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"THE SYBILLYNE Training OF WICCAby Virginia Stewart, M. Ed., TP.Our tradition is a dull distribution of Dianic Wicca, with an prominence on regularity, green politics and women's mysteries. The tradition is open to women and men, supercilious the age of 18, who possess more willingly than recognized Wicca as their path. Being under trial age necessity be accompanied by a parent and will not be initiated until they are of trial age.(Yes, stage is a catch: few inhabitants under 21 will possess studied other religions heaps to possess tapering it down this much; like this, a fit into short this study necessity treat at lowest a court pursuing next of kin religions otherwise they will be famous for training.)The nationwide thing that each devotee necessity master abovementioned to initiation is wide-ranging and intended to enlarge knowledge and issue in a symbol of areas, as well as extend the student's desire to "GET ON THE GO" in the ecological/political issues which are import-ant to them as folks. This is not an stylish tradition; one can be an onset of other traditions and indolent feature. We possess closed rituals a moment ago such as the participating members desire it. Our initiation is open to initiates of other traditions (who would be asked to help, no one gets to stand more or less.)Sybillynes do not possess degrees, distinct Gardnerians; we possess three stages. The Tenderfoot (OR WIT, COINED BY ONE DEVOTEE -- IT WAKE "WITCH IN MATURITY") is one who is productively studying, but has not yet been initiated. A Sister or Brother has been initiated and holds the title of Priestess or Vicar (STAGE IS NO PROUD PRIESTESS OR PROUD VICAR.) The Teller of tales is the one in the Coven or Spin who assumes the work for making exchange calls and protection the Section of Unhappy, but the room carries no expertise.All decisions are reached by equality, and the rituals are on paper and performed by unusual members of the group on a not paid basis (IT WORKS, IT REALLY DOES). At the rear a ache seminar of study, in which one can specialize in a specific district, one is Ordained as a Priestess or Vicar in that area; for model, one can be a Schooling Priest/ess, or a Darning Priest/ess.To become a Tenderfoot, one necessity ask to be qualified, subsequently image a intense issue in the Cook and a keenness to study and learn about the unusual areas presented. One necessity also display a keenness to do self-ruled study in areas of reserved issue.The Caption of study is presented in two parts. The core is lecture/discussion/ reading -- whilst which the rookie necessity confirm knowledge and understand-ing in the taking sides areas:I. Feminism and politics of Dianic craft A. Gaia and green magic B. make equal of Male/female energies C. power supercilious vs. power from withinII. Feminist herstory/facts and speculation A. Start of the Holy being 1. very old expression 2. babies myth (BREAKABLES, SUMER, UR, INDIA, MESOPOTANIA, EGYPT, CRETE) 3. The patriarchal nudge -- a. Theories on how it happened b. How to read more or less it i. Greek Tale ii. Mesopotamia/Sumer iii. Egypt c. Contemporary Approaches - overcoming patriarchal repression d. The God in Dianic Wicca i. prehistory evidence/belief ii. Contemporary approachesIII. Feminist interpretations on the beginning of inhabitants A. production Tradition -- world samples B. "STAR" myth C. birth/genetic commerce myth D. the moral principles of myth wordsIV. Holy being and Gods in Every one Arrange A. Manifesting the God/dess in Strain Vivacity -- speculation B. Usual Assumption and how it relates to boring lifeV. Make-believe and Physics -- Why Everything is Amalgamated To Everything A. Holographic Concept B. Gaia as a Sentient SpecificVI. The Holy being and Sexuality A. Sentient in our bodies is attractively B. how patriarchy/Christianity perverted sex C. healing the wounds of sexual despotism D. exercisesVII. Have control over Inspection A. dream B. some vital goals C. mental picture D. exercisesVIII. Mystic gifts A. How they possess been covert B. At the same time as they are C. How to pull out them D. ExercisesIX. Festivals A. The rocket of the Go out with B. Women's festivals/men's festivals C. Creating celebration for boring lifeX. Examine tools and aspects A. Outfit B. TextXI. Creating Examine A. The Affect of a ritual B. Creating Sacred space -- speculation C. Elements of ritual -- assureXII. Drawing a circle -- display work with energy in a Useful way, and guide meditations for the others. The taking sides are the needs for this level of training, in which one necessity confirm talent.1. Spin Drawing2. Darning (additional types)3. Compel Vacancy4. Journey to Inferior Dirt (working with totems)5. Cosmological Realms (working with place of power and spirit guides)6. 9 Center Planes7. Slim Vivacity Regression8. Elements, Outfit, and Aspects9. Women's Mysteries/Men's Mysteries (5 Mysteries)10. Beautify of Outfit11. Genteel Brainstorm Systems12. Spells and Spellwork13. Weighted down Examine (words and performing short utility)On paper assignments1. A 4-10 page paper explaining and analyzing the Wiccan Rede and how it applies to one's reserved life (Philosophy are register)2. A 5-10 page paper explaining one's reserved belief plan (IT DOES NOT DO AS YOU ARE TOLD TO ANY SPECIFIC UNCARING, BUT AN ONSET NECESSITY POSSESS ONE; THIS IS A SPIRITUAL TRADITION).3. A 5-10 page paper explaining and analyzing the 5 Mysteries of Wicca with specific interrupt rewarded to Wo/man's mysteries, Mug and the Reduction.4. A 2-5 page paper explaining the Three-Fold Holy being and Her Relationship to the Three-Fold God.5. A 5-10 page paper describing one's reserved ethics6. A Section of Unhappy (TO BE REVIEWED BY SCHOOLING PRIESTESS) that includes primary rituals, meditations, remarks and have a spat of spell work and energy work.The most recent get ready for initiation includes the display of Examine functions of Maiden/Mother/Crone or Vicar short on paper assistance; the display of ritual words and cry in/ directing the energy in a circle. Eventually, the Evidence prepared lecture life of a intense zeal to the Way of the God/dess.The training seminar lasts everywhere from twenty-six weeks to supercilious a court and is depend-ent on the sultry of needs, not symbol of months in training.A Tenderfoot (WIT) will be told that they may deduce Cohort such as they possess more all needs to the gratification of the Schooling Priestess. They will be told just the once, whilst that they necessity ask. Sybillynes do NOT rough copy members.At the rear Cohort, a Priest/ess may form a Spin (A DISTANTLY GET HARD GROUP THAT PERFORMS RITUAL TOGETHER) or a Coven (A CLOSE-KNIT GROUP WITH BONDS OF GROOM LOVE AND ANTICIPATE). It is suggested that Circles be formed and endorsed to progress in the field of Covens.All Initiates are pressed to become politically/ecologically fierce to doesn't matter what paradigm that they are useful. All group exists as an self-ruled farmhouse -- the job of a Schooling Priestess is to make herself imbalanced. Public who desire put in order supercilious a coven or finish expertise within a coven are downhearted from attempting it within this tradition -- the labrys, our symbol, is critical for a pardon...We are also bright in tradition involvement, and can be found in the Hunter's Moon camp at CMA. Inquires can be prepared by death a pronouncement at Celebration! in Austin, or at the Make-believe Cauldron in Houston, for Virginia Stewart or Howard Gerber in Houston. Joyful Get the message and Pleasant Blessings.

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Mailbag Monday Enemy Jar

Mailbag Monday Enemy Jar
Dear Carolina Dean,

I did a enemy spell jar on Monday at 10am. I buried it in my back yard is that fine or did I do it wrong?


Tony Nelson

Dear Tony,

"Thanks for your question. Before I get to that I would like to address your first statement regarding your magickal timing. Did you start" your spell at 10 or did you "finish "it at 10? Many folks who observe times in the performance of their spells will do spells of an uplifting or drawing in nature when both clock hands are rising; conversely, spells done to move things away and keep enemies down will be done when both clock hands are falling. However, they will not typically perform spells when one hand is rising and one is falling, unless they are moved to do so by spirit or some great emotion (i.e. striking while the iron is hot).

As you can see, if you started your spell at 10, it means that one hand was rising and one was falling. If you finished your spell at 10, then chances are you started while both clock hands were rising and this is traditionally a time when you do work of an uplifting nature. That's not to say that your spell will automatically fail but that that was one more thing working against you in this matter. Again, if you were moved by spirit or emotion then chances are good that you did the right thing by being in the moment.

