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Beltane Diary Day 4 Wording For My Beltane Spell

Beltane Diary Day 4 Wording For My Beltane Spell
Ok, I'm not absolutely put the last touches on with the manuscript as yet, so deliberate this a work in progress! I equally presume not yet perfect how I shall entitle the ritual in customary so this essence come unconventional on. Morally plan I'd get what I've done so far on, and please discern free to let me know your thoughts!

Given that I covet to bring about the honest surrounded by masculine and feminine, happening is the spell so far:

My convoy is for balanceTo proof my path straightTo support my talentsAnd put money on in my fortune

The God and the GoddessPlaced local office by sideEqually, they blessTheir prototypical, my guide

To bout equilibriumRequires that I listenTo both sides of my beingI am whole, no tear

Upper tomorrow!

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Shiastrength The Trustworthiness Of The Holy Prophet S A W A

Shiastrength The Trustworthiness Of The Holy Prophet S A W A
THE Commitment OF THE Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.)www.seratonline.com The 67th verse of Surah Maaidah merits choosy concentration. This is the same as in his 23 animation of giving out, the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) endured great be weak and ordeals to deem the divine take note of in the side of unprecedented sour taste and war. He put his life at trouble to sphere in the midst of enemies at Mecca and Taif in the first partial of his prophethood and was later challenged in squabble at the rear squabble post-migration in the on top partial. Funnily enough, at the rear conveniently the in one piece Arab world had submitted to the Spiritual Prophet's (S.A.W.A.) take note of and Islam became a authoritative bludgeon, Allah promises to protect the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) from the evil designs of the folks. The secret overpower Allah's nail down of protection to the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) at the rear the gathering of the Arabs had everyday Islam skeleton to be seen. The key to this secret is stretched by the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) himself in the Teach of Ghadeer such as he proclaimed to all the Muslims (BOTH EXPLAIN AND COMATOSE): "ALLAH HAS WARNED ME THAT IF I VACILLATE TO PROVIDE THE TAKE NOTE OF THAT HAS BEEN REVEALED TO ME REGARDING ALI (A.S.) later it is as if I keep not delivered the take note of (OF ISLAM) at all. He has promised to protect me from the evil of the folks. Allah is the Most-Sufficient, the Noblest. " "Allah has revealed to me: O Apostle! Sum what has been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, later you keep not delivered His take note of, and Allah motivation protect you from the folks..."' "O BATTLE, I KEEP NEVER FALLEN CURT OF HAND ON THE DIVINE BROADCAST TO YOU. I MOTIVATION LEAK OUT FOR YOU THE SECRET OVERPOWER THE BROADCAST OF THIS QURANIC VERSE." "Jibrael (A.S.) descended thrice and conveyed the divine pronounce to request in chief of all folks, black and white that - Ali b. Abi Talib (A.S.) is my brother, my legatee, my legatee and the Caliph of my nation and the Imam at the rear me. He is to me as Haroon was to Moosa except that dowry is no farsighted at the rear me. Charisma greater you is vested in him from Allah and the Prophet (S.A.W.A.). Allah has revealed a verse in this regard in the Spiritual Quran:" innocently ALLAH IS YOUR WALI AND HIS APOSTLE AND Colonize WHO Lavish, Colonize WHO Imprison UP PRAYERS AND PAY THE POOR-RATE As soon as THEY BOW.' "ALI B. ABI TALIB (A.S.) is the one who has established the prayer and has useful the poor-rate (ZAKAAT) instance bowing in prayers and is increasingly conscious of Allah's presence." "O folks, I requested Jibrael (A.S.) to cringe my command in chief of Allah so as to no difficulty me of the massive cast of hand on this take note of. This is the same as the spiritual and God-fearing are few and the hypocrites are aplenty. Colonize devious for the impairment of Islam and ridiculing its tenets are material to all. Allah has described them that's why in the Quran": THEY SAY In the midst of THEIR TONGUES The same as IS NOT IN THEIR HEARTS. (SURAH HUJURAAT, EPIC 11) AND THEY Reason THIS Notes FACILE. Not illogically, the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) was increasingly wise of the evil designs of the hypocrites. This coercion was not fixed in protection for his own life; rather his main attention was the protection and security of Islam. He was discerning that the come out of those opposing Islam and secretly scheming its impairment was very overweight and the caliphate of Ali b. Abi Talib (A.S.) was prohibited in their eyes. Their war to the caliphate of Ameerul Momineen (A.S.) was so intense that it was wholly conceivable that passionate sour taste would encourage them to come out quickly against Islam. They would later opportunely dissent against the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) and Ameerul Momineen (A.S.) and trouble everything they had so with judgment established. It is important that Islam had been furthest established in the whole of the Arabian Heart in its influential animation. If the hypocrites, who were mingling opportunely with the companions, had at sea their varnish and rebelled quickly against Islam, it would keep proved very somber for Islam and the Muslims. It was this incident that worried the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) and he was still on his guard. He was discerning that an speech of this form (ABOUT THE SUCCESSORSHIP OF ALI B. ABI TALIB) may well set off an immutable course of dealings. Even so, the cherub Jibraeel (A.S.) descended with the nail down of divine protection and in this way the divine average was executed. The earnestness of the transnational on the road to the presence of hypocrites in the era of the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) is lost on upper limit folks the same as of the underhanded form of their happenings. It was innocently the same as of the Spiritual Quran which has all over the place 300 verbalize and obscure verses outlining their designs and conspiracies that the robe of surreptitiousness shrouding the hypocrites was lifted. The boldness of this group can be gauged from a unusual fact. Inside the Conflict of Tabook (which was the platform squabble of the Prophet (s.a.w.a.)) the band of hypocrites mustered an disinterested armed forces of 3,000 band which was split from the armed forces of the Muslims. In inoculation to this, they constructed a mosque and invited the Prophet (S.A.W.A.) to invest it instance he was on the way to Tabook. Even so, Allah revealed a verse unfolding it as a harmful mosque ("MASJID-E-DHERAAR") and for unbelief and to create disunity amid the believers. This Group Has Been Described That's Why In Surah Tauba: '"THEY Take care of BY ALLAH THAT THEY DID NOT Give or take, AND Very THEY DID Give or take, THE Word OF UNBELIEF, AND DISBELIEVED One time THEIR ISLAM, AND THEY HAD Feisty UPON The same as THEY Be the owner of NOT BEEN Nimble-fingered TO EFFECT"' Ahle Sunnah and Shia exegetes of the Thoughtful Quran keep recorded traditions alike to this verse that tenaciously underline that the hypocrites were scheming to communication the Prophet (S.A.W.A.). Books of history keep recorded that the future place of murdering the Prophet (S.A.W.A.), a breathing space that was at the end of the day foiled, was Harshi - a ultimate located on the way from Ghadeere Khum to Medina. In the Conflict of Uhud, rumors about the Prophet's (S.A.W.A.) damage fill coated and fast amid the Muslims. This was exactly the set off some folks indispensable to abscond the theatre of war. Quran condemned these folks thus: AND MUHAMMAD IS NO Top-quality THAN AN APOSTLE; THE APOSTLES Be the owner of More willingly than Accepted Whisper Before HIM; IF Next HE DIES OR IS KILLED Chi YOU Rotate Shore up UPON YOUR HEELS? AND WHOEVER TURNS Shore up UPON HIS HEELS, HE Chi BY NO Key in DO Hurt TO ALLAH IN THE Least amount Perceptibly in this verse, the Spiritual Quran is discussing the lay bare of Muslims abandoning Islam and reverting to their old ways of the era of dim-wittedness. In inoculation to this, books of both Shias and Sunnis keep recorded traditions on this broadcast on the authenticity of the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.). For indictment the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) prophesies: "I MAINTAIN BY ALLAH WHO HAS RAISED ME AS A PROPHET. MY NATION MOTIVATION STEP THE PATH OF THE PREVIOUS NATIONS TO THE GRASP THAT IF A WIND IN BANI ISRAEL HAD ENTERED ITS LAIR, LATER A WIND FROM THIS NATION MOTIVATION TOO GET THERE A LAIR". It is material from this tradition that the action of the Muslims motivation mark with the procedures of Bani Israel. In changed tradition the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) predicted: '"(O Muslims) you motivation connect to the Sunnat of the previous nations and step their path and stalk their way."' The folks asked: Comparison the Jews and Christians? The Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.):" I am referring to none other. Let's analyze the path chosen by the Jews and the Christians. For this, we requirement turn to the National Quran which articulates the incidents of the past nations. Between other narrations, it recounts the incidents of the Bani Israel, their humiliation, the diverse miracles witnessed by them taking into account the rejuvenation of the staff inside a serpent and the splitting of the sea. In the end, Hazrat Moosa (A.S.) rescued them from Firaun. He was with them for a period, until he retired for 30 days to the ultimate for worshipping Allah and anxious his delay by changed 10 days based on the divine pronounce. The Bani Israel grew displeased in his prolonged scarcity and it is settle on upon by upper limit Muslims that a gathering turned to apostasy by worshipping the calf. This departure was wrought upon them on the origination of exactly one form - Saamiri who was visibly amid the train companions of Hazrat Moosa (A.S.). This go through proves that for a nation to assert its Prophet and to call apostasy at the rear receiving guidance is energy new. In fact, this turn of dealings was witnessed in the all-time of the Prophet and at the rear he had manifested positive miracles for the folks. On the exceedingly gun emplacements, at the rear the damage of the Spiritual Prophet (S.A.W.A.) many of his companions fell extract to the stratagems of the hypocrites. They turned apart from the Imamat of Ameerul Momineen (A.S.) and did not assume him as the divinely ordained Imam. Surah Maaidah, Epic 67 Surah Maaidah, Epic 55 Surah Tauba (9), Epic 74 Tafseer al-Kashshaaf under Surah Tauba (9), Verses 74 and 26. Behaar al-Anwaar v 21 p 223 Surah Ale Imran (3), Epic 144 Kamaal al-Deen p 572, Majma al-Bayaan v 10 p 462 Musnad Ahmad b. Hanbal 84/943, Saheeh Muslim v 16, p 219, Saheeh al-Bukhaari v 2, p 171 ",."Corollary to sender Corollary to group Corollary via web post Travel a New Concern Messages in this broadcast (1) Progressive Activity: * New Members 2 Stumble Your Troop Unsteady To Upgrade Cooperation based on Undisturbed and Rectitude The one who love Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) requirement be hardheaded to struggle and labour his self, his pen and his wealth in the way of Imam e zaman(a.t.f.s) I commit to memory the words of Imam (A.S), that we are apt for the duty, and not for the result. A warm smile washes apart the thoughtfulness of uncertainness, as I thank Allah for the presence of my friend, whom Allah may protect, and guide IMAM E ZAMANA (A.F.T.S) Make holy you And All Your Specialty those help others and learn islam. Syed Mohamad Masoom Abidi Trade to: Text-Only, Piece Abstract * Unsubscribe * Specifications of Use. ".,"

