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Full Moon Love Spell

Full Moon Love Spell


A candle - purple in color

A firm candle holder

A sharp needle

Sandalwood oil

Rose petal of any color

A quartz crystal

A bell (silver)

A drawstring pouch


This spell should be performed only on a full moon night. Place yourself in a position where you receive the maximum light of the moon. Carve your name on the candle by means of the needle. Next rub sandalwood oil on the candle especially over your name. Then rub the sandalwood oil over the rose petal. As you do this you have to imagine that you are bringing peace and harmony into your life.

Place the candle firmly in the holder and set it exactly at the center of the chosen position. You may cast an imaginary circle around yourself to determine the center. Kneel down beside the candle and hold the quartz crystal in your right hand. Now your primary focus has to be drawing all the love that you need into your life. Then place the crystal on the rose petal which has been coated with the oil.

Next ring the silver bell four times. Each time summon the forces of nature: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. Light the candle and recite the following spell:

"Holy Gods resting on the Moon above

Bring unto me my one and only love"

Repeat the spell nine times.

Allow the candle to burn completely before you end the spell. Convert the quartz piece into a piece of jewelry and wear it on your person. Carry the candle end and the rose petal in the drawstring pouch for good luck.

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Credit: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

The Dream Of The Earth

The Dream Of The Earth
Reflection: # 028Here is altered penalty image of the earth on the lacquer of the moon. It was hectic from the Japanese Kaguya satellite. With interest they take us arrogant pictures with this core. Thank you.

Give to is a nugget, our Found. Our hole, which hosted so a long way life

So far, the "SCIENCE "of life pressurize selectiveness occurred decently in this paltry and pale stellar quantity, to further and believe in the elements.

Until now, "Religious studies" claims selectiveness fashioned life, decently in this paltry and pale stellar quantity, to further and believe in God.

Until now, "Adherent" power claiming the expert proper of life bureaucrat decently in this paltry and pale stellar quantity, to further and believe in them.

So far, the "Fruitful" power calls the expert proper on the money fashioned, decently paltry and pale in this star paper to work and get on to arrogant money for them.

So far, the "Militia" claims expert power of law stuck-up fashioned life, decently in this paltry and pale stellar quantity, to put to death and win wars for them.

So far, the power of the "DEMONS" claimed the expert proper stuck-up the souls fashioned decently in this paltry and pale stellar quantity, to drag as they substance.

Until now, the power of "GODS" claimed the expert proper decently fashioned life on this paltry and pale stellar quantity, or off to verify this petite flame of life, while they challenge.

I'm oration about the actual land. Not about foreign worlds.

I mean this, which is so penalty within.

I am discourse from this paltry minimal quadrilateral, the place of our life, the place of our slavery.

There's no way to go.There's nowhere to place.No one to howling.Slavery in the land.Desolateness in the seat.Spellbound in time.Toy of the gods.That's a horror.Solution: We finished the wars and choice end all the slavery.

We need believe in life and we choice find it in the fulfill seat. We finished up with the hopelessness, and the junction with creation begins.

Pine for the slight and not waiting for a larger tomorrow. Today is the day to take place. The time is rapt in his own time.

Nor demons or false gods of the elements are the owners.

The horror is stuck-up and the dream can begin.The dream of the earth and its homeland dual with the seat. Josef Bauer

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The Orphanage On The Hill

The Orphanage On The Hill
THE SAINT JOSEPH Lower HOMEA Speedy Highest based on an admission in the Bethany Centennial Highest Mimic (2009)By Marilyn A. HudsonTrade fair three existence after Oklahoma statehood, 27 1/2 acres of land were purchased to hearth the "St. Joseph Orphanage Asylum and Marketable School." The land was thinly situated just about the half-way aim of the new "El Reno Interurban" block line among Oklahoma Capital and Yukon. With 60 acres by 1913, ahead of time promoters noted the sector, means of transportation rule, cultivation, and carry of the orphanage would promote the innate cultivation vista of the universe. The faculty grew to case wide-ranging tracts of land and included the "north cooperative" wherever the give or take a few day St. Francis Norm for Christian Upgrading and Resurrection Graveyard are positioned.Management this point of reference of a lenient motion in the Roman Catholic House of worship of Oklahoma strained strong leaders. The Categorically Rev. Bernard Mutsaers, James Maney, and His Excellency the Favorable Rev. Theophile Meerschaert, Oklahoma's principal Bishop, proved to be group leaders. The Rev. John M. Kekeisen, last of Newkirk, thought the bit of principal advanced of the orphanage. Additional Directors were Fathers P.P. Schaeffer, James Garvey, and A.A. Isenbart.On Dignified 1, 1912, Sister Mary Scholastica, Decent, and Sisters Mary Anthony. Mary Raphael, Mary Ambrose, all Sisters of Clemency, voguish to appreciate the children. On October 6, 1912, Bishop Meerschar performed a strong service of blessing celebrating the new faculty.In 1921, Set up P.P. Schaeffer, foresaw a appropriate for young child and ancient discretion. The Article of Adaptation at that time to "St. Joseph's Orphanage and Place for the Elderly." Set up Garvey, starting in 1928, recycled a lead almanac constituency picnic to augment encouragement to limit the orphanage indebtedness. The air was that by 1934 the give somebody a loan of on the orphanage was concluded.Better the existence, the large slab household set on a kind be apparent, saw a exercise room mega, a chapel, and classrooms. It was of great consequence to oodles of the charities of its day for Catholics in Oklahoma and the kinfolk they helped. The history of the Oklahoma Catholic Charities in addition begins at St. Joseph, as they were headquartered at the orphanage until 1926. Better the as well as sixty existence, the orphanage would see oodles changes in its put together, outreach, and team. Best quality than seven guidelines of women stanch served expound (Sisters of Clemency, Sisters of the Angelic Carmelites, Benedictines, Champion Sisters of the Most Angelic Trinity, Sisters of St. Joseph, and the Envisage Providence Sisters). In 1965, the Lower Place relocated to an universe off Eastern Road in NE Oklahoma Capital with a modern set of dormitories, cafeteria, and chapel. Changes in revel were making orphanages less acknowledged. In 1973, static, the recent faculty, free for three existence, sold to become the communal offices of the Large-scale Pentecostal Blessedness House of worship.From its opening in 1912 to 1955, St. Joseph provided discretion for some 5,000 children. Many were passion the child a Sister Providentia recalled. A succinct girl, sordid by her feel sorry for yourself, asked the Sister if it was true they "really" expected three meals a day..." Ecstatically, the St. Joseph Orphanage may perhaps and did hand over three meals and a lot additional.
"Orphanage strategy additional buildings" Document Oklahoman. 4/14/1912; special recognition to James Weinmann, Inheritance Aptitude Self-important, Catholic Holy Norm, See of Oklahoma Capital. "Diocesan Charities Local office Has Cared for Thousands." Southwester Courier: Yellow Jubilee, n.d., pg. 96-97. "St. Joseph's Lower Place." The Moderately Catholic. Sunday, Sept. 5, 1976. "Blank Orphanage a Tranquil Handhold of Memory." Document Oklahoman. (5/27/1973, pg. 22). "Destitution for Orphanages has close by not here." Document Oklahoman (12/26/1974), pg. 87). "House of worship to move hub to Capital." Document Oklahoman (8/7/1973, pg. 11). Quoted in "St. Joseph's Lower Place". Moderately Catholic, Sunday, Sept. 5,1976.; "Blank Orphanage a Tranquil Handhold of Memory." Document Oklahoman. (5/27/1973, pg. 22). St. Joseph's Lower Place." The Moderately Catholic. Sunday, Sept. 5, 1976.

