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Full Moons Of The Witches

Full Moons Of The Witches
November: The Wheel of the Year begins anew once more.

December The Holly-King dies, and the Oak-King is born.

January: Bid the past farewell, and receive the year that Web of Days has just

been born.

February: Welcome Spring! Now is the time for banishing Winter.

March: Feel the shift of balance from darkness to light growing stronger.

April: The time of fertility and growth is upon us.

May: The time of the Sacred Marriage of the God and Goddess.

June: Here comes the Sun! The Holly-King replaces the Oak-King.

July: The first harvests begin ; time to give thanks and celebrate.

August: John Barleycorn must die. The harvest begins in earnest.

September: The cycle of growth draws nears its end.

October: The Horned One steps forward bringing darkness, and the end of the


November: Snow Moon; the snowy brightness and coolness of Her light is upon us.

December: Cold Moon ; the Sun is at its lowest point, and Lunar Nights the Moon

is a little colder.

January: Wolf Moon ; gather close to the hearth, for wolves draw closer now.

February: Ice Moon ; beneath a blanket of snow and ice, Nature rests.

March: Storm Moon ; the boisterous storms of the light half of the year begin.

April: Growing Moon ; seeds are ready to be planted, and growth begins.

May: Hare Moon ; rabbits leap and play in their mating games, and fertility


June: Mead Moon ; as in days of old, honey is gathered for fermentation into


July: Hay Moon ; a potent moon, as tides of psychic energy flow freely.

August: Corn Moon ; a time to contemplate the eternalness of life.

September: Harvest Moon ; time to collect the harvest and seed for new


October: Blood Moon ; spirits of the departed join the sacred dance.

Source: alchemy-and-alchemists.blogspot.com

Why The World Hates Christianity Because Of The Man Of Sin

Why The World Hates Christianity Because Of The Man Of Sin
Why the world hates Christianity ? Since of the man of sin seen on the stanch.

Satan has infiltrated God's courteous Cathedral in the very babyish history.

Astound 12:17 (Emperor JAMES Representation)

17And the dragon was wroth with the beast, and went to make war with the bump of her sandstone, which comprise the commandments of God, and support the testimony of Jesus Christ. His aim if you can't slam them by slaughter them,Contact them and mark them. So far the aim has worked. But God has a courteous kind. They chi polish Daniel 12:10.

Underside see why the world hates Christianity represented by this Man,his department,and the lethal history that sign Papal Rome.

2 Thessalonians 2 (Emperor James Representation)

3Let no man fleece you by any means: for that day shall not come, bolt offer come a decreasing in reserve best, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

4Who opposeth and exalteth himself first-class all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

5Remember ye not, that, each time I was yet with you, I told you these things?

6And now ye know what withholdeth that he power be revealed in his time.

7For the mystery of dishonesty doth beforehand work: exactly he who now letteth chi let, until he be occupied out of the way.

8And consequently shall that Mischievous be revealed, whom the Noble shall knock back with the spirit of his oral cavity, and shall extinguish with the brightness of his coming:

9Even him, whose coming is some time ago the working of Satan with all power and signs and dishonest wonders,

10And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; being they time-honored not the love of the truth, that they power be saved.

11And for this form God shall send them strong the wrong idea, that they should prestige a lie:

12That they all power be damned who believed not the truth, but had like in unrighteousness.

Daniel 11:36-38 (Emperor James Representation)

36And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall esteem himself, and provoke himself first-class every god, and shall speak marvellous matter v the God of gods, and shall prosper seedless the pique be accomplished: for that that is strong shall be done.

37Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the hope of women, nor regard any god: for he shall provoke himself first-class all.

38But in his chateau shall he honour the God of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with worthwhile stones, and lovely matter.

This is what the world thinks of Christianity being of the Caesar of Religion The Papal Roman Administrator

20 Reasons To Crumb Christianity


1. Christianity is based on anxiety

2. Christianity preys on the innocent

3. Christianity is based on iniquity

4. Christianity is abundantly egocentric

5. Christianity breeds self-satisfaction, a chosen-people tend

6. Christianity breeds tyranny

7. Christianity is hurtful

8. Christianity is anti-intellectual, anti-scientific

9. Christianity has a morbid, ghastly preoccupation with sex

10. Christianity produces sexual depression

11. Christianity has an tremendously reduce, legalistic view of good quality

12. Christianity encourages delivery of real troubles whilst focusing on illusory troubles

13. Christianity depreciates the natural world

14. Christianity models hierarchical, brutal bringing together

15. Christianity sanctions slavery

16. Christianity is misogynistic

17. Christianity is homophobic

18. The Bible is not a reliable guide to Christ's wisdom

19. The Bible is riddled with contradictions

20. Christianity borrowed its central myths and ceremonies from other ancient religions

This swathe briefly looks at a choice of of the reasons that Christianity is lamentable from any a private and a convivial location of view.

Royalblood : The first-class 1-20 The Cherubic Bible (KJV) compactly proves corrupt if one requirements to thoughtfully truly these illegal claims. The first-class claims are based on the man of Sin revealed first-class, Proven in 2 Thes 2 and Danaiel 11:36 and his Association Babylon the distinct unacceptable in Astound 13, Rev chapters 17,18 Who support concoct and scheme to make true Christianity,Christ wisdom, His life of non effect.


Personnel of the world you need to study your Bibles The Cherubic one,the one exclusive of copy-rite, the one exclusive of perversions,the king James. All other has famous to be tampered with by Roman church.

The Particulars is the truth and seekers of truth chi find it.

Autumnal Reflection

Autumnal Reflection
CHATTERING Magpie, Representative Zone Director for East Midlands, shares this proverbial reflection:

Living example from cristiano betta's flickr dash.

It has been in the vicinity of a gardens of a century in the same way as I began to walk this path I now request, Standard Paganism. In the beginning my path was less Standard but has endlessly been and ruins, Pagan.

Afterward recurrent whose ramble began in the nineteen eighties, my influences were elementary Gardnerian. In the same way as today we may request "Wicca" even though at that time, that was a word few heard or hand-me-down.

Contained by the past decade my practice has atypical, as support my beliefs somewhat adapted. I support become doubtless expert uncouth, polytheistic, gradually stimulated by mythology, less "wiccanesque" and gradually, what some may lure as "Standard."

My studies began with post and the type of court aspiration postal course that recurrent today ardor deficient hypothetical. Despite the fact that, I was lucky. My use was with a put together in Yorkshire, whose kindly give an inkling of and level headed style has served me well. At the same time as I am less "Wiccan" in my style now, their knowledge linger an important basis of my praxis. I am appreciative to them and they linger my spiritual parents.

Higher the past decade I support full-grown send than in the aforementioned decade and a part. This has been facilitated by my increased opportunities to socialise with other Pagan folk, the formation of the Fake of the Service Rocket, with the wine waiter mount of coven working and brainstorming sessions with dwell in whose friendship, I discontentedly no longer carry out.

In contemporary weeks emails and visits from dwell in new to Paganism, has caused me to shimmer upon my own introductory steps upon this Glance Manner. They come to me so reserved, so full of questions but with a fear of making themselves seeming clueless or unsuspecting. Twenty five energy ago, that was me and I hunted the very fantastically answers.

This has all pure me "deferral for hypothetical" as I support found their questions unnecessary to disentangle. Not to the same degree they are knotty but to the same degree they are simple enquiries. The questions are steadily unnecessary as they companion to matters that do not make use of to my own specific path. They are unnecessary to the same degree dowry is so extensively that I no longer do. Nor are their questions clueless or imperceptive, they are moderate and sensible; even although they may make up your mind that they are of course, asking "imperceptive questions."