Work In Progress Flying Swordsmen Expansionpossible Revision

Work In Progress Flying Swordsmen Expansionpossible Revision
I had an ruse for a Japanese themed expansion to On high Swordsmen. Bestow reckon been discrete attempts to make rationalized versions of the interesting Oriental Adventures for many clone/simulacrum systems, but none as well Remainder and Ronin that ready it to close by, as far as I know.Personally, this ruse of mine would not be that either, but it would add Japanese themed classes to my On high Swordsmen mean.In working up the concepts, I realized that I want to re-do the Trap style. And my ruse to re-do it is leading me to survey every one Thief skills and the famous magic style.This Japanese expansion decision not reckon every class learning militaristic arts. That pride regular works for On high Swordsmen, with its Wuxia kindness, but doesn't do Chanbara truth. So dressed in are a few beliefs I've been working on for the with few days.Bestow decision be four types of class: Wrestler (Bushi), Thief (Dorobo? lumping them all under the Ninja name? weak yet), Spellcaster (Mahoutsukai decision unpretentious be the group name, nonetheless at the count I'm using it as one of the class names), and Yokai (demi-humans).The classes decision be:Wrestler - 4 classesSamurai (public all on the order of fighter)Kensei (smash master)Ronin (masterless samurai)Sohei (warrior holy woman)Thief - 4 classes [or perhaps reasonable three]Ninja (spy) [rename to Shinobi if I use Ninja as the group name] Ansatsusha (Assassin)Gorotsuki (Mountebank)Yakuza (gangster) [may get removed as they unpretentious make exceed refusal than heroes]Spellcaster - 4 classes [or anew perhaps solely three]Yamabushi (Shugenja)Shinsen (Taoist Everlasting)Onmyoji (Exorcist)Mahoutsukai (Performer) [anew may be removed as it's report of overlapping with Yamabushi at the count and would make a good group name]Yokai - 3 classesKappa (act as Warrior/Thief)Kitsune (act as Thief/Spellcaster)Tengu (act as Warrior/Spellcaster)The alteration to the Trap style decision be that donate decision be three sets of swindle wisecracker, Battle, Problem, and Fabulous. Out of the usual run of things classes decision get perplexing combinations of the wisecracker.Besides, donate decision be Military exercises reasonable fondness in On high Swordsmen, but donate decision in addition be Larking about for Thieves and Spells decision in addition be handled fondness Military exercises for the spellcasting classes. Larking about decision be fondness Thief Skills, nonetheless I'm not spot on yet if I want to watch over the d20+Stunt Die style of On high Swordsmen, or go to a 2dX type style wherever the die type is severe by the reasonable Trap die. Spells decision unpretentious handled with a style conclusion to Chainmail's casting rolls. And if this all comes together well, I'll repeat On high Swordsmen and make it on top of fondness this style, and less fondness Dragon Fist.

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

Thor Day In The Moon Sign Of Taurus

Thor Day In The Moon Sign Of Taurus
"I'm one with the Goddess

and open to Her Wisdom."

9th Day of the 2nd Lunar Cycle

Ruled by Kore

Lunar Tree Cycle of Luis/Rowan

21st Day of the Celtic Tree

Month of Luis/Rowan

9th Day of the Cycle of Keolwulf -

Days of the Old Ones

Moon Phase: waxing Crescent

Moon sets: 12:27AM EST

Moon rises: 10:31AM EST

Moon in the Fixed Earth Sign

of Taurus

Rhiannon's Cycle of the Moon

Lunar Meditation: The blessing

of fire

Sun in Aquarius

Sunrise: 7:21AM EST

Sunset: 5:48PM EST

Solar Question for the Day: "How

is beauty seeking to express itself

in your life?

Imbolc (Gwyl Mair) Quarter

of the Year

February 10th, 2011

THOR'S DAY - Jupiter Day - the Day of Vision, Spiritual Insight and Expansion. There are Major magickal energies today for doing rites/spells regarding Money Matters and Business Success.

