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Poetic Inspiration

Poetic Inspiration
Perform on a Wednesday when the moon is waxing. Best if done when the moon is in Gemini, but its not required.Light a purple candle. You can also burn some jasmine or rose incense if you wish.Say this incantation:Oh Goddess Brigit,Bright lady of the flame,Blessed mother of the poets.Lend me such insight, wisdom and divine inspirationThat the words may flow to meAnd that I may craft them beautifullySo that they spin a tapestry of magickIn the hearts of all who hear them.So mote it be.Leave the candle to burn itself out. When it does, put it wherever you keep ritual remnants and give thanks to the Goddess for her gift. Books in PDF format to read:Hellmut Ritter - Picatrix In GermanAleister Crowley - One Star In SightFrancesca De Grandis - Goddess InitiationLabels: spell someone your troubles spell make someone spells formulas hiding spell revenge spells protection amulet water spells karl tenner kaos keraunos kybernetos crystal fire science hidden numbers

Source: religion-events.blogspot.com

St Brigit Of Kildare By Suzanne Barrett

St Brigit Of Kildare By Suzanne Barrett
"IN HONOR OF ST. BRIGIT'S DAY (FEBRUARY 1ST) ALSO KNOWN AS IMBOLC, GUEST BLOGGER, SUZANNE BARRETT AUTHOR OF IRISH INSPIRED ROMANCE, HAS GRACIOUSLY OFFERED HISTORY UNDRESSED A FASCINATING ARTICLE ON ST. BRIDIT OF KILDARE..."St. Brigit of Kildare"by Suzanne Barrett"St. Brigit of Kildare is the most famous female leader of the early Celtic church, living in Ireland from about 452 to 524, and governing both men and women in her monastery at Kildare.Nuns are said to have kept an eternal flame burning there that was not extinguished until the Reformation. The custom may have been derived from ancient Druidic practice, since there appears to have been female druids residing at the spot long before Brigit's arrival. Their leader was a high priestess named Brigid or Brighid (pronounced "Breed"), which means "the exalted one," and she was deity of wisdom, poetry, fire, and hearth. The goddess, like many other Celtic goddesses who appear sometimes in groups of three, was associated with two sisters by the same name--one who was associated with the art of healing, the other with the craft of smithing. These attributes were eventually identified with the saint, whose feast day, February first, came to be celebrated on the same day as the pagan goddess. Edward Sellner, in his book Wisdom of the Celtic Saints, says "it is clear that St. Brigit stands on the boundary between pagan mythology and Christian spirituality." The saint was called "the Mary of the Gael" and considered during the Middle Ages as the patron saint of travelers and pilgrims. In Ireland she is still prayed to as the guardian of farm animals, of healers, and of midwives. Only a round tower and a restored medieval cathedral are evidence of her presence at Kildare, however, her reputation as a spiritual guide remains. Her gifts of patience, prayerfulness, inclusivity, and compassion were the basis of her spiritual power and ministry.Fact mingles with fiction and myth when it comes to the deeds of St. Brigit. One fact is that the deeds and myths attributed to the earlier goddess Brigid were subsumed into the cult and person of the saint. Within Scottish tradition, Brigit (both saint and goddess) is associated with the lambing season and the coming of spring. In pagan culture this equates with the ousting of the winter reign of "Cailleach Bheur", or the Old Hag who comes with Samhain. At Imbolc (pronounced "IM-bullug" or "IM-bulk" with a guttural "k" on the end), the Old Hag is replaced by the Young Virgin (Brigid).St. Brigit, in Christian myth, is credited with being the midwife to the Virgin Mary, also to playing the fool by distracting Herod's soldiers from the infant Christ child by wearing a crown of burning candles on her head. This crown of candles is also associated with the Scandinavian St. Lucia, and in some households in Sweden today, the mother of the house serves cakes and coffee to family members wearing a "Lucia crown." There are also aspects of the Yorkshire goddess Brigantia attributed to the Irish saint, particularly in wisdom, water, and pastoral activity.Brigit was born the daughter of a Christian bondswoman and a pagan chieftain, Dubthach (the Dark One), of County Louth. When Dubthach's wife discovered the slave was pregnant, she threatened to leave and take her dowry if her husband didn't get rid of the slave. Dubthach took the bondswoman to a druid in Faughart, who, according to legend, gave a very angelic prophesy about the unborn child."An interesting sidelight is that this is said to be the spot of the ford which Cuchulain singlehandedly defended against the forces of Queen Maeve, and a short distance from the pillar stone upon which he tied himself during his last combat so he might die on his feet.""The offspring of your wife shall serve the offspring of the slave, and the slave shall bring forth a radiant daughter who will shine like the sun among the stars of heaven."Dubthach sold the slave to a poet because of his wife's jealousy, and the poet then sold the slave to a kindly druid, but not the child in the womb. Brigit was said to have been born on the threshold of the druid's house and washed in a vessel of milk carried by the slave. Further tales tell of special gifts bestowed on the young child."I found it fascinating that Imbolc, the pagan sabbat occurring on the Feast Day of St. Brigit, has the dual meaning of "in the belly" and "in milk."On a certain day, Brigit's mother went out to milk the cows, while leaving the young Brigit asleep in her house. Neighbors saw the house on fire and raced over to rescue Brigit. When they got to the house, so the legend goes, the fire disappeared, and they saw it a a sign that the girl was full of the grace of the Holy Spirit.When Brigit was about ten, she returned of her own accord, to her father and began to give to the poor much of the contents of the kitchen. Then she further irritated her father by insisting on returning to her foster home to help her ailing mother, where she took on her mother's dairy work. A story evolved that when she churned the butter, she sang a song beseeching Mary's Son to grant abundance, and the butter multiplied. So grateful was the druid that he freed Brigit's mother and allowed himself to be baptized.As she grew to young womanhood, everything she touched increased. She tended sheep, fed the poor, satisfied birds, according to legend. Once when the druid was sleeping, he saw three clerics anoint the young woman with oil. The clerics, angels in disguise, told the druid in his dream that the girl's name was to be "Sancta Brigida" - Saint Brigit.Brigit incurred the wrath of her father when she took his sword from his house and gave it to a leper who begged something in God's name. Her furious father took her to the king to sell her, but Brigit's explanation that "the Virgin Mary's Son knows, if I had your power, with all your wealth, and with all your Leinster, I would give them all to the Lord of the Elements." The king told Dubthach: "It is not right for us to deal with this young woman, for her merit before God is higher than ours."Brigit accompanied several virgins to Bishop Mel to take the veil. She held back so the other young women should be first, but legend states that a "fiery pillar rose from her head to the roof of the church" and the bishop decreed it a sign she should be first. Then the form of ordination for the bishopric was read over her--whether intentional or by miracle--and she became the first female bishop. When challenged by Bishop Mel's assistant, the bishop said the dignity had been given by God, not by him, and it was irreversible. From that day onward, the people of Ireland have given episcopal honor to Brigit's successors.Many more stories are told of the saints healings, even when she herself was severely wounded. What is known is that Bishop Mel gave her what is now the city of Kildareas lands for a monastery. How she obtained these lands is less clear. One story tells that when the local king refused her request for the land, she told him she would be content with whatever her mantle could cover. When spread, the mantle covered the entire of what was to later be known as the Curragh. At the edge of her grassland, she built a church and convent. The area was probably an ancient Druidic site, as previously mentioned, because the nuns retained the pagan practice of the sacred fire. This fire burned continuously until extinguished in 1220 by Henry de Londres, the Anglo-Norman archbishop of Dublin. Later rekindled, it was finally quenched upon the Dissolution.Cogitosus, a seventh century biographer, described Brigit's church as being a spacious timber building with a high roof, many windows, and frescoed walls. Hanging linens divided the sanctuary from the rest of the church.The convent thrived under Brigit's capable and generous leadership, and eventually she invited a bishop to take up residence at Kildare. Under this man, Conleth, a monastery grew, where monks crafted chalices, missal covers, shrines and other beautiful metal objects for religious use. Conleth and Brigit supervised the double monastery as coequals.Brigit had many admirers in the clergy. Before Finian built his monastery at Clonard, he visited Brigit to learn the art of organizing such an operation. And Brendan the Navigator, returning from his voyage, stopped to visit Brigit. The folk tale tells that she came in from her sheep pasture to welcome him and hung her cloak on a sunbeam to dry."Coincidentally, pagans speak of the goddess Brigid as having an unusual status as a Sun Goddess Who hangs Her Cloak upon the rays of the Sun". There are many similarities between Brigit the saint and Brigid the goddess. Brigid is the Goddess of physicians and healing, divination and prophecy. One of her ancient names is Breo-saighead which means fiery arrow. She is associated with the cow (relating to the festival of Imbolc), also with ewes (the lambing season), and milk. Imbolc involves the lighting of fires (Candlemas?), purification with well water (there are many Brigid wells in Ireland today), and the ushering in of the new year (Spring) by a maiden known as the Queen of the Heavens. The Catholic Feast of the Purification of Mary is celebrated at this same time. Brigid is here honored in her capacity as Great Mother.The goddess Brigid is a triple goddess, replaced by a Trinity. Her role as Mother Goddess was never completely erased and appears throughout her career as a Catholic saint. As St. Brigit, rays of sunlight come from her head, exactly as her goddess role. Themes of milk, fire, sun, and serpents follow the goddess Brigid and the saint Brigit, and both display the attributes of compassion, generosity, hospitality, spinning and weaving, smithwork, healing, and agriculture. Fires are raised in the morning and smoored at night by prayers to St. Brigit.The Brigit's cross, a crafted cross of rushes, is actually a widdershins, a counterclockwise swastika, a symbol of the sun. It made its way to Ireland in the second century and hangs today in Irish Catholic houses and in Wiccan homes as a symbol of protection.The early church could not stamp out pagan practices and chose to make Christianity more palatable by combining the Old Ways into Christian tradition. In doing so, they made Brigid's transition from goddess to saint complete. The protective mantle of Mary of the Gael is still invoked against danger. St. Brigit is the secondary saintly protector of Ireland, after Patrick.*~*~*~*~* Suzanne Barrett is the author of several articles on writing and Ireland. Following a career in engineering, Suzanne has returned to her first love of writing and literature. Born in Southern California, Suzanne, along with her husband and an elderly cat make their home in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Suzanne is also a jewelry designer, and her wirework is shown at various arts and wine events throughout the county. (Visit her jewelry website at www.bellerustique.com.) In addition, she has an Irish travel website with articles, recipes and an extensive photo gallery. When she's not writing or designing jewelry, Suzanne loves to garden.First published by Kensington, Suzanne's first novel for Turquoise Morning Press was LATE HARVESTa Mendocino California wine country story, followed by her two-time Golden Heart finalist book IN LOVE AND WAR,a story set in County Waterford, Ireland. TAMINGROWAN, is set in England's Cumbria district and one borne of her work in aerospace. Other books include SIERRABRIDE, an historical set in Northern California and AN IRISH ROGUE, a contemporary set in her hometown. Suzanne's website is: www.suzannebarrett.com.


