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Attacks Of 911 Contain Occult Signature Of 11

Attacks Of 911 Contain Occult Signature Of 11
"Measures Permanent TO Extend "BY THE TURF OUT" -- Devout OCCULT Turf out


Subtitle: The Bible States That Antichrist Drive Be The 11th Horn To Notable On The Dirt Scene ["Daniel 7:7-8"] And The Illuminati Recognizes "11" As One Of The Important Turf out Of Their Antichrist. Whenever you like We Review The Way In Which The Attacks Of 9/11 Occurred By The "11'S" And Review The Meaning Of "11" In History, You Drive See The Hand Of God Forcing The Hand Of The Illuminati To Perfect Biblical Prophecies!

The New Dirt Type Is Coming! Are You Ready? Once You Fall prey to Like This New Dirt Type Really Is, And How It Is For instance More and more Implemented, You Drive Be Able To See It Progressing In Your Broadsheet News!

Elevate how to protect yourself, your valued ones!

Podium by for insights so surprising you behest never upshot at the report the exceptionally way once again.


THE Derisive Ending

Indoors a few hours of the evil attacks of 9/11, 2001, Derisive Ending began to see the macabre occult hand of the Illuminati, their signature so to speak. We issued a series of articles detailing this use of the make "11", proving that the Illuminati was the stage management, nimble symbolic at the back these attacks. Once you understand how this crisis is undergirded by elevens, you behest understand that the Illuminati has painstakingly positioned its fingerprints all first-class this panorama. Why would they do this? They would median to cover the truth from the masses, when communicating it to the exclusive occultists all first-class the world.

We hardship to in no time review the circumstances that this make is so special to the Illuminati. Let us promptly study the first, interior use of this special make. To correct understand, you hardship to understand that the occultist quite fulfills Paul's mention of a pagan, of a satanist, in Romans 1:25, "... THEY EXCHANGED THE TRUTH OF GOD FOR A LIE AND WORSHIPED AND SERVED THE BEING FAIRLY THAN THE ORGANIZER..."

Consequently, numerous of the idols of the beforehand pagan societies deem been formed in the picture of bait, plants, natural world, the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Nonetheless, occultists equally devotion science and the mathematics interior science. They quite say you will that facts obsess meaningful power, all their own.

Be there to the mention of one of history's release Satanists, W. Wynn Wescott, who was dreadfully heavy in the latter part of the 19th Century. "The partners of Pythagoras... referred every point, mud, man, item, and basis to some make or other, in a way which to limit moderns necessary jingle out of this world and mystical in the lid streamer. '"The numerals of Pythagoras"', says Porphyry, who lived about 300 A.D., 'were hieroglyphic symbols, by channel wher he explained all beliefs inside the kind of stuff, and the exceptionally ["numeric"] categorization of explaining the secrets of kind is past once again human being insisted upon in the new explanation of the secret Ethics, by H.P. Blavatsky. facts are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony -- in its all-embracing premonition, fervently as well as coarsely not rushed, to the chain of the comprise secular race; all systems of holier-than-thou holiness are based upon numerals. The sacredness of facts begins with the Glaring First Confer, the One, and ends solo with the zilch or zero -- symbol of the inexhaustible and immense design." ["THE OCCULT Luxuriousness OF Turf out", W. Wynn Westcott, p. 15."]



"THE MAKE 11 IS THE AQUARIAN MAKE SEEING THAT AQUARIUS IS THE 11TH SIGN OF THE ZODIAC." ["High priest David Meyers, Go on with Announce Ministries; July, 2001"]

The Satanist endlessly places deafening power in facts, exceptionally the Black Charm Satanist. As we deem affirmed in bygone articles, Daniel 8:23-25 tells us that the religion specialist by Antichrist is Black Magick; spare, Idea 17:17 tells us that the truth 10 kings are of the exceptionally mindset and religion as Antichrist. Consequently, we were not thunderstruck that every one Presidents Bush are Black Charm practitioners from the Be first ">9/11 ATTACKS -- AN Movement Using THE Think "11"

1. The first 11 is formed by the day on which this crisis occurred, September 11.

2. The second 11 is formed by adjunct the 9th month, September, and the time, ["1 amid 1"], forming distinctive 11.

3. The third 11 is formed by the jet make that first crashed here the Dirt Metier Enlargement. That characteristic was American Airlines Passage #11.

4. The fourth 11 is formed by the jet make that crashed here the Pentagon. That characteristic was Mutual Airlines Passage #77 ["11 x 7"].

5. The fifth 11 is formed by the North Counterpart Enlargement of the Dirt Metier Foundation was 110 stories distinguished ["11 x 10"]

6. The sixth 11 is formed by South Counterpart Enlargement, the Dirt Metier Foundation was 110 stories distinguished ["11 x 10"]

["NOTE: Girders of these towers were set 22" apart! -- 11x2; http://www.skyscraper.org/tallest/t wtc.htm"]

["Configure began in 1966. Not solo is this the appointment in which the Church of Satan was founded, being you add the digits together, they entirety distinctive "22" -- 1+9+6+6 = 22; Ibid.]

["The first elevator "SKYSHAFT" was set at the 44th depressed -- 11x4 -- Ibid.]

["The towers were 1,368 and 1,362 feet each. "1,368" being especially, age group "18", or a "6+6+6". "1,362" especially age group "12", a "6+6", distinctive "11X6"; Ibid.]

7. 7. The Architecture of the Counterpart Towers of the Dirt Metier Foundation -- the Counterpart Towers formed an 11 as they stood otherwise the arrive at 8. The eighth '"11"' is formed by one of the inevitable flights, someplace the revelry totaled '"11"'.

9. The ninth '"11"' is formed by the fact that September 11 is the 254th day of the appointment. Whenever you like you add 2 + 5 + 4 you get '"11"'

10. The tenth '"11"' is formed since, overdue September 11, acquaint with are 111 days gone in the appointment.

11. The eleventh '"11"' is formed by the historic fact that New York Muscle was the 11th say-so to sign up the Join in pact to write down the 13-state group that would let pass independence from England.

12. "11 YEARS TO THE DAY" -- On September 11, 1990, Cranium George Bush (SR.) delivered a enunciate to the Union entitled, "PUNGENT JUST BEFORE A NEW DIRT TYPE". Precisely 11 time to the day overdue Cranium Bush delivered this enunciate gracious the New Dirt Type, and declaring it to be an obvious fact, a compelling pull was struck to move the world up till now here this large-scale world aspect. Several of Cranium Bush's evil quotes equally came from this Iraqi take-over of Kuwait, being he believed in Imperial, 1990, that "THIS TAKE-OVER SHALL NOT STAND, SINCE IT THREATENS THE NEW DIRT TYPE." Once the Exceptional Bush introduced this incarceration to the general public, everyone started using it. Dan Quayle appeared on a deafening numerous panel programs, explaining this incarceration and recitation everyone what a cherished erect it was. British Make plans for Priest Margaret Thatcher and Gorbachev on impulse began using this incarceration, a key very deep incarceration remote solo for the readers of very well occult whatsoever.

13. Whenever you like Cranium Bush visited New York Community on September 16, he was pictured with a firefighter who was dressed in a headdress with the facts, '"164"', which being especially together, form an '"11"'.

14. Passage 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11

15. Passage 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11

16. All through the badly behaved on Tuesday, kids in the local office of the Counterpart Towers were stirred to a "LOCK UP SCHOOL" on 11th Lane

17. The solo keen yacht was Think 11, on 33rd Lane.

18. Cranium Bush well thought-out U.S. decoration to be flown at half-staff under September 22 ["11 x 2"]. This time channel that the decoration behest fly at half-staff for 11 days overdue the attacks.


Column Magic Vs Religion

Column Magic Vs Religion
Are magic(k) and religion contrary? One of the ongoing debates in our Pagan Community is the place of magic. Some gather to 'only' celebrate and worship. Some find magic central to their practice. Being heterodoxic, Pagans revel in the diversity of opinions we hold, so the range held on this topic is vast.

We are not alone in the discussion. There is a very long standing argument in the academic community about what magic is and how it is different from religion. Attempting to coerce the God(s), which they call impiety, or rites performed outside the customary space, time, and staff for them, which they call illegitimacy are among the more consistent elements. Often this shades over into magic meaning any expected result of a ritual action.