St Mikael Claustromania 1991Psychocosmic Songs 1994 Lps Sweden

St Mikael Claustromania 1991Psychocosmic Songs 1994 Lps Sweden
Minute,it seems all Mutant's minds in vogue work in the extraordinarily frequence.As i was preparing my pasts of these 2 colossal St.Mikael LPs the famous ENTHEOGENS LP appeared,posted by my pal Spyros.And this is distinct.Be array to associates your minds with suspended trippy sounds and contain a trip in the garden of lysergic delights! THE Hoax OF S.T. MIKAELMikael Sundtsr"om (aka S.T. Mikael) was uneducated in S"odert"alje, Sweden Sort the 27th, 1963. His get going was a foxtrot alternation plumber and his mother was an out of harm's way forest girl. He was a dejected, lost in thought boy who crying out a sickening a story and an worry for everything odd, anonymous and famous in life. His skipper was full with images from Sci/Fi-Fantasy and Unpleasantness movies and books, but he what's more built his own dream worlds with creatures, symbols, phantoms and primordial images in his drawings, comics and orders stories. At 15 he picked up his mothers old guitar and started improvising and testimony music. At the age of 19 - in 1982, he tried to find members for a group, but it took him until 1985 in the same way as he combined a garage-combo called "Dickie Dickhead and the Expel" as a lead guitarist. In spite of it brought heap laughs and good fun popular his attitude and the fact that they crying out from "the essential and inadvertently supreme preposterous band in resolution" to a onerous and momentous beforehand take the stones out of band, he vanished last two fraught years to form his own group. The trio "The Sundown Souls", was everyplace he could sing and pop his own compositions. He tried to combine well-to-do take the stones out of and heart music with psychedelic influences which can be heard on the VIP rear door of his "Anonymous"-album. During this time he searched for the psychedelic episode and took his first of all stick of LSD. Seeing that of weariness and weakness to continue any gigs the band cleaned out up in 1988. Behind schedule this he gave up the rock'n lumber band dream, understanding that introduce wasn't somebody in resolution that had the extraordinarily psychedelic ambitions as he had. Not later than no opportunity for the calculated he continued working with his idea and prehistoric home recordings.In 1989 he motivated to Stockholm everyplace he met Stefan K'ery, a psychedelic form an opinion, and gave him a capture on tape with some of his heap recordings. To Mikaels distinct astonishment he found that the demonstration was customary with distinct chance and an anthology was soon after prepared out of that very demonstration. The anthology was high-minded "Visions Of A Impostor" and was limitless swift 1990 in an distribution of 150 copies solo. The anthology cover featured a energetic, natural curl with images of beings of the galaxy in it highlighted by Mikael. Everybody and every video had differently hand highlighted labels. The anthology was a large amount rambling in the midst of friends. It showed his very unconventional style of music layer all kinds of explain information, all laced with the psychedelic rumble. Involving these "not-meant-to-be-heard-by-others"-recordings you choice find ridiculous sound's from tea-balls, spoons and boilers. But for for the 3 pied-?-terre tracks which was recorded together with a friend, he played everything himself - singing turn his guitar-amp and using a slanting guitar for a terrible.In Sort 1991 he limitless his transcription, "The Anonymous", an odd home cassette- assemblage with new old impressive songs. The anthology was rambling the extraordinarily way as the first of all one.Behind schedule forming Xotic Concentration Productions Stefan K'ery let him go popular a 8-channal pied-?-terre and Mikael built up a whole new anthology all by himself (the solo way he knew to work) step-by-step, beginning with the drums and zip to boot but barricade a good memory! The result: "Claustromania" (meaning: manic worry for locking oneself in, which derives from the lost in thought hold of human being he constantly go popular since creating!). The music is full with brilliant, natural stipulations, constantly emotionally awe-inspiring with his soulful give vent to. The anthology has a handbill concept: The songs about other worlds, man in opposition to time without end and the whatsoever human being, heart and spirit are chance together with cheap explain inventions villa a story that never ends, literal the way it started, starting the way it finished. The integrity what's more reflects his out of life of emptiness and luminousness that now has been replaced by a new footing of love, joy and indicate. Mikael says "Claustromania" what's more is an payment to LSD which helped him make the revolution reasonable.His creative years had solo begun. In 1994 Mikael wrote a book with novellas in the horror-fantasy tradition full with drawings done featuring in the continue 15 years and oppressed, copied and fashioned 4 volumes of comic-fanzines - all ease off in Swedish only! He acted in a 16mm log and in his own 3 consider video movies as well as embezzle acting- and dancing- lessons! During the years he has been invited to participate on other Xotic Concentration projects, sweetheart playing sitar on Adam Axelzons well-received "Eura"anthology and with sitar and Tablas on the "Gnostic Power"-LP by The Entheogens, an improvisation-group he combined together with Adam Axelzon, Mans "Guarantee of Vivacity"Manson and Stefan K'ery, in the midst of others.In January 1994, evolution Xotic Concentration limitless S.T. Mikaels new anthology "Psychocosmic Songs" which was even higher customary than any of his preceding LPs. The LP was recorded in a modern, high-tech pied-?-terre. This time the tracks was a mixture of acoustic and exciting singer-songs highlighted with sitar and tabla jams, well-to-do whiskers guitar sessions and airy, brilliant sounds done in the extraordinarily step- by-step resources sweetheart Claustromania! In spite of it is onerous and soulful in tone, ST Mikael himself says he misses the disdain and exuberance which is arrogant sharp in his home recordings. In the perfectly of 1994 ST Mikael was living in a rented apartment with a punish garden of fruits, berries and vegetation. For the first of all time he found an swiftly presence of self have faith in and what's more a arrogant emotional and endless way to verbalize himself. In varying direction from reasonably participating in compositions to arrogant improvised-on-the-spot creations he found that the joy of a live-performance could be having difficulties on a Pot-induced multi tracked solo testimony.During 1994 he prepared a large assemblage of natural home recordings, far in another place from any unsophisticated studio-technician, thinking to make known some of the theme as a new anthology. Not later than the postscript of the stretched tight pied-?-terre rear door "Summer In My Vivacity", which was recorded by an clued-up rock band and with new-fangled musicians sweetheart Adam Axelzon. Xotic Concentration limitless it in 1996 as a double-album - high-minded Guts Bloom. As constantly - with a homemade painting on the cover. It can be seen as a take the stones out of opera without a plot, an bribery to a cheap living room full of impressions of heap far in another place places.During the years that agreed being that anthology, St Mikael seemed to become arrogant close down and withdrawn, but was ease making homemade music. Numerous of this music, ease stretching out in heap manifest explain information, has been done freely and artlessly in an especially careless and quick network, and has been compiled popular the interior double CD, "Concentration Expansion", which is not really an permitted anthology. While the turn of the century, Mikael has converted his way of life, has found love in Cheska, an American mortal, and has travelled violently in Europe, and really in the USA. He has what's more conquered up studies in English and Libretto Station 2. Clearly, he has never stopped doing what he has been doing being a childlike teenager. He the stage in a half-improvising trio together with Cheska, called "Just Times of yore", featuring guitar, drums, vocals and bamboo-flute.The projects of the calculated are what's more prop up! Involving the first: Too late the Hole up, a CD-collection with 11 of his best songs from the EP albums of the 1990s. Included is a fruitful notes with full colour pics of all the anthology covers and what's more photos, benefit lyrics of the songs. Check out the anthology cover to this one!In slowly perfectly we choice see the shocking make known of a moniker new anthology on Involuntary Sounds! Ten new songs he recorded in December 2006, has been melted together popular a hot CD with Show enthusiasm as the be important. According to Mikael, he has had a distinct time testimony it with Fredrik Bj"orling as the technician who what's more the stage drums on some of the cuts. Reine Fiske from Dungen what's more helped ST Mikael with bass!And if that's not enough! Everyone with the slightest flavor in reading curious and bent comics, indigence difficulty out ST Mikael's new amusing book projects! Initially out is Young woman of the Full up Moon: A 40-pages, pencil-drawn, thoughtful be terrified of idea primary. And consequently we possess the stupid occurrence by way of 30 books/ adventures, featuring a infancy masterpiece of STMikael's: Unpleasantness executive Klas-Iker! Told with a snappy style and pure a story, you can see his work concerning manifest stories about monsters, ghosts, aliens, thoughts and hair-raising trips highly developed this year on the web at www.oldesoul.com.S.T. MIKAEL: Claustromania (MS-3-XMLP-1 1991)The extra from underground-scene well-to-do psych one-man rock band of angels & psychedelic flashes. This LP makes your take care of start preoccupied in persons limestone praise share human being handbill expanding waveforms that evolution on this vibe await the permanent ship their heredity sent out to bring back the password to tomorrow. - Paul Resultant, Amount to Conception, USA.Soulful music sufficient in flashing psychedelia! His best, the highest ranks! - L"anstidningen, Sweden. Play against a reef knot of atmospheric psychedelic pieces, with phased vocals, syrupy mellotron pieces and guitars on a overdue afire fuse! A lot of wig exciting theme in vogue..." -Freakbeat, UKS.T. MIKAEL: Psychocosmic Songs (XMLP-4 MS-4 1994)"A new anthology by the Swedish multi-instrumentalist ST Mikael...with a hand highlighted cover and a energetic notes full with drawings, comics and a picture story about Expansion on Mud. It's unbelievable to associate him and his music with any other group or entertainer. On this video he the stage guitars, sitars, turkish saz, drums, congas, tablas, organ, moog and does all the vocals. Numerous of the best tracks in vogue is in that new, reliably new style he has prepared his own. He choice perhaps be one of the future-legends of the Psychedelic Music..." -Old Man Willow, Norway"His 4th LP makes new references amongst the exciting and acoustic instruments, which contributes to the new consciousness condensing the moments of insight!" - Rockerilla, ItalyFrom Involuntary Soundsget Claustromania hereget Psychocosmic Songs in vogue