"When a witch is also merchant, "she wants business lush and verdant. "Helpful people, flush with cash, "let the Cosmos rock the splash. [From "Seasons of the Witch" datebook]


I just couldn't let this opportunity of a moon sign of Taurus in a waxing moon phase on Thor's Day go by without casting a prosperity rite. So I did this one morning in my eastward facing window. This comes from Ms Dugan's "Book of Witchery".. She says: "If possible, work this prosperity outdoors. You will be calling on the element of earth and all of its fertile and abundant energies. (Well, seeing there is about six inches of snow on the ground and the temps this morning are near zero I opted for setting up this spell indoors, on my window sill with the window open. And believe me the air coming in the window is COLD!) If weather prohibits you from being outside, then set this up your work area facing north (ok, so my window sill faces northeast), because the northern direction is associated with the element of earth. * A green votive candle *A votive-cup candle holder * 1/2 cup garden soil (you can use potting soil) * A saucer or small plate to hold the soil* The following tarot cards: Ace of Pentacles, Nine of Pentacles and Ten of Pentacles (please note: suits of Coins and Pentacles are the same thing) * A lighter or matches* A safe, flat surface on which to set up the spell

Place the green votive candle inside the cup. Snuggle the votive cup securely down into the soil. Arrange the cards next to the dish that holds the soil and candle. Take a few moments to center yourself. When you feel ready, light the candle, and speak the following spell three times. "Element of earth I call, ground and strengthen me tonight"May the gods now bless this green spell candle that burns so bright "The Suit of Pentacles and Coins calls for prosperity "They will help to bring health and abundance quickly to me "Now together may all of these elements combine "And create opportunity for wealth at this time.

Close the spell by saying: "For the good of all, bringing harm to none "By the element of earth, this spell is done!

Allow the candle to burn until it goes out on its own. If necessary, move the candle to a safe location so it can finish burning, such as a shower stall, inside an unlit fireplace, or in the empty kitchen sink. Never leave a burning candle unattended, especially outdoors. (I will dispose of the burned out candle and the soil outside in a flower bed near the house foundation.)

Source: candle-magic.blogspot.com

Was The Buddha From Baluchistan

Was The Buddha From Baluchistan
Dhr. Seven, WISDOM QUARTERLY based on the maverick historical and archeological research of DR. RANAJIT PAL (RANAJITPAL.COM); LIVESCIENCE.COM


Mes Aynak, "Copper Well," located 25 miles (40 km) east of Kabul, is a yet to be excavated town with a Buddhist monastic complex (Jerome Starkey/livescience.com)

Panoramic view of the ancient ruins of Persepolis, modern Iran (wiki)

New stele from Mes Aynak, Afghanistan, depicts Prince Siddhartha and a wandering ascetic possibly one of the four signs that inspired him to renounce (Jaroslav Poncar/LIVESCIENCE.COM)

"Baluchistan was until 1948 (when Pakistan was created) on the western frontier of "GANDHARA, India. The province is surrounded by Afghanistan to the north and Iran to the west."


Sufi story of the Buddha (THE MORGAN)

Locating the Buddha Gautama's real hometown is now possible. But first one must realize that greater India (Maha Bharat") was wider than colonial British India. Alexander the Great fought the empire or great clan territories ("maha jana padas") sharing cultural ties in BALOCHISTAN, Seistan, Gandhara, Zabulistan, and KERMAN. Sir Aurel Stein found an ancient Buddhist monastic complex ("vihara") in KUH-I KHWAJA, SEISTAN, approximately (150 km) from Baluchistan covered in proto-Gandharan art, attesting to the antiquity of the form. Zabol near Ghazni echoes Kapil (vastu). "The name Dahan-e Gholaman of another adjacent 6th century B.C. site echoes Gautama's name. Kapil (vastu), or Babil, was the holiest religious center of the world. The name Babil is echoed in the name Pavurlakonda. The statement in THE BIRTH OF THE BUDDHA (Lalitavistara "biography) that all of the "buddhas" are born in Kapilavastu is echoed in the name PROPHTHASIA (modern FARAH, Afghanistan). Later, Babylon (Babil) gained ascendancy. The fantastic find of more than ancient Buddhist fragments at Bamiyan (site of the destruction of the world's tallest Buddha statue) shows that Bamiyan was near Kapilavastu, birthplace of the Buddha. A portion of those fragments are now part of the Schoyen Collection. This is where Buddhism was born.

The names Tissa (MOGGALIPUTTA-TISSA), Siddhartha (the Buddha), and Suddhodana (the Buddha's father) mentioned in the PERSEPOLIS Fortification Tablets (ADMINISTRATIVE ARCHIVES) show conclusively that Siddhartha Gautama, who became the historical Buddha, was from Seistan-Baluchistan.

Nebuchadnezzar II stele (Schoyen)

Regarding the iconography of a STONE STATUE (stele) recently uncovered in MES AYNAK ("COPPER WELL," possibly the largest Buddhist monastic complex yet discovered, which is set to be demolished by the Chinese before it can be excavated unless PROTESTS succeed), Prof. Gerard Fussman from the College de France in Paris writes that the prince shown sitting under foliage of bodhi (pipal) tree leaves is Siddhartha before his enlightenment, after which he became the Buddha (the "Enlightened or Awakened One").

GREGORY SCHOPEN also writes about "A cult tied to a cycle of festivals celebrating four moments, not in the biography of the Buddha but in the pre-enlightenment period of the life of Siddhartha."

But neither he nor Fussman recognizes the need to integrate the Mes Aynak findings with the priceless inscriptions in the PERSEPOLIS FORTIFICATION TABLETS (PDF) which mention Tissa, Sedda SARAMANA (Siddhartha), Sudda Yauda Saramana (Suddodhana), and Saman. Prof. Schopen's article and video enlitled "BUDDHA AS A BUSINESSMAN" is largely based on faulty Nepalese data. Revisionist Wikipedia keeps placing THE BUDDHA GAUTAMA in Nepal rather than in Central Asia where he grew up before traveling east on a quest for enlightenment and teaching in India.



Buddhist Rumi (FA)

The legacy of the Buddha Gautama is clear in Persian literature. The resounding humanism of Rumi, Hafeez, Attar, Omar Khayyam, and Amir Khosrow cannot be grasped without Gautama as echoed by ALEXANDER and ASHOKA/DIODOTUS.


Sufism derives from a universal form of wisdom with roots more ancient than Islam. The FANA ("EXTINCTION OF SELF") spoken of by Sufi mystics is nearly identical to what the Buddha described as nirvana in Buddhism. The common "ultimate goal" of MOKSHA ("liberation") within India's dharma" traditions (Buddhism, Brahmanism, Hinduism, Jainism) and traditions in adjacent countries -- the GOAL of the MANICHAEANS, the KAIVALYA of Hindus, THE NIRVANA OF JAINS -- is due to their common origin in INDO-IRAN. A very large number of Sufi "saints" were from KHORASAN and Kerman-Baluchistan where Buddhism once flourished. W. Ball realized that the CAVES at CHEHEL MANI and HEYDARI are linked to Buddhism. In fact these may also be linked to MITHRAISM and ZOROASTRIANISM. The poignant story of IBRAHIM IBN ADHAM OF BALKH, one of the earliest Sufis, closely parallels the life life story of the Buddha, which was immortalized in the legend of BAARLAM and JOSAPHAT (the Buddha as Catholic saint). It is a great religious theme highlighting piety, marking in many cultures the beginning of literature.

Chinese Wise Men

Chinese Wise Men
"Were the Three Wise Men from China?"


Michelle Healy

December 4th, 2010


The story of the Three Wise Men is one of the most familiar and beloved parts of the Christmas story. But for all of their popularity, the mysterious travelers from the East - known as the Magi - appear in only one short passage in the New Testament, following a star to the site of Jesus' birth and bringing gifts of gold, francincense and myrrh. Many religious scholars aren't even sure they really existed.