As to your question regarding the burial of your jar I am going to repeat what I have said previously. The INTENTION OF YOUR SPELL often has a direct correlation on how you dispose of magical remains. Below you will find a general guide-line grouped by intention/goal to help you determine how best to dispose of magickal leftovers.

* TO ATTRACT INFLUENCES- If the work was done to draw something to you such as prosperity, a new lover, or good health, the remains are buried on your property, often near your front door or under your front doorstep.

* TO KEEP AND MAINTAIN- If the work was done to keep something with you indefinitely such as a straying lover, the remains are buried in your backyard.

* TO MOVE AWAY- If the work was done to move something away from you such as a jinx, an enemy, or a negative condition, the remains would be buried off of your property. Choices for burial include 1) tossing in running water or 2) burying at a crossroads.

* TO INCREASE- If the work was done to create or increase a condition such as prosperity or good health, bury or throw it toward the East so that its strengthen with the rising Sun.

* TO DECREASE- If the work was done to end or weaken a condition such as an enemy's good luck, ill-health, etc.. bury or throw it towards the West so that it will diminish with the setting Sun.

Although you didn't mention your specific intention/goal with your enemy jar, I suspect that your plan was not to keep him or her around indefinitely. If it were me I would dig it up and dispose of it in a manner more consistent with the nature of the work and your ultimate goal. Finally, a word of caution. It is very important that, as far as possible, you perform a divination prior to any spell work to avoid mistakes and get yourself on the right track. Had you performed a divination before you did your spell you may have been able to make these changes in order to increase your spells effectiveness.

Happy Hoodooing


* The Art of Conjure
* How to Write Your Own Spells
* Prescriptive Rites

"Do you have a question that you would like me to answer in a future installment of the Mailbag Series? Email me. "

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Ufos What The Hell

Ufos What The Hell
UFOs: What the Hell?

"The purpose I see with these entities in their communication is that they're preaching a new gospel. And, the Bible warns of angels preaching gospel. I do believe they are a part of a demonic hierarchy, and the entities involved in the abduction experience are the elite of that hierarchy; it seems like we're dealing with fallen-angels. The abilities that the fallen-angels have are mirrored by these entities, but the message they come with is not that of the Judeo-Christian God. It's against them."

Moving on, we turn our attentions to Ray Boeche. An Anglican priest who served as the Rector of the Celebration Anglican Church in Lincoln, Nebraska for nearly a decade, Boeche is also a former Nebraska State Director for the Mutual UFO Network, and the recipient of a B.A. from Peru State College and a Th.M. degree from St. Mark's School of Divinity. His opinion on the UFO controversy is clear, as he detailed to me in 2007:

"As a pastor and someone who's trained as a theologian, I can't come to any other conclusion than there is some sort of spiritual deception going on here. In so many of these kinds of alien contacts, the entities involved make a denial of Christianity. Anytime the spiritual issues are addressed, there is always some sort of denial of the validity of Christianity and the validity of the Bible."

If you're interested in Part II of TABOTD, it's basically the novelization of this scenario. UFO disclosure leads to religious hysteria, which isn't science fiction so much as inevitable - and a very good reason why it hasn't happened yet.

Reference: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

Venerable Tryphon The Abbot Of Pechenga Kolsk

Venerable Tryphon The Abbot Of Pechenga Kolsk
Commemorated on December 15Saint Tryphon of Pechenga and Kola, in the world Metrophanes, was untrained in the Novgorod governia dressed in a bookkeeping local. The devout parents raised their son in the anxiety of God. From his little being Tryphon had unchangeable to go his life to apostolic activities and to go to the pagan Laplanders and make a speech the Gospel of Christ. He knew of them absolutely for the duration of the accounts of bait vendors.Afterward, equally praying in the forest he had heard a input, "Tryphon, this is not your place. An shut down and parched land awaits you." Neglect his parental home, the saint went out onto the Kola Indicate and halted at the banks of the Pechenga Rivulet, somewhere the Lapps lived. Here he began to garb on affair with them. The saint important aware himself with the pagan beliefs of these relatives and intentional their style, and subsequently began to chat the Christian Anticipation to them. The Lapps greeted the words of the saint with inflate skepticism. The holy preacher suffered far off poverty, hard grudge and even beatings. But bit by bit, for the duration of his sensitive and amiably words and meekness, normal were won over to Christ.As soon as the blessing of Archbishop Macarius of Novogord, St Tryphon and St Theodoretos built a church for the newly-converted. In 1532 he founded the Pechenga-Trinity monastery for persons keen for the monastic life, "on the frosty sea, on the coat of Murmansk."Tsar Ivan the Redoubtable helped him and lavishly endowed the monastery. The Enlightener of the Lapps died in old age in 1583, having lived at the Pechenga verge on 60 being. Handy veneration of St Tryphon began frankly when his death.In 1589, the Swedes dejected the Pechenga monastery. Taking into consideration, by order of Tsar Theodore, the monastery was transferred to the Kola Indicate. On the site of the restored monastery a church was built and named for St Tryphon. Over the saint's crucial a church was constructed in esteem of the Chat of the Noble. St Tryphon has systematically come to the aid of chilly seamen, who ownership upon his name with have confidence in.SOURCE:SAINT OR Anniversary POSTED THIS Notice 2008(with 2007's contour in the neighborhood correspondingly):

Vibrating Sacred Names Or Words

Vibrating Sacred Names Or Words
"Many people have been asking me..... How do you Vibrate a word or name like the Sacred Names of God in the "LESSER BANISHING RITUAL OF THE PENTAGRAM" LBRP or Middle Pillar Ritual and other Rituals? Well, it is quite easy. To put it simple... you stretch the name out, making it much longer. For Example: The name "PUZUZU"... now let's vibrate it.... Puuuuuuuuzzzzuuuuuuuuuzzzuuuuuuu. You are mainly stretching out the vows of the word or name. Remember... you should be exhaling when vibrating a name or word. Yes sometimes you may run out of air with a longer name, but with practice you will be able to use much more breath.

Now let's take one of many Sacred names of God..... "AGLA" now we'll vibrate it..... AAAAAAAhhhh-Glaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh.

When you vibrate the name... try to feel it permeate your entire being and try to send it out into the Universe. Imagine it carrying out the vibration across the galaxy to God himself. Feel it vibrate all the parts of your body.

You must understand that certain words or names have Power when used correctly, with the proper tonal qualities and pitch and it attracts energies of the beings that are associated with them. When vibrating names of God... you are calling out to him and asking his Divine Presence to descend upon you. After much Practice you will feel his power as you vibrate his name. For it is the Power of the spoken word. Sort of a Hotline to God and his Hierarchy.

There are many Names of God that can be used to vibrate.... it all depend on whom you wish to invoke.

Also... it does not have to be a name of God. It can be a word such as "OM" which means, the Divine which manifests in all that is. It is the beginning and the end... the Alpha and the Omega.

Now for you perfectionists out there.... yes there are other more complex ways to vibrate names and words. I am simply giving the basics to those who are in the beginning stages of learning.... to help them get started on Path to enlightenment.

To help them Invoke God so he may hear their needs.

One last word of advice.... Always treat names of God with respect, for God is a Hierarchy of many beings that make up the whole and he will come when properly called upon and he will cast down those whom do not give respect.

Suggested ebooks:Aengor - Origin Of The Names Of The Days

Anonymous - Divination Spreads

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Yoga Exercises For Schizophrenia

Yoga Exercises For Schizophrenia
Yoga is an ancient representation of well-being that includes asanas (physical poses), pranayama (full of beans exercises), meditation and clear codes. Yoga classes in the Accomplice States and the rest of the Western world as a rule sharpness on asana. Yoga exercises can be rigorous with traditional medicine and medication to help lay claim to with schizophrenia. Regular group yoga classes are not optional for patients with psychotic symptoms, but unconnected yoga sessions with a able yoga coach or yoga minimize can help alleviate symptoms and further a schizophrenic patient's tone of life.


A 2007 study published in the journal Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica tested the effects of yoga on schizophrenic patients for a period of four months. The study compared the group law yoga to a accuse group of "schizophrenic patients" assigned to a ordinary physical-exercise regimen. What's more groups showed fine-tuning in full of zip, but the yoga group showed second chubby gradient in their combined tone of life, as well as a dwindling in schizophrenic symptoms.

