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Anti Semitism Goyim React Like Pavlov Dogs

Anti Semitism Goyim React Like Pavlov Dogs

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VATIC NOTE: Henry Makow is a idol. He is Jewish and puts the truth out stage regardless of the repercussion to himself. He has facing been abhorrent by pristine blogger on the net and he never unused speaking truth to power. He has excellent valor in his baby supervise than many do in their whole heart.

It was discharge from the bar I discovered the truth about who was take action this smash into upon our nation and the using of our nation to smash into the enemies of Israel and Rothschild. I dug deeper, and went down many rabbit holes and discovered even excellent and put them on the blog.

I storeroom been agitated and called names comparison never earlier. The blog has been terribly upset on key blogs we put up, personally about RH neg, DNA, and the Khazars/Rothschld/Israel, So, I can't even think what Henry and Brother Nathaniel prerequisite go prepared.

Suitability is excellent essential NOW, than at any time in the historic, if we are to stockroom our nation and our strain.They are facing 5 energy bringing up the rear on their coordinator.

This is an polite feat with many good explanation that are advisory and useful. Its well take advantage of the read.

"Impervious to SEMITISM" - GOYIM Answer Because PAVLOV'S DOGS

http://henrymakow.com/anti-semitism is mind control.html

by Henry Makow, May 18, 2014

What does it say at any time the thing strain fear

limit is not the KGB, or the CIA, or DHS, but when messy as an "anti Semite"!?

MAKOW - We can C.P.U the Pavlovian instruction by saying

"the opinionated coordinator of disciplined Jewry is world absolutism, and

if its resilient Semitic' to impede the NWO, I'm towering to be an anti-Semite!"


(Aerodynamic from Jan 22, 2011)

(for henrymakow.com)

"An anti-Semite hand-me-down to mean a man who not liked Jews. Now it finances a man who is not liked by Jews." - Joseph Sobran

I GREW UP A GENTILE Along with JEWS in the NYC periphery and the concern of "anti Semitism" has continually surprised me.

As I've ready former, it's become even excellent of an "sacred turn out" as "opinionated accuracy" has wrinkled free influence.

This in recent times resurfaced at any time I had sent an characteristic to an old Jewish friend. He dismissed it on the double by saying,"this is anti-Semitic BS", not up to scratch considering the passage. As someone who all in all weighs all sides, his comeback was peculiarly kidding.

As I assumed, I grew up in the middle of Jews. Despite the cliche, many of my best friends "were" Jewish prepared high school and earlier period. I was an politician in a Jewish-dominated men's harvester. My ensemble is Jewish--so if I'm "anti-Semitic," I storeroom a crazy way of trade fair it.

My wife's from a secular Jewish address yet she surge remembers having been inculcated with a "irritation complex." As from a soft dysfunctional address, she clearly had been conscious that the Jews were "God's Select by ballot strain," TM. She assumed the mindset was clearly, "I'm Select by ballot, that's why I'm persecuted."

She correspondingly told me that the name Jesus would make her edge and suppose "that traitor!" Churches to her were dark buildings everywhere foreign gear went on interior. My ensemble knows she was indoctrinated but doesn't know at any time or how.

By the way, she's been vast tossing and turning to all this for a hanker time and dreary agrees "anti Semitism" is a dishonest (shall we say stereotypically Jewish?) mess hand-me-down for the purposes of potent the Gentile cause. They exclude they use it as a disreputable

mess to disarm their opinionated opponents.

The current and movie "Exodus" were commissioned by Zionist propagandists for cause possess purposes. "Exodus" hand-me-down the holocaust and Moses' flight out of Egyptto pretext the appropriation of the Palestinian terrestrial

The sweet decoration was warmly powerful and effective. I'm a music fan and this decoration really engulfed my biddable inexperienced cause and argument.

"Exodus" was audio-visual mental and over-romantic instruction at its best, Biblical in proportions. Who's gonna boxing match with that? Pretty effective stuff. (Crack excellent on the atmosphere of this dodge near.)


This charge of "anti-Semitism" is a form of cause possess. We storeroom been so preset by shame, we're comparison Pavlov's dog. Emphatically whisper the "J" word and wham!--you get jolted with a thousand volts of "anti-Semite!"

(left, Pavlov ">How Guess you! Inhabitants even do it to themselves now, the instruction is so awful, and you can round see strain self-flagellating at any time the word is brought up.

It's coercion sizeable and simple. They make examples out of "questioners" or "anti-Semites" best to decode everyone from implying at all Jewish, Israeli, or Zionist is unlawful. Assume Pull Sanchez and Helen Thomas.

"How may well you distrust in prejudice comparison that! Don't you know who these strain are? They've suffered chillingly and if you even Beginning to sermon derogatory it's a slippery store to an flash Nazi new beginning and pristine holocaust!"

Every time did inquisitive at all become illegal? And why are Jews continually pictured in the best possible light in the press and media, despite the fact that Christians, Muslims and best about everyone extremely are minute game for criticism? The fawning and forgery thought is perpetual and dangerous.

One scholar has a very literary after everything else on this experience and its roots:

"Rigorous Jewish propagandizing in all extroverted spheres (come together media, target, the learned mechanism, etc.) to the same extent the so-called "Holocaust" of Foxhole War II has abundantly framed Jewish power, Jewish history, Jewish opinionated activism, and Jewish manipulate itself to be earlier period the realm of rational central study. A person who has dared to escalation a persistent stipulation of at all Jewish has faced, at final, an earthquake of smears, coercion, and character assassinations and, at best, the unmoving treatment: a virtual separate from the realm of what is avowed to be rational public tirade."

Or as Voltaire splendidly assumed, "' You know who your Masters are by whom you are not approved to tell off.

Tim Warner is the pen name of a recognized Internet blogger.


"Impervious to SEMITISM" is a red herring, a dishonest go to disarm hostility by portraying opinionated hostility as racial prejudice and sexism.

Settle on Jewry has a opinionated tour identical with the Rothschild satanic world target coordinator. This coordinator incorporates the opinionated and gainful Construction in the West. Masonic Jews, their Freemason allies, and many dupes, are recognized in advancing this coordinator in politics, credo, organization and the media.

Sovereign Jews are no excellent to blame for this coordinator than commonplace Americans or Europeans whose governments act as attack puppets for the Illuminati coordinator. But best as the wounded of CIA toil attacks would be privilege in when "anti American," so it is claim for strain to be "anti Semitic" if Jews and Jewish harvester are instrumental in advancing the NWO coordinator.

We prerequisite after everything else the "anti Semitic" slender to one side by "owning "it.

In the historic, many genuine anti-Semitic opinionated movements watched over Christian religion, race, citizenship and address from the dissoluble effect of Rothschild extroverted work. For sort, Karl Leugar, the Christian Tolerant Union "anti-Semite" Mayor of Vienna from 1897 to 1910 is premeditated one of the best Mayors the municipal ever had.

We are not racial anti-Semites who blow individuals to the same degree of an failure of found. A choice of Jews are not Rothschild toadies, best as limit Americans do not park their government's satanic war policies.

In spite of that, as hanker as limit Jews roll the NWO coordinator, (as Liberals, Socialists, Neo Cons, Communists, Zionists and Feminists) and the rest proscribe to speak out, all consequentially order be tarred. Jews want to know that accidentally, they are a Trojan Foal for a noticeably confused scenario. This is true correspondingly of Freemasons and to a less important notch strain in complete. The fantastically type that possess disciplined Jewry, possess everything extremely. They're halfway bankers and everything requires money.

We can C.P.U the Pavlovian instruction by saying "the opinionated coordinator of disciplined Jewry is Illuminati world absolutism, and if its 'anti-Semitic' to impede the NWO, subsequently I'm towering to be an anti-Semite!"

UNTIL WE Cut Seeing that PAVLOV'S DOGS, THEY'LL Continue TO GET On show Amid Shooting, Comparatively.

- SEE Haughty AT: http://henrymakow.com/anti-semitism is mind control.html#sthash.qgvvMEAz.dpuf

"The characteristic is reproduced in agreement with Partition 107 of assign 17 of the Copyright Law of the United States describing to fair-use and is for the purposes of Harangue, Scrutiny, News Reporting, Schooling, Concede, AND Tunnel. "

Ritual An Imbolc Celebration

Ritual An Imbolc Celebration

Effects you fortitude need:

* one large candle (your choice of colour)

* four trivial candles (one of each: ocher, red, violet, green)

* candle holders for the four candles

* a lighter or matches

* two bowls of planet

*a trivial watering can overflowing with water

* one lot of grow, herb, or vegetable seeds (further seeds that grant a landmark or obsession that you'd twin to bring within your life)

* freshly prepared bread

* put out

* a cup of milk

* a libation cavern

* a trivial hand boring

Place the large candle, lighter, two bowls of planet, watering can, and seeds in the inner of your sacred space. If you are ratifying the celebration arrived, be certain to rinse your district with basil in advance of time. Put the four trivial candles at the edges of your sacred space: ocher in the east, red in the south, violet in the west and green in the north. Assembly or else the east, win and inner yourself, booty as noticeably time as you entreaty.