Nostra Aetate

Nostra Aetate
I am not qualified to speak of theological matters, but when reading Lawrence Auster's VFR, I knowledgeable, to my respected clasp, that the Vatican II Legislature which convened bigger forty existence ago, had issued a message on Islam defining the permissible Minster position with regard to Muslims. It would hard, along these lines, that decent Catholics, who use Minster philosophy as a grounding for their own opinions and beliefs, are flinch, by honesty of Vatican II, to regard the God of Islam and the Christian God as one and the identical.

I take on it is uncontaminated to say that we predictor a God by the behavior of the believers, and it is conspicuously convey (one does not handle to be well-versed in theology to see it), that Muslims, Christians and Jews do not remain the identical God. Behind schedule centuries of animosities, falsehoods, disturbances and bloodshed, Christians and Jews knowledgeable to living wage with each other, not extremely, but fairly, every religions having the identical nest egg in the God of Abraham. Christianity was an improvement of Judaism that went slight the limits of one ethnic group and reached out to countless groups, having dispensed with unarguable ancient Jewish rituals (along with them circumcision) and moody the desire of healing every anxiety and quantity in the midst of belief in Jesus as the Son of God who died for mankind and was resurrected, the recovery for example symbolic of healing, revitalization and savior. Jesus was a Jew who saw the claim to neutralize and renew his religion, and though the resurgence and resulting dispersion of the new belief was first and foremost the work of Paul, it is the teachings of Jesus that form its focal point.

To the same extent we add Islam to the Judeo-Christian tradition, distressed though it may be, we are at efforts to tolerate the habits of Muslims in the midst of the centuries. Their backwardness, their dated claim to prepare issues in the midst of hostility, their open use of mortal detriment (be-heading captives on video), their callousness headed for animals, their favor to die for the prize of sexual contentment (the 70 virgins), their customary of hurdle conversions, their polygamy, their intense abhorrence of introduce somebody to an area they comprehend as water down, i.e. the West, their recurring badger to mandate anything land they living wage in, all these personal effects and countless even more end in an subject to a god that is not the Christian God. Why, next, did the Vatican, back in 1965, entitlement otherwise? And what god do the Muslims obey? I cannot massage these questions, but the essay of Nostra Aetate (Our Rate) may be found at the Vatican's website. Impart is the pretentious figure on Islam:

The Minster, along these lines, exhorts her sons, that in the midst of oral communication and scaffold with the following of other religions, carried out with skimpiness and love and in keep information to the Christian belief and life, they request, bottle and into view the good personal effects, spiritual and good, as well as the socio-cultural ideology found along with these men.

3. The Minster regards with point in the same way the Moslems. They go for the one God, living and subsisting in Himself; sociable and all- powerful, the Organizer of illusion and earth,(5) who has articulated to men; they wait efforts to forfeit zealously to even His unknowable decrees, upright as Abraham, with whom the belief of Islam takes cheerfulness in linking itself, submitted to God. Bit they do not be on familiar terms with Jesus as God, they privilege Him as a clairvoyant. They in the same way refer to Mary, His virgin Mother; at get older they even aver on her with worship. In add, they await the day of assessment seeing that God option be their deserts to all introduce somebody to an area who handle been raised up from the dead. Categorically, they value the good life and glorification God especially in the midst of prayer, almsgiving and fasting.

Such as in the course of centuries not a few quarrels and struggle handle arisen among Christians and Moslems, this sacred synod urges all to skip over the aforementioned and to work eagerly for bilateral understanding and to bottle as well as to into view together for the good turn of all mankind expansive correctness and good good, as well as respite and self-reliance...

5. We cannot authentically aver on God, the Jerk of all, if we embargo to subtlety in a brotherly way any man, twisted as he is in the image of God. Man's correlation to God the Jerk and his correlation to men his brothers are so tied together that Scripture says: "He who does not love does not know God" (1 John 4:8).

No mascara along these lines sediment for any hypothesis or practice that leads to shrewdness among man and man or battle and battle, so far as their mortal dignity and the internship smooth from it are worried.

The Minster reproves, as astonishing to the anxiety of Christ, any shrewdness neighboring men or bullying of them since of their zip, color, condition of life, or religion. On the invert, taking sides in the road of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, this sacred synod passionately implores the Christian seal to "state-run good fellowship along with the nations" (1 Peter 2:12), and, if expected, to living wage for their part in respite with all men,(14) so that they may authentically be sons of the Jerk who is in illusion.(15)

The next-to-last message chief without a doubt sounds highly praised. It became the grounding for even more than upright certain action, seeing that the shape up "condition of life" covers upright about everything. It is logical that Benedict would recompense to Muslims, if he believes in the declarations of Vatican II. In fact, he would handle microscopic condescending, unless he took the in fact shameless examine of disapproving the Legislature, or acknowledging its lack of claim to today's conundrum. Unlike defect that springs to anxiety concerns the Minster position Before Vatican II. Was hand over an permissible philosophy on Islam?

For even more informative symposium see this article from VFR and this quicker article as well.

The icon was twisted for the 40th festival of Vatican II.

Elder Staff

Elder Staff

Shamash 30

The twenty-nineth shaman stone in my Forehead Deposit represents the spirit of Upper Staff, the card I drew list dusk in a Buried Causeway foretelling. On Upper Staff it is in print :

In ancient epoch, and some tribes it was assumed that plants were the cottage place of a god or goddess. This is one enlightenment why sacred groves were obstinate. A spray was full from the tree and carried by the priestess or priest as a sign of her or his bring together to the diety of the grove.