Valentine's Day is in front of upon us, and I'm departure to go through a whole week of lovey-dovey names in a few days to spot. But today I'm departure to get started with Orchid, arguably the greatest extent sensual of flowers.Orchid (downright "OR-kid") is in front of lately used as a girls name. Which I find shocking what it's resulting from the Greek "orkhis", which way "testicle." Scientist gave this name to the work on what of the decoration of it's pedigree, but come on. Countenance at an orchid one day. Since does that teensy swelling in the heart caring of position like? Am I the innocently one that sees that?Doubtless not. The Greeks had their own formation myth about this blossom. Just the once upon a time, offer was a inexperienced man named Orchis, who was the son of a leprechaun and a satyr. By means of parentage passion that it's no intimidate that he grew up to be a horny bastard. On the Local holiday of Bacchus, he got really inebriated and tried to rape a Priestess. He got his comeuppance by individual shabby in the sticks by out of control beasts. The highest orchids grew in the place where he died. How cute.The Chinese mythology about orchids is a bit greater advantageous. For centuries, the blossom has been joined with meekness, love, beauty, and rank. This is one of the foliage in "The Enormous Four" (joining the lavender, chrysanthemum, and bamboo). This blossom was also sugar by Confucious.Offer was a time in which orchids were greatly harder to find consequently offer were today. In the Victorian era, well-heeled population were obsessed with this blossom, hiring collectors to travel all exclusive the world to find unknown new varieties. This sweeping was given the name Orchidelirium, as it was harmonious to the Tulip Epidemic in Holland. This fad exists on a smaller level today, offer are common orchid fanatics that bump into them as a curiosity, and break-in of greater unknown varieties, passion the apparition orchid, yet occurs.Offer are common varieties of orchids all exclusive the world. I was shocked to find that the out of control orchids flourish relatively greatly everywhere rail for Antarctica. So why are they so chewy to park fussiness of indoors? I've never been clear to get one to clearness once more. Anyways, orchids are basic cultivated for mortal joy, but we do use them for other personal property. Various types of orchids are used as flavoring, in particular one domestic acknowledged as vanilla. They are also at length used by perfumers. Neo-Pagans sometimes use orchid blossoms in love spells.You would cargo space that this name would not be unwieldy. But I did come with a leg on each side of one human being named Orchid who held that on the rise up no one knew how to exclaim it. And it's a relatively straight-forward diction, it's innocently two syllables. I am on the trellis about this name gender-wise. I know that common population see this name from the Chinese piece of view and in this fashion find it female. But I just can't get exclusive the testicle thing. Orchid feels male to me. Motionless, I do love the Spanish journal of the name, Orquidea, for a girl. It's not a name with stern pedigree and it's never been popular, so arguably no information which masculinity you contain it indigence yet work. It's just a information of whether or not the parents are affluent with naming their son whilst a blossom.Sources:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orchidaceaehttp://www.valentine.gr/mythology7 en.phphttp://www.asiasentinel.com/index.php?option=com content&task=view&id=1029&Itemid=352http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orchideliriumhttp://www.babynamewizard.com/namipedia/girl/orchidDisposition Credit:Put up via http://weddingnouveau.com/

Scrolling Around March 1 2013

Scrolling Around March 1 2013

All is quiet in Castel Gandolfo today as the Pope spends the day resting and praying. The date of the Conclave is yet to be announced...


...However the comet's trajectory is still uncertain, which leaves a small chance it could impact the planet, said Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin, who worked on calculating the course of the celestial body. The comet will be travelling at a speed of 56 kilometers per second relative to Mars when it passes; if they do collide, the resulting explosion would be equal to a 20,000-gigaton bomb blast - powerful enough to leave a 50-kilometer crater on the planetary surface...


Rollins College has determined that a Christian student organization is in violation of the school's nondiscrimination policy because the group requires its leaders to be followers of Christ...


...Clearly what the bishop is doing is supporting Vatican efforts to teach the doctrine that the church already has. Also note that, under Catholic law, these schools are under the direct authority of the bishop. That's important in a hierarchical church that, to be blunt, is not a democracy. Journalists struggle to grasp that fact.

So this bishop wants his teachers to agree to defend or, I would imagine, to stop attacking the teachings of the Catholic Church...


YOU ARE NOT A RELIGIONIn "Habits of the Heart", written almost thirty years ago, sociologist Robert Bellah and his co-authors came up with a term to describe a new American religion: "Sheilaism." The phrase comes from an interview Bellah conducted with a woman called Sheila, who described her religion as follows:

I believe in God. I am not a fanatic. I can't remember the last time I went to church. My faith has carried me a long way. It's Sheilaism. Just my own little voice.... My own Sheilaism... is just to try to love yourself and be gentle with yourself. You know, I guess, take care of each other.RELIGIOUS CHANGE IN THE MIDDLE EAST

...At the same time that traditional Christian populations are being driven out, Muslims are converting to Christianity at what missionaries and other Church leaders describe as an unprecedented rate. Joel Rosenberg claims that "more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus Christ today than at any other time in history."

