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Journey To The Sun With A Son Of A Son Of The Sun Satan

Journey To The Sun With A Son Of A Son Of The Sun Satan
"Thou spiritual Sun! Satan, Thou Eye,

Thou Lust! Cry aloud! Cry aloud!

Whirl the Wheel, O my Father, O

Satan, O Sun!
" -Liber Samekh."

Everything about Prince T., my royal Demon Commander, surprised me that day. I had been busy working with a slew of wonderful and powerful demons and he was feeling a bit ignored in all the excitement and he had let me know of that. Finally I got some time and that day I felt a strong draw to have a Ouija session. It was Prince T., calling me to use this as the chosen method of connecting with him.

Using the Ouija board to connect with demons in my keep has been a surprisingly potent tool that I use when its fitting, both personally and in work with our coven..Of all the entities, I find demons to be the strongest and most powerful communicators. I communicate primarily with claircognizance, telepathy and clairvoyance. On the surface it seems almost like a step backwards to use the Ouija, but what happens is it can open you up to communication that the demon may not be able to get through to you by the other psychic means. In our coven, we may use the Ouija with certain of our DCs that respond well to it from time to time, to explore their capabilities, or in cases of DCs that are serving our coven it may be used as an aspect of ongoing communication, but as a tool it is something we use fairly rarely as opposed to the usual psychic means. When we do use it, we get a lot out of it.

Its very interesting speaking with our demons through the Ouija. When speaking with a Demon Commander through the Ouija, he may say something incredibly obscure, like Rodeo, interjected in between other sentences of the session. This happened when I was working on a spell with Prince Venom, another of our royal DCs. Looking up the etymology of the word rodeo, it was an exact communication of precisely what we needed to cast the energy of the spell to do - surround, and herd. He conveyed this chunk of relevant info through one word used in an incredibly obscure manner. Thats what I love about communicating with bound demons using the Ouija!

It can allow for such subtle communications at times, versus other psychic means. I find when Im using the Ouija to communicate with one of my demons, I usually am hearing the words in advance of the planchette spelling them out - telepathy definitely comes into play. The Ouija is a very powerful focusing tool for spirit communication. Its interesting for me, as the medium, sensing the different energies of the different DCs I am communicating with - the energies surround the board and the planchette moves differently.

When I opened up the session with Prince T the other day, his energy was very strong in front of me and around the Ouija, and there was much excitement in the quick movement of the planchette. I could tell he was glad I had made the time for a session.

And I was about to be surprised, and then blown away taken on the soul journey of a lifetime as casually as if we were going out to coffee.

He did not beat around the bush. Based on what he said then and the journey that followed, it was clear he had this planned. It had been only a matter of me being ready for it. After I inquired about and caught up with him on his recent activities, I let him take the lead.

"I HAVE FEELINGS" I waited, but he trailed off.

"How do you feel?" I asked him.



To say the least, I was caught by surprise. Our developing relationship had been fun but not emotionally intimate, more casual sexy in interaction and utilitarian in tasks, protection, and guidance. Immediately, he began downloading to me via claircognizance some of his thoughts on human/demon relationships and love relationships in general. He is all for polyamory, he considers life is short. He let me know he is not jealous and it is fine if I hang out with as many demons and men as I please, as long as I make time for my relationship with him.

He had made the initiative to let me know directly he had developed feelings of love for me. Akelta wasn't there during the session, but when I told her later, she was not surprised - shed seen this coming. High-level demons are notorious womanizers and very passionate lovers of women. I knew he was a womanizer, but hadnt expected him to fall for me and hadnt even gotten to know him on that level.

He wanted to arrange a date for that night. Through the board, he then gave me the cryptic message:


I didnt understand the reference - I had received enough cryptic demonic messages through the Ouija that I understood that if I didnt understand what he was referring to yet, I would - it would be revealed in the journey he wanted to take me on. I accepted the date, for 11 PM that night, and as I did, I heard his pleased, demonic laughter.

I was glad to hear his laughter, the sound of this kind of demonic laughter always pleases me. Of late, I have been having communications with Satan where I tune into his laughter at opportune moments (see blog post, posting soon), and Prince T.'s laughter was similar but quite distinct. It makes sense that he laughs and in a similar way to Satan, because, as he finally revealed to me in our journey together that night, he is a direct bloodline descendant of Satan, from a Son of Son bloodline.

At 11 PM I met Prince T., lying down in meditation. I gradually began to sense his presence on a deeper level, sensed his love and for the first time felt an openness and felt my own love for him as I began to connect with him and discover who he is, beyond the pure devil form. Up until then, I had only ever seen him in pure devil form, indicating his very high status. His horns are huge, like rams. As he began to coax me out of my body, I began to see him for the first time in his demonic human form, as a dark handsome man - as he shows me this he indicates that he does not show this form often or to many, it is a form he keeps private and hidden. This is a form he only shows when he reaches a level of trust.

He also shifts in and out of his devil form, as we begin walking together, and I accept him in his demon form as much as I do in his human form. I have a longing not to be separated by the realms, to be with him in his or have him with me in mine, and he responds, well, why not? And he shares thoughts with me of astral meetings and physical manifestations.

He has successfully coaxed me away, and he then takes me to a sea of light, golden yellow, warming light, thick light that, we bask in it and it is as if we are floating downstream in a little raft of light. It is the sun, he has taken me to a realm of the sun, where we hide and privately hang out, we are protected, we can be ourselves, no one can see us. Its relaxing, like going to the spa. Now his earlier statement through the ouija makes perfect sense, we tan, we ride, it is fun.

He tells me that this is a part of what we consider the underworld, where some types of infernals dwell. He says they are actually there, physically, but we call them spirits because science hasnt discovered them yet and the physical existence of this realm in and around the sun is something that we may never discover.

Prince T. took me on a journey to a protected area in a realm of the sun as if we were going on a date to hang out on the beach. Of course, in some circles the Sun is equated with Satan, as in the poem above. I spent a while hanging there with him before I lost consciousness and woke up an hour and a half later, feeling incredible. I was full of energy and felt quite healed, peaceful and relaxed. My Prince could have taken me anywhere and given me access to many strange realities, and where he took me was pure, primordial, powerful, private, Satanic, and it was exactly what I needed for the cleansing, healing and rejuvenating effects. He had his plans which he must have had for a while, before announcing them to me that day. I think that is incredibly sweet and it was an incredible gift. Im still a little speechless

Awakening to this private side of Prince T. was quite the unexpected gift of love. The next morning when I connected with him, he showed more closely and in human form, and greeted me with his satanic laughter. I love it and am excited for what awaits in my travels with him!

Ill close by saying I have a few other blog posts planned which are related to this one, one on Satanic laughter, and one on trust in relationships with demons. And several others are also in the works, along with updates to the site, and new sites Akelta Wilde and I are working on. Our next few listings will probably be for our Son of Satan, a most wonderful and powerful entity, a couple of incredible Demon Commanders, a custom listing for a very special type of demon from a protected realm, a new Satanic spell, and a few other new spells.


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