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Morning Roundup St Bernard Of Clairvaux Abbot And Doctor Missa In Medio Eccelesiae August 20Th 2012


Why We Need To Thank G D

Why We Need To Thank G D

When you drive the bus in Israel or wait for your turn in the post office, you can see some people that read a small book; this is the book of Psalms. When I was a child I always wondered what is there in this book that turned it into the most readable book in the Hebrew Bible.

After a few years of learning and teaching Biblical Hebrew, the answer finally came to mind. The book of Psalms is very optimistic; it does the most obvious thing that we should do in our life- it gives The Lord the thanks that he deserves.

If I need to choose one of many I would prefer this Psalm to describe the idea above, as written:

" -: -. ;.- -,. ;,. :, -. -- -
;. --, ;. -- ;,.,
;., : -.

"Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, my soul.I will praise the Lord all my life; I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.When their spirit departs, they return to the ground; on that very day their plans come to nothing.Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God.He is the Maker of heaven and earth, the sea, and everything in them he remains faithful forever.He upholds the cause of the oppressed and gives food to the hungry. The Lord sets prisoners free, the Lord gives sight to the blind, the Lord lifts up those who are bowed down, and the Lord loves the righteous.The Lord watches over the foreigner and sustains the fatherless and the widow, but he frustrates the ways of the wicked.The Lord reigns forever, you're God, O Zion, for all generations. Praise the Lord."(Psalms 146:1-10)

The psalm starts and ends with the same words. The idea that repeats in the text above is the one and the only one that we should trust and the others that we can't. You can trust only the thing that is eternal - this is G-d. He was there when the world was created and still with us until today. If you understand this, dear friend, you will try to act like him in the time that he gave us live- you will help the prisoners, the widows, the poor people, the sojourners and more!

Have a blessed week, Eli


-'ivr^im-Blind people

-tsadd^iq^im-Righteous people

-l'^olam- Forever


-rsa'^im-Wicked people

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Pzmyers And The Pharyngulacs Religious Idiots Too

Pzmyers And The Pharyngulacs Religious Idiots Too
Earlier this week, partly in response to blogger P.Z. Myers, aka Pharyngula, laughably claiming that Sam Harris, author of "The IMmoral Landscape," was not a conservative, I wrote a post calling him a political idiot.

Well, he has a new post up attacking the idea of atheists working with interfaith groups, which show there's religious idiocy in the air too.

What started it all? An attack on non-Gnu Atheist Chris Steadman, specifically a blog post of his on working with interfaith groups, including the pejorative that he was a "faithiest."

Well, one Pharyngulac, early on, claimed to see crosses all over Chris' blog page.

The reality? As I posted on Pharyngula:

What's funny/paranoid... Chris' rows of plus signs breaking up posts, or subthoughts within posts, being called "crosses." Some of you people see what you want to see.

Ohh, I'm typing "crosses." I must be a "faithiest."But, apparently sarcasm is OK only when you're dishing it out in-group.

I followed with a more serious comment:

More seriously, folks like PZ and his (self-?)brainwashed "cadre" seem to to think that a member of the wingnut fundamentalist Church of Christ can be lumped in the same gropuing as a member of the semi-unitarian United Church of Christ.

Of course, that's totally wrong.

OTOH, many nonatheists would do the same with atheism, trying to lump all secular humanists with deliberately combative Gnus.

That's why I tend to use the word atheist less and less these days.And at least one Pharyngulacs got more than a bit touchy.

Ahh, yes, the descent to four-letter words and pejoratives. It's self-perpetuating.

In a follow-up, to tie in with the politics angle, I noted that Sam Harris lumps all Muslims together in the same way, which gets back to the post I linked up top, about Myers' political idiocy.

The "idiot" part is where he claims Sam Harris isn't a conservative, not even on his Islamophobia. Well since he quotes a prominent "dhimmitude" neocon and apparent Zionist and references her more than one in "The IMmoral Landscape," you're flat wrong, P.Z.

The author I'm referring to is Bat Ye'or (that's a pseudonym for "Daughter of the Nile"), author of "Eurabia." (Sidebar: Bat Ye'Or blaming Egypt for the problems of Jews in Cairo after the Suez war is disingenuous at least in part. One scholar of her work, Joel Beinin gets it right with saying: "Bat Ye'or exemplifies the 'neo-lachrymose' perspective on Egyptian Jewish history."

So, on mixing religion and politics and getting both wrong, Harris cites as support for his Islamophobia a Zionist neocon.

Finally, while I do not believe atheism is a religion, Gnu Atheists of P.Z. and the Pharyngulac ilk certainly act like the Tar Baby equivalents of religious fundamentalists.

Here's a checklist:

1. Black-and-white thinking;

2. Rigid in-group vs. out-group;

3. Doctrine/dogma... as exemplified in the post linked above, on how to think about "faithiests, accomodationists" and others;

4. A concept of "heresy," arguably... people like those in point 3 aren't real atheists; ditto on the political side, where P.Z. hints that he believes political conservatives aren't real atheists.

That said, the Gnus DO have a partial point. Right now I am reading "The World as It Is" by Chris Hedges. I 110 percent agree politically/socially with Chris, a truly liberal, as in third-party supporting liberal, person. (P.Z., you need to be listening!) He's also religiously liberal, and a Harvard Divinity grad.

BUT!... He has vehemently excoriated atheists in previous writings. As in egregiously so. I'm not saying he's highly representative of liberal Xns or liberal ppl of faith in general... but I don't think he's a total outlier, either. And, I don't think his stereotyping is primarily due to Gnu Atheists.

On the third hand, though, some of Hedges mischaracterizations/straw men, at least when applied to Gnu Atheists, aren't totally disconnected from reality.

I think Hedges, in part, in his book, conflated atheism and Kurzweil-type futurism. Blame a Michael Shermer for that.

OTOH, if one looks at Sam Harris, rabid in his Islamophobia and "informed" by neocons, one could argue that Harris is also influenced by Pop Evolutionary Psychology to some degree.

Second, not all atheists are "Gnu Atheists." Gnu Atheism does, speaking as a non-gnu who rarely uses the word atheist in part due to them, have quasi-religious aspects at times - not "beliefs," but "praxis" and organization. I think Hedges' debate with Hitchens, plus the mindset of many Pharyngulacs, Coyneheads (Jerry Coyne), etc., show that same "sociology of religion" stamp of a secularist fundamentalism.

That said, even the most strident Gnus, like P.Z., aren't the straw man Hedges makes out.

And, certainly, non-gnus aren't. And, Hedges, possessor of a Harvard Div degree, was intellectually lazy in not making better distinctions.

At the same time, Hedges' beliefs are so mushy - even more, the real-world application of whatever he may believe religiously - that I don't know why he calls himself religious.

As for his debate with Hitchens... he is right on theThere is no god and I am his prophet.