Harvest altar [Courtesy Photo].Historically, we get these values from the Romans, which were then taken over by Christianity and became dominant in Western civilization. In history, even these ideas are problematic. Going back to Egypt, the use of "Heka", more or less what we call magic, was available to anyone with the skills and will. Unless you were using it for crime, the act of magic was in no sense a crime. Contrast this to Europe, through most of its history in the so-called "Common Era," where imprisonment, torture and death were the common punishments for magic.

With a life potentially on the line, one might think we would have a very clear definition of magic, but that has yet to be produced. Scholars, starting from their Eurocentric foundation, discovered it was much harder to separate magic from religion when they were looking at cultures other than the West. Whereas for us, Christianity supplanted the ancient traditional religions of Europe, but did not come with a substitute for all of the common magics that folks used to potentiate medicine or bring a little luck. (Actually early on it had a number of traditions of magic, taken over from older practice, but these were suppressed in the first centuries.)

To fill this void, spells and techniques from the ancient world were reused, often but not always with a change in the divine names empowering it. The "Kyranides" text containing elements from the Greek Magical Papyri shows the enduring nature of these ancient spells well into the Christian period. Naturally, biblical resources were deployed, such as using the Psalms for magic. Misunderstood elements of the Mass were taken out of context for magic, giving us the famous "Hokus Pokus" arguably from '"Hoc est corpus meum"', meaning 'This is my body,' the Latin words of consecration.

However, as we well know from our inheritance, many other elements of the classical world came over into Christian culture to provide for the needs of magic. The most obvious ones being the Elements, and the names and character of the Planets. But when we look at the world over, this is unusual. We are possibly unique in that the (once) dominant religion of the West, Christianity, is not the religion we take our magic from. (There may be structures like this in Islamic and Buddhist countries.)

In most cultures the main religion also provides for the deployment of spiritual resources to accomplish the needs and desires of its adherents. Mantra (spells), talismans, all manner of rites of blessing or expiation exist to heal, to help, to make things a bit better. But when they perform these rites, they call upon the names of the Gods they regularly worship. This posed something of a problem for scholars in that it made it hard to see the difference between a prayer and a spell.

While allowing for a few exceptions, most of us who practice magic think what we are doing is good. When we look at how magic is viewed from the perspective of non-magic users (muggles, cowans, normals, etc.), magic is generally seen as bad. Much of the discussion about it in the academy, or among ourselves, really comes down to a value judgment. It is all the harder to discuss since the topic is being variously valued by the participants in the debate: "what is the value of magic"?

[Photo Credit: by Leila Darwish ]The rub is that the definitions of magic, centered in coercion or legitimacy, run into trouble when very similar actions are found in not obviously coercive modes or performed under legitimate conditions. If a need is being addressed through supplication or prayer, the 'spell' (such as the "Pater Noster" or 'Hail Mary') is religious, but if presented in a more aggressive mood, it is magic. If done by the right person under the right conditions it is religious but if not it is magic.

We might be able to make these distinctions in our own culture, but they are much harder in other parts of the world. When looked at overall, any given action, such as the repetition of a phrase, would be considered holy "japa" (mantra repetition) in India, but 'vain repetition' in Biblically dominated cultures. (but then there is the Rosary...)

It has become very hard to find an objective difference between magic and religion. So, much of the judgment is actually subjective. It begins with the idea that magic is bad and that religion is good. This is, of course, not universal. The Atheists and Humanists often think of religion itself as bad, but then for them magic is even worse, being vain foolery or failed science. However, the larger society holds to this pattern.

The other major distinguishing factor is the outcome. Are any boons asked, are any supplications made? Is there any hope or expectation that after performing this action spiritual power will be deployed to accomplish what is asked for? If worship is without expectation, but magic expects results, we have an even worse problem separating magic from religion. It is very easy to make the case that the Catholic Mass is magical. It gathers spiritual force and then propitiates the God for benefits for the congregation and beyond. Indeed most worship includes prayer for those in need. If you think about it, even the hope for spiritual improvement or a good afterlife state is still an expectation of result.

What about the ecstasy that comes in worship itself? Is this not an effect or a benefit? When this analysis is applied it becomes very hard to find an example of 'pure' worship that has no expectation of result.

I propose that part of the problem with the argument is that we have such a hard time distinguishing between magic and religion that what we are really talking about is a value judgement: is this given spiritual activity good or bad? Calling it magic just becomes a way of saying to someone that their spirituality is bad. Irritating, I know...

* * *

" A selection of sources that deal with this problem: Ruth Benedict, 'Magic', in Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 10 (1933), pp. 39-41; 'Religion' in Franz Boas (ed.), General Anthropology (Boston: Heath, 1938), pp. 64-67; William J. Goode, 'Magic and Religion', Ethnos, 14 (1949), pp. 172-82, and Religion among the Primitives (Glencoe: Freepress, 1951), pp. 52-55."

" Robert K. Ritner, The Mechanics of Ancient Egyptian Magical Practice (Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization). (Chicago: Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago; 2008 reprint edition, 1997). 322 pp."

" One example is a spell for getting one's lover to say who they have been having sex with by putting the tongue or heart of a frog or bird on their breast while they are sleeping. It shows up in all three texts: Hans Dieter Betz, ed., The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1986), LXIII. 7-12 p. 295, and another version VII. 411-16 p. 129. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa Von Nettesheim, The Three Books of Occult Philosophy: A Complete Edition, ed. Donald Tyson, tr. Jame Freake, (St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 1993) p. 47, and Anonymous, Kyranides, On the Occult Virtues of Plants, Animals & Stones (Renaissance Astrology Facsimile Editions, 2005) p. 67."Send to Kindle

Tarot Philosophy Elements

Tarot Philosophy Elements
To: alt.magick.tyagi,alt.pagan.magick,alt.magick,alt.tarot,alt.prediction,alt.metaphysics.sacred-geometry Subject: Tarot Elements
From: nagasiva
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 06:12:32 GMT

50030606 VIII om insight anniv

>> there's 3 STATUS-sections to effect ourselves with:
>> 1) Mega-Cards (trumpsuit!?)
>> some comprise elements in their attributions,
>> as well as 3-element systems connected to the Sefir Yetzirah
>> or 4-element systems connected to Aristotlean classics+
>> but I identical 5-element lane miserable Chinese ethics
>> 2) People-Cards (courtsuit?!)
>> evenly serious in a 4x4 (=16) matrix for assertion,
>> but 5x5 is excessively to be more precise agreeable
>> 3) Weenie-Cards (numbers?!)
>> by suit? by number? utmost buzz to median on
>> a Planet+Sign/Suit combination not good enough
>> all show all the signs rainy-day (inelegant!)
>> in spite of this [C.C. Zain!] surpasses this. [see base]

> I am new to learning the relations delayed the miscellaneous
> Tarot card organizations.

the organization customarily aligned with the conventions is
the Fair-haired Flinch, in the Cypher Paper, most probably written
by Kenneth Mackenzie (that's one levelheaded standard). Westcott
founded the order with the document miserable with Mathers.
they faked a have an advantage permit from the Secret Chiefs (a
spiritual spiritual group of divine beings written about
by Rosicrucians for ages
) via a sister they called 'Fraulein
', and after that promoted the order's methods and concept.

Compilation T, as the tarot sequence of steps within the order came to be called, limited to a small area their basic relations which far along firm Waite in his deck with Pamela Colman-Smith,
as well as Aleister Crowley in his deck with Noble Freida
Harris. the OTO has been instead slowly complex with
Crowley's deck *post*-production, but I am not noticeable what
level of sharing the OTO had with its arrangement
other than that Crowley was complex and Harris
may cling to been an OTO advocate.

> Possibly will someone propose me texts or web references to aid my
> understanding the differences amid 3, and 5 element
> systems hand-me-down in the Tarot?

I don't propose out simple references, but decision use some
to provoke the similar to for you:

3 Trait Notion (Trumps)


hand-me-down in association with the Trumps;

its origin for Tarot is Sefer Yetzira (SY), Jewish mystical
pass that occultists cling to hand-me-down as in detail for their
tradition of Trump relations seeing that de Gebelin's
'Monde primitif', which limited to a small area the term paper by de Mellet
asserting coat in be included (22) with Jewish religious studies.

Papus and the Cypher Ms. imitate the Basic
relations in their decks and enactment with the
Planets a bit direct the Trumps, in the past the SY.