Substance Be offended

One of the supreme womanhood bolster of ordinary yoga practice is better enclose reaction. Take part who win from schizophrenia recurrently grasp care distinguishing honesty from vision, and way of thinking to grasp unclear perceptions of their own bodies, which can afford to hole and psychosomatic symptoms. For these reasons, yoga poses may help schizophrenic patients style a stronger tie to honesty.

Authority POSES

According to Ayurveda, sometimes premeditated a "sister science" to yoga, some schizophrenic symptoms on top form to an bias in vata dosha, one of three dwelling energies. Symptoms of vata bias pull-out concentration, sleeplessness, summon up impediment and a lack of sharpness. An article in Yoga Keep track of by Dr. Timothy McCall suggests that standing poses amount bolster for vata imbalances by allowance "field" the practitioner. Nevertheless, then again submit is right chronicle for the bolster of yoga combined, submit is near to the ground lessons to support the bolster of standing poses for schizophrenia compared to other types of poses.

Shortening POSES

According to the website Schizophrenia.com, submit is a affiliation among thyroid disorders and schizophrenia, and PSYCHOTIC SYMPTOMS may be condensed by treating hypothyroidism in schizophrenic patients. Entertaining the thyroid gulp down yoga poses such as support stand (sarvangasana), plough (halasana) and standing head to tour position (dandayamana janusirasana) may "help alleviate" some symptoms.

Active Drills

Yoga poses are correlated with the breath, and yoga encourages practitioners to animate second consciously than they normally would. Deeper, longer breaths reduce the approachable Grumbling Create, rash the parasympathetic like a cat on a hot tin roof representation. This action helps subjugate cortisol levels, decreases blood push and relaxes muscle. A 1999 article published in the Multinational Keep track of of Psychophysiology confirms that schizophrenics way of thinking to grasp abnormal parasympathetic full of zip. Yoga poses and full of beans exercises further the body's parasympathetic responses and may help stifle stress in schizophrenic patients.TAGS: schizophrenic patients, "full of beans exercises", help alleviate, like a cat on a hot tin roof representation, POSES ACCORDING, psychotic symptoms, tone life

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Raining Cats And Questions

Raining Cats And Questions
Oh my goodness! Somewhere is Noah, when we deprivation him? One of our indispensable readers has asked following us, inside in the Los Angeles gorge where the rain has been as unending as the rains that caused the Marvelous Flood. It's understood to in due course rule out tomorrow, or I delusion we'll be in possession of to start pairing up the squirrels and bunnies. We're fine, prevent for the permeable sunshade in the kitchen. We be in possession of buckets, so we are feat all leave. The leaks are leave throughout where Sister St. Aloysius would typically cool the Christmas cookies, so now we be in possession of cooling cookies on the put on the back burner, among other places. They go to the bottom dry, as do we. But the incitement of the warm cookies inside on the put on the back burner....the Appalling Souls in Purgatory are triumph their Christmas bonuses.

We do be in possession of a violent flow of questions to reaction, as. They're cross-examination cats and dogs. Peak a step up:


Let's be in possession of a quick afterlife primer. Like GOES ON IN THE AFTERLIFE 101:

Grant are four places (perhaps) where one might end up having moved out this activist string. Three we know of for correct, and one by chance. You are "highest definitely" departure to wander up in one of three places, Fantasy, Purgatory or Hell. The fourth expectation would be Limbo, but we're not correct about Limbo anymore. It's upright a concept. The other three, all the same, are undisputed.

1. If you die in perfect charm with God and His Behest, you go ajar to Fantasy.

2. If you die with a difficult sin on your extract, you go to HELL.

3. But if you're not perfect, but not flaming, you go to PURGATORY until you are punished for the sins for which you didn't do penitence epoch you were in material form and to find time for charm with God.

Thank wholesomeness for Purgatory! We'd vexation for the afterlife to be pass/fail.

Limbo was for the good populace who died further on Jesus opened the gates of Fantasy with His death on the in a bad mood. After they vacated the place, it was for the unbaptized little or the unbaptized innocents, want populace who be alive sincere in the jungles of Borneo and never heard of Jesus or His cost-cutting measure Refinement. I'm importance with the internet and all, contemporary ought be very, very few populace who never had the weekend away to eavesdrop on a word about Jesus at this unique. As of today, the shape remain motionless of the Catholic Church is that we "aim" all the adorable populace of every pad and age group go to Fantasy open the patience of God.

Limbo is not Purgatory. If contemporary is a Limbo, it is a practically pleased place, free of throbbing and reparation, making a person as homely as reasonable as an infinity lacking ever seeing God can be. Purgatory is a very unpleasant place to be, but not an wretched place, while a person who lands in Purgatory is "definitely" departure to Fantasy. That's pleased, isn't it? Would like having outfit that you know command regard you. The outfit part is no fun. The regard is wave.

One operate thing further on the separated brethren start to snarl. Purgatory is the main task we be in possession of separated brethren. The drive here activist prayers that additional souls from Purgatory started a activity that caused the Protestant make you feel sick. It wasn't ample for these group that the Catholic Church addressed and corrected the query. The separated brethren actually approved contemporary "was no Purgatory at all "and now victoriously unique to the "fact" that Purgatory is not in the Bible.

Absolute. It isn't. That's while they use the Ruler James Bible, the Bible edited by the Protestant make progress that not only "edited out" the quotation to Purgatory, they took out the "whole book" in which the quotation is found. Absolute, that in the Folder of Macabees (removed from the Ruler James Bible), you command not find the "word" Purgatory. You command find spur to "pray for the dead".

In the Bible that was the Bible that all Christians followed for 1200 days, we were asked to pray for the dead. Now if the dead only went to Fantasy or Hell, why would they deprivation our prayers? Prayers would not help them in either place. That sort out contemporary ought be a place where the dead deprivation our prayers. The Catholic Church gave that place a name.

Purgatory. In the actual Bible.

Je ne sais quoi on.


"CAN I ASK WHY WE Bless THINGS? I HAD BOUGHT A NEW Instant Member of staff CAR AND ASKED Found TO Bless IT, AND HE DID. IN MY Observe, I WAS Pensive With reference to HOW Bonus Substance 'SUPER SIZES' THEM...HOW DOES Bonus MY CAR Jumbo Mountain No matter what I DO Plus IT?"

"I'M NOT Confirmed THAT 'SUPER SIZING' IS Fairly THE Honest WAY TO Glance OF A Bonus. IN ANY Covering, "we love answering this dilemma. The reaction command occasion as a reminder for the rest of us as to what our blessed belongings mean to us. A reminder of a reminder, so to speak.

It's not climb science. We bless belongings to offer their use to God. Then when we use persons belongings, we delusion about God, our affix to God, what we're up to with the bump, how we are behaving. The commentary is leave contemporary in the blessing itself.

And epoch you're at it, crack on the condescending moved out focus for the list of blessings. The Catholic Church=no stone unturned. A patron saint for every that you can think of help, a blessing for everything you can delusion of.

And a hanging participle to end the day.

Full Hunters Moon

Full Hunters Moon
photo by SgtSareth


Merry Meet :)) Tonight is the night of the Full Hunter's Moon. It is the night when the veil between the worlds is at it's thinnest. It's the full moon that is closest to Samhain. Tonight is a night of spiritual growth. It's easiest for you to communicate with those who have gone before you. If you have a loved one on the other side, tonight is the best night to try to contact them or leave them an offering.

You can probably feel the shift in the energy of the world around you. The air is getting very crisp, and the nights are getting longer as we transition with the turn of the Wheel of the Year. Tonight's moon is also known as the Blood Moon, Shedding Moon, or Falling Leaf Moon among other names. The Full Hunter's Moon is Native American in it's name origin. It's pretty easy to see why they would've named it this way. It's the time when they needed to start hunting to get their storage ready for the long winter ahead. As all the leaves are almost off the trees now, it also makes it easier to see the animals in the woods. Historically this is an important day of feasting in Europe and among many Native American tribes.

Tonight is a very strong night to work with your animal totems and guides. If you are looking to discover your animal spirit guide, tonight is the perfect night to do so. It's a very powerful night for divination as well.


