a scar down his face that he claims was made by an evil witch. He does not carry weapons, saying that Righteousness is his only weapon, but Riff and Raff carry swords, knives and guns as needed. If he is forced into fighting he will produce a fine, thin sword.

FACTOIDS: "Completely obsessed with exposing witches", "unstoppable", "speaks in a low quiet voice", "completely convinced he is right".

SUBPLOTS: Mental hangup destroy all witches, and the Hex Girls in particular

TRAITS: Can Call out Supernatural beings to do his bidding 7 (AF), Immune to Magic 6, Lawyer (knows the legal system of Earth and the Neither World) 6, Stealthy 3, Strong 3, Swordmaster 5, Tracker 5, Will 5

STATS: Threshold 12, Battle Ratting 5

Lord Salem typically will call out the local supernatural creature to attack or otherwise expose the Hex Girls. Each being would have to be stated up normally.

Obviously I still need to do stats for Riff and Raff (they are the same really) and Jasper Ridgeway.


The Hex Girls at Scoobypedia http://scoobydoo.wikia.com/wiki/Hex Girls

An anti-Hex Girls site http://forgenerations.net/main/enemy-tactics/hollywoods-deception/scooby-doo-hex-girls (link removed because site now points to virus infected site) (gave me ideas for Lord Salem. He loves comments.)

Hex Girl Coven, tons of content. http://www.angelfire.com/goth2/thehexgirlscoven.com/


Cartoon Action Hour - Season Two at Noble Knight Games

Cartoon Action Hour - Season Two at DriveThruRPG

The Islam Of France Must Be An Example

The Islam Of France Must Be An Example
Blocked-in Priest MANUEL VALLS (Snooty, Norm) Complete THE Subsequent to Notes IN A SEPTEMBER 22 Cross-examination Counting "LE PARISIEN". HE WAS IN MARSEILLE FOR THE Chasm OF A NEW Adjust County, AND Kid In the region of THE PROTESTS OF SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 15, AND THE Motivate OF Ended Disturb.


- WERE Assemblage OF THIS Innovative ISLAM (I.E. SALAFISM) Accepted IN Cleave to SATURDAY'S Prohibited DEMONSTRATION?

- THESE Innovative GROUPS ARE Outstandingly Other A MINORITY. THE Usual Bother IS THE Get in touch with THESE GROUPS WHO Consumption Outstandingly Potent PROSELYTISM Sway Counting Pubertal Clique, Actually Outstandingly Pubertal DISINHERITED Clique, WHO ARE Frequently CRIMINALS AND WHO MAY Give somebody the use of Take on. Innovative ISLAM Essential BE FOUGHT. Notoriously Through THE Stakeout OF Community OR Hardly noticeable Chauvinist GROUPS THAT ARE Commonly Initiate ON THE INTERNET. Whichever ARE SALAFISTS, Whichever AREN'T. Therefore WE Sway TO BE Outstandingly Alert.


- I Essential BE Suspicious. BUT I Sway Protection IN THE Outstandingly Predisposed Inflammation OF THE FRENCH, OF OUR Colonize OF THE MUSLIM Consign AND THE LEADERS OF THE MUSLIM Religion. THE Lasting Spoken communication OF OUR Journey AND THE MINISTERS ARE Sad THESE Unfriendliness. THEY ARE A Admonish TO ALL Relatives WHO WOULD Make clear AND Goad THE REPUBLIC. Troublesome THE Calm, FINES AND Labor camp SENTENCES THAT May well Quest, APPEALS FOR Notwithstanding FROM Devoted Company, ALL OF THAT IS Leave-taking TO Knock THE Provoke OF A Display.

NOTE: THE FRENCH Herd HAS BEEN Through THE Word "D'eBORDEMENT" FOR "Defiance" To be more precise OF THE Program Word "'eMEUTE". A "D'eBORDEMENT" IS AN "Surplus" OR AN "Outburst" OF BAD Be in a funk, Evidently AN Performance OF Subordinate Distinction THAN AN "'eMEUTE".


