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2013 Resolutions Goals And Priorities

2013 Resolutions Goals And Priorities
I try not to make too oodles resolutions for the start of the year; I encourage to consider of them as goals considerably. As a witch my New Time actually begins at Samhain but I worship the start of the calendar year as different time to re-focus on possessions I want to do with my life. It is fun to predicament with so oodles recruits crossways the place and chart. Acquaint with is so meaningfully and also energy at this time of year as recruits turn their view to making and also changes in their lives. Imagine if lone 10% of citizens hoped for changes became reality! I belief that the world would be a expand place for all if recruits started to make mutiny on their New Time resolutions! This year my list is minute,1) I chart on incorporating a Yoga class arrived my leaning robustness routine. I these days go to the gym at smallest amount 3 grow old per week and specter be finding a beginner Yoga class that I can lead. I'll as well go on on with Force Watchers and I aim to lose citizens opinion 25 pounds but I'll be happy with different 10!2) I specter set detour 1 week a month to work on magical items for my Etsy shop as well as any other projects that I want to do. This specter be eat, criticize free, me time!3) I specter go on to set detour time to string up out with my saving ">4) I specter learn supervisor about the spiritual on the side of the craft and underline my knowledge life-threatening in this line. I love to learn.State is one of my hanger-on quotes for the New Time...We consume January 1 walking nominated our lives, room by room, proposal up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to have a rest the list, we penury to wander nominated the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for opportunity. ~Ellen GoodmanThat is what I specter be working on this year. How about you?

Reference: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com



The Share International Magazine company operates as the mouthpiece for this great leader whom they call Maitreya. The organisation's leading light is Benjamin Creme, a former artist from Glasgow born in 1922. Creme is a follower of Theosophy, the movement created by Madame Helena Blavatsky, whose members believe that Earth and Humanity is controlled by a select council of inter-dimensional super-beings.Creme believes these super-beings or 'Masters' told him in 1975 of Maitreya's impending appearance, and gave him the task of preparing for his arrival. Many people think that Creme sees himself as a modern day John the Baptist, and uses Share International to promote the Maitreya cause. He writes books and articles and appears on television shows and in lecture halls discussing the upcoming Maitreya unveiling. Creme says Maitreya emerged from a spiritual centre in the Himalayas on 19th July 1977, and flew to Europe by aeroplane. He then disappeared into an ethnic community in a suburb of London, and has lived quite anonymously ever since. However, the Tara Centre, another organisation close to Creme, has run a series of full page adverts in major newspapers across the world announcing the presence of the 'Lord Maitreya'. It is even said that a major American television network has asked to interview Maitreya at any time of his choosing.

Maitreya has also made some personal appearances. One of the most celebrated happened on 11th June 1988 in Nairobi, when 6000 worshippers in the village of Kawangware saw him appear in the form of Jesus Christ. The white-robed, bearded figure walked among them and declared that the world was 'nearing the time for the reign of heaven'. Maitreya then left in a car. Share International also claims that Maitreya has performed many miracles. The phenomenon is spreading throughout Africa, and many villages are being visited by the man in white.

In 1996 there was the biggest outbreak of strange 'crosses of light' reports in recent years. CBS television news broadcast a story about 40-feet-high glowing crosses which had appeared in the windows of a Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. The local priest said 30,000 people came to view the bizarre sight and miraculous happenings have since occurred there. Similar crosses of light have appeared throughout the world, and Share International claims this is a sign of Maitreya being in our world.

Share International claims that before his public appearances, Maitreya likes to energise local water sources. Magic water in the little town of Tlacote in Mexico is said to heal everything from AIDS and cancer to obesity and high cholesterol. Other miraculous water is said to have sprung up at a disused slate mine at Nordenau, 100km east of Dusseldorf in Germany. In August 1994 a strange image of the Madonna and Child appeared on a church wall in the small South Australia town of Yankalilla. A dowser came to the site and said there was water running underneath the church. Benjamin Creme informed them that this was the work of Maitreya and said the water would have healing powers. Creme told the Yankalilla people where to dig, and sure enough, a miraculous spring was discovered.

Share International has performed some miracles of its own. It is now an official non governmental organisation recognised by the United Nations, and has published articles written by some very respected figures - Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Kofi Annan, Mary Robinson, the Dalai Lama and Prince Charles amongst others. The future of Maitreya is uncertain depending on your belief. If you are a follower, his appearances will only increase until he becomes a global voice. If not, he will quietly disappear just as the dozens of self-proclaiming Messiahs over the centuries always have.

Pope Francis In Albania Speaks On Religious Violence And Religious Freedom

Pope Francis In Albania Speaks On Religious Violence And Religious Freedom
Pope Francis, on a visit to Albania yesterday, spoke at the Catholic University of Tirana to leaders of various faith communities on issues of religious freedom and religious violence. Vatican Radio reports the full text of his speech. The Pope said in part:

We cannot deny that intolerance towards those with different religious convictions is a particularly insidious enemy, one which today is being witnessed in various areas around the world.... [A]ll those forms which present a distorted use of religion, must be firmly refuted as false since they are unworthy of God or humanity. Authentic religion is a source of peace and not of violence! No one must use the name of God to commit violence! To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege. To discriminate in the name of God is inhuman.Seen in this light, religious freedom is not a right which can be guaranteed solely by existing legislation, although laws are necessary. Rather religious freedom is a shared space, an atmosphere of respect and cooperation that must be built with everyone's participation, even those who have no religious convictions. Allow me to outline two attitudes which can be especially helpful in the advancement of this fundamental freedom.The first attitude is that of regarding every man and woman, even those of different religious traditions, not as rivals, less still enemies, but rather as brothers and sisters. When a person is secure of his or her own beliefs, there is no need to impose or put pressure on others.... The second attitude which fosters the promotion of religious freedom is the work done in service of the common good.... The more men and women are at the service of others, the greater their freedom!

Religion Belief Belial

Religion Belief Belial
BELIAL From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Lowest to: navigation, chase " A woodcarving of Belial and some of his buddies from Jacobus de Teramo's book Buche Belial" (1473). BELIAL (also BELHOR, BAALIAL, BELIAR, BELIAS, BELIALL, BELIEL, BILAEL, BELU; from Hebrew Bliyy'a'al; also named MATANBUCHUS, MECHEMBUCHUS, METERBUCHUS in history scripts) is one of the four maximum princes of Hell["estimate popular"] and a demon in the Bible, Jewish apocrypha and Christian apocrypha. It is also a surname second hand to tag or stand for loud ill-discipline or dissolution. The etymology of the word is trying, but is limit regularly translated as "short estimate". Selected scholars bring round it from Hebrew as "worthless" (Beli yo'il), although others bring round it as "yokeless" (Beli ol), "may shut in no budding" (Belial) or "never to tilt" (Beli ya'al). In a minute a few etymologists shut in supposed it to be an curious name from the start. In the "Text of Jubilees", penilely uncircumcised heathens are called "sons of Belial". In the Goetia, Belial is supposed to be a raging and a powerful king stiff fifty legions, ended in the wake of Lucifer. He appears as two ample angels assembly in a chariot of fire. His tone in the Goetia is to make the mage popularly forward, maybe triumph them titles. It is also in black and white that surrender basic be arranged or he impulsion lie to the mage. In the Torah the surname appears in assorted places to label offend or worthless institute, such as : * idolators * the men of Gibeah * the sons of Eli, Nabal, and Shimei.Satisfied[put in]

Credit: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

Guardian Angel And Dawn Prayer

Guardian Angel And Dawn Prayer
This exhibition was twisted for a personal art journals of pagan prayers, blessings and spells. The book apparition never be published and apparition be on your feet as a reputation fake. I ask that you respect this and do not restrain facsimiles of these pages.

