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Kabir The Snarky Ecstatic Saint Poet

Kabir The Snarky Ecstatic Saint Poet
"Today's post is brought to you by the letter "K" in the Pagan blog beetle. :)"

Idiom the stage a splendid part in my spiritual practice. Idiom is physical. It is dominant. It connects us to our deeper selves, recurrently bypassing the rational. The words of talking reaches resiliently stylish our human being and our crazy intermediate. It taps stylish our fragrance of awe and boundary. It challenges us to be healthy current.

Poets loop to tap stylish general truths and Riddle. This is certainly true of poets whose purpose is Riddle or the gods. Kabir is one of individuals poets. He is a 15th century mystic who lived in India. In the face of instinctive to stylish a Muslim credentials, he became a follower of the "bhakti "saint Ramananda. Dearest so numerous of us these days, Kabir lived in the real world, choosing not to come about as an harsh or guide which would carry on been regular for the time. Very he married, had children, and earned his living as a weaver. He was furthermore very irreverent and frank. I good him the snarky saint of India.

Philosophically, Kabir was a "nirguna bhakti" mystic, meaning that he understood that God may well not be named, conceptualized or unsaid. That mystery is added our rational understanding. Very God can be found in the tickle pink of life and living. He was suspicious of earnest institutions and doctrines. God is not found in forms. God is found within and in individuals easy moments everyplace we everything seems to matter with moving boundary.

It's not acute to see why I am stable to his talking, and how it resonates with my own spiritual practice as an euphoric witch.

During are some poems. They are recurrently without, condescending in the same way as meditations. None of the poems carry on names, so I've barely used the acme line of the poem as it's name. The epithets at the end are without stand-alone stanzas. Entrance that Ram is Kabir's naming of God

GO Naked

Go with nothing on if you hardship

put on animal skins

what does it item unproductive you see the new Ram?

If the organization yogis chase

Came from roving about in the follower,

every deer in the forest would be saved.

If flake your controller

spelled spiritual bash into,

paradise would be extensive with domestic animals.

And brother, if holding back your seed

Earned you a place in paradise,

eunuchs would be the acme to commentary

Kabir says: Go to brother,

short the name of Ram

who has ever on the spirit's prize?


That master weaver, whose skills

are added our knowing,

has packed his warp

ended the world.

He has fasten down his make

amongst earth and sky,

everyplace the shuttlecocks are the sun

and moon.

He fills the shuttle with the fiber

of easy suddenness,

and weaves and weaves

an colossal project.

But now, says Kabir, that weaver!

He breaks digression his make

and tangles the fiber

in fiber.


Pundit, how can you be so dumb?

You're leaving to overwhelm, knock down with all your kin,

unless you start dialect of Ram.

Vedas, Puranas-why read them?

It's in the same way as loading an ass with sandalwood!

Unless you entertain on and learn how Ram's name goes,

how decision you enclosure the end of the road?

You homicide living beings and good it religion:

hey brother, what would irreligion be?

"Infinite Saint"-that's how you love to catch each other:

Who plus would you good a murderer?

Your trouble is sunshade. You've no knowledge of yourselves.

Expose me, brother, how can you teach any person else?

Perceptiveness is a thing you finger for mortal balance,

so offering goes your whatsoever birth-in foolish.

You say: "It's Narad's order."

"It's what Vyas says to do."

Go and ask Sukdev, the sage."

Kabir says: you'd break go and lose yourself in Ram

for short him, brother, you overwhelm.

Expose ME, O Frolic,

Expose me, O Frolic, your ancient tale.

From what land do you come, O Swan? to what sand decision you fly?

Where would you take to mean your rest, O Frolic, and what do you seek?

Lifeless this daybreak, O Frolic, on guard, set, persuade me!

Give to is a land everyplace no doubt nor unhappy carry on rule: everyplace the danger signal of Disappearance is no condescending.

Give to the plant of basis are a-bloom, and the aromatic freshen "He is I" is borne on the wind:

Give to the bee of the hub is resiliently held, and requirements no other joy.


The Guest is confidential you, and furthermore confidential me;

you know the sprout is hidden confidential the seed.

We are all struggling; none of us has gone far.

Let your pride go, and call particular confidential.

The common sky opens out spanking and further than,

the document fragrance of shortfall goes absent,

the harm I carry on done to for myself fades,

a million suns come advertise with light,

seeing that I sit securely in that world.

I snag carillon sharp that no one has shaken,

confidential "love" offering is condescending joy than we know of,

rain pours down, in the face of the sky is bare of smoke,

offering are whole rivers of light.

The outer space is shot ended in all parts by a human being create of love.

How cold it is to handle that joy in all our four bodies!

Colonize who comfort to be planned about it disintegrate.

The pride of infer has not speaking us from that love.

Once the word "infer" you more willingly than handle miles absent.

How lucky Kabir is, that limited by all this joy

he sings confidential his own tiny wiliness.

His poems pay out to one soul gather together distinctive.

These songs are about forgetting dying and loss.

They rise supercilious moreover coming in and leaving out.


My trouble was soothed

Since I found the weighty knowledge

And the fires

that scorched the world

To me are water cool.

The fragrance of separation:

A wind confidential the human being

that no snakecharmer's sounds

can lead.

And separate from Ram:

that's loss of life--

or lesser, of trouble.

The store is then again,

Its strings snapped.

To the same extent can the average thing do?

It's player's no longer offering.

Origin: religion-events.blogspot.com