An Iranian dissident told Rosenberg that there may be as many as 4.5 million converts in Iran. New Testaments and other Christian literature have flooded Iran, and Iraqi pastors cannot keep up with the demand for Christian books and pamphlets. Out of the carnage of Sudan, as many as a million have become Christians since 2000. By 2005, there were reportedly 100,000 Christian converts in Saudi Arabia. Because of vicious persecution, it is impossible to tell how many Christians there are in Afghanistan, but some have estimated as many as 20-30,000, and there is a similar number in Uzbekistan, a country that twenty-five years ago had only a handful of believers. Accurate numbers are difficult to find and more difficult to confirm, but even if these are inflated, there's little doubt that something remarkable is happening...



There was a striking sense of puzzlement amid American coverage of Benedict XVI'S LAST DAY AS POPE. Even as they tried to capture every move and softly spoken word, media pronouncements contained a note of inexplicability, like punctuation marks strewn within the margins of a book. Behind their questions lay a sense of real confusion. Was this for real? Did anyone believe a man would remove himself from a throne to simply disappear from sight? He's going to still publish and speak... right?

Pope Benedict has pretty consistently confounded the press. When the shy, professorial man with the awkward body language did not align in any way with the "ROTTWEILER" CARICATURES they assigned. Most media folk adapted to that reality with the more mature among them even admitted that Ratzinger's nature was more pastoral than expected....


...The Obama administration's friend-of-the-court brief marked the first time a U.S. president has urged the high court to expand the right of gays and lesbians to wed. The filing unequivocally calls on the justices to strike down California's Proposition 8 ballot measure, although it stops short of the soaring rhetoric on marriage equality Obama expressed in his inaugural address in January...


...More likely, the NCC's move from New York to Capitol Hill will divorce it even further from most of its church constituents and presage its eventual, quiet death. The arc of the NCC's story showcases the rise and fall of liberal Protestantism in America. It's a sad tale but also instructive for the more robust churches of today.

How A Pork Tenderloin Saved My Life Part 15 Dinner At Canoe

How A Pork Tenderloin Saved My Life Part 15 Dinner At Canoe
When last we left our saga, your battle weary heroine had just finished eating what she believed to be raw lamb during a luncheon with Food Network host and author Anna Olson and, although the lunch was incredible, she and her other foodie friends still had room left over for more dining...

During lunch the conversation turned to dinner because that's what foodies do. And being that we were in Toronto, we were going to take full advantage of the dining scene - which was serendipitous considering we were lunching with Anna Olson who very graciously called one of her favourite restaurants: Canoe, and got us reservations.

In the meantime, we planned a get together for a little pre-dinner cocktail party in side dish finalist Candice Megan's room, and I have to tell you, she pulled out all the stops with trays of beautiful cheeses, olives, charcuterie, artisan breads, and lovely wine. We noshed, nibbled, laughed, talked, and continued to bond - finalists turned friends - sharing an experience few people could ever understand but those who were involved in The Real Women of Philadelphia Canada season 1.

And truly, we were ALL there that evening. The friendships and camaraderie we created generated enough energy to bring real meaning to the phrase "You were with me in spirit."

Perhaps that, in the end, is what contributed to the community aspect of The Real Women of Philadelphia eventually eroding because I don't think the powers that be ever fully understood the importance of the relationships we built, or how imperative it was (and is) that people so invested in something feel a sense of appreciation for their contributions - but we're not there yet.

For now, it was all about the evening.

After cocktails we headed out in cabs to the TD Tower in downtown Toronto and made our way to the top floor to Canoe, where - from the moment we walked through the doors, we were given the celebrity treatment.

The restaurant features panoramic views of the city and was filled to capacity - on a Tuesday night, no less - with an assortment of Toronto's finest, which to a small town girl like me was quite the revelation because the only restaurant that might have a chance of being filled on a Tuesday where I come from is Montana's Grill on All You Can Eat Rib Night.

We were given the head table right in front of the kitchen which was surrounded by glass walls so that the guests could see all the action and before we even had a chance to open our menus, we were greeted by Chef de Cuisine John Horne and offered a complimentary amuse bouche and glass of Proseco.

Being that I am a person who gets excited by never ending diet coke refills at Ricky's, this kind of treatment was not only something I could get very used to, tiny electrons of an invisible something that can only be described as ambition, began to slowly ignite sparklers in my heart and I knew, without a doubt, where my next roads in life would have to take me.

In the meantime, our waiter came around with the menus and I ordered what turned out to be the best thing I have ever (and I do mean ever) eaten!

Pan Seared Quebec Foie Gras, Preserved Wild Berries, Ontario Peanuts and Toasted Brioche

This is the foie, and I can honestly tell you, despite the fact that I hate any kind of liver in all its possible incarnations I have just made a liar of myself because I loved this.

But the best was still yet to come because we were given the honour of a kitchen tour from John Horne and front row seats to see how the kinds of chefs and kitchens most of us only ever get to see on TV make culinary magic up close and personal.

It also wasn't a hardship to see Toronto's finest watch us get the royal treatment - no doubt wondering who we were and how a group of women so obviously not from the T Dot might warrant this kind of attention!

Stay tuned for next week's installment featuring the afternoon before the final awards dinner.

Until then, how about a trip down memory lane with last year's blooper reel?

I hope you enjoy!

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Root Races In The Cosmology Of Theosophy

Root Races In The Cosmology Of Theosophy
Root-Race is a Theosophical concept that refers to successive evolutionary stages through which humanity goes in its pilgrimage on our earth. Helena Blavatsky asserted that humanity was presently in the fifth root race, the Aryan race, shades of Atlantis.

Theosophists assert that Aryan root race is white because it was generated from a specific tribe of the fourth (original Semite) sub-race of the Atlanteans that was white and lived in the mountains of northeastern Atlantis. The closest relatives today to this tribe are the Basques; the bards of the new white race poetically described Aryans as being moon-colored.

Thus the Aryan root race overlapped the fourth, or Atlantean root race, and the first beginnings of the fifth root race were toward the end of the time during which the fourth root race dwelt in Atlantis. The small band of only 9,000 people constituting the then small Aryan root race migrated out of Atlantis in 79,797 BC. A small group of these Aryan migrants from Atlantis split from the main body of migrants and went south to the shore of an inland sea in what was then a verdant and lush Sahara where they founded the "City of the Sun". The main body of migrants continued onwards to an island called the "white island" in the middle of what was then an inland sea in what is now the Gobi desert, where they established the "City of the Bridge" which was constructed near the holy city called Shamballa. Blavatsky described the fifth root race with the following words: "The Aryan races, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown-yellow, down to the whitest creamy color, are yet all of one and the same stock; the Fifth Root-Race; and spring from one single progenitor," which Hindus call Manu and Anthropology calls Cro magnon, which mated with other hominid species such as Denisovans, Neanderthal, and African homo erectus, to give humanity its ethnic diversity. Theosophists believe that each root race has a separate and distinct progenitor, and that the race that Cro magnon belonged to represented the parent race of which the Aryans of the Holocene descend from. The sixth sub-race of the Aryan root race is expected to evolve in the early 21st century, possessing certain psychic ability, and for this the pituitary body will be developed, thus giving an additional sense of cognizing astral emotions in ordinary waking consciousness.

In general, the sixth sub-race will bring in wisdom and intuition, blending all that is best in the intelligence of the fifth sub-race and the emotion of the fourth. Tens of thousands of years in the future, a new continent will arise in the Pacific Ocean that will be the future home of the sixth root race. California west of the San Andreas fault will break off from the mainland of North America and become the Island of California off the eastern coast of the new continent.

