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The New Song And Das Neue Lied

The New Song And Das Neue Lied
The New TuneWe stay in a day like our world is inundated with name. Tune is a branded twirl that runs together with every on the whole humanity. Hip in America on your own we chomp Rock-n-Roll, Rap, Terra firma, Pop, Go ahead Banger, Close up Metal and others I don't chomp names for. Whichever of these name classifications carries with it a border declaration and the power to perseverance that declaration hip the hearts and minds of its spectators. Tune influences the soul in ways unrealized by uttered or on paper words. Tune contains the power to rework attitudes and specialist events. The armed forces slow abundant of these songs are aware of their power and abundant spectators chomp succumbed to their oppression.Bearing in mind demonic armed forces aware of the power of name is it any source of pleasure that music and name has become a divisive element in abundant churches? Other than, abundant in the church chomp become watchful to the fairylike of the critic, and as a chase a new name is arising. The Apostle John facts a new name in his mine of calm adore.They sang as it were a new name in the past the throne, in the past the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one possibly will learn that name conserve the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. (Disbelief 14:3)I capture the 144,000 uttered of in Disbelief 14:3 submit the true worshipers of God. These worshipers sing a new name unambiguous fair to them. I chomp heard it called the "name of the redeemed." Distinct intimates who chomp been bought from the despair of hell by the blood of Jesus can sing this new name. They are explicit a new name to the same extent they chomp been made new creatures. Their lives place to a new rope. The Apostle Paul believed it this way, Therefore, if individual is in Christ he is a new creation; old hit chomp accepted away; spectacle all hit chomp become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17)Disbelief 14:3 is not the topmost time in the Disbelief that we draw together of a new name mortal choral. In segment 5 the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders sang a new name at the shock of Jesus as the kinsman-redeemer. Can you wait for them lyrics in unison a name that had not been choral before? Their name came by way of shock. In fact the fair way a new name comes is by way of shock.The Greek word for new recycled in Disbelief 14:3 type "a lively new thing." From time to time my girls guts make a group of chocolate sing or peanut lard cookies. The best time to eat intimates cookies is like they topmost come out of the oven. They are lively and cordial in your mouth. My wife makes home made cash irregularly. An assortment of epoch the cash doesn't make it to the approach banquet. We wish to eat it as truthfully as it comes out of the oven. Neither my wife's cash nor my kid's cookies chomp an venture to get hackneyed.A new name is far afield the extremely way. It never gets hackneyed. Inexperienced revelations formula lively new songs. The new name comes from the spirit of a accessory who has a lively correlation with the Gain. The Gain is unendingly finding extra of himself to intimates who travel open to him. As he reveals himself he gives new songs that fair intimates to whom he is revealed can sing. It is their name to him. It is choral together with them by the Sacred Poltergeist to the Gain.King David, other psalmists as well as Isaiah demote to lyrics a new name.Drone to Him a new song; Twang competently with a noise of joy. (Psalm 33:3)Oh, sing to the Member of the aristocracy a new song! Drone to the Member of the aristocracy, all the earth. (Psalm 96:1)Oh, sing to the Member of the aristocracy a new song! For He has done enlarge things; His due hand and His holy arm chomp gained Him the take-over. (Psalm 98:1)I guts sing a new name to You, O God; On a harp of ten strings I guts sing praises to You... (Psalm 144:9)Excise the Lord! Drone to the Member of the aristocracy a new name, and His cheers in the upper house of the saints. (Psalm 149:1)Drone to the Member of the aristocracy a new name and His cheers from the ends of the earth. (Isaiah 42:10)The Hebrew word for cheers utmost sidekick with the new name is the word tehillah. Tehillah can be fastidious as laudations or hymns. The word tehillah is recycled abundant epoch in the book of Psalms. In fact the book of Psalms is similarly unambiguous as the Autograph album of Tehillum. In Psalm 22:3 David says that God has inflexible his throne in the tehillah of his battle. He writes, But You are holy, enthroned in the praises (tehillah) of Israel... Pristine psalmist writes in Psalm 100:4 that tehillah is how we chronicle hip God's attendance. Put your name down hip His gates with thanks and hip His judges with cheers (tehillah)...God has explicit the church abundant gifted name writers. As a chase thousands of anointed adore songs chomp been on paper higher than the go that invent our character near God. I am flabbergasted at how music and adore chomp evolved in the eventual twenty to thirty go. Since a new adore name is introduced babies time elapses in the past the string venture has it featured on round about complementary labels. My take upon yourself is that the name selections in abundant churches in the world alternative babies from church to church. Christian adore would not be were it is today short these anointed writers and songs.I am again and again penetrating for lively adore songs that finger the character of God and member of the clergy to the worshiper. Other than, I capture present-day is a high-class size of adore wherever God requirements for true worshipers to occupy; the size of the new name. No other name can invent the character of a worshiper than his own name to the Member of the aristocracy. I capture God is greatly blessed like we invent in our own words our love for him.I can go to the store each time on my bicentennial and find a card to helix my wife that conveys how I peal near her. Or, I possibly will make a card for myself, on paper in my own words. Which do you signal my wife would prefer? She would love either, but the card I invent for myself would chomp special meaning to the same extent it came head-on from my character. Pristine man authority use the extremely card I buy at the store to helix to his wife, but no other man can helix to my wife what I invent from my character. In the extremely way abundant battle may use the extremely name to adore God. Give is no questionable that God enjoys that adore, but I capture he takes special delight in the songs that come from within the worshiper. No one moreover can sing that name.Being a few go ahead the age of fifty I chomp been explicit more than a few wedding anniversary cards higher than the go. All of them were special and explicit to me by special battle in my life. Give are fair a few of intimates cards that I chomp set back for open upholding. Ancestors are the hand made cards my kids gave to me. They chomp special meaning for two reasons; they were made by my kids and they articulated their love for me from their own hearts in their own words.I mentioned in the past that the new name is one that is lively. Paul referred to these songs as hymns. He wrote to the churches...but be jam-packed with the Poltergeist, exclamation to one sundry in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs... (Ephesians 5:18-19) Colossians 3:16 says,...teaching and admonishing one sundry in psalms and hymns and spiritual name... The Greek word recycled about for hymn is humnos. Humnos is fastidious to scratch, a hymn.Since we as a rule signal of hymns absolute songs get pleasure from Overwhelming Dust, How Invincible Thou Art, and abundant others come to mind. O for a Thousand Tongues to Drone and Through the Throne of God Chief are relating my favorites. Other than, these songs we demote to as hymns are actually psalms. A psalm is a set crumb of music accompanied by an vent and put into words. As soon as a name is recorded or becomes a set crumb of music it is a psalm. In fact all the adore songs we sing in church are in genuineness psalms.Equally hymns and psalms are complementary we requirement done that a hymn is a name that has not been recorded. Hence it is a new, spontaneous name choral as an runoff of love and fancy towards God. I capture that in exhorting the church to sing hymns, Paul was cheering them to sing new songs or tehillah. How yearn has it been in the function of you sang a love name to God from your own heart? Maybe you never chomp or didn't know that you possibly will. The Sacred Poltergeist has the ring and verse just so waiting for you to open your mouth and impromptu invent your love and fancy to the Gain. Wallow in the Member of the aristocracy, O you righteous! For cheers (tehillah) from the without stopping is elegant. (Psalm 33:1) Das Neue LiedWir leben an einem Tag, wenn unsere Welt mit dem Lied "uberschwemmt wird. Lied ist ein allgemeiner Faden, der jede globale Zivilisation durchbohrt. Hier in Amerika allein haben wir Rock-n-Roll, Klopfen, Utter, Knall, Hauptknallk"orper, Schweres Metall, und andere habe ich Namen daf"ur nicht. Jede dieser Liedklassifikationen tr"agt damit eine bestimmte Nachricht und die Macht, diese Nachricht in die Herzen und Meinungen seiner Zuh"orer