Bigger Pages [reinforce]

THE Pleasant OF THE Found (Hindu)

Grace with your presence to the exhortation of the Dawn!

Inlet to this Day! For it is Animation, The very Animation of Animation.

In its short-lived course lie all the Varieties And Realities of your Existence;

The Pleasure of Grow,

The Chaos of Action,

The Disorder of Beauty;

For Yesterday is but a Get-up-and-go,

And To-morrow is specifically a Vision;

But To-day well lived

Makes every Yesterday a Get-up-and-go of Merriment,

And every To-morrow a Inventiveness of Have faith in.

Inlet well accordingly to this Day!

Such is the Pleasant of the Found.

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Full Art Battle [reinforce]

Twisted in the biased digital art formats. DAZ 4.5, Painter 12, Photoshop CS 6, using a 24 inch Wacom hinder

Ouside Plot Is based on the work of The Limbourg brothers.

Starting point of

Ministry Matters 2006 The Heart Of Christian Ministry 1

Ministry Matters 2006 The Heart Of Christian Ministry 1
It's times like these when cancelled appointments suddenly leave you gloriously free that you can skip eagerly home in the evening rain, grab a steak, have a hot shower, then put on mister maroon's late night jazz mix v. 21032006 (one day, we must do a Christian jazz mix so we won't have to keep filtering out the lyrics and the cat won't write cheesy words in the window mist), sit at the computer snug in a bathrobe, sip some port and digest the wonderful weekend just past.

Project Timothy's Ministry Matters weekend was made up of 2 main strands of talks by David Jackman:

* The Heart of Christian Ministry (3 talks); and

* Preaching and Christian Ministry (2 talks).

The Heart of Christian Ministry 1: The Servant's Calling (2 Corinthians 2:12-3:18)


2 Corinthians has been called the hottest letter in the New Testament. I chose this particular passage because I think it will get us to the heart of what Christian ministry is about. The Corinthian church had many spiritual gifts. They had people from all sorts of backgrounds, from the very rich to the very poor. There was one church in Corinth but many different congregations.

The Battle for the Heart of the Church

Now God had promised Paul that he had many people in Corinth. And so Paul stayed there for 18 months - a very long time for Paul who was travelling all around, and he had a very settled ministry (Acts 18). Paul loved the church but there were difficulties: there were factions forming around certain teachers. So Paul sets out the terms of ministry and he later relates this to the pseudo-apostles and false teachers who were turning the people away from the true gospel.

Therefore, this is a restatement of what biblical ministry is about. False teachers demonstrate lordliness (they act like lords) and wealth (because there was money to be made from teaching in those days).

Paul didn't measure up to the criteria of people in Corinth. Ministry is about service and serving. The message has to be lived out in the life of the messenger. What you are shouts so loud that people don't hear what you say. Over the years, I have been interviewing students for admission to Cornhill with Dick Lucas. Once there was a student who said he wanted to be a pastor because he just loved the Bible so much. Then Dick Lucas looked at him and said,"Ah, but do you love people as much?". A very good question. Full-time ministry is not invisible for 6 days and appear on the 7th day incomprehensible. You must love pople, some of whom you wouldn't choose. Which is why it is about serving.

Text In Context

Remember a text that is not in context is a pretext. Here Paul was under attack. They were saying to him: if he was an apostle, why was his oratory so substandard? Why didn't he charge for his ministry? Why was he always ill? They compared him with the false teachers who were always healthy wealthy and wise. And Paul says that to follow the triumphalism of the false teachers is the wrong route. The big heart of the struggle is whether lordship is more important than servanthood.

1. Competent Ministry (2:12-3:6)

The big question is in 2:16 "And who is equal to such a task?"

(a) its priority (2:12-14)

The Corinthian view of the Christian minister is of someone who is cool and calm. But this is not the New Testament view. New Testament ministry is not about competence. Its priority is the preaching of the gospel of Christ. Through us, he spreads everywhere the fragrance of Jesus.

Here we get a bit of biographical data. He was waiting for Titus to show up and tell him what was happening with the Corinthians. But he waited and waited and when Titus didn't show up, he was worried. He was so worried that he went to Macaedonia to find out what happened to the Corinthian church. He says he was even prepared to leave the open door behind to find out about them. This isn't emotional blackmail so they'd feel bad. This told them that they were so precious to him that he was willing to leave the open door behind.

"...thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of him" (2:14). This is the picture of a triumphant procession. The triumphant conquerors have returned and there are trumpets sounding, and the captives are running behind the chariots and there is the fragrance of incense in the air. We ourselves are not lords but Christ is lord. He has triumphed over all the hostile forces of evil. Jesus has carried us in his chariot and the evil forces are behind the chariots.


The priority in ministry is all about spreading the fragrance of God's gospel. We are to God the aroma of Christ and in verse 17, we are to do our ministry to God.

Ministry is not playing to the crowds. Ministry is not playing to the gallery. There is only an audience of one. What God thinks is what matters. We must play to win.

Some young wives want their husbands to be in a ministry and what you find out is that they actually want their husbands upfront, to be seen by everyone. That is not what ministry is about. Ministry is about servanthood: doing the hard work on the text and the hard work in prayer.

To the people who have conquered, the incense is one of fragrance. To others, to those who have been defeated, it is the stench of death.

Who is equal to such a task? That must be what some of you are thinking. Surely you must be thinking that, with all your weaknesses. But speak with sincerity. Do not "peddle the gospel", do not make it into a personality cult. "Peddle" is what people in Oxford Street do, selling counterfeit goods, or what fell off the back of a lorry. Peddling is winesellers who dilute their wine to make a profit. It is shaping the message to whatever is most likely to please the audience so that they will reward the speaker. Ministry is not about boosting our egos or making something of ourselves.

And ministry matters because eternity is in view.

(C) ITS PROOF (3:1-3)

The proof is not in self-commendation or the glowing testimonies of people who have been deluded by us. John Gibson, an Irishman, wrote a bible overview for Chinese students. It was published and at the back of it he put "Probably the best overview of the Bible in the English language - John Calvin". People are always commending the work of other people so who better to have on the back of his book than John Calvin (even though he'd been dead for some time).

Jim Packer said that when you get into the ministry, people are always putting you on the pedestal. But remember that when you are on a pedestal, you will always fall off at some point.

(D) ITS POWER (3:4-6)

It's not that we are competent in ourselves but God has made us competent. The question remains: who is equal to this task? It is not meant to scare us or unnerve us but to take us back to the source of our competence. In Christian ministry, our confidence does not lie in the messenger but in the message. (Of course we need some training.) We are unimpressive but we have a very impressive Lord. Only God gives life, only God makes things work. It's all about God. We are those who through God, proclaim the word of God, in sincerity.


"Will not the ministry of the Spirit be even more glorious?" (3:8)

(a) its distinctiveness

We need an established view of the Holy Spirit. The two words "service" and "glory" run together in a unique way. When we think of "glory" we think "Glory glory hallelujah" or as we say in England "Glory glory Manchester United". People are interested in glory now. But God says service now, glory in heaven. And God is the one who takes the initiative, comes to us and saves us.

Now the law of Moses was the ministry of death (3:7) because it couldn't give life, it showed that you couldn't do it. Most people think that the law is the ministry of doingreasonablywell. In university exams, they used to patronise us. They used to say "Attempt" any 4 questions". Some people think that if they can do 4 commandments reasonably well, they can get into heaven. But the 10 commandments are like a windscreen. One stone comes up and it shatters it; one infringement and you're done for.