Now, a first-ever English translation and detailed analysis of a little-known eighth-century text uncovers a far more substantial version of the wise men story.

Brent Landau, a professor of religious studies at the University of Oklahoma and an expert in ancient biblical languages, found references to a text about the wise men in writings from the Middle Ages and learned that a collector in the 18th century had discovered in a Turkish monastery a manuscript called "the Revelation of the Magi" with a narrative about the wise men. He gave it to the Vatican Library, where the document, written on vellum, a type of parchment made of animal skin, remains archived away in virtual obscurity.

As part of his doctoral dissertation at Harvard Divinity School, Landau spent seven years translating and analyzing the text, written in Syriac, a language used by early Christians throughout the Middle East and Asia - and which he happened to be studying. He worked from both a 1927 published text in Syriac and the original document at the Vatican.

Landau's book, Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men's Journey to Bethlehem (HarperOne) describes the Magi as an ancient mystical sect descended from Seth, the pious and virtuous third son of Adam and Eve. From Seth they inherited a prophecy of "a star of indescribable brightness" someday appearing and "heralding the birth of God in human form." This same star had initially hovered over the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden.

Among the book's other revelations:

oThe Magi are described as coming from a land called Shir, "located in the extreme east of the world, at the shore of the Great Ocean." In other ancient texts, Shir is referred to "as a place where silk comes from," says Landau, suggesting that the references were to China.

oIn Syriac, the word Magi means "to pray in silence." Landau says it has no relationship to magicians or astrologers, sometimes cited in stories today.

oThe text names 12 Magi, not three, while other parts of the text suggest that "a group the size of a small army" traveled to Bethlehem, says Landau.

Other religion scholars who reviewed Landau's work recognize the unique interest the wise men narrative holds.

Of the many early Christian documents recently discovered, Magi "is by far the most fascinating," writes John Dominic Crossan, professor emeritus at DePaul University, in a comment on the book's back cover.

"Landau is to be congratulated for bringing this important and unexpectedly influential work to light," adds Jennifer Knust of Boston University School of Theology, in another comment.

Although the text claims to be personal testimony, "it seems unlikely that it could have been written by the Magi themselves," Landau says. He cites a number of anachronisms, such as references to Christian writings recorded years after Jesus' death.

Who then wrote the wise men story?

"One guess," says Landau, "is some kind of religious community of Christian mystics."

The fact that the Magi are described as standing for days at a time on top of a sacred mountain, visiting a purifying spring, and seeing visions after eating certain foods could suggest that this was a way for a community to talk about itself and give it some authority by putting it in the mouths of the Magi, he says.

In addition to offering a detailed account of the life and background of the wise men, the text sheds some light on how some early Christians experienced Christ, Landau says.

When they first encounter the long-prophesied star, the text says it initially appears in a celestial form that then transforms into a human form or "star child," who instructs them to go to Bethlehem to witness its birth. Each of the Magi, in fact, sees the star child in a different form, with each vision representing a different time in the life of Christ. Nowhere in the text is the name Jesus Christ used to designate the Magis' celestial guide, suggesting that they experienced Christ and became followers without ever knowing the savior figure by that name, Landau says.

This speaks to the "universality of Christ's revelation," says Landau, an Episcopalian.

What should everyday readers take from this retelling, especially during the Christmas season?

An appreciation for the "imaginative way in which early Christians engaged" the story of the wise men to make it their own, says Knust. They "loved this story enough to write this version."

Christians carry on that same tradition today, whether through Christmas pageants, or songs, or art. "We continue to re-imagine the significance of the Christmas story in a way that is meaningful to the people," she says.

Revelation of the Magi: The Lost Tale of the Wise Men's Journey to Bethlehem

ISBN-10: 0061947032

ISBN-13: 978-0061947032


She had everything she needed. Swiftly, she'd learn whether the uncooked magic and the old healing ways could entwine.

The druidess, Airmeith of the Tuatha De Danann, danced widdershins about the balefire thereby basin her circle of any left over pessimism. Whirling on a barefoot heel, she untouched advice and danced doesil-as the sun goes-around the balefire. Now, she needed to take back energy.

Slowing to a hypnotic, rocking, mark, Airmeith chanted in a entity low radio show situation the words the strangers in red and orangey robes had educated her, "OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA; OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA; OM TARA TUTTARE, TURE SO HA." The strangers, who called themselves, Tibetans, had what's more educated her the organization of doppelganger vocalization-the use of the split second set of vocal cords. She smiled remembering how her commence, Diancecht, had accused her of discourse in tongues.

By the third summons to the healing Divinity, Tara, Airmeith unused moving completely, and sunk to her circuit with her explosive and pestle (NEW-FANGLED TOOL THE STRANGERS HAD NO MORE HER), and with slitted eyes, sunk deeper appearing in a frenzy so allowing the worlds to entwine. Kneeling in her circle between the worlds of the shamans and that of the paradigm simple forest cultivation, she was not on to reduction her work.

Airmeith took her white-handled boline from her belt, and reaching appearing in her charm bag, she took from it, a potato, some moonwort plant life, and myrrh resin. The potato was from the convergence stores, the moonwort she'd picked on her way to the ritual, circular burm, and the myrrh resin had come from the hardened sap of some airless myrrh vegetation.

Opening, using the boline, she peeled the potato, and after that carved it appearing in the sum of a man-a potato cum poppet. She had finished poppets and sachets for benevolent magick yet to be, but this one was special. She had finished this one for her secret aficionada, the king, Nuada. He would wear it as an amulet brusquely his neck yet to be he rode appearing in operation at Magh Tuiredh.

By the boline, she carved primary the rune for Duir-the seventh notice of the Ogham alphabet and the name for the greatest sacred of vegetation together with druids. Below that, she carved some protection runes. Reducing the myrrh resin appearing in the explosive, she recycled the pestle to embarrass it. Next, she curved in he fingers appearing in the rust-colored powder and forward movement it expert the carved runes, filling in the cuts that formed the runes so that it looked as nonetheless the runes had been written in red-a protective color.

In due course, to reduction the poppet, she dropped the white moonwort plant life appearing in the explosive. Stain the herbs in the explosive until the woozy oils seeped from the routed plant life Airmeith worked the pestle earnestly. Sticking her fingers over appearing in the soft womanhood, she scooped it out of the explosive and forward movement it equally expert the potato poppet. The ultimate get was to put the poppet in a deerskin pouch-a sachet-with a desire drawstring that the king could put expert his head and lower than his guard yet to be he went appearing in operation.

Current back on her haunches, Airmeith was contented. She had chanted the chants and worked the spells; setting was in friendship with her; and she'd performed all the ritual ladder fount. Tomorrow eve, so the sun set, she knew the king would return strongly from the operation because of her protections

Source: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Psychosis Isnt Always Pathological

Psychosis Isnt Always Pathological
Unusual, psychotic-like symptoms, such as hearing voices, are not as rare among the general population as you might think. For example, it's estimated that ten per cent of us hear voices that aren't there, with only a small minority of hearers likely to ever receive a clinical diagnosis. According to a new study, this means that the factors that cause psychotic-like symptoms are likely different from those that lead to a diagnosis of pathological psychosis. Charles Heriot-Maitland and his colleagues argue that this distinction has been missed by the majority of past studies that hunted the causes of psychosis by focusing only on patients, neglecting those who live happily with their psychotic-like experiences.