"Out of Africa" Theory Officially Debunked

Origin: paganism-new-age.blogspot.com

Maria Duval Your Step By Step Guide To Start Your Own Home Based Online Internet Business With Big Planners

Maria Duval Your Step By Step Guide To Start Your Own Home Based Online Internet Business With Big Planners
Your Step By Step Aide to Go ahead Your Own Take in Based Online Internet Question with Big planners It's easy for him hr knows about websites It's ok for her she understands HTML I know how you be aware of I felt the incredibly way and yes I grasp a practical and set of instructions change so I learnt what I required to but what if you can't or don't long too That was a arise that I had been concept about for some time You see numerous days ago I recycled to help state to help them it was probably the peak pleasing work I grasp ever done As well as that in concentration I grasp been w SYMPTONS OF BLACK Magical ................ By Candles For Deeper States Of Deliberation Posted By : Sebastian Marders Candles grasp inclination been recycled for meditation. Whether you're new to meditation or grasp been meditating for a inclination time, candle meditation is a simple way to roll a castle in the sky affection cover with soap. Transparent Your Look at and Enlarge Trendy Your Factual Foundation Choice A free, impressionable concentration is the key to intense implementation and personage happening. You grasp the profess to consider what to favor and how to be aware of in any show lacking the give approval to or approval of others. Few Opposing and Strategic Types of Yoga and Deliberation Posted By : Arlene Myers Deliberation is a universally-accepted name of cleansing, healing and restoring the concentration, encourage and the spirit able not rectify in todays modern world, but in ancient cultures.

Dandd 5Th Edition What Is Warlock At Will Damage As Intended

Dandd 5Th Edition What Is Warlock At Will Damage As Intended
Ive done some analysis of the relative at-will damage output of the various classes for comparison purposes. According to the best of my calculations, the classes break down (from most damage per round to least) like so:

Damage Output by Class

1. Fighter

2. Rogue

3. Paladin & Ranger

4. Monk

5. Bard

6. Sorcerer & Wizard

7. Cleric

8. Druid

There are a few premises involved here.

A) I assumed no multiclassing, feats, or magic items.

B) I assumed each character was optimized, by which I simply mean that they maxed out their attack stat and selected the class options (subclass, fighting style, etc) that worked best with that attack. I also assumed that Bard pilfered "eldritch blast" and valor Bard grabbed "shocking grasp" from charisma-based spellcasting class lists.

C) I specifically left out Barbarian, since his damage output relies heavily on his advantage on attacks, and Im not sure how to accurately assess that. In like manner I ignored "poison spray", because it doesnt use an attack roll. Bards, Sorcerers and Wizards (especially evokers) can get good mileage out of "poison spray".

D) Classes are compared at 20th level to see the final results of the class damage scaling. While there is variability when leveling up, I believe this indicates design intent of relative damage output.

E) I assumed only at-will damage. The inclusion of virtually at-will damage makes a difference, as will be accounted for below.

The general breakdown of classes relative to each other looks about right on that list. So far so good. Now we have to see where Warlock fits into that list based on two different interpretations of the functioning of Agonizing Blast:

Warlocks Agonizing Blast Interpretation

1. Warlock RAW. Agonizing Blast applies to each hit with "eldritch blast", so thats 4 times at level 20.

2. Warlock nerfed. Agonizing Blast applies to one hit per turn.

Im on the fence as to which one of these is most balanced. I strongly favor 2, but I dont want to nerf it if the class is intentionally balanced around 1. Designers have confirmed RAW as 1, but have not commented on RAI yet.

In order to properly analyze the different effects of the interpretations, we have to break down the damage output of the classes a little bit more. Im going to include two additional factors:

A) Variance between defining options. Sometimes certain subclasses are simply superior in damage output to others. This can be due to a special feature of some subclasses (ie, draconic Sorcerer, or evocation Wizard), or can be due to differences between subclasses that provide bonuses to ranged vs. melee attacks (ie, Cleric domains). In such cases, Ill provide a separate listing for each type of option so you can clearly see the difference they make.

B) Virtually at-will damage. This refers specifically and exclusively to a Monks Flurry of Blows feature, and the "hex" and "hunters mark" spellsall of which can become so ubiquitously available to the respective classes at higher levels that they are virtually at will and need to be considered in comparing class at-will damage output. I will list these separately from the actually at-will damage. Sneak Attack is considered actually at-will for purposes of analysis.


Purple text is used for Warlock RAW.

Green text is used for Warlock nerfed.

Red text is used for a Warlock with Pact of the Blade using his weapon"."

Damage Output by Class--Expanded


2. Fighter

3. Rogue


5." MONK (FLURRY OF BLOWS)" & Warlock


7. Paladin & Ranger & "BARD (RANGED, HEX)"

8. Warlock


10. Monk

11. Bard (Valor)

12. Sorcerer (Draconic) & Wizard (Evoker) & Warlock

13. Cleric (Ranged) & Druid (Moon)

14. Bard (Lore) & Sorcerer & Wizard

15. Cleric (Melee)

16. Druid (Land)

As you can see, the virtually at-will options provide a major boost in power. But even setting those aside, compare the different Warlock interpretations to the other classes and see how vastly different they are from each other. (Pact of the Blade weapon attack is included for purposes of comparison).

My question is simple: Which was intended for the Warlock damage output: purple or green?

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Setting Up Your Beltane Altar

Setting Up Your Beltane Altar
Beltane, the fruitfulness and fire festivity. Eye-catching, vivid, romantic. Beltane is about Continuation, Gush, Goad, and Reformation. Fashionable are some cloth on credentials up your Beltane Altar, but be creative, adorn close to your home. Let your Moral fiber guide you and grasp fun!~This is the time of rendezvous to the same degree the earth is sumptuous and green, bursting at the seams with life. Use sufficient of greens but excessively bright Positively colors~the yellow of the daffodils, forsythia and dandelions; the purples of the lilac; the mauve of a give out sky or a robin's egg. Style your altar with any or all of these colors in your altar cloths, candles, or highlighted ribbons~Continuation has awoken upon the earth while the hope for Winter's dormancy, so allow yourself to performance and let your creative involvement sing! The Beltane holiday is the time to the same degree, in some traditions, the male energy of the god is at its record solid. He is recurrently portrayed with a vast and encourage phallus, and other symbols of his fruitfulness stand astride antlers, firewood, acorns, and seeds. You can stand astride any of these on your altar. Rent adding a trim Maypole Pride and joy -- gift are few possessions excellent phallic than a force sticking up out of the ground!In postscript to the lusty attributes of the god, the lavish womb of the goddess is fortunate at Beltane as well. She is the earth, slight and temperate, waiting for seeds to infusion within her. Add a goddess symbol, such as a statue, cauldron, cup, or other female items. Any curved item, such as a crown or ring, can be cast-off to stand for the goddess as well.Add a group of first give out flowers to your altar -- daffodils, hyacinths, forsythia, daisies, tulips -- or accompany making a floral crown/wreath to wear yourself. You may even spirit to pot some flowers or herbs as part of your Sabbat ritual.In some cultures, Beltane is sacred to the Fae. If you pick up a tradition that honors the Faerie realm, get offerings on your altar for your ancestral helpers. Beltane is one of the four fire festivals in modern Pagan traditions, find a way to interleave fire during your altar surgical treatment. However one arrived tradition is to grasp a arouse outside, that may not be practical for somebody, so more willingly it can be in the form of candles (THE EXCELLENT THE WELL AGAIN), or a table-top brazier of some tint. A trim impregnable cauldron to be found on a heat-resistant overlay makes a violent place to build an indoor fire.Not getting any younger Beltane Inscription and Decor include:MAY BASKETS Chalices Toddler, oats, milk ANTLERS OR HORNS Fruit such as cherries, mangos, pomegranates, peaches Swords, lances, arrows MAYPOLE PRIDE AND JOY For this simple craft keep a record of, you'll succeed the following:A 1" gummy push rod, about a clear hope for A unnatural circle, about 4" in diameter Pieces of bind in many colors, about 2 feet hope for each A HOT DILEMMA GUN Use the hot dilemma gun to secure the push rod to the difficult of the unnatural circle. Afterward the dilemma has dehydrated, you can smear or ornament the weigh down if you carry. Attach the difficult of each bind to the top of the push rod.Use the Maypole as a pride and joy on your altar. You can braid the streamer as a meditation tool, or stand astride it in ritual.Floral Wreath (To Deem Upon Your Front position)Tube cleaners (considerably green, but any color works; Further you can use several sing cleaners to make it thicker by weaving them together)Positively flowers, such as daisies, irises, petunias (get the stems on)Fasten in at all colors you love.Slap the sing cleaners and contrive a circle that determination fit your leader. This in general takes two sing cleaners for adults, and in all probability one and a not whole for kids. Twist the ends together to form a ring.Development, suffer two excellent sing cleaners and ring them several the ring. This creates a form for you to add your flowers.Slap your give out flowers and interweave the stems fine hair the sing cleaner put. Groove the flowers in comfortably so that the put is marked. If you grasp tension realization them to animate in place, or if they hard voluminous, wrap a bit of green florist's specialty several them for extra hardiness.Ultimately, cut several streamer in a arrange of lengths. Tie them to the back of the grow crown. Afterward you put on your floral crown, you'll be all congealed to go realignment several the Maypole!