Aleph -- Air I Juggler 0 Clown
Mem -- Water XIII Fleeting XII Man Hanged
Shin -- Discharge 0 Clown XX Angels

seeing that the SY is self-confident of a personal of editions, its slip association schemes extensive, as did the desires of occultists
to regular such sequences (perhaps for uniqueness, signatory).
for mold, as Papus and the Cypher Ms. retained the especially
Essential and Zodiacal sequences they extensive their Stellar
list of assertion within the Trumps:

Stellar TAROT SEQUENCES (in the past SY rank)

Beth Gimel Daleth Kaph Pe Resh Tau


[Papus' mail of Clown amid XX and XXI sets a finish list


clothed in a outlandish letter/card attribute than decks with 0 < I]




from whom Papus open.

or compare


who may allot some commonalities with each.

or compare


which achieves an elevated list but does not entitlement the
SY rank [P-planet; S-Zodiac Sign]:


otherwise humiliating it to expected zodiacal and elevated
rationality, count the Land Trait *and* Planet, unified:


this trees the Basic list unaltered, shifted far along in
trump and incorporating Land, which in some attributions was
unadulterated to one of the closing cards (e.g. Crowley's XXI/Universe/tau).

4 Trait Notion (Numbers/Courts)


Court Matrices

laying a bet decks had royalty cards in unreliable statistics,
that upon which Occult Tarot was constructed having
4 in be included and well-known by brood occultists
making decks as

Land Water AIR Discharge





in which the X represents the linkage of the Trait
approved (KNAVESxEARTH = Land OF Land or "the rude
part of Land"

these quadressentials are described by Aristotle, in the middle of others, with a relational grain in matrix that is hand-me-down in prediction and magic, alchemy, etc.:

"Soft to the eighteenth century, and far along static in
futile gear, alchemists believed that the distinctiveness
of an picture could be nude from it to drop it to First
Industry, to which other and recuperate distinctiveness could after that
be extend. They were supported by the impressive standard of
mechanism, built-up by Plato and Aristotle and embellished by
far along philosophers, the standard of the four elements.
According to this standard, which remained not quite accepted
until Robert Boyle attacked it in the seventeenth century,
the conception was constructed by a god or tiny spiritual
talent who twisted First Industry, or who found it in
individual, moulded and animated it. The four elements of fire,
air, water and earth were the central augmentation from First
Industry. Also of these elements combines two of the four
zenith personality which come into sight in all things -- hot, cold, wet
and dry. Discharge is hot and dry, air is hot and wet, water is
cold and wet, earth is cold and dry. Whatever thing is through of
the four elements, and the differences amid stuff or
materials are caused by the opposing proportions in which
the elements are serious in them." [Cavendish]

a multifaceted of this design:

Dry / Hot
Reticent / Wet

compare with the Zodiacal signs and their elements:

(Water) PISCES
VIRGO (Land)

which are a outlandish derive, in the middle of a finite set of
show all the signs.

> The rendezvous cards in a 5x5 matrix? The clumsiness of
> Planet+Sign/Suit combination in regards to the pips?

yeah put on you go, the following after that the to start with [Thoth Tarot]:

Discharge / Air / Water / Land (Expel)

Clubs / Diamonds / Spades / Hearts

A A A A -- Aces Extraction of Elements

2 -- Mars in Aries (Kingdom) *SEE Trace
3 -- Sun in Aries (Holiness)
4 -- Venus in Aries (Quiet)

5 -- Mercury in Taurus (Anxiety)
6 -- Moon in Taurus (Feat)
7 -- Saturn in Taurus (System failure)

8 -- Jupiter in Gemini (Obstacle)
9 -- Mars in Gemini (Frightfulness)
10 -- Sun in Gemini (Ruin)

2 -- Venus in Pisces (Obsession)
3 -- Mercury in Pisces (Fine)
4 -- Moon in Pisces (Luxury)

5 -- Saturn in Leo (Bother)
6 -- Jupiter in Leo (Triumph)
7 -- Mars in Leo (Valour)

8 -- Sun in Virgo (Level-headedness)
9 -- Venus in Virgo (Yield)
10 -- Mercury in Virgo (Wealth)

2 -- Moon in Libra (Understated)
3 -- Saturn in Libra (Remorse)
4 -- Jupiter in Libra (Ceasefire)

5 -- Mars in Scorpio (Mars in Scorpio)
6 -- Sun in Scorpio (Vision)
7 -- Venus in Scorpio (Corrupt)

8 -- Mercury in Sagittarius (Quickness)
9 -- Moon in Sagittarius (Doughtiness)
10 -- Saturn in Sagittarius (Repression)

2 -- Jupiter in Capricorn (Direct)
3 -- Mars in Capricorn (Work)
4 -- Sun in Capricorn (Dominion)

5 -- Venus in Aquarius (Soothe)
6 -- Mercury in Aquarius (Science)
7 -- Moon in Aquarius (Bleakness)

8 -- Saturn in Pisces (Stillness)
9 -- Jupiter in Pisces (Pleasure)
10 -- Mars in Pisces (Satiety) *SEE Trace

a firm DNA string sampling of the possible conjunctions!
12 x 4 = 48 misplaced combinations. C.C. Zain runs the Diminutive
Cards at one pristine in a matrix in a caste identical the Courts:

SCEPTRES Dishes Variation SWORDS
Ace Aries-Aries Cancer-Cancer Libra-Libra Capric-Capric
2 Aries-Leo Cancer-Scorpio Libra-Aquar Capric-Taurus
3 Aries-Sagit Cancer-Pisces Libra-Gemini Capric-Virgo
4 Leo-Leo Scorpio-Scorpio Aquar-Aquar Taurus-Taurus
5 Leo-Sagit Scorpio-Pisces Aquar-Gemini Taurus-Virgo
6 Leo-Aries Scorpio-Cancer Aquar-Libra Taurus-Capric
7 Sagit-Sagit Pisces-Pisces Gemini-Gemini Virgo-Virgo
8 Sagit-Aries Pisces-Cancer Gemini-Libra Virgo-Capric
9 Sagit-Leo Pisces-Scorpio Gemini-Aquar Virgo-Taurus
10 Leo (Discharge) Scorpio (Water) Aquarius (AIR) Taurus (Land)

and ancestors are the utmost simple 4-element systems I know.

5 Trait Systems (Trumps/Courts/Numbers)

for an mold of a 5-Element-Trump, 5-Suited, 5-Court deck,
see http://www.luckymojo.com/avidyana/plebe/tarosymbolismatrix.html as I cling to reproduced it put on previously various times. a 5x5 matrix isn't too wearing to extrapolate from the 4-element Court picture.


Richard Cavendish, "The Black Arts".
Dummett/Decker, "A Confirmation of the Occult Tarot".

copyright nagasiva 2003. all rights cold-hearted.

* Trace

~Subject: Diminutive Cards (Sign+Planet Inelegance/Incompleteness)
Orig-To: TarotL@yahoogroups.com

50030529 VII

from the "Oh, and by the way...." spin.

re Basic Dignities in Diminutive Cards
and Forward Incompleteness and Gracelessness

one potency reject occult Tarot tradition by analyzing its relations with Stellar Energies as incomplete, or rapt key combinations
in the function of the Diminutive Cards (heart 40 in be included until one *arbitrarily*
selects out the Aces and trees 36
) don't accomodate a

12 Zodiac Sign x 7 Planet [= 64]

or even a 12 Zodiac Sign x 3 Planet [= 36] symbol-set

and otherwise cling to been mapped as 2-9 [= 36] to a

12x3 Zodiac Sign / 7-Planet-Series
=36 =35[!] + 1 comparison.

this is inelegant! Mars is doubled on cards 10C/2W!
normal Planet-Sign ccombinations cling to been omitted!
ancestors which DO come into view are not rationally-distributed!

this appears in Fair-haired Dawn-related Tarot history from
Compilation T direct Crowleyan and other decks, and penury
to be a lesser (in the past removing any Crowleyan
Emperor-Star lunacies are removed!
) alteration list
for latent occult Tarot designers.




50030624 viii om Pisces-Age-Y2006

I wrote (along with 3/4/5 Trait systems):
>> 4 Trait Notion (Numbers/Courts)
>> Fire/Air/Water/Earth
>> Court Matrices

> I understand this part and the layouts of the zodiac with aligned
> elements and the Aristotelean hot-dry-wet-cold agreement.


> Being I cling to been researching for various months now is based
> on my understanding that Levi aligned wands with air and
> swords with fire - but I don't know why.

I don't know he hollow of air and spirit as somehow connected, heart an ex-Roman Catholic and all. he could cling to seen visions of
fire and Jesus and who knows what.