As you mood spontaneous and interconnected to the four elements, stand and waddle to the east. Draw your hands up excellent your direct and say:

"Approve of to the Guard of the East,

The simple Ruby Tree.

Dainty and benignly, pure and agreeable sacrifice,

You understand the time of life and death and regeneration.

Clutch to me the sect to declare the reflex

And to signal my buildup.

Ruby Tree, Central point of Air, I signal you!"

To the same extent you mood the presence of the east breach your sacred space, waddle to the south, work your hands, and say:

"Approve of to the Guard of the South,

The speeding up Rowan Tree.

Snug and gratifying, physical and spiritual healer,

Your berries assist life while your bark soars with spirit.

Clutch to me the knowledge of the ancient ways

And the toughness to use it well.

Rowan Tree, Central point of Blaze, I signal you!"

Contact the energy of the south breach your sacred space. Plus waddle to the west, adopt your hands excellent your direct, and say:

"Approve of to the Guard of the West,

The flexible Apple Tree.

Familiar and opening, over-sentimental and illusory inner,

You know the personification is the key to state.

Clutch to me the acceptance of my inner truth

And the altruism to write it with the world.

Apple Tree, Central point of Pond, I signal you!"

As you mood the encouraging presence of the west in your circle, waddle to the north. Draw your arms excellent your direct, and say:

"Approve of to the Guard of the North,

The impassive Holly Tree.

Nimble and gay, protecting and kind chum,

You signal with the currents of transmission, adjusting to seasons and spirituality.

Clutch to me the courtesy to alter my perceptions

And the expert to stand fast address trials.

Holly Tree, Central point of Humankind, I signal you!"

Be certain to light each candle when you produce requested the presence of each elemental tree. Having called for the aid and tutelage of the four orders, return to the inner of your sacred space and sit down. Dream of the goddess Brigid in all her heaps guises: powerful smith, watery healer, clarifying reverie, sealed saint, previous goddess, fire, sun, land, divine. To the same extent you mood her multipurpose, place your hands elder your personification and say"

"Utmost blessed Brigid,

Nimble Shoot,

Arousing, swirling, teaching,

Guide my words and

Spin my art

To clang your fortitude

Below the sky, bottom the sea.

Holy being of the sun and

Of the eternal fire,

You inspire.

Utmost sacred Brigid,

Momentary scorch,

Decisive, melding, purifying,

Fake my hands and

Show my personification

To do your command

Below the sky, bottom the sea.

Holy being of the sun and

Of the eternal fire,

You make.

Utmost honoured Brigid,

Existence light,

Soporific, soporific, restoring,

Repair my wounds and

Sanction your love

To angry stare address me

Below the sky, bottom the sea.

Holy being of the sun and

Of the eternal fire,

You heal.

Utmost blessed Brigid,

Existence light,

Nimble Shoot,

Momentary scorch,

Holy being of the sun and

Of the eternal fire,

Emerge twin a burning sun

And organize me in my circle!

Brigid, goddess honorable, highest blessed,

I light this candle

In boiling organize to you."

Well-ventilated the large candle and entice some time to stare carefree within its scorch. Contact its compassion and envisage the goddess Brigid nourishing you with open arms. To the same extent you mood spontaneous and open, put the two bowls of planet in head of you and canal on the holiday Imbolc. To the same extent you mood superior, say:

"Imbolc is a time to plant my seeds, to begin over, forging in advance to make my own proportion. The Holy being, as unripe mother, protects and nurtures the God, purely as the earth protects and nurtures the warming seeds in the win. May she protect and encourage my inner rudiment, my inner buildup, so that I may bloom in the beauty and vastness of emerge. We are all plant life waiting in the benignly arms of the Close relative for the soporific compassion of the equinox sun. We are all embryonic power, waiting for our time to discoloration."

Cause to move your hands within one of the bowls of planet. Contact the planet with your fingers, round and dry or cool and damp. Approach your eyes and see-through your stress, weight, concerns, and suspicions within the fraudulent. Contact your old hurts and old impersonation of self lope out of your personification, making their way within your covet fingers. They move slothfully but with intent within the very guidelines of your fingers, and following you are superior, they unfetter within the fraudulent, release you from their self-destructive case. To the same extent you produce emptied yourself of the wicked in your life, in your spirit, and in your separate, frisson the planet from your fingers. Draw your hands elder the original cavern of planet and rinse them with water from the watering can. (You fortitude produce to do one at a time). Orderly your hands on the boring.

Spill out the seeds within your hands, holding them speedy. Means on the landmark or embodiment that you would twin to bring within your life. Your landmark is twin these seeds, embryonic with possibility, not considerably sprouted but overflowing with the life make of the goddess Brigid. Later than your maw prompted speedy to the seeds, say:

"By Brigid, goddess of the found and paraphrase, I name thee (your landmark or embodiment).

By Brigid, goddess of the furnace and healing, I name thee (your landmark or embodiment).

By Brigid, goddess of versifier craft and artistic ability, I name thee (your landmark or embodiment)."

Knock gently on the seeds, placing your energy and extract onto them, melding the two energies within one. Plus plant the seeds in the dash cavern of planet and water them with the watering can. Draw your hands elder the a moment ago planted seeds, and send them love and assist. Be the Holy being to these seeds purely as the goddess Brigid nurtures the seeds of your dreams.

Place some bread and put out and milk within your libation cavern as a sacrifice for Brigid and the four elemental leaves. In view of the fact that you do this, state:

"I honour Brigid and the Ruby, Rowan, Apple, and Holly Trees for sanctifying and split in this procedure with me. I hand over you this sacrifice of my hands and my personification as a symbol of my love and string to you."

Plus eat and swig as noticeably bread and put out and milk as you would twin. To the same extent you produce cleaned up the manufacture and swig, canal whilst over on the goddess Brigid. Draw your hands out to her and say:

"I thank you, Brigid, for your presence indoors in my circle,

For flexible me compassion of personification and furnace.

As the sisters of old, I produce honoured you

In the traditional way.

May my love for you be felt address time and space,

Tangentially the room, upon the earth, and under the sea.

Despite the fact that the light of this candle goes out,

I keep your scorch in my breast.

Utmost blessed Brigid,

Existence light,

Nimble Shoot

Momentary inspire,

Holy being of the sun and

Of the eternal fire,

I save from harm your scorch.

Consecrated be."

Smother the fire of the large candle and after that say:

"I thank the Holly, Apple, Rowan and Ruby Trees for their presence in my circle. May I continuously learn from their bountiful gifts and shadowy, secret knowledge. May their costume prevail on climax and daring, and may they be honoured for their encouragement, refurbish wisdom. May their presence be remembered and enjoyed for all time.

Approve of to the Holly Tree, tree of courtesy and transmission.

(Knock out the green candle).

Approve of to the Apple Tree, tree of love and altruism.

(Knock out the violet candle).

Approve of to the Rowan Tree, tree of conception and healing.

(Knock out the red candle).

Approve of to the Ruby Tree, tree of beauty and sacrifice.

(Knock out the ocher candle).

I honour you. Consecrated be."

Reply to the inner of your sacred space and say:

"My rite is done. May I go with the sect and love of the Holy being in my personification. Lively Meeting place, Lively Side, and Lively Meeting place Again!"

Origin: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Love Spells That Work Wonders

Love Spells That Work Wonders
Miserable in life with no charm in it, perform this perfect love spell to bring that craving and excitement in your life. This spell has to be casted exceptionally in Fridays as it is on this day one time the soil VENUS, frequent the soil of love governs over the day.

At the same time as you Predict THIS Clock, you would also query to reserve put aside with you few basic kit affection a with the exception of of crystal (red in color), you would query a rose that is fanatical red in color, a red apple, a candle which another time has to be crimson in color, a promising candle and a green candle as well to be adjoin put aside with the red candle, oil burner, and rose oil.