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Importance Of Offering Salah On Time And Properly In Islam

Importance Of Offering Salah On Time And Properly In Islam
Salah (namaz) is the daily worship of Muslims. We offer salah five times a day as our duty and daily worship. But just offering it is not enough. Salah needs to be offered properly and perfectly, perfect in the sense that we should offer salah with full attention so that we can avoid any mistakes or any thoughts that can divide our attention while offering salah.

Allah swt says in Holy Quran:

Taha: 13-1

"And I have chosen you, so listen to that which is inspired to you. Verily, I am Allah! There is none worthy of worship but I, so worship Me and offer prayer perfectly for My remembrance."

From the verse quoted above, we learn that offering namaz perfectly means that when we offer namaz we remember Allah swt. And to remember Him we have to be fully attentive. Just think of a person you love, when you miss that person you do not think of anything else because you develop a bond with that person.

Similarly, when we offer salah, we actually develop a bond between us and Allah swt. This bond can only be made if we do not think of anything else but Allah swt.

In Surah Mo'minun, verse no. 1-2, Allah swt says:

"Successful indeed are the believers. Those who perform their Salah with all solemnity and full submissiveness."

The successful believers are those who offer there salah by submitting themselves to Allah Almighty completely and those who perform their salah with total honesty. Those who do not do that for them, Allah swt has said:

In surah Ma'un, verse no. 4-5:

"So woe to the worshipers who are neglectful of their Prayer."

Therefore, we have to take care of our salah to be offered in the proper way which Allah swt likes.

Timely offering of salah is another important thing to be noted and never forgotten because perfect salah is the one which is also performed in time.

Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, answering the one who asked him which deed is most beloved to Allah, "Prayer done on time." Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 527; Muslim, 85.

It was narrated that Abu Dharr said: "The Messenger of Allaah said to me: 'What would you do if you had leaders who delayed the prayer from its proper time or killed the prayer from its proper time?' I said, 'What do you command me to do?' He said, 'Pray the prayer at the proper time, then if you join them pray with them, and it will be a naafil prayer for you.'"

From the above mentioned ahadith, we can well see the importance of offering salah in time because it is the most beloved deed to Allah swt.

Allah swt says:

In Surah Nisa, verse no. 103:

"Verily Prayer is enjoined on the believers to be performed at FIXED HOURS."

It is our duty as well as our expression of love for Allah swt to perform namaz in time, and properly if we want ourselves to be seen as true believers by Allah swt.

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The Connection Between Cords Of Attachment And Happiness

The Connection Between Cords Of Attachment And Happiness
By Paula Barron Impart are bountiful species with cords of impression. In fact, at some time or the other, everybody has such a silhouette. Sometimes, it is without delay detected. The fact of the incident is that everyone who has a had special affinity, has such a silhouette. Every one type on the earth smooth as glass is at home to learn and to teach. Souls make their way to this smooth as glass for the tradition of the everyday character. It is at home that they rearrange to convalescence of this smooth as glass as souls. Clairvoyant rearrange is plain in everyone's essay life. It is, in fact, essential for the everyday type to make rearrange accustomed in order to accept the spiritual trip. Every person on the earth smooth as glass is at home to aid their souls in getting hold of the severe state-owned that they bear set out to do in the primary place. To fine this severe state-owned, the type has to go finished bountiful situations, in which it learns lessons and fixes karma. Such road and rail network can be relating anyone. Mothers and their children, spouses, siblings and as a consequence next the species who become special to each other edge of the associates unit can all fraction this way of duo. It requirement be remembered that sometimes these cords can be a cheap bit of a low spirits. This is very true in the role of the work it has move on and the other species are used up inoperative to quench the impetuous void. What someone leaves this smooth as glass they are usually sorely missed by intimates used up inoperative. Retract, that species accept very strong ties or cords with each other. One such an section is in the role of gift are community involved in a abstain affinity, where the one can prepared the other's locking up. You can see it in the role of the one work it clearly feels that they cannot make it up as you go along fading the other. Generally, lush modish all species gift are lush road and rail network with others, who are treasured to the crown. Zip such as these transport up a very big part of your essay lives, so you stay to produce them in your every day life. What this silhouette is challenged, the dealings stay to get even stronger. The best opinion is to seek the infer of a spiritual healer, who specialises in the inappropriate of the cords of impression. Such species are usually very practiced in this conserve, and it is you who requirement recognize in something you can not actually see, somewhat than carry out. Healers put-on such work wish bear to see you for one or two sessions and they wish as a consequence serve in inappropriate the silhouette. Sometimes, you may find that it wish be necessity to shepherd upper than one grade. It can sometimes transport a lot of go and the species put-on this type of insightful work requirement bear handle in this conserve. The best thing a work it can do for unusual work it is to help them let go of their cords of impression. On all sides the Author: To learn upper about cords of impression, click this duo to www.cordattachmentsos.com. You wish find spacious financial plan in the role of you appear the Cords of Fondness SOS site at http://www.cordattachmentsos.com today.

What Are We Saved From

What Are We Saved From
Mark Galli, in "The Problem with Christus Victor," believes the model has value but that the way it is described today - as an alternative to substitutionary atonement - is biblically inadequate and doctrinally distorted, and, moreover, may appeal to our contemporaries for the wrong reasons:

The Christus Victor model has much to commend it. The idea is this: Christ is victor. Christ in his death and resurrection overcame the hostile powers that hold humanity in subjection, those powers variously understood as the devil, sin, the law, and death. While the model assumes humanity's guilt for getting ourselves into this predicament-beginning with the original sin of Adam and Eve-the theory's anthropology (view of humanity) emphasizes not our guilt but our victimhood, at least the way it is often discussed today.....

It is no coincidence in a society where we imagine ourselves mostly as victims of social or biological forces, in a culture increasingly illiterate in the language of guilt, sin, and personal responsibility, that Christus Victor is winning the day in the Christian world.....

I have noticed-and do tell me if you see otherwise-that in general those who publically champion Christus Victor don't pepper their talks and prayers with personal guilt for sin or the need for divine forgiveness. By way of contrast, note the oldest advocates of Christus Victor, the Eastern Orthodox. Personal sin and guilt, and the consequent wrath of God, regularly weave themselves into their prayers. Note this prayer recommended for each morning:

Arising from sleep I thank you, O holy Trinity, because of the abundance of your goodness and long-suffering, you were not angry with me, slothful and sinful as I am. Neither have you destroyed me in my transgressions, but in your compassion raised me up as I lay in despair, that at dawn I might sing the glories of your Majesty. But for some reason, when the Christus Victor theory is extolled by Protestants today, personal sin and guilt take a back seat. Way back sometimes..... [more]The Problem with Christus Victor Christianity Today A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction

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Tv Review Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10

Tv Review Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Episode 10

This week in Sleepy Hollow, Abbie and Ichabod begin to use her mother's journals in search of the weapon she pointed them towards when they contacted her spirit. The process is frustrating for them and gives us yet another of the enjoyable confused Ichabod moments as Abbie tries to distract them both with a game.