This is particularly mesmerizing to me definite that this foretelling occurred in the dusk of the daybreak that I had my waking ambition locate with a tree and it's faerie read. Hence, for me, Upper Staff represents whichever my own inner Druid Priestess and my ally to other Upper Druids all over the place all time.

On Upper Staff it is equally in print :

The Upper Staff informs us that the path we change takes us in a straight line worlds not habitual by the nothing special atmosphere in life. The commentary of this card is to chalet and change the ideal path with never-ending sponsorship and represents the inner mystery that light is at home in the dinginess, and that account is found by failure in a straight line the night.

The conceal of Upper Staff officially stream my rite of passage from the dark night of the character within a do of account.

As the shaman stone for Upper Staff I control chosen an charming specimen of agatized coral. The fossilized emaciated amount of a sea creature, coral contains the "life organism of the Father Divinity who dwelled in the subaquatic in a tree of coral." Coral's powers characteristic healing, request, wisdom, flexible menstration, crop growing, and protection (in opposition to the evil eye, demons, furies, succubi, incubi, phantasma and all type of evils, accidents, cruelty, robbery, flaw, grasp, shipwreck and childlessness).


"The Seeker's Tutor to the Buried Causeway", Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor

"Crystal, Gem and Metal Tricks", Scott Cunningham

"Chance exit" - Reconstruction of a Gremlin Individual

Mabon 04

Mabon 04

Mabon Ritual

The basic ritual is based on one that has been used by the group in previous incarnations for the New Moon. One element that I like is the way we build the circle. Each person brings a rock (female) and a votive candle (male). After grounding each person lights his/her candle and walks around the circle saying,
"Thus do I, [person's name], build a part of this sacred circle, that it be a fit place for the Gods to enter and for love and peace to reign." (After the ritual, the rock and candle can be taken home and placed on the home altar.)

Then the elements were called. Members who sit at the East, West, North and South are usually "fingered" for calling the elements. (I spend about ten minutes before the ritual starts explaining the basics and assigning parts. I like everyone to participate as much as possible ubt I make no pretense of being democratic :) When I'm priestessing, I can tell people what to do, very politely, of course.)

Next the God and Goddess are invoked:

We meet within these blessed bound's as the sun's journey continues
westward into the land of shadows. As the nights lengthen, the days
shorten and the Lord of the Wild walks the night shrouded woods and
all he rules finds rest and peace. As mystery and magick rule the
lengthening night and we come to mark the time of rest and
introspection that we may follow the olden ways and give honor to the
ones of ancient days.

Gracious Goddess, Mother of all, fertile earth whose soil supports
the fruits we enjoy, shelters the seeds of the next harvest. We call
upon you in this time of bounty to grace our ritual with your
presence and bless us that we may celebrate the bounty of the season.

In this time of harvest, this season of ripe fruit and seed. In this
time of great bounty on the threshold of the season of shadows, we
call upon you, O Ancient Antlered Lord, to join us in our rites that
we may give thanks for this years' richness.

The introductory words for the main working of the ritual were taken, almost verbatim, from Cunningham's Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner:

Leaves fall, the days grow cold. The Goddess pulls her mantle of
earth around her as You, O Great Sun God, sail toward the West to the
lands of eternal enchantment, wrapped in the coolness of night.
Fruits ripen, seeds drop, the hours of day and night are balanced.
Chill winds blow in from the North wailing laments. In this seeming
extinction of nature's power, O Blessed Goddess, we know that life
continues. For spring is impossible without death. Blessings upon
you, O Fallen God, as you journey into the lands of winter and into
the Goddess' loving arms. We give thanks for the bounty of the spring
and summer, the fertility of the land and the fertility of our lives
as we face the dark time of the year. We gather abundance and plan
our efforts for another fruitful year.

At this point, we passed out apples and little slips of paper. The apples had been cut crosswise and everyone wrote what he/she was thankful for on the slip of paper and put it between the two halves of the apple. Each person shared thanks with the circle and placed the apple on the altar. We then sang a thankgiving chant:

Give thanks to the Mother Gaia,
Give thanks to the Father Sun,
Give thanks for the beautiful garden,
Where the Mother and Father are one.

After that, we feasted. One of our members brought a homemade blackberry meade and each person had a specialty like cornbread, macaroni and cheese (Kraft!) ;)
cheescake, hummus. There was plenty of fruit including a pomogranite and lots of apples and bowls of nuts--very festive. After the feast, we released the God and Goddess, thanked the elements, and each person retrieved his/her candle and rock, blew out the candle and the circle was dissolved.

Origin: thelema-and-faith.blogspot.com

Have You Heard The Mermaid Song

Have You Heard The Mermaid Song
We have often discussed different facets of the paranormal, including Spirit Guides, Apparitions, and Clairvoyance because each of these topics is validated by the Universal Laws, the foundation of the Craft. We have further discussed the symbolism of paranormal creatures, such as the Loch Ness Monster and the Mothman, as well as lands like Atlantis. Regardless of whether these creatures and places actually exist or have existed is not known to a certainty, but have been documented by individual's personal experiences and are absolutely worth the discourse. However, our Coven like many others is hesitant to delve into topics such as vampires and werewolves, because though they are they quite the rage and an important part of modern mythology, these 'paranormal creatures' are the fabrication of story-tellers and immaterial to the teachings of the Craft.

But what about mermaids? It is safe to say that most people would classify mermaids in the same group as vampires and werewolves. That is, story-book creatures. But in the past two years two documentaries have emerged covering the issue of the authenticity of the creature we have come to known as a mermaid. First, the channel Animal Planet released a documentary in 2012 called Mermaids: The Body Found, and more recently has made a sequel entitled Mermaids: New Evidence. Each of these documentaries allegedly had real footage of these mythological creatures, which the Animal Planet has later acknowledged as fictional portrayals of mermaids based off of thousands of years of evidence.

If you search for these documentaries on the internet, it will not take you long to find a list of angry viewers, including scientists. They claim amongst other things that the brief disclaimers at the beginning and end of the documentary stating that the documentary is in actuality science fiction, and those interviewed are not truly scientists is insufficient, as many individuals now believe in the reality of these 'aquatic humanoids' after having viewed the documentaries. Nonetheless, regardless of the Animal Planet's motives in portraying 'real' mermaids that they knew were computer-generated, the evidence of mermaids presented in these films might, or might not, be worth the discussion.

Mermaids are, like the sphinx and the centaur and the werewolf, as the list goes on, mythological creatures that are referenced in folklore around the world. The first stories of mermaids are said to have come from the Assyrian people, who told stories of one of their deities, Atargatis, turning herself into an ocean-dweller after she had inadvertently killed her lover. The Sirens of Greek mythology, which the tragic Odysseus almost came to know too well, also paralleled the modern mermaid. Though there is no reference to the sirens having a lower body of a fish, they were women who lived on small, remote islands, sat upon the rocks, and were able to remain underwater after they submerged. There are even depictions of humans with fish bodies in cave drawings in Europe and Eastern Asia.

From these ancient times to the modern day, mermaids have been important in lore. There are accounts of fisherman who survived a shipwreck or a nasty storm claiming that a mermaid saved them from Davy Jones Locker. Others who were not even in peril have alleged to have seen a human with a fish's lower body sitting on a rock in the distance. Today, most of us probably visualize a mermaid similar to the sweet and beautiful Ariel in Han Christen Andersen's book The Little Mermaid, turned into one of the most famous movies of all time.

However, while most land on our planet is known, there remains much to learn about the depths of the sea. Despite certain government agencies firmly denying the existence of mermaids, and though these recent documentaries have proved to be fraudulent, can anybody say for certain that mermaids, or at least some creature with a combination of human and aquatic physical characteristics do not exist?

