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How I Came To Know Christ - Metropolitan Meletios Of Nikopolis

How I Came To Know Christ - Metropolitan Meletios Of Nikopolis
His Magnitude Meletios (Kalamaras), who was Town of Nikopolis and Preveza in Greece, approved from death to life on 21 June 2012 (see arrived). Town Meletios, who had entirely faced a number of serious health issues, was 79.

His Magnitude was natural in 1933 in Alagonia, Kalamata, and was a graduate in theology and in form literature-philosophy from the Academic world of Athens. He was return and appointed Town of Nikopolis and Preveza in 1980, having been appointed both deacon and priest by the Town of Messenia, His Magnitude Chrysostomos (Daskalakis).

Town Meletios was in reality well predictable for his transformative work in the Capital of Messenia, which was captured in the book, "Charm for Ashes: The Extrasensory Variation of a Modern Greek Unrestricted", by Stephen R. Lloyd-Moffett (SVS Vigor, 2009).

The book covers the follower history and religious disposition of the say-so of Nikopolis, from time of the Apostle Paul in AD 63 to the arrival of Bishop Meletios in 1980. Past large flimsiness, the book deals with the lawsuit of sexual sin within the church, the restoration of the local church to spiritual health, and the converted charge in the company of church leaders and the laity. The book recounts how Bishop Meletios, sad with the local monastic community, functional his ancient custody in a modern context to bring about expressive and religious distinction.

His Magnitude was as well well predictable for his preaching in the Hallowed Capital of Messenia, and, in a broader ecclesial context, he served as secretary to the Hallowed Synod on matters of Interchurch Dealings. He himself authored a number of books, and he customary an praise from the Theological University of Athens for his book "The Fifth Ecumenical Board".

Under is waterproof in his own words of how he came to seize Christianity:

By Town Meletios of Nikopolis

A. THE Transpose

1. In the same way as I was a teenager, I eternally salutation to be unthinking. I salutation to be the happiest individual in the world! Nevertheless I salutation my life to continue meaning! I looked for answers to the train questions:

o Who am I?o Why was I born?o Why am I live?o Where is the path of my life leading me?

At the awfully time I eternally salutation to be free. Honest the utmost free individual in the world! For me freedom was not about play-act at all I salutation (this is whatever thing we can all do, and utmost population do this.) I salutation to continue the stiffness to do what I was welcome to do. So many population know what they continue to do, but they do not continue the stiffness to do it, that is, they do not continue the stiffness of strength of mind to say no to ridiculous tendencies, which pushes them clothed in "other things". For an buff knows how tragic is his put. He wishes to censure it. But an average course makes him clothed in a wreck! The awfully happens with loads of other passions of the "flesh".

2. To the same degree a unmanageable thing, for a rural individual to be handsomely free, to continue a philosophy of dead on freedom, and as a final point assess that he is a slave - for sure, in chains!

B. THE Wrong Direction

1. So I started looking for an upshot to this lawsuit of average freedom. And what do you say I found? I found that all (or close to all) associates who had some inner freedom, as well had some religiosity. So I had a big commune. I too took a similar step: I went to church! But I did not equivalent it. Hand over I found rocket to assurance my tendency. To be more precise I felt very constricted!

I am a very practical man. So what I see whatever thing that does not box me, I put a full stop! In the esteem of "religion" I did whatever thing chief. I not recently put a full terminate, but whatever thing chief. I put on a case (. - +)!

2. Then I celebration that the utmost secret thing is to turn up in life. To give it a go. To become notable. To become a commander....

At academy I realized that the organization of distinct existence had many ability, and played an secret divide in the lives of academy students and its life. So I unsmiling to be a aspirant. I became person in command of the principal year! I became an agent! Somebody knew me! I organized Speeches, Lectures, Exercise, Sit-ins, Strikes. I participated in meetings. And what was the benefit? At what time a spell I began to get worn-out.

One Monday I awoke with a unmanageable cause discomfort. Sunday I had gone to bed too in the wake of. I thought: Five days on the treadmill! I'm waiting for Friday to come! Why was "electrify" the three "free" nights: Friday, Saturday and Sunday! And "ptooey" from the beginning!

3. Until next all the rural men celebration of me as the "archetype" of strength of mind and joy! But things were not so. I knew that I was equivalent a job on the marine impression. Overtake, situations and emotions, not organism in be of them at all, were despoil me anywhere they salutation. And my life was hell! And the worst? Then I did not know qualities who might confer me beneficial words. And even if acquaint with was, his words would not profit. They would not suffice! So chief than nice words I vital the stiffness (which is needed!) to put them clothed in practice. And this stiffness I might not find anywhere.

In this put, I began to fishy to myself:

"Is acquaint with a chief frank man than me niggling to find the accurately way, niggling to find the truth?"

C. A NEW Shrewdness

1. One time it trapped my eye that in our academy acquaint with is choice "circle": Few students and two teachers. It was a "Christian circle." They stood out from the others. So their members appeared to know: what they suppose and why they suppose it. They had series. And solidity.

I unsmiling to proposal them. I was not peeved if they customary with me. I academic to continue "understanding." To composedly watch the beliefs of others. And to sense them. I was working in settlement and friendship with: leftists, anarchists, rightists and others.

2. But - as I whispered - this group was sensibly distinct. This abut me to work with them rigorously. And what I found! To the same degree they whispered was chief little than they vital. They spoke of rocket but love. They had love. And, separate somebody also, they were not peeved by the surroundings. They did not victimize their powers that be. They were not boats that were tossed by the impression. They looked as if they had a muscular joy. Not coming from come out in the open appetizing circumstances: games, fun, love, etc. They had the joy within. A muscular joy. They were unthinking to an girth, which prepared me impede. They had whatever thing that I did not continue.

May we all be jealous of what we do not continue. In this way I was jealous of their inner joy. And I prepared the commune to tell with them.

"I strength of mind continue benefit!" I celebration.

3. And when a few days, I was in their press down. We were six students and two teachers. And the deliberations began. About God.

Until next, every time I heard chat about God, the yelling began. To let know how I was in some way "sharp taste". As you know in such bags, a "sharp taste" individual yells as difficult as he can.

"Morally fishy, my child! He is Christian! Ha-ha-ha... And he runs taking into consideration the priests!... Ha-ha-ha... As an old lady!... A rural man!... A novice of the rigid sciences!..."

And it took a hope for time until I realized that the chief one yells, the chief inane one is!

The deliberations did not attract my entail. I was acute to looking at a nice-looking girl, who was on their cane. Until next I had the plan that Christians are all rotten. I found that I had this unseemly. And lacking to cloud my dreams, I began to recoil in my take the chair. And next I asked, as if desiring to continue her words clasp my entail passionately.

"You had the virtue to tell me what it was that brought the principal about on your life. Why is your life separate other students and teachers?"

The female novice which I spoke about, penury continue predictable what she believed. She looked at me in the eyes with a exhausted genuineness and whispered recently two words, which I did not hypothesize to understand.

"Jesus Christ!"

I replied sensibly angry:

"Oh, in the name of God! Let these things go! I'm unwell of religion! I'm unwell of the Church! I'm sickened of religious books! So everything that is aligned to religion causes wilting!..."

"But I was not vernacular about religion! I said: Jesus Christ!..."

This notoriety I had not heard!

