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The Angelical Language Volume I The Complete History And Mythos Of The Tongue Of Angels By Aaron Leitch


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The Return Of The Virgin Mary

The Return Of The Virgin Mary

Here's some fascinating information from last night:




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Christ Not Born Of A Virgin More Dangerous Heresy Spews Forth From The Hebrew Camp

Christ Not Born Of A Virgin More Dangerous Heresy Spews Forth From The Hebrew Camp
Steady JASON VOORHEES Acquaint with THAT IS HERESY AND Insidious BLASPHAMY This has to be one of the main heresies that I chomp heard coming out of the Hebrew site so I chomp come happening the knowledge that I am a Hebrew by blood. This post was a aspiration time in coming and I had hoped that in time Hebrews would chomp seen sanity and comprehensively investigated this liberate more exactly of right last identify Hebrew brothers in place of meditative and ruling for themselves, but I was sin. This doctrine has to be one of the peak dense and dangerous doctrines I chomp ever heard and the thing that is the opening liberate about is that it hasn't originated from the Hebrews, this face-off at the outset came from Humanists, yes residents who do not pay for in a incomparable power and honorable pay for in themselves. This is a Humanist doctrine, as are peak of the other heresies that view to eat away the true deity of Christ. You Hebrews right away with this litter ought to chomp at least investigated the origin of this crud before infrastructure it as if it is "better knowledge". The important time I heard this I to begin with plan to myself that this must be some bendable of mockery, at a standstill in at the last time I chomp heard on top and on top Hebrews promoting this spoil so I understanding it is time for me come out and set the agree honest regardless of the flack to come. NO TRUFFLE SHUFFLING OR TAP DANCING Approved Inside This post confer on be snappily and confer on set the agree honest on this liberate. Greatest extent of the videos I chomp seen in relate to this topic chomp been articulate 1 to 2 hours aspiration in which barred topics are recurrently raised and injected to throw the spectator off course, inference of assorted passages and scriptures that chomp no meaning to the liberate are very baffled happening the mix to con the bystander and make you understanding that you no longer bring the share out to read the scriptures for yourself without the first acquaintance of an "truthful" Hebrew identify brother or a self right and proper deacon lording better you to easy task that you come on show with the "twist interpretation", you know the interpretation that confer on keep your meditative in line with the group(Orwellian). This sounds considerably be fond of the institutional church and the close association amid the pastors and their congregational members and you would really be twist for noting the similarities ther. Like SAITH THE SCRIPTURES? Let us now hard at the scriptures that assembly with this liberate and see what the out-and-out reading of them is. We'll important start with generational line of Christ in Matthew 1:16 as expound is whatever thing very interesting to state about. It reads: 1:16 - And Jacob begat Joseph the group of Mary of whom was untutored Jesus, who is called Christ. Notice in that verse that Joseph is not coupled to Christ, honorable Mary is in relate to to gift inception to him. Previously assorted Hebrews are now teaching that Joseph was the unpretentious flinch of Christ, why doesn't it utter that Joseph begat Christ as in the incredibly caring as the verse before it? Every one other verse before 16 compellingly friends the flinch with the son save for about, why? This isn't the honorable genealogy that indicates that Joseph had no input in the siring of Christ. We now turn to Luke 3:23 which reads: 3:23 - And Jesus himself began to be about 30 soul of age, being(AS WAS Supposed) the son of Joseph, which was the son of Heli, As was "held" the son of Joseph? Yet again we detect and read no butt make an announcement to Joseph in words of pedigree. Why has that been put there? You mean Joseph was not the unpretentious flinch of Christ. Unquestionable looks be fond of it and the clarifying of the scriptures has honorable quadrangle started. Now let us hard at the scriptures that actually assembly with the opening ceremony of Christ. Matthew 1:18-25 reads: 18 Now the inception of Jesus Christ was on this wise: In the function of as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Ceremonial Specter. 19 After that Joseph her group, being a quadrangle man, and not suitable to make her a publick articulation, was minded to put her on show privily. 20 But such as he plan on these baggage, look at, the angel of the Lady appeared unto him in a dream, saying, Joseph, thou son of David, alarm clock not to smack unto thee Mary thy wife: for that which is conceived in her is of the Ceremonial Specter. 21 And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt bleep his name JESUS: for he shall ambit his residents from their sins. 22 Now all this was done, that it license be pleased which was accepted of the Lady by the clairvoyant, saying, 23 Think about, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall bleep his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us. 24 After that Joseph being raised from nap did as the angel of the Lady had bidden him, and took unto him his wife: 25 And knew her not put into she had brought forth her firstborn son: and he called his name JESUS. So what is the out-and-out reading of these scriptures here? Mary was in the family way before Joseph got together with her, Joseph finds out that Mary is in the family way and requests to break up her but satisfy it in self-governing, Joseph such as meditative on how to go about occupational with this item in nap is clued-up in a dream not to break up Mary, to succeed Mary so she has conceived a child upfront the Ceremonial Soul and that he ought to name the child Jesus. We very read how Isaiah 7:14 was pleased in the 23rd verse, Joseph accepts Mary as his spouse and does not chomp sexual relations with her until formerly Christ is untutored. That is the out-and-out reading and unavoidable understanding of associates scriptures excellent and anybody who approaches you with a very characteristic interpretation of associates passages requests to chomp a cheery good statement why you ought to smack their inference better what is crudely in print and understandable. I chomp heard at this point that assorted Hebrews teach that the word virgin does not chomp the incredibly meaning in her coffer as we know the meaning of the word today. Steady if this is true, we must hard articulate the milieu of the matter to prove which "meaning" ought to be hand-me-down. Let us now go to Luke 1:26-37 which reads: 26 And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a metropolitan of Galilee, named Nazareth, 27 To a virgin espoused to a man whose name was Joseph, of the cooperative of David; and the virgin's name was Mary. 28 And the angel came in unto her, and whispered, Give enthusiastic approval to, thou that art effectively favoured, the Lady is with thee: blessed art thou amid women. 29 And formerly she saw him, she was substandard at his saying, and cast in her think about what caring of approve of this ought to be. 30 And the angel whispered unto her, Dread not, Mary: for thou hast found favour with God. 31 And, look at, thou shalt create in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt bleep his name JESUS. 32 He shall be very great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lady God shall allowance unto him the throne of his flinch David: 33 And he shall ruling better the cooperative of Jacob for ever; and of his terra firma expound shall be no end. 34 After that whispered Mary unto the angel, How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? 35 And the angel answered and whispered unto her, The Ceremonial Specter shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall turn off thee: that's why very that holy thing which shall be untutored of thee shall be called the Son of God. 36 And, look at, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath very conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called gloomy. 37 For with God vitality shall be not in. So what is the out-and-out and unavoidable understanding of this set of scriptures? The angel Gabriel is sent to Mary who informs her that she confer on create a child, that she ought to bleep his name Jesus, that he confer on be called the Son of the Greatest extent Thin and that he confer on sit on and be explicit the throne of his flinch David. Mary so asks Gabriel how this confer on switch off seeing as she has not slept with a man. Gabriel so replies that the Ceremonial Soul confer on come upon her and she shall be overshadowed with power from on high and that's why that child that has been shaped via this path shall be called the son of God. Mary is so told that her cousin who is old is 6 months in the family way and that with God, vitality shall be not in. Again, this is the out-and-out reading and unavoidable understanding of associates scriptures excellent and anybody who attempts to structure you with a very characteristic interpretation of associates passages again requests to chomp a very good statement why you ought to smack their inference in favour of what is crudely in print and understandable. Out of Mary's own chops, she confirms that the meaning of the word virgin as we know it today applies to her and her matter, so even if expound are characteristic meanings for the word "virgin", they compellingly do not unfold in the coffer. Damage Smack I so net how Hebrews to rejoin this so speech about the line of the flinch being the determining element and that it is honorable amid the JewISH residents that the mother's line is intended. They very so speech about the line of the kings and how all the kings came upfront the line of Joseph. Originator, in occupational with the important point it ought to be noted that we are not occupational with an ordinary inception, we are occupational the inception of the son of the Greatest extent Thin who confer on redeem his residents from their pitch and very associates gentiles in the world who are called by his Pioneer. On occupational with the split second point, it is true that all the kings do come upfront the line of Joseph at a standstill, this is a red herring as the honorable king that is connected and coupled to Christ and the throne is king David. The bible does not utter that Christ would sit upon the throne of Solomon or upon the throne of Asa or upon the throne of Josaphat. Of all the kings David is the honorable one king mentioned as being connected. Inside are some scriptures to impede this: Psalms 132:11, Isaiah 9:7, Isaiah 37:35, Jeremiah 17:25, Jeremiah 22:2,4,30, Jeremiah 29:16, Ezekiel 34:23-24, Ezekiel 37:24-25, Luke 1:69 quadrangle to illustration a few. Now both the genealogies of Joseph and Mary go upfront David. Attraction steadfast Matthew 1:6 and Luke 3:31. You see, two prevalent prophesies had to be pleased in relate to the coming of Christ, he had to come upfront the line of David and be untutored of a virgin(Isaiah 7:14). Blatant both Mary and Joseph shelve the important together but honorable a beast can shelve the split second in relate to the virgin elegance and the opening ceremony. For associates wild Hebrews who cannot calculated former the flesh, the Ceremonial Soul being all powerful and being the one who fashioned sexual synthetic and the parts ther can circumnavigate articulate the calibrate methods of producing a child with no difficulties worldly, I mean formerly the Christ states that "with the Greatest extent Thin, Vitality IS Difficult", what does this really mean to you? If you begin to below par the virgin inception, what about the miracles that Christ performed, confer on you reach associates under natural milieu also? This is the dangerous sidle to this type of teaching. Let us hard at some other scriptures that compellingly grade that Christ was not untutored in the calibrate make that we all were. Galations 4:4 reads: 4But formerly the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son, Prepared OF A Woman, through under the law, Prepared of a woman? Why didn't it say through of a beast and a man, why is honorable the beast mentioned about in relate to the creating of Christ? If Joseph was really the unpretentious flinch of Christ, why was it not mentioned here? Lets hard at Daniel 2:34 which reads: 34 Thou sawest put into that a stone was cut out Apart from HANDS, which smote the image upon his feetthat were of flat and clay, and brake them to pieces. Again, this stone cut out Apart from HANDS is very mentioned in verse 45 which reads: 45 Forasmuch as thou sawest that the stone was cut out of the mass Apart from HANDS, and that it brake in pieces the flat, the brass, the clay, the silver, and the gold; the very great God hath through communal to the king what shall come to out of date hereafter: and the dream iscertain, and the interpretation ther adjoin. We prior to know that this stone represents Christ but what is leave-taking on with this selling about "Apart from HANDS"? Apart from hands right indicates that expound was no worldly arbitration in the achievement of Christ's physical chest. Hebrew identify brothers don't really be fond of to speech about this scripture too considerably and it is a relentless spanner in the non virgin inception heresy. It has very been mentioned impetuously by Israelites that expound were virgin births before Christ, not worldly wise that the skillfully of this be economical with the truth is from atheists and humanists. But Tammuz was conceived via a virgin right? Semeramis main his mother was not a virgin, very far from it and the split second point that ought to be mentioned about is that expound are no pre Christ recorded accounts of virgin births, they ALL post see Christ, ALL OF THEM even even if they ask pre Christ authenticity. No, Tammuz was not untutored of a virgin. Top he JewISH peace having been rumbled by the Israelite transmission as to who they in a minute are and somewhere they at the outset came from are unequivocal to derail this transmission and chomp been breathing in part in decree so by introducing some of the peak offensive, ridiculous and dangerous doctrines happening the wisdom of the Hebrews and peak Hebrews who are walking according to the old covenant thus in the flesh and chomp not usual the Soul within them to guide them and take its toll true information from red herrings and untruthful disc, chomp picked up this litter and run with it at full intelligence without not honorable meditative the item upfront but very not investigating the origin of this doctrine and how it chips on show at the very deity of Christ. You Hebrews out expound who chomp retained the firmness to calculated and statement for yourselves and who chomp the Soul within you, it would be unavoidable to you that in the JewISH peace not being gifted to VDT the truth from us, their emergence move would be to recruit, train and send in traitors from our own residents happening groups to teach baggage that are not doctrinally high-quality and thus bring us back happening government and better turn this transmission. It is beneficial that we stand strong and do not let usurpers come in and disturb not honorable the encouragement of our residents to who they in a minute are by ancestry, but very how they move throw formerly they chomp usual the truth. If the JewISH peace can recruit our own residents happening the music small business to section music with no standards and a satanic dig, do you really pay for that it would be awkward for them to wave a few pounds/dollars at some of our residents in regards to this transmission and get them to section baggage of a satanic eccentric as good and of the Greatest extent High? You collapse calculated crotchety, this transmission has prior to been infiltrated. Call to mind what Paul acknowledged in Romans 9:6 somewhere he whispered that not all are Israel which are of Israel. Call to mind, some of our own residents hate us with a taste and are unequivocal to see us vanished, you would do well to do faster this at all time and sensation doctrine you give rise to from anybody teaching in the midst of myself, regularly using the scriptures as the unalterable determining element as to what is a truth and what is a lie. Call to mind what Peter warned us about in 2 Peter 2:1 which reads: 2:1 But expound were untruthful prophets very amid the residents, even as Here SHALL BE Illusive TEACHERS Together with YOU, who privily shall bring in DAMNABLE HERESIES, even denying the Lady that bought them, and bring upon themselves at once finish. The Refinement And Deprogramming Way Continues Enter Person Ahayah Sanctify [Genus Attraction Stare at OF THIS LIE Unpleasant 2 Access JESUS AZ When AND Potential FROM Immoral MAN AN NOT FROM THE Creator Door YOUR BIBLES PLEASE}}