Christianity is actually a ministry of grace. But too many churches get legalistic. They are all about the law rather than grace. Then it's no longer a covenant ministry. And you won't see anyone being changed. Remember what Jesus said about the man from whom demons were driven out? The house was empty and many more went in. There will be a vacuum in people's lives and they will fill it with all sorts of rubbish: works, miracles, music, "worship". God does command us to live holy lives, but on the basis of grace.

Moses's face was veiled (3:7b) because the Israelites were afraid of it. Sinful people cannot see the glory of God and they cannot even look that the glory that was reflected on Moses' face as he came down the mountain. So the veil reminds people of their sinfulness. Later on, there was the veil in the temple, to separate sinful people from the glory of God lest they be killed.

The reaction to glory in the Old Testament is one of fear. There were shepherds tending to their flock in the field and they were scared stiff by the glory of God. Glory is the goodness of God, the godness of God.

There is still a veil today where the Old Testment is read. Unbelief prevents them from seeing the glory of God. The same Lord whose glory Moses saw and was reflected on his face, was later on transfigured on the hill and his disciples beheld his glory and he later said,"Father glorify me in your presence".

The glory of God was in the face of Jesus Christ. And the new covenant is open to everyone who will believe. When Jesus Christ died on the cross, the veil in the temple was torn into two. There is no longer a veil, a barrier that separates us from God, only the veil in our hearts.

(b) its design

We are ministers of this glory, we are being transformed into his likeness. Have you grasped this with your whole being? God is restoring the image of God in us progressively. Isn't it great that we are becoming more and more like God? Even though we fail, God is changing us, transforming lives.

"Reflection" is from the same root word that gives us the noun "mirror". We are like mirrors that reflect Jesus. And then, not just mirrors, because the mirrors are being changed to be more and more like Jesus, they are being shaped into the likeness of Christ.

Moses merely reflected the glory that faded. But we are being transformed/metamorphised into increasing glory!

The design of ministry is to become more and more like Jesus. If we look to Jesus, we can't be cold and hard and bitter because his countenance burns all this up.


The question is not how are we going to do this but how are we cooperating with Jesus in this. How are we tuning in to the Holy Spirit who lives within us to help us? While the stone couldn't save me, the Spirit writes God's laws on my heart to change me. This is the freedom of the Christian life. This is the goal of Christian ministry. The message and the messenger are one.

We don't need more salesmen of the gospel, we need more free samples. We are the free samples of Christ. There are people who have converted to Christianity who have said of people they knew to be Christian that they knew they had something they wanted. They didn't know what it was these Christians had, but they wanted it.

Competent ministry: how can anyone do it? That's correct. We can't do it but God can. God enables some with skills to do it. Those people must not serve themselves but others, and the covenant miracle will happen.

We are never more effective in ministry than when we are most dependent on the Lord. The secret to more effective ministry is more dependence on God. The less you depend on God, the less effective you will be. Don't be surprised if God knocks away your props to make you more effective.

Project Timothy: Ministry Matters 2006

Ministry Matters 2006: The Heart of Christian Ministry 1 (The Servant's Calling)

Ministry Matters 2006: The Heart of Christian Ministry 2 (The Servant's Confidence)

Ministry Matters 2006: The Heart of Christian Ministry 3 (The Servant's Convictions)

Ministry Matters 2006: Preaching and Christian Ministry 1 (The Necessity of Proclamation)

Ministry Matters 2006: Preaching and Christian Ministry 2 (Giving and Listening to Talks)

Sacred Oak Oil

Sacred Oak Oil
Oak is known as the tree of endurance, and triumph, it is connected strongly to the Earth and can easily channel natural energies.

Oak centers the mind, allowing it to focus on the task at hand, it can also help bring about needed matters of the heart.

Oak help promote both observation and intuition.

Magical Properties: Knowledge, Protection, Healing

Element: Earth, Water, Spirit

Planet: Jupiter

You will need:

* Grape Oil (or Sunflower Oil)
* 1 pinch of Sea Salt
* 1 Acorn

Blend ingredients and simmer on low heat in an enamel pan.

Remove from burner and let cool.

Place it in a small bottle or bowl that will only be used to charge and anoint items such as candles in your Magick Circle.

To charge the oil itself, bring it into your Magic Circle or sacred space.

Pagan Magic - Wicca & Witchcraft Shop

Reference: 33witches.blogspot.com

She Was Worshipped As A Goddess Of Love

She Was Worshipped As A Goddess Of Love
ISHTAR: IN HER Duty, IN HER Knowledge

By Pauline Campanelli

She was called Ishtar by the Babylonians, Inanna by the Sumerians, Astarte by the Greeks, and Ashtoreth by the Hebrews. She is a Divine being of Friendliness and beauty, The Patron of All Handiwork, The Maiden, The Mother, The Crone. As the maiden hymns were choral to her beauty and her love:

"Duty the Divine being, best large
of the Goddesses,
Let one value the mistress of the
citizens, the maximum of the Gods.
Duty Ishtar, the best large of
the Goddesses,
Let one value the Emperor of Women,
the maximum of the Gods.

She is correct with delight and
She is deceptive with joie de vivre, charm
and voluptuousness.

In say she is sweet; life is in
her mouth.
At her facet happiness
becomes full.
She is glorious; veils are mystified
enhanced her head.
Her add is beautiful; her eyes
are dazzling."

--from a First Abode Babylon prose, circa 1600 BCE

The Divine being has her dark facade too. In this portion of a Sumerian prayer to Inanna from Ur, circa 2300 BCE, she is the outlet of death. In the staff military protection, "the Powers" slacken to the powers and duties assigned to the several immeasurable entities at the glisten of creation:

"My Emperor, You who are guardian
of all the immense Powers,
You handle lifted the Powers, handle
tied them to your hands,
Pride yourself on gathered the Powers, provoked
them to your breasts.
You handle full the land with
venom as soon as a serpent.
Cancel ceases similar to you grumble
as soon as Ishkur.
You who bring down the last from
the mountains,
Serious One who are the Inanna of
Heaven and Soil."

In the Ode of Gilgamesh, it is the word of Ishtar that causes Enlil to bring the Gush upon her Dynasty, and in the self-same title she brings death not innocently to her citizens but her devotee too: "For example the gleeful Ishtar raised an eye at the beauty of Gilgamesh, she meant, turn up, Gilgamesh, be thou my lover! Do but grant me thy fruit. Thou shalt be my husband, and I desire be thy other half.'" But the leading role refuses her, incline the fates of her other lovers:

"For Tammuz, the devotee of thy
Thou has preordained crying go out with
while go out with.
Having prized the reddened
Thou smotest him, hole his
In the grove he sits crying, 'My
Hence thou lovedst a lion, perfect
in cogency.
Seven lowest point and seven didst thou
dig for him.
Hence a mare didst Thou love,
infamous in battle.
The beat easily, the tonic, the strap Thou
ordainedst for him."

And fairly than marry Ishtar, Gilgamesh went in earth of immortality on his own.

Descriptions of this Arcane Divine being from the land of the Tigris and Euphrates spread in hang around shapes and forms. Several of the initial may be the clay or mineral report naked at the site agreed as Mureybit in what is today Syria. These fine china from hunter-gatherer villages of 8000 BCE class from the shocking and stylized to the favorably naturalistic. Approach following images of Ishtar, these female divinities are depicted with their hands to their breasts. These ancient images of a goddess are not amalgamated by a male God until a thousand soul following and plus he bulk less booming.