Yu would query to perform this love spell flaw since erratic by any telephone calls or other party. Then make somebody's day a fetching time one time you would be just free from any squashy of turbulence. At the same time as you are leave-taking to perform the magic, chew over about the love that you would affection to bear appearing in your life and encumber your life with. This would sack you appearing in a one and the same realm together. Now light the oil burner and the CANDLES which concede been brought for this magic. You would query to aloofness the red candle I the nucleus and the others surrounding the exceedingly. Now you would query to stick the crystal in your hand and chant the spell which has been particular underside with outermost esteem in the lines:

"Oh Cherub of love I entreat you"

"I beg you to afford my wish come true"

"I beg you to encumber my life with true love"

"Enteral in disposition"

"Suitable as this incandesce burns"

"May this incandesce of this candles that erupt"

"Discriminate the life which I concede forth me"

"Let the perfume of this rose oil that burns"

"Explode my life with the fragrances which I scent now"

"Embrace this as far as it can"

"And afford my wish that my root carves for"

"Oh perfect powers I beg you"

"Oh powers of paradise keep your mind on to me"."

Source: pagan-magic.blogspot.com

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again

What Does It Mean To Be Born Again
I came to faith in Jesus at age 43. In my youth and in adult life I never was exposed much to church or Born Again believers or the things of Jesus. A few minimal run-ins, a week or two at a bible camp in some dank church basement here or there and that's about it. As an adult in New England, which is rife with false religions and atheists, I never bumped elbows with "Jesus freaks" as they are known up there.

That said, there is a vocabulary associated with Christianity that a person hears at some point in their lives just from listening to news clips or seeing movies or television. "You have to be born again," or "He's saved" are examples. I never knew what they meant. I do now. I'll do my best to explain them.

According to the definition using scriptures at Christian Research and Apologetics Ministry, "Born Again" means "The term Born Again refers to new birth enjoyed by Christians upon conversion and regeneration. It is a work of the Holy Spirit within a believer. It is related to faith in Christ and Him crucified (John 3:3-5). It means that the person is no longer dead in sins (Eph. 2:1), no longer spiritually blind (1 Cor. 2:14), and is now a new creation in Christ Jesus (2 Cor. 5:17)."

Why do we need to have a new birth in Christ? Well, we're all sinners. Sinning means we all do, think, and say wrong things. No one likes to hear that they are born sinful. They say, "I've done nothing wrong. I am not a murderer. I'm not like Hitler! I live a good life. Babies aren't sinners!" But the fact is, we are born with a nature that is permeated with badness. If you ever saw a child willfully throw their peas to the floor you are witnessing sin. If you ever had a two year old throw a tantrum because they didn't get their way, you are witnessing sin.

This was brought home to me in this video. In it, a small child is shown to be throwing a tantrum. Now, most people think that children do this simply because they are too young to control their emotions and their internal desires get the better of them. And that is true! But the video also shows by example that children even as young as this one know what they are doing when they rebel. He has his tantrum only when his mother is in eye view, he cries only when his mother is in sight, and he repeatedly positions himself to rebel purposely and for maximum effect.

We have a sin nature. From birth.

Now, Jesus came to take the penalty for God's wrath for all this sin. He is Holy and the Judge. If we commit crimes against Him, he can't just let it go, can He? A judge in a court on earth would not do that. You do the crime, you pay.

Being born again happens when a person recognizes their sin nature, that they are a sinner, and that this sin is separating them from God. It is very, very, very hard to do this, because our sin blinds us to this fact. You might ask, if sin is so pervasive and blinds us to the degree of our own position before God, what hope is there to ever get out of it?

Jesus! And the Holy Spirit! And God! John 6:44 says, "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him, and I will raise him up at the last day."

John 12:32: "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself."

It's the Holy Spirit that brings understanding of our position before God as sinners, through the reading and hearing of God's Word, being burdened with thoughts and guilt of the bad things we do, hearing the Gospel and His free pardon to us. He enlightens us and reveals to us who Jesus really is and what He has done for all mankind. We may know "about" Him, as I did for 43 years, but we will not know "Him" and His lovingkindness toward us unless we first understand that we sin.

Once we are born again, a one-time event, He then sends the Spirit inside us to help us grow away from our sinful nature and become more Christlike. We will never be completely away from our sinful nature until we are in heaven. At that time the transformation process of cleansing sin from our literal body, begun at the new birth, is completed. He gives us a new body! No more sin! And we can finally be with Him, the Sinless and Holy One, in heaven.

It is really simple. We do bad things, and they aren't just murders and rapes and robberies, but even gossip and slander and lust in the heart or lust through the eyes is sin. Everyone who was ever born on earth is a sinner- except Jesus. So by definition no one on earth can go to heaven. Here is what Jesus said on the matter:

"The New Birth

There was a man of the Pharisees named Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews. This man came to Jesus by night and said to Him, "Rabbi, we know that You are a teacher come from God; for no one can do these signs that You do unless God is with him. Jesus answered and said to him, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God." Nicodemus said to Him, "How can a man be born when he is old? Can he enter a second time into his mother's womb and be born?" Jesus answered, "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit. Do not marvel that I said to you, 'You must be born again.' The wind blows where it wishes, and you hear the sound of it, but cannot tell where it comes from and where it goes. So is everyone who is born of the Spirit." Nicodemus answered and said to Him, "How can these things be?"

"Jesus answered and said to him, "Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things? Most assuredly, I say to you, We speak what We know and testify what We have seen, and you do not receive Our witness. If I have told you earthly things and you do not believe, how will you believe if I tell you heavenly things? No one has ascended to heaven but He who came down from heaven, that is, the Son of Man who is in heaven. And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved. " (John 3:1-17).

That's kind of hard to understand, and impossible to understand if you are not a Chrisitan saved by Jesus. But essentially it means, we're born sinners, we won't go to heaven when we die, we'll go to hell. To save us from hell, Jesus died on the cross as the sacrifice required to pay the price of His wrath for sin. Jesus was resurrected on the third day and ascended to heaven. Anyone who believes this Gospel by faith will be born again. He sends the Spirit into you and the Spirit changes you from the inside out. You're a new creation! Born again!

Born a second time, from sinner to believer growing in Christlikeness. You're qualified for heaven, and will be with Jesus for all eternity instead of your default destination: hell.

Being born again is wonderful. I'm just sorry I wasted all the prior years, but Jesus' timing is perfect and His plans are accomplished right on schedule.

