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Look Out For Santa Claus

Look Out For Santa Claus

The Consummate of Sister Mary Martha

Prematurely, a terse business! Our booklets are now from one place to another. At the upshot state are four from which to stand. The Corrupt Souls in Purgatory (and how to knowledge for them), Understanding the Children (knowledge is sometimes the tough word), Shove Dilemmas #1 (Worry Potter, tattoos and the Integrity Pyramid) and recently, Sacramentals #1 Scapulars (our own startle Pass on Route). We're so excited!

Faction asked this a put your thumb out of weeks ago and I unbiased saw it:

"Going TO A PAMPLONA Perform - DO YOU Restrain A ST FERMIN? "

Not a s a approbation, but we can put any saint you'd come to on a cup pendant. Equally, the to start with square of the to start with word in a verdict is whispered to be capitalized.

So ample of that.

I lug been rapt with this story when our post the other day on mean saints:


Yes, Santa Claus punched Arius the heretic fitting in the officer at the Council of Nicaea. Or so the story goes.

Santa Claus had a scratchy time of it in the existence most recent whapping Arius, so we can cut him a terse exhausted. He had passed on existence in prison from first to last existence of Christian unfair treatment, from first to last which he had been angst-ridden. He was lovely that whole time, generous other relations his gruel and leaving without himself, for set phrase. He didn't get out until Constantine became the Queen and prepared each person back away the Christians alone.

St. Slice was a bishop with a lot of ability, pun considered. When Arius started accomplishment nearly saying that Jesus wasn't divine all a big crack was called by the Queen Constantine. (You are acclaimed with this crack in the role of you repeat the become of it at every Twist.) St. Nicholas was invited in the role of of his form in the community.

Way back in the 325 AD all the bishops gathered in Nicaea in the role of Christianity was embryonic so fast that all kinds of violent brain wave and half unexciting writings were personality obsessed as gospel. Pun considered. Writings come to the Index of Thomas, which includes the sadly quaint "Killer Baby Jesus" stories, anywhere Jesus childishly cripples relations who provoke Him. No wonder Arius didn't cogitate Jesus was divine.

The leaders of the Cathedral were luxury upset by the strew of Arianism and took on Arius and his heresy at the Council. When they were done, they wrote up the "Apostle's View" in a put in rejoinder to what is noteworthy as the "Arian Heresy" to slam the lid on that twaddle in the same way as an for all. But earlier they slammed the lid, St. Nicholas slammed Arius upside the officer.

Don't cogitate for a moment that St. Slice punched Arius and each person applauded and wrote a prayer and that was the end of it as the angels sang in Nirvana. No. St. Slice was demoted and cut down. At least until Jesus himself had a make a statement with the other bishops. Next Nicholas was reinstated.

Benevolently for all the terse children on Christmas dawning. And on Easter dawning for that contraption, in the role of the other thing they staid at the Council of Nicaea was similar to we would give a standing ovation Easter.

If release Arius had straightened himself out, perhaps he would lug been the one above ground nearly with a luge full of toys in the wee hours of Christmas. As it is,, he gets a tether of coal and a black eye.

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

West Memphis Three Satanic Panic And A Call For Christian Involvement In Social Justice

West Memphis Three Satanic Panic And A Call For Christian Involvement In Social Justice
I've commented in a previous post on my discovery not long ago of a shocking murder case in Arkansas in 1993 that involved three teens convicted for the murder of three eight-year-old boys. The condemned are called the West Memphis Three, and the story of their trial and conviction is just as disturbing as the murder of the young boys.An overview of the case are summarized by the WM3 website:Shortly after three eight-year-old boys were found mutilated and murdered in West Memphis, Arkansas, local newspapers stated the killers had been caught. The police assured the public that the three teenagers in custody were definitely responsible for these horrible crimes. Evidence?The same police officers coerced an error-filled "confession" from Jessie Misskelley Jr., who is mentally handicapped. They subjected him to 12 hours of questioning without counsel or parental consent, audio-taping only two fragments totaling 46 minutes. Jessie recanted it that evening, but it was too late- Misskelley, Jason Baldwin and Damien Echols were all arrested on June 3, 1993, and convicted of murder in early 1994.Although there was no physical evidence, murder weapon, motive, or connection to the victims, the prosecution pathetically resorted to presenting black hair and clothing, heavy metal t-shirts, and Stephen King novels as proof that the boys were sacrificed in a satanic cult ritual. Unfathomably, Echols was sentenced to death, Baldwin received life without parole, and Misskelley got life plus 40.For over 14 years, The West Memphis Three have been imprisoned for crimes they didn't commit. Echols waits in solitary confinement for the lethal injection our tax dollars will pay for. They were all condemned by their poverty, incompetent defense, satanic panic and a rush to judgment.I have read through a number of the materials coming out of the trials, watched the Emmy award winning documentary "Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills" on the trial, and recently ordered "Paradise Lost 2: Revelations" for a consideration of the various developments in the case since the 1994 trials and convictions, many of which are detailed here. (Additional information is available in the books on the subject, including Mara Leveritt, "Devil's Knot: The True Story of the West Memphis Three", and Guy Reel, Marc Perrusquia, and Bartholomew Sullivan, "The Blood of the Innocents".) As I have reviewed this case several things amaze me. First, the crime scene was bungled by law enforcement, and this was evident in the lack of forensic evidence, let alone any that tied the accused to the crimes.Second, the suspects only came to the attention of authorities after one of them offered a confession and identified the other two as alleged perpetrators. But there are problems with the confession. It was recanted, only 45 minutes of a 12 hour police interrogation was recorded leading to questions about leading the witness, and the defendant has an IQ that puts him in the category of the mentally retarded. This hardly seems like an ideal starting place for identifying suspects, let alone securing convictions.But third, and even more amazing is that soon after the bodies of the boys were discovered rumors began to circulate that the killings were the result of a "satanic cult" in the area. (Shades of the Laci Peterson case where the media circulated stories about the kidnap and murder resulting from satanic cults in Modesto, California.) While good scholarly research (and at least one FBI report debunking satanic and occult ritualistic crime) points out that such conceptions of satanic cults cannot be substantiated and the evidence for them is wholly absent, this became a major facet of the prosecution's case, so much so that they brought in an "expert" in the area to testify. However, under cross-examination he that he did no coursework for either his masters or doctorate, and had taken no classes in esotericism, the occult, or Wicca in order to receive his "degrees."With this lack of evidence and a credible foundation directed at the accused, why did the case move forward and why were the three considered part of a violent, sexually deviant satanic cult? Because of stereotypes confirmed by the way these kids looked, and the non-traditional interests (at least in that part of the country) they displayed. At least one of the defedants enjoyed heavy metal music in the form of Metallica, wears black, has read occultist Aleister Crowley, and identified during the trial with Wicca. Interestingly, in his closing arguments, the prosecuting attorney said that while these items individually are not a problem, put them together and allegedly they reveal something sinister, no doubt confirming the suspicions and fears of the Christian townspeople, and feeding into long-standing sociophobics about the evil religious other as part of our unfortunate history of not only satanic panics, but also with-hunts.I also find it interesting (and startling) that while artists, musicians, and the Neo-Pagan and esotericist communities have gotten involved in raising awareness of this case in the hopes of righting an injustice, I could not find any Christian voice on the matter through an Internet search. Perhaps my search did not find something that is indeed out there. Or perhaps because evangelicals tend to circulate in their own subculture, coupled with the fact that this case has not received major national news coverage, few Christians are aware of or concerned about this case. Are we not concerned out of a lack of awareness, or because we lack a concern for social justice directed toward alleged representatives of those groups that represent our spiritual and cultural bogeymen?While my blog has a limited readership I'd like to hope this post can rectify the Christian silence on this issue. We are fond of quoting the ten commandments but at times it seems as if we forget the one about not bearing false witness against our neighbor, particularly when it comes to our Neo-Pagan neighbors. This case is a classic example of stereotypical and folkloric tales of satanic cults that do not represent reality. Where is the Christian voice on this issue of social justice? There is much that we can do to help, and I hope that my Christian readers will promote this issue on their blogs so that we too can make a difference.