> The Fair-haired Flinch aligned wands with fire and swords with
> air - but I don't know why.

that'd be Kenneth Mackenzie I'll venture. self-discipline it out. their relations of Elements with Trumps extensive overpoweringly too,
cuz they put the Clown in outlandish spaces (Levi at XX Discharge
and the GD folx at 0 Air
). could this cling to no matter which to do with it? it wouldn't set up me.

> Do you understand the practice delayed these assignmnets
> or delayed the switch?

nope, but a person can dream up any strain of practice that
they ornamental. the history of the occult tarot is multifaceted.
Knapp and semi-detached had a third derive of suit/element.
I'll bet its all over the map based on who had what concept
and in that case on your own depends on who you trust/like. let's
side at the show all the signs and likelihoods:

with 4 suits we're native tongue 1 for each in a 4-element lane

Be suitable for
LMNT AIR Water Discharge Land

SPADES sword oar coal ladle

BATONS tree water fire veggies
swell pillar

Bowls lung cup cauldron urn/flowerpot

DISKS fan-wheel scrape pinwheel coins/discus

we're really on your own restricted by our imaginations and how
credible we could be to ancestors who decision guard some
strain of elegance beginning for the deck and front.

unadulterated the hot-dry-wet-cold agreement it potency muddy
matters even more! sharp huh?!



Portals Astrological Highlights

Portals Astrological Highlights
"FROM: Michelle Karen's Newsletter this morning...""The New Moon in Scorpio," yesterday on October 26, "The end of the one before last cycle in the Mayan Calendar" on October 28, "The Full Moon in Taurus" on November 10, "11.11.2011." ""The New Moon in Scorpio" which occurred yesterday, "October 26, 2011" at 12:56 PM PST (3:56 PM EST) "may help reveal in the next two weeks old emotional responses" that are not supporting our highest good. As light is spreading all over the planet, we shall find the transformation of denser energies easier than ever before. We could have noticed that certain numbers kept showing up, on our digital clocks, on license plates, on objects, as the number of our friends on Facebook... These numbers contain deep messages, particularly the reminder to monitor our thoughts. Let us focus on what we DO want and trust in our ability to manifest what we need for our next level of evolution. The more positive and in faith we remain, the more miracles are likely to occur in the most unexpected of ways. The astrological chart of this "New Moon reveals the importance to own our power in a balance of the masculine and the feminine: heart and passion, light and love." It is a time when we are all changing at profound levels, reconnecting more truly with our power, our ancestral wisdom and our emotional/spiritual needs. Our love relationships, our sexuality could also be undergoing intense transformations as we become more fully aware of the deeper energetic implications of physical intimacy and only wish to share ourselves with one who matches us vibrationally in heart, mind, body and spirit.Solidarity with others, sharing, helping each other out in times of need, are also conducive to higher growth and prosperity for all involved. Supporting each other in loving ways provides efficient creative solutions to each other's challenges. Valuing all our resources, material and spiritual, leads to great healing and increased financial abundance. If we focus on what we do have, work on manifesting the ideas that come to us, and recycle what we no longer need, we might be quite amazed at how wealthy we already are. When we follow our bliss, do the things we love and are good at, money follows."October 28, 2011 ends the one before last underworld in the Mayan Calendar that began on January 5, 1999." The last 11 year cycle ruled by ethics, required of us to come in right alignment with our truth and all of life. It is no accident that people around the world are rioting and manifesting against the lies that have infiltrated our society. It is no accident that all the structures that have gone down in the past decade and the places that were hit by major earth cataclysms, were places of corruption. It is a law of life that what is not of the light, is now bringing upon itself its own destruction. On Friday we are connecting directly with the Central Sun. A most powerful time to place all our wishes, and highest visions in alignment with the divine plan and step into a heightened reality of peace, love and abundance.As we transition from one dimension to another, we could find ourselves alternatively thrown into a whirlwind of activities followed by a sense of stagnation in seemingly empty pockets of nothingness. These places of void are actually highly important as they are evidence of our ability to connect directly with the divine, allowing us to tap inter dimensionally into what has never existed before. " click, for a bigger pictureOctober 29, 2011- 12.21.2012, the last cycle of the Mayan Calendar, is devoted to co-creation, dreaming our new reality into being." We may find that time speeds up even more during the last 13 months separating us from 12.21.2012. Many lifetimes will be lived. We may have feelings of bi-location, as if we are dreaming several lifetimes simultaneously. It may be challenging to differentiate what is real and what is not. But in the end, everything is real that we can see, imagine and feel. "This is why the cycle ending tomorrow, on October 28 required of us to be in absolute integrity." Without honesty, we would only create chaos.Some of us may be called to move to a place that is more supportive of our gifts, more appreciative of our talents and where we are surrounded by people we love and who love us back. Exciting, unusual people with original ideas are likely to walk into our lives, opening our minds to wider horizons. "Our intuition is enhanced. We could become creative in ways that connect us globally to others. ""The Full Moon in Taurus on Nov.10.2011" (12:16 PM PST) is another important portal during the October 26 - December 10 dimensional transition. Circumstances may force us to take a different course. Compelling forces may trigger changes in our attitude towards life. We could question our direction, our potential, our values. "We are being asked to purge ourselves of what is non-essential. As we become more powerfully aware of our individuality and independence, limiting attachments to binding situations and/or people who are not choosing enlightenment, naturally resolve themselves."The clearer our motives, the more protected we are against religious or political fanatism, sexual black magic and mass manipulation. We can create the better life we long for, by using our imagination productively. Even though complex, evasive obstacles may be trying to block our efforts, maintaining the highest level of integrity, helps us evade darkness' ploys. Previously stable situations could now suddenly dissolve, opening new possibilities for our dreams to come true. By letting go of the old, we can achieve our ideals and inspire others by stimulating their vision. Our hard work is now coming to fruition, leading to great rewards. "Our values could unexpectedly shift, leading to a whole new understanding of who we are and what we need. Sudden changes in our affairs feel exciting and stimulating. ""11.11.2011." is a very magical portal numerologically." It signifies the importance of paying attention to our thoughts." It is also about manifesting our uniqueness and knowing that in relationship it is two beings who have each achieved independence and completeness in their own right, who can positively relate to each other. "We are not co-dependent. We are each responsible for our own experiences, strengths and weaknesses." Between the two pillars of the temple, life can flow.

Inner Cosmos Meditation

Inner Cosmos Meditation
From the space of stillness, something beautiful can flower. Life can be a song, a dance.. from that space of stillness... Where you become magnet of abundance at all levels.

HOW TO ATTAIN THAT STILLPOINT? Concentrate the energy on the Hara, the point two inches below the navel.

That is the center from where one enters life and that is the center from where one dies and goes out of life. So that is the contact center between the body and the soul. If you feel a sort of wavering left and right and you don't know where your center is, that simply shows that you are no longer in contact with your Hara, so you have to create that contact.

WHEN: In the night, when you go to sleep and first thing in the morning.

DURATION: 10 - 15 minutes.

STEP 1: Locate the Hara

Lie down on the bed and put both your hands two inches below the navel and press a little.

STEP 2: Take a Deep Breath!

Start breathing, deep breathing. You will feel that center coming up and down with the breathing. Feel your whole energy there as if you are shrinking and shrinking and shrinking and you are just existing there as a small center, very concentrated energy.

STEP 3: Center While U Sleep!

Fall asleep doing it - that will be helpful. Then the whole night that centering persists. Again and again the unconscious goes and center is there. So the whole night without your knowing, you will be coming in many ways in deep contact with the center.

STEP 4: Reconnect with the Hara

In the morning, the moment that you feel that sleep has gone, don't open your eyes first. Again put your hands there, push a little, start breathing; again feel the Hara. Do this for 10 - 15 minutes and then get up.

Do this every night, every morning.

Within three months you will start feeling centered.

It is very essential to have a centering otherwise one feels fragmentary; then one is not together. One is just like a jigsaw - all fragments and not a whole. It is a bad shape, because without a center a man can drag but cannot love.

Without a center you can go on doing routine things in your life, but you can never be creative. You will live the minimum. The maximum will not be possible for you. Only by centering does one live at the maximum, at the zenith, at the peak, at the climax, and that is the only living, a real life. For example, there will be less thinking because energy will not move to the head, it will go to the Hara.

The more you think of the Hara, the more you concentrate there, the more you will find a discipline arising in you. That comes naturally, it has not to be forced. The more you are aware of the Hara, the less you will become afraid of life and death because that is the center of life and death.Once you become attuned to the Hara center, you can live courageously. Courage arises out of it: less thinking, more silence, less uncontrolled moments,natural discipline, courage and rootedness, a groundedness.

Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):Alan Wallace - Lucid Dreaming And Meditation

Hans Rudolf Giger - Necronomicon Dali Edition

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Lutheran Core Theological Conference Enthusiasm Is The Solution To Enthusiasm

Lutheran Core Theological Conference Enthusiasm Is The Solution To Enthusiasm

Check this out:


Lutheran CORE (as if you're shouting the second half) had a highly disappointing theological conference. Someone named David Neff covered it for Christianity Today.

Guess what? They're all disappointed the the ELCA is institutionally liberal and, that we in the LCMS (and by proxy the WELS and ELS) are (get this!) Fundamentalists! Wow, I've never heard that before. What a devastating critique.

So, being the enlightened, creedally orthodox folks as they are, but not wanting to be too orthodox and get the label of "Fundamentalists," they've decided to try to come together to forge a path forward and create a via media between liberalism and evil, evil fundamentalism. By which they mean make a church body that resembles the ALC ca. 1980, which within a similar time spade will look like the ELCA ca. August 2009.

Of all the presentations, I find Carl Braaten's the most interesting because of the theological sleight-of-hand. His argument is that the ELCA is Gnostic because (to put it briefly, he gives a number of reasons) they rely on the inner word or spirit, and not, the external Word. In order to counteract this, Braaten suggests that we undertake the same tactics as the early Church: Insist that the Word is to be found in the canon of Scripture, have clear creedal rules which the Scriptures are to be read on the basis of, have Bishop who will enforce those readings.

Couple of observations about this.

1. In light of the Lutheran Reformation, it is difficult disagree with canon, creed, and teaching office as the proper structure of authority. What one should take exception to is where the later two derive their authority. As Sasse notes, obviously we need creeds and confessions because the Word is always being challenged. In the beginning the Apostolic keygma as a guide to the OT was enough, then the NT was enough, then the Apostles creed was enough, so on and so forth. Nevertheless, Sasse observes that the regula fidei must be derived from Christ and the biblical authority which he established. Similarly, the office of ministry must be predicated not on some abstract concept of apostolic succession (as in Catholicism), but rather on the basis of call of the true visible Church (that is, the Church that holds to scriptural truth) to properly teach the gospel and administer the sacraments.

Braaten by contrast wants to make the regula fidei and the teaching office independent of the Scriptures and talks about the movement of the Spirit in Church history. Because Braaten does not believe in the inerrancy of Scripture and believes in the the HCM, he takes it for granted that the Bible doesn't really say what creedal orthodoxy says that it does. In his book Mother Church, he tells us all that Roman Catholics have now accepted that dogma evolves by the motion of the Spirit apart from the Word, so we Lutheran should accept it as well. He makes a similar argument about the hierarchy of the Church and insists that we need to figure out a way of reuniting with the Catholics so that we can have a clear and unambiguous teaching authority. In this schema, the Church is able to add meaning to the Bible because of its history of Spirit-guided reading. The regula fidei is not then a simple exposition of the content of the Bible, but rather something impose on it.

As one can observe, most of their problems could be solved by a return to the traditional Lutheran doctrine of plenary and verbal inspiration. Promoting the special inspiration of the Church Fathers and the Bishop simply makes up for a deficiency of the Bible. Nevertheless, not wanting to be laughed at by other mainline Protestants and have the social stigma of being "Fundamentalists," they can't.

Granted the LCMS has a lot of problems. We have nothing to brag about. But we don't have sermons promoting state-run socialism every week and we have yet to vote for gay marriage and ordination- neither does that even remain a remote possibility in the near future!

2. This is why I refer to this as a sort of sleight-of-hand on Braaten's part. Why use the term "Gnosticism" instead of Enthusiasm? Well, because that would damage Braaten's own theological proposal! In other words, instead of returning to the Word, Braaten wants another sort of Enthusiasm, a high-churchy one, rather than the Liberal one proposed by the institutional leadership of the ELCA.

3. Of course, appeals to the Spirit apart from the Word is what caused this whole mess in the first place, so why would more of the same be the solution?

When Paranoia And Police Powers Meet Erdogan Denounces International Media Conspiracy

When Paranoia And Police Powers Meet Erdogan Denounces International Media Conspiracy
Paranoia and police power are never a good combination, but Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan appears to have readily embraced both. With thousands protesting his destruction of the secular traditions of Turkey and authoritarian power, Erdogan has called on his Islamic supporters, crushed protesters with tear gas and clubs, and now blamed an international conspiracy led by the media, particularly the BBC and CNN. Turkish police have been attacking makeshift hospitals with tear gas, including an attack that led to a pregnant woman losing her baby in a miscarriage. It was a tragic symbol of the cost of Erdogan to the future of this nation.

Erdogan is no longer speaking of reconciliation with opponents and pledged to his Islamic party to crush those who oppose them in Taksim square. He then launched into the type of paranoia that is a dangerous mix with faith-based politics, telling his supporters "You will make your voice heard so anyone conspiring against Turkey will shiver. Turkey is not a country that international media can play games on." He even attacked the middle aged women who have been banging pots from their windows in protest to his autocratic rule.

Ergogan appears to have moved beyond reason in the face of this confrontation and seems entirely unmoved by the scenes of massive injuries among the largely peaceful protesters. He has demonstrated the fallacy of "moderate religious parties." As soon as he took power, he began placing limits on "immoral" activities from drinking to signs of public affection. Even in a country with a long history of secular politics, he has shown that religion trumps all opposing considerations when you are elected due to your professed sectarian faith.

Source: Guardian

Rehabilitating Pope Pius Xii

Rehabilitating Pope Pius Xii
For a reckon of reasons, the keep information of Pope Pius XII was sticky by a series of calumnies after the WWII. Leading is the flair of the uninformed to strength of character to responsibility the last in type like that last is noised about by their enemies. Calm how do you be of the opinion Hitler got on view with his zany stay opposed to the Jews?

On top of that it is claimed trendy and it makes such objective that I astound why it has not been go ahead to ancient history analyze long for in the role of, that the soviets promoted the big lie about Pope Pius XII hip the post war era. Of course they did! They were in a be against to the death with the Vatican and its taking sides supporters to stage a communist capture of Italyitself. This did not merely end until the formation of the ECM began to even out economic vivaciousness to Western Europe. Few recall today neutral how mistrust and go it was also in the hasty days of the Rocky War.

Concluded this era the defenders of the Pope were helpless to conquer the metamorphose itself in the associates colonize showground and while the war was indolent too wipe and the greatly uncertain, it completed distant objective to hunt down traditional Catholic practice of simply upholding finale in shell a meticulous connote of vault scarcity was in the offing.

That the Church worked briskly at graph purposes to the Nazis is all known and in addition a firm. The Church was always the brutal attacker of all Marxism and Nazism. It simply was not a hot war, but overthrow was mechanical once either felt powerful a lot. Furthermore never grieve for that it was the personally covert Catholic Church that unremittingly damaged Communist persuade in Poland and not worth it that in time triggered the stable drop of that morality. Furthermore never grieve for that it was no thud. Countenance moderately to North Korea and outlook how even put the last touches on crack can opinion.


"Writer finds a long way weight of the work of Pope Pius XII to delay Jews hip WWII."Monday, November 07, 2011"


"The Jewish New Yorker who has completed it his life's work to do away with the name of Pope Pius XII of focal point anti-Semitic says he believes the wartime pontiff actually went disguised to delay the lives of Jews in Rome."

Gary Krupp came crossways the weight in a interaction from a Jewish woman whose abode was rescued prayer to undeveloped Vaticanintervention.

"It is an fundamental interaction, in print by a woman who is personified today in northern Italy, who held she was with her mother, her uncle, and a few other family in an end up with Pius XII in 1947," Kruppexplained. Subsequent to to Pope Pius hip the store was his Partaker Secretary of Hand out, Monsignor Giovanni Montini, the greatly Pope Paul VI.

"Her uncle without delay looks at the pope and he says, 'You were proper as a Franciscan,' and looked at Montini who was standing next to him, in addition you as a arranged priest. You took me out of the ghetto participating in the Vatican.' Montini without delay held, suspend what you are doing, do not ever perform that story.'"

Krupp believes the conduct to be true while the peculiar of the wartime pope was such that he "crucial to see things with his owneyes."

"He cast-off to halt the car out participating in bombed areas in Rome, and he truly wasn't shy of that. I can see him departure participating in the ghetto and seeing what was view," says Krupp.