Morgue Chris101 20120821 210038

Morgue Chris101 20120821 210038
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup version 0.11-b1-47-ge7ee954 (webtiles) character file.1048 Chris101 the Shield-Bearer (level 7, -4/66 HPs) Began as a Deep Dwarf Fighter on Aug 21, 2012. Slain by a goliath beetle (15 damage)... on Level 6 of the Dungeon. The game lasted 00:15:38 (3915 turns).Chris101 the Shield-Bearer (Deep Dwarf Fighter) Turns: 3915, Time: 00:15:38HP -4/66 AC 8 Str 22 XL: 7 Next: 71%MP 9/9 EV 6 Int 8 God: Gold 256 SH 23 Dex 12 Spells: 0 memorised, 6 levels leftRes.Fire :... See Invis. :. a - +1 dwarf hand axe (curse) {=f}Res.Cold :... Warding :. b - +0 dwarf scale mailLife Prot.:... Conserve :. c - +0 dwarf shieldRes.Poison:. Res.Corr. :. (no helmet)Res.Elec. :. Clarity :. (no cloak)Sust.Abil.:.. Spirit.Shd :. D - -1 pair of gloves (curse)Res.Mut. :. Stasis :. (no boots)Res.Rott. :. Ctrl.Telep.:. l - amulet of the gourmandGourmand : + Levitation :. o - ring of levitation Ctrl.Flight:. n - ring of sustenance@: non-regenerating, somewhat resistant to hostile enchantments, extremelyunstealthyA: damage resistance, recharge devices, sense surroundings 1, slow healing 3a: Device Recharging, Evoke LevitationYou were on level 6 of the Dungeon.You were not hungry.You visited 1 branch of the dungeon, and saw 6 of its levels.You collected 236 gold pieces.Inventory:Hand weapons a - a cursed +1,+1 dwarven hand axe (weapon) {=f} m - a +0,+2 hand axe p - a +0,+0 hand axe (quivered)Armour b - a +0 dwarven scale mail (worn) c - a +0 dwarven shield (worn) D - a cursed -1 pair of gloves (worn)Magical devices d - a wand of heal wounds (1) w - a wand of draining (1)Comestibles f - 2 bread rations g - a meat ration j - a cheese k - 3 pears v - an apple B - a lemonScrolls q - a scroll of curse jewellery {unknown} r - a scroll of curse armour {unknown} u - a scroll of enchant weapon II y - a scroll of fear {unknown} A - a scroll of identify F - 3 scrolls of remove curse {unknown} H - a scroll of magic mapping {unknown} I - a scroll of recharging {unknown}Jewellery i - a cursed ring of hunger {unknown} l - an amulet of the gourmand (around neck) n - a ring of sustenance (left hand) o - a ring of levitation (right hand) t - an uncursed ring of wizardry E - an uncursed ring of ice {unknown}Potions e - 3 potions of curing h - 3 potions of brilliance {unknown} s - a potion of restore abilities {unknown} x - a potion of speed {unknown} z - a potion of cure mutation {unknown} C - 2 potions of might {unknown} G - a potion of heal wounds {unknown} Skills: * Level 4.6 Fighting + Level 3.7 Axes + Level 4.6 Armour * Level 5.6 Shields + Level 2.9 Traps & Doors + Level 3.9 EvocationsYou had 6 spell levels left.You didn't know any spells.Dungeon Overview and Level AnnotationsBranches:Dungeon (6/27) Temple: D:4-7 Orc: D:6-11 Altars:Fedhasthe Shining OneInnate Abilities, Weirdness & MutationsYou are resistant to damage.You can recharge devices by infusing magical energy.You passively map a small area around you.You do not heal naturally.Message HistoryThe goliath beetle is moderately wounded.You block the worm's attack. You block the giant gecko's attack.You slash the goliath beetle!The goliath beetle is moderately wounded.You block the goliath beetle's attack.The giant gecko bites you but does no damage.You block the giant gecko's attack.You hit the goliath beetle but do no damage.The goliath beetle is moderately wounded.The worm barely misses you.The giant gecko bites you but does no damage.You hit the goliath beetle but do no damage.The goliath beetle is moderately wounded.The worm bites you. The goliath beetle bites you!* * * LOW HITPOINT WARNING * * *You block the giant gecko's attack.You hit the goliath beetle.The goliath beetle is heavily wounded.The worm bites you. The goliath beetle bites you!You die......,,,.........,...........,,, *.............,...............*,................,,.................,..#,,,.......w..(.............#,.......B@l..............#.....,........................#..........#....................#......... ##...................#.........# ##..................>.....## ##.......................## ##.................

Origin: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Sweat Lodge Leader Mum About Ritual

Sweat Lodge Leader Mum About Ritual
A sweat lodge ritual goes awry at a New Age retreat in Sedona, Ariz. when two people die and several others are treated for dehydration, burns, and other conditions. The police are investigating the advisor and his staff to determine if they were criminally negligent. The advisor is named James Ray, and is the co-author of "The Secret", the self-help book that was immensely popular and was shown on Oprah. Sweat lodges are well known parts of Native American religious ceremonies, and are used in religious ceremonies worldwide. Unfortunately, this appears to be another case of sincere seekers being placed in harm's way by people who were not careful with the people who trusted them. What makes the matter so much worse is that neither Mr. Ray, nor his staff, seem to be willing to answer questions about the ritual to police.The Arizona RepublicFull article

Iran Jews Reject Cash Offer To Move To Israel

Iran Jews Reject Cash Offer To Move To Israel


OK, let's put this in perspective--your family and your community could be wiped out at any moment by a madman dictator, and you are asked publicly, "Do you want to leave?" Of course you are going to say: "NO! I'm loving this! It's the only place I want to be!" just to protect those you love. The Jews of Iran have no freedom to say anything else.


Robert Tait in Tehran

Thursday July 12, 2007

Guardian Unlimited

http://www.guardian.co.uk/iran/story/0,,2125155,00.html#article continue

Iran's Jews have given the country a loyalty pledge in the face of cash offers aimed at encouraging them to move to Israel, the arch-enemy of its Islamic rulers.

The incentives - ranging from lb5,000 a person to lb30,000 for families - were offered from a special fund established by wealthy expatriate Jews in an effort to prompt a mass migration to Israel from among Iran's 25,000-strong Jewish community. The offers were made with Israel's official blessing and were additional to the usual state packages it provides to Jews emigrating from the diaspora.

However, the Society of Iranian Jews dismissed them as "immature political enticements" and said their national identity was not for sale.

"The identity of Iranian Jews is not tradeable for any amount of money," the society said in a statement. "Iranian Jews are among the most ancient Iranians. Iran's Jews love their Iranian identity and their culture, so threats and this immature political enticement will not achieve their aim of wiping out the identity of Iranian Jews."

The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv reported that the incentives had been doubled after earlier offers of lb2,500 a head failed to attract any Iranian Jews to leave for Israel.

Iran's sole Jewish MP, Morris Motamed, said the offers were insulting and put the country's Jews under pressure to prove their loyalty.

"It suggests the Iranian Jew can be encouraged to emigrate by money," he said. "Iran's Jews have always been free to emigrate and three-quarters of them did so after the revolution but 70% of those went to America, not Israel."

Iran's Jewish population has dwindled from around 80,000 at the time of the 1979 Islamic revolution but remains the largest of any country in the Middle East apart from Israel. Jews have lived in Iran since at least 700BC.

Hostility between Iran's Islamic government and Israel means Iranian Jews are often subject to official mistrust and scrutiny. In 2000 10 Jews in the southern city of Shiraz were jailed for spying for Israel, which Iran refuses to recognise.

A Jewish businessman, Ruhollah Kadkhodah-Zadeh, was hanged in 1998, apparently for allegedly helping Jews to emigrate.

Jews generally avoid political controversy, but Mr Motamed wrote a letter of protest to Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, last year after he called the Holocaust "a myth". Mr Ahmadinejad had earlier said that Israel should be "wiped off the map".

Jews are free to practise their religion and have their own schools, although they are forced to open on Saturdays, the Jewish sabbath.

Despite the absence of diplomatic ties with Israel, Iranian Jews frequently go there to visit relatives.

Yearning For An End To Youth Ministry

Yearning For An End To Youth Ministry
Anyone could write a book on this subject since that's how much there is to say about it. Today, we'll try to summarize the problem and move on, but pray that others will have their eyes opened to the truth about such things.

Youth Ministry. People who have criticized me for not seeing the value in Youth Ministry (or who have called me a 'hypocrite' for working at a Christian camp and retreat center given my strong feelings against such Youth Ministries) "misunderstand" the point I'm trying to make.

I've never said that I believe that Youth Ministry has absolutely no value whatsoever. I do believe it can have some value. I just think that there should be more emphasis placed on Family Ministry as opposed to Youth Ministry.

Why? Simply put, a majority of Christian parents are abdicating their God-given religious responsibilities to raise children for Jesus Christ to Youth Ministers (young men and women) who themselves are woefully unprepared to do a job that shouldn't be theirs in the first place.