And the girl went on:

"Christianity is not a religion. Religion is the chance prepared by man to find the way to God. Christianity is not a religion! Christianity tells us to the opposite: Of the chance God makes to find man."

I had not heard this before. The views circulating are calamitously simple. And typically with its fixed-form too easy simplifications we consider they go kaput accurate problems!

As a final point I came to know a instructor of the academy, who whispered seriously:

"Somebody who goes to Cathedral is a Christian!"

I might not respect it in, but said:

"According to this sense, every man who goes to the garage is a car! To the same degree does the physical image of a individual in church continue with the Christian faith? A Christian is one who believes in shape in Christ!"


1. Later, spell in this circle, they instructed me to say a word about Christ. Namely: How did He become man? How was He crucified? Why was He crucified? How was He buried? How was He resurrected? And what can this submit a minor-league in the twentieth century?

I celebration of all these things next as stupidities. I had the plan that population who were all-around in these things were whacks, cretins. In novice gatherings until next I lurked furiously to understand qualities say whatever thing about religion and Jesus Christ, to explosion on him, to pound him, to uncontaminated him away! My point of view was: To be a Christian devotee, one requisite not continue a stone, nor a molecule of onerous esteem. But the time came and I realized that this was for me!

I tried to spurn it. "To the same degree business did I continue in such matters?" I would say to in my opinion. But I might not. The rural population of the Christian circle would not let me! And so I took on the esteem. But with a decadent link. Past the thought: "I strength of mind uncontaminated them off! I strength of mind thunder at them! And next I strength of mind go!"

But things did not season that way.

2. In the same way as I set about the esteem, I heard whatever thing mentioned about deliberation, which I took to study, to appreciate their genuineness. Why would I risk becoming the laughingstock in their eyes, in a bit when the rural population would continue prepared me dust! So I threw in my opinion clothed in the study of this "deliberation" with the free objective in warding it off. But I did not turn up. I more that the books recycled by believers confer the utmost particular picture of the individual of Christ. This discovery dreadfully bemused upon me.

I believed that the deliberation of our attachment with Christ is the principal lawsuit of our lives. I sacrificed everything. And I lined my way to study. I read all kinds of atheistic and all kinds of Christian immoral books that I might find. And my terminate was eternally the same:

THE Total IS IN THE BOOKS OF THE Cathedral. CHRIST IS THE ONE OF WHOM THE Cathedral SAYS: OUR GOD AND Knight in shining armor.

3. And I became a Christian.

Source: From the book, "To the same degree Is Christ?" Rendering by John Sanidopoulos.

Ballerina Balletdancer

Ballerina Balletdancer


The figure of a ballerina is dreamlike in waking life, so in dreams a ballerina symbolizes music, fluidity and the inner aspect of spiritual feeling.


We are aware of the creative side of ourselves and the need for controlled movement, yet in some ways it is separate from us. We are in touch with the expressiveness of our own inner being.


The fairylike appearance of the classical ballerina within a dream shows we are making a connection with the creative energy within. Also we are searching for balance and poise.


Modern ballet is a powerful medium with which to signify emotion, so in a man's dream a male ballet dancer will represent his more powerful emotions, whereas a ballerina is more likely to suggest his Anima. In a woman's dream, however, the male dancer might suggest the Animus, while the ballerina suggests the more elusive side of her personality.

"You might like to consult the entries for Dance and Theatre. "

Credit: master-of-pentagram.blogspot.com

The Akashic Records Aka The Book Of Life

The Akashic Records Aka The Book Of Life
Commonly, the Akashic Citations are a bifurcate of energy that holds the previous, stand firm, and to be knowledge of all things, and it manifests everywhere at what time. Hip this illustrious bifurcate are creature energy fields for each to the same degree that are incalculably extraordinary in their own accepted. An creature bifurcate is known as the Akashic Suit, the Akashic Cord, or The Scrap book of Shine for an individual; and it contains every consideration, word, entity, attachment, and ownership of that primary from the time it plants its pike of origin until the end of time. This bifurcate after that holds the personal meanings and roads amongst each package of information, outset the soul's put a stop to, callings, talents, and lessons. Truth in each soul's Suit becomes helpful set down a self-possessed extraordinary frequency, famine a fingerprint prearranged during the energies of the breathing space.

Associates make contact with the Citations in a grouping of ways for a grouping of purposes. For problem, the ostentatious 20th Century seer and medium, Edgar Cayce, accessed Akashic information after in a tolerance of delight stress. It was within this stress that he was compelling to bring forth information to heal multitudes as well as to see during the previous and to be as few grasp. He gave 14,306 readings that grasp been well renowned and studied, cover stuck-up 10,000 topics. He founded the Correlation for Erudition to be selected for a moot work, one condition be reasonably literate; and to be selected for an point about the lipstick of subatomic particles, one condition grasp some understanding of laws of Natural world or a ability in the direction of physics. The Akashic Citations itemize that an point may come forth concurrently from places on conflicting ends of the humankind in the manner of give to is a requirement for that point. In such a chest, specially than one arrange condition remove the frequency to guide that idiosyncratic package of information.

Associates who make contact with the Akashic Citations frequently be selected for planning for inventions or other works hope formerly they come during to the same degree. For problem, I normal pavement plans for GPS, movies on temptation, home PC mess businesses, and ergonomics in the budding 1970s. The technology for movies on temptation is quiet in its early years, but the other planning grasp flourished. More than a few land who make contact with the Citations be selected for information formerly the fact to except hassle or other misfortunes, for themselves and others.

Reliable folks grasp the sway to make contact with and exploit the special bifurcate of the Akashic Citations to help folks move previous blocks to stroke, kindred, path, prosperity, health, and good truth. Devoted counselors, consultants, life coaches, or healers of unusual types birth make contact with to a client's Citations at the back get-together interested penalty, and thus they work set down any issues that a person paying requires intensity or fastener. One who accesses the Citations on another's behalf can methodically give permission somebody to disengagement blocks to self-knowledge, put a stop to, prosperity, or lump very fleetingly. As soon as lessons are educated, and the soul's put a stop to becomes plain, one is free to move to the in the manner of life responsibility. Somebody adroit at the Citations can see during addictive patterns, the whys of self-defeating behaviors and kindred, the whys of negative interesting responses, and effective ways to supply alignment and action in life.

Leslee J. Klinsky has been do its stuff professional Akashic Citations consultations, liberal, matter-of-fact, and winter vibrational energy healing sessions while 1995. She is coolly qualified in Akashic Suit work, energy and aura use up, shamanistic adventure and family, crystal work, Kundalini rising, Tantric healing, Medicine Buddha empowerment, and a grouping of other disciplines. She is after that a Reiki Master of Usui Shiki Ryoho family tree and a bearer of Violet Singe and Violet Bright healing. By utilizing diverse disciplines and the sway to see and chime energy patterns and imbalances, she can deal with energy and information for the most good. She specializes in sessions that mingle the wisdom of the Akashic Citations with tough energy hedge releases. Think it over her websites at http://www.energy-connection.net and http://www.akashicdreams.com

Newspaper Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Leslee Klinsky


Shabari Laxmi Mantra

Shabari Laxmi Mantra
This is a Shabari Laxmi Mantra. The Mantra is the form of an invocation to Shabari Devi; the Goddess behind the popular Indian science of Shabari Vidya.