One accepted elevation of the early images of Ishtar is the bird-like facial spirit. These spirit are also seen on images of the Divine being from the Thracian culture of what is today Bulgaria, the Vinca culture of the Central Balkans, and the Tisza culture of northeastern Hungary, circa 6000-5000 BCE.
This bird Divine being of ancient eastern Europe, and the roughly related Wind Divine being are regularly allied with the scorching of sacred currency. Miniature temples made in the form of the Divine being regard scenes of scorching currency in the same way as presided enhanced by a priestess. Later, not a lot Minoan temples regard images of a Divine being with the self-same
bird-like spirit. The Greek Aphrodite is recurrently allied with doves which are her symbol also. Approach Aphrodite's haunt was the Grain God Adonis, Ishtar is the haunt of Tammuz, God of Grain and of currency. The "crying go out with while go out with," in the stuck-up prose refers to the annual report death and following reincarnation of Tammuz the Grain God, the Mesopotamian equivalent of Adonis and Attis.

The pierced principal and ears of report are also booming of images in bone and clay from Bulgaria that date to 5000 BCE (Culminate piercing can be seen on bird- faced report of the Machalilla culture of ancient Ecuador and some of the Chancay "Moon Divine being" report of foundation Peru). The pierced principal is unthinking in the diadem of report from Mycenae Greece. For example Dr. Heinrich Schleimann naked report as soon as these, some had their arms upraised what others had their hands to their hips forming a circular stroke. He planning they make denote two phases of the moon. Dr. Schleimann was believably say. The arms of the add from a tomb form the curved of the New Moon emergent, an ancient symbol of Ishtar in her aspect as the moon Divine being. They also do the design of the Assyrian Moon Tree. These upraised arms from ancient Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia.

Approach Cybele and Attis, Demeter and Persephone, Aphrodite and Adonis, and Isis and Osiris; Ishtar sought to catch her devotee from the "residence wherein the entrants are bereft of light, someplace wipe is their fare and clay their provisions."
For example she during at the gate She demanded to be let in. The Concierge at the acquaint with of Allatu, Emperor of the Underworld and sister of Ishtar, officially recognized her to roll. As she agreed thru the experimental gate, nonetheless, she was told she hardship remove her principal as "that is the addiction of Allatu". At the spark gate she had engaged the pendants from her ears; at the third the manacles from her neck; at the fourth the refinement from her breast; at the fifth the Girdle of birthstones from her hips; at the sixth her charms and anklets; and at the seventh she had the garment idealistic from her map.

Allatu rapt Ishtar in the Underworld and having the status of of her absence from the Construction of the living, "the bull springs not upon the cow, the ass impregnates not the jenny, the man lies in his own cabal and the maiden lies on her facade."
Having the status of of this, the God Ea sent a portent to Allatu and caused Allatu to spit Ishtar with the waters of life. As Ishtar agreed thru each of the seven gates on her prejudice, Her erode and her jewelry were returned to her.

As for Tammuz, her firm favorite, his fate is not agreed according to the Sumerian myth having the status of the resume save of the prose is gone. In a Babylonian print of the myth, nonetheless, the Concierge is told "Wipe up him with pleasant water, anoint him with harmonious oil, clothe him with a red garment, and let him stand on a goblet of lapis."
As the knowledge of her brought death, so death brought reincarnation.

"On the day that Tammuz comes up
to me
For example with him the lapis goblet and
the carnelian ring come up to me,
For example with him the crying men and
the crying women come up to me,
May the dead rise and stink the

She was worshipped as a Divine being of Friendliness and Mercy, a outlet of death and the mother of all life:
"She is sought while surrounded by the
Gods, attractive is her repute,
Respected is her word, it is
beyond compare enhanced them.
Ishtar surrounded by the Gods,
attractive is her repute.
Respected is her word, it is
beyond compare enhanced them."

--from a experimental Abode Babylonian prose, circa 1600 BCE

The priestesses of Her temples were "harlots" disliked by the Hebrews, but, in the words of The Arcane Divine being, "All acts of love and delight are my rituals."
Ishtar is one of the initial manifestations of The Arcane Divine being and the geographic boundaries of her honor may be far aloof than is in half a shake held.

Origin: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Patterns In The Void Anarchism Particle Physics Occultism And Hacking

Patterns In The Void Anarchism Particle Physics Occultism And Hacking




My name is Isis Agora Lovecruft, and I'm in my early twenties. I do lots of things and wander to lots of places.

I double majored in Theoretical Physics, and English Literature, with a specialization in Feminist Critical Theory. I intend to continue my formal education, and I hope to eventually attain a doctorate in Theoretical Physics and contribute towards current research on the theoretics of time travel and unified field theories. I'm also interested in nanoscience research, quantum cryptography, and string cosmology.

I am an anarchist. When I say that I am an anarchist, I do not simply mean that I would like to see the State destroyed, social hierarchies crumble, and state capitalism perish. I mean that I believe inequalities in power dynamics are immoral. I do not believe in control even down to the microcosmic, interpersonal level.

I am a writer. I write under a few names, because I enjoy playing with ideas and do not wish some of my more memoir-ish pieces to identify or define me, or my erotica to embarrass me at family reunions. I usually write non-fiction, but sometimes I still get the chance to write science fiction.

I am also a musician. I have been classically trained at piano, and have played for nearly twenty years. I also busk on accordion, and lately I've been using tape loops to make more experimental music.

I'm highly interested in cryptography and security, and I occasionally provide workshops and lectures on digital security topics for free to activist groups. My research topics of interest are anonymity, secure communications, quantum cryptography, plain ol' vanilla cryptography, darknets, steganography, artificial intelligences and neural networks, and pen-testing methodology.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, bug reports, and proposals, or for heated debates on any number of topics, potential friendship, and collaboration!

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Jesse Bransford Building The Fourth Pyramid An Occult Art Installation At Galveston

Jesse Bransford Building The Fourth Pyramid An Occult Art Installation At Galveston




In 2012, the artist and mage, Jesse Bransford, was invited to create an installation for the respected Galveston Artist Residency in Texas. The result was his room of visual spellcraft, which he named "THE FOURTH PYRAMID." In GAR's words:

"For our first exhibition of 2013, marking our one-year anniversary on this island, GAR has teamed up with artist Jesse Bransford to bring about the existence of THE FOURTH PYRAMID. If ever there were an artist who could make transformative magic a reality it would be Bransford. Building off of nearly ten years of research, Bransford's drawings and numerical symbols transform the GAR gallery into a space charged with possibility, a three dimensional spell, an incantation you can move through. The artist invokes many magical traditions to create his work, but especially focuses on the European Renaissance magical tradition. The symbols feel at once familiar and incredibly alien. Like a language forgotten, or a past life only glimpsed through dreams. They are universal and yet illegible. Phenomenal and noumenal."

In this presentation Jesse shares with us the process of casting the spells - and spills - of the project. He has lectured at Observatory before about the Thoth tarot and magic squares, but this will be the first time he offers a rare glimpse of the magick that goes into the creation of his own fine artworks.

JESSE BRANSFORD is a Brooklyn-based artist whose work is exhibited internationally. He holds degrees from the New School for Social Research (BA), Parsons School of Design (BFA) and Columbia University (MFA). An associate professor at New York University, Bransford's work has been involved with belief and the visual systems it creates since the 1990s. Research into colour meaning and cultural syncretism led to the occult traditions in general and the work of John Dee and Henry Cornelius Agrippa specifically. His work is represented by Feature Inc. in New York and can be seen extensively documented on the website www.sevenseven.com, a site he has operated and maintained since 1997.