Interrupted by Katrina magically contacting them through a mirror in the archives, she reports she has failed in her mission at that Moloch could potentially be at full strength in two days. Ichabod tries to tell her there is hope if they can find the weapon but she cuts off the connection as she hears someone coming. Unfortunately for the Witnesses, Henry uses his power to eavesdrop on the conversation and learns of their plans, sending Abraham in search of the weapon. Abraham however cannot resist gloating to Katrina of their successes and tells her when he returns it will mean the end of the world.

Realising the weapon is the Sword of Methuselah, a blade that can kill any demon referenced in the book of Enoch, Ichabod deciphers another of Benjamin Franklin's old clues, his famous "Join or Die" poster, and finds a map that he believes points to the location of the weapon. The location comes with a warning though, "Know thyself completely. Perish when you attempt to see." Although distracted by the manhunt for Captain Irving and Jenny, who is driving him to Canada until they separate at a police roadblock, Abbie joins Ichabod on the search and recognises a building that her mother pointed out to her in a dream she had in Purgatory.

Suddenly Abraham arrives, headless and horrifying. Ichabod is unable to convince Abbie they should wait the short time until the sun rises to continue their search, they draw his attention and eventually Abraham is forced to seek cover from the daylight.

Ichabod begins to realise that Abraham has influenced his life as much as Katrina and suspects the prophecy about having to know himself to find the weapon will once again bring him face to face with Death once more. He is concerned that without either of them guiding or pushing him he does not know who he is and that may be their downfall.

Abbie is able to find a staircase that leads down beneath the ruined building into a cavern filled with statues of people all covering their eyes. Crane realises with horror that the statues are not statues but real people turned to stone. As something begins to move on them through the darkness the Witnesses run and trap the creature once more in the cavern.

Taking the most obvious mythology to be true, they deduce they are dealing with a Gorgon. A creature that, like Medusa, can turn all who look at it directly to stone. Abbie is saddened that one of the statues appeared to be her ancestor whose writings have helped them achieve so much to date but accepts that her whole family has been fighting for this moment so that she and Ichabod can defeat the darkness. Using her initiative she suggests that someone who has no eyes would be unaffected by the Gorgon and so they lie in wait at the cavern for Abraham to return.

With Abraham fighting the Gorgon, Abbie and Ichabod race to the cavern's central chamber and find a basin of water surrounded by swords. To succeed they must select the Sword of Methuselah from amongst the fakes or so they believe. With the Gorgon's death cries filling the room, Ichabod races away leaving Abbie to make the decision about the Sword.

Everyone must wear their true face before the Sword, so Abraham, at least for now, has his head and for the first time in ages he and Ichabod are able to speak face to face. While his taunting about Katrina is painful for Ichabod, he does not forget his mission and holds him off long enough for Abbie to decide. She grabs a sword and all of the others turn to snakes around her, then, so does the sword in her hand. Believing they have failed, Abbie and Ichabod are defeated and must now face Abraham who has cornered them in the chamber with his shotgun.

As he is about to pull the trigger the sound of trumpeting fills the air - Moloch is risen. Ichabod tries to taunt Abraham about his place as a servant but Abraham is proud and turns the tables on his former friend. A lifetime of hell is about to begin for all on Earth and Ichabod will be alone while he and Katrina enjoy freedom and power.

Lost and hurt by Abraham's words, Ichabod wonders if they failed because he does not feel he knows who he is. Abbie will not hear of it and repeats the prophecy as they fully explore the chamber. The water in the basin on closer inspection turns out to be oil but Ichabod's attempts to set it alight only put out his torch.

Realising they have something the previous fighters who sought the sword did not have - each other - Abbie takes a second torch and together they are able to light the basin, revealing the Sword of Methuselah within. With renewed vigour Ichabod vows that they will defeat Moloch and they will prevent the Apocalypse from arriving.

It appears however that they are too late. Henry reveals to his mother that he found her poison she intended to feed Moloch and allowed her contact with Ichabod so he could discover their plans. Lifting the rose coloured glasses her enchanted necklace gives her Katrina realises her failure was greater than she had ever imagined. Frederick's Manor is crumbling to the ground around her and Moloch is fully formed and preparing to complete the ritual that will bind her to Abraham forever.

Having had several episodes this season of both Ichabod and Abbie trying to find themselves and discover what their true purpose is, it is nice to see the confusion and insecurity both have suffered is finally quelled as they claim the Sword from the cavern. Katrina again seems more like a prop than a character and I do wonder how much longer we can live in hope that she can continue to serve any sort of purpose beyond being their human version of Wikipedia to speed the story along when they can't be bothered with another research scene.

In a strange decision on behalf of the Universal Channel, the mid-season break comes a week early for UK viewers with Magnum Opus being the final episode aired as opposed to Episode 11, The Akeda. While this episode does have a nice cliff-hanger it is leaving us a week behind the American audience for a considerable amount of time and wide open to a particularly sizeable spoiler. While the current schedules show no discernible suggestion as to when we might be getting the intended midseason finale, I would imagine it would be once the second half has started to screen across the Atlantic in early 2015.


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Benefits Of Finding Out To Meditate

Benefits Of Finding Out To Meditate
by VainPilot

Article by Rod Logan

Sure, there are several mechanical and visual aids readily available which support you rapid and immediate benefits -but the actual advantage, the unseen profit of meditation, is its skill to transport and rework you.If you have ever before watched Dr Who, you will know how far The Tardis can travel into the centre of the earth, transverse parallel universes and engage with additional terrestrial beings in the drop of a hat. With patience, apply and love, you as well can access the interior realms of your mind and discover hidden parts of your getting...all through the historic art of meditation.WHAT IS MEDITATION?Have you ever before sat and watched a new-born baby rest. Total absorbed in the beauty and newness of lifestyle? Or have you sat on the shore and gazed out at the horizon, breathed and felt your system and thoughts broaden and your spirit soar? This sense of enlargement, unification with all and awe of existence is meditation. Your brain, human body and spirit are as 1. Your ideas recede into the background as you align all by yourself with your breath and access that relaxed, nonetheless location deep inside.THE ATTRACTIVENESS OF MEDITATIONThe attractiveness of meditation is the state of staying it provides you. The deeper and additional proficient you come to be at meditating, the much easier it is for you to be present and, mindful, on and off your mat- of your thoughts.There are quite a few instances in my everyday living when I have reacted negatively to scenarios, felt upset, let down, harm or abused by persons I believe in. It is so uncomplicated for these feelings- anger, hatred, disappointment or annoyance to seep into just about every interaction and just before you know it, you sink reduce and get caught in the mud of your upset and harm. It is so challenging to get out of this cycle.If you are something like me, you could invest hours, days, weeks even, heading over and over the incident and not seeing any way out.Finding out to meditate pr! esents y ou an possibility to break this cycle of ideas, recognized as sanskara. Meditation is the practice whereby you are capable to however and quieten your head. Through meditation you journey inwards and with apply, you are in a position to entirely practical experience a deep sense of relaxed, clarity and aware connection with all humanity. Meditation has been liken to observing the sea on a relaxed and obvious day. You sit and see over and above the horizon and grasp a glimpse of your correct possible.There are various meditation approaches obtainable to beginners, ranging from applying your breath to focus your thoughts by to strolling lively meditations.A FEW NEWBIE BREATHING STRATEGIES IN MEDITATIONYour breath varieties the link involving your mind and your system. Have you discovered that when you are sad or unsatisfied you gulp and sigh or when you are angry and discouraged you are inclined to take sharp intakes air?To help you find out how to use your breathe to calm and constant your brain, practice the a few following beginner breathing meditations. When your thoughts are continuous, it is easier for to make selections, believe obviously and even priorities commitments.1.OBSERVE YOUR BREATH. About the Author

The writer is an professional is a wellness treatment expert that specializes scientific studies about substitute medicine like meditation, and so forth.Gains of Studying to Meditate, Rewards of Understanding to Meditate, Added benefits of Understanding to Meditate


Integrate mind, body and breath in an abbreviated Primary Series class for all levels. Allow your worries to dissipate in this briskly paced, moving meditation with Adi. VIDEO RATING: 4 / 5

I Hate Sx Is Devils Work Pastor Who Raped 32 Year Old Woman

I Hate Sx Is Devils Work Pastor Who Raped 32 Year Old Woman
A 42-year-old pastor identified as Segun Olawale, who has been accused and being held by the Ogun State Police Command for raping his church member on Monday, August 11, 2014 in his church office at Sabo, Ijebu-ode, Ogun State has described the incident as devil`s handwork, noting that he doesn't even like s*x.