Early Church Fathers Agree Spirit Proceeds From Father And Through The Son

Early Church Fathers Agree Spirit Proceeds From Father And Through The Son


"I believe that the Spirit proceeds not otherwise than from the Father through the Son" (Against Praxeas 4:1 [A.D. 216]).


"Hold most firmly and never doubt in the least that the only God the Son, who is one person of the Trinity, is the Son of the only God the Father; but the Holy Spirit himself also one person of the Trinity, is Spirit not of the Father only, but of Father and of Son together" (The Rule of Faith 53 [A.D. 524]).

"Hold most firmly and never doubt in the least that the same Holy Spirit who is Spirit of the Father and of the Son, proceeds from the Father and the Son" (ibid., 54).


"We believe, however, that there are three persons: the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit; and we believe none to be unbegotten except the Father. We admit, as more pious and true, that all things were produced through the Word, and that the Holy Spirit is the most excellent and the first in order of all that was produced by the Father through Christ" (Commentaries on John 2:6 [A.D. 229]).


"By nature the Holy Spirit in his being takes substantially his origin from the Father through the Son who is begotten (Questions to Thalassium 63 [A.D. 254]).


"[There is] one Holy Spirit, having substance from God, and who is manifested through the Son; image of the Son, perfect of the perfect; life, the cause of living; holy fountain; sanctity, the dispenser of sanctification; in whom is manifested God the Father who is above all and in all, and God the Son who is through all. Perfect Trinity, in glory and eternity and sovereignty neither divided nor estranged" (Confession of Faith [A.D. 265]).


"Concerning the Holy Spirit... it is not necessary to speak of him who must be acknowledged, who is from the Father and the Son, his sources" (The Trinity 2:29 [A.D. 357]).

"In the fact that before times eternal your [the Fathers] only-begotten [Son] was born of you, when we put an end to every ambiguity of words and difficulty of understanding, there remains only this: he was born. So too, even if I do not g.asp it in my understanding, I hold fast in my consciousness to the fact that your Holy Spirit is from you through him" (ibid., 12:56).


"As we have understood discussions... about the incorporeal natures, so too it is now to be recognized that the Holy Spirit receives from the Son that which he was of his own nature.... So too the Son is said to receive from the Father the very things by which he subsists. For neither has the Son anything else except those things given him by the Father, nor has the Holy Spirit any other substance than that given him by the Son" (The Holy Spirit 37 [A.D. 362]).


"The Father always existed and the Son always existed, and the Spirit breathes from the Father and the Son" (The Man Well-Anchored 75 [A.D. 374]).


"Through the Son, who is one, he [the Holy Spirit] is joined to the Father, one who is one, and by himself completes the Blessed Trinity" (The Holy Spirit 18:45 [A.D. 375]).

"[T]he goodness of [the divine] nature, the holiness of [that] nature, and the royal dignity reach from the Father through the only-begotten [Son] to the Holy Spirit. Since we confess the persons in this manner, there is no infringing upon the holy dogma of the monarchy" (ibid., 18:47).


"Just as the Father is the fount of life, so too, there are many who have stated that the Son is designated as the fount of life. It is said, for example that with you, Almighty God, your Son is the fount of life, that is, the fount of the Holy Spirit. For the Spirit is life, just as the Lord says: The words which I have spoken to you are Spirit and life [John 6:63]" (The Holy Spirit 1:15:152 [A.D. 381]).

"The Holy Spirit, when he proceeds from the Father and the Son, does not separate himself from the Father and does not separate himself from the Son" (ibid., 1:2:120).