I don't question the good intentions of Youth Ministry leaders today and their desire for youth to know Jesus Christ. I just question the methodology. We just have to go back and look at what the Bible has to say.

Doesn't anyone else think there's something fundamentally wrong with the church's drive to say that they can do a better job of raising your children than you can? I would hope so.

God has appointed fathers to lead their children; not for someone else to do it just because they have a college degree or some seminary training. That does not qualify someone to all of a sudden become the spiritual leader of your family.

Therein lies the problem I have with Youth Ministry.

Yet, even if you strongly disagree with me, and conclude that I feel this way only because I never grew up with the 'benefit' of having Youth Ministry as a part of my life, then I would ask you to kindly consider the abundance of evidence that seems to support my position.

Youth Ministry: A '50-Year Failed Experiment'

A group of pastors and former youth ministry leaders suggest that today's youth ministries should be disbanded, calling the common practice of separating congregations by age for worship and Bible study "unbiblical."

The church leaders state their case in the documentary film, "DIVIDED: IS AGE-SEGREGATED MINISTRY MULTIPLYING OR DIVIDING THE CHURCH?" The film is produced by the National Center for Family Integrated Churches in association with LeClerc Brothers Motion Pictures.

The producers released the documentary earlier this month online, and have made it available for free until September 15. "Divided" follows "edgy twenty-something" Christian filmmaker Philip LeClerc on a quest to find answers to why his generation is increasingly turning away from attending church. Recent surveys have shown that as many as 85 percent of young people will leave the church and many never return.

NCFIC Director Scott T. Brown told The Christian Post that today's modern concept of youth ministry is a "50-year failed experiment." Brown said that when he was a church leader in the '70s and '80s he could have been the "poster boy" for the youth ministry movement in California.

However, he said he now feels that dividing children from adults at church is an unbiblical concept borrowed from humanistic philosophies.

"The church has become divided generationally," Brown said. "It's not doing what Scripture prescribes and is actually doing something foreign to Scripture by dividing people by age or by life stage."I couldn't agree more with that assessment, and it sounds like I'm in some pretty good company too.

I also like what Pastor Scott Brown said about this issue that cuts to the heart of the matter.

"The whole point of 'Divided' is that God has spoken clearly about the discipleship of youth in the Bible. Scripture is sufficient. It's time to get beyond the age of modern, systematic age-segregated youth ministry. We need to put it aside."Furthermore, former Youth Pastor Boyd Dellinger, who is now the lead Pastor of Heritage Bible Fellowship in Fayetteville, N.C., is one of several church leaders interviewed in the film. Dellinger said that by all of today's standards he was once a successful Youth Pastor.

"I look back and realize I did more harm to families than I ever imagined. I see that more as I look back because I was usurping the authority of parents, especially fathers by having their children's hearts turn towards me - with their permission. Today, I can make more of a difference in the lives of young people through the biblical standards of fathers turning their hearts towards their children."That's so spot on, isn't it? For emphasis, here's Voddie Baucham on the same issue.

In the final analysis, Brown, Dellinger, Baucham and others like them are right to be raising this issue today as Youth Ministries are becoming bigger and bigger, but actually doing more harm than good.

Yes, it would be a radical shift, but not an un-Biblical one to move away from Youth Ministry.

Churches would have the older gathering together with the younger for worship, celebration, and instruction. It would look like what happened in Deuteronomy 12 where Moses commands the parents to bring whole families to come and worship and sacrifice.

By the way, that's the "only" pattern you see in Scripture. You never see Moses, or Nehemiah, or Jesus, or the apostle Paul, or anyone ever segregating people by age. Never.

On the contrary, integrated discipleship is really an indisputable pattern of Scripture.


The Golden Dawn Saga Episode 4 Mirackle

The Golden Dawn Saga Episode 4 Mirackle


Serving as Imperator of the world's largest Golden Dawn order is not at all an easy job. Not only does defense of the order's reputation fall on your shoulders, but it also paints a target on your back.

In the old West, being fast on the draw was both a blessing and a curse. The problem was, there was always some young punk out to make a name for himself by showing he was even faster.

A fast and famous Wand of Power in the hands of a Golden Dawn Imperator creates very much the same problem. During my twenty years as Imperator, in the HOGD and AO we have had our share of magical attacks.

But before McGoldenDawn(R) franchise owners and their anonymous trolls start screaming "paranoia" and calling me names again, let me tell you what I mean. The truth about magical attacks on our order has been documented over and over again over the years, mostly whenever people got fed up and left Robert Zink's EOGD. Bob Zink is documented having using his entire order to attack us magically for years.

People have apologised decades later to me for doing Zink's dirty work. One man confessed with tears in his eyes how he had spied on me at Zink's behest, following me from the Los Angeles hotel where I stayed on tour.

Then there is the story of the infamous Watermelon caper, where Zink and his members baptised a watermelon with my name, then hacked it to bits with swords.

To be frank, I remained mostly undisturbed by all this nonsense, as my attackers have been mostly a bunch of magical lightweights. These guys weren't able to get anywhere near me with their black magic due to our order's sophisticated and exhaustive magical defences.

For security reasons, I can't go into specifics, but part of our magical defences are like an electrified fence. Our defences are so automatic and formidable that only a fool with a death wish would be dumb enough to attack our order. In fact, we can usually tell who tell who attacked us just by observing whose life implodes around them.

The last person who decided to self destruct on our order's defenses was Robert Zink. We all know what happenned to Sideshow Bob.

The whole picture changed though, during the recent International Conclave of Golden Dawn Adepti at Isis-Hathor Mother Temple here in the Nevada desert. One morning, GH Frater DeDI and I decided to take a ride together to the store with the top down in "Mirakcle," my trusty Jaguar XKR. It was a beautiful morning. The desert sun was already warming the fertile sands exploding with wildflowers in the last week of Winter.

DeDI and I only get to see each other once in a blue moon, since I live in Nevada and DeDI lives on the other coast. Yet here we were, two of the three chiefs of the Alpha Omega, cruising along in Mirackle, top down, Mick Jagger crooning on the radio, our hair blowing in the warm desert breeze.

We had just pulled out onto the interstate. Mirackle's engine was purring like a kitten at 70 mph. Suddenly, I saw something floating through the air towards us, like a leaf on the warm desert breeze.

Instantly, beauty turned to menace, and fascination to seel resolve. This was no leaf! This was a truck wheel on a deadly trajectory for our windshield - impact due in a matter of seconds.

It looked like this - only higher in the air!

There was no time to outrun it on the highway, even for Mirackle. I put metal to the floor, engaged XKR Turbo - and reigned Mirackle full throttle onto the brush filled desert plain.

Mirakle clawed deeply into the sand, billowing dust behind us, as the plummetting missle hammered into the road where we had been but a split second before.

I reigned Mirackle in and - with lion like grace, she came around to an elegant stop on the sage drenched sands.

We had safely dodged the missile!

A Fate Narrowly Escaped!

A lesser car would have surely have been the death of us all, but Mirackle had saved the day. GH Frater DeDI and I came out without a scratch. Mirackle would need a good washing, but she pulled through unscathed as well.

Was this all sheer coincidence?

To suggest otherwise, would surely unleash another army of McGoldenDawn(R) franchise owners and thier anonymous trolls - accusing me of everything from paranoia to hunting for conspiracies under matresses.

But still - what are the odds of a near fatal accident with two Golden Dawn Chiefs - who almost never see each other - sitting together in one car?

What if this were not mere coincidence, after all?

Well - if it was a magical attack, I can tell you it didn't come from any of the limp-wand-wannabe-mes who keep calling me names on the Internet.

It would take a black magician of a whole different caliber to get this close without imploding on our order's magical defenses. In 20 years as Golden Dawn Imperator, I have never come so close to death.

Anyone good enough to toss a truck wheel at me on the Interstate has a dark hand worthy of respct!

So what was it? Coincidence?

Or has a new magical player taken the field?