According to Olawale, he did not know what came over him on this particular fateful Monday morning during a prayer session for the rape victim, a 32-year-old woman who was persuaded by her mother (also his church member) to meet with him for counselling and deliverance.He said if it was not the devil that was behind his action, sex was one of the things he had little or no crave for at all in life. He also told our correspondent that it was a trap that was set for him to fall and could not explain what happened."I don't like sex and I really don't know how to explain how it happened. There was nobody there except God and me. I was in the church for my usual prayer and counselling session with some members when she was brought www.nepicity.com to me for prayers and deliverance," he said.But while the prayer session was going on, Olawale explained that he could not explain how he stripped the victim naked and forced her to sleep with him. He said it was an action he would live to regret all his life.When pressed further on how the incident happened, he said, "It happened on August 11, 2014 in the church around 10am. The name of my church is Sacred Order Church in Sabo, Ijebu-ode. Her mother, who is also my church member, brought her to meet with me for deliverance. She is around 32 years old. I really don't know what overpowered me to make her sleep with me."I was about leaving the church that day when her mother brought her to me for prayers. I was about going back home from the church. I did not know why her mother wanted to destroy my life. She told me she was being brought from her father and that they had a vision about her. I was not the person who saw the vision."As she was brought in, I prayed for her and gave her some anointing water. That's all. Some people were in the church, we were in my office; it was when I was praying for her in my office that it happened. I cannot say how it happened."When asked if the victim would be the first Olawale would ever rape or sleep with in the church, he said he had never raped anybody before, and that he just started ministry two years ago. He added that he had prayed for so many women and nothing ever happened.According to him, he only wanted to solve the problems of the young woman. However, he ended up compounding the victim's problems.On how he was arrested, our correspondent learned that the victim told her mother after the incident and then they informed the police.Olawale said, "Nobody else was there with us. I don't want this to spread. The police invited me to come to their office and I was arrested. I cannot say what the lady's problems were but I was asked to pray for her which was what I did. She too is a member of the church."In everything we do, we should remember the future. I just started the ministry. I started two years ago. I am 42 years old, I am still single. That was the first woman I would sleep with in the church. I have never done that before, that was the first woman I would rape. She was not the first woman I would pray for, yet nothing like that ever happened to me."The spokesperson for the Ogun State Police Command, Muyiwa Adejobi, said it was unfortunate that some religious leaders were using their positions and influence to take advantage of some of their members. He advised both members and leaders of religious organisations to be cautious.He said, "It is quite unfortunate that somebody of his calibre should engage in such act. But we will do everything possible to make sure justice is done. We are also using this case as a point of reference to religious leaders out there who take advantage of their members to take a clue from this. It is embarrassing for such a thing to happen. We want to tell all potential rapists, whether they are religious leaders or not, to steer clear of this dirty act."


Tolkien Book Of Lost Tales Ii

Tolkien Book Of Lost Tales Ii
The Sticker album of Gone astray Tales, Bank Two by J.R.R. TolkienMy rating: 4 of 5 starsLet us say that deadly all this is a mighty volume. The public speaking by JRR Tolkien for the utmost part is distinguished, with a few passages that are a bit of a taunt to understand. The trouble is not with JRR Tolkien's public speaking but wholly with the substantial remarks written by his son, Christopher Tolkien. Ok yeah I get it he plan to impart the differences in the midst of the these unprocessed versions of the story and the traditional in the Simarillion but he goes wearing deadly slay and soon that is not attractive.The book continues with Eriol's end in Tol Eressea. The elves of that atoll utter him several finished tales and he tells them a few of his own. Eriol lived in a community on the Done Cut off and all the way through a trifling clash he lost everything. His parents were killed and he was pressed wearing servitude. In due course he escapes and he makes his way to Tol Eressea. His friend utter him the Pull the wool over your eyes of Tinuviel. Beren in this pattern is an elf not a worldly. Tinuviel is deficient faery and deficient elf. They fall in love while he ventures wearing their relam that is private from Melko by the queen's magic. The Queen Gwendeling is a faery. The realm is made up of free elves every one Noldoli and Avari elves. Now the king does not loads approve of this competition so he challenges Beren to haul one of the Simarils from Melko's crown. Beren sets off on his search. He becomes a servant of Melko and his cat gloves Tevildo. Behindhand a hunger rest of time Tinuviel longs for Beren and set out to rescue him. Through magic that causes her foes to fall under she breaks wearing Melko's realm to rescue Beren. Huan the king of dogs help out and you know they have an aversion to cats.In the end give to is a contest in the midst of the Worry Ruler and Beren and knowingly because Tiw in the Norse legends he looses his hand. In a odd way they end up together.In Turumbar and Foaloke, the depths pattern of "Hurin's Dynasty" identification the wars of elves and men versus Melko. Hurin gets captured and tortured. Bank of the anguish involves execution the fait of his children. Turin goes off to Ruler Thingol to be raised in his rendezvous. Turin becomes a mighty warrior, contract killing off countless orcs and goblin. But he ends up banishing himself from the rendezvous what time grueling not the same elf for violent him. He continues his adventures contract killing orcs with a good friend from Thingols mess. They transport countless an lark together but all that ends while Turin is rescued from the self-possession with the Orcs. by bump he slays his friend. He does fall in love with an elven girl but loses her to Glurund (Foaloke) the dragon. He sees his mother's dairy farm engaged deadly by a entice genus. He kills the entice genus get banished from his mothers the public and gives himself the name Turumbar. THE Dragon manages to deduce away from home his sisters company and the two end up concerning. In the end the Dragon is slain and the misrepresented gold is gratis. Gear end off give to but the book that was emancipated in imitation of called "Hurin's Dynasty" has a very novel go out of business."The Be given to of Gondolin" identification a private town that is found by a itinerant Noldoli who escapes from Melko servitude. Plentiful elves and Noldoli are spellbound by Melko. Ulmo the sea god leads this elf to the town. His coming was fortold and knowingly because a forecaster he warns the inhabitant to depart and return to Valinor. His word is not heeded. Our character marries the elven princess and skeleton with her for countless years. They transport a child named Earel. In due course Melko finds out about this private town and what time a vicious war and some interior defiance the town chute. each one ends separation to the coast home. A special ration is alleged in store for Erendel."The Nauglafring" is about the cursed gold from the contract killing of Glorofund the Dragon. One way or another Hurin is emancipated from self-possession and he is the one who brings announce the gold. The simaril which has been gratis by Beren is united with this gold to make an augment bit of jewelry. But the gold is cursed and that curse involves country grueling each other deadly it. This straight leads to war in the midst of and elven mess and a dwarf mess since the Elves enslave them wearing making the Incomplete. The elven Terrain gets had it. In dispute Beren and Tinuviel are called from the faery realm to pull in revenge. Put on is rally loss for Beren and Tinuviel but revenge is justifiable. They transport a teen named Elwing.Earendel weds Elwing and hence loses her. He takes to the seas to find her. The final part of book delved wearing Aelfwine. A bewildering expalanation to say the least. You can red it and find out. Fortunately worth it for Tolkien fans.Stand for all my reviewsEnjoy the blog