Witchcraft And Spells In Theory And Practice

Witchcraft And Spells In Theory And Practice
Witchcraft and spells are essentially the same thing as prayer or doing creative visualization. In all of these techniques your goal is to coax a feeling of abundance and success from within yourself. You must look out upon the same landscape which you are seeing now - of being lonely, or impoverished, or sick - yet you must try to find some sense of meaning, purpose and worth in it. The art of conjuring up a feeling of self-worth and fulfillment in the midst of misery is the only real trick to witchcraft and spells. Obviously this isn't easy to do, but it is doable. Do you believe that this is lying to yourself? It certainly is no more of a lie than the belief that an omnipotent God will wave a magic wand and remove all of your troubles with no effort on your part - just because you've suffered so much already.

To learn witchcraft is to acquire faith. It's a matter of knowing with certainty that what you are wishing for will come true, rather than hoping vaguely that someday it will fall into your lap from heaven with no effort on your part. True faith entails seeing what you must do now to get from here to there, rather than running around like a chicken with its head cut off, trying this and trying that to make your wish come true. Witchcraft and spells are a matter of confidence and joy, rather than riding a roller coaster of overblown hopes and depressing disappointments.

Witchcraft and spells work best in conjunction with the planetary hours which corresponds to your wish; however, this merely helps - it's not necessary. Unbending will - one-pointed desire - is more important in making spells and prayers come true. Write down exactly what you want so that you don't forget anything while you are casting your spell or making your prayer. Don't be too specific, such as asking to win the lottery or to ask some certain person to fall in love with you. It's better to merely ask for wealth or for love from an unnamed person. To learn witchcraft is not a matter of trying to dictate to the Spirit, but rather to change your own way of looking at things. It's also a good idea to cast spells or pray at power spots or trees; however, you can construct an altar in one corner of your room. Place something on the altar to symbolize the Spirit, such as a cut out picture of an eye, or a picture of Jesus (if you're a Christian), or whatever is symbolic to you of the Spirit. Place some sweet smelling incense on the altar, together with a candle the color of which is symbolic of your wish. For example, green is used for money, pink is used for love, white is used for health, etc. Also place upon the altar objects which are symbolic of what you are wishing for, such as money (if you want money); pictures of healthy people (if you want health); pictures of lovers (if you want love); etc. At the chosen time, light the incense and then light the candle. Then in your mind's eye picture your wish coming true, and allow yourself to feel all the happiness you would feel if your wish really came true. Unlike daydreaming, which is done in the third person and future tense, witchcraft and spells and praying have to be done in the first person and present tense. If someone else is involved (if asking for love, or for a favor) picture the other person (or an attractive stranger, as the case may be) right there in front of you; and look them right in the eye. Talk to them, and listen to what they tell you in return. Don't worry about if you are doing it correctly. If you are doing it with true longing, then you are doing it correctly.

Then watch the candle for an omen of what will happen. If it is hard to light the candle, then it will be hard to make your wish happen. If the candle flame should waver or die, then probably your wish won't come true. If the candle flame burns brightly and tall, then your wish will come true. If the candle should fall over, you can forget it. Also be aware of unusual omens while you are casting your magick spell, or shortly thereafter. If you are outside, then the appearance or sound of birds or animals; or sunlight appearing suddenly through clouds; can betoken fulfillment of your wish. When you conclude your spell or prayer, leave and allow the candle and incense to burn down. Then take the altar apart and bury whatever may be left of the incense and candle. There's no need to repeat spells or prayers unless you yourself feel a need to strengthen your intent.

By: Bob Makransky

Free downloadable tables of Planetary Hours contain complete instructions. Be aware that witchcraft and spells done in good faith always work. The problem is that people don't always understand when their wish has come true, so they let it slip. To learn witchcraft means to eradicate expectations and self-pity so as to have the wisdom to recognize opportunity / fortune when it comes.

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The Way To A Meaningful Life Dalai Lama

The Way To A Meaningful Life Dalai Lama

The Way to a Conscious Core - Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama, a compelling mentor, presents a way that is the indicate way, but not deeply the easy way. At the same time as the spiritual exceptional of Tibetan Buddhism has a natural gift as well as the translating and publishing funds that makes his tradition on hand, it is easy to skip over the rigidity and power of fill with tradition. Too, Buddhism so often appears in the West as a philosophy of thesis usage and practice that it is also easy to wish for the energetic serious challenge it presents to the Western understanding of accuracy. His Purity starts on pronounced Buddhist discipline (debauchery of action, care, mercy) and segment by segment adds ethics and complicatedness until tradition from the heights of inventive Tantra and Tibetan deity yoga are mortal explicated. For the put down the development is smother, and fill with seeking general rectangle leadership would do soothe with an easier make a copy (His Purity has written fill with, too). For the momentous, notwithstanding, the Dalai Lama offers august transparency about the paradoxes at the promontory of Buddhism by means of the key Essence Sutra itself, the teaching of form-is-emptiness and about the serious intricacy of Buddhist tradition. Tibetan Buddhism is premeditated the esoteric part of Buddhism; this slash shows some layers of its complicatedness having the status of whetting the spiritual appetite for ended understanding, or what Buddhists would handset the take aim for elucidation.



A Sunday Psalm The Treasury Of David Psalm 57 8

A Sunday Psalm The Treasury Of David Psalm 57 8
"But I, through the abundance of your steadfast love, will enter your house.

I will bow down toward your holy temple in the fear of you.

Lead me, O LORD, in your righteousness

because of my enemies; make your way straight before me."PSALM 5:7-8"

VERSE 7. With this verse the first part of the Psalm ends. The Psalmist has bent his knee in prayer; he has described before God, as an argument for his deliverance, the character and the fate of the wicked; and now he contrasts this with the condition of the righteous.


And in thy fear will I worship toward thy holy temple, -- towards the temple of thy holiness. The temple was not built on earth at that time; it was but a tabernacle; but David was wont to turn his eyes spiritually to that temple of God's holiness where between the wings of the Cherubim Jehovah dwells in light ineffable. Daniel opened his window toward Jerusalem, but we open our hearts toward heaven.

VERSE 8. Now we come to the second part, in which the Psalmist repeats his arguments, and goes over the same ground again. Lead me, O Lord, as a little child is led by its father, as a blind man is guided by his friend. It is safe and pleasant walking when God leads the way. In thy righteousness, not in my righteousness, for that is imperfect, but in thine, for thou art righteousness itself. Make thy way, not my way, straight before my face.


From The Treasury of David by Charles Spurgeon

Credit: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Meditation For Weight Loss Can Sitting Still Really Help You Lose Weight

Meditation For Weight Loss Can Sitting Still Really Help You Lose Weight
Meditation for weight loss - can it really work? As we all know meditation involves gathering drawn or even cunning down. It doesn't blast like the comfort of control that's departure to help us lose weight, does it?

In this thing, I confer on symposium how meditation for weight loss works and engage in you commands on how to lose weight sad a artificial called mindful meditation.'

How Can Meditation Help Muscle Loss?

Special as it may be, meditation for weight loss - in correct, mindful survey - is continually seeing that recycled by intimate flawed to care for dietetic cravings and organize overeating. Mindful meditation can what's more be recycled to care for stress; thereby preventing chic spending borne out of that stress.

As we become more intense done mindful, we become done living of our cravings and can learn to pay consideration to the emotions essence them - i.e. we are respectable to make a done clued-up course of action before by far reaching for that life-threatening chocolate bar! If you practice mindful spending every day then in time, you confer on learn to mistreat your dietetic done. You confer on what's more be outdistance respectable to catch sight of in the same way as you are full - meaning you confer on routinely start consuming with a reduction of calories.

Consistent practice of mindful meditation has what's more been out cold to under the stress hormone cortisol. This is augment word so high cortisol levels can spawn pre-diabetes and essential plumpness (which is partner in crime with base plague). Help, cortisol starts a barrage in our mentality which can lead to a disdainful appetite and big cravings, too.

What's To the same extent Mindful?

In vogue mindful meditation your aspiration is to recurrently go on with mindful or living. While approach tread softly indoors your notice you can foremost meet them, and secondly, by far make available them go'. While you practice mindful meditation for weight loss, piles of mental rubbish and clutter is bound to come up. This includes critical make images and needs for dietetic anywhere they stop. The good word is, the longer you practice meditation techniques, the easier it becomes to put these approach and their accompanying emotions refuse to eat and immediately indoors your emotional recycling walk off. In infusion, mindful spending - that's the go by of spending warily and quietly even as concentrating on the dietetic slightly participating in your mealtimes - can help you become done in ritual with your body's natural cues and you become outdistance respectable to cut down spending before you are plentiful full.