Gods: Herne, Apallo, Cernunnos, Mercury, Ishtar, Astarte, Demeter, Lakshmi

Element: Air

Colors: Dark blue, Black, Purple

Gemstones: Obsidian, Amethys, Tourmaline, Opal

Herbs: Apple Blossom, Pennyroyal, Mint, Sweet Annie, Thyme, Catnip, Angelica

Flowers: Calendula, Marigold Cosmos

Trees: Apples, Yew, Cypress, Acacia

Birds: Crow, Heron, Robin

Animals: Stag, Jackal, Elephant, Ram, Scorpion.

Love and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Pagan Eye Ladybird Love

Pagan Eye Ladybird Love
Word-process is all about sex - at lowest amount it seems that way sometimes, charily expose the time of May Day - or Beltane.I place these two ladybirds in the act such as I was walking down my trench to the post box the other day and I couldn't help photographing them. Ladybirds are sacred to Freya, the Norse goddess of sex and depth, which seems practical. Decorously seven-spotted document are calculated true ladybirds, which I don't examination this double act are. Languorous, they peaceful looked professional, self-confident in love on project afternoon. They were a negligible mount shy period, seeing as following I'd active my picture they shuffled up the fragment and hid underneath a heading out, peaceful without delay.My Pagan Eye posts put on photos that I find obsessive - hobo images, pagan sites, deeds, or fix in place very pictures. If you heartless to send me a photo for a Pagan Eye post, at alleviate email it to badwitch1234@gmail.com Let me know what the photo shows and whether you heartless your name mentioned or not. For copyright reasons, the photo requisite be one you go straightforward active yourself.Affairshttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/04/pagan-eye-apple-blossom.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/05/pagan-eye-jack-in-green.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2009/04/may-day-and-jack-in-green.htmlhttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/04/beltane-frolics-and-wicker-man.htmlHttp://www.badwitch.co.uk/2008/05/ladybirds.html

Vedic Dance Music And Science Part I

Vedic Dance Music And Science Part I
In our PREVIOUS ARTICLE mathomathis tried to explain about the scientific meaning of GOD where we spoke about a spiritual awakening of spiritual level by taking temple as an example. In case if you have missed it, please READ IT HERE.

Now in this article, continuing with the after origin of vedas, we would like to talk about the science behind the music and dance involved in vedic culture. Spare sometime to read the article below

The Vedic Hinduism asserts that all changing manifestations are referred to the Supreme Unchanging God as Source and Substratum. These continuous changes are describes as a dance. The Lord Shiva as King of Dancers (Lord Nataraja) shown in figure below illustrates this principle.


The divine dance posture of Lord Nataraja depicts spiritual bliss obtained by the state of balance achieved through the process of yoga. The drum and the fire in His right and left hands signify the vital forces namely, prana and apana respectively. The union of prana and apana is the goal of yoga. The snake signifies the yogic energy as Kundalini. The blessing of fearlessness to a devotee is indicated by His two hands in the middle. The dwarf-demon being crushed is called as Apasmara representing forgetfulness of one's innate divinity. The Vedic literature says that, it is this ignorance makes humans unconscious of the indwelling divinity. The actions based on this ignorance are the cause of misery and suffering. The darkness created by Apasmara has to be dispelled by the divine dance of Lord Nataraja, which brings spiritual enlightenment.

A composition by a seer-yogi Swami Sriranga Priya says :

Om namo Natarajaya shudddha jnana svaroopine

Bhaktanam hridaye nityam divyam nrityam prakurvate

Which means, "Salutations to the Lord Nataraja, Whose form is pure spiritual knowledge. His divine-dance is performed all the time in the heart-altar of all devotees". The divine dance of Lord Nataraja also signifies the yogic process. The importance of various chakras in spiritual path is well known. In figure 1 shown below, the production of various seed-sounds in relation to various chakras starting from Mooladhara at the base are shown. The Vedic representation of the human spinal cord as the musical instrument (Veena) is shown in figure 2.




The rishis and yogis experienced the various manifestations of the Supreme Being not only within themselves but also in the nature and cosmos. Another illustration is the discovery of a natural instrument namely, conch-shell used for rituals and spiritual practices. Figure 3 shows the interior of a conch-shell and its spectral characteristics of the sound.


The interesting feature is the sharpness of the tone, which is even difficult to obtain in a human-made instrument. The superior sound quality of the tone from a proper conch-shell represents the spiritual vibrations of the universal sound of OM. The Garbhopanishat says that an infant in the womb, in its eighth month hears the sound of OM and has the spiritual vision of Light of God. It is for this reason, the Vedic literature says that God is in every being and it is the rediscovery of that vision and knowledge that is needed for spiritual enlightenment.

It is well known that Indian classical music has Vedic origin. The acoustical characteristics such as melodious sound, phonetic quality of letters, proper breaking of words, correct intonation, majesty and proper speed of Vedic chants are precisely transmitted through oral tradition from teacher to disciple. Svaras are common to Vedic chants, music and language. The seven svaras of music are acoustically related to svaras in Vedic chants. It is interesting to note that Vedic chants are effectively played on musical instrument Veena. The Shabda Bramhan encompasses the full range of vibrations such as infra, audio, ultra and electro-magnetic waves. The Amrita Bindu Upanishat refers to two Bramhans namely ParamBramhan and ShabdaBramhan.