To make a start rectifying this situation, Heriot-Maitland's team interviewed six patients with psychosis (recruited via psychosis teams in SE England) and six "healthy" non-patients, who reported similar unusual experiences (recruited via UK networks involved with spiritual or psychic phenomena). Across both groups, these experiences included: receiving visions from God, hearing voices, and feeling that their body had been taken over. Based on their symptoms alone, you couldn't tell which group a participant belonged to - clinical or non-clinical. The researchers asked all the participants open-ended questions about the circumstances that led to the onset of their unusual experiences, how they felt about them, and how their friends, relatives and other people had responded.

Using a qualitative method called Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis, the researchers looked for emerging themes in the participants' answers. Both similarities and differences emerged. In both groups, their unusual psychotic experiences had started after a period of negative emotion, most often accompanied by feelings of isolation and deep contemplation about the meaning of life. However, the groups differed in how they responded to and perceived their odd experiences. Members of the non-clinical group had been more aware of non-medical interpretations of their symptoms; they viewed them as transient and desirable; and people close to them shared this non-pathologising perspective. By contrast, the patients encountered invalidating, medical interpretations of their experiences and were themselves less able to accept their experiences and to incorporate them into their personal and social worlds.

From a theoretical point of view, Heriot-Maitland and his colleagues said there was a need for a more precise approach to the study of psychosis, which distinguishes risk factors for psychotic experiences from risk factors for actual clinical vulnerability. "It would seem that the more out-of-the-ordinary experiences are associated with clinical psychosis, the less chance people have of recognising their desirability, transiency, and psychological benefits, and the more chance they have of detrimental clinical consequences."

The researchers added that this has important clinical implications: "psychotic experiences should be normalised," they said, "and people with psychosis should be helped to re-connect the meaning of their out-of-the-ordinary experiences with the genuine emotional and existential concerns that preceded them." They also acknowledged that more studies, including quantitative investigations, are needed to build on this initial work.

"Heriot-Maitland, C., Knight, M., and Peters, E. (2011). A qualitative comparison of psychotic-like phenomena in clinical and non-clinical populations. British Journal of Clinical Psychology DOI: 10.1111/j.2044-8260.2011.02011.x

Further reading: The British Psychological Society's response to the planned changes to the DSM - psychiatry's diagnostic code. In its response the BPS airs its concerns about the over-medicalisation of people's experiences.

Post written by Christian Jarrett for the BPS Research Digest.

Origin: religion-events.blogspot.com

What Else Can You Teach Me

What Else Can You Teach Me
This is what we are evenly asked in arrears take over read our "Is Magical Real?" feature and send for the smear line. As experiencing for themselves the joy of magic and working with haze they are fanatical for in excess of. The definite to the branch of learning is - LOTS!

Real thing, for community of you thoroughly having a rapid fun with magic or community who are new to magic and not quite appoint to call the full plunge, we restrict a encumbered library of articles in our Measures section. This is wherever you momentum find the feature "Is Magical Real?" that includes how to send for the smear line mentioned snooty. Offering are else articles cover a fine of magical topics by means of Spells, Foretelling, Handling and Checkup, Government and Help and numerous others. Impede out the full library.

Offering are compound other help in our Measures section we fantasize you momentum make inquiries. And they are all FREE! Done with the years, we restrict conducted compound free teleconferences and short email courses. These are archived as hearing annals or schoolbook in the Bring in section. You can be present at to audios of guest speakers on topics such as Dowsing, Animal Memo, and Feng Shui, to boost a few. And don't miss the documents of "Magical in Your Mailbox" that offers some good beginning magical exercises.

Are you appoint to get in excess of unadorned about magical studies? For you, we restrict 2 free hearing annals on our website that momentum let you get a hall of the classes and types of material in them. Offering is an hearing categorize for Introduction to Wet Magical and one for the cap "Athame" class. We else restrict make real homestudy courses on multi-media cd for Wet Magical, Wet Shamanism, Charisma Individual Earthwork and Tarot.

If you are looking at spoils your magical studies in slighter bites, we restrict Muffled Courses on each of the 4 Elements and on Four Component Matching and a fine of ebooks.

Anything level you are at, we fantasize you momentum connect us at our blog and component your magical experiences with us as we component ours with you. Blessings to you on your magical departure.

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H H Munro Treat The She Wolf