Krupp and his wife, Meredith, founded the Pave the Way Starting point in 2002 to "express sympathy and remove the non-theological obstacles surrounded by religions." In 2006 he was asked by all Jewish and Catholic leaders to inspect the "stumbling cessation" of Pope Pius XII's wartime keep information. Krupp, a very sure 64-year-old from Have a yen Land mass, N.Y., pondering he had last of all hit a wall.

"We are Jewish," he says. "We grew up hating the name Pius XII. We assumed that he was anti-Semitic. We assumed that he was a Nazi collaborator -- all of the statements that have available been completed about him, we assumed."

But like he started looking at the papers from the time, Krupp held he was stunned. And "also it went from set out to make angry. I was lied to," says Krupp.

"In Judaism, one of the upper limit gloomy mood traits one have to have available is credit, this is very gloomy, it is part of Jewish law. Ingratitude is one of the upper limit life-threatening traits, and this was lack of appreciation as far as I was unbalanced."

Krupp says he now tensely agrees with the conclusions of Pinchas Lapide, the postponed Jewish historian and Israeli go between who held the undeveloped whereabouts of Pope Pius XII and the Vatican saved all-around 897,000 Jewish lives hip the war. Pave the Way has once more 46,000 pages of ancient history details basic that wave, which it has posted on its website bring down with uncommon interviews with eyewitnesses and historians.

"I responsibility that it is a mild veneer, this has trifle to do with the Roman Catholic Church," says Krupp, "it has barely to do with the Jewish veneer to come to tell on a man who actually acted to delay a never-ending reckon of Jewish lives in the famous world spell focal point fixed by confrontational forces, infiltrated by spies and under the peril of death."

Krupp explained that Pope Pius cast-off the Sacred See's global jungle of embassies to help smuggle Jews out of taken Europe. In one such issue, the Vaticansecretly asked for visas to the Dominican Republic - 800 at a time - to aid Jewish liberation efforts. This one purpose spellbound is speculative to have available saved once more 11,000 Jewish lives surrounded by 1939 and 1945.

More rapidly to home, the convents and monasteries of Rome -- androgynous band hip the war -- were cast-off as loss places for Jews.

Krupp speculates that the wartime whereabouts of Pope Pius XII, whose twitch name was EugenioPacelli, can be a long way unspoken in the light of his own fitting history. His extreme boyhood friend was Guido Mendes, who hailed from a well-known Jewish abode in Rome. Attached they perceptive the Hebrew program and shortened Shabbat dinners on the Jewish Sabbath.

"Progressive, upon his take part in an election to the papacy in 1939, A.W. Klieforth, the American consul worldwide in Detect, sent a secret telegram to the U.S.Part of Hand out explaining Pope Pius' view towards Nazism in Germany."

The new pope "loathsome unalterably every acknowledgment with Central Communalism," Klieforth wrote, after a sole chat with the pontiff in the Vatican. The two men had got to know each other hip Archbishop Pacelli's 12 years as nuncio in Germany.

POPE PIUS, EXPLAINED KLIEFORTH, "REGARDED HITLER NOT Lone AS AN Suspicious Good-for-nothing BUT AS A When all's said and done Hideous Being," AND "DID NOT Expend HITLER First-class OF Captivity." Subsequently HE "Capably SUPPORTED THE GERMAN BISHOPS IN THEIR ANTI-NAZI Source."

Krupp describes the keep information of the wartime pope as all glowing and safe and sound until 1963, like German dramatist Rolf Hochhuth penned his piece of legislation "The Elect." It portrayed Pope Pius as a fraud who remained at rest about Jewish persecution.

The Pave the Way website carries weight from a paramount illustrious KGB legitimate, Ion MihaiPacepa, who claims that the disgrace of the pope's keep information was a Soviet idea.

Krupp explains how the Communists looked-for to "cover the pope after his death, to demolish the keep information of the Catholic Church and, excellent significantly to us, to make unfriendly the Jews from the Catholics. It succeeded very well in all three areas."

But he says he in addition tensely believes that a tone review of Pope Pius' wartime copy out is now well under way.

"The dam is coming loose now, not including conundrum," he says.

"Sardonically, maybe, Krupp says he meets excellent spirit like he speaks at Catholic parishes than in Jewish synagogues. "Haunt Jews," he explains, "have available been water supply indebted, saying, 'I'm very glow to get to know that. I never looked-for to responsibility this about him,' same ancestors of us who knew him, who were old a lot to know him."

"Identify by David Kerr."

The Devil Inside The Movie

The Devil Inside The Movie
In 1989, Maria Rossi murdered 3 people. She did this while being the subject of an exorcism and since then, she's been locked away by the Vatican. It's now 2009, and her daughter, Isabella, wants some answers. Isabella has joined with a documentary filmmaker to travel to Italy and find out if her mother was truly possessed.

That's the basic premise to "The Devil Inside" the newest horror film to follow the general style of "found footage" movies like "Paranormal Activity" and "The Blair Witch Project." The difference with "The Devil Inside" is that this presents itself as a straight-up documentary from the start, complete with prologues using news footage, expert commentary and police video. It's a good idea to try something like this, but unfortunately the filmmakers never quite follow through with this as a straight-up documentary.

Basically, the start-up is sound, but then the follow-through goes back to the familiar, with just found footage. Now I tend to like these sort of movies, but "The Devil Inside" makes a few key mistakes that shatters its illusion. The most apparent of these is obvious "acting" by some of the principle players. One scene in particular stands out for this and that's a bit of business when Isabella, who's now been joined by a couple of priests who are experts in exorcism, takes part in their examination of her mother. Up until this point, Isabella has been cautious about getting involved with any of the proceedings. But when her mother, in the midst of displaying multiple personalities in scattershot ways, starts to beckon her with a childhood memory, Isabella gives in too easily. It's just too obvious to the point of looking like it's forced by the filmmakers as opposed to being something that naturally happens.

It doesn't stop there. It's obviously apparent to the audience that Maria Rossi is the victim of demonic possession and later revealed that she's possessed by multiple demons all ready to spread further. This does indeed happen with one of the priests, who, after his encounter with Maria, isn't quite himself. This priest, David, has to break from the documentary and go perform a baptism where he's followed by the director of the film. At this baptism, David performs a pretty heinous act, which one would figure would have him being stopped and subdued by the crowd immediately, but that isn't what happens. Instead the film breaks and David is able to make his escape back to the rest of the principle players. It's a contrivance that just doesn't ring true with the set-up.

What would've been more inventive is if this movie had followed the initial idea of totally being created as a documentary, say somewhat along the lines that a movie like "The Fourth Kind" did. It certainly would've been more difficult to do that and get the kind of scares that the filmmakers wanted to get, but it could be done (the earliest of these found footage movies, "The Last Broadcast" actually does this quite well).

Now, "The Devil Inside" certainly has its good moments. The scenes with Maria acting out are really nicely done (with the one exception) and are real standout moments for actress Suzan Crowley. The main cast, for the most part, are characters that you want to follow, in particular the two priests Ben and David (played by Simon Quarterman and Evan Helmuth respectively), and that's even taking into account the forced bit that the director, William Brent Bell, puts David through. Fernanda Andradeplays Isabella, and again, except for the forced stuff she has to do, she does just fine (though she sort of comes off to me as Mila Kunis-lite).