Well, assuming you are still out there, somewhere in the shadows... Whatever you are... Whoever you are...

Or however it is you call yourself - Moriarty? Voldemort? Black Brother? Sith?

Whatever - Just be advised...

This time you caught the Adepts of the Rosy Cross by surprise - and nearly took out two of our GH Chiefs.

But our magical defenses, quick reactions, and Mirakle's Jaguar pounce together saved our lives.

Next time you will no longer have the element of surprise.

We will be waiting for you - like Jedi Masters and Knights of the Old Republic - we Adepts of the Rosy Cross and Secret Chiefs of the Golden Dawn...

Vigilant - standing tall - shoulder to shoulder - together we shall hold the line...

In that place where Darkness may not pass - and Shadows flee away!

To be continued...

Sunset Over The Nevada Desert

Reference: masonsofheaven.blogspot.com

Christianity And Wicca A Comparison

Christianity And Wicca A Comparison
Christianity Wicca Patriarchal/Paternalistic Duotheistic (Goddess/God)* Dualistic: deity detach from everyday world Monistic: God indissoluble from everyday world Renaissance Resurgence Heaven: destination of Christian essence Summerland: inactive place between souls' incarnations Hell No even Satan No even Key Sin No even Redemption/Atonement/Confession Karma/Threefold Law(evil wages upon the architect Hierarchy/Authoritarianism Lack of restrictions (no hierarchy) Bible(scripture) No equivalent** Sabbaths based upon Biblical and Christian Sabbats based upon solar/lunar cycles forgotten happenings Prophets/Saints/Messiahs no even Generally amusing be fond of Definite be fond of of the night(lunar esbats) Churches/temples Circles where workable, far and wide no bureaucrat temple 10 Commandments Wiccan Rede (Destruction none) Mystic phenomena commonly deflated forbid Mystic abilities moved (magick) for "miracles" * Names change from tradition to tradition. Speckled aspects of the Goddess/God hold tight distinct names creating the public image that Wicca may be pantheistic. ** Wiccans use a book called the "Fact list of Gloom". This is a working processor pretty than a scriptural emulate. - by Rowan Moonstone


TM> To raise on my nearer comments on Satanic symbolism in Thelemic
TM> ritual, and their single-mindedness to the scandal of whether Thelema is a
TM> form of Satanism under some fitting definition of that word.
TM> You requirement to get a portray of "Magick in Brainchild and Sharpen" if you're
TM> conscious in the affair. Crowley's ritual and thoughtful orders
TM> were his best message, probably because they dealt with what he knew
TM> best. It's because of the power and matter of these orders
TM> that I was amenable to skip his sad right-wing politics and
TM> allude to Crowley as a splendidly in Early evening Crossing; LaVey and Aquino pass on
TM> prepared no aid that scrutinize up to these.
TM> I'm goodbye to hint order the round about Liberi in Rider VI, "A Few
TM> Former Rituals
", in order.
TM> Grimorium Sanctissimum. The O.T.O./A.'.A.'. sex magic expressed in the
TM> form of a Black Enclose, with a discovered virgin as the altar.

How is is it a Black Mass? Or are all sex magick wake Black Masses? It doesn't deem Christian crucifixes, horizontal or vile, little it
does pass on oil and a sound. One capacity say it has cakes and ale, but these are not the stolen and debased ones of an tormenter, but rather the natural secretions of the participants. I completely wait for of a Black Enclose as a fastidious invasion on the Catholic Use, reversing and spoiling.

TM> The Hero Cranberry. Therion and Babalon, who are the Monster and the Cherry
TM> Insect from the Apocalypse of John, and who are undeniably Satanic
TM> symbols. (The Hero Cranberry is the Thelemic recension of the Inconsiderable Banishing
TM> Ceremonial of the Pentagram.)

Single-handedly Tim calls it "thelemic recension. It is spicy to announcement that this ritual was published in two forms by Crowley himself, the other one using Puzzlement, Babalon, Eros and View. Babalon in this organizer refers, I wait for, to the Babalon of Dee and Kelly, rather than the Babalon of Blow,
little Dee and Kelly were indisputably wary of the following. (It pairs with Puzzlement, who in the Dee and Kelly exchange ideas would be Choronzon.)

TM> The Hero Indigo. Set, a very insignificant Satanic cognate, and Baphomet,
TM> the demon presumably worshipped by the Templars.

This ritual is intended to intermingling opposites. Not amazing that Crowley's Christian opposites would be recycled. Make a note that L.V.X. is invoked at the end, and not N.O.X.

TM> The Enclose of the Phoenix. The magician carves his or her breast with
TM> the Shame of the Monster, soaks the blood clothed in a cake, and eats it.

I don't know what Tim's splendidly is for the use of the Shame of the Monster.
It may be a dignity with the resulting ritual. This ritual says 'the bona fide remnant, which I foothold to be a distinctive and human being symbol, which for Crowley may well pass on been the Marlk of the Monster. But I've found no fastidious compute of what the bona fide sign is.

TM> Liber V vel Reguli. "Beast the Ceremonial of the Shame of the Monster".
TM> The Monster 666, Therion, Babalon, Repellent Pentagrams, "Saturn or Satan
TM> is majestic in the Protect of Venus or Astarte
", "the Father-Mother
TM> Set-Isis
", and so on.

This ritual, individualistic the Ceremonial of the Shame of the Monster, is add-on distinctive to Crowley, and he transcript that it is to be made to order for the piece use of other Magicians.

TM> The Gnostic Enclose. Puzzlement, Babalon, Baphomet, Abrasax, Therion, Simon
TM> Magus, and choice reclaiming of the Black Enclose with its discovered virgin
TM> on the altar. (The G.S. form in excess of is more made to order to the execution
TM> use of two family, calculate this form is for the puhblic and is secret
TM> with a shroud of symbolism.
) Interestingly, everything very kind this
TM> ritual may pass on a striking arrangement to do with our all-embracing launch of the
TM> Black Enclose, coming from the Hero Cave post in France. It is
TM> fuzzy how noticeably of the accusations were exagerrated and brought clothed in
TM> line with the Inquisitional mythology, and how noticeably was an actual
TM> "amatory mass" as some of the sources dispatch to it.

I warfare from the flinch that this is a Black Enclose. It is, to me, the familiarization of the Russian Running public and prerequisite (very lofty to a Plymouth Bretheren-raised human being) to a splendor
religion. It is not the reverse of a religion, it is the use of very familiar ritual for choice religion.

TM> This ends the codicil containing the peak Thelemic rituals, with
TM> the exemption of Liber Samekh. That is so enter that it receives
TM> its own codicil, IV. As you know, the emphasis of Liber Samekh on
TM> Satan is momentous. It alike exalts the Monster and the Cherry Insect yet
TM> another time. This is the ritual of "the Execution of the Know-how and
TM> Chat of the Sacred Superintendent Seraph
" or Best quality Self; in Crowley's
TM> organizer, he alleged this "devil or angel" to be named Aiwaz or Aiwass,
TM> and to pass on delivered the Pamphlet of the Law, the commencement of Thelema.

Liber Samekh was as you think fit mature by Crowley for Crowley at a a variety of right on his path, wherever he was tough to get in come into contact with with his HGA. Make a note that the Barbarous names themselves pass on zilch Satanic in them with the reachable exemption of the log of Babalon, which I do not wait for is personage. The splendidly of these Barbarous names is a Greco-Egyptian papyrus. The satanic symbold Tim claims are in the ritual are in fact in Crowley's notations of his interpretations. In other words, we are back at Crowley's distinctive spiritual path. Make a note that within the ritual the remedy of gratitude of the name and
show off of the beggar is up to the beggar. (This is explained in the testimony Point II, Area office Aa) The personage ritual had Moses and Israel, to the same extent crown rehashed by Mathers. Crowley chose Ankh-af-na-Khonsu and Khem, to the same extent he rewrote it, and refers to himself as The Monster 666 forthright as an human being who picked these names for this mean.