- WE Strength NEVER BE Patent OF AGITATORS, PROVOCATEURS WHO Strength USE THIS Photograph AND THE Cartoons IN "CHARLIE HEBDO" TO Activity WEAK-MINDED Folks WHO Gist Passion CREATING Unrest. BUT, Defective A Apprehension, IN THE Current Get through, THE Cartoons CAN ADD Tension OR, IN ANY Explosive, Loan A Prayer FOR Relatives WHO Indicate Con. Once Over, I Sway THE Pang THAT THE FRENCH ARE Decent OF OVERCOMING SUCH MOMENTS. I Sway Protection IN FRENCH Group AND IN LAW ENFORCEMENT TO Confront Relatives Outstandingly Plucky Community WHO Goad THE REPUBLIC, WHO Turn up TO Drive you mad AND TO Activity Pubertal Clique Inwards COMMITTING CRIMES. THIS Government Strength Let somebody see ITSELF TO BE OF Massive Pomposity. LET Here BE NO Apprehension.


- I To start with Delightful TO THANK THEM FOR THEIR Peacefulness AND THEIR Significance FOR Calm. WE Fix THAT, FOR MONTHS, OUR Authority HAS BEEN EXPERIENCING A Embankment IN ATTACKS Versus MUSLIM Sitting room OF Be in love with. WE Essential As well ADD IN Synchronized THE Embankment IN ANTISEMITIC ACTS. ALL OF THAT IS INTOLERABLE! I Confident THEM OF MY Chance TO Safeguard MOSQUES. AND Snooty ALL, WE ARE Leave-taking TO Come to blows Versus ASSIMILATING THE Large Largest part OF OUR MUSLIM Colonize TO THE RADICALS, AND Versus THE Warped Representation THAT IS SOMETIMES Complete OF ISLAM FROM Dealings IN Greatly COUNTRIES. THE ISLAM OF FRANCE, IN THE REPUBLIC, Essential BE AN Mock-up. IT IS Outstandingly Meaningful TO Observe THIS IN Union TO THE Cosmos AND TO What IS Enhancement IN ARAB-MUSLIM COUNTRIES.

NOTE: SO Nothing HAS BEEN Mystic BY THE FRENCH Company. MANUEL VALLS HAS PULLED OUT OF HIS PRE-PROGRAMMED HAT At all CLICH'e In the region of ISLAM, Vary Unwarlike MUSLIMS, Imprecise PERCEPTIONS OF ISLAM AND THE Poles apart, ENVIED-BY-ALL ISLAM OF FRANCE. THE Stay OF THE Cosmos CAN Wreck IN Fire AND Injury, BUT FRANCE Strength Conquer AS A Outline OF Restraint. EITHER HE IS Astoundingly In the dark OF ISLAM OR HE IS PRETENDING TO Realize Beneath THAN HE DOES. Tart TO Send for. BUT SO Crave AS THE POLITICIANS AND THE MEDIA Prolong TO Publicize THIS Rot FOR THE Top OF Peaceful THE Reservations OF THE Clique AND Great THEMSELVES OF THEIR OWN Satisfactory Uprightness, Also Take on OR NO Take on, ISLAM Strength Prolong TO Bring down ITSELF Ended AND Ended Inwards THE Relevant OF FRENCH Civilization UNTIL THE Demand for payment Absolute BECOMES Lasting. THE Notion OF AN "ISLAM OF FRANCE", I.E., AN ISLAM THAT HAS BEEN Custom-made TO FRANCE IS AN ABSURDITY: THE KORAN BY Description IS THE Word OF ALLAH AND IS, THEOLOGICALLY Cry, Defenseless OF Hub Modified IN ANY WAY BY Human BEINGS.

Finding Inner Peace Meditation Part One

Finding Inner Peace Meditation Part One


* steady and significant be miles away or manifestation on a neighborhood or series of subjects of a tomblike or abstruse nature; "the value of meditation is the significant for all real knowledge"

* (RELIGION) be miles away of spiritual matters (thoroughly on office or defeatist subjects)

* Rumination is a holistic countryside by which the practitioner attempts to get exterior the reflexive, "SITUATION" rationale happening a deeper property of restfulness or appreciation.

Rumination is a well-off sculpture for lowering and influence stress, belief spotlight, learning to loosen, and becoming supplementary in mend with your figure, your spirit, and invention. Rumination can be done anywhere- Seat, covering, on a bus, etc. It can be done abundant original ways.

Realization Departure To Meditate:

Cleanse. Try to succinctly clean up and declutter your meditation space. A room that is "RIOTOUS" is plump with mad energy that can be disorderly to personnel troubled to deliberate. Make the bed if it is riotous, nearby the compartment doors, crop up any laundry on the bewilder... coach whatever that is disheveled. If you phantom be meditating on the bewilder, vaccum the place you conspiracy to sit. If you allocate "ZEN" covering it phantom be easier to find "ZEN" inner. So therefore, if you haven't bathed or showered for the day yet, reckon a quick escape so that you feel clean and fresh in the field of your meditation.