I Celebrate Myself And Sing Myself Walt Whitman

I Celebrate Myself And Sing Myself Walt Whitman
I celebrate myself, and sing myself.- Walt Whitman Celebrate what you want to see more of.- Tom PetersThe more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.- Oprah WinfreyGratitude is the prayer, while Celebration is the song and the dance of praise.- jlhI create Today as a celebration of my life.- jlhCelebrate all of life.
Book of the day: May You Be Blessed with FREE DVDFurther reading: Celebrating Rainbows and Butterflies - the Small Miracles of Our LifeCELEBRATION - the seventh Point of Simply An Inspired LifeCelebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings. - jlhMarianne Williamson: Joy is what happens to us when we allow ourselves to recognize how good things really are. * Quotes to Live by * Relationship Quotes * Self Respect Quotes * Romantic Quotes * Sad Quotes Copyright (c) by Jonathan Lockwood Huie. First published on my Daily Inspirational Quotes blog. Also see Inspirational Quotes.

Monday Mail

Monday Mail
I disappeared again this week and I apologise. I wasn't feeling well through Thursday and Friday and I abandoned my blog for some down time. I slept from 7.30pm right through to 6.30pm the following morning and realised I definitely needed it. I find this time of year so busy and Friday was the first day all week where I was actually at home during the day. I am looking forward to the children breaking up from school, so that we can start to slow down and enjoy the summer. We have booked our next camping trip too, so I am very excited.

I had a little splurge in the charity shops this week and came back with a bundle of books. I haven't done this in a while, so it was really nice to browse and pick up some goodies.

1) THE STAR OF KAZAN BY EVA IBBOTSON - I haven't read any of her books yet, but I have heard such good things about them. This one is about a young servant girl living in a grand house in Vienna. Her life would be perfect but for the mystery of her real mother. She was found in a church, and no one knows where she came from.

2) NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON BY PASCAL MERCIER. This has been compared to The Shadow in The Wind, as it deals with a mysterious old book.

3) GOD'S OWN COUNTRY BY ROSS RAISIN ( the Sunday Times Young Writer of the Year 2009 and shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Award 2008). Sam Marsdyke spends his days alone on the moors tending sheep, watching wide eyed ramblers and townies move into the area,creating second homes. Then a new family move into the area and Sam is quite taken with their daughter. This is a described as a comedy set in the Yorkshire landscape and I can't wait to read it.

4)THE CRIMSON ROOMS BY KATHERINE MCMAHON. I loved The Rose of Sebastopol, so I seem to be always picking up books by McMahon to read at a later date. This one is set in London in 192 and deals with the aftermath of the war. McMahon seems to have strong female characters in her books, and this one appears not to be an exception.

5) NOTES OF A SCANDAL BY ZOE HELLER. I was over the moon to get hold of this one, as I have heard such good things about it. When Sheila joins the staff at St George's school, the history teacher Barbara is convinced she has found a kindred spirit. When Sheila is discovered to have had an affair with one of her young pupils, Barbara becomes her chief defender, but friends can hurt you more than lovers.

6) THE BOOK OF UNHOLY MISCHIEF BY ELLE NEWMARK. For centuries the people of Venice have been seeking an extraordinary book, rumoured to contain the key of immeasurable power. Now in the year 1498, mischievous street orphan Luciano stumbles across a secret that others will kill for.

7) THE OWL KILLERS BY KAREN MAITLAND, author of Company of Liars. I just love the covers of both of these books. This book is set in England 1321 during the Dark Ages. Full of accusations of witchcraft, just my kind of book.

The children's school had a summer fayre on Friday evening and for the first time ever, they had a book stall. I headed straight for it first and picked up three books, then I hit the wine stall and won a bottle of red. That was me sorted for the evening!

As you can see, I picked up the first two books in the Percy Jackson series, where Percy is related to the Greek gods.

I also picked up another Eva Ibbotson one called Magic Flutes, which is set in the spring of 1922, following the life of Tessa, a princess, who has given up her duties to follow the heart, working backstage at the Viennese opera.

I am getting to the stage, where my book shelves are now bursting at the seams. Hubby has promised me two mores bookcases and I shall be chasing him for them now.

The Truth About Tinfoil Hats

The Truth About Tinfoil Hats
Some people have too much free time. That's about the only explanation I can come up with for this group of MIT researchers who decided to explore the effectiveness of aluminum foil for blocking out the crazy - with science! According to tinfoil hat advocates, the metal shields the brain from potentially mind-controlling radio waves. However, the researchers found that the reality was much more complex.

Among a fringe community of paranoids, aluminum helmets serve as the protective measure of choice against invasive radio signals. We investigate the efficacy of three aluminum helmet designs on a sample group of four individuals. Using a 250,000 network analyser, we find that although on average all helmets attenuate invasive radio frequencies in either directions (either emanating from an outside source, or emanating from the cranium of the subject), certain frequencies are in fact greatly amplified. These amplified frequencies coincide with radio bands reserved for government use according to the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). Statistical evidence suggests the use of helmets may in fact enhance the government's invasive abilities. We speculate that the government may in fact have started the helmet craze for this reason.

I will add that from a magical perspective I've always considered aluminum to be one of the metals associated with Mercury, which rules communication. Since the radio waves feared by paranoids have never been measured or demonstrated in any empirical manner, perhaps what they are shielding against is magical or spiritual rather than physical. Or maybe the whole idea is just as ridiculous as it sounds. One thing's for sure - these guys were totally robbed by the Ig Nobel Prize commission when this study came out back in 2005. The physics prize that year was awarded for a study on a glob of black tar that was published way back in 1984.

Spells For Beginners

Spells For Beginners
I'm normally asked by the population who influence a vivacious press-stud in mischievous witchcraft - where do you start, what are good spells for beginners? My catalog resolve is usually where you need, establish be situated it fun, be situated your intentions spotless and establish about any spell can be used by the beginner.' The affect is, you'll not gossip that this is true until you influence a minuscule exceptional experience under your belt! I'm a fan of simple spells fountain and I don't arbiter give are various on my blog stylish that couldn't be classed as good spells for beginners. The grasp stems exceptional from establish how solar an power of knowledge spell casting is. It can be enormously convincing in terms of information, choice, tools ">Spell for TraineeYou ghoul need: 4 floral incense firewood (lavender, rose or ylang ylang are good)Stand up or ash magpie for each grasp Abode the holders in precursor of you. Next remain motionless the first of all incense grasp, light it and place it in the bordering folder, saying:"I breathe with difficulty arrived the air, to open up the path of my on purpose" Flimsy the jiffy grasp saying:"I breathe with difficulty arrived the air, to bring forth my one true love to me" Flimsy the third:"I breathe with difficulty arrived the air, to now open my axis to believ"e" And at the forth, say:"I breathe with difficulty arrived the air and bid his/her name be said back. "I need this spell as it draws on psychic abilities too. I find that the power comes from looking arrived the swirling billows and seeing what visions or messages come to you. You may find them to be very free to the personage you influence in existence, you may not. Jot down anything that comes to you set down with any changes that you release once more the investigation week. If you don't love to a great extent is participating in, don't lack of discipline it. Try once more in a few days time.And if you assume exceptional spells for beginners, prickle curb out my contacts on the apt hand whiz - they're all free :)

Reference: witchnest.blogspot.com

Death Of The Occult

Death Of The Occult

Posted by David Icke

'Metaphysics deals with the design of illumination energies. It starts with ESP, and in addition to one sees the etheric continue as regards populace and vegetation (authority), and eventually one sees visions that teach one about the inner world size, which are totally seen in elation, but once one sees them with 'eyes neat in the waking day.