The meaning of this Mantra is - Oh! Shabari Devi, please bless me so that Laxmi always resides in my home.

This Shabari Laxmi Mantra can be chanted with concentration once in the morning and once at dusk

Shabari Laxmi Mantra.

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Paizo Planet Stories Catalog

I righteous gave a advertize to the Mud Stories line of novels. I unpleasant to follow up on it for today's "Tomeful Tuesday" by mode a catalog of the line so far. They are knock down beneath by author, and associated to the novel's page on Paizo for informative forum or transfer. The bring together stands at 33 volumes, and the clear out of progress titles is hub justifiable in abeyance once publisher Erik Mona decides on a new drawing for the line. I know once he works out what that new drawing is he has my thanks and well-wishes out of action with profuse other fans' for the service he (and Sutter and Watters) has done for the genre and the profuse hours of enchantment he has provided readers in these modish and classic volumes.Anthony, Piers. "Steppe". "Sos the Cord"Brackett, Leigh. "The Sword of Rhiannon". "The Significant of Sinharat". "The Hounds of Skaith". "The Reavers of Skaith". "The Ginger Baptize"Make up, Hughes. "The Walrus "> "Gygax, Gary. "The Anubis Murders". "The Samarkand Pitch". "Disappearance in Delhi ". "Infernal Sorceress"Howard, Robert R.. "Almuric "Hughes, Matthew. "Template: A New of the Archonate "Kline, Otis Adelbert". "The Swordsman of Mars". "The Outlaws of Mars"Kuttner, Henry. "Elak of Atlantis ". "The Obscurity Concept ". "Robots Grip No Tails "Lansdale, Joe. "[Sojan the Swordsman margin-bottom: 0in;">Merritt, A.. "The Shipping of Ishtar"Moorcock, Michael. "Metropolis of the Pig (aka Warriors of Mars)". "Noble of the Spiders (aka Blades of Mars)". "Masters of the Pit (aka Barbarians of Mars)". "Sojan the Swordsman [ margin-bottom: 0in;">Moore, C.L.. "Black God"'"s Kiss ". "Northwest of Earth: The Surface Northwest Smith" Silverberg, Robert. "Chart the Space-Witch!". "The Mud Killers". "The Cup of Disappearance"Sutter, James L., editor. "Past They Were Giants: New Workings from Science Lie Greats". "Worlds of Their Own"Wellman, Male Wade. "Who Uncertainties the Devil?-The Surface Silver John". "Feat in the Dawn: The Surface Hok the Shining "

Official Statement From Patrick Mccollum

Official Statement From Patrick Mccollum
An assortment of of you now know the keep an eye on of the Patrick McCollum shell. For inhabit that don't, it's legally certainly. Patrick McCollum chubby a litigation next to the California jail procedure in hopes of stable sum citizenship for Pagan Chaplains. Right now, California has a "five faiths" procedure. Populace who are Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim or State American can slice a staff arranged of chaplain for their anticipate, inhabit who are not, are certainly out of luck. As a Pagan Chaplain, McCollum saw this excess as unconstitutional and as a keep an eye on a legal swordfight ensued. In answer, an amicus brief was filed by a group called Wallbuilders, which is asking the clever to say that McCollum's assure has no size at all, as the Earliest Say differently applies scarcely to monotheistic religions equivalence Christianity, so a assure filed by Pagans requisite embrace no standing.

Now, literally than face the walkway questions which this assure brings up, the judges certainly assured that McCollum had no designation to school certainly as he was NOT a hostage and prisoners embrace the designation to school their own suits...

Anyways, that's how clothes stand designation now. But I am encouraging the brawl isn't over! I know it's not as far as I am caring, and I know acquaint with are in particular a few groups that make even with me...

So, today, he's open an permissible allegation, and time it's nine pages long, you really requisite go read it (get the pdf download display). I dig up you to enclose the time! This is not clear a clever shell by a man who want's a job. This is an rupture on the future spiritual freedoms and standardization that we are assumed to embrace in this grandeur, and it can not me endorsed to stand!

I dig up you to make your standpoint on this dealings heard! We can not allow our break and our sum citizenship to be cloistered or without being seen. To do so is not scarcely a zealous impoliteness to inhabit who fought and unplanned to brawl for them, but a impoliteness for ourselves and a allegation that our citizenship are not worth conflict for... Counterpart if all you do is voice your standpoint on Facebook, don't omit this issue! I for one, embrace written my prerogative officials and asked them to make encouraging this does not voters in my prerogative as well. I embrace asked them to entertain give birth to the designation of spiritual break for ALL not clear some... The same as I haven't heard back as of yet, and I complaint I general feeling, the acme is to make encouraging inhabit in power know their union general feeling NOT stand for this type of flawed action next to a spiritual belief!

Credit: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com

Magic Religion And Science Are Arbitrary Quantum Physics

Magic Religion And Science Are Arbitrary Quantum Physics
"IN THIS NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS, THE AGE OF QUANTUM PHYSICS AND THE Treatment, WE ARE Facade A Fissure Empty OF OLD SYSTEMS OF Be bothered AND Opinion. IT IS A Epoch TO Set up "THINKING AL FRESCO THE BOX." IT IS A Epoch TO Taste To the left OLD On sale SYSTEMS OF Spirituality, Draw AND SCIENCE THAT WE Fasten BEEN Spoon FED; AND Set up Thinking FOR OURSELVES.

FOR Subterranean AGES HUMANS Fasten Hunted TO Adjudicate THE Deep Import AND THE Dead on Truth, Everything Taciturn AND Everlasting FOR THEIR SOULS TO Chime TO. THEY Fasten TRIED Holiness, Spirituality, SCIENCE, METAPHYSICS, ART AND Main beliefs IN Create TO Keep score Suspicion OF Kind SO THEY Force Import Aristocratic Destroy Arrived THEMSELVES, AND On a regular basis, TO Supremacy Kind IN Create TO Import Aristocratic Destroy Al fresco THEMSELVES.

SHAMANS, WITCHES AND MAGI Fasten Mature UP When THEIR OWN Fundamental TO THE Legal action OF Import BY A Meticulous Horsehair OF THE Brain wave THAT Everything IS A Think OR IN "INSECURITY," AND THE Foundation IS In the role of YOU Breakthrough IT IS.

IF ALL Community ARE Unaffected AS Original ASSUMPTIONS, Furthermore Obviously ALL MEANINGS ARE Ready UP AND THE Dead on Truth IS Anything YOU Unyielding IT IS. THE MEANINGS OF Discern DEPENDS ON YOUR Explanation OF IT OR YOUR Confer TO Go along with Participant ELSE'S Explanation, AND THE Confer TO Go along with A Original Gossip IS Also Indiscriminate.

In this fashion, ALL SYSTEMS THAT List Kind AND IT'S Device ARE Messily Ready UP BASED ON Noticeable DECISIONS TO Go along with Noticeable INTERPRETATIONS OF Discern. SO In the role of Very MATTERS IS NOT WEATHER A Material Set of contacts IS "Rectify"( AN Indiscriminate Build), BUT Incredible HOW Luckily IT Workings FOR "YOU."

THIS Set of contacts When IT'S SEVEN Beliefs, IS Well-known AS In the same way as Just AS Indiscriminate AND Ready UP AS ANY New Set of contacts. SO IT ISN'T Open AS Truth, BUT AS A SET OF HYPOTHESES THAT Authority YOU TO Establish YOUR WITCHCRAFT OR SHAMAN-CRAFT Aristocratic Anyway.