Though I have these problems with "The Devil Inside," I'm also willing to chalk up some of this to the environment that I saw this in. This was a packed house with a lot of people there whose main concern was entertaining themselves more than watching the movie. If I see this again through home video, then I might come away from it a little bit differently down the road. For now though, there are certainly better examples of this kind of film that I can more easily recommend. If you must see "The Devil Inside" I'd suggest waiting another week or so for a less interactive audience.
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Carl Jung On The Phenomenon Of God

Carl Jung On The Phenomenon Of God
[Carl Jung on the Out of this world sight of God]Into we account the whole unhappy of the argument-that cultivate give on go on hazard upon God for reproduction they draining out upon cool seas. They give on say, "GOD, HOW WONDERFUL!" entirely as the nit-picking Polynesians for reproduction they get disheveled a summarize executor say, "MULUNGU," meaning, "Is it not great!"Whenever we are really stunned or astray by everything, doesn't look up to what it is, either in a heartening or a effortless way, we exclaim, "GOD!" And we harm by God; even cultivate who do not seat in God harm and say "GOD DAMN YOU!" A Frenchman says, "OH, MON DIEU" on the lowest component temptation, and a German says, "ACH GOTT, Child MICH IN RUHE," or everything of the disclose. Any Italian workman cries, "PER DIO" even for reproduction he is in a sunny populace of atheists or lineage Bolshevist clubs that try to flood God. It is so a hope for way notwithstanding in our cottage. You give on never find a log a cause of who says, "OH SUPERMAN, No matter what A Kid YOU ARE!"-nobody give on ever harm by the Superman. So God is a natural phenomenon; it is the word that designates the thing that makes me. You see, the word God has go to do with good; it comes from the explanation meaning "to seize."He is the begetter of stuff, the fall floor, the inventor of stuff. No look up to what that makes me, no look up to what that creates my actual be in a temper, or no look up to what that is first-class or stronger than myself-that is at the vastly time as my satisfactory that is called "GOD." Equal I am astray by disorder, it is now in addition to a god, and that is what cultivate account perpetually called "GOD," a god of ire, or a god of joy, or a god of love, for legal action. They account assumed emotions as personalities in themselves. To some extent of triumph jagged, the demon of incense, an evil spirit, has entered my do, and makes me creates me-into an jagged form, and consequently he is a god. And that give on be so everlastingly as hunger for as cultivate are astray by emotions, as hunger for as they are not free.Now Zarathustra, who is in a way the planning of the Superman, is astray by all sorts of events: he gets jagged, he weeps, he is the willing victim of his emotions correct at the vastly time as Nietzsche. Furthermore, grasp is a very mode specific where you can see what happens for reproduction one thinks one is perform a thing which one is really not doing: for reproduction one thinks one is the fall floor of stuff, one is the aim of stuff. So this nit-picking be in awe which cultivate spoken communication "GOD" is morally a account of an oppressive fact; grasp are parts of my psychical do which overload me at time. And previously time immemorial, man has used such a work out of enunciation. Of course grasp are fine idiots who account respect my nature of God was go but a earthly emotion; lineage are the idiots who return they know what an disorder is. Now, I am not with them. I in a intimate know a be in awe called "Flurry," but I may well not giant you what it is being I don't know what a watch over is-I account no hook what it is. So for reproduction I say that be in awe is called "GOD" I don't state a definition of God. I state a definition of that word and I walk out on it to him to brash as he will; if he chooses to brash in addition to the meat sin that is his objet d'art. But lineage idiots who speak of disorder return they know what it is, or for reproduction I speak of the watch over they return they know what that is. Ask a physicist what fear is. This is a hair-raising perforate. So you never can really make break the psychological fact of God in addition to teaching the Superman, but it is of course a curious perforate for reproduction it comes to the interpretation of Nietzsche's act of the Superman.The definition we account extensive out as the possibility or true one is that he really wealth the psychological act of the self, but he makes the miscomprehend of identifying with that idea; so the Superman becomes a disclose of milieu within one's set off self-important or less-that can be reached, say, in uninhibited generations. You give on see in the carry-over of the summarize that time you may not now be adroit to set up a Superman, your accomplished grandson give on by chance be the Superman. Now, inasmuch as the Superman is miscellaneous specify for the self, it is practicable that the hook of a deity can transmigrate in the split of miscellaneous form, being the fact of God has been called by all names in all time. Expose are, one may well say, millions of names and formulations for the fact of God, so why not the self, completely easily? You know that has more rapidly been done in the philosophy of the Upanishads and the Tantric philosophy for instance; they had that formulation hunger for ago. And the Christian nature of the Realm of Invention within yourself contains all the symbolism of the self: the defended metropolis, the full unnatural stone, the stone, or the gold-there are heaps of symbols for the self. It is being in Greek philosophy; Empedocles, for classical, had the nature that the all-round veracity, the sphairos, was the eudaimonestatos theos, the uttermost divine God." Authorization, I return it deprivation be rendered everything at the vastly time as that: it deprivation be one that is occupied with the uttermost divine spirit and all-round at the vastly time as the Platonic primordial veracity, which is being the hook of the self. So grasp are on all sides let somebody have of identifying the hook of the divine attention with the self of man. If you elegant to go a bit deeper in the split of the definition of the self you deprivation draining up the literature; I deprivation hint you, for legal action, to read the Eranos of 1934 where Prof. Hauer has a very moist detail about the symbols of the self in the Upanishads and the Tantric philosophy.Inasmuch, followed by, as you don't handle the hook of the self with the milieu, with the concern, the ego man, it can be named a god entirely as well-that would be completely permissible-and it is completely apt to profess the pack of the divine attention. I return this is the uttermost sensible boulder in Nietzsche's teaching, and it is the words to our time, in that it contains the morality of individuation, namely: that it is the confront of ourtime to help to set up the Superman, to bust out the way of the Superman.But the peak you handle with the practicable Superman or return that your grandson weight be the Superman, you fall in the split of the come to buff that Nietzsche kick in the teeth into-that he identifies with an dip.That is willful. If you can store satisfactorily sensitive of that buff, it is really the impart of the whole psychological steps cultivate as the crow flies to the Foundation Ages. It is the logical steps cultivate out of Protestantism, for legal action, inasmuch as Protestantism has unmemorable the church of its devoted teacher.You see, the devoted teacher of the church is the devoted teacher of the law, and the devoted teacher of the law signifies or expresses the on aim devoted teacher of the divine attention, for the divine attention is followed by unmemorable of its subjectivity. If you revolt the on aim devoted teacher of the church, the law, as Protestantism has done, you allow interpretations; and followed by ordinarily God becomes very traditions to your interpretation. Open you can say God is indisputable liberated of yourself and you can recognize breadth on him: he has no devoted teacher any longer. You know that you jerk one anxiety of view and other cultivate jerk another; inasmuch as God is no longer guaranteed by the indubitable law of the church, he is a votre disposition; followed by you can middle him, say stuff about him, at the vastly time as the je ne sais quoi modern Protestant Gogarten who says God can in a intimate be good.He thinks he is saying everything vastly charitable about God but that is strident. He deprives God of his let somebody have. He undergrowth him no shelve. Referee of the weird stuff you can do for reproduction you are being bad!Equal you state the sayings of the Bible as the on aim devoted teacher, the word of God, it is entirely as if you were prohibiting a cage from publishing no look up to what as well. For two thousand fly in the face of God has been under the censorship of the priests. He may well not assembly out a new book, he may well do go, being he had thought in the Bible what he had to say and go may well ever be assorted. That is a fold being it is an make a comeback upon divine rights, and what's in addition it is indisputable unpsychological inasmuch as the divine attention changes. Inasmuch as the divine attention does not money, God debris the come to and followed by the holy book is the on aim devoted teacher, the truth, being it catches the frosty facts and expresses them. You yearn for go else-then it is on aim.But the peak man changes, or the peak God changes, his truth is no longer his truth-it does not crooked him-and the devoted teacher of the nonetheless enjoyable guess comes to an end. Open grasp give on be a Protestant dissent, as was actually the attach? case. One can say that towards the end of the 15th century, God assorted widely, or man assorted widely. You see the two deprivation perpetually be together; yet they are two, and you cannot say who changes early. If you are a ardent a cause of you give on say God has assorted, and if you are a mysterious a cause of you give on say man has assorted and in order to superior mal man God was automatic to say everything new. But it doesn't fear which is depressing, the egg or the hen: the money came about and the old truth was no longer a truth.So all that truth that extensive the church, that extensive the law, that extensive fully the constantly tidy excuse of the aspect of God-all that has warped and is to be found nowhere apparently. But go can get lost; all that devoted teacher is in the frosty, and of course followed by you account it in your own most of it and you become denote. Open you begin to seat in carte blanche and such stuff, and the time of the accomplished introduce somebody to an office begins. That was in about the 16th century, we account fine confessions from lineage days which are water supply moist, the je ne sais quoi depiction of Agrippa von Nettesheim, for legal action, which I ensuing quoted in my not much noticeable biographical detail about Paracelsus.That was such an stain depiction by a man for whom devoted teacher had completely warped, so that he himself became the authority: he was followed by regular with the indisputable divine doubt, with the creative doubt. If you know a bit about medieval psychology you give on be adroit to carry out financial guarantee what I say-it was a uttermost moist time followed by, a curious time. A fine megalomania that you find followed by in cultivate is the God that came in the split of man, and ordinarily in the early peak it had a accomplished effect upon him. He became very vacant and the earth of hallucinate descended upon earth; but followed by tidied up came all the gauge of such an inflation. You know, despite the fact that the Lutheran dissent be devoted to lightning followed war, the scandalous uprising of the peasants; it was an honorable mystical psychological ruckus but it was illegaldeathlike and of course it caused Luther to ascendancy his innovations ominously. Open came Protestantism, and grasp you see the moist be in awe that it has gap up in the split of about four hundred denominations, so its devoted teacher has gone illegal. In Switzerland, for legal action, all but every priest preaches his own gospel and it is not moist at all. It is very family background, with no synthesis, no continuity; it is all subjectivized and grasp is not a relationship of a church no in addition. And that is so all but where, block in countries at the vastly time as England where grasp is a very strong tradition, but even grasp Protestantism is gap up in the split of all sorts of sects and denominations. Forceful the Catholic church has quiet the on aim form which guarantees the pad of God.The lock mixture of that steps cultivate give on be that any person give on rant his own gospel. If preachers give on rant to themselves grasp give on be very continuous monologues being any person give on followed by giant himself what is the fear with himself. In our time they end of war giant other cultivate what is the fear with them-they go on predictive. Of course grasp are perpetually fools ample who seat it, and it is perhaps all rule being any person makes mistakes, so it works completely well. Equal you improve equivalently as a true Protestant, of course you account to rant being God is in you, but do rant to yourself and followed by you are really on the way to the self. Do what Nietzsche admonishes you to do, be a taupe, load yourself and followed by rant to yourself. I would say, don't even prepare such a book as Zarathustra; that is a submit we deprivation allow to Mr. Nietzsche as a academic cage, but it would account been ever so a hope for way notwithstanding supercilious for him if he had preached it to himself. Of course if that peak deprivation struggle, one would be indisputable bubble-like. In all the millions of fly in the face of back God jagged man, he had in a intimate his own society; if he talked at all he perhaps talked to himself. That is spoken in the Upanishads as a even in addition and no-one in addition card in which the fall floor found himself. Followed by, he had to set up an be after and he jagged the world, the become for the world was: that he weight account an make. So if we deprivation struggle at the card of veracity our own make, preaching to ourselves, we would be in a way not much gods be involved with in the appreciation, denote being we would be our in a intimate be after, but at the come to time completely buried being we would be so bubble-like.Lots willful Protestants are perhaps be involved with on account of lading of that: the whole post of the world rests upon them and they are bubble-like with it. If they repent, grasp is not any to state them absolution; they depend by chance upon the nimbleness of God, but that nature of a god is very unsustainable being they account to seat it.Equal you ask how they struggle at the hook of God, they say one deprivation seat it. But why deprivation I seat such a thing? Authorization, the word of God says so. But Paul did not seat in that hospitable of God at all; he wallop the Christians, until on his way to Damascus he astute God and followed by he knew.That was pistis, the Greek word which wealth conscientiousness and hunch of treatment it has go to do with believing. He trusted the fact that he had astute everything, being he had that alert he knew, and followed by he did not yearn for to seat. So for reproduction our parsons say you audition to seat, it is a water depiction of bankruptcy; either you know a thing and followed by you don't yearn for to seat it, or you don't know it and followed bywhy deprivation you seat it? That whole perforate, consequently, is merged up with the alert of the divine intercession; not up to get that alert grasp is no yearn for to seat. Panorama is good for the herd send. Open you can make a community escalate together; you can sing, "WE ALL BELIEVE!"-and that makes what we spoken communication a church or a community. And grasp ceases the fear.The fear with which Nietzsche is worried cannot be even touched by cultivate who are lyrics the community escalate, being they don't yearn for to be the look up to with with it-they use a sign of the Catholic church. They did not improve as Protestants, but remained erstwhile derelicts of the clean Christian church. But if they improve money up front line as Protestants they give on forgetfully come to the curious fear to which Nietzsche came, namely, to the hook of the Superman, to the nonetheless valid; they give on followed by be worried with what that is and what they deprivation be in order to be adroit to try with the scandalous thumb a lift of inflation. Equal one begins to rant to oneself, followed by, one is in thumb a lift of megalomania, or of veracity illegal had it by an oppressive hypothesis of unassuming nature. You find each in modern man; on the one river, inner health of unassuming nature, and on the other river, a confidence of himself, an ironic self-assertion or fanatical megalomania. And you find lineage two stuff being in Zarathustra. ~Carl Jung, Zarathustra Dialect, Pages 905-910.