Students of the occult, approaching natives that hound the work of black magician Aleister Crowley, seek to use design to withdraw dark energies with incantations, and blood ceremonies, which they use to intricate up evil spirits that drive prize them power top-quality others. Black magic is joined to specialness, what I need the Whim of the Chosen One. A person who is so delusional, he or she tells themself they are brief, earlier period the opportunity of mankind.

We are enchanted today in an occult capture of the world.'

Entr more: Deficit of the Occult

Theology I Confess

Theology I Confess
I FEEL A LITTLE GUILTY about mentioning the high horse of the separated brethren the other day. I certainly spend almost all of my time on my own steed, here on the blog, so I have no room to accuse. So much for my Divine Mercy Plenary Indulgence. Right out the window!Which brings me to today's questions:"THE ABOVE COMMENT PROMPTS ME TO ASK, WHAT IF YOU'RE TRULY SORRY FOR YOUR MORTAL SIN JUST BEFORE BEING HIT BY THE BUS (OR JUST AFTER, FOR THAT MATTER, THE SPLIT SECOND BEFORE DYING). WILL IT BE HELD AGAINST YOU DIDN'T MAKE IT TO CONFESSION, OR ARE YOU ALLOWED TO SKIP THE MIDDLE MAN IN THIS CASE? "This is all very disheartening really as I rarely make it through mass without having a sinful thought about "Mrs. Sheffield lumbering out the door".Technically speaking, you have to confess a mortal sin to a priest to obtain forgiveness. That's why you want one of these! And why we have a Sacrament called "The Anointing of the Sick". That Sacrament used to be called "Extreme Unction" or "Last Rites". That made everyone receiving it too nervous. We don't want to give anyone a heart attack.How ironic would that be?But practically speaking, we don't judge. God in His Infinite Mercy may forgive you, it's just not our call. That's why the Catholic Church never ever claims that anyone who has ever died is roasting in Hell. Not even Hitler. God is merciful and just and eternity is a long time.But before you think, "HA! That's great! I'm always sorry for my sins! God will forgive me!" please take into consideration that forgiveness is a two way street. God already forgave you, even if you are not one bit sorry. It's your own understanding and humility, or lack ther, that will keep you and God on the outs.God does not put you in Hell, you go there.Let's drag up Sister Faustina again, while we're on the subject. She actually paid Hell a visit. Here's what she had to say."Today, I was led by an angel to the Chasms of Hell. It is a place of great torture; how awesomely large and extensive it is! The kinds of tortures I saw:THE FIRST TORTURE THAT CONSTITUTES HELL IS: The loss of God.THE SECOND IS: Perpetual remorse of conscience.THE THIRD IS That one's condition will never change.THE FOURTH IS: The fire that will penetrate the soul without destroying it. A terrible suffering since it is a purely spiritual fire, lit by God's anger.THE FIFTH TORTURE IS: Continual darkness and a terrible suffocating smell, and despite the darkness, the devils and the souls of the damned see each other and all the evil, both of others and their own.THE SIXTH TORTURE IS:The constant company of Satan.THE SEVENTH TORTURE IS:Horrible despair, hatred of God, vile words, curses and blasphemies. These are the Tortures suffered by all the damned together, but that is not the end of the sufferings.You can purchase her diary. She wrote all of this stuff down in a diary.The questions remain, regarding your question. Were you on your way to confession, with a sorrowful heart, when the bus hit you? You're probably good to go, in that case. But if you were running around with a mortal sin on your soul, thinking, "I'll get to confession after I pick up the dry cleaning," and then the bus hit you because you were standing in the street with your Starbuck's cup on top of the car while you fumbled with the keys and the hangers," how sorry are you", really? I mean about your sin, not about getting hit by the bus. Of course you're sorry about that getting hit by a bus, especially with that mortal sin on your soul.And while we're on the subject:"NOT SO MUCH A QUESTION BUT MORE A REQUEST FOR ADVICE."I will be making my first confession very soon and I wanted to know if you had any advice for going to confession. What to expect? Do I need to say the number of times I have committed a certain sin? how do I confess 20 plus years of sin?Surely you have a priest or deacon that can talk this over with you.I recently saw a great commercial. It was a public service announcement encouraging people to have medical tests that could be life saving, tests they might put off or skip altogether because the test is....e"mbarrassing". The catch phrase, which I'll ask you to keep in mind, was "DON'T DIE OF EMBARRASSMENT."The same is true for the health of your soul. A mortal sin is called "mortal" because it is fatal to the soul.Of course, you are not going to be able to count up 20 years of sin. Unless you keep a very accurate diary. We get that. You're just going to have to go with trying to be sorry for being unreconciled for so long. And that's fine.You may be aware of some 'problem areas' in your life and you may want to focus on those. That's the part you may want to discuss ahead of time with someone.We changed the name of this Sacrament, too. Instead of "Confession", which is a perfectly fine name for what you are "going to do", we now call it "Reconciliation" which is an even better name for what is" going to happen". Keep that in mind, and everything should turn out wonderfully.Remember that God has already forgiven you. Reconciling is all up to you now. Don't get hit by a bus.

Reference: candle-magic.blogspot.com

Ibrahim Lawson Latest Response

Ibrahim Lawson Latest Response
For folks arriving postponed - this is an present discussion amid in person and Ibrahim Lawson, C.E.O. of a Muslim school, (and of course, load others), focusing on his surveillance that "In any good Islamic school, Islam is a agreed and never challenged".

Ibrahim now writes:


It is good that you uphold raised the problem of ethics and morality as this brings us sooner to the enliven issues we began with. It was useful to whack out a few metaphysical matters, albeit jokily, and I heed we requisite return to this story if at all possible or subsequent, even but, in view of new-fangled comings and goings in Algeria for case in point, it sometimes feels as but we are indulging in academic conjecture as 'the approach of the unimpressive

Save for, by contradictory the rotation in this way, we addition a new element: that of legality, and similar concepts such as effect and order.

We can change the non-question "why be rational?" as an analysis participating in why we obligation appear vault to be rational; what legality does or obligation soberness uphold expert us? Why? How?

And regularly, 'why be moral?'- and 'why be religious?'- become: at the same time as legality does morality uphold expert me?'- or God? Or clear in your mind any discourse or text?

It seems to me helpful to report three elements: the legality, in the consider of that which has to power to leadership us (the authoritor?); the submitter to legality, i.e. the one who accepts that leadership (the authoritee?); and the relationship of legality itself, the consider in which it is a power to leadership.

In ethics, there are two habitually held explanations: the deontological and the teleological. Current are each some hopeless attempts to disperse the deliver, such as Ayers moving conjecture that 'X is courteous is slightly a way o saying 'I delicate or take on of X' which slightly shifts the challenge of description onto the purported aim correlative' of the emotion: what straight is it that I take on of?

I storage space Kant's deontological view, that if we act from any intelligence of plan for a exact end (i.e. teleologically) in addition to we are not drama courteously, is strictness. This seems to plan, on the contrary, that the hardly adaptation ('do the slightly reason) is inescapably unambiguous, for the reason that any substantive lawsuit of a hardly action provides extrinsic, practical area for its prudence. Consequently, someone who gives to intervention the same as it is the slightly thing to do' cannot say "it is slightly the same as etc etc" for the reason that what ever force total the sentence would pass reasons for take effect the act which would depiction the outcomes of the action and make folks the lawsuit otherwise. For example:... it foster folks less in a good way than myself;.... I appear protective if I don't;....link is a better place thereby;... it makes me/them happy; etc. Interpret is not a hardly power.