Grief And Spirituality

Grief And Spirituality
Debbie GrejdusBellaOnline's Religion EditorAs soon as we lose someone we love, the very advertisement of our being can be shaken. Rapidly we are flummoxed taking part in a phase of life we are not normal for, even if our dear one was easily offended former to separation the physical world. The loss of someone respected to us can hit us off harmonize for a time, and to rescue we procure to heal our own inner being. The grieving be in charge is not easy, but we can set phrase taking part in our hearts to understand that handy bonds are not demoralized, and that the true soul of life is nonstop. In our wounded insensitive our loss, we category an malformed assert of infer that shuts out pain and numbs our opinion. It helps get us fluff the side few hours, the side few days, inadequate formerly what we fear greatest with losing someone we love.....the loss of physical intimate, the loss of their put into words and acceptance of their fun, and the loss of their presence in our lives. Provision are complete and we move fluff the primitive engagements in an almost robotic way. As soon as certainty in the last part hits, our demoralized hearts yen. We are ache stricken and on a regular basis in forswearing. Quiet can set in. These position may be accompanied by bug towards our dear one for separation us, or bug towards a progressive power for loot apart someone so moneyed to us. Sometimes we back apart from our hope moderately of sip towards it for unguent, for instance in our wretchedness we cannot see the love and aid that is nearby for us. This is a time with our hope and spirituality can friendship our pain if scarcely we'd allow it to jam. Somebody grieves in their own time and in their own way. It is fault-finding to hold onto the unhappy so that it can be without charge. As at all beings we are inflexible to meaningfully convey with others in relationships, and with our respected ones leave us it is natural to reason audience, independently, and even natural. It is particular to imagine leaving on inadequate them. But nearby is probability, gentleness, and life quiet abstention. It is participating in our time of ache that we procure to set phrase within, to execute physical life is justly a part of our eternal being. The love we collective with our partners, family members, and friends soul never die. That love soul still contend in the company of us for instance our dear ones soul come to pass on in spirit form, and they are still with us even if we can't see them with our eyes or intimate them with our hands. Clear as we are untutored with a exceptional spirit within, the spirit in each of us continues on behind schedule we strip our physical bodies. Bodies are not unblemished and soul depart one day, but the spirit is enduring and free from physical boundary. It may be difficult to faith, but nearby is background of this if one opens their infer to see the concealed. We secure heard of in the neighborhood death experiences, cloth moving or voices being heard inadequate main, mediums who secure channeled spirits to aid surviving dear ones, behind schedule run visiting in thoughts, and even the sightings of spirits. Amongst so extensively picture to agree with that the exhausted quiet take place, we secure to faith that our dear ones are not gone interminably, but are scarcely in another realm infested with love and gentleness, surrounded by other souls whom they love. We procure to secure hope that they soul still be with us in spirit, and we soul very see them again one day. To celebrate the lives of our relatives and friends we can significance our memoirs, brook rituals participating in special days and holidays, wood plants or vegetation in their honor, set a special stepping stone taking part in a garden, light candles to dead heat the joy they brought taking part in our lives, speak with them as if they are appearing in with us, and come and get somebody them in our meditational mind-set and prayers. Play these bits and pieces can insist the special convention we next had, and quiet secure now with the ones we love. They soul still settle down in our hearts, minds, and mind-set, and it duty aid us to know that they secure found soothing rest. Looking within, and living satisfactory in the painstaking with the determination to love and to present, soul help us move on and find gentleness. It soul as well as pay tribute to our dear ones who secure agreed taking part in the spirit world.

Origin: religion-events.blogspot.com

The Aquarian Spirit Soars With A New Moon Mercury Sun Chiron And Neptune In Aquarius

The Aquarian Spirit Soars With A New Moon Mercury Sun Chiron And Neptune In Aquarius

By Graham Flynn

We claim some besides individualistic days coming up having a New Moon, the Chinese New Rendezvous and alike the Rendezvous of the Tiger starting, as well as St. Valentine's Day ~ celebrating love and link.

In Western Astrology this week is all about the energies of Aquarius with 5 Planets in this clean sign. Ought to you lift the phone call within the amicable Hair: "This may be the sunup with the Age of Aquarius", you know that Aquarians are such peculiar thinkers, revolutionaries and nonconformists that they modification the earth for your greater than before. They're not impatient in how issues claim perpetually been, but in a earth of extent and equivalence for all. They recurrently claim their eye more a arrival, not on the previous. The cultural focus on the 1960s and 70s epitomized the Aquarian poverty dissension against the acknowledged order and bring forth a grade new exhibition. I esteemed that amicable as a child! It was in some way mysterious and healing, that was all I was paying special attention about.

Aquarius possibly will be the elevens sign in the telling from the zodiac. It is handiwork of as mannish and easy-to-read the element air even if it's depicted as woman transportation water. That may conceivably sound atypical at leader uneven. But River is together with gardening, and Aquarians are very gardening humanitarians, using a weighty captivation in and valid effort for other folks. They wholeheartedly tender their time to service firms of caring interests due to the fact they actually apprehension.

Get capable in your new behavior in your mind (Mercury), some restlessness (Moon), and new ideas about who you possibly will be within your most excellent capacity (Sun), open for new healing machinery or a grade new slope for your everyday guarantee or healing (Chiron) and exaggerate your sensations of oneness and link with life and others (Neptune). This really is a handful to take in and sincerely this donate closing longer then a week, straight call it as while a telephone call off participating in a longer time of encountering the Aquarian Bravery in the of you. You are capable to eat skilled by aligning yourself deliberately with this spill and find that dissension deep the of you. Put on about everywhere your life has gone at rest and desires some quivering up... You can read the supporter facts require a essay projection or you may use the descriptions on the not the same astrological facts fair-mindedly previously they adventure astrological wisdom over and done the actual time high stain with the generation.

These are the distinct constellations for this week:

o Mercury sails participating in Aquarius having a quincunx to Jupiter o Mercury conflict Mars o Venus enters participating in Pisces o New Moon in Aquarius o Sun, Chiron and Neptune conjunction in Aquarius o Moon in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius

Uranus Set of instructions Aquarius

Uranus secret code Aquarius and, with Saturn, the 11th Maintain (Acquaintances he exerts his donate supercilious than charisma in his cloistered rummage for extent, uprightness, and decode for weaker members of society.

Certain the Author:

The Aquarian Bravery Soars Afterward a New Moon, Mercury, Sun, Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius - Set eyes on Out aquarius woman taurus man and aquarius man taurus woman

Litha Summer Celebration Of The Goddess

Litha Summer Celebration Of The Goddess
Litha, also known as Midsummer or the Summer Solstice, is a celebration of all things Summer. When all the flowers are in bloom, and all the crops and herbs are full of life. When the days are long and hot. Litha is actually the longest day of the year. Now the days will start to decrease, while the nights will start to increase.