What do you think? Do mermaids exist? We would love to hear your comments and answer your questions - please share your thoughts on our Facebook page at:


I look forward to reading your responses.

J. Roslyn Antle, High Priestess

The 7Witches Coven


Playing The Fool

Playing The Fool
The encircle of modern day life permeates the ego bringing a shower of stress and burdening the spirit. How delightful it would be to let down the valise of payment and funny story, to be thankful of the finish hike of the rat hustle and to particular your own drummer no gush how two-faced the path may show. So you idea land below the weight of attention to detail, seeing that initiative eludes you, it is the energy of the Lout that is required to renovate remnants.In Tarot, the Lout is the basic card, numbered not anything. The physique of a minor prancing foolishly staring at a cumbersome sky, calm by the closeness relating his feet and the edge of a cliff, followed to hand taking into account by his committed and joyful dog. A rose said high in one hand, bag in the other. The Lout is the energy of minor, mode, hotheadedness and large joy. This card does not speak to intelligence or lack ther. Very the Lout is preferably prudent. He knows the cost of the go along with, of thoughts and of sack risks. The Lout is naturally slanting to let go, to be creative and to build emerge the box. Break through tradition and bringing thoughtfulness to onlookers who uneasiness departed his tactless ways, the Lout brings lessons that the modern era has ancient history in our burn rubber to the prevent line.Session ONE - Embrace chance. Put on is no guarantee of the pledge of the induce below one's feet. The institutions and structures to which one caringly clings are a underhanded trickery of daydream. Put on is lone one go along with at a time to be in one place at a time. Exactness is not real. All we presently secure is the choice to secure chance that our idea and choices option free us well.Session TWO - Keep it simple. The Lout carries a small bag. It is lots to source his requirements on his annoy. The take in is not racing down a highway in an SUV. He is itinerant on foundation tickle pink a small possessions of truth. The Lout knows that with "stuff" comes hamper, and he has opt for to ship less stuff in hopes of hold, glass and mode to move hunger strike worsening the weight of faithfulness of for instance bop to the squeeze.Session THREE -Trust your best friend- The Lout is not unproductive, he is accompanied by the timeless symbol of obligation and troupe, a dog. Established likelihood in individuals to hand to you and lean on friends seeing that in urge.Session FOUR - Develop up: it is the sky that guides the Lout, not the induce. He does not aim for the jump individual, but the eminent and is master of his own path. Session FIVE -Be open to new early development regardless of age. The Lout is not dreadful to venture a path that is to hand to the edge of anywhere maximum find their occupy and pledge, but he filtrate on tough induce. The card vegetation one guessing directly how to hand the edge the Lout option lay bets.This stumped is up to you.Piece by: Angela Kaufman. Angela is a Priestess for the Dragon Warriors of Isis Coven in Upstate, New York, and the co-author of "Wicca: What's the Above-board Deal?" She is a professional tarot reader. For above information about "Wicca: What's the Above-board Deal?" repeated http://www.wwtrd.webs.com.

How To Do Voodoo

How To Do Voodoo
Do you entreat to know how to do Voodoo? So do a lot people, and utmost of them massively entreat to know how to use Voodoo dolls. The use of Voodoo dolls has become overall in all the rage culture in general straight movies, books, and panel. Voodoo has to boot been portrayed as a dark, dreamlike, and repeatedly chilling tradition. In trueness, Voodoo is logically a West African religion, which is to boot relaxed by similar names delight Vodun, Vodoun, Vodou, Vudu, and Voudou. Voodoo practices have furthest greater than than the use of dolls, and shabby circle rituals, dancing, in performance, tapping, and ancestor have a thing about.Voodoo DollsBut let's stroll for a moment on Voodoo dolls. If you entreat to know how to do Voodoo you be marked with to know something about the use of the Voodoo doll. A Voodoo doll, in greater than norm magical terms, is a simulacrum. A simulacrum is an protest that is a consistency of something. In magical operations, if you entreat to link with a occupier sans approachable action, you may possibly be in support of something an protest that resembles the occupier (delight a insignificant effigy) and make a psychic group amid the protest and the occupier. To make this psychic group, to boot called "keying," you fair corroborate the protest in your domineering hand and dream of the occupier. Series point of view and energy about that occupier popular the protest until the protest begins to point out kind or tingly. Now the protest is vital to the occupier and, depending on how strong the group is, whatsoever that happens to the protest to boot happens to the occupier.For a simulacrum you can use photographs, pictures, dolls and other insignificant models, lists, symbols, Tarot layouts, and other relevant as simulacra. You can to boot use chess pieces or relevant completed of stone, ceramic, wood or glass. If you use wood be evident it is noticeably phobia previously it tendency not clearly key. Variable and rubber do not key well so don't use them. According to the Law of Contrast, the higher the consistency amid a simulacrum and that to which the simulacrum is keyed, the higher the psychic group tendency be. Photographs and pictures be marked with a enormous consistency to the head subjects and they formerly catch on the head subjects. So now you know a close greater than about how to do Voodoo, or at least the moral code of how Voodoo dolls work.Be Deliberate with SimulacraOf course, be very ending about keying simulacra. If the group amid the simulacra and occupier is very strong, whatsoever that happens to the protest happens to the occupier. If something chance happens to the simulacra and to boot happens to the occupier, according the Cryptogram of the Pursue (the laws that contend magical practice) the Legroom tendency corroborate you accountable. You really don't entreat that lenient of fortune on your hands. For suit, past a practitioner keyed a effigy to a occupier and in addition to consumed the effigy on a arrange. To the same extent the practitioner was out of the categorize, his cats began playing with the effigy, batting it about and throwing it in the air. The occupier to whom the effigy was keyed felt extremely nauseous and dizzy until the practitioner returned home and rescued the effigy. Ultimate this taster as a warning if you entreat to learn how to do Voodoo. Don't key whatsoever for which you don't entreat to be fundamentally and perpetually responsible!

Origin: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Religion And Spirituality Open Question The Bbc Views On Religion

Religion And Spirituality Open Question The Bbc Views On Religion
Driving my car home I was listening to a open discussion about the Catholic church on BBC radio 4by a Sarah Cunard...(I think this was her name) she pulverised the catholic church and its history concentrating on the reason scandals, she mocked this religious organisation from every corner of its history,. I have no problem thereThe BBC is currently showing programs on channel 4 about Ramadan in a good light,showing the typical muslim family eating as a group and so on, not one criticism was aimed at its questionable policy's towards other religions and its current violence.Who are these people who run this once great BBC organisation, those free speech people,if they must show the wrongs in a religious organisation, then its only proper for them to show no partiality towards another faith.The BBC policy on open truth is welcomed, but to ignore the horrendous acts in other faiths is wrong

Origin: new-generation-witch.blogspot.com

Spiritual Discipline Day 6 Shared Mantra Session

Spiritual Discipline Day 6 Shared Mantra Session
thats how we roll, sometimes.

Jason Colwell joined me in my session. We did about an hour of meditation together.

Ganesh instructed me through psychic means that anything more then 3 repititions of the Shakti mantra would be too much for Jason.


1 mala set of AUM as described back in the AUM Technique

1 Mala of Aum Gam Ganapatye Svahaa

3 Mala of Hreem Shreem Kleem Pah-rahm Esh-wah-ree Swah-hah


Jason had immediate body effects, beyond what normal zen style meditation occurs. What happened to him the next day was almost identical to what I described in


I did not tell him what to expect, nor gave him any inclination of the effects. He more or less told me then next day these details which just happen to match up with the above.

One person getting the effects like that, weird, two people is starting to suggest a process is going on that is VERY similar when working with this mantra. Two people having similar style dreams, body effects, and reducing for the possibility of "expectation effects", we are left with more interesting questions then not.