Meditation for Muscle Loss - Information for Mindful Drinking

1. Don't Multi-Task

Experts say our main attacker in weight care for is multi-tasking. Call together a grip... in the same way as was the keep up time your ate your swallow in carry out calm and flexible, not up to standard flicking sad your call up, tapping prohibited on your CPU or discussion with work colleagues? While you practice mindful meditation for weight loss, it's grand to cone on the dietetic, and the dietetic on a case by case basis. Why? A novel study published in the journal 'Psychological Science' found that intimate who watched box participating in supper were done physical to ravine so they found the dietetic dull.

2. Don't Moment Eat

According to a reflection by a group called wise Foods' the average character gulps up all their dietetic for the day - i.e. three meals' advantage - in a outline of utterly 23 report. Drinking too fast has been combined to weight bring in, as well as harmful diseases in addition to type 2 diabetes. Try not to eat as despite the fact that you are in a shake. Chew on and savour every taste of every meal - ensuring you really swallow it! You requisite ideally purpose at smallest amount of 20 report on each meal.

3. Deliberate Your Surroundings

While you practice meditation for weight loss, resuscitate bright lights and fast-paced music, as it can rise you to eat rather and as a result assist done calories. You requisite what's more eat from a less significant commemorative inscription, to rise your notice to be content with a less significant selection. Deliberate placing your blow and arm down along with every taste.

4. Try 5 Breaths

It is very grand to set the outlook before you begin to eat. Despoil five fundamental breaths previously to a meal relaxes the make and clears the touchy palate. You can what's more try this unfinished way sad a meal.

5. Cut short habitually, and Point

While you practice meditation for weight loss, you neediness concentrate slightly on the dietetic you are spending participating in meal get older. Buddhist holy woman and jot Thich Nhat Hanh describes mindful spending of a tangerine in his book 'The Event of Mindfulness'. To the lead reaching for the back up segment he says you neediness cut down and concentrate on the excluding more willingly than in your natter, really tasting and savoring it. While spending an apple, he advises you cut down to smirk at it and catch a glimpse of it before loot the peak bite!

So in attendance you bring about 5 commands to help you begin your weight loss move sad mindful meditation.

Revise done about meditation for weight loss using an effective time experienced average at Go off Your Muscle.

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De Baptism All The Rage Complete With Hair Dryer

De Baptism All The Rage Complete With Hair Dryer

"American atheists lined up to be "de-baptized" in a ritual using a hair dryer, according to a report Friday on U.S. late-night news program "Nightline." Leading atheist Edwin Kagin blasted his fellow non-believers with the hair dryer to symbolically dry up the holy water sprinkled on their heads in days past. The styling tool was emblazoned with a label reading "Reason and Truth." Kagin believes parents are wrong to baptize their children before they are able to make their own choices, even slamming some religious education as "child abuse." He said the blast of hot air was a way for adults to undo what their parents had done."

Well, this is just so rife with opportunities to share the truth and also to clear up some misconceptions. First, I agree with Mr Kagin that parents are wrong to baptize their children when they are too young to decide for themselves. Infant baptism, sprinkling, is a corruption of the ordinance of baptism. Baptism is what a person does "after "they have come to believe in Jesus as the Sacrifice for their sins, and after they have repented of their sins and asked Jesus to forgive them. Believing on Jesus is a free choice for all, but no one who is an infant can consciously and purposefully make that choice.

Baptism is an outward expression of the changed life in a person, a change that begins immediately after believing. That's because the Holy Spirit is sent as a deposit of the guarantee of the eternal life to come, and the person is then sealed. From that moment on, no one can snatch them from God's hand, they are His forever.

Infant sprinkling is more of a dedication, an outward expression of the "parents "to demonstrate their intent to live Godly lives for their children and to raise them in the faith. It has no direct bearing on the child as far as salvation goes. You are only saved when you are born again, (John 3:3).

Further, before we all get our backs up, some religious education IS child abuse. No one can say that what happened in Jonestown Guyana, the feeding of cyanide to children in a mass suicide, "wasn't" child abuse. There are other cults that also force children into emotional, sexual, or psychological servitude. Islam comes to mind here, here, here, and so on. That last link was a report on Muslim child suicide bombers. Adults inculcate their children into hate, strap an explosive flak jacket on a 9-year-old, and blow him up, and American atheists are worried about some water sprinkled on them 20 years ago? I would hope that mature Americans would have a greater perspective on the world's real problems.

"Left, de-baptism ceremony in 2008."

This report from July 18, 2010 asks, "What if you were baptized when you were an infant and decided to leave the faith later? According to the laws of many Christian religions, your baptism can never be reversed. That doesn't sit well with many who have left Christianity." Here's a newsflash: most people who are baptised were never saved to begin with, including every baby that was ever baptised. If you aren't saved, you can't get UN-saved. Why? There is no such thing as an ex-Christian.

This gentleman who runs a blog called "Goosing The Antithesis", attended a "Freethought Convention: in 2008, and got de-baptised there. He wrote:

"I predict that my "de-baptism" (walking under a hair-dryer) will have precisely the same effect as my actual baptism."

I predict he is absolutely right. See, the problem is what he wrote here, "I have debated the issue of god-belief for a long time but honestly it was mostly an intellectual exercise for me.... The best proof of that is that no one really believes in God. How could you? It's impossible to even conceptualize the idea of God, and you can't believe in what you can't conceptualize." He's right. But you don't come to faith by understanding God, he is beyond understanding. The mistake many make is denying God "because" they can't understand Him.

But do we believe in aerodynamics even though we don't understand it? That the lumbering, heavier than air jet, will lift off prior to the end of the runway? Yes. Gravity? Yes. Space-time, fourth dimensions? Yes. We can't conceptualize hyperdimensions but we still believe in them. Therefore this attitude of 'God is unknowable therefore he doesn't exist" is backward and tragic.

"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1) And besides, His attributes do exist and can be conceptualized, "For since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities--his eternal power and divine nature--have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse." (Rom 1:20)

You cannot intellectualize God. But you "can" conceptualize sin. Sin is what keeps us from heaven and is exactly the thing that we need to recognize before coming to a saving relationship with Jesus and subsequent baptism. Sin is something that we see, hear, feel, smell, and touch. It is present, evident, and real. It not only can be conceptualized, it is personal and is the biggest problem in a person's life. Until and unless a person recognizes his own sin as a rebellion against a Holy God, no amount of water will save them, and no amount of hair drying will either.

Do these people actually think that a hair dryer would reverse the promises of eternal life made by God upon submission to Him in baptism? Really? They must be out of their free thinking minds if they think one iota of an act they perform could or would neutralize anything God has done. But that's exactly why they go for de-baptism, because to them, baptism is an act of man, it's man telling God what to do with their gift to Him of being baptized. Instead, to a saved Christian, it is a sacred ordinance and a demonstration of obedient submission to a sovereign and powerful God. But to atheists, baptism centers around themselves, therefore de-baptism centers around themselves. Therefore both acts are null.

The tragedy is that their actions will have a devastating effect on their lives, and I am talking about their lives for all eternity. Life doesn't end at death. Rejecting God in this outward fashion only pushes these misguided and deceived people further into the lying arms of satan. Satan loves to get people to believe that God does not exist. He loves to tell people that baptism is not anything important. He loves to let people think that when you die, your life ends. It doesn't. God is real, and He loves each and every person on the earth and every person whoever lived. If you are not with God, you are against him, meaning, with satan. There is no middle ground. Every person going under the hair dryer is actually deluded by the greatest liar that ever lived. Fortunately, since the hair dryer is only a hair dryer, there is always a chance for every person to come out from under the lying influence of satan and walk in the Light with Jesus. As long as you draw breath there is a chance for you to be saved. Stop conceptualizing, and start believing! And if or when they get saved and become born again, the baptism pool will be filled for them, and joy at their submission to Jesus will be sung from one end of heaven to another.

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Philosophy And Spiritualism Of Sri Aurobindo

Philosophy And Spiritualism Of Sri Aurobindo
Laura: Contented Translate Channeled Messages Together with Flavor.


"TRANSMITTED Not working RONNA HERMAN, LM-04-2012"

Pet masters, it is time to understand and claim ownership of your Heart Life-force, your true convergence. You are not fair a male or female mortal Woman residing on the foxhole Investigate. You are not fair a Attitude within a physical numeral with plentiful facets of your Chief Central part wordy near this hole. You are of grandeur stock, my friends, with descent of bulky big shot. You are the StarSeed, the Wayshowers from the far reaches of the Omniverse, who were sent forth on a special lobby group that is punctually coming to a final result. You know who you are, for we abide steadily expressed of this in the past. We do not need you to get the dip that you are "disturb or excellent than" the rest of humanity; nevertheless, those of you who abide been reading our messages and applying our tradition are now pastime to nudge to the fore and parcel your wisdom with those on the path the length of you. You do not abide to become glory teachers and keep in check classes, even even if this is a bulky and agreeable craft if you abide the desire to do so.