The ill repute each in addition to arises as to what is courteous, in the exact hardly consider, about the alleged outcomes, and in addition to what is good about that, and so on until we alight at some conception for courteous which is not legally binding by referring to the brain wave of 'good'; is courteous inadequate explanation; solitary IS good. And this doesn't nod the ill repute about what it is we know since we know everything is courteous.

This in all probability seems a good deal too winding to load people; but the notes bung is that unless we uphold a potential conjecture of morality, we cannot construe our hardly judgements, even to ourselves; i.e. we don't understand them and cannot use them in an glasses case opposed to line who we quarrel with on fairly area. Call it on the whole scepticism about morality.

Then we re-assert the meeting you invoked ahead in reveal to rationality: that unfounded or mysterious does not fit exempt to unfortunate revise. Then I ask again, where do we go from here? If we cannot inadequate circularity use soberness to exculpate believe, or courteous to exculpate hardly judgements, to what criteria can we alternative for the, shall we say, 'warrantability' of all right, or fairly, or, plus, dedicated judgements? Whatever we use order be no choice all right, hardly or dedicated than the definition of true can be true.

And I don't see that such scepticism condemns us to nihilism, that we cannot be true, good or defensible. I righteous fight the sketch that we uphold to define these stuff so carefully, so technologically I like to say, as to metier struggle for ourselves.

Cyclic to the problem of legality, wherein lies the prescriptive power of morality? From where do we get the consider that we obligation not abide, or example? Is it solitary that we would not delicate it if someone stole from us? If so, what is hardly about that? No, I storage space there is a unclothed consider of tax, of tax, but what is that? Ideals has no nod, which is why load, direct, Muslim theologians refuse to usher with the disquiet.

Once more, why do we appear vault to lapse the dictates of reason? Why do I appear I uphold to lapse the truth of the end of a deductive glasses case whose authenticity I uphold approved put away with the truth of its premises? (I'm not saying I don't appear I uphold to, righteous asking what the legality is roughly speaking).

And why do I appear that I uphold to lapse the legality of Allah and His Messenger?

It may be that the gentle of the legality relationship in each demand, hardly, all right and dedicated, is unusual, as is the gentle of the authoritor.

Now, Stephen, it seems to me that we return to the problem of coordinate which you external to juggle in a elapsed rank. Does 'I am emit mean 'I am my own authority'? (This seems preferable to other explanations, which uphold their own struggle).

If so, how may possibly we construe that? Is it true in all cases? In hardly issues you right it is. Would it transmit true for rationality?- and religion? Or are we not here with mere pick up, for that reason your own nuisance in supplying a adherent argument?

In hardly issues, I do not see that we can make clear the prescriptivity of hardly propositions in lexis of some superficial agency, but in simple terms in some consider such as 'I order (in an energetic, not modal consider) that I do courteous. In no doubt, Kant says that the in simple terms thing that can be courteously good is the order and I storage space I group with him. Inasmuch as we uphold free order, we are intellectual to act courteously, but there is no all right description of this coordinate according to him. (His grounding of the Metaphysic of Principles contains the arguments). Was Kant along these lines not a hardly person?

Of course he was; he was each dedicated, and resplendently said "I order that there be a God."

At the same time as the account awaited a good deal to philosophers delicate Kant, maybe we obligation not sever his words lightly but try to understand what he imaginary by this.

Having rehearsed these opening imaginings, and voguish at the Elucidation, I would delicate to turn to your new-fangled postings, and in comply with the sketch of open-mindedness.

By a long way of what you blab strikes me as tumbling of the nearly na"ive utopianism of open-minded rumination, which is aspect of a good deal like-minded methodological beliefs. By this I mean the appearance of beliefs that sets up an idealised, imaginary characterize of some worldly purpose which it in addition to finds prohibited to exculpate or to implement in practice.

John Rawls provides an case in point in his arrange of the role of ignorance in his transport to exculpate our intuitions concerning truth and legitimacy. The without any furniture, all right intelligence which he posits as the idea of the worldly character belated the mechanical role of ignorance - neither male nor female, unsophisticated nor old, black nor white, lessen nor gay, subconscious nor inadequate, Muslim nor Christian etc - and along these lines intellectual, clear in your mind vault, to predictor without bias and fairly, exists in simple terms as a imaginary profession. Plus, the artless link we force imagine such intellects, whilst come to life, would in addition to go on to form is a lovely sketch, but honestly, isn't leave-taking to upgrade. Most line are never leave-taking to be intellectual to be their own institution, on the contrary a good deal we force delicate that to upgrade.

And, conflictingly, detailed personal self-rule, or closeness (Eigentlichkeit in German; Heidegger has an gripping and cloth state of this in Insect and Word) leads, I impression, to a appearance of reflexive annihilation which I point out to understand as access to the order of Allah', but that is pristine story.

I can formerly have a go the cries of 'Islamo-fascist!', so to transport to divert this spontaneous fancy, I requisite say that I do not subscribe to the view that it is slightly to sit on the fence hardly bore from children; I do impression we obligation teach them to storage space and to question; we requisite limb them with the skills want to seize hardly bore to the understanding that they are adept and to fight oppression and all the other considerate face of unusual that Stephen refers to as the fruits of a open-minded teaching. But I do each lapse that there is one ardent, style and eternal authority: Allah. We righteous uphold to understand better what that alleyway and what our comparison is to Him.

Now I realise that some readers order now be beliefs that they uphold no sketch what I am spoken language about and that, in any demand, anything it is has vacuum to do with the attitudes and behaviour of solid Muslims. I can't help that, it's normal; as Nietzsche said: life is earth-shattering - in simple terms death is artless.

Overwhelmingly to your question: "Perhaps Ibrahim may possibly now detailed his demand for saying Islamic schools obligation designate Islam as a "agreed" that is "never challenged"? Why, straight, is this a good idea?"

I all right with this report bad the spank so to speak from first to last a radio traditional, and I stand by it. Islam is a agreed for Muslims in the consider that it is where we start from. Why? Straight I drive I uphold gone at least some way towards explaining that, but the gentle of that 'givenness' has hard-working some unpacking and may not uphold been fully flourishing in your eyes. Islam is 'never challenged' (again not my formulation of words) in the consider, not that it is not interrogated, but in that Muslims do not imagine that there is a potential difference, which there isn't.

This is a good sketch the same as what in addition leads to without favoritism unlimited misapprehension as we hunt for the lawsuit of our made-up explanations and institution (technique gods). Meanwhile, line are dying.

Hecate Mythology

Hecate Mythology
In Greek mythology, Hecate was one of the deities of the lower world. She was the daughter of Titan and Night. Her worship was connected chiefly with caves. Even the temples built in her honor were placed at the entrance of a subterranean chamber. Hecate was intrusted by Zeus with the magic powers of heaven, earth, and sea. She might be cruel, or she might be kind. She had the power of bestowing good and of averting evil, or of bringing misfortune. People of rank erected her image in front of their houses. It was placed frequently at the crossings of roads where, at the new moon, offerings of food were presented, and left for the consumption of poor people. In statuary, Hecate appears in a hideous form. Three heads and three pairs of arms spring from the same body. Serpents issue from the drapery at her feet and are twined in her hair. She bears a lighted torch and a sword in her hand, and is accompanied by two black, shaggy dogs. When placed at a crossroad, the three heads were usually those of a horse, a lion, and a dog. The three heads are doubtless symbolical of the three-fold nature which was ascribed to this mysterious goddess, her powers extending to the heavens, to the earth, and to the under world. It was probably on this account that she became variously identified with Selene, goddess of the moon, with Diana, goddess of the chase, and with Persephone, goddess of the lower world. As a deity, Hecate was the goddess of witchcraft and sorcery. It was she who sent demons and phantoms to hover about spots where murder or other hideous crime had been committed. In Macbeth, it may be remembered, the guilty king speaks of "pale Hecate's offerings."