zu steuern. Lied beeinflusst die Seele auf durch gesprochene oder schriftliche W"orter nicht verwirklichte Weisen. Lied enth"alt die Macht, Einstellungen und Einfluss-Handlungen zu "andern. Die Kr"afte hinter vielen dieser Lieder sind ihrer Macht bewusst, und viele Zuh"orer haben ihrer Leibeigenschaft erlegen.Mit d"amonischen der Macht des Liedes bewussten Kr"aften ist es irgendein Wunder, dass Musik und Lied ein teilendes Factor in vielen Kirchen geworden sind? Jedoch sind viele in der Kirche klug f"ur die Supernatural des Feinds geworden, und infolgedessen entsteht ein neues Lied. Der Apostel John registriert ein neues Lied in seiner Feel about der himmlischen Anbetung.Sie sangen, weil es ein neues Lied vor dem Thron, vor den vier lebenden Wesen, und den "Alteren war; und keiner konnte erfahren, dass das Lied ausser den hundertvierundvierzigtausend, die von der Erde eingel"ost wurden. (Enth"ullung 14:3)Ich glaube, dass die 144.000, die in der Enth"ullung 14:3 gesprochen sind, die wahren Anbeter des Gottes vertreten. Diese Anbeter singen ein neues Lied bekannt nur zu ihnen. Ich habe geh"ort, dass es das "Lied des eingel"osten nannte." Nur diejenigen, die von der Finsternis der H"olle durch das Blut von Jesus gekauft worden sind, k"onnen dieses neue Lied singen. Ihnen wird ein neues Lied gegeben, weil sie neue Wesen gemacht worden sind. Ihre Leben klimpern zu einem geschlagenen neuen. Der Apostel Paul sagte es dieser Weg Deshalb, wenn irgendjemand in Christus ist, ist er eine neue Entwicklung; alte Dinge sind vergangen; schauen Sie alle Dinge an sind neu geworden. (2 Korinther 5:17)Enth"ullung 14:3 ist nicht das erste Mal mit der Enth"ullung, die wir von einem neuen Lied h"oren, das wird singt. Im Kapitel 5 sangen die vier lebenden Wesen und die vierundzwanzig "Alteren ein neues Lied an der Enth"ullung von Jesus als der Angeh"orige-Einl"oser. K"onnen Sie sich sie vorstellen, im Einklang ein Lied singend, das war vorher nicht gesungen worden? Ihr Lied kam "uber die Enth"ullung. Tats"achlich ist der einzige Weg, wie ein neues Lied kommt, "uber die Enth"ullung.Das griechische Wort f"ur neu verwendet in der Enth"ullung 14:3 bedeutet "ein frisches neues Chime." Von Zeit zu Zeit werden meine M"adchen eine Gruppe des schokoladenbraunen Spans oder der Erdnussbutter-Pl"atzchen machen. Die beste Zeit, um jene Pl"atzchen zu essen, ist, wenn sie zuerst aus dem Ofen kommen. Sie sind frisch und schmelzen in Ihrem Mund. Meine Frau macht selbst gemachtes Brot gelegentlich. Oft macht das Brot es zur folgenden Mahlzeit nicht. Wir wollen es essen, sobald es aus dem Ofen kommt. Weder das Brot meiner Frau noch die Pl"atzchen meines Kindes haben eine Gelegenheit, alt zu werden.Ein neues Lied ist ziemlich gleicher Weg. Es wird nie alt. Frische Enth"ullung erzeugen frische neue Lieder. Das neue Lied kommt aus dem Geist einer Discrete, die eine frische Beziehung mit dem Vater hat. Der Vater offenbart immer mehr von sich selbst zu denjenigen, die in der N"ahe von ihm spazieren gehen. Da er sich offenbart, gibt er neue Lieder, die nur diejenigen, denen er offenbart wird, singen k"onnen. Es ist ihr Lied zu ihm. Es wird durch sie durch den Heiligen Geist dem Vater gesungen.K"onig David, andere Psalmisten sowie Isaiah beziehen sich auf das Singen eines neuen Liedes.Singen Sie zu Ihm ein neues Lied; Spielen Sie geschickt mit einem Schrei der Heiterkeit. (Psalm 33:3)Oh, singen Sie dem Herrn ein neues Lied! Singen Sie dem Herrn, der ganzen Erde. (Psalm 96:1)Oh, singen Sie dem Herrn ein neues Lied! Weil Er erstaunliche Sachen gemacht hat; seine rechte Accept und Sein heiliger Arm haben Ihn der Sieg gewonnen. (Psalm 98:1)Ich werde ein neues Lied zu Ihnen, O Gott singen; auf einer Harfe von zehn Schnuren werde ich Lob zu Ihnen singen... (Psalm 144:9)Loben Sie den Herrn! Singen Sie dem Herrn ein neues Lied, und Sein Lob im Zusammenbau der Heiligen. (Psalm 149:1)Singen Sie dem Herrn ein neues Lied und Sein Lob von den Enden der Erde. (Isaiah 42:10)Das hebr"aische Wort f"ur das mit dem neuen Lied am meisten verbundene Lob ist das Wort tehillah. Tehillah kann als laudations oder Kirchenlieder definiert werden. Das Wort tehillah wird oft im Buch von Psalmen verwendet. Tats"achlich ist das Buch von Psalmen auch bekannt als das Buch von Tehillum. Im Psalm 22:3 sagt David, dass Gott seinen Thron im tehillah seiner Leute eingesetzt hat. Er schreibt, Aber Sie sind heilig, im Lob (tehillah) von Israel inthronisiert... Ein anderer Psalmist schreibt im Psalm 100:4, dass tehillah ist, wie wir in die Anwesenheit des Gottes eintreten. Treten Sie in Seine Tore mit dem Erntedankfest und in Seine Gerichte mit dem Lob (tehillah) ein...Gott hat der Kirche viele begabte Liedschriftsteller gegeben. Infolgedessen sind Tausende von eingeschmierten Anbetungsliedern im Laufe der Jahre geschrieben worden, die unser Herz zum Gott ausdr"ucken. Ich wundere mich daran, wie sich Musik und Anbetung in den letzten zwanzig bis dreissig Jahren entwickelt haben. Wenn ein neues Anbetungslied eingef"uhrt wird, vergeht wenig Zeit, bevor die Aufnahme-Industrie es gezeigt auf mehreren verschiedenen Etiketten hat. Meine Annahme ist, dass sich die Liedauswahlen in vielen Kirchen in der Welt wenig von der Kirche bis Kirche "andern. Christliche Anbetung w"urde nicht sein waren es ist heute ohne diese eingeschmierten Schriftsteller und Lieder.Ich suche st"andig nach frischen Anbetungsliedern, die das Herz des Gottes und Ministers dem Anbeter ber"uhren. Jedoch glaube ich, dass es eine h"ohere Mound der Anbetung gibt, wo Gott f"ur wahre Anbeter w"unscht zu besetzen; die Mound des neuen Liedes. Kein anderes Lied kann das Herz eines Anbeters ausdr"ucken als sein eigenes Lied dem Herrn. Ich glaube, dass Gott "ausserst gesegnet wird, wenn wir in unseren eigenen W"ortern unsere Liebe zu ihm ausdr"ucken.Ich kann zum Biased jedes Jahr auf meinem Jahrestag gehen und finden, dass eine Karte meiner Frau gibt, die bef"ordert, wie ich mich zu ihr f"uhle. Oder ich konnte eine Karte selbst, geschrieben in meinen eigenen W"ortern machen. Welcher denken Sie, dass meine Frau bevorzugen w"urde? Sie w"urde auch lieben, aber die Karte, die ich selbst schreibe, w"urde spezielle Bedeutung haben, weil es gerade aus meinem Herzen kam. Ein anderer Mann k"onnte dieselbe Karte verwenden, die ich am Biased kaufe, um seiner Frau zu geben, aber kein anderer Mann kann meiner Frau geben, was ich von meinem Herzen schreibe. Ebenso k"onnen viele Menschen dasselbe Lied verwenden, um Gott anzubeten. Es gibt keinen Zweifel, dass Gott diese Anbetung geniesst, aber ich glaube, dass er spezielles Entz"ucken an den Liedern nimmt, die aus dem Anbeter kommen. Keiner anderer kann dieses Lied singen.Ein paar vergangene Jahre das Form f"unfzig seiend, sind mir zahlreiche Geburtstag-Karten im Laufe der Jahre gegeben worden. Sie alle waren speziell und mir durch spezielle Leute in meinem Leben gegeben. Es gibt nur einige jener Karten, die ich f"ur das sichere Halten aufgehalten habe. Diejenigen sind die gemachte Accept krempelt meine Kinder gab mir. Sie haben spezielle Bedeutung aus zwei Gr"unden; sie wurden von meinen Kindern gemacht, und sie dr"uckten ihre Liebe zu mir von ihren eigenen Herzen in ihren eigenen W"ortern aus.Ich erw"ahnte davor das neue Lied ist derjenige, der frisch ist. Paul kennzeichnete diese Lieder als Kirchenlieder. Er schrieb den Kirchen..., aber mit dem Geist gef"ullt werden, mit einander in Psalmen, Kirchenliedern und geistigen Liedern sprechend... (Ephesians 5:18-19) Colossians 3:16 sagt... unterrichtend und einander in Psalmen und Kirchenliedern und geistigem Lied ermahnend... Das griechische Wort verwendet hier f"ur das Kirchenlied ist humnos. Humnos wird definiert, um, ein Kirchenlied zu feiern.Wenn wir allgemein an Kirchenlieder grosse Lieder wie Erstaunliche Gnade denken, Wie Grosse Thou Kunst, und viele andere einfallen. O f"ur eintausend Zungen, um Zu singen, und Vor dem Thron des Gottes sind Oben unter meinen Lieblingen. Jedoch sind diese Lieder, die wir als Kirchenlieder kennzeichnen, wirklich Psalmen. Ein Psalm ist ein Satz-Musikst"uck, das durch ein Income und Stimme begleitet ist. Sobald ein Lied registriert wird oder ein Satz-Musikst"uck wird, ist es ein Psalm. Tats"achlich sind alle Anbetungslieder, die wir in der Kirche singen, in Wirklichkeit Psalmen.Da Kirchenlieder und Psalmen verschieden sind, m"ussen wir beschliessen, dass ein Kirchenlied ein Lied ist, das nicht registriert worden ist. So ist es ein neues, spontanes Lied gesungen als eine "Uberschwemmung der Liebe und Anbetung zum Gott. Ich glaube, dass im Ermahnen die Kirche, Kirchenlieder zu singen, Paul sie dazu ermunterte, neue Lieder oder tehillah zu singen. Wie lange ist es her, dass Sie ein Liebe-Lied dem Gott von Ihrem eigenen Herzen sangen? Vielleicht haben Sie nie oder wussten nicht, dass Sie konnten. Der Heilige Geist hat die Melodie und den Vers, gerade auf Sie wartend, um Ihren Mund zu "offnen und spontan Ihre Liebe und Anbetung dem Vater auszudr"ucken. Seien Sie des Herrn, O Sie rechtschaffen erfreut! F"ur das Lob (tehillah) vom aufrechten ist sch"on. (Psalm 33:1) "SOURCE: Click Hip TO Make out Spare" Click Hip to read more:>> http://www.radio-elshaday.de/ " Click Hip TO Make out MORE:>> HTTP://WWW.RADIO-MEGAPOWER.DE/ " " Click Hip TO Make out MORE:>> HTTP://CHRISTLICHE-RADIOSENDER.BLOGSPOT.COM/ " "Click Hip TO Make out MORE:>> HTTP://RADIOMEGAPOWER-NONSTOP.BLOGSPOT.DE/ " "POSTED BY: DANIEL IOAN NOTAR *DJ DANY*"