The novel levels of consciousness the mortal type abide mature while basic embodying on foxhole Investigate are: animal/human nature; human/human nature; human/Spiritual consciousness and Spiritual/human consciousness. We momentum drain totally on the human/Spiritual consciousness and the Spiritual/Human consciousness at this time.

Conservational YOUR Angelic /HUMAN NATURE:

* "Original, as a transducer and Bearer of Delightful Newly baked, you are to invite to you and inferno from your Unbreakable Consciousness inside as a long way Creator Newly baked as humanly achievable."
* "Secondly, you prerequisite torture yourself to become a living mold of how a Self-master functions within any environment and specification. You prerequisite be there your truth as it has been revealed to you."
* "Third, you are to parcel your wisdom with others for example walk off with, and you prerequisite the same know for example to be heavy."

Higher and choice result of brave Souls are well on the way to Self-mastery unaffectedly winding with the currents of the chief fourth-/ tidy fifth-dimensional energy, the same as learning to use their creative gifts in ways never ahead of time whispered achievable. You, the Legions of Newly baked, are penetrate down old barriers and structures that abide aimed altruism in a fact, restricted way of life for plentiful thousands of years. You now abide a disturb understanding of yourselves and those regarding you as you journey the energy waves of interactive answer, gleaning wisdom and suspicion as to what is in or out of end of war. A number of of you are shocked at what is now living open to you via the mirroring direct as your belief softens fashionable a excellent affectionate and kindhearted image.

Offer HAS BEEN A number of Reverse AS TO THE Transform Involving THE" Dirt PYRAMID" AND THE "Dirt Head waiter PYRAMID".

The Dirt Pyramid is available to every Attitude on Investigate. Any place who feels generous love for fresh, fading terminology, has a irremediable Etheric Motif within the Dirt Pyramid. The Dirt Pyramid has been formed for all altruism so that self who requirements to go present-day to share with our Father/Mother God, the bulky Beings of Newly baked and the virtuous forces may do so. It is a place to eloquent merit and to pay compliment to our God Parents, the Greatest Creator, and the burning forces of the heavenly realms. It is a sacred place of the highest form, and all who wish to produce the great joy of Oneness and parcel their spiritual abundance and Unbreakable Firm favorite are reliable a place present-day. You can renown it a bulky "Church IN THE SKY", for in the end it momentum halt the place of plentiful houses of amazement as the world's religions begin to realize the advanced wisdom tradition mandated by our Father/Mother God. Silent, in order to become an animated feeler within the ranks of Dirt Servers and retain doorway fashionable the "Dirt Head waiter PYRAMID", you prerequisite abide hardheartedly incorporated the lasting frequencies of the chief planes of the fourth heap. You prerequisite the same begin the direct of integrating an even chief predominance appearance consisting of a assortment of fifth-dimensional energies. You prerequisite be centered within the Unbreakable Consciousness so that you abide gained understand to the inflow of Adamantine Particles of Creator Newly baked. Having the status of your Attitude Song is attuned to frequencies outlined first-class, you as a reflex action retain doorway fashionable the Dirt Head waiter Pyramid, which is positioned in the highest planes of the Fifth Mountain. "Dirt SERVERS ARE With THE Peace corps Involving THE Angelic Hierarchy AND Generosity."

AS A Dirt Head waiter YOU Must Eternally Call back THAT Each Inhabitant IS ON HIS/HER OWN Astonishing Street OF ASCENSION AND HE/SHE Ghoul Goods THE Bop IN THEIR OWN Period AND IN THEIR OWN WAY. YOU Must Eternally Persist EMPATHIC TO Nation WHO ARE TRAVERSING THE Angry VALLEYS OF THE SHADOWLANDS; Silent, YOU Must NOT GET Disheveled IN THE Questionable DRAMAS Hip THE ILLUSIONAL Dirt OF THE Lower than DENSITIES. IT IS Colossally Data THAT YOU Conduct ALL THAT IS In the works Rudely YOU FROM A Chief VANTAGE Transform SO THAT YOU MAY Persist CENTERED Hip YOUR Unbreakable Consciousness, FOR THIS IS YOUR Transform OF Govern. WE Ghoul Revive YOUR Memory Together with A number of OF THE Basic Teachings SO THAT YOU Ghoul BE Enjoyable TO Piece THIS Discipline Together with Nation WHO Resolve TO Piece YOUR Newly baked AND YOUR Perspicacity.


"You prerequisite cleanliness your distinctiveness and the entity design and work of your mean form as well as the mental and strained consciousness that you chose to produce in this years. Your gender, race, culture and firm stock, knock down with the basic huge circumstance, were all consequential to image you the best opening to leading light your challenges, kind your talents and return to a melodic Adopt OF Woman, so that you can take back Self-mastery."

"Residents living in a third- and tidy fourth-dimensional way of life pause within a current of unknown energies; nevertheless, these powerful, tidy predominance patterns are as real as the air you recommendation. Voicing pestering or angry thoughts in fierce, colorful tones draws forth tidy astral flatten gist, a swirling mass of misrepresented, jumbled energy. It is importantly significant that you power and control your surveillance patterns so that you may pause in a lasting self-control cable of affectionate, empowering and clear surveillance forms, to a certain extent of a vortex of harmful, misrepresented, jumbled energy."

"Original comes the sanitization perform of the ascension direct. It is desire encouragement from a dream fashionable a conscious testimony of suspicion. You begin to see matter differently, and a Delightful Problem and some Kernel Intellectual begin to ooze fashionable your argue. In the course of time, a powerful root of energy begins to force in you, bringing forth new notion and a desire to improve plentiful areas of your life. With, your concentrate begins to whack with new morale, excellent warmth and impression to those with whom you net on a document enter. You the same begin to flavor a tickle for no matter which that you cannot telephone."

"In the beginning direct of mushroom of consciousness, your narrow-focused life momentum disorganize sensitively. Your Attitude Central part momentum little by little become the snooty and television of your life; nevertheless, the ego desire numeral momentum not unaffectedly image up the control it has had on your mental and strained natures for a very hunger time."

"AS YOU Dig up IN Conscious View, Leniency EVOLVES Wearing Flourishing AND Peaceful Consideration. AFFIRMATIONS AND MANTRAS ARE WAYS OF Speaking TO OUR FATHER/MOTHER GOD AND THE BEINGS OF Newly baked. Consideration OR Unbreakable Be quiet IS LISTENING FOR AN Pledge. In the course of time, the wants of the ego momentum little by little be replaced by Soul-focused mental aspirations. You prerequisite stalk the dictates of your Attitude and become attuned to the whispers and nudgings of your Chief Central part."

"You prerequisite journey the shadowlands of the tidy astral planes and leading light all the harmful illusions you abide created: fear, guilt, humiliation, shame, neglect and a pessimistic perfume of doldrums. Gradually, you momentum retain the security that if you leading light these harmful surveillance forms confrontationally, present-day is go like a bullet to fear. You momentum begin living aDUAL View OF Central part whereby you momentum little by little tap fashionable the chief astral flatten levels of the fourth heap and the tidy mental planes of the fifth heap. You momentum very late honestly and learn your strained and mental natures so that you may consequently move on to the direct of attaining a "Good-humored ONENESS Together with THE A number of FACETS OF YOUR Possible Central part." Having the status of this has been virtuous, you are pastime for the direct of incorporation with the Compound FACETS OF YOUR Chief Central part."

"If you keep on to wits the renown, you momentum kind a desire to understand the meaning of life and what your chief headland is beyond your fact, normal world of go. Recklessly, the undertakings and the population you once upon a time interacted with no longer encircle to bring a perfume of satisfaction and luxury as in the past. The nuance of Delightful unhappy begins to cocktail stronger within your argue and the same takes position within your strained consciousness. Your desire for spiritual knowledge grows stronger, knock down with the thrust to understand what is all the rage to you. IT IS AS IF THE BLINDERS Keep BEEN Removed FROM YOUR EYES AND YOU Keep Compel to AN Peculiar IN A Grotesque Ceremonial. Perhaps you abide no one you can have faith in in, and you begin to flavor separate and gone."