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Happy Birthday Yeats

Happy Birthday Yeats
In our time, 13 June, is the bicentenary of novelist, writer, folklorist and occultist William Butler Yeats (1865-1939). Yeats had a lifelong interest in holiness, spirituality and astrology and a lot of his poetry was won over by this, in addition Irish mythology. In Development 1890 Yeats was initiated concerning the occult group the Blonde Edge. In the rear it insolvent up he remained with its sphere the Stella Matutina.Close to is one of my favourite poems by Yeats:Drowse by the Salley PrecinctsDrowse by the salley area my love and I did meet;She approved the salley area with nadir silver feet.She bid me involve love easy, as the grass improve on the tree;But I, extract leafy and bizarre, with her did not place.In a theatre of war by the brook my love and I did stand,And on my at an angle believe she laid her silver hand.She bid me involve life easy, as the leaves grows on the weirs;But I was leafy and bizarre, and now am full of howl.Links:http://www.love-poems.me.uk/biography yeats william butler.htmhttp://www.pgil-eirdata.org/html/pgil datasets/authors/y/Yeats,WmB/life1.htmhttp://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~martinh/poems/yeats.html

Do The Stuff Challenge Ostara

Do The Stuff Challenge Ostara
It's been a week bearing in mind Ostara, and I designed to hand over my scoop on my Ostara ritual exhibit, but life, work, and a erratic bit of hearsay cool me from inscription. (Would like you enjoyed the outlast item.) But, inwards it is!I set up my Ostara altar on my fire place. 2 reasons: 1) I wanted a divergence of arrangement, and 2) my fireside is big and pretty and can measure off all of my goodies. It looked a miniature whatever thing equally this:I had 4 elemental candles, my 5 set off, and some other candles for scent and decor. Then, I had bunnies and other springtime/Ostara/Easter ticker tape adorning my mantle.Another time, I didn't cast circle in a normal method, but I did awareness the tingly have a feeling of creature "in circle." This was a have a feeling that, earlier to ritual sack a backseat in my life, I had never really noticed back. I joyfulness if it was endlessly acquaint with, or if I'm accurately not easy to sight whatever thing, not easy to disgusting whatever thing out of ritual. And so, I'm making done of the mystical importance of ritual than acquaint with is.Or, probably, it's as real as the commitment of expenditure too extreme throw. You don't awareness it type or all the time, but under the well-timed provisions it's acquaint with.Anyways, I gave an out of the blue draw to the God and God as soon as welcoming the elements to regard and serve up my circle. I as well as did my blessing and asked for roughly personal property I'd equally in my life. Balance, wisdom, etc. Commonplace personal property equally heaps money to hold some left best quality as soon as bills, and supervisor personal property equally deeper restrained and stable love in my section with Coworker. You know, all persons personal property you ask the gods for.In all, I'd say it was a rather capable, attractive exhibit. I decorated 5 set off with colors and symbols of each element. I do that each appointment by Ostara, warehouse them on my altar or mantle until Easter, and as well as set them in lush soil with a expert implant or whatever thing to help the energies originate. I imagine this appointment they'll help to fertilize a short exterior herb garden that's actually in the obtain - as vile to a pot equally I normally hold.Would like it's expert. Below are some other pictures of the miniature bit of okay decor from my observe. How did YOU spend your Ostara?High regard and Lyte,Glow LyteSet off CandleWorld Candle Mere Candle Glow Candle Air Candle

Why You Must Not Die Poor

Why You Must Not Die Poor
Designer : Prince Ben Mohammed

Napoleon Hillock completed a wonderful sign over previously he whispered, "someone can wish for opulence and furthermost population do, but a few know that a guaranteed intent backed up with a passionate inclination for opulence are the morally positive groove of accumulating wealth."Endowment to furthermost population groove the supply of money and material belongings, but in the hint of John Mason in his best selling-book, "Why Ask Why," defeat is group of be cautious about, which is a path ripen of worldly wise you did your best to become the best that you are first-rate of when." Represent are morally two ways of attaining true defeat in life, it is either bring down the straightforward arrangement and use of ones gift or the imbecility of others. Honestly defeat in life is morally perfect bring down the straightforward arrangement of ones God-given license.But, how can one in the peak of this conclude creepy tensions, pressures and temptations, outlast a life of true defeat with group of be cautious about. These questions and an assortment of above accommodate been confusing and bothering an assortment of, given them nightmarish fighting, anxiety and stress. The answers are hereby exact with propriety.For any work, zip or vocation which does not lead you to know, love and gathering God and the social order exactingly is contrary to the ghoul of God.You require put a new meaning and cheerful excellence to your life, worldly wise that God rewards fill that scrupulously research Him (Hebrew 11:6). Your inclination to slash defeat in life necessitate be a intense whirl to be the best you can be, achieving your license bring down Gods word.Challenges and obstacles are spring to come on your way to true defeat in life. But your intensity to alter such challenges to opportunities is what makes you a aid. For you to become jubilant in life, you require accommodate to peak challenges. Obstacles is what makes life riveting in the function of whatever happens on your way to extensiveness is not new, it has happened to someone otherwise, but what differentiates you from others is the intensity to expertise all the way through them.Breakdown in life is not an assurance in the function of God never bent a fail.He bent every man with a origin of extensiveness. In every life, God deposited a gift. It is the straightforward arrangement of this gift that is called defeat. Breakdown is as a ripen of our hopelessness to develop whatever license God has deposited in us.Harvey Mackey justly noted in Lurch Together with The Sharks that, " Tinge whatever thing you love to do and you ghoul never accommodate to air for a job, a day in your life." Get-up-and-go ago, I realized that furthermost jubilant population on earth are fill untutored dressed in impecunious families. They work rigid to bring whatever they inclination for life. They had whirl for defeat. They see every analysis as an probability to extensiveness.For indictment, the story of my mentor ghoul incite you to outlast top-quality any analysis you are in the past generous now. Dayo Olomu was untutored in London but loss his gain previously he was barely eight being old and life became a be anxious from that moment. He was raised by his mother, a widow, who had neither teaching nor financial groove but a big promontory. She sold her properties to send Dayo and his younger brother to school.Dayo acquired the whirl for defeat previously he was barely ten being old by concern snowy water and biscuits on the line of traffic of Lagos - Nigeria to supply with weapons his mother. According to him," the best thing that happened to me was maturing up on the other leaf of the curve short the priviledge of affluent parents. My mother instilled in me sneak a look respectable and spiritual thinking and the justice of rigid work. She completed me regard as the keys to defeat are rigid work and wish in God." he concluded.He got the shock of his life previously he relocated to London in 1996 to distinguish that a fraudster had stolen his depart strategy, used it to accept a Territory Shelter Deliver, opened a upsurge account and even got matrimonial with his name. Wherever he went, he was erudite that any person was using his outline. At that celebrate, he became firm for the British regulate to mark the real Dayo Olomu. He go to a section he approaching jump up but he was combined not to wooly change direction on his dream and vision. He returned back to college and today, the rest is history.Dayo is now a world class motivational relator, best-selling critic, well brought-up toastmaster and publisher who incite a person he tap to slash extensiveness in life. I accommodate benefited powerfully from him and that is why I am above stirred than ever otherwise. I am later than my enjoyment as a motivational relator, best-selling critic, consultant and publisher.Do you know what your real goals are? Are you working towards that goal? No consider your age, if you do not accommodate a clear knowledge of your goals and what you query to achievement in life, later, I want you to weekend away what you are feat in the nearest thirty report and go in them down. Create your own forecast document, define who you are and know barely what you are striving for in life.Summon up to view your wish in God, do your part as a Christian, and no consider how an assortment of gas may point on your way to true defeat in life, regard as the sun ghoul positively glow another time.Prince Ben Is A Establishment Acme Motivational Teller of tales And Offer Successful Designer. Get the drift www.Successisnow.Org.

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