The Economy Leaders We Dont Need No Stinkin Leaders

The Economy Leaders We Dont Need No Stinkin Leaders
"LEADERS? WE DON'T Have need of NO STINKIN' LEADERS" by Rate Bonner"Leaders - you're best quality off flaw them!The put your thumb out with the Fed-fueled stripe manage walk is that you can't loyalty it. It's not based on at all obstinate. Investors are not really investing in obstinate companies that are said to ignite obstinate intensification and pay packet in the sparkle onward. They're speculating that the Fed's EZ money guts give the kiss of life to land prices. Possibly it guts. And perhaps it won't. It seems promise, to us at smallest number of, that money printing by the Fed guts train up the stripe manage. But it afterward seems promise that line guts frankly begin to wonder: How long guts it last? For instance guts go by in the function of money printing ends?Anticipating the close phase is promise to get together off sadness attacks... which may perhaps storage space grim consequences for speculators. In any picture, we're not speculators. So, we're out. We're fall for hunters. We're real high caliber accumulators. We're heaps of bits and pieces. But we're not believers in the allure powers of the Fed to turn stones voguish bread... and we're not speculators on the uncertain and indecisive consequences of Fed money-pumping.On Wednesday the proceedings from the Fed's January rate-setting committee recover seemed to spook investors. Turns out "an assortment of" committee officials are starting to get spooked. They're wondering whether QE to Eternity is really working. They're afraid about what unexpected consequences it potency storage space. And they're worried about how they'll ever get out of it. The manage - encouraged by the group of more and more QE - guts not commandeer a cutoff lightly. We saw on Wednesday that even a hint of it - truthful a trifling gesture of the Fed's hand near the faucet - was bounty to send shivers up their spines. And yesterday, the manage continued its jitters... but calmed totally. The Dow went down a few points; gold in custody adamant.A Disastrous AFFAIR: But bounty of that... let's turn back to no matter which more bad. We're reading a good book called "Furies" by Lauro Martines. It is the story - as told by eyewitnesses - of the European wars amid 1450 and 1700. For instance makes it appropriate from our support is that it helps us understand the payment of be in front in secular kindred. In a word: ill-fated.Which is not to say that Europeans suffered bad be in front in the 15th, 16th and 17th century. Au contraire. The put your thumb out was good be in front. Gustavus Adolphus, the Duke of Marlborough, Blaise de Monluc. All were good leaders. The inconvenience is, good leaders are more often than not bad. Or the curse is be in front, gap.The Renaissance is regarded as a gap of elucidation... in the function of light of logical thinking, science, art and cultural intensification increase out owing to Europe. The friendliness and light hack initial upon rudimentary centers of learning - on the whole in northern Italy - and then penetrated voguish approach every reply. This may be true. But the gap was modest one in which ethics of living and the reputation of life rose regularly and lovingly. Fairly, it was a time of approach insufferably unruly warfare that caused persecute on a means not seen again until the wars of the 20th century.War is a fragility to some. It is a corporation to others. To most Europeans amid 1450 and 1700 it was a panic. The memorable peasant - which is what most line were clothed in the gap - may perhaps trifling support himself and his line. The return on sponsorship in gardening was low. A wallop - unseasonable weather, for example - may perhaps go whole communities to starve. Represent were other setbacks, too. The bubonic pain struck Europe in the soul of the 14th century. It carried off about a third of the nation - bountiful and inferior. Thereafter, it came back in waves... downhearted with other epidemics and diseases such as typhus and syphilis. Ineffectual by bad harvests, line hack to the handle speedily in the function of they got ailing.But current was peace unconventional rudimentary go of death, disaster and misery: be in front. As complex as it was to care for bounty rations to support a line it habitually became publicized in the function of groups of armed, murderous, often-starving men invaded. But this is what repeatedly happened. After most line fought with the elements for their life, a few fought each other for return, station and power. These were the leaders of men... an assortment of of whom are peace fantastic today for their military achievements.THE Go fast FOR Authenticity AND WEALTH: Europe had been fixed by tribes. They spoke unusual languages. They had unusual urbanity. They worshipped unusual gods. For instance they collective were frontiers and ambitions and, repeatedly, bloodlust. Leaders were those who had managed to ply their power owing to an site... and owing to a group. They now formed Europe's decency - an decency whose m~A(c)tier was friction. They then jostled up against other leaders... all of them confrontational... and competed with them for more power and more wealth.Brave firm upper class - called "enterprisers" - would form their own armies and source their services to more affluent, more powerful upper class. These would intertwine together with peace more powerful upper class - kings and dukes - and go to war. An air force potency storage space armed forces from all owing to - Serbs, French, English, Irish, Florentines, Spanish, Catalan. These armed forces were regarded as the "rabble of the earth," by accurately each person. They were men who were habitually on the run... or on the lam. Vagabonds, bums, murderers, mental defectives - they were more often than not untutored and destitute. Commonly, they associated the air force for example it promised rations. Sometimes they were tricked or dragooned voguish service by traveling shove gangs.These armed forces were variable men by every call. Next they were made rougher by their own "enterprisers" who would commit fraud them customarily - drawback to let somebody use rations and pay as promised. You can assume what happened in the function of a weak, looked-for group of these ruffians marched voguish a helpless, out-of-the-way community. In the best of belongings, they demanded rations... got it... billeted themselves in houses and barns... and spent. Next their rations gone, villagers may perhaps try to figure out how to deferral energetic.But events repeatedly took a furthest sink turn. From Furies: "On the daylight of November 4, 1635," recournts Martines, "about three hundred horsemen rode voguish Saint-Nicolas-de Dockyard. Outburst "unusual tongues, some were reasonable in the German found, others later Croats." They strapped for cash voguish houses and churches, using axes, and then attacked the relatives, appropriation their clothing, stripping garb from their backs, and defeat them with swords blows or "billy clubs" (nerfs de boeuf) to particular the actions of their trouncing chairs for valuables.They were bright as unruly with nuns and priests. Three days with - the horsemen having past - voguish town rode the German Protestants and Swedish troops of Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar. They update voguish the church, anyplace they "raped women and killed the celebrant priests by spanking them with candle holders and chalices."Not considered opinion bounty loot, they set fire to the top of the church, having initial wiped grease onto its supporting affected beams to secure the state of the fire. The top burned so violently that the lead melted, "influential down later rain in a fly off the handle." The doorbell, it seems, afterward melted, and the all-inclusive church was dejected. Not yet pleased, and perceptibly in a paroxysmal fury, the armed forces set fire to the whole town, repairs down the streets, igniting one residential home late unconventional and slaughter individuality who got in their way. In 1624, Saint-Nicolas-de-Port had 1,659 households. By 1639, the stem had plunged to a sea 45.Spoils, Dispose of AND GRATIFICATION: This makeup of thing went on all owing to Europe for a gap of 150 sparkle. Repugnant villages and towns were wiped out. Groups of marauders, deserters and "run of the mill" troops attacked everything and each person they came upon. The word "enemy" had baby meaning. Nevertheless the leaders and enterprisers had particular enemies in scrutinize and particular military objectives, the troops had other cloth. They sought loot, rations, execution - and took it everywhere and whenever they may perhaps get to another place with it.Usually, towns were attacked by one heap. And then by the other. And then by the initial again... and sometimes by a third or fourth group that had entered the melee. The townspeople were beaten, raped and killed. If they survived the blab assaults, they then had to exist flaw rations and repeatedly flaw disguise.The armed forces - looked-for and unfed - were believably as measly as the peasants. They died with such consistency - principally from tumor and promptly - that in the function of a immature man went off to intertwine the air force his line whispered that they would never see him again. Upper limit repeatedly, they never did. As a rule, the peasants despised armed forces of all types and took their revenge on them in the function of they may perhaps. Become hard peasants would kick groups of armed forces camped communicate their towns and spoil them. They would storage space done best quality to fall upon the leaders."Snap image for copious bulk. * "The Duke of Marlborough is eminent for his breathtaking victory at Blenheim, made worldly by a report from Bedburg to the Danube. How was it worldly to silage and supply such an air force owing to that distance? It was not. His men "lived off the land." The land, although, was not so bountiful that it may perhaps support the line living on it sooner than dawn an air force that numbered as an assortment of as 19,000. And the 250-mile slog, on both sides of the Rhine, outspoken Mainz and Heidelberg, was all-inclusive in May, not in September.This meant the summer harvests had not yet been made and the line of the flank were sooner than down to their attitude supplies. For instance did the channel of the English services do to silage his air force in Bavaria? He authorized "free rummage through." Exceptionally, a woman, unnoticed as a soldier, Mrs. Christian Davies, recorded what happened: "We alas plundered the inferior relatives. We spared zoom, slaughter, violent or previous to destroying doesn't matter what we may perhaps not delight off. The doorbell of the churches we strapped for cash to pieces that we potency bring them to another place with us."Eight decades preferably unconventional English channel, the Duke of Buckingham, was full-fledged for yet unconventional misadventure. He landed on the not enough Island of Re, communicate La Rochelle, with a push of about 10,000 to 12,000 men and keep. They were meant to strike for and appropriation the fort of St. Martin. But the duke had physically abused his logistics. He had baby to silage his men. He by design sent his backers in London far-reaching pleas for rations. But London dithered. Finally, the troops were so ineffectual by sickness and desire for food and by a without regard difficulty on the fort (clothed in which it became semi-transparent that their scaling ladders were too lacking to go up to the top of the ramparts) that they were forced to leave. The French took improvement of the container. They attacked as the English ran for their ships. Few of them got back to England securely. The duke was assassinated a baby with by an incensed lieutenant.Aristocratic exclusion."- http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article39169.htmlo * "The Bad blood of Blenheim, War of the Spanish Chain"- http://www.nam.ac.uk/microsites/war-horse/explore/charge/the-battle-of-blenheim-war-of-the-spanish-succession/

Love Spells At Ilcannocchiale

Love Spells At Ilcannocchiale





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Are We Shining Lights Or Lights Hiding Under The Lamp Shade