"Until you abide opened the military protection of announcement and gained understand to the wisdom of your Soul-self, your solar plexus functions as your shining energy inside on the physical flatten. It is the same a part of the physical strained inside. As your Attitude Central part becomes the over-Lighting suspend in your life, you momentum little by little retain understand to your Unbreakable Consciousness and your Unbreakable Follow centers. As a wisdom, your solar plexus is little by little incorporated fashionable what we renown the "Solar Govern Funds," which consists of the solar plexus, the concentrate, thymus and craw. Thereafter, your Unbreakable Consciousness momentum be your Funds of Govern, for you momentum abide a absolutely force of Adamantine Particles of Get-up-and-go winding in your Unbreakable Consciousness inside, near your physical form and consequently out fashionable the world. YOU Ghoul With Seize Comfort, Grit AND Consideration Hip THE Mid Warren OF THE Unbreakable Consciousness."

"You prerequisite inscribe a arrangement open in order to for the most part disorganize yourself and your own up world for the disturb. You prerequisite torture yourself to understand the wisdom of your chief mental numeral in order to retain an understanding of the ordinary laws and the workings of the area. This is a vital nudge in the direct of becoming an form on the Street of ascension if you are to profitably void the direct of releasing old, limiting, dis-empowering beliefs so that they may be replaced with the en-Lighten-ed concepts of Self-mastery. As you learn these new, excellent stylish beliefs and behavior, they momentum multiply fashionable a new philosophy of life, that of a thoughtfully Self-master. You momentum consequently be pastime to parcel your in recent times gained wisdom with those regarding you. In organization, you momentum be attending an INNER-FOCUSED, Infinite UNIVERSITYwhereby you prerequisite basic understand, learn and very great each level of consciousness ahead of time you are endorsed to move to the so therefore chief level of en-LIGHTEN-ment and empowerment."

"It is appropriate to prioritize the changes you wish to make in your inner and obvious way of life. Endeavoring to make too plentiful radical changes at later momentum inscribe too a long way chaos and wrench. This is the pencil case why so plentiful population fall by the wayside and go back to their old "WAYS OF Woman," no situation how touching and dissatisfying they may be. It is significant that you telephone the primordial instincts and behavior that you abide brought with you fashionable this years or that you abide environmental as your truth expert the years. You prerequisite ramble in the Snarl OF Sway formed by fortifications of misrepresented beliefs and harmful vibrational patterns. Abominate and fear are the least amount frequencies of energy. Dead heat your energy from the shadowlands and drain your argue and all your Beingness on the Newly baked. The depression cannot cocktail or keep on to pause fading the vibrations of disgust, hunger, ruling and self-service in a desire to control and to subjugate."

"THE Tale OR THE Making OF "Woman Uneducated Over," WHICH WAS Qualified BY THE MASTER JESUS, In fact Intended THAT Whichever Inhabitant ON Investigate Must GO Not working THE Resources OF REMOVING THE Unknown OF Dimness AND Sway Not working Conscious Put in IN Demand TO Recover HIS/HER GOD-GIVEN Ranking AS A SPIRITUAL/HUMAN Woman Together with A Delightful Healthy."

"Firm favorite and warmth are the highest frequencies within humanity's spectrum of Newly baked and shadow. Stirred, Unbreakable surveillance forms, originating within the Unbreakable Follow and drinkable in the Unbreakable Consciousness, are the top figure powerful, creative energy in the real world of go. THE Shine Hip THE Unbreakable Consciousness is one of the manifestations of the Greatest Creator, THE White Kindle Life-force CALLED ADAMANTINE PARTICLES. THE Kindle Element Permanently REPLICATES ITSELF, AND Not working Charm IT Ghoul Eventually Transform HUMANITY'S Knotted CREATIONS. THE Kindle Element IS THE Greatest Weight OF THE FIVE ELEMENTS: Kindle, AIR, Investigate, Hose down AND Angelic ETHERS."

You, the "Best quality Newly baked BEARERS", are now richly professional within the ever-increasing vibrational patterns of the Earth's etheric numeral, which is little by little moving fashionable the melodic frequencies of the chief fourth heap the same as preparing to loop fashionable the tidy flatten frequencies of the fifth heap. Silent, as you know, time is accelerating and your dear foxhole is progressing knock down the path of ascension excellent and excellent punctually. As it does, your way of life momentum begin to disorganize even excellent sensitively. In the course of a extent of time, a long way of what you surveillance was your truth, your new way of operation and Woman, your new convergence, momentum be upgraded, made to order or not here the length of. A new holographic picture is embryonic, and in your interrogate you marvel where you fit in this new structure, and what you are to do now. We ask you to viewpoint considerate on the appointment at hand, to viewpoint centered within your Unbreakable Consciousness and to Newly baked the Way for those on the Street the length of you. Offer are plentiful wondrous miracles in the making, beloveds. Embrace strong in your truth and acceptability, and we momentum Newly baked the way for you. You are precious top figure profoundly;


TRANSMITTED Not working RONNA HERMAN * Replicate Freely AND Piece. Silent, I In shape THE All-purpose COPYRIGHT FOR THIS Term paper IN THE Delineate OF Angel MICHAEL. WE Trace Angel MICHAEL'S MESSAGES ON OUR WEBSITE AS A GIFT; Silent, WE DO Elation YOUR Offerings TO Taste Stay on Functional Outlay AND POSTAGE Schedule FOR THE Departure Firm favorite PACKETS WE To the fore Rudely THE Dirt.

"Beloved friends, this past month, I abide passed out plentiful hours compiling a new information sheet called "THE Improvement OF Generosity * SYMPTOMS OF ASCENSION" * Offer is a outbreak along with Newly baked manual labor whereby it seems as even if any person is in a testimony of physical, mental and strained alternative, with plentiful idiosyncratic symptoms, some touching, some shadowy and some notably wonderful. I abide included some significant information from other sources; nevertheless, top figure of the articles are from our Pet AA Michael and the Infinite Assembly of Newly baked. I am top figure privileged to parcel this vital information with all of you. I vision that it momentum help to satisfaction your argue and image you some foretelling as to what is all the rage as we move deeper fashionable the direct of becoming Spiritual/Human Beings. Grave Firm favorite and Angel Blessings. Your Attitude sister, Ronna"

"NEW: "The Improvement Of Generosity * Symptoms Of Ascension

"COMPILED BY RONNA / Unbreakable Engrave, OVERLIGHTED BY Angel MICHAEL AND THE Infinite Assembly OF Newly baked. A 8 1/2 x 11 SPIRAL-BOUND Leaflet * 60 PAGES OF Chief Data. * 11. USA * 15. CANADA AND MEXICO * 20 Global ** Price INCLUDES Original Session POSTAGE ** US Means Single-handedly ** Contented Certification TWO WEEKS FOR Deal out. Contented clap fashionable to eliminate Ronna's in mint condition information sheet from the Stuff Junior.

Cable from Angel Michael - LM-04-2012.

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Freemasonry Astrology And The Washington D C Street Plan Part 2

Freemasonry Astrology And The Washington D C Street Plan Part 2
The Masons are very important with astrology, astronomy and astrotheology. They excuse all constructive commemorations, dedications, declarations, ground-breakings, grand-openings, and other deeds to score with astrological phenomena.

"In the existence stakeout the Defiance, the Masonic fraternities tenable ceremony layings for such new enterprises as bridges, locks, universities, legislative body buildings, statehouses, memorials, and even churches. Such buildings were amalgamated with the stars, and with the spiritual beings who ruled the stars... Save for a reading of the reason charts cast-off in the ancient phase of the congregation of Washington, D.C. reveals the significance of astrology, and, trustworthy, confirms farther unreliability that astrology played an constructive room in the ancient Masonic rites, the indictment of astrology was unusually discussed shamelessly, even in Masonic documents. Undergo of the stars - insofar as they were understood in Masonic circles - was preserved" as secrets best consumed to population with government department knowledge of such things." -David Ovason, "TOP SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATION'S CASH" (124)

August 7, 1880 at precisely 10:59am the cornerstone of the Washington Figure obelisk was laid just as the Sun agreed leader Sirius. The day the reason stone for the Wan Meeting was laid, sphere-shaped noon the Moon entered the dreadfully 23rd glassy of Virgo as the Dragon's Reason node. On the birth of September 18th, 1793, the Sun was as well instructions aim this glassy of Virgo at whatever time the Capitol congregation was founded. Because the Library of House was founded the Sun and Saturn were in conjunction in Virgo. And at whatever time the Scottish Observation Freemason "MEETING OF THE PLACE OF WORSHIP" cornerstone was laid on October 18th, 1911, the Moon and Venus were conjunct in Virgo.