TM> I pass on not mentioned the alike copying of the Serpent symbol,
TM> which for Crowley was interpreted scheduled the lines of Commencement -- or an
TM> anti-Genesis which cultivated the pagan symbol demonized in the Hebrew
TM> myth. Anybody may possibly knowledge, formerly all, that Serpent-worship is assiduously
TM> locked up to Satanism; we pass on to see how noticeably Crowley undeniably wrong side up
TM> the follower of the Bible before we can know indisputably that he did the awfully
TM> with the head start. So the Serpent or Rotate has tiny evidentiary appreciate
TM> in itself, restrain wherever it is very definitely a citation to Commencement, as
TM> in "I am the Rotate that giveth Know-how" in the Pamphlet of the Law.
TM> As we can see, offer is not one Thelemic ritual, by way of individuals Crowley
TM> doubt supreme enter, which is scarce in Satanic symbols.

Tim is almost significant Thelema as the aping of Crowley and the use of his distinctive rituals as dead instruments, rather than liven up examples.
I would rather folio this Crowleyanity, a phase of the people
of the understanding of Thelema that Crowley foresaw and dreaded.

TM> Now, we requirement alike look at Rider VII, "A Few of the Former
TM> Ephemeral Authorised by the A.'.A.'.
" These are noticeably less Satanic
TM> by and ponderous. Heaps of them pass on no Satanic references survey mentioning,
TM> such as the Yogic orders of Liber HHH, Liber E, and Liber RV,
TM> and the Fair Coming on derived execution magick practices of Liber O,
TM> Liber Yod, Liber Resh, and Liber A. Too for the past-life muse over
TM> practice (perhaps Theosophical?) of Liber Thisharb and the penultimate
TM> practice of Liber B vel Magi. Yet offer are other works in the awfully
TM> codicil which procure essential Satanic symbolism, such as Liber Astarte,
TM> Liber III, Liber Cheth, and Liber A'ash.

I find it vague that he doesn't quote any of these. The log of
Cerberus in Liber III is despairing, and this ceratinly has Thelemic gods;
Nuit, Hadit, and the word ABRAHADABRA. Widely of the symbolism is from the Pamphlet of the Law, the Priestess, the Ox, the Deceive, little these do dignitary not on as well, of course. Liber HHH opens with a quote from Liber LXV, and the aspiration is towards one's own HGA. Liber Astarte quote Liber LXV alike and lone warnings v the craft of the devil's
distractions, which in this organizer I foothold to be sparsely directives to not break reduction. He does log Babalon at the end. In Liber RU he refers
the reader to Liber XXV and Liber CLXXV, Astarte. These orders are
all intertwined and interconnected, and I wait for it is sham to foundation conclusions on a few of them, add-on ignoring thelemic references
to the same extent it is close to do so.

TM> The spicy thing about the orders of this label is that,
TM> for the supreme part, they are not notably Thelemic either. Existing is
TM> tiny log of the Thelemic trinity of Nuit, Hadit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit,
TM> or of the Pamphlet of the Law, or of the word Thelema, or "Do what thou droop"

As I log in excess of. this is not true, apart from the effortlessly execution ritual orders, such as are based on Hebrew CM traditions. It may be that Tim's definition of Thelemic is more detail than expectation. In fact, I wait for he particular it and with went looking for evidence.

TM> or its cognates such as "the law of abandon". Where these do clearance, they
TM> are completely in pithy rather than medium to the instruction; and in
TM> here and there in every organizer, the degree of Satanic symbolism is proportional to
TM> the degree of Thelemic symbolism.

I wait for this is an indefinite diagram. He is discounting imperfect the books that pass on thelemic references, and sparsely claims they lack them.
This may report to his more limitation definition as to what is Thelemic.

TM> That is, offer is assiduously a book that contains major Satanic
TM> symbolism that does not alike procure Thelemic symbolism of unfavorably autonomous
TM> announcement, and vice versa. The books which don't procure one not often procure
TM> the other.

Simply to the same extent he discusses gods, he discusses gods. The other books arrangement with other matters. This is not amazing, express his diversity of interests.

TM> Liber A vel Armorum may possibly be tiring as a counterexample, but even offer
TM> the quote from the Pamphlet of the Law is faintly an opening shape up having
TM> no cope with to the teaching in itself; it is a album incarceration stating
TM> Crowley's encouragement to tender the book. If it were not there, it would
TM> pass on no effect on the dictate of how to deceit elemental artillery.
TM> It's of no more prominence than the log of Typhon in Liber O.

Or perhaps Satan, SET, etc. in all the attentively regulating rituals?

TM> In Liber Astarte and Liber III, the Thelemic and the Satanic symbolism
TM> are both recycled in pithy, forcibly as afterthoughts. (Astarte alike contains
TM> some of the anti-Satanic symbolism that Crowley sometimes uses; the
TM> Thelemic devil is named Choronzon, and almost he is existing as leading
TM> the beggar misplaced.
) In Astarte, the tiny Satanic symbolism consists
TM> of a citation to Babalon, which is alike Thelemic symbolism; the lone
TM> other Thelemic references are to Choronzon and a album rapid shape up
TM> (out of fifty clauses) which urges the use of Thelemic books and
TM> aphorisms in the practice. In Liber III, the Thelemic mythology is
TM> exactly in an opening benediction which (later than another time) may possibly organically be
TM> not there not including having the smallest amount cope with to the meditation practice,
TM> calculate the Satanic symbol of "Cerebus, the striking Monster of Hell" is forcibly
TM> as slim.

I wait for Tim is identifying as Thelemic lone the mythology mentioned strictly in the Pamphlet of the Law. This may be the splendidly of his lone identifying Satanic mythology as Thelemic. Thelema embraces a good arrangement more than the Pamphlet of the Law, little of course it is medium. But it is good to spontaneous that Crowley got the Pamphlet of the Law to the same extent he was 29, before he got winding with the OTO, or started the A.'.A.'. He lived to be 72, and never packed up educating the exchange ideas. The Pamphlet of the Law is not including a examine the supreme satanic book by Crowley. I wait for this has a lot to do with his district of people at that age.

TM> Was Crowley a Satanist? Is Thelema a form of Satanism? Single-handedly the supreme
TM> contrived definition of "Satanism" may possibly place these questions "no".

I wait for these are two very an assortment of questions. How does Tim define Thelema?

TM> Whatsoever would Crowley pass on answered? In a dedication to "Why Jesus Wept",
TM> he told G. K. Chesterton that he, Crowley, had "found [his] Messiah in
TM> the Sprite and all his angels
", and showed order gematria that the
TM> Serpent was the true Messiah.

Near Crowley is baiting a Catholic, and catching Tim.

TM> In "Magick in Brainchild and Sharpen" (cap.IV) and "The Pamphlet of Thoth",
TM> and everyday other seats, he praised Satan
TM> at length. He sang overexcited love-songs to the devil in his ritual
TM> practices, and gave him the unholy kiss referred to in the legends of
TM> the templars and the Sabbat. He wrote, in the grasp chapter of "Magick
TM> in Brainchild and Sharpen
", that:
TM> "The Sprite" is, historically, the God of any family that one
TM> attentively dislikes. This has led to so noticeably dignity of
TM> doubt that THE Monster 666 has special to let names stand
TM> as they are, and to song sparsely that AIWAZ -- the solar-
TM> phallic-hermetic Lucifer -- is His own Sacred Superintendent Seraph,
TM> and "The Sprite" SATAN or HADIT of our a variety of unit of the
TM> Starry Foundation. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of
TM> Man, but HE who prepared Gods of our show off, mature Righteous and Evil;
TM> He bade "Put in the picture Thyself!" and educated Introduction. He is "the
TM> Sprite
" of the Pamphlet of Thoth, and His benchmark is BAPHOMET, the
TM> Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of subterranean perfection.
TM> We pass on no like to hazard on the affair. The man has spoken obviously
TM> for himself.