H H Munro Treat The She Wolf
THE SHE-WOLFBYH. H. MUNRO [SAKI]Leonard Bilsiter was one of those people who have failed to find this world attractive or interesting, and who have sought compensation in an "unseen world" of their own experience or imagination - or invention. Children do that sort of thing successfully, but children are content to convince themselves, and do not vulgarise their beliefs by trying to convince other people. Leonard Bilsiter's beliefs were for "the few," that is to say, anyone who would listen to him.His dabblings in the unseen might not have carried him beyond the customary platitudes of the drawing-room visionary if accident had not reinforced his stock-in- trade of mystical lore. In company with a friend, who was interested in a Ural mining concern, he had made a trip across Eastern Europe at a moment when the great Russian railway strike was developing from a threat to a reality; its outbreak caught him on the return journey, somewhere on the further side of Perm, and it was while waiting for a couple of days at a wayside station in a state of suspended locomotion that he made the acquaintance of a dealer in harness and metalware, who profitably whiled away the tedium of the long halt by initiating his English travelling companion in a fragmentary system of folk-lore that he had picked up from Trans-Baikal traders and natives. Leonard returned to his home circle garrulous about his Russian strike experiences, but oppressively reticent about certain dark mysteries, which he alluded to under the resounding title of Siberian Magic. The reticence wore off in a week or two under the influence of an entire lack of general curiosity, and Leonard began to make more detailed allusions to the enormous powers which this new esoteric force, to use his own description of it, conferred on the initiated few who knew how to wield it. His aunt, Cecilia Hoops, who loved sensation perhaps rather better than she loved the truth, gave him as clamorous an advertisement as anyone could wish for by retailing an account of how he had turned a vegetable marrow into a wood pigeon before her very eyes. As a manifestation of the possession of supernatural powers, the story was discounted in some quarters by the respect accorded to Mrs. Hoops' powers of imagination.However divided opinion might be on the question of Leonard's status as a wonderworker or a charlatan, he certainly arrived at Mary Hampton's house-party with a reputation for pre-eminence in one or other of those professions, and he was not disposed to shun such publicity as might fall to his share. Esoteric forces and unusual powers figured largely in whatever conversation he or his aunt had a share in, and his own performances, past and potential, were the subject of mysterious hints and dark avowals."I wish you would turn me into a wolf, Mr. Bilsiter," said his hostess at luncheon the day after his arrival."My dear Mary," said Colonel Hampton, "I never knew you had a craving in that direction.""A she-wolf, of course," continued Mrs. Hampton; it would be too confusing to change one's sex as well as one's species at a moment's notice.""I don't think one should jest on these subjects," said Leonard."I'm not jesting, I'm quite serious, I assure you. Only don't do it to-day; we have only eight available bridge players, and it would break up one of our tables. To-morrow we shall be a larger party. To-morrow night, after dinner - ""In our present imperfect understanding of these hidden forces I think one should approach them with humbleness rather than mockery," observed Leonard, with such severity that the subject was forthwith dropped.Clovis Sangrail had sat unusually silent during the discussion on the possibilities of Siberian Magic; after lunch he side-tracked Lord Pabham into the comparative seclusion of the billiard-room and delivered himself of a searching question."Have you such a thing as a she-wolf in your collection of wild animals? A she-wolf of moderately good temper?"Lord Pabham considered. "There is Loiusa," he said, "a rather fine specimen of the timber-wolf. I got her two years ago in exchange for some Arctic foxes. Most of my animals get to be fairly tame before they've been with me very long; I think I can say Louisa has an angelic temper, as she-wolves go. Why do you ask?""I was wondering whether you would lend her to me for to-morrow night," said Clovis, with the careless solicitude of one who borrows a collar stud or a tennis racquet."To-morrow night?""Yes, wolves are nocturnal animals, so the late hours won't hurt her," said Clovis, with the air of one who has taken everything into consideration; "one of your men could bring her over from Pabham Park after dusk, and with a little help he ought to be able to smuggle her into the conservatory at the same moment that Mary Hampton makes an unobtrusive exit."Lord Pabham stared at Clovis for a moment in pardonable bewilderment; then his face broke into a wrinkled network of laughter."Oh, that's your game, is it? You are going to do a little Siberian Magic on your own account. And is Mrs. Hampton willing to be a fellow-conspirator?""Mary is pledged to see me through with it, if you will guarantee Louisa's temper.""I'll answer for Louisa," said Lord Pabham.By the following day the house-party had swollen to larger proportions, and Bilsiter's instinct for self- advertisement expanded duly under the stimulant of an increased audience. At dinner that evening he held forth at length on the subject of unseen forces and untested powers, and his flow of impressive eloquence continued unabated while coffee was being served in the drawing- room preparatory to a general migration to the card-room.His aunt ensured a respectful hearing for his utterances, but her sensation-loving soul hankered after something more dramatic than mere vocal demonstration."Won't you do something to convince them of your powers, Leonard?" she pleaded; "change something into another shape. He can, you know, if he only chooses to," she informed the company."Oh, do," said Mavis Pellington earnestly, and her request was echoed by nearly everyone present. Even those who were not open to conviction were perfectly willing to be entertained by an exhibition of amateur conjuring.Leonard felt that something tangible was expected of him."Has anyone present," he asked, "got a three-penny bit or some small object of no particular value -?""You're surely not going to make coins disappear, or something primitive of that sort?" said Clovis contemptuously."I think it very unkind of you not to carry out my suggestion of turning me into a wolf," said Mary Hampton, as she crossed over to the conservatory to give her macaws their usual tribute from the dessert dishes."I have already warned you of the danger of treating these powers in a mocking spirit," said Leonard solemnly."I don't believe you can do it," laughed Mary provocatively from the conservatory; "I dare you to do it if you can. I defy you to turn me into a wolf."As she said this she was lost to view behind a clump of azaleas."Mrs. Hampton - " began Leonard with increased solemnity, but he got no further. A breath of chill air seemed to rush across the room, and at the same time the macaws broke forth into ear-splitting screams."What on earth is the matter with those confounded birds, Mary?" exclaimed Colonel Hampton; at the same moment an even more piercing scream from Mavis Pellington stampeded the entire company from their seats. In various attitudes of helpless horror or instinctive defence they confronted the evil-looking grey beast that was peering at them from amid a setting of fern and azalea.Mrs. Hoops was the first to recover from the general chaos of fright and bewilderment."Leonard!" she screamed shrilly to her nephew, "turn it back into Mrs. Hampton at once! It may fly at us at any moment. Turn it back!""I - I don't know how to," faltered Leonard, who looked more scared and horrified than anyone."What!" shouted Colonel Hampton, "you've taken the abominable liberty of turning my wife into a wolf, and now you stand there calmly and say you can't turn her back again!"To do strict justice to Leonard, calmness was not a distinguishing feature of his attitude at the moment."I assure you I didn't turn Mrs. Hampton into a wolf; nothing was farther from my intentions," he protested."Then where is she, and how came that animal into the conservatory?" demanded the Colonel."Of course we must accept your assurance that you didn't turn Mrs. Hampton into a wolf," said Clovis politely, "but you will agree that appearances are against you.""Are we to have all these recriminations with that beast standing there ready to tear us to pieces?" wailed Mavis indignantly."Lord Pabham, you know a good deal about wild beasts - " suggested Colonel Hampton."The wild beasts that I have been accustomed to," said Lord Pabham, "have come with proper credentials from well-known dealers, or have been bred in my own menagerie. I've never before been confronted with an animal that walks unconcernedly out of an azalea bush, leaving a charming and popular hostess unaccounted for. As far as one can judge from outward characteristics," he continued, "it has the appearance of a well-grown female of the North American timber-wolf, a variety of the common species canis lupus.""Oh, never mind its Latin name," screamed Mavis, as the beast came a step or two further into the room; "can't you entice it away with food, and shut it up where it can't do any harm?""If it is really Mrs. Hampton, who has just had a very good dinner, I don't suppose food will appeal to it very strongly," said Clovis."Leonard," beseeched Mrs. Hoops tearfully, "even if this is none of your doing can't you use your great powers to turn this dreadful beast into something harmless before it bites us all - a rabbit or something?""I don't suppose Colonel Hampton would care to have his wife turned into a succession of fancy animals as though we were playing a round game with her," interposed Clovis."I absolutely forbid it," thundered the Colonel."Most wolves that I've had anything to do with have been inordinately fond of sugar," said Lord Pabham; "if you like I'll try the effect on this one."He took a piece of sugar from the saucer of his coffee cup and flung it to the expectant Louisa, who snapped it in mid-air. There was a sigh of relief from the company; a wolf that ate sugar when it might at the least have been employed in tearing macaws to pieces had already shed some of its terrors. The sigh deepened to a gasp of thanks-giving when Lord Pabham decoyed the animal out of the room by a pretended largesse of further sugar. There was an instant rush to the vacated conservatory. There was no trace of Mrs. Hampton except the plate containing the macaws' supper."The door is locked on the inside!" exclaimed Clovis, who had deftly turned the key as he affected to test it.Everyone turned towards Bilsiter."If you haven't turned my wife into a wolf," said Colonel Hampton, "will you kindly explain where she has disappeared to, since she obviously could not have gone through a locked door? I will not press you for an explanation of how a North American timber-wolf suddenly appeared in the conservatory, but I think I have some right to inquire what has become of Mrs. Hampton."Bilsiter's reiterated disclaimer was met with a general murmur of impatient disbelief."I refuse to stay another hour under this roof," declared Mavis Pellington."If our hostess has really vanished out of human form," said Mrs. Hoops, "none of the ladies of the party can very well remain. I absolutely decline to be chaperoned by a wolf!""It's a she-wolf," said Clovis soothingly.The correct etiquette to be observed under the unusual circumstances received no further elucidation. The sudden entry of Mary Hampton deprived the discussion of its immediate interest."Some one has mesmerised me," she exclaimed crossly; "I found myself in the game larder, of all places, being fed with sugar by Lord Pabham. I hate being mesmerised, and the doctor has forbidden me to touch sugar."The situation was explained to her, as far as it permitted of anything that could be called explanation."Then you really did turn me into a wolf, Mr. Bilsiter?" she exclaimed excitedly.But Leonard had burned the boat in which he might now have embarked on a sea of glory. He could only shake his head feebly."It was I who took that liberty," said Clovis; "you see, I happen to have lived for a couple of years in North-Eastern Russia, and I have more than a tourist's acquaintance with the magic craft of that region. One does not care to speak about these strange powers, but once in a way, when one hears a lot of nonsense being talked about them, one is tempted to show what Siberian magic can accomplish in the hands of someone who really understands it. I yielded to that temptation. May I have some brandy? the effort has left me rather faint."If Leonard Bilsiter could at that moment have transformed Clovis into a cockroach and then have stepped on him he would gladly have performed both operations.H. H. MUNRO [WIKIPEDIA]H. H. MUNRO AKA "SAKI"Previous Halloween treats... Blood suckers of Connecticut H. P. Lovecraft treat..."The Alchemist" BE AFRAID...the Vampire SquidH. G. Wells treat..."The Star" Animation land Halloween cartoons Witch Hazel The mirrorKwaidan..four ghost stories Edgar A. Poe treat..."A Tale of the Ragged Mountains"GiantsMark Twain treat..."A Ghost Story"The Devil and Maciste..."Maciste all'inferno" "Daughter of Horror"...a remarkable cult film Two historical cinematic Halloween offeringsYes Virginia, there is a village named "Frankenstein" in America Bram Stoker treat..."Dracula's Guest" Schr"odinger's cat achieves revenge "THE HANDS OF ORLAC"...AUSTRIAN EXPRESSIONIST CINEMA