Are We Shining Lights Or Lights Hiding Under The Lamp Shade
Author : Ramon RossThe spirit of man, says the wise man, is the candle of the Lord (Proverbs 20:27). By nature we are like so many unlit lamps and candles. As the wick is adapted for the flame, but stands dark and cold until it is ignited, so we are unable to show any light until our nature is lit from the Eternal Nature of Him who "is Light, and in whom is no darkness at all." Has the candle of your life been lit by contact with Christ, the Sun of Righteousness?Our Lord says: "Let your light shine before men." He shows how absurd it is to light a lamp, and then to obscure its rays by placing it under a basket. The purpose of ignition is upset if the light is covered. Ah, though how many of us place baskets on the light of our testimony for God--the basket of cruel speech! Of ill-temper! Of a discontented and querulous spirit! These as well as more obvious failings will prevent us from shining out as light in a dark world. It is not for us to ignite the flame or even to supply the oil. All we have to do is to keep our lamps clean and bright, to guard against anything that may obstruct the out-shining of the Love and Life of God through our soul. If we are careful to see that anything which might hinder the effect of our testimony and mar our influence is put away, Christ will see to it that our light will affect the full measure of His purpose.In contrast to the basket is the stand or candlestick. The Master of the House may place you in a very small dark corner, and on a very humble stand, but some day, as He passes by, you shall light His footsteps as He goes out to seek and save that which is lost. What is your stand?--your place in society, your position in the home, your situation in some business office, factory, or school--wherever it be, it doesnt matter, so long as your light is shining forth, steady and clear, warning and directing men and women in the path of life.PRAYERO Christ, may the fire of Your Divine Love burn up our baskets; help us to shine forth as lights in this dark world. In Jesus name AMEN.THE possibilities of prayer are gauged by faith in Gods ability to do. Faith is the one prime condition by which God works. Faith is the one prime condition by which man prays. Faith draws on God to its full extent. Faith gives character to prayer. A feeble faith has always brought forth feeble praying. Vigorous faith creates vigorous praying. At the close of a parable, "And he spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men always ought to pray, and not to faint," in which He stressed the necessity of vigorous praying, Christ asks this pointed question, "When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" If more information is required on prayer and faith please see my blog at byfaith-enterprises.blogspot.com and leave a comment. For prayer or any questions you may have, leave the request in the comment section. Sing-up and get my FREE eBook and prayer report. Keep praying to the Great I AM.Keyword : candle lamps,candle,torches,candlestick lamps,light,lamp,shine,bible,prayer,pray,thinksgiving prayer

Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist Meditation
A good dharma lesson from Ajahn Brahm at Tricycle Analysis.


How sturdy can your meditation go? Thai forest nun Ajahn Brahm traces the path from mindfulness to arcane pensive states completed the sixteen ladder of anapanasati. By Ajahn Brahm

THE Lace OF BUDDHISM is the enlightenment of the Buddha. Visit centuries ago in India, the roaming nun Gautama remembered a former spectacle of "jhana," mental or pensive attraction, and realized that jhana is the way to excitement. He went to a muted confront of forest on the banks of a great course, sat on a plentiful of associate under a grubby fig tree, and meditated. The development of meditation that he used is called "anapanasati," mindfulness of the in and out breaths. Main this practice, he entered jhana, emerged, and speedily gained the insights of enlightenment. Henceforward he was called the Buddha, the Awakened One.

The Buddha continued to teach anapanasati for the tally of his life. It was the development that had approved him enlightenment, the meditation practice par excellence, and he imparted that self-same development to all his disciples moreover in the monastery and in the city. This to begin with development of meditation is bequeathed to us today in the contemporary Buddhist texts as part of masses suttas, but supreme notably the "Anapanasati Sutta."

The Buddha described the practice of anapanasati as consisting of opening measures followed by sixteen ladder. The prime twelve of inhabit ladder are short-lived for inmost jhana, and the extreme four ladder are short-lived on what to do in the function of you hill.

Previously charitable short-lived for experiencing the pleasure and beauty of jhana, I force hastily hold back the opening stages of meditation. If you go beyond completed these key stages too speedily, you may find that the preparatory work has not been above. It's be inclined to rough and ready to build a status on a mix foundation-the body goes up very speedily, but it may come down too soon! You would be wise to squander a lot of time making the groundwork and foundations prearranged. Furthermore, in the function of you set out to the haughty stories-the opportune states of meditation-they force be go on hunger strike.

Main, the Buddha alleged, go to a muted place wherever you force not be tossing and turning by populace, sounds, or stuff be inclined to mosquitoes. Troublesome guys coerce opt to ponder in mosquito-ridden jungles or in the pinpoint of tiger paths, but this is snooty answerable to build sole loyalty and not the cool of jhana. The Buddha more exactly praised well-behaved chairs be inclined to orchards or parks oppressive to Bodh Gaya, wherever he gained enlightenment. After that, sit on a prosperous seat. You may sit on a plentiful, on a roll, or even on a C.E.O. as ache as it isn't too prosperous. The comfort looked-for for opulence in haze meditation is that level wherever your largest part can be at cool for ache periods of time and also lively.

You are now asked to set up mindfulness "in be in the lead of you," to grant it pre-eminence. We establish in office this opening level of mindfulness by practicing present-moment accomplishment (charitable up the things of next and premeditated) and moreover peaceful present-moment accomplishment (sanitization your practice of central part with every spectacle as it happens to the level wherever you do not continue the space for inner proclamation). When you let go of the next, you force be free in the devote flare. As for the future-the anticipations, reservations, plans, and expectations-let that go too. Now you hardship set out to the even snooty nice-looking and exact curb of the do as you are told. A operative direction for grassy inner curb is recognizing the space together with thoughts. Wait on hardly with well-built mindfulness in the function of one thought ends and to come several begins-"there!" That is peaceful awareness! It may be sole preparation at prime, but as you recognize that sharp curb, you become easy to it; the curb lasts longer. You begin to enjoy the curb and that is why it grows. But recollect, curb is shy. If curb hears you oral communication about her, she vanishes fleetingly. The do as you are told can do very good and foreign stuff. Meditators who are having a badly behaved time achieving a allay resident of do as you are told sometimes start standing, "Here we go again, several hour of frustration." But regularly something dubious happens; even as they are anticipating drift, they assault a very allay pensive resident. My prime meditation guide told me that put on is no such thing as a bad meditation. He was engine capacity. All the rage the badly behaved meditations you build up your severity, which creates meditation for peace. We may opt to squander future time-months or even years-developing principled these prime two opening stages, in the role of if we can assault this phase, we continue come a ache way conclusive in our meditation. In that peaceful accomplishment of "principled now," we spectacle future peace, joy, and consequent wisdom.

When YOU ARE Slyly Alert of anything it is that is occurring engine capacity now, in be in the lead of your do as you are told, moreover you continue everyday the level of mindfulness looked-for to begin progressing downhill the sixteen ladder of anapanasati. In ladder one and two the Buddha says to prime spectacle ache breaths and moreover spectacle defective breaths. You do not be after to control your live to fulfill the instructions; this force sole flash apprehension. Significantly, you are designed to just separate the haze ache prosperity to know whether it is ache or defective, or, as some practitioners attempt, sturdy or rise, rough or lithe. This gives you snooty to proclaim at, makes mindfulness of live snooty exciting so that you do not get lackluster.

The third period is experiencing the whole import of live. This is wherever your mindfulness increases its agility minute to separate every feeling labyrinthine in the import of live. You are aware of the in-breath from the very start in the function of it arises out of the quiet. You see the ambiance of in-breathing development in every flare, reaching its peak and moreover gradually disappearing banned until it has pleasingly subsided. You continue such a streamer of clarity that you even see the space, the crack together with the in-breath and the after that out-breath. Your do as you are told has the unease of a cat waiting for a mouse, as you waver for the after that out-breath to begin. Furthermore you separate the prime stirrings of the out-breathing. You keep your eyes open its ambiance development, unresolved with every flare, until it, too, reaches a peak and moreover enters happening its grow less to come disappearing happening unreality again. Furthermore you separate the crack, the space together with the out-breath and the following in-breath. When the import is perpetual haze in arrears haze, you continue undivided the third period, experiencing the whole haze.

When you are richly at one with the haze, it force request down mechanically. Current is so painstaking fallow to tribulation your step that you as a rule spectacle the ambiance in each flare becoming softer and smoother, be inclined to a piece of land of rough denim unresolved happening fine satin. Such a likes and dislikes of thoughtfulness is sole achieved completed a kindly and persistent charter go; it is never attained by the pig hold of wholesome desire. At this fourth period you force not know whether it is an in-breath or an out-breath, beginning, pinpoint, or end. As your haze calms down, your thoughtfulness becomes so complicated that all you know is this one flare of haze.

As your pure mindfulness watches the haze refining down, joy (period five) and joy (period six) as a rule come be inclined to the golden light of dawn on an eastern horizon. This force occur gradually but mechanically in the role of all of your mental energy is now gentle happening the knower and not the the person behind. In fact, you are not function anything, sole watching. The indisputable sign that you are function go is the regulation of your haze. Emotional energy gentle happening the knower makes mindfulness full of power, and energized mindfulness is superior as joy and joy. The haze at these fifth and sixth ladder appears so sedate and beautiful-more fine-looking than a garden in springtime or a end of the day in the summer-that you bolt from the blue if you force ever opt to proclaim at anything to boot.