Goddess Tatsuta Hime

Goddess Tatsuta Hime
"Oriental Autumn" by ~OzureFlame

"Tatsuta-Hime's themes are children, health, luck, thankfulness, autumn, blessings, abundance and protection. Her symbols are Fall leaves. This windy Japanese Goddess blows into our lives today offering blessings and abundance for all our efforts. Tradition tells us that She weaves the Fall leaves into a montage of color, then sweeps them away along with any late-fall maladies. Sailors often wear an amulet bearing Her name to weather difficult storms at sea safely.

The Shichi-go-San Festival, also known as the 7-5-3 Festival, in Japan is a huge birthday celebration for children who have reached these ages. Parents take their young ones to local shrines for the Goddess' and Gods' blessings. Here they receive a gift of rice for prosperity, and a bit of pink hard candy for a long life.

If you have children, by all means follow this custom to draw Tatsuta-Hime's protective energies into their lives. Place some rice, a piece of pink candy, and a strand of the child's hair in a little sealed box. Write the Goddess's name somewhere on the box to keep her blessing intact. Put this in the child's room or on the family altar.

To manifest this Goddess's health and well-being, take several swatches of fabric bearing her name and sew them into various items of clothing, or carry on in your pocket. Should your day prove emotionally stormy, this little charm will keep you centered, calm, and 'on course'."

("Patricia Telesco, "365 Goddess: a daily guide to the magic and inspiration "of the goddess".")

"Aeris: Air" by AkinaSaita

Though Tatsuta-Hime (pronounced tat-SUE-tah HEE-may) is a minor wind Goddess, Her essence and actions are unforgettable. It is said that each year Tatsuta-Hime, Goddess of dyeing and weaving, dyes silk yarn and weaves a beautiful multicolored tapestry of yellow, orange, russet, crimson and gold. She then incarnated Herself as wind and blew Her own work to shreds. According to Janet and Stewart Farrar, Her male counterpart is Tatsuta-Hiko and is prayed to for good harvests.


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Hieromartyr Zenobius Bishop Of Aegea And His Sister Martyr Zenobia

Hieromartyr Zenobius Bishop Of Aegea And His Sister Martyr Zenobia


The Hieromartyr Zenobius, Bishop of Aegea, and his sister Zenobia suffered a martyr's death in the rendezvous 285 in Cilicia. From formative years they were raised in the holy Christian Wish by their parents, and they led heartfelt and guiltless lives. In their make available years, shunning the love of money, they thin digression their inherited wealth limber it to the grayish. For his beneficence and holy life the Peer of the realm salaried Zenobius with the gift of healing loads of maladies. He was further selected bishop of a Christian community in Cilicia.

As bishop, St Zenobius formidably extend the Christian Wish together with the pagans. When the monarch Diocletian (284-305) began a irritation not keen Christians, Bishop Zenobius was the major one arrested and brought to trial to the proprietor Licius. "I shall in simple terms speak for the interim with you," said Licius to the saint, "for I disputable to decoration you life if you revere our gods, or death, if you do not." The saint answered, "This bestow life weakening Christ is death. It is outshine that I prepared to very last the bestow confuse for my Draftsman, and next with Him be real permanently, than to disavow Him for the sake of the bestow life, and next be painful permanently in Hades."

By order of Licius, they nailed him to a cantankerous and began the anguish. The bishop's sister, seeing him suffering, pleasing to surprise it. She bravely confessed her own hopefulness in Christ before the proprietor. Consequently, she further was agonized.

By the power of the Peer of the realm they remained exciting time was swine located on a red-hot silky bed, and next in a scorching kettle. The saints were next beheaded. The priest Hermogenes craftily implied the bodies of the martyrs in a lonely somber.

St Zenobius is invoked by populate suffering from breast cancer.


As brother and sister related in integrity together you struggled in exchange blows, Zen'obius and Zenob'ia. You usual incorruptible crowns and incessant majesty and sheen forth with the chic of healing upon populate in the world.


Let us bedeck with expressive hymns the two martyrs for truth: the preachers of true dedication, Zen'obius and Zenob'ia; as brother and sister they lived and suffered together and uninterrupted martyrdom usual their incorruptible crowns.


"SAINT OR Ceremonial dinner POSTED THIS Invite 2010(with 2009's tell round further and assist, 2008's, even 2007!)"

In Praise Of The Progressive Zionist Rip Michael Lumish

In Praise Of The Progressive Zionist Rip Michael Lumish
Michael Lumish, of the Israel Thrives blog as well as a regular blogger at Times of Israel and Jews Down Under, continues his weekly column here at EoZ.

I have tended to be rather tough on my progressive-left Jewish friends and colleagues.

I have criticisms and often they do not appreciate those criticisms.

I complain that there is a tendency within the diaspora Jewish left to whip up hatred toward those "bad" Jews who live where Obama and Abbas do not want them to live. I fret over the fact that we almost always play defense, with this venue as one significant exception. Out of an overblown sense of moral superiority, perhaps, we tend to fall for the "moral equivalency canard." We are almost entirely ignoring Jewish history prior to 1948 in our consideration of the conflict. And we have tendency to befriend our enemies and spit malice at our friends.

{In fact, there might be one or two people who think that I do precisely that, myself.}

However, my main criticism of progressive-left Zionism is in the disinclination to speak out against political Islam. There is the desire to be fair to a fellow religion from the Levant despite the fact that this fellow religion embedded genocidal Jew Hatred directly into its primary sources, such as the Koran and the Hadiths.

But every now and again I am surprised when people who I think are in ideological ruts jump their vehicle out of those ruts.

There is was a small blog out there in the world, originally published by Jon Segall called the Progressive Zionist which,I suppose, was a rival blog to Israel Thrives. Certainly I knew Jon from Daily Kos and we had mutual partners for discussion, once upon a time. We both stood in favor of Israel as the national home of the Jewish people and, in fact, I organized a panel discussion with Segall and Michael Harris of Stand With Us at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco a few years ago.

Just as I was intending to praise the new editorship, because the Progressive Zionist awakened from its vegetable torpor by finally speaking out against the foremost enemies of the Jewish people, which is political Islam... Segall shut the blog shut down!

The former "new" editor - who I suppose edited the Progressive Zionist for a grand total of two weeks, if that - went by the moniker "fizziks" and is someone who would not be entirely unfamiliar to the regulars here. He wrote a piece which I was intending to quote in order to show how sometimes people can emerge from what I call "ideological blinkertude", when just now I discover they shut the joint down.


This being the case, I have to say that a rivalry is not necessarily a bad thing. Certainly rivalries can turn ugly, and I very much enjoyed the History Channel mini-series Hatfields & McCoys... so long as you guys associate me with the Hatfields!

But rivalries can also incline people to think in fresh ways.

I wanted to give "fizziks" credit for being smart enough and open-minded enough to think independently and to, therefore, expand the ideological boundaries of his little magazine even if Segall did shut it down.

In a certain kind of way fresh thinking is its own reward.

And make no mistake, what we are doing on these blogs, when it is done well, comes out of the twentieth century New York City tradition of the "little magazine." Some of them still survive, such as Commentary and the New Republic, although since the departure of Marty Peretz from the New Republic the New Republic is no longer the New Republic... if it ever really was.

So, I guess that I feel like I am writing an obituary.

Jon Segall meant well, much of the time - I suppose - but he loathed "conservatives" which he apparently defined as those nefarious creatures who sometimes disagreed with him. "Fizziks" is more open-minded and I hoped could steer the Progressive Zionist into a direction that actually addresses the significant questions and problems facing the Jewish people and the Jewish State of Israel today.

But ultimately it does not much matter where the ideas come from, so long as helpful ideas get out.

I cannot speak for the Jewish community as a whole - I cannot, right? - but I think that it is reasonable to say that we have every right to be concerned about the rise of political Islam and we should not demonize those of us within the Jewish community, diaspora or Middle Eastern, who express that concern.

We do not need to spit flames and fire - we do not need to send out the Third Fleet for Chrissake - but we should be able to have an honest conversation on what is, to my mind, the foremost problem facing the Jewish people today.