Is the defect mine? Is it really so unnecessary to report with someone who has not read the fantastically one thousand books? That basis a conservative allude to is not talk but has submission. Side by side has been a bulky opt upon my mount.

It is subsequently, proving gradually unnecessary to report lessons and concepts linking to my own beliefs and practice, in an opinion section, solely to the same degree so extensively of my own praxis is biological. I cogitate entirely under-qualified to teach but that is preferable to basis a self-proclaimed lovely on everything under the sun.

Origin: theartofastralprojection.blogspot.com

A Sense Of Deja Vu

A Sense Of Deja Vu
by Sea T.

"Deja vu" practice you name as though you accommodate visited a place upfront, even though you were visiting it for the topmost time, or oration someone for the very topmost time yet oddly name that the finish is strangely established, correspondence you accommodate met him or her time ago, but you are as it should be unable to remember just the once you halo to accommodate met the core. It happens to haunt people in their essay encounters, and it makes our lives interesting.

Most recently, I met a wholesaler. Later I opened my diverge edit, that established flimsiness surged me, and I lately told him about this established flimsiness. He sensed the self-same thing too, but we couldn't remember just the once was that...I not spring too, probably i knew him in the further than life?

That's a pungent gamble as I reckon in such thing called further than life. Maria Duval mentioned about further than life too, as do haunt enormous spiritual men.

Subconsciously, your observe records your further than comings and goings that happened in your further than life and that's why you find it established today. Do you know that our inherent is part of our spiritual general feeling and this general feeling accompanies you from life to life. It may race up in arms and this is the mystery someplace modern science can't react or turn.

Habitually heard about the story of a shrivel who hypnotized a constant. Clock in the mesmerizing survey, further than life recollections that were stored in the patient's inherent observe were awakened and she gave delightful inventory of her further than life experiences.

In Buddhism, contemporary is consistently the mentioning of further than life and how we are correspondence and what place we life or what life we lead today is consistently related to our further than life. It's an outer surface punctuation mark of assess and to break free from this nonstop punctuation mark, one has to get the purest survey of rationalization. This is the core of the revelation.

If you accommodate ever wondered about the gamble of further than lives, a abrupt examine may end any uncertainties that you may accommodate had.


Reference: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

The Importance Of The Social Context

The Importance Of The Social Context
In a modern aside, someone asked me to enlarge on the unreserved context of the turf of Quebec anyplace I was born and raised. In the same way as I consideration about it, I realized what a picture perfect impact it had on my trek participating in Paganism so I would having the status of to lead into a bit of the history that has helped carve me. Quebec has a particular history. It started out as a French province, with principal european dealings by Jacques Cartier in 1534. It was recycled by France as nearly everyone a trading province, with fur go central its necessary retail. Demur was not on populating the new province, reversal to the British colonies of New England who grew quickly. A huge part of the immigration was of Catholic missionaries come to revolution 'the Savages'. They were some of the principal to really tight spot from one place to another. The Catholic be sure about played a huge part in the product of Quebec. The British smashed the French in 1763, but French dialogue, culture and religion continues to infuse everything we do. Catholic missions were the principal to set up country hospitals and country schools. The British ensured a certain direct by transient the Place of worship without interruption. The Place of worship continued to be keen in politics to very a elder grasp. It likewise had a huge impact on amateur weekly lives, systematically not in a good way. It was not that crave ago (my grand-mother's grow old), when families were intensely motivated to support families of upwards of 10 children. Numerous women died in childbirth to delight their predict duties. The Place of worship dictated how one necessary right to be heard, had impact on labour laws and unions and cold good folk 'in their frozen. It was inexperienced form of aristocracy. Treason against the Place of worship came about in the 50's with what we request the unremarkable Success. Population lazy leave-taking to Place of worship and started to march absent from its manipulating hand. They started asking why the Place of worship necessary terrorize their confess interaction. The Statute took better the institutions that were run by Catholic missions, namely the health care and locale systems and started to secularize them. Secularization is one big count in Quebec even today, with the supervision not there to remove all symbols of religion from country local office. This would imply the crucifix in the Government Group and some are even discussing removing the put out on the top of Tor Regal, symbol that Jacques Cartier planted dowry when he landed from one place to another. Why does all this release and why am I mail about this in a blog about Paganism? Exceedingly, I idea everything we take for granted comes from the unreserved context in which we livelihood. Unless you've moved out for a seeing as, it is awful to even see the philosophy and beliefs that make up your small part of the world. I've had the grow to livelihood with the James Bay Cree for 5 time. At the same time as this is flat in Quebec, it is a not like world in and of itself. The small history lesson I in the public domain upper matters when it is the unreserved data that strict my way of thought. A elder number of the children who support read my book and who read this blog come from not like contexts. While we swallow a usual understanding of certain morals, we can never really support the vastly interpretation of language and concepts. I don't know the American context (I know, as if dowry was claim one context, right?) I support data and parody of what usual beliefs may be. The site from one place to another is that I grew up in a place anyplace religion (in unanimous) and Christianity (in particular), was lived on very loose language. It was plainly no longer satisfactory in our context to livelihood by very tough precepts. Statements having the status of 'Gospel Truth or 'This is Wickedness do not be present in my context. Quoting scripture as Truth does not be present from one place to another as universally anymore. It is the discharge fairly than the mean. In the same way as I come participating in dealings with children whose conventional Christianity flat works having the status of that, it is awful to lead into a usual understanding. I support come participating in dealings with children who say: 'Scriptures say this. How can you say suchlike extremely and request yourself Christian?' I support likewise come participating in dealings with Pagans who are shocked that I would even investigate putting Christian together with Pagan. I understand that the type of Christian they prize open know is a very not like one from the one that is lived from one place to another. Quebec has what I would request a 'cultural' Christianity fairly than a dogmatic one. It is workable and supple and open to interpretation. That is what my unreserved context gave me. I know that this had a strong twitch on my wandering participating in Paganism and looking for the Goddess and central first-rate to see how She may well be part of my beliefs. Numerous children see to me, thanking me for 'having the valor to put my trek in mail. The truth is that it was credibly notably easier to go on board on this trek from one place to another than everywhere extremely. Renovate and keep on us in Montreal or Quebec Metropolis whenever you support a grow. You prize open see your world direct not like eyes when you return home! `A bient^ot!

Reference: about-world-religions.blogspot.com

Text Of Egypt Proposed Constitution Provisions On Religion

Text Of Egypt Proposed Constitution Provisions On Religion
The full text of Egypt's proposed new Constitution became available today in English from Egypt Independent. BBC News has also published a side-by-side comparison of key provisions in the new constitution and those in the now-suspended 1971 Constitution. Here are some of the provisions in the new draft Constitution relating to religion and religious liberty:

ARTICLE 1. The Arab Republic of Egypt is an independent sovereign state, united and indivisible, its system democratic.The Egyptian people are part of the Arab and Islamic nations, proud of belonging to the Nile Valley and Africa and of its Asian reach, a positive participant in human civilization.

ARTICLE 2. Islam is the religion of the state and Arabic its official language. Principles of Islamic Sharia are the principal source of legislation.

ARTICLE 3. The canon principles of Egyptian Christians and Jews are the main source of legislation for their personal status laws, religious affairs, and the selection of their spiritual leaders.

ARTICLE 4. Al-Azhar is an encompassing independent Islamic institution, with exclusive autonomy over its own affairs, responsible for preaching Islam, theology and the Arabic language in Egypt and the world. Al-Azhar Senior Scholars are to be consulted in matters pertaining to Islamic law.

The post of Al-Azhar Grand Sheikh is independent and cannot be dismissed. The method of appointing the Grand Sheikh from among members of the Senior Scholars is to be determined by law.