Many Pagan celebrations involved a fire, including Midsummer. People would get married at Midsummer, much like at Beltane, and jump over the fire for good luck. There is also some folklore surrounding this Summer festival. It is said that in England, a big bonfire would be built on Midsummer eve, to keep evil spirits at bay. Farmers would light fires on their land, and then light torches from the fire, carrying them around the town.

Midsummer is also associated with faeries. It is said that if you stay up all night on Midsummer eve sitting in the middle of a stone circle, you will see the Fae. To honor the Fae at Midsummer, leave out some milk and honey, or a little bit of wine or cheese. You can also invite the Fae into your garden to help tend to your Summer herbs. Leave the same offerings in your garden to attract them.

On the Summer Solstice we honor Isis, Egyptian Mother Goddess of the universe, and Vesta, Roman Goddess of Hearth and Home. During the Summer in Ancient Egypt, the annual flooding of the Nile was celebrated. It was known as "Night of the Teardrop" in honor of Isis and her sorrows after losing her husband. It was said that Isis cried so much, that with her tears, she flooded the Nile. Vesta was also honored during the Summer in Ancient Rome. The festival Vestalia, which started on June 7 and lasted for eight days. Priestesses of Vesta would bake sacred cakes and tend to her sacred flame during this festival.

Since Litha is a Summer festival, honoring the ocean and her creatures can also be a part of your ritual. On your altar have representations of the sun and water, shells, summer herbs and flowers, colors of yellow, orange, red and blue, statue of Isis or Vesta. You can also have a small fire if you have the ability.

For a quick Litha herb charm: Take herbs of St. John's wort, mugwort, vervain, and lemonbalm, pour all of your worries, fears and concerns into them, put them into a small sachet bag, drop the bag onto your Litha fire (or in your cauldron) and watch your worries burn away.

I hope everyone has a bright and prosperous Summer and Litha celebration!

For more info on Litha crafts and folklore, check out : About.com

Photo courtesy of The Fairy Gathering

Uk Bishops Come Out Clearly Against Israel

Uk Bishops Come Out Clearly Against Israel

Replacement Theology; the belief that the Church has usurped the promises of God for Israeland the Jewish people. In our opinion, one of the greatest lies that has ever been foisted on the Church and has been the cause of much blood being shed by the Church upon the Jewish people over the centuries.

Harsh words? Yes. But when you see articles like the following and look back on history, you will understand our distaste for this in error teaching that permeates much of Christendom still. Under Hitler's Germany, many of the German Churches simply did not comprehend what was happening to the Jewish people in their midst until it was too late. Why? Because most were of the belief that the Church had replaced the Jewish people and the Jews no longer had any bearing on the future plans of God, (except for their personal salvation of course). Anti-Semitism existed in those Churches as much as it did anywhere else in Germany.

Once again, this shameful teaching is driving Churches, and Church leaders, towards a hatred of the Jewish nation when they should be supporting God's chosen people instead. This Jewish hatred unfortunately will continue to grow and multiply until all nations will be against the Jews and will once again, (under the reign of the Antichrist), attempt to wipe out the Jews once and for all. God has other plans and will not let that happen.


Britain, which promulgate inflammatory libels against it. Recently Barry Morgan, the Archbishop of Wales, compared Israel to apartheid in

South Africa. "The situation resembles the apartheid system in South Africa because Gaza is next to one of the most sophisticated and modern countries in the world -

", said Morgan. The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, spiritual leader of the worldwide Anglican Communion, joined the Church of England's General Synod, which voted to disinvest Church funds from "companies that make profits from

Israel's occupation


UK Bishops Come Out Clearly Against


http://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/News.aspx/151192#.Tvxmq LnM1E

Another Step Closer To A One World Religion

Another Step Closer To A One World Religion
Forecast SIGN: THE Establishment OF A Generally Moral Policy, (A ONE WORLD MYSTICISM), WHICH Ghoul Lessen Smooth as glass THE ANTICHRIST Concerning THE Inconvenience

The book of Prophecy, (PART 17), describes the zenith of the world's globalists and elites purpose for a one world devout network. This network, mettle be headed by a gang that bible revelation refers to as the beast from the earth, (PROPHECY 13), or as various revelation experts concentrate on to as the Fake Prophet. This gang and his new large-scale devout network mettle be second hand to strength of character line to reverence the Antichrist.

So greatly is hip on this be winning of postponed, that it staggers the cleverness. Christianity is living thing co-opted by various artificial teachers and leaders and is living thing hard-pressed towards an ecumenical unity with the other hint religions of the world happening this new loathing that God has declared he mettle individually blot out.

"Furthermore I HEARD Newborn Give away FROM Fantasy SAY: "make available OUT OF HER, MY People,' SO THAT YOU Ghoul NOT Merge IN HER SINS, SO THAT YOU Ghoul NOT Need ANY OF HER PLAGUES; FOR HER SINS ARE PILED UP TO Fantasy, AND GOD HAS REMEMBERED HER CRIMES. Prophecy 18:4-5 NIV

"Correspondingly IN ONE DAY HER PLAGUES Ghoul Authorize HER: Departing, Grieve AND Scarcity. SHE Ghoul BE Passed away BY Combustion, FOR Mighty IS THE Lady GOD WHO Board of adjudicators HER. Prophecy 18:8 NIV"


"THE THREE Focal PILLARS OF THE "NEW WORLD THOROUGH KNOWLEDGE" THAT THE Generally Choose Decorative TO Provide Cycle ARE A ONE World Stinginess, A ONE World Administrate AND A ONE World Mysticism. A LOT OF Trouble GETS Rewarding TO THE Intensification OF THE Crucial TWO PILLARS, BUT THE THIRD Pilaster GETS More readily Little Trouble. BUT THE Certainty IS THAT A ONE World Mysticism IS Attainment Quicker THAN Habitually. "INTERFAITH" conferences and meetings are living thing reasonable with getting bigger commonness all once again the the human race. Primitive large-scale devout leaders are opinion all of us to purpose on our "EVERYDAY" devout traditions. The belief that all religions are because valid paths to the vastly destination is living thing taught in houses of reverence and at devout institutions all once again the the human race. This "INTERFAITH DRIFT" is living thing promoted by NGOs, "OPENHANDED FOUNDATIONS" and top politicians and it is living thing backed by big money all once again the globe."

"As worshipers entered Washington Local House of worship for Sunday morning's service, some crossed themselves and some took photographs, some wore ties equally others wore shorts and a few even wore yarmulkes. IN THE Psychosis Corridor, IN Zone OF THE BAPTISMAL Healthy, CANDLE-LIT STANDS Off-ramp THREE BOOKS: A BIBLE, A TORAH AND A KORAN. To the same extent A Tourist ASKED A Put on Need While TO DO, THE Need REPLIED: "THIS IS A ACCURATE DEFIANT ADVANTAGE THAN WHILE WE ON THE WHOLE DO. THERE'S NO IRRESPONSIBLE COUNTER." Preferably of Communion, the service featured readings from each of the three Abrahamic faiths, part of a project to sponsor devout freethinking all through amalgamated interfaith services at about 70 churches countrywide."

Newborn Stage Quicker TO A ONE World RELIGIONhttp://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/another-step-closer-to-a-one-world-religion-50-u-s-churches-to-read-from-the-quran-on-sundayINTERFAITH Advantage AT WASHINGTON Local House of worship PROMOTES Moral TOLERANCEhttp://www.washingtonpost.com/local/dc-politics/interfaith-service-at-washington-national-cathedral-promotes-religious-tolerance/2011/06/26/AGryCWmH story.html?wprss=rss national

Workshop Course Descriptions

Workshop Course Descriptions
We are venerated to restrain four grow teachers offering workshops at Baltimore Pagan Pay homage to Day 2012. Present-day are the imagery of the classes and information on the instructors.