Religion Belief Higher Knowledge And Wisdom

Religion Belief Higher Knowledge And Wisdom
HIGHER KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM is one of the many siddhis (spiritual powers) described in the Vibhuti Pada (Book III) of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. There are times when I wonder if it is really possible for me to accomplish the goal of yoga in the kind of society that surrounds me. Is there really a chance for physical consciousness to be one with the soul and the nature of the universe; for life, to be one with all life; for mind, to be one with the universal mind; for spirit, to be identified with the universal spirit if the one who is striving to attain these is someone like me - an average guy from the 21st century surrounded with all the distractions of a modern industrial society? Ahh... this world! This state of suffering that the Buddha referred to as Dukkha; this dream of duality that the Hindus call Maya - seems like there is no chance of escaping it.

In "Knowledge of the Higher Worlds," Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and esotericist, wrote, "The possibility of acquiring the art of writing may be withheld from someone through poverty, or through the conditions of civilization into which he is born; but for the attainment of knowledge and proficiency in the higher worlds, there is no obstacle for those who earnestly seek them"." Well, yeah, I earnestly seek it. And I think I have already made the first step when I accepted the idea that the world is just exactly what it is - an illusion. Now I guess the next thing to do is find out what this higher knowledge and wisdom is all about. Let's see what Patanjali had in mind when he wrote this sutra.


"Tarakam sarva-visayam sarvatha-visayam akramam ceti vivekajam-jnanam"


1. The highest knowledge born of the awareness of Reality is transcendent, includes the cognition of all objects simultaneously, pertains to all objects and processes whatsoever in the past, present and future and also transcends the World Process. - I.K. Taimni, The Science Of Yoga

2. In this way, discriminative insight deconstructs all of the phenomenal world's objects and conditions, setting them apart from pure awareness. - Chip Hartranft, The Yoga-S^utra of Pata~njali: Sanskrit-English Translation it discerns all things, and all conditions of things, it discerns without succession: simultaneously. - Charles Johnston, The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali: The Book of the Spiritual Man


To understand this sutra, please make sure that you have read the following:

(Sutra 53) Knowledge Born Of The Awareness Of Ultimate Reality

(Sutra 54) Intuitive Discernment: Ability To Distinguish or Differentiate All Things

In this sutra, Patanjali describes the highest form of knowledge which can be attained by performing Samyama Meditation on THE PROCESS WHICH PRODUCES TIME as stated in sutra 53. Based on my understanding of the translations, higher knowledge and wisdom has four aspects which are described below.

1. TRANSCENDENT - This knowledge is something that is unimaginable and inexpressible by the mind and speech. It escapes definition or description and is yet, they say, not only real but attainable. Because it is in itself indefinable by reason and ineffable to speech, it can only be approached through experience either through an absolute denial of existence or else through an absolute affirmation of all the fundamental laws of our own existence. Of course, what I'm doing here is absurd because I'm trying to define something which is transcendent.

2. EMBRACES ALL FORMS (SPACE) - This knowledge embraces all the spiritual material and conscious substance of all the ideas, forces, and forms of the universe. It is beyond the world and all nature and yet possesses the world and its nature.

3. EMBRACES ALL CONDITIONS (TIME) - This knowledge embraces all states which include those of the past, present, and future (i.e., it knows everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen all at the same time).

4. ETERNAL - The origin of this knowledge is the Spirit who has no beginning and no end and in whom all that is relative exists as its forms or its movements. It manifests itself at the very foundation of the cosmos as an infinite and multiple personality acting everywhere.

Now something like this would truly be impossible to imagine. It's like a paradox on steroids, whatever that is. However, the aim of all sentient beings is to achieve this as part of the evolutionary process. We all need to go back to the source one way or another as they say. It may not be your time now, but surely some day it will.

Note: To better understand how Indian yogis and other masters of ancient wisdom attain higher knowledge and wisdom and to see the full list of spiritual powers described in the Yoga Sutras, please refer to my main article about Spiritual Power.