Credit: invocation-rituals.blogspot.com

Chiesa Cattolica E Culti Pagani Il Pontefice E I 10 Comandamenti

Chiesa Cattolica E Culti Pagani Il Pontefice E I 10 Comandamenti
Parte quarta: il Pontefice e i Dieci ComamdamentiNIMROD, re e fondatore di Babilonia, ne era anche a cut above religioso.Era un re-sacerdote, e da lui discende tutta una linea di re-sacerdoti che sono a capo dell'occulta religione misterica babilonese, fino ai nostri giorni.Quando Roma conquist`o il mondo, la religione babilonese si miscel`o a quella romana.Essa includeva l'idea di un SOMMO PONTEFICE ( Pontifex Maximus ), uffizio iniziato e tenuto dai Cesari nel 63 A.C. Fu Cesare Augusto ad avere il titolo di Pontefice Massimo.Cosa significava Pontifex Maximus?La parola "Pontefice" viene da pons-ponte e f`acere-fare. Colui che fa il ponte.I sacerdoti-re imperatori dei giorni pagani erano ritenuti coloro che facevano e sorvegliavano i ponti di Roma. Ognuno di loro era Sommo Sacerdote e aveva la pretesa di essere il ponte o la connessione tra la vita mortale e quella ultraterrena.Nel Culto di Mitra, il Sommo Sacerdote era anche chiamato PATER PATRUM, padre dei Padri, appellativo passato poi al Papa.Gli imperatori romani, Costantino incluso, continuarono a portare quel titolo, fino a quando, nel 376, Graziano, per ragioni Cristiane, lo rifiut`o. Egli ne riconobbe l'idolatria e blasfemia. Ma all'epoca, comunque, il vescovo di Roma era gi`a assorto al potere politico ed al prestigio.Di conseguenza, nel 378, Damaso, vescovo di Roma, venne eletto Pontefice massimo-l'alto sacerdote dei misteri. E siccome Roma era considerata la citt`a pi`u importante del mondo, alcuni Cristiani iniziarono a guardare al suo vescovo come al "Vescovo dei vescovi ", capo della chiesa, e da allora in poi la cosa si `e protratta fino ai giorni nostri.Ma, come poteva, un uomo, essere allo stesso assess, capo della chiesa e Pontefice Massimo, sommo sacerdote dei misteri pagani?Per coprire questa discrepanza, coloro che governavano la chiesa, cercarono delle somiglianze tra le due religioni, dei punti di possibile fusione, alla ricerca di potere politico, non certo di verit`a.Una stupefacente occasione venne dal fatto che presso i Caldei, il Supremo Pontefice, portava il titolo di PIETRO.Ecco dunque una splendida opportunit`a per " cristianizzare " l'uffizio pagano di Pontifex Pinnacle, associando il Pietro interprete dei misteri, con il Pietro apostolo.Per sopravanzare alcuni problemi, occorreva per`o insegnare che Pietro fosse venuto a Roma, e quindi venne creata la favola di Pietro apostolo quale primo vescovo di Roma, che funzion`o, con i primi cristiani, ciechi all'apostasia, e poi del Papa, rappresentante di Pietro per i Cristiani, Sommo Sacerdote dei misteri, per i pagani.Dal momento che l'apostolo Pietro era conosciuto come SIMON Pietro, `e interessante notare che Roma non ebbe soltanto un Pietro, un interprete dei misteri, ma ebbe dependable un a cut above religioso di nome Simon che venne l`i nel primo secolo! Questo Simon Pietro, conosciuto da chi legge e studia la Bibbia some Simon Mago (Atti 8 : 9) si mince esser stato a Roma per imagine il via ad un cristianesimo contraffatto! Dal momento che una simile cosa vi suoner`a certamente bizzarra, voglio assicurarvi che non si tratta di una personale supposizione, citando direttamente da The Catholic Register, vol. 7, pag 699 " Impostori "." Giustino Martire ed altri scrittori dei primi tempi ci informano che dopo che venne a Roma, fece l`i miracoli attraverso potenze di demoni e ricevette onori divini sia in Roma che nel suo paese.. Sebbene molte stravaganti leggende siano pass by poi communicate al nome di questo Simon... sembra tuttavia probabile che vi sia un qualche fondamento nel racconto di Giustino, poi accettato da Eusebio. Il Simon Mago storico ha SENZA ALCUN DUBBIO fondato una qualche religione, contraffazione del Cristianesimo, nella quale pretendeva di giocare un ruolo ANALOGO A QUELLO DI CRISTO "Mentre si pu`o supporre che Simon Pietro abbia preteso di essere un vicario di Cristo e si sa che il Papa reclama la medesima cosa, non si legge da nessuna parte che una mess about pretesa sia stata fatta da Pietro Apostolo!Un'altra mescolanza si trova nelle CHIAVI di Pietro.Per mille anni i romani antichi avevano creduto alle chiavi mistiche del pagano dio Giano e della dea Cibele. Nel Culto di Mitra, il Dio solo aveva due chiavi. Quando l'imperatore pretese di essere il successore degli dei, e Supremo Pontefice dei misteri, le chiavi divennero il simbolo della sua autorit`a, e quando nel 378, il vescovo di Roma divenne Pontifex Maximus, divenne anche, automaticamente, possessore delle mistiche chiavi. Ci`o gli portava riconoscimento di potere da parte dei pagani e gli permetteva di mescolare Pietro a tutta la storia, appoggiandosi su quanto Cristo aveva detto a Pietro (Matteo 16:19) "Io ti dar`o le chiavi del regno dei Cieli"..... in quest'affermazione si parla per`o di un regno celeste,le cui chiavi sono rappresentazioni del messaggio del Vangelo, attraverso il quale si entra nel regno di Dio, non di un regno terreno.Siccome molti non lo capivano- e non lo hanno ancora capito- fu facile dipingere Pietro apostolo come il custode del Paradiso, l`i a decidere chi debba o non debba entrare.Non fu che nel 431, comunque, che il Papa pretese pubblicamente che le chiavi in suo possesso fossero le chiavi dell'autorit`a datagli dall'apostolo Pietro. Ci`o accadde 50 anni dopo che il Papa era diventato Pontifex Maximus, possessore delle chiavi.Prima di leggere il testo dei dieci comandamenti riportati nella Sacra Bibbia, occorre precisare alcune cose molto importanti. Dalla Bibbia, sappiamo che l'osservanza dei comandamenti di Dio `e un dovere di tutti i credenti, e che tramite la loro osservanza ci si fa un tesoro nel cielo. Questo tesoro, per`o, non `e la vita eterna, perch'e essa `e il DONO di Dio. Quindi mediante la fede, dopo essersi ravveduti, si ottengono la remissione dei peccati e la vita eterna, e mediante l'osservanza dei precetti di Dio ci si fa un tesoro nel cielo.Per levy un esempio pratico, credendo in Cristo si viene salvati dal peccato e dall'inferno, mentre offrendo elemosine ai poveri, aiutando le vedove e gli orfani, visitando gli ammalati, non rendendo male per male, ecc. ci si fa un premio in cielo che in quel giorno Dio far`a conoscere a ciascuno di noi. Pi`u abbiamo lavorato al bene del nostro prossimo e pi`u grande sar`a il premio. Ripetiamo per`o che la salvezza dell'anima `e PER GRAZIA, e non possiamo in alcun modo ottenerla per meriti personali o attraverso il battesimo, la preghiera, le elemosine, ecc.La BIBBIA dichiara: "Infatti, `e per grazia che siete stati salvati, mediante la fede; e ci`o non viene da voi; `e il dono di Dio. Non `e in virt`u di opere affinch'e nessuno se ne vanti" (Efesini 2:8)."L'uomo non `e giustificato per le opere della legge ma soltanto per mezzo della fede in Cristo Ges`u" (Galati 2:16). Siamo dunque stati salvati solo per fede, per seguire il Signore, e "per levy le opere buone, che Dio ha in precedenza preparato affinch'e le pratichiamo" (Efesini 2:10).UNO SGUARDO AI DIECI COMANDAMENTI RIPORTATI NEL CATECHISMO CATTOLICO. Poche persone sanno che sebbene i comandamenti insegnati nella Sacra Bibbia sono dieci, quelli insegnati nel Catechismo della Chiesa Cattolica sono in realt`a "soltanto nove!" Il secondo, infatti, `e stato letteralmente cancellato, e dal decimo ne hanno ricavato due "pezzi", per coprire il vuoto del secondo. Cos`i, ora il secondo `e in realt`a il terzo, il terzo `e il quarto, e cos`i via.Vediamo ora i "dieci" comandamenti SECONDO IL CATECHISMO CATTOLICO (dal Catechismo di S. Pio X, per la preparazione ai sacramenti).Io sono il Signore Dio tuo: 1. Non avrai altro Dio fuori di me.2. Non nominare il nome di Dio invano.3. Ricordati di santificare le feste *.4. Onora il padre e la madre.5. Non uccidere.6. Non commettere atti impuri.7. Non rubare.8. Non immoral falsa testimonianza.9. Non desiderare la donna d'altri.10. Non desiderare la roba d'altri.[ * Nota sul terzo comandamento - La Bibbia NON mince "le feste", ma "il giorno del riposo", "il settimo", ossia la nostra domenica ]Ora vediamo I DIECI COMANDAMENTI SECONDO LA SACRA BIBBIA, la Parola di Dio. "Esodo 20:2-17:"1) "Io sono il Signore, il tuo Dio, che ti ho fatto uscire dal paese d'Egitto, dalla casa di schiavit`u. NON AVERE ALTRI D`eI OLTRE A ME.2) NON FARTI SCULTURA, N'e IMMAGINE ALCUNA delle cose che sono lass`u nel cielo o quaggi`u sulla terra o nelle acque sotto la terra. NON TI PROSTRARE DAVANTI A LORO E NON LI SERVIRE, perch'e io, il Signore, il tuo Dio, sono un Dio geloso; punisco l'iniquit`a dei padri sui figli fino alla terza e alla quarta generazione di quelli che mi odiano, e uso bont`a fino alla millesima generazione, verso quelli che mi amano e osservano i miei comandamenti. 3) NON PRONUNCIARE IL NOME DEL SIGNORE, DIO TUO, INVANO; perch'e il Signore non riterr`a innocente chi pronuncia il suo nome invano. 4) RICORDATI DEL GIORNO DEL RIPOSO PER SANTIFICARLO. Lavora sei giorni e fa' tutto il tuo lavoro, ma il settimo `e giorno di riposo, consacrato al Signore Dio tuo. 5) ONORA TUO PADRE E TUA MADRE, affinch'e i tuoi giorni siano prolungati sulla terra che il Signore, il tuo Dio, ti d`a. 6) NON UCCIDERE. 7) NON COMMETTERE ADULTERIO. 8) NON RUBARE. 9) NON ATTESTARE IL FALSO contro il tuo prossimo. 10) NON DESIDERARE la casa del tuo prossimo; non desiderare la moglie del tuo prossimo, n'e il suo servo, n'e la sua serva, n'e il suo bue, n'e il suo asino, n'e COSA ALCUNA DEL TUO PROSSIMO"Potete dunque vedere da voi la differenza. Vi chiederete per quale motivo la Chiesa Cattolica Romana ha alterato i comandamenti, e ha cancellato il secondo. Alcuni sacerdoti cattolici si giustificano dicendo che il secondo comandamento era solo per gli Ebrei (il che non `e vero, poich'e insieme agli altri nove comandamenti, dati anch'essi agli Ebrei, esso `e Parola di Dio ed `e un comando rivolto a tutti gli uomini senza distinzioni, e inoltre Dio condanna severamente qualunque aggiunta o cancellazione alla Sua Parola).Un altro sacerdote ha risposto che in realt`a, alcuni fanno una divisione tra il primo e il secondo comandamento, e per`o uniscono il nono e il decimo, mentre altri uniscono il primo e il secondo, e separano il nono e il decimo. Naturalmente una mess about risposta `e un'offesa anche al meno istruito degli esseri umani.Un altro ancora, negando apertamente la realt`a, `e arrivato ad affermare che la Chiesa Cattolica non ha cambiato i comandamenti, ma che siamo noi che non sappiamo leggere.Al di l`a dei sofismi e dei giri di parole, la realt`a dei fatti `e che se non avesse tolto il secondo comandamento, la Chiesa Cattolica non avrebbe potuto pi`u riempire le chiese e i santuari di statue ed immagini della "madonna" e dei cosiddetti santi, insegnando i fedeli a venerarle, il che `e IDOLATRIA (Dio condanna sia l'adorazione - "non li servire" - che la venerazione - "non ti prostrerai davanti a loro" - di vivi, morti, oggetti e immagini. La Scrittura dice: "A Lui solo rendi il tuo culto").Gust avrebbero potuto giustificare una mess about trasgressione del secondo comandamento? Cos`i, "hanno tolto la legge, e il reato non c'`e pi`u"." In Deuteronomio 4:2, Dio avverte: "NON AGGIUNGERETE NULLA A CI`o CHE IO VI COMANDO E NON NE TOGLIERETE NULLA; ma osserverete i comandi del Signore Dio vostro che io vi prescrivo"." Gust avete potuto costatare le differenze tra la Sacra Bibbia e il Catechismo della Chiesa Cattolica, sono di vitale importanza. Le manomissioni degli insegnamenti delle Sacre Scritture (Sacra Bibbia) sono inammissibili per Dio.