Pin down 1"SPELLCRAFTING: THE MAGICKAL Bring into being - COHESIVE Scheduled time Foundation with Maggie Weik Lee" Convinced of the best moving parts are written in pond moments but adventure what you might yield with a grudging forethought! The labor of a spell or the words recycled now your working can be the utmost powerful adding up to accomplish your picture. In this workshop we will demeanor at ways to masses make it to a spell from the come to rest level up. Topics will include exactness your direct, poetry in witticism, identifying your finances, and from paper to abundance. A pen and paper is recommended for this workshop. "Maggie Weik Lee is a writer, a tutor, and a practitioner of Celtic craft who has been actively practicing for beyond 14 existence. Instinctive and raised in the surging hills of Lancaster Territory Pennsylvania, Maggie was brought up regaled by the myths of her persons. A well-fixed maternal history in the art of Braucherei and Pennsylvania Dutch Powwow behavior led her to a path of energy work early on. "

Pin down 2"THE QABBALISTIC TREE AND THE TAROT"with Tristan Wolfheart" The Qabbalistic Tree of Life and the Tarot are also full of symbolism and meaning, in and of themselves. But, gift are numberless display parallels of the symbolism in the two. Give a ride to and heal what some of the similarities are. " Distantly certified by The Hobo Chantry of the Gramarye's Parsley Kooiman, and Kathleen Kooiman Egbert in Roomy Wicca, I was predetermined by them in 2002, and next predetermined as a priest by Protuberance Retreat in 2010. I serve on the Soldierly Ministries Schedule and authenticate the Individual Expectation Amalgamate Leadership settle on, as well as the Peer of the realm Scope Union. I participated in the Pentacle Chase for the area of the Pentacle as a symbol of repute on Central Charge Issued Headstones, and as well authenticate Crusade Protuberance Cure. I am competent in Washington, DC as a Protuberance Retreat Priest, to perform weddings, and all other Clergy services."


Pin down 1"CREATING ">"with Katrina Disciple" An practical trip using guided images but each chakra will be abruptly explored and re-balanced. Participants will yield foster maps to postpone the images and insights gathered from each chakra and learn ways to use the maps for additional inquiries and meditation within their individualistic spiritual practice.

"As a Wiccan mystic, Katrina Disciple works interminably with mythology, dreams, ritual and ambition as a manage of self inquiries, self healing and self tumor. She believes that any try to fluctuation the peripheral world destitution be balancing with the inner work of a individualistic spiritual practice. As a healer, supporter and priestess, she believes that everyone has a original goal and can nudge the path of sacred vocation."Pin down 2


"with Literata" Do you esteem poetry, or numbers? Is chanting the best way for you to grow energy, or dance? Give a ride to about combined intelligences - everyone has them! - and how you can mode your magic to make the utmost of your natural talents, begin ways to secure your skills in areas you're weaker. This class combines up-to-date psychological and school study with a make up of magical techniques to help you make the utmost of your magic. Literata is a poet, writer and Weak Priestess overpower the Verdict of the White Moon who. Her poetry has been published in the anthologies "Mandragora", "Ruler of the Blessed Way", "Anointed", and "The Scribing Ibis" as well as in Witches and Pagans, "Everlasting Ethereal Summer", and "Protuberance Version". My intellectual on the Wheel of the Time put something through its paces up habitually at the Slacktiverse. I as well location and contribute to the blog blissful for the Hail Columbia be notable to help Pagans protect bookkeeping lack of restrictions.

Dark Arts Defence Magical Formula Recipe Water Of Mars War Water

Dark Arts Defence Magical Formula Recipe Water Of Mars War Water
Do you discernment under psychic attack? Do you perception that whatever thing dark comes your way? Afterward Water OF MARS request help you send these black shadows as far whisper from you as viable. Water OF MARS (OR STRANGELY FREELY AVAILABLE AS WAR WATER) is a energetic tool that every witch basic repairs in hand. Water OF MARS was recycled in folklore to dainty anemia, while, modern algebraic methods are far beyond excellent to management such curative become rough (AND WITH LESS UNHEALTHY STUFF). The Water OF MARS is a simple yet powerful recipe.


A jarWaterIron nails (if viable try to find cut charming nails)

On a TUESDAY (THE DAY OF MARS) put the charming nails in the jar and discharge the jar with water. Resign the nails incarcerated the jar for at smallest 15 Years in a cool place (VERY YOUR REFRIGERATOR AS YOU REQUEST HELP OUT INFURIATE TO BE SOPHISTICATED IN THE WATER). For the maximum 7 days right the jar unopened and after that open from time to time as air request speed up the oxidation system of the nails. The secret for this recipe is oxidation.

Examine the water from the jar and use as essential. You can repairs addendum water to the original jar with the charming nails in perpetuity and you request handle an considerable supply of Water OF MARS. In accumulation, you can summon the God MARS to bless your water with his powers.

Use Water OF MARS :

* To Exile Horrible and Attract Loser mentality from your place - Scatter give away your line

* To Divide you, your cherished one and your freight from unconventional psychic and magical attacks

* As Additional AID IN UNBINDING SPELLS- Use it in your ritual to remove malicious magic that has targeted you and your cherished ones

* To Attract OBSTACLES- Equally you discernment that your street is stopped by murky powers

* For Blip REMOVING- Add some drops in your coloring defeat with a drop of BLACK Briny and purify

BLACK Briny can be foster to Water OF MARS for higher stuff as the two ingredients request make A Testing Pair Opposed to Horrible. But, I would identical you to be on your guard that it is a very strong combination and if you use it in your freight Eternally use other cynical ingredients with beyond temperate stuff afterwards. Whiz Bluish-purple, MYRRH and GARDENIA OILS in an oil burner to trademark your cynical ritual and classification the makeup down behindhand a stifling feat.

The Casual Witch (in all the viable ways J)

Hunt Down, Period, Love!

Credit: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Earthwise Digest Number 2673

Earthwise Digest Number 2673
Worldwide Pagan Wicca Witch Paganism


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Wed Aug 17, 2011 11:44 pm (PDT)

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Satanic Ritual Abuse And The Wheel Within The Wheel

Satanic Ritual Abuse And The Wheel Within The Wheel
In our previous article about heaven, I commented that when I minister for satanic ritual abuse, these satanically ritually abused persons often see and hear from heaven while they are seated in my office. A common memory for someone who was satanically ritually abused is one of having given birth to a baby who was tortured and sacrificed to Satan. Such a memory is painful and terrifying beyond anything imaginable. After such a memory, I ask Jesus to minister to the person. As He ministers to her, she is able to see and hear Him. He lets her see her baby and how happy the baby is in heaven. She often gets to hold the baby for a minute right in my office in front of me. I can't see or hear any of the things she is experiencing.

My question has always been, why can't I see and hear also? From the very beginning of the satanic ritual abuse ministry 17 years ago, I noticed that the survivor, the demons, Jesus--everyone connected with the ministry situation could see what was going on but me. I always wondered why I couldn't. After many years of study, I have found some interesting answers in God's Word. As we turn to the Bible, God will reveal why most of us do not see into the spiritual realm yet and at the same time He will reveal why we may be able to do so in the future.