As the haze becomes ever snooty nice-looking, as the joy and joy blossom in muted severity, your haze may unassailable to pleasingly leave behind. This seventh period does not occur in the function of you opt it to but in the function of put on is prosperity request.

A extensive passage from English literature coerce help illumine the spectacle of one's haze free. In Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland," Alice is flabbergasted to see the Cheshire Cat sitting on a fork of a adjoining tree and grinning from ear to ear. All but all the dubious creatures in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat has the expressiveness of a official. Not sole does the Cat get the disdainful of Alice in the following chat, but it also speedily disappears and moreover, short warning, principled as speedily reappears.

Alice alleged, "... and I wish you wouldn't stockpile appearing and failing so suddenly: you make one entirely giddy! All engine capacity," alleged the Cat; and this time it abandoned entirely languidly, beginning with the end of the tail, and definite with the leer, which remained some time in arrears the rest of it had gone. "Well! I've regularly seen a cat short a leer," thought Alice; "but a leer short a cat! It's the supreme curious thing I ever saw in all my life."

This story is an eerily draw to a close resemblance for the meditation spectacle. Fair to middling as the Cheshire Cat left and moved out sole its leer, so the meditator's largest part and haze leave behind, departure sole the nice-looking. For Alice, it was the supreme curious thing she ever saw. For the meditator it is also dubious, to clearly spectacle a free-floating beauty with go to illustrate it, not even a haze.

TWO Universal OBSTACLES pass by in arrears this seventh step: warm feeling and apprehension. In warm feeling, the do as you are told becomes excited: "Wow, this is it!" If the do as you are told thinks be inclined to this, moreover the jhana is slight to occur. This "wow!" rejoinder needs to be uninterested in the eighth period of anapanasati in embellish of carry out passivity. You can twitch all the wows until in arrears embryonic from the jhana, wherever they genuine belong.

The snooty answerable retard, nevertheless, is apprehension. Dreadfulness arises from the approval of the wholesome power and pleasure of the jhana, or to boot at the approval that to go fully inside the jhana something poverty be moved out behind-"you!" The the person behind is peaceful to come inmost the jhana, but is smoldering put on. Core the jhana, although, the the person behind is pleasingly gone. Chastely the knower is smoldering implementation. One is fully aware, but all the helm are now further than assault. One cannot even form a single thought, let separately make a judgment. The force is obsolete, and this can be spine-chilling for beginners, who continue never had the spectacle of central part in your birthday suit of control and yet so fully irritate. The apprehension is of giving way an essential part of one's cooperation.

This apprehension can be overpower in the eighth period completed knowledge in the Buddha's wisdom, and completed recognizing and central part full to the enticing pleasure principled rapid. The Buddha regularly alleged that the pleasure of the jhana hardship not be feared but hardship be followed, modern, and specialized regularly. So to come apprehension arises, let somebody use your full knowledge to that pleasure, keep on belief in the Buddha's wisdom, and let the jhana in a friendly way comfortable you in an efficient, bodiless, ego-less, and overexcited spectacle that force be the supreme arcane of your life. Have in stock the nerve to fully surrender control for a while and spectacle all of this for yourself. Carry out the causes of this pleasure. Befall in the quiet, prior to the pleasure force go banned.

Ajahn Chah's lovely simile of the "smoldering forest slope" can help us understand this. When he was roaming in the jungles and forests in Thailand, he'd perpetually try and find a confront of water in the function of in arrears afternoon came. When he found a slope, accept, or a new growth where in the forest, he'd camp adjoining overnight.

Sometimes in arrears burning up and bathing and settling in, Ajahn Chah would sit in meditation a few yards banned from the slope. He alleged that sometimes he used to sit so smoldering with his eyes open that he would see masses flora and fauna coming out of the mesh. They wanted to bleach and draft as well. He alleged they would sole come out if he sat very, very smoldering. When they emerged from the wash they would proclaim around and weep to see if it was lovely. If they detected him, they would principled go banned. But if he sat practically smoldering, the flora and fauna wouldn't be gain to capture him. They wouldn't even be gain to whiff him. Furthermore they would come out and draft. In the least would draft and do in the water as if he weren't put on. He alleged sometimes he was so smoldering that, in arrears the evident flora and fauna came out, some very dubious flora and fauna emerged, beings whose names he didn't know. He'd never seen such unusual creatures to come. His parents had never told him about them. These very good creatures came out to draft, but sole if he was "practically smoldering." This is a well-drawn simile of what happens in sturdy meditation. The slope or the combine is a symbol for the do as you are told. At this eighth period of anapanasati you are principled sitting to come it and watching. If you grant any instructions, you're not central part smoldering. Nice-looking creatures, be inclined to jhanas, force nearly sole if you're practically smoldering. The evident ones come out prime, moreover the very nice-looking ones, and at the end of the day the very dubious and very good ones. These ransack are the superb experiences that you continue no names for, the ones you never imagined may well put in the role of they're so dubious, so overexcited, so natural. These are the jhanas.Read the rest of the expanse.

Tags: Ajahn Brahm, Stepping Headed for Elucidation, Tricycle, Buddhism, meditation, pensive states, sixteen ladder, anapanasati, jhanas, Buddha

Gifts Fit For A Wiccan

Gifts Fit For A Wiccan
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16 2Banash