Source: ceremonial-magic.blogspot.com

Before Offering Sister The Tweezers

Before Offering Sister The Tweezers
Blog posts about children sinful at Need disc to be a perennial favorite in the Catholic blogosphere. This one tattle most probably be no exception:

More or less in the necessitate open the Eucharistic prayer, the priest fortunately exhausted and stared in the schooling of the biting for what felt on a totally an hour but was most probably about 15 seconds. It was strange patent to type of us in the reverberation that he was qualities pushed to his slice. This priest (WHO IS NOT THE Chief priest) is a unworried, kindly, affectionate, genial guy, a really good priest. Completely, the parents of this teenager did not make clear the hint, so the biting continued wholesome use up down with the rest of the Eucharistic prayer and relating the Our Knock for six. At that pardon the priest grimaced and stood by in allay as the rest of us continued to pray.

I leaned from cross to cross to my chill out and accepted, "I Take part in And above IS Come apart TO Outpouring IT." And that was fine about identical he did. As we approached the Echo of Jointly, he exhausted once more and pleaded with them in the middle of the screaming: "Prospect YOU Augur Clarify THE Adolescent OUT OF THE CHURCH? PLEASE?" Prate on about an awkward dot. I couldn't see what was hole on through debit me but I felt in my outline holding my introduce as I waited to see what happened inferno. I enticement for established the ancestral more accurately or well ahead got the lesson and headed out to the All together Extensiveness, or, ended forcible, out of the church. Possibly for good.The blogger goes on to make clear a positively floating view of this practice of thing, pointing out that at the extremely time as, on the one hand, teenager tattle be teenager, on the other, we believe adults to be adults and to zit identical their children believe designated for the line relating becoming a sum public. She is as well patent that what was hole on was a full-throated biting meltdown that persisted open the Eucharistic Reason, not a communal practice of whimpering or fussing that you prerequisite fee.

Inactive, as can be leave, the commenters took varying views of the position, ranging from the calls to be as generous as practical to parents wrestling with terse ones, to matter of how the ushers/pastor/etc. comply with within walking break up cram at their follower unit. One poster, a secretarial sister, lay down a quicker considerately deviation coming from a non-parent; that is, she advised a item of demolish, a tone that Jesus was recycled to crowds, and a examination at for somebody to be organize to "Affect Honest" such situations identical they tolerate.

And For Her Efforts, Sister Got This Comment:

Thank you for the post. Your enclose is a ample supporter of the Gas of Satan that has entered the Sanctuary; in rapid it's distraction. It's a distraction led by priests who from the time when of the Need believe turned their backs on the Lord Crucified. Priests and nuns are blinded not by some spiritual act of the Naughty rascal, but by their own honor to turn their review old hat from the Lord's Accusation. All who turn old hat from His Accusation in due course fall in love with themselves, their review definitely points to the stuff of go for.

Your, "I Contemptuous, Turn up ON. NO ONE MAY Possibly Boom ME OR THE Enjoyable", identical compared to how you see a child biting from the time when of the Need can not make this ended patent.

Your "I FELT THIS IS Whatsoever A Mob ON JESUS WOULD Think BEEN ON A Equal" is not at all large and is gorged with blurriness. The connect a high regard for, prettify, and love of the Need by the To the fore Religious is completely avowed by Religious and of time history. This is scandalously so for the Eucharistic prayer of the Need. In the cheery of time Religious the Eucharistic prayer was in the public topic as "THE Cavernous", and come about was certified by private type who believed. {I am not saying the Religious essential return to such a rule}. The To the fore Religious made-up the Need as Blessed, Burial chamber, and Pious. The Need is the Reason of the Religious. It was made-up by the Christian's of the To the fore Religious as such, and never has the Religious qualified or perceptible the Need as a "Mob" group for chattel.

You are cheat that "Fight AND Composure" is not part of the liturgical norms. But neither is digress. Your questions shows your enthusiastic blurriness and distraction in the offing your disquiet for the Need. The Rubric's and Harsh are gorged with pardon that makes such distinctions; so shy so it is not well to focus your blurriness is not really brazen distraction for your own spiritual requirements and excite.

So Sister, "I Contemptuous, Turn up ON", "Affect Honest", incise focusing on your self-important requirements that make you astute for a at the extremely time as. Official unveiling focusing on the Lord whom you unlock yourself to and incise "Ecstatic A Sharply" identical the world turns the Accusation to your chill out relating a breakfast time at a supper self-service canteen. Momento mori, Christ took a bull-whip to type who sat in the temple as if it was a place for crowds.This practice of thing is the apply for that I find rad-tradism merely wicked. And let me fine say, for the journal, that I know ended than one run of the mill E.F. Need attendee who would only continuance.

The information at the blog, write down, was about children, their piece to forceful down, the wholesome way to paddock name such cram at Need, and the assorted believe for a priest, deacon, cause of ushers etc. to believe an action scheme by which the sometimes-clueless parents of a banshee-impersonating klutz tattle without a sound and benign be asked if, possibly, Snookums mightn't be soothed in the lament room, veranda, or secret soundproof nuclear conduct (Unserious, Unserious). It was not about how Christ would believe prompted the parents and biting klutz out of His Pious Need with a bull-whip if band so that the sensibilities of contest who topmost clearly don't believe contest (Dishonestly IN CHURCH!) can be conserved in acrylic facsimiles of amber (Seeing that Decent AMBER IS Trend OF Emission AND Full OF ICKY IMPURITIES).

To such a peculiarity, a nun who counsels come up smiles of understanding in these situations is the walking see in your mind's eye of the Gas of Satan for careless to understand how worryingly go down God is by the unearthly of less-than-perfect contest at the Pious Accusation of the Need.

None of this is to say that parents whose children may by chance act as passing troubling systems shouldn't be reminded that add are options, essential the mean worldly passing dispirit go off from the time when of Need. But the practice of peculiarity who sits in clear-headedness on the embodiment of a supposed secretarial and feels sufficient to hint that she is roughly self-important and natural prerequisite fine ask for to chunk his own eye for the jutting hit former let know with Sister the tweezers for that terse mote.

UPDATE: The commenter improper his deviation castigating Sister, and, in theory, all of his pertinent. Interesting.

Reprint Of The Nomicon This Blog Pt One What Is A Craft Name

Reprint Of The Nomicon This Blog Pt One What Is A Craft Name
You can read the whole website on the wayback affair at: http://web.documents.org/web/20060621115703/http://home.att.net/~ladykaat/nomicon/index.html

Equally is a craft name?

A craft name, or Eke name, each called a Witch name, Wiccan name, spirit name and Ownership, is the name you go by as part of a Wiccan (or Pagan, or Magickal) circle, tradition or group. For some sprint, it is vacuum additional than a joy sounding pseudonym that they use to make themselves biting additional personage or terrifying but for other sprint it is a natural and true earnest end.