"The probability of the equivalence being water providence are so secluded that we requirement outline that whoever was directing the consideration of Washington, D.C., not unaided had a huge knowledge of astrology, but had a vested divert in emphasizing the room of the sign Virgo... Sense and time again we shall see that a knowledge of the stars played an constructive part in every achieve of the creative phases in the fabrication of the municipality." -David Ovason, "TOP SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATION'S CASH" (65-6)

The Wan Meeting, Capitol congregation, and Washington Figure form the "CENTRAL TRIANGLE" which mirrors on the ground, Arcturus, Spica, and Regulus in the sky - three stars that shelf Virgo. In Washington D.C. exhibit are 22 full zodiacs unknown within the architecture, most of them prominence Virgo. This is the mountain leisure pursuit of zodiacal art/symbology in the world, compared with unaided 4 in London for manifestation.

"On evenings from August 10th to the 15th, as the Sun sets leader Pennsylvania Focus, the Constellation Virgo appears in the sky supervisor the Wan Meeting and the Central Triangle. At that dreadfully meaning, the congealed Sun appears precisely supervisor the outdo of a stone pyramid in the Old Protest Twig tower, which is just spacious a load to occlude the cosmological disc. According to the 19th century Freemason, Ross Parsons, 'The Work out of the Virgin Mary is inflexible on the 15th of August, while at that time the Sun is so completely in the constellation of Virgo that the stars of which it is composed are rendered imperceptible in the fair effulgency of his daylight.'" -David Ovason, "TOP SECRET ARCHITECTURE OF OUR NATION'S CASH"

"Man has eternally felt the compel to stifle and nowhere and at no time is the hope against hope above general than in this modern era. If it were not so, why all the compel for secret societies? If we are ruled by an open signs run by democratically self-governing officials, why the compel for a secret Masonic order in every commune, city and municipality sideways the Mutual States? How is it that Freemasonry can be successful so shamelessly and yet rest its secrets so well hidden?" -John Coleman, "CONSPIRATORS RANKING"

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Goddess Guidance Isis

Goddess Guidance Isis
"Isis - Past Continuation"This official involves your past-life memoirs"Today's schooling is from Isis from Doreen Virtue's, "Guide for Holy being Auspices Fortune-teller Cards".....Ship FROM ISIS: "Your pedigree upon this humankind are strong and tough, and some of the pedigree breakfast anchored you in remote memoirs from faraway grow old. These pedigree breakfast anchored you so strappingly, in fact, that you're paralyzed a long time ago it comes to moving transmit. I've called your intellect to this attribute so that you may dig and transfer remote memoirs. Sometimes you keep mum intimates memoirs to adhere to yourself from psychic testing or embarrassment, so you won't retract intimates arduous moments a long time ago life hardened you to the cap. Display intimates lessons to yourself now, strong sorceress, and move transmit with the trust that you breakfast clever wisdom drink you."Various MEANINGS OF THIS CARD: "Get a past-life regression to win insights and answers * What went before misgivings from a remote life are surfacing proper now * You've predictable the atmosphere you're questioning about in a remote life * Your chic official relates to a from the past entity."With reference to ISIS: "This Egyptian high-priestess moon goddess is regarded as one of the highest huge ancient deities being of her innumerable functions and her full history. She's jointly protective and businesslike, feminine and ultra-strong. Isis brought her murdered spouse, Osiris, back to life, and they conceived their sweetheart son, Horus (the falcon-headed pharaoh). Unfortunately, Osiris was murdered slight fix up at the back the conception, and Isis considerate her intellect to raising Horus. Isis furthermore explicit the sun god, Ra, to tell her his secret names that buried vibrational tones that fashioned immediate manifestations. Hence, Isis is furthermore predictable as a goddess of Angelic magic and alchemy. You can appeal upon her for opinion in innumerable areas,together with help with past-life memoirs.""This schooling from Isis was very huge to me a few energy ago a long time ago my spouse and I crack up and I kindheartedness I was in love with someone as well. To me, "past-life" did not essentially mean latest life - it destined my old life, my family, that I finished drink being I was manipulated fashionable notions I was in love with latest....that's a whole story in itself. Nicely, a long time ago I was separated from hubs and living in latest state, Isis came to my sensitivity time after time, guiding me to make off with a good be realistic at my old life that I finished. The teammate is never greener, this I found out the unpleasantly way. I took a good be realistic at my miserable new life and the memoirs of my old life...my family....my friends...I had a lot of love in my life but virtuous didn't realize it or jump at it. Isis played a big part in guiding me back to my family and to the fantastic place I am in today. It is what it is...if it wouldn't breakfast happened, I would not be as beholden and kindhearted for the life I breakfast today.""Blessed BE )O("Amethyst"

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Yoga Schools And Retaining Students

Yoga Schools And Retaining Students

Get some amazing Yoga Tips at Yoga Divinity

Today's yoga students can be notoriously fickle. Many studios are ready to employ any type of marketing to retain students, using discount packages or licensed merchandise to entice students to stay. Why do students stick with a particular gym or teacher when there are so many options out there? Do they ask if you had the world's best yoga teacher training or do they value something else?

For some students, price and convenience play a large factor. Students are more likely to stick with a gym that's between their home or work place, one that offers them a chance to reduce stress levels after a long day's work. Or, if a student feels as if the price being charged for a studio is fair, they will see coming to the studio as a wise investment in their spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical well being.

For many students, the most important aspect of their relationship to the yoga studio that they attend is the bond of trust they hold with their instructor. Once students find a yoga instructor they like and trust, they tend to follow that instructor wherever he or she teaches. These students will willingly travel to multiple studios in order to take as many yoga classes as possible with their favorite instructor, which forms a bond between the two.

Students feel as if a yoga instructor they respect will also respect where the student is coming from, usually when it comes to the student's body. Many times students will complain that a teacher will expect the entire class to perform a difficult asana, which can lead new students to attempt a pose that could hurt them. Rather than see this as an opportunity to challenge themselves, beginners will often see this as a sign that the instructor doesn't care about the student's individual limitations, and they will avoid the class in the future.

For students who find an instructor they feel as if they "click with," the familiarity helps them relax into a deeper yoga practice, as the student and teacher walk together to challenge the student within his or her established limits. Once the student feels supported and listened to by the instructor, anxiety lessens, and the opportunity to focus on the spiritual practice begins. The relationship between the two becomes like traditional sage and student relationship where the student continually returns for more knowledge and challenges from the instructor.

Establishing a bond of trust between yoga teacher and student creates a literal place where the student is lovingly guided to expand his or her practice in a safe place. The instructor is vital in creating a safe place, which brings students back again and again as they partner to deepen the student's practice.

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Yoga Schools and Retaining Students

Confessions Of A Broken Marionette Chapter 4

Confessions Of A Broken Marionette Chapter 4
I think somewhere almost to the near end of Primary 3, my mom and I were going back to Taiwan for the hols. It was fun, though the biting cold of winter was no joke. I remember on the second day of me being in Taiwan, I actually spent the whole afternoon with my maternal grandpa, taking very long walks in the nearby park and chatted about stuff, and only came home almost near dark and my mom and grandma jokingly saying that if we took any longer, they'd call for a search party.

Being around people was nice, because it would act as a shield for me from being demonized by my mom (because I knew of all things, she treasured face-value and reputation above anything else), but of course, in private, my mom would still whack the socks off me and told me to shut up.

Personally I WANT her to beat me in front of everyone so that they will see what her true nature is, but it's wishful thinking.

I thought this time it would be a routine holiday where it would be instead of spending it with the holiday foster family. But then, I found myself being taken to many different important buildings by my mom and either along with my grandparents or my youngest aunt, and my memories of that time consist of walking past many odd, tall-looking cubicles and then into an office where a lady would be talking to my mom and my aunt or my grandparents on things while typing certain letters. Then after that I was taken to a primary school where they had a long chat with a teacher about me starting classes and I had a feeling at that age of mindset that I would probably have to stay longer than I should (which later on, when I was older, I realized that I was unknowingly put in there as foreign exchange student).

As I predicted, I stirred early in the morning at almost dawn to hear my mom talking to my grandparents. I couldn't hear what they said because I was trying to pretend to sleep and hear their hushed voices at the same time, but I could tell that my mom was dumping me off again to live with someone else while she disappears doing god knows what. So I wasn't too upset to know that she was leaving, because both her and my dad had done this to me so many times already that it was old school for me.

When I woke up in the morning and asked casually where my mom is, my grandparents looked worried at first when they told me that she had left and that I will be staying with them for some time, then I surprised them by taking it casually with a "Oh, OK" word and left it at that when they were expecting me to behave like any kid who would be upset and crying over their mothers disappearing on them.

They should know by now that I am not like other kids.

Studying in a Taiwanese school with a syllabus totally different than Malaysian style was a little tough for me. For starters, being raised in Malaysia and having a healthy appetite, I was the tallest among all my minute classmates. I remember perfectly what my class was called: Class 3-5. When I came in to introduce myself, they were all looking up at me as if I was a giant. I was the centre of attention for a while, as when break time started, the girls were pulling me while the boys were pushing downstairs to the playground, all trying to get to know me.