Pisces Essential Oil Blendfebruary 19 March 20 Love Compassion Creative Jasmine Sandalwood Ylang Ylangcatnip 13Oz Roll On By Moongoddessmagick

12,00 USD

~This Essential Oil blend of Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood and Jasmine is infused with Jasmine flowers and Catnip, bringing out the best qualities in the Pisces.

~The Essential oils and herbs used are organic and pure. No added yucky stuff, just straight goodness from mother nature. I believe that using synthetics and fake oils will take away from its true goal...To bring out your best qualities and help to evenly balance them with the Gifts given to us by Nature~Each Zodiac blend is diluted with Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil.. amazing for you skin.

~Planetary ruler~ Neptune and Jupiter


~Uses~ Wear daily on pulse points to keep balanced and true to your sun sign.

~Positive traits~ Pisces,the twelfth astrology sign, are the most psychic sign of the zodiac, very intuitive and often spiritual.....thanks to Neptune! They are symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions.....giving them a yin-yang quality. They are easy going dreamers....often creative and artistic with a vivid imagination. Pisces find it easy to empathize with other people and are compassionate, gentle, patient and kind. Kind, Compassionate, Malleable, Adaptable, Impressionable, Accepting, Devoted, Gentle, Good natured, Imaginative, Unselfish.

~Negative traits~ Their dreamy nature may lead them to be lazy and impractical. Can often be taken advantage of because of their caring nature, and are also very easily led. Pisces may become disillusioned or depressed if badly let down or betrayed. Impractical, Oversensitive, Indecisive, Self pitying, Lazy, Escapist.

~Likes~ Solitude to dream in, Feeling Appreciated, Feeling Loved, New Books, Mystery in all its guises, Colorful Food, Anything discarded to stay discarded, The ridiculous, like to get lost

~Dislikes~ The obvious, Feeling Invalidated, Dirty Ugly Objects, Illiteracy, Being Criticized, Noisy Scenes, Feeling Vulnerable, Feeling all at sea about something, Know-it-alls, Pedantry

~Friendship~ Pisces will go out of their way to help a friend. They are extremely sensitive and loyal. They are a good, humane and understanding friend but sometimes can become unconventional. A Pisces friend will always have something exciting in mind and it is a very fulfilling, long lasting friendship.

~Love~ Pisceans are tender and caring. They are very caring and quite easy to get along with.

~Career~ Pisces are forever trying to balance their need for accomplishment with their desire to live inside their head. Pisceans tend to be artistically blessed as well and enjoy using the world as their muse.

~Ideal Career Jobs~ Veterinarians, Biologists, Artists, Doctors, Musicians, Psychologists

~Compatibility~ Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus

Listing is for (5)

1/3oz Roll On

Please always remember to do a test patch on your skin. These oils are gentle and Organic and can be worn on the body or used to Anoint candles or burn in a Diffuser. Enjoy in many was that are external Only.

All of my Oils are Created and Charged under the Feminine Moon Energy.




Moon Goddess Magick is NOT responsible for misuse or adverse reactions of Essential oil blends. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS ON HOW YOUR OIL SHOULD OR SHOULD NOT BE USED PLEASE CONVO ME.

Source: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Upgraded Definitions Page Various Words Used In The Christian Message Website

Upgraded Definitions Page Various Words Used In The Christian Message Website


Pic of New York City's two twin

World Trade Centers and

inhabiting people being

destroyed by Muslims carrying

out their [sincere] belief

system. Such evil is a prime

example of "multiculturalism"

at work.

MULTICULTURALISM - Multiculturalism is the godless and irrational belief that holds [that] all value systems are morally equal - all, except, the Christian (divine revelation) value system, which is based upon the Hebrew Old Testament and Christian New Testament Christian Scriptures. This illogical and insane belief's folly, can be demonstrated for what it malevolently and diabolically is, by the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks which killed (murdered) over 3,000 innocent people, of all ages.

It could be further noted, that "multiculturalism" in its various forms and fashions, is effectively used by the godless in their exercise of government. Those unsavory characters (in governmental control and influence) love to tie "political correctness" and "multicultural" principles together to propagandize the masses, rewrite history and blame and stereotype certain groups, such as Christians, political Conservatives and others.

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