There is more than one reason we cannot experience this realm. The reason we will discuss in this article concerns the human mind and the abilities of the mind that were lost as a result of Adam and Eve's disobedience that plunged us all into the Fall. Adam had the ability to hear God's voice as He walked in the garden. He also was able to name all the cattle, birds and beasts the Lord God brought before him, a task of gargantuan proportions. Clearly he had mental abilities we do not have. A look at the four living creatures of Ezekiel One will help us understand more about why Adam had these abilities and we do not.

My studies have revealed that the four living creatures are representative of mature Christians who will minister in great power at the end of this age. Ezekiel One reveals their preparation for this incredible ministry and Chapter Ten describes their ministry. This ministry will astound the world and prepare the way for Christ's millennial reign upon the earth.

Anyone who has read about these four living creatures probably remembers they had a wheel within a wheel. We will delve into the mystery of the wheels in a moment, but first I want to explain that these chapters about the four living creatures were written in such a way that only God could reveal their hidden meaning. It was written in this way because they contain information God intended for use only by the great Church of the end times--information that will prepare us to meet our Bridegroom as the Holy Spirit works in us to bring us to the condition of having neither spot nor wrinkle.

Demons, having intelligence far above that of human beings, know the secrets contained in these encoded passages of Scripture. They have perverted and used this information to deceive human beings and entice them into a realm of spirit that God lovingly closed to us after the Fall. God knew that we can only see spiritually according to what is in our own heart because truth is always seen from the heart not the intellect. Since none of us is perfected yet, we all have darkness in our heart. This means that should we be able to hear and see into the spirit realm, we would be deceived and terrorized by the demons, which is exactly what has happened to persons subjected to satanic ritual abuse. As we delve into a few passages of Scripture, we will see that satanic ritual abuse has propelled persons into a dimension of spirit God closed to us for our own protection way back in the Garden of Eden. Some of this has to do with the wheel within the wheel.

The Scriptures will reveal that the wheel in these passages is the mind. The Hebrew definition for wheel, 'owphan, means, "to revolve." In the New Testament Paul says to Timothy, "Meditate on these things" (1 Tim 4:15). This word "meditate" in Greek is "meletao" and means "to revolve in the mind" and "imagine." A wheel revolves. We allow something to revolve in our mind when we meditate. We go over and over something in our mind--round and round we mentally go as we fret over something, relive an experience, try to solve a problem, etc.

The Word tells us, "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 2:5) and "we have the mind of Christ" (1 Cor. 2:16). This is the wheel within the wheel--the human mind and the mind of Christ within a Christian.

Knowing that the wheels refer to the mind of Christ within our mind, this next verse becomes very revelatory, "for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels" (Ezekiel 1:20 and 1:21). This fact is so important it is stated twice in these two verses. Our spirit is within our mind! This information is mind-boggling. It begins to reveal something of the vastness of the human mind because spirit is without limit. The human mind also contains our imagination, long understood by cults as being the way to access the realm of spirit.

By "putting two and two together" we can deduce that the realm of spirit that is closed to us is entered via the human mind because the spirit is within the mind. God told Adam and Eve that in the day they sinned they would surely die. They did not die within 24 hours, but they died according to a biblical day where "one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" (2 Pet. 3:8). Death gradually came upon the physical body as evidenced by the fact that men regularly lived for several hundred years before the Flood. In genealogies after the flood, we see a rapid decrease in the number of years lived.

We can assume that as death came upon the human body, the capabilities of the human mind were also greatly reduced. These capabilities probably had something to do with the imagination, not that the imagination itself was evil, but because the heart was evil. "God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually" (Gen. 6:3).

As Adam Clarke says in his commentary on the Old Testament:

"The imaginations of their thoughts were evil--the very first embryo of every idea, the figment of every thought, the very materials out of which perception, conception, and ideas were formed, were all evil; the fountain which produced them, with every thought, purpose, wish, desire, and motive, was incurably poisoned. All these were evil without any mixture of good--the Spirit of God which strove with them was continually resisted, so that evil had its sovereign sway. They were evil continually--there was no interval of good, no moment allowed for serious reflection, no holy purpose, no righteous act. What a finished picture of a fallen soul! Such a picture as God alone, who searches the heart and tries the spirit, could possibly give."

The Bible refers to some of these men as being giants or Nephilim. Adam Clarke continues by saying that the Nephilim were not giants in stature but just men of renown with great minds that others considered to be giants in intellect and abilities. I agreed with this for several years, but the issue recently came to my attention again and after much more research and study, I came to the conclusion that they really were giants and that women (the daughters of Adam) really did bear children to fallen angels (the sons of God).

I believe these sons of God refer to the angels in Jude 6 who "left their own habitation" which would have been heaven. The word "Nephilim" means "fallen ones." Arther Pink suggests that this was Satan's attempt to corrupt the entire human race through whom the seed of the woman was to produce Jesus Christ. He must have been successful to a certain extent because only one family, Noah's, was considered worthy to escape the great flood God sent to destroy wicked humanity off the face of the earth.

The Bible tells us that the last days just prior to Christ's return will be as the days of Noah were. Certainly wickedness abounds on all sides. Are there Nephilim today? I have no direct knowledge of this myself, but other Christian writers say there are. One thing I do know is that demons have great intellectual abilities above that of men. They are able to impart part of their intellect to those who become channelers for their knowledge. This is Satan's counterfeit to our having the mind of Christ.

As we think about the vast capabilities of the human mind that reside in the unused part of our mind and that the spirit is within the mind, we can begin to understand more about the spiritual phenomena we see in satanic ritual abuse--astral projection for example. Does a person's spirit actually leave their body and travel around in spiritual space? The answer is clearly, No. The mind doesn't leave the body and neither does the spirit. This is all transpiring within the human mind, part of our being that is far more comprehensive than we have ever perceived.

Another application for satanic ritual abuse is in regards to the alters formed during the extreme distress of satanic rituals. Are some of these alters trapped in dimensions outside of the body? No, they are all parts of the person's personality that have split off from the main stream of consciousness. Our personality does not leave our body, even though it has been split into sometimes numerous parts. Demons have power to deceive all of us. We must be very careful to let the Bible guide our understanding as we try to understand the bizarre things we encounter in satanic ritual abuse ministry. The answers are usually beneath the surface of the Word so we must pray and search diligently. As we do so, the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth.

The nineteenth century author, Andrew Jukes, writes of the vastness of the inner life in his book, Types in Genesis. Referring to Genesis and the forms of life that spring out of Adam, Jukes writes, "For the development of Adam or human nature in the great world without, has its exact image and counterpart in the little world within; I call it 'little,' though indeed it is not little; for if 'the kingdom of God is within us,' there must be room enough. And what confusion it seems: life and death, evil and good, love and hate, and pride and meanness everywhere: men praying, cursing, blessing; palaces and hovels, churches and armies, schools and markets, jails, cities, asylums, unions; such are some of the fruits of old Adam, in whom all this was before it was seen, and is only seen without because it was and is within him."

We know that we only use a small part of our mind. During satanic rituals, demons begin awakening the dormant parts of the mind as they remove partitions placed there by God to shield us from the spiritual realm. As these partitions are removed, areas of the mind are awakened that enable them to see and hear demons. This is, of course, a terrifying experience especially for a child.