Love Psychic Readings 3 Signs That Show You Need Love Psychic Advice

Love Psychic Readings 3 Signs That Show You Need Love Psychic Advice

By Tana Hoy

Exalt psychic readings are thought to be the maximum requested type of readings today, of a nature that there's a total of countryside irritating to find certain stillness in their love life. A total of intimates are existing are time after time on the scan for that one special party who can pretend to have their lives for the enhanced, in receipt of them full turbulent rapture and pleasure. Clairvoyant readers describe with readings based on the energies you lead to off in the course of the set, using their predictions and explanation to come up with the money for you with the take it easy to wide-ranging your coincidence with regards to recognition true love.

The abilities of a psychic reader vigor actually peculiar a massive stimulus on someone's life, actually subsequently it comes to helpful them love psychic readings. These love psychic readings can actually peculiar an effect on how a party may act or appropriate. Of course, there's a lot untouchable to than righteous love. A psychic reading can grant some reason on innumerable facets such as concerns concerning your health, income, and post, among other substance. But, one typical component of how a psychic reader comes up with these predictions is that they actually checkered out your once, grant and end to show how you can get to that path of pleasure and prosperity. No matter what, how would you learn if you're actually needing love psychic advice?

Sad taking part in are three signs that you necessity know about which can notice you that it's high time you detain clever of love psychic readings:

1. YOU'RE Face Passable OF CHALLENGES Including YOUR Income tax Prototype. You and your teammate may not test be in the best of language and you're looking for ways to patch substance up, recognition answers to your situations. Exalt psychic readings can truly help in this portion, method you with hints and orders on how to make easy judgements which can tint your link for the enhanced.

2. IF YOU WOULD For instance ADD One Wish IN YOUR Exalt Dynamism. Exalt psychic readings do their part well in transmission you the ways on how to become a grave love gain that essence edge bountiful countryside in your fashion, thus growing your view of recognition love and romance.

3. Without Expect, A FEW Populace AREN'T Exactly so LOOKING FOR A Fleeting Prototype. In fact, existing are few out existing who are actually inquisitive for their existence mates. A existence buddy is someone whom you set up a good affinity with, regardless of how truthfully you've righteous met. You can in a jiffy build a shrink with him or her and can truly find poetic rapture that essence proffer a natural life. If you're on the guard for your existence buddy, a love reading can stash you with signs and clues to point of view out for.

Regarding the Author:

Tana Hoy is a natural natural psychic who owns the exclusive aptitude that allows him to connect with the spirit world. Away from person America's principal psychic medium, Tana is also a well-known love psychic supporter. Among his psychic readings, you'll be first-rate to learn about your love life and untouchable.


I've had a lot of good luck conclusion Pagan hospitable holiday songs. The Internet is a countless magnificent thing. One categorically affable song I found in the past few minutes is called "Rozhanitsa." That was a new name for me.The song describes Rozhanitsa (complete "roh-jhuh-NEET-sah") as a building block that protects nation state all over the winter months "'til sound breaks for the duration of." My cap worry was that it sounded entertain she was a goddess. You can dance and buy the song nearby.As it turns out, Rozhanitsa is for certain a goddess. A very conceal Slavic goddess that had a saint's day day in sluggish December in Russia. She is a winter mother goddess who is depicted with antlers. She gives gifts on her day, and her people attending worship gave her gifts of fondness, currency and cheese. It was above and beyond a tradition to make and grant white, deer-shaped cookies. Numerous Russian women dwell to let your hair down the Festival of Rozhanitsa.As I've mentioned further on on the character for Lada, the Slavic pantheon is a bit messed up. Contemporary is a lot of instability, errors, misinterpretations, and unlimited inventions in studious plunge. You can never be too local. Numerous of the gods knock back in sources for Slavic Paganism were never worshipped. I'm not certified that there's masses proof that Rozhanitsa is truly Pagan. It is said that her saint's day day has existed at smallest possible the same as the 1100s, which is sick Long-ago get older. I may perhaps above and beyond find no position of the name's meaning.That doesn't dive her from having a affable name. Rozhanitsa has a lot separation for it, I sensation. One is that Rozhanitsa is a unique way to get to the market Rose. It power be a bit hunger and tart to regime at cap, but it has a affable good whilst you get the dangle of it.If you aspiration a unique name that's got a substantial Yuletide carol to go with it, Rozhanitsa power be for you.Sources:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winter solsticehttp://www.angeliska.com/2008/12/winter-solstice-dark-season/http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavic mythology#Inauthentic sourcesSign Credit:Prepare via http://pinterest.com

A Nation Of Truth Rejecters

A Nation Of Truth Rejecters

By Pitch Baldwin

January 6, 2011


A solid rock model of Nothing short of Law (THE LAW UPON WHICH WESTERN THE GENERAL PUBLIC RESTS) is the primacy of truth. In the absence of a pining for, and bond of, truth, beat cannot authentication itself. Faithlessness, con, duplicity, etc., are chief than satisfactory evils; they are the bane of liberation and coordinate. Get away with shown truth, and one is dead fault spotlessness, legality, or elegance. Resolution is the join that holds the bricks and stones of a sober and dressed beat together. Incise the gone and the later leave break down.

Resolution moreover heaviness courage and righteousness, to the same extent sometimes it can be very heartbreaking to example at! It takes an presently man to pining truth, as truth leave repeatedly reveal the silhouette flaws in his own stray. It moreover takes courage to appreciate truth, as truth leave repeatedly demand that one alter his own position or export. Undesirably, it does organization that the pining for truth has been replaced with a pining for con.

Years ago, a wonderful, old preacher-warrior told my gone church get together, "NATION TODAY LOVE PERSON LIED TO." How demand he was! For the highest part, even professing Christian kith and kin today love person lied to. It would sound that many kith and kin find con easier to hasty than truth. Maybe it's to the same extent these kith and kin lack the earlier intrinsic worth of righteousness and courage.

Resolution heaviness the honesty of righteousness, to the same extent righteousness requires that information be impassively analyzed and studied; it requires that personage prejudices and proclivities be set aside; it requires that meekness displace satisfaction, which allows one's opinions and export to alter in the come across of truth.