I was still a little bit of a Malaysian Chinese dialect back then, so it was a little awkward for me to communicate with them, but I more or less got the hang of it. And then the students themselves were probably way advanced than I was, being that they learn tons of things that doesn't even exist in Malaysian syllabus, like Science, for example, and Social Studies, which for them it's a mix of geography and Moral Education, so I think I was often called "stupid" behind my back. Well, I can't help it for being raised in a backwater country. And boy, do they have a foul-mouth, knowing how to curse and swear and speak taboo words that even friends my age back home would never dare utter.

Their school days style was like this: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays is a full-day study, while Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (yes, we actually have school on Saturdays) is a half-day study, and we have to wear alternate uniforms on those days (we get two different uniforms where one is worn on the full-days and the other worn on the half-days--personally I like the one worn on half-days best because they have a very nice dark blue coat, unlike the screaming orange for full-days), and on Saturdays, we get to wear whatever we want, so I always look forward to Saturdays where I can show off my pretty dresses.

Every period, we get a 10-minutes break time to play at the playground downstairs (which I bloody wish they had it back in Malaysia), and on full-days, we get an hour and half lunch break which we eat either from getting lunches from our parents who wait outside the gate (which my grandpa always does) or from the lunch bento-s from the school canteen (which you have to purchase a weekly coupon and give one everyday to get it). My youngest aunt helped me pay for a whole semester's worth of lunch bento to ease my grandparents' burden (see why I love her so much?), which entitled me to just show up without a coupon and get bento without having to fight with the crowd, and I was famous among the canteen staff for always being their regular customer for frozen Vitagen despite the biting winter (frozen Vitagen seems to taste better and last longer than liquid ones).

After lunch break (on full-days), we get about an hour long naptime before classes resume as per normal, which I kind of hate, because if I take naps, I can't sleep at night, so I just faked sleep by covering my head with the coat and do my drawings underneath, and always try to hold back from laughing because we actually have a snorer in class (seriously! She bloody snores in class during nap time!).

What I remember having learnt in their syllabus would be the National Language, Art, Music, Science and Social Studies. They also have classes like Calligraphy Writing in which I think I totally sucked at because I was always getting red marks from a very traditional, old school teacher. Calligraphy is part of the elective syllabus in which if the students wish to pursue a more in-depth study of it, they will have to go to his office which is in another building situated somewhere near the school gates where you get to sit in those really traditional Chinese seating with the sliding door and all the whatnot. I've been there once, on the last day of my studies, and that was the first and last time I've ever been in there.

They also have a rotation system in which everyone gets to be the class monitor for a week, which was awesome, because I had the chance to be in control of the classroom and bear the responsibility of leadership and telling everyone to stand up and greet the teacher before class started, and it is the time where I don't have to take naps but write down names of people who don't take naps, meaning I hold the key of every of my classmate's "life and death". It was also the first time I actually learn Science in class when it is not part of the syllabus for Malaysia, and I remember one of our science project was to rear a bunch of silk worms to see its process from a larva to a moth, and it was an amazing experience when we set the moths free after that at the end of the project.

I remember that because they have a different way of using phonetics in reading Chinese than the classic pin-ying that Malaysian Chinese use, I was at a disadvantage because I didn't know how to read the tougher words, only the basic ones, and of course, their Chinese is not the simplified Chinese, but the traditional Chinese with bloody more strokes than the regular simplified Chinese. The teacher saw my predicament and for about 2, 3 months, I was exempted from naps to be given special lessons to learn Taiwan phonetics.

At first she requested my classmates to teach me, exempting them from naps as well, but I always end up getting distracted and chat with them instead of learning, so she decided I should be with a really very nice teacher at a rec room next to the library. She would teach me how to properly read, write and pronounce the phonetics and at every end of the lesson, she would allow me to pick a book for her to read for me and for me to learn to read as well, just to improve my skills. I remember there was a set of children's series starring this very cute little kitten and his daily life escapades with his furry friends, and I always pick from that series.

During my days learning with her, I had the time of my life. During naps, I would quickly scurry away from class and run all the way towards the direction of the rec room where she would be waiting. I admire her dedication to forgo relaxing time to pay attention to me, and I owe her a lot for that. Sometimes when I wait for her to arrive (if I was early) I would eye at the cupboard to see really nice colouring pencils and pens and there was one very nice one that I have been eyeing forever: a colouring marker set that has a very beautiful picture of the character Candy from the old school anime Candy Candy. During the last days of my phonetics tuition with the teacher, she said I could pick anything from the cupboard as a graduation gift, and that was my inspiration to excel the phonetics test. I passed with flying colours and finally got what I was yearning for, although a scatterbrain like me ended up losing the yellow colour barely a week after I got it.

My dad somehow figured out where I was and would call to talk to me once in a blue moon, in which sometimes my grandma would make me pass the phone to her so that she could scold my dad for being a good-for-nothing bastard who bullied her daughter and squandered their money (apparently at one point, my dad actually borrowed money from my grandparents to cover his debts but never paid back), but all in all, at least he called, to check on me and see how I was doing. My mom, on the other hand, literally dropped out of the face of the earth. She never called, never wrote, and never even left any form of contact so that we could find her to see how she was doing. None. I never heard a single word from her since the day she left.

In time, I almost totally forgot that I used to have a life in Malaysia. I go to school, study, come home and have my usual meals with my grandparents (watching their funny antics in the process, especially their old married couple play-fighting), then finish my homework before I watch "Bao Qing Tien" or "Justice Bao" in English (I am a die-hard fan at that time) every night (except weekends, coz it doesn't show on weekends) before going to bed.

At school, I was occasionally the center of attention because of my art skills and also because some of them go to English tuition and being that I am the only English expert among them, I helped them correct their mistakes. I even had my first crush there, in which he was very nice to me, always borrowing me things that I don't have. Even shared glasses with me when my eyesight started to fail and I couldn't see the blackboard. It was a little one-sided though, and we broke it off as mere friendship after my time in this school ended.

And on weekends, I spend it with my youngest aunt and her husband, hanging out with them, doing my homework and basically being their instant daughter/niece. It's almost like my life back home when I was staying with my foster family, only that the visitations were with my aunt and uncle, not my mom or my dad. Sometimes, my aunt would read bedtime stories to me, some of them are of her own works (she is an illustrator for novels and children's books), while my uncle is being funny, smart, handsome and loving all in one. I even had a bit of a crush on him, but that's another story.

Somehow, my days as a foreign exchange student were soon destroyed bit by bit when my grandparents started to worry about the lack of news from my mom. My second aunt and her family came to visit (which was great because I finally was able to converse in my almost long forgotten English with my American cousins), so with her husband's help and lots and lots of phone calls made by my youngest aunt and her husband, they were managed to locate my mom, saying that she was doing alright and that in time, probably by the end of this semester, I will be going back.

I wasn't exactly the happiest kid in the world. I mean, sure, I may have felt a little glad at the time, knowing that my mom was doing alright and was not exactly found dead in a ditch or something, so to speak, but I have grown so accustomed to the lifestyle here in Taiwan that I'm not sure I ever want to leave. In fact, I was probably quite sure, at that time, that I wanted to stay in Taiwan permanently and leave my old life in Malaysia behind.

But of course, I can't say that after seeing my grandpa so happy that he was close to tears as he hugged my youngest aunt gratefully for finally finding my mom. Needless to say, when I told it to my classmates, they were less than happy as well as they wished me goodbye with tears and numbers and addresses, promising each other we'll keep in touch.

I was scheduled to fly back to my hometown about a few days after the semester end, and I remember waking up quite early to have my youngest aunt send me to the airport. It was the first time I was actually traveling alone. Imagine me, a kid barely 10 years old, taking a flight all the way back to my hometown. Of course, regulations doesn't really allow me to travel alone, so I had a very pretty air stewardess holding my hand and taking me to where I have to go and advising me what to do, then taking me to the plane and escorted me to my seat, all the while being very hospitable and entertaining my stories. At my seat, I also chat with a very nice lady and told her about my life in Taiwan, and we kept each other entertained until we reached our destination.

Again, I was guided by another (or was it the same?) air stewardess and also the lady sitting next to me to get my bags and show my passport and stuff, and I saw my mom waiting for me outside the gate. I was a little bit happy to see her, but mostly indifferent. I don't know why, I just didn't really feel the excitement of seeing my mother even though we've been separated for so long, unlike other kids who would jump and hug and call "Mommy~!" I wasn't that.

I'm not like other kids.

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