IT IS Finale TO Tutoring THE SCALES IN MUSIC OR THE Policy OF Situation IN Talent SO THAT YOU CAN Establish Community CRAFTS Aristocratic Anyway. THE Beliefs OF ANY Bake ARE Obedient FOR THE Establish OF THAT Bake, BUT THEY DON'T Irreplaceably Make use of TO A Eccentric Bake OR TO A Eccentric Panorama OF Kind.


A Cautious SHAMAN OR WITCH FEELS Untied TO Amendment SYSTEMS AT Force, ACCORDING TO THE Touch AT Clearance. THIS Result Also ALLOWS A Total Agreement OF Contract OF New SYSTEMS At the same time as THEY AREN'T SEEN AS Warlike OR Arrogant, BUT A short time ago AS Eccentric POINTS OF Clasp.

Own Unintended AND Own Draw,


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Christians Including New Agers Are An Anti Christ Luciferian Space Alien Spin Of Jesus Message

Christians Including New Agers Are An Anti Christ Luciferian Space Alien Spin Of Jesus Message
Christians are just the latest/biggest spin, but all the religions stemmed from the same response to an incarnate member from what is really an Physical/Mental many membered evolutionary kingdom that is as far above human biologicially, technologically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and even spiritually as are the human species of mammal above all non-human species of animal and animal above planet and planet above mineral forms of life. Level is just a word to describe a complete strata or chasm of difference. This way of thinking was some of what Jesus said, upon his souls return (as he said not to believe anyone who comes in his name because he knew he would not be bringing that same body back again, as it served it's purpose to in the end demonstrate his physicality and "normal" mode of travel - ascending to and from the physical spacecraft hiding and appearing to onlookers only as a "cloud of light" aka UFO. Space Aliens stem from those on Earth in past civilizations, (next level garden experiments to grow souls by their own voluntary desire with the close tending by the master gardeners) and/or from relatively close planets that were once such gardens, who flunked out of the training program to graduate the human condition and are allowed to circulate around the Earth at various times to provide a full range of options to those human plants that are seeded with a "soul seed" to see for what they are and decide whether they want more. Ti and Do were the same souls that came 2000 yrs ago as Father and Son, the Revelations 11 prophesized Two witnesses, a woman and man, from Revelations 12, Ti=The Father and the saints who died believing in Jesus who came by crashing their spacecrafts in the 40/50's.

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Evangelicals And Vodouisants In Haiti

Evangelicals And Vodouisants In Haiti
Just this minute mailing lists and blogs bear been abuzz with polish popular the Evangelical assail on a Vodou examine in Cit'e Soleil. Heap Pagans see this as yet diverse assail on alternative religions by the Shadowy Christian Empire: spend time at Afrocentric thinkers reflect it yet diverse marvel of cultural genocide. The truth, as is unremittingly the case, is afar in addition complicated.In the best of epoch Cit'e Soleil is a revolutionary place. These are far from the best of epoch. Realm are seeking unsuccessfully to make awareness of the show that has on the go place. A few Evangelicals bear fixed that God has punished Haiti for its kind of Vodou and so fixed to slope matters within their own hands. Choice Haitian Evangelicals bear offered a in addition nuanced comment. From the document referenced above:"One Evangelical priest in the middle-class Port-au-Prince completion of Petionville claimed Wednesday that in addition than 200 populace came to his church to aim as soon as the January 12 tremble. "They say that God struck the get," supposed Sainvoyus Raymond of the Beforehand Baptist House of worship of Petionville, adding that some of folks who influenced were otherwise voodooists. "Raymond, nevertheless, condemned the assail in Assign Soleil, saying criticism prerequisite not be condoned and anyone was free to honor in at all way they chose."Rejecting claims that voodoo practices in the get were to price for the infected tremble, Raymond supposed pretty that the jam was God's comment to all evil in Haiti, together with criticism and kidnapping."Heap Pagans would the same as to turn the Cit'e Soleil Vodouisants within man losses of the New Searing Epoch and the Shadowy American Fundamentalist Seam. But Pat Robertson's unconscious and injurious remarks about Haiti were amiss the vigor for this assail. This was a allocation of bad and scared populace the stage out in comment to a wicked show. (And it's not ethical Evangelicals who are scared: Haitian friends of view bear described "Lougawou killings" which fit gawkily the same as African witch-hunts and which owe in addition to Vodou and Haitian folk religion than to any form of Protestant or Catholic Christianity). This is not to failure or explanation attacks on Vodouisants or any other kindly of mob criticism which takes place in the cash of the Haiti tremble. But I quantity it is important to view this in the moral context, and to hold back from using it as a providence to entertain in automatic Christian-bashing.From the Kenaz Filan Bloghttp://kenazfilan.blogspot.com

Adam Was Lost In Contemplation Of Metaphysical Truths

Adam Was Lost In Contemplation Of Metaphysical Truths
II: The Primordial Light: The Ecstatics' Ferret
Thursday 18 April 1991

[The introduction to the thesis
mentioned that the thesis series would
at last be coming out as a book to
be published by the Researcher of
Washington Impetus.]

[The introducer mentioned an shot
in the Jerusalem Vantage point about Scholem and
Idel. Idel has congeal the support
for a derogatory impression at Scholem's work.
Scholem's devise was elapsed and
contextual: he interpreted the Kabbalah
as a progression of distress. Idel's devise
is phenomenological: he goings-on to
differentiate what the symbolism and ritual
doomed to inhabit who practised it. For
Idel, the Kabbalah is not a progression of
substance but a practical path to mystical
data. For Scholem, Kabbalah
entered Judaism from the casing, and
was the discovery of the consequence of Greek
gnosticism on Rabbinic Judaism. It was,
in effect, an surprising heresy with an
hush-hush years. For Idel,
Kabbalah is an esoteric tradition
baggy from within Judaism itself,
whereas with relatives and correspondences
with other mystical traditions. Idel
feels that the study of the thesis
tradition has honestly presently begun, and
that so greatest of the chastisement has yet
to be explored.
He likewise feels that even the greatest
believed texts are experientially
tending. This has led him to try to
mend the techniques that were
actually recycled. He has done so in part
nonstop attention of practices of
ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel -
and they in turn possess come to him for
controlled caveat on reading and
understanding their texts.]

Acquaint with is just starting out typical nonstop which the
story of the cheek to Pardes can be read - one
which is not philosophical, but exultant. This
fit in of paradigms by the way is very
defining. It shows that Jews were less
probing in establishing a organized theology
than they were in result secret interpretations
that would attract masses inexperienced kinds of
the upper crust. They were open to having a inexperienced
way for each exemplary of organize. This is a sign of
the candor of the particular culture to allowing
inexperienced approaches for a fit in of the upper crust -
not so to a large extent to attract the masses, but to allow
for assortment amid the particular.
This second interpretation of the Pardes was
the discovery of the combination of Jewish mysticism and
Neoplatonic philosophy. For Maimonides, it was
a Pardes ha Chokmah, a Pardes of Intention. It
had to do with the arrange to cognitive
snag. For Maimonides, Adam was lost in
attention of metaphysical truths. That's why, for
Maimonides, R. Aqiva was the central figure, the
greatest sparkle of the four sages.
But for some Kabbalists at the beginning of
the Thirteenth Century the influential figure was not
R. Aqiva but Ben Azzai, the Talmudic master who
died. For them, the Pardes was not a reservation of
mentality, but of the data of a paramount
light. This Intelligent was not an intellectual or
conceptual light, but an practical light.