I obstinate with this rear summation. Crowley has spoken for himself, and correctly for his own HGA gratitude. That does not mean that
Thelemites all pass on Satan as their HGA. It would be impartial profitable, if to some extent ridiculous, to look at Hadit the Sacred Aura, Nuit Mary, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit Christ. 'I bring not serene, but a sword!'

The Beauty Of Spring The Beauty Of His Kingdom

The Beauty Of Spring The Beauty Of His Kingdom

This is a sign, for me, that spring is arriving in Sacramento. Some of my camellias bloom in the late fall, but when this one starts blooming I know that spring is very near. It has been blooming at the very end of winter for me for over twenty-one years. It was established before we moved here so I do not know its name. But as you can see it is very beautiful. As the days grow longer and, yes, the rains continue, the flowers will start turning brown with some kind of rot.-But, although I sometimes, in the midst of its loss of beauty, think of cutting it down, I remember that once again in the very early beginning of spring it will bloom and bring joy to everyone who sees it. I think the Church is often like that. In some places weak and broken. In some places full of rot, as we all often are, but God continues to prune and care and we, the Church, all wait for spring.-Which reminds me of C.S. Lewis' description of the golden kingdom of Jesus Christ. At the end of "That Hideous Strength "he gathers, in his writing, all the metaphorical pictures of different culture's ideals of a golden age to express the secret work of God's redemptive action. First Lewis writes of Arthur and the kingdom of Logres, in contrast to Britain, the worldly Britain. The plot of the story is that Britain has almost overcome Logres. He writes of those who have stood in that battle:-"'You have done what was required of you,' said the Director. [whose name is Ransom] 'You have obeyed and waited. It will often happen like that. As one of the modern authors has told us, the altar must be built in one place in order that the fire from heaven may descend somewhere else. But don't jump to conclusions. You may have plenty of work to do before a month is passed. Britain has lost a battle, but she will rise again."-But, after warning that the battle is not over, he goes on to write of that final time of spring when no longer will the worldliness of cultures undo the beauty of Jesus' Kingdom.-"When Lorges really dominates Britian, when the goddess Reason, the divine clearness, is really enthroned in France, when the order of Heaven is followed in China--why, then it will be spring."-"For it was the Father's good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him, [Jesus], and through Him to reconcile all things to Himself, having made peace through the blood of His cross; through Him, I say whether things on earth or things in heaven." (Col. 1:19-20)

The Effectiveness Of Spells For Money

The Effectiveness Of Spells For Money
People are always looking for the easy and fast methods that they can use to earn money. Aside from the proper management, saving procedures, and numerous tools that can be used to keep the financial stability of a person, there are also methods that are available in the market which are being patronized by the people who are determined enough to earn a large amount of money. Since they are too desperate to implement these practices, they are now using the methods that are too impossible or nearly possible to happen. These tools are the spells for money. Furthermore, here are the numbers of details that you would like to know under this effective and reliable spells for money. The main objective of this spells for money is to give you the right and efficient amount of money in the appropriate time and opportunity. When you use this spells for money, the tendency is for to probably earn money in a way of being hired in a job that has a definite and large amount of wages, win a particular sweepstakes, the capability of not losing in the gambles that you are joining to. Together with these spells for money, you can now look forward for a fortune that you always wish to have in every minute of your life. In addition, here are some of the procedures that you can implement in order for you to have this kind of luck and effective spells for money. The first thing that you have to do is to go to the white magic stores which are selling elements that are totally effective in promoting and truly promising in granting all your wishes and wants. In this reputable magic store, buy two candles; one for the white and another one for the green. As you know, green symbolizes the color of money, so this color for the candle is so effective in this kind of spells for money. While the white also symbolizes purity, it only means that you have a good intention in casting the spell. After doing these procedures, the next thing that you have to do is to circle these candles with six coins. Be sophisticated in choosing the coins that you will use for the reason that it is more advisable to use the Sacajawea gold dollar because they are large in size and it only means a larger opportunity to have the amount of money that will exceed your expectation. By these elements of the spells for money, you can now look forward for the success of your plan in regards to spell casting. As a person who is always having trouble in gaining a sufficient amount of money, then the most effective action that you can implement is the spells for money. Since you can easy practice this at home, the tendency is you will have the concentration that you need in order to perfectly cast the spells for money.

Credit: witchcraftforall.blogspot.com

Sunday Martyr Moment Zoe The Twins Quintin And Today Persecuted Christian

Sunday Martyr Moment Zoe The Twins Quintin And Today Persecuted Christian
Foxe's Fact list of Martyrs. According to this sort from Christian Fact list Summaries,

Newspaper writing in the mid-1500s, John Foxe was living in the midst of earnest sincere persecution at the hands of the successful Roman Catholic Minster. In dialogue box moment, he offers accounts of Christians being martyred for their belief in Jesus Christ, telling how God gave them marked character and patience to hold out numberless bother.

From the exceedingly comrade, the book's drift was fourfold:

* Presentation the character of true believers who sustain voluntarily hard a stand for Jesus Christ from end to end the ages, even if it expected death,
* Support the gracefulness of God in the lives of populate martyred for their aspiration,
* Uncover the ruthlessness of sincere and devotee leaders as they sought after to inhibit populate with self-willed beliefs,
* Revel the character of populate who risked their lives to make clear the Bible modish the humble oration of the genus.


Aurelian, 44th Ruler of Roman People

Not getting any younger week we began we began looking at the Ninth Aggravation Under Aurelian, A.D. 274. It was a quick glance at, Ruler Aurelian was killed by his own brothers a minimal but after booty the throne.

"Aurelian was succeeded by Tacitus, who was followed by Probus, as the following was by Carus: this king being killed by a crash go wild, his sons, Carnious and Numerian, succeeded him, and now all these reigns the Minster had demand. Marcus and Marcellianus were twins, those of Rome, and of noble globule. Their parents were heathens, but the tutors, to whom the coaching of the children was intrusted, brought them up as Christians. Their constancy at coil uninterested populate who wished them to become pagans, and their parents and whole silhouette became converts to a aspiration they had previous reprobated. They were martyred by being tied to posts, and having their feet pierced with nails. Late keep up in this publicize for a day and a night, their sufferings were put an end to by thrusting lances the length of their bodies." (photo Agency)

"Existing is no such thing as a hopeless publicize. Several recording glory of your life can change! "

"- Rhonda Byrne, The Controlled"

"Zoe, the husband of the jailer, who had the kindheartedness of the before-mentioned martyrs, was in addition won over by them, and hung upon a tree, with a fire of straw lighted under her. To the same degree her human resources was hard down, it was stumped modish a water, with a big stone tied to it, in order to wilt it."

"I command God's dream for my life is coming to outmoded." ~Joel Osteen"

"Quintin was a Christian, and a biological of Rome, but absolute to depart the dissemination of the Gospel in Gaul, with one Lucian, they preached together in Amiens; after which Lucian went to Beaumaris, anywhere he was martyred. Quintin remained in Picardy, and was very dedicated in his ministry. Heart detained upon as a Christian, he was lengthy with pullies until his joints were dislocated; his human resources was moreover untidy with string scourges, and muggy oil and heave poured on his bare flesh; lighted torches were workable to his sides and armpits; and after he had been as a result angst-ridden, he was remanded back to jail, and died of the barbarities he had suffered, October 31, A.D. 287. His human resources was sunk in the Somme."

"To the same degree we use the spiritual laws that God has set up, God requirement respect what we request." ~Kenneth Copeland"

I interspersed the quotes from lots of noted Prosperity/Word of Group make-believe preachers to pennon the evaluate among the silliness of what they lecture compared to the verity of the persecution of the Christian. Jesus supposed,

"I sustain supposed these things to you, that in me you may sustain demand. In the world you hand down sustain ordeal. But take heart; I sustain overcome the world"." (John 16:33)

You Force sustain ordeal. Silent, the true Christian who is especially at demand believes Jesus's words. Our be relevant is in this area on this world but we sustain demand within mature He has overcome the world. Our demand is eternal- being reconciled to Him. A person who says that our quandary won't happen on this earth is a storyteller, and the truth is not in him. (1 John 2:4)

Zoe was won over given that of the unbending aspiration of the twins Marcus and Marcellianus. The twins exhibited the demand of Jesus which resided in them, and Zoe expected. In listening to make-believe prophets breed Osteen, Copeland, Byrne and others, if you state the things of the world, behind the world comes opposed to you the things you've grasped hand down fall out cold. Appreciative moderately Jesus, who never fails.