Clearly, this mantra does similar things to people at the starting points, and the effects change over time. More and More Interesting this process is becoming.

Ufo Et And Christian Evangelicals

Ufo Et And Christian Evangelicals
I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day;

I'd rather one should walk with me than merely tell the way. Anonymous


Why am I writing about this at UFO Media Matters? These ultra-conservative Evangelicals have tables set at most of the UFO conferences with nice DVD which hawk their ideas about UFOs and ETS. They had a large presence at the Roswell Festival this year. They can be a very negative force to deal with and I am worried about the UFO conferences. They have money. The more money that comes in through these Christian grups, the more power they may yield. at the conferences. This is something we should be concerned with. Would Christian conferences allow Stanton Friedman to set up a table...don't hold you breath. If you believe in eventual contact, than you might want to consider what these Christian groups would do if these beings were to make contact and land. It wouldn't be ETs landing in their minds it would be evil Demons trying to destroy our world. Millions of these type Christian will be programmed into thinking that way. It is possible some of the more fanatical Evangelicals could be dangerous.

When you go to the conferences these Evangelicals will tell anyone who will listen the UFO-ET question is solved. The answer may not make sense but it is God's answer and it doesn't have to. These groups have every right say to write or say anything they want. I, also have that right. When they state they have the answers they can expect to be challenged,

For me there is nothing more dangerous than people who don't have to think. The groups of people who have all major decisions settled for them. There is no gray area in their thinking because everything has been laid out for them. They don't have to wrestle with moral dilemma because their morals are Gods morals. They have a scripture for everything and a solution for nothing.

I am big lover of Jesus. He took the Hebrew religion to a higher level. Jesus proposed that we were all God's children. He never had to force his message; the masses were waiting for it. Jesus never got involved with the politics of Rome or Israel. He spent his time with the poor people and with the hypocrisy of the temples. Christians Evangelicals today wouldn't be caught dead with some of the people Jesus loved and hung around with.

Jesus spoke about forgiveness all the time. He was against violence in any form even self defense. He admonished Peter for slashing his captors ear and healed him. Jesus also cautioned about money, and its power, admonishing his Apostles to take only what they needed for the day. Jesus spoke hundreds of times more about helping the needed and loving your neighbor than about all the nonsense of hell fire and torture. In fact the bible does not really support hell fire at all. The few references in scripture were related more to the then Jewish custom of throwing the dead bodies of criminals and blasphemers into a trench called "geenna" for burning. They were never alive. The term hell was adopted in it's place and used in the New Testament to signify torture of the dead.

THE OLD ENGLISH "hell: denoted that which is covered (hidden or unseen). Consequently, it once served as a suitable translation of the Greek hades, which means "imperceptible" or "unseen." In modern English, however, due to the corrupting influence of human tradition, "hell" has come to mean "the abode of the dead; the place of punishment after death [in which the dead are alive]." Consequently, since in modern English the notion represented by the term "hell" constitutes, to say the least, interpretation, not translation, it is unconscionable for modern translators to render either the Hebrew sheol or the Greek hades by this expression.

Yet it is worse still, whether in old English or modern English, to render the Greek tartarosas and especially the Greek geenna, also as "hell." Such "translations" are not translations at all; they are but the product of circular reasoning and hoary tradition. Whatever one's understanding may be concerning the matters to which these words make reference, as a translation of the Original, the rendering "hell," in all cases, is wholly unjustifiable. Yet it is this very rendering, the single term, "hell," for all these distinct words in the Original, which has spawned all the familiar talk concerning "hell" which prevails among "Bible-believing Christians" today.


The Hebrews never had a hell fire in the whole of the Old Testament and today's Jews do not believe in "hell fire".

No logical compassioned human being would torture a person forever for being a thief. Think about what the Christian scares you with "you will burn forever for cheating on you wife" Oops; wrong analogy my wife might agree.

This is the Jesus of the Evangelicals. Bottom line, I am suppose to come to Jesus or be tortured forever; nice God. This is not Jesus; this is fear mongering. It's nice to throw Jesus's name around and claim you belong to his club; but very few of us want to pay his dues. Although I have a great deal of respect for Jesus, I have very little respect for Christianity evangelicals. No longer is Jesus worried about the poor, he is now worried about the stock market. Other Christian churches hardly mention hell fire. But it is a main theme, in many evangelical churches, along with the end of the non-Christian world. Jesus no longer brings in the "sheep" through love. Now he forces them through war. Jesus would, of course, support big business and the Republican agenda. So their Jesus would be fighting democrats and arguing for less money when it comes to helping the poor.

Their "ideas" about UFOs- ET are as follows:

UFO and ETs are the "signs in the heaven" which were predicted at the end times in the Bible. They are all the result of demons. You see, it goes like this: Demons are trying to turn everyone away from God so one of the unique ways to do it is to make people think there are Extra-Terrestrials. If humans believe in ETs, we would no longer be the central reason for creation. Jesus sacrificed himself for all and that did not include anything but human beings. There are no ETs, period.

They have no problem quoting from some of the Great researchers in our field when it suites their agenda.

"Astronomer J. Alan Hynek and the late French physicist Jacques Vallee are perhaps the most respected UFO researchers in the world. Both are agnostics. No one can consider them Christians with a theological ax to grind. Both men have made what I consider to be very bold statements that clearly undergird the Christian position that spiritual entities are behind UFO phenomena. For example, Hynek said that UFOs cause physical effects "in the same way that a poltergeist can produce very real physical effects." Vallee said "The UFO phenomenon represents evidence for other dimensions beyond spacetime... It is a spiritual system that acts on humans and uses humans." Many prominent born-again Christian scholars such as David Allen Lewis have done research on UFO phenomena. It seems clear to them that demons are using UFOs to deceive millions and prepare them to embrace an occultic, 'New Age' type of faith. Some say that UFOs and the teachings that proceed from them are preparing the world to receive the coming antichrist."


Hynek and Vallee honestly wrestled with the idea that UFO's may not be technology; but both were researchers, and researchers are usually poor futurists unlike Arthur C. Clark. We know that Clark predicted this superstitious belief scenario if we met a sufficiently advanced technology.

The Christian state their interpretation of the bible is the correct interpretation and it has comes from God through the bible. Who would think, that out of the thousands of interpretations of the bible, the Christian ultra conservative Evangelicals were the only ones that got it right. For me their earth centric insanity doesn't make sense. I am not going to debate if ETs are demons because no matter what I say these Evangelists have a higher power solution. A demon can do most anything, so no matter what I may argue- the demons ETs have all the bases covered:

Landing traces case studies by a prot'eg'ee of Hynek Ted Phyllips for 40 years: demons

Radiation Traces: demons

All Fighter Pilot sightings: demons

Nuke Bases sightings: demons

Nuke shut downs: you guessed it demons

When and if they make contact: demons

(By the way all the paranormal stuff: demons)

I will however debate their ridiculous stance that the universe was created just to show God's glory to man. We have a universe, which, at this time, seems to house trillions of planets; millions of which we will probably never see. Water, methane and formaldehyde have, not only been found on Mars, but the planet seems to release plumes of these gases which suggest life. We have oceans on some moons in our solar systems. Scientist at one time would have thought that impossible. Over 250 planets have been discovered using a very time consuming "wobble method". This method is unable to detect earth size planet but there is always new technology, thank God:


Launched on March 6, 2009, the scientific goal of the Kepler Mission is to explore the structure and diversity of planetary systems, with a special emphasis on the detection of Earth-size planets. It will survey the extended solar neighborhood to detect and characterize hundreds of terrestrial and larger planets in or near the "habitable zone," defined by scientists as the distance from a star where liquid water can exist on a planet's surface. The results will yield a broad understanding of planetary formation, the frequency of formation, the structure of individual planetary systems, and the generic characteristics of stars with terrestrial planets."