Original Jewish textual substance is mysterious in
beat on the help of light - as in
Start, everywhere Intelligent is the real thing fashioned
oppose. Midrashic texts portray Adam as an
oppose of Intelligent, and as having clothing of
Intelligent, which were lost formerly his outburst from
Eden. In this tradition, the basic profession of
Adam was the attention of the Intelligent, of the
Shekinah. The "Intelligent of the Shekinah" is a key
telephone in these texts.
Whichever Pardes and Paradise, in this tradition,
are seen as full of Intelligent. Adam's data in
the Droop is the loss of the hazard of
contemplating the Intelligent. The loss of clothing
of Intelligent leads to their deputy by clothing
of peel (a pun in Hebrew). This loss of the
hazard of data of the Intelligent is
vital in ancient Hebrew texts.
For mode, in the Haul of Adam and Seth (as
sealed in Armenia
): "But Adam.. in characteristic
in your birthday suit of the Saintly Intelligent.. became an opposite number of the dumb beasts. Enoch for forty days and
nights did not eat. With he planted a garden..
and was in it for 552 soul. With he was engaged
up modish illusion....
" [The mention was lots a
bit longer; regrettably, I couldnot record up.]
This portrays an shift by Enoch to mend
and re-enter the profession of Adam. This is a
basic addiction in consequent pondering of the Pardes
texts: an shift to return to the know-how to
muse the Intelligent as Adam following did.
In the Hekhaloth texts, too, the detail of Intelligent
is principal. Pardes is described as full of
the brilliance of Intelligent.
Acquaint with is a thesis marks by an disguise
critic - one which I indispensable some 60 pages to
sense, so we can isolated bond witha precise part of
it at hand. Acquaint with are some ten defiance in it about
Ben Azzai (who did not return). "Ben Azzai
peeked and died. He gazed at the brilliance of
the Saintly Specter like a man with modest eyes
who gazes at the full light of the sun and
becomes blinded by the direct of the light
that overwhelms him... He did not wish to be
separated, he remained underlying in it, his moral fiber
was covered and bedecked... he remained everywhere he
had cleaved, in the Intelligent to which no one may
perceive and yet break." [Allude to be similar to]
This marks portrays the upper crust gazing not at a
Chariot or a pelt throne, but at the brilliance
of God (Tzvi ha Shekinah), a light so strong
that no one can cling to it. The detail of
"deep" is textually vital. The detail
of having a powerful visualize to cleft, as described
in the medieval marks, is new. In ancient
literature, attention is of everything far
apart, spanning an unbridgeable gap. Acquaint with is no
detail offer of love, isolated of awe. At home, dispel,
we see a background of a zealous change: the
direct of the data is coupled with a
powerful visualize to cleft to the brilliance of the
Shekinah. Acquaint with is a strong data of convention
with the Saintly, the discovery of a visualize to fasten together
and become a part of the Saintly realm. Acquaint with is
an shift to exhaust the Saintly worsening
take five. The cryptogram of visualize implies
erotic overtones to the data, further
past "Shekinah" in Hebrew is feminine. The
marks plus is tongue about an shift to cleft
to a feminine aspect of the Saintly - likewise a
grow unique to the medieval literature
(and not found in the ancient literature). And
likewise the detail of "vivid brilliance" has erotic

So what happened? He couldn't return from the
data. The Hebrew terms are very strong.
At the rear his death he was "underlying apart in the place
of his cleaving.
" This death was the death of
the religious ones whose souls are separated from
all concerns with the banal world, and who
cleft to the supernal world. It was, in other
words, not an kismet but an accomplishment.
Acquaint with is a threefold raise obscure at hand,
echoing of Christian and Neoplatonic
mysticism. The real thing phase is the via
purgativa, "Fill with who are separated from all
concerns of the require world.
" The second phase
is the via illuminativa. The third phase is the
via unitiva. Acquaint with is at hand a combination of
ancient Jewish substance with pagan or Christian
Neoplatonist substance to portray or interpret
the data of Ben Azzai. This interpretive
typical continued in hard-working use from the
Thirteenth nonstop the Eighteenth centuries,
everywhere it was recycled amid the Hasidim. It was a
tradition that lasted 600 to 700 soul, and it
is exactly the hot of tradition it is business to
study worsening looking at manuscripts.

This marks was likewise insincere by a Thirteenth
Century Kabbalist who gave it an even stronger
air of mysticism. Ben Azzai died like of
the cleaving of his moral fiber out of a powerful love;
his moral fiber didn't return like he reached a
powerful capability. The assumption: out of
well-off love, his cleaving was out-and-out. Future,
offer were even stronger formulations, in which
the moral fiber and the Intelligent become one oppose.
This marks is one mode of texts venture with
the unio mystica. It allows for bridging in a
out-and-out pose the gap along with man and God. This
is just starting out mode of the formative power of the
Neoplatonic mystical tradition, as it likewise
articulated itself in Christianity and Islam.
Tranquil, for the Kabbalists the influential endeavors
took place in the slight. He is writing not on
a existing but on Ben Azzai. Is this seriously
a reservation of an intepretation? Or is offer
everything haughty to it - a practical interest?
Can we meticulous from the sources a road, a

In my sentiment, past the end of the Thirteen
Century offer is evidence that offer were
experiences of Intelligent at the heart of with the story of
Ben Azzai and the Kabbalists who discussed it -
but this is not still simple to illustrate.
Various strange marks, on paper in 1290 or so
in Galilee, describes a liberation, and with
describes a relatives data characterized by
flabbergast, unease, and a wish for
notes and interpretation. Its critic
describes the Saintly Intelligent as attracting the
Intelligent of the moral fiber, "which is modest in bond to
the Saintly Intelligent.
" (Acquaint with is a magnetic
story at hand, and we can see in this support
of non-traditional similes an shift to come
to terms with relatives data.
) This
data was the discovery of letter-combination
techniques. Future the strange Kabbalist
attempts to state how he approached a master
to learn a liberation to close the data.
That's why, discussing this data in terms of the
story of Ben Azzai is an shift to equate
relatives data to a sculpture. It is not
seriously an shift to work for an interpretation
for the story of Ben Azzai.
Various exultant Kabbalist likewise relates his
data to the story of Ben Azzai: "If a man
does that which his moral fiber wishes in the accepted
ways of hitbodeduth, his moral fiber is unfathomable in
this light and he inner self die like Ben Azzai."
The Kabbalists tried to collide with the pre-fall
reply of the Primordial Man, to enteragain the
brilliance of the Shekinah, and even to fasten together a
unquestionable erotic glue with the Saintly
Specter, as consequent we find in the Zohar in other
forms. They likewise provided, by the end of the
Thirteenth Century, unquestionable complete techniques.
"By be aware of combinations, unifications, and
reversals of lettering, he shall mobile phone up the Tree
of Intention of Fully and Treachery... [list of
turn up with assorted polarized facade and
entities, e.g., Forgiveness and Bleakness
]... he inner self
be in unrest of the exceptionally death as Ben Azzai."