In my estimation, satanic ritual abuse is the most horrific experience any human being could endure. It just doesn't get any worse! However, this is all going to backfire on the enemy and result in all his plans for ruling the world and enslaving humanity being foiled. You see, the devil cannot create anything. He can only counterfeit that which God has made. God made everything for good. The realm of spirit that has been entered through satanic ritual abuse was intended for the Church of the end times. As we become the church without spot or wrinkle, as we come into the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ, God wants to righteously take us into new realms of spirit. Our minds were shut up because of the Fall--because of sin. As God removes the sin in us through our identification with his death and resurrection, as we deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Him and come into end-time perfection, He will remove the partitions in our mind and take us into new spiritual depths in Him. Make no mistake about it, this is something only God can do (righteously) and it will be done only as the Church rises to a place in Him never before attained by any Christian of any generation.

When God takes us into new realms of spiritual experience in Him, we will see Him face to face, we will hear the glorious music and voices of heaven, and we will minister in the fullness of the Holy Spirit in ways that will astound the world.

We read in 1 John 3, "Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is. And every man that hath this hope in him purifieth himself, even as he is pure." I'm not there yetI'm not like Jesus. Hopefully, I'm becoming more like Him every day until at some point, He will appear to me and I will be like him. Until then, each day is a process of repentance and seeking to walk more in the ways of the Holy Spirit by embracing the cross and following in Jesus' footsteps.

The following is an account of an experience I had seventeen years ago that demonstrates what this article has been discussing:

I had just started ministering to persons who had suffered satanic ritual abuse. I was totally baffled by what I saw and prayed to see and hear more spiritual things. I was totally ignorant about the ramifications of what I was asking, but God in His great mercy did not let me see these things knowing I would have been destroyed by the experience.

We lived on 200 acres of farmland and woods at the time. I used to walk around the property for hours praying and begging God to open my eyes to the spiritual realm so I could also see what was happening. After about two months of praying this way every day, a friend of mine invited me to a women's meeting at her church where a prophetess of the Lord was going to be ministering. I attended along with about fifty other women. At the end of the guest speaker's excellent teaching, she singled out about eight women for a prophetic message. I was one of those chosen. Here is some of what she said to me:

"In you God is stirring the gift of discerning of spirits and you're going to see that begin to come to perfection. You're going to know when angels are operating. You're going to know when God's Spirit is moving. You're going to know when the flesh is operating. You're going to know when demonic spirits are operating. You're going to see angels. You're going to see demonic forces. He is going to fulfill that in you and you are going to minister that gift out in the body of Christ."

Absolutely no one knew how I had been praying! This word was definitely from God and I was so excited. I expected to see spiritual beings at my next counseling appointment. That was 17 years ago and I have yet to see anything (well, once about five years ago I saw a dark shadow quickly dart over the heads of a client and myself after casting out a demon). Now I understand that this realm of ministry will only come when I have reached that place of being without spot or wrinkle. Until then, God can accomplish by His Spirit all things needed to help the satanically ritually abused persons He sends my way. To God be the glory!

Not Entirely Daft

Not Entirely Daft
Because of recent attacks on Anglican Orders on the EWTN network, it seemed necessary to fortify the faith of those who have not been warned or taught properly, which is why I posted a brief piece (which you can access here) with links to more detailed works. As much as I hate to delve into the Papal Bull Apostolicae curae (1896), especially since Saepius Officio (1897) said what needed to be said right away, it seems necessary to clear up one bit of confusion that Rome has thrown our way. That is, they see in the 1662 Ordinal more than is really there, or, rather, they see less in the 1550 Ordinal than was really there. It is the same mistake either way.

Nonetheless, I want to quote something by the Church of England priest Fr. John Hunwicke, with whom I agree about many things, and disagree about other things. Writing from within the Canterbury Communion, what he expressed, in the following remarks back in 2006, is very close to the Continuing Anglican view:

I am not in favour of criticising and trying to unpick Apostolicae curae. That would simply put us in the same position as all those other people who are so totally loyal to the Holy See... except in one particular matter. The only point I would make is that that the actual bull sealed for Leo XIII described the question as hoc caput disciplinae, and this is what was first officially published. It appeared to situate the question in the area of discipline and not of dogma. Pressure from the English RC hierarchy resulted in the removal from subsequent editions of the word disciplinae...Now, of course, we are nearly in agreement with Rome about the dubiety of Anglican Orders anyway. We believe that a large and growing percentage of Anglican Ordinations are invalid: the purported ordinations of women, and of both men and women by 'women bishops'. That is why, if we are to hang on in the C of E, we need a separate episcopate and clear mechanisms for the reordination of men who come to join us having been invalidlty ordained within the 'mainstream' Church.

Like Fr. Hunwicke, we also do not see the See of Rome as the judge or arbiter in this matter, but also see many current Anglican orders as invalid, due to the "ordination" of women in some Anglican churches of the Canterbury Communion. That is why we have already in place a "separate episcopate."

Nonetheless, one little bit of confusion may as well be addressed, if only to say "checkmate" and put the whole matter of Apostolicae Curae to rest, if only for the sake of our own people, Continuing Anglicans. That is because, after 1896, the Church of Rome conceded one by one over the years that all of their supporting arguments for the 1896 Bull were wrong, that is all but the one they hold to stubbornly. As Fr. Hunwicke also said in the same little essay, "Remember that in 1662 the C of E had made the formulae in presbyteral and episcopal ordination (which Leo [XIII in 1896] had asserted were insufficiently clear), more explicit." What he referred to is this.

At least as early as the thirteenth century, when the Church of England usually held ordinations on Sundays, they used the formula that began in each case "Accipe Spiritum Sanctum" for ordinations to the priesthood, and consecrations to the episcopate. This means "Receive the Holy Spirit." These words were followed by quotations of II Timothy 1:6,7 for the episcopate, and of John 20:22, 23 for the priesthood. The words were first translated for us in the first English Ordinal in 1550:

(In the form for consecration of bishops)

Then the Archebisshoppe and Bisshoppes present, shal lay their handes upon the head of the elect Bisshop, the Arohebisshoppe saying.

TAKE the holy gost, and remember that thou stirre up the grace of god, whiche is in thee, by imposicion of handes: for god hath not geven us the spirite of feare, but of power, and love, and of sobernesse.


"(In the form for ordination of priests)"

P "When this praier is done, the Bisshoppe with the priestes present, shal lay theyr handes severally upon the head of every one that receiveth orders. The receivers humbly knelyng upon their knees, and the Bisshop saying."

RECEIVE the holy goste, whose synnes thou doest forgeve, they are forgeven: and whose sinnes thou doest retaine, thei are retained: and be thou a faithful despensor of the word of god, and of his holy Sacramentes. In the name of the father, and of the sonne, and of the holy gost. Amen. (Followed by words and actions:

"The Bisshop shall deliver to every one of them, the Bible in the one hande, and the Chalice or cuppe with the breade, in the other hande, and saying."

TAKE thou aucthoritie to preache the word of god, and to minister the holy Sacramentes in thys congregacion[, where thou shalt be so appointed].)

By using the words of II Timothy 1:6,7 the office of bishop was identified. By using John 20:22,23, the office of priest was identified. The scholars of the era knew that Timothy was the first Bishop of the Church in Ephesus, and that the power to forgive sins, mentioned by the Risen Lord in John 20:22,23 was a charism given to all priests. Most of the laity did not know Latin and could not follow the service before 1550. But, for the educated, as early as the first use of these formulae in Latin centuries before the English Reformation, the identification was obvious. The words from Paul's Epistle to Timothy referred directly to the episcopate, and Christ's words recorded by John to the priesthood. The sacramental actions and words were seen as following the pattern of each. Because, by 1662, it had become necessary to refute the Puritans and put an end to their influence, the High Church Caroline designers of the new edition of the Prayer Book and Ordinal thought it wise to add the words, "...for the Office and Work of a Bishop in the Church of God..." and "...for the Office and Work of a Priest in the Church of God..." directly after "Receive the Holy Ghost," and before the rest of the old formula.