Lest one ponder that such horrors existed particular in the fourth century, Christians are being mistreated in particularly the exceedingly mode and woodenness today. Their persecutors spin evil cruelties to perpetrate upon them, and assorted who die under them relaxed encompass the aspiration of the fourth century martyrs. In is from the Christian Office, writing on the new travel clock list for countries that taunt Christians, compiled by Environmental Doors.

On January 8, "Environmental Doors launched its 2014 World Scene Proposition (WWL) existence of countries anywhere persecution of Christians is most extensive. And it is, without doubt, very extensive these days, with elder than two thirds of the countries on the World Scene Proposition experiencing an billow in the persecution of Christians in 2013...Christians keep the most mistreated sincere minority on the earth.... North Korea shape first on the WWL for an unprecedented 12th meeting in a row." (Agency)

While of Foxe's Fact list, voices breed Zoe and Marcus and Marcellianus and Quintin's are heard today. It is effective that they be heard, given that they speak of Jesus and by their lives Jesus speaks the length of them. The Martyrs and the mistreated speak today. Due to at Right to be heard of the Martyrs, a North Korean Christian who was locked up for assorted time on a gulag says,

"I may well not order you what the greatest thing was I competent. Several day in the camp was breed bother. I regularly had to ponder about God's plagues for Egypt. Heart in this strength camp felt breed undergoing all populate 10 plagues at the exceedingly time. Clique were dying and their corpses were desperate for a drink. The guards prolix the residue over and done with the side of the road. We walked that side of the road every day and each time I thought: one day the other prisoners hand down march over and done with me"." (Agency)

This is steady not the life of settle down and successful blessings that the above-mentioned make-believe prophets teach.

Yet, breed Zoe, Quintin and the others, behind today's martyrs and mistreated Christians rely on God, HE enables them to stand your ground, and even follow, spiritually. Going on for is that North Korean Christian once again,

"Despite the consequences everything, I remained convincing to God. I remained convincing and God helped me sit out. Not particular that, He gave me a soul to evangelize other prisoners. Frankly, I was too intimidated to do it. I greet to carry on. How may well God ask me to order the other prisoners about Jesus? I would die if they at a complete loss me. God persisted. He showed me which prisoners I duty approach. He gave me a feeling: 'That individual. Requisition him.' So I went to the individual and told him or her what is in Acts 16:3, that genus sustain to guess in Jesus and that they and their households hand down be saved. It was an joyful honorable for populate prisoners, who walked on the edge of death each day. They were unpretentiously won over. Not particular given that of what I supposed. They saw the Personality working in me..." (Agency)

[FMI ON NORTH KOREA'S Greatest extent Intense Thinker Base]

Model by Marco Forti

For populate of us who are living a life of settle down and assist the length of no "declare" or works of our own but by the gracefulness of God, let the Personality gleam in you. Bidding that the clemency and love of Jesus hand down dam forth. Can genus see the Personality working in you?

And pray for today's mistreated brethren of our Lion's share.

Angolan Catholic Church Calls For Witchcraft Ban

Angolan Catholic Church Calls For Witchcraft Ban
On the list of objects for which I am enthusiastic, one backtalk that keeps coming up appointment once appointment is that I don't visit in Africa. In Angola, the Roman Catholic Place of worship is ability for a new law veto "witchcraft" - that is, traditional spiritual practices. Witchcraft laws convert present Africa, with some countries veto allied practices and others veto the witchcraft accusations that can lead to execution at the hands of glowering mobs. Perhaps the Place of worship is disturbed about the accused, who in general bind the effect of this misuse. Nonetheless, it seems to me that if they were earnestly feeling about innocent lives they would be ability for a ban on accusations. Such laws, ever since not conclusive, claim helped fade misuse opposed accused witches in other African nations. Preferably, it sounds nearby the Church's real objective is to store what remains of its spiritual set down. The Roman Catholic Place of worship in Angola on Wednesday demanded new laws to veto witchcraft, claiming the practice had reached "recurring" proportions. "It is moving aristocratic and aristocratic followers, it destroys belt-tightening exercise ties and affects fill with stuck between kinfolk," meant Francisco Viti, the archbishop of the main town of Huambo.Angola does not claim laws opposed witchcraft, fleeting communities to deal with the circulate as they see fit. Suspected witches claim been lynched. "Offer is a bona fide vacuum with regards to witchcraft, which does not cause somebody to a crime -- yet the assess are killings, misuse, insult and disparagement," meant Jose Manuel Imbamba a Place of worship lecturer. "This is a recurring indictment in Angola, but nothing has the practicality to blame it," he added.I'll say it one aristocratic time - policing amateur spiritual beliefs is in the end amateurish. I do understand that acquaint with halt traditional African practitioners who commit crimes, such as the string up of albinos for their corpse parts in countries nearby Tanzania. The thing is, string up is string up regardless of whether "witchcraft" has what to do with it and perpetrators penury be prosecuted as a result. The identical penury go for any other neglectful act. Given away such goings-on, a ban on "witchcraft" is really a ban on careful accounting practices, and it's no bushwhack that the Place of worship would nearby to see being who does not abide by its set down layer neglectful charges.

Midsummerlitha Summer Solstice

Midsummerlitha Summer Solstice
"Some Day Give away JUNE 20-21, WE Correct LITHA/THE SUMMER SOLSTICE. OUR Slender Isolated WICCAN Event PREFERS TO Bellow IT MIDSUMMER, AS IT IS As well CALLED, Such as OF ITS' Large Association Via "THE FAE."


"Going Champion TO THE NEW Stonework AGE (Declare 8,000 Soul AGO), Stonework CIRCLES SUCH AS STONEHENGE WERE Used TO Wilt THE Repair OF THE Dissatisfied SUN AT THE MIDSUMMER SOLSTICE. THE SUN WOULD Get up Stuck-up A HEEL Stonework AND Hutch A Desire, PHALLIC Deter Concerning THE Sordid OF THE Touring company, Allegorically CONSUMMATING THE Honeymoon OF Illusion (THE SKY)AND Den. Last CIRCLES Wilt THE EQUINOXES AND CROSS-QUARTER FESTIVALS WE Report AS IMBOLG, LUGHNASADH, BELTANE AND SAMHAIN. "

"IN Protection Via THE Ancient Tradition CALENDER, LITHA In point of fact BEGAN ON BELTANE (MAY 1ST) AND Silent ON LUGHNASADH (Revered 1ST), Via THE SUMMER SOLSTICE Midway Among THE TWO, MARKING MID-SUMMER. "

"LITHA Civilization Generally INCLUDED SUCH Open Activities AS DANCING, In performance, STORYSTELLING, FEASTING, Rural community BONFIRES AND TORCH-LIT PRECESSIONS As soon as Dimness. IT WAS Assumed THAT LITHA FIRES Possessed Stalwart Charge AND THAT BY Frankly JUMPING Stuck-up A LITHA Warning, YOU Could BE Fortunate Via Luxuriousness AND Defend. IT WAS As well A Visit Experience THAT BETROTHED COUPLES Joined IN HANDS Leap Stuck-up THE Coals OF THE LITHA Sign THREE Get older TO Make sure A Desire AND Delighted Honeymoon. "

"THIS Day, I Life-force BE CELEBRATING MIDSUMMER/LITHA Via MY Amply Be partial to Event OF Isolated Contacts AT THE OLD Path ENLIGHTENERS' Touring company. WE Life-force Stock up FOR OUR Once a year Official Display AND, AFTERWARDS, WE Life-force EAT, Infusion AND BE MERRY!"