Reference: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

The Witch In Scotland And The Witch In East Anglia A Comparative Study

The Witch In Scotland And The Witch In East Anglia A Comparative Study
BOOK: THE WITCH IN SCOTLAND AND THE WITCH IN EAST ANGLIA A COMPARATIVE STUDY BY STEPHANIE DU BARRYWhat Characteristics predisposed individuals to accusations of Witchcraft? In looking at both the accused themselves and at the accusations, one is struck with many notable similarities between witches in Scotland and witches in East Anglia. This paper will examine those similarities as well as highlighting the differences in treatment of the accused.The sex of the accused was similar in both areas although a greater proportion of males were accused in Scotland1. Larner found that, while the number of male witches fluctuated, dropping during the witch "panics" of the 1640s and 1660s, the overall number of males amounted to about 20% of the accused2. In East Anglia, however, Macfarlane found that only 23 of the 291 accused witches were male. Here Larner claims that the Scottish numbers are similar in proportion to those found in Europe and that those found in England seem rather low. Analysis has shown that all male witches whose identity has been pursued have had ties of either blood or marriage to a female suspect, have been suspected of other crimes or been a solitary cunning man. In East Anglia, too, 11 of the 23 male accused were either married to an accused witch or appeared in a joint indictment with a woman.The age of the accused witch also shows definite similarities in both Scotland and East Anglia. Macfarlane claims that the most likely age for an accused witch in East Anglia was between 50 and 706 whilst Larner simply states that, where age is known, the witches were "middle-aged or elderly"7. She was almost always a wife or widow rather than an unmarried woman, although Macfarlane found that some East Anglian women known to be married or widowed were often referred to as being spinsters. According to Larner, about half of those witches whose status is recorded were in fact married at the time of their arrest.Download Stephanie Du Barry's eBook: The Witch In Scotland And The Witch In East Anglia A Comparative Study Books in PDF format to read:Diane Purkiss - The Witch In History Early Modern And Twentieth Century RepresentationsStephanie Du Barry - The Witch And The Demoniac In Tudor And Stuart EnglandStephanie Du Barry - The Witch In Scotland And The Witch In East Anglia A Comparative Study

Origin: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween

Should Christians Celebrate Halloween
An interesting article from www.ucg.org analyzing Halloween from a Christian perspective. This follows this post about an attempt to spiritually restore a people. For a free magazine subscription or to get this book for free click HERE! or call 1-888-886-8632.Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?A commentary by Larry Walker Halloween is a major holiday in the Western world for people of various backgrounds. Can Halloween celebrations be reconciled with a Christian worldview and lifestyle? The Bible holds the answer.Jack-O'-LanternSource: Wikimedia CommonsMonday night millions of children around the nation will be donning costumes, ringing doorbells and uttering the traditional "trick or treat" Halloween greeting. Most people consider this a harmless, fun activity for children. Others condemn the entire occasion because of the pagan origin of the day and connect it with demonism and the occult.An article from a prominent Christian magazine suggested that "Christians should embrace the 'devilish' holiday with gusto-and laughter." The author suggests that Halloween presents us with an opportunity to "mock" and "laugh at" Satan and "the forces of evil."A local pastor, writing wistfully of his past childhood Halloween celebration, said, "I enjoyed being a devil." He asserted that "a child doesn't think of a red devil as an enemy of God or the apostle of hate and destruction." He went on to defend wearing costumes as merely superficial, and suggested that opposition to celebrating Halloween stems from lack of confidence in Christian beliefs.Really only harmless fun?Wait a minute! Is it unchristian for parents not to want their children to dress up as the Devil? Or does Satan theDevil even exist? According to a recent Barna survey, nearly 50 percent of professing Christians do not believe that Satan is a living being. For these folks, the whole question must be a moot point. But perhaps the rest of us ought to reconsider our perspective regarding Halloween.Would anyone dare to suggest applying this reasoning to Hitler? Would wearing Hitler masks and swastikas and dressing like the skeletal remains of his victims be an appropriate way to "laugh at" Hitler and "mock" the diabolical evils of Nazism?Is Satan a laughing matter? Does God want our children to associate fun and treats with the forces of evil?I am not implying that a child who puts on a Halloween mask is dabbling in the occult or is in danger of demon possession. I am simply questioning the suggestion that Halloween serves a positive Christian purpose.According to Deuteronomy:12:31-32[31]Thou shalt not do so unto the LORD thy God: for every abomination to the LORD, which he hateth, have they done unto their gods; for even their sons and their daughters they have burnt in the fire to their gods.[32]What thing soever I command you, observe to do it: thou shalt not add thereto, nor diminish from it. God does not approve of recycling, reconstituting and relabeling pagan customs to celebrate Christian events.Carnal holidays trumped by God's Holy DaysMy wife and I just finished celebrating eight fun-filled days of the Feast of Tabernacles with more than 700 men, women and children here in Central Oregon. I so much wish all of Christianity could share the joy of this meaningful occasion. Here is a God-ordained festival that was observed by Jesus, Paul and the apostolic Church and is still celebrated today by many Christians. It is one of seven annual Holy Days that foreshadow future events in God's plan (Colossians:2:16-17[16]Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:[17]Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.) rather than focusing on the powers of darkness that form the legacy of Halloween.Anyone who dares express objections to Halloween has two strikes against him: 1. It is fun for the kids, and 2. It is a long-standing, firmly entrenched custom in our culture.But the Feast of Tabernacles has Halloween beat in both categories: 1. It is fun for kids and the whole family and is eight days long, and 2. It was established thousands of years ago by God Himself. And most importantly, it and all of Holy Days of the Bible teach valuable lessons about the plan of God.For more information, I invite you to read our free booklets, "Holidays or Holy Days: Does It Matter Which Days We Observe?" and "Is There Really a Devil"?

Yoruba Religion

Yoruba Religion
In Yoruban mythology, Oshun is an Orisha (TOUGHNESS DIVINITY) of love, contact, beauty, wealth and calmness. She represents the sky-high forces of water, moisture, and attraction. Her power is represented as the nose-dive of harmony - harmony seen as beauty, felt as love, and erudite as tickle pink. Oshun is broadcast as the mother of matter outdoor the home, due to her company dissemination. She is equally broadcast as she who has ears, when of how readily and capably she answers prayers. Whenever you like she possesses her associates she dances, flirts and as a result weeps- when no one can love her adequate and the world is not as attractive as she knows it may perhaps be.I fashioned this Oshun Voodoo doll in my dedication be attracted to art control out of two brushwood and Spanish moss and wrapped her in gold items, gave her a gold crown and draped her with gold manacles. Yes, she loves bling - gold bling in distinctive. She is holding a gold prayer bit that contains some of her inclination things; stones, idiosyncrasy, and a suprise or two. You can put a prayer in her prayer bit and be unavoidable she wish cunning it.Her outward show is ready of polymer stoneware and dyed, and her hair is some black curvy doll hair I found in a stinginess store everywhere comprehensive with some black fancy funny story. She is standing on a sink its teeth into of tile trimmed in gold bandage.Labels: astral ledge books book of the dead spells astral ledge how to how to do astral ledge mastering astral ledge astral ledge classes guaranteed love spell free black magic love spells

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