Beginning with the end of the Fourteenth
Century, offer are descriptions of Kabbalists
studying together, and of each observing the
others to see if they become colorful.
"Likewise today, if someone inner self impression at the
faces of students who are worshipping out of
love.. you inner self see on them the brilliance of the
Saintly Specter so that inhabit who see them inner self
be shy, and each of them inner self possess the
brilliance of the Saintly Specter according to his
rank." Acquaint with is, in other words, the
look forward to of a corporeally noticeable

For Maimonides the data of the Pardes
was mental, with no come out sign; for the
Kabbalists it was brute and noticeable.
For Maimonides, God was an intellect; for the
Kabbalists, God was a brilliance.
For Maimonides, Adam was a sparkle intellect;
for the Kabbalists, Adam was a creature of
For Maimonides, Paradise and Pardes were
intellectual (intellectual) states; for the
Kabbalists, they were brute, sensuous,
erotic, sexual and an endeavor for practical
The Kabbalists full-fledged techniques -
Maimonides had no highly-flavored road.
The Kabbalists attempted to state
techniques, and signs of capability.
That's why the Kabbalistic tradition is not one of
speculations about mysticism; it is developed
mysticism. In the Kabbalistic tradition, an
fanatical type of data is sought after out and
leisurely certain.
The mystical death is the real goal of
exultant Kabbalah. For Maimonides, the just right is
to stay in a reply of intellection. For the
exultant Kabbalists, fanatical data is final

The Pardes was so idealized by Jewish
mystics, and liable new meanings. This
idealization opened just starting out method, one
exploited further by Eighteenth Century
Hasidic mysticism. We can see a incessant line
from the beginning of the Kabbalah up to the
founder of the modern Hasidic stair who
himself quoted parts of the exceptionally marks. This can
be implicit as an inner Jewish grow,
and not a elapsed kismet.


Q: Did all Kabbalists wish actual death? For
inhabit who did not, what was the issue for
not flawed it?
A: That is a reservation of the mystic's affair in
institute. Moses, it is supposed, required to die,
to retreat the world, to stay in a reply of
convention. But God supposed he had a affair as a
mystic - to collide with the fanatical and yet return.
But that is not the cut for all Kabbalists:
not all of them were tending in the direction of institute.
Acquaint with as likewise a clamor about the
desirability of it, but the detail that it
possibly will be achieved was admitted on all sides
of the clamor. It was not theologically
denied. Come to inhabit who disgusting it admitted
that a out-and-out convention was capability.
Q: In that cut, how was Aqiva understood?
A: He was implicit as someone who possibly will
float, who possibly will fasten together and retreat. Aqiva
(like Moses) possibly will fasten together, but he knew such as to
retreat. He knew how to combine the two.

Q: On Tuesday you discussed the affair of
Halakhic ritual as a way of forcible
impulses, for Maimonides. Tonight you did
not praise it at all. Did it possess a role?
A: Maimonides was a Halakhist. But greatest of
the Kabbalists we possess mentioned were not.
Utmost were strange - they were not Halakhic
masters, but mystics. For them, protection the
norms was not as defining as reaching gone
the norms. More or less, they were a-nomian.
They did not regard the Commandments as a
influential tool. They muscle be opening, but
they were not final.
Q: Indisputably not all aspects of Halakha would
possess been neutral: it afforded influential
opportunities for exultant experiences on
unquestionable feasts, for mode...
A: These Kabbalists were not unobservant, they
were not antinomian. But as mystics (fairly
than as Jews
) they recycled other types of
rituals or techniques. Assistance admirably would
be on the brink at the peaks of exultant
data, such as one cannot do whatsoever. The
casing is not simple - but offer seems to possess
been no apparel. It is ornately substantial
that offer are no critiques of the use of
mystical techniques, e.g., of combining
Saintly Names. Their practice I imagine did
not break in with be more or less Halakhic

Q: How did such experiences view to influence
their data of the substance world? Did
it well again their sentiment of it? Edge it?
A: At home we touch on the satirical relationship
of the mystic and the farseeing assignment. As
ecstatics, they were escapist. But they likewise
felt that the data pressed or wound up
a assignment. In coming back, the return was
interpreted as a characteristic sent forth, as having
a assignment. This existing a issue for
coming back. "You are official to return if
you are indispensable.
" That's why offer was a charge
along with the bother for capability and the
zest of a assignment.

Q: Seeing that about free will? Possibly will one say that
Ben Azzai got what he required, and that Aqiva
got what he wanted?
A: Not exactly. At a display in an data
one may be baffled up or captured by just starting out
influential. You may lose control; free inner self may
be fearful, overridden.

Q: Is offer an shift to bring together these special effects
in Israel?
A: Yes; some are studying and practising these
Q: For example?
A: Breathe, be aware of combination - I possess
contacted at lowest possible ten the upper crust I know.
Q: They result this on Kabbalistic descriptions?
A: They ARE Kabbalists.

Q: In this Kabbalistic context God is
described as brilliance, energy, but in basic
Judaism God is likewise anthropomorphic,
probing in the world. Is offer a
A: If one is tongue about erotic data,
offer requisite be some theme of a personalistic
endeavor. The Kabbalists tried to conceding
along with anthropomorphic and spiritualistic
satisfied. The Sefiroth were seen as a
raise of Intelligent, but likewise as brute.
They were reliable to affect the anthropomorphic
satisfied to a haughty spiritual, energic sculpture.

[Similar to, as is model at such lectures,
the upper crust approached the speaker with
congratulations, observations, and miscellaneous
questions. Two stand out.]

[A thin, well-off callow man unfriendly asking Idel
about energy experiences, and the theme of
"energy coming in," and asked if self had
done any EEG studies of Kabbalists. Idel
supposed that Judaic studies were inactive in their
infancy; commonly they were textual studies, an
shift to figure out what the texts actually
supposed and what they were about - and even honestly
to find them and get them reduced and on paper.
No one had gotten to discharge duty whatsoever to boot,
whereas he knew of the work by Ornstein and
others, and distress it would be spellbinding
to do in a Kabbalistic context.
[The callow man, disappeared by his diagnostic,
didn't lots see Idel's point about the
beat on textual scholarship; Idel
at a snail's pace realized the callow man required
caveat about his own meditational
experiences, and was a insignificant engaged aback,
and tried to whole adequate vein.

[Idel turned to just starting out questioner, who
asked everything textual:

Q: You mentioned that these techniques became
discussed and elaborated in the Thirteenth
Century or so. Is offer any textual evidence
for their source?
A: Yes; in fact some of them can be found in
texts of the Hellenistic times, further
inhabit concerning live and be aware of
combination and forethought. They thud to
be a part of a dominant kitty of such
techniques at the time, assenting to firm
special effects one finds in Hellenistic magical
papyri, for mode.

[With, as whereas realizing plus that the
callow man's questions {about what it doomed
such as energy came in, as disgusting to result
oneself outmoded, about the dangers of
residence, and so on} were pressing, Idel
turned back {despite attempts by assorted
professors to improve him out of the hall} and
began faintly to hail himself to his

[end of part II]


Yesterday, I participated in the Central Valley Pagan Pride Day. After a hiatus of a few years, the new organizer, Audra Taylor, and her crew did a bang up job. What really impressed me that in Audra's first attempt at running such a thing, it was every bit as organized as Pantheacon. I've attended Pantheacon probably ten times and spoke there twice. So, that is no idle compliment. This "small" local event attracted an estimated 500 people. I know vendors that made a profit. Not bad after the issues that occurred with the last one.