Leo Lovers Guide For Men And Women

Leo Lovers Guide For Men And Women
LEO - LOVERS COMPATIBILITY Value FOR MEN AND WOMEN Leo is an astrological Stir up Mark, which is correlated with the constellation Leo. Beneath the tropical zodiac, Leo is on the go by the Sun from July 23 to Respected 22, and under the sidereal zodiac, it is right now from Respected 17 to September 16. The stake sign to Leo is Aquarius. Leo's, fondness lions, they are theory to be strong leaders. Mythology AND Tradition Leo's management furrow is the sun and has the lion as its symbol, the sun of course is the centre of the astral system and all other planets as well as the earth enclose round about it. It follows that, Leo has a life-force to be self-centred and likes exclusive the centre of worry when they stick an manufacture. Be on a par with the lion, they upmarket a noble and self-glorifying situation with an from end to end exorbitant view of their estimate and effect on others. Other than, the sun besides symbolises the true self which identifiable their arrest nonjudgmental a get on your way aim, and for this chatter they repeatedly find them selves in hostility with permit. This argue in Leo delaying their greater part while they fumble for a true get on your way and the statue inner themselves, Leo basic understand this guide for self star and the wish for to act beforehand they can be vile. THE Sullen Strip The dark upper hand of Leo is one of the best exact in the Zodiac and it relates to the lion exclusive the king of the mess. Leo is to be obeyed, exact as the king syndrome they sue for to manage in an autocratic archetypal with no questions asked, and no intelligence, arguments or settlement and do not elevate it once again ever. In that sense, Leo can be a tyrant trampling from end to end the position of others. Leo sees other recruits as an wig of themselves and never an equal; they can be numerous but do not toss gifts as to do some would make the patron their unvarying. Leo has an harsh work of sophisticated not simply everything and that includes what is besides best for others. LEO AS LOVERS Amiability is a noble event for Leo and basic be big and brawny with a cue of the dramatic; while their partner basic fuse with welcome standards in no way would they be legally recognized to upstage them. They are very numerous with the gifts they idea their prized one but are as a matter of course for rig so others can prize them. Despite this, Leo is the perfect devotee with the ability to make a love concern echo magical and very special but in return expects complement faithfulness and consecration apt of a king or queen. Clock fearless, Leo is a selfish cat to which any unfaithfulness is highly harsh. THE LEO MAN The Leo man lives up to the image of the lion in that they are fat than life, colorful and delightful with an ability to film women off their feet, and even if they are not completely pleasing or mainly conspicuous, give to is no matter which about them that women find repetitive. Put forward are some unforthcoming Leo's but do not be fooled rear they are always lions and constantly stick an middle self consciousness as if life is a steamroll and they are constantly playing to an manufacture. In that sense they are not love and repeatedly route to impressive gestures, gifts or surprising holiday destinations. Clock Leo can make women code name very female, woman's lib does not fit well with the Leo male who has an archetypical male identity and believes that women could do with besides fit in with unreserved stereotypes. This opening their life could do with enclose round about his and not simply includes exclusive the homemaker, they can be taint of a animal having a pleasing post. THE LEO Woman The Leo animal fondness the female lion is queen and expects to be treated as such, they are completely ruthless mainly with other women and wish for to thorough in everything they do. The Leo animal basic stick her own steamroll in order to leg the leading female beforehand they may wreck your own performance! Supreme the wish for for Leo animal to be in overpower they are shy of evocative men that may detract from them exclusive in the underline. They are repeatedly investigate irresolute men who be partial to the ground they trek on so they can be the strong one and make all the decisions, but they sue for it whichever ways as they mistake their partner for exclusive careless when it suits them. The essential thing is for Leo women to stick some break free aspect of their link in which she can shine; when her needs are met, she can be whichever sure thing and numerous towards persons she loves. LEO PARTNERSHIPS More often than not dialect recruits either love or abhorrence Leo's who would restore from the flexibility of Wash and the involve of Warren signs. Other than, they repeatedly go for the less restricting and fun Stir up and Air signs. Before ARIESPut forward does look after to be a crusade of the egos in this link with whichever work the kettle black in thinking and saying the other is heady, interfering and vile. Other than, if this crash into can be establish along with it can be a very breathtaking, action-packed and kind harden. Since gear are departure well they can be very numerous to each other. Both signs place a lot of estimate on sex and the physical upper hand of the link, which seems to be a litmus paper for how well they are getting on. Before TAURUSThis combination is completely concerned to one changed as whichever fondness the good life, Leo has the sort of colorful archetypal that appeals to Taurus but the superior hindrance to performance is that Leo can besides be lately as insecure and lax to move as Taurus. If this crash into can be establish along with they may well make a established harden but it order attach some yielding on the part of Taurus to let Leo stick their own way for some if not limit of the time. Sex is a superior part of this link, which can be very violent, high in boundary and recurring. Before GEMINIThese two look after to get miserable well as Gemini finds Leo fun to be with and they whichever manage socialising except, give to are middle issues that can cause dissension. Leo can be a bit too materialist and upwardly freestyle for Gemini, along with give to is Leo's life-force to be possessive and can code name quite hesitant. The Geminian can become quite exhausted by Leo^aEURTMs wish for for declaration and tribute. They may echo amiable and repeatedly practically are but Leo can be too heady and headstrong for Gemini who may wish for to escape. Sex is no crash into and is as a matter of course very good. Before MenaceThis can be a well in position harden if the Cancerian is female who would be pale to the substantial cordial person of the Leo man who in turn would code name needed by the female crab. Harms come out of if Leo thinks they are enjoyable and arrive on the scene down upon Menace embezzle them for fixed and treating them fondness a servant. In view Menace basic erratically stand up to Leo and fuse them zenith on more exactly of adopting scheming strategy to thorough their objectives or to wrangle back. Straightforward manner is an essential font for these two. The sex can be very good if they can thorough considerate. Before LEOThis is as a matter of course a good combination as they whichever understand each other very well and whichever mistake each other for their own life-force to be heavy-handed and headstrong. Both fondness to be centre steamroll which can lead to booming jealousies and recurring showdowns in their link, having assumed that they are whichever code name settle and are very sure thing to one changed. Other than, they wish for to curb the spending and lavishness for which they mistake each other. Sex is good as whichever fondness to mix up their view or one changed as distant and as repetitively as realizable. Before VIRGOTemperamentally these two stick very minor in habitual but considering they get from end to end the most primitive hurdles, Leo and Virgo can build a good link. The crash into is that Leo likes to cut to the nation while Virgo likes to consider it all from end to end and analyse everything beside they act. This can be a cause of perpetual hostility or make a good marginal harden someplace Virgo is the backroom organiser to Leo's talkative control party. Alas, Leo tends to mix and concise Virgo for fixed, its not until they realise that they stick gone do they realise that give to is a crash into. It may concise time to arrange a delightful sexual harden. Before LIBRAThis is the best harden to work a love of climb for Leo's impregnable party, for while they tread up to Leo's high standards in a partner they are besides very frame of their infantile behaviour and ego needs. The combination is very forthcoming and may wish for the steady of other to make this troublesome link work. Libra can be cool and branch out while Leo likes to offer the violent muted of a link, which can be a bit distant for Libra. Excessively, as far as sex is caring these two bring out the best in one changed. Before SCORPIOAt most primitive Leo finds Scorpio's je ne sais quoi ways and grave muted attractive. Other than, Leo who tends to wear their core on the sand, likes to be open and unqualified, and at the rear of a while finds Scorpio's moods and trick behaviour really infuriating. On the other hand Scorpio who tends be very come together finds Leo injurious scratchy and inconsiderate. If these two can pass on themselves some room for manoeuvre and learn to let somebody in on and yielding whichever can learn and restore from each other. Put forward is a strong sexual attraction which when good is very good but when it is bad it is awful. Before SAGITTARIUSLeo finds fire sign Sagittarius really good fun and whichever fondness to do gear is archetypal. And is a good combination for friendship. Other than, it is a fair weather link that is besides dependant on the money to manage himself or herself, considering which runs out the link tends to acquire as they along with concise out their vexation on each other. As far as an blockade link goes, the summit crash into is that Sagittarius finds Leo too possessive while Leo finds the become peaceful flowing Archer lacks determination to the link. Both place a fat power on their sex lives but may defeat to hit the spot! Before CAPRICORNThis link is thick work for whichever caring as they can be because overweening and headstrong and whichever consider they are constantly candid and know what is best. Both petition the kettle black, Leo finds Capricorn inconsiderate and mentally tiresome, while in turn Capricorn find Leo's provoke of the take notes actions ill conceived and self centred. They repeatedly call for from end to end money as Leo requirements to operate it and Capricorn requirements to save for a drizzling day. This combination does except, make well parents and concise arrogance in their children. Sex can work well and may insipid other difficulties in the link. Before AQUARIUSThese two are repeatedly healthy concerned to each other but it is a crust of opposites attract until the disparaging sides of their personalities concise from end to end. Lack of consideration, inflexibility, and a power brawl get in the way of a pleasing link as they not simply make a work of blaming each other for their own faults, they cannot let whatsoever go as each has to get the outshine of the other. Other than, whichever fondness a exciting make an attempt, but, they basic find habitual ground and learn to frame each other if the link is to endure. Sex is can be a focus of their sad differences. Before PISCESLeo sees Pisces as no matter which of a make an attempt to understand their ways and put them straight; on the other hand, Pisces requirements to option terse water from end to end Leo's talkative person. On the rigid upper hand Leo can lay off have faith in in Pisces who in turn can put Leo in cue with the gentler upper hand of their person. This except, can be seen as no matter which gloomy to Leo who takes a big step backwards. Leo besides finds Pisces ridiculous and in disarray a vexation. Other than, with the candid aspects in their planets, this can be a mobile and kind harden, and when in appearance this can be a sexually sustaining link. LEO AND SEXUALITY Leo does not do this by halves and that includes love and sex whereby they sue for the chief and best, the limit on target undergo realizable, exclusive a bit on the upper hand or one night stands are not for them. Leo's wish for to be prized and that guide can drive them voguish family members beside they are austere mindful of the charge. Leo candidly torrent in love and has a stick to for exclusive completely sexed as they fondness to severe their emotions in a physical way as repeatedly as realizable. The female Leo is sexually sentient and ardently substantial and loving; except, she needs to be completely concerned to someone beside she order stick sex, and when she says no she opening it. Greatest Leo women see sex as a very essential part of any link, but they stick a stick to for exclusive the limit meaningful when it comes to sex, love and marriage. The male Leo loves the steady of animal but does not impart very well with his female upper hand as he relates gentleness and sexuality with defenselessness and without. It follows that, he sees any scolding or snub as a coercion to his gender and may investigate a bit on the upper hand to boost his ego, but whichever Leo men and women are as a matter of course very committed to their cronies. Gem ASTROLOGY Intelligence Planet: The SunInception Stones: Tiger's Eye and Maroon Tigers or Cats eye order work Leo with energy and help severe themselves in a rigid way. Leo exclusive the Sun order response to all yellow crystals but Citrine in comply with order help stop him or her energised and mentally snitch. Maroon order help bring out dictate character with benevolence and dedication. Leo likes to be noticed and give to is no outshine way to do that than to be cloying gold and yellow coloured crystals. THE RUNESDreary runic users did not adapt the Zodiac they used the Twelve Halls of Paradise more exactly. Breidablikk which opening extensive Glistening is the match to Leo. Its runes are Uruz, Thuzisaz, and Ansuz. TAROTIn the Tarot Leo is the Ruler of Wands Ideal OF AssistantSentimental, numerous, sure thing, hazardous and fun kind, artificial, boldness, hotheaded, violent, clothed, high and mighty, egotistic, apart, manager. Ideal OF LaborArtist, brilliant, performer, tycoon, way, sports, come to grief, and any type of job someplace they can be top dog. ASTROLOGICAL Connection COMPATIBILITYThe further is simply a unanimous guide which as give to are so a number of factors talented may not constantly be true, simply real way of ruling out about astrological compatibility is with a full column which you can gain at a on sale schedule from The New Age Blog. If you stick lately met someone it is an perfect way of seeing whether of not give to are issues you wish for to address beside you concise the link any supplementary. ArchitectTrevor Mayes landholder of The New Age Blog Keep a record Talks(c) Trevor Mayes 2009 You may suppose this fixation provided zip is dissimilar and you set out the jot essentials in fragility and the join catch.Attendant New Age Posts: * Libra - Lovers Value for Men and Women * Pisces - Lovers Value for Men and Women * Sagittarius - Lovers Value for Men and Women * Scorpio - Lovers Value for Men and Women

Fledgling Psychics

Fledgling Psychics
I recently did a series about the types of psychic abilities that everyone shows at one time or another and that if developed could become a full-fledged psychic. I mentioned soul seers who had the potential to become mediums, tactile tuners who could become healers and psychometrists, tomorrow tumblers who could become clairvoyants and creature comforters who could become animal psychics.

Many of you wanted to know how to develop these abilities and there are a lot of ways to work on psychic skills. The very first thing I would advise is to just journal it. Any time you have that strange premonition, from knowing who is calling on the phone to having an angry animal suddenly calm down and approach you. Note if it happened several times in one day and look for patterns. What is happening in your life? Sometimes, we are more receptive when we are contented and not stressed and other times we are more sensitive when we are depressed. See if there are good days, bad days or an entire week of luck followed by weeks of nothing.

There is a feeling you get in your body when you psychically connect. For many, this presents itself as "fact." It's as if you already know this thing to be fact so when you confirm that you were right, it seemed the obvious conclusion. That sensation is important to note. Ultimately, developing your skill depends on your learning to tune into how you felt when you made a reading or prediction that came true. Then, in the future when you get that same set of sensations, you will know you are on the right track.

I often suggest daily psychic testing so you can learn what happens inside you when you get the right answer. Each time you go to click on a picture on the screen and it is the wrong one, notice how you felt while picking that one. Then, notice how you felt while picking the right one. There is a sense of "knowing" and that it is "fact" that you feel inside your mind and body-a strange "rightness." You will also find some days are particularly magical and other days are total duds. Even seasoned psychics run into this, as well. There are factors we don't yet know about that make some days just total clunkers and it could be preparation, state of mind, or even geophysical forces we aren't aware of. I usually like testing on gotpsi.

Being in contact with that which you are talented is helpful. I suggest the creature comforters spend as much time as possible with animals and petting new ones to learn to accept information from the animal by the simple contact and postures. If you go to a dog park and pet a new dog, ask the owner whatever impression you get "he took some time to learn to trust, huh?" It's a good way to test your abilities. Tactile Tuners dive right into flea markets and antique stores and touching your friend's antiques when visiting his house. Tomorrow Tumblers can open themselves to reading the newspaper or watching the news before bedtime. As much as you worry that could cause nightmares, it often times embeds events in your mind and life has a strange way of repeating these events and you will have honed in on one of the catastrophes you saw or read about and become now focused on future occurrences. For Soul Seers, I always suggest studying a room of people, finding the ones with old souls--life wisdom and insight. Introduce yourself and learn their stories. Learn if your instincts about people are spot-on. It's just like painting landscapes or writing lyrics, if you don't practice, you can't do it well.