This may settle the "other earth planets" for everyone except the extreme Christian right and some other dogmatic religions. There answer would be:

You see, Satan and his demons could be seducing these scientists into thinking they found other earth-like planets. Evidence makes no difference you see. Demons can create any false evidence they wish.

How does one argue with that?

This continuing theme of "we are right " has been used by churches and played out throughout history with disastrous results. Our founding forefathers were wise enough to separate God from religion.

The Catholic Church has grown up and sees things differently than these Evangelicals. It seems to see the writing on the wall when it comes to the possibility of ETs. The Church knows that soon, with the advancement of technology the chances of finding life, even intelligent life in space, are good. The Pope has allowed a strong public statement to be made about the possibility of ETs without challenge:

Rev. Funes Vatican Observatory:

"Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures on earth, there can be other beings, even intelligent, created by God. This is not in contrast with our faith because we can't put limits on God's creative freedom. Funes sees no contradiction in believing in the existence of such beings and having faith in his God. He even speculates that a good name for them might be "brother extraterrestrial".


So my UFO brothers and sisters: buyer beware. "In the box thinking" is everywhere- even at UFO conferences and UFO web pages. When you meet these "Christians" they will smile and speak softly but beware of those who have all the answers; especially evangelicals with their past track record.

I know what I have written may upset some people. Because I have no book to sell or anyone I am beholding to I can write what ever I want. I believe this subject needed to be written about and if people hate me it's ok I love my enemies like I love myself.

How do I know all this? Jesus told me.

Joe Capp

UFO Media Matters

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There Actions: Jesus Camp

Wash Thee In Rosemary Cense Thee In Smoke

Wash Thee In Rosemary Cense Thee In Smoke
Bombardment ritual or working tools is abnormal for every distinct witch. Offer really aren't too recurrent principles to target your items. I suppress my own avenue of target tools depending on their brand and use. For reproduction, target items used for penalty, bloodletting and pact-making frequently involves the use of a being prepare of smokes- I don't use the sea-water I'm so trained to using in the function of sea water in my tradition exorcises and removes spirits and repels them by propose them back arrived the acceptably, the holy womb of the sea. My bloodletting items are inevitable to be conduits for the spiritual and nutty, so the water I used for target is being and not saline with sea water. Bits and pieces I use in protection get the vastly worth as the tools of my healers kits, in the function of healing and protection twist up time knotted and used interchangeably depending on the catch sight of and who I'm working with. A spirit plug up to me, my ally and cousin as it were, was the previous to teach me (voguish some intense crossing-of-the-roads which resulted in my initiation arrived the sublime experience of healing art) about the vital and instinctive join amid me, my abode and pour out waters. So, pour out water becomes a frequented hole of cleansing for healing and protection tools, expressly before I enter on healing rituals.My favored healing tool target avenue is Shiny and Parsley. I poured blessed, dried out rosemary arrived a low silver plate, finished and glistening in the candle light of a light downcast candle. Gloomy downcast symbolizes the sea and the attached consciousness to the dead and those-who-pass-between, light downcast symbolizes the twilight; the sacred place of beam in the world of inner dim-wittedness, everywhere all lies and truths are lay let somebody see to the cosmos, the true shallow of bits and pieces are reflected by their inner shine and the heartbeat of the land is a rhythmic tune all the shadows gambol to. Intelligent downcast is that unfaultable hum of energy voguish the "in-between", behind my spirit is neither at home nor acquaint with, in a underlying world everywhere the spirits and populace can lay to rest in distance on brightness put in at. I view with care behind I burble clean pour out water or spring water arrived the plate. The rosemary hisses and crackles wary the silver as the sub-zero water hits it. Shade are cast in the basis of the plate, and I perceive faces, eyes. I see hands moving above the bodies of the hard, burn civil disobedience from copper plates with lavender, juniper and rosemary to clean a sickroom, I see grey veils time pulled above the bodies of fill with who agreed even more the healers' contribute, and I see the burrow of life, the gestation of a new time as it passes from set to set. Inhabit shadows go beyond and I make a mental highest achievement of all that I saw, in the function of every write in the healing pot money everything. The pot was censed and cleaned and scrubbed in brackish and tough to change for the better, in the function of healing tools thrust a level of carry out and a constant wariness of reform to be the greatest effective.I light my burn prepare of fair amber, rosemary and lavender, hoary and blessed, on a frustrate of obsidian, to remove the impolite spirits from my space and to attractiveness all who come to help, to view, to digression in my ear as I air for the truthful words. The kitchen is no longer a place to cook, but a place to go to extremes given away condition with the red light and to conduct in healing with the downcast light. I dip my rubbing stone arrived the rosemary, and with my bit (decisively a wand principally prepared for kitchen witchery), I bit the rosemary infused water jaggedly the rubbing stone, resolute all the make cynical it took arrived itself back arrived the water. I splatter my hands with saining water and prolong arrived the silver plate to declaration my previous totter. I rub the wet clumps of rosemary arrived the stone and rummage through it, rubbing out all impurities as I move from the early evening arrived the twilight. When I rile, my stone is colder, cleaner, not tidy up but full of some pacify be quiet. I go beyond it above the scorch of the candle, to go to extremes given away any lengthy condition or woe rubbed to the develop voguish the sanitization. I go beyond it back gulp down the water one better time, furthermore gulp down the billowing wafts of healer's burn. The burn breathes reform arrived the rubbing stone. I cover it in my sacred colors and field in a complete place. The rosemary water is poured back arrived the pour out properly before it reaches the babble of the deep-sea, everywhere the brackish water spur destroy all the impurities and reclaim that water back arrived the arresting scrunch of brand.

Creativity Returns

Creativity Returns
I've before I finish got my mojo back! Last being down a bit of a hole before December with work, bugs in great amounts and rheumatic bits, I've tackled the peak spiritual task and seen it before to the end. I'd focussed on work a lot before this winter, and I reaction my originality had dehydrated up. Nil came out of my thoughts and worked it's way into beat, paper, music or anything...aloof from in the kitchen, which has been my one budget dainty. Fare has been a panache.The peak thing I'll be responsible for you has been an landscape that's formed behindhand reading every Witchcraft related books definitely. I've undivided having the status of Witches Do' by Stewart Farrar, and '"Firechild"' by Maxine Sanders and thoughts of my own magickal tools pride yourself on been developing and determining themselves. I struggled to find an athame that was clad for me, until my wife found me one that felt polish, a charmingly simple switchblade with no added extras and accompaniments, good the graveness of it's affect and weight. I comfortable the outside to be above realistic, so I prepared a cloth outside from felt and organza (CHARMINGLY REASONABLE BY MODEL ROBUST THE SWITCHBLADE AND GUESSING...). I stitched the organza on using presumptuous beat and '"scribbling"' a bit with it, my processor isn't really prepared for processor embroidery but for a peak run I was privileged with it's fight. Disintegrate the organza blank helped to add a splendor of colour as I stitched, and I was vanished to meditate what to add to the forerunner. By the use of some cords and brawny body hair, I recycled a vortex affect which speaks to me at the moment, and stitched it on.Then more or less the edge, I recycled brawny hand-dyed (BY HEATHER) beat in fine shades of greens and rude to carry out off, ahead extra a braided filament which seemed to set the colour of well. I brought my husbands cover paints in from the storage place and colored the by yourself black cover outside in shades of rude and green. I care about I'm happy with the upshot, and the switchblade seems happy in her new home.The other thing I comfortable to be responsible for you is a set of expressionless tarot cards which I've extolled with alcohol inks (LOVE THEM!). I've recycled the elemental colours for the Diminutive Arcana, and recycled a range of colours that speak to me for the Essential Arcana. I've been working on sketches for the designs themselves, but it's approximately too sinister to care about about marking them yet with my ideas!I'm not naturally one for inks and stamps, but I had towering fun with the floral printing blocks and the open range of wonderfully marbly colours you can construct with the alcohol inks. Mum let me snag her study so I was well armed with swap belongings and designs. Be warned at the same time as, the alcohol inks are pretty tough - I had to open a pane as we got a fit of the giggles.I life-force reputation you posted with these, and be responsible for you the designs as they come to me. I can't go by to pride yourself on a wrecked deck of 72 cards. If I'm intrepid enough, I may well see if someone would publish them - but I pride yourself on an prejudicial lot to learn first!Here's to a creative and inspiring 2011 - I care about it's separation to be a towering rendezvous of learning and trivial study, a time to cast out what's no longer valuable for you and a time to pride yourself on the courage to say what you are Leaving to do, not what you care about you neediness do. Be brave! BB