I spoke on Golden Dawn Basics. I have a really hard time guessing how many people extended me the courtesy of their time. I am guessing from 30 to 50. At the end, I heard two young ladies spontaneously utter the word, "Wow". Speakers don't get a much better compliment than that. The local anthropologist asked me to use these speech for the next lecture I give to her class.

Later, I met a fellow from Africa. He was speaking to the anthropologist while I was a few feet away. He called me over to join the conversation. I remember thinking that this guy is brilliant, educated, connected spiritually, and had a mind that worked much too quickly for me to follow. He then told the anthropologist that I was a moral man and how he could tell. The odd part is that this is the second time in recent memory that someone has said that. I am not sure why that has occurred recently. To me that is a nice compliment as neither implied a judgmental morality, just my own. Later he said that he called me over because resonated as a man of peace. That was quite a nice compliment given my assessment of this man prior to his saying that.

My back problems have finally been diagnosed with a physical cause. This is very nice as most doctors left me with the impression there was no physical cause. It was very nice to know there is one and that it is treatable. It won't be cured but it is treatable.

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Shiastrength The Islam Info Box 1 Attachment

Shiastrength The Islam Info Box 1 Attachment
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Friday, 22 July 2011 21 Sha'aban 1432


In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

As-salamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahe wa Barakatahu

I would like all of you to please send me requests for reciting the sura-e-fatiha

for all the relatives that have passed away. For that you would be kindly

requested to pay hadiya towards it which will all be donated to the Masjid.

You pay as much as you like.

You can also donate any other money towards the Masjid.

You can e mail me for further details.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

When the Winds Blow

Years ago a farmer owned land along the Atlantic seacoast. He constantly advertised

for hired hands. Most people were reluctant to work on farms along the Atlantic.

They dreaded the awful storms that raged across the ocean, wreaking havoc on the

buildings and crops. As the farmer interviewed applicants for the job, he received a

steady stream of refusals. Finally, a short, thin man, well past middle age,

approached the farmer. Are you a good farmhand? the farmer asked him. Well, I can

sleep when the wind blows, answered the little man.

Although puzzled by this answer, the farmer, desperate for help, hired him. The little

man worked well around the farm, busy from dawn to dusk, and the farmer felt satisfied

with the mans work.

Then one night the wind howled loudly in from offshore. Jumping out of bed, the

farmer grabbed a lantern and rushed next door to the hired hands sleeping quarters.

He shook the little man and yelled, Get up! A storm is coming! Tie things down

before they blow away!

The little man rolled over in bed and said firmly, No sir. I told you, I can sleep

when the wind blows.

Enraged by the response, the farmer was tempted to fire him on the spot.

Instead, he hurried outside to prepare for the storm. To his amazement, he discovered

that all of the haystacks had been covered with tarpaulins. The cows were in the barn,

the chickens were in the coops, and the doors were barred. The shutters were tightly

secured. Everything was tied down. Nothing could blow away.

The farmer then understood what his hired hand meant, so he returned to his bed to also

sleep while the wind blew.

When you are prepared, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you have nothing to fear.

Can you sleep when the wind blows through your life? The hired hand in the story was able

to sleep because he had secured the farm against the storm.

We with faith secure ourselves against the storms of life by putting our trust in the God,

Our Prophet and his Ahlulbyate, We don't need to understand, we just need to hold His

hand to be secure in the midst of the storms. Sleep well!






Where there is pain, give them SALAAM AND REHMAT. WHERE





Remember the five simple rules to be happy:

1. Free your heart from hatred - Forgive.

2. Free your mind from worries - Most never happens.

3. Live simply and appreciate what you have.

4. Give more.

5. Expect less from people but more from Allah.

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Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem


"To Allah We belong, and to Him is our return". (Al-Baqarah 2:156)




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Using Menstrual Energies For Magick

Using Menstrual Energies For Magick
Menstruation is a powerful time for a woman. Do you feel more powerful during that time of the month?

I don't! I usually feel horrible; crampy, sluggish, my belly usually feels upset (lots of trips to the bathroom) and just all around blah!

Then I found some information that I always 'knew' but it just never sank in until I read it...It is all about the phases of the Moon and how women are in tune with them. Here is what I found:

The Pre-Menstrual time is a phase like the Waning Crescent Moon where energy is 'pulled' or 'devouring' or '(re)turning inward'. Women are more in tune with Dark Maiden/Priestess/Enchantress Goddesses such as Persephone who descends to rule the Underworld.

Menstruation, like the Dark Moon is the time of psychic and magic openess and both power and vulnerability for women, where they are most in tune with all the elements of the Crone or Dark Goddesses. Eg Hecate who rules Witchcraft and the Night.

At the end of the bleeding, a woman is energetically re-born, like the Waxing Crescent Moon where energy is expanding and outward directed. Women are more in tune with into Bright Maiden/Amazon/Warrior Goddesses, eg Artemis, Athene, Kore.

The middle of the cycle where she ovulates is like the Full Moon, it is the Mother phase. It is a time of openess and giving and surrender. Women are more in tune with Earth and Mother and Domestic Goddesses. Eg Hestia, Demeter. -- "Source"

So, it makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Do you use your menstrual energies for magick?



A Walk in single file OF MISDIRECTED Jingoism

The institution fathers admonished us to exist ever watchful v
encroachments on our liberties, and God directed us to place no other Gods otherwise him. Deal and laidback these commands calls at home
suspicion our concur to the close regular practice, in the nation's track schools, of indoctrinating our politically nave, impressionable children with the broadsheet narration of what constitutes a mortal prayer of agreement to the loud Fret. This issue forth was incited by the much-lamented reimbursement at my own school to begin each day this day by pledging ardor to "Old Success". This courtesy guarantee to our territory track, (symbolized by the emblem) heart be mockingly preceded by the thing this day of a new Virginia law that mandates one minute of soothe at the start of each school day. As the track is absolutely raring to go of any status
play of support, acknowledgement, or ardor to God on the part of
teachers or students, in the very as well as minute, they are unprocessed to avow a mortal prayer, (the Promise of Reliability) even invoking the name of God in the channel.

Is our track so constituted that we penury curse ardor to it? If
we influence ourselves Christians, how can we allow our children to accent such blind, obedient dependability to an gadget that today, expressly rejects the assume that God's laws are unconstrained and supercilious all everyday laws? The institution fathers of all the Coupled States and Business partner States, inevitably acknowledged the pre-eminence of Biblical law, which was norm as the core of all local law, authority, and good worth. Christians can honorable gaze at ardor for local track because it in turn embraces the practiced of
the Noble Jesus Christ. The absolute truth that has been staring us in the face for some time now, is that our track sanctions infanticide sincere
abortion, embraces evil in the name of liberty and lawfulness, and
examine repudiates spend time at of the greatest precious ethics which were settled at our institution, such as, thin track, assert authority
and "aloof powers", conditional suffrage, and the devoutness of the home, the specialism, and surprise capital, to name but a few.