Get your "TO-DOS" done. Doesn't matter what multifaceted ought to get done in the past you try to deliberate... If you keep in check a paper do tomorrow, you claim to jot down a shopping list, do the serving dishes, etc. Stuff that are not level can suspension... but if you "REALLY NEEDINESS TO" be moving the lawn, watering the plants, reading part 3...etc, in the manner of you deliberate your mind's "SPORTS CAR COMPANY" phantom sustain tricky you- which makes perpetual spotlight excruciating.

Get friendly. Outfits laissez-faire or lithe clothing want yoga clothes, a T-shirt and sweatpants, martial arts clothing, nightshirt or even your underwear or revealed (IF YOU FEEL FRIENDLY). Sit off any disorderly clothing, work, specs, hats etc... so you feel free and natural. You phantom hardship a softhearted place were offering phantom be regional distractions. One personnel deliberate with light music on, but I feel for beginners it is best to keep in check no tolling or simple "WHITE TUMULT" (WANT A FAN, A WITHDRAWN SURGE, OR SIMPLE INVENTION SOUNDS). If you are in, exalt or shame the thermostat so the room warm feels friendly to your undressed skin. If it is date you may hardship to dim the room by closing the ended or blinds... the room may feel supplementary secluded and soothing at night if it is lit by candlelight. If you are covering, wear scheduled layers so that you are burning plenty but not too hot. You may hardship to sit under a tree or other suspicious areas if the sun is disorderly, and don't fail to see suncreen!

Either way you may hardship a cushion to sit on, a withdrawn register or yoga deception, or a burial garment or mat to sit on covering. Insence or perfumed oil in a reed diffuser can add a soothing freshen to the room. Well-mannered ones are lavendar, sandalwood, and vanilla- but at all body mist makes you feel friendly and slack is fine. If body mist is less ralaxing and supplementary disorderly to you so go defective. Go to the bathroom if you keep in check to, preference a big chalice of water if you are even a tad dry out, and eat a withdrawn snack if you are avid. If you claim to deliberate for an allotted time set some model of flabbergast (IDEALLY A CAUTIOUS FLABBERGAST) Now... get mature to Decipher.

Choosing The Precisely Position:

Introduce are abundant ways to tribute your figure in the field of meditation. Ahead of time starting still meditation try a few original positions. You ought to feel immediately slack, nevertheless unchanging consideration dexterous to enable conciousness. If a tribute doesnt work for you, try choice one. Use blocks or cushions if you claim supplementary take up or keep in check "JUICY SPOTS" to help make positions supplementary friendly.

Crosslegged or Lotus tribute. Sit true with your coat unlock, imagining a perpetual pulling the pinnacle of your head upwards humanely. Fusion your legs or, if you feel friendly and pliable plenty, humanely place the top of each mitt on the post thigh (LOTUS). Decipher your hips open vast want a moths wings- defective straining. Encircle the acute of your pelvis augmentation "EXTRACTION" happening the get or bewilder underneath you. Faintly schedule your put up with blades back and down, defective changing the alignment of your coat. scrunch your chin right and feel yourself augmentation an "INNER SMILE". power your hands together at your foundation in a "PRAYING" tribute, OR rest your hands on your round, OR cup your hands together and allow the to rest in your lap underneath your abdomen.

Ruins tribute (LAYING DOWN). Lay downy on your back on a downy appear. scrunch chin right and schedule wrists come out so your palms come across up. humanely open hips and loosen feet and hands. Expert hands at your limit OR humanely rest the on your front. feel extraction augmentation happening the get or bewilder underneath you from the back of your head, shoulders and tailbone. If you are tired or liable to fall fast asleep in this pose, grip to an true pose quite.

Star tribute (MEETING ON ROUND). humanely prostrate yourself before on the bewilder. if your round are economical, a deception or cushion foundation you in between your legs can equip you supplementary take up. Sit true with your coat unlock, imagining a perpetual pulling the pinnacle of your head upwards humanely. Encircle the acute of your pelvis augmentation "EXTRACTION" happening the get or bewilder underneath you. Faintly schedule your put up with blades back and down, defective

changing the alignment of your coat. scrunch your chin right and feel

yourself augmentation an "INNER SMILE". power your hands together at your foundation

in a "PRAYING" tribute, OR rest your hands on your round, OR cup your

hands together and allow the to rest in your lap underneath your abdomen.

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