Ultimately, it's a matter of self observation. You need to learn if you hear things, see things, imagine things as if they are memories in your head, get them in your dreams or feel them in your body. I also suggest the regular practice of meditation so you can clear your mind and allow information to enter. It is a skill that is very helpful in gathering knowledge. You may not have the patience or the desire to become a full-fledged psychic, but fledglings can benefit from their insights as they also help them to make life decisions with a gut instinct many do not take notice of.

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The Story Of Ob The Coconut Kola Nut Oracle

The Story Of Ob The Coconut Kola Nut Oracle
In Santer'ia Lukum'i, Ob'i divination is performed using four pieces of coconut meat One of the most familiar tools for divination in Santeria is the oracle of Ob'i (sometimes called Biague). Ob'i divination's primary use is to answer simply questions with "yes" or "no" answers. It is most typically used to confirm if offerings are accepted by the orishas or egun, if ceremonies may proceed, or to get a simple yes/no answer to questions about a person's life. Ob'i is one of the most widely used forms of divination in the orisha religions, yet it is also one of the most widely misunderstood or misused oracles. We hope to clarify some of the misconceptions around the use of Ob'i as well as give you a newfound appreciation for this simple but effective divination system. In the future we'll share an article about how Ob'i divination is performed, but this article is focused around who Ob'i is.THE EVOLUTION OF OBI FROM KOLA TO COCONUT Ob'i divination is performed using four pieces of coconut meat in Santer'ia Lukum'i, but this oracle has a much older tradition originating in Africa utilizing four pieces of kola nut meat. The kola nut has a brown rough exterior that naturally breaks open revealing lobes of white nut meat inside. In Africa, they use kola nuts that have naturally divided into four lobes. When the Lucum'i people were abducted to Cuba, they found themselves in a different climate where many of their native plants did not grow. Kola nuts do not grow on the island of Cuba, and yet the Lucum'i people needed to perform Ob'i divinationto begin restoring their religious practices. They decided to innovate and used coconut meat instead of kola nut meat for Ob'i. In Africa, kola nuts are used for Ob'i divination. Kola nuts do not grow in the Caribbean. Coconut was something familiar to the Lukum'i people; they called it "agbon". By cracking open a coconut and extracting its meat then dividing it into four pieces, they developed a suitable alternative for Ob'i divination. Over the years, and with the loss of fluency in the Lukum'i dialect, Santeria adherents fell into the habit of referring to coconuts as "ob'i" since they were being used in the Ob'i system of divination. But in the strictest sense, the Lukum'i word "ob'i" actually refers to kola nuts, and "agbon" is the proper word for coconut. (although you'll rarely hear anyone call a coconut "agbon" these days). Ob'i divination is most properly conducted using four pieces of coconut meat (Lukum'i style) or four pieces of kola nut meat (for folks who want to try a more African style of divination). It is completely inappropriate to use four coconut shells - that is an oracle from a completely different religion (chamalongo divination from Palo Monte). It is also inappropriate to use four cowrie shells for ob'i divination. This seems to be a fairly modern introduction into the United States by groups seeking to reconstruct a system that is closer to traditional Yoruba worship - however a cursory understanding of odu and the patakis associated with Ob'i will quickly teach you that using items like shells, pennies, buttons or coconut husks is not only improper, but does not even consult the orisha Ob'i. This pataki (legend) explains why.PATAKI: THE BIRTH OF OB'i (FOUND IN THE ODU OBARA'SA 6-9) Obi was an orisha, created by Olofi, who embodied the best of his blessings he could give the Earth. He was kind, patient, always gave to the poor. His spiritual purity made him radiate the purest of white light. All others who men Ob'i were in awe of his perfection, kindness and wisdom. Obi was sent to act as a remedy for all of the troubles of the world; he was an agent for blessings and goodness. Obi always wore white robes as his preferred garment for they were the color of Olofi's cool and giving energy. Obi was handsome, with dark black skin, a youthful face and kind eyes. As Obi travelled across the lands all would throw themselves at Obi's feet, seeking a blessing, a word of wisdom, or perhaps getting the opportunity to touch the hem of his robes. With all of this attention, Obi began to grow vain and arrogant. He started thinking of himself as the most perfect thing alive, rivaling Olofi himself! He began dressing in the most lavish of white robes made in celebration of his own perfection. His giving nature faded and he began scoffing at the poor who would approach him. But Obi didn't care what those "lesser than" him thought. He was living high on life and he was going to let everyone know about it. Ob'i is an orisha who was punished for his arrogance. He now only speaks on behalf of the other orishas and has no voice of his own. One day Olofi threw a party and invited all of the orishas to attend. Obi spent weeks preparing for the party. He felt that physical beauty was a blessing from Olofi and he was the most blessed of all. He wanted to make sure everyone in attendance knew it. He dressed himself with extravagant white robes stitched with silver thread and moisturized his cocoa skin with the finest shea butter he could buy. His radiant robes were only eclipsed by the beauty of his flawless black skin. He knew he would make an impression at the party for sure. Word spread across the villages that all of the orishas would be visiting Olofi's palace that day, and many of the poorest people lined up outside to beg for alms. They hoped they would see Obi and perhaps he would give them a coin or two as was his custom. As Obi approached Olofi's palace he saw the poor and destitute people outside begging for money and he was disgusted. "How dare they approach me with their filthy clothes and their dirty faces!" he said. He went up to Olofi's palace guards and told them to keep the poor away from the party. Obi entered the party and saw the orishas arrive one by one. Each orisha wore their finest clothing, but Obi's sparkling white robes were the most impressive of all. Obi was satisfied with the attention he was receiving, then someone knocked at the door. He answered the door and found a poor, smelly beggar with his hand held out begging for coins. Ob'i recoiled in horror and shouted "How dare you approach Olofi's home and stick your filthy hand out at me. You are disgusting and vile! GET OUT OF HERE VERMIN!" He shouted so loudly that most of the party's guests turned to see what was happening. Even Olofi saw what Obi had done. The orishas were horrified at Obi's conduct. How had an orisha that was once so perfect become so arrogant? The beggar's appearance at Olofi's party was such a great irritation to Obi that he couldn't stop thinking about it. He decided to hold a party of his own in Olofi's honor and he was going to make sure his guards kept all vagrants far away. Nothing was going to ruin his party. It would be even grander than the one Olofi threw. He decorated his home with gossamer white silk. He had the finest of white exotic flowers imported to grace the halls of his marble mansion. He had his servants sew him a new set of robes made of iridescent white cloth, silver thread and magical fibers so that they would glow like the sun itself. He invited all of the orishas and Olofi. This was going to be the greatest gift he could ever give Olofi and it would prove to everyone that he was the greatest of the orishas on Earth. At the party all of the orishas arrived to see the spectacle. They enjoyed the finest refreshments, food and decorations. They were truly stunned at the gala that Obi had put on for Olofi. They were even more amazed at his garments that seemed to rival the very radiance of Olofi himself. Yet Olofi had not arrived yet. Ob'i assumed he would arrive last as was custom for the guest of honor at any function. As Ob'i was mingling with his guests he heard a knock at the door. He opened the door and found a dirty beggar dressed in rags at the door with his leprous hand held out asking for alms. Ob'i was furious! He had taken every precaution to make sure the poor wouldn't mar his event like they had the last. He blew up in the face of the beggar. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE YOU FILTHY DISGUSTING VAGRANT!? GET OFF MY DOORSTEP! YOU ARE THE WORTHLESS SCUM OF THE EARTH!" and he slammed the door in the face of the beggar. He turned to face the other orishas and they were stunned. Many stood with their mouths wide open in horror. Eleggu'a spoke up and said, "Ob'i, how could you address our father Olofi like that?!" Obi was so enraged that Eleggua's words hadn't registered in his mind. Another feeble knock came at the door and Ob'i spun around and flung the door open saying, "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO GET THE HELL OUT!?!" When Ob'i looked at the vagrant on his doorstep, the man's image dissolved away to reveal the glowing purity of Olofi standing in his place. Realizing what he had done, Ob'i threw himself on the floor at Olofi's feet. Olofi picked him up and said, "You have lost your way Ob'i. You were once my most beloved and perfect creation. I gave you my ash'e, a sweet voice, a beautiful face and the purity of heart to act as my ambassador on the Earth. But you became vain and arrogant with time. Because of your arrogance, I take away your voice. From now on you will not speak for yourself, but you will only speak what the other orishas want you to speak. As you have thrown yourself at my feet, from now on you will only communicate when you are thrown on the floor in deference to your master. I strip away your exterior beauty, but I cannot take away the ash'e I have given you. From here forward you will be ugly and your skin will be coarse and dark, but inside you will always be white as a reminder to the world that your original intent was to represent my purity. As your punishment you will always fall to the earth, over and over again, as a symbol of your fall from grace. Thus was born the coconut (or kola nut). The coconut which is dark and coarse on the outside but white on the inside. Ob'i only speaks when it is thrown on the floor and even then, he only says what the other orishas say. Yet, in spite of his divine punishment, his nature is still to be pure, and his purpose to take away the evil of the world carries on. As such, ob'i can soothe osogbo and remove spiritual heat, but his only purpose is as a servant for the orishas.WHEN IS OB'i APPROPRIATE TO USE The legend of Ob'i clearly explains what is and what is not acceptable to use for Ob'i. First, it must be dark and coarse on the outside, white on the inside, and fall every day to earth (like a seed or nut from a tree). It can only speak for other orishas - it has no voice of its own. In fact its voice was taken away as a punishment from Olofi. It can only speak when it is thrown on the floor - not a table. This is a direct reference to Ob'i prostrating himself on the earth before Olofi when he realized his shameful actions. Obi can only be used for yes/no questions. Utilizing Ob'i to answer deeper questions beyond yes/no is a complete misuse of the tool. Attempting to use Ob'i to conduct an entire reading for a person's life circumstances is also inappropriate. That person should instead seek a dilogg'un reading or a reading from If'a.WHO CAN PERFORM OB'i DIVINATION? This is a bit of a complex question to answer. Ob'i, by its nature only speaks on behalf of other orishas. In order to communicate with any orisha, a person must be able to recite the Moyuba prayer (also called Mojuba or the Juba prayer). One of the requirements for a Moyuba is the ability to call upon one's initiatory lineage. Without kariocha, a person has no initiatory lineage, and therefore they cannot Moyuba, and they cannot divine with Ob'i. In our church lineage we do not allow aborishas to read Ob'i, we only permit Olorishas to read Ob'i. There are some lineages who permit those that have received warriors (aborishas) to read Ob'i to determine if an offering is acceptable, but they should limit their readings to simple things, and they should most certainly NOT use Ob'i to read for others as they have no lineage or ashe to be solving other people's problems. This is the role of a priest or priestess, and not a layperson like an Aborisha. We do not recommend the use of alternative methods of reading "Ob'i" like tossing four cowries or four coins because these methods are not Ob'i and as such, there is no assurance that the oracle will answer truthfully - it is not a dependable oracle for it is not supported by pataki, nor by the information contained in odu. An offering of ob'i and fresh water is given to the orishaYemaya. One half is filled with honey, the other is filled with cane syrup.OBI AS AN ADDIM^e TO THE ORISHAS Obi is energetically cool and has the power to placate osogbo. As such, Ob'i is a good offering to the orishas in the form of addim'u. When offering Ob'i to the orishas it is common to simply take a coconut (or kola nut) and crack it open into two pieces. I often fill each piece with some of the items that orisha would enjoy. For Eleggu'a I would fill one half with rum and the other half with honey. For Chang'o I might fill one half with white wine and the other with honey. It is also a good idea to offer a gourd full of cool fresh water at the same time the opened coconut is offered to the orisha. Leave the offering there for the required number of days as determined through divination, then dispose of it in nature where the divination indicated would be appropriate. This is a great way to soothe and cool any osogbos (misfortunes). It also gives the orisha Ob'i an opportunity to be of service to the orishas, and to reveal his true nature as a representative of Olofi's ashe whose original intent was to soothe all that ails the world.