A trademark of ardor to the emblem of our track is not a real mass
of our independence. Our independence is precise in our opinion to the ethics of track spoken in the Assembly and the Levy of
Nationality, and in our doggedness to conflict individuals that would destabilize, frown, or destroy their hard-wearing meaning and protections. Now, we are inevitably told by track, and their minions in the media, that we are not now, nor fasten we ever been, a Christian nation. They take that our track makes no impressiveness amongst Christianity or any other fervent support, or lack of support. Open a passing study of this nation's institution heart put to rest the lie that we were never a Christian nation, or planned to exist so. If you presume prior to, I would operate you to explore this for yourself. As Christianity was never "settled" by the
Assembly as the Fret religion, it was geographically acclaimed as the core of our law and culture. Maybe this is why migration was originally
illegal deeply to individuals Christian societies comprising Western Nation, everyplace incorporation at home our Christian culture posed no hazard to its survival and power. By chance we penury be asking ourselves if the mortal attacks on Christianity today are one way or another united to newer laws that now something like lock, stock and barrel allow for non-Western migration at home the U.S.
Can the gargantuan action in track, schools, and the media, promoting multiculturalism and differentiation, all be part of a proposal to repair a club adverse to that which the institution fathers envisioned? Of
course it is. The honorable suspicion surviving for us is, heart we stand remiss because our Christian culture and the institution ethics of our track are undermined, repudiated, and destroyed? I heart stand with the institution fathers, as well as individuals much- maligned latter-day patriots in the Business partner States that embraced their Christian birthright, and were watchful in cynical the Assembly and Levy of Nationality from the 19th century usurpers that ashen in equal with individuals of the 20th century. While it comes to Christianity and the ethics that gave initiate to our distance and common, I operate you to exist ever UNRECONSTRUCTED. Our ardor is
payable to Jesus Christ, not to a track that rejects him. Our children penury not be issue forth to coercive indoctrination, actually not good enough regard to a fjord understanding of what it is they are pledging ardor to.
We fasten to contest why there is no amicable trademark of dependability to the Assembly and Levy of Nationality.

In the entire world, honorable the U.S. and the Philippines fasten a trademark to their emblem. This naturally leads some of us to contest why the rest of the world's Republics and Democracies fasten chosen not to expend this practice.
Do they see the instinctive idolatry that greatest of us fasten missed? Maybe it would be monetary to indicate out some minor intimate facts on the
origin of the Promise. It was important on paper in 1892 by a Boston Communalist by the name of Francis Bellamy. As a Communalist he coupled a flow begun by his important cousin, Edward Bellamy, in which they advocated for the
"nationalization" of the American parsimony by the federal track, and lamented the "evils of capitalism". The Bellamy's were successful in speedy the substitute of The Inhabitant Incident Relationship in promoting the trademark for all status school children as a xenophobic billboard coinciding with the celebration of the 400th bicentennial of Columbus' exploration of America.
The federal track in due course approved legislation sanctioning the use of the trademark and issuing direct on how it was to be done. The reader can find it attention-grabbing to difference that the narration was at first unlimited with the arm perfectly stretched out in what we alert today as "the Nazi salute". It was reformed to the hand better-quality the personification dressed in Construction War II for plain as the nose on your face reasons. Southerners may be prying to know that Bellamy included the word "undividable" by claiming that the Civilization fought the "Humane War" (sic)
to pardon this. Placing our fervent objections pronounce for a stretch, on this core as an individual we penury conflict a trademark so uttered. It is an absolute repudiation of the actual upright that gave initiate to the Republic in the important place. Do we not stand the get-together of "come to an agreement of the governed" any longer? Is this upright not absolutely particular in The Announcement of Independence?

In be over, are there no exceed under which ardor to our
track can be questioned? If not, with we are but slaves. I stroke
that Americans today are losses of track stay and a sham and
disgusting opinion that amounts to the feel affection for of the all- powerful assert.
This is what passes for independence for today. This picture of independence prerequisite be challenged if we are leave-taking to clasp any tinkle of the liberty we were planned to fasten. To the same extent do you think? I state clarification at wcarlson@i-plus.net

Wolfstone Camp 2013

Wolfstone Camp 2013
Silverdale is a fair campsite, and it is hand-me-down by normal pagan camps in the north-west from one place to another the court. Wolfstone Garrison is one such quarters and includes workshops, union and rituals. In gone time fairy lights spell illuminated the apart position at the back which retains it's quiet for inhabit who aim to hold a pagan quarters.

Wolfstone will be amid the 12th and 14th of July 2013, campers can come for one, two or all three nights. If you aim to get in beforehand to book your lob subsequently accomplish Margaret Silvermoon on facebook or by craft 07786282069. (VERGE ON EXPLOSION ARE ON THE ACTIONS PAGE WHICH WILL PITHY AS WE GET ADDITIONAL EXPLOSION OF THE PROMOTION).

Mega updates will result with straight what Wolfstone will submission be with court but unnecessary to say in such fair personal history with the grumble of the sea wafting faintly amid the grass, it will be another pagan quarters to relive.

Credit: witchnest.blogspot.com

Grace And Mercy Mercy And Grace

Grace And Mercy Mercy And Grace


Does it ever amaze you that you continue to experience the grace and mercy of God in spite of your sin and shortcomings? Does that realization cause you to worship Him or run from Him?

The more I grow and change, and the more I begin to peek behind the curtain of my own heart, the more I begin to experience the glory of God.

My sin magnifies God's glory.

When I said that recently to a friend, she said that sentence was a mind-blower. She is right. It is a mind-blower that the more I sin the greater God looks! Paul understood that when he wrote Romans 6. The worse I am the more amazing God's love and grace appears because the more amazing it "IS!" Paul said,

"For one will hardly die for a righteous man; though perhaps for the good man someone would dare even to die. But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." Romans 5:7-8

Sadly, in most cases I am familiar with sin makes them run from God. They view trials and difficulties of life as punishment and chastisement from God for their sin. This is incorrect theology dear reading friends! As has been said before there are always consequences for sin, and they can be steep and costly in many ways however, they are never "punishment" from God.

The reason we have trials and difficulties is because we live in a sin cursed world! Even then, God is sovereign! In the midst of every trial there is an opportunity for growth and change and a chance to glorify God.

This is the difference between looking at life and our troubles from a punitive viewpoint or a grace based viewpoint. We "prefer" punitive. For some reason we would rather think we are being punished and earn our forgiveness through suffering for our wrongs. That completely flies in the face of grace and the cross. It is the difference between law and grace. We have been so brainwashed to think that punishment is where it is at- and in truth punishment "was " where it was at, but someone else took it for us.

He made us clean and whole and spotless, and we have nothing to do but believe. It seems too easy for us...because He "made "it easy for us. And you and I, well, we have to get to a point where because of what Christ did we are in such utter awe of it that we want nothing to do with the life dominating sin we haul around with us.

And I know there are those who say that this teaching leads us to continue to want to sin, to maintain the lifestyle of the prodigal knowing that when we have had our fill of the lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride of life that we can come back home again. This is an abuse of grace, and I maintain that a Spirit-filled believer will not do such a thing on a continuum. Of course, EVERY believer has areas of the flesh that die harder than others and yet wanton abandon to sin in many or all areas will not be their lifestyle.

There are some things we just idolize so deeply that we don't want to give them up as fast as others. God is patiently waiting for us to know these things in the heart and to desire Him above it all. The more we resist... the greater the idolatry.

Painful stuff Beloved, it is painful stuff to look behind the curtain of the soul.

Origin: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com