In the function of it is true that a choice of solitary practitioners (each called "solitaries" sing:"solitary") influence a craft name, they were historically recycled as part of community identification. By all means, unless your craft name is intimate unaided to the gods and yourself (and some of us do connect such names!) you are using the name as part of a community, even if that community is laborious to define.

In huge, craft names come in three varieties. In the function of not a definitive list, I distinguish these three types of names as:

* Names of Decision
* Names of Contract
* Names of Preface

NAMES OF Decision are names that a participate invents or takes as a young person of a lust to use a new name. These are equivalent to hole up names, and may meditate the intimate likes of the addict. A bobcat finish human being, who loves copper and sheep as well, ability maintain herself "Lord Copper Bobcatsheep." As you may expectation, these names can get very clueless. In my hold, the Lord Copper Bobcatsheep of the world brutally are called possessions friendship Sarah and Stephanie, and the Lord Bobcat triviality is recycled unaided seeing that writing wounded correspondence to the the media or making websites.

NAMES OF Contract on the other hand are names singled out to meditate a spiritual practice. This may be a dedication name, such as seeing that you say "I am Steve, and from this day invasive I shall be intimate as Dragon fire of the Wicca." These names are equivalent to the expert names in that sprint generally harvest them themselves, but they connect an weighty variant in that they represent a new name known factor to recognise a new practice in one's life. In a choice of cultures, sprint back a new name at independence, and this name of practice is equivalent to that name... it is a name of "Wiccahood," if you leave, a name recycled to yell the new you who is not the exceptionally as the old non-Wiccan you.

To end with, NAMES OF Preface are names known factor on the keep details participating in a coven or tradition. They may be singled out, generally with coaching, or they may be known factor. An initiation is a official keep details ritual participating in a group or tradition, and names of initiation are a group end. They may be personality, or you may connect a personality and community name.

The bite of such a name is tradition based and habitually oathbound, but a equivalent paradigm, from invention, ability make it clear:

"Stilgar nodded, tugging at his mustache. "I see fortune in you... friendship the fortune beneath a mail." Over he paused, then: "You shall be intimate amid us as Usul, the end up of the mail. This is your secret name, your summary name. We of Sietch Tabr may use it, but none other may so expect... Usul."-Frank Herbert, Bank

Amarres De Amor Pactados

Amarres De Amor Pactados

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Hechizos de amor pactados

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A Ma Festival

A Ma Festival
A-ma is the patroness of all fishers and sailors in the region of Macao, where today (April 9) is her festival day and her birthday. Also sometimes called Matsu, this divine figure offers safety in any of life's literal or figurative storms, often by teaching magical weather charms. Legend says that A-ma achieved enlightenment and a mastery of magic at the young age of 28, after which she went to Nirvana and became a Goddess.

THEMES: "Water; Providence; Protection; Magick; Weather"

SYMBOLS: "Fish; Red cloth"


In Portugal, the day is spent enjoying parades for the goddess, eating lots of seafood, adorning altars with food and incense, and setting off firecrackers in A-ma's honor. So by all means, have some type of fish today (if you're allergic, eat fish-shaped candy instead). Before eating it, thank the founder of your feast with this prayer:

"A-ma thank you for your proficence and protection."Let the seas of my soul find solace in you;"Let the waters of my spirit be refreshed in you. So be it."

Wear any red-colored clothing today to commemorate A-ma's birthday and inspire her magical assistance. Ties or scarves are especially nice for this, as you can bind one of A-ma's attribures within the knot for the day. Anything bearing a fish motif is also suitable.

From: 365 Goddess

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Personal Progress Flashback

Personal Progress Flashback
How wonderful is the Personal Progress Program. In my time as Young Women Stake President in Brazil, the values in the Personal Progress looked like this (thanks sisters from beginning new for the pictures!)

In 1977, here's how the book introduced the program to young women:


You are a child of God. You have a vital role to fill in God's eternal plan. You have been chosen by the Lord to come to earth at this time to fulfill your special mission and assist the Savior with his work here on earth. Your purpose here is to prove yourself worthy of the eternal blessings that have been promised to the daughters of God.

Your mission may include many things such as touching someone's life through service and making those around you happy. It may include that wonderful blessing reserved for women--to become co-creators with God and provide the way for spirit children to come to earth. For those who do not receive this blessing in life, your mission may include loving, teaching and training the children of others.

Your Father in Heaven knows you. He knows your mission and wants to help you accomplish it. He knows the blessings that have been prepared for you. If you will trust him, follow his word, and prepare yourself, he has promised that "the kingdom is yours, and the blessings ther are yours." (D">The greatest blessing he has for you is eternal life, which means to live forever in his presence. To help you receive eternal life is the mission of the Savior. He said, "For behold, this is my work and my glory--to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man." (Moses 1:39)

Now is the time to prepare yourself to fulfill your mission and to receive and to help others receive this wonderful blessing.




You are a beloved daughter of Heavenly Father, prepared to come to the earth at this particular time for a sacred and glorious purpose. You have a noble responsibility to use your strength and influence for good. Your loving Heavenly Father has blessed you with talents and abilities that will help you fulfill your divine mission. As you learn to accept and act upon the Young Women values in your life, you will form personal habits of prayer, scripture study, obedience to the commandments, and service to others. These daily personal habits will strengthen your faith in and testimony of Jesus Christ. They will also allow you to recognize and develop your unique gifts.

Always use your influence to lift and bless your family, other young women, and the young men with whom you associate. Honor womanhood, support the priesthood, and cherish faithful motherhood and fatherhood.

As you participate in Personal Progress, you join with thousands of other young women who are striving to come unto Christ and "stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places" (Mosiah 18:9). Counsel with your parents, and prayerfully choose goals that will help you cultivate feminine attributes, strengthen your testimony, and reach your divine potential. Take advantage of your time in Young Women by preparing to receive the sacred ordinances of the temple, to become a faithful wife and mother, and to strengthen your home and family."

The First Presidency."

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Salem Witchcraft Trial

Salem Witchcraft Trial
The Salem witchcraft ills all began in New England in the winter of 1692, a court of opinionated wavering by means of the Massachusetts Bay Say-so.

In the kitchen of the Salem residence, a West Indian slave named Tituba amused the minister's 9 court old teen, Elizabeth Parris and her 11 court old cousin, Abigail, with Witchcraft, tricksand spells and tales of the occult. Sometimes Tituba told fortunes by studying patterns of egg whites in a windowpane, a leak that to the 17th century Puritan was devilry, but one that rapt the teenager neighbour girls who visited Tituba's kitchen.

As winter wore on, the girls began to event picturesquely. When the community doctor called and could find zero organically impolite with the girls, he accomplished that the evil hand is on them.

Mr. Parris begged the afflicted girls to name the witches, and so Elizabeth blurted out the name of Tituba and other names such as Sarah All right, a insufferable pipe-smoking tramp, and Sarah Osborne, who had scandalized the community by living effortlessly with a man previous marriage. At a misery in offspring Sand the Salem Witchcraft Inquiry began. Tituba confessed that she was effective a witch. She besides claimed that she was one of a range of witches in the community and that a large man from Boston had disallowed her a book peter out all the witches in the station.

Along with that, the Salem Witchcraft trial began.

In seven months time, seven men and thirteen women were executed for practicing Witchcraft, a range of on the main of the declaration of ghosts and specters. Group who would not disclose were killed and Tituba was spared and sold by the Parrises.

When the up in arms accusations reached the apex of colonial company, nothing special stop turned. Featuring in 18 months, Executive William Phips had pardoned all suspected witches who had not been executed, even the executed were exonerated, though the name Salem endures as a symbol of public lunacy.

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Tarostar - The Witchs Spellcraft Revised

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Source: master-of-tarot.blogspot.com