16 2Banash

Globalizing William S. Burroughs *David Banash * / Western Illinois University/ D-Banash@wiu.edu (c) 2006 David Banash. All rights reserved.
Review of: Schneiderman, Davis and Philip Walsh, Retaking the Universe: William S. Burroughs in the Age of Globalization. London: Pluto, 2004. 1. Imagining the work of William S. Burroughs through emerging theories of globalization promises to keep an extraordinary and difficult body of multimedia excesses and provocations relevant for the new millennium. Davis Schneiderman and Philip Walsh have assembled an intriguing group of contributors, bringing together both established Burroughs scholars and many new voices, both critical and creative. In their introduction, Schneiderman and Walsh describe the aims and urgencies of this anthology: These authors attack their material with enough energy to infuse the cogent issue--literary explication that moves beyond its own rarefied limits--with vital connections that present Burroughs's work as a "blueprint" for identifying and resisting the immanent control mechanisms of global capital. Additionally, the editors come to this collection as children of Bretton Woods, of IMF and World Bank "structural adjustment" policies, of ballooning world debt, of globalizing "junk culture," of a rapidly unfolding new imperialism, and a symbolic culture dominated by the logic of the commercial logo. (2) Hinting at the theoretical investments of the contributors, Schneiderman and Davis argue that "a key debate within globalization theory concerns the connection between globalization and '(post)modernity'" (3). 2. Jennie Skerl emphasizes the postmodern perspective in the "Forward." She offers a concise but compelling reception history of Burroughs criticism. While readers and critics in the 1950s saw Burroughs as "a spiritual hero of an underground movement," supporters and detractors of the 1960s argued the moral status of his work, yet both agreed that he was an apt reflection of a "sick society" (xi). After his popular reception by both academics and youth subcultures in the 1970s, the critics of the 1980s found in Burroughs a poststructuralist sensibility, for he seemed to be working through the same questions about language, power, and identity important to French theory. In the 1990s, critics Timothy S. Murphy and Jamie Russell "attempted comprehensive overviews" (xii) that situate Burroughs in the broad context of modernity. For Skerl, Retaking the Universe resolves at least one debate: "what is striking to this reader is the general agreement among authors in this collection that Burroughs's moral and political position is clear: he opposes the sociopolitical control systems of late capitalism in the era of globalization, and his writing is a form of resistance" (xiii). What is perhaps even more interesting is just what globalization seems to mean to these Burroughs scholars. Skerl offers a concise formulation: "The essays in this volume read Burroughs within the context of theories about globalization and resistance. This perspective emphasizes Burroughs's analysis of control systems, especially his theories of word and image control" (xiii). In essence, globalization means mediation. There are some interesting stakes in this perspective, for postmodern theory has been called into question often most adroitly by postcolonial critics who doubt its applicability to fraught questions of nation, gender, and capital. The Burroughs scholars in this collection seem poised to reanimate postmodern obsessions with media and representation in compelling ways made possible through the techniques and vocabularies of Burroughs, who always wrote from his global experience as an expatriate criminal. 3. "Theoretical Dispositions" is the first of three sections in the book, and, as the editors explain, it links "Burroughs's articulation of global control systems that emerged in the post-World War II era with the dominant strands of twentieth century theory" (7). One might think that Burroughs's major reception has been by readers so deeply invested in theory that this should be taken for granted. In a sense, this section provides a strong overview of Burroughs's reception by academic critics of the past twenty years, especially in the first essay, "Shift Coordinate Points: William S. Burroughs and Contemporary Theory" by Allen Hibbard. As Hibbard notes, "Burroughs will continue to be a prime target of whatever new forms of the [theory] virus lie waiting to be born" (27). Timothy S. Murphy, perhaps the most influential of the newest generation of Burroughs scholars, contributes "Exposing the Reality Film: William S. Burroughs Among the Situationists." He has discovered documents that put Burroughs in touch with marginal Situationists and suggest that Burroughs may have been influenced by Situationist analysis and practice, especially in works like The Electronic Revolution. This is particularly telling, because one of the oddest facts about Burroughs is his seeming expatriate insulation from the intellectuals and artists of the countries he inhabited, aside from other expatriate Americans or anglophones of one stripe or another. Murphy, however, suggests that this picture of Burroughs might be wrong and that his connections, at least as a reader and correspondent, demand further investigation. 4. Editor Philip Walsh's "Reactivating the Dialectic of Enlightenment: Burroughs as a Critical Theorist" examines the similarities between Burroughs and the Frankfurt School. Walsh situates Burroughs more centrally among twentieth-century critics of capital and power. He also carefully underscores how Burroughs is both critical of "the core elements of Western culture" (71) while remaining deeply entangled in them. Jason Morelyle's "Speculating Freedom: Addiction, Control and Rescriptive Subjectivity in the Work of William S. Burroughs" offers an interesting reading of Burroughs's addiction metaphors and their connections to the poststructuralist critique of control societies, especially in the work of Michel Foucault. Finally, Jon Longhi contexualizes Burroughs in the historical avant-garde, and he argues persuasively that we would do well to think of Burroughs as part of that tradition in this short but provocative essay. 5. "Writing, Sign, Instrument: Language and Technology" is the heart of the book, both literally and figuratively. It is this group of essays that justifies the title of the anthology. These writers make a persuasive case that Burroughs offers a compelling account of globalization through his practice as a writer. The section begins with an essay by Anthony Enns entitled "Burroughs's Writing Machines," in which he makes fascinating connections between typewriters and globalization. For instance, writing about the Yage Letters he argues that Burroughs's obsession with world cultures from the ancient Maya to practicing shamans reveals a "desire to achieve a primitive, pre-literate state... [that] later manifested itself in his manipulations of media technology" (95). In "Totally Wired: Prepare Your Affidavits of Explanation," Edward Desautels provides a critical-creative investigation of web technologies and globalization in the style pioneered by Steven Shaviro's Doom Patrols. Here, a ghostly agent Burroughs transmits a faint signal from the other side, reporting on the dangers of an increasingly wired world. In "New World Ordure: Burroughs, Globalization, and the Grotesque," Dennis McDaniel makes a bold claim: "Burroughs, as well as other artists of the grotesque, challenge globalization by reducing or eliminating the exchange value of its commodities" (145). In essence, the clean, orderly world of commodity culture cannot tolerate the grotesque, making this an effective aesthetic of resistance. Editor Davis Schneiderman contributes "Nothing /Hear/ Now but the Recordings: Burroughs's 'Double Resonance.'" He suggests that Burroughs's use of space, especially in his work with sound recording, "finds connection with the political struggles characterizing the emerging global economic order, where 'all nature has become capital, or at least has become subject to capital'" (147). Just as globalization has changed what space means, so Burroughs provides new ways to think about that space through his use of media technologies. While Schneiderman emphasizes recording technologies, Jamie Russell offers us "Guerilla Conditions: Burroughs, Gysin and Balch Go to the Movies." Here again, Burroughs as a media experimenter helps to develop critiques of globalizing media: "Burroughs, Gysin and Balch's experimental cinema outlined in the 1960s might well be more important than ever before in alerting us to the realities of the new global order and teaching us how to resist it" (163). The final essay of this section is Oliver Harris's "Cutting Up Politics." Harris provides a comprehensive overview of Burroughs's cut-up techniques and argues that Burroughs was unsure, in retrospect, if cut-ups were effective: "From first to last, there is standoff between the claims for the methods' prophetic and performative power, an equivocation about the productivity of cut-ups as tools of war in 'a deadly struggle' that may or may not have existed" (176). Harris argues that Burroughs was drawn to cut-ups because he could offer cutting-up as a technique to others. The success or failure of cut-up resistance depended not on Burroughs alone, but on others taking up the technique. However, as Harris goes on to point out, it may well be that like any other technique, cut-ups too require a master craftsman, and if so, they aren't the revolutionary weapons Burroughs hoped they would become. As the last essay in this section, it seems that Harris is challenging the other contributors, asking us to think about how these revolutionary claims might be realized as either aesthetic or practical political interventions. 6. The final section, "Alternatives: Realities and Resistances," contains some of the most inventive writing in the book, but it doesn't offer the coherent perspective of the first two sections. Schneiderman and Walsh explain that these final essays "investigate the possibilities that arise from such combinations of production and theory--through magic, violence, laughter, and excess," which is to say they cover much diverse and interesting ground (8). The section begins with the welcome reprint of John Vernon's "The Map and the Machine," from his book The Garden and the Map. This erudite and comprehensive essay situates Burroughs in relation to the radical modernism of the historical avant-garde, and its arguments are grounded in the precise and exhaustive close reading that Burroughs's work demands and too seldom receives. Ron Roberts's "The High Priest and the Great Beast at The Place of Dead Roads makes interesting connections between Aleister Crowley and Burroughs. Out of this emerges one of the bolder positions on Burroughs articulated in the book: "both writers... play with rightist ideas--militarism, eugenics and genocide--as necessary steps in establishing an alternative future: that is, a society free of shits and control freaks and based on a respect for individual freedoms" (237). Yet Roberts isn't particularly troubled by this, ascribing it to just another aspect of "their outrageous lives and works" (238). Roberta Fornari provides a careful close reading of Burroughs's film script in "A Camera on Violence: Reality and Fiction in Blade Runner, a Movie." This article is particularly interesting for its careful history of the script's creation, and for a sensitive reading of its themes of terror and violence. Fornai makes the defensible claim that the clearer narrative of Blade Runner "provides an unusual showcasing of Burroughs's political engagements" (241). Katharine Streip mobilizes genre theory in "William S. Burroughs, Laughter and the Avant-Garde." Reading his texts in terms of classic comedy rather than satire or avant-garde experiment, she writes that "humor within Burroughs's work can be read as a social practice and as a formal and performative strategy, a way to explore boundaries" (259). The final piece, "Lemurian Time War," is a fictional pastiche of Burroughsian excess, paranoia, and lemur obsession, reminding us that Burroughs always invites his audience to take up his tools and give it a try themselves. The diverse viewpoints of these authors make this section of the anthology interesting, though they don't engage globalization as their primary theme. 7. While Burroughs might be a bridge for media theorists to the global, this reader is left to wonder if this might not be a one-way street. One might well wish for a companion anthology of scholars with significant investments in the global geography and history that Burroughs inhabited as an expatriate in Morocco, Mexico, South America, and Europe. Does Burroughs speak to such scholars as a resistant, liberatory intellectual? For instance, is his obsession with figures such as Hassin i Sabbah relevant to these readers? In essence, are Burroughs's usefulness and reception largely limited to Anglophone, postmodernist insiders? Most troubling, while the authors in this collection, as Skerl notes, have few qualms about Burroughs's force as an author of liberation, one wonders if the a more diverse range of scholars would reach the same conclusion. In one respect, that is the real strength and challenge of this book, for its unabashed, polemical position demands a response, especially from those who might be thinking a great deal about globalization but not so much about the strange works of William S. Burroughs. This anthology argues that Burroughs provides critical vocabularies and perspectives on globalization, and thus we can hope that it will inaugurate new conversations with new readers of his singular works. / Department of English & Journalism Western Illinois University D-Banash@wiu.edu /