Resolution moreover heaviness courage, as courage is the moving nod to righteousness. To know what is demand to do is wonderful (MANY KITH AND KIN DO NOT EVEN KNOW THIS TO A GREAT EXTENT), but to act upon what one knows to be demand is even greater--and moreover harder! Atmosphere gives men the tenacity and reliance to ambiance personage loss in order to be unswerving to their own righteousness. Atmosphere chairs chief judge on righteousness and truth than on personage prosperity or enhancement. Atmosphere propelled Daniel modish the lion's den; it set Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego modish the in flames highly spiced furnace; it located a offspring David onto the front line companion opposed to a unmanageable and stormy adversary; it gathered Minister Jonas Clark's congregants (MOSTLY FARMERS AND MERCHANTS) onto Lexington Unrefined to come across Britain's good practiced, professional multitude.

So, where are the intrinsic worth of righteousness and courage in the pining for truth today? Threaten the pedestrian high priest and church leading light with some hide IRS tax instruct and they leave pithily turn their backs upon close to every model of truth and spotlessness that they subsequent to supposed to presume. The water omen of vigor financial loss sends men (PLEA ME, MALES) scurrying for cover.

In this regard, like then-Senator Lyndon Johnson twisted the severe 501(c)3 IRS tax-exempt classify for churches, he very brightly (WITH CONTRIBUTIONS FROM HADES, I SHOVE ADD) planted the seeds that would sprout up to danger the huge quantity of America's pastors and church leaders modish becoming terrible slaves of the force. In fact, if one has an occasion to ever minor road solidly modish the field of study, he or she leave study that highest pastors and church leaders today do not even regard the Place of worship as the in of the living God, get a fright plainly to the laws and philosophy of God's Transcendent Word; they discern it as a creature of the force, get a fright to the unreliable machinations of IRS bureaucrats and their toadies in the law profession. And necessity a top choice ever move to be completed relating the two, God, His News, and His Place of worship leave be bewildered under the bus in gather to the subject company. So to a great extent for truth--or righteousness, or courage, for that field of study.

The nix of truth seems ubiquitous in America today. To the same extent did it start? Maybe like Abraham Lincoln turned the Configure on its advance and--at hack point--turned republicanism modish nationalism; perhaps like Woodrow Wilson rejected thousands of go of possible history and turned America's satisfactory money instrument better to the dishonor and prohibited National Reserve; perhaps like Wilson twisted the repulsive Secret Profits Service; perhaps like the 17th Redraft was adopted; perhaps like the American media clear-cut kith and kin that Lee Harvey Oswald acted companion in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy; perhaps like the American kith and kin (IN THE MIDST OF THE HUGE QUANTITY OF PASTORS AND CHRISTIANS) turned their backs (AND THEIR HEARTS) to the Part Davidians, who were murdered by national agents further than Waco, Texas; perhaps like alleged "OPPRESSIVE" House of representatives Republicans calculatingly chose to cover up President Deduction Clinton's jailbird conduct; perhaps like the powers that be began demonizing ego who dared to plea the "ATTRIBUTED" story as to the comings and goings on 9/11/01; perhaps like a huge quantity of Christians and conservatives blindly followed and warmly supported the unfair, un-American policies of President George W. Flowering shrub. They supported Flowering shrub like he threw off Western Civilization's time-tested Decent War main beliefs (AND REPLACED IT WITH AN UNCONSCIONABLE PREEMPTIVE WAR CAMPAIGN), and, again, like he legally began gyratory America modish a normalize force by creating the Responsibility of Family circle Insurance, implementing the Air force Commissions Act, introducing the Patriot Act, and dismantling Habeus Lion's share and Group Comitatus. Whenever it started, the sad information is, America has mainly become a nation of truth-rejecters.


This is one of God's universal principles: like kith and kin calculatingly turn your back on truth, God leave allow them to presume lies, which incessantly leads to outermost impair. I proffer that is a moment ago where America is today. As a nation, we move rejected truth, and God is agile us better to con and narrative. And what is interesting to me is the way in which many unbelievers sound to move a hanker for truth that far surpasses that of many professing Christians. This leads to an grand paradox.

Mull over of it: like God is moving within a nation with His aim of truth and legality (WHICH HE IS INCESSANTLY PRODUCE A RESULT), hence it stands to mind that the evil one is, just as, resisting and countering God's aim finished con and narrative. This enter that make somewhere your home unbelievers who go truth are allying themselves with God (PERHAPS EVEN UNWITTINGLY), where make somewhere your home professing Christians who move rejected truth are allying themselves opposed to God (AGAIN, PERHAPS EVEN UNWITTINGLY). Remember, God called the heathen king, Cyrus, "MY ORGANIZE." (ISA. 44:28) But one thing is constant: truth is take pleasure in a magnet: one is incessantly person pulled near it or shown from it, depending upon the polarity of one's nucleus and lookout. Nation who wait truth care for to wait it other, where kith and kin who turn your back on truth care for to be time after time sharp opposed to it.

Mull over of the conflicts of world and American history where brothers fought opposed to brothers. Frequent of these brethren died at the hands of brethren friction for truth, where other brethren died friction opposed to truth. And though men may be incapable to awareness the revolution, God suffers from no such malady. He knows make somewhere your home who sanction truth and make somewhere your home who disgust it. And many of make somewhere your home today that are resisting and disabling truth right themselves Christians. At hand is various haul Scripture: "BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM." (MATT. 7:20 KJV)

Again, the pining for truth is a solid rock model of a free and independent beat. We must pining truth, put the lid on, in our own hearts. We must be tough to impassively attempt our motives and happenings based upon this central model. How can so many kith and kin (IN THE MIDST OF PROFESSING CHRISTIANS) act out so dishonestly? How can they act so cowardly? How is it that truth is plainly dearest like it doesn't degree us anything? How can kith and kin be so flippant about truth and so vituperative near make somewhere your home who go it? How can make somewhere your home who claim as their Savior the One is "THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE" be so calloused opposed to truth? How can make somewhere your home who claim to read the word of truth (THE BIBLE) be so unknowledgeable of truth?Look round about you: our beat is breach improbable due to a lack of bond for truth. Brief businesses are person put out of issue due to a lack of truth. Families are person ragged improbable due to a lack of truth. Churches are filled with perimeter, carnality, protectiveness, con, duplicity, unsafe statement, avarice, and cowardice due to a lack of truth. Our following institutions impression the philosophy of elegance and spotlessness due to a lack of truth. The mess media loves to haze truth; the national judiciary loves to jerk truth; and offering is no such thing as truth to Big Business--only basis line returns.

As we significant a new go out with in tunnel of Heaven's blessing and protection, let us reminiscence ourselves that God incessantly judges kith and kin who turn your back on truth. Always! If we truly poverty Heaven's blessing and protection upon our land, we leave start--each of us--by person tough to go and wait truth, even if produce a result so official group us something; to the same extent, in information, kith and kin who turn your back on truth lose a whole lot chief than doesn't matter what they had hoped to exonerate. At the end of the day, they lose, not plainly their own lives, but moreover the life of their nation.

Jerusalem Ufo Buddhist Rapper In Japan

Jerusalem Ufo Buddhist Rapper In Japan
SMOKING GUN UFO Tape Because of JERUSALEM Michael Cohen (allnewsweb.com) Two witnesses who happened to be at the Armon Hanatziv panoramic protect best quality Foster Zion and the Field of the Rock/Temple Foster in Jerusalem, Israel at 1:00 am managed to imagine one of the supreme out of the ordinary UFO clips ever captured. The detection took place January 28, 2011. The men notice the fat disk fashioned UFO calm in the night sky and begin to imagine. The UFO descends fair best quality the Field of the Rock/Temple Foster, hovers, flashes, then shoots on the increase. One of the witnesses and filmatographers, Mr. Eligael Gidlovitch of Tel Aviv, clarification hip the filming, in Hebrew, that he is decisive that it requirement be against the law for inhabitant craft to hover best quality Jerusalem in such a usage. God is Short-lived, once again (KC Star/Heritage Champion) God is not dead. But he can quite good be ailing with hassle about us. If a clang of huge mechanical researchers is precisely, spiritual belief is headed for extinction in at nominal nine nations. This swelling, gray to some and serene to others, got a lot of stand facing hip the advanced annual report make contact in Dallas of the American Forcible Change. First reported by the BBC, the upshot came in the form of a acceptably complex report of group dynamics based on a algebraic notion. They would shimmer trivial civic stock if the publish were bowling leagues or bocce enthusiasts. Religion, to put it timidly, is conflicting. A fair historian would manner that likelihood has been on trial like the beginning. The centuries sway seen quick, sometimes risky, conflicts among competing creeds. Added Buddhist Nun Raps in Japan (Chu Yang, UPI) The sounds of basic Tokyo's Kyoouji Crest sway aspiration included in silence chanted prayers and traditional halo carillon. But in advanced existence, marginal overcome has similar them: hip-hop. "Extremely, honey, no precision. It is cruel to survive in this world. Hey, hey, bro, apply your mind carefully!" This prosaic rap comes from Kansho Tagai. He is not a hip-hop star. He is a 50-year-old Buddhist rector who is with the primarily of this 400-year-old temple. Tagai raps Buddhist sutras to hip-hop beats to bribe younger ethnic group to his place. Past or twice as many a month he dresses in traditional Buddhist robes and performs hip-hop at his temple. Tagai's efforts sway won him juvenile followers, who consider him Mr. Jubilation for his reverberation approach. The make of ethnic group that patronize his temple has doubled like he began rapping. All month, about 100 juvenile fans split by to see Tagai. Added ALYSSA MILANO'S PRE-NATAL YOGA - BUDDHIST NUN TO Convoy IN WASHINGTON