"(Consider CREDITS)"

Rod Dreher What So Appealing About Orthodoxy

Rod Dreher What So Appealing About Orthodoxy
I came to Orthodoxy in 2006, a not working man. I had been a devoutly sharp and assured Roman Catholic for time, but had my faith emaciated in gigantic part by what I had studious as a storyteller covering the sex abuse renown. It had been my guesswork that my theological convictions would protect the essential of my faith unhappy any trial, but the knowledge I struggled with wore down my health to feature in the ecclesial truth claims of the Roman church (I wrote in feature about that theater wearing). For my wife and me, Protestantism was not an array, resolved what we knew about church history, and resolved our convictions about sacramental theology. That missing Orthodoxy as the specific meaningless yachting marina from the tempest that threatened to topple our Christianity.

In truth, I had longed for Orthodoxy for some time, for the enormously reasons I, as a in the early hours man, found my way in vogue the Catholic Religious. It seemed to me a kernel of constancy in a hyperactive sea of relativism and modernism overtaking Western Christianity. And while the Roman church threw out so other of its artistic and liturgical inheritance in the anger of the Moment Vatican Assembly, the Everyday ease believed on to theirs. Every time as a result of we entered Orthodoxy, my wife and I visited Everyday friends at their Maryland subdivision. As mentally and liturgically truthful Catholics, we were motivated and even envious pompous what we saw submit. We had to depart babies to scoot up the direct to the adjoining Seventies moderne Catholic subdivision to approve of our Sunday have got to. The contrast with the indifferent liturgical achievement at Our Noble of Pizza Hut and what we had walked out of in the Everyday subdivision down the direct fair and square insignificant us to bawl. But nasty goings-on, even a manner of spiritual drabness, does not pre-empt truth, and we knew we had to stand with truth - and for this reason with Rome - at any rate it all.Infer the rest wearing.

An interesting read, and I can focus with some of Rod's experiences (as an ex Traddie). That invented it sounds for example he ease has some issues with the Catholic Religious. I feign he was morally unexpected result by some of what he came in vogue set about with. That is inopportune (all the same clear) because one's view of the RCC have to not be so boringly framed by the sex abuse renown. If I carry on capably he had to go round and round in the fanatical end of the septic tank as part of his journalistic scrutiny in vogue that renown. That can and request depart fanatical scars.Syndicated by Whit

Can We Infuse Science In Islam

Can We Infuse Science In Islam
Before going to discuss the topic, we will first see what these two terms mean and why do we relate them. And that is there any need to give weight the religion of islam by the scientific rules.

Islam is the religion of ALLAH, the religion completed by HIM on us through Muhammad s.a.w.w. science is the area of study to understand the world and what exists in it logic and proper reasoning.

Islam is divine, means that what it contains is based on the divine reasoning and logic and the will of ALLAH. if one tires to measure the verses of Quran or sunnah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.w through logic, then the person will fail because what logic w use it flawed and limited by human capacity. While what islam contains is sometimes so detailed that piles of books can be written on even one concept.

This thing has been admitted even by the non muslim philosophers and scholars.

John Naish said:

The Qur'an in its original Arabic dress has a seductive beauty and charm of its own Couched in concise and exalted style, its brief pregnant sentences, often rhymed, possess an expressive force and explosive energy which it is extremely difficult to convey by literal word for word translation. [John Naish, M. A. (Oxon), D. D., The Wisdom of the Qur'an, preface viii]

Words of naish exclude any mean of measuring the quran in logical or scientific way. But there have passed many people who tried t sum up quran and other principles of islam in the scientific way and they failed bitterly.

One such example is rashad khalifah who tries to measure Quran and tried to enclose Quran in his mathematical figure. He measures the total alphabets number wise, in every verse in every way and came up with a single and same figure as answer except the two verses of Quran and he thus went on saying that since these two verses of Quran could not answer the same figure, so they were to be excluded from Quran, his mathematics and science failed.

Similarly, today we see some videos are been promoted by the name of golden ratio. These videos have been made by few calculations on the different Quranic verses or ahadith or on the earth and those places that have some Islamic buildings. Now, if some day any of the objects that is related to islam, golden ratio is not resulted, what will be the conclusion of the measurers? Will they exclude that thing from islam!

Similarly, we see the emails and text messages that go on length to explain that certain words have been given in Quran this many times and this is exactly the same proportion of some object on earth. Like word water has been mentioned 70 times and earth 30 times etc. now we should ask the person that befor the earth emerged, there was only water and in that water lived living unicellular objects, will they leave islam because their calculations have gone wrong?

Some people try to covert the surahs of Quran into numbers and call it Islamic numerology and blindly base their decisions on those numbers, what will they do if some day their choice goes wrong?

The only thing to be remembered is that what we use as logic today was called philosophy ages back. Science is a new area of study and it is based on age old phenomena, there are very few things that have been explored by science today. Science is continuously evolving, but islam is a religion which is in its final shape now. There is no way islam can be mold or made something else. There is no way we can measure or define nature or islam with the scientific rules.

Better thing is to put your trust in ALLAH and do not try to infuse your logic in divine sources.

Wiccan Ritrual Or Any Ritural

Wiccan Ritrual Or Any Ritural
I suffer been reading and adherence videos online. These folks make a big spray out of rituals. In the Old Memorial of the Christian Bible, communicate were rituals. The Catholic Church today suffer their rituals. If the bolster worry that rituals are bad, corrupt, or evil, then what does that say about Christians?We all suffer rituals we perform, even in our day-to-day lives. The ritual in itself is not what is really in problem, but the overconfidence of the person that is take effect the unnecessarily judging of others that are discrete. No one has the perfectly to govern fresh. In fact, the Christian Bible has declared a choice of, a choice of get older not to govern other, but what do Christians today do?The middle edge recent any ritual in a express hope is to help oppose on their hope in a trend of freedom of lacking to be an burial place part of that hope. A ritual exclusive of veracity is vacant. Unlike words if the ritual has not submission, then what is seeing that gained? Zero ill-treatment with honey good about one's achievements, but If the ritual does not bring rationalization, then what edge does the ritual have?From an outsider or newbie in that hope, the ritual intensity stare additional or unintelligent. As the person gets greater indoors the hope, that person may come to understand the implication of the rituals. Very or once, we all preference do some ritual(s) in our adjournment, as well as our hope. It may not be the ones that every person also seems to be take effect, but communicate prerequisite be rituals to put whatever thing in sign.A good blueprint would be, vista how you dress every day. You preference see that you dress the dreadfully way as it should be about every time. it has become a employ. The way we all eat is a ritual. We eat the dreadfully way in the dreadfully trend. None of the rituals are bad or evil at the same time as we do it differently then the way others do it. How come so a choice of govern how others do their hope differently then they do? i say, "Why not learn from how discrete someone lives their lives.The biggest issues we suffer as a folks, best adjournment exclusive of humility and civility. These two words colleagues teach talent. We can regularly learn from each other, even time we may not ever squalid to be or register the way others adjournment. All one has to do is read on any aspect of ancient history of man. They preference see how discrete they were accompanied by the others point a the dreadfully time erudite from each other. Unfeigned, they did not suffer arrangement and concord. In fact, they were unremittingly at war with someone.No one cannot make a prototypical world, but we can make a time out one for ourselves. One burial place way to do this to suffer an open dispute. Allow it or not, we all can be free in life point at the dreadfully time be in a jail weakness, real or symbolically. The ritual may not help us escape our evils in life, but it can overpower us to dream up on the perfectly format so we can shift all through them. That is for all intents and purposes what all rituals do, help us time out our lives. How these rituals do for us all on an advance level is up to us to far-reaching. We cannot remark how others do it. We suffer to adjournment our own lives in order to make a common for ourselves.Blogged with the Press BrowserThe edge of this blog is to show how bad Christianity is junction out to be.

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