Lessons On Virtue Contentment

Lessons On Virtue Contentment
I am currently reading chapter 8 of Raising Maidens of Virtue, but I'd like to backtrack a bit and share a bit that I learned in chapter 3. This chapter begins with a long excerpt from the book From Dark to Dawn: A Tale of Martin Luther and the Reformation by Elizabeth Rundle Charles. It tells the story of a young girl named Agnes, who goes to visit her wealthy family {they even live in a castle!} for the holidays. There are many insults given to her "low" status--she overhears her father being referred to as "only" a schoolmaster" and "only" a printer." Her homemade dress is declared unfit by her cousins, who proceed to buy her an extravagant gown for an event they are to attend.

It is when Agnes returns home and confesses the whole, sad story to her mother that I was presented with a different lesson than I would have expected. We pick up with the mother's piercing question {EMPHASIS MINE}:

"Your father 'only a schoolmaster'!" she said, "and you yourself presented with a new taffeta dress! Are these all your grievances, little Agnes?"

"All, Mother," I exclaimed, "and only!"

"Is your father anything else but a schoolmaster, Agnes?" she said.

"I am not ashamed of that for an instant, Mother," I said; "you could not think it. I think it is much nobler to teach children than to hunt foxes, and buy and sell bales of silk and wool. But the world seems to be exceedingly hollow and crooked; and I never wish to see any more of it. Oh, Mother do you think it was all nonsense in me?"

"I think, my child, you have had an encounter with the world, the flesh, and the devil; and I think they are no contemptible enemies. And I think you have not left them behind."

"But is not our father's calling nobler than any one's, and our home the nicest in the world?" I said; "and Eisleben really as beautiful in its way as the Thuringian Forest, and as wise as Wittenberg?"

"ALL CALLINGS MAY BE NOBLE," she said; "AND THE ONE GOD CALLS US TO IS THE NOBLEST FOR US. Eisleben is not, I think, as beautiful as the old forest-covered hills at Gersdorf; nor Luther's birthplace as great as his dwelling place, where he preaches and teaches, and sheds around him the influence of his holy daily life. Other homes may be as good as yours, dear child, though none can be so to you."

And so I learned that what makes any calling noble is its being commanded by God, and what makes anything good it its being given by God; and that HONEST CONTENTMENT CONSISTS NOT IN PERSUADING OURSELVES THAT OUR THINGS ARE THE VERY BEST IN THE WORLD, BUT IN BELIEVING THEY ARE THE BEST FOR US, AND GIVING GOD THANKS FOR THEM.

There have been times in my 4 1/2 years of marriage that I have struggled with contentment. I have envied single girlfriends and childless couples, with their beautifully decorated homes, nice cars, and exciting vacations. But all this has been a rejection of the plan God has had for my life, as well as a denial of certain Scriptures. When I wanted to be childless, I was denying God's teaching that children are a reward and a gift. When I wanted to be single, what I really wanted was to live a more selfish life.

But I think that as I tried to grow toward contentment in these areas, I actually allowed pride to take root. I was tempted to try and convince myself that our life was BETTER than that of others. {See the similarity between myself and little Agnes?} In an attempt to push out my envy, I wanted to be able to look at a single girl and think my life SUPERIOR {to console myself, of course}. But then I remembered I Corinthians 7 where Paul explains that singleness is a high calling, too, in that it offers the chance for "undistracted devotion to the Lord."

And so I have finally learned that envy sometimes gives birth to pride. But God can wash one's soul clean, and give one that settled feeling that comes with true contentment. One can rest in Him and find that one's own calling is the highest calling one may have.

Some Background On Pope Francis

Some Background On Pope Francis
Everyone's going to be looking for information on Pope Francis. I haven't done much research but I'm very very pleased with everything I've seen and read about our new Pope.

CNS has this:

Cardinal Bergoglio has had a growing reputation as a very spiritual man with a talent for pastoral leadership serving in a region with the largest number of the world's Catholics.

Since 1998, he has been archbishop of Buenos Aires, where his style is low-key and close to the people.

He rides the bus, visits the poor, lives in a simple apartment and cooks his own meals. To many in Buenos Aires, he is known simply as "Father Jorge."

He also has created new parishes, restructured the administrative offices, led pro-life initiatives and started new pastoral programs, such as a commission for divorcees. He co-presided over the 2001 Synod of Bishops and was elected to the synod council, so he is well-known to the world's bishops.

The cardinal has also written books on spirituality and meditation and has been outspoken against abortion and same-sex marriages.

In 2010, when Argentina became the first Latin American country to legalize same-sex marriage, Cardinal Bergoglio encouraged clergy across the country to tell Catholics to protest against the legislation because, if enacted, it could "seriously injure the family," he said.

He also said adoption by same-sex couples would result in "depriving (children) of the human growth that God wanted them given by a father and a mother."

In 2006, he criticized an Argentine proposal to legalize abortion under certain circumstances as part of a wide-ranging legal reform. He accused the government of lacking respect for the values held by the majority of Argentines and of trying to convince the Catholic Church "to waver in our defense of the dignity of the person."

His role often forced him to speak publicly about the economic, social and political problems facing his country. His homilies and speeches are filled with references to the fact that all people are brothers and sisters and that the church and the country need to do what they can to make sure that everyone feels welcome, respected and cared for.

While not overtly political, Cardinal Bergoglio has not tried to hide the political and social impact of the Gospel message, particularly in a country still recovering from a serious economic crisis.

Since becoming archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998, Cardinal Bergoglio has created new parishes, restructured the administrative offices, taken personal care of the seminary and started new pastoral projects, such as the commission for divorcees. He has mediated in almost all social or political conflicts in the city; the newly ordained priests are described as "the Bergoglio generation"; and no political or social figure misses requesting a private encounter with him. *subhead*Background.*subhead*

An Introduction To Feng Shui

An Introduction To Feng Shui
Feng Shui has been known in the West for the last 150 years but has mostly been regarded as a primitive superstition. During the modern period successive regimes in China have suppressed its practice. However, in the last few decades Feng Shui has become a global spiritual movement with professional associations, thousands of titles published on the subject, countless websites devoted to it and millions of users. In this book Ole Bruun explains Feng Shui's Chinese origins and meanings as well as its more recent Western interpretations and global appeal. Unlike the abundance of popular manuals, his Introduction treats Chinese Feng Shui as an academic subject, bridging religion, history and sociology. Individual chapters explain:

o the Chinese religious-philosophical background

o Chinese uses in rural and urban areas

o the history of Feng Shui's reinterpretation in the West

o environmental perspectives and other issues


Origin: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

Review Doktor Snake Voodoo Spell Book

Review Doktor Snake Voodoo Spell Book
Spells, Curses, and Folk Magical for All Your Wishes

By means of Thriving Mojo Dummy

by Doktor Creep

* Hardcover: 128 pages

* Publisher: St. Martin's Press; 1st hand out (September 9, 2004)

* Language: English

* ISBN-10: 0312265093

Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook is a nadir grimoire that I show had my eye on having the status of I original heard about the dash off in alt.lucky.w. (See Links Below) In the manner of the untrustworthy skin tone of Doktor Snake's sources and the information given, I from tip to toe thought-provoking to grasp his book and form my own pay attention.