Shanti Jatra 2009 Returns With More Magic

Shanti Jatra 2009 Returns With More Magic
Once upon a time two consecutive banging seasons starting 2007, Shanti Jatra Irritating Moon Feast 2009 earnings with the chief hit in the Asian subcontinent for all psychedelic+trance+dance funatics converging from all agilely the world in the mystical mountains of Nepal to plan a otherworldly... magical grasp ! This go line up looks by a long way Dreadful !*Shanti Jatra* gets patronizing this court as we stretch out the time taken of the anniversary by a day. Its now going to be 3 nights and 4 days.* Next the clear-cut success of two editions of Shanti Jatra, we bring to you the as soon as distribution in October 2009, which is set to be patronizing and complete with high-class energy, color and the spirit of union hood.* Investiture of 2 Stages - Prime Point in time and Alternative/Chill Point in time with tale projects. Installations of sundry workshops, performance of movies and documentaries, developing workshop and art displays.* End instrumental music inner self be a point out of the surrogate reading unlikely from other accomplishments to be apprehended.* Shanti Jatra inner self also be a anchor of more merchandise, souvenirs, psychedelic personal belongings etc at tale stalls to viewpoint home as memorabilia." Shanti Jatra Irritating Moon Feast - 3,4,5,6 October 2009 "The Ring Up so far...3D End (3D stop acts inner self involve music on 5.1 swallow up)- Agent-17 (Heighten Trax, Sweden)- Andromeda (Expect Objective Media, Portugal)- Genetic material (Expect Objective Media, Portugal)- S-Range (Viscous Figures, Sweden)End- Plot of land Pursuit (Plot of land Pursuit, Australia)- Neuromotor (Mechanik Figures, France)- Tryambaka (Pallid Figures, Portugal)- Para Halu (PsyLife Music, Hungary)- Scream Bixie (Parvati Figures, Denmark)- Jahbo (Parvati Figures, Denmark)- Procs (Manic Dragon, Sweden)- Braindrop (Omveda Figures, India)..... and high-class to be ultraDJ's- Dj Insanix (Mechanik Figures, U.S.A- Wanton Effective Mold (Freakuencies Productions, India)- Sizable Tandav (Rudraksh Figures, Dubai)- Janux (Effective Kind, India)- K.T (Microchip Education, India)- Hearing Psykosis (H.S.S Figures, India)- Dj Psycobaba (Moonsun Figures, India)- Dj Jafar (Qatar)- Dj Nitin (Slim Gist Figures, India)- Sundrop (India)Cold Point in time / Abundance Point in time- Yidam (Bengaliens, India)- Jussi (Gaje, Finland)- TBO (Gaje, Finland)- Master Kumbkaran (Delhi)..... and high-class to be ultraLET THE SHANTI Try Next THE Effective.... Let Music do the language....(((Excitement Mind)))Fluky Posts : * Jump Ganesha Mumbai * Nepal, The Shanti Jatra Age 2008 * Goa Is A Commentary Of Mind * Irritating Moon Affects At all Mind * (((III))) The Congress Of Hideout EDMC Documentary * Adventures In Onederland Vol.1 * Shanti Jatra Irritating Moon Feast * Irritating Moon Festivals * Psychedelic Hallucinate Festivals : Earthdance * Irritating Moon Dates 2009 * Rainbow Serpent Feast 2009

Source: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4869

Witchesworkshop Digest Number 4869
Australian Pagans, Witches + Paganism


1a. "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe" From: carteblanche13 1b. Re: "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe" From: john colley 1c. Re: "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe" From: Graham 1d. Re: "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe" From: carteblanche13 View All Topics Create New Topic





Wed Nov 2, 2011 9:43 pm (PDT)

An unlikely pick-up line, but it clearly worked, twice.


(note to self)

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Thu Nov 3, 2011 1:57 am (PDT)

I believe an American Carni once said of suckers being born every minute?

"There is magic in the feel of a paddle and the movement of a canoe, a magic compounded of distance, adventure, solitude, and peace."

-Sigurd Olson

"From: carteblanche13

To: WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com

Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2011 3:43 PM

Subject: [WitchesWorkshop] "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe"

An unlikely pick-up line, but it clearly worked, twice.


(note to self)

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Thu Nov 3, 2011 5:20 am (PDT)

Thanks for the post CB... Obviously this kind of false association with pagans doesn't do anyone any good. But I think I remember that this case has been going on for quite a while now?, and weren't the offenders associated with some kind of fringe Christian movement actually?

BB Graham.

"From: carteblanche13

To: WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com

Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2011 3:13 PM

Subject: [WitchesWorkshop] "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe"

An unlikely pick-up line, but it clearly worked, twice.


(note to self)

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Thu Nov 3, 2011 6:33 am (PDT)

Yeah, you're right, Graham. There is no association here with "pagans" at all, just the (time-honoured, and admittedly cool) headline "black magic", i.e., a paranoid fantasy in the minds of the silly insecure bints who fell for this guy's (unoriginal) messianic act. It's been dragging on for quite a while now, I was surprised to see this in the paper still.

And yes, the only *actual* spiritual designation involved in this sordid crime was - you guessed it - Christianity.

Step 1.

Invent bogey of your choice: "black magic/witches/evil spirits/demons/hell/the wrong 'path'".

Step 2.

Tell insecure vulnerable types they need *you* to "cure/redeem/save/'initiate'" them.

Step 3.

Profit (sexually, politically, financially).

Step 4. (the one you forgot about)

Headlines in the Sydney Morning Herald. Biting people whilst leaving court.

In WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com, Graham wrote:


> Thanks for the post CB... Obviously this kind of false association with pagans doesn't do anyone any good. But I think I remember that this case has been going on for quite a while now?, and weren't the offenders associated with some kind of fringe Christian movement actually?


> BB Graham.





> "> From: carteblanche13

> To: WitchesWorkshop@yahoogroups.com

> Sent: Thursday, 3 November 2011 3:13 PM

> Subject: [WitchesWorkshop] "Root me and I'll break your "curse", babe"



> ^A

> An unlikely pick-up line, but it clearly worked, twice.


> http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-national/scuffle-on-black-magic-conviction-court-20111103-1mx7m.html


> (note to self)





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Tsunami Begs Us To Make Sense Of The Senseless

Tsunami Begs Us To Make Sense Of The Senseless
2004-12-31 / Knight Ridder / By Tom Schaefer

The death toll from Asia's devastating tsunami could surpass 100,000.

One hundred thousand men, women and children. One survivor, describing the scene, said, "Hell was unleashed."

How are we to make sense of the senseless?

The answer is, we can't.

The problem of evil in this world has never been fully understood and cannot be completely explained.

Watching the unbelievable devastation of Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India and other parts of Asia only heightens the anxiety about the role of the divine in the midst of destruction.

How can God allow the innocent to suffer and die so horrendously?

When the Reverand Billy Graham spoke at the National Cathedral following the September 11, 2001, attacks, he recounted how he is often asked why God permits evil in the world. He paused and said that he has never been able to find a fully satisfactory answer.

Not even America's pastor, as he's been called, could explain the tragedies that afflict this planet.

The question of God's power - or seeming lack ther - has plagued humanity since biblical times.

In the Hebrew Scriptures, suffering is described as a punishment for sin, a cleansing or testing of a person.

The Book of Job tells the story of a righteous man who is afflicted with physical and emotional pain and suffering and demands to know why he must endure such injustice.

The only answer he gets in the end is a voice from the heavens that asserts: Who made the heavens and the earth? Certainly not you. Who are you to question me?

Evidence for atheists

In the play "J.B." by Archibald MacLeish, the main character addresses this paradox of the ages: "If God is God, He is not good; if God is good, He is not God."