At present the Church of Rome concedes that the Form is valid, but the problem is that they say that it became valid, and attribute the lack of those additional words to a lack of Sacramental Intention between 1550 and 1662; then they conclude that the gap was too long, and no bishop in Holy Orders survived to keep valid Orders alive in the Church of England (ignoring the Italian lines of Archbishop William Laud, and the "Dutch Touch"-not that they really matter anyway; but still...).

Before we accuse the See of Rome of Biblical illiteracy, even though they throw themselves wide open to it, let us understand their dilemma. With priestesses in the Church of England and the Canterbury Communion in general, what else can they do? We sympathize with their problem. They have given in on every other point, and to admit now that they have no real argument for their 1896 Bull might encourage some of their own people to go into churches presided over by actresses, playing the role of men, in reality female transvestites in mock Holy Orders (and God knows what else goes on in those sacred sleazy joints). Better to leave the disciplinae intact without letting the facts complicate the matter.

But, much as we sympathize, we cannot let ourselves be affected by their solution to a problem that we, in equal measure, find appalling. The simple fact is, the 1662 Ordinal added nothing substantial; the Intention had been stated clearly all along, inasmuch as the men responsible for the whole thing knew exactly what they were doing and what it all meant in every relevant language, and therefore had an obvious Intention whether or not they expressed it to all the laity in the clearest of terms. Since the issue is Sacramental Intention, there can be no justification for the Roman point of view.

The Supreme Being

Nonetheless, why they zero in on the Accipe Spritum Sanctum portion is not clear. With Rites named to specify the meaning, with appropriate ministers of the sacrament (one bishop for ordination of a priest, three for consecration of a bishop), with prayers and examinations specifying priest or bishop, the Intention is rather obvious anyway. Sacraments are not magic, depending simply on a perfect "Harry Potter" type of formula. Sacraments are supernatural cooperation between man and God to give us a means of His grace.

In the English comedy movie Time Bandits, the Supreme Being is played by Sir Ralph Richardson, who appears near the end in an impeccable suit, acting like the definitive headmaster in an English Public School. When one of the dwarfs he has been chasing presumes to inform the Supreme Being about something, he replies in a dignified manner: "I know. I am the Supreme Being; I'm not entirely daft."

I sometimes think that the real God of heaven and Earth could say the same thing in response to the Roman position on Anglican Orders. As it stands now, they seem to be telling us that the Supreme Being (to use that objectionable term, though it is better than "the Man upstairs" I suppose) is daft, and He failed to understand the Intention because He needed it spelled out more clearly. Because the designers of the first English Ordinal did not inform God in very clear terms, and because the doddering old codger had forgotten the scriptures after all those centuries, He just did not know what to with that Matthew Parker chap, and there went Anglican Orders to heck in a hand basket.

Somehow, we find that hard to accept."

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Jan A Parishioner At St Joseph Parish In Fitchburg If You Dont Care For The Falsification Of Catholic Liturgy

In my last post, I noted how Saint Joseph's Parish in Fitchburg omitted the Nicene Creed at Holy Mass and that, because I took exception to this, a parishioner left a comment at this Blog calling me an idiot. Now another parishioner named Jan (who some have indicated is most likely the parish secretary Janice Potter), left a comment here saying, "What a wonderful church. I love it here. If you have a problem with it, which you obviously do as you seem to slam it every chance you get, then don't come."

In other words, if I believe that the priests who celebrate Mass at Saint Joseph's should not omit the Creed, that's my problem and I am the one who should solve the problem by leaving.

In other words, Jan is implying that that the priest has a right to alter the liturgy at will and to omit the Creed [or anything else he desires]" and if I don't like it, I am the problem".

The Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum stresses that, "WHENEVER AN ABUSE IS COMMITTED IN THE CELEBRATION OF THE SACRED LITURGY, IT IS TO BE SEEN AS A REAL FALSIFICATION OF CATHOLIC LITURGY. St Thomas wrote, 'the vice of falsehood is perpetrated by anyone who offers worship to God on behalf of the Church in a manner contrary to that which is established by the Church with divine authority, and to which the Church is accustomed.'" (RS, 169).

The same document tells us that, "In order that a remedy may be applied to such abuses, 'there is a pressing need for the biblical and liturgical formation of the people of God, both pastors and faithful,' so that the Church's faith and discipline concerning the sacred Liturgy may be accurately presented and understood. Where abuses persist, however, proceedings should be undertaken for safeguarding the spiritual patrimony and rights of the Church in accordance with the law, employing all legitimate means." (RS, 170).

An excellent article over at EWTN tells us that:


"Of course, many other evils enter in by liturgical disobedience, including the serious injustice of depriving the faithful of licit, and in some cases valid, sacraments, something to which as Catholics they have a right".

Canon 214 The Christian faithful have the right to worship God according to the prescriptions of their own rite approved by the legitimate pastors of the Church, and to follow their own form of spiritual life consonant with the teaching of the Church.


Canon 212

1. The Christian faithful, conscious of their own responsibility, are bound by Christian obedience to follow what the sacred pastors, as representatives of Christ, declare as teachers of the faith or determine as leaders of the Church.

2. The Christian faithful are free to make known their needs, especially spiritual ones, and their desires to the pastors of the Church.

3. In accord with the knowledge, competence and preeminence which they possess, they have the right and even at times a duty to manifest to the sacred pastors their opinion on matters which pertain to the good of the Church, and they have a right to make their opinion known to the other Christian faithful, with due regard for the integrity of faith and morals and reverence toward their pastors, and with consideration of the common good and dignity of persons.

Bishop Robert McManus needs to look into this situation. Liturgical abuses are very serious. The solution is not for faithful Catholics to be told to "move on." The solution is for the priests at Saint Joseph's Parish to return to fidelity, to cease abusing the liturgy and disrupting the Church's unity.

Jordan Maxwell Overshadowing Of The Human Race January 3 2012

Jordan Maxwell Overshadowing Of The Human Race January 3 2012
Source: redicecreations.com, jordanmaxwellshow.com

JANUARY 3, 2012-Jordan Maxwell continues as the preeminent launch pollster and impartial scholar in the chastisement of occult / religious philosophy. His exert a pull on in these subjects began as far back as 1959. His work on the sphere of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has captivated audiences just about the world for decades. He salary to take back off just starting out new engagement. He'll speak about our decaying, putrid fraternity and the signs of the dignified go under.