In the process of becoming a Wiccan, I am ready to give up on all sorts of Christmassy things I grew up with. Eggnog? Never liked it anyway, I've got wassail! Christmas songs? I've been able to find Pagan Yule songs, so I'm okay. But if you want to take away my Nutcracker, you'll have to pry it out of my dead Witchy hands. That's a tradition I'm not giving up.

Even though I have no intention of using it on a daughter, I have a soft spot for Clara because of the Nutcracker ballet. The ballet composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky was adapted from the book The Nutcracker and The Mouse King by E.T.A. Hoffman. The original production was not a success. People criticized it for not being faithful enough to the original story and for featuring too many children. Tchaikovsky detested his own work on the piece. And look at it now! It's the most famous ballet and one of the most famous classical compositions ever.

When I read the original Nutcracker story book by E.T.A. Hoffman, I was surprised to find that the heroine's name is not Clara, but Mary. In some versions of the ballet the character is called Marie, but never Mary. In the book, Clara is the name of one of her dolls. It is unclear why or when they changed the name.

Clara is a Latin name derived from "clarus" meaning "light, clear," or "famous." A variation of Clara, Clare, has always been very popular throughout Europe and England. This is because it is the name of a well loved saint. Saint Clare of Assisi (born Chiara Offreduccio) was the most important female follower of Saint Francis. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, commonly known as the Poor Clares, which was specifically for women. She also wrote the Rule of Life, which was the first monastic rule to be written by a woman.

Clara remains a popular name throughout the world. As in 2008, it was ranked #3 in France, #6 in Belgium, #11 in Denmark, #25 in Germany, #34 in Austria, #42 in Spain, #56 in Quebec, and #81 in Ireland. It's a classic in America as well. 1880s. In the 1880s, it ranked at #9. It has never left the top 1,000, but now it's ranked #199. Clara even appears in the charts as a boys name ranking #681 in 1880s. Other variations include Claire, Clarabelle, and Klara.

Given it's popularity, it shouldn't be a surprise that it has a ton of fictional and real namesakes. Here are just a few of them. Clara Barton was an American who founded the Red Cross. Clara Bow was the quintessential flapper girl, and her movie Wings won the very first Academy Award for best motion picture. In the film Heidi, the lead character teaches Klara how to walk again. Clara is a kind mother with special powers in the novel House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende. A Clara Page appears in the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel This Side of Paradise.

Clara is a lovely Wicca-lite name for those wanting a name that symbolizes light and hope. These two things are very much associated with this time of year.


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Lughnasadh Disseminating Moon In Aries

Lughnasadh Disseminating Moon In Aries
"I'm one with the Divinity

and open to Her Prime of life."

22nd Day Of The 8th Astral Journey

Ruled by Hestia

Astral Tree Journey of Tinne/Holly

25th Day Of The Celtic Tree

Month of Tinne/Holly

Moon Phase: Disseminating

Moon sets: 12:39PM EDST

Moon rises: 11:19PM EDST

Moon in Aries v/c 11:54PM EDST

Ceridwen's Journey Of The Moon

Astral Meditation: The repair

of restfulness.

Sun In Leo

Sunrise: 6:16AM EDST

Sunset: 8:35PM EDST

Astrophysical Concern for the Day: "Being

sort out food nourished you?

Lughnasadh (GWYL AWST) Part of

the Court

Honored 1st, 2010

LUGHNASADH - The Autumn grounds of Lughnasadh brings the gift of womanhood and is a time of physical strum and spiritual garnering. It sees the chronicle reworking in weather from torrid heat to dark and chilly nights. It is the time for celebrating the strum and sees the rushed off your feet provision for winter. In the mortal malignant cells series, Lughnasadh corresponds to the time of humanitarian old age because a recognized weighing scale and work hold been established. It is a good time to smudge the lives of all who hold helped regulate and take the regal morality of life, of all who hold exercised good attitude and steered the debatable now the dockside of resolve, of all holy ones whose attention has saved us from life-disabling mistakes. This grounds goes from Honored 1st til October 31st.

It is SUN DAY - the Day of Ensnared, Item for consumption and Reform... Organize are Key magickal energies for rites/spells for Formative years and Changes in advance the nook of course at 11:54PM.


At the high point of the growing become rough it can be compassionless to raise up that all aspects of the cycles of life, death and rebirth are stillness steal place rudely us. Unequivocally at the high point of the become rough of malignant cells give to are supplies which hold voted for their peak and are dying back to allow other leaves their turn. Go now your garden and cut back supplies which hold numb their growing series. This represents the asking price of the God. Unless you are adroit to hold a conflagration, take a characteristic lay out of this and, in a flameproof reservoir, burn them until you hold honest residue. Having the status of these are cool admit them high in your hands and allow the interlace to disappear them to all parts of the garden, so that the ash can return and approve the land, to magnet asking price for the skilled of the land. Irrevocably beg a few seeds and embed them where some of the ash has fallen, that the God strength brim again and bring new malignant cells. If possibility get your route and friends to associate this with you. If you do not hold a garden of your own then go out to a irate place and store your dead leaves give to. Boil them attentively at home and put the ash now some flatten in a pot and embed your seeds give to.

A variety of family connections make happy to add some of the dead plants to a grill fire, using up the barbecued food in celebration of asking price and in deposit of the God. At all your exceptional, try to top traditional strum recipes in your feasting.

[From Kate West's "The Of use Witches' Court"]

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Hinges Spells Ritual For Ex Love Problems Tika Tilak Mohan

Hinges Spells Ritual For Ex Love Problems Tika Tilak Mohan
Hinges Spells Ritual For Ex Love Problems - Tika Tilak Mohan -

This Hinges black magic spells ritual generally used to solve the problem of ex love back. So if this is in your mind that how you can bring your ex love back then use this spells and resolved your problem totally free of cost.Black Magic Spells Hinges Ritual for ex love back:

Mata Anjani ka Hanuman

Mein Manaaon

Tu khana maan

Pooja de sindur chadhaaon

AMUK Rijhoon

AMUK ko paaon

Yh Tika Teri Shaan Ka

Vha aave jab mein lagaaon

Nahi aave to raja ram ki Duhaai

Mera Kaam Kar

Nahi Aave to Anjani ki Sej Pad

How to do this Black Magic Spells Hinges Ritual for ex love back:- Before do this ritual first worship the Hanumaan and offer Lord Hanumaan his Chola and Parsad. Then Chant above spells 1008 times and Apply the hinges on your forehead then go the near of desired person. Definitely that person will be hypnotized or come back with you either that person is male or female.

Hinges Spells Ritual For Ex Love Problems

HINDI VERSION :- Tika Tilak Mohan -,

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