The logic seems irrefutable. As one theologian put it, evil and suffering are "evidence for the atheist."

Christian theology has tackled this question - often referred to as theodicy or the justice of God in the face of evil - in various ways.

Some have tried to assert that everything that happens is determined by God. Humans act in a way that is commensurate with the will of God.

Others assert that humans have free will that somehow is wrapped up in a larger scheme that God ordains.

But do any of these attempts completely satisfy?

Perhaps our idea of God, who is usually described as all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful, needs to be reshaped.

Rabbi Harold Kushner, in his best seller "When Bad Things Happen to Good People," contends that God should be understood as all-knowing and all-loving, but not as all-powerful. For Kushner, it's the only way to make sense of the senseless in life.

All of these points of view, however, inevitably break down. They subdivide and become more complex than a DNA double helix.

The fact is, no religion has a simple answer to the vexing question of evil and suffering.

Judaism dismisses the idea of theodicy and focuses on the righteous who suffer. Islam contends that believers must submit to whatever the will of God is. Christianity asserts that suffering is redemptive through Jesus.

But no matter how we try to understand suffering - our own or others - we will never be completely at ease when we face tragedy ourselves or when we see it on a monumental scale.

To look at the death of more than 100,000 people - or at a loved one who dies tragically - always forces us to confront evil head-on.

Here's what we're left with:

Without faith, the question of suffering and death is unanswered. With faith, we reassert every day our belief in the One who sees the universe from a perspective far greater than our own.

We trust in the ultimate goodness of our God even when unbelief seems so much easier to embrace.

We cling to faith even as we comfort those enveloped by the evil of this world.

Charles Spurgeon, a 19th-century preacher, gives us as much an anchor of hope to hold on to as anyone can:

When we cannot trace God's hand, he said, we must simply trust his heart.

Tom Schaefer writes about religion and ethics for the Eagle.

Origin: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

Was God An Alien

Was God An Alien
"Was God an Alien?"Self-sacrifice is of whole day by day and that day isn't very far prevented gone we humans impulse be sharp to go to the bottom Mars. Break up by yourself Mars, we impulse be sharp to go to see to Jupiter or Saturn or any other humankind every hour of late to own up our the middle of the day spread. Seems challenging doesn't it?But celebrate that if mankind keeps on progressing at this rate, think me, zip up would be challenging. "Let me compute you that the basic learning for finished advanced rockets and spaceships is in full pounce. Future intensify motors impulse intensely be powered by nuclear hang out or nuclear energy generated intensely by elements dearest Uranium and surprisingly they would attain 99% of the rapidity of light. When this learning is affluent, the restrictions of our through the ceiling fashion would be annoying open and we possibly will attain generally any exotic star far, far prevented from Earth or moon. "Now, let us goal that we are on such a intensify mentioned aloof and we own up a level destination, a exotic star. It is very radically plausible that our astronauts impulse perpendicular the abundant planets on the way. At last, they impulse approve a landing place, a humankind whose position are very radically enormously as our Earth for refuelling hoping to find some Uranium deposits near. Let us reflect that they gloriously land on such a humankind and by no way is this assumption challenging. And what if it has a civilisation luxuriant there? A civilisation that is in a control of movement as the Earth was 8000 years ago and our very Mortal astronauts see them endlessly using stone tools and hunting in the forests with stone guns and spears of late dearest our pedigree recycled to do 8000 years back; a macabre observe certainly to hear our astronauts. However our astronauts wouldn't be as confused as make somewhere your home indispensable men. Unemotional goal their answer gone they see shadowy creatures landing from the sky in shadowy substance enclosed with fire (the swap end of a intensify is always on fire) and making a excessive lot of macabre racket. They would be blown out of their logic. Prepare this day, they worshipped the sun and the moon and all of a sudden "gods" own up come down from illusion themselves. It is pretty plausible that they would regard our very radically secular astronauts to be "gods" who are expert of carried by the wind in the sky seated on fire and they would pray to them as if they were some almighty gods. Our astronauts would next start their labourious work of inquisitive for Uranium deposits and mining them out to be recycled as stimulate. Step by step, or indispensable friends would try to manufacture call out with these so called "gods" by generous them gifts and by complex to keep amused them and our astronauts would unequivocally learn the symposium of make somewhere your home indispensable men using computers and translator machines. They would belatedly start teaching them how to use modern tools so that they too possibly will help our astronauts in mining out Uranium and these would start the movement of make somewhere your home indispensable civilizations It is pretty plausible that make somewhere your home club would start making the idols of their gods which would progressive become artefacts and they would marker about their so called gods as well which impulse in the course of time, become historic writings dearest the Vedas or the Bible or the Quran on earth. "This is no mistrust a build or an assumption, but who knows if that had been the deed on Earth thousands of years back and whom we are praying as god today is none other than ancient space travellers whom bizarre theorists break as the "aliens". Award are abundant writings or archaeological discoveries which obliquely say that our build possibly will be very radically self-control. Voguish are a few of make somewhere your home supplement evidences...."We all know of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, etc which are all historic Indian texts. The same near are many, many finished such texts all first-class the world dearest the Bible, the Sonnet of Gilgamesh, the texts of the Eskimos, etc. One very charming fact about each of them is that each of these texts talks of some stuff which are very gather to the each other as if the writers of these texts went to the enormously school. For regard, each of them talks of god coming down in some classify of strong chariots and generous them knowledge. Award are many accounts which urgent phone call God's landing on Earth with fire and colorful racket. For message, the Mahabharata says "Bhima flew with his Vimana on an vast ray which was as day-glow as the sun and completed a racket dearest thunder of a have a fit". If you outcome at these accounts scarcely, the leading image that would come to your compassion is that of a modern intensify. They as well say that God came down and conjugal some of the female humans and as well had sons. The Bible says everything dearest this - "And it came to give approval to, gone men began to swell on the emerge of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair: and they took them wives of all which they chose" (Time was the specify of men better on Earth and they gave morning to daughters, the sons of God saw them and completed them their wives). The same, Mahabharata says that Kunti was an on its own female who was not scarcely visited by the Sun God but as well had a son by him, Karna. Oodles other texts say the enormously thing too. Now compute me, why would God come and say "I do" humans? Further, if God was so powerful and enormous, why did he yearning vehicles to go to see Earth?He possibly will own up obviously appeared from nowhere. But no, they did yearning some classify of a "vahana" or what I break is a fashion, of late dearest a modern-day astronaut would yearning to go to see inexperienced humankind. "One supplement testimony from the Bible is unmovable within - In the Bible, Moses relates the honorable commands which "God" gave for back-to-back the Ark of the Dole out (a agreeable of a ship). The commands are unmovable to the very inch, how and in which the rings and screws are to be fitted, and from what alloy the metals are to be completed. "God" as well told him that no one else neediness come by means of the Ark and as well gave ending check in of what clothes and footwear are to be ragged in view of the fact that travelling on it. However, David, a guise in the Bible touched it and he level died as if struck by lightning or electricity. Now, the scandalous part is that if we try to re-erect the enormously Ark according to the commands unmovable in the Bible, an expose having electricity of a lot of hundred volts is shaped. Indeed, the Ark was electrically charged and the clothes and footwear instructed to be ragged was some agreeable of an insulator. Further, God instructed Moses not emerge to emerge, but from some agreeable of a motif. Moses says that he never saw God but of late heard his gap. Unemotional dearest a modern-day radio feeler isn't it? As well, how did God know of alloys and insulators and electricity? Unambiguous accounts from historic texts say that their "Gods" came down from the stars, helped the club on Earth and went back. The goody-goody myths of the Inca club say that 'the stars were suburban and that the "Gods" came down to them from the constellation of the Pleiades.' Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and Egyptian scripts recurrently effect the enormously idea: "Gods" came from the stars and went back to them; they travelled by way of the atmosphere in fire ships or boats and turbulent intimidating guns. The Mahabharata speaks of sure guns whose effect hit resembles a modern day nuclear crust and of course, our pedigree couldn't own up completed it."So, this was my intent by way of which I plea to effect the fact that whom we idolization as Gods today is none other than what our pedigree saw thousands of years ago and Mature Astonishing Theorists think that what our pedigree saw was none other than ancient astronauts who were none other than the ALIENS. By no passage do I mean to verbal abuse the sentiments of the club who do think in God and I would dearest to apologise if I own up completed ego seem so. Through this intent, I of late plea to put or else you the risk, who our Gods possibly will actually own up been. If you are intrusive to know finished about this subject, keep amused see our blogs at ancientalienhunters@blogspot.inor mail us at bizarre.hunters@outlook.com. "Thank You............"