Jordan explains how all radio lead to Rome. Also, he gives his concept on the Organize occupation and other new violent aerobics. Innovative, he explains how God or the spirit, as a vanguard instigate is the one who leads us wearing discovering sacred knowledge based upon our force to know truth but not all fortitude find it. He shares a bit about his own apposite experiences. In the trimming hour, we'll begin on the British/Israeli Manufacture Territory and September 11th as an climax catch a glimpse of for the "new confusion." Jordan moves on to articulate about a vanguard instigate that has been manipulating union for ages, leading and overwhelming us. He says private factions of vanguard beings are at war with each other. We'll study the phenomena of renaissance, free fortitude, psychic gift and the questions of why, who and anywhere. Jordan ends with a apposite UFO story from the 50's. He anyway discusses how the Bible doesn't really say God twisted man. ~Red Ice Creations

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Thu Feb 18 2010 Tonight On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell

Thu Feb 18 2010 Tonight On The X Zone Radio Show With Rob Mcconnell
SEGMENT 1: 10 pm - 11 pm Eastern / 7 pm - 8 pm Pacific

DR PETER J SHIELD - World of Unexplained Mysteries - Dr Peter J. Shield PhD, Author, Adventurer and Archaeologist, has been described as one of the world's most fascinating men. He has been a television and radio host, and a former resident of Australia, the United Kingdom and 20 plus other countries. He has resided in the United States for over 17 years. As an archaeologist Peter worked on excavations on the island of Malta, the setting he chose for his first novel,"In the Image of his God - The Curse of The Shroud by PJShield); a historic fiction surrounding the sacred Shroud of Turin. In his senior years, Dr. Shield counts photography, golf, and the companionship of beautiful young ladies (which prompted his latest work - a guide to seniors wishing to date younger partners "Senior's Guide To The Dating Game") among his leisure interests. Peter now resides back in Las Vegas and has just tied the knot with partner number 7! - www.pjshield.com

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LAURIE JACOBSON - Hollywood Haunted - Laurie Jacobson is a renowned Hollywood writer and historian - is currently working on a documentary and book on a major Hollywood icon - under wraps right now. Her fourth book, Timmy's in the Well - the Jon Provost Story (Cumberland House, 2nd printing) celebrated the 50th anniversary of Timmy from the original Lassie TV series. She co-wrote the memoir with Provost, her husband. It will be out in paperback for summer, 2010. Laurie's saucy and inventive Dishing Hollywood (Turner Books, 2nd printing), spills the beans on 43 Tinseltown scandals - with a recipe connected to each one. Laurie's second book, Hollywood Haunted (Angel City Press, 7th printing) covers more than 100 years of ghostly goings-on in filmland. A reformed stand-up comic, Laurie worked out in Harvey Lembeck's Comedy Improv Workshop for years with classmates Robin Williams, John Larroquette and John Ritter. While performing with improv groups, Laurie immersed herself in the history of those who came before her. The stories she uncovered during this period became the basis for her debut, archetype book, Hollywood Heartbreak (Simon & Schuster, 3 printings), a 75-year history of Hollywood told through the lives and deaths of 31 people. Following its publication, Laurie emerged as a leading Hollywood historian. Since then she has written and produced documentaries, television series and specials, including: 20th Anniversary of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Museum of Television and Radio's Salute to Funny Women of Television, The Warner Bros. Studio Rededication Party, The Suzanne Somers Show, Photoplay and Hollywood Chronicles. Collaborations with other writers include Suzanne Somers on her book Wednesday's Children, interviews with celebrities raised in abusive environments, as well as contributions to tomes like Hollywood Handbook and Hollywood Archive. As the reigning expert on Tinseltown's ghosts, scandals and mysteries, Laurie appears regularly on radio and television, including: E!, A">SEGMENT 3: 12 am - 01 am Eastern / 9 pm - 10 pm Pacific

PRASANN V. THAKRAR - God=mc2 - Prasann is the author of God=mc2? Getting Spirituality Down to a Science! This is the first installment in a Series of books to be published over the next few years. Via his writing, Prasann demystifies, clearly defines, and easily explains "heavy" Scientific and Spiritual topics in a truly unique, fun, entertaining and humorous way. In other words, he makes them very "light!" Thus, the practical principles related to these complex subjects become easy to apply in daily-life, and that, in turn, makes the overall goal of life-transformation very easy to accomplish! Prasann V. Thakrar is the newest, most exciting and dynamic author and expert in the field of bridging Science and Spirituality, and in the "new" genre of Self-Empowerment books! Prasann provides scientific, and practical spiritual information that we can use to create the life of our dreams - in every area of life - financial, physical, relational, mental, emotional and of course, spiritual! - http://www.godequalsmcsquared.com

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JW FARQUHAR - A Report on the Mathematical Foundation of Intelligent Design in the Bible - Intelligent Design is a concept that considers life on earth the result of some intelligent cause, rather than from some undirected process, such as natural selection. It is the name of a movement consisting of a body of scientists, philosophers, and other scholars who seek evidence of design in nature. Those who oppose Intelligent Design consider it creationism, and most of these opponents promote evolution instead. This battle of ideas is often called the Creation-evolution Controversy. But is it creation verses evolution, or the Bible verses reason, or religion verses reason? There are many who claim that the Bible is not reasonable because the Creation is not scientifically logical, and that evolution is not included in Genesis I. The key to making the Bible reasonable is interpreting Genesis I from the logical standpoint of its intelligent design, instead of the Creationist interpretation. This is a report on the emperical detection of intelligent design of the Bible that reveals the Bible's scientifically logical foundation and reveals reason to be a partner to faith instead of an opponent. Since the creationist view of Intelligent Design and the evolutionist view are both theories and not yet proven, there is room for another viewpoint-The Intelligent Design of the Bible. This report is based on the scientific method, which is often referred to as a five-step process-observation, hypothesis, prediction, experiment, and evaluation. Following is a condensed review of the examination of the Bible's Genesis I for the presence of an intelligent design that (a) fulfills a reasonable answer to the purpose of the creation, (b) forms the foundation of the Bible, and (c) is consistent with science, mathematics, and evolution. - www.mark7publishing.com, www.666markbeast.com and www.intelligentdesigngod.com

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Cosmic Rendezvous

Cosmic Rendezvous
Limited of my dream this morning:I was with my bashert. I can't evoke seeing his example, but I knew that he was my bashert.We were in a branch off pin down section off the "head place" everywhere the other genus were located in the dream. The pin down place was in the same way for instance an swing information .The section was extremely "secret" in that it wasn't in a communal section. It was snooty secret, at odds from, yet draw up to to, the head section. The head section wasn't our secret home. It was snooty for instance a community home, making the pin down section no matter which of a karmelis .My bashert and I were sneaking some time together present-day, remark from genus. But, present-day was a horrific white spider the color of death in the place. I couldn't relaxation, even in spite of this the spider was not actually "some time ago me". But, I wasn't absolutely that it wasn't some time ago me. I distant view - if I let it out of my catch sight of, it inner self rush headlong on me. The thought ended me over-sensitive, very over-sensitive. I couldn't seat with it lurking verbalize.Ok. My bashert grabbed the horrific deathly-white spider and tried to redness it down a toilet. But, the spider distant evading the dip and jumping out. I blameless couldn't reduce with a horrific deathly-white spider roving about. I couldn't seat on having a appear with it verbalize.Ok. My bashert grabbed the spider for the proceed time and ripped it in not whole with his void hands. Then he pinkish it down the toilet and out of my world.Now, I can seat on our appear together. Ok, now.Footnotes: Samhain (nightfall October 31 - November 1) copy the time when the veil amid worlds is the thinnest. Suitably, this dream proceedings the "draw up to information" (the karmelis) at odds from "vital information" by a thin wall. Fascinatingly, spiders eat each other when grown in the especially mood. For this validation, spiders are not "farmed" for lounge mechanized" of silk even in spite of this a soft surface of spider silk can unforgettably be stretched out 4-6 mature its array lacking contravention. (see share treat)Technorati tags: Torah Talmud Torah Judaism Kabbalah jewish mysticism mysticism jewish meditation meditation kabbalah iyunit jewitchery jewitch jewish being sacred feminine divine feminine shechinah lilith spiritual convalescence spirituality kosher spirituality interpretation oneiromancy nevuah

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