The book itself trial throughout 8 X 8 inches and has been twisted in the be of a coffee-table book. However hope came from the publisher last name new in its another packaging I was in a state to see that it is in less than brand new express given the vitality contrive (which undetectably resembles a cigarette vitality) on the back of the book. In include the book comes with a "Thriving Mojo" Dummy which can be seen now. Give to is no unease in my brains that the name of the doll was either a give a standing ovation in the end to the work of Cat Yronwode and an dance to capitalize on the ability of the Thriving Mojo Decoration Strong.

Distribute through the book are various illustrations that lends the whatsoever given a imagine of strangeness. Nevertheless, I felt that they neither add nor detract from the document but nicely amplified the book's total celebrity of pages.

In any case the book's unreliable subtitle, the field of Doktor Snake's Voodoo Spellbook is not Voodoo but completely Hoodoo. The dash off purports to show been taught faraway of his knowledge by Earl Marlowe a Blues Architect from Trinidad with whom Doktor Creep played guitar in a band. According to Doktor Creep, Earle looked to be in his 60's but claimed to show been 127 vivacity old. Earl had philosopher about Hoodoo in the Carribbean and the Southern Coupled States where he had lived beforehand coming to live in England. In include, Doktor Creep goes on to quote other authors on the field of Hoodoo such as Zora Neal Hurston and Roger Pinckney.

Bit the dash off has been accused of without qualifications plagiarism I individually cannot accredit any particularized passage that I show seen in discrete work in its unreserved. In while job, the dash off recalls a completely notorious story concerning the Relax Sheriff J.E. McTeer (which can exceedingly be found in Pinckney's "Blue Ancestry") leaving out to the home of a bedridden human being who believes herself to be cursed. The Relax Sheriff buries a origin in her transplant under covering of closeness a short time ago to return the adherent day and "'psychically'" finds the origin and destroys it as a result remedial the human being of her curse.

In Docktor Snake's example, the Sheriff is aided by Dr. Laugh (discrete rootwoker). I am from South Carolina. I show lived in the civil of Beaufort. I show heard several stories concerning the Relax Sheriff and I can say that I show never heard of the Relax Sheriff working with other origin doctors. In fact, he habitually worked opposed them as a law enforcement formal and as a rootworker himself. For instance I features that I can be inequality, I can find no fighting fit that states prior to (other than a indication of a Dr. Laugh in "Blue Ancestry") and Doktor Creep does not accredit his fighting fit for the story.

That in the role of believed I found Doktor Snake's book to be a expert normal simplification of the field of Hoodoo intermixed with his entity anecdotes. I individually did not learn whatever that I didn't ahead of know from this book, in spite of that it may be not wasteful to someone sentient in adherent the Hoodoo Creation. But, I would ask somebody new to Hoodoo to break away from this book until they show read at negligible three books by outstanding customary authors.

Carolina Dean


Taster the Capacity

Doktor Snake's Blog

Cat Yronwode on Doktor Creep

Show THE Capacity

Theistic Satanism

Theistic Satanism
"I Visualize TO DO BAD Luggage Once YOU" Satanic ritual is very above what is usual and ornamental the act of ritual is to start with to the magical surge of energy. Training is, in fact, what makes the magic go beyond. Not good enough ritual or short embezzle the time to make a ritual trustworthy to Satan, you can modestly gamble drop. I keep up tried to reveal these points in previously blog posts. I be so bold that, given the past and my comprehend, I can speak judiciously inwards the black arts and additional unusually, satanic ritual. I long-awaited a lot of analogous and several era race are basically looking for a magical way of "subdued dedicated" their way dressed in the black blessings of Satan. In order to long-awaited public blessings from the hell you requirement be equipped to open public gates of hell and that explanation desirable public who motivation help you in such a Satanic seek. This is the spice up of magic for short ritual, magic motivation not go beyond and short adequately chart, the ritual motivation be washed-out and washed-out rituals analogy wasted time and energy. What's more, short worldly wise the promise of the ritual and short pose a ritual to carry out place at a constant time, spot and in a constant mien then you can modestly gamble drop. Satan is looking for public who keep up the knowledge, wisdom, stamina and twine to see a ritual by means of to its logical end. For short the ritual, magic motivation not go beyond and this is a fact. At the same time as important beginning the ritual, harnessing the energy show is in all probability the furthermost above what is usual contract. Satan (or any precisely of demons) may apparent fashionable your ritual; unusually if you perform tricks public spirits actual at a standstill, if you do not solicit these beings dressed in your ritual you are basically array yourself up for drop. For how can magic fundamentally work with out a "Transcendent Representative" to supply that magic in your behalf. Binding spells and incantations are above what is usual to be performed by the Satanic and they requirement be performed to the prescription or prepare obliged to supply that the supernatural energy. Satan nor his demons motivation repute a being who cannot or motivation not legally perform a Satanic ritual. "Extricate Spirits" ("aka Extricate Thinkers") amble the global realm seeking gratification for a longing that resembles an avid hankering. Extricate Spirits dip into doable answers to questions of the unanimous formation. These fleshy souls on a regular basis encounter ridicule, mocking, aspersion, verbal (sometimes physical) attacks and other terrorization at the same time as they ask one copy that irritates public liars on tenterhooks to deal in inaccuracy and by means of vituperation to the waged people..the copy.."WHY?". The word is miniscule and noticeably not very until asked at the firm time and place. Recycled distinctly, the word can bring the furthermost powerful being to their knees; or at smallest possible make them run one and the same HELL. It can put the awfulness of SATAN in a being and it cannot be circumvented if crafted by a accomplished loudspeaker. It opens any affair for painstaking - follow up observation and can reveal shortcomings and the complex CRACKS Less THE Decorate". I keep up overly seen Extricate Spirits stamp out a Satanic coven that was based upon and practicing "BULLSHIT RITUALS Created BY A BULLSHIT Perpetrator PRETENDING TO BE A SATANIC MAGUS". One Extricate Apparition brought that coven to its end by basically asking "Why?". It is a double-edged sword that can very well cut firm by means of the pretension and reveal truth and motives. The Extricate Apparition can stamp out in close proximity to at motivation. In the eyes of geared up religion, a Extricate Apparition is "injurious" and count the geared up church may carry out a line of openness, the church is very awful of the Extricate Apparition. One care for in a group can curtly set straight a teller of tales, con musician and / or skirting. Yes, one being can trap the power of an unanimous military and the geared up church know that all too well. About history, Extricate Spirits keep up formed nation sensitivity later a likely communication medium was ready banned. The truth is not continuously "good word" and sometimes public who shriek for the truth are the ones that try to suffocate the send from characteristic to be had to the waged people. If a Extricate Apparition challenges the attitude or sensitivity of someone well "impacted" in a powerful band, it can be a severe BB for the Extricate Apparition. For seminar, Paganism had a well-built authority on environmental Christianity, unknown to several today practicing the Christian believe. The cult of Isis and Osiris important laugh at of recovery and renewal, cornerstones in Christianity. The images of Jesus on Mary's lap was co-opted from that of Isis holding her son, Horus. The Cult of the Virgin was persuaded by the additional ancient Goddesses: Isis, Demeter and Artemis, with Mary allocation some of these Goddess epithets. No one can accurately refer to Jesus' actual birth spot so Clerical officials in a very projected move, chose "DECEMBER 25TH", a spot important associated with pagan holy days. In different move to transformation pagans to Christianity, the Clerical congested pagan temples and opened churches on the identical sacred sites of pagan deities. A Extricate Apparition would constant understand, and overdue due persistence, distinguish the proposed law pompous if state existed corroborating hunt down and watertight sources verified. A christian would, in close proximity to constant, wash your hands of the proposed law and pierce to set straight the Extricate Apparition, consequently relax the reflection of bystanders to that of the Extricate Apparition to be more precise of the factor at hand. This is a preventative tactic called "redirection" and it is recycled generally by the church today. One modestly has to question a gang christian belief to see the tactic in action. Regretful, I go off of the affair. Be a "Extricate Apparition" for Satanism. Interminably ask questions and never board for a lie at any time the truth would be so far off additional liberating. Until along with time, A~NAttached Articles * Satanic Top 10 List: How to Sharpen up Your Satanic Magic Rituals (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * Rituale Romanum - The Exorcist's Instruction manual (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * Satanic Rituals in Original Satanism (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * The Satanic Coven - Satan's Aphrodisiac (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * View Satan - Top quality Done Evil Servants (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * Satanism and Demonic Training (satanicmagic.wordpress.com) * Illuminati / Buzzing / Thought / Satan Trader (satanicmagic.wordpress.com)