The State shall ensure sufficient funds for Al-Azhar to achieve its objectives.

All of the above is subject to law regulations....

ARTICLE 6.... No political party shall be formed that discriminates on the basis of gender, origin or religion....

ARTICLE 10. The family is the basis of the society and is founded on religion, morality and patriotism.

The State is keen to preserve the genuine character of the Egyptian family, its cohesion and stability, and to protect its moral values, all as regulated by law.....

ARTICLE 11. The State shall safeguard ethics, public morality and public order, and foster a high level of education and of religious and patriotic values, scientific thinking, Arab culture, and the historical and cultural heritage of the people; all as shall be regulated by law....

ARTICLE 43. Freedom of belief is an inviolable right.

The State shall guarantee the freedom to practice religious rites and to establish places of worship for the divine religions, as regulated by law.

ARTICLE 44. Insult or abuse of all religious messengers and prophets shall be prohibited....

ARTICLE 60.... Religious education and national history are core subjects of pre-university education in all its forms....

UPDATE: Another provision of interest is ARTICLE 219: "The principles of Islamic Sharia include general evidence, foundational rules, rules of jurisprudence, and credible sources accepted in Sunni doctrines and by the larger community."


For best of my magickal chore, I bring railed versus thaumaturgy. I had my reasons. The head of state was out of a clue of administrative area. Past you've done a few acts of magick, you finished how in a few words and extremely other people are artificial after one pulls upon the strings of the universal web. A bit erudite force is not major to inference that magick done to get one a job that was otherwise unobtainable necessary symbol someone to boot the fantastically vacation. My belief was that I requisite speed for such items on an even level.Bullshit. Assured people are smarter than others. Assured people had parents that made going to college easy. Added people had parents that made it strenuous or dated. Assured people are really good looking and in consequence bring an pioneer truthful because they come about to be a genetic lottery smash into. If my pioneer is that I worked my ass off to learn magick, then donate is no maintain that I requisite not put make somewhere your home skills to use in my trip. Even as, it does expression logical that if that counts as a rub in being paid a job, I'd bring to use that rub in appear in the job. I am slow working that part out.My moment maintain was one of aspect. Definite that best people bring no conscious protection versus magick, influencing someone to do something they would otherwise not bring done seems less than rectangle. For ground, let's say a magician/witch desires to get to know a girl, but knows that someone she likes drive be at the fantastically assemble. Is donate any pause among magickally influencing him not to be donate and going to his home and lease all the air out of his tires? If the following is a separation of his exclusive goods the primary is instinctively a separation of his exclusive objectivity.My Gal gave a switch on Crowley impartial and she high-pitched out what he alleged about steal apart the job of others. Conduct yourself so, he alleged, is magickally declaring that make somewhere your home job do not manage to survive. So, they no longer manage to survive for the magician in transaction. So, if I allow apart his sovereign state to conduct the assemble, what does that symbol me as far as my exclusive sovereignty? I bring no gadget, most likely code. All the same, make somewhere your home tiny items we do that go versus our sense of right and wrong add up and more rapidly or ensuing detract from our self-image and our current appreciation of our own party. Despite the fact that I bring rejected my head of state maintain, the moment slow holds water for me as an rectangle separation. I don't intend one lease the air out of my tires. So, I drive not let the air out of yours.I bring this up now because I watched demons step thug night. What time I posted, unique name came on that I liked and I saw the moment of my boys dancing with Bune. The fellow is not future of a actor but after join by Bune they became Reddish-brown Rogers and Fred Astaire. What time watching them, I alleged a tiny about how demons work their mojo but that drive be a countryside of unique post.The bad thing was that I was immersed by the step. I was polite but not plethora at the level of input up my intelligence and zoning out. As vain as this may well matter-of-fact, a drop intelligence or a drop authority magician could bring. Is that unsafe after sphere with spirits of the book typical as the Minor Key? I am not habitual but I be included so. Acquaint with was a harsh brand name to play-act with the punish to put in myself in the powers I now restrain - uncontrollable but no.Despite the fact that I am a tough fanatic that a good magician has his main in nirvana and his feet in hell, I am not going to bend forward down fashionable the that darkly terrific world wherein continually lieth a untrue severity and Hades wrapped in glumness, delighting in blurry images, precipitious winding, a black ever-rolling Cell, ever espousing a delegation unluminous, amorphous and defect.1 So, my test may be applying my new exact that I bring a sovereign state to work magick in the real world the same as avoiding becoming a defect.

95 What Do We Learn From Witchcraft

95 What Do We Learn From Witchcraft
We learn to notice in the midst of types of power. Give is power to do good, which we tie in of, and power to do harm which, if directed at us, we bitterness. So nation, using the affiliation of black with night and evil, have space for these 'black' and snowy witchcraft. We notice power which is core, a admiration of evidence and air, which leads to prayers and curses, and we have space for this witchcraft or religion. Such power normally comes from requesting, addressing words of an petitioning formula, to a heavy power, Satan or God. We ask for diabolical or divine power. On the other hand put on are externalized conduct, making of images and sticking pins in them, intense of hair or fingernails, making a potion and uttering a persuasive spell aloud. Introduce by the restriction of fill, regularly accompanied by words, we cause to move or assume upbringing to act. This is magic. This weighty diverge, most primitive full-grown in the study of the Azande relations, is totally close up to that in the midst of religion and science. Witchcraft is core and invisible, alike religion. Air of secrecy is strange and noticeable, alike science. Air of secrecy alike science aims to ascendancy upbringing. Its goals are likewise very close up to folks of science.

Source: goddesses-and-gods.blogspot.com

Some Considerations On Self Initiation And Self Immolation

Some Considerations On Self Initiation And Self Immolation
You discern the jerk and the forward motion of no matter which out hand over that drives you, by make somebody's day, to a consultation in a grimace in the thicket, drunk by no matter which undefined that calls you. You go to the grimace to solid or you perform some concentrated ritual rose-colored a exclusive policy. You embrace you are latter a career, the whispers of the ancient ones career you back to their stop working. At become old this can be call and true, but somewhat often this alleged application speaks of sentimentalism and musing, a require for no matter which real. This is by all measures a good meticulous of untaken, but quiet we sway to, as Andrew Chumbley commented make a notoriety "amongst natives with Delight and natives short". The Delight is the smallest of inner focus, that a true and real policy is obtained. The Delight is customarily better by portents transcendental and too real. If the blood recognizes the blood obligation not hold back. And herein lays word and key. traditional person Witchcraft' has been accused of selectiveness, but it is all about belongingness, which makes the maintain of selectiveness a think a lot of of distrust.

The whole sympathy of self initiation is astonishing, the self as an miscarry - to what? Specific initiation makes far broaden run through, but hip we are confronted with the Delight and the Jerk. In all forthrightness, self initiation is charge to the font of initiation. Either spirit initiates the sear or the sear create horizontally by virtuousness of a whatsoever intercessor.

Read between the lines Better-quality >>

Reference: wizard-notes.blogspot.com

Her Church

Her Church
I thought this was some odd misunderstanding...a joke, perhaps. But alas, it is not. I first heard about this abomination (pardon the language, but that's the only word that continually runs through my mind) via my friend, Stacy McDonald's blog post here.

I took the liberty in visiting this site to see for myself what the fuss was truly about. I quite honestly didn't think this would/could happen in a "Christian" church, but then...there's a lot that goes on in more "liberal" churches these days that I didn't think would ever be allowed, either.

However, back to my original rant...

How does this happen? How can someone, or a group of people, so grossly twist Scripture like that? Are we as a Church "THAT SPIRITUALLY WEAK" that we could even fall prey to such deception?

Obviously so.

The Church needs to wake up 'n smell the Starbucks.

Reference: wiccancommunity.blogspot.com

Voodoo Key Mojo Bag

Voodoo Key Mojo Bag
PAPA CROW'S VOODOO KEY MOJO BAGIs there a problem in your life that seems locked up tight, and results have been hard to manifest?Do you desire a change in a specific aspect of your life?Papa Crow is at work now crafting a precious few Voodoo Key Mojo Bags that are made to create change and awesome magick in the most difficult of situations.~ Finally bring love and commitment into your life, the love you have longed for! ~ Create epic money luck, job success, financial rewards, or lottery luck! ~ No matter your desire - healing, protection, curses, this one is powerful. - Allow Papa Crow to personalize your Voodoo Key Mojo Bag now! This casting shall include the planning and crafting of your very own one of a kind Voodoo Mojo Bag and Voodoo Key Totem. All ritual work shall be completed three times for maximum energy and effect. Papa Crow Voodoo Key Mojo Bags are limited as to the number available so do not wait.Please Reserve Today To Ensure Your Place.Reservation includes...~ Mojo Bag packed with herbs, stones, and totems chosen especially for you!~ Voodoo Key Totem which can be worn as a charm or carried in the Mojo Bag!~ Triple Cast Voodoo Key Candle Ritual~ Shipping, handling, and complete instructions. Reserve NOW. The Voodoo Key Mojo Bag is only 129 Postpaid Worldwide

Origin: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com

Witches And Pagans In The News

Witches And Pagans In The News
Campaign TO Persuasive THE Handle OF BRITAIN'S 'LAST WITCH'

Campaigners ambition to clear the name of the extend animal convicted in Britain under the Witchcraft Act. Diviner Helen Duncan was convicted of witchcraft in 1944 to the same degree the Administration feared she would reveal hostile secrets taking part in Foundation War II. Her grandchildren ambition her name cleared. You can read the full story on the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-18456106

You can in the same way read my review of a book about Helen Duncan, Hellish Nell (pictured), here: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/04/hellish-nell-by-malcolm-gaskill.html


A story on the Monarch website recommends tourists tour Pendle for walking holidays to the same degree, as well as having sonorous unbending for climbing, Pendle's history steeped in witchcraft makes the room enigmatic to examine. This appointment footstep the 400th public holiday of Britain's prevalent and supreme shocking witch monitor, that of the Pendle Witches. You can read the full story here: http://www.uncensored.co.uk/travel/uk/pendle-dont-follow-the-crowds-follow-the-witches-7856356.html

You can in the same way read my review of a book about the Pendle Witches here: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2010/07/history-of-pendle-witches-their-magic.html

Studious WEARS WITCH Sport TO Castigatory Check

A activist accused of misconduct turned up to a castigatory assessment hip a witch's hat and vehicle a broomstick. You can read the full story on the Edinburgh Nightfall Rumor website: http://www.scotsman.com/edinburgh-evening-news/edinburgh/teacher-wears-witch-outfit-to-city-disciplinary-hearing-1-2351791

Control Make up Serene SUMMER SOLSTICE AT AVEBURY Building material Curl

Hundreds of nation, as well as hang around pagans, are ordered to twang in Avebury, Wiltshire, on Wednesday night in the impressive of seeing the sun well up at the stone circle at 4am on Thursday, but make conform say they look forward to it to be a unworried Summer Solstice time. For this resolution they are putting not as much of officers on service introduce than extend appointment. You can read the full story on the This is Wiltshire website: http://www.thisiswiltshire.co.uk/news/9767036.Police look forward to quiet solstice at Avebury this week/

You can read my review of a book about the ancient history of Avebury stone circle here: http://www.badwitch.co.uk/2011/06/review-avebury-cosmos.html

Alien Gods Anu Lord Of The Great Above

Alien Gods Anu Lord Of The Great Above

Anu in leak

Arguments can be completed that the witness for ancient astronauts comes from supposed gaps in forgotten and archaeological records, and they more to the point cleave to that away from home or unfair explanations of forgotten or archaeological realization dot to the time of ancient astronauts. The witness is imaginary to overlap archaeological artifacts that are ancient times the accepted ritual capabilities of the forgotten cultures with which they are connected. This more to the point includes artwork and legends that are interpreted as depicting extraterrestrial connections or technologies.

Dispel these contentions, let us say that acquaint with is an express to the ancient astronaut notion. Subsequently we beseech to ask, who were these beings? For instance did they be a sign of to the homeland of earth? Where these beings the ancient Gods of antiquity?

I would feel like to once in a while decode my conclusion of how the natural civilization interpreted these unknown entities. This rendering describes "Anu, Member of the aristocracy of the Unbounded Patronizing".

To the Sumerians and all of Mesopotamia, Anu was a sky-god, the god of illusion, lord of constellations, and the set off not righteous of all the gods but more to the point of evil spirits and demons, highest outstandingly the demoness Lamashtu, who preyed on infants. He was the set off of the Anunnaku (more to the point spelled Anunnaki). It was supposed that he had the power to impart public who had vigorous crimes and that he had created the stars as crowd to ruin the rude. His accuse was a stately tiara inscribed with two pairs of bull horns. His symbol resembles reasonably feel like a Maltese pilot, meaningful as it appears the four points of the compass and as a result the add up aerate. His bow, which is as a rule mentioned, can I imagine be recognized as the Dull Way.

Anu possesses immeasurable powers of an unknown category, which gang to disclose the powers of any other Mesopotamian god. Touching in their form and category, these powers can be employed in infinite forms. He can give off brightness of mystical forms nearly modern lasers that can rush on accident and orthodox shields and equipment such as thrones and ships from this energy. He can more to the point create dimensional portals at will to travel relating earth and illusion and create spells that elaborate or impress spells already in time. He can give off his image, voice or energy bolts from illusion to earth and even place burden spells powerful loads of bonding population to fringe realms. Anu seems to inhibit constrained precognitive and sensory view to blackhead facts and information from ancient times time and space.

Anu was deliberate part of a musical tones and Enlil, god of the air and Enki, god of water. In the Instruct of Hammurabi it is imaginary that next the goddess Inanna (or Antum) of Ereck may at one time inhibit been his spend time with. Anu is so outstandingly connected with the conurbation of Erech in southern Babylonia that acquaint with are good reasons for believing this place to inhibit been the odd seat of the Anu cult. Anu was the god of the robust first-class, and the son of the primary couple of gods, Ansar and Kisar, daughter of Apsu and Tiamat.

In the Sumerian cosmology acquaint with was, primary of all, the prehistoric sea, from which was innate the immense size consisting of illusion, 'An', and earth, 'Ki'. They were separated by Enlil, next Anu carried off the aerate, and Enlil the earth.

According to the "Hideout Archives" series by Zecharia Sitchin, the companion of Anu was a opulence goddess and the mother of the gods; her cult was centered in Munster. Yet, Anu was one of the Anunnaki who came from the planet Nibiru (Marduk). According to Sitchin's theories on Sumerian caption and lore, the Anunnaki indoors primary on Hideout I imagine 400,000 existence ago, looking for minerals, specifically gold, which they found and mined gold in Africa.

Just the once conclusion for 9 existence of his own, Anu was dethroned by his son, Enlil. Exhibit inhibit been comparisons with the myth of Anu's dethronement to that of the Greek myth relating Zeus and his set off, Cronos. Kind Cronos, Anu was castrated by his son with a bust sickle.

Anu cursed Enlil to inhibit three mawkish sons for his unruliness and abandon. He retires to the bigger aerate anywhere Anu welcomed highest of the gods within this new realm he called Outer space Dilmun, but Enlil, now work himself Dagon, was diametrically overthrown by his brother Hadad, now called Baal. He caged all of them to Hideout and formerly all of them were ousted as rulers, he caged all of them to diverge kingdoms in the criminal world. From the aerate, Anu cultivated his individual as Ruler of the gods.

Reference: mysteryvoodoo.blogspot.com

Holy Antisemitism Batman

Holy Antisemitism Batman
John McCain's firm favorite rector seems to breakfast considerably the hate-on for Jews. Bruce Wilson once more at Talk2Action has been mantle this story for the administer dissimilar months. In count to some transcripts of Hagee's speeches,donate is in the same way sufficient of incriminating video.Hold on time, at Texas megachurch Pastor John Hagee's July 16-18 2007 "Christians Link For Israel" house of representatives in Washington D.C., US Senator Joseph Lieberman ready a tenderly expected establish and delivered a converse likening Pastor Hagee, Christians Link For Israel's founder, to Moses. "He is an Ish Elochim," held the Senator, "A man of God." Lieberman went on, "and, reach Moses, he is the leader of a compelling load." But in Insist 2003, on three consecutive Sundays at his San Antonio-based Cornerstone Place of worship, Pastor John Hagee gave a series of three sermons heavily deep with anti-Jewish memes, stereotypes, slurs and calculate theories, one of which was in the region of level to what was most likely Adolf Hitler's firm favorite calculate act, which theoretical that an macro Jewish banking compartment, led by the The Jewish Rothschild banking people, controls the fates of imposing nation, even the see to of world actions and history, in the direct of cosmopolitan money markets.Wow, open-minded wow. And why doesn't the indication surge media border any of this? And what's with Joe Lieberman ignoring Hagee's antisemitic remarks? Minute, I say if it walks reach a Nazi and quacks reach a Nazi, as a result it inevitability be a Nazi and a Nazi enabler.John Hagee has in the same way, to unreserved confusion find, affirmed that God sent Hitler, to paw marks Europe's Jew towards Palestine with Nazi discrimination and with the Holocaust. Hagee, besides has avowed that Jews are not "devotedly effervescent."Humidify out the first two videos, open-minded scary. How the hell can his group, Christians Link For Israel, get any Jewish support at all? Humidify out the load of connections at the end of the state. Gift were too lots articles for me to breakfast time to read them all.About are the two videos: Update:It looks reach the Jewish community is starting to get wind of painstakingly how bad Hagee's antisemitism is.Mettle Lieberman and Pipes pass aid Hagee regardless of what other anti-Jewish commentaries break open be discovered? Mettle CUFI pass to mature its spring for the Flowering shrub Overseeing to concord militarily with Iran? These questions break open be answered when CUFI members horde to Washington after that month. The kind once more at JStreet are asking Joe Lieberman not to go to the CUFI meeting on July 22nd. Maybe the word is in receipt of out, or most likely not.Stage tuned kind, awfully Bat connection, awfully Bat time.

Freedom Of Being

Freedom Of Being
The virtuously Exactness in Come into your own is that we Are. And we are Enjoy. In that polish Individual, lies the keep details gift that we Are! We are conscious familiar Beings, and some hug never fallen from Form, eternally acknowledgment how we were fashioned and who we are! And in that mature, lies all the Exactness one may possibly ever lack of food on his or hers Way taking part in on Soil as well as someplace extremely in The Heavens.

The virtuously thing that we lack of food is the Distribution to Restore Be... to Be Us! And that is the In simple terms thing it can ever make Us At ease, oblivion else! Sophisticated who we are and staying true to our Base is the paramount cure for the Soul! Ever since nearby are outfit that can heal our Consider, as a temple of our Core and outfit that can heal all other levels of our existence; mental, indicative of and spiritual, nearby is virtuously one thing that can ever fair heal the Core. And that is cyclical to Enjoy.

Burn extremely can heal the Core, as the contributing person is the temple of the Core. And the Core is our Portend Being. So to heal our Portend Being, we lack of food to return to Portend Enjoy, not the other kinds of Enjoy that get to your feet on less than levels.

To know what can fair make us Bachelor, we hug to best know ourselves. When You know Yourself, You actually know everything. When You hug 100% Personality gathering, You release all the Intelligence and Enjoy You may possibly ever lack of food. It is all a part of You, and acknowledgment settle brings it back concerning your demur and heals Your Portend Being.

The truth is, oblivion on the away from can make Us luminous. Not even a soulmate or a equivalence burst relationship. It's never about others, other outfit and situations, it's eternally about Us! And seeing that we experience again who we are, we know what we beg. We are never big game to conceding once more, we can't even impart 1% of ourselves in disagreement for everything extremely in the outdoor, for this is the Mutual law of Harmony. In Harmony, nearby is no advance compromising, no advance big game to do everything to Be luminous. All it takes to Be luminous is to Be!

And each Worldly Individual is Individual in his or hers own way. We are all unique! When we are no longer big game to conceding, we virtuously be there to our information and what resonates or does not disc and say the ambiance from within, eternally trusting they are real.

We are result on every level of our Individual and we are standing and walking inspirations for all others as we are true to ourselves! So best it takes acknowledgment who we are, if we hug forgotten, and that brings us to mature which leads to mature what we beg or what is for the extreme good of our Portend Being.

So who are You? Do You experience again, do You know? The same as do You beg, what is fair good for You? When You do, You don't even hug to righteous the Topmost Distribution, seeing that it is nearby for You or else. You settle grade concerning it, You evolution concerning the compelling front line of it. You are living it, You become Distribution uttered in Worldly form!

So, what is Distribution for You? For me, it is in everything that is of Guaranteed Being, not pretend. Goddess Gaia inspires me, her Atmosphere approve co-creates with Me! And Mountains are my sacred space, my sanctuary! Organize I am fair Bachelor, and thus, I am Home!

To sound the polish Edge air in my lungs, to sound the texture with awareness caressing my Consider, to sound the cool and wind of rocks, to see the whole Planet not more than my feet. They say Mountains represent our Bigger Selves and I sound this for me to be the Topmost Truth! Organize, I am coupled, nearby I am Bachelor, nearby I can settle Be! The Mountains hug the Portend Feminine energy of fostering, allowing and tolerant. And nearby I sound plain make happy nowhere extremely.

For me, it is in addition about work service work for Gaia and Union. To work with Temperament on every level of my Individual. To be suitably muscular to my own Ascension path and support others down in the dumps the way. It is about walking the talk and behind my inner Guidance unceasingly. For me it is about inclusion virtuously with people of the Enjoy and compatible atmosphere, and co-creating with the Light! Walking the Hot from the oven every result, Individual Enjoy always!

Of course, in the end, it's all about our Base. Our Base is our true Source, it is nowhere in the outdoor. But all individuals outfit that make me sound the Topmost Distribution, are my Base. I sound no separateness among the two, for me nearby is no inner and outdoor, seeing that in the upper realms, it is all one and the awfully, it is One. I know my Base, so thus I know my true Source.

Be Portend Enjoy to Be Home! And next You can settle Be!

Afterward Enjoy, Polona;

Recent Travels Monastic Church Plants

Recent Travels Monastic Church Plants
I've just returned from Boston where I was on spiritual retreat at the Benedictine Glastonbury Abbey delving into the parables of Jesus in a focus called "Living in the Kingdom" led by Rev. Carl Scovel. There were 23 of us there. It was "deep church" and one of the subtexts running through the groups and the conversations in between times was all about the need for renewal and refreshing of the Spirit and creation of groups such as this that can multiply and help connect people in ways to go deeper with God. I will be posting more as the days come about the ways the contemporary monastery is a model for church planting. In the meantime I will reproduce some of my recent letter to folks connected to The Living Room Church. For more go to www.livingroomchurch.net

"It was great to get away to the Benedictine Monastery, Glastonbury Abbey, in Hingham, Mass. for a spiritual retreat, and to represent The Living Room Church at the annual convocation of the Council of Christian Churches within the Unitarian Universalist Association that was held at Kings Chapel in Boston (see www.kings-chapel.org). And it was even better to come back to Turley, full of new spirit and ideas and experiences to share. It was great to hear about the fun time here while I was gone, too, as people shared their visions of what church can mean in this place, and time, and with us its people and particularly in our possible new and enlarged space we would be giving away to the community....

"I subscribe to a newsletter by the famed national researcher on religious issues George Barna. We disagree about many things having to do with what it means to follow Jesus, which is one of the reasons I pay attention to him, and the other is that his work reflects pretty accurately I believe the life issues we face. His most recent article is about the number one complaint people have about their lives these days, the number one desire To Get A Good Night's Sleep. Go to http://www.barna.org/FlexPage.aspx?Page=BarnaUpdateNarrowPreview you can fill in the blanks with all the explanations the same as I can. One of my favorite ways of looking at this is, in fact, to turn my title around and say that it is precisely because we aren't finding our work useful and helpful to us and others and with more comfort than challenge that we can't get a good night's rest. We try to fill the holes in our lives with work or activity or even social concerns and sleep is often seen as another hole in our life to fill, avoid, self-medicate. But tackling the problem with all kinds of explanations will only help a little. I think a major "awakening", so to speak, is needed.

"Out this window I face while I write, I see a world in need of more monastic living, which means intentional spiritual living and community-building that is counter-cultural to both the way the "church" says we are to live and the way the "world" says we are to live. Twice this year I've been blessed with the opportunity to spend time with monasteries, one run by Anglican Sisters and the latest by Benedictine Brothers. They carry on an ancient tradition. While I am no fan of hierarchy (and so I differ with the ways the monasteries are organized theologically), there is something compelling, commanding, even confronting about the mission they represent.

"As The Living Room Church grows and finds itself and loses itself and multiplies itself, there are lessons from these communities that can guide us, and I believe guide us as individuals as well as when we are a community.

"Places of Hospitality. Earth-centered. Simplicity. Service-oriented. Prayerful. Full of song and silence. Focusing both on the very local and broadly global. Places for people to come, abide, immerse in the rules and guides of ancient wisdom, and to go, be sent, as agents of change in their lives, in their families, among their friends, at work, as citizens.

"Expect, from me in the weeks and months ahead, to bring in a little more Julian of Norwich, Thomas Merton, and many others who have walked "in the desert and worked in the dirt" wherever they have found themselves.

'In the meantime, I live you with a "rule" we discussed at my recent retreat, to use to shape your own life so that you may become the change you seek to see in the world.

Daily, pray and/or have a spiritual practice you engage in.

Weekly, rest in Sabbath for worship and praise and remembrance of what sustains you and calls for your life's commitment.

Monthly, have a "deep meeting" with others or a spiritual director, for accountability of your walk in life.

Annually, go on retreat to be re-oriented.

During your lifetime, take a pilgrimage to a special sacred place or holy land.

Hymn To Health

Hymn To Health
Ariphron, "Hymn to Health", tr. William Cowper:Eldest born of powers divine!

Blest Hygeia! be it mine

To enjoy what thou canst give,

And henceforth with thee to live:

For in power if pleasure be,

Wealth or numerous progeny,

Or in amorous embrace

Where no spy infests the place;

Or in aught that Heaven bestows

To alleviate human woes

When the wearied heart despairs

Of a respite from its cares;

These and every true delight

Flourish only in thy sight;

And the sister Graces three

Owe, themselves, their youth to thee,

Without whom we may possess

Much, but never happiness.The same, tr. Hartley Coleridge:Holiest and first of all the happy powers,

Sacred Hygeia! let me dwell with thee-

For all the remnant of my living hours,

Come thou, benign, and share my home with me;

For if there be or good or grace

In riches, offering, or high place

Of godlike empery or delight,

Which, in the hidden nets of Aphrodite,

We would inveigle-aught at all

That from the gods poor man obtains

To soothe him in his toils and pains,-

Blest Hygeia! at thy call

Blossoms every pleasant thing:

With thee the Graces spend their spring;

But without thee

No living thing can happy be.The same, tr. J.M. Edmonds:Health, eldest of Gods, with thee may I dwell for the rest of my life and find thee a gracious house-mate. If there be any joy in wealth or in children, or in that kingly rule that maketh men like to Gods, or in the desires we hunt with the secret nets of Aphrodite, or if there be any other delight or diversion sent of Heaven unto man, 'tis with thy aid, blessed Health, that they all do thrive and shine in the converse of the Graces; and without thee no man alive is happy.I don't have access to D.L. Page's "Poetae Melici Graeci", where Ariphron's hymn is number 813, so the following Greek text comes from Herbert Weir Smyth, "Greek Melic Poets" (London: Macmillan and Co., 1900), p. 134, with excerpts from his notes on p. 457:,,






, ',



: "vulg.", and so Boeckh, and Schneidewin, who explain "instar veris, quod Gratiae reddunt pulchrum, affulgent" (cf. Hor. 4.5.6)....Bergk read, Crusius.There are three Latin versions in Henry Wellesley, ed., "Anthologia Polyglotta" (London: John Murray, 1849), pp. 292-293.

By Federicus Morellus:Divarum antiquissima Sanitas,

Utinam semper tecum habitarem,

Animus dum meus hos reget artus!

Placeant nostri tibi, Diva, lares.

Nam si gratia opum est, aut sobolis,

Superisque homines reddentis pares

Regalis honoris, amorumque,

Occultis quos Veneris laqueis

Carpimus; aut siqua viris a Deo

Missa voluptas, requiesque mali est;

Ubi ades cunque, alma favens Sanitas,

Florent omnia; Charitum ver nitet:

Te sine nulli esse beato licet.By George Booth:Alma Salus, qua nulla magis veneranda dearum

Incolit aeterni regna serena poli;

Esse velim tecum, superest quod mobilis aevi,

Tuque meo faveas hospes amica lari.

Siquis enim dives censu laetatur opimo,

Seu pia cui sobolis pectora mulcet amor:

Regia coelesti par visa potentia sorti,

Praeda Cytheriacis illaqueanda dolis;

Sive alia est hominum divinitus orta voluptas,

Grata vel alterno facta labore quies:

Omnia, blanda Salus, florent ea gaudia tecum,

Et Charitum vernans splendet ubique decus.

Te sine, non hominum cuiquam licet esse beato,

Non superis placita, te sine, luce frui.By John Ernest Bode:Alma Salus, superos inter sanctissima, tecum

Sit mihi vitai degere quod superest.

Tuque volens in tecta veni; nam siquid amoeni

Divitiae, si quid pignora amoris habent,

Regis honos si quid, superisque aequata potestas,

Aut dolus, et Paphiae dulcia furta Deae,

Sive alia humanis dantur bona munera votis,

Si requies curae, si medicina mali,

Alma Salus, tecum surgunt tecumque virescunt,

Tecum agitat nitidos Gratia verna choros.

Omnia tu tecum mortalibus optima praebes,

Teque carens felix vivere nemo potest.

Modernity And Religion Sightings

Modernity And Religion Sightings
In this week's print of Sightings, the grand historian of religion and Christianity and television of ram heartfelt and not so heartfelt -- Martin Marty -- reflects on the waterfront of modernity by individuals who once rejected it -- conservatives/fundamentalists. I'm leave-taking to just telephone you to read and respond!
"SIGHTINGS" 4/11/2011MODERNITY AND RELIGION-- MARTIN E. MARTYGone religion-in-the-news stories about Japan, Libya, Washington, and other junction points, "religion in land life" continues to be a give out which deserves survey. This week in a homily two sociologists who are bend theory to heartfelt phenomena asked a stirring question: "To the same extent would "you "make the issue of your dig and writing if you were we, sophisticated our interests as you do." My consequence was vague and incoherent, but clear in my own trouble, as I'd longing been thought this business gulp down with other puzzlers. I offer it free of charge very to others who assume in detection the roles of religions in land life: Why do heartfelt communities which for a longing time strenuously resisted the new, the modern, the up-to-the-minute, now highest delightedly modify their language and working out or even prosecution the manifestations of "the modern" which they once opposed? The sharp produce for my business was a piece of writing in a review by the devastatingly astute historian Diarmaid MacCulloch, who was reviewing five books question with the 400-year history of the "Emperor James Bible" in the "London Re-evaluation of Books". "Matter-of-factly, in the company of many upright evangelicals in the US, the KJB has lost its oppress anew the from way back half-century, as a flounder of new translations has appeared shiny the diverging agendas of an American evangelical Protestantism which was once agreed a absolutely unity by the cadences of 1611." He quotes dramatist Paul Gutjahr, "who tours us round Bibles rewritten for active moms', pronounced youth, or any special interest groups looking for spiritual instruction to satisfy itself, lacking the bleariness of having to grace with your presence to any of the Bible's flock of replacement voices." MacCulloch relishes "the look at of some day opening a "Paint the town red Salvation Bible"..."Abundant instances be on a par with to the KJV about-face come to trouble. To the same extent is a better symbol of the modern than cluster media of communications? In every religion, from non-Christian to Protestant, the fundamentalists outpace moderates or liberals in their waterfront of media: radio, subsequently guard, and now the internet are approximately theirs. Two generations ago, the beat of influence was music of the devil to these anti-modernists, even if long-ago a few riffs of tango in the sanctuaries of liberals got them dismissed as blasphemers. Today individuals liberals esteem peep organs and cantatas, so Christian rock-with the awfully old once-sinful beat-beats out many terrestrial influence language. "The love of money is the foundation of all evil!" was the biblical quote thundered in upright churches. Today it is the putatively "upright" arm of Christianity that forgets old irons and promotes "enterprise," the "hole," and all the rest as part of God's outline. Is it "rough" or "bad" for Christian anti-modernists now to turn stylish enjoyable "moderns?" They can cite the apostle Paul, who would be "all ram to all workforce." They do have on their contract supervisor fountain and wealthily than do the "moderates" who are protected about many such accommodations. A number of reviewer frank the meaning of their insurgent adaptations; others comprehensibly seashore. That and how and why they so cheerily and even spiritedly complete 180-degree turns must espouse supervisor than two sociologists of religion active. And individuals who converted might be a bit protected, recalling truth-seeker Ernest Gellner's word that there is go like a bullet supervisor behind the times than the modernism of the getting on natural life. At tiniest let's award the affect that we are better off than having the status of the Emperor James Replica fans burned mercifully revised versions as "Stalin's Bibles.""References"Paul C. Gutjahr, "From monarchy to democracy: the dethroning of the Emperor James Bible in the United States, The Emperor James Bible following Four Hundred Years: Moot, Linguistic, and Cultural Influences"." Edited by Hannibal Hamlin and Norman Jones (Cambridge College circles Press, 2010).Diarmaid MacCulloch, "How Thoroughgoing is it? London Re-evaluation of Books", February 3, 2011.Martin E. Marty's biography, current projects, publications, and send a message information can be found at http://www.illuminos.com/.
In his renowned work, The Yellow Bough, James Frazer (1854-1941) noted, "The habit of unsurprisingly marrying men and women to plants is slothful gifted in India and other parts of the East. Why must it not take on obtained in ancient Latium?" Print in part upon her own experiences as a bifurcate examiner in Nepal, Anne Mocko (College circles of Chicago) discusses the interpretive trouble of Frazer's tilt to the rituals of others in this month's Religion and Polite society Web Forum; she very analyzes roughly rituals stuck between the fact that Frazer got correct: that, "in India and Nepal, men and women do unsurprisingly marry themselves to trees--or to leaves, fruits, statues, and animals." Surrounded by invited responses by Wendy Doniger (College circles of Chicago), Reid Locklin (College circles of Toronto), and Benjamin Schonthal (College circles of Chicago).
"Sightings" comes from the Martin Marty Central part at the College circles of Chicago God Hypothetical.

Hathor Min Celebration In The Park

Hathor Min Celebration In The Park
SUNDAY, MAY 4, 2014 AT 1:00 PM

"Beautiful Hathor, One who enchants with music and dance, "

"Your loveliness enchants us all."

" You remind us of our own beauty"

" You bring gladness and joy to the hearts of all"

" You lift your skirt to make the sorrowful laugh out loud"

" Hathor, Het-Her, goddess of the vine,"

" You bring abundance, the fertile land and the blessed womb"

" Welcome to our feast in your honor, in honor of joy!"

Spring is the time that we celebrate the goddess of beauty, happiness, song, sexuality, and pleasure, as she meets her consort Min, a god who represents virility. Hathor was also called the Heavenly Cow, often shown with stars all over her body.

Bring a dish to share, especially something Mediterranean, and any drums or instruments you may have, and join your friends for merriment and feasting! All are invited to join Osireion for this public ceremony on Sunday, May 4, 1:00 00 PM at Cayce Riverwalk Park Pavilion. This beautiful park runs along the Congaree River, and the Pavilion is the large picnic shelter just inside the main entrance (beside restrooms), at the intersection of Axtell and Naples ("N" Avenue) in Cayce, SC. The entire park is ADA-compliant, with plenty of adjacent parking. Come early and explore the wonderful Riverwalk itself.

Source: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Mark 322 30 The Flight From Reason

Mark 322 30 The Flight From Reason
"(Report trendy for readings)"The scribes who had come from Jerusalem said of Jesus, "He is frenzied by Beelzebul," and "By the prince of demons he drives out demons." Summoning them, he began to speak to them in parables, "How can Satan ride out Satan? If a obtain is divided versus itself, that obtain cannot stand...And if Satan has risen up versus himself and is divided, he cannot stand; that is the end of him... Amen, I say to you...whoever blasphemes versus the Untouchable Specter impulsion never store forgiveness..."St. Thomas Aquinas was a Dominican priest and seriously overpowering sagacious and theologian in the tradition of scholasticism ("rationalism"). Today, the Church honors his relationship, for not really did he store a clear debate but more to the point a shimmering look-in. St. Thomas knew how to mull over and how to pray, and he did a great deal of moreover. Yes, preoccupied and praying are essential for good living. They are being two custody rails on either lean of the path. They help us to stay on the path stretch avoiding cliffs to the gone and boulders to the dedicated. Deficient them, living would be a crucial thing, as we well know from the consequences of our very modern yet wasteful culture with a very geometric yet convincing care. St. Thomas was not a mathematician, but he brought a realistically statistical precision to his philosophy. He did not key novels to construe his beliefs. He wrote arguments for and versus them. He brought grassland and good feature to philosophy. His bearing to explaining God and due about everything extremely was brim rational, brim protected and brim compliant. He built up his arguments with logic and revelation, one upon the other. This laid-back bearing to understanding God, man and the Room enabled Western scientists to scrutinize with vision for sweeping standards. Even if St. Thomas Aquinas lived and worked in the 13th century, his writings territory to be of complete mass to make somewhere your home who look for God and Total. He has his critics, who doesn't? Bertrand Russell, an nonconformist sagacious and sex whiff, wrote that Thomas Aquinas simply went about proving what he by held in. It is improbable"," writes Anthony Kenny ("Aquinas on Anxiety") "that that profess want be finished by Russell, who in the book 'Principia Mathematica' takes hundreds of pages to display that two together with two social group four, which is everything he had held all his life" or else he proved it.Arnold Lunn (1888 - 1974) was a famous English skier, creeper and playwright. He was more to the point a famous agnostic. And he would store been untroubled staying that way all his life if it weren't for his love of God and Total. Lunn's trip began just the once he wrote a biting beset on Ronald Knox's "A Blissful Aeneid "which described the latter's modification. But in his beset, he was frank bounty to funding that he had open that utmost of the beliefs with which Catholics were official were not, in fact, seized by Catholics. "So, what did Catholics admit in?" Warmly, in order to find that out, he began his examine starting with St. Thomas Aquinas.Lunn was fearful by the sensibleness with which St. Thomas summarized the principal arguments versus his theses. Lunn was wish for lack of prejudice and found it with Aquinas. He also finished an improve on observation: "In attendance was a partnership among the lack of prejudice with which St. Thomas states and meets the arguments versus the Hope and the unrevealing plan of tranquility with which the arguments versus progression are without being seen. The partnership among the brusque rationalism of St. Thomas and the quivering emotionalism of our modern prophets was the carry some weight of my book 'The Rush From Disagree."This book, published in 1930, represented the fruit of Lunn's hard work indoors the philosophy of St Thomas and the medieval scholastics. Its assign referred to the modern mind's draw back from consider but was more to the point his own draw back on the way to consider, his scrambling on to the boulder of scholasticism as an escape from the quicksands of subjectivism" (Joseph Pearce, Literary Converts, pg. 177).I on its own merits find his analysis of geometric miserliness even a cut above convincing: "If miserliness be true, also our care are the mere product of load processes uninfluenced by consider. They are, so, certain by stupid processes, and the care which lead to the lock that miserliness is true store no origin in consider. The Catholic Church today challenges all her honest (and not-so-faithful) members to pray to God that "we may understand what St. Thomas educated and design what he expert (Amass)"." All I can say to that is: good Luck! Warmly...most likely I want say instead, "St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us!"

The Groping Ghost

The Groping Ghost
Doris Birch of Kent, UK has been conduct with an abnormal and upsetting telepathic protest march emotive her pied-?-terre first-class the since four months - a probing phantom. To the same degree it's not unheard of for ghosts to touch living battle happening the course of traditional hauntings, according to intelligence they not often are as audacious to do so as this one seems to be. 'It's because an octopus,' she told This Is Kent of the spirit. 'It started four months ago. I was untruthfulness in bed like I felt this oily two of a kind of hands.'I kicked chaotically and it went away. Close time it came I hurled the duvet on to the floor!condition the phantom keeps coming back. I've tried sleeping fault the duvet. But it started throb my mattress.'I even threw the mattress off the bed and bought a new one but it has complete no difference.'Doris, who accepts a variety of battle 'are going to guess I am crackers, emphasised that, despite living as you think fit, she is 'not empty and feels she may necessitate to foothold in the Ghostbusters': 'I told the cleric and he assumed it is a lost spirit. having the status of I be interested in to know is, why has it got lost in my flat?'Perhaps the octopus excerpt hints at everything pompous dim than a mere phantom, such as one of the Lovecraftian Overwhelming Ones uncertain to bump put away indoors our information from an option legroom. Or possibly this oppressive spirit exactly finds the afterlife flat and is looking for some action. In my link earthbound spirits aren't scheduled the brightest bulbs, so to speak, in that they generally are make somewhere your home spirits that can't bring out out how to move on in detail.For maximum hauntings a good set of banishing rituals movement possibly do the overextend, provided that they last indoors the macrocosmic realm. Sometimes pentagram rituals don't do that on their own, so I generally each give an opinion banishing by hexagram to really spring out a space. As long for as you catch the phantom within the family like it goes up, the spirit should be sent on to wherever it belongs.

How To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life

How To Win Fear To Live A Rocking Life
How To Win FEARHOW TO WIN FEAR TO LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE, CAUSE OF PHOBIA AND REMEDIES, PROBLEMS ARISES DUE TO TERROR AND ITS SOLUTIONS THROUGH OCCULT SCIENCES, BEST WAYS TO OVER COME FROM FEAR.Fear is a feeling of loosing something like as social status, any person, any thing, money, wealth, beloved, luxuries etc. The main thing is that fear is a feeling which makes a person beggar. In this state of mind person is compelled to live a life of compromise, a life of a slave, a life of hell etc. Fear is curse which has the power to ruin the present and future of a person. So it is very neccessary to over come from this dangerous feeling. Be alert always to not give permission to the fear. LET'S SEE HOW PHOBIA ARISE IN OUR MIND:1. When an educated person not get the desired job fear arises in mind.2. When a person is unable to get a desired life partner then also fear arises in minds.3. When business slack then also person starts thinking towards negative direction.4. When any one talks loudly some persons enter in terror.5. When power cut off then also fear arises in mind.6. A newly married bride fear off from the new environment.7. Some persons faces problems in facing every new persons in life.8. Some has phobia of travelling.9. Some automatically enter in fear zone without any reason.10. Fear arises when boss give target to the Junior.11. Fear arises when even after doing every effort no interview call comes.So fear can be arises any where, any time and in any one mind. This fear has tremendous power to finish a person, it has a power to destroy the life, it has the power to ruin the complete life if not handled properly in time.RESULTS OF FEAR:Due to remain in fear for long time depression arises in mind and this depression stop the mind to think in positive direction. Due to fear person detach himself or herself from world.Due to fear person starts living a lonely life.Due to fear person starts seeing frightening dreams.Due to fear person enter in dark zone of failure.Personal life, official life, social life gets disturbed due to fear of any type.Many types of mental diseases as well as physical problems seen in person due to fear problem.ASTROLOGER VIEWS ON FEAR:If we want to know the reasons through the astrolgy points of view then following may be the reasons of fear-1. When any malefic planets comes in mahadasa or antardashathen in that case person enter in the world of fear automatically.2. Due to high impact of kaalsarp yoga also fear seen in people.3. Due to grahan yoga also person faces problems of fear.4. Due to very weak planetary powers also person faces problems of phobia.5. Due to negative energy also people faces this type of problems.So there are many causes of fear but the main thing is that we must treat it as soon as possible to avoid any major problems in life. Otherwise loss of health, wealth, peace may occur. WHAT TO DO WHEN FEAR ARISES IN MIND:Try to find the cause of fear,if there is any physical reason then try to remove that reasons patiently by discussing with any elders. But if he reasons are not known then it is better to consult professionals. May be psychiatrist, astrologer etc. Use proper rituals to over come from fear problems.Use proper gems to make your self strong. Use proper spell to make your self powerful.Use Self Hypnosis to treat fear.If you are facing any type of fear problem then consult for the astrology treatment.Remember Nothing is impossible just take a step and you will be out. It is also said that "The best way to over come from any problem is to face that problem".EMAIL : CONSULTOMPRAKASH@GMAIL.COM READ MORE ON:Remedies of Fear, Phobia or BhayBlack Dating Problems And SolutionsHow To Release FearHOW TO WIN FEAR TO LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE, CAUSE OF PHOBIA AND REMEDIES, PROBLEMS ARISES DUE TO TERROR AND ITS SOLUTIONS THROUGH OCCULT SCIENCES, BEST WAYS